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I have a slow moving Rp I'm in you could use to get in to the groove of things again with
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I am incredibly for the Sonic movie.
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What happens if I piss hot at this drug test on the date?
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HR 420 is better
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The Danger Zone one
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"Don't worry about me, I'll get him turned in and get that money. However, you're right. With that stunt of blowing up the swamp we're likely to get unwanted attention so I suggest you decide quickly if you want to poke around in the cave or not. I think their ship was hidden in the cave, so I could possibly get the ship inside and pick everyone up and leave this island since their ship is probably destroyed. Anyway, I need to go and drop this guy off." Flint replied to Bakuto before entering town.

He posed the Captain like a passed out buddy and maneuvered themselves through the streets. The air was even more smokier as not only was the Tavern still smouldering, but also the swamp behind the town was also burnt to a crisp. He'd try and keep a low profile as he went back to the mayor. "Your pirate problem has been solved, although not in a very quiet manner. Wish I could have captured him alive, but ehh. I'm worried about marine presence and I'd like to turn him in for that bounty on his head and leave before it gets too hot here."
sure why not
Going to make that server after all?
Flint while glad they finally defeated Valar, was less than glad about the way of going about it. There was audible "tsking" as he was hoping they could have found a way to incapacitate the captain and turn him in for the bounty. At least the body wasn't mangled despite all the fire and explosions so they had that at least. "You know while I'm fine with needing to kill if be, I was hoping we could take this bastard alive and turn him in for that decent bounty he and his crew have. But hey, you saved our necks and at least he's identifiable. Anyway, I'm going to take him in and get that pet you wanted." Flint said to Alesia with just a little nod to Valar to make that terrible one-liner sink in.

The man would just flop the corpse over his should liked weighed nothing. He briefly walked alongside her before stopping to say, "You might want to check that cave the pirates were hiding in. Hopefully there's something worth salvaging inside even if the fire did rock that cave." He walked briskly through the torched swamp. While the extra weight wouldn't matter to him, the soft waterlogged ground was trying to eat his boots in certain spots and he had no desire to lose a good pair of boots in swamp muck. He kept walking and then would drag the corpse towards the town.
The fact that communication is "live" than posting here lets you plan or communicate things quickly is probably the most convenient thing along with being able to ping people and whatnot. Other than that I'm pretty agnostic on a discord. Like people like it and it has its uses but I don't find it nigh-essential to have.

As for a generic structure for a server, an on-topic and off-topic server are pretty all you need. I don't see the RP as being that big and complex that you'd need multiple sections dedicated to the rp. But, if you wanted to get fancier, you could do on-topic and a channel dedicated to planning in case you don't want stuff to get lost in chatter.
Yeah lol.
I'm fine with it. The game's so slow that the warning to remember to keep the OOC thread active so it can attract people is non-applicable.
Looking forward to your plot post Mangrale.
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I know that feel
Flint was somewhat disappointed as Valar evaded the attack once more with and used his powers to darken the area. Not only that, but they were encircled in a ring of fire. The small blessing was that he was trapped in there with them as well and such a small area to move around could be used to their advantaged. Most importantly though, at least Valar wasn't a Logia user, so he was only somewhat irritating to fight as opposed to maddeningly so.

He listened to Alisa speak and nodded. He rolled another grenade towards where thought Valar was. It more of a measure to keep him from doing anything too fancy by controlling his movement with an explosion. He the deftly braced his sword and got into a position to block the attack with the flat of his blade. "Got ya' Cap'" was all he said to her as he awaited the impact of the blow against his sword.
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