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Jen would flip his head to the side of injured shoulder. He'd suck in air through his teeth and shot a look of annoyance at the being. It seemed like he was trying his best to upset everyone in the group. He could scarcely understand why. He believed that the being was like a dog or ghost, and just sort of did things arbitrarily. Of interest though, was that treating him like a deity did nothing. The being seemed poised to avoid discussing just what did sustain him had Chres not pushed him to do so. So, this was the condition or cost to enter in "alliance" with him. Upon death, everything about them to be forgotten by everyone save for anyone in the pact.

It touched another wound that had yet to heal and with it he felt a deep sense of melancholy wash over him. What had happened and what he had done in response had already created some loss. But this... That he could die from the risks associated with their mission or just from some other mishap, and it all would be gone. Those bonds and memories, completely purged from their minds. Like he had never existed. He didn't bother fighting against getting misty-eyed as he found himself thinking back to old memories.

However, that reminiscence was short lived. His attention would quickly change when Vi'daerus' appeared, seemingly drawn by the utterance of its name and the being's prolonged presence no doubt as well. Jen could feel his hairs stick up as he saw their true foe. Luckily for everyone involved, reality would resume. He would slowly rise to his feet as he saw Karina deliver spiteful condemnation before passing out. It seemed that something the being said or did absolutely pissed her off.

He would groan from the pain in the shoulder and how heavy he felt. He'd look around some more as some of the surviving soldiers were celebrating their victory. It seemed more were coming from outside to aid them. In fact, he already saw a group carrying out Chres on a stretcher. The quicker they could get out, the better. Jen felt like needed a stiff drink and to rest on something more comfortable than the cellar floor he had been on. For all his fatigue, Jen found himself loitering around, unable to let himself rest despite the opportunity being there.
I'll get a character up sometime today.
Thinking about a frog plush with a lot of tongue-oriented techniques or an invertebrate.
Cool! I'll work making a character.
Jen did not take to the being's intrusion too well. The sudden sensation of the touch on his shoulder literally came out of nowhere and with it, his attention shifted. "And I suppose you're going to give me some better ideas?" He said through gritted teeth. It was a definitely not a subject he wanted to think about in any capacity especially with how recent that deal with the sightless was. Perhaps there was a better way, but he couldn't figure it out and he was doubtful he'd get anything straightforward from this entity.

Much to Jen's total lack of surprise, he was only left to stew with his guilt under the less-than-ideal conditions for this bargain. Time resumed and then Jen felt a sudden pain, on the same shoulder no less! He felt a moisture, but it burned like lemon or chiles on a cut. It was disorienting too as Jen felt a lingering sensation of that touch on his shoulder than then transitioned into pain. As if this was an early punishment for his future transgression.

He found himself having to fight to keep his breathing smooth from the sudden spike of pain. Of course, what was really discomforting was moving the afflicted arm around on that point of movement. Shit what was he going to do? Of course, then was there also the ton of tentacles aiming to skewer the already hobbled Chres. He didn't know how much he could contribute in this state, or if moving the arm around would exacerbate the injury, but in this moment it didn't matter. He needed to keep this guy alive, and besides it was the final stretch of the battle. Either they die in the fight or get some rest time afterwards.

Chres was out shouting at Karina to make the attack. Given the Seed/Sightless' tunnel visioned focus Chress, it made sense to strike. Karina would manifest an icy spear and charge the final heart. Fortunately for everyone except the seed, it would strike true. That was the final heart for the seed, right? Jen grimaced; he was hoping such damage would affect the Sightless. He could see that browning on its body, but it seemed it had enough energy for another massive attack. He failed to react in time and like everyone else was ensnared. He could feel the coils tighten around him as they started to crush him and everyone else.

This was not good, what the hell was there to do. He needed to find some way to break free, but how? That familiar sensation came again as time would distort and freeze around the scene of the sightless crushing them. The being appeared, and began lecturing the sightless? He could see the brown discoloration spreading over the body over a short span of time with each stop and start of time. The tendrils' grip would loosen, and Jen didn't hesitate to break free. The sightless would collapse on his side as his spine cracked like a tree that had collapsed on itself. All there was left was a sliver of flesh connecting the halves, it wouldn't take too much effort to sever it into a stump. "CUT AND SALT THAT SUCKER BEFORE IT REGENERATES!" He'd wheeze out hoarsely. He was coughing while stumbling to gain his breath.

Ferris would come and save the day as he jumped into the ruined cellar and cut and salted the now stump. Jen smiled in relief as he plopped down onto his ass. "Good job..." He would watch everyone else interact with the being as looked the dark metal that glimmered that constituted the corpse of the sightless. Try as he might to pay attention to the metaphysics being explained about the metal and the sightless needing to root themselves in reality, it felt like it was going from one ear and out the other. Furthermore, it seemed this entity that insisted he was not a god, seemed to be irritating everyone else. Of course, such aggressive smarm wasn't the most welcome thing to face after going through this exhausting battle.

"Right, so you're saying you're some rando trapped on our world. That just happens to have a bunch of nifty abilities we don't have, and you seem to inhabit some other reality we can't perceive. And I guess there's more of whatever the hell you are beyond this world. You say you're not a god, but it seems some sort of faith sustains you. Since it could be argued that without some sort of faith in the offer, none of us would have done so right? I guess we could call you an unwilling demi-god or demi-bud rather. I know you don't want it, but would some offerings and prayers might improve your condition or is it going to take a lot more to recover from this shattering business." Jen said while lying on the floor.
I'm still interested in this, I just been sick and I forgot to check up on this. TBH I don't really care that much about being in a discord server, so I'm fine with the OOC.
Got my interest
Jen kept fighting off whatever tentacles came to the group. But as for the way the forward, that was beyond him momentarily. It was true that they couldn't hold off forever, at least not without that has yet to reveal itself. One needn't be too impatient as an opportunity could reveal itself, but it was definitely hard with all the damn flailing from The Seed. Octavio would announce his plan and Jen could really do is watch and see what's next. The tentacles' flailing seemingly ignored them until it didn't. It seemed the illusions weren't so immaterial after all and soon The Seed's focus changed with a scream. The constructs would be targeted which eased some of the pressure.

However, it was Chres' throwing of the salt which would allow them the real opportunity to strike back. Týfurkh and Chres would rush the Lord's skull and force it open revealing yet another heart. Both would be telling everyone else to come attack the weakspot. "Alright then." Jen would say as he eyed the monstrosity. He took a deep breath as he focused on applying salt himself yet again on the end of the staff. He was aware that time was of the essence, but he was acting on a hunch that perhaps another blow with salt to the seed might keep it weakened for a little bit longer.

Jen would hold the staff like a spear. The spit and salt crusted end would be its ignoble spearhead. Jen rushed forward to the skull and would deftly stab at the seed. The force behind the stab was sufficient that any resistance the heart's flesh had against the blunt end was fleeting. Jen felt the staff piercing through the heart and when it was sufficiently skewered, he'd rip the heart out. Which would produce the most disgusting anticucho.
It seems that even with the sightless having merged himself with the seed, did not have that have as much control as he expected. Jen's strike succeeded in pinning that tendril down. Oh, sure it writhed, albeit wanly, but to Jen's perspective it wasn't a whole lot of resistance coming from it. Then again Seed/Sightless focus were on Chres and Týfurkh. The monster's scream echoed through the cellar as tofurky's shot skewered one of its hearts. Jen leapt away reactively as in its fury, all the tendrils focused on retaliating against Chres and Týfurkh He saw how the larger, thicker one grasped at the ceiling and pulled, collapsing part of the floor above. His nose itched a little as the splinters and the dust filled the cellar.

Of course, there was no time to gawk. He felt the urgency to act once he saw them getting smacked by the tentacles. "Are you guys alright?" He'd say as the positioned himself in front of them. His staff would twirl around as he focused on swatting the tendrils from them. "Hey Karry help me out here! Let's give these two some breathing room." He'd shout to Karina. It then occurred to him that not only did they need to get hearts taken care of, but also the salt! That entity told them that part of killing the seed was not only removing the hearts, but also salting the area that contained them. This was easier said than done, and he had no clue on their strategy with how to proceed. Do they salt the wound next or should they focus on getting another heart destroyed?
And with that, it was over. The group had managed to overcome the sightless and overwhelm him. Sightless Talne was felled and with it they had done the incredible. They had fought and won against one of the hardest foes they would encounter in this cult. Truthfully just eliminating of them felt like a grand victory of sorts, but they were not finished yet. This was but a detour from their true objective, which was to destroy the seed, and with that its hold on the people they had controlled with their insight.

The descent downwards into the cellar greeted them with a foul odor of rotting flesh. It was a charnal house with rotting half eaten corpses strewn around this monstrosity. In the center was what appeared to Jen, a morbid, and grotesque imitation of a seedling sprouting in the basement. Nieffar would appear and reveal the truth of what this thing was. It was Lord O'Kal who had been given enough insight to become this freaky tree-monster. It made Jen's hair raise as he understood the type of fate that would befall Anís should he fail to get her in time, and also what he'd have to do with Chres when the time came.

Nieffar would then merge with the seed, which somehow didn't surprise him. Which was probably because he was expecting some sort of complication to their task of killing the seed. The fleshy tendrils would fly at everyone, and Jen responded with a lean so low the tendrils passed over him. Týfurkh would come up with a plan of attack using fire which Jen would along with. As soon he yelled "Cover!" Fiery splinters would light up the cellar as Jen to whatever would act as cover. The seed would roar in pain as the wood skewered its foul tendrils spilling its foul blood everywhere.

Chres would yell that they had an opening, and that Týfurkh needed to get a move on. One of the tendrils seemed rather low-lying and ready to be attacked. Jen would swiftly go to it, his staff would swing down on it. His swing would be endowed with sufficient strength to keep it pinned hopefully. Should it be pinned, it would mean the others could destroy one of the hearts.
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