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5 days ago
Current Kinda want a new rp. Kinda think it's a bad idea. ^^; But the heart yearns.
6 days ago
when I have rps to reply to, I rarely feel like writing. But when I DON'T have any rps to reply to, my brain decides it wants to write all the things. Makes sense. ^^;
12 days ago
...that burnout though...
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25 days ago
it's 🌟 a҉n҉x҉i҉e҉t҉y҉ 🌟
27 days ago
...when you want to rp, but only a specific rp...


Hey, Light the Dark here. I'm a 30-ish slightly crazy/somewhat obsessed with reading and writing/cute things loving/fantasy fan woman, with an apparent fondness for massive run-on sentences.

My current obsessions are Anne with an E, The Dragon Prince, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Tamora Pierce, Disney, and re-told fairy-tales. (Though, I'll admit, the last three are pretty much always an obsession.)

I like my roleplays with a little (or a lot) of romance: I'm a sucker for fluff and the 'falling in love' sort of romances in RPs. And while I don't mind drama or angst, I like the end of the RP to at least be a bittersweet or happy-for-now ending.


Reclaiming Lost Secrets & The Shifting of Power (Demons, Bargains, Fantasy, Romance?) (July 2017-present) with @Shifter_Master

When Lightning Strikes Twice (Fantasy, Romance, Dragons, Arranged Marriage) with @Drache (Aug 2020-present)

On hold:
A Game of Love (Romance, Modern, Fantasy) and Darkness and Fate (Fantasy, Elves, Adventure, Romance) (Oct 2016-present) with @Kyrisse (Hiatus)

The Seeker's Deity (Gods, Fantasy, Romance, Shenanigans) with @Eyeris (April 2015-Present) (off site)

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I really relate to @Rina's post.

Between working full time and mental stuff and life in general, I can be a total goof and drop off the face of the world for a while. I generally always come back to RPs, but me going radio silent has put people off. I try to be up front about it now, because while its something I'm working on, it's far from being not a Thing.

I'm fairly certain I've hurt people in the past who thought it was a thing I was doing because of them, instead of it being all my issues, and I feel kinda crappy about it. But all I can do is try and be better in the future.
Often sarcastic, usually book lovers, more likely introverted than outgoing. If they have a pet, it's probably a cat. Many not physically perfect - bad ankles, or fat, or big ol' scars, or something. Usually somewhere on the good side of the alignment chart.
In Mahz's Dev Journal 6 mos ago Forum: News
I do believe Mahz was working on that at one stage, so it's definitely something that can be fleshed out.

I thought so, but didn't know if it was something that was proving to be difficult or if it just got pushed to the side.
In Mahz's Dev Journal 6 mos ago Forum: News
I don't know how possible it is, but I would love the option to get emails when you get a new pm or post in a subscribed thread.
I have a some old rp partners I'm nostalgic for. One of them, we were able to finish many different rps. (Which is rare to finish one, let alone multiple different stories!) But we grew apart.

The other ones had just a beautiful writing style and I loved their characters. There were dragons! Pretty boys! Long luscious posts! Sigh~
The 1x1 RPs I've had the most success with have been with the other player in a GM-type role. In that, they had the plot of the story and knew where it needed to go eventually. This isn't to say they didn't ask for input or change the story based on how our characters were interacting, but they did have a clear goal in mind. These are the RPs that the story actually finished, which is a super success in my mind.

Less successful, but still on the 'mostly successful' scale, are the RPs that my partner and I plot out together. Now, the problem I have is I am pretty ok with making subplots, diversions for the RP to go on that aren't part of the main story. I'm NOT good with overarching plots. So when I have a partner who is good with the big picture, but less so with the little things, we tend to work well together.

- - -

I'm also flaky has heck so like. I don't really drop RPs as much as drop off the face of the earth for a while. (Gotta love crappy mental health.) So sometimes it might be a month before I reply. Which some people aren't cool with, and that's totally their choice, I don't get mad at them about that. I used to be one of those 'Reply 6 times a day' sort of people, but alas working full time and trying to have responsibilities means that doesn't happen.

- - -

But I think the best chance of RPing well together is if your writing style mixes well together. If your writing style and tone clashes, it's going to be a LOT harder to write the story.

dragons bait idea is filled
I have no idea if the emojis will work in the title. If you can't see them, they are dragons.

Here Be Dragons

The idea is simple - I've been wanting to RP something with dragons for a while now, with the dragon as a main character.

What form this dragon takes, or what way this RP goes, is up for discussion. Included below is one plot idea, but I am open for other plots and ideas related to dragons. Wanna be a dragon person? Send a plot my way, I might be interested!

Who I'm looking for:Anyone who is casual/high-casual who wants to RP with me is more than welcome to see if we click. ^^ I don't bite... hard. I'm looking for someone to play an any gender character to my female.
I'm much more interested in quality over quantity - I like depth in character development, and collaborative world building. A 5 paragraph post that rambles and isn't well written won't hold my attention like a couple paragraphs with insight into your character's thoughts and development. Right now, I myself am leaning towards a couple paragraphs per post, though I can go on much longer with the right motivation.

Types of RPs I'm interested in: While romance typically doesn't have to be the main point of the RP, it is an important part of an RP for me. Right now I am in the mood for something with heavy romance. I tend to be drawn to fantasy RPs - more 'traditional' ones rather than urban/modern fantasy.

Other information: I'm sure there are many things I am missing at the moment, but for now this will do until I update things. I'm a 30-ish female, for those who like to know the age of their partners.
As of March 2020 I've fallen into sudden free time, for reasons totally unknown... Sadly my current partners work in healthcare, and their free time has vanished.
Typically you can expect a reply once a week-ish. I need something to do that will distract me and keep my mind working and me not going down the anxiety/depression rabbit hole.

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