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"And so it's my duty to keep her from swinging at the gallows due to your peculiar 'Justice'." He said in between blows as he said with the intonation of your average marine.

While Flint would have liked for part of his blast to hit the man, he wasn't terribly surprised about Shakar's defense. He was a good swordsman. And if he had Devilfruit powers that sword would be an even bigger annoyance. For now, all it did was make sure the pellets that hit its area would just fall down. Flint found himself wanting to take that sword and make of the seastone for himself even more. Bakuto would show up in his pure dragon form telling him to get off as he wanted to torch the ship while keeping Shakar busy. He'd reply, "Shouldn't I be the one to tell you that? You're the one at the disadvantage."

As he spoke he'd maintain his distance from Shakar and focus on defense. He had only one shot left in his shotgun and that was more for suppression at this point. Since Shakar would definitely not want to get hit by that at such a close range. Flint would try and fake him out and do a swing that transitioned into a defensive stance. He'd toss his gun up,quickly throw a grenade near Shakar rather than him, and catch his gun again. He was hoping the splinters would inconvenience Shakar. "Way I see it, he can parry those flames and swat you into the water. You fall into the sea and it'll be a challenge to dragon your ass back to the ship. Me? I fall into the sea and at least I can swim." He said as she slurred dragon into sounding like dragging.

"But if I gotta go, at least help me out with getting a souvenir. That sword." He said. Getting it Shakar's sword would be good on several counts. The most obvious would be that they'd be inconveniencing him by leaving him bereft of his fancy sword. Secondly, it had its use as no doubt there would be tricky fights with other Devilfruit users for whom using this sword against would tilt the fight into their favor. As he for Bakuto's response, he'd continue to keep Shakar busy on him and not on Bakuto. He'd holster his gun and grip the sword with both hands as he put some more effort into those blows.
Got hit by a nostalgic mood, and now I'm jonesing for some dragon power rangers action. I got some ideas floating around for potential plotlines for getting this thing started.

I'm looking for someone to workshop and bounce these ideas off to further refine them. And also to share duties in running the game since I'd like someone to remind me to get gm posts done on deadlines/ help run things since I'm really out of practice running things.
When I get around to it I'll pm you for some help working on my potential evolution lines
Your ruleset

When it's ready to be shared, I'd like to read through it.
Watching with interest.
Flint would stylishly reload his shotgun as the man asked him about Handel. "Handle? Why I hardly know her!" He'd exclaim to Shakar with a shit eating grin. Oh God, that was such a shit joke and he knew it and even more, reveled in how bad and forced it was. He'd draw his sword as he gave Shakar a calm and collected look. It felt oddly thrilling fighting what he could loosely call an ex-comrade. After all, he was once one of them.

"The only person I'm keeping track of her is the girl. So I can't let go after her." He said dodging the swarm of crows. He'd listen Shakar complain about his captain. He'd reply with, "I guess you could call it.. a CAWW-founding attack. But what would life be without a Captain's whimsy to keep things interesting?" Flint looked at the familiar gleam of the seastone on his sword. He found himself coveting it. Flint would launch a combination attack of a stroke with his large sword followed by firing off one barrel from his gun.



"Yeah don't worry, I'll play it smart if trouble comes." He'd say to Karina before departing to enter the tower.

After the group rejoined, Karina would talk about the code phrase. The man softly recited the lines from this opera with a speed and confidence as if he had some familiarity. "Got it, but isn't this more important for Týfurkh to remember since he's the one doing the speaking?" He said wanting to know if they'd need to repeat it at some other place later on. His interest was piqued as she mentioned some trivia about the sentence and the opera it's from. He always suspected she was someone higher in the hierarchy, but being the daughter of some general in the army. Things were getting interesting especially when they'd inevitably need to accompany her to whatever place they were.

He would be quiet again as Týfurkh and Karina talked about opera. Painful, bitter, feelings arose in him and he found himself biting the inside of his lip to clear his thoughts. Briefly, he'd turn his head away from them not wanting them to notice the fleeting sour look on his face. He'd also trail behind as they climbed the stairwell. He'd also take the time to look behind them to make sure they were safe for the moment. He'd linger a bit to let out a melancholy sigh as he raced up the stairs to join them at the top. "Hope you got the words memorized big guy." He said to Týfurkh as he rested against the wall. He was position in a way to watch the stairs as well as the the others.

The man would raise a look as he noticed how strenuous it was him doing that was. The man was not only getting sweaty from it, but he was also looking pallid as well too. Then again he'd probably look pretty bad as well if he needed to use his own talent to its limit. While that was happening he was also focusing his senses back to the stairwell and below. Týfurkh would finish exhausted and right around that time he heard the door being forcefully opened. "Karina, Can you protect Týfurkh while also watching the stairs and anything from outside? In the meantime I'll do what I can to keep them busy here." He said coolly as he grabbed his stick.

The vagrant warrior would already start charging activating his power. He would take a dramatic dive from the stairs and fall below. Of course with his power activate he would become light and control his descent as he bounced from wall to wall. He would do a falling axe kick on some hapless cultists that were further up the stairs. He'd knocked them down as they rolled. He'd then rush further down as he saw just how many of these damn cultists there were. He could only hope Týfurkh would soon recover soon enough. He a feeling things would crazier.

He'd choke up his grip on the stick to compensate for smaller quarters. And he'd stab, sweep, pin, and do controlled swings to control the space around him. Here and there he'd let some empower strikes to really clear the crowd and knock them around. He was already more or less on the ground floor, for the sake of being harder to fight he'd jump on the stairs and retreat a bit upwards. The man's strategy was to more or less force most of them outside and slow their flow. For while it may be tricky to fight inside, it was a bigger disadvantage to the cultists. It would be like damming or narrowing the channel of where stream of water flowed to slow it down. Or at least that was what he hoped he could enact.

"Quiet you!" Clint pulled at Arafel's scruff as the dog barked at the boat. His annoyance grew as the boat which was full of marines began to attack them. They were trying to bomb them with these birds with bombs on them. Luckily for him, at least he had a weapon for to hit the flying birds. Shells and feathers littered the wooden planks of the ship as he blasted at the birds with his shotgun.

He watched as The Captain ordered Bakuto to spew flames are the marine ship only for the captain to slice away with a series of slashes. Flint's eye narrowed as he realized that sword had seastone on it. The presence of that sword would no doubt inconvenience the handful of devil fruit afflicted crew members. And of course Alesia had to jump headfirst and fight against the captain. With his guardian instinct kicking in, he would follow her too.

Before he did that however, he'd reload a different type of shell into his gun and then take the leap into enemy ship. He pulled the triggers one by one. Each pull triggering a plume of fire. One aimed at the sails and the other aimed the captain. It wasn't as good as more conventional shot or slugs but it should do the work of what he wanted. "Hey Cap, gotta be more careful. Be a shame to have you fall into the drink you know."
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