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Lynx stared in disbelief. No matter how dangerous their surroundings became, Sil was always ready to introduce them to another one of her ridiculous ideas. His tail flicked around as he thought of what to do next.

"I arrived in order to test out a theory. As I am a construct of light, there is a possibility that I am entirely invisible to the sightless. But..." he trailed off, eyes lingering on the fairy, "...we should swap roles."

"I communicate with Octavio and you take my place as the one to encounter the sightless." It sounded cruel, and for a moment Lynx felt like his old self again. But this truly was for the benefit of everyone present. He was certain that he wasn't the only one present who didn't want his life in the hands of someone who used the term Octavapoo.

Strength in numbers... He listened closely to Karina's explanation of their opponent's strategies. It was especially concerning for him to hear about them, as he and Octavio had been using similar tactics since their very first fight together. Overwhelming the opponent with an array of attacks, determining which ones were most effective, and then hitting harder the next time. The only way to win against an opponent like that was to stamp them out entirely, which wasn't an option given their numbers.

Sil nodded intently as Lynx spoke, but her eyes were distant. Her gaze slowly teetering off to the side.

"Em-hmm." She said, still nodding. "I agree. Those definitely are words..."

Swap roles, he said? Silly Lynx. And here she thought he wanted to be her equal. Is that why he suddenly wanted to be her?

"Okie dokie." She continued happily. She absently fluttered to the floor and turned into her ferret form. "I can be you and you can be me."

She looked to Lynx expectantly. Idly wondering where Lynx might sprout his wings. Her gaze shifted towards his bum.

Yes. She decided with a curt nod. That'll be the place.

Lynx eyed her carefully. Seeing her shift into a mammalian form made him feel uncomfortable for a reason he couldn't quite figure out. It was as if she was giving away that they weren't really regular beings, just complicated magic. Like if a human tore off all their clothes and reminded everyone else they were all just animals with larger brains than most. He didn't like it.

"Are you sure you want to er-, manifest yourself in that form?" he asked. If he were a human, his cheeks would have been red. "You are going to have to be as fast as possible. Wouldn't being your usual self be the most appropriate strategy?"

He sent a mental message to Octavio, explaining the situation at hand in the blunt and direct manner he usually spoke rather than the almost schoolteacher-like tone he'd taken on with Sil. And you say I'm not a people person. He shook his head, remembering his status as a lynx illusion. Whatever, he was people.

Sil felt a hint of disappointment as she began to realize that no wings were about to pop out of Lynx's backside.

Oddly Lynx's tone became more awkward.

What? She thought with a tilt of the head. Didn't he know that Butt-erfly wings weren't anything to be ashamed of?

"Well, silly, if I'm going to be you and not my usual self, I'd think this look would be much better. Or is it that I'm not fluffy enough for you?" Sil raised her snout into the air, unamused at Lynx's dislike for her lack of fluffiness.

Octavio raised his eyebrows at the sudden halt of information coming from Lynx. In their long time of having worked together no one had ever managed to get the jump on him. Now, Lynx was a lot of things. Still incredibly condescending towards other familiars, for one. Sil probably warrants that though. But when it came to dexterity, Lynx was second to none. Just what was happening?


"Sil! Listen to me!" he hissed, the slits in his eyes bearing down on the now ferret, "Our lives are at stake!" It seemed that every time Lynx thought that he had seen all there was to Sil's buffoonery, there was always something new, another stunt or joke that would leave him speechless.

He thought his words over for a moment, and then came up with a more convincing argument.

"Chres' life is at stake!"

There was no way this wouldn't work, right?

"Which is why you must approach the sightless and verify if it is able to see you!" He thought of adding the rest of the plan in, but Sil probably didn't care. He was almost salivating at the thought at being the one to take their opponent down with his claws and absolutely no chance of being detected. It was a rogue's dream. It would seem that his dream, however, would stay one.

"We are already outnumbered considerably. But... if they are on our side, then we should fight," said Lynx to Karina, in a much lower voice. Combat is inevitable, so why not seize the perfect moment?

"I see how it is. Sil said, ignoring the group's complaints. "You all prefer speedy Sil, over not fluffy enough Sil, don't you?" She sniffed at those words. "Rude." she said, followed by a 'hmph'. She turned turned to leave.

Sil, Chres's thoughts came to her follow Lynx's lead. We just need you to-

Lynx doesn't think I'm fluffy enough! Sil complained. She took her time walking away from Lynx, not really paying attention to where she was going.

What?! There's nothing wrong with your fluffiness. We just need you to-

"Chres says I'm fluffy enough!" Sil said behind her. "Tell you what, with my work done here I'll just scuttle back on over to my buddy Chres. At least Chres thinks-"

Sil's words trailed off. Something was wrong. Where the floor should have been there was nothing but air. Sil opened her eyes, startled. She had been so focused on telling Lynx and the rest off, she had walked straight into the giant hole in the floor.

Again?! She thought, as gravity took control for the second time this day. She felt it's pull tug her down into depths below.

She'd been tricked! Tricked by that sneaky Lynx! "Puddles take you Lyyyyynx!!!" Sil shouted. She shook one of her adorable paws into the air angrily as her words trailed off behind her...


The crossbow hit Nieffar square in the face, chipping away bits of his wooden-like skin. A minor annoyance. Rather than getting angry, though, Nieffar smiled. Nieffar motioned for one of his men to collect the crossbow.

"And now?" Nieffar said, repeating the giant's word. "Now we take you back home. Let's see if we can make you squeal." Sightless-to-be De'laire would enjoy breaking this one.

Absently Nieffar refocused his Insight on Pact Makers trapped above, when- ”Nieffar show yourself!”

A familar voice... Visions of the ones above faded as Nieffar's shifted the Insight's attention towards the one who spoke.

Nieffar sighed audibly, "This guy..." He said under his breath.

"Deter the giant." Nieffar said to Smit. "I'll handle the newcomer."

Smit took out a handful of dust sand and tossed it in the eyes of the giant. "Shall we knock him out?" Smit asked, as he used each of the other deterrents, one by one.

"Not quite yet." Nieffar said. "Our public perception comes first."

Nieffar turned his attention to the newcomer as he entered the room. Hark... that was the name he provided when Nieffar encountered the man earlier that day. Annoyingly, this Pact Maker had been wise enough to bring some of the public with him, the town guard The Clan had not yet turned.

"Ah, if it isn't Hark, of the King's Royal Guard." Nieffar said with a smile that did not reach his eye sockets. "I must say, I'm glad you and your men are here. These misfits here attacked and killed members of my clan." Nieffar raised the stump of an arm the giant man gifted him moments earlier. "As keepers of the town's peace, your men's assistance here would be most welcome..."

"Or-" Nieffar continued. His smile fading as he turned his eyeless gaze to the giant man on the ground. "-have you come here for other reasons? ... Reasons that would annul any prior agreements..."


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A Lynx without his Octavapus? “That’s cute.” Sil said. Idly she imagined Lynx tenfold his size, devouring an eight-armed Octavapus in one fell swoop. ‘Whoooop whoop whoop whoop whoop!’ the Octavapus chirped merrily as the giant Lynx gobbled him up.

Sil smiled, bemused, barely making note of Man with Stick as he adjusted his posture ever so slightly. Reclining onto her back - His head was just too comfy! - Sil sighed happily.

She hung her head backwards, catching an upside-down view of Lynx. Her head lazily dangled off the side of Man with Stick’s own head, much like a child’s head would when lying down on a bench that was much too small.

“Silly, silly Lynx.” She said. “When did you get so downside-up?” She vaguely felt Man with Stick’s posture adjust yet again as Ms. ‘Clouds For Hair’ blabbed about something unimportant.

Sil stretched her arms past her head and released she yawn. “You know, it feels good to be helpful! I bet Chres would be pro-“ - Man with Stick’s body lurched forward suddenly - “-ouuuaaaaAAAAAHHHH” Sil cried out, her words turning into a scream as her body slid backwards off her newly found couch. She made a loud ‘Ooph’, landing head first on the floor.

Sil groaned audibility. She wince as she rubbed her head until suddenly remembering that she couldn’t feel pain.

Sil got back to her feet and brushed herself off. What was the saying? Pain makes you saunter? But what if you had wings?

“Hmmmm” Sil hummed aloud as she pondered the concept of pain. Slowly her wings began to flutter, gently lifting her off the ground.

What exactly was pain anyway? Half of Sil suspected pain to be a myth. The other half was convinced it was some type of food. Meanwhile, her third half thought that maybe she would be better off thinking about something else. Her other two halves nodded in agreement.

“Hey Lynx,” Sil started, a thought occurring to her. “When you eat an Octavapus, do you think it comes out as Octavapoo?”

Sil fluttered happily atop Lynx’s snout. “Also, why are you and Silly Eyes here again?”


Nieffar smirked as the man took aim with his crossbow.

"How cute." He mocked. "You think your bolts will hurt m-"

A flash of Insight cut Nieffar's words short. It foreshadowed. Warning of immediate danger.

Normally Týfurkh would not have deemed anyone trying to make a mock out of him while being threatened by a crossbow shot to be in full posession of his or her mental sanity, but honestly he wasn't so sure about Nieffar... The man had already displayed an awesome, or rather aweful ?, range of mighty abilities, so Týfurkh really couldn't be sure about not something happening.

Still he deemed a good shot to be his only chance of getting out of this damned tower in one piece, so Týfurkh tried his best to get ready as soon as possible. Loading while being halfway dragged around on the ground was difficult to say the least, especially with this humongous weapon of his, but he made progress.

But what now ? Something seemed to cut off the sightless in the midst of his words. Had something happened ? Týfurkh hoped so, since pretty much anything happening could only mean an improvement right now... With the bolt finally having been readied, his armored hand touched it gently before he started to take aim. For Nieffar's head. Týfurkh had not the slightest interest in this turning into half a kill or even just a minor injury. He wanted Nieffar to be blasted right into oblivion.


Nieffar's brow raised in alarm. He reacted quickly to the vision. He moved his damaged hand in an effort to guard his face. The vision chanced. The result the same.

No! He thought. His ordinary movements were too slow! The man was moments away from launching the bolt!

The wrist to his hand extruded, inching his damaged hand just in time to connect with the now airborne bolt.

Boom! Snap!

Pain. Lots of Pain. Nieffar couldn't help but release a cry of pain.

The Sightless found himself on his knees. The blow from the bolt tore about his wooden-like skin, snapping his left hand clean off. In its wake, it left a stump where there use to be a hand. A stump oozing with yellowish-green puss.

Tiny black vines sprouted from his stump of a wrist. Most of them weaving together in an effort to clot the flow of puss oozing out. A few stray vines sprouted outwards in an effort to regrow his lost hand.

A wave of rage washed over Nieffar. It was going to take time to regrow that hand.

"You two, take out the-" Smit started.

"Silence!" Nieffar shouted. The growth for his right fingers were at his current limits. He needed more leeway.

Baring his teeth, Nieffar loosen his tendrils grip upon Tayla. He growled, "Tend to the disgrace. I'll handle this one myself."

Two clansmen dragged the wounded Tayla out from the capture of Nieffar's tendrils. As they did, he adjusted the growth on his fingers. Straightening the coils, used to hold Tayla, while extruding the tips of the tendrils that held the giant man.

The tendrils snaked up the man's leg and beneath the folds of his armor.

"You little piece of filth..." Nieffar hissed, his tendrils snaking their way up towards the man's waist. "Allow me to ask a personal question, yes?"

The tendrils extended further under the man's belly. Their tips becoming razor sharp as they approached their destination. "Do you prefer peeing standing-" The growth stopped at the man's crotch. "-or sitting?"

Týfurkh remained silent, but his breathing was accelerating rapidly. He simply did not know anything reasonable to say at this point, but only stared at the tendrils that searched and found their way through the gaps in his armor, entering his very private area...

Should he continue to try to defend himself now or should he just give in, anxiously awaiting what might happen next and if Nieffar would truly pull through with his plan ? The possibility that the sightless' question might have been an honest one not even crossed Týfurkh's mind briefly. He expected it to happen and did not know what would come next.

"Toss us the crossbow." Nieffar growled,

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Nieffar curled his lip into a sneer. Under his breath, Tayla heard him mutter "Too slow..."

An echoing of noise erupted in the far end of the room. Nieffar's tendrils cracked, spewing several chips of that black bark-like skin of his.

Nieffar retracted his damaged fingers back to his hand. A sickly greenish-yellow ooze pussed out from beneath the missing bits of his fingers.

A few of the cracks began to mend themselves. Tiny black vines sprouted from the wounds, weaving together and clouting the wound.

His hand began to shake. Perhaps from the pain. Perhaps from anger. Regardless, Nieffar paid his damaged hand little more than wince. Instead, he extruded the tips of the tendrils he had wrapped around Tayla's body.

The tendrils shot towards the giant man, already out the door. They wrapped around his leg and yanked backwards.

"That hurt." Nieffar growled.

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"Sil?" The She-Person said, "If you're here... Chres is also nearby, right?"

Nearby? Sil, giggled at the thought. Didn't she know that if you can't see a person, then they no longer exist?

"Please tell him that Týfurkh is gone! After the bell crashed, he fell down with it!"

"Metal-Tree-Mouse is gone?!" Sil gasped. No! He couldn't be gone! Metal-Tree-Mouse was an endangered species afterall!

Within an instant Sil zipped over to the gaping hole in the floor. Peering down into the depths below, She shouted, "DAMN YOU BELL!" Her fist raised in anger. "You big stupid puddle y-"

A glimpse of Metal-Tree-Mouse's giant form jumped out from behind a wall below. "Oh wait, he's okay."

"Silly, She-Person." Sil said. She fluttered away from the hole and towards Man with Stick. "Metal-Tree-Mouse is just playing games with Mr. 'No Eyes' downstairs. No worries though, I'll let Chres know he's A-OK."

Casually, Sil perched herself atop the Man with Stick's head -Ooo, comfy- and sent a mental message over to Chres.

"Chres says 'Help is on the way.'" Leaning forward on her perch, she placed her hand to her mouth and whispered, "Joke's on him. I'm already here!"
Chres Sansus

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Chres tilted his head slightly back, rubbing his chin in thought.

“I’m not sure.” He said at length. Addressing Ferris’ concern for Sil.

“She wasn’t there for most of the time they chased us yesterday. So, probably not? The Sightless, however…. Hmmm…“

Chres furrowed his brow as another thought occurred to him. “Come to think of it, I wonder if Sightless are even able to ‘see’ Familiars… or any entity under a construct of light.”

Turning his gaze to Lynx and Octavio, Chres idly wondered how they could safely put this theory to the test.

Rain slowly began to trickle down from the sky, causing Chres to blink as a stray drop hit the back of his neck.

Rain... He thought, his mind going to Sil. Quickly he sent a few mental messages her way, urging her to focus.

Chres turned his attention back to Ferris. Motioning, with his head, for the man to follow. Chres approached a nearby alleyway, positioned away from the crowd.

“When I make stairs for myself, I know exactly where I’ll want to step.” Chres said. “I can make each step individually and as small as I need it to be. Things are different when making stairs for others.”

Chres placed his right foot firmly at the entrance of the alley. Unconsciously, he summoned the heat stored in his clothes. He felt its warmth as he channeled it down his leg. “I can’t predict how another person will move. So I have to make constructs for others larger. I'll save more energy by not joining you. But that means I have to make everything as a whole.”

Tendrils of energy emerged from Chres’s foot, giving off a dull red glow. The tendrils quickly began weaving together, forming the shape of something larger. They towered up past the nearby buildings and into a spiral ending high above the roof tops.

“You’ll have to be quick. It will take more than half of my stored heat to make this behemoth last longer than a minute. Best to move faster than that.”

More and more tendrils weaved into the construct. Steps began to take shape. There were no safety rails on the sides or supports to hold the construct up. Just a winding path of stairs. The lack of detail was necessary. Less details required less energy, and the static nature of woven constructs made supports unnecessary.

“I’ll get you as close as I dare to the tower. Once at the top, jump. I will dissipate the construct soon after. Tell Sil when you are ready to retreat. I’ll prepare a set of pole shaped constructs for you to slide down. Poles require far less energy to weave than stairs.”

Tendrils stopped to emerging from Chres’ foot. He quickly moved his foot away from the woven construct.

Looking Ferris in the eye, he spoke a single word. “Go.”


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Sil shot through the air, the wind rushing across her illuminating physique. "Weeeeeeeeeeeee!” She shouted. Her glee coming through in a wide grin that spread from ear to ear.

If Sil were to make a list of that which she loved most, she would put flying right at the top. Just above Chres’s giant nose and self-important Lynxes.

Yes, flying was the most amazing thing in the world! Her silly pet, Chres, didn’t know how much he was missing out on. All he ever did all day was walk, walk, walk, run, walk. Oh and the occasional ‘Wah, wah wah!’

Sil shook her head. See, that was the problem with Chres! Half the time, he was like ‘Woe is me!’ The other half, he was like, ‘Blah, blah, blah! I’m Chres. Half of the words I say aren’t even real!’

Sil sighed audibly. Poor Chres. All nose. No fun.

And that was what Sil was for! It was her job to poke him in the eye until he decided to lighten up. A difficult job for sure, but somebody had to do it!

The clock tower loomed just ahead. Sil had been assigned a top secret mission by Chres. It was her job to save Ms. ‘Maybe it’s just wig’. She had it all planned out. Sil would swoop right in, do a jig, and then-

“PUDDLE!” Sil shouted in awe.

Little drops of puddles slowly began to fall from the sky. Sil began zipping around in excitement, making a figure eight pattern.


Puddles were falling here! Puddles were falling there! Everywhere there were puddles! Everywhere! Just what was a girl to do?

Nobody appreciated puddles like Sil! If Sil were to make a list of things she loved most about the world, then puddles would be right at the top of that list. Just above ‘Man with a stick’, and ‘Metal, tree guy with a hint of mouse’.


“You get a puddle!” Sil exclaimed, zipping past a random bald man. “And you get a puddle!” She said pointing dramatically to the pigeon poo covered lady standing right beside him.


“Everybody gets a puddle!” She sang, doing a twirl in the air.

Sil, focus! Chres’s voice rang loudly in her mind. Mission first! Puddles later!

“OH NO! The mission!” Sil zipped away from the couple, leaving the two of them thoroughly confused. “I’ll save you Ms. ‘Seriously! You have no hair color!’”

Focus renewed, Sil flew to the top of the tower speeding up as her female companion came into view.

“Have no fear!” She shouted to the woman. “Sil is here!”

Moments later, she abruptly stopped her advance. Stopping mere inches away from the woman’s face. Leaning forward, she lightly poked the woman on the nose. Adding a playful “Boop!” as she did so.

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"S-sightless Nieffar!" Tayla said, bowing before the Sightless. She did her best to keep the alarm from her voice. "Praise the Unseeing Eye for your presence! The heathens, they-" Tayla hesitanted, giving a quick glance back in Smit's direction. "They attacked us while caught unaw-"

"Silence!" Nieffar demanded. "Do you think me ignorant of what happened here?"

Tayla quickly shut her mouth. She knew better than to answer that question.

Frowning from her lack of response, Nieffar continued. "Tell me child, who instructed you to attack the Pact Makers? Further more," Nieffar's expression grew dark. His voice turning to ice. "who's idea was it to almost kill the female Pact Maker?"

Tayla's back stiffened at his question. "Sightless Nieffar, I believe you are mistaken. Nobody tried to kill-"

"Stand." Nieffar interrupted. Reluctantly Tayla complied.

Nieffar flexed his right hand's fingers with anticipation. One by one, his fingers extended like tendrils, down onto the ground. Slowly, the fingers slithered towards Tayla like a tangle of snakes. Tayla felt her nerves spike. Instinctively, she took a step back.

"Be still!" Nieffar hissed threateningly. Tayla froze in place obediently. The tendrils had began circling her feet like a wolf would to it's prey. She clenched her hands tightly at her sides in an effort to resist the urge to squirm.

A cruel smile cross Nieffar's lips. The Sightless appeared to take pleasure Tayla's discomfort. "My dear child," He started, while allowing his tendrils to wrap up and around her ankles. "you know that this town was given to me to me by The Eye. Given to me so that I could help guide it's people down the path of Insight. Yet, despite knowing this, here you are disobeying my orders and making a mess of my town. To make matters worst, you lie about it."

Tayla said nothing. Instead she kept her gaze level, doing her best to ignore the tendrils coiling around her knees.

"Why is it that you lie?" Nieffar continued. "Without the clan, you would still be that same weak little girl sleeping on a pile of trash, with little to no understanding of your own abilities. We took you off the streets. We gave you a home, food and a family. But, most importantly, we gave you access to the Insight and a promise of power. Perhaps, that was a mistake..."

A sudden chill consumed Tayla causing her to shake uncontrollably. Tayla collapsed to the ground shivering. Her connection to the Insight had been cut off. "No..." Tayla cried. "Don't do this! Don't take it away!" Tayla stretched out her hand toward Sightless Nieffar.

Nieffar sneered at the display. Using his tendrils, he pulled Tayla's ankles out from under her. Tayla fell forward onto her stomach "I said be still!" Nieffar said, his voice firm and authoritative.

The tendrils wound up Tayla's legs. Around her waist. Past her midsection. Across her arms and chest. A sense of panic began to spread through her. She was trapped. Bound. Shackled. The touch of his tendrils across her skin made her stomach turn, yet what was she to do? She needed the Insight and the power it gave! Without it, she would never find her father! without it, how would she get her revenge?

"Please..." Tayla whimpered. "Please give it back..."

Nieffar's sneer deepened. "I want you to beg." He said coolly. "Beg... Like a dog."

The tendrils slithered up her neck. Her shivers intensified. She felt gross. Weak. Disgusting. And yet, she inhaled deeply, preparing to whine like a dog...

Until, Nieffar's tendrils brushed across her cheek.

Too much!

Something snapped in Tayla. She became feral, like an animal backed in a corner. She fought fruitlessly against her bonds. She kicked, screamed, and squirmed. It was pain that shut her up.

Barbs, much like those on a rose bush, protruded from Nieffar's tendrils. Tayla sucked in a breath of air as she felt the thorns rip into her flesh. "Let this be a lesson to all of you." Nieffar said to the clan members in the room. "Resisting the Unseeing... lying to a Sightless... Those two things will only bring you pain."

Nieffar's tendrils shaped fingers slowly started retracting back into his hand. Tayla cried out in pain as the barbs began tearing their way through her flesh.

"Sightless Nieffar!" Smit interjected. "It wasn't her idea to attack the Pact Makers! It was... Sightless Syella's."

The tendrils stopped their retraction, bringing Tayla a wave of relief. Nieffar smiled. "Sightless Syella, you say?" He turn his eyeless gaze upwards. "Ah yes... I see... She must have hid the conversation within the cover of light. To think she would go against our Lord by ordering the death of a Pact Maker..."

"With all respect, my Sightless, you misunderstand." Smit said.

Nieffar frowned as if annoyed by Smit's words. "Explain." He said without looking to the man.

"Sightless Syella merely ordered us to capture a specific Pact Maker. The one who fought against her. We were given strict orders not to kill."

Nieffar seemed disappointed by Syella's order not to kill. "You say that, and yet the Insight appears to show otherwise. The two of you attacked and nearly killed the female Pact Maker."

"That is... not entirely true." Smit said hesitantly.

His words brought a sinking feeling into Tayla's heart.

"I attacked the woman hoping to cut our loses and save Tayla." Smit corrected. "Tayla, on the other hand..."

A sense of betrayal swept through Tayla. Smit, of all people, sold her out. She strained her neck in an effort to look Smit in the eyes. The man looked away, unable to meet her gaze.

"I see..." Said Nieffar. He turned his gaze to down to Tayla.

"I-." She began.

"Before you say another word, I would advise you think hard on whether or not it's a lie." Nieffar said coldly. Tayla, held her tongue.

"Fortunately for you, child, not all was lost by your inability serve our Lord." Sightless Nieffar said. He outstretched his left hand to his side. "It seems we have a guest!" Nieffar exclaimed. Suddenly his fingers shot from his left hand. Extruding much like how a tree would sprout from the ground. They sped through the air and around a corner. Straight towards the giant who lurked behind...

Chres Sansus

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Chres’s heart raced as he made his way to the clock tower. The success of his comrades’ mission was key to getting out of this whole mess. If they failed to get word to the Empire’s army, then who knows how much longer Chres would be stuck here.

Chres made it to the top of the hill where the clock tower sat. A crowd of people had gathered blocking his path to the plaza ahead.

Damn… Chres thought. Damn, damn, damn!

There were too many people watching to make a move towards the tower. Too many people who could be with the cult.

“What happened?” A female on-looker asked.

“Don’t know.” Said a man next to her.

A second man chimed in, “I heard that some idiots attacked the clan.”

“You mean the cult.” Spat the man next to the woman.

“Bout time.” Said the woman. “Look at what’s happened to this town since those scum arrived.”

“Have you not been to the markets today?" Said the second man. "The clan has the town’s food under their control. ‘You don’t prod or enrage when seeking mercy from a Crazed’. Those fools may have lit a fire under the rest of us yet. Way I see it, best to sit quietly and live another day than to invoke the clan's wrath.”

The first man clicked his tongue in annoyance. The woman, however, seemed more concerned. “You think they’ll punish us over the actions of a few?”

“Perhaps not today,” Said the second man. “but if such attacks continue…”

Chres tuned out the rest. Sil, he thought to his familiar, what do you see? Anticipating a roadblock Chres had sent Sil to scout ahead.

A birdie just plopped a nice milky white puddle atop a woman’s head. -Hehe, That's nice- She keeps screaming the words 'Oh my God! Oh my G-'

Sil, focus!

Oh! Right, right… hmmmmmm… Let’s see... Miss ‘Hair’s Been Bleached for Days’-

Karina. Chres corrected.

Ah, yes- Miss ‘What You Said’ is stuck at the top of the tower. She’s pacing back and forth like a cat afraid of a puddle.

Chres raised his brow. Did Sil actually make a coherent simile? She’s stuck? Chres asked.

Weeell, not really... Sil corrected. I suppose she could always just fly down from the giant hole in the floor, which is currently blocking her path. Speaking of which, where do you humans like to hide your wings, anyway?


No, really! Where do you put your wings?

Sil, we don’t have wings.

Really? Sil said, sounding surprised. Weird… Humans are silly.

Sil, what about the others? Chres asked, trying to direct the conversation back on track.

Don’t see ‘em. Sil said causally. Maybe they decided to say hi to that weird eyeless guy that showed up.

Chres sucked in a breath. One of the Sightless was at the tower, and they had neglected to bring any crystal jade candles with them. Stupid.

Sil, go to Karina- Chres said after a moment.


Miss ‘Hair’s Been Bleached for Days’.

Miss 'Hair as White as Snow'?

Chres rolled his eyes. Yes, her. Go to her and let her know we are nearby and are working on a plan to assist.

Okie dokie, Mr. Porkie.

Porkie? Chres repeated. Sil merely replied with a giggle.

Chres shook his head. "I swear, its like pulling teeth with her." He directed to Octavio and Ferris.

Pulling out his flask, Chres took a quick swig of his flavored water. "Karina's trapped on the roof. No sign of the others. Oh, and we got a Sightless somewhere inside."

Chres corked his flask and stashed it back into his shirt. "Probably not best to go charging in there, especially since they know what Octavio and I look like. I could construct a path for Karina to get down from, but that would be rather noticable. What I can do is construct a pathway that can get one us on level ground with the tower."

Chres made eye contact with Ferris. "If I do that, do you think you can get to the tower and back with your abilities?"
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