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You working on one of those digimon V-pet for the computer, games?
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Just some rando. I'm 20+ so no worries about rping with a kid.

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I keep wanting to read deluxe edition for the DE part, if only because that was the name for the rulebook of the last ed or at least the one I was using.
It's Savage worlds.

SWADE is a weird looking abbreviation for the current edition, which is adventure. Cuz the last edition was explorers edition I think?
IDK I'm thinking something simple like the wheelman, and maybe face?
I mean I'm fine with the cop one, unless rush changed their mind and wants something else.
Honestly, I'm cool with whatever. It's just one gives me an excuse to look up an additional supplement for more ideas on redoing that character.
Well, I have a copy of SW, that I'm willing to share 😏

Anyway I'm up for some fantasy thing. I kinda want to dust-off this fighty-ice mage character I made.

I've played some savage worlds, but not the newest ED. Probably wouldn't take too much effort to catch up unless it's radically different.


Despite lacking his powers right now, he still had plenty of skill and brute force to rely on. Jen would grab a nearby vase and throw it at the monster before putting some distance between him and it. He could only hope that it was enough to save Nia from the lunging monster. He would eye some other pieces of furniture he could use defensively and offensively.

“Nah, I'm just here for the ride of doing a mission Ice Princess over there got ordered to do. Along with everybody else. ” He said to the Natkhelese woman.

“You mean… So that whole diplomacy mission that you claimed to come here for… It wasn’t a front?” She seemed confused by that notion.

“I just thought… I mean with so many pactmakers all in one place…” Her words trailed off, her eyes falling about Pyter with a frown.

The vase smashed across one of the heads from the jumble of bodies, turning more than a few of the other heads. The thing let out another screech, causing one of the other monstrosities to jump into motion, the one that appeared more spider-like.

The creature pounced, vomiting out tendrils of webbing at Jen.

“Yeah, sorry-”
Jen would get cut off by the spider monster approaching him fast. There was an attempt to dodge it by shoving a table at it. However, it wasn't enough and he'd get covered in the webbing. He'd make an annoyed face. “A little help here!” He'd say as he looked for something useful.

The creature cried out in glee as it launched an arm at Jen. The Nashep-Natjier was there in a flash. Thrusting her spear through the arm and down through the floor.

She looked to Jen grimacing, and reluctantly put her hand to the webbing and breathed out. Slowly the webbing began to fuzz, though not fast enough.

The creature swatted one arm after another. The Nashep-Natjier tsked. Waving her free hand back and forth trying to intercept each blow. Each time, she let out a tiny bit of breath, causing the air in front of her to solidify into a thin silvery metal that shattered on each impact.

The Nashep-Natjier gritted her teeth and turned her attention back to the webbing. Grabbing it, it fuzzed and transformed into a tangle of ropes. She then quickly tossed Jen a knife to cut himself free with.

“Thanks!” Jen replied as he grabbed the knife. The webbing would be slashed and he’d be mobile again. It seemed her ability keyed off breath like his? Although their effects were radically different. He’d then rush to reposition himself trying to have the monster being flanked by both him and Nashep.

“Glad to know the distrust is mutual. You people seem like trouble. But I also keep seeing future meetings with you or others like you. It seems the being has the attention of multiple factions.” Jen would parry a blow by the creature. He’d then counter with a couple slashes and stabs.

The Nashep-Najier sniffed at his words. “Trouble is not a thing that me and my own tend to dabble in. It is a concept incompatible with the ideal behind the power I hold. Disruption on the other hand… that is something more akin to what I do.”

“Regardless, you should not judge my own based on your encounters with the others. Our goals do not align.”
The Nashep-Natjier stated cooly.

Growing frustrated. The creature leaped backwards, ripping its pinned arm from the spear. It then started acting defensively and releasing spools of webbing from a distance.

The Nashep-Natjier cursed while sparing an anxious glance towards the hallway. They didn’t have the time for this delay. She wasn’t quite sure how well her power would fare against the Cutlerware.

“Disruption? I see… You might not have the same goals, but you’re functionally the same. Bunch of fair weather allies liable to come ‘disrupt’ our lives the moment we become inconveniences to whatever convoluted plans you have.”He’d say as he vaulted over some furniture as he saw her signal to the hallway. He was hoping they could lose this thing or at the very least get rid of the inhibitors.

“Do we have the keys for these things yet?” He’d shout while looking for a way to impede the monster. He’d then find a nearby long table and kick that sucker into the path of the monster.

“Who do you take me for? The Kharu-Natjier?” She gave a dry laugh that had no mirth while catching a blast of webbing on one of those thin metal plates that she made out of the air. “I am no schemer.” She said slapping another bit of webbing out of the way. “Nor am I a glutton for power.”

Two more blasts of webbing shot at her. She dodged one and caught the other. Releasing a breath, the webbing seemed to fuzz. “I am a warrior.” The webbing began to warp. “An endower of power.” She pulled back on the webbing as it began to darken in color and shift in shape. “The Being, The Cult, The Unseeing Eye… any who would covet the power of gods… I will break them.”

The webbing became a whip with wickedly curved blades on its tip. With a yank, she pulled the bladed end towards her and caught it with her free hand. “I will break them,” She repeated, “and return the power to us all!”

The Nashep-Natjier took off in a sprint, dodging another blast of webbing. She then tossed the bladed end, which dug into the neck of the spider-like monstrosity catching on some bone.

“And if you should decide to join them-” She continued, sparing Jen a glance. “-well… then I may find that I might have to break you as well.”

She stomped on the tether of the whip and pulled it taunt. The creature’s head tugged downwards and to the side, messing with its ability to properly aim its webbing.

“Go!” She said to Jen. “We may not have the keys yet, but at least we got ourselves an opening!”

“A warrior huh? Well, you know what they say about us. That we communicate better with our fists. Still, I try not to keep too many enemies. The only ones I have are the cult and their associates.” He’d say as he kept moving. It seemed he’d have an easier time dodging the attacks given how focused the monster was on Nashep.

He’d watch as her power kept transforming the webbing into various things. It seems she had some experience throwing knives. He saw how well she threw the rope-dagger into the monster’s neck. “On it? Hey lady? Catch!” He’d say dashing as he easily avoided the now sloppy shots of webbing it was trying to hit. He’d then toss her the knife she lent him.

The Nashep-Natjier looked up, and her eyes widened. With a curse in another language, she breathed out and held up her hand. The knife turned into an iron bar which she easily caught in her hand.

She then shot Jen a flat look. “Freshlanders.” She said flatly. “Not all warriors are fighters. I may have experience in fighting, but I certainly don’t within the area of catching knives. For someone who claims to not like making enemies, you could have fooled me.”

Jen would feel a wave of mortification as he overestimated the woman’s prowess. Luckily she managed to nullify its threat with her ability. “Sorry about that lady, when you called yourself a warrior I just assumed you were of great ability. Still, as suspect that action was, if I was your enemy do you think I’d give you a warning?” He’d say.

She sighed and nodded. “You’re not my enemy… At least not yet.”

With a sudden tug of its head. The creature pulled back and yanked the whip out of the woman’s hands.

The Nashep Natjier tsk. “This is becoming bothersome.” She said.

Jen would quickly eyeball the new room as they went through it. He was worried about that creature getting close again. They needed to find a way to lose or slow it down. Although perhaps they could defeat it, it was going to be dangerous and challenging. “Anyway how are we doing?” He’d ask aloud.


Jen would listen to the conversation as he hung out in the back. It seems they were all going to be roped into something bigger than initially expected. These Nhatkelese, he wondered what they knew of the cults and what their agenda was. It was clear the connection had to do with the being that the cults abhorred. He wondered if they would be enemies or allies. As it seemed with her and the other one, they seemed fair-weather allies who could only be trusted as far as you could throw them. “And if we were to steal the cutlerware? Would that be a sufficient hindrance?” He asked although it was just more thinking aloud than anything truly serious.

He’d then spot as they walked Chres and some newcomers. ” Hey, is that you Chres? And who are these people with you and what happened?” He’d say as he looked at Peytr and Nia. Were these also new pact-makers or just some people along for the ride? Regardless, he hoped they would make for better company than Nashep. The man's beggar rags contrasted him heavily with the rest of the group that was better dressed relatively speaking. He'd look at the newcomers with a grin and a look of curiosity.
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