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Chres Sansus


The guards cursed. Those in mid run, tripping and falling to the ground. Feet frozen in place by ice thanks to Karina.

That's nifty. Chres thought. He approached the closest pair of archers hatchet at the ready. Far too distracted by the ice, Chres took the first in the chest, while swinging his left arm wide to the side and Re-Shaping the shield from before to bat off any would be attack from the second archer. Rather than deflect an attack, however, his heat construct ended up smacking the man straight in the face.

Chres ignored the man, leaving him to his allies to handles. Tugging his hatchet free from the first guard, he passed the second guard and dismissed his heat construct.

More curses. Another barrage of arrows blocked by Chres's reformed heat construct.

This is too easy. Chres thought. Chres regretted the though almost immediately, as the floor beneath him seemed to erupt.

Chres cried out as bits of stone shot from the ground and catching him in a most... unfortunate place... The good news? Chres had been wise enough to wear protection just for today. The bad news? SENSES BE DAMNED! It still fucking hurt!

Chres groaned doing his best to stay up on his feet. You fall in battle, you die in battle. And Chres was no longer certain he was ready to die. So instead of collapsing to his knees, as he so dearly wanted to, Chres clenched his jaw straight and set his gaze on the suspected culprit. A woman wielding two oddly shaped.... Where those even weapons?

In one hand, the woman held a short brass stick, curving off on the end into a large knob. But it wasn't just some sort of brass club, for on the opposing side of the knob, the weapon curved out in the opposing direction much like the head of a horn. The head of an instrumental horn, that is! The weapon even appeared to be hollow like a horn! Stranger still, taunt strings appeared to be attached to the horn-club, leading from the hilt of the weapon and into the sleeve of the women's uniform.

In the woman's other hand the woman appear to hold something akin to a wooden clarinet, except she held it as if it were a bow of a violin. And indeed the weapon... instrument... whatever it was... even had a long strand of bow hair coming down the side of the clarinet.

The woman held the club-Horn outwards towards the feet of her comrades. She took the clarinet-bow and used the hairs to strum the taunt string connected to the club-horn. A single musical note rang out, the air around the club-horn appearing to vibrate. A line of vibrating air shot from from the club-horn and at one of the guards feet. The ice surrounding his feet shattering.

The woman quickly did the same to two other comrades before turning her attention back to Chres and the rest. Placing the mouth piece of the clarinet bow to her lips, she blew into the device.

Chres raised his arm quickly shaping his heat construct block any projectiles, but none came. Instead, a gust of wind blew from the device knocking Chres off his feat and into his comrades. As the blast of wind bombarded Chres and the rest, the woman slammed the knob of the club-horn into the stone wall next to her. The wall seemed to erupt, like the ground had beneath Chres prior.

A long crack shot from where she struck the wall moving quickly towards the group. Along its wake, bits of stone blast outwards striking at all those nearby.

Chres cursed. Weaving his stores of body heat into a protective wall to protect the group from the eruption of stone. Unlike with Shaping, a Woven heat construct was static. It would take a force of nature more powerful than a blast of wind to know this wall down. Unfortunately, this trick did come with a higher cost to his heat stores.

As soon as stone bounced safely off his wall. Chres dismissed the construct while making sure to reabsorb as much left over energy as he could.

"Any ideas?" He asked, noticing some of the archers were reading a new round of arrows.


Shimmertown had become a city chaos. The moment the fight broken out, the wall guard and Sightless had quickly taken cover inside the safety of the wall. The cultists and guards left behind had quickly been torn apart by the mob.

Locked out from the wall the people had become vulnerable to arrows from above. However, Some of the townsfolk had bows of their own, which they used to stave off the wall's archers. Other civilians had been quick to find makeshift shields which they used to protect themselves and those trying to break down the entrance leading into the wall's interior.

The guard's archer's still outnumber the people though, yet fortunately their attention had seemed to be drawn away from the mob as several archers began making their way south.

Malkev idly wonder just what had drawn their attention. Had their distraction, by the familiars actually pulled away so many men? Unfortunately, he didn't have time to ponder things too deeply for cries coming from the eastern front of the mob alerted him to a new problem. Reinforcements from the cult.

Malkev cursed. The people were saying they had brought magic users and a Sightless as well. Just what could his mob do about a Sightless?

Malkev pulled out the single crystal jade candle given to him by the Kharu-Natjer. "I sure hope this works." Malkev muttered. With a look of determination he rushed towards the cult while snatching a hammer from an unsuspecting civilian amongst the mob.

Malkev rushed as close to the cult as he dared and caught glimpse of the Sightless amoung the chaos. The monster's fingers were soaked in blood as they elongated over and over, cutting down Malkev's people.

"SIGHTLESS!!!" Malkev screamed at the top of his lungs while dropping the crystal jade candle to the ground.

Surprisingly, the Sightless appeared to take notice of him. Had it actually hear him over the scream and cries of the wounded and dying?

Getting down on one knee, hammer held tightly in his hand, Melkev stared into those scratched out, unseeing eyes.

"Get the hell out of my home." Malkev growled.

Down came the hammer, smashing the crystal jade candle into pieces. Malkev shut his eyes as the Kharu-Natjer advised. Sure enough, a blinding brightness shot forth from the shatter candle. It made the sky sparkle and cut through the distortion.

They day seemed brighter. The sun its natural yellow. Shadows fled from the light instead of towards it. The world... it appeared as it should.

Cultists cried out, a few even falling to the ground. "Give it back!" some cried. "What have you done?" others shouted.

Malkev's people were taken aback, surprised by this turn of events, but Malkev knew better than to stand around. He knew that this reprieve wouldn't last. The Distortion would soon take back the ground the light had gained.

"Attack!!" Malkev cried. "Focus on the Sightless! He can't take us all at once!"

The Sightless had keeled over to the ground. Oblivious to the world around it. Malkev charged the creature, others following his lead. The monster clawed at the dirt. It's fingers elongating and digging into the dirt.

CRACK! The Sightless took Malkev's hammer in the face. It's sickly yellowish-green puss oozing from the crack in its head. Tiny vines shot out from the wound weaving together in an attempt to heal the creature.

CRACK! This time it took a blow in the back. The creature cried out as Malkev kicked it in the chest.


People had gathered around the beast and had joined in the attack. Puss poured out from numerous wounds in the Sightless. It had taken so many wounds that the tiny vines it used to heal itself no longer sprouted from fresh wounds.

"No..." The Sightless croaked weakly. "Not like this..."

The Sightless began to still. Its breathing slowing.

"Murder!!" Someone yelled.

Malkev's vision flashed as a spike pain shot through his head.

"DAMN HEATHEN!" More pain. This time in the chest. "You killed him! You killed Sightless Laxwin!"

Right... the Cultists... Malkev had completely forgotten about them...
Chres Sansus


"Get out of the way?" Chres asked, brow raised. He gave the giant a coy grin before focusing back on the objective ahead.

"Shouldn't be too hard considering your height does all the work for me." Did he just make a joke?

Another barrage of arrows shot towards the group. Chres briefly re-shaped the heat construct, holding it just long enough to block the incoming projectiles.

"Where are our magic deterrents?!" The commanding guard shouted again.

Chres nodded down the hall. "Well..." He said "After me then."

Really, where was this lighthearted attitude coming from? Perhaps all the excitement of potentially leaving this prison was getting to him.

Chres charged forward. Towards the wall gates.
Chres Sansus


Chres nodded while cursing under his breath. Senses, this was his fault wasn't it. Had he been too hasty dashing in like that? He had always been someone who protected. Infiltration had never been were his strengths lay.

"Arrows men! Fire on the intruders!" He heard a man shout from down the corridor, in the direction they were heading.

Chres jumped ahead of the group. His arm raised. Heat stores at the ready. The archers leashed there arrows upon the group, or more particularly towards Chres, since he was at the head. The moment before they landed, however, Chres Shaped a heat construct in the form of a towering shield.

The arrows bounce harmlessly off Chres's shield, and not a moment later, the heat construct vanished. Its remaining energy reabsorbed into Chres's heat stores.

"We need Numbing Ivy!" One of the men shouted as the archers cursed and fumbled to knock in another arrow.

Chres glanced at the others and shrugged. "I suppose you all will have my back then?" He asked, ready to charge forward.
NPC Post


The guards seemed startled and confused. Two seemed to be in a hurry towards the south side of the wall, one about to go up the nearby stairs and the remaining three appeared as if they might have been with the guy Chres had killed.

With two more of their friends dead, both of them being with the man Chres had killed, The others were quick to pull out their weapons... Well except for the guy going up the stairs and one of the two heading to the south side of the wall. Those two only quickened their pace, the one heading south shouting "Intruders in the North Wall!" The outburst earning him a curse and a throwing knife in the back from Chres. Shocked, the man stumbled to the ground.

The man rushing up the steps did completely unexpected on his way up, however. He blindingly tossed something at the group that appeared to give off a dull red glow from his hand. One of the guards cursed, upon seeing this, and made as if to head for cover. The others were not as observant....

Chres Sansus

Chres only caught a glimpse of the glowing orb, but a glimpse was all he needed. "Get down!" He started, eyes wide... but it was already too late.

The Compressed orb of Tempraision magic hit the ground between the three comrades and released a burst of energy.


Chres felt himself getting thrown to ground and groaned. So that's what it felt like to be on the receiving end of his magic...


Sil giggled with glee, dodging left right an over all the silly humans trying to tag her. This was so much fun! Why didn't Chres let her do this more often?

That's when whooshing began. An arrow shooting just over her head. It's tip imbued with a dark substance that appeared to drink in the light around it. Shadow Metal. Just the fleeting passage of this arrow seemed to scream at her very essence, threatening to rip her fluffy little body apart!

Another arrow flitted past, bouncing just off the wall. Sil yelped, leaping onto the neck of an nearby unsuspecting man and crawling into a gap in his armor. The man cried out, falling on the floor.

"Get it off me! Get it off me!" He cried. His hand reaching into his armor only to earn him a sharp nip from Sil's Ferret teeth.

Sil vaguely recalled being touched by that Shadowy Metal. Evil stuff! Very evil stuff! She did not wish to get hit by it again!

More started men started shouting, crowding in on Sil's hiding spot. Sil felt cold or the closest thing to what she could only guess cold felt like. A moment of clarity hit her out of the blue.

Why did she run off alone? What was she think?! Wouldn't it have been smarter to stick with her friends? Why was she always so foolish?! Stupid, stupid Sil!

Sil felt herself shiver with fear, pushing herself further into her hiding spot. She nipped fearfully at the man's hand as he tried to grab her a second time. The man cursed in displeasure.

Where were her friends? Why did she leave them?

Sightless Syella

Everything was in chaos. They had underestimated the will of the people in this city, and that was going to cost them. Worse, Nieffar refused to acknowledge that. That man relied far too much on the Insight, and that was going to cost him.

Sightless Syella shook her head. Striding down the interior towards the south eastern part of the wall along with an entourage of soldiers and clansmen with magical abilities. An oddity had caught her attention there. A portion of the interior that the Insight could not touch. The pact makers were causing trouble again, she suspected, but how did they get into the wall?

She idly wondered if they had a hand in the uprising of the people. A few clansmen had reported seeing two of them with this man who appeared to be at the uprising's head. This had all seemed rather timely. The mob, the army, this oddity in the walls. The pact makers had outsmarted them somehow, and not just by using crystal jade candles... Something else was going on.

Syella refocused her attention on the oddity inside the walls. It had moved further to the north, which was to be expected. What she hadn't expected, however, was that men appeared to be surviving going into and out of the influence of this blank space of her vision.

Sightless Syella paused. What was going on here? Had the enemy hidden themselves among the enemy? No... there was too much commotion
Centered around the point of interest. Something odd was going on here.

A bell rang, in the distance, to the southwest. The sound of the bell interrupting her thoughts. "Siege Towers! South Wall!"

Syella heart stopped. Siege Towers?! How had they not noticed them? Quickly, she refocused her attention south of the wall and spotted a modest sized force of men from the Nation of Touch heading charging for the wall.

Many carrying ladders, others protecting the ladder holders with towering shields. She saw volleys of arrows be shot from archers at the back of the charge, and acts that could be the product of only magic wielders, what she didn't see were any siege towers. Not a one.

"What in the name of the Unseeing?" Syella said, her pace slowing.

"Mistress Sightless?" A clansman at her side asked.

Syella dove further into the Insight and noticed towering blank areas among the soldiers in the south. A suspicion began arise. The Mirage was doing his work. Syella turned her sightless gaze to the man who spoke.

"You... I need you to find an archer with shadow metal arrows and have them fire the arrows at those siege towers!"

"Mistress?" The clansman said.

"They're not real. Illusions. I'm almost certain of it."

The man's eyes widened, and turned to rush to the south wall. Syella caught him by the arm before he could leave though.

"I could be wrong." She said, looking the man in the eyes. "Inform the ranking officers of the guard of this information but with that caveat. We need to focus our men accordingly, just in case I'm wrong." The man nodded and dashed off with a purpose.

Illusions... Syella thought, refocusing back on the oddity inside the walls. Tilting her head in thought, she shift the Insight's focus elsewhere and found another blanks spot in the North eastern section of the wall. A blank spot away from the other two distractions.

Sightless Syella couldn't help but smile. The Pact makers had coordinated all of this, hadn't they? She couldn't help but feel A sense of respect for her opponents. Somehow, despite the clan's best efforts, they had avoided the clan and had found a way to communicate with the army outside.

"Come." Sightless Syella said to her entourage. "We must secure the gate."
-Collab Between Pezz570, 13org and HokumPocus-


”Did you know that little, big sister Akai here is really good at distractions?” A strange winged ferret, named Sil, asked an overly dull kitten, going by the name Lynx.

”I’ve seen her do a distraction so well, that I almost forgot that I even existed!”

It was hard for Lynx’s brain to take Syl seriously. When you were in a cramped tunnel underground surrounded by nothing but rats and near total darkness however, his ears perked in tune with her squeaking. It was a preference of succumbing to one type of insanity over another. He even found himself sharing some of the relief about their new companion.

“She must be wonderful, then. You make it hard to forget that you exist.” All around them the incessant cacophony of rats raged on, forcing him to speak louder.

Memories of his past life came and went, of Lynx scampering in disgust whenever such a creature was found near the kitchens or in some backroom of the castle. To think he was now indifferent, or at least, tolerant towards the presence of a swarm of them felt bizarre to him. Occasionally some would even scuttle on his back. This would’ve been a moment in which he would’ve desperately protected his pride, but Syl was an exception. The girl who put spiders in people’s pants made perfect company if you had rats all over you, he realized.

”You hear that Akai?” Sil asked, looking to the human-shaped familiar. ”Lynx gave us a complement! Isn’t he nice?” She absently began flapping her wings, lifting her off the ground and away from the playful rats.

Silly rats, playfully nibbling at her tail. They must have been smitten by her lesser used, yet still adorable, furried form. After all, who wouldn’t be? Unfortunately for them Sil and the rest couldn’t play right now, for they were on a secret mission!

Sil and Lynx, had been given the special duty -heh duty- to create a distraction so great that it would set the world on puddles! They couldn’t do that just yet though. Not with the impossible door sealing off the tunnel exit. An exit which leading into that long stone structure which Sil could only assume was what human people called a mountain.

And that was why Akai was here. They wouldn’t be able to beat the impossible door without her super power! The super power of thumbs that is!

"Oh, are you getting soft, Lynx? It is so unlike you to compliment others!" Akai said, teasing Lynx and laughing, completely ignoring the sarcasm on his voice as they walked through the dark tunnels and she tried the best she could to not touch the filthy walls or the rats that were basically everywhere.

"On another note... I don't know how you guys seem to be so fine with these filthy rats everywhere... Ugh!" she said, looking below as she floated away from the rats scuttling in the ground.

"I know that it's an important task but ... really? Couldn't the tunnels be in another place? Maybe somewhere else... cleaner and without so many rats?" she continued, grumbling and complaining.

”Oh, Akai. Can’t you see the little guys just want to play?” Sil replied merrily. ”Isn’t that right, Lynx?”

Lynx had been in the middle of swatting the rats closest to him when Akai spoke. “The filthier an area is, the more secretive. Experience has taught me that.”

Swatting a particularly large rat, he continued. “Play? I believe we should be grateful that we are not made of flesh. A swarm of animals this desperate could eat a horse. That was not an expression.”

"Next time remind me of bringing a damn firethrower to burn all these annoying- Shoo! Get out of here!" she continued, interrupting herself the moment a rat jumped from a pipe to the ground, almost landing on her in the process.

The moment they got near the door, both Lynx and Sil stopped in front of it, so as did Akai. After a moment of silence and some awkward stares Akai finally realized that they wanted her to open the door.

"What? Wait... you guys want me to open the door? With my hands?" she asked, incredulous as she looked at the old and filthy door, covered in grime and gods know what it was the murky goo covering it.

”Of course, Silly. How else are we going to open the impossible door? With these tiny little things?” Sil asked as she waved around her ferret paws for show.

Lynx raised a front paw in an overly delicate manner that clashed with their surroundings. “You are the only one with opposable thumbs.”

”But what do her thumbs oppose? Will the world ever know?” Sil wondered aloud in an oddly philosophical manner.

"Someone please kill me... Either that or cut my thumbs off..." she muttered, with a really disgusted and unhappy face as she slowly touched the door, trying to open while touching it as little as possible.

“Were I the dramatic sort I would say this was your destiny. But I am not. You should go about this with a more effortful approach regardless.”

”Do you want to change roles? I bet all that gooey, nasty stuff would look lovely on your fur!” Akai said, provoking Lynx with an annoyed expression as she looked at him.

Unlike Lynx, Sil was the dramatic sort. ”But Akai! It’s your destiny!!” Ferret Sil said, plopping herself atop Akai’s shoulder. ”Go forth, Akai, and fulfill your destiny! Open the Impossible Door!”

Whatever Lynx had been intending to retort with had been disrupted by a shudder of uncomfortable familiarity at Syl’s enunciation. “The spirit of theater is everywhere, I suppose,” he commented vaguely, referencing a one-liner Octavio had no doubt spouted at some point in their journeys.

"I swear... I'll need a hot bath after this..." Akai said, with a disgusted expression as she opened the door, dirtying her hand in the process, much to her dismay.

"Oh god... It's so slimy and gross!" she complained as she released the bar, before they all shoved the door together to open it. Though it wasn’t really much of a door really. More of a stone panel held in place by a slime covered metal bar. A that slid between four stone loops protruding from the wall and stone panel.

As the door slid open, four large rats scampered into the tunnels from the crack between the door and the wall. They squeaked angrily while nipping at the party as they passed between their feet.

With no wings to help him, the lynx instead shuffled his paws with fervor. It was one of the benefits of having a naturally heightened dexterity.

The tunnel opened up into a lesser visited room within the structure of the town walls. A room used for food storage, by the looks of things. Perhaps explaining all the rats.

The other side of the stone panel, which they opened, had convincingly been carved to look like it was part of the large stone blocks making up the wall. There was no way to open the panel on this side, meaning this would be a one way trip. Carefully the panel was put back in place. Best not make the Cult aware of the large underground network after all.

Crystal Jade candles, tied to Lynx and Sil, lit up the storage room revealing a cluttered mess. To be honest, they were fortunate that nothing had been blocking the stone panel. Though perhaps such luck was not by chance. After all, it was the Kharu-Natjer who had made the pact makers aware of this exit.

"You did well, thanks for your help, Lynx!" Akai said, patting Lynx on the back, feigning ignorance while cleaning her hands from the sticky, gross grime in his fur.

He jolted in disgust. “Wipe your filthy hands on Syl instead, at least she could be convinced to enjoy it.”

Before she was done doing so though, the door to the storage room opened to show an infestation of rats running on the ground, so many that it was almost hard to see the ground itself. They crowded around the barrels of food as if at a grand feast.

”Hurray!” Sil exclaimed. ”More rats! Are they part of the plan too?”

"Oh no! No, no, no! I'm not getting close to these things." Akai said, protesting vehemently as she saw the sheer quantity of rats inside the room as she floated higher, doing everything she could to stay away from the rats, despite the quantity.

Clinging to the top of a rotting and empty crate, Lynx observed the swarm with disapproval. “Legends tell of the fearsome hydra whose heads multiply when severed. Rats seem to do the same, but humans do not seem to respect them much.” With little room to maneuver and threats from all sides, he hung on like a man in the heart of a raging storm.

“Funny, is it not?” he asked, in a wry tone that suggested he already knew they thought it wasn’t.

”Silly silly, Lynx.” Sil said happy. ”Maybe you should leave the funny to us.”

Sil dove into the pile of rats, causing them to scatter. She giggled in amusement at their surprise.

”So,” Sil asked. ”what now?”

" Ugh… I hope we don’t meet any more of those things… And Sil! Don’t touch the rats! They’re filthy!” Akai said, scolding Sil who, much to her surprise, had simply jumped into the pile of rats.

"We need to continue. The jade candles we’re carrying will hopefully distract the Sightless while Karina and the others do their part…” Akai said with a slightly annoyed expression. Truth be told, she would rather be anywhere else than in those filthy, dark tunnels but she didn’t have much of a choice…

”Continue?” Sil asked, head tilting to the side.
The door to the storage room creaked open before Sil could get any further clarification.

Akai raised an eyebrow, looking a bit confusedly to Sil the moment she repeated her words. Knowing her well, Akai knew that something was on Sil's head and probably wasn't a good thing.

"Yeah, we can't just-" she started, immediately going silent the second she was interrupted by a voice coming from outside the room, her eyes wide open in surprise as the man poked his head into the storage room.

“Hello?” Came a voice from outside the room. “Is somebody in here?” A man poked his head into the darken storage room.

Sil gasped excitedly. A new friend had come to play!

”CONTINUE!!!” Sil exclaimed as if chanting a battle cry. And without any further warning, she took off at top speed.

“The hell-” The unprepared man yelped. Surprise getting the better of him, the poor man stumbled backwards and fell.

Giggling with glee, Sil flapped her wings just enough to lift off the ground little more than a foot. Charging straight at the man, Sil reared back, paws outstretched, bounced off the man’s belly and propelled herself to the right. Landing safely back on the ground, Sil ran off, around the corner and away from the storage room.

Already, the man was getting back on his feet. “Intruders!” He yelled, not even noticing Lynx and Akai. “Familiar in the walls!”

Too surprised by Sil's battle cry, Akai simply stood still, dumbfounded as Sil charged towards the stranger, making him stumble backwards and fall in surprise before Sil even got near him. As she did so, she lifted off the ground a bit, bouncing on the man's belly with her paws to land on the ground already running off again on full speed.

Despite being caught by surprise, the stranger regained his bearings quickly as he yelled to alarm anyone who could hear about their presence. Even though it didn't seem like he had noticed Lynx and Akai, there wasn't many alternatives for both of them. Sure, they could try fighting back but even if they did take down that man, due to him having yelled, they would probably soon be overwhelmed, by people who probably knew those tunnels way better than they did. Neither the location nor the situation favored them.

"I don't think we should stay to fight and wait for his friends Lynx... Let's go!" Akai said, to Lynx, going after Sil soon after that in full speed.
Chres Sansus


Chres looked to Karina and Octavio nodding in thanks. Whether Chres deserved death or not, getting impaled by a guardsman in the back would have been a death most unideal. Cleaning the his dagger and hatchet on the dead man's clothes, he reached out to Sil.

Sil, Chres thought to his familar. What's your status?.

Status? Sil thought back. Utterly adorable, thank you very much!

That's not what I meant.

Well maybe that wasn't what I meant either, so there! Her thoughts had a feeling of conviction to them.


Can't talk now! Sil interrupted. Playing tag.

Chres sighed. Knowing Sil, playing tag could mean any number of things. What he hoped it meant was that their distraction was proceeding just fine.

Shaking his head, he glanced down at the dead man beneath him, noticing a ring of keys at his side. Grabbing the keys, he then got to his feet and made his way to the entrance the now dead men had been guarding.

"Crystal Jade candles out." Chres called behind him. They each had been fitted with a satchel carrying salt and a crystal jade candle. Chres' and Octavio's candles, however had gone to their familiars.

Chres made to fit the first of the keys in the door's lock, but before he could test the key, the door swung open.

"Shift's up." Said the man opening the door. The man paused, looking from Chres to his dead companions. He opened his mouth to shout, in time to get a blade in the throat.

Chres charged the man, pushing his collapsing body back inside. Chres entered a room fill with 6 other men.

Well... Chres thought, hatchet out. So much for being stealthy.
Chres Sansus


The men seemed hesitant. As if torn between their duty and helping their comrades. Two of the guards looked to the guard closest to where the voice came from. Blessedly, that was away from the direction in which Chres and the rest were approaching.

Chres quickened his pace.

"Who said that?" One of the men asked. "We under attack?"

The guard next to the first scoffed. "Are we under attack?! Are you thick of skull, Heb? Did you not hear the bell? Don't take a one of 'em scholarly Hearing folk to see we're under attack!"

Just keep on talking. Chres thought. As he quickly closed the distance with the first man, Heb.

"Just asking, is all." The first guard asked, looking a more than a little embarrassed. "We just gonna stay here, then?" He then ask to the thirds guard. A man who looked to be the one in charge.

The third guard had his hand on his weapon, his eye darting from the ground that just erupted to the direction from where the voice came from.

The guard's eyes wandered back to the place where the ground flew apart. "That was magic..." The third guard said, ignoring the question entirely. "Stay alert men! I don't like the smell of-" The third guard turned to face the other two- Shit!

Chres took off at a run, while quickly whipping out his 'procured' hatchet and holding it's handle both hands. Holding the hatchet above his head, he hurled it at the man in charge just in time to catch him before he could alert the other two.

The hatchet took the man in the chest, causing him keel over. The other men jumped, weapons out. The second man openned his mouth as if to alert the wall. However, Chres didn't have time to deal with him or the guard named Heb.

Though surely at death's door, the third guard still clung to life. Worse yet, the man had a horn which he was slowly raising to his lips.

Chres dove between the two other guards, dagger out.

Horn too his lips, the dying man took breath and-

A splash of crimson spray from the man's throat. His neck cut clean with Chres' blade. Unfortunately this had left his back open to the other two men.

"Bastard!" Heb yelled his sword plunging towards Chres' back.
Chres Sansus


Chres nodded in agreement. "Yes," He said to Týfurkh. "As soon as-"

The toll of a bell interrupted Chres'. It seemed the wall guard had raised the alarm at the eastern gate. All at once, the guards turned their head. After a few quick orders, a few of the guards at the top of the wall shifted their position, rushing to reinforce the East Gate.

The guards positioned at the foot of the wall, however, didn't budge. They held their position, guarding the entrance into the wall's fortifications. If anything, they looked more alert.

There were three guards in total. Nothing the Pact Makers couldn't handle. Taking them out without raising an alarm, however, well that might require more finesse.

"Do it." Chres said more urgently. "But, we'll need to sell this thing. especially if we plan the take them out before they notice our approach."

As he spoke, he called on his stores of body heat and Compressing it into a tiny ball in the palm of his hand. The tiny ball of unstable energy glow a dull red, barely noticeable in the daylight.

"So," Chres said, raising both his hands in front of to his lips, "I propose we add a touch of magical chaos into the mix."

More stored heat flowed into the palm of Chres's hands. As the energy pored out Chres Shaped the energy into the form of blowpipe with the Compressed ball of energy tucked neatly inside.

Quickly aiming his shot Chres blew into the blowpipe and launched the unstable orb into the distance. As he watched the orb go flying, Chres released the pipe-shaped heat construct, while making sure to reabsorb the remaining energy that had not already dissipated into the surrounding air.

It only took a moment before the orb impacted with a patch of earth south of the guards. There, the earth erupted, blowing pieces of dirt and stone into the air accompanied with a modestly audible boom.

The three guards jumped, weapons out. "What was that?!" One of them shouted.

Chres smiled to Octavio and Týfurkh confident they could handle the rest. Turning to his gaze to Karina, Ferris and DB... no... Jen, Chres motion his head towards the guards.

"Best hurry before they notice." He said walking out of the cover of Octavio's illusion at a brisk pace. A pace quick enough to close in on the guards, yet slow enough to avoid drawing the guard's attention. "Otherwise, we'll miss our chance."
Chres Sansus


In the distance, Chres could make out an angry mob of people rushing at the well armed group protecting the gatehouse. It seemed, that once again Shimmer Town was going to be a town in chaos. Except this time, instead of people turning on their family and friends, the cult was in their sights.

Soon enough, the violence would spread through the streets. Ideally, Chres and the rest hoped to make it into the north side of the eastern wall before that happened.

Watching from behind the cover of an illusion they had Octavio hobble together the night before, Chres and the rest waited a decent distance away from the Northern tower of the eastern town wall. There a small faction of the wall guard waited, stationed by the door.

These guards, like the rest of the wall guard, had been turned by the cult. They stood watch, making sure no one infiltrated the wall from inside the town. A few guards wouldn't have posed much of a problem for the group. Problem was, Chres and the others didn't just have to worry about the guards on the ground, but also the guards atop wall as well.

"Shouldn't be much longer now." Chres said, sporting a newly found headband, said to the rest of the group. "They should take notice of the fighting soon enough. When they pull away, that will be our moment to strike."

Chres had picked up the headband the night before and promptly began storing his excess body heat into the head attire. With the head band, Chres now able to store the maximum amount of body heat his magic allowed. No longer could he afford to walk around with just enough stores of body heat to get by. From now on, he would need every bit available to him... especially for today's fight.

"How you holding up, Octavio?" Chres asked the ridiculously dressed man. Even on a day like today. Octavio had chosen clothes which appeared more stylish than practical.
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