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I does not. Now if we were dealing with the Discarded of Hearing, well that distortion would certainly have some interesting effects.
What about a lone firework, since fireworks do exist in this world? The way I see it, they must have provided you with some way to signal them should something go wrong.
That's a pretty clever idea with the spotlight.
Makes sense in a story-wise. Your character certainly has been on the outs too throughout the entire RP. Hmmm... @Jerkchicken would you mind if Chres takes Octavio up on the offer for the first shift? That would leave you with Karina and Týfurkh for some one on one on one. well... at least until @13org has Karina report to the Nation of Touch. :)
Ah, so we have two people who offer up their services for watch duty huh?

@hokumPocus To be clear, Octavio said that other stuff about not being useful in a fight to get out of watch duty correct?
Who wants to be Chres's guard duty friend?
Hey @Fetzen. Hope you don't mind that I added some lore dialog before mentioning your comment in my post. I wanted to address @13org's comment and your's but found it difficult to do that without split it up.
Chres Sansus

Interactions with @Fetzen, @13Org, @HokumPocus, @elevation

Chres moved away from the pot of stew, letting it sit awhile longer. He stared into the fire. Thinking.

The fire spit out black flames while still emitting an orange glow, typical of all fires inside a distortion. It was such an odd thing to see. Discomforting even. Though not as much so as the shadows of everyone in the room. Shadows which stretched towards sources of light rather than away.

Chres tore his gaze away from the fire, and towards the his new companions. Nodding as he listened Karina finish speaking. He watched as she ate her food in delicate and proper manner. Amused at how careful she was to not to let any bread crumbs fall as she took each bite. From this image alone, one would never expect her to be the same cold, deadly weapon she was when on the battlefield.

He agreed with her assessment. The cult was the immediate threat. And it would probably be wise to withhold trust until they learned more about this... this being who refused to give them his true name. As for this Unspoken Pact which the Cult spoke of...

"Hurray! You did it!" Sil shouted again with another twirl and kick.

Chres parsed his lips, tuning her out as he had come accustomed to doing. He placed his right thumb and forefinger to his chin and proceeded to rub his stubble of a beard, deep in thought. "An Unspoken Pact..." Chres recited aloud, in soft, thoughtful voice. "An agreement left unsaid... To what did I agree to? What was it left unsaid?"

Chres felt the itch return to the back of his neck as the words left his mouth. Ignoring it, he met Karina's gaze. "An old song my mother used to sing to me. A story of man bonded to great power. Power he used to save his village from the evils of war. Lived a life celebrated as a hero only to die from a common cough. 'A simple cough.' He said to all, '`Tis a simple cough and nothing more.' It `twas a simple cough to end his life. A simple cough and nothing more. A life to end and be forgotten. A memory lost, long foregone. Unspoken, this hero, forevermore..."

Chres turned his gaze away from Karina. Downwards. Towards the table in front of him. "A children's tale, I always thought... Though, that verse... I couldn't help but think of it when she said those words..."

His gaze fell upon the plate on which he placed the slices of bread. Its color had changed ever so slightly. And... had it moved half an inch to the left?

Surprised, Chres closed his eyes and shook his head. Upon reopening his eyes, he found that the plate's color had returned to normal and it was back to its original position. Another effect from The Distortion? How was it that people for so long had considered the Distortion a naturally occurring phenomena? How was it that we knew so little about it? Had the Scholars from the Nation of Hearing never bothered to properly study it? Or... or perhaps they had studied it... only to be corrupted by it...

A shiver run up the back of Chres's spine as the implications of that line of reasoning unfolded before him.

"Hurray! You did it!" Sil shouted yet again, startling Chres out of his deep train of thought. Chres shook his head and took that moment to tend to the soup.

"I'm wondering if we should put up guards for the night, just in case they find out where we are. I'd volunteer for the job..." Týfurkh said with his mouth full of half eaten bread. Chres pretended not to notice the giant man's ill manners, not that it bothered him too much... Though he did do his best to not look at his mouth full of half chewed food.

Chres nodded towards the huge of a man. Someone would need to keep watch. He opened his mouth to speak when he heard an excited gasp right next to his ear. Chres jerked his head with a start to find Sil fluttering right beside him. Both of her hands covering her gaping mouth. Her eyes wide in wonder as stared at the giant man.

Oh no- Chres thought.

"It can talk?!" Sil exclaimed excitedly. "Chres! Did you see that? It's a talking tree!"

"I... a tree?"

"Ooooooh, don't be silly, Silly. It's obviously not a full-blooded tree. More liiiiike... a half-tree, half-metal man with a touch of mouse."

"Mouse?" Chres asked bewildered.

"Oh course! How else do you think a half-tree, half-metal man got a head full of fur like his? I bet tha-" Sil stopped abruptly as her captive, the beetle, suddenly flew past her face.

"Chres! He's getting away!" Sil exclaimed urgently as she sped off after the poor beetle. "Wait! Come back! We haven't become best friends yet!"

Chres rubbed the side of his head and released a sigh. "I'm sorry about that, Týfurkh. She's... well... Let's just say I don't understand what's going on in that head of her's half the time... Anyway, I think you're right, it would probably be best if we keep an eye out. Though you kind of stick out like a sore thumb, no offense.

"It may be best if we take shifts in pairs. Our mystery 'friend' made it clear that, while in the Distortion, falling asleep in the shadows would open one up to the Insight's influence. Working in pairs would help ensure that neither person doses off while on watch."

Chres turned his attention back to the soup. "I'm thinking it might be best if you stay inside and let Ms. Healer tend to your arm. Thank you, though, for volunteering.

"I'll be willing to take Týfurkh's place but I'll need someone to join me for the first watch."

Chres raised a ladle full of soup and gave it a whiff. "It's ready... probably won't be the tastiest soup you ever had, but... it will do."

Chres pulled aside some bowls and poured everyone a helping of soup.
Alrighty! Plot point done. We'll do some wrap posts, discuss some collab character building posts, and add another plot point or two to finish it up.

Anybody specific character building posts that anyone wants to do?
Plot Point

Interactions with @Fetzen, @13Org, @HokumPocus, @elevation

"What a useless woman." Sightless Nieffar said disgusted. "How dare she call me away for such simple matters?" Nieffar had been in the middle of watching all his hard work pay off. The town's people had gone into a frenzy, killing friends, family and children alike! Oh the horror and bewilderment these people showed after the Insight's initial rage had passed.

These people were lost. They knew not the clarity of the Insight's embrace. Their initial rage left them broken and confused. Some broke down in tears. Others screamed in fits of rage. And then there were those rare few, the secret monsters of society. These people did not cry. They did not rage. No... Instead, they laughed.

Sightless Nieffar had seen these reactions many time before. However this was the first time he had seen it in mass. And... it was glorious!

One by one, Nieffar spoke to these broken people. He held them in his arms. Told them it would be okay that all would be forgiven. Most importantly though, he planted a seed. A seed of curiosity. A path to salvation. A new home they too could call their own.

Few took this offer. Others turned him away in disgust. It did not matter what they did. The seed had been planted, and before long they would all call the Clan their own.

It was a wonderful thing to do the work of his lord and watch all the pieces fall into place. The work filled Nieffar with satisfaction purpose beyond anything he had felt before. To be pulled away from all that... Pulled away because Syella couldn't handle a few Pact Makers. That infuraited Sightless Nieffar! So much so, that he he had killed Syella's messenger on the spot.

"Useless..." He said again, a sneer on his face. Sightless Nieffar had quickly re-organized Syella's unit of clan members. With the help of The Insight he lead them in the direction of the Pact Makers, while using the Insight to monitor Syella's confrontation from afar. At the very least she was able to stall them. But to require additional assistance? She was not worthy of the position of Sightless!

"There!" Nieffar cried loud enough for the clan members to hear. He pointed in the Pact Makers' direction. "Those heathens are the scum of the land! They wish to destroy us! We offered them a peaceful solution, and what did they do? They spat back in our faces! Killed our own! And now they attack our lady, Sightless Syella! Get them! Bring them to me! Bring them to me, and I will show them the way! Bring them to me, and you shall be rewarded!"

Clan people took up a cry of action as they rushed towards the infidels. The irritation slowly faded from Nieffar as he watched them rush in to attack, a wicked grin spreading across his. Perhaps it was not so bad being called away. Perhaps he could enjoy this aftera-

A wave of nothingness spawned from the rooftop, blanketing the Clan as they rushed forward.

"Wha-" Sightless Nieffar cried out jumping back in surprise. The Insight was failing him! He was unable to cut through this cloud of nothingness! The Insight was gone! The Insight was-

No... it's not gone... I can still see... myself... Nieffar realized. The cloud of nothingness only blanketed the immediate area surrounding the building from which it spawned, ending right in front of Nieffar. Everything else was still visible to the Insight.

Not far away, Nieffar could make out the cries and wails a few clan members. "It's gone!" They cried. "It's gone!".

The cloud of nothingness lingered in front of Nieffar. He reached out with his arm to touch it. The nothingness engulfed his hand, making it invisible to the Insight.

"It's light..." Nieffar said. "A light which lingers and cuts through the Distortion? But how?"

"Pull back." Said a voice inside Nieffar's head. Nieffar collapsed to the ground, clutching his head. The Insight swam within Nieffar's mind, summoning a vision of Vetius from miles away.

"Pull back." The vision of Vetius said again.

"Vetius..." Nieffar gasped. "Wha- what is this?"

"A weapon of his. A special type of light stored inside Crystal Jade. They were bound to rediscover it sooner or later. Fear not. I have a plan to deal with it. It will not be a problem much longer."

"But... How do we fight this? And what of the Distortion?"

"Oh... there are ways for us to work around it. As for the Distortion, it will heal. This lingering light is not eternal."


"Enough, Nieffar. They have nowhere to run. It will only be a matter of time before we get another chance. Let them go Nieffar. You have more pressing work to do."

Nieffar bit back his retorts and grit his teeth. "Yes, Sightless Vetius." He said at last.

"Thank you, my child."

Chres Sansus

Pain and nausea spread throughout Chres as he hit the ground. He wouldn't be able to walk in this state, he realized.

Chres touched the edge of the roof with his right hand, summoning the body heat within him and forming a heat construct of stairs.

"Go..." He said to the others.

"Oi, Speechy! Git over yerself!" Chres heard the healer shout at him, as she reached down and touched him on the back. Chres felt a warmth spread through him. Mending him.

No! Chres thought as the pounding in his head diminished It was the perfect excuse...

"Yer comin' with us, you bag o' wind."

The healer lifted her hand from Chres's body. "Thanks..."Chres sighed, slowly getting to his feet. His leg was still sore and his head still pounding, but it would do. Chres looked to Hark. The man said he had a place to hide. "Well Hark. Lead the way."

And so the group ran. Hark led the group through back alleys doing whatever it took to stay away from the main roads. At times he would stop the group, with nothing but a raise of his hand. Waiting for the coast to clear before continue. It was late in the afternoon by the time the group reached the hideout.

The building was empty. Hark's comrades nowhere in sight. It was a small place with no more than three bedrooms. It was going to be a tight squeeze. Hark offered one of the rooms to the innkeeper's family. The other rooms were up for grabs.

Chres offered Hark the Crystal Jade Candles. Hark placed around them around the building, covering the windows with the blinders as he did so.

Chres's stomach rumbled he hadn't eaten all day. Chres started a fire at the fireplace and placed a pot with water over it. He then searched through the kitchen for food. Their wasn't much. Some bread, jam, potatoes, carrots, and a few other vegetables. Chres grabbed what little he found, prepared it and placed it in the pot over the fire. He then cut up the bread and put on a serving plate for everyone next to the jar of jam.

Chres grabbed the slice of bread and spread some jam on it. He ate it quietly, stirring the pot occasionally. Watching as the healer was busy tending to everyone's wounds.

He glanced in Sil's direction, glad to have her back even if she was annoying. She was in her fairy form and was playing with -torturing actually- a beetle she found. She kept kicking the beetle onto it's back. For some reason, Sil found this hilarious and giggled every time the beetle tried to spread its wings in an effort to flip itself back over. When it finally succeeded, Sil would twirl in a circle, shouting "Hurray! You did it!" Then she would kick it again, and the beetle would be back to square one.

Chres shook his head and tore his gaze away from his familiar. He took a bite of his bread. "We might be here for a while." Chres said at last in-between bites. They were going to need a way to get food.

"On one side we have the cult. On the other side, Gin- or whatever he would like to call himself. We know little about the cult. Even less about whatever Gin is." Chres paused to stir the pot. "Am I the only one struggling to process everything?"

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