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And now, the first official bump.
Title says it all, really. But first, introductions are in order, methinks C:

I am Grimmeh, Grimm, or any derivation thereof that you see fit to use. I'm no stranger to roleplaying, having been doing so on and off for the last few years since I got my start on Gaia. Since then, I've been developing a healthy love for this medium, as it gives me the satisfaction of bringing characters to life that otherwise would never see the light of day. My interests for genres are typically spontaneous, but my steadiest love always has been, and likely always will be, anything high fantasy. I have an unhealthy love for lore and world building, two things which I will get to with what I'm craving, and I can come across as a rabid she-nerd with certain topics. It's all in good fun xD I'm a friendly person who just wants to have fun with what I'm doing.

Introduction over. Before I post my craving, I do have some rules. And I apologize for sounding long-winded, I tend to, write a lot even for simple things. I am a chatterbox in both the spoken and written word XD

~Posting length and grammar: While I love to write, I am not here to practice novel-writing. That being said, I accept anything from 2+ paragraphs, with myself usually hovering around 3-6 depending on how much is needed at the time. My general rule of thumb is simple; write what YOU feel is necessary for that part of the story. Sometimes people can only churn out a small post, other days they can go on forever.
Also, please have a basic grasp of spelling and grammar. Mistakes are understandable, but it frustrates me to no end to read a post that seems like it was written by a kindergartener.
~Hetero pairings for mains, please: Don't get me wrong, I accept and support the LGBT community. However, I myself am not comfortable with having my main character swing that way. I have no problem with same sex pairings popping up with side characters, but please respect my choice here. That being said...
~I play male and female characters: Seriously, a good majority of my characters tend to be male, so I have no problem playing either or. However, I reserve my right to refuse playing a male if I particularly wish to play a female. So please don't contact me if you are strictly going to demand that I play one gender or the other. Also, I don't double. At least, not what you would consider doubling. Will I have side characters who have detailed parts in the story? Yes. Will I constantly fill space with what they are doing, even if they don't have anything to do with a current situation? No, no I won't. I find it gets tedious really fast. You can double all you want, but don't try and make it an obligation for me to do the same.
~My limits are your limits: Granted, there are some things I certainly won't do, but these typically only apply to 'mature' situations. Speaking of which, I am going to say this now; if I wanted to have characters constantly bumpin' uglies, I'd write it myself. I am here for a story, not a smut fic. Otherwise, I have few limits on violence, gore, and language, and if something does bother me, I will let you know, and expect the same from you. Stepping on someone's toes is never a good idea.
~PMs preferred: I highly prefer roleplaying through PMs over threads, mostly because I have a much better track record with keeping track of them. I will not say no to a thread, however, if you can convince me.

That's all that comes to mind for rules. I reserve my right to add more as I see fit.

If my ungodly, serious sounding word-flood hasn't frightened you off by now, finally here is what you came for, what I am craving.

As I mentioned before, I am a bit of a nerd for fantasy lore and world building. Currently, my particular field of interest is in elves, specifically, drow. Now before anyone hits the back button on the assumption of this being heavily based on a rather famed lavender-eyed outcast ranger, I assure you this is not the case. Hell no, I've had enough characters in the past that were based on Drizzt Do'Urden, and I've rectified that mistake a thousand times over. At the best, my drow are chaotic neutral, rogues in their society but still as violent as the rest, even if they have the chance for a new life on the surface away from Lloth's clerics. The problem is I rarely get to write these sort of characters, and that is my craving; to get to write a dark character that I've not been able to express in some time. I want to write an honest to goodness ilythiiri, though I will admit, I have had time to study their lore and make up a few headcanons for them that are all based on what I have read.
Also, I have two specific characters in mind for this that I could play; one is a non-cleric female, the other a mute male. I can elaborate on these characters for those interested, and currently, I am craving playing the female here. She's the more neglected of the two, I'm afraid. But I am indeed open to play either C:

What do I expect for a story? Honestly, the skies the limit here, though I do heavily prefer stories that have them opposite a surface elf, possibly even a snow elf if you really want to put them at odds with one another (those who know elf lore will know why). I like the idea of opposites attracting, as well as the fact that just as not all drow are evil, not all elves are good. At this point in the game, however, I'm up for any sort of story that lets me exercise writing out a darker character. I love collaborating on plots with people, so please, do have some idea of what you like in a story C:

So yeah, just shoot me a PM or post here if interested!
Thanks so much C:
Well, Just like to say hi to everyone out there ^_^ I was once part of the old site, but a combination of factors led me to going on hiatus for a while. Now, I'm just hoping to get back into the swing of things and have fun again.

Lame intro is lame, but again, just sending out my hello to folks ^_^
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