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Here is my WIP. thought you guys would like to see my pyrokinetic ^.^ she is so close to being finished.

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James Burke

Location: Cedar Ash Inn.
Interacting With: Callie Lenson (@Caits), Sombra Burke (@Vicier), and Alexis Farreacher (@Legion02).

“Sombra. James. I’ve missed you, both.”

This was the first thing that James had heard as he came in after letting his beautiful wife through the door first before coming in himself and closing it behind him. Just like Sombra he only had that much of a warning and chance to turn around before the witch pulled them both into a warm and welcoming hug. It appeared that even after five years that Callie was still that loving and caring to people and knew it was the right choice to come to her for their brief spell in Klamath, James went to open his mouth but the wife beat him to the punch so to speak and replied to Callie.

“..I know… and I’m sorry we’ve been gone so long Callie, but… we had no other choice-...”

Unfortunately, it was the truth, they really had no choice. But before anything more could be said and done the door went off to reveal another young girl walked in and almost bumped into the pair, she certainly smelled different, there was certainly more to her and considering the present company it was possible she is a witch? Either way it was quite amusing to watch her manoeuvre around both himself and Sombra and claimed that Callie had ‘texted’ her while fidgeting with what appeared to be an amulet around her neck.

“You need not worry about hiding what you are, Alexis. This is Sombra and James, they are friends of mine, and I long told them what I am. Although they have been… away for some time.”

Again, another truth, they were gone for quite some time indeed, and for good reasons to, to protect those they love and care about, it felt like the right thing to do then at the time, just simply disappear and hide any evidence of the supernatural world. The thought alone made him think back to Miranda for a moment… he had failed to protect his little sister. Snapping back out of it James crossed his arms and seemed to relax while producing a smile for Alexis. He ended up watching Sombra as she leant forward, he knew her well enough to know she was about to probably tease the little girl, but not in the way he expected… Although he could really complain about the view he was getting while standing behind her as she was leant forward.

“..mmm; don’t worry that pretty little head of yours, my dear… I may be the big bad wolf that you’ve heard of; but I promise you I don’t bite… much…”

“Well she always likes to bite me…” he instantly replied as he spoke out an intimate thought. He was really smiling now even after letting out that admission before he snapped out of it before clarifying what his wife had said, before clearing his throat, again he might have just got himself into more trouble... “You need not worry, she will only bite if you ask her to or you really piss her off.” He let out a light chuckle at Alexis comments of not wanting to be bitten by Sombra.

But things then certainly changed at the mere mention of Myra, Sombra’s mother and his mother in law as James straightened his stance a little keeping an eye in his mate. He could sense that it was not sitting well wife his wife, hell even the mention of her name even made him shift a little. Plus, it was only a matter of time before she would show up after being tailed by that cop… And if he had not done so already, it was only a matter of time before it gets back that they were at the Cedar ash inn and it kind of made James feel bad about sticking Callie pretty much in the middle of it all.

“..I’ll fix it… permanently… my mother won’t come looking for me, James, or our family again; and you won’t have any trouble while we’re here. We’re only staying for a couple of days at the maximum, and then we’ll be gone. It-... you know it’s better this way…”

At the mere mention of family, James moved in closer to his wife, moving up beside her before wrapping an arm around her middle, gently leaning her into him, He did this as both as reassurance and to reinforce that he would love, care and protect his family no matter what, He would be her rock. But yes, all they had to do was get through this… Situation for the next few days and they be gone, he wrecked the most important moment the night before to get here and he would spend a lifetime in making it up to Sombra if that is what it would take. It was reassuring to hear Callie state that Myra wouldn’t bring it to her home as he felt bad bringing this upon them all.

James couldn’t help but nod when he looked at Callie, he was nodding in agreement to what the young witch had just discovered from Sombra’s comment of ‘our family’. “Yes, it is true Callie, Sombra is pregnant.” He let the bombshell linger for a moment before Callie mentioned that as a fact, Myra will not be giving up on Sombra leaving… It seemed that leaving Klamath might be a bit tougher than he had expected but it pained his heart every time he heard the mention of Miranda, but there was a little bit of shock and surprised on his face, the message he got only mention an attack which involved his sister, not a group of teenagers.

“Wait your saying that there were more teens attacked along with my sister and that the alpha responsible is still at large…?”

There was some evident anger in his tone as the tail end of his sentence along with a growl coming from deep within him… He wanted revenge and only Sombra probably knew what he wanted to do right now. His attention was drawn from Callie to Alexis as Callie soft voice was telling him how much might have changed in Klamath and that she couldn’t lose them both again. But the thought of leaving before that alpha was dealt with was creeping into his mind, how could he leave when that sick monster that mauled his baby sister and other innocent teens was still lose in the area, he couldn’t.

Turning his attention to Alexis he answered. “Yes I am Miranda’s big brother, and I am one angry wolf right now..” He didn’t mean for it to sound like he was taking it out on Alexis as he wasn’t he just needed to get his emotions in check, He will have to probably apologize later if he frightened her.
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Here is my WIP. thought you guys would like to see my pyrokinetic ^.^ she is so close to being finished.

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Miranda Burke.

Location: Sky Lakes Medical Center

Interacting with: Cassandra Arvanitis @Caits, Syleste Vos @Vicier, Gage Brooks @BlackPanther, Sebastian @December

Miranda had not done much after the initial checking up and making sure that Syleste and Sebastian were doing okay, to see how they were coping with the ordeal. Deep inside, Miranda felt bad in a way because she was just standing there without a scratch while they simply didn’t heal like herself and some of the others did. By rights she should be dead not turned into something else entirely as thoughts never seem to fully leave her mind.

Still the blonde teen pushed that to one side so she could simply concentrate on doing what she could for the others. Which right now funnily enough was not a lot. Her bestie Cassandra had taken the initiative exceptionally well, giving them much better food and genuinely being helpful, she had the advantage or wanting a career path much like her father which was great and Miri was certainly happy to help her in any way to give Cassie a change to achieve it… But she was not Xerxes.

She took note of Syleste and gage where pretty much lost within each other’s eyes or jut the company of a loved on. It made Miri smile to see Syl having found something that will love her and protect her. It would have not been right to interrupt them anyway as she already made Gage awkward with a hug when she arrived, something she never done before. Sebastian was being tended to by Cassie but her hearing to her the conversations of everyone in the room like she was in right next to the people having when she was simply not anywhere near the beds.

” Did you need anything?” She heard Cassie ask Sebastian.

"Aside from a new leg? Maybe a sprite?" was his response.

She couldn’t help but admire the guy for his sense of humour at a time like this, maybe it was his way of coping? Or putting up a front for the others like she did with Cassie this morning, making out everything was okay, she couldn’t really tell as so much was still confusing her. But a sprite? Yes, she could at least go and do that! Cassie had been going all over for them thus far, so at least the Blonde could do this, the vending machine was only a few corridors down from where they were.

“You just keep still, we don’t want you irritating your injuries… I’ll get you that sprite okay.” Miranda chipped in softly offering a smile. “I won’t be long” She added before setting off. After leaving the room, it did not take Miranda long to find her way to the vending machines to pick up a sprite for Sebastian. It was followed by frustrating and tense moments of rummaging for some change to put into the said machine which allowed her to produce a low growl from within, something that was certainly an entirely new experience.

However, that would not be the end of it as Miranda versus the vending machine then took its place after she place the money into it and ordered the sprite… only for it to get stuck within the machine. This certainly added to her frustration and even a little anger as she cursed at the machine rather loudly before giving it a knock to see if it would dislodge the can… It did not.

“Oh, for god’s sake!... Just give me the dam can you piece of…” Miranda outburst in anger as she whacked the vending machine harder than even she thought she could do, the sound of the hit and the cracking of the glass muffling out the end of her sentence, oh she was going to in trouble for that no doubt, But… a few seconds later she heard the machine drop multiple cans, six by the sounds of it as she suddenly felt a little embarrassed by her outburst and proceeded to gather up the cans.

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