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I studied Bio in high school once.

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lol That works too. This is the first time since he got her that he's been force to interact with people for a prolonged period. Training Sil to be civilized would make for some good laughs.
You're more than welcome to give her a good smack across the room lol
This has to be the shortest post I ever made. Lol
Chres Sansus

Interaction with @Fetzen
Mentioned @Jerkchicken, @HokumPocus

Sil fluttered up to Chres's ear "It's asking for attention." She whispered, pointing at Týfurkh "Try ignoring it. Maybe it will just go away."

"I tried that with you," Chres muttered under his breath. "and yet, here you are." Sil stared blankly at Chres, not really understanding.

Chres shook his head, turning his attention to Týfurkh. "DB said he'll be waiting outside." Chres said, ignoring Sil as she fluttered over to the giant man. "What exactly is this 'mission' you're planning? I'm afraid I seem to be in the dark."

"It's not natural." Sil whispered loudly, while gesturing at the towering man looming right beside her. "They really shouldn't come in that size."

Chres sighed, putting his fingers to his eyes.

I'm going to work on a quick response post shortly.
No worries Fetzen. Is everything okay? Nothing serious I hope.
Cool beans. You do what you need to do to gets things sorted out, okay org? It sounds like you have a lot on your plate right now.

Lol, kinda figured Mr. JerkChicken. Though, If I'm gonna do a roll call, I'm gonna include everyone ;)
@jerkchicken @hokumpocus @fetzen @13org Hey guys! Things have been a tad quite just wanted verify whether the reason is real life or if some of you have dropped. No worries either way. This is a hobby, not a commitment :)
lol seems Chres wasn't clear with his words. what he really meant was, "be sure to grab a bite to eat later in the day". He understood you were trying to save food for everyone else.
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