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My Character's first post is up. Have fun with that!
Chres Sansus

Chres Sansus, once a well-respected body guard now just a cruddy wife killer, wandered down the northern outer streets of Shimmer Town feeling dead inside. It was a feeling that he was becoming all too accustomed to in the year since he woke one morning to find his wife dead by his own hands. Since then, he felt as if he lost his ability to care. When the war started about three months back, he felt nothing. When he botched another attempt at taking his life, a month ago, accidentally saving a woman and her child’s life from bandits, he felt nothing. When he woke from the reoccurring nightmares where he watched himself kill his wife over and over again, he felt nothing… Well except the constant self-loathing and disgust.

Chres Sansus was a man who deserved death. He didn’t deserve any old death, though. What he deserved was a cruel death. Preferably slow and painful and most importantly humiliating. His death had to be utterly disgraceful. Only in this way did he deserve to die.

As Chres aimlessly wandered the town streets, lost in his own grim thoughts a gasp snapped him out of it. It wasn’t audible gasp that drew his attention, instead it was a gasp inside his own mind. Chres, Look! There’s a huge puddle! Chres looked up as his familiar, Sil, flew past his head. She glowed a soft green in her fairy form and was pointing excitedly at Shimmer Lake in the distance. it was her first time ever seeing a lake, Chres realized.

It’s sooo big! Sil’s voice exclaimed in Chres’s head. How did it ever get so fat? I bet all the little puddles make fun of it. Hmm… I wonder where the mommy and daddy puddle went. Oh! Maybe it ate its mommy and daddy and that’s how it got so fat. Yes! That has to be it! I have it all figured out now! Sil smiled and nodded proudly as she folded her arms in front of her chest. Happy to have solved the mystery of the giant puddle.

Chres shook his head smiling slightly. He could help but feel mildly amused by the innocence Sil often showed. “It's a lake actually.” Chres said softly.

A… lake? Sil said tilting her head slightly. Well, it's a silly looking lake if you ask me. It looks big and wet... Puddles are wet, right?

“All water is wet.” Chres replied. He heard a long ‘hmmmm’ in his mind as Sil began pondering the concept of water being wet. Chres passed her fluttering form as he felt a pang of hunger. He hadn’t eaten since breakfast. Money was hard to come by without a job. Occasionally, he would do odd jobs here and there, in his travels, so he could line his pockets with coin. It had been some time since the last odd job, however. He was running short again. He would need to make some more money sometime soon if he didn’t want to resort to stealing again.

Chres glanced to his left, eyeing an inn called The Dockside View. The sign’s paint was light and faded. He could make out the sounds of people laughing and shouting inside along with the tune of music that was definitely off key. Perhaps he wouldn’t need to do another odd job. Perhaps tonight would be the night.

Chres made his way into the inn and winced at the music. He passed by a group of men playing a game of The Senses and was able to make out a few knife shaped lumps covered by their clothing. Taking in their lowlife demeanor, Chres nodded to himself. They would be the ones to do the job.

Grabbing a seat on an empty stool at the bar, watching the lowlifes play their game, Chres pulled out his flask. This drew the innkeeper’s attention. He eyed Chres’s flask distastefully, no doubt disliking the idea of someone bringing their own drinks into his establishment. Catching the man’s eye, Chres gave him a friendly smile and handed the man a small stack of coins. This seemed to placate innkeeper’s ire.

“What can I get you?” The innkeeper asked. He was a big round man with stubby fingers and graying hair.

“Just a bite to eat” Chres said as he took a sip from his flask. The innkeeper nodded and called to his wife in the kitchen, asking her to prepare a plate of food. Chres smiled gratefully before turning his attention back to the men he eyed earlier.

You’re about to do it again, aren’t you? Sil asked. She landed on his shoulder changing into her ferret form as she did so. Chres simply nodded in response. You should try my plan this time. Pull down their pants and stick your tongue out at them. That will do the trick! Sil giggled softly at the thought of it.

Chres ignored the suggestion. That would take too long. There are much easier and faster ways to get a person to want to stab Chres. Today is the day. Chres thought to himself. Today is the day I die.
I'll prepare my character's first post either sometime tonight or tomorrow.
And the opening post is up. I just finished it and was like, "meh, might as well post it."
Year 4256
72nd day of the month Auddium
Early Mid-Summer
Nation of Sight
Shimmer Town - A northern lakeside town in the Nation of Sight

The Sun is beginning to set, casting the sky a beautiful assortment of reds, oranges, and yellows. Nearby the modestly sized lakeside town, known as Shimmer Town, sits quietly. A few painters and artists are scattered around the town’s outskirts, lost in the soothing and creative trance that is art. They work hard to capture the image of the setting sun off the glistening waters of the peaceful Shimmer Lake.

Inside the protective walls of Shimmer Town, residents are going about their daily lives. Fishermen are on their way home hauling the day’s catch. The local workers and merchants are closing up shop. Families are preparing and finishing their suppers. Able-bodied young adults, however, are noticeably missing from the streets. The majority of them have been sent off to assist in the war. One thought lingers in the back of everyone’s mind. Will their homes still be here by the week’s end?

The increased amount of soldiers occupying the town and its walls has begun to strain the town’s resources. Food prices have increased while the amount of visitors has decreased. Most of the soldiers are new recruits. Unruly and untrained. Some picking fights in the common rooms of the local inns. Others walking the streets drunkenly, desperately trying to escape the horrors they’ve seen while at war. Morale is obviously at a low.

Disturbingly, a rare sort of people have begun to occupy the city’s walls. The Cult of Insight. They began arriving during the course of the past week. In small numbers initially, in larger groups as time passed. With signed documents from the king, they’ve begun preaching in the streets, promising visions of the future and access to the world’s secrets. A few small nervous crowds gather around to watch the sermons, quickly becoming spooked when the occasional Sightless makes an appearance.

An inn at the center of the town, the more wealthy area, has been procured by The Cult. A few people curious about the The Cult’s offerings have wandered in only to come out changed and claiming to know truth. Since The Cult’s arrival, there has been a slight increase in reports mentioning people attacking one another. The culprits are shown to have no past history of violence. This has only added an edge of unease to the already somber mood.

Whispers and rumors about the king have spread like a rampant fire. Some speculate the King has forgotten them. Others claim the king is a heretic. And then there are the few crazies stating they’ve seen with their own eyes that the king is one of The Sightless. Some have petitioned the Town Lord for an audience on the matter of The Cult, but they are turned away at the door. Lord O’Kal has been reclusive in recent days. Those who have been allowed into his estate never return. This has led the town’s citizens to speculate on what is going on there. None of that speculation is anything good.

Towards the north side of the village lies an Inn which has just begun to age. The Dockside View is it's name. Inside the common room a group of rowdy lowlifes are drinking ale and playing a game of The Senses. A musician plays a lute in the background. He isn't very good. He plays off key, is a terrible singer, and his songs are quite boring. Even the innkeeper is cringing as he stands behind the bar serving customers. He wonders in the back of his mind if the inn would be better off if he just kicked the man out.

It is not these things that are of interest in this little inn called The Dockside View. Within the confines of the inn a group of unrelated travelers begin to gather. They are unaware of the events about to transpire within Shimmer Town. Events that will forever change their lives as well as the world around them.

At the far off corner of the world, The Being of Many Names turns his attention towards this aging inn and the people within. He chuckles to himself and mutters "Let the fun begin."
So Jerkchicken's CS is done. That leaves only Stalfos. I've begun preparing the first post for the IC. I'll post it late tomorrow or early Wednesday. Starting out, please allow everyone to post at least once before making a second post.
Looks pretty solid. Having issues with the picture though and I was confused about the comment at the end. You can review what I wrote in the PM. I edited the message to remove the link the picture was telling me to go to, just in case the site isn't safe.
Right now just @AdmrlStalfos19 and @Jerkchicken. I just realized @SonofJET finished his. It looks good Jet. In the future Please remember to PM me your CS before posting it.

That's more people than I thought. I said Friday at the latest to give them more time because I know life can get in the way sometimes. Considering we only have two more people though, we can start a little earlier if everyone wants to. I don't know what your schedules are for the weekdays though. For me, I'm able to check in from time to time while at work, during the weekdays. Wednesdays at night, however, I take Korean classes so I won't be on during them.

How about everybody else? Let me know what you think and I'll make a final decision on when to start afterwards.

Okay guys! So 13org has hashed out her CS sheet and I approved it. I'll kick off the first IC post this coming Friday or weekend at the latest. That should give everybody who is still working on their CS enough time to finish. If you don't finish it before then, that's fine. The main event for the first arc won't kick off right away, which will give you additional time if you need it. If next weekend isn't a good time for any of you to start, just let me know. We can work out something else.

We will all be starting out in or around Shimmer Town because it's easier to start in one place. At this point in the war, Focalla has been taken due to it's proximity to the Nation of Touch. Shimmer town is close to being in range of the most recent battle front, and as such most supply lines have been cut off. The Nation of Taste, however, does have a few routes through the mountains to supply food to Shimmer Town at an increased rate of course.

You can view the image in the link below to see the battlegrounds. The land highlighted in red has been taken by the Nation of Touch. I'll add a link to the image in the original post.
So you're thinking something along the lines of self enhancement right. I thought my smell magic system was the weakest of them. Edit: weak as in written I mean. What sort of enhancement would you like to have?
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