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Current From the 16th December to the 24th, I have been given my overtime at work for christmas, only found out today. There is a chance the RP's with 7 day timers might have me asking for extensions.
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Just a quick update: As of next week I will be moving to a new address after finally finding a place. however i will have no internet access until the very least 17th of november, possibly longer. :)
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Aaliyah Cruz

Location:Hydraulic Hearth Restaurant & Brewery.
Interacting With:

Aaliyah smiled as the man made an order for a drink, a beer to be precise. “Of course Sir, I can get that for you” She headed off to make her way to the bar to pour the customer a drink when she couldn’t help but notice that some of her colleagues were looking at her, probably seemed likely that the one that caught her running to the bathroom was concerned enough to say something which was not at all surprising, even busy it was hard to go unnoticed when running out back, Aaliyah only hoped no one knew of her conversation, although she was 'only' speaking to her doctor.

Giving a friendly smile back to them, Aaliyah began pouring the beer into a glass as she responded to the question from one of them. “I’m feeling okay, just had a bit of a dizzy spell earlier, but honestly I am fine now guy’s” It was all she could put in her answer as she finished pouring the beer and gave them another reassuring smile before heading of back towards the table the customer was sitting at. Once making it back to the table Aaliyah carefully placed the beer onto the table. “Here you go Sir, one fresh beer.” She gave a friendly smile as she noticed the weather improving and even the place quietening down a bit.

Miranda Burke

Location: heading home/ At Miranda’s home.Interacting with: Declan @infamous Auror

Once Declan had sat down with Miranda, she took a couple of sips from her drink, head titled to the side slightly, watching him with her soft gaze as he was hunched over after having a bit of his own drink. It was clear as day that something was really on top of him this time round, she noticed the burns earlier when he came in and so knew this was not one of your typical shit days a normal person might have from a non-paranormal life, after a moment of silence between the two he finally began to speak.

He stops as quick as he started, at the name Jenna, Miranda only heard of that conversation with his girlfriend… Were they even still together now, Miranda didn’t to mention it right now while he was explaining it, but from what he was saying to whatever he was being told, it didn’t take a private investigator to know that it sounded like Jenna was playing away, heartless bitch. Soon he began starting off with explaining that they both know of what he is and that he had no choice as he showed her his burnt hand, looking not so burnt anymore, he was healing nicely, In the moment his hand was held out to her she shuffled over a little to look at it better, she hesitated in taking her hand into his and holding for fear it would irritate what was left of the burns despite wanting to reassure him.

He then went on to explain how the situation had come about and what lead to him having no choice but to tell them, Gwen she felt could keep a secret, she was like herself in a way speaking their minds but were loyal to those closest to them, Fin, Miranda was not sure about, they didn’t get on or probably trust on another, so Miranda really wouldn’t know how the other would have taken hit but did expect as possible freak out from the pair.

He was trying to save Gwen from the mine with Fin, made sense really... he was close to both and Dec was the kind of guy that would go to help others at his own expense, it made her heart ache a little, he knows he couldn’t go in there but did anyway, it was what made him so amazing and unique and in a way thankful that Finley was with him at the time to help. It also sounded right that Gwen would grill him with a lot of questions… So the pair didn’t bolt and leave which was something and was even wanting to take him to the hospital, which probably not been a good idea.

But then he growled at the mention of Gwen, it did give pause for thought as it was his wolf side that was letting this growl out, he needed to calm down as she didn’t not want him to run away, not like this. He then dropped the bombshell that even caught Miranda by surprise, Gwen or Jenna, which ever name some had come to know or call her by, was quite the looker in Miranda’s eyes, had actually asked if Dec was responsible for the death of the mayor and even if a valid question possibly from someone else that didn’t know him, personally she should’ve know Declan better than that and wondered why she would ask him. Did she generally think he was capable of such a thing? or simply trying to remove him out as a possible suspect?

When he fell silent and short of his sentence, Miri knew that what Gwen did had really hurt him and hit close to home and it did totally suck seeing him like this but Miranda knew him better than anyone, they grew up together and always had each other’s back and total trust. There was no way Declan would have murdered someone, he was in control, if he wasn’t she would’ve been on menu long ago and being what he is, he was still that kind, loving Declan that put others before himself, he was still the same guy inside.

Placing her drink on the table in front of herself, Miranda placed one arms around Declan, pulling him closer to herself as she placed the other hand on top his own that was still holding the drink she gave him earlier. She looked at him carefully as if trying to read his thoughts, which of course she couldn’t. Right now priority was being there for Declan, then at some time she would go and have a ‘word’ with Gwen herself. “Dec…. It’s Gwen we are talking about; it was probably her way of removing you as a suspect.”She began softly. “But to be honest she should you better than that; And I myself do not believe for one second that you could do that to anyone, you may be a werewolf Dec, but that doesn't mean you are some mindless animal.”

Miranda then placed a hand on his chest roughly where his heart is “You have a kind loving heart Declan and nothing will ever change that, all this has not changed the person that you are and it shows because you are hurting over what Gwen said… Look I will go and have a talk with Gwen when I get a chance to see her. She cares, so don’t give up on her yet okay, just give her some time and she’ll come round.” Sure Miri was fuming at the accusation but going out there now and angered won’t solve nothing, god it wasn’t fun to be stuck between two people that you really like, after a moment she removed her hand, grabbing her bottle of cider.

Aaliyah Cruz

Location:Hydraulic Hearth Restaurant & Brewery.
Interacting With:

The man was polite and calm, this was a good thing as she could not tell how long he had even waited for be seen. But alas once they had reached the table, Aaliyah patiently waited for the man to be seated and settled before doing anything else. It seemed the weather was also starting to clear up finally, last thing she wanted was it to be bucketing it down once she finished her shift and get utterly soaked.

Giving a friendly smile in return once the man was ready, Aaliyah set out in giving him the necessary menus he would need so he could make his order, holding her hand out which had the menu in it she gave it to man so he could have a look at it. “Here you go sir, this here is our main menu for if you are wishing for something to eat along with option for hot or cold beverages… If you would like any alcoholic beverages, you may use this menu here.” Aaliyah pointed motioned her hand at the other menu. “Take your time in making your order Sir and when you are ready, just let me know and I’ll come over and take your order for you okay.” Once again she offered a friendly smile before leaving the man in peace to make his mind up.

@Nallore May I have an extension please? just in case.
Aaliyah Cruz

Location:Hydraulic Hearth Restaurant & Brewery.
Interacting With:

Aaliyah smiled and nodded at the boy and the rest of the family as they went about having their family time in which she would not impede on any further as it seems they had all they needed. Walking away from the table, Aaliyah was heading back towards the counter to see what order was needed next but stopped herself after nearly clashing with another waiter, fortunately for her she stepped aside quick enough not to get mowed over by him and gave him a slight non amused look as he went into the kitchen before snapping out of it and looking around once more.

Aaliyah had noticed a young looking man standing at the front of the store, he seemed to be waiting for a waiter or waitress to come and welcome him in and take him to a table, considering she was one of the nearer colleagues to him she decided to go and welcome the young man who seemed to be texting from time to time. Once she had made her way over to him and grabbing a menu on the way, Aaliyah greeted him with a smile. “Welcome to Hydraulic Hearth Restaurant & Brewery, I would like to apologize if you have been kept waiting sir, it has been quite the busy morning, if you would like to follow me, I can take you to one of the available tables” Aaliyah remained polite and welcoming for the young man as she had no idea how long he had been waiting for.

@Nallorei thought i was just coming onto day 6! i'll get a post up soon!
I'll be making an update on my RS soon, to add and remove those that are needed to. ^^
I didn't ride the counter this time, sorry but tuesday through to thursday is had for me to post because of work, i have said this, ^^ but i apologise either way.

Miranda Burke

Location: heading home/ At Miranda’s home.Interacting with: Declan @infamous Auror

It was kind of gut wrenching to see as Declan was going into the process of changing back, in fact, it made Miri guilty and bad for asking him to change, it was a painful secret for him to keep and she is forever thankful in trusting her with what he is. During this time his phone was going off as it fell out of the pocket of his pants, it was heavily damaged and couldn’t make out who was calling him, just what has been going on with him today? Once he was changed there was a slight smile at the sight of him but it wavered a little as she was worried about him as he scrambled to his damaged phone.

Miri remained silent watching Dec as he made a phone call, it wasn’t clear who it was until he spoke, only able to hear one half of the conversation. He was phoning Jenna, his girlfriend, however something also sound of there with the way Declan was with his responses, something was definitely up, was there an argument or breakup she was unaware of? She kind of felt like Declan was on edge, even before the phone call and Miranda had no idea just what was going on or bothering and was mentally kicking herself for not being there for him. She covered her mouth a bit with one hand when she watches him crush his phone in his hands… That was when she noticed the slight burns on his hands, what had he done and where had he been? She needed answers if she was even going to have a snowballs chance of being able to help even if it was just to listen or something.

Miranda took a few moments listening to him, she felt like there was a fake laugh from him as he explained very little at that point, she didn’t even notice she was staring at him the whole time he had his back to her before she snapped out of it. “Dec I… I have missed you to a lot, I have been worried about you, if anything I should be sorry for not being here for you” She replied as she went over and got his pants and then making her way back over to him. It often made her laugh if the amount of times she was asked to bring him pants, but this was not such an occasion to do so.

Once she was right behind him she gently placed her left hand onto his back, wanting to comfort him as she used the other hand to pass his pants round to him. “You know I am always here for you right? what’s happened to you Dec? you have crushed your phone and I see the burn marks. where have you been?” she had more questions to ask but she was worried it she would overwhelm him and instead would settle for whatever he felt he needed to tell her.

Miri then rested her soft hands gently on his shoulders, rubbing them slightly. “I am going to get us a couple of drinks from the fridge, you get your pants on, and then I am all yours okay? Miri really hoped she could be of help for him with whatever is bothering him, something told her it was more than just what happened on the phone with Jenna. Waiting a moment Miranda, the room was filling with a reddish hue from the sun setting before she made her way of to the kitchen to get some drinks from the fridge, deciding not to bother with making a hot drink now, she opened the fridge door and pulled out a beer for Declan, and a strawberry and lime cider for herself as she closed the door and proceeded to open the bottles. After a few minutes, Miranda had made her way back into the living room with the bottles in hand and offered the beer to Declan. Offering a soft smile. “Now, you are going to tell me all about this bullshit you are going through.” She took a seat on the sofa, tucking her lugs underneath herself as she did, her blue eyes watching Declan.

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