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24 May 2017 14:40
Current So........ life is interesting for me rn. All of my moving plans fell through, and all I can do is move back an hour away from where I work
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9 May 2017 19:34
And THERE'S the mental exhaustion! Right on time for the end of the school year
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3 May 2017 14:39
Sorry if I'm slow on replies, the next two weeks are the last of the semester, and it's just a clusterfuck over here!
25 Apr 2017 17:28
Late for class with an assignment due that I didn't even know about that I need to present.... fuck meeeeee!
11 Apr 2017 18:56
*screeches as Photoshop won't cut and paste my logo properly*


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The basic idea is that a 16 year old Morty Smith sneaks out to a Flesh Curtains concert. There, he meets a younger Rick when performing and gets a bit starstruck, to the point of following him as a groupie.

Will contain mature themes, so 18+ is required.
GABRIEL! *tackles* do you do Sabriel or Wincest? I'm decent at playing Sam, so... yah
Looking for Sabriel, Wincest, and a BowserxPrincess Peach-esk rp
Hi! How do you feel about a half demon going on the adventure?
Preferably Sabriel
Any One up for any Sabriel or DaveKat rps? Probably just short ones, but they can have a longer plot if needed
Closed for now
Looking for a person to play bowser in a realistic peachxbowser roleplay!
Looking for some mxm NagaXHuman/Elf action over here!
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