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kanye trolling everyone with this wait
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The little goblin wants to give everyone diabetes. And she knows, because every time you cook something you get tickets to bribe you to eat more of it.
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Tired of this little girl wanting to me eat nothing but rice dumplings on a stick. Give me real sustenance damn it!
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Yes, but it will require some discussions before posting after rolls as the system isn't a pass/fail binary when you roll
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rise's hunting hammer changes are amazing


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With spring coming, where I live at least, I feel a slight surge in energy and with it an urge to be in more roleplays. Maybe I have SAD or something. Anyway, getting to down to business.


  • 1 or 2 paragraphs minimum
  • Send your RP ideas via PM. Don't post in the thread or I will ignore it
  • Someone who's fine with an irregular posting rate. Look I'm kinda scatterbrained which means sometimes I let posts slip.
  • Be 20+. Less because of anything that might happen, and more because I'm old and would like to be in the presence of other adults.
  • While I prefer to use PMs for everything I'm fine with using off-site stuff like Gdocs or w/e
  • Feel free to ask me about my own ideas. I'm not listing them here because I'm not feeling super attached to them

What I can do for you

  • 2-3 paragraphs minimum, maybe more if I'm really feeling the flow
  • A low maintenance rp partner
  • I'm down for discussing the details of the rp and its direction.
  • Be 20+. Less because of anything that might happen, and more because I'm old and would like to be in the presence of other adults.
  • Casual chatter
  • Comfortable with smut if it happens, pm for more details

Things I won't do

  • IRL faceclaims, they make me uncomfortable
  • Super long posts. Sorry, but that's beyond my capabilities for now
  • Super dark stuff, not currently in the mood for it
  • Pure SoL stuff
  • Most fandom stuff-see below for details

About fandoms

I am absolutely not your guy when it comes like fandom stuff. Most stuff I just don't care about and there might be some stuff I haven't heard of. In the case it is something I can do, I prefer doing it with OCs over playing cannon characters. I don't believe I really can pull it off and I also don't really have an interest either.

Interests and stuff

  • Fantasy, although I find like the generic vaguely medieval European setting stuff kinda boring. But I'll do it too.
  • Sci-fi at the room temp butter level of softness. Anything harder is too much for my room temp iq.
  • Giant Robots
  • Transforming/Henshin Hero stuff (Think Power Rangers, Viewtiful Joe, or Sailor Moon)
  • Supernatural martial arts, not really a genre but more of like an aesthetic I like. I watched anime like DBZ and I enjoy martial arts flicks, so like fighters with flashy and inhuman methods of fighting is cool to me.
  • Tabletop- I'm willing to do like a solo GM thing provided the system isn't super complex or D&D. I don't want something that's a big hassle on the prepping and running side of things. I haven't GM'd anything for a long time, so I'm going to be rusty and don't want to overwhelm myself.

Oh yeah, if there's gonna be a romantic component MxF for the pairing if you will.

Xavier crushed another can of energy drink. The crumpled can was bank shot from the wall and into the trash bin whereupon landing Xavier would crack open another one. The fruity scent of the spicy, mango-lime drink filled the air around him. He would sip it slowly as he stood around thinking what to do. Formalis, that was the boonies-ass planet he was heading to. It was rather unfortunate for him, that after already being in a remote sector, that he ended up wrecking his ship on a field of spacejunk flotsam.

Xavier had already preformed maintenance on his blade, cleaned his clothes, and outside of some reorganization and cleaning of his ship he had no intention of doing, he had nothing else to do. He'd exit his ship and pass the airlock into the merchant ship it was attached to. Dressed in sweatpants, sandals, and a faded graphic tee, he wander around. From the corner of his eyes he'd spot one the crewmates that picked up on the distress beacon. "Thanks for picking me up man. I already sent some credits as thanks."

"No problem. You're awfully far from most places, but once we land you should be able to get your repairs done and be back to civilization." The crewmember replied.

Xavier wandered around some more and sat by a window. A large blue and white ball stood amidst the stars and darkness. So this was the planet they were heading to. He'd just sit back and wait for the ship to enter orbit. Minutes would pass and then the ship would rumble as they entered the planet's atmosphere. He'd get ready to go back and change clothing once they landed.
Xavier Milfuegos


5’9” 165 lbs. Toned muscular frame. Tanned brown skin tone. Very distinctive when in his outfit, but looks normal when in regular ass street clothes. Either due to mutation, dye, or space magic sports silver hair but no facial hair. He walks around with a casual stance to him.

Species - Human

Gender - M

Age - 27


A good humored cosmic drifter. With the fickleness of the wind he goes wherever he will. He loves to perform both musically and also when it comes to swordplay. Despite doing mercenary work, there’s some sort of moral core to him. It’s not the most articulated of moral codes, but there’s some stuff he won’t do. He’s also a bit of an eccentric with some archaic sensibilities. His unusual sword style is based on a quaint method of creating styles, and he loves ancient pre-federation era music. Fucking hipster…


In the grander scale of things, Xavier is a nobody. This itself is both good and bad; on one hand it means the Federation is breathing down his neck as hard, but it also means no one really knows and trusts him enough to give him jobs with a good payout.


Born on the verdant planet of Axolotl LXIX. His family were mundane Azurine farmers. Early life was spent helping out and bumming around in wilderness and also befriend the large and gregarious feathered therpodoid life-form native to the area. Such creatures would later give him the inspiration for a unique fighting style.

Music was a method to try and keep the young Xavier from getting into trouble. Jokes on them however, it was fun to do especially as his skill grew competent enough to produce some actual music. Funner still would be doing an impromptu concert with the screeching of the animals as backup singers.

Years later the call of cosmos would be too much. He’d find himself wanting to leave his home planet behind and see what else was out there. From the chilly mountaintops of Neo-Machu Picchu where he learned how to use a sword. To the frozen, technicolor ice-world of Chali’nais and its frosty oceans. And all the various space stations, towns, and cities he busked in. He yearns to see more, experience more, and perhaps find inspiration to increase his skill in his two favored arts.


Jen Gibre

Jen's swift crossing atop the wall would slow as his got closer to the inside of the town. In distance he could see and hear a big fight breaking out. Karina's advice to avoid conflict was just but spoken moments ago, and yet he was already straying from them as his attention focused on the townsfolk and their fight. They were far from an organized and well trained force. Furthermore whatever numbers they had still wouldn't mean much given their foes had strong supernatural powers and actually were trained to fight. Perhaps with enough bodies thrown at them they might slow and overcome the cult, but such a tactic if it could scarcely be called one was distasteful and disrespectful to the lives of these people. He could feel the hairs on his body stand up stiff as a bristle when he saw them fighting a sightless.

The only thing that would stopping him from acting would also be the thing that would make this fight hard to ignore. A flash, a very bright flash would cover the area he was looking at and overwhelm his sight. A void of radiance flushed out the world around Jen. Luckily for him he wasn't so close as to be hit by the full strength by the crystal jade being broken. When the effect wore off the artificial gloom caused by distortion would be temporarily reversed. The blue sky with minimum clouds and a bright shining sun overhead could be seen. The precious connection the insight severed would lead to a severely weakened sightless becoming overwhelmed by the crowd. In that crowd Jen saw a familiar face, it was Malkev one of their allies against the cult.

The victory of the crowd over the sightless who died a most pitiful death was fleeting. There was still plenty of cultist, and one looking to avenge the death of their leader had struck a solid blow against the man. Malkev would be downed and Jen would race to the heart of the battle. Jen would make a prodigious leap from one of the rooftops and make a grand sweeping attack against the cultists knocking them all away. The humble green stick would strike swiftly and hard as it swung and thrust its way to Malkev. "Hey old man, where's your allies at? We need to get you out of here, because there's no way you're going to be able to fight in that condition."
Yeah I might be interested in your tabletop thing. So if I'm reading correctly it's going to be a digimon rp with like the battle mechanics from those megaman games? Curious to see how you'll the grid.

Jen Gibre

Jen would watch the group would kill those guards before heading inside. He'd frown as he was hoping for something a little more discrete. After all, there would be plenty enough blood being spilled once they got the gates opened and let in the army in. He was lingering in the back, and was going to be the last to act as well. He saw everyone pour into that room and found himself hesitating, lingering at the edges.

"I'm heading directly to the southern wall outside. I figure it might be good to cause a distraction for all y'all that are charging forward. Feel free to follow, or not." He'd say to them. He knew it was a risky proposition to split up from the group. For them it would be loss of potential manpower; for him it would be a risk of being overwhelmed. However, there was a nagging though in the back of his head. It was a too many cooks in the kitchen situation for him. All these people and their talents going off in such a small space made him feel superfluous and that he was better off doing something else.

Well not like it mattered now. Barely even finishing his train of thought, Jen was already moving away from the group or rather rushing ahead of them. He'd make an effortless bound to take him to the top of the wall. From there it was race to the southern wall. He was hoping that by attacking from behind them it would cause some chaos and help with opening the gate faster. He wanted to destroy that seed as soon as possible. Not only would it would be disruptive and annihilate the cult's forces, it would save lives. Since the ones who weren't completely corrupted by the insight would revert and would hopefully save them from being slaughtered by the army.
Will there be a parody of the business card sharing scene from American Psycho but with the prayer strips?
Sure why not
Count me in for whatever you're doing.
Might be cool. What's setting and scenario going to be?
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