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10 days ago
Current Yeah I'm a bit flakey. I get distracted easy, say 'oh gotta do this later' and forget to actually do the thing.
16 days ago
I just wrote a small piece of flash fiction, not related to any of my RPs - it's the first piece of writing I've done that isn't RP related in...years, I think
1 mo ago
Happy birthday to me... I'm 30 now - I feel old haha πŸ˜…
1 mo ago
Work stress made my brain decide that there was no thinking allowed after work the past week. I plan on getting caught up this weekend.
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2 mos ago
Currently very busy at work. Replies to rps or messages will likely be slow.
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^ What people are saying about me ^

Hey, Light the Dark here. I'm a 30-ish slightly crazy/somewhat obsessed with reading and writing/cute things loving/fantasy fan woman, with an apparent fondness for massive run-on sentences.

My current obsessions are Miraculous Ladybug, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Tamora Pierce, Disney, and re-told fairy-tales. (Though, I'll admit, the last three are pretty much always an obsession.)

I like my roleplays with a little (or a lot) of romance: I'm a sucker for fluff and the 'falling in love' sort of romances in RPs. And while I don't mind drama or angst, I like the end of the RP to at least be a bittersweet or happy-for-now ending.


A Game of Love (Romance, Modern, Fantasy) and Darkness and Fate (Fantasy, Elves, Adventure, Romance) with @Kyrisse

πŸ”₯ Dragon's Bait πŸ”₯ (Dragons, Romance, Fantasy, Adventure?) with @Malice

Reclaiming Lost Secrets & The Shifting of Power (Demons, Bargains, Fantasy, Romance?) and Twilight Marriage (Arranged Marriage, Romance, Necromancy, Paladins, Fantasy) with @Shifter_Master

The Seeker's Deity (Gods, Fantasy, Romance, Shenanigans) with @Eyeris

Springtime in the Underworld (Hades/Pesephone, Gods, Romance, Antiquity, Myths) with @Merula

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@BleedingLover Not at all, I've been working on other things and hadn't gotten to this yet. It happens, and I don't want to bog anyone down waiting for me.
@Allycat Oh shoot. I won't have something by then. I'll have to bow out. Thanks for checking in though!
It's been a while since I've been in a group rp, but I'm hesitantly interested in this one. It looks fun. ^^

I wonder if I can come up with a character in any reasonable sort of time frame. xD
I want a new rp... I stare into the void, waiting for the magical ideas to spring forth. They never do.

BUT WAIT! I have old RPs that I never got to finish... what if we chase down their past glories? As long as I don't admit to it, it should be fine...

...oh. Welp. Here we are then.

don't mind the cobwebs.............................................................


Okay, with that silly intro out of the way, hi. Light the Dark here. As some of my rp partners have been eaten by life, I'm looking for one (or mayyyyyyyybe two) new partner(s). As I've made clear, I'm looking to rehash some older RPs I quite enjoyed. Now, I know this is a long shot, but I'm willing to try it anyway. Some of these plots are more fleshed out than others.

The RPs

Anyway, if interested, send me a pm!!

(And if you are an old partner who wants to start an rp up again... just let me know!)
It's so pretty tho! I like it. ^^ thank you for drawing her.

I have other plus-sized characters if you ever need some more practice. Or you can try her again. :) I think she came out really pretty.
What sort of rp were you hoping to play him in? Fantasy, romance, science fiction with orcs...?
And the people's search for @Mahz's secret RP account begins xD
@Mae Yes that's fine
@Mae The books are great!!

Everything is great, ahhhhhhh

Ahhhhhhhhh. I've been so out of it the past couple months. This is really pretty @Mae, sorry I missed it and am only seeing it much later.
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