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omg i have never. ever. had allergies so. fucking bad. in my life. *dies*
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Sudden week-long break over. Sorry for dropping off the face of the world for a bit.
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When you notice a huge typo in a status HOURS later..... >,<
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When you want to reply to RPs but don't want to wright anything... >.>
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ok body. i'm supposed to be getting BETTER after seeing the doctor, not worse.


Hey, Light the Dark here. I'm a late-twenties slightly crazy/somewhat obsessed with reading and writing/cute things loving/fantasy fan woman, with an apparent fondness for massive run-on sentences.

My current obsessions are Miraculous Ladybug, Moana, Wonder Woman, Star Wars, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Tamora Pierce, Disney, and re-told fairy-tales. (Though, I'll admit, the last three are pretty much always an obsession.)

I like my roleplays with a little (or a lot) of romance: I'm a sucker for fluff and the 'falling in love' sort of romances in RPs. And while I don't mind drama or angst, I like the end of the RP to at least be a bittersweet or happy-for-now ending.


What do you call a cute door?

^ That might be why I'm single af.. ah puns

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*dusts off thread again*

Lets see if I can find an RP based on this.
open again
Bump. I wish someone would do this with me but maybe it's too silly haha

image by harblkun on tumblr

but what if a vampire drank the blood of someone who was anemic like would they be seriously grossed out

“what the fuck is this”

“i have anemia”

“can you take something for that you should probably take something for that this shit is nasty to drink let alone have running through your body i’m setting up a doctor’s appointment for you”

"dude really you don’t have to just leave what the fu—”

“you disgust me here take these iron supplements”

“where did you even get th—”

“shut up and take your pills and dont forget your vitamin D"

...and then the vampire can’t stop being concerned for their meal and then later finds out that it is love.

So, I'll admit, this is based on a tumblr post you may have seen floating around, if you've ever gone down the rabbit hole of tumblr. It sparked my interest, and I think it could be a fun and quirky RP to play out, with some dark humor thrown in there for fun.

While the premise of this RP is quirky and fun, I'm not looking for something cracky
. Please keep that in mind.

Who I'm looking for: Anyone who is casual/high-casual who wants to RP with me is more than welcome to see if we click. ^^ I don't bite... hard. I'm looking for someone to play a male or female or other gendered character to my female. I'll play either the vampire or the human; we can discuss roles in PMs.

I'm much more interested in quality over quantity - I like depth in character development, and collaborative world building. A 5 paragraph post that rambles and isn't well written won't hold my attention like a couple paragraphs with insight into your character's thoughts and development.

I'd rather RP over PMs, as it is easier for me to keep track of things. I'll probably forget threads, because I suck. /bad pun

While I don't mind mature things, I'd rather not go into heavily detailed mature scenes. Making out, leading up to the 'main event' is fine, but then glossing over the rest or fade to black is often - but not always - my preference. As the RPers, we might discuss what happens between the characters in the bedroom if we feel comfortable with it and if anything happens, but as I said, it doesn't often get fully RPed. As for language/violence, go for it, I have no problems with it.

For writing samples, please check out my general intchk.

As a note, my replies for an rp will (likely) not be fast. However, I do keep coming back to RPs, no matter how long it takes me to reply.
Omg! I'm gone for a few days and come back to this. Ahhhhhhhh. Flailing.
AHHH it's looking so pretty!!
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