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The greatest threat to freedom and happiness is not a standing army or a fleet of warships coming your way. The greatest threat to freedom and happiness is the greed which haunts the human heart.
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In a weird twist, the longer I stay at home, the more homeless I look.



I've been roleplaying close to 7 years now, and was a member of the OldRPG. Being a newb at the time and with zero previous knowledge about RPing and its intricacies, I made a lot of mistakes, such as joining and abandoning roleplays in the blink of an eye without previous notification :| I've grown, though, and now I generally consider myself a competent Casual writer, while I have my occasional bouts with Advanced RPs as well. I thrive in Low/Medium & High Fantasy settings, while also possessing a keen interest in the Sci-Fi and Supernatural. I've always found Nation/Historical RPs fascinating to read, yet am always hesitant of joining one due to fear of not being able to cope with the necessary world-building needed in such RPs.

As for the me without roleplaying, there's not much to say really. Born on a rainy February 17th, I am an intellectual Aquarius which thrives in using his snarky & quite sarcastic sense of humour and encyclopaedic knowledge to mess with other people's heads. It's quite fun actually, you should try it one time ;) My lazy atheist ass usually does not give a damn about other people's religious beliefs. Usually. Ya.

I love reading books, all kinds of books, and yet I don't really consider myself a book connoisseur. I also love swimming, but where I'm from, you will be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn't.



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@BBeastThat's one big ass post.
@Muttonhawk true true... X(
@IrishAngelQueen just came around to reading your post. It's good, but I assume the "ran and ran and ran..." part symbolises a timeskip? Cause from what I gather, his forming was quite fast after detaching from Slough, and at that time period, humans weren't even present in Arcon, much less in Galbar. This creates a small time inconsistency i think...
@Vetis I'm a simple man; I see bubbles, I like.
@Muttonhawk Alas, these art but a few of the num'rous troubles of a writ'r.
"What's a nostalgia attack?" you ask? Well, simply put: it's when you develop a sudden, inexplicable urge to do something that reminds you of your past/come across some very old memorabilia of yours etc.

I ask because I just had one so-called "nostalgia attack" when I unearthed my small Disney comics collection from way back. It really made me smile thinking about all those times I stayed up late at night reading them, or when we would go on family trips and I would take a dozen or so comics with me to read as a pastime. There are some especially old comics in my collection that were released even before I was born, yet here I am now two decades after and I still have memories of my time reading my comics.

So yeah, I was curious to know if anyone you of you guys had recently come across such a situation, a "nostalgia attack".
@Malchivo By any chance, is that a wuxia-related avatar? :D

The Land of Fire was a big country that became even bigger after all that happened during the Bijuu Crisis. Thus, it is no wonder that it took a relatively long time to travel from Kyokujitsu to Kyūseishu, where the Chuunin Exams were held. What is more, when tasked with the transportation and protection of the Sankage herself to the neutral territory, you ought to be even more careful while traveling. Basically, your journey is bound to be a long one.

The transportation of the Kage could be seen as an S-rank mission, and a team of experienced jonin would have to be gathered. This meant that newly advanced jonin would not be allowed on the team, and neither outsiders would.

Thus, it is no wonder that Fujita Kaimu was surprised when he first got notified that he was assigned a spot on the team. Although technically being a jonin of Kyokujitsugakure, his status as an Emissary of Harugakure meant that he was almost never assigned missions of very high importance, due to Harugakure and the Land of Spring being under the banner of the Land of Earth.

Being an Emissary meant helping foster good relations between your country and the country you are sent to, and Kaimu had done just that at the start. However, his efforts seemed to do nothing other than retaining what neutral disposition Kyokujitsu had of his country. Over the passage of time, seeing his efforts bearing no fruit, he stopped trying. It had become apparent to him that a mere shinobi could not hope to influence the diplomatic relations of two countries, especially when it comes to big countries such as Kyokujitsu.

As he kept on reading the scroll with his orders, however, his excitement was wiped out in an instant.

You are to set off right away, travel to Kyūseishu on your own on a scout mission. Every 6 hours use this scroll and report back to the main team.

Crap, not again.


Kaimu walked among the food stands, searching for delicacies to accompany his home-brewed drink. The Chuunin Exams was a big event, and people from all over the world came to Kyuuseishi to watch. Par for the course, wherever there are festivities, one can find merchants trying to make a name for themselves and their products. Especially with the nature of the Chuunin Exams that encouraged competition, everyone was in high spirits.

"Oh! This takoyaki looks delicious!" Kaimu exclaimed, his attention fully centered on the plate in front of him. He grabbed his gourd, pulled the cork out with a pop, and dug in with fervor. In the background, an announcement echoed out, calling for the three Kage to gather, and encouraging everyone else to enjoy themselves. A satisfied expression appeared on Kaimu's face as he washed down the fried octopus with a swig of sake.
@Frettzo Reminds me of the Apocalypse.

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