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.:⋮Construction in Progress⋮:.

“Thank you” it was a pair of words that those in the Sanctuary would hear a lot as they started to leave, as Penny did her best to thank everyone who volunteered. “Make sure you can make it back, your lives are important as well” She would say as well. She wanted them to stay as safe as they could, but that was a risky thing at the best of times now. Once this was over she would do, something, she wasn’t sure yet, but she would find some way to thank them with more than just words.

Penny would only stop thanking people when the shy monstergirl poked her, and even then her drone would take over, projecting an image of Penny bowing in thanks with the words ‘Thank you, stay safe’ as it floated above her head. She listened carefully to the girl, and could empathize with the internal strife of trying to change how it was one used their magic. Thus even though her attention was dragged away by Goblina she would place a soft hand on the girl’s shoulder, for Penny knew she had words that would be able to help this shy troubled girl.

“Goblina” Penny would reply in greeting to as she too in the goblin girl’s obviously disheveled state, a sinking feeling forming in her as she did. She had seen Goblina at the Rave, Penny was sure of that; the goblinette had been with Cindy when the Queen left… Which was shortly before everything went to hell. It would take only a moment more for Penny to more deeply scan the dozens of reports flooding in from Beacon members across the city, and another moment to sift back to find what she was looking for.

‘The Cardinal is under attack by Cindy Ford at Penrose Park!’
Beacon reports

She had no proof, and nothing but a feeling of dread, but Penny was almost sure that Cindy was either dead or would soon be so. For it seems everyone had forgotten about the Mint, which the blackened organization used to masterful execution.

“One moment please” Penny would say to the second in command of Cindy’s queendom, turning back to the girl next to her. “Yes. Yes, you can used it to help. My first Patron made me a machine of destruction, gave me a deep and colorful measure of ways to break people and things. Yet look what I have done made a place for all of us to find a moment of peace and quiet. Nothing is stopping you from helping those that are injured. In some instances you might be the only one that can help.” Penny would give the girl a soft smile as she gently pats her shoulder, “Thank you for having the courage to come forward, and thank you for all the help you can give.”

Afterwards she would turn back to Goblina and move closer to the disheveled girl, she wouold start speaking as soon as she got close “Cindy left the Rave, shortly before it stared devolving into a massacre. Last bit of her I can find is in the reports I can access, in which it claims Cindy has attacked Beacon.” She would hold up a hand to stall out any response “I think the Mint orchestrated all of this, as I saw you at the Rave, you were with Cindy and I don’t think she would attacked without a good reason.” And even then once a mutation was triggered it would be hard to pull someone off their chosen, which Penny could only assume was what happened. “I am sorry to add that at the moment I don’t know where Cindy is or if she is alright. To make it worse the Park where she was last seen has become the sight of a Horror attack.” She would place her hands on the shoulders of the smaller girl as she spoke, thankful for her robotic nature as it kept her appearing calm and composed, even if internally that wasn’t completely true. Everything was going to hell, far too quickly, and Penny knew she needed to step up, thankfully she also knew she was up for the task.

“I won’t stop you if you want to leave, but I need to focus on this Sanctuary right now”[/i][/u][/color] It was a touch cold hearted, but also true. Cindy wasn’t someone Penny could bother with trying to help at the moment, not with all the others who were unsupported. “Once thing have calmed down I will do everything I can to help you find her, or find out what happened to her. But at the moment you know this place better than I do and I could use your help to keep it safe for tonight. It’s your call, I’ll understand either way.”

.:Culture clash:.

“Right… Because the only reason anyone came to the Rave was to get smashed” Ashlyn would say sarcastically “Not like anyone there could easily tell things were going to get out of hand the moment the idea was tossed about and figure they could go there to help out right? Nah couldn’t be, just not in anyone’s nature to be a good person unless it is convenient, right?”

She would go on to say crossing her legs and resting her chin on her hand. “After all, we must all be drenched in sin. So much you can tell me at least one two things that I have done to lead to the death and destruction of humanity right? It’s not like I was given this form by my ancestors to keep protecting humanity from rampaging Yokai. That would just be ridiculous.”

Her tone was dry enough to evaporate lakes and her gaze was locked onto Sharron, but there was no reproach in her eyes, just simple disappointment. “And yeah we are all cowards aren’t we, I mean who else would try and evacuate as many people as they could from an obvious death trap at personal risk, obviously the cowards. It’s not like we can’t feel the lingering echo of when a spirit is rent from its mortal shell, or hear the last echo of a mind as it goes quiet and decided that we are fed up with the pointless slaughter. No, we are running away because we are scared, and wanted to hide. Guess it’s a good thing we shut the door and made damn sure not to open it even when someone was pounding on it huh?”

She wouldn’t move much as she spoke, nor would she raise her voice, she just simply stayed seated watching Sharron, but it was easy to tell that Ashlyn didn’t expect much from the Ascendency member, yet she was still disappointed, yet not suprised.

>>Now and Then<<

The city was little more than a blur of lights and color as Viva raced through the streets of Penrose. Thin stream of her now viscous form trailed slightly behind her as she pulled more and more speed out of her now divinely powered motorcycle. Taking turns and lethal speeds and near blind angles, none of that garnered anything more than a passing thought.

There was much more important things on her mind after all. The plight of the city, the Rave’s outcome, none of it was known to the corrupted nurse, and truthfully neither would she care. Her family was in danger and that thought consumed her to near totality.

It was a warning, a gift, and congratulations all wrapped up in one given to her from Mother
‘Oh my dear Vivian, I knew that you were something special’ The goddess’ words reverberated within her mind even now ‘Why didn’t you tell me you already had a child within our world? And a Lover that’s not too far removed from it either, shame that it seems like one of them is about to die’

Viva couldn’t recall what she said in response, but she knew that she was lucky to not have been stuck down for her insolence as she demanded to know who and where.

‘Follow your heart’ The goddess had said with a coy smile as a moment later a stinging pain had flared up within Viva’s chest, as if something was tugging on her heart. The girl in question hadn’t stayed instead she had raced off following the sensation as best she could.

And it was only now, after what felt like an eternity that Viva was nearing her destination, if the growing pain in her heart was any tell at any rate. Conjuring a simple ramp with her magic, Viva launched herself off the road and in to the sky. Something that she was going to have to do regardless as she was rapidly running out of road, as her destination was Mayor Park.

Her divine guidance would fade the moment she laid eyes upon the magical boy within the park, and she would know with unshakable certainty that she had found her son. Her fear would quickly shift to anger as she shifted her attention towards the twisted tree that had dared to harm her child.

Once again her translucent gray barriers would spring into existence underneath the wheels of her bike, as she formed the road she would need to take her past Gtosket and closer to Reaver.

Her revolver would materialize and she swiftly would start unloading into the back of the abomination’s legs as she drove on. As she began her strafing run she started to prepare a more effective spell for the task of fighting this hulk of rotted wood. Most reinforcement is about building things up, making them better then they are, Viva's magic was much more the opposite, tearing things down and making them worse, but reinforcing the flaws inherent in all things. If she was given an opportunity she would take it, and place a withering disability upon Gtosket.

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“These take detailed looks at your insides” Slade would explain just as gently as before as he watched the data scroll across the screen in front of him. The screen wasn’t at an angle that would make impossible for Jinnyah to see, but it wasn’t very likely that she would be able to decipher anything on the screen. “So we can see what went wrong and learn how to avoid it from happening again”

The scan results from her brain were worrying, but thankfully understandable and not dangerous. He would nod to himself as he committed the scan to memory; migraines were dreadful things to have to deal with especially when one was so young. “Well I think we will stop for today” He would say as he slid the equipment away and carefully set about plugging the bleeding nose. He had methods of fixing it near instantly but the normal way would go a long way towards teaching her the consequences of her own powers, which wasn’t something Slade could teach and he didn’t want to lessen those lessons either. They would be the most important ones she could get after all.

Then he would gently pick her up and calmly retreat back to the upper portion of the house. “Your telekinesis has limits” He would say softly as he took Jinnyah to her room so that she could rest “With time you will be able to expand those limits, but as you, unfortunately, have found there are drawbacks to forcing past those limits too quickly” Slade was careful not to turn on any lights as he went, which sadly wouldn’t help much considering the early hour. “What you are dealing with right now is called a Migraine, I have some medicine that can help but the only real thing that can be done is simply let your body heal.” When they reached Jinnyah’s room he would sit her down on her bed and crouch down so that they were at eye level.

“For now, you can stay in here, lights, sounds, and other stimuli can aggravate, or make it worse.” He would explain “I’ll be back in just a moment with some water and some ibuprofen, afterwards I’ll come back in to check on you every couple of hours, but you can call for me if you need anything alright?” he would ask, waiting for a reply before he went to fetch the medicine.
Spoke too soon, Should be able to get a reply to you tomorrow morning however.


Penny would waste no time handing off her passenger to one of the other girls that had followed her this far, gesturing off towards one of the corners that held some blankets. With that taken care of she would stride into the middle of the two girls arguing her extra limbs lashing out to grab hold of both of their weapons.

“Enough” She would say firmly giving both of them a flat stare. “If we start bickering and fighting amongst ourselves now we aren’t going to last through the night.”

“Yes, Elvira led everyone into a trap, but none of us knew that she was a part of the Mint” Penny would say deathly serious “None of us knew that the Penrose independent was going to make things worse and try to kick off a war by unleashing a WMD at the Rave either. Now, as hard as it might seem at the moment, is not the time to start tearing into each other. Now is when form up and learn who it is that we can trust” As Penny spoke her voice would slowly grow louder until she was addressing everyone present.

“Some of you know me, some of you have likely even met my other half, but for those of you who don’t know me. My name is Penny, and I am the one who built the foundation of this safe haven” She would say gesturing towards the walls of the Sanctuary. “I am glad that it has proven to be the Sanctuary that I wanted it to be, but now I must ask for your help.”

“Many of the girls that went to the Rave are still under the influence of Elvira’s maddening song.” As she spoke her drone would float above her displaying live feeds from the various street cameras of the riots currently going on in Penrose. “The number of them currently has Beacon stretched to capacity and I would ask for volunteers to go out and help quell these riots.”

“Now I can already tell that many of you don’t see why that is a bad thing. But you are all missing a vital piece of information; Beacon is stretched to capacity, not the Ascendency. The Ascendency is a fundamentalist group within Beacon. They are the ones responsible for the wholesale purge tactics that have become common as of late. We do not want them to have any more reason to mobilize in force.”

“So once again I ask for volunteers. I need people who are willing to go out and help deal with those that are currently tearing this city apart. I also need people who are willing to stay here and help deal with the injured. Who can I count on?”


.:Home sweet home:.

“Shh... it’s okay, you’re safe now” Monica would say to Sharron softly one hand gently laid on the still recovering girl’s shoulder. “I’m sorry you had to suffer from that dear” She would go on to say as she quietly took the girls glasses and cleaned them before handing them back. As she returned the glasses there would be a notable glazed look to Monica’s eyes.
With a warm, if vacant, smile she would stand up and look towards Ashlyn “Keep an eye on her won’t you honey?” She would ask her voice taking on a dreamy quality “I’m off to make soup for all the kids, most of them seem to have made it through that alright but I want to make sure” she would go on to say putting a finger on her chin as she spoke aloud, as if she was pondering what type of soup to make.

Ashlyn for her part would quietly curse as she watched the changes start to overtake the rather petite Cowgirl. “Don’t worry about this one sweetie” She would reply with a strained smile after a moment. “I’ll sit down with her and make sure she’s good” She’d move to sit down next to Shannon as she spoke. “What should I tell her happened out?” Ashlyn would ask, as if Shannon wasn’t there.

“Oh” Monica would seem surprised by the question and it would take her a moment to reply “Some vile wretch attacked our kids with a Psychic nuke” She would reply serenely “But no need to worry her with that, just tell her that Mom was able to rescue her from a bully okay?” She would give one last vacant smile before turning and walking off further into the house.

Ashlyn would wait a moment, before punching the wall hard enough to crack it. “Damn it all…” she would mumble rubbing a hand over her face. “You get that?” She would ask after a moment, turning to Sharron “To answer you other questions. Yes, we saved you. Because it was the right thing to do. Not going to torment you, unless you find home cooked meals tormenting.” She owuld answer with a huff as she leaned up against the wall, her legs loosely crossed in front of her.

“Name’s Ashlyn” The Oni girl would introduce herself “That was Monica” she’d go on gesturing towards the hallway that the Mino-girl had walked down. “Best get comfortable we’re going to be here for a while.”

-=Ǝ Night time E=-

“Kimble, Alicia’s not going to hate you, everyone makes mistakes.” Kyle would say to agitated girl as they awaited extraction. It was always an odd feeling, teleporting around, especially when one was low on magic; thankfully he had long since gotten accustomed to the sensation.

“Sadly not my first time doc” Kyle would say as he focused on the far wall as he waited for the first wave of sensation to die down, it was always a flashback of what caused the loss in the first place, or at least that was what happened to him at any rate.

He would let out a slow breath as he tried not to focus on the tingling in his arm, it would go away on its own time after all. He would suddenly look very tired, but he would still wave at Sally as she walked away “Go get ‘em tiger” He would say before collapsing back into the bed and letting his exhaustion take him into slumber.


Deep in whatever little suburbia Viva found herself in the quiet of the area would suddenly be shattered by the sound of an engine roaring to life. Moments later Viva could be seen astride her bike going at a furious pace a look of barely contained panic on her face.

'I'm coming, don't you dare die on me, I'm on my way' She repeated in her head as she tore up the streets racing to where it was she was heading.

For only a few moments ago she had received a vision from her Mother, Viva's family was in danger, and twisted as the dark nurse was Family still was the most important thing of all.

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((I'm noticing a theme here))
Makes sense. People, and kids even more so, tend to feed off the reactions of those around them when they don't know what's going on. You panic, they panic, which makes you panic more which makes them panic more, so on and so forth.

Slade's just not panicking, because he knows that panicking doesn't solve things, plus prior parenting experience.

And feel free to take your time if you need it. I've just had more time then usual as of late as my work has started relaxing the Overtime requirements.
Slade will do his best at helping her find those boundaries,all the while doing his best to only silently freak out when things go wrong.
Slade watch with rapt attention as he watched Jinny begin the training task he had set forth for her. This was as important for her as it was for him. He lacked the same type of powers she owned, and were it not for the military he would lack a powers all together so he needed to be perfectly aware of what it was she could do to the best of his ability, otherwise training her in it would be nearly impossible.

It was a good plan in theory, one that had a miscalculation that he wasn’t expecting, Jinny herself. He witnessed her struggle with the 15 pound weight and made note of the changes that overcame her as well as noting how far it was that she was able to move the weight, all of these signs would be useful w ays of measuring her exertion he figured. Her exhaustion, was expected, her bleeding was not.

With skill long past mastered Slade brushed off the welling panic that bubbled up within him and instead moved into action. Smooth easy movements were used to gently pick up the young Jinyah up off the ground. Those same smooth movements lead them quickly across the underground room to a small area not far from the equipment cage. “I see we have found another thing that we will have to work on with you” He would say gently, softly, not wanting to startle the poor girl considering he wasn’t sure just how badly it was she had injured herself, something that was always an uncertainty when it came to psychically controlled capabilities.

“Your ability has potential, some of the greatest men and women I’ve met had it as well. But you must always be careful with it.” He would go on to say as he set Jinyah down on a medical table. “Straining it too much can and will have consequences, as you are now doubt experiencing.” He continued his explanation even as he pulled out a few high tech medical scanners. He always knew that keeping this little training corner stocked up with actually medical supplies would come in handy; he just never expected it to be for this kind of reason. “So as will all of your training, you must learn when to stop. You own it to yourself, and your potential to never push too far unless you need to. Otherwise you run the risk of crippling yourself forever.”

Quickly he set the scanners up and set them scanning for what type of damage it was that Jinny had done to herself, as it could be a wide category of things that caused the bloody nose, from stress rupturing a vessel in her nose all the way up to brain aneurysms. All the while he would keep his cool until he knew what it was they were actually dealing with. Once he had those answers then he could go on to treating it. And working out how to make sure it never happened again.
Jinny no T_T


It was only the mixed screams of the Ascendency’s deaths and the declaration of war that Eden broadcast that had Penny slowing to a halt. She would half turn towards back towards the passage way they had traversed. Her eyes solid pools of crimson light. “Eden is doing nothing but making this all worse” Penny would say stoically “And if she’s talking true about Cindy…” Penny would trail off and shake her head. If that was true Penny would take care of that personally.

Regardless Penny turned back to her task at hand, it was hard, to force her attention away from the video feed from her drone still in the warehouse. Of all the death and chaos, but this was above just her at the moment. Those that had chosen to follow her needed to be given priority.

“You are welcome” Penny would reply to the girl who thanked her. “You, and everyone else, are free to go your own way from here if you want. My only objective was to get as many out as I could. I’m-” Penny was interrupted by the blessed storm rushing towards her. On instinct she lashed out at the lightning with her extra limbs while she coaxed the storm to target her over anyone else with what little lightning magic she could bring about.

She welcomed the storm as well, just as she did before; she noted the blessed nature of it as well, the unique sensation of divinely touched magic. She didn’t let it stay idle for long though. “We should keep moving” She would say to the group “Seems that things aren’t fully done just yet. I know of a safe place to stay for at least a day or two. You are all welcome to follow me there” She would say before turning back to the path before her and continuing her march.

To the fact that she had just took in a storm of lightning she said nothing, and from an external view it would seem much like she was fully focused on getting to her destination. The truth was a bit more complex than that though. That boost to her systems was already being put to use. Across Penrose, Penny was slipping her way into security systems, glimmer networks, phone lines, and traffic cams. War was coming, even if Eden was wrong about Cindy; War was coming now, that was unavoidable.

And there is no tool more useful in war then information, for it is the strongest power that there can be. Beacon had its own method of gathering Intel, but so did every major power in this conflict, as The Mint was tied into this as well, alongside the Penrose Independent.

Penny was going to need her own resources, but for now having a back door into as many systems as she could get would be a first good step.

As she set up the first steps of her networks, Penny would be quite as she lead the way to the Sanctuary. She would offer responses to questions if asked, and even mantain conversations if some of the others needed wanted them, but she didn’t start any conversations on her own. For all the while she was planning. She had been built for war; she had avoided that, despised that, and hidden that. Now it was time to embrace it.

Part way there she would stumble slightly as an angry looking bleeding red crack would erupt down the length of her right arm. “Shit” She needed to get these people to safety then head to Binky. It seemed that her time was up. “You damn fool”



Stoically the tow of them stood on the far side of the door and awaited the door to fade away. Steadfast to the end they would protect everyone they had gathered in this home. When the knocking turned frantic Ashlyn stayed stone faced unwilling to let anything show on her face in front one who had been willing to commit genocide.

Thankfully Monica was not the same, her own composure shattered moments before the knocking, and she could feel the nuke’s echo of effect through the door. So she rushed into action in the moment she realized what was happening. Roughly shoving her fried to the side as she wrenched open the door and dragged the poor suffering girl in, before closing her dimensional home off from everyone and everywhere.

“What are yo-” Ashlyn would begin to ask, confused and the sudden turn in her friends actions.

“She’s dying! Hurry up and heal her!” Monica would scream before the question could be fully voiced before turning her attention back to the girl in her arm. Monica was working as carefully as she could, never knowing if the Spark would reject her efforts or not, but she was desperately trying to help counteract what damaged had been caused by the Psychic assault.

Ashlyn for her part knew better then to try and argue with the petite Mino-girl, not unless she wanted to get a face full of fire. Instead she just kneeled down and started using her reinforcement to heal as best she could, as she wasn’t really sure what the issue was.

When she would learn, she would be as horrified as anyone else.

-=Ǝ Show’s Over E=-

“Reality is cold that is true” Aurelio would say in the few moments he had his assailants undivided attention.“But that doesn’t mean we can’t find warmth within it, can’t strive to make bonds with those that will defend the walls with us, to grieve with us, to cherish us. After all, not everyone has the heart of a warrior.”

And then his time was up, and they had left. He let out a disappointed sigh. He hopped he would have the chance to meet that one again; he always preferred it when he had a chance to talk to people rather than fight against them.

He allowed himself to be helped up, his cane vanishing with a snap, shortly before the rest of his costume faded as well. “I don’t think I’m going anywhere without help at the moment” He would answer Sally with a weak chuckle. Geez he felt exhausted.

“The rehab for getting an arm reattached still as annoying as it always been?” he would ask the Reinforcement girl as she set about healing the numerous bruises and gashes he had acquired while being stuck in between the two attackers. His own healing spell had been purely for the wound that had been gained from the forcible loss of his arm after all.

“Tell me has it been this bad everywhere?”
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