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Can't wait for the turfwar between jho and rajang
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Rip peria Chronicles. The custom content feature was something I was looking for
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Can I get a hint of the ingredients in that chimichurri recipe?
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"Agreed, although at least for me it's not a complete hindrance. At the very least they didn't hit me with the one that works first." He said in response to Karina's comment about not getting hit with deterrents.

While he didn't immediately notice Sil, he did hear Karina speak her name and knew that the other group was close if not already at the tower. It was a bit of a minor relief as it was all but sure they weren't completely cut off from the others. Of course, there was the matter of cultists, but at least they had better numbers than just the two of them. Technically three, but he didn't know how Týfurkh was doing after the crash.

The little fairy would fly over and use his head as a rest. "Well I'm glad you finally came." was all he said as Sil told him she was their real help. He wondered how long it would take for the help to arrive. He'd then look up to where Karina was, "So what's going to happen? Also should I come and get you? Or are you going to try and jump down? Either way we should group up! We need to get out of here fast and possibly be prepared for more fighting."

As he waited for a response he took a look back towards the steps behind him. It was only a matter of time before the cultists would look upstairs for the rest of them. They needed to be ready for one or a couple of the them to be coming towards them. The man was drawing on his power as he was prepared to react to any cultists approaching them. While he normally was discrete about his usage, it was better now to use its advantages and get nullified again in the process than get nullified and lose any advantage of having his power.

What suffix would I use to transform Aarakk into an adjective? -ese, -ian, -ish, etc.
Name: Silverwing Kaljiel
Age: Adult
Sex: M
Species: Aarakk

Backstory: Kaljiel was born in the Dullspine mountains which hosts one of the few Aarakk cities. Within the city of ribbons as a he was called, he spent his fledgling years out of the creche and honing his climbing skills to traverse the verticality of his environs as he lacked his flight feathers. Come his maturation and ability to fly he would be able to leave the flock he was part and go out on his own. He'd join the Ebon Talon Clan which was a group of warriors that trained and would serve as guards for Barges and other sorts of caravans. From there he'd join one of the first barges out from the city he was in and would end into Tian.

Appearance: Kaljiel's namesake comes from an odd discoloration in his feathers. When he molted into maturity, the new feathers were discolored as opposed to the iridescent black coloration most have. When light hits the feathers, rather than getting hints of blues, purple, and green, they take on a greyish almost silver coloration. Like most caravan guards he has a light custom armor most Aarakk that doesn't impede flight. His weapons are a blade and these talon covers that can be used in fighting as well. When in more casual clothing, he wears colors that complement his wing discoloration. He also has painted his nails an emerald color to brighten up his black talons.

Personality: Like most Arrak he has that typical quality of gregariousness and independence. Kaljiel is fond of trying to take in as much as possible during his breaks between travels. His also quite fond of spicy food, the more searing the better. Although this might be more also due to a lessened sense of heat/pain from the chilies that lets him show off. He also has a fondness for alcohols of various types even better if it's to go with a spicy dish. Despite occasionally splurging, he's quite on top of his finances since not every job he takes pays well or is pleasant.


How does one refer to the Bird people?
Still working on my character. I've just been busy with stuff.
An rp with a definite timespan sounds nice.

Thinking of making a birdperson. Hopefully more people show interest.
Might be fun. Don't have an opinion on classes since it's all flavor.

"Yeah it's me." He replied to Karina.

The man was relieved to find out she was fine. Well, save for being afflicted by the deterrent, but that was something minor. The problem was one, Týfurkh was nowhere to be seen and most likely fell when the bell dropped. Secondly they really needed to get out now and do that quickly before more cultists came. There was no way all the commotion in this tower didn't go unnoticed.

"That's too bad, I got hit by damn near all the deterrents in my fight. Luckily for me, it wore off in time. As for Týfurkh, I fought alone and never saw him. I was already making my way to you guys by the time the bell fell. I think he crashed to the floor. Anyway, we need to get out before more cultists come. I don't think I can do another repeat of downstairs' fight even with you on my side." He said to her.

He took a moment to think and then spoke, "You think you could try jumping down and letting me catch? Maybe we can find a way to sneak out safely." Of course, he didn't see Will fly in. He was still under the impression that they were alone and the others were still busy doing their task.

After several minutes of rest, the fighter had finally recovered enough energy to continue moving. He needed to hurry and continue moving as there was scarcely any time to linger. The climb upstairs seemed to take longer than it did him racing downstairs earlier to take on the cultists. It was a contrast to the way he was bounding down the tower as he skipped flights of stairs and made use of gravity to get to the bottom swiftly. Tired and still suffering from the effects, he ran up the stairs until he took a pause.


It seems that the bell somehow got struck by the fighting that was happening upstairs. At least that was what he thought until he noticed that ringing seemed to get louder and slightly more distorted. His heart raced as soon as he realized that the bell had been freed from its holding. Not only that, that it had managed to be sent down with enough force to broken through the top-most floor and was now hurtling to the bottom as it broke the stairs. The man managed to dodge the bell before it smashed through the stairs he was about to cross. He was most relieved that it seemed the deterrent that actually affected him had worn off. Half out of habit and half out of curiosity, he called upon his power to give him a boost in dodging the bell and it gave him that extra boost. This was heartening as now he was able to make his way up where he heard footsteps on what remained of the floor above.

He wondered who it was, as there his two allies and the enemies they were fighting. Before heading any further he called out to them, "Týfurkh? Karina? Are you guys there?" There was a worry and urgency to his voice as they really shouldn't be lingering now that the bell dropped after all these cultists swarmed in. He was anxiously waiting for a response as he didn't know if his allies were there or if there was only foes left trapped at the top. If they were enemies he would just leave as the damaged segments would delay them from reaching him. He was considering leaving through a window; the prospect of fighting more cultists at the bottom was not a thing he wished to repeat especially if his allies had been killed or injured.
Chiran listened to SADI describe the various problems afflicting the nearby colonies in the area. His attention focused to unidentified ships near OCP-975521. The mystery and the implied danger were piquing his interest and if he had a say in what to do next, those ships were what his whims telling him to do next. He already had constructed an order of who to help. The unidentified ships had a chance of fighting but perhaps it would be as simple as getting a scan on them and sending what information you got from them rather than fighting them. The food shortage mission should be first, but was more around second. It was pretty simple, but it could also be pretty involved. Since it might involve having to haul food from elsewhere on his ship and that could take a while to do.

He began thinking about the placement of the others in his own internal ranking of order of completion. However, it was going to be a bit of a pointless exercise as the first objective was not only chosen before hand, but it was now being announced. Violent weather caused by terraforming equipment on OCP-85212? Well this was going to be interesting, he never worked with such equipment before. The detail about magicite caused him to figurative raise his brow. So he'd need to be careful when it came to working his magic. Well so long as there wasn't anything that would need a whole of magic, he should be good.

"SADI, can you send the information regarding the devices on my portable device? He said as he punched in the directions to the colony. It would be but a moment before he already halfway there and entering into the planet's orbit. Mana would flow around him as the engine and him harmonized. He'd find out soon he wasn't the first to land on the planet. Landing zone had a ship that looked way too small and sleek for use in mining.

After donning his duster and checking his equipment, he'd finally hop out. Mingling with the locals, there seemed to be a child? He eyed Tanya as he confirmed by looking at her that yes, she was another windrider. "Hey so I guess it's just us for now? Anyway I'm the second windrider assigned to helping out with violent weather caused by the terraforming." He said to her and the group. Now it was just a matter of receiving briefing from the representative.

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