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No worries, org.
Plot Point

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Sightless Syella cocked her head to the side, not really looking at anyone in particular. A lopsided smirk forming on her face. She could see with the Insight that the giant had loaded and aimed his crossbow at her.

"Oh? Come now, my dear giant, you don't want to fight with me. Is that you're the healer then? No... no, of course not. The healer had female voice... But perhaps... perhaps you are the Pact maker who owned of the Familiar which threw dog waste at me? If so..."

The smirk vanished from Sightless Syella's face and was immediately replaced with a flash of rage. She raised her right hand above her left shoulder, her fingers extending half an inch. The fingertips ending in razor sharp points.

"-Then I believe I owe you a severed spine!" Syella growled through gritted teeth.

Hey all! So I just wanted to give you all a heads up to what's about to go down at the end of this scene.

So for the time being, have fun with how you respond. Whether it be to fight back, run or whatever, that's fine just have fun. This scene, however, will ultimately end with player characters learning of a powerful advantage that can be used against the Sightless. This advantage will allow us to escape and will significantly improve the probability for success in this mission and will be tool that can be used in future encounters against the sightless.

Assuming the RP gets to future arcs, I plan to reveal other things such as this further down the line. If you all can figure out these reveals before hand, well... all the more power to you. This one though will be tricky to figure out as I haven't really hinted to it yet.
Sounds good. I look forward to it.
Plot point is up with a tiny tiny smidge of lore. It leaves room for guesswork ;)
Plot Point

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Sightless Syella ran in the direction of the building on which the Pact Makers stood. She ran alone, and kept to the shadows. Before setting out, she grabbed a few magic deterrents. Mainly a pouch of pellets full of numbing oil to deal with the Tempraisionist, that the clan was already aware of. She also sent out a messenger to alert her fellow Sightless that assistance may be required of her peers.

Sightless Nieffar, the one who Sightless Vetius had put in charge of the Clan in this town, would not be pleased with Syella’s request for help. That did not concern her, however. For if Syella failed in retrieving the Pact Makers without requesting assistance… Well, let’s just say Sightless Vetius, the most ancient of all Sightless, is not forgiving to those who fail tasks due to of pride or acts of foolishness. Syella could put up with Nieffar’s displeasure. Sightless Vetius though… that was another matter entirely.

Syella abruptly came to a halt having reached the building the Pact Makers stood upon. She could hear arguing coming from above. One of the Pact makers was making a speech of some sort. Something about working together and how each of them added value to the team and some sob story about nearly letting the flames from the inn burn him alive -Oh, cry me a river- Apparently, one of the Pact Member’s pulled a weapon on another one of them -Really?-

Syella, tsked softly. This group was one big mess. She, was amazed the lot of them managed to even make it this far. Sightless Syella, made her way to a dark alleyway across the street from the building on which the Pact Makers stood. All the while, she listened to them bicker. There were two new additions to the group. The two she had sent the clan members after before breaking away from the group. One of them was still on the ground looking for a way up. Already having known this, Sightless Syella had made sure to approach from a direction which would keep her hidden from the newcomers. From the sounds of things, she remained undetected.

Having entered the alleyway across from the Pact Makers, Syella took that moment to call on the Insight. Her clan members were still a little ways off, they had just finished being gathered by Clan Member De’laire, and were now heading towards the Pact Maker’s direction. Syella had initially headed off on her own to slow down the Pact Makers. She was no longer sure if that was even necessary. However, now was not the time to be careless.

Being a Sightless came with many perks, among which included the ability for a Sightless to grow out part of one’s body. A creative Sightless could use this ability in many ways, such as a means to reach new heights. Sightless Syella stretched her arms upwards as if reaching for the ledge of the rooftop on the building in front of her. Syella’s hands immediately shoot forward towards the ledge, her forearms growing to an elongated length, stopping its growth only once her hands had reached and grabbed hold of the roof’s ledge. Gripping the roof tightly, Syella immediately began retracting the growth in her forearms causing her to be lifted off the ground and up towards the roof.

As Syella rose, something the newcomer said caught her ear. She mentioned an Agent of Chaos who had brought the Pact Makers together. Syella smirked. An ‘Agent of Chaos’? Yes, yes. An agent of chaos indeed. Whether it be The Maker Pacts, The Trickster of Tricksters, The One From Another, The Inciter of Mischief, The Lord of Senses, or even -the name Sightless Vetius preferred most- The Being of Many Names, throughout the ages, humanity had given this 'Agent of Chaos' many names. All the other names… well… those ones he had taken for himself.

None of the Sightless know what he was or how he came to be. Not even Sightless Vetius. What they did know was the Being of Many Names simply is, and he has taken steps to oppose the Root of Insight for as long as can be remembered. He is the clan’s enemy through and through. In order to put a stop to his interference, the clan must intercept all the pacts he has made.

Sightless Syella, lifted herself up onto the roof top and hid herself behind a chimney. She listened to them talk and bicker, watching them with her Insight. One of the males in the group, presumably the one who made the speech from earlier just going off the voice, formed a heat construct in the shape of a stairway leading to the ground below. She figured that would be the Temprasionist then. Syella decided she would take him out first.

Syella watched them talk a little longer hoping to gather more information. Unfortunately, she didn't get much else. The Tempriasionist began crossing the bridge he made. Syella chose that moment to strike. Another benefit to being a Sightless was that you could attack people from great distances. That was exactly what Syella did.

Ducking out from behind her cover, Syella stretched out her right arm in the Tempriasionist's direction. All five of her fingers shot out towards him and firmly wrapped around his leg...

Chres Sansus

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Chres parsed his lips at Karina’s word. She knew not of the effect of her threat on his life had on him. In that moment, he wanted nothing more than to just call her a kid and be done with it. Just one word. That was all it would take. Instead, he kept his mouth shut and listened to her words.

“Understood.” Chres said at last. “Regardless of all that, thank you, Soldier, for continuing to assist us.”

Chres knew that further arguing would only create further distrust. So he took Karina for her word. Later, however, he knew he would need to sit down and talk to her in order to form at least a little bit of trust. Chres looked away from Karina and began limping his way across the bridge as quickly as he could manage.

“When we are out of this,” Chres said, talking over his shoulder to the healer. “I may need some of your heal-“ Chres’s words cut off as he felt something wrap around his leg and pull his feet out from under him. Next thing he knew, he was being lifted up into the air by his foot. The movement stopped as Chres hovered several feet in the air. For a split second it felt as if he were weightless. Then, with a tug of his foot downwards, gravity began to reassert itself as his body followed the pull of his leg until he slammed face first onto the roof top below him. Chres’s vision flashed, and suddenly his entire world became pain.

“Well then.” He heard a familiar dry voice shout from the building across from them. His head felt cloudy. The voice sounding somewhat muffled to his ears. “That takes care of the Tempraisionist. So... which one of you is the healer?”
Looks good Org! I'll get started on the plot point. Me thinks I'll squeezing in some lore in this post.
Hey org, would you like me to wait for your post before I begin the plot point.
Chres Sansus

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Chres spun on his heels as the dark skinned lady addressed him and his companions. Chres cocked his head to the side and arched an eyebrow. Did she just call him Speechy? "Fair enough..." he muttered under his breath.

Chres re-evaluated the woman. Before, all he saw was someone climbing on the roof after them. Now that he actually took her in, he realized that he may have misjudged her threat level.

Octavio, seemed to take an acceptance to her immediately, introducing himself with a graceful flourish. Chres was a little more hesitant. Could he trust this newcomer? He felt a small itch crawl up the back of his neck as the question popped into his head. He promptly ignored the concern and the itch. The woman did say she was a healer.

Chres paid a quick glance in Karina's direction and then looked down towards the ground below. A giant of a man stood on there with a tiger shaped familiar. "Is that your friend? Chres asked the woman, with a frown. "He's very.... tall..." Well, so much for being inconspicuous.

Chres formed a stairwell from the roof of the building to the ground below. "Quickly now. It won't last long." Chres called down to the giant man.

"An agent of chaos or an agent with some sort of grand scheme? He did have foresight to send a healer our way..." Chres pondered out-loud to himself. He then turned his gaze to the dark skinned lady and motioned with his head for her to cross the bridge he made for the rest of the group.

"My apologies. Our mysterious friend never did mention any others... Out of curiosity what did he say his name was? He gave us two different names Gin and Sally."

As Chres finished his sentence, he noticed a group of cultists heading in their direction. Chres cursed. "Tell your friend to hurry. It looks like we got company."
for convenience sake, we'll keep her on the same building. This way we aren't shouting across roof tops.
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