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Edric Rane, Cartelom

Just like most buildings in Cartelom, the Lord's Keep had seen better days. From the outside, it was giving a sense of abandonment, as if it was vacant and weathered, yet it was still standing strong. Cartelom as a whole was rotting away, with priorities set elsewhere. In a way, the keep symbolized the city, where progress had been halted but the final verdict on whether they'd be allowed to resume normal life was not given out yet. Edric was one of the last to enter but everyone inside was still waiting for Captain Hannigan to appear.

If there was something that made Edric feel old, it was the people in the hall. As if his country wasn't detached enough from the western provinces, the twelve years he'd been in exile rendered his remaining knowledge of "western" nobility nearly useless. Cartelom was much closer to his homeland than the countries he'd been, yet he felt he was the furthest he'd ever been. But he wasn't the only foreigner in the room, judging from appearances. People of all ranks and sizes were present. Some were clearly nobles, others not so much. A few seemed trustworthy, while others seemed like cannon fodder for the so-called undead hordes. Most were younger than him, but the difference in age didn't bother him. What worried him the most was how this sense of duty that motivated these people to be there would play out on the battlefield.

Formerly a member of a powerful mercenary, Edric knew that a thousand disciplined men could best a disorganized army of ten thousand. If the undead were as numerous as everyone was saying, they'd need this kind of discipline to avoid getting overpowered. But would inexperienced volunteers or self-centered nobles hold the line and die if they were ordered to? Would front-liners maintain their position against a rampaging horde ten times their size? For one, these people had no uniformity, as each and every one of them had their own equipment, their own weapons and, most importantly, their own goals and motivations. That could be catastrophic in an event where sacrifices would have to be made.

Edric was no better, he knew that. His goal was to reunite with his family or, if fate had it otherwise, find out how they died. And maybe find out if his people were still alive somewhere westwards of home. In any case, he wasn't planning on perishing in Rhogain defending the living, at least not yet. Casting his cynicism aside, he finally considered the silver lining of the situation. The Lord's keep only seemed abandoned from the outside.

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Bloody zombies everywhere
Edric Rane, Cartelom

The partial absence of the sun made the already grim atmosphere even worse. Headaches were plaguing Edric, who was still not used to the bone-pinching cold or to the damp and dark reality of his new home. The sun was rising, except it wasn't, a new day was coming except it was going to be more of the same. The bland marshes beyond the city welcomed no one, as if they were tired of all life. Was this place always like that?

Hope was a powerful force. Edric knew that better than most. Being forced to seek unknown lands and endeavors, having to travel to mysterious lands that didn't necessarily accept him for what he was, hope was essential in keeping him from losing his identity. But not everyone understood it's importance. The people of Cartelom were struggling, but they did not believe in a better future, they didn't envision it. That much was clear to Edric. Struggling would keep them alive, for now, but it would not be enough if they were to rebuild again in the future. The undead were strugglers and much better that, having laid waste to most of civilization in that part of the world within a short period of time. From his point of view, something more was needed if they were to overcome this profound crisis.

Gearing up was second nature for Sir Edric. His armor was welcoming, his sword was sharp and his house insignia was as radiant as always and a reminder of who he was. The least he could do was keep not just his gear, but his own self in good condition, for Cartelom was not meant to be his final destination.

Stepping out of the barracks should have made him feel better. Not used to cold environments, his head was pounding. He knew it would come to pass eventually but for now he'd have to endure. Cartelom's militia assembled once again, to guard the city and push forward, away from it's walls. The country of Rhogein was vast and it's many mines and villages reportedly abandoned for the most part. The few people who dared explore it were like uninvited visitors, transient and insignificant. As if the place was not meant for their kind any longer.
And just like that, I realized I never pointed out where my characters begins his story. Brb expanding the bio.
I'd like the idea of starting together but explaining how we got to that same place in our opening posts. What do you think?
How many characters will there be before we begin? Also will we start together or will be get together later on?

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