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I've been roleplaying close to 8 years now, and was a member of the OldRPG. Being a newb at the time and with zero previous knowledge about RPing and its intricacies, I made a lot of mistakes, such as joining and abandoning roleplays in the blink of an eye without previous notification :| I've grown, though, and now I generally consider myself a competent Casual writer, while I have my occasional bouts with Advanced RPs as well. I thrive in Low/Medium & High Fantasy settings, while also possessing a keen interest in the Sci-Fi and Supernatural. I've always found Nation/Historical RPs fascinating to read, yet am always hesitant of joining one due to fear of not being able to cope with the necessary world-building needed in such RPs.

As for the me without roleplaying, there's not much to say really. Born on a rainy February 17th, I am an intellectual Aquarius which thrives in using his snarky & quite sarcastic sense of humour and encyclopaedic knowledge to mess with other people's heads. It's quite fun actually, you should try it one time ;) My lazy atheist ass usually does not give a damn about other people's religious beliefs.

I love reading books, all kinds of books, and yet I don't really consider myself a book connoisseur. I also love swimming, but where I'm from, you will be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn't.



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The silence of space was truly comforting. Melantha drifted for an unknown amount of time, her body carried through the void on the dregs of residual energy borrowed from the explosion of the asteroid.

The collision between Aelius and the rock had been cataclysmic, to say the least. Melantha had barely managed to escape the immediate blast zone when the resulting shockwaves reached her. She had quickly erected a barrier to protect herself, but the sheer force of it pushed her away with a might unlike no other. Nevertheless, that was her goal, the only way she could think of that would enable her to escape relatively unscathed.

And she did, indeed, escape, but soon after doing so, she fell unconscious. Be it from the force of the shockwave or the shock from Aelius' attack penetrating through the seed of power she left behind, the dark goddess ended up in a comatose state, drifting endlessly in the space between Spheres.

At some point, however, she awoke to the sound of her breathing, a unique sound amidst the silence of her surroundings. Breathing... What is breathing? Did she breathe? If yes, what did she breathe? Why did she breathe? Melantha clutched her head with a frown; her thinking was all jumbled up as if enveloped by dark fog. She made to open her eyes, but they would not obey her will. Softly touching her eyes with her fingers let her discover that they were swollen and puffy, and whenever she prodded them acute pain shot straight through her body.

Melantha sighed when she realized that she might have inadvertently been blinded in the aftermath of the attack. Pitch-black darkness poured out of her mouth, transforming into a blindfold that covered her eyes completely. The way it melded in with her dark mane not only didn't take away from her overall look but gave the goddess an even more mystifying appearance.

Reaching deep inside her mind, she brought forth the mental map she had previously created while she had been travelling around the upper spheres atop the Architect's crystal. The goddess' lone form melded into the starry background as she slowly propelled herself towards the direction of her Sphere.

Melantha was almost halfway to her Sphere when her divine sense picked up on a massive release of energy an extraordinary distance away from her location. Her eyes had yet to heal, Melantha had no idea when or if they would do so, and thus she was not able to discern what exactly had caused it, but she could feel the ripples in space caused by it and that they were rapidly coming towards her. Fortunately, the distances involved meant that the shockwave had lost much of its energy when it eventually reached her, and what remained was easy to repel with Melantha's powers.

However, that didn't mean that the goddess was not curious about the origins of this event. On the contrary, an event of such proportions must have surely been the doing of one of the other deities. "The question is, which one?"

Finally arriving back at her Sphere did take some time, but Melantha did not really mind the silence that accompanied interspheral travel. It allowed her to ponder on things that she would otherwise not have the time or will to think about, like the Architect's plans for example. She had vowed to herself that she would not bother with the Architect more and instead focus on her own self and what she wanted to do with her time in this universe, but that was obviously not the case.

The goddess sat on the edge of the, now flat, mountain peak of Norsvold's former tallest mountain. With her legs dangling over the edge, Melantha laid back, bringing her arms up to form a cushion for her head. A deeply conflicted look hid behind the blindfold she had donned as she thought about her actions since her summoning to the Architect's realm.

She should not have so blatantly ignored potential threats to her existence in the forms of other deities. While she had been focusing on the Architect and his hidden agenda, Asceal and Aelius had already started scheming against her.

"But those words..." Thinking back to what Aelius had told her during their brief interchange, Melantha could not help but feel the fire that was her anger reignite. Contribution? He would talk about their "contribution" that was light as if it was the most essential thing for the universe's function but did not even spare a thought about her own contribution of darkness, and how their creation fundamentally opposed everything that Melantha stood for. He even had the audacity to say she was offended by it when offended could not even qualify as a negative feeling when compared to all the other feelings that Melantha had been drowning in at that point in time.

Pain, terror, disgust, apprehension, wrath. The list went on and on, and truly, had Asceal been the sole perpetrator behind the creation of that detestable light beam, Melantha did not know if she would have been able to restrain herself from escalating the situation beyond what could be salvaged. Apart from the fact that Melantha would have to face off against two deities, she also realised another thing the moment Aelius' divine essence came in contact with her seed of power; the Sphere she had attacked had not actually been Asceal's Sphere, but Aelius'. "Why would they place that thing in Aelius' Sphere and not Asceal's? This does not make any sense..."

Melantha clutched her head as she felt a sharp pain shoot through her once more. The headaches had been getting worse and worse as time passed, and Melantha had an idea why. Her inquisitive mind was clashing with her purpose, the reason for her existence that had been imprinted upon her soul by the Architect. To bring darkness was her prerogative, Melantha saw no inherent fault in it. What she did not like, however, was the forceful nature in which such a purpose had been thrust upon her, as well as the cryptic responses she received from the Architect when she questioned him on his reason why he'd summoned her, when her reason for existing had nothing to do with creation or managing and populating his universe. "And it's not only me..."

No, Melantha also thought about certain other deities that she shared this predicament with. The tentacled deity, Anzillu; the desolate one, Orvus; strife personified, Narzhak. Those were but a few that fit the bill. The headache intensified once more. No matter how much she thought about it, she could not make out what was going on.

So she chose to forget. Forget everything that had happened, that will happen. Forgetting was easier said than done, however. The mind of a god was a complex thing that would take time to completely decipher, but fortunately for her, a potential shortcut had appeared in the form of another deity's creation.

Melantha raised her hand, spreading her fingers wide and from within her palm, a small grey bead emerged. At first glance, this bead was nothing more than a grey, circular rock. But upon closer inspection, one would discover that it was actually ash, compacted tightly in the form of a bead. Melantha had recently noticed this kind of ash passing through the boundaries of her Sphere and had thus collected some to analyze, mainly out of curiosity. So one could imagine her surprise upon realizing that the ash had actually been burned down soul essence. What clued her to this was the fact that the ash faintly emitted energy that was familiar to her, the same kind of energy she had felt from the torrent of souls she had accompanied on her way to the Architect's universe, back when she had also been nothing more than a soul drifting in the endless Beyond.

Following her discovery, Melantha exited her Sphere and started searching for the origin of the soul ash, and she soon came upon another deity's Sphere, Katharsos'. That moment exactly was the moment Melantha decided on her plan of action. To forget meant to let go, but letting go entailed losing everything.

Melantha absorbed the ash back inside her body and stood up. Right there on the edge of the cliff, the dark goddess stood, and although she could not see the sheer height of the drop in front of her with her own two eyes, she could feel the emptiness.

Feat. @Aristo & @Crispy Octopus & @Vec

In the vast void that exists between Spheres, disturbances are rare and few in between. However rare though it may be, the occasional energy current resulting from the essence diffused from the Spheres' mingling and merging with one another or the divine traces of a god's journey through space, are still nothing compared to the sheer magnitude of disruption that Melantha's action brought upon the upper layers of the universe. Travelling as she was through space, passing by, and in some cases through, other Spheres, with no consideration of potential consequences for her actions meant that the current situation was indeed very dangerous, potentially even catastrophic. Nevertheless, Melantha was not in the right state of mind to think about said consequences. Acting based mainly on instinct and anger towards Asceal and her actions, Melantha's clouded mind could think of only two things that would alleviate her distressed psyche: Destroy the source of light, or if that is not achievable, at least make Asceal pay dearly for her transgression.

The distance from her Sphere to Asceal's was quite large and considering Melantha's delayed response - due to her being busy with the creation of Norsvold and the definitive binding of the Sphere to herself - made for a quite a long journey for the dark goddess. However, with her godly sight in play, Melantha did not once lose sight of her target, one could find it hard to do so anyway for the light coming from it seemed to be able to pierce everything in its path. With the distance slowly shortening, Melantha could feel the strength of the light beam increase exponentially. She could not imagine how Asceal could create such a thing so soon after being summoned by the Architect. With her destination now very close, the contrast between the sizes of the conically shaped rock and the goddess that was riding it made for a very impressive image indeed.
Aelius narrowed his eyes as the chariot sped through the cosmos. He was still getting used to his godhood and hadn't entertained the possibility of conflict with his fellows so soon. But when he peered through his mind's eye at a wrathful Melantha and the rocky missile speeding for Heliopolis, some primal instinct told him to fight. He risked a glance at Asceal beside him. Her eyelids were heavy, shoulders slumped. The counstruction of the Lustrous Gardens - without his help - had taken a toll on her. Stopping Melantha would be Aelius's prerogative.

In the distance, Heliopolis came into view, as did a dark object, hurtling towards the sphere. Aelius gasped as his chariot sped closer. His mind-link with Heliopolis had shown him Mel's approach, but only now, seeing with his own eyes, did he realise the size of the mountaintop she rode. The damage would be considerable. Worse still, what would happen if it collided with the Furnace? He'd taken measures to contain its power and focus its light in a singular beam on Galbar, but if Melantha broke through the dome... The god of virtue swore and snapped the reins hard.

"Melantha!" Aelius's voice boomed across space. "Turn back!"

"Huh?" Melantha's eyes widened as her ears picked up on the unfamiliar voice calling out to her. Turning her head around, her eyes scanned the distance until she pinpointed a tiny speck of light that was slowly gaining in size. Only after zooming in on the light did she realize that it was actually a glittering chariot speeding towards her. The light from Asceal's Sphere was reflecting off the surface of the chariot combined with the sheer distances involved gave the illusion of shooting star whizzing across the night sky.

"Is that... Aelius?" Melantha frowned when she realised that the one driving the chariot was actually not Asceal. Gears turned in her head and she quickly put two and two together; Asceal and Aelius had actually collaborated on the creation of the light beam.

"Not entirely unexpected, however..." Considering what information she had of the two deities, Asceal and Aelius shared many similar traits, and thus an alliance between the two wasn't outside the scope of what was possible.

However, Melantha had long resolved herself to finish with what she had started. One more god joining the fray not only not scare her away, but actually fueled her rage even more. Nevertheless, she swallowed her anger and closed her eyes, and at once her divine sense was sent out towards Aelius.

"Turn back? Did you really just tell me to turn back? And why would I do that now? You did not think about the consequences before you made your little toy here that sniffed out half of all the darkness in the universe. Did you really think there would be no retaliation?" Melantha sent telepathically, the link between the two gods projecting both her thoughts as well as her emotions, her boiling rage threatening to overwhelm the opposing deity.

Darkness was Melantha's prerogative, and Aelius realised his and Asceal's efforts must have seemed offensive. But he was all too aware of the good that would come from them that the goddess did not account for.

"Don't be naive," Aelius replied. "Do you think all those souls are content to wander Galbar in darkness for the rest of their existences? Could life exist without light and warmth to nourish it?" The chariot was close now, and Aelius could see Melantha's face brimming with anger.

"You can't be so selfish. The Architect entrusted all of us to give something to Galbar, and you choose to destroy our contribution because you find it offensive? I implore you to reconsider, Melantha."

Reconsider... Melantha could see the chariot approaching and could now distinguish the faces of the riders. Yes, there were two riding on the chariot. Aelius' facial expression and words surfaced in her mind once more and for a moment the dark goddess hesitated. "The Architect..." An image of the arch-deity came appeared in front of Melantha, His eye full of scorn and judgement staring right through her soul.

Melantha brought a hand to her face, the other one clutching her chest as if she was experiencing pain. The mountainous asteroid's acceleration slowed down during this time. Evidently, the mentioning of the Architect had struck Melantha's chords. With a grunt, the goddess of darkness brought her hands down, striking and digging into the mountain peak. Instantly the asteroid pulsed, and the purple and black halo around it brightened even more. Melantha's rage was like a fire stoked up by Aelius' words, and she no longer cared about what the god of virtue said or did.

She homed in at Asceal's Sphere, and the asteroid picked up speed once more.

The journey hadn't been nearly long enough for Asceal to recuperate, and exhaustion had kept her silent, but upon seeing Aelius's words only aggravate Melantha she straightened. So Melantha wouldn't listen to reason then? Disappointing, but not surprising. Asceal trusted in the Architect, believed in his power and wisdom, but she could not even fathom why he had permitted such a callous and destructive creature into his domain.

As Melantha sped towards Heliopolis Asceal's form grew brighter and brighter, until she and Aelius were lost in the glow. From the brilliant light that obscured the two gods, Asceal spoke, her voice audible in the minds of all those present, "I should have known you would turn to violence, shadow. After all, what else is there for darkness? Very well Melantha, charge into Heliopolis and see what happens when you stand alone against your betters."

She paused and let the message sink in as Aelius chariot propelled them towards his sphere. For all Melantha was a god, for all darkness threatened, Asceal trusted in the simple truth that they were two and Melantha was one. Still, she was not ready for a fight. With that in mind, and before any could reply, she offered Melantha a chance, "Or if you've any sense at all, leave this place before we are forced to make you."

A bright light, almost rivalling that emitted from the Sphere in front of her emerged from behind her, and Asceal's voice entered Melantha's mind. Melantha could feel her darkness being pierced by the light with every passing second, diminishing its power rapidly. Alas, if words were enough to stop Melantha, Aelius' would have been enough. No, the goddess was determined to send a message, that she would not let attacks on her domain go unpunished. A portion of Asceal's words rang true, however. In all of her fury, Melantha had retained enough clarity of mind to understand that going against two gods would not be in her favour and as such devised a simple and effective plan that would allow her to deal the most amount of damage while at the same time giving her a sure-fire way of escaping the two deities.

With her hands deep inside the rock she rode upon, Melantha poured her power into it with renewed vigour. Vein-like patterns, the very same patterns that appeared back when she had been creating the landmass from which the asteroid originated, appeared once again on her face and skin. The patterns quickly spread outwards, latching onto the nearby rocky surfaces as well as digging deep inside the asteroid. For an instant, Melantha and the asteroid fused together, and the dark goddess deposited a seed of her power inside the rocky missile, before retracting the patterns back to herself.

Rising up, Melantha opened her arms wide, her body facing the rapidly approaching Sphere in front of her. A smirk appeared on her face as she readied herself for the imminent collision.

When words had failed, there was only one option left. Aelius handed the reins to Asceal and with a roar of defiance, climbed over the lip of the chariot and hurled himself into the path of the asteroid. In seconds, it was before him. With all his might, he slammed fist-first into the projectile. There was a burst of light and chunks of rock flew in all directions. Aelius gritted his teeth as the momentum pulled him through the core of the asteroid. Rocks sliced and bruised his skin.

It was over in seconds. Aelius cleared the other side, emerging into open space. Of the goddess Melanthia, there was no sign. In fact, there was no sign of anything. He blinked, once, twice, then wiped his eyes. He could see nothing but pitch black. In rupturing Melantha's seed of power, he had exposed himself to pure darkness, and it clung to him like oil. Frantically, he reached out, hoping to grab hold of something, anything, to stop his momentum.

"Aelius!" Asceal cried as her friend collided with Melantha's asteroid. The God of Virtue's impact smashed the vast stone to pieces and he vanished inside what was rapidly becoming an expanding field of debris. With a curse, Asceal steered the chariot closer to rubble. Her light dimmed back to normal and, ever aware of the speed at which the shattered stone was hurtling towards the city below, she searched frantically for Aelius or Melantha.

After what seemed like an eternity she found Aelius, covered in sickening darkness, but Melantha seemed to have long since fled. Without wasting another moment Asceal piloted the chariot towards him and grabbed his outstretched hand before pulling him onboard and, much to her disgust, getting Melantha's darkness on her own glowing form.

She brought the chariot to a halt and watched as the fragments of stone pelted Heliopolis below, demolishing buildings across the city but leaving the Furnace and its host palace intact. With a sigh, she turned to face Aelius, "The detestable shadow is gone Aelius, and the Furnace is safe. Now hold still while we deal with this... This filth!"

"Heliopolis," Aelius rasped, "it still stands?" Though he couldn't see beyond the cloud of darkness that enveloped him, Asceal's voice and touch were a comfort. His chest heaved up and down with laboured breathing.

"It does," Asceal paused, "Not unscathed though. There will have to be repairs."

Aelius's head bent low, but he nodded. He'd done what he could in the heat of the moment. "Where's Melantha? Is she gone?"

"I believe so," Asceal took a moment to survey the space around them, and the city below, "The shadow must have fled when you attacked. I'm sorry I wasn't more helpful, I hadn't expected her to go to such extremes even then."

Aelius waved a hand. "Neither of us did. If this is how it's going to be, we'll need to be more careful. As for this..." He ran his hands over his skin, slick with Melantha's darkness. "I can't see or feel a thing. To the Furnace - I have an idea that won't require you to expend yourself any more."

Asceal nodded, hesitated when she realized Aelius couldn't see her and spoke as she brought the Chariot into Heliopolis, "We're heading to it now. I am worried though, my sphere sits unguarded and I hadn't the foresight to ward it against intruders. If it isn't a burden to you I would like to depart to ignite my own Furnace once you've cleansed yourself of Melantha's influence, and before she realizes another exists."

"Agreed. We'll have to play it safe now that we know at least one of our peers is against us," Aelius said. The chariot stopped in front of the palace and Asceal guided him to his feet. The pair slowly made their way up the stairways and halls until they reached the dome on the roof. When Aelius had gotten his bearings, he clamped his eyes shut and stumbled forwards into the beam of light.

Aelius's whole body tensed as the heat of the Furnace shocked his nerves. It was like walking into an inferno. He fought back the urge to leap away, though the alarms ringing in his body screamed for it. Though his eyes were shut, his vision went red, lit by the Furnace just on the other side of the lens. The aura of darkness around him ebbed and crackled before it finally gave way.

"Aelius, that's enough!" Asceal cried. At her cue, the god leapt out of the beam and sank to the floor. Ribbons of steam hissed from his skin, darkened by the heat, but the oily blackness was gone.

"Go," he said weakly. "Your sphere needs you. I'll be fine."

Asceal's brow creased in concern, but with a nod, she did as he asked. Melantha, for all she was a vile creature, was no fool. She had already gone so far as to attack Heliopolis, and it was only a matter of time until the dark Goddess realized there were two furnaces. Impelled by that thought Asceal hastily made her way to the Chariot outside the palace and departed Heliopolis for her own sphere.

Her Furnace awaited her.

The ride on the crystal had been short and uneventful. The former because her Sphere was apparently located right under the Barrier, and the latter because what could possibly happen this early on inside this empty universe? As she passed the boundaries that separated the Barrier and the rest of the universe, Melantha felt her connection to the Architect's Sphere being severely weakened. Extending her divine sense outwards, she probed the Barrier while speeding away from it due to the crystal, but found it unresponsive. "Getting outside is easy, getting inside is hard, huh?"

Brushing that thought aside, Melantha faced her destination once again. As the crystal whizzed through the darkness of space, Melantha scanned all the areas she passed by, making a mental map in her head using the different currents of energy permeating the universe as beacons for certain locations.

After some time, Melantha's crystal finally approached the boundary of her own Sphere, and she could instantly feel a faint string of essence connecting her with it. When she passed through the thin, liquid-like wall and into the Sphere, Melantha was greeted by a vast stretch of emptiness. At that moment, she realised that her Sphere did not have an actual core or a place from which its power originated. In a sense, the Architect had given her a clean slate to work with.

The crystal had stopped as it had reached its destination, but Melantha did not care about transportation anymore. With darkness enveloping her, she stepped off the platform and into the void, yet her eyes did not leave the crystal's surface. She willed it to rise up and closer to her face, examining it further. She prodded it with her senses, touched it and poked it with her fingers, even broke a piece off of it and bit into it to test its strength. Needless to say, her teeth cut through it like there was nothing there in the first place. Nevertheless, the Architect's power intrigued Melantha. The way he had so easily dispatched Seihdhara had left quite the impression on her.

"Hmm, maybe I should keep this around. Who knows, I might be able to find out a thing or two more about his powers..." Melantha clearly did not trust the information that the Architect gave out to the gods.

With that thought in mind, the goddess called upon her power and a black vortex of darkness emerged from the palm of her right hand, which she then brought forward to touch the crystal. The moment the strange rock made contact with Melantha's hand, it started getting absorbed inside it. It only took a few seconds for it to be completely devoured by her. When she finished, the black vortex dissipated and Melantha brought her hand closer to her face, smelling it.

It smelled like nothing, as one would expect. With a smirk, the dark goddess turned around and started flying deeper into her Sphere. There was much to do still.

"Honestly..." Melantha said with a sigh.

Traversing a Sphere turned out to be really bothersome, even if said Sphere was literally empty. Nevertheless, Melantha persevered until she had reached its very centre. "Let's see now..." Melantha whispered, and suddenly a ripple of darkness shot outward, with her being the origin. The ripple carried on for a while before decelerating to a stop some distance away, forming a ring of dark energy.

Then a pulse. Faint at first, but slowly getting stronger and more intense, this pulse slowly synchronised with Melantha's own divine pulse, her soul's very essence. Vein-like patterns emerged from within the dark goddess, pulsing with the same rhythm, the soft purple glow on them painting a very eerie scene. The veins quickly grew outward, branching off into millions of smaller segments that filled the entirety of the dark circle around her.

Melantha slowly opened her eyes, the previous glowing white colour having given way to two purple globes of fire that blazed with determination. She remembered the Architect's words, the scorn he had shown her and the other deities, and a feeling of intense anger suddenly welled up inside of her. Yet, even though she was alone with no one around to witness, she did not let the anger get to her head. No, she instead harnessed it, channelling it to fuel her imminent creation.

"Rise," the goddess ordered. A simple command, but one backed with such power that made the very void tremble. Then, from within the dark circle, a gigantic landmass slowly started rising, as if answering to Melantha's summons. Deep purple in appearance, the material the landmass was made off was based upon the crystal platform Melantha had absorbed, the same one that transported her to her Sphere. After absorbing it inside her, her essence broke it down and melted inside of it, changing it at a fundamental level. What was created as a result of this merger was a new type of material capable of absorbing and storing darkness energy inside of it. Following this, Melantha simply took this new material and duplicated it countless times before willing it to the shape of her choosing.

As the landmass rose further up, Melantha rose with it. First, the peaks of the mountains emerged, closely followed by the rest of the ridges. The hills came afterwards, with the valleys and the canyons emerging last. After everything was said and done, the dark goddess was standing at the top of the highest peak in this dark land. Gazing at her creation, Melantha let out the breath she had been holding in. Tiny beads of perspiration ran down her forehead and her long mane that had risen up due to her exercising her powers finally came back down once again.

"You shall be called... Norsvold."

Melantha sat under a peculiar rock formation, gazing from above at the valley that stretched before her eyes, ruminating about her creation. She closed her eyes, turning her attention inwards. Deep within her inner mind, she returned to the place she had once before visited, her spiritual sea. Pitch-black inky water stretched as far as they could see and dark clouds loomed above.

There, tucked away in a corner of this sea was a flame of darkness blazing. This flame was Melantha's essence flame, a byproduct of her divine essence coming into contact with her soul. Previously, her flame's colour had been a solid black, but now its core had taken on a purple hue. She could guess with confidence that the moment she created Norsvold, her connection to the Sphere was strengthened even more, binding her completely to it. She now had a feeling that, even if Norsvold were ever to be destroyed, although she would not die, she would definitely be severely weakened for a time.

Melantha's face scrunched up, unconsciously biting her lower lip, as she thought about this and the future complications it might bring to her plans. Be it due to anxiety, or simply being engrossed in her thoughts, Melantha did not immediately notice the bright point of light that had suddenly appeared in Norsvold's skies for an instant, before disappearing once more. She did, however, feel a sudden flunctuation of power ripple through her, accompanied by a feeling akin to suffocation. In a mix of confusion and annoyance, Melantha quickly exited her Sphere, only to be greeted by a glaring flash of light coming from below.

Shielding her eyes with a veil of darkness, Melantha finally realised what had exactly caused this sudden feeling inside of her; a beam of pure, unadulterated light shooting through the darkness of the void, its target clearly being the big, blue planet in the middle of the universe, Galbar. Like a knife stabbing through her heart, Melantha visibly trembled at the sight of this monstrosity. She could immediately deduce who had been the culprit for the creation of the beam: it could only be Asceal, the light goddess.

Melantha grit her teeth, anger welling up inside of her once more. She had a feeling since before leaving the Architect's Sphere that she and Asceal would never see eye to eye, but never in a million years did she think that that abomination of light would instantly go on the offensive. "If that's how you want it, that's how it will be..." Melantha murmured. With a flourish of her arms, she turned around and charged inside her Sphere once more. A couple of seconds passed before Melantha rushed out of her Sphere, darkness enveloping her body fully. Fierce waves rippled across the Sphere's liquid borders, but that was not the end. No, that was only the beginning, as after she shot out like that, a gigantic piece of rock broke the surface of the Sphere. After a few moments, the rock had completely emerged from the Sphere, its shape clearly that of a mountain peak.

The peak hovered in the void of the universe right outside of Melantha's Sphere. The goddess flew towards it before landing on a relatively flat surface. The sheer force of the landing dug Melantha's legs deep inside the rock, and she immediately started storing power inside of it. Then, she crossed her arms and looked straight at the location of the light's source. The mountain peak trembled once and a faint purple glow and black gas started being emitted from it as it started moving towards its target.

"Let's see now..."

It is Turn 1 now.

Following her question, Melantha waited patiently for the Architect to reply. During this time, many things could be said to have happened, like the awakening of many other gods; the nervous first steps of socialization that took place during this time could be summed up with a single word, "Interesting."

Melantha could not understand the Architect's plan clearly. He, as far as the knowledge that was passed on to her detailed, had created this world on His own and yet, He needed the support of other beings to manage it? One would think that by wielding as much power as He wielded - and it was a lot, Melantha could sense that much just by standing in His presence - simply managing this universe would have been far easier than doing whatever He did to create it in the first place.

While all this was going through her mind, Melantha kept staring at the unmoving Architect, waiting for an answer. Her question had been very simple and, in her opinion, perfectly reasonable. Considering His power, Melantha assumed that He would understand the underlying meaning of her question; Why create a being that contradicted the very reason He had called upon others for help, to maintain as well as further build upon what He had already set the foundations of. Her core being, the purpose that the Architect had given her had been that of encroaching darkness, not much different than the darkness she resided in before being summoned by Him. Was it His intention for her to become an enemy of the other gods? Would her sole reason for existence be to breathe conflict into this universe?

With every new god that awakened, a flickering flame emerged deep inside Melantha's mind, her connection with said god. If they had a name, she would know of it as well as their purpose and general disposition. Thus, she knew that there were others that fit better the role of bringer of strife. Would she be considered one of them?

Even with all the noise and ruckus created by the other gods, the Architect's words did not fail to reach Melantha's ears. The faint whisper of his voice penetrated her mind, bringing her back to reality and the realisation of how cold it could be. "What could you hope to know of such things? Your mind could not fathom what I am."

Melantha remained still as she replayed His words in her mind, trying to comprehend what she had heard. She lowered her head as the Architect continued on with his speech by addressing the rest of the gods, but Melantha had already zoomed out, too lost in thought to hear anything more.

But then, realisation struck her. A mirthless smile crept up Melantha's face as she pieced everything together: this was a simple game, a game of which they were nothing but pawns within the Architect's grasp.

A hand rose to Melantha's face, brushing her pitch-black mane backwards. The goddess' back straightened once more as she inhaled deeply, eyes closed, taking in her surroundings.

Then she opened her eyes, and they shined.

She would no longer consider the Architect, nor bother herself with deciphering the meaning behind his plans for this cosmos. Although powerful, he was only one at the end of the day.

With a flourish, Melantha floated to the precipice of the palace and looked down at the endless void. The beautiful void. Her eyes spotted a pale blue dot, and she instantly knew what it was. Marring this breathtaking scenery, this blue dot struck out like a sore thumb. A sudden bitterness assaulted Melantha's senses, but she suppressed it before finally turning her attention to the crystal platforms the Architect had prepared for them.

As many as the number of gods present, the platforms were supposed to take them to their respective seats of power, their Spheres of influence. Knowledge of the Spheres was included in the information passed on to her by the Architect, and Melantha instinctively knew that she could mould that specific piece of the universe to her liking.

With her mind already spinning ideas about what to do with the power given to her, Melantha started moving towards the crystal platforms...



the flickering light of a soul wandering the eternal...

no purpose, no drive, no reason...

nothing but instinct, a reaction to change...

and then a pull, change...!

The soul fell through a dark tunnel, its surroundings changing rapidly. There were more like it, being drawn in by the suction of the vortex, kidnapped from their home of nothingness, into something.

After an inordinate amount of time, the scenery changed once again. The vortex gave way to a tunnel of solid rock. It seemed they were finally nearing their destination. The soul accelerated, even more, its shape now distorted, resembling more of a beam of energy than the formless mass it previously was.

The moment the surge of souls spewed through the hole at the other end of the tunnel, it had developed such speed, such momentum. Without even trying to stop, it shot forward with a might unlike any other, slicing through the air before finally being stopped by, once more, solid rock.

Buried there as it was, it felt a warmth slowly enveloping it, nurturing it, penetrating deep into its core and making its presence known to the soul, before slowly withdrawing. Offering nothing but a reason, a purpose, and the power to make it a reality, the warmth left. Coldness returned. Darkness ensued.

The soul accepted it all, absorbed it all, for it was what it was meant to do. Slowly at first, manifesting inside the soul, a black spot as tiny as tiny cannot describe emerged. By borrowing from the power given to it, the black spot expanded outwards, gnawing on the opaque insides of the soul. Soon enough, the entirety of the soul was devoured by the darkness and in its place, a pitch black bead lay buried.

And then a crack, loud enough to reverberate across the universe, but quiet enough to not be detected by the most alert of beings. From within the crack, a single tendril emerged that started burrowing deeper into the ground as if searching for the end of the world. Born from the original, more tendrils branched off into different directions, searching for the same thing. A framework had been created with enough stability to allow the black bead to finally emerge from its underground blanket of soil, and fly into its rightful place among the stars.

The process quickened from here on, with the bead breaking the soil and rising to the occasion. At the same time, the bead started getting larger and larger, rising higher and higher until eventually, the sheer weight of the bead could not be held by its stem and as such, with a plop, it fell from above straight back to the earth.

A faint light pulsed from within the bead, more like a sphere now, that rippled outwards. From its surface, a faint dark mist was being emitted that shrouded the sphere from curious eyes. Then a crack, once again, and the mist started picking up speed, swirling around the black sphere.

A being slowly stood up, and the mist sped up more, constricting the being within it as it shrank. Starting from the ground, the mist clung onto the being's surface, it's skin, before being rapidly absorbed. In its place, two legs, a torso, two arms, and a head. What remained of the mist stuck itself on top of the being's head, transforming into a floor-length pitch-black darkness.

The being slowly opened its eyes and took in its surroundings. From the river of souls up above scattering away, to the group of beings that had remained, the being did not spare much more than a glance. When He came into view, however, the being's eyes opened wide, taking in His image and branding it to memory. This, no, He was the one that called into the void, He was the one that dragged the being into this universe, and He was the one that gave it its purpose.

But why? Why would He create all this, but then call upon a being like itself and give it such a purpose? It needed to know.

Darkness enveloped the being's legs and lower torso as it slowly took off, flying towards the Architect. It regarded Him as He stood there, eye closed, body statuesque as if fused with His surroundings. The being stopped some distance away from the towering Architect and opened its mouth. A soft voice, a single word.

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