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2 mos ago
i've been rather out of sorts lately
4 mos ago
Been on my mass effect bullshit. currently focused on gaming when I'm not working.
8 mos ago
i have peopled so much today
8 mos ago
Thoughts: Do you have 12 pear trees at the end of the 12 days of Christmas? If so, that means you also end up with 42 swans a swimming and 42 geese a laying. And those birds are fierce.
9 mos ago
Tonsillectomy done, now at home and recovering.
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Hey, Light the Dark here. I'm a mid-30's slightly crazy/somewhat obsessed with reading and writing/cute things loving/fantasy fan woman, with an apparent fondness for massive run-on sentences.

My current obsessions are The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom, Monster Romances, Tamora Pierce, Disney, and re-told fairy-tales. (Though, I'll admit, the last three are pretty much always an obsession.)

I like my roleplays with a little (or a lot) of romance: I'm a sucker for fluff and the 'falling in love' sort of romances in RPs. And while I don't mind drama or angst, I like the end of the RP to at least be a bittersweet or happy-for-now ending.


Reclaiming Lost Secrets & The Shifting of Power (Demons, Bargains, Fantasy, Romance?) with @Shifter_Master (July 2017-present)

Twilight Marriage (Paladins, Necromancers, Arranged Marriage, Fantasy, Romance) with @Shifter_Master (October 2017-present)

It Takes Three (Arranged Marriage, Demons, OT3, Guard/Prince/Demon, Fantasy, Romance) with @Level_5 (March 2023-Present)

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Updated November 22, 2023

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Not to jump into your thread, @BrokenPromise, but I have more info that might be useful to you @LegendBegins.

I was able to upload gifs, though when I checked just now I could no longer do so. I even tried to upload a gif that I've previously uploaded, and it isn't uploading. I thought it might be because some images are now WEBP images (even when the file extension says .gif,) but it wasn't just them.

I don't know if this is actually useful or not, but I know uploading gifs used to be something we could do.
Oh, these are cute. I love the variety in bodies!
I'm one of those slower posters; I can say 'I post once a week' but sometimes its longer. But that being said, if I know my partner is interested in the RP as well, I don't mind waiting. I have three long running RPs with two different partners that have been going on for years, and sometimes you gotta take a writing break. There have been times where it's been me waiting 2 or 3 months for a reply from them, or vice versa. I am fine with that.

This is very much opposite of what I used to do (when I was younger and had less hobbies and less work hours), which is reply in a couple hours/less than a day. I know a former partner admitted that they sometimes very much disliked how fast I replied - they would be getting out their set of replies, and *bam* here's a new reply they have to their pile. It could be overwhelming to them.

I... don't where I was going with this. I had a point when I started. ^^;

I think its mostly communication and making sure you know what sort of things to expect from your partner, and being very clear on how often you post.

Every PM getting an email is ideal. I don't want to be spamming refresh on the guild when I can just get a nice alert from my email that I have a new message. And having the contents of the message in the email, not just an alert that I have a message. Ideal, love it, chef's kiss.

TBH I'd like every subscribed thread to get an email notification too whenever there is a new post in the thread.
Beep boop bump
Bumpity bump
Bump! Looking for... something. Dragons, maybe, or Orcs? There's a romance itch I want to scratch.
I would try WayBack machine. I was quite lucky and ended up being able to recover like 3/4 of my RPs from pre-guildfall.

Of course, that was just the ones that were in the public forums. PMs were another matter.

...speaking of, you reminded me it's time to back up my RPs again, so thanks!
I'd love email alerts. (Probably the thing I've missed from the old guild the most.)
Really wanting something with dragons/half dragons.

(A former rp partner made me love them, and now I just want more lol)
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