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Current From the 16th December to the 24th, I have been given my overtime at work for christmas, only found out today. There is a chance the RP's with 7 day timers might have me asking for extensions.
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Just a quick update: As of next week I will be moving to a new address after finally finding a place. however i will have no internet access until the very least 17th of november, possibly longer. :)
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Finally got my Relations sheet done except for one active character :)
I am also working on my character to :) not forgotten this place.
@Infamous Auror@Nallore Sorted it! Sorry lol

@Nallore Thank you! I shall move her over now, Also i'll get to work on relations with the rest of the cast so might be PM'ing people :)
Ladies and gents I finally give to you my creation! :) Also sorry it took so long! Also Surprise! @Nallore

I finally caught up with the IC :)
@Crossfirei'm working on my alien concept i have to fit into this universe, dislike cybernetics but strong psionics.
Wonder Woman

Name: Anousa Prince. (Princess Anousa of Themyscira.)
Alias: Wonder Woman
Age: 23
Personality: Strong-willed, Naive, Idealist, Compassionate, Strong Conscience.
Archetype: Mystic/Metahuman.
• Superhuman strength.
• Superhuman Speed.
• Superhuman durability.
• Superhuman Longevity.
• Superhuman reflexes.
• Accelerated healing factor.
• Skilled hand-to-hand combatant.
• Bracelets of Submission.
• Lasso of Truth.
• Sword.
• Shield.
Weaknesses: not as fast or strong as Diana, inexperienced in the field. Only trained on Themyscira for around 2-3 years before leaving for man’s world.


Anousa has long wavy blonde hair, it falls to shoulder length draping over her shoulders which She always has her freely down. Anousa stands roughly at 6 feet tall with a figure of 32-23-33 and weighing 130 pounds. She has small cheeks, a medium size nose, small hands with delicate average size lips, Anousa has easy to get lost into blue eyes and a tanned skin complexion giving her a mixed heritage/foreign appearance and an exotic look. She may also wear a wig to cover her identity as it is not public knowledge of what she is, this will allow her to move freely without drawing to much attention and blend in with the general public while no doubt having parts of her outfit or equipment hidden underneath.

Anousa likes to keep herself in good condition by working out but she is by no means under or overweight, she is an attractive individual depending on one’s personal taste but has a good feminine figure. Anousa knows she's beautiful but also understands her worth, she doesn't flaunt herself, she’s toned to the point of being lightly muscled yet there’s no mistaking the Amazon does have some curves in the right places.

Character Evolution: I would like to see Anousa is finding out who her actual father is, further develop her understand of the world of man and its many qualities and develop herself as an individual. In the long run I would love to see her being a capable member of the team, becoming better at functioning as a team and overcoming being Naïve about the world behind her as she comes from island of super strong warriors. I would also like to evolve her abilities a bit, becoming better with experience and being able to eventually fly. I hope for her to gain friendships and maybe even a relationship.

BRIEF Bio: Anousa is the biological daughter of Diana, who is now become the Queen of Themyscira after her return from the world of man and unknown demi-god, an Amazon hailing from a hidden paradise island of Themyscira. She grew up surrounded by a legion of sisters and mothers, her mother Diana, would tell Anousa great stories from the world of man and her own adventures as the champion of the Amazon’s during the time of the great wars. Other stories included her time with the founding of the Justice society before she came back home. This inspired the young Anousa in wanting to become just like her mother, wanting to do good and to protect those of whom needed it, even if it sounded a little naïve of her to do so.

When Anousa became more of age, her mother Diana went on to show her daughter the mystical equipment she would use once to had completed and surpassed her training. The sword, shield, armour and even the indestructible bracers of submission were forged and made for her, Anousa was even shown and told about the Lasso of truth.

After training on Themyscira for the best part of two to three years, Anousa was ready to go forth and venture out from the mystical island to the world of man, Diana however did not agree and felt that time to leave was too early for her daughter. Anousa did not argue and reluctantly agreed at the time, but she wanted to follow her heart and leave her people to help others.

Anousa brought it up again during a celebration of the completion of the contest for the next Wonder Woman in which Anousa had won, Again Diana told Anousa she was still not ready which annoyed her greatly, her heart and passion was in the right place, but her experience was not. Mad at her mother, Anousa took to taking everything that she needed with her including the Lasso of Truth and some other clothing to keep her warm. She took to taking a ship from the island, Diana knew of this but choose not to stop her. She has been hidden in plain sight in America for some time now.

Notes: Anousa's Brecelets of submission are indestructable.

Sample Post: I know Member knows what I am capable of, but i felt it best to give you a link to one of my posts.

@Member 00492Thanks Member, I shall move her over to the CS tab, also sorry i didnt notice the errors i did you the spell check and word, so no idea how some bits got missed. i'll keep an eye out for that.
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