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Just as humans grow and change with time, interests change as well. I wish I had the urge to roleplay like I used to...

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we suffer from a severe lack of assasins
@Obscene Symphony Just the same. It tends to kill OOC thread activity, makes discussions more difficult to read after they've taken place, is more difficult to search through, and would require me to monitor and moderate an entirely separate platform. No thank you.

I used to think this but after joining a series of RPs that used Discord as the OOC chat I realized that it doesn't make a difference. If the RP itself isn't good enough to retain the interest of the players, it's gonna die regardless of the members using Discord or not.
I'm here, waiting :p
@Obscene Symphony i thought your character was anything but a biomancer lol but i guess that changed after some consideration. looking forward to their interactions
although i haven't fully read the op, i am interested. hope there still are some spots left

edit: read the op, def interested.
This coming week I'll be very busy so I'll prolly not be able to post a CS or even log in. If the spots are filled up before I come back I'll lurk around
@Muttonhawk I've been good, all thing considered (covid, uni etc.) What about you?

@EliteCommander I've commented a couple of times and read this on and off, but don't expect me to remember much
Are my eyes deceiving me? This RP is about to end? Ragnarok is upon us!
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