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Current From the 16th December to the 24th, I have been given my overtime at work for christmas, only found out today. There is a chance the RP's with 7 day timers might have me asking for extensions.
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Just a quick update: As of next week I will be moving to a new address after finally finding a place. however i will have no internet access until the very least 17th of november, possibly longer. :)
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Nyssa Devout

Location: Red Hood Keep
Interacting With: none/open
Mention: Everyone.

Nyssa stood with the group as Commander Rouge had been doing a pretty grand speech, one that was straight to the point and spelled out clearly what their purpose and life was truly going to be about now, inspiring but demanded respect. She introduced some other reds and pretty much announced that other monsters were among them… Of course there would be, there were rumours what the reds did, even amongst the order she was with before coming here of what they did, only now she would be living in it.

Soon Finlay who was now responsible for the new merry band of misfits had taken them towards the rooms they would be staying in, even bunking up with these strangers. It was made clear, work together and have chance to live or simply die. The gravity of this new life was sinking in on Nyssa’s mind as she watched on, remaining silent. When they arrived her name was called out with several others, Album, O’Shay and Whitlock were to share the room on the right with her.

Nyssa was now standing there with the group, quietly she observed the group she was with, taking in their actions, appearance or anything that would give her an insight as to what or whom they were about, no doubt like herself, they all had a path that lead them to this keep, a story no doubt to tell. “Lehta.” A redhead randomly spoke up and within seconds her chains came off, this certainly got the attention of Nyssa and had her kind of straightened up as she watched on with intrigue as she introduced herself as Brighid O’Shay.

She went on a grand speech herself, explaining what she did not want to be called while actually pointing out what everyone was, but what got Nyssa’s attention the most was when the woman had pointed her out as a newly turned, that alone would complicate matters in a place like this for the white haired woman, even if she was wrong, Nyssa would know doubt have to have a word with this woman. ‘Of course she would be a spellcaster, but a werewolf I did not foresee’ Nyssa thought as the woman released the chains of from the others, but found herself looking over a lot to the Vampire.

After that is another young lady had spoken up, her words left Nyssa believe that she knew of Brighid before arriving here… and seemed to freak out at the actions of the redhead for releasing those that were forced to come here, she could relate of course, it was a dangerous and even a silly move, but one that showed initiative and believed in her actions and that Nyssa could respect, either way the other wanted them back in chains but what was done is done.

Eliza was her name, she seemed like a sweet enough type, not what you would expect to turn up here but another spellcaster but was human, might make her life here a little easier, it did actually amuse her that Eliza wanted everyone to get on and be friends, but far as Nyssa was concerned trust was needed but at least this spellcaster seemed to have her heart in the right place. Whitlock soon introduced himself, he kept it sweet and short and showed no desire putting the chains on, that was at least two now that she knew was sharing the room with her.

Other soon introduced themselves, Vitius, the vampire, that alone was enough to have Nyssa wanting to go right over there and kill him, a low growl did escape her lips but it appeared no one had noticed, but if stares could kill, he’d be on the floor right now. Sadon, a young man that had a name that sounded familiar but here it mattered not, maybe more about his family name will show itself in time.

Nyssa had at this point felt it was worth introducing herself, it was formal at least for other to know her name at the very least, she went to open her mouth…

“Don’t fecking try anything, bloodsucker. One move, and this arrow’s in your chest.”

This alone had Nyssa look over at the man that spoke, the idiot was armed with a bow and arrow, and armed he was, raised and pointed directly at Vitius, okay she was certainly amused at this sight already, a smile slightly cracking up on her lips, now things got interesting and if she had coin, hell she’d probably pay him to shoot it… what did he call it bloodsucker? Down, although, she would not appreciate it that much if he called her that, most likely be a very different conversation indeed.

And well after that, it just spiralled out of control, it was only a matter of time when you cram human and a myriad of monsters or in her case, the best of both worlds in a corridor together. A fully armoured man decided it be a great idea to shove his sword upon Brighid’s throat and blast about unauthorized use of magic, well Nyssa would be more than happy to tell that idiot that he just unsheathed his weapon without authorization to, and weather that woman was werewolf, Nyssa felt it was totally unnecessary to put a blade to a woman’s throat, his reaction to arm himself was good and be handy in a combat situation but not this one, if only she could smack the yellow out of his teeth.

Everything went in a blur, arrows though, did not go flying, a pity really the guy should never of gave that thing over there to even get anywhere near him. And then that poor boy stepped in the way, yes that would make it more complicated, the kid tried to stop it, it was cute but admirable, just even Vitius touching him had Nyssa fight every impulse not to take out Quintilla, her unique detachable blade and gut the blasted thing. Nyssa was about to spring into action, maybe her action would either make a good or bad impression, but at least she could introduce herself with the ends of her blades, "Listen fookin 'ere!"

Finlay; there superior finally grew some balls and finally shouted at the group, not mincing his words he made it clear they needed each other and pretty much shut down the situation, Nyssa’s arms were crossed, when she crossed them she had no idea, everything just went to crap and sorted itself so fast that the white haired woman just stood there with a look of ‘what in god’s name did I just witness” Her mind had wondered of somewhat as her thoughts went to just why she had volunteered to come here. ‘Thunk!’ Nyssa actually jumped at the sound of… An arrow hitting the ceiling, ‘The idiot actually went and bloody missed.’ And yes you can even make a supernatural wonder like a Dhampir jump.

Once things had calmed down, Nyssa remembered Finlay said about being ready in fifth teen minutes, not much time to get settled really, Hell she only just realized she never introduced herself as she saw the redhead spellcaster that started all this mess leave after their superior to go heal him. Nyssa had since made her way into the room, she saw that there were two men bunking at one side of the room, interacting, her glance at them didn’t last long as she turned her attention to her bed, placing what little belongings she had left on the bed and place her blade down, her amber eyes looking over the weapon, she would need to get it and her daggers ready, to which she placed down to one side also, as she silently went about her business of getting ready.
Sorry I have not posted, a reply will be up tomorrow :)
So far, from the great writing and interactions I have seen, I don't think anyones characters are.
I got over half way through my post, I will finish the rest of it after work tomorrow and post it :)

Nyssa Devout

Location: Red Hood Keep
Interacting With: none/open
Mention: none

It had been a long journey, having to travel to the keep by horse and carriage was quite the bumpy ride but Nyssa had to start late in the previous night to ensure she could make the deadline of sunrise to where she was formerly invited to the Red Hood’s, despite Guinevere’s concerns and protests about the young woman voluntarily going to the very place that had got a reputation over the last few decades in dealing with monsters.

Although it was difficult to get any kind of decent sleep, Nyssa had managed to at least get some, it was better than nothing as she felt the carriage come to an abrupt stop, outside she could hear all kinds of shouting from men and woman which gave her the belief she had arrived at the correct place, it was strange coming from the north to the central provinces, her accent alone might make her simply stand out, the yellow hood may do that also.

After a moment Nyssa, grab what little belongings she had brought along in a small bag, her unique weapon sheathed as the door to the carriage was opened by the man that brought her here and despite his offer of assistance, she did not desire that man to touch her person… although it didn’t stop him from staring as she got out, he was promptly interrupted by a Red Hood.

Nyssa did not speak or engage in conversation with the others, not even hoods that were looking at her, they had their hands full with those that were shackled with chains and forced to make their way to the keep, a small part of the brutal truth of the serve or die. She was certainly thankful of her human side, making her blend in like any other human, but the sunlight did still affect her eyesight.

The brunette had passed glancing at the ones forced to join, wondering if they really should be there at all, plus what was there stories, she guessed everyone had their own story to tell for the reason of being here but for now she followed other volunteers. Her Yellow hood already draped around her as she kept on moving, ignoring any eyes that may have fallen upon her figure.

Her eyes were drawn to the castle that stood proudly before them, the keep was surrounded by mountainous land, making it certainly look like an impenetrable fortress, it certainly lived up to the name of the Red Hoods to have such a place as this and make a name for themselves in only a few decades? Either way she made her way across the massive drawbridge, not looking back as she had gone past the point of no return.

Upon entering the keep, Nyssa was lead to the great hall, it certainly looked great in its size, a crimson carpet adorned the stone floor, red banners all around the said hall, Nyssa found herself taking in the grand sight and looking around as she like the others were led to the centre, she observed the hoods surrounding them around the hall, staring daggers into them already, if that was not worrying or imposing enough, Nyssa eventually had her eyes rest on the woman herself, commander Rouge. She did not recognize other two individuals with her, but Nyssa was weary as she watched on upon hearing the drawbridge behind them close.

Cleo D'Nile

Location: Avalon.
Interacting With: Drake @Marrok; Nik @webboysurf
Mention: Aya @c3p-0h; Uná @Almalthia; Heidi @Silver carrot; Ayel @Dezuel

The night was going well, in fact it was going epic in Cleo’s eyes, drinking, having a laugh with the girls and… a voice? Now she was hearing things but it freaked her out at first. "To the lonely souls lost in the world, to the forsaken and depressed. Do not be afraid, there is no need to cry, no more need to run away or hide. I am one of you, you not alone. We are the chosen ones, the ones whom are currently being oppressed. Where we are forced to hide from sight, where we are called freaks and monsters. We are not monsters my brothers and sisters, we are a different branch of mankind. So I urge you to leave where you are hiding, find others like yourselves out there. Tomorrow I will guide you to where we can all meet. Under a new light. A beacon to guide us to the future which is waiting for us. Seek love and passion, and go forth... with my prayer."

Cleo just sat there at first before looking around, even looking at her fellow class mates, it seemed they were as confused or concerned as she was but then looked at her margarita, like she was inspecting it for something that simply wasn’t there. “Don’t worry Nik, I hear voices too.” Cleo seemed to relax once more as she replied to him. “Way to go Cleo.” She mumbled to herself and then down the whole glass, before watching the cuteness between Uná and Nik, that redhead knew what she wanted and watched them leave for the dancefloor.

Soon time of my life started to play, ‘Ugh Really?’ was all the blonde could think when she decided to go over and lean on the banister, resting her head on her hand as she looked over the dancefloor, it was not hard to find the pair thanks to Uná’s striking hair. It appears there were some groans from people in the crowd but Cleo actually watched on in interest, and what she saw made her smile, like a lot as she watched the pair do this amazing dance and Cleo found herself mesmerized by it.

Soon enough Cleo had since had another drink and was mingling with the crowd on the dancefloor, dancing with random guys and gals, by this point she was totally enjoying herself and letting her hair down so to speak, she even saw Uná back on the dancefloor with some freaky tall guy, the way he looked at her made alarm bells in her head, even if it looked kinky but that was the tequila talking. But soon enough they left to another booth and Cleo tried staying close but like hell she was going to get the chance to, she continued to dance but not as energetic or sexy as she was earlier.

Cleo had since lost track of time, even going back to dancing fully in the crowd again, until there was this big huge ass roar that even reverberated over the music which made for a split second everything stops, well in Cleo’s mind it did, within seconds it was utter chaos, people were screaming and running, hell even trampling over each other, to which Cleo did everything she could to move over to side, she needed to find her friends, she needed to get out of here! Suddenly there was there was a ring of gunshots, by this point Cleo’s eyes landed of god knows what it was, but it was big, a monster.

In the time it seemed Heidi, Uná and Aya had gone missing, had they made it out, if so that was good, Cleo saw a woman on the floor badly hurt and against her better judgement tried to help her up of her feet and try to get her out to safety, more shots rang out and the blonde could remember feeling searing pain on her arm along with collapsing on the floor with the woman, gathering her bearings for moment. In that moment Cleo had witness seeing someone, a stranger die before her eyes, shot in the back a couple of times, feeling her own pain again, Cleo grabbed her right arm, it hurt like hell, she was shot to and there was blood, how bad she hadn’t a clue, maybe a deep flesh wound at best.

Cleo saw Drake, stumbling but she was thankful he was still here, she tried calling out to him, shouting his name but the beast was causing to much ruckus for her drunken pitched voice to get his attention. Even barstool was launched at it, but subsequently destroyed. Soon Nik joined the fray, sure they weren’t X-men but hell they alone could do things no one else here could, summoning all her strength Cleo stood up, a bit tipsy at first as she tried to regain her balance, her right arm still had blood running down it from the gunshot but right now she was concentrating on the guys and this monster.

Soon enough she to grabbed a leg from one of the broken barstools and gradually made her way over to Nik and Drake, it might have looked cute, but Cleo was pissed, scared and angry. “It’s just a monster, just one scary big ass monster.” Cleo said more to reassure herself, she spoke up more to address the two guys with her. “We can’t let it get outside… I can try and flank this thing, like I do in the danger room.”

There is some adding to physical description coming on shortly, but i wanted to get this up as I'm about to head of to bed.

I have been keeping an eye on this interesting concept, and there is a lot of interest than there is spots... But i will put in a character shortly and see what happens.

Cleo D'Nile

Location: LA Various, Avalon.
Interacting With: Khloe @KatKook; Aya @c3p-0h; Uná @Almalthia
Mention: Drake @Marrok

It had been one heck of a day, Money was given, a girls day out to get outfits and of course the whole best part of it all, going to club Avalon, how on god green earth can Cleo say no to that? Although getting in would be the hardest task ever considering how ditzy the blonde can be and the fact she was not old enough, but it seemed Uná already had a plan for that once Cleo had returned to the Uber in her new outfit, god she loved it.

When Uná beckoned her over back to the car, Cleo complied and showed her ID, When the redhead touched hers Cleo suddenly looked at it closely, it now read she was old enough to go in and her face lit right up. “Ohmygod, ohmygod, ohmygod.” Cleo said in quick succession. “This is so awesome! I totally owe you one for this babe” She chimed before getting into the car.

Once in the line which seemed to be ever growing, Cleo hanged out with the girls, butterflies in her stomach, was she really about to be able to just walk into a nightclub underage with an ID that said she was? Dam straight she was! When it was her turn to flash the ID to the guys at the door, she was waved in, and the blonde was in, her eyes hit straight away with the strobe neon lighting of the place, she owed the redhead big time for this, I mean it was not like she could’ve gone invisible or anything to sneak in, although the risk of it was exciting.

Uná had brought the girls the first round of Margarita’s, the blonde was even surprised to see the redhead flirt with a female bartender and she knew tonight was going to be a great night as she bit her lip in thought, she knew it had Tequila in it which always got her in a ‘fun’ mood, thinking of it she could not remember if she ever told Drake not to give her tequila when they spent time together, but this wasn’t so bad was it? It only had a little in it. Making her way over she took of her white jacket and sliding into the seat around the table, the booth had a great view of the dance floor as she adjusted her black fingerless gloves awaiting for the first round to arrive. “I am totally getting us a second round after this.”
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