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Current thinking bowsette is hot is for boys, thinking bowser is hot is for real men only
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Idea: Superhero rp but every superpower has to be a unnecessarily specific fetish taken from a 1x1 thread
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joining a roleplay can have the same stress of applying for a job except its better cause instead of bagging groceries you get to be a cute gay anime cat girl who goes to magic school
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*tackleglomps u and nuzzles* X3 *notices bulge in ur pants* OwO wats dis???
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does anybody in this thread smoke weed


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I like rats, jalapeño poppers, y2k aesthetics and idol games. I enjoy roleplays with comedic elements, although finding those is tough. Generally speaking the less seriously a roleplay takes itself the more enjoyment I get out of it. I don´t have a sprawling and intimate relationship with roleplaying or a deep, meaningful reason as to why I started it. I´ve been writing for over a year and I enjoy the hobby as a way to jot down the many, many stupid thoughts that my head likes to generate.

I am pretty extroverted on the internet due to how easy it is to connect with people with similar interests. My personality may come across as aggressively friendly or over the top at times and I apologize in advance for that, whoops.

As for my strange signatures and profile pictures, they are a part of a specific aesthetic I´ve developed over the years that can be succinctly described as "Y2K aesthetics with a focus on the technology that explore themes of loss, abandonment, filth, and hopelessness, rather than the optimistic and mainstream view of the future that was common during that period of time."

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@Zakattacks Accepted, move it to the character section fam
Alright, ive now closed off interest from this point onward. Those who have expressed interest before this point still have a window of time where I can shove them in. have fun everypony UwU
Craig joined the fingertips of his hands together in a gesture that he must have thought made him look cool and not like a stock anime villain. Most of the people who had expressed interest in joining his… questionable manual debut had turned up on time, bringing with them plenty of snacks and a surplus of creativity to make up for his lack of it. The various greetings that he received were met with an enthusiastic grunt, as Craig was too busy viciously eyeing his friend´s sandwiches. He stacked two of them on the map he was using, right next to a condensing bottle of soda. Any seasoned player would have cringed at the sight, but it was hidden behind his dungeon master screen.

One by one the character sheets rolled in, and one by one he accepted them without thinking too hard about it.

"Milon? Alright, heh heh..."

The rest of the sheets were accepted through what linguists refer to as "sandwich speak", a scientific term used for those attempting to formulate words and sentences with a sandwich in their mouth. A team of experts have provided a translation for Craig´s words below, with special care taken to be as accurate as possible. His response to Jacob had unfortunately been classified as "completely incoherent" and left to the reader´s imagination.

"Fairy chick? Fairy chick. Knight man? Knight man. Emo magician? Heh... emo!"

Craig was satisfied at his attempts at humor and went off typecasting all of the characters, as if by doing so he could skip having to pore over their sheets entirely. I already get this character, so there´s no point in continuing to read was his general opinion. Anyone unlucky enough to have written their character sheet on a notebook would soon receive the gift of orange fingerprints. Craig wasn´t going to get away with committing crimes anytime soon, no doubt. He continued this unfunny routine until reaching the last character and then stopped as he had exhausted all possible creativity from his limited brain cells.

"Machine guy?... Machine... guy!"

It was now time to begin the second phase of preparations. The armless parlor chair that once supported his large body shrieked as he dragged himself out. He walked around the room and began to undo all of the curtains, restricting the lighting to nothing other than the chandelier that hung above them. The large doors that served as the room´s only entrance were also locked, their ancient clunking threatening to trap everyone inside unless Craig handled them more delicately.

Even if the attendees were sure of the roleplay´s status as a total clusterfuck, it was tough not to feel the sudden change in atmosphere. Another sound took center stage, the sound of an Epic Fantasy Music 10 Hours Mix video being played through a smartphone. He was very noticeably out of breath from having done all of this. The room was large and he had childishly rejected any help, so it wasn´t irregular for him to be tired. His breaths, however, were very labored, and anyone who was used to his antics would immediately figure out that he was exaggerating them for dramatic effect. His eyes darted around the room in a desperate search peer approval and didn't stop until he had delusionally assumed to have received it. He clapped his hands with a sound that was damper than it had any right to be.

“Ladies and gentlemen, let us now begin this most epic adventure!” and as he said that, emphasizing the word epic, a rumble could be felt. Soft, ominous, present.

It was impossible to deny but possible to downplay. Maybe some weird foreign cheese had been placed in those sandwiches, maybe the music mix had included some obscure and offshoot metal genre, maybe a dozen other probable events happened. Those present had little time to reason before the second wave hit. Enormous, threatening, all-consuming.

The cabinets around them all came crashing down at once in a cacophony of broken glass and porcelain, their table trembled like a homicidal rocking chair, the chandelier threatened to fall and crush someone at any second. Nowhere was safe. Strangely though, the manual didn´t budge.

Not just that, but it began to float in the center of the room in a calm fashion. If assigning emotions to books were normal, then those trapped inside the room would definitely agree that it looked pretty indifferent as far as books went. Perhaps its next actions wouldn´t have been noted, however, as they struggled to survive the whole world crashing around them. It flipped its enormous pages before settling on a particular one, whose luxuriously colored images were impossible to make out with any reasonable level of clarity among the surrounding chaos. A light the color of the sun engulfed the room, setting everything ablaze.

A vague sensation of being fizzled away. Not painful, but bizarre. Nothing but a golden light. Nothing.

Something. More things. More colors. Muddled browns, dark and earthy tones. Voices nearby, steadily growing louder. They´re at a bar. No, a tavern? They´re seated on a round table made of wood. In fact, just about everything is wooden, maybe metal or stone. Their snacks were there too, as if pretending that nothing had happened.

This would have been a bewildering situation on its own, but things would soon take a turn for the (more) worse. Upon establishing eye contact it became apparent that everyone present was now the character that they had created. Everyone except Craig. He was gone.

the men and women from our past talked of Armageddon, they talked about a final battle between good and evil. Golden trumpets, white horses, purging the unworthy through glory and whatnot. It wasn't like that.

Angels, they weren't beautiful and awe-inspiring warriors. Nobody still has any idea what they are. Some of them are perverted combinations of ancient animals and people, some of them are made out of several machines and weapons, plenty of which don´t even exist. We caught one a week ago through a tripwire. A bear with a human face, six legs, covered in twitching moth wings. Your other instructor got killed by a really nasty one a few months back, dozens of these floating swords surrounding a flying fetus. The worst part about them is the sound. Screeching, loud, awful. Because we're underground we hear their wailing from miles away. A few of them even speak English to try and bait you in. That fetus angel? Took over our radio signals pretending to be a lost child. Fucker.

Now, usually in recorded messages like this I'd include the date somewhere, but it doesn't really matter that much nowadays, does it? The north says it's 2154, the south says we're still in 2153, the east just gave up and started counting all over again. You're going to spend your whole life underground killing angels, and you're going to die underground getting killed by angels, so numbers aren't important. You hearing this recording means I'm busy doing guard duty, which means that no one there is actually doing their job in starting your training. Gear up, take a weapon, head out. Not difficult.

through the twenty-first century, the Armageddon occurred and humanity was decimated to near extinction by God himself. What little has remained of mankind now dwells under the earth to avoid the sky and its now fatal light. Surreal, reality-defying angels hunt and kill all who resist judgement without mercy.

Technology has stagnated, as anything advanced past a certain point invokes their wrath. Yet, the creation of unique weapons and devices from the remains of angels has given humanity an advantage. These inventions are closer to miracles than to science, and carry the possibility of killing their owners or worse.

Angels are the most notorious threat, though man is still its own greatest enemy. Violent cults, both in favor of and against God, have spread throughout the system and are capable of committing every atrocity imaginable to see their beliefs to the end. Settlements that have been separated from the main networks of civilization have malformed into aberrations of their past selves. There are even whispers of demons plotting their return to strike back once more.

The Hoover Federation is a group dedicated to maintaining stability within the midwestern United States in what is now called the Locked Central System, the most influential and powerful group of settlements in the country. The Hoover Federation itself recruits the most anomalous resistant survivors and suits them with untested and dangerous equipment for the sole purpose of ensuring the survival of mankind. Many of their members have been enlisted against their will, and many will perish because of their equipment without ever having set foot in a battlefield.

Lynx had fled the battle before it was even partway through escalating. Combat just wasn’t his purpose, nor did he have the skills for it. This was when Octavio’s dagger, short sword and illusions came in handy. What had made this fight different from the ones before it was that his opponent was able to attack at frankly terrifying distances with no weapons other than her appendages. A closer look at her frame through the inferno surrounding them made Octavio click his tongue in annoyance. Someone like her was definitely not up for a seduction attempt. Trying to get in between the potluck of ranged weapons and magic would be suicide, so that wasn’t an option either, or at least for now. This left him with one option.

It was a well known fact that he wore earrings. On one ear was the imprint of an ornate and beautiful royal woman, on the other an imprint of himself. These were his two most useful illusions. There were a few other bits of jewelry that were hurriedly stashed in his bag during the escape from the inn, most of which were stolen and were more of a novelty than anything. For a moment, he tried to remember if he still had that giraffe illusion he won through a card came. No, I sold it for these robes, shit. He wasn’t the type to say bad words, and this extended even into fairly normal words that just sounded unpleasant. But this was a mental conversation with no one but himself as he stood behind his allies. And although he refused to admit it to himself, there wasn’t much he could do.

Octavio stabbed the fingertips of his hands into his temples with none of the delicate grace of the last try. He was expecting his magic to be a bit more tiresome, but then remembered the sheer amount of light around them. It felt incredibly strange to receive such vast quantities of power so quickly, like a tired explorer tripping and noticing a steak on the ground. Quietly and subtly, a mirror image of himself began to form. He was more daring in the amount of energy he took in from his surroundings this time around, letting the feelings of light and energy prick his ear and shake with a gentleness that was somehow astonishing enough to be registered through the entire mess that was unfolding.

This illusion was definitely smarter than the women from before, as he had invested more energy into it. His illusions were unable to surpass the abilities of their original form, but nobody had said anything about just making several of them. A second, just as accurate illusion began to form right next to the first one. The effects of the magic took a slight toll on his energy, but he’d just suppress it. He was an actor, hiding his true feelings. This wouldn’t be anything different from the usual.

The trio inserted themselves behind their teammates and craned their necks in a display of total arrogance.

“There is no grace in killing so needlessly, my princess.” said one Octavio.

“As the number of your adversaries continues to grow, aren't doubts beginning to take shape within your head?” said another. This was quickly shaping up to be a nightmare to anyone not in favor of his personality.

“They have said enough, I believe.” uttered the third, likely having run out of ideas. Octavio was an actor, but had limits when competing against equally boisterous personalities.

He felt so intelligent at his sudden plan. It was both a great method of self preservation among a ranged attacker and gave his allies a chance to live if the woman chose to strike at his illusions.
Im going to upload my second IC post and officially cut off cs submissions in two days, in order to get the ball rolling and officially start this big ol' mess
HEWWOOO????????? IS ANYPONY THERE OwO?????????

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