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7 mos ago
Current An update: Got a job, still working on getting a proper place. Replies will still be few and far between. Sorry
11 mos ago
My computer is running about as fast as my brain right now.... great
12 mos ago
So.... tired.... *falls face forward*
1 yr ago
If I don't reply to you for some time, please don't worry! I'm having seasonal depression, but it will pass and I have plenty of support all around me! Thanks for your patiencr
1 yr ago
In some desperate need of some Supernatural show rping


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I'm sorry, not really into doing mxf rps anymore

Sam Winchester is probably one of my favorite TV show characters. He's smart, brave, tough, a total nerd, and thoroughly loyal to his big brother Dean. The adventures he and Dean have been on are all awesome (as well as sad, and usually very bloody), but how about making some new ones?

I'm looking for someone to play one of the other guys in Supernatural. I plan on Sam being able to top and bottom, but he's mainly gonna be bottom of the couple. So if anyone is interested in playing with Sam, just send me a PM and we can plan a plot!
In the mood for either a Sabriel rp, a Wincest rp, or a Dean WinchesterxMy angel OC Alexander, who is a smol, but adoring little bean.

In fact, anything with my angel character would be great! MxM tho!
Still open!
Also, if anyone is into playing Dean, we can certainly roll with that!
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