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I've been roleplaying close to 8 years now, and was a member of the OldRPG. Being a newb at the time and with zero previous knowledge about RPing and its intricacies, I made a lot of mistakes, such as joining and abandoning roleplays in the blink of an eye without previous notification :| I've grown, though, and now I generally consider myself a competent Casual writer, while I have my occasional bouts with Advanced RPs as well. I thrive in Low/Medium & High Fantasy settings, while also possessing a keen interest in the Sci-Fi and Supernatural. I've always found Nation/Historical RPs fascinating to read, yet am always hesitant of joining one due to fear of not being able to cope with the necessary world-building needed in such RPs.

As for the me without roleplaying, there's not much to say really. Born on a rainy February 17th, I am an intellectual Aquarius which thrives in using his snarky & quite sarcastic sense of humour and encyclopaedic knowledge to mess with other people's heads. It's quite fun actually, you should try it one time ;) My lazy atheist ass usually does not give a damn about other people's religious beliefs. Usually. Ya.

I love reading books, all kinds of books, and yet I don't really consider myself a book connoisseur. I also love swimming, but where I'm from, you will be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn't.



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@Muttonhawk I save all my posts in the cloud :)
My hard drive broke and I lost all my data. Create backups people, don't be like me.
@Cyclone True, but I am not arguing that we should create more planets. I am saying that we actually move over to a barren one, and start developing that one, and leave Galbar behind. I think that Galbar is developed enough so the gods can leave it alone and not come back to destruction.

This way we leave behind all the bad plots and everything, and we can start anew. We keep everything that's happened until now for possible future reference ( maybe some crossover with the new planet ) but don't actively develop it anymore.

I know some people here are not fond of things happening "off-screen" in RPs (i.e. @Kho :P) but I believe this kind of "soft reset" could help with cleaning up things, starting over with a clean slate.


1 week. Roger.

Edit: on a side note, have you guys thought about exploring a different planet. I know I am not in any place to talk about world-building, and I know that it might be hard to leave unfinished stories behind, but moving on from Galbar should prove to be what the RP needs.

Maybe take a more passive approach this time around after laying the foundation. Focus more on mortal characters and have the gods on the background more.
@Mt Paragon

After thinking about it a little more I decided not to join. Not that I don't like the idea (i've been wanting to play in a superpower rp for some time now and this fits my tastes) but I don't have enough time to commit to it.

Sorry for bothering you guys, good luck!
wonder if still possible to join this... hmm...
the oasis doesn't have to be on the planet. it could be a pocket dimension
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