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I've been roleplaying close to 8 years now, and was a member of the OldRPG. Being a newb at the time and with zero previous knowledge about RPing and its intricacies, I made a lot of mistakes, such as joining and abandoning roleplays in the blink of an eye without previous notification :| I've grown, though, and now I generally consider myself a competent Casual writer, while I have my occasional bouts with Advanced RPs as well. I thrive in Low/Medium & High Fantasy settings, while also possessing a keen interest in the Sci-Fi and Supernatural. I've always found Nation/Historical RPs fascinating to read, yet am always hesitant of joining one due to fear of not being able to cope with the necessary world-building needed in such RPs.

As for the me without roleplaying, there's not much to say really. Born on a rainy February 17th, I am an intellectual Aquarius which thrives in using his snarky & quite sarcastic sense of humour and encyclopaedic knowledge to mess with other people's heads. It's quite fun actually, you should try it one time ;) My lazy atheist ass usually does not give a damn about other people's religious beliefs.

I love reading books, all kinds of books, and yet I don't really consider myself a book connoisseur. I also love swimming, but where I'm from, you will be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn't.



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@BBeast Corrected.

Also yea, we started with 20 Gods if I remember correctly, and now we are at 11.

per turn 13
@BBeast Alright, I can probably deal with 5-10 years.

@Muttonhawk Now i just have to find a way to timeskip 50-100 years ahead if I want to catch up with everyone ....

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Watching the shaman scribbling on the sand, Luna did not know whether to laugh or cry. The man was on the verge of death, yet he had the strength of will to try and communicate with her, even during his last moments.

Luna watched on as the man dragged a shaky finger through the sand. At first, she couldn't understand what the man wanted to say to her, the shakiness of his hand blurring the image he was trying to draw, yet he persevered. Simple lines and circles at first slowly started coming together to form images in the sand that depicted what had happened to the village. A band of humanoid creatures, surrounded by what seemed to be fiery auras from what Luna made out the symbols drawn next to them to mean, had descended from the skies, bringing devastation to the village and everyone in it.

Luna's mind blanked when she understood what had transpired. Startled, she made to ask the shaman about the creatures, more so to verify her suspicions than anything else; she was pretty certain that the beings that had attacked the village were of the same race as the one that had attacked her. Before she could even utter a word, however, she was stopped in her tracks when the man started coughing wildly, blood mixed with phlegm spattering the ground and painting the tiny figures drawn on it a deep crimson.

Luna's eyes widened in panic. "He's almost dead..." Her thoughts raced, trying to think up a way to help ease his pain. She knew the man was beyond saving at this point. It was a miracle that he had managed to survive this long with this type of injury.

The shaman, knowing that his time was almost up, raised his head to look at the supernatural being that was holding him in its arms. Through blurred vision, he strained to take a good look at Luna. He wanted, before his death, to know that one person at the least had known about the misfortune that had befallen their tiny village, even if said person might very well have been the reason for their demise. For all he knew, the all-mighty Skyfather could have been displeased by their co-operation with foreign god worshippers when they pointed Luna towards the direction of Vetros, and had thus decided to smite their village in retaliation!

It was then that the shaman noticed a faint shadow forming behind Luna, something that she had yet to notice. A brown cocoon-like amalgamation of gas and shadows slowly rose higher and higher before taking a vague, humanoid form. Curiosity quickly turned to sheer terror when two cloudy eyes, completely devoid of irises, appeared on the previously featureless "face" of the being that was now looming eerily above Luna.

The shaman felt his already shallow breath catch in his throat when he felt the presence locking onto him, his eyes unable to stare away from the shadowy being. He raised his arm, his hand trying to grasp at Luna to warn her about the creature behind her when he suddenly stopped; the creature was holding a finger over where the mouth was supposed to be, signalling to him to be quiet.

The shaman was petrified, either out of fear or incredulity due to the sheer bizarreness of the whole experience, and was unable to do anything other than comply. The shadowy creature slowly nodded affirmatively before sending out a very thin string of essence, easing into the human's body and stabilizing his injuries while also acting as a quick relaxation agent, promptly knocking the shaman out.

All this transpired in a few breaths of time, and although Luna noticed the strange movements the shaman was making, along with the clear rapid change of emotions he was going through, she did not think much of it, reasoning it to be nothing but a dying man's last moments. What she didn't imagine was that after the man fell limp in her arms, he would still be alive.

Yes, the shaman was still alive, albeit having a very, very low heartbeat, so much so that it was barely detectable by her sensitive ears. "I..I can't believe this..."

Luna laid the man's upper body back on the ground as she had found him, careful to not dislodge him from where the rock had fallen on his body, and stood up. Then her ears perked, and her nose started sniffing the air quizzically. She was picking up a faint scent, something akin to sulfur. Of course, she was almost 100% sure that the village was attacked by those lava beings and thus her picking up the odour of sulfur was nothing out of the ordinary, but this was something else, a different kind of smell that she could not exactly pin to one specific element but could only approximate it.

She swiftly turned around, eyes closed as she let her nose lead her to whatever she was picking up on. She slowly started walking forward, sometimes stopping to sniff the air here and there before continuing onwards.

Her quest, however, did not lead her too far away from her previous location; just a few meters away from where the shaman's body was trapped under the rubble Luna stopped and opened her eyes. What greeted her was the ever-present gaze of Owlfrun the owl.

"Are you done, little puppy?"


@BBeast Hang in there!
@Cyclone Ah, here you are juggling uni and posting just fine...

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