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11 hrs ago
Current Oh, that's coffee alright! ...For people who don't like coffee.
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6 days ago
I'm a proud Basic Bitch with my lack of fancy character sheets, speech color and BBcoding. Why? Because I'm a grouchy af old man. Now GTFO my lawn, mufuker.
8 days ago
My wife's trying hard to get me into The Mandalorian, but I'm a Trekkie. Lord give me strength!
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11 days ago
That moment you realize your textual self sounds like a dick when you're not using emotes. :D x'D :B ouo '>u>
13 days ago
Happy Turkeyitis Day! 😀


Beep beep imma sheep
said beep beep imma
pink sheep.
Baa mufuker baaa~


I'm currently [full], sorrrrrry!
Forgive me for my wrongs; I have just begun!

I will rp here (pm/threads) or over on discord.
I am not a fan of large groups. Small groups and 1x1s are prefered~
Don't wanna rp with me cause our interests don't line up, but still wanna ooc chat? That's cool too!

annnnnnnnd insert long wall o' text bio in 5, 4, 3... *coughs*

Lexisheeps bleated at your character,
whoever you may or may not be, "All packed and ready to go on our next adventure! Baaaaah."

The. Sheep.

Our lands are threatened by an invisible force
The concept of hatred: both spoken and verse
Plaguing the people - it poisons the mind
Teaching to hate that which is not their "kind"

Not one with the undead
Nor fodder for the live and fiending
I'm a challenger of every horde
That would try to live by loathsome reason

Take me back to the times when it was safe
Back where the rivers flowed, free by the lakes

This rage shall not be tamed.

Mama, we all go to hell.

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It was times like these when she was glad Theo wasn't anything more than a tour guide and curator for the Louvre.

Thierry completely agrees! :U

... the being practically had her with its right-hand inches from her throat.
...floor while the creature's footsteps scraped loudly and fast after her.

Uh... nope.
I don't care how many times we've slept together.
You're on your own with this one!

Avec Amour-

Great post, White!
I swear all the damn time, mufuker! :b

That sounds perfect!

It's always okay to brainstorm! ...in here and with me at least.

I had kind of imagined that with Theo being a bit of a socialite, that he'd hear things through gossip. Maybe even seek out to find out about various rumors if got sick and tired of his requests being constantly denied. Yeah, I see a bunch of dead plants in Thierry's feature. rofl
Not gonna lie. I'm curious about what Theo thinks of his dad running off to the field, despite physical ailments (busted knee + not being on the field in years) to save his stepfather that asshole he's related to by lack of choice (who has a good bill of health and age on his side).

Is he gonna blame Nick (further) for wanting to "prove" his worth if Thierry gets hurt?


Hate Thierry for getting further involved with HiveMind, a company with a piss poor reputation with Louvre workers (not realizing HM has both of his sisters)?

And what, if anything, has Sabrina told him?

ON THE NEXT EPISODE OF Hôpital Général...





I'll show you soft.

I'm glad you both @Estylwen @WhiteAngel25 enjoyed it as much as @Days and I enjoyed working together. You girls really are a ton to keep up with fun to write with! :'D
I'm working on it now, I swear! ToT;;;;
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