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magical reptile humanoid, a wizard lizard if you will
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I'm now curious as to how bad was it
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hell yeah
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I'mma buy you a drank /Then I'mna take you home with me/ I got the money in the bank/ Shawty whachu think 'bout that/ I'll be in the grey Cadillac
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Blue is the color of icees


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Yeah I might be interested in your tabletop thing. So if I'm reading correctly it's going to be a digimon rp with like the battle mechanics from those megaman games? Curious to see how you'll the grid.

Jen Gibre

Jen would watch the group would kill those guards before heading inside. He'd frown as he was hoping for something a little more discrete. After all, there would be plenty enough blood being spilled once they got the gates opened and let in the army in. He was lingering in the back, and was going to be the last to act as well. He saw everyone pour into that room and found himself hesitating, lingering at the edges.

"I'm heading directly to the southern wall outside. I figure it might be good to cause a distraction for all y'all that are charging forward. Feel free to follow, or not." He'd say to them. He knew it was a risky proposition to split up from the group. For them it would be loss of potential manpower; for him it would be a risk of being overwhelmed. However, there was a nagging though in the back of his head. It was a too many cooks in the kitchen situation for him. All these people and their talents going off in such a small space made him feel superfluous and that he was better off doing something else.

Well not like it mattered now. Barely even finishing his train of thought, Jen was already moving away from the group or rather rushing ahead of them. He'd make an effortless bound to take him to the top of the wall. From there it was race to the southern wall. He was hoping that by attacking from behind them it would cause some chaos and help with opening the gate faster. He wanted to destroy that seed as soon as possible. Not only would it would be disruptive and annihilate the cult's forces, it would save lives. Since the ones who weren't completely corrupted by the insight would revert and would hopefully save them from being slaughtered by the army.
Will there be a parody of the business card sharing scene from American Psycho but with the prayer strips?
Sure why not
Count me in for whatever you're doing.
Might be cool. What's setting and scenario going to be?
Are you thinking of using some of the cut content as inspiration for stuff that might happen in the rp? Like the moon tower for example?

Also I need to replay the game. I played it before dark arisen and beat the game but I did the seneschal ending. Never got around to doing the bitterblack isle stuff once the expansion dropped.

Might go with one of the MMO classes for my character. The newer ones are all pretty cool, but I'm feeling either alchemist or high sceptor.

"What's the matter? I you were itching to go in there and scour the place for any sort of valuable treasure. As for what we're trying to find? Simple, monsters, magical disturbances, and any sort of cursed objects. A seasoned adventurer like yourself should be safe provided you don't do anything colossally stupid." Dion replied.

Dion would produce a bottle of some colored liquid. He'd take a sip and slowly drink its content. The drink would provide him with the necessary energy to become fully alert. Perhaps he might score something to eat, but at the moment the drink was all he needed. He simply watched the others get ready. Micah ran off after someone he spotted. Neith would follow immediately after the man leaving Dion alone. He'd simply sigh and follow after the two.
Tace continued to zoom along in his car. He was silently but feeling rather confident having bested that beast. He'd soon learn about Fort Condor's namesake as got closer and close to his destination. It was giant bird made of stone perching on a tower. Well that was pretty nifty, although he wondered what exactly was the significance of the giant condor. Tace would lose interest in such thoughts when caught something else going on. Tace would find himself slowing down as he saw more flying beasts in the sky. Was this another fight about to start but with more of these things? That calm atmosphere would fade away into tension as he eyed the flying monsters. I wonder if I can- wait a minute... did one of them just fall? He though to himself.

Upon further inspection the answer was yes. Something was shooting them down, but he couldn't tell what the hell was riling up them up to be swarming like that. His answer to that question would be swiftly answered; a large robot was making its way across the area and it was also mowing down the monsters. A handful of Tace's brain cells rubbed together just in time and he became aware that this thing was probably tied as the reason why that girl and those other guys wanted to get to Fort Condor so fast. Unfortunately for them that thing had escaped from Fort Condor and seemed to be on trajectory towards Port Junon. Also unfortunately for Tace, in his gawking he seemed to have gotten too close for comfort to the sweeper.
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