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5 days ago
Current Oh yeah Mom, I really appreciate having to worry about my college tuition payments ON TOP OF EVERYTHING!
13 days ago
My roommate is making me watch the entire Twilight Series..... If I don't respond promptly to replies, I am ded
27 days ago
It's only week 2 in school. Why am I freaking out to the point of nearly crying over ONE. GODDAMN. ASSIGNMENT??
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1 mo ago
Those of you rping with me, give me some time for replies. I've got some... pretty overwhelming shit to deal with on my end, so any concentration will likely be spent on that and school.
2 mos ago
If my illness from overworking seriously interferes with this talent show, I'm gonna rage. I swear to God


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In the mood for either a Sabriel rp, a Wincest rp, or a Dean WinchesterxMy angel OC Alexander, who is a smol, but adoring little bean.

In fact, anything with my angel character would be great! MxM tho!
Still open!
Also, if anyone is into playing Dean, we can certainly roll with that!
In the mood for some Sabriel? Good! I need a lovable Trickster Archangel Gabriel for Sam. I prefer longer replies with good grammar and someone who will help the plot along. Also you'll have to be 18+.


Sam went to Stanford to escape all the ghosts and ghouls he used to hunt, but what happens when an archangel on the run decides to become his roommate? Probably hilarity and lots of candy.

A young Sammy runs away from home, leaving a pissed off dad and a horribly worried Dean. He doesn't know it yet, but he has a destiny, and with some help from his makeshift 'guardian angel', he'll realize it sooner rather than later. (18 year old Sam)

(Role reversal) Gabriel Shirley was always a special character. But, as he began to have strange visions, God decided he had to be looked over and protected. That's where Sam came in. He was supposed to pose as his roommate at college, but what happens when he has to blow his cover to protect the human?
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