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2 mos ago
Haha yeet all you fams listen up; smash that futhamuckin like button and hit them haters in their pig-ass faces with a DEEP DISH DABBERONI PIZZAAAAA
3 mos ago
My new RP, The Black Undeath, has finally started up. I'm cautiously excited to see where it goes, but more than anything I hope to God that my cable doesn't get fricken cut again.
3 mos ago
I don't know if this'll be seen by those who it would matter to, but construction has knocked out my internet and I am low on data. I don't know how long I'll be gone.
4 mos ago
Y'know, swords are kinda like bananas you shouldn't eat.
4 mos ago
As much as I want to write creatively, I just can't get past a few sentences without resorting to the classic "BS this cause it's stupid and for school" technique. Thanks, college.


It's been 4 years so I may as well put something in here, right?

I tend to enjoy worlds verging on the bleaker side of things, not really sure why. I like 'em gritty and somewhat grounded, with a reasonable amount of realism (fun takes priority though, ofc). I guess I just like having a sense that defeat is right around the corner, though overwhelming odds are always best saved for those wonderful moments when everyone feels like a total badass regardless of victory or defeat.

I've really wanted to find an RP set in the worlds of Red Dead, Hunt: Showdown, For Honor, the Metro series, and a few others I can't remember at the moment. Any time I look I come up empty-handed, but I'd still like to find one.

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Banned for complaining.
@pugbutter Yeah I hope we can get more peeps, but even if we can't we might be able to go through this with just us three in the same location.

@Nerdude I can certainly use some of these, and I've found some as well. Not sure what I'll use for Cartelom, but you've nabbed plenty of useable images.
@pugbutter Yes, unless I make any significant changes to the CS of course - but I don't think I'll be doing that. Even if I do make changes to the CS you'll still practically be guaranteed acceptance, anyways.

@Nerdude Alright, cool.

And good grief that's a good chunk of images...
@pugbutter Yeah, that's pretty much why I'm deciding just to reboot it. Why bother continuing if nobody comes back and the situation doesn't get any better.

But yes, this next time around I'll be restricting the starting area to one location.


@Nerdude Yeah, that's what I'll go with. I'll try to remember to throw an NPC sheet together, but if I fail to do that before the reboot goes live just remind me. I am going to focus most of my time on expanding and revitalizing the world, though I can't promise any pictures.

I had tried finding a reference picture for Cartelom to include in my first post, but didn't deem any of them sufficient. I'll give cities another go, but due to the nature of my monsters (mostly regarding those I've yet to reveal) finding reference art for some of them is probably going to be near impossible, if not entirely so - though I do want to find a reference picture to go with the header for the Monster Section. One picture is way easier than scouring the internet for all the enemies I've currently got milling around in my pocket.

And while I think a map would be cool, I just don't have the ability to make one that I feel would be presentable. A reference image for the region itself might not actually be too hard to find, but I haven't tried searching for one of those yet. I'll see how that goes. It might actually be really quick and easy.


This could take me a while. I'm hoping no more than 2 weeks, as I've got summer classes to worry about and my schedule has changed drastically due to changes in my ride situation that leaves me with a whole lot less of the time I normally spent working on this kinda stuff. But there's a fair amount of stuff I want to cover. I threw the original interest check up when this was just a barebones concept, not expecting much to come of it, and ended up flailing around for a month or two - half of which time was spent without internet - trying to scrape this thing together with all the inspiration I could muster. Part of that's just down to how I work, but I did feel some pressure once people started showing interest.

Now I don't feel that pressure, and I've got a base to start with instead of starting from scratch. I know where I want to go and what I want to do, now, I just need the time to put it together and into words.
<Snipped quote by ArkmageddonCat>

And nobody will, for the trouble has bean

Indeedidly, just as a clam is good for two yeets the fires of beans will burn on in the passion of all who have seen the beanreaving.
Oh my god it's already been 8 days?!

Well... I guess it's about time I delivered my verdict, huh? I've seen RPs survive through worse droughts of activity than this, but all of them easily had at least triple the posts we have. The main issue here is lack of active players, and a reboot might help with that.

So... that's what I'll do. First, though, I'm going to give the RP a bit of a facelift, add a few more monsters to the starting list, readdress the rules, etcetera. I've also still got summer classes to deal with, which shouldn't outright stop me - but will certainly slow me down.

Will continue to post updates here for the time being.
Well that happened.
You act as though you intend to leave, but you won't. I know you won't.

Nobody ever leaves here...
The bartender said that too, as the yeets partook of the beans.

But to this day, nobody knows the trouble I've seen.
Two yeets walk into a bar.

The bartender asks god why.

God said "beans".

And so there were beans.
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