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I studied Bio in high school once.

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More like I'm filling in the details as I go :P
Sure... But it's not 100% decided yet.
Well... you could Destroy the Discarded of Sight. I may include ways to reduce the effect of insight later though. But that's long term story we are talking about and there's no guarantee the RP will last to the next arc. It's been lasting so far though, but I credit that mostly to the slow pacing :)
So I'm thinking that during this Chres is going out with Octavio to get food, and the innkeeper mentions to chres about a resistance. They look for food but learn that the Cult procured most of it and will be handing it out to those who attend their rituals. Chres makes a stop at the resistance's place and works out some kind of deal or what not. Perhaps they have a small stock pile of food?
So another idea is perhaps they separate DB from the rest. Could force Karina and Týfurkh to try to intervene. Talya steps in and stop Karina from following. Týfurkh goes after DB. DB escapes, Týfurkh gets captured. Karina seemingly defeats Talya, maybe knocks her off the clock tower
either that or something that separates the group.
Yeah I figured which is why I think whatever happens has to be significant enough to force you to have to live to fight another day.
@Fetzen Hey Fetzen, For clarification, The Crazed is just the name I'll be using for magic users who don't require a fuel source for their magic. Eventually, such magic users go insane. When they do, they are known as the Crazed. The only example we have of the Crazed at the moment is Sightless to be De'laire.
That could work... Perhaps they do a sneak attack to take out the Týfurkh . Perhaps Tayla even manages to injure Karina? That will allow her to to be on "even" footing with Karina despite her injuries. The rest of the goons go after you. The both of you get away leaving Týfurkh.
As of right now we actually don't have a plan for that though we should. any ideas?
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