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Current Okay, let's give it a goo
3 yrs ago
I want to write, but don't ever seem to have the drive anymore. Every time I come back to this place and pop in to see how things are going, I want to come back. But I just can't seem to stick around.
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4 yrs ago
At this point I think it’s safe to say I hate college, since I’m in my graduating semester with 6 classes, but I’m also pretty anxious about whatever will happen once I’m finally done.
4 yrs ago
That last month of the semester hit me real hard, but so begins the recovery process. I just want to chill out for a bit without having to think about another academic paper...
5 yrs ago
Haha yeet all you fams listen up; smash that futhamuckin like button and hit them haters in their pig-ass faces with a DEEP DISH DABBERONI PIZZAAAAA


It's been 4 years so I may as well put something in here, right?

I tend to enjoy worlds verging on the bleaker side of things, not really sure why. I like 'em gritty and somewhat grounded, with a reasonable amount of realism (fun takes priority though, ofc). I guess I just like having a sense that defeat is right around the corner, though overwhelming odds are always best saved for those wonderful moments when everyone feels like a total badass regardless of victory or defeat.

I've really wanted to find an RP set in the worlds of Red Dead, Hunt: Showdown, For Honor, the Metro series, and a few others I can't remember at the moment. Any time I look I come up empty-handed, but I'd still like to find one.

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@VitaVitaAR No biggie, but I was actually considering about rewriting some of the sheet once I'm done with work for the week. I think I've figured out my own issues with it.

I'll also address the explosion stuff once I've made up my mind on that, which'll still require an edit to character history even if I don't rewrite anything else.
@Raineh Daze Alright, well… I didn’t know that. But I do now.

Should I just leave failure determinations up to you all, then? I don’t know what’s good, here.

It might just be easier for me to pursue something else. I’m feeling especially thick-skulled over this.
@Raineh Daze Yeah, no no, that’s fair.

Though I meant to imply that an explosion is merely a risk, not a direct result of failure. Failure is simply that the process doesn’t work like intended, an explosion was only meant to occur as an expression of the process backfiring.

Really it’s a hold-over from my misconception of how items are enchanted, and how magic works in this world in general. I always tend to view magic as energy, so I default to magic being wild and volatile if mishandled. Admittedly, enchanting through runic engraving should’ve shaken me free of the idea, but instead I likened it to coding, or wiring and funneling energy through a system. Enter an incorrect value in the wrong place, or make a mistaken typo, and the sequence either fails or crashes.

And… no it doesn’t really add anything to the character beyond a balancing factor for what I assumed would be considered a stronger sort of skill. I’ll then assume it was too preemptive and an over-compensation?

TL;DR - brain make dumb assumed comparison and think it cool but add nothing of value. Also I explain for probably way too long. I’ll make the change if removal is the definitive answer.

(Also I don’t understand the parentheses part)

(Also also I hope this didn’t come across as hostile)

I don't actually know if I needed the TL;DR, it's not as long as I thought it was.
@VitaVitaAR Adjusted to 50%, is that failure rate still too high?

And are explosions too severe a failure? Figured they only accounted for a fifth of failures, or rolling a 1 on a 1d10 for nerd dice terms.
Alright, changes made. Hopefully satisfactory.

Edit: Fixed another bit related to magic items that I missed.
I think making him a beeg lady would’ve been the right call.

But instead I removed the force magic stuff I tried to tack on and I feel a bit better about him, now.
Not exactly happy with this, can't figure out why. Was getting reluctant to share, but I figured it'd be better to get some eyes on it before I pull out my hair over this fuggin dood.

I see this is still marked as ‘apply’, but I just wanted to check and see if that second reopened slot was indeed still available.
Well this is interesting...

But topped up with a wait list to boot. That's unfortunate. For me.
Well in that case I’ll start working on some character ideas and toss something your way.
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