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Idea: Superhero rp but every superpower has to be a unnecessarily specific fetish taken from a 1x1 thread
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joining a roleplay can have the same stress of applying for a job except its better cause instead of bagging groceries you get to be a cute gay anime cat girl who goes to magic school
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*tackleglomps u and nuzzles* X3 *notices bulge in ur pants* OwO wats dis???
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does anybody in this thread smoke weed
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The thrill of doing seventy different code edits without saving and then not knowing whether your post looks cute or like an exploded cumbox


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I like rats, jalapeño poppers, y2k aesthetics and idol games. I enjoy roleplays with comedic elements, although finding those is tough. Generally speaking the less seriously a roleplay takes itself the more enjoyment I get out of it. I don´t have a sprawling and intimate relationship with roleplaying or a deep, meaningful reason as to why I started it. I´ve been writing for over a year and I enjoy the hobby as a way to jot down the many, many stupid thoughts that my head likes to generate.

I am pretty extroverted on the internet due to how easy it is to connect with people with similar interests. My personality may come across as aggressively friendly or over the top at times and I apologize in advance for that, whoops.

As for my strange signatures and profile pictures, they are a part of a specific aesthetic I´ve developed over the years that can be succinctly described as "Y2K aesthetics with a focus on the technology that explore themes of loss, abandonment, filth, and hopelessness, rather than the optimistic and mainstream view of the future that was common during that period of time."

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:: the streets of thorinn // thorinn ::

Alex was at a loss for words at the small gathering that had formed around what had just been him and Eaudenil. When he came up with the design for his outfit, he had played it safe and just decided to model it off whatever the rich NPCs wore, with some adjustments here and there for comfort and utility. He didn´t know a lot about roleplaying or looking like a warrior, so he had just assumed that dressing well was just looking like you were loaded as opposed to strutting around in generic peasant clothes.

All it took was one look at the other, more confident players to prove him wrong. From the intricate and morbid outfit a player called Tif wore to the brutal armor of the one who had referred to her as such, Alex suddenly felt a whole lot smaller than before. Even Verglas, who was going for the same shtick as him, managed to overshadow Alex with the booming voice of someone you´d actually think was nobility. The outlier of the group had been Tessa, who made Alex think she was trapped in the wrong game. He was especially jealous of her though, as he felt she was in the same boat as him in terms of not caring about roleplaying, if her potty mouth was anything to go by.

“Can´t say I´ve seen anyone like that, sorry guys,” he said, cupping his chin in thought. It was awkward to be in the middle of a reunion full of people you didn´t know, so he had fallen back on mentally retracing his steps. "Wait..."

His eyes narrowed and looked at Eaudenil. “You were shoved to the ground right? Could it have been the chick they´re talking about?”
Neither of them seemed particularly excited over the backup, but she wasn´t expecting a warm welcome anyways. "My name´s Maya, got sent here since this mission´s apparently important enough for more people." She jabbed her thumb in the air, pointing at her archen. "I got hired to train him, so it´s not like I can complain."

Her archen´s head twitched, eyes wide open, staring at the other pokemon. He approached the two pokemon but would take several hurried steps back every time the porygon got close in its circling. She looked unsurprised by this.

"I know Zombie looks weird, but I´ve tested him out in battle a couple of times, and he can hold his own pretty well." That´s all that´s important in this world, isn´t it? A part of her wanted to say that out loud, but she knew being a downer wasn´t going to get her anywhere. That and, she didn´t like the idea of beating herself up before heading into what was probably a dangerous mission.

They´re not farmers, but rather victims to their horrid exploitation. I say we recruit them to our team and breed with them vigorously to grow our numbers
If I really wanted to shitpost I'd just add in zombie pumpkin farmers to give @HokumPocus Vietnam flashbacks.

interested.... sounds sexy....
"Over there?"

Maya gave Genesect Corp´s labyrinth of corridors a disapproving look. She knew there was no point in worrying over what any of the odd devices surrounding her were, nor why they really needed the help of someone like her, yet hesitation continued to crawl in her mind as she familiarized herself with the building.

Ms. Amy´s face tightened. "No, I was saying they were over there. They´ve left the building now." Maya hadn´t known her for very long, but she already knew she didn´t like her. She reminded Maya of those teachers who were bitter about their lives, back when schools were a thing. Ms. Amy adjusted her glasses and continued. "This mission would benefit from another set of hands, and the specimen we´ve assigned to you is still in dire need of training."

Both of their gazes fell to the archen they had given her. It fidgeted around restlessly, even more so now that both of them had been staring at it. Despite Maya´s efforts it was still untrained and very curious. At least he wasn´t nibbling on her shoes anymore. She sighed and said nothing, heading out the path she had come from.

The grim sight of the wasteland she now called home remained the same as it ever was, save for a pair of silhouettes.

"Yo!" she shouted. Fortunately for her, they hadn't been out for long.

"I drive golf carts and whoop ass in GTA, I got this."

-Damien, moments before crashing into a tree.
[ ❇ ] S Y N O P S I S
Damien Lee



Rushford, Ohio

Former Life
Country club caddie

[ ❇ ] C H A R A C T E R I Z A T I O N
Appearance Description
Damien´s appearance is that of a typical asian teenager, or at least it would be, had he not developed a taste for the finer things in life. Gaudy and colorful athletic clothing make up the majority of his wardrobe, and he´s sure to fly into a rage should anyone imply they´re anything less than legitimate (Some of them are!). If he´s not wearing an overpriced hoodie and some athletic pants, then he´s wearing an overpriced hoodie and some basketball shorts. Or an overpriced hoodie with sweats. He likes to switch it up.

Underneath his eye-catching hoodies and jackets he typically wears plain, affordable shirts, which he hides from the outside world at all costs. Better dead than broke. Unfortunately for him, the apocalypse descended on the world while he was in his work uniform, consisting of a pink polo shirt and khaki pants.

-Easily frightened

Damien is a former stuck up brat who made the bumpy transition to being a bitter teenager after his parents got divorced, making him go from a rich kid with a comfortable life to just another nobody. His dad, concerned with him being undisciplined and wimpy, forced him to earn his keep working as a caddie at a pretentious country club. Now on the other side of the economic scale, not a single day goes by where he doesn´t completely hate everyone whose equipment he lugs around. Oh well, at least he can still nab from their wallets every now and then.

His years before the outbreak had been sad. No longer was he able to spend his parent´s money on designer clothing and his high maintenance trophy girlfriend, and no longer was he able to get along with the large group of social climbers he called friends. The sports car of his dreams went from being something he expected as a birthday present to just another photo on his phone.

The stuffy neighborhood he called home was one of the first places in the county to really feel the effects of the virus, as the gates that were meant to protect them did the very opposite instead. Knowing his dad, Damien seriously doubted he was one of the first to die, as the man was the sort of person who was willing to do anything possible to be at the top of the food chain.

[ ❇ ] M I S C E L L A N E O U S
-A small and heavy golf club covered in blood
-Premium golf gloves
-A set of everyday clothing he had intended to change into at the end of his shift
-Cans of food raided from the country club´s kitchen
-A backpack once used to store his work uniform
-An expensive smartphone
-A wallet full of cash, most of it looted from bodies

-Basic cooking that he learned against his will from the days they were understaffed at the club.
-Surprisingly good at driving, though he never goes below breakneck speeds.

His father is alive and most likely holed up in their neighborhood. What he´s done to survive or what he´s willing to do is unknown.



Begrudgingly began working for Genesect Corp. due to financial issues. The organization had a recently acquired archen that was in desperate need of discipline, and thought it convenient for Maya to be its trainer, much to her dismay. She´s slowly started warming up to it, much to her own surprise.

She harbors a wariness for pokemon, as most people have after the apocalypse. While many of her colleagues hunt for fossils out of a passion for them, Maya mostly just wants to rid the world of the mutated pokemon that infest it. She´s gotten used to surviving in the world, and is confident enough in her skills to work for the organization with no worries.

Unknown Forest

The brief flickers of hope Kaito held were overpowered by the rays of sunlight from the holes in the ceiling. The rest of his party had noticed it around the same time as him.

“We haven´t traveled for very long.” He gulped, both because he was determined and a bit fearful. “So we should keep searching for more signs of life.”

His mind screamed at him to stay here and never leave, but he knew that he had no choice but to keep trudging along the wilderness, whether he liked it or not. He tried to convince himself that the shrine was dirty and most likely infested with insects as a way to encourage his continued exploration, but the thoughts in his head felt disingenuous somehow. It felt as if a switch had been flipped inside him, one that made him see little fears like that worthless to even consider in his current situation.

He exited the shrine quickly, feeling that he´d stay there anyways if he wasn´t fast enough. The crisp air of his surroundings once again filled his lungs, seemingly welcoming him back to the outside world.

“If there´s a shrine, then there has to be people.” Unless, he thought, their buildings are in the same exact state, abandoned and rotten. He kept that last bit to himself.
I remember making a similar roleplay once a long time ago, definitely interested in joining this O w O
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