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@Sir Lurksalot I saw it! Would be funny to explain, although i wonder how the heck GL managed to get it and give it to Duncan xD
@Sir Lurksalot I'm going to have to re-read Duncan xD
I have not forgotten this!, tuesdays through to thursday is my busiest time of the week for work, in the mean time i just found a bunch of my hero characters and its like what to use. I have a Tamaranean alien, two Meta-humans, one with weather manipulation and the other fire and a human gadgeteer. xD

Also i am loving the posts, been managing to keep up with them.
After speaking to Wraith who spotted me peeping on here lol, i am currently working on a character also.

Emilia-Marie D'Nile.

Location: National Fitness and Racquet ball Club.

It had been a while since she had received a text message from her mother, Emilia knew that in her absence from the small town, there were things that had gone down and not in a safe way. The message stated that there was an attack the night before her return… unfortunately not much more information was given from the text other than her mother having said there was much to discuss, this alone had made her think something supernatural had happened. Emilia would be quickly figuring out her first day back was going to be anything but a happy return to home to family, but since when was there really a day off in the D’Nile home? Between normal work and life as a hunter, there really was no rest for the wicked.

Speaking of work, that was what Emilia decided to do since getting the message as there was no telling exactly where her mother would be, but knowing her, she would no doubt be investigating the attacks from the night before and for Emilia it would be best to help have things look normal by opening up of their fitness club for the day like many of the other businesses within Klamath Falls, After all Karena would know doubt tell her what is going on and what sort of attack they were dealing with, but being such a small town, it wouldn’t be hard to hear the rumours mixed with what was believed to be known being talked about.

On her way in, Emilia picked up the local paper to see if anything had been printed yet and grab herself a cappuccino on the go before jumping back into her Ford Focus, Emilia sat there for a moment having a few sips of her drink while reading the paper for a few moments, it was not hard for her to spot the obvious part pretty much on the front page that read about a group of teens being attacked with two injured in hospital which got her thinking… Of course, it was around that time of year for the teens annual camping trip into the woods, Cleo often snuck out to them to be with her friends.

Grabbing her phone quickly she wrote a message to her sister.
To: Cleo D’Nile.
Cleo, It’s Emilia, I just got back into town and heard of the attack, reply as quick as you can and let you know you’re alright, Love you sis.

With that successfully sent, Emilia placed her phone back in her jacket pocket before tossing the paper over to the passenger seat, placing her seatbelt on and turning to start the engine. Taking another sip of her cappuccino, she put the lid back on and secured before securing it. Using her right hand to brush aside her hair over her ear, she sighed for a moment before pulling off and heading over to the fitness club. She couldn’t shake the thought’s going through her mind, her mother mentioning the attack and needing to talk along with what the local paper had published was certainly a serious matter, but if it was supernatural in nature like she was fearing… well shit most certainly hit fan in more way than one.

After driving for a little while, Emilia pulled up in the small parking lot of the fitness club and began to get her things together, she could see that there were couple of regulars there waiting, after fishing out for her keys, Emilia switch of the engine and out of her car before quickly reaching back in and grabbing the cappuccino she almost forgot before locking it up. Turning on her heel, Emilia smiled at those that were waiting as she made her way over to the entrance of the place, her hair blowing gently in the morning breeze. ” Morning Emilia, running a little late today are we? Didn’t think you were back in town just yet” giving her cappuccino to the young man asking the question so he could hold it for her while she unlocked and opened the door, Emilia gave customary smile before taking it back. ” Morning Jimmy, I just literally got back into town and made it here” The man chuckled slightly. ” You must be eager to work, so where is your mother?”

Emilia paused for a moment while standing at the door. “She is just a little busy this morning is all, catching up on some family buisiness.” after another moment had passed Emilia spoke up once again. “If you just give me a moment to get things sorted, I’ll open up for you guys okay.” Her bright smile never faded until she closed the door, locking it and spinning around with her back turned to them. Taking a deep breath for a moment, Emilia made her way in, turning off the alarm along with turning the lights on a moment later before heading out back. Soon Emilia had gone through everything she needed to get the place ready for the day, her smile returning as she went other and opened the fitness club for some of the regulars to come in, She was fiddling with her cappuccino while her mind still drifting over what could’ve possibly of happened the night before her return and just how bad was it… And if Cleo was okay.
Hey all, looking forward to posting with you all again, missed posting with you all so I aim to get back invovled and continue having fun in this RP :)

I will get some posts up soon to get the ball rolling.
As much as i hate doing it, i am going to have to pull out of this RP to let you guys carry on with the story and not hold you up any further. I hope you all have great fun and the RP goes far.

Sorry for the delays so much reading to do lol, but alas caught up, i will get my posts up shortly!
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