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Current Idea: Superhero rp but every superpower has to be a unnecessarily specific fetish taken from a 1x1 thread
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joining a roleplay can have the same stress of applying for a job except its better cause instead of bagging groceries you get to be a cute gay anime cat girl who goes to magic school
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*tackleglomps u and nuzzles* X3 *notices bulge in ur pants* OwO wats dis???
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does anybody in this thread smoke weed


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*crawls out of a storm drain* OwO? Wats dis?

The Madagascar hissing cockroach. A large and docile species of cockroach, popular within exotic pet circles and recognized by the ability to hiss through a specialized respiratory opening. One was currently snuggled up inside of the chest pocket of a fifteen year old boy in Amberstone. His disheveled appearance would have been interpreted as advanced homelessness by the general population had he actually left his home frequently. Today, however, was a rare day in which the young Oliver Clive actually did step outside.

The teenage boy´s plan was to go just outside of the town´s perimeter to scout for beetles to add to his insect menagerie back at home. Despite the area being relatively safe, his worrywart tendencies resulted in Oliver gearing up as if it were a daylong trip. A couple of snacks, a journal, thick tube socks, the usual. Any insect acquisitions would be transported with glass jars and fed with whatever food he had brought along for the day. This would all happen after a much desired visit to the library.

It was no exaggeration to say that Amberstone´s library was like a second home to him. There was no other place where so much information over the animal kingdom was readily available. Human societies had placed their focus entirely on dinosaurs and had completely ignored every other form of life on earth. Oliver was smart enough to know that it was because of the danger they posed to society, yet his teenage immaturity made him feel bitter all over. Why couldn´t anyone else appreciate insects like he did? Many of the library´s books were decades old, but if what they claimed was true, then the nutrition inside of most of them made them the holy grail of food sources. Not only that, but the fascinating properties contained within their various secretions and toxins made for an endless forest of possibilities with which humanity could defend itself.

It wasn´t hard to see why this fixation of his hadn´t exactly helped him in making friends.

A sharp noise caught his attention, causing his body to spin around the same way a small and fidgety animal does when suspicious. The source? Two girls, one of them dressed in white. He had seen her stay in the library every now and then and had concluded she was a grade A weirdo. From her unconventional tastes in clothing to the squabbles she´d get into with others over dinosaurs. Though he vehemently denied it, she reminded him of himself. He turned back to face the direction of the library and kept walking.


* * *

Elif´s hands clutched her knees with a shaky ferocity that she had never experienced before, greedily taking in as much air as she possibly could. Having to stop dead in her tracks to avoid obstacles had made sprinting a much more laborious task than she thought it would be. She was aware that standing still was one of the worst possible decisions one could make in a situation like this, but she still stopped for air regardless. Her throat burned and her feet felt as if they had been flattened along with her surroundings. Elif´s brain desperately put the next steps of her plan together. She´d have to perform a mad dash across the fields and only then would her father´s tents be visible.

A panicked villager was a hair away from knocking her over, prompting Elif to spring back into action and resume her escape. Her small moment of weakness had only lasted a few seconds at most, yet she already felt regret at letting that time slip past her. Elif took off into a more labored sprint than before with no solid route. Every hard step resounded on the ground and sent shockwaves of force from her feet to her knees, increasingly hurting her body.

It had felt like another eternity had passed before Elif was anywhere near her father´s whereabouts. The various scattered tents that had once been a lifelong source of boredom were now a beacon of hope. That was, until she had registered something else. Several chunks of fallen rock all around the area, one of which had completely flattened a tent as if it were made out of playing cards. They were small compared to the monstrous boulders that had rained on the market square, but so were her father´s tents.

Elif bit her tongue until it bled and ran with reckless abandon. She didn´t have the energy to shout anymore, instead letting hot tears quietly spring from her eyes. Whether her father was inside of that tent or not at the time of disaster would determine his fate. Elif´s overbearingly optimistic personality was being put to the test. A one in four chance of arriving to the flattened corpse of her father. A one in four chance of having no family left. She sloppily wiped her eyes with a dirtied sleeve and ran even faster. Her home was still so far away and she felt her legs burn more strongly than ever before.

based on light and stored in his earrings. Octavio is lucky to be surrounded by so much fire ;), said noblewomen can be summoned for combat, but he deployed a dumbed down version of them.

Octavio was gearing up to reply to Karina with something snappy in regards to her ordering him around. Something cheeky and jovial that could be summed up as “No one orders the great Octavio around!” but alas, the inn was on fire and surrounded by enemies. He was no stranger to inappropriate remarks in the middle of danger, but this situation was total overkill, and for probably the first time in life he did as he was told and got to work.

His long and slender fingers snapped on to the sides of his head in unison. He began to concentrate. All of his illusion magic was honed with deceiving rich people and not crazed cultists, so there was a possibility that it wouldn´t work at all and he would be nothing more than a man acting out a headache.

After several moments of intense concentration, he let a large sigh escape his lips and beamed with pride at the illusions that had been successfully conjured below him. Two illusions with the appearance of haughty noblewomen, draped in a gaudy visual overload of jewelry and feathers. They had the smiles of someone mentally vacant and faces smeared in greasy make up with tomato colored lips. With a snap of his fingers the illusions took off into the path of danger. Their ornamental dresses impaired their movements and made a very loud series of rattling noises with every step taken. To say that their presence was a visual and auditory abomination would be an understatement.

Lynx was less affected than most by the fire and smoke on account of being both nude and too short for the rising smoke to attack. He stared at the wreckage unfolding all around him and then at the heat construct. Trusting a stranger´s magic so blindly was a surefire way to die, yet at the same time he was an agile animal who wasn´t going to wait for the big and slow humans to cross. The cat sped leaped on to the construct and began to book it. Octavio bowed, as if having concluded an epic performance. “What could be more distracting than a lovely lady in red? My sweethearts should have all of the world´s eyes on them with just a peek of their precious smile.” He followed Lynx, weary from having expended a bit of his magic. In the event of the illusions taking too much damage, they would dissolve in seconds, yet he could always make another with a slight struggle on his end. They were quantity over quality sorts of illusions, seeing as he didn´t find it necessary to imbue either of them with any speaking abilities or intelligence.

Octavio quickly made his way to the window and swung his body on to the first series of steps with grace. That was, until he made the mistake of looking down and his legs became wobbly all over. Despite his agility this was his first encounter with this specific sort of magic. His familiar on the other hand had no such trouble scaling the stairs ahead of him and even slowed down his pace into something more relaxed. Lynx was just as capable of being immature, apparently. "Aren´t you going to hurry up?", purred the familiar. Octavio carefully stood up and looked at the ruins all around him, and settled on focusing solely on the stairs instead. They were prettier on account of not being covered in fire, blood and the screams of the innocent. Well, screaming would happen if he slipped. Octavio carried on walking in silence.

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