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I have tried looking through, what colours are left? i see, Red, Pink and green gone?
Man Ihave always wanted to try out a rangers RP if there is still space.
@FourtyTwo Sorry not resonded in a while, have been little busier than usual, but it gave me more time to think about what kind of character i wqant to work on to bring to the squad, just letting you know I have not forgotten the RP. :)
Been following this since its original concept, always intrigued me and thinking of tipping my toe in so to speak. I have a concept idea in my mind i can work on, just wondering if there is still space for another operator?
Sorry i not posted a character i thought the place went quiet and stopped. Sorry!

I will sort out a character if you guys are still in need of new ones.
I wish to apologise for my delays, I'll get a CS up shortly :)
Yeah sorry had some tests done on my eyes recently, so stayed away from the computer for a few days. I wil lget back to work on my CS.
I have ended up narrowing it down to three characters lol. gotta decide which one to start of with and see where things go for the RP
@Eviledd1984That guy is the definition of evil haha, no wonder they lock our kind up.
I got quite a few concepts and just thinking which on i want to bring along lol
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