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This is exactly the kind of thing I had in mind and was imagining with the mention of prototype and 'never flew' aircraft, so I'd be absolutely thrilled to see a Yak-141 in the game.

I can certainly go down this route and bring this plane in, I can imagine a plethora of upgrade and maybe increased hard points mixed in with compatibility with western tech and/or alien tech, improved engines to be able to carry more weight and of course be able to use air to air, anti ship, air to surface and bombs to help bring her more in line withthe other craft. other than the 141 the SU33 was my other go to, what you think for the 141 idea? not to much i hope or over the top?
I have been looking at something that i feel stands out for 4th gen but never took of ground, however i can see it taken out of mothball and brought up to modernization of western tech to make her comperable to other craft current in the group. For the I am really liking as my number one choice being the Yak 141. with modernization and upgrades from western group bringing this craft out of storage would be awesome, she can be modified to use air to air and air to ground weapon systems and keep hold of her VTOL. just feel like it will be a unique aircraft. Another Aircraft I'm looking into is the SU-27/SU-33.

Just popping in here to let you know im reading up on the OOC. :)
Ah it has been a long time since I have been involved in one of your fun Ace combat inspired RP's. Count me interested in this!
How is everyone doing?
I shall have a character concept done shortly. :)


Killer Frost.

It had been a very long drive for Courtney, her mother insisted she would drive her daughter to Wayne Tower West for a special private tutorship program through Wayne Enterprises, Courtney of course was like a hamster on coffee about the idea, Eventually Barbara gave in and gave permission to join the program on the condition she would drive her daughter there. of course days before the trip, her 'hero' equipment along with a couple of suitcases where taken, allowing the teen to travel light at least, the journey though was a gruelling one as it took nearly a day to get there. Sure she would miss home and the friends she had there, but this was a new big journey for her, filled with many unknowns.

She arrived in a 2013 Jeep Cherokee that pulled up behind a black sedan that had just finished dropping off Cassandra and the two brothers walking in also. "Other students for the tutorship?" Her mother would ask. "Of course, I'm certainly not the only one." Courtney was excited. "Well try not to cause to much trouble will you honey." This had Courtney smirk. "Now where would be the fun in that... Love you mom." Courtney said giving her mother a hug and climbing out of the vehicle. Courtney was wearing a white denim jacket open, with a white top underneath, a pair of blue denim jeans and for whatever reason only to her own, had a pair of Heely’s on. Grabbing a spinner suitcase out of the trunk, she waved bye and made her way in to the building.

Courtney just sadly missed Wally's most recent failure but she had overheard the aftermath conversation that followed She quickly wheeled her way passed her fellow team mates, making full use of the Heely’s, with a beaming smile she quickly waved. "Hey guys!" she would yell out momentarily before she went crashing into the receptionist’s desk, letting out a little groan of 'ouch' The receptionist had slowly looked up at the teen of whom quickly slapped a smile on her face, letting out a little embarrassed "Hi". The receptionist let out an audible sigh. "You must be Courtney Whitmore." checking her name of on the list. "There will be no skating in the lobby." "But I am not wearing any skates" this response only facilitated the woman behind the desk to stare at the teen. "Okay I get it, No skating in the lobby"

With her suitcase in hand, Courtney made her way over to the others, hearing the last of Wally’s failure, the dude actually tried flirting with the receptionist, no wonder why she was so cranky. She looked at wally. "Dude like really, the receptionist? She's old enough to be your mum." "I heard that!" Came a rather loud response from the desk where the woman was sat. "Sorry!!" Courtney shouted back and promptly parked her butt on a seat, sat in silence, trying to keep a straight face.

For Crystal, there was not much in the way of having to persuade anyone, she didn’t exactly have any family to speak of to debate with or persuade to go to this program at Wayne enterprises. In fact, it felt like the opposite, Crystal was most used to being by herself especially after the loss of her parents and subsequent branding by the media to be the villain responsible. it was a path she could've easily gone down if mixed with the wrong people. If it wasn't for her mentor Tora Olafsdotter, then Crystal wouldn't have this chance, but it also left her feeling like the teen didn't really have a choice in the matter and had to go, her mentor sighting it would do Crystal a lot of good in the long run to have people she could be with around her age and be part of a team, a family. that last part did hit home rather hard.

One advantage of having a mentor she did, meant the teens stuff was pretty much taken to the tower before her arrival by means she was not told about, nor could she be bothered to question it. she would only have a backpack on her after all, she didn’t really have massive amount of personal items anyhow. Crystal couldn't help and have some thoughts that had her believe that it was just easier to dump her here at the tower and no longer be a burden to Tora, even if the league member would never say such a thing and in all honestly was just her mind wondering, the woman had been kind and supportive and even help the with her inner demons.

Soon enough, the teens turned up outside of the tower, she had ended up using an Uber to get to the destination, paying for the fare with money provided to her, Crystal climbed out of the car, only for the driver attempting to give her the change. "You can keep the change." The driver thanked her and left once she had recovered her suitcase from the trunk. She took a moment to look up at the building she would be staying in behind her sunglasses, after all it was a bright day. Crystal's white hair stood out against the clothing she opted to wear, that being a black cold shoulder top, skinny black jeans and a pair of short black high heel boots. After a few moments of hesitation, Crystal made her way in.

Resting her sunglasses atop her head, Crystal glanced over at her fellow team mate she'll now be living with? that was a weird thought, considering she not really interacted with them much, she was them having some good old banter and a laugh that must of been Wally's expense and Courtney looking like she got caught with her hand in the cookie jar. Making her way over to the desk to the receptionist, she waited a moment to get the woman’s attention. "Crystal Frost, here to check in." the woman looked at her for a moment before ticking her off and asking the teen to take a seat with the rest.
Sorry was meant to post last night, The internet decided to die and was down for a long time, I shall finish my post once im home from shopping. sorry for the delay.
I shall get a post up shortly, caught up reading. its great to see us picking up again :)
Count me still interested!
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