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2 mos ago
Uncharacteristically positive status bar right now. Good vibes.
2 mos ago
If a gym was haunted and the ghosts moved the weights around would the ghosts make gains or not?
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3 mos ago
When conducting interior painting operations, do it naked.
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3 mos ago
File your taxes as married filing separately or they'll come after you even after your married.
3 mos ago
Gundam 00 was my favorite in recent memory.
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HEAVY METAL 4 mos ago
I'm stoned lol cheers 🤘
HEAVY METAL 4 mos ago
Gunther and I have been trying to get some more players for a Tabletop RP, 'Nam. If your interested, i could send ya link.
Bee 2 yrs ago
you into F1?
Jurassic Weeb 3 yrs ago
The license plate. Lemme see? 0w0 Please?
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