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Current From the 16th December to the 24th, I have been given my overtime at work for christmas, only found out today. There is a chance the RP's with 7 day timers might have me asking for extensions.
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Just a quick update: As of next week I will be moving to a new address after finally finding a place. however i will have no internet access until the very least 17th of november, possibly longer. :)
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So not sure if this means she'll be around before or after the start of Issue II. but after spend endless hours, I got my second character ready for this awesome RP! I give to you:

Nyssa Devout

Interacting With:open

With pretty much the other two gone off to their own adventure, hopefully with the Vampire not actually trying to suck his ally dry, Nyssa had found herself not the only one heading to the Inn, like they instructed to do so by the driver. She had found herself in the presence of a rather attractive young lady that was distracted by the Dhampir’s presence and caught her woman staring and nodding to her words, it was amusing and in fact quite cute for someone supposedly dangerous enough to be in the hoods, if anything it actually made her smile more.

As Nyssa was making her way towards the Inn, she heard the young lady catch up to her, Eliza was a sweet enough name, but there could be a lot more to her than her name and looks… hell the same could be said for her and the others, she caught the woman smiling at her as she spoke of the loan. She turned her head slightly to show she was acknowledging her while still looking ahead of herself. “Name is Nyssa Devout.” She smiled, it was at least a formality to provide a name to some one that at least didn’t assume what she was or cause a stir like Brighid did.

Nyssa nodded at Eliza, she remember one person did not survive the trial. That is possible, but I find it more probable that they did not expect this many of us to survive their trial, we were underestimated and they thought we would dead, Ironic we proved them wrong.” Nearing the door Nyssa opened up to let her new partner in crime to go in first, and even waited for Colin who seemed to be respectful not to interrupt their conversation, either that or he was checking out their booty from a safe distance. She knew that for her very own survival she would have to work with the others, even begrudgingly the vampire Vitius. It seemed the gods and goddess’s had an interesting sense of humour.

Nyssa Devout

Location: Outskirts of Stathford, Village of Traffyn Fenwd
Interacting With:open

The carriage had hardly set of before the Nyssa had come out with her belongings, Ceara had not long really told her that the Dhampir was on loan as so many survived the trials, no one expected them to do this well which was certainly a good but maybe a bad omen, she reluctantly agreed to the ‘Loan’. How the hell does one get put on loan simply because her group survived so well? Plus, it would get her out of the keep even if she had to put up with the full vampire to, alas it could be a small price to pay.

Nyssa had to quickly climb up and onto the carriage as it set of, practically ninja’d her way onto it without the notice of the others of the group, the older man she had to sit by though wasn’t much for company, but that was fine, she had nothing to really say anything to him anyhow, she was wearing her yellow hood, but the hood itself was down, letting her hair flow freely in the light breeze.

During the many breaks, Nyssa managed to get some shut eye, not easy while sitting at the front with the various drivers they had to take them on the journey during the various stops, which themselves was not really long enough at all to really let her presence be known to the team, she had since kept her hood up as the weather seemed to worsen upon their arrival to their destination.

As rain began peppering the dirt ground beneath them, Nyssa saw the old wooden sign as they rolled up to an Inn. She listened to the driver as he spoke to the others within the carriage, she forgot that she had not told them of her presence. Glad she kept her hood on as the rain fell much more. Nyssa observed Vitius and Sadon get out and begin to stride out down the muddy path.

Soon enough the Dhampir stood up keeping balance before jumping off the carriage to the ground with little effort upon her feet as the muddy earth released a squelch sound from the impact. Her Amber eyes looking back at the few still in the carriage. “Surprise.” A slight smirk on her face. “Apparently I am on loan, whatever the bloody hell that means.” She then looked back at the other two that were already heading off, and began moving of down the path herself keeping her deul bladed Quintilla seathed.

I'm Sending Nyssa into the Side mission on this one, keeps number quite even. man such a tough choice!

Cleo D'Nile

Location: Avalon.
Interacting With: Drake @Marrok; Nik @webboysurf

A yelp had escaped her lips when the Sluagh grabbed a hold of her young blonde it seemed at the time her drunken idea was a bloody good one, hit a leg ligament and it would fall on the floor, of course just all the horror movies she had watched behind the pillow fort she creates, her idea didn’t work and now she was in it grasp.

Before Cleo could really do anything else to try and free herself or be eaten, well in her mind be eaten, the Sluagh did nothing like that and in fact launched her away, threw her with pretty excessive force, or at least it felt like it as her world was just spinning around and around as everything was a blur during the flight and just missing Drake in the process.

Soon enough Cleo came to a crashing halt, probably smashing into some of the tables and chair before the wall itself which made her eyes shot wide open in shock as if she wanted to say something but nothing would escape her lips, just bucket ton of pain and little to next movement from herself from the impact. Things started to go black from that point onwards as the blonde lost consciousness lying in a pile of rubble as her body lay limp and defenceless from anything that was happening around her while the sight of blood trickled out of her mouth.

Cleo D'Nile

Location: Avalon.
Interacting With: Drake @Marrok; Nik @webboysurf
Mention: Nathan.

And so it was on ‘On like Donkey Kong’ Cleo thought to herself after seeing captain flame on after several? a couple? Of attempts to light himself up, it seems he was confused of her bleeding arm. “I got bloody shot” for now though, she needed to keep her mind of the pain as it would only cause her more distraction while the adrenaline was alcohol was enough to have her at least do something stupid to somehow take on this thing.

After observing Drake launch a drink at the beast, such a waste of perfectly good alcohol of something, he then did his attack doing some sort of Kame Hame. Cleo had a confused look about her for a moment. “Dude did you just really quote Dragon Ball Z?” cheekily grins before being distracted by the beast now being lit up like a Christmas tree.

The things really did get weirder, by this point Nathan and Nik had joined into the fight, the melee combat had begun and by this point was perfect for Cleo’s drunken but actually sound plan that formulated in her mind, right now she was forgotten about, unnoticed, which was what she needed for this to work.

Again she delayed with what Nathan was holding, it looked like a blade of blood ‘Ewe gross’ she thought to herself. Or maybe she was just imagining some fucked up shit right now. But both men were working together to the beat of the music now less. Cleo smiled. “Now you see me” she said before disappearing from sight for a few moments, flanking sneaking into position before picking up speed to the beast right.

Sliding in onto the dancefloor from the beast right, Cleo literally slide in on her side, not that really anyone could see this amazing piece of mastery from the blonde, right up to the side of the beast’s leg, stopping at a kneeling on one knee position before driving the broken piece of wooden leg right into the back of the beast’s right leg. Cleo smiled at her own little triumph, surely it would slow it down she hoped….

Again another sharp pain from her arm distracted her and she placed her hand on it to apply pressure, it was only at that moment she realized, she was no longer invisible and slowly turned to look up at the monster. “Oh Shit.” She said under her breath at the realization as a worried smile appeared on her lips. “Uhm… Hi.” The music was loud so it’s more than likely no one could hear her, or her hear them, but for some stupid reason Cleo froze in that moment.

Nyssa Devout

Location: Red Hood Keep
Interacting With: none/open
Mention: Everyone.

Nyssa stood with the group as Commander Rouge had been doing a pretty grand speech, one that was straight to the point and spelled out clearly what their purpose and life was truly going to be about now, inspiring but demanded respect. She introduced some other reds and pretty much announced that other monsters were among them… Of course there would be, there were rumours what the reds did, even amongst the order she was with before coming here of what they did, only now she would be living in it.

Soon Finlay who was now responsible for the new merry band of misfits had taken them towards the rooms they would be staying in, even bunking up with these strangers. It was made clear, work together and have chance to live or simply die. The gravity of this new life was sinking in on Nyssa’s mind as she watched on, remaining silent. When they arrived her name was called out with several others, Album, O’Shay and Whitlock were to share the room on the right with her.

Nyssa was now standing there with the group, quietly she observed the group she was with, taking in their actions, appearance or anything that would give her an insight as to what or whom they were about, no doubt like herself, they all had a path that lead them to this keep, a story no doubt to tell. “Lehta.” A redhead randomly spoke up and within seconds her chains came off, this certainly got the attention of Nyssa and had her kind of straightened up as she watched on with intrigue as she introduced herself as Brighid O’Shay.

She went on a grand speech herself, explaining what she did not want to be called while actually pointing out what everyone was, but what got Nyssa’s attention the most was when the woman had pointed her out as a newly turned, that alone would complicate matters in a place like this for the white haired woman, even if she was wrong, Nyssa would know doubt have to have a word with this woman. ‘Of course she would be a spellcaster, but a werewolf I did not foresee’ Nyssa thought as the woman released the chains of from the others, but found herself looking over a lot to the Vampire.

After that is another young lady had spoken up, her words left Nyssa believe that she knew of Brighid before arriving here… and seemed to freak out at the actions of the redhead for releasing those that were forced to come here, she could relate of course, it was a dangerous and even a silly move, but one that showed initiative and believed in her actions and that Nyssa could respect, either way the other wanted them back in chains but what was done is done.

Eliza was her name, she seemed like a sweet enough type, not what you would expect to turn up here but another spellcaster but was human, might make her life here a little easier, it did actually amuse her that Eliza wanted everyone to get on and be friends, but far as Nyssa was concerned trust was needed but at least this spellcaster seemed to have her heart in the right place. Whitlock soon introduced himself, he kept it sweet and short and showed no desire putting the chains on, that was at least two now that she knew was sharing the room with her.

Other soon introduced themselves, Vitius, the vampire, that alone was enough to have Nyssa wanting to go right over there and kill him, a low growl did escape her lips but it appeared no one had noticed, but if stares could kill, he’d be on the floor right now. Sadon, a young man that had a name that sounded familiar but here it mattered not, maybe more about his family name will show itself in time.

Nyssa had at this point felt it was worth introducing herself, it was formal at least for other to know her name at the very least, she went to open her mouth…

“Don’t fecking try anything, bloodsucker. One move, and this arrow’s in your chest.”

This alone had Nyssa look over at the man that spoke, the idiot was armed with a bow and arrow, and armed he was, raised and pointed directly at Vitius, okay she was certainly amused at this sight already, a smile slightly cracking up on her lips, now things got interesting and if she had coin, hell she’d probably pay him to shoot it… what did he call it bloodsucker? Down, although, she would not appreciate it that much if he called her that, most likely be a very different conversation indeed.

And well after that, it just spiralled out of control, it was only a matter of time when you cram human and a myriad of monsters or in her case, the best of both worlds in a corridor together. A fully armoured man decided it be a great idea to shove his sword upon Brighid’s throat and blast about unauthorized use of magic, well Nyssa would be more than happy to tell that idiot that he just unsheathed his weapon without authorization to, and weather that woman was werewolf, Nyssa felt it was totally unnecessary to put a blade to a woman’s throat, his reaction to arm himself was good and be handy in a combat situation but not this one, if only she could smack the yellow out of his teeth.

Everything went in a blur, arrows though, did not go flying, a pity really the guy should never of gave that thing over there to even get anywhere near him. And then that poor boy stepped in the way, yes that would make it more complicated, the kid tried to stop it, it was cute but admirable, just even Vitius touching him had Nyssa fight every impulse not to take out Quintilla, her unique detachable blade and gut the blasted thing. Nyssa was about to spring into action, maybe her action would either make a good or bad impression, but at least she could introduce herself with the ends of her blades, "Listen fookin 'ere!"

Finlay; there superior finally grew some balls and finally shouted at the group, not mincing his words he made it clear they needed each other and pretty much shut down the situation, Nyssa’s arms were crossed, when she crossed them she had no idea, everything just went to crap and sorted itself so fast that the white haired woman just stood there with a look of ‘what in god’s name did I just witness” Her mind had wondered of somewhat as her thoughts went to just why she had volunteered to come here. ‘Thunk!’ Nyssa actually jumped at the sound of… An arrow hitting the ceiling, ‘The idiot actually went and bloody missed.’ And yes you can even make a supernatural wonder like a Dhampir jump.

Once things had calmed down, Nyssa remembered Finlay said about being ready in fifth teen minutes, not much time to get settled really, Hell she only just realized she never introduced herself as she saw the redhead spellcaster that started all this mess leave after their superior to go heal him. Nyssa had since made her way into the room, she saw that there were two men bunking at one side of the room, interacting, her glance at them didn’t last long as she turned her attention to her bed, placing what little belongings she had left on the bed and place her blade down, her amber eyes looking over the weapon, she would need to get it and her daggers ready, to which she placed down to one side also, as she silently went about her business of getting ready.
Sorry I have not posted, a reply will be up tomorrow :)
So far, from the great writing and interactions I have seen, I don't think anyones characters are.
I got over half way through my post, I will finish the rest of it after work tomorrow and post it :)
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