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How much money?
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Just drink Bangs and fuck your shit up as it ends up being too strong and you start tweaking and then you have extra fun when you crash
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Tuariel? Isn't that one of the ingredients in energy drinks?
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Dion had a completely non-eventful and restful sleep. As he retreated to his room the moment everyone failed to get anything from that suspicious man. He suspected he might be tied to the cult, because of that weird tattoo he didn't recognize. He wondered just how much interference this man would create since they were going to enter the forest. He'd make his way downstairs and on the way, he'd look for signs of any of the people he was with last night.
Tace would grit his teeth some more as the Zemzelett electrocuted him and itself. He willed through the natural urge to let go of the sword to stop being shocked. He even dared to push the sword deeper while getting electrocuted by the beast's magic. It was a hair-raising and unpleasant experience. Getting zapped hurt but then there was also the unpleasantness caused by his muscles pulsating and contracting unnaturally due to the current going through his body. He swore he felt muscles he wasn't aware of jerking around. It made gripping on to the sword that much harder, but he didn't relent.

"Shit! this really fucking sucks!" He'd say. Luckily for him, it wouldn't last much longer. The Zemelett would perish from this final attack and with it the attack would vanish. Tace would let go of sword and clutch his arm. It was numbed out save for a tingly sensation as if there was a ghostly current remaining from the attack still coursing through him. He felt slightly winded but he was recovering fast enough. Enough to say a shitty one-liner as he plucked his sword, "Well that's one creative way of frying up a bird."

After patting his hair down, he stood trying to recall what he was initially doing before the attack. Then he remembered, he was going to Fort Condor. It was kinda funny, as he refused to give that girl and her friends a lift there out of wariness of getting Shinra's attention. And now he was feeling an almost morbid curiosity to see what exactly was going on there. His gut told him that it was going to be urgent and so he leadfooted that pedal once he jumped into his car. Hopefully he'd avoid another monster attack as he drove off to the Fort.

Tace's confident smile would slowly transform to that of a disappointed and unsurprising expression. "Oh riiiiiiiiiiiiiight..." He'd say doing the verbal equivalent of a balloon deflating. Foolishness! How could have he forgotten that by slowing the Zemelezett it meant the impact would be lessened from the skewering. Tace found himself gritting his teeth as he felt those talons dig into him. On the bright side he would be injured less from taking on the attack.The Zemelezett would begin heal itself with its white wind ability.

It was another nuisance to Tace, but he just needed to overpower it while it was still slowed! He'd aim a downwards slice at the beast's wing with the goal of impairing it. Then using his enhanced speed, he'd make a series of thrusts at the Zemelezett's chest. While he was looking to strike the heart, it was easier said then done and if he could kill it by stabbing it a bunch of that times that would be fine to. Tace's drone meanwhile would hover standing by. Should his haste effect wear off, then he'd would order it to cast it again.
Tace would jump out of the way of the thunderbolt the Zenzelet launched. The ground where the bolt struck had been gouged and still smouldered. Now he had to deal with the bird monster's diving attack. At least his spell made contact and the beast was noticeably slowed. Without thinking Tace had his talisman ready a haste spell on him. The machine would zoom away from the Zenzelet and hover over Tace. It would glow as the materia channeled its energy to cast the spell on him.

The boost in speed and agility would allow Tace the opportunity to attempt a counter. He would then proceed to run up to the roof of his car and leap into the air at the swooping beast. As he did that, Tace would extend his sword outwards and towards the Zenzelet. It would force the monster to either change course last minute and ruin it's attack. Or it would simply go through and skewer itself on his blade. Tace's eyes would lock with the Zenzelet's as if he was challenging it to skewer itself.
Dion would let Guritag snatch the ice-cold beer slush. She would find that Dion had already conveniently placed a straw before she had taken it. "We'll see, definitely off, but can't tell if malicious." He'd reply. It was too early to tell with that one. As weird as he was, Michah's ability and knowledge would come into use. The only person he could trust and worked before with was Guritag, so not like any of these people weren't possibly suspicious.

However, it seems attention would shift to him and the mission. Both Guritag and Neith were looking at him both saying it was a suicide mission. "Yes, no." He said with cavalier nonchalance. "No one knows what's inside and do they want to be discrete. An army of mages sent to quell whatever lurks can be done. But it can tip off whatever might not want their attention and things might get complicated if the town is part of the conflict. However, if I fall or if we find ourselves retreating back to town after seeing some shit, they'll be coming to burn things down."

Dion's eyes would settle on Guritag. "Enjoying that beer Rita?"

Flint looked at Roarn's reaction to the blow with relief. He nailed Roarn good and from how he was reacting it seemed the seastone was working its effect on him. This was good as it mean the overwhelming advantage the Logia user possessed was lessened. Of course, Roarn wasn't an idiot and also aware his big advantage was undermined in the presence of the seastone sword.

"He's not getting away." He'd confidently say. Roarn was already trying to slip through the walls with his shadow magic. Luckily for Flint it was just right by the window. With sword in hand, Flint would try to beat Roarn to the punch again. This time by diving through the window. His sturdy frame would obliterate the wood and send glass shards flying.
Tace was driving along until he heard a strange thud on the roof of the car. It caught him off-guard as he was still thinking about evading Shinra goons. The noise only got progressively more faster and louder. The metal of his rust bucket was creaking and moaning more so than it did when he was driving the car really fast. However, it was avian screech that clued him onto what was up. Tace peeped his head out from the windows and then frantically rolled them up again. "If only I had another set of materia. Then I could simply fry it." He thought to himself.

It was no good, even though he would have just tried to shake it off, that thing had a good grip. It also was fucking big and seemed hungry or pissed enough to keep chasing him. Tace would briefly speed up and try and to abruptly stop in an attempt to shake it off. Regardless of the outcome, he'd then proceed to exit the car. Hand on his sword and with his hovering talisman, Tace was ready to face down the monster.

"C'mere you overgrown pigeon!" Tace would shout as he sent the talisman to the Zemelezett and attempted to cast slow.
Dion would stir the slush with a metallic straw. Slowly the others would appear in the inn. It seems they might be doing this as a group after all. "Yeah she's pretty ok." Dion would cheekily say as Guritag introduced herself. His silvery eyes would pass over all of them as he did a head count. Seems like there was no one new here that had arrived. Once assured that they were already here he would speak.

"Alright, I'll keep it short and simple for you all. I'm working on behalf of the Arcanium and am looking for some aid in investigating. the forest. Helping you out will net you some pay. It'll be decent since this is pretty dangerous. Additionally I'll be giving aid in ID'ing stuff. Given the background of the forest, it's safe to assume there's plenty of stuff that's cursed or holding something unpleasant in it and I can help in dispelling. Anyway, It's your choice to take the offer; I'll be leaving in the morning so meet up here if you're joining me. Any questions?"

There'd be a barmaid hovering around their periphery. Dion was aware of her, but was focused on pitching his proposition. He was also caught looking at Micah funny when he said the moon was watching them. Truthfully he had no idea how cohesive whatever team from these randos he could pull together. He was hoping their desire to not die horribly and greed would create some mutual interest in working together and that it would sort itself out. Rita would beat him to the punch in asking about rumors. Instead he would say, "Sure, how about two more beers?" He might as well get some drinks in before the bar closed.

Tace kept the car racing away from the town. Junon and its docks were rapidly becoming a distant blur. Only once he was gone from Junon did he slow down, and slow was a relative word here. Tace still continued to speed along semi-aimlessly. He found within himself a slight tinge of regret for what he did. He had no love for Shinra and what they have done and are doing. Yet, he felt compelled to flee the scene once it got too damn hot.

Long ago he had played "hero" and payed for it with a crushing defeat. All of that was an ancient past he wished leave behind. Now all he wanted was to continue to toil in obscurity. The bitter memories were coming back to him like dust being kicked up. Combined with his empty stomach it made him feel vaguely ill. "Wasn't I supposed to get something to eat? Yeah, I was gonna do that before I got wrapped in that mess." Tace would find himself cruising towards Fort Condor.

Dion would look to Micah. Despite his rather odd appearance, he could tell immediately he was one of his kind. This guy seemed like he'd be useful on the journey. He'd walk up to Michah and give the secret handshake all magicians knew. "I look forward to collaborating with you, if you choose to join me that is." He'd say cordially.

He'd then look at Nieth and he'd reply, "Dion Tacgnol. If you're interest, I think we should take discuss things further in the inn. Like this fellow suggested. I'm another magic user. Anyway I'm heading inside." And seeing if I can get some free beer. He thought completing the sentence he said. He was hoping some might be interested in getting pay on top of whatever they might find in the forest. some extra people to fight whatever might pop would be useful, and then there were whatever skills they might have that would be of use. Like Nieth's knowledge on forests could be useful and wouldn't harm to have.

Inside the inn, Dion would chat up the Inn-keeper and then ask about the beer. He'd offer to chill all the beer in storage for a favor. The favor being, drinks on the house after he chilled the barrels. To demonstrate, he'd chill one of the barrels. The beer that came out was refreshingly cool as the Inn-keeper took a sip of it. Convinced by the display, he'd take his offer. Five minutes later Dion was done and was drinking a beer slush as he relaxed at the table.
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