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Location: Midway City, - Michigan
Episode #3: The War Room

Interactions: @YourNameHere - Apparition | @Birdboy - Shuriken | @Hillan - Accelerate | @Sir Lurksalot - Champ | @PatientBean - Oracle | @Blizz - Shattercrash | @Mistress Dizzy - Origami | @rocketrobie2 - Chemaxzord | @Omega Man - The Shield | @Martian - Legion

Sleep, something that seemed to eluding the flaming goddess. Sarina had found herself still sore a little from the previous day’s events that had her annoyingly spending some time in the infirmary, of course the nurses were simply doing their jobs but she hated being poked and prodded over a few cuts and bruises, of course they had to check that nothing else was broken or damaged from her fight with Polaris, she was being a little bit of pain to them because she mainly felt they shouldn’t really be fussing over her.

That also had her brooding a lot to, every time she replayed it in her mind, the bottom line was they got their asses kicked and Sarina would be lying to herself if she thought that such a thing playing on her mind was one another reason she struggled to sleep. Adding to the fact that Arsenal had decided to have everyone meet up at this ‘war room’, luckily for her she was able to do some of her usual in the morning, A nice shower to clean up, normally something she would do after a workout of jog, something she skipped and then spent most of the time she had brooding over a Mocha hoping it would help cheer her up a little.

Soon enough Sarina had made her way down to the war room and behold the rest of the group, some she fought alongside some she knew from either seeing them from time to time around the academy or bumping into them and some appeared to be missing, it seemed their Polaris fight got some unwanted attention and it cost a couple of their team. The ex-villianess was still getting used to the idea of being in a group, before the whole incident working with Cyborg and Arsenal, Sarina had never played well with others, so this was still a learning curve for her and so these war room sessions may actually be helpful in the long run.

The redhead would watch on as members of the group were taking turns getting their suits while Arsenal was explaining the Digitizer gizmo and how the war room works. Her time was spent observing people getting their new suits and watching the first session between Shattercrash and Shuriken, in fact Sarina was very curious how it will play out with a literal ninja taking on a WMD in a bank setting.

Sarina could only watch a little scene play out in front of her, Switchblade was once again making an ass of himself, the guy rubbed her the wrong way and seemed more than happy to give crap to other members of the team for no apparent reason other than to make himself feel good maybe? He certainly seemed to have a beef with Shield, in her mind it was only a matter of time till someone put the dude in his place… And she didn’t have to wait long, she watched the tense encounter between him and Apparition and she could not help but Smirk and nod slightly with approval and the later gave him a literal verbal burn.

The altercation was interrupted however when Oracle had made her way back out in her new suit. Fortunately for the red head she was close enough to the pair to hear what Apparition had to say at the distracted guy and could only let out an audible snort in her attempt to not laugh at him. "He wouldn't know how to handle us anyway." She quietly remarked the pair, Sarina was liking this girl even more. Composing herself Sarina looked over at Oracle and nodded at her. “Looking good” Her Irish accent coming through.

Mini Collab with: @YourNameHere - Apparition.

When it was time for someone else to go into the digitizer however, the girl was able to not only beat Arsenal for asking who was next but also beat herself to be next in line to go, Sarina didn’t mind like, the girl was obviously on a roll right now after all so why stop? She watched as the girl pretty much demonstrated her power on the way to the machine, an eyebrow raised at the sight before as the girl materialized butt naked in front of the group and didn’t bother to cover herself. In that moment she could swear it was so silent that one would hear a pin drop. Even she was distracted from the screens as she noticed the poor girls’ clothing was bunched up on the floor where she once stood.

Sarina would have noticed that once again Switchblade was gawking at the sight before him, light a deer in headlights. Placing her arm around him which seemed to make him instantly tense up. “Your drooling.” She would say into his ear, which was followed by an audible slap as the poor guy literally and probably not intentionally slapped his own face when checking if he really was drooling. After that bit of amusement Sarina would take the moment while the machine was doing its work to pick up the girls’ clothing and at least fold it up as it was not some pile of mess on the floor. After a moment the girl dispersed her way out and reformed wearing her new suit next to the Shield guy.

Moving up to the side of Apparition and hearing she didn’t like her outfit. “At least it stays with you when you disperse, at least one thing to like.” Soon afterwards she would hold up the girls’ clothing she had picked up. “Believe these are yours, I took the liberty of picking them up.”

“I’d almost rather lose my clothes,” Arina muttered in response, still tugging at the material, “Contrary to the clothes I wear, I’m not a fan of feeling restrained,” Arina turned towards Sarina as she continued speaking, her frown disappearing almost immediately.

Arina’s usual blank expression met the red headed girl as she held out the outfit Arina had just lost and her head tilted her head ever so slightly as her ice blue gaze flickered to the clothes and back to the fire user - almost as if she were cautious.


The subconscious sound escaped her lips and as she came back to reality, a small closed eyed smile engulfed her features as she reached out and gently took the outfit that Flamebird had so kindly picked up and folded for her. “Nobody has ever gone to the trouble of folding or even collecting my clothes for me,” she mused, tucking them towards her body in her arms. “You’re sweet, thank you,” her voice was sickeningly honeyed and almost anyone who overheard the conversation would have assumed she was perhaps mocking the girl, however, for a change, Arina was genuine.

Once it was time again, Sarina stepped forward to take her turn in entering the machine, she took of her red shirt however leaving her in a tank top and black jeans and slipping her phone out and put them to one side before entered it, Arsenal did the usual, telling her to envision what she wanted for a suit, ultimately it be similar to what the lab was working on but with finer details and slight improvements. With that in mind she stood inside it and Arsenal went to the controls. “ready? Remember to imagine…” Sarina interrupted him. “I know, Hit it.” She calmly replied with a nod towards him, she was actually looking forward to this. She closed her eyes and let the moments pass as the machine went to work. After a few moments it was finished and Sarina stepped out in her new suit.

Looking over herself, before feeling her face, yep this time she had a mask to cover her identity, a must have for anyone that had a past like hers, what would people say if they clicked on the titans had an ex villain on the team? Either way, she was digging her new suit. “Hmm, I can work with this.” Sarina said with a smile on features, this was to be a new chapter in her life and the suit help represent her alias and what she felt and sometimes feared what she could be truly capable off. Thankfully wear she hadn’t used her powers the suit was all back and so wouldn’t burn her shirt off, so putting it back on she placed her phone in it pocket. It did seem her Domino mask had a tint of flair added to it. Maybe she should ask the class, not that she cared to much if people like her suit or not, she needed to learn on interacting with them. “So, what you guys think?" She aimed at no one in particular.

A cheshire grin appeared on Arina’s features as Flamebird stepped out of the digitizer and asked the group's opinion, “Looking hot,” she mused, once again raising questions to which side her sexuality lay. Her comment gained her a few odd or disapproving looks, namely from Arsenal he raised an eyebrow at her,

”She comes out looking like an actual professional, and the best you can summon is ‘Hot’?” he asked, his tone clearly not amused, and she turned her head towards the mentor, her grin falling into her innocent blank gaze,

”What?” she whined back in her defense, ignoring his blatant dig at her own outfit, ”Hot is the perfect word for it… I mean…” she paused for a moment as a wry smile played on her lips, ”I’d… do her… if you know what I mean,”

”Shut it, apparition,” and she shrugged, shooting quick smile and a wink at Sarina.

S.S Anara. Luxury Liner - Antares System.

Michael Forsett was taking his personal luxury liner Anara for a cruise, this for a good couple of reasons, firstly he had several dignitaries aboard the ship, the aim to put this larger class of luxury ship to be available on the market… For those wealthy enough to afford it of course, the Anara was his personal ship with a crew of eight, along with several security and his daughter, the latter of which didn’t really get a choice on whether or not she wanted to come along and was hiding out in the ships shuttle. If those viewing the ship were impressed enough, then maybe several sales could be made to go along with the small and medium class luxury liners already available.

The second reason however, was what some would consider more sinister or at least silly ulterior motive. While ships were flying through the system, which normally would not be considered too much out of the ordinary with plenty of civilian traffic going about the inner parts of the Antares system. However, the ship was heading further out from the inner part of the system, more specifically steadily closer to a restricted zone of space to where a certain incident had happened thirty years’ prior, the approximate location of where the gate was. The Alliance had made it clear no civilian traffic unless authorized was to enter an exclusion zone that was set around it days after that historic Incident.

A tall dark haired man had made his way up to the bridge, he was clean shaven and looking sharp in his black suit, he proper looked the business type, exuding confidence, he had just spent an hour or so pretending to be super interested in what his guests had to say, although he did well to do his part in the selling points of the ship. Adjusting his tie, he stepped beside the captain of the ship. “Are things all in order George?” George, a man, dressed in an outfit one would expect for a civilian captain of a ship, similar to those of their ancestral past that sail the Terran oceans in luxury liners of the past. Adjusting his hat, the man did his best not to show intimidation to the man that basically pays to top credits to keep his ship in one piece. “Yes Mr Forsett, everything is running smoothly, But…”

“But what Captain? If there is something on your mind, then please speak up, I am not a mind reader.” George swallowed, he didn’t want to upset his boss but, he felt it he had to say something. “Well considering what it is we are really doing out here, are you sure this is a good idea, we are closing in on the exclusion zone, no doubt we are being monitored, no matter how inconspicuous we try to be. The Alliance would be on us very quickly, if they haven’t already dispatched a ship to intercept us.” The captain placed his hands behind his back as he looked out the window ahead.

‘Hmm’ Michael rubbed his chin for a moment in thought. “You worry too much George, I get the crew might be on edge over it, but something is going on out here, for almost thirty years the Alliance closed of this area of space, yet military ships quite often patrol it, they are hiding something and I intend to find out what is it, weather my board of directors like it or not.” He paused for a moment, “Look it is no secret what happened all those years ago, but seriously what do you think has been going on since?” The conversation was cut off by a female helmsman. “Sir, we have just entered the no exclusion zone, Alliance Navy have ordered us to reverse course and await to be boarded.”

Michael smiled, if anyone knew him well enough, he wasn’t one for doing what he is told when he sets his mind to something. “Well no point hiding it now, set course straight for these coordinates. Ignore them for now.” The bridge crew were set to work, various buttons and noises could be heard. “I can’t Sir, they are already blocking communications, we can’t contact anyone.” That didn’t surprise him at all. “Hmm standard procedure, alright light up scanners, let’s see what’s got their panties in a twist.”

“Sir, We can’t…. An alliance ship has jammed our sensors.”

Tiberius Station. Alliance installation.

Within Tiberius station, an alliance installation finally built a few years ago in a defensible position from the Antares gateway, Commander Carleton Hurston was sitting in his ready room adjacent to the operations room. Although mostly a military installation, at the insistence of a vote within the council, civilian infrastructure was also built within it. This not only allowed the station to properly defend itself, it could also act as meeting place or outpost for trade and as such was equipped with external and internal docking facilities. This meant the station was always well stocked and had only light traffic really to deal with from the inner part of the system, mostly freighters and other various ship came to and from. Plus, several Alliance naval ships where often docked there or on patrol nearby, this would help cut down response time. It was clear to the higher ups there was always a chance the gateway would reopen.

Over the years it didn’t however and as such things just got quieter, many would say it was a boring assignment but it allowed the good commander to get a good rapport with his fellow officers and others that came to call this home away from home. Today however was just like any other day, everything was running smoothly with the only thing brought to his attention was S.S Anara had deviated of its flight path, despite not being scheduled to arrive at the station.

“Commander Hurston to ops” letting out a sigh under his breath, the commander got up and straighten out his uniform, he wasn’t lazy by any means but it did interrupt him going over station reports. Stepping out through the doors of his ready room the commander made his way towards the centre of ops. “What you got for me Lieutenant Commander?” A female Terran officer acknowledged her superior officer as he walked towards her. “Sir, we have a slight problem with the S.S Anara, she has flown into the exclusion zone and has thus far ignored our communications.” Moment after her reporting a male Krentasian spoke up from his ops station. “I took the liberty of ordering the Zetec to intercept the vessel, Prometheus was still docked.”

This prompted both the commander and lieutenant commander to turn and look at the officer. “I think sending the Prometheus would’ve been a little overboard for a single civilian ship lieutenant don’t you think?” the Krentasian nodded. “Quite sir.” This caused the pair to smile before bringing their attention to the data before them. The Zetec was on patrol nearby and was only a few moments out from intercepting the Anara. The Corvette would easily catch up to the luxury liner. The commander was quite baffled; why would anyone violate a no fly zone? Or even for that matter head to where the gate was? There had been no activity from it in like thirty years.

Carleton let out another audible sigh. “Open a comms channel.” A few brief moments past before it gets a nod from the communications officer he is live. “S.S Anara, this is Commander Hurston of Tiberius station, you are in violation of an exclusion zone set up by the systems alliance advisory board. This is a no fly zone and as such I order you to stand down, you will be escorted to the station, upon your arrival I will most certainly look forward to hear what perfectly good reason you have for this stunt.” The commander waits for a reply but none came. Silencing the channel from their end. “Did they receive that?” His communication officer nodded. “Yes Sir, they most definitely received us, they are simply ignoring us.”

“Hmm, very well….. Signal the Zetec, tell them they are cleared for boarding action, secure the ship safely as possible.” Soon people were hastily getting to work, hearing everything working in synchronisation made the commander proud, despite how it has been since the station came operational, everyone carried out their duties as one would expect. Now why was Forsett being so stupid for?

“Sir! Massive energy spike detected within the exclusion zone!” there was urgency in his second in commands voice as several alarms sounded off. “Now what!” the commander blurts out... “Good god” are the next words uttered from his mouth as they all watch in amazing or more like a reindeer caught in headlights. A new signature was detected at the location of the Anara. First came a small bright light, soon It blossoms suddenly out of black space, with multiple layers of swirling gaseous clouds, miles in diameter, centered with a mushroom dome that irises open to reveal a tunnel pulsing with an energy field of rippling shock wave that explodes from the aperture, literally everything in the system must have detected it.

The gateway had reopened… A historical but concerning moment in history. When scanners returned to normal, The Anara was nowhere to be seen, the Zetec reported light damage from the shockwave where its proximity to the gate compared to the Anara was not as close and being a naval vessel. There was no debris to be found meaning the Anara was not destroyed, the only conclusion was the civilian ship was pulled into the gate, being on top of the gate when it opened must have meant the ship was badly damaged and its location unknown. The Zetec had reported upon closing on the gate that multiple gate addresses had become available when it interacted with the ship while the navy scrambled ships to secure the gate from both Tiberius station and other ships further in system.

No Man's Land
In proximity of Mojave DMZ.

Not long after its disappearance from the Antares system, a new signature emerged from the gate within the Americana system. The Anara came out ass first into the system amongst garrisoned forces with some hull debris, the ship was heavily damaged and was spiralling out of control, engine systems appeared to be offline as the vessel was in a gradual spin, external lighting dimming from time to time due to some sort of power loss. Much of the crew and guests were unconscious with the ships emergency backup systems keeping what it could online, otherwise the crew would more than likely be thrown around like ragdolls. Some however were conscious with the captain checking on his bridge officers. On other decks, some pf the passengers were in a panic, some cries and screams could be hard among the flickering lights. It was not the best way to enter a system unannounced nor a good first impression, but then again, no one had expected the Antares gate to open, suck in a ship and spew out to god knows where, making it difficult for the Alliance to form a rescue plan.

@Sigma An unscheduled arrival.

Terra Nova, Elysium.

Within a couple of hours, life was somewhat returning back normal, well as best as it could be considering the historical moment that had occurred. News was still a buzz with the knowledge of the gateway opening for the second time in three centuries, however; unlike thirty years prior where it opening only to destabilise and close, this time it had stayed open and stable. Questions still remained however, such as, who else was out there? Who opened the gateways, was it the Alliance or someone else? Did the home the ancestors of Terra survive? Smaller elements also wondered about the extremists that took off through the gate thirty years ago? Although there was great joy among the populace of both worlds and moons, there was also concern.

For the time being news agencies like the Alliance News Network were gathered outside the alliance government building in the city of Elysium, people were waiting upon the leadership to present official comments of the current situation. A presenter and crew was finishing up setting up, they waited for when they go live, when it was time to do so the camera was rolling. “This Christian Danielson of the Alliance news network, as you can see I am currently standing outside the FSA headquarters where the current leadership of the alliance, including the respected leadership of the three nations are currently in discussions about the historical moment that we all witnessed not so long ago… We are still awaiting any official word or press release from the president, however; we did get a brief statement from an alliance spokesperson.”

Those watching the monitors wherever they are looking at the broadcast would see the screen change to a spokesperson who briefly addressed the media earlier. “The President is currently speaking to all members of the board including leadership of the respected branches of the alliance at this time in regards to todays unexpected events. However; at the moment we can confirm that as witnessed by many earlier today, the gateway has indeed opened, we can assure everyone that the situation is under control, we like to take a moment the thank the Alliance navy for their swift response to the current situation and has since secured the area surrounding the gateway, while investigations are ongoing at this time we cannot speculate as to what caused the gate to open but can assure all our citizens that all precautions are being taken and there is no need for concern, We hope that everyone can celebrate this historic occasion, we are not taking questions at this time, thank you.”

The screen goes back life to the reporter. “As you can see, many are indeed celebrating the opening of the gate, but of course and quite understandably there are those that are concerned. Either way this is a historical moment and that many hope to open up new avenues and opportunities. It is expected at some point today that the president will address the alliance, until then, there are of course many issues to discuss and we will continue to do our best to give you as much up to date news as the situation develops. I am Christian Danielson, of the alliance news network” soon the live feed but of back to the studio that would carry on with other news, just what did the future now hold for everyone, no one truly knew.

I'm not a knowledgable on the JSA but I am interested in this.

Location: Midway City, - Michigan
Episode #1: Magnetic Madness

Interaction(s): @Hillan - Accelerate | @Damo021 - Flamebird | @Lord Wraith - Blitzkrieg | @PapaOso - Sacrifice

Post #1.02:Teenage Thermokinetic Warhead Incoming.

As quick as the team had joined forces to take on this mad man, did things literally go to crap. Flamebird despite a couple of fireball attacks didn’t seem to dent the force field Polaris had put up. But it got worse after the Shattercrash impact. The kinetic force was massive and the Pryrokinetic got to watch in awe as her team mate was yeeted out the roof. It was but a very brief distraction and amusement at how that all happened in a blink of an eye ‘Dam Girl’ Sarina thought to herself. Unfortunately, she ended up taking a few more hits herself from debris being flung about by Polaris, few more cuts and bruises on her face meant she wouldn’t be on a front magazine cover anytime soon. Sarina looked like she just came out of a rather violent mosh pit.

Soon enough Flamebird heard of a plan from Blitz, she would provide covering fire... literally in the hopes it would distract their foe long enough for Blitz and Accelerate to double assault him, she nodded to his order in agreement, problem how was the pair even going to get through the force field of his? She had an idea, sure it would still involve giving covering fire, but Flamebird knew she had to do something to overload that field of his. Problem was they were acting like a bunch of misfits as Polaris was right, they had their hands full with just one guy. Just about dodging another piece of god knows what flying around, Sarina blew a few strands of hair out of her face before looking at a scientist, like what is it with these guys? She wiped a bit of blood of her cheek. “What? Super speed, Don’t have it” She grabbed the arm of the cowering scientist that only just spoke to Oracle. “Now, out” She ordered only for him to begin a protest on what he just stated. “We heard! Out, NOW!” she glared at him before shoving him along, he didn’t need telling twice seeing her anger coming through. Hopefully that was the last of them.

This time though, her attention was fully on Polaris, "He is literally ripping the foundations out guys, whatever we have to do, make it end quick" It was around this time another distraction got hold of her, just when she was channelling for her big game plan to provide the all-important cover fire, a bright violet like from above was on its way down. Of course; what comes up must come down, and coming down she was, Shattercrash was coming in like a thermokinetic wrecking ball. Now the red head was in two minds, if her team mate made another contact with the field, would the blast kill them all? Isn’t no way she was going to die doing nothing, she it was either defend or attack. Things were happening fast though, accelerate did god knows what and before she knew it a message and medication appear, it had to be their resident speedster and not of the red kind. Also Sacrifice was doing his thing.

Everything was set in motion and Flamebird decided if she was to go down, then she was going down fighting so now to get Polaris's attention, her focus and anger all on him. it was like the criminal inside her was wanting to take over, but she had to stick to her plan. "Hey! Jackass!" Yep that ought to get his attention. Funnily enough it made her remember a conversation she had with Cyborg about curbing her foul language... It's a work in progress. Flames larger than anything she had shown yet in this battle conjured in both palms, reaching about halfway up both arms.

Channelling it she took a stance to steady herself before pushing out her arms in front of herself, hands touching at the end as a incredibly hot stream of flame streaked out and struck the field of the madman, it was flamethrower like, but this time she kept the pressure up, taking a few steps closer the stream of flame still unrelenting, She would continuous until it either the field failed of she could keep it up no more. "Don't expect me to keep this up forever" She said through gritted teeth, her suit taking a lot of pressure. Truth is, this was kind of new territory in how long she keeps a stream of flame going for against something so tough, it would be only a matter of time before blood would be coming out of her nose, she knew it was coming, signalling the strain it would be putting on her, but she had to try and overload the dam thing or die trying.
Post almost done sorry was called into work.

Location: Midway City, - Michigan
Episode #1: Magnetic Madness

Interaction(s): @Hillan - Accelerate | @PatientBean - Oracle | @Lord Wraith - Blitzkrieg | @PapaOso - Sacrifice | @Blizz - Shattercrash

Post #1.01: Expect the unexpected

Sarina had been up early this morning, struggling to sleep because of her new environment, she found herself having a protein shake before going for a morning run, whether or not she was allowed out at that time she didn’t care, she wanted to clear her mind in what has been a bust period for herself and others. Sarina had been helping out somewhat getting things set up, tests and god knows what else, after her morning run and freshning up with a shower, Sarina had found herself wondering aimlessly, one thing she hated was sitting around doing nothing for to long, she had planned to hit the gym but it sounded like world war three was going off in their, instead she opted to go to STAR labs and check up on her suit.

The Ex-villain working to become hero, arrived, all seemed calm considering the place was full off eggheads and made her way over to where her suit is located, the lab working on it had a bunch of engineers working on fine tuning her suit, one of them in particular was probably over excited in showing off a domino mask with some fancy built in tech, although that was not anywhere near ready yet, it was a weird feeling working in a STAR Lab with a bunch of Brainiac’s which were no doubt smarter than herself. In her past this would be a place she would attack herself if it was ordered by her past peers, of which she still wanted revenge on.

Suddenly out of nowhere alarms had gone off and chaos ensued, a part of labs was under attack, but by whom or what she didn’t know. A call came from Cyborg that the labs was under attack and for several of the students to suit up. ‘Thank you captain obvious’ Sarina thought, it was long before hearing screams and booms or thing being wrecked, all this did think was put a sly grin upon her features. Looking at the frightened engineers she was working with, she went to work immediately. “I’m suiting up, the other add-ons can wait.” Taking the suit, she went off suited up out of sight.

Coming back into view, people where still hanging weather trying to hide under desks or wherever they could find. “The hell you all still here for, Move it!!! Evacuate, and for the love of god don’t follow me, I got an idiot to meet” with that many scientist and engineers began their evacuation efforts as Sarina made her way to the centre of this problem. The sight she saw was one she didn’t expect, was that a scientist using debris for armour? Soon the other titans a teleported in while Sarina was attempting to dodge debris. “Bout bloody time you lot turned up” she quirked, already having a cut on the side of her face with some blood trickling down, to say Flamebird was angry would be stating the obvious.

Before the redhead could make up a new coordinated plan however, Switchblade went in like an idiot, before she could even have a go at the guy she found herself having to dodge his own weapon, this situation was so irritating to her, but she was stopped in her tracks as she bared witness to Cyborg literally being turn to pieces, all his cybernetics ripped out of him, it was so dam brutal. She had seen and done many bad things in her time as a bad, but still the sight of it caused her to pause for a brief moment.

Sarina snapped out of it when Blitzkrieg began barking out orders, it was necessary to get the group to focus if wanted to get out of this alive quite frankly, problem was these titans barely had any time to train, talk about being thrown into the deep end. She nodded in agreement and focus her efforts on the mad scientist while the other did crowd control and rescued cyborg. Looking at sacrifice “Do what you need to do.” She didn’t quite understand his powers but, but from what she had heard it was meant to help boost others? If that was the case it sure be helpful right now, however she had not noticed he had locked up during the chaos.

Watching Shattercrash power up and leap into action against their current enemy. The booming sound was louder than she expected but hopefully that would be more than enough to grab the attention for the mad doctor. It was time for a team up weather it would work she had no idea. Flames flickered to life in both her palms, pretty medium in size, her suit moments later reacted to the heat and area started lighting up, as thus Flamebird had entered the arena. Watching her alley, she times her attack accordingly, swinging her arms one after the other releasing a couple of fireball which curled lightly in the direction of the doctor, she had to make sure she didn’t hit Shattercrash, hopeful one of their attacks would distract while the other hit, only time would tell.
This is gonna be awesome!

"You could've said something before I lit there ass on fire."
Sarina Saunders
June 14th, 2000 | 22 | Caucasian
Single | | Pansexual
Full-Time | 10 Months | Cyborg
Lisburn | Belfast | Northern Ireland

P O W E R S & W E A K N E S S E S
P O W E R S & W E A K N E S S E S
Uninhibited - Adventurous - Fiesty
Initially born and raised in her hometown Lisburn, the only issues Sarina ever really had to deal with was overly nosey neighbours and the constant arguments and debates that would happen between her parents at home for reasons she could never really understand, she would spend most of her time alone in her room or hiding out. This didn’t help when her parents were often out because of their work, this in turn made Sarina become rebellious over time and often breaking the rules. Soon however; because the nature of her father’s work especially, the family was forced to move away to the U.S.

In her teenage years however, Sarina's life was plagued with troubles, not really fully adjusting to life in the U.S, her mother wanted out of the work they were doing, causing a rift between her parents, Sarina in the meantime continued to get into trouble, getting arrested several times. Problem was her father was a powerful man and organised a fake kidnapping of his own daughter. Sarina spend the rest of her teenage life stuck in a lab being testing on, her father ignoring her pleas, and where was her mother?

After years of hardly seeing the outside world, Sarina became Flamebird, one of the first to come out surviving the test’s, her powers gained from certain serums. Her father seemed more interested in a dynasty than a daughter, the group he was apart off wanting to make their own supervillains for their own ends. For years Sarina did their bidding, until she eventually began learning more of the truth of their work and plans, Sarina eventually turned on them.

"Is it really a choice?"

It had been several days since the warehouse fight, Sarina was more than happy to go back out there and do her own thing, continue on the search for her target, after all it is personal for her. Still the circumstances of that night still played in her mind, not that she normally cared about such things, but now her enemies would be starting to learn she had teamed up with a titan at least. Cyborg and Arsenal had convinced her to meet again to talk, and that is how she found herself sitting on a park bench waiting.

She didn’t have to wait too long, her constant observation and expectation of some sort of ambush had her notice two men approaching her, to her surprise it was none other than Cyborg and Flash, it literally looked like three casually dressed individuals simply meeting up and nothing out of the ordinary.

“You actually turned up, I was expecting you to have already skipped town” Vic would begin.

Sarina had a sly smile showing. “I almost did, Considering I’m meant to be a villain and all, But I was curious what you had to say.” The trio began to through the park.

“Curiosity killed the cat”

“Why did you bring him again?” She pointed at Wally.

“Look we are not here to reignite hostilities” Cyborg momentarily raised his hands, before casually placing them down. “I will be real with you, there are those out there that would like nothing more than to put you in that super powered prison in Queens. But after your actions the other day, I managed to persuade them to give me a chance to offer you a choice, and it will be completely up to you.”

Sarina listened as Cyborg finished his sales pitch. It was true, she probably deserved to get locked away in all honesty, but why would a titan of all people try to put their neck out on the line for someone like herself? She surely didn’t deserve it in her mind. “I’m listening”

“There are two choices you have, the first being, we can go our separate ways, you would have a twenty-four hour reprieve, you can carry doing what you always have done, the other option will be forever closed and when you get captured you’ll be taken to Queens.” Cyborg paused for a moment allowing it to sink in. “The second option is to come joins us at Titans academy, especially after your recent actions.”

Sarina raised an eyebrow and stopped walking. “Is that really a choice? You’re basically telling to take my chances and possibly go to prison, or go to school”

“It is not a school; it is an academy.” Wally pitched in. “Your actions have opened up a rare opportunity, you could literally turn your life around, not always be the bad guy anymore, sure not all may forgive you, but you have a chance to use your powers for good, you could be a super hero.”

Sarina stifled a laugh. “Me a superhero? Sorry, but in what screwed up world would that ever be allowed to happen?”

“This one” Cyborg pipped in. “You have no idea just how much of an opportunity you got yourself into, honestly what have you got to lose in trying?” To be fair, he had a point, what did she have to lose? At this point she had more enemies than she did allies, what is the worst that could happen?

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