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Karena D'Nile

Featuring: Zoé Flores

Location: D’Nile Family Home.

Interacting With: Each Other During Flashback.

It had been a long night for Karena, one filled with very little sleep and a lot of worry of what had happened and to what was to come. She had spent a lot of the night and early morning with Cleo, her niece had come home after sneaking out to be with her friends last night for the camping, Karena wouldn't of stopped her from going as all she had to do was ask as she felt there was no reason to worry and trusted the group that went, but all that had changed now.

Last night her girl had come home and was covered abit in blood, was visibly upset as her fangs had extended, she was scared and so Karena had spend time calming her down getting her cleaned up, sorted out the clothes before getting the young teen to sleep, that was a mission in itself. She had since been leaning against the kitchen counter with a fresh cup of coffee to help wake the senses up, A thud from upstairs meant that Cleo was up or at least fell out of her bed was also a possibility, Could a dhampir fall out of bed? Either way the whole thing felt similar and gave the hunter a major case of deja vu from an incident similar roughly one year ago when another blood stained woman came to her door late one night.

𝒪𝓃𝑒 𝒴𝑒𝒶𝓇 𝒜𝑔𝑜…

The cold night air sent a shiver through her otherwise warm body as she stood on the other side of the street, her soft lips parting ever so slightly from one another as she stared up at the house, her dark eyes seeming to linger for the longest of times upon the front door. This wasn’t what she wanted to do… where she wanted to be… She didn’t want to have to go to her, but it was clear now more than ever that she just didn’t have any choice.

This was the only place she could go…

Shooting a quick and slightly terrified glance around the street, Zoé slowly began to cross over the road, her bare feet carrying her through the gate and up the driveway before eventually, she made her way up to the front door, reaching her blood covered hand out she hesitated, her gaze flicking down to look at it shaking in front of her before she shook her head, her eyes shutting tightly as she closed her fist, using it to slowly pound on the door once… twice… three times… her body shaking lightly as she waited in the darkness. This was a risk… a big risk… She was willingly going to see a hunter; it was either going to go well, or end badly...

It was a quiet relaxing night for Karena, Darien was out on a night shift while the girls were out for the cold evening, it was nice to be able to finally take the time to sit on the sofa in the front room. The room was dimly lit by candles while she was reading a book that her daughter Emilia had recommended a while ago, it was not her thing but it was certainly interesting, she had her feet up with a glass of wine just simply enjoying the peace and quiet, she wore her hair down… letting it freely drape over her shoulders as she continued to read away getting lost in the book.

The knock on the door made her jump a little, it was unexpected and rather late into the night… Who could possibly be knocking at the door at this hour? Maybe the girls had come back early and forgotten their keys again? No matter, gently resting the book down on the side table with the glass of wine before letting out a soft sigh as she stood up upon her bare feet and brushing a few stray locks of hair behind her ear. Casually walking her way from the front room and down the hall towards the door, she was wearing a simple buttoned shirt that was a little too big for her as she was not expecting any visitors.

Her lips parted slightly as she called out. “Just a minute.” Moments later the hall light was switched on as she could make out a silhouette that was waiting for her to answer the door, a few more moments had passed before the sound of her unlocking the door could be heard, unaware of what she was about to come face to face with… Upon opening the door her eyes widened to a very surprising and disturbing sight all rolled into one, left completely speechless the hunter had found herself just standing there just staring at the sight before her as the cold night air was being let into the home, She did the one thing that she hated most… hesitated. “Z...Zoé?”

The moment the door opened, Zoé lifted her head up, her body still shaking both from the cold and her fear as she met her gaze with the woman standing in front of her. Karena looked just as terrified as she did… she couldn’t blame her, not when she was standing on the woman’s front porch, covered in blood that wasn’t even her own. A familiar sting hitting her eyes, she couldn’t stop herself, instead just allowing the tears to start rolling down her face as she stared up at the woman, almost pleading with her as she spoke, her voice soft… almost inaudible as she did so.

“..h-help me…”

Karena had found herself meeting the gaze of the alpha standing before, her mind processing just what exactly the situation she just found herself in. Zoé looked terrified before her, but not just that but the woman was absolutely covered in blood and without clothing. Again Karena stood there hesitant… speechless, something that she shouldn’t be doing but it was not everyday a supernatural knocked on a hunters door and… asking for help, did she just hear that right? Tears were rolling down the woman’s eyes before her, her voice soft and quiet to the point that Karena could barely hear the alpha pleading to her, But what was she thinking? Zoé was at her door asking for help and she just stood there and needed to react and assess.

“Jesus Zoé…” She replied softly quickly glancing around to make sure no one could or had seen anything before reaching out to the woman. “Quick… come in before someone sees you out here like this… You must be freezing.” It was the first thing to come to mind, help the woman… this could be one of the biggest and costly mistakes of her life.

Moving forward and into the house as the woman ushered her inside, Zoé tore her gaze away, allowing her dark eyes to glance about the room she could see as she tried to keep herself under check, restraining herself from leaning into the warm touch the woman had held against her almost frozen to the touch skin. Shivering once more, she took another moment to look around the room before her attention was drawn back to Karena, the tears never once stopping as they continued to roll down her cheeks.

“..I-I did something t-terrible… I-... I need your h-help…”

Carefully watching as the woman came into her home, something Karena herself thought she would never do, She couldn’t help but notice just how cold Zoé was, her skin was freezing to the touch compared to her own and she immediately closed the door behind them, locking it up, Hopefully there wouldn’t be anymore unexpected guests. Once that was sorted, Karena began to think of the best thing she could grab nearby to wrap around her new guest in order to help her warm up, and to at least cover her up. Even if it was something small for the moment, as no doubt cleaning her up would also be a priority. Taking Zoé’s hand carefully, she lead her gently to the candle lit front room that she had been resting in prior.

“Okay… Okay, Zoé… I’m just going to get some things quickly, and you can tell me what’s happened okay? We need to get you warmed up, and calm your nerves…” She could not afford the alpha to shift suddenly in her living room.

Karena wasted no time in getting to work, she immediately went and got a wooden chair from the dining table, bringing it over for Zoé to sit on; it might not be perfect, but at least she had something to sit on that wouldn’t get permanently stained by the blood she was covered in. Motioning for the woman to sit, she then set off into the kitchen to put the kettle on, and to find a blanket or towel that she could at least put over the woman’s shoulders. After a good few minutes of finding a spare towel and folding it over her arm, Karena eventually made a fresh cup of coffee and brought it into the front room, handing it over to Zoé, this would then free her up to wrap the towel around her before kneeling in front of the alpha…

“Now… what have you done that requires my help?” her voice was soft and gentle, there was no point in suddenly going all hunter mode on her, not in her home, it was still so surreal that here she was, kneeling in front of Zoé, of all people… An alpha werewolf… Momentarily Karena moved her hand to the side of Zoé’s face, stroking away some of the hair that had gotten stuck to the woman's face by the blood.

“I-I didn’t m-mean to…”

Closing her eyes as she felt the woman’s gentle touch upon her cheek, Zoé leant into the palm of her hand, the tears refusing to stop as she leant forward, her shoulders hunching lightly as she pulled the towel tighter around her body, doing everything she could to bring warmth back to herself. She was so cold… so, so cold…

Her lower lip quivering slightly as she spoke, she shook her head lightly from side to side, the sting once more hitting her eyes as she began to explain what happened to the woman taking care of her at this moment… or at least, to explain as best as she could in the moment, “..I-I didn’t want to hurt him, but… he-... he was attacking me… and I just-... I-I didn’t mean to…”

When Zoé leant into her hand still crying, it was easy to forget what she was an actual werewolf, and not just any werewolf… she was an alpha. She kept on stroking the side of the woman’s blood stained face, even with the blood on her hand she had assumed that it was Zoé’s own and that before her arrival here, her wounds had healed. That was until she mentioned hurting someone, a male… she didn’t mean to… Just what did Zoé do?

Her smile had faded in just those few moments from the alpha’s words, Karena was a hunter and was within inches of a supernatural she thought she knew… Her tone serious, she needed to find out more, but this could turn ugly fast if she was not careful. “What did you do Zoé? Who attacked you?... I can’t help you if you won’t tell me..”

“..a-a hunter…” Pausing a moment, Zoé shut her eyes tighter than before, not sure just how to go about telling her what she had done before she decided to get it over with, her gaze once more lifting to meet with hers as she spoke softly once more, answering the woman’s question, “..I-... I think I killed him,,,”

A hunter… Of all the things that it could’ve been, it had to be a dam hunter that fought Zoé, hell he must of been pretty damn persistent or something to get to the point of Zoé thinking she had possibly killed him, and if she did… this could be very bad. It did beg the question of why come her about it? Processing what she had been told, Karena had removed her now blood covered hand from the woman’s face and removing herself away from the alpha and creating a little distance between them before pacing round thinking.

With the hunter inside her ringing alarm bells of needing to deal with this threat, Karena kinda knew that Zoé was normally not that sort of person, from the little she knew the alpha that is, the pair shared a common interest in keeping klamath safe… right now she had to control her emotions before she did something she’d regret like putting the woman before her down. Looking like she was about to lose her anger she took several deep breaths, but she still needed to think.

Looking over towards Zoé for a few moments, the hunter was really torn on what to do as she then looked at the blood on her hand. “This isn’t your blood is it…?” she asked not looking back at Zoé.

Hesitating a moment, Zoé shook her head lightly from side to side, her soft lips parting ever so slightly from one another before she spoke, “..n-no… not all of it…”

Closing her eyes a moment after hearing confirmation that not all the blood was her own, Karena took a deep breath thinking on what she could say next, This woman had admitted to killing a fellow hunter… Granted the hunter was attacking the alpha but… what really baffled her the most was Zoé choosing to come to her and ask for help, Maybe the alpha trusted her to come forward with this? Karena could not ever think of a time that happened but anything can happen these days she guessed.

After what felt like the longest of silence, Karena eventually turned to face Zoé, taking in the sight before her once more, damn she was a mess. Literally her training was telling her… No screaming at her to take the alpha out, but instead she knelt down to Zoé’s level, still keeping distance as her lips parted slightly, letting out a little sigh..

“Okay… Okay, I’ll be honest with you… Right now my mind is screaming at me to take you out but…” She paused, her gaze now locked onto Zoé. “ You came to me… Maybe you trust me or something, I don’t know… But what I am about to ask of you is really, really important…” Slowly Karena clasped her hands together in front of her, still leaning on her legs from where she was knelt down. “Zoé… I need to see your eyes… Your real eyes.”

Her eyes… she wanted to see her eyes; and not just the ones she was born with, but the ones she had gotten after she had first been given the bite. Holding the woman’s gaze for a few moments longer, Zoé eventually nodded her head lightly, the normal dark color disappearing as the bright sickly blood red took over, leaving the eyes of an alpha holding that of the hunter in front of her.

Her gaze never wavered when the woman nodded to her, watching carefully as Zoé shifted her eye colour to that of the blood red of an alpha, it was quite the sight to behold, it sent chills down her spine. Karena however, sighed in a huge relief. Zoé’s eyes were not blue as she feared. If there were, then the hunter was innocent… But in this case the man as not, and that meant he was a rogue hunter, something Karena disliked as much as a rogue supernatural, so it left new questions to be answered but for now, her first concern was helping Zoé.

After a few more moments of watching those eyes which seemed to have the hunter mesmerized, Karena snapped out of it and managed a slight smile. Slowly she stood up and made her way back over towards the alpha until she was within arms

reach once more and knelt down in front of her, Hesitating a moment before gently placing her hand on the side of Zoé’s face once more like before gently stroking it. “Good news is, your eyes are the right colour… they’re not blue and you know what that means.” she spoke in a soft tone.

“..he wasn’t an innocent…”

The words slipped from her lips before she could stop them, her voice soft as she spoke. Her eyes… her eyes were still the red she had become used to- a weight seemed to be lifted from her heavy heart as she let the news settle in her mind. The hunter that had gone after her… he wasn’t an innocent. Allowing her eyes to return back to normal, Zoé let them close once more as she felt the woman’s hands resting upon her cheeks, “..he-... he wasn’t an innocent…”

“That’s right… What he did or done, we can figure that out later. But he was definitely not innocent.”

She to let the words and thoughts with it sink in, Karena felt bad that she doubted Zoé, but it was not easy when the fact is, Zoé was an alpha werewolf, how times have changed over the generations. She couldn’t help but notice how Zoé had been all this time, she was still covered in blood, cold with nothing but a towel around her shoulders.. It was time to fix that problem and help the woman that was in need. “But right now, My main concern is getting you all cleaned up and warm, then see if i have something that could at least fit you, even if it is not a perfect fit.” of course she was referring to clothing, there was no way in hell, Karena was letting Zoé leave like this if she chose to. After she moved her hands into Zoé’s.

“How about we go and get you cleaned up?”

𝒫𝓇𝑒𝓈𝑒𝓃𝓉 𝒟𝒶𝓎...

Her phone going off suddenly bought Karena back to the present, the woman was not sure just how long she had just been standing there probably staring into space, snapping out of the thoughts of her niece covered in blood for a moment, Karena picked up the phone to see who had just messaged her. It was Emilia, her actual daughter, letting her know that she would soon be back into Klamath after dealing with some ‘family’ business out of town, although officially she was just spending some off away from work, By god she was not looking forward to having to explain and bring Emilia up to speed on what was just going on.

Texting back hoping everything went well and that there was an attack… and that there was much to discuss, Karena would no doubt speak to Emilia soon enough, For now there was several things that the hunter would need to do, it was going to be a long busy day, One of many problems to solve was just how many of the teens had been successfully turned, she only hoped that Zoé was able to get to them though as rogue pups would be extremely dangerous for Klamath, even if it was those teens, they were just kids and yet some evil sick alpha had the audacity to come to her town and attack them.

According to Cleo, there were others their defending the camp, one of which she had never seen before, and that it was the appearance of Zoé that made the dhampir leave. She even mentioned the sound of a high pitched scream that really hurt her ears, a deadly ringing… Considering her species, it meant sirens or a siren was also there, Karena was not sure on who or just how many teens had gone on the camping trip, maybe she didn’t want to know but had no choice when dealing with the supernatural.

She would have to go and check out the scene before it is all cleaned up for clues… Zoé will no doubt have her hands full on day one after the attack, but she will need to get some answers soon. Maybe…. Maybe she should go and speak to Seraphina. Hearing footsteps coming down the stairs, Karena had poured another cup of coffee for Cleo, it was probably not the best thing to give her as it can get her hyper, but the poor girl needed a little pick me up, or as her niece likes to say. ‘It’s not coffee, it’s a hug.’
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Location: Arvanitis Household to Sky Lakes Medical Center, Medical room.
Interacting With: Cassandra Arvanitis @Caits, Xerxes Arvanitis @YoshiSkittlez, Syleste Vos @Vicier, Sebastian Monroe @December, Gage Brooks @BlackPanther, and Alexander Flores via text@Crono.

For the duration of the fifteen-minute drive, Miranda found herself looking at the scenery pass by from the back seat of Xerxes rather luxurious motor, she would never be able to afford such luxuries as that but was happy with the car she had… Even if it was with the help of her parents. Miri had remained eerily quiet during the journey, multiple things playing on her mind about herself, this wolf pack thing she was a part of and most importantly her friends, she always had put them before herself, and they never seemed to take advantage of her for it.

There was a brief distraction as she had a message from her parents, of course they were worried sick about their youngest child, never fully recovering from when James took off. Miri knew they were worried she would do the same thing, the teen since replying to them that she promised to come home at some point, that she was okay but wanted to spend some time at the hospital for both Syleste and Sebastian who ‘officially’ were the only ones to get injured, She hated lying but how would she tell them? And would they even believe her? She just knew… This feeling in her gut that she had to trust Zoé, hell she did before all this happened.

When they had arrived at the hospital, Miranda’s phone had gone off in her pocket which made her come to a halt for a moment to fetch it out of her back pocket to see who had sent her a message this time. It was from Alex and this alone had made Miri smile as she brushed a few of her long blonde locks back over her ear as the gentle breeze seem to have the long wavy hair brushing lightly across her shoulders as the teen read the message. The smile faded a little when Miranda read it. It was just as gut wrenching having to lie to him to…

Miranda and Alex had become closer since they both lost a sibling each in James and Sombra, their bond had been growing a lot over the years as she came to see him as another older brother to her, she cared about Alex a lot and was there for him as much as he was for her, he never replaced James and she greatly respected that. Miri never overstepped his boundaries or replaced Sombra, not that she tried to, that is what was making it so hard to hold something big as this back and it tore away at her from the inside.

To: Alexander Flores
I am doing okay, Hope your doing okay yourself?. A wolf attacked our group last night… Syleste and Sebastian got hurt but the rest of us are okay, thank you for checking in on me, Miri xx

It was probably the most she could say to him, after all news of the group getting hurt would make it around town… The official story no doubt being that only two of them got hurt, At least that is what her parents had mentioned to her from what they heard. So, it was like a half-truth she told him, just the rest Miranda simply couldn’t tell him, the teen can only hope Alex would forgive her for holding back the truth. After a few moments of contemplating she quickly caught up with Xerxes and Cassie heading into the hospital and placing the phone back into her back pocket.

When the trio made their way through and into the room where the other two were kept, Miranda couldn’t help but get these weird feelings, like her senses were different somehow, she could smell who was pretty much in the room before they even got there, which was very unnerving to say the least, what was to say what else had changed within her body? ‘Or I’m losing my mind’ she absently thought to herself. Either way when Xerxes mentioned guests, Cassie took off in the room, she could understand why though and Miranda almost did the same thing.

Cassie went straight to work, being there for her friends, it made Miranda smile to see it, Cassandra was her bestie after all and it was clear why, she was always there for all of them come rain or shine. It was not long after announcing she had food that her friend took off again to prepare it for them, it will be much better than the hospital grub, that was for sure. While that was going off, Gage had since apologised to Xerxes for his behaviour, Sure it didn’t help the situation. But, Miri could understand why and he was being protective of his girlfriend… him and syl certainly made quite a cute couple.

Soon after Cassie had reappeared with the food and prepped it for the three that were there, Miranda looked on hoping that they could at least eat… Help them get their strength back on the road to recovery. Without realizing it, once again Miranda found herself being unusually silent… A smile gracing her features once more despite the concerned look she had before adding to what Cassie had asked before of are they okay.

“We are here if any of you guys need us, anything you need let us know.” Miranda’s voice was soft and hopefully reassuring to the group there and she to give them a soft hug not wanting to hurt either Sebastian or Syleste, and although she had not done it before… Miranda pulled Gage into a gentle hug, holding it there for a few moments. “She will be okay Gage, she is a tough young woman. Okay?” Miri only hoped that it would help reassure him before releasing the hug. She couldn’t help but feel guilty that the Sirens had to go through this.

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Cassandra And Miranda


Cassandra ran up the stairs, Chewbacca running along beside her, as if she was going to give him more bacon. She chuckled lightly, and headed towards her room, ”Mi-i-iri” She shouted again, pushing her door open, ”Bacon!” She said, already moving to a draw, that held some of Miranda’s clothes, for whenever they had an impromptu sleepover, throwing whatever she got her hands on towards her friend. ”We’re going to the hospital with dad, so you better hurry up and eat before we leave!” she said cheerfully, turning to smile at Miranda, ”And before Chewy begs off all the bacon” She said, nudging the dog, who still seemed to think she was going to give him more bacon.

Miranda’s eyes had rapid movement within them, Something typically associated with intense dreaming… or in her case nightmares. Last night was certainly just that, a nightmare that felt so real but still, the screams, shouting, the blood and tearing of flesh was still so fresh in her mind and seemed to be the main theme of her current sleep, it seemed to be getting a more worse as it was going on except for this weird smell of bacon that kinda made her mind throw itself off and go into something much less nightmarish but just a whole lotta weird which partially woke her up, sweat glistening on her face a little. The smell of bacon coming up the stairs was strong however and that meant Cassie was making breakfast, Miranda remembered that she was insistent on staying with Cass to make sure she would be okay and not alone, she would always be there for her girl.

Miri stirred some more when the familiar voice and scent of Cassie came into the room and after a moment of epic stretching under the duvet, the blonde was fully awake and mustered a tired smile to her bestie. That was until some clothes landed on her face. Sitting up Miranda couldn’t help but let out a little chuckle, of course Chewy would want the bacon and normally Miri would race him down the stairs for it, if Cassie’s father was not down stairs. The mention of the hospital was enough to remind her that what happened last night was not just some nightmare but tried putting it aside to be their for her friends. “Hospital day then huh.” She smiled climbing out of the bed to start getting changed. “Be a great chance to spend sometime with Sebastian and Syleste and be there for them.” Miri paused for a moment with a little sigh. “I hope they are okay…” she trailed off.

Cassie nodded, “Yeah” She said softly, “Dad said they were okay, when he left the hospital. I spoke with him, when he got home. He said that Syleste was doing okay, Gage is with her, and I think both Syleste and Sebastian are in the same room. I’m sure he had the staff ready to notify him if something went wrong with them.” She said, trying not to think about little Syleste, on a hospital bed. She wished they could get her, and Sebastian out of there. It seemed like they had got the short end of the stick, not being able to they had. She looked down at her hand, that had been mangled mere hours ago.

“I want to check in on the others, as well, but...they could be anywhere. Aron might have stayed at the hospital as well, I suppose…” She trailed off, retrieving her phone, frowning slightly, hoping that there was a message from Alexis-the girl had seemed so worried about them, but there wasn’t yet.

“Well, let's head downstairs, get some food in you. There some pre-made lunch too-I cook it so Dad won’t just have twix’s all day”She said, “Maybe I’ll take some in for Syl and Seb too” Cassandra sad thoughtfully, looking back to Miri and smiling.

Miranda nodded while listening to Cassie and finishing up get dressed in fresh clothes, she couldn’t help but have her mind and heart go out to the two as unlike the rest of the group that seemed to heal up in no time, those two did not. “Well your dad does seem to be a miracle worker, If he say’s they are going to be okay, then I believe that they will get through this, but it still does not stop me worrying about them… and the others.” Checking and brushing her hair to make sure there was no blood in it, god she spent what felt like forever washing herself and her hair to get the blood stains out. “So how did you get round to setting them two up anyway?” Miri smiled referring to Gage and Syleste.

Miri turned to see her friend looking at her hand, probably where she got bitten before looking at her phone, Miri could not shake the feeling of failing to be their for her, save her, even if Miri had scare of her own to, she was always looking out for others before herself, hopefully that never changed with what she was apparently meant to be now. She walked over and gently took Cassie’s hand and gave a reassuring smile. “He still munches out on the twix’s huh? Thought you managed to get him out of that habit” She joked a little to help keep spirits up. “That is a wonderful idea, I am sure Seb and Syl will appreciate it over the hospital food.”

Miranda motioned to Cassie to lead, while still holding her hand. “Lead the way, let’s get some breakfast before either Xerxes or Chewbacca eat it all.”

Cassandra chuckled, and shrugged, ”Oh, I learned from the best” She said, ”I just...nudged them together”

Cassandra smiled, and headed downstairs, retrieving her plate, and giving one to Miranda, keeping them out of reach of Chewbacca, ”Nah-uh” She said to the dog, leaning back against the bench, she looked to Miranda, studying her friend, trying to see if she was truly okay.

”Are you alright, Miri?” She asked softly, as she started to finish off her breakfast, nudging Chewbacca down as the big down made a move towards her plate, ”After...everything?”

Miri smiled as they made it downstairs and was given the plate, she to had to make sure that Chewbacca did not ninja any bacon of her plate. She had to admire his determination and it was hard to resist him giving her that look for his quest for another piece of bacon, looking over at Xerxes she did offer a “Morning” to him. Miri was getting through a breakfast when Cassie saved her from giving in and providing a piece of bacon to Chewy when she softly asked how Miri really felt.

Was she okay? Her mind going over several things at once, processing everything that was done and said and spent most of her time worrying about the other to not really think of herself. To be honest she was not to sure, for sure she felt perfectly fine physically probably better than ever before but couldn’t shake of this feeling that something was still off with herself. She was silent for a moment thinking, looking down at her plate before looking back up at her friend and put on a smile. “Yeah I feel fine… I mean don’t think I’ve managed to process everything, But yeah I am alright.” Adjusting herself in the seat, Miri went back to finishing off her breakfast.

Cassandra stared at Miranda a moment, sure that that wasn’t all. When she’d walked into her room, Cassie was sure that Miranda hadn’t been okay, in retrospect. She shifted, setting her plate down on the bench, pushing it back so Chewbacca couldn’t get it, and going over to Miranda. “Are you sure?” Cassandra had talked somethings through with her father, so she was at an advantage, she thought, compared to the others. ”We didn’t get to talk much last night...I just want to make sure you are alright…” She didn’t want to push, yet she did want to ensure that Miranda wasn’t going to let herself fall apart.

Miranda watched as Cassie came over to her, it was hard to admit if there was something wrong, that she was not alright. But truthfully she didn’t know, didn’t understand just what is really going on with herself and the others, what made it harder was that it was Cassie, the pair of them had been there for each so much over the years, they practically talked about everything together. Honestly she wasn’t sure, and it probably showed on her features. “I know we didn’t get much chance to talk, but… So much happened so fast I… I just need some time to process it all.” Once again Miranda found herself resting her hand on Cassie’s for comfort. “I am okay at the moment, I just need a little time and if anything changes you’ll be the first to know.”

Cassandra studied Miranda a moment, before nodding, ”Okay then.” She said, giving Miranda’s hand a squeeze, before she smiled, and moved over to the freezer, taking out enough meals for herself, her father, Miranda, Syleste, Sebastian, and for good measure, Gage, packing them into a cooler bag, she turned to both Miranda and her father, ”Alright, let’s go!”
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