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Current From the 16th December to the 24th, I have been given my overtime at work for christmas, only found out today. There is a chance the RP's with 7 day timers might have me asking for extensions.
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Just a quick update: As of next week I will be moving to a new address after finally finding a place. however i will have no internet access until the very least 17th of november, possibly longer. :)
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thank you! will be posting very shortly.

For your consideration @ZAVAZggg A little present for the compound.

Nyssa Devout


Nyssa watched a moment as Kate and Meg exchanged brief words with one another, the former looked a little shaken which allowed a slight change in features, one that crept a smile upwards ever so slightly. If needed Nyssa would put Kate in her place but no was not the time, for there was a mission to do, well one that they were put on loan to. “Not much.” Nyssa shrugged. “Got told at the very last moment to get my things and head to the carriage for a mission I was on loan to. By the time I was told, there was not enough time to actually brief me on any specifics.” Nyssa replied calmly and would explain why Nyssa was not originally aware Kate and Meg were the team's contact's.

The calm and seriousness of the mission ahead was once more affected, before any of the details could actual come to fruition, there was some other commotion at the door and it was not hard in Nyssa mind to assume that it may have been other members of her party. Nyssa rolled her eyes, this time she or Colin did not seem to delay it this time, in fact it sounds like Eliza and Vitius… So finally the vampire had made it back from god knows where and Eliza sounded pissed at him, consider she was with Colin last time she saw the beautiful woman. The Dhampir could only wonder if it was to do with bloody Colin again.

Nyssa Devout

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Nyssa had continued on walking ahead of the others, there was no real need for small talk as she squelched her way back on the rain soaked muddy path towards the Inn. To be honest her mind had wondered to the fact that they were meant to of had a brief of the dam mission by now, as much as she enjoyed toying with her new play thing in Kate. Least she had bigger balls than her brother Colin, but she could also understand.

The Dhampir was more than pleased once she reached the entrance to the Inn, she surmised to much time was already wasted outside in this god awful weather, still the situation that occurred between herself and Kate did keep an amused smile on her soft features, even if her lip was a little red. Nyssa noticed that Kate was the only one close by as it seemed Colin and Eliza had hung back a little with the later probably checking on their fellow hood, At least she was nice enough not to scold the Dhampir despite giving her that look earlier.

Walking inside, Nyssa took a look at Meg, no doubt the woman wondered when everyone would be back, Nyssa gave her a respectful nod and smile as she sensed Kate had reached the door also. Without even a thought or a change in stance or facial features. Nyssa slammed the door shut in the woman face, she felt the thud against the door while doing so and heard the woman unceremoniously land upon the wet muddy ground outside, it was satisfying to know the woman probably just landed on her ass outside. Nyssa did play the part though, acting like she was not expecting the woman to be directly behind her, raising her hands a moment before moving clear of the door and went over to Meg.

Nyssa Devout

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Well it seems everyone’s mood was just like the weather, it was bad, they were on loan and couldn’t hold their shit together, sure Nyssa was angry, for one Colin ran and two Eliza was this stern motherly look for her actions and Nyssa gave her an apologetic look. To be frank however, if any of them did their homework or truly believed her to be a vampire, then they should know that this was her being quite restrained as Nyssa could have done a hell of a lot more if she wanted to.

In hindsight Nyssa might of over reacted, but to say the least, the guy ran away from what now appeared to be their client, ‘Great’ the Dhampir thought to herself, it was a great first impression, Colin runs away and she threatens the client for charging at them, no doubt she will pay the price for that. Checking that Colin was okay being cut short…

She felt a hand grab a hold of her shoulder and with a heavy heave had managed to pull her around, Kate had since approached her from behind, Kate then yelled at her, apparently; Colin is her brother which made all the more interesting, now she had to do with a pair of siblings, at least Kate had a bigger pair of balls then her brother at least as the woman had balled her fist and swung for her.

It connected, Nyssa allowed Kate to hit her, of course she could’ve stopped it, but she could take a hit, her head had snapped right from the punch and immediately it was Kate actually had a mean swing and it had slightly busted her lip in the corner. Immediately snapped her head back and staring deep into the eyes of Kate, Nyssa got right into her face, looking very pissed off for a moment before smiling. “You have no idea what you have just created for yourself, but it appears you are our client so I will let your slander and strike slide.” But then her smiled disappeared. “But just remember, I could of easily of caught your fist and crushed it with my own without breaking a sweat… However, I respect your tenacity.” With that Nyssa moved of from and walked back towards the Inn.

Nyssa Devout

Interacting With:@NorthernKraken

Upon entering the Tavern, Nyssa was taking in the surroundings, taking in who was there and the layout, lowering her hood to free her white hair as the group just stood within the doorway. ‘Well this is awkward’ She thought awaiting to see who it was they had to speak to. It didn’t take long for her gaze to lock onto the two woman a little further in, considering one said bloody hell…. Aloud. Even her companion turned to look back this woman who seemed to simply stare at them, frozen.

Kate, as her name had been reveal by the other with her, despite asking if she was okay the woman just stood there, hesitation like that could easily get one killed but Nyssa was starting the feel something was off, she did get to notice that the attention was to the male that was with the group, their archer. Maybe they had some history? Or maybe the woman was just petrified of men, whatever the reason this was getting annoying, there was a mission at hand, not a bloody staring contest.

Then to her surprise, Colin was backed up against the door with a croaked voice, really? What was this woman to him? He was on his way to being a hood and already he was backing away before the mission had even got into full swing, and then it happened, Kate was charging the group without reason or warning and Nyssa would have stopped the woman in her track within moments if it was getting distracted by hearing the door swing open and Colin running like his life depended on it, or maybe it was his yelp that distracted her as the woman following out into the rainy night.

When Kate barged past her while distracted, Nyssa let out a low toned growl in her throat, nothing like a werewolf or anything but enough to know that what just transpired had pissed the Dhampir off, she should easily have been able to stop that woman dead in her track without breaking a sweat. When the other female address her and Eliza about whether to go after them or not, Nyssa didn’t really leave much to interpretation. “I will get them back.” Her voice clearly showed irritation as she put her hood back up and shot of after the two.

The advantage of being Dhampir meant she would be quicker than the two, not as much as her superior strength would be, but more than enough to catch up to them as her senses from her vampires’ side helped her hone in on her targets, first of which was Colin. Eventually catching up in little time, Nyssa flanked round the pair before coming out in front of Colin and without hesitation used her superior strength to grab the man by the throat to stop him dead in his tracks and using the momentum to pretty much choke slam the guy to the floor without actually choking him, cant murder an ally on your first mission right, so she had to still show some restraint as she held him to the ground, probably winded to hell but she did avoid putting too much pressure on him before she looked up, hissing and baring her teeth at Kate. “Stop right there or I will deal with you myself in a minute!” Nyssa demanded while pointing at Kate.

Her grip never lessened on Colin though as her attention was back to him. “What in the goddess’s name are you doing! We are on a mission for the hoods and you run from this woman?!” soon she pulled him up to his feet one handed. “The only time I expect you to run is to a better position to fire your damned arrows, you’re a hood so you dam well act like it, and you” her attention turned back to Kate. “Don’t ever charge at a member of the hoods like that again, or it will be you on the ground trying to explain yourself, you hear me?”

Now releasing her grip on Colin so he can freely move, Nyssa addressed the two. “Now we have a mission to complete, so put your lovers quarrel aside and get your asses back to the tavern.” Looking at the pair to move for a moment. “Well don’t just stand there, it’s raining now go! Before I drag you both back myself” Nyssa would walk behind the two, keeping watch not just on them but their surroundings while they make the way back.
So not sure if this means she'll be around before or after the start of Issue II. but after spend endless hours, I got my second character ready for this awesome RP! I give to you:

Nyssa Devout

Interacting With:open

With pretty much the other two gone off to their own adventure, hopefully with the Vampire not actually trying to suck his ally dry, Nyssa had found herself not the only one heading to the Inn, like they instructed to do so by the driver. She had found herself in the presence of a rather attractive young lady that was distracted by the Dhampir’s presence and caught her woman staring and nodding to her words, it was amusing and in fact quite cute for someone supposedly dangerous enough to be in the hoods, if anything it actually made her smile more.

As Nyssa was making her way towards the Inn, she heard the young lady catch up to her, Eliza was a sweet enough name, but there could be a lot more to her than her name and looks… hell the same could be said for her and the others, she caught the woman smiling at her as she spoke of the loan. She turned her head slightly to show she was acknowledging her while still looking ahead of herself. “Name is Nyssa Devout.” She smiled, it was at least a formality to provide a name to some one that at least didn’t assume what she was or cause a stir like Brighid did.

Nyssa nodded at Eliza, she remember one person did not survive the trial. That is possible, but I find it more probable that they did not expect this many of us to survive their trial, we were underestimated and they thought we would dead, Ironic we proved them wrong.” Nearing the door Nyssa opened up to let her new partner in crime to go in first, and even waited for Colin who seemed to be respectful not to interrupt their conversation, either that or he was checking out their booty from a safe distance. She knew that for her very own survival she would have to work with the others, even begrudgingly the vampire Vitius. It seemed the gods and goddess’s had an interesting sense of humour.

Nyssa Devout

Location: Outskirts of Stathford, Village of Traffyn Fenwd
Interacting With:open

The carriage had hardly set of before the Nyssa had come out with her belongings, Ceara had not long really told her that the Dhampir was on loan as so many survived the trials, no one expected them to do this well which was certainly a good but maybe a bad omen, she reluctantly agreed to the ‘Loan’. How the hell does one get put on loan simply because her group survived so well? Plus, it would get her out of the keep even if she had to put up with the full vampire to, alas it could be a small price to pay.

Nyssa had to quickly climb up and onto the carriage as it set of, practically ninja’d her way onto it without the notice of the others of the group, the older man she had to sit by though wasn’t much for company, but that was fine, she had nothing to really say anything to him anyhow, she was wearing her yellow hood, but the hood itself was down, letting her hair flow freely in the light breeze.

During the many breaks, Nyssa managed to get some shut eye, not easy while sitting at the front with the various drivers they had to take them on the journey during the various stops, which themselves was not really long enough at all to really let her presence be known to the team, she had since kept her hood up as the weather seemed to worsen upon their arrival to their destination.

As rain began peppering the dirt ground beneath them, Nyssa saw the old wooden sign as they rolled up to an Inn. She listened to the driver as he spoke to the others within the carriage, she forgot that she had not told them of her presence. Glad she kept her hood on as the rain fell much more. Nyssa observed Vitius and Sadon get out and begin to stride out down the muddy path.

Soon enough the Dhampir stood up keeping balance before jumping off the carriage to the ground with little effort upon her feet as the muddy earth released a squelch sound from the impact. Her Amber eyes looking back at the few still in the carriage. “Surprise.” A slight smirk on her face. “Apparently I am on loan, whatever the bloody hell that means.” She then looked back at the other two that were already heading off, and began moving of down the path herself keeping her deul bladed Quintilla seathed.

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