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Current From the 16th December to the 24th, I have been given my overtime at work for christmas, only found out today. There is a chance the RP's with 7 day timers might have me asking for extensions.
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Just a quick update: As of next week I will be moving to a new address after finally finding a place. however i will have no internet access until the very least 17th of november, possibly longer. :)
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Miranda Burke

Location: Olivia house/Red Lake. Interacting with: Olivia and Finley:

Miranda was stood there awaiting to see what happens with her hands resting in her jean back pockets, to say the least she was getting the feeling that the other two weren’t to bothered or wanted her to be there, it was surprising to her that Declan didn’t seem all that too interested in her being there, consider when he needed somewhere to go, he stay hers together for days after Jenna had made accusation he was the murderer, something Miranda flat out refuses, she knows him more than anybody.

Her smile at him faded though as Finley spoke up, to be honest the blonde was getting pretty annoyed at the girl’s constant dislike towards her, couldn’t she just put there shit on pause for the sake of Riley? But she had enough of it really, she was here because Oli had asked her to and Miri did not care whether or not others approved of it or not. Crossing her arms now across her chest, she didn’t look to happy. “To be honest Finley, I have nothing against you personally, but I don’t care what you think of me anymore, if you don’t want me around then tough, I don’t give a shit, I am here because Olivia asked me to okay, and more importantly I am here for Riley... Unless you all want me to go?”

Cleo D'Nile

Location: Girl's Dorm.
Interacting With: @Draven | @KatKook

Cleo watched on intently as Drake did his work on the door, so this was what he could do, the power of fire, seeing it in action was quite an awesome sight even if it was just to open a frozen door, all she could do was go invisible and even then it was not guaranteed. Cleo stayed at the ready with the extinguisher, especially after the sheepish look Drake had given her which in turn dent her confidence this would work.

Cleo couldn’t help though when Drake face planted the door and even snorted a little while refraining to have a big ass grin and giggling at him, it was as epic and her spectacular fail but it was still fun to see. The crack sound from the door snapped Cleo’s attention back to the door as it eventually open, dropping the extinguisher on the floor to went into the room only to get the shock of how dam cold it was, like man it was freezing as all hell.

Cleo couldn’t help but look around the room for a few moments, it was like the freaking north pole was in her room, everything frozen over. ‘Okay this totally awesome.’ She looked at Khloe for a moment. ‘So she is definitely an Ice Queen.’ She thought to herself as she listened to the now white haired girl? Was pacing back and forth freaking out, Cleo could’ve swore the girl was blonde yesterday, either way Cleo was digging the white.

So Khloe freaking out actually made Cleo concerned, as cold as she was she moved in closer to the centre of the room trying to get the girl’s attention but she just kept on rambling on and was in total freak-out mode, which in all honest Cleo would be to if in her position. “Um Khloe you need to calm down.” Cleo said trying to get through to the girl. But she was to upset, and the blonde was struggling to get through to her as she noticed the ice rising around her stomping and to the point of her knees!

‘Okay Cleo think, come on girl think... you need to calm her down, make her think of something else’ Cleo was in deep thought her concerned expression showing when she looked over at Drake and pointed out the raising ice. “Oh I know; I have another idea.” Cleo blurted out as once again she had another idea. Once more with her tongue partially sticking out of her mouth as if carefully stepped over the knee high ice wall. With that task done the tongue was no longer sticking out now, she was in close proximity to Khloe and it was time to put the icing on the cake. ‘This could either work or I become a popsicle in five seconds flat.' She then went fingers crossed motion at Drake before going in for the awesome plan.

“Khloe you need to stop, come on girl, please you need to calm down.” Cleo pleaded once more, but she was still pacing. “Ah to hell with it” within moments Cleo spun Khloe around and pulled her into full blown hug as she wrapped her arms around the girl. ‘Please don’t freeze, please don’t freeze me’ she thought eyes closed. Cleo continued cuddling her. “Come on girl, you can do this, concentrate and think of good thoughts, forget about what’s going on around you.” She whispered into the girl’s ear as she was still not letting go, at least Khloe felt warmer than even Cleo expected considering she was in a frozen room.

Cleo D'Nile

Location: her Dorm - Girl's Dormitory Hallway.
Interacting With: @Draven | @KatKook

Cleo couldn’t help but blow the few strands of hair out of her face and smiled at Drakes comment, if anything she rather enjoyed her attempt even if it failed. None the less Cleo took Drakes hand to her get back on her feet, even if a bit sore after that rough landing. She glanced at the door a few times before looking at him, after all that it seemed the dam thing didn’t move and inch and probably gave Khloe a heart attack in her vain attempt of rescue.

“A headache at least, I’ll probably regret it later…. Just what the hell do they make these doors out of?” She said looking over at Drake who had once more spoke aloud to Khloe, telling her of his plan, to be honest it was better than her battering ram attempt a few moments ago. She listened to what the girl on the other side said. She looked at Drake again.“If this goes sideways…” Cleo looked genuinely concerned as she raised her hand a little while pointing a finger in a hold that thought motion. “I’m just gonna get a fire extinguisher, You know, just in case.” She quickly trotted off to retrieve one from down the corridor and hauled it back a few moments later. “Alright muscles, ready when you are.”

Cleo D'Nile

Location: her Dorm - Girl's Dormitory Hallway.
Interacting With: @Draven | @KatKook

Cleo had stayed in bed later than she should have, yesterday’s events were certainly mad, epic and downright dangerous all in one, there was the fight she watched, which was heavy hitting but quick all the same, she ran her ass off to miss out on the close ups. Several where hurt or injured though that put a downer on it of course, but she did get to meet some new people and actually interact with them, hell made friend and got some numbers, she even shared hers out with group, even had a little naughty drink on the side.

The rest of her day was being spend getting bored having to catch up on studies and so forth, she was certainly not expecting to hit the high grades to quick though, most of the time she was meant to have in school never really happened and so it sucked being behind many but you have to start somewhere right, besides, it’s as if Cleo came out all the bad out of it right? Cleo was awake for a little while now though and was taking her time to get sorted, it appeared her roommate Lily had already gone, Cleo decided to keep it casual today but something comfortable for her, Blue Jeans and black short sleeved top with a pair of arm sleeves.

Still yawning Cleo made her way out into the girl’s dormitory hallway with the simple plan of going to the main hall to get some breakfast before someone else breaks something in this academy, she was playing around on her phone when she initially walked past a topless Drake leaning…. Wait what? Placing her phone back in her pocket the blonde stopped and looked round, lone and behold Drake really was topless with his palms against a door it was only when she got closer she realised that it was Khloe and Sally’s Dorm. “What’s going on?” Cleo asked initially seeing the frost around the edges of the door and what sounded like Khloe…. Was Khloe trapped inside her own room?

“Khloe, Is that you? If so its Cleo, we met yesterday… Oh never mind, I am here with Drake, We’re gonna try and get you out okay” Cleo spoke close to the door, it appeared Drake already had an idea, but leaning on the door, I mean unless he is secretly a fire hulk, she couldn’t she how he was going to open the door, so Cleo looked at him with this mischievous little grin, she just had the most epic idea ever. It literally took second for Cleo to back up against the opposing wall, tongue slightly sticking out while she got ready for her grand entrance. “Alright watch out Muscles.”

Rubbing her hands together for a few second Cleo went for it, pushing of the opposing wall and ran at the door, she sure hoped Drake would move out the way, if not well the idea could still work if he didn’t in her mind. Just as she got to the door Cleo flew in and dropkicked the door with a loud ass thud… followed a split second another thud… on the floor. “Owie” she groaned, the door didn’t budge and Cleo was laying on the floor. “Oh mother of Metallica my head hurts” she groaned again, not surprising she just pancaked herself on the floor with a pretty hefty thud, at least a headache for sure not that she was thinking about that. She did manage to look at Drake again though after her spectacular performance and half kind of grinned. “Hi”

Miranda Burke

Location: Olivia house/Red Lake. Interacting with: Olivia and Finley:

Miranda had taken Olivia in her car for the ride to Red Lake, it was the plan after all, she wondered how Dec and Fin would take her being with the gang on this one tonight, she only hoped her presence tonight would help with whatever they had planned, one thing for sure, she was interacting and bumping in Finley outside of work a lot more often with recent events. The drive was too long and the ride seemed a little quieter on the way there than what it was from her to Oli’s.

Soon enough they had arrived at the location that Oli said they were meeting the other two, When Miri parked up she looked over to see Fin and Dec there together, looked like they didn’t get there to long before them at all, maybe they had just arrived as well? Olivia was out the car before Miri could even turn her engine of. She secured the car and made her way over towards the group seeing Oli rubbing her neck and only catching the end of the conversation. “What’s fine? Miri just remembered it was possible they the other two were not informed of the blonde joining the trio.

Miranda Burke

Location: Olivia’s Home. Interacting with: Olivia:

Miranda smiled at her friend when she answered her return question, she remembered it was something her wolfie friend has always wanted to do, Miri knew it would do the blonde a lot of good learning such skills considering how much crap is going on right now in Red Lake… So much for being a quiet little town.

Miranda leaned against the side in the kitchen as she too notices the time, they were on a time limit to meet Finley and Declan. She pondered her question of what sandwich she would like to eat. “Sandwiches will be fine honey, Turkey and cheese if you got it?” Miri replied crossing her arms across her chest as she relaxed.

Cleo D'Nile

Location: Courtyard.
Interacting With: @Draven | @KatKook | @Bounce | @BoyMom69035

Cleo had steadily stood up from the bench when Khloe had bowed at her and greeted her, it was something she was not accustomed to, but it was nice to see someone she just met being so kind despite all of the crazy that had been happening today let alone the first week. Although hesitant at first Cleo did bow her head back at the young woman, hoping she would not take offense at the unsure effort of whether she should be doing so or not.

It was at this moment that Drake suddenly took his leave un-expectantly. ‘Was it something I said?’ Cleo immediately thought to herself as she watched him quickly leave thus leaving the two ladies with the flying kid. Khloe suddenly speaking up again caught the blonde girl of guard somewhat and took her a moment to understand what she meant by no big boom good, but when she removed her cap Cleo could see she looked pretty cute. “I hope we can to, it be nice to make some friends.”

Soon enough Drake had returned, just how long had they been standing there or was he like a guy with super speed? Well if that was the case that would be freaking awesome! Just as awesome as a child that could fly. “This place has my mind already doing cartwheels” Cleo blurted out in response to his apology, of course she did hold a reserved smile. And soon enough he started talking to the little one. To be honest Cleo found it so cute with how he replied with him thinking he was ten.

Drake had soon pulled out a flask from his pocket, Cleo knew just what that was intended for from her own past experiences and threw caution to the wind and accepted the offering, it had a whiskey smell to it as she took a swig from the bottle and offered it back to Drake as she swallowed it, it was as smooth as she was expecting, but it’ll do. She gave him a thankful smile. “Wait what....” She looked at the building for a moment before looking back at the group a shiver going down her spine. “You actually think there could be a telepath or psychic in there? I can’t decide if that is really freaky or cool” Cleo couldn’t help but cover her mouth and smile at Sy’s response, she didn’t mean to but it was adorable.

Soon enough and by a rather big surprise, the Red haired girl from early was already back outside with the group, but Pierce didn’t take her in that long ago did he? Either that or she had lost complete concept of time while standing here talking with people, it was nice to actually socialise a little. She introduced herself as Sally, she had noticed the girl staring at her, but decided not to say anything about it, it even made the blonde wonder if maybe the girl remembered seeing before in Cleo’s travels but she would have noticed a beautiful redhead like that any day.

Sally seemed to totally be taken by the adorable flying boy, although what she was saying made Cleo smile even more, it was nice to see so many kind of people, sure they might be different once she gets to know them but first impressions were good… if you could look past as big ass crater in the middle of the field. She took a guess at Cleo’s powers. “Oh my god, I wish, could you imagine how awesome that would be, I mean giving a little jolt by poking someone could be quite fun.” Cleo cheerfully replied. “I love your guess though. I can tell you but you guys probably wouldn’t believe me.” Cleo paused a moment looking at them and grin on her features. “Okay, okay. Right, I can go invisible” Cleo wouldn’t lie though, she was excited to tell someone what she could do without any mutant hate, it kind of felt like a relief in many ways, Isaac already fell victim to her revenge pranks.
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