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In Rangers 1 day ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
I know this is full right now, but I like to say im interested in this RP if any space opens up down the line. :)
I can happily wait if the RP is full, what ever is easier for y ou and the group really!

I have two characters ideas i have already built from previous hero styled RP's, I have a Atmokinetic character, a telekinetic/psionic type of character and a pyrokinetic.
Is this still open?
Ooooh it is back :P
New Updated NS.

Here is my WIP, mostly done, couple bits to finish and then some clean up :) been doing this around packing for my move so hope ya'll like it.

I shall have a 95% complete WIP coming up soon, been busy with a house move happening in 4 days.
In Rangers 7 mos ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
I am holding off finishing my Character concept for the moment, I am assuming things are busy at the moment but a little worried not heard anything from the GM
I would like to state interest for this like I have in the OOC as I found that first haha.

Are both ranger roles stil available? i have started working aon a character idea for the RP and been reading up on the IC.
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