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The creeps are just loud, they're not the majority. Generalization of any group of people, not just furries, is dangerous.
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A double brood of periodical cicadas... Mama's pissed.
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Busy touching grass~ ♡
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What did one cannibal say to the other? "Does this clown taste a little funny to you?"
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Beep beep imma sheep
said beep beep imma
pink sheep.
Baa mufuker baaa~



I'm currently not starting any new rp.

Forgive me for my wrongs; I have just begun!
The Dark Beyond
The Dark Beyond: Adventures in Candyland (Prequel)

1x1 Mini Excerpt

With the script firmly in his hands, he stared blankly at the cover art he'd doodled. Wondering about the potential grammar mistakes he'd made. But instead of flipping through the pages curiously, he pulled the tablet to his chest and held it as if it was a stuffed animal. He'd finally realized that the majority of the people on stage weren't just a figment of his imagination and had become entirely embarrassed by his current state of existence. His drab unkempt sense of physical self.

I will rp here via pm or threads.
I am not a fan of large groups. Small groups and 1x1s are prefered~

annnnnnnnd insert long wall o' text bio in 5, 4, 3... *coughs*

The. Sheep.

k, bye bye bye !

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GOOD! We need all the ideas cause Esty is all

right now!
I thought about it.

Me? Cooperate? Fuuuuuuuuck no. p:
Vonny's Chaos Grenade

@Days @WhiteAngel25 @Estylwen

Applause and the sound of camera flashes rang out as Theodore Noel de Villiers revealed his big find- The Scepter of Dagobert!

The whispered tone of Nick's voice seemed to match the level of admiration Thierry felt for his only son. It was charming, the expression Thierry caught his husband sporting. The true smile admittedly was a slight rarity coming from Nick.

The things the husbands had gotten into over their heads through the years, dealing with the likes of HiveMind... this was what it was all about. Having both his daughters with them during Theo's first archeological reveal. It was inevitably about family. And Thierry was nothing short of gratified for what his son was doing while the family was just beginning to heal.

Thierry caught a glimpse of both his daughters, his ex-wife, and even his brother-in-law. Everyone seemed just as enamored with Theo as he was. Was Sabrina wearing a revenge dress? How had he not noticed sooner? But good for her! Thierry wanted nothing but the best for the mother of all three of his babies.

But the moment of joy Thierry felt while seeing everyone's jovial approval, didn't last long- HiveMind had arrived. First Joy. Then Fear... Anger will set in. But, not just Thierry. It all happened so fast that Thierry had just barely realized the scepter was glowing with dark purple energy. The same energy he'd seen in Khufu's tomb 7 years ago. Shit.

Thierry found himself shouting in unison with Nick and Aaron, "Stella!" as the chaos grenade HiveMind had thrown, directly hit The Louvre. On one hand, it was nice to know the woman was at least still alive, even if she'd been augmented to hell and back. It was like a recurrent nightmare. A horror that he'd wake up from, then restlessly fall back into after fetching a cold glass of water.

Suddenly, an eerie string of words were prominent in Nick's mind. They started playing like a looped broken record.

"Put Thierry in an arm lock behind his back with his stomach on the floor. Put Thierry in an arm lock behind his back with his stomach on the floor...Put Thierry in an arm lock behind his back with his stomach on the floor.PutThierryinanarmlockbehindhisbackwithhisstomachonthefloor

Put Thierry in an arm
Put Thierry


Beating hard within his chest just after Nick shoved some slow runners out from under the falling chandelier. At one point, Nick did look in Thierry's direction, who had joined other Louvre agents rather defiantly, to protect his daughters. Slinging an array of bullets at the human intruders seemed like a good idea, but the beast from the underground facility caught Nick's fullest attention once he heard it threaten Theo.

Pulled out his doubles and started shooting at the beast. But with the smoke from the gas and Galloes in his head, Nick feared his aim was off and managed to choke out, "Theo!" He was going to go crazy, was sure of it, but... this wasn't his first rodeo with certain levels of headspace.

"Put Thierry..."


The corner of his lip curled into a half smirk, "Hi, Authority? I'm Nick."

The young troublemaker mumbled out loud to himself- to Von Galloes, as he'd spoken. He was still shooting in the beast's direction, along with other Louvre agents not currently distracted by the human intruders. The infected agent continued his disobedience, "I believe we've met once or twice before. But we didn't get along very well, so do me a favor and fuck off."

In the midst of reloading, Nick had finally made it over to Theo, "Are you okay?" Finding out if Theo was okay or not was the first order of business. The second? "You ever fire a gun before?" Nick questioned honestly as he fiddled with his Pequignet utility watch. Pulling out a semi automatic shotgun seemed like a good idea right about now.

The ooze tickled his nose right before a drip of red blotted his hand. Nick's noncompliance seemed to be having an affect of sorts. He started to feel light headed and dropped the shotgun back into it's slot within his watch, "Shit."

How could Nick protect this kid if he couldn't even keep from bleeding all over himself? The spinning picked up the more he refused to listen to the mental orders. Would he harm Thierry or vomit first? Nick looked up from his watch to a blurry Theo and managed to vocalize his full thought, "Protect yourself the best you can with what's in the watch, but don't become an agent..." before passing out.
It's always Vonny's Brenda's fault!
@Qia @naomimyselfandi @Wayward @Silver Carrot

Just wanted to let you guys know that I'm dropping this rp. The ever wonderful @Estylwen is fully aware of this and will be killing my character off.

I want to apologize for leaving such a good group. You guys are all very well written and entertaining. Me leaving has nothing to do with you guys and is an entirely sore oversight on my part. Maybe we'll rp plot cross paths again!

That said, I have every intention to follow this rp like the weird little fanboy that I am! 😅
Into the popcorn coma of it we go!
I'm totally okay with that 👌 @Estylwen

@WhiteAngel25 that's true, they're both very distracted atm :p

Me right now that you've posted, but dealing with irl:

If @Days is not okay with it being Theo, I'm okay with it being Nick. He's pretty light on his feet, but idk about Theo.

Edit; unless you're talking about the Scepter, at which point, I should just stfu xD;

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