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Keera didn't take long to reach her destination, getting her suite fitted and sent on her merry way in short order. By the time she reached her Jeager, the team of choppers were beginning to latch themselves to Azure. Keera slowed a little as she watched, but quickly shook it off as she approached and made her way up to the conn-pod. Once she was in, she felt the entire Jeager shift as the choppers took to the air, Azure swinging below as they went underway.

"Alright, what are we looking at..." She muttered to herself as she got into position, trying to keep herself steady during transit. A quick minute later and she had herself fully hooked in and ready to rift, but she didn't, not yet at least. Connecting herself to that... thing... was unsettling enough, and she didn't really feel like linking herself to it more than she needed to. To keep herself preoccupied, she took a look at what data they had managed to get on the incoming Kaiju. It wasn't much, mostly it's class, a name they threw together for it and it's destination, but she did notice something else.

"Another Jeager on route? Didn't think they had very many this far from the mainland. Another Mark-6 too. Titan Sierra, hmm?" She said to herself, giving it a glance over. Top of the line, well armed, but lighter armored, much like her own. Apparently command is really pushing for rapid response over raw power. Given the track record of Jeagers trying to go head on in a test of strength and losing, she couldn't really blame them. She let out a sigh as she turned her eyes to a small map, noting that she was approaching the target landing area soon. It wouldn't be long now, and she couldn't tell if she was impatient to get this it started, or over with.
"Change of plans."

Keera took a long, slow breath before turning to the side, pressing the button the the terminal to link her voice in.

"What?" She simply asked glaring at the screen for a few moments before a small sound of the other person on the line clearing his throat echoed out. She let out a sigh before correcting herself.

"What, sir?"

"Better. Now, we have a cat. 3 closing in on Honolulu, Hawaii, and you're in range to hopefully intercept. Air force is already gearing up to get you moving, be ready in your Jeager in 5. Details will be sent on transit." The voice on the other end ordered before disconnecting. Keera let out another sigh before turning around, heading down the halls as alarms went on overhead. She had practically just walked into the base, and this is what was greeting her on the first day? She hadn't even managed to find her bunk yet. She headed towards the hangers, entering just as Azure Storm was being moved to the hookup position for the chinooks. She slowed her pace for a moment, looking at the massive piece of machinery, a small shiver running down her back at the though of what else was in there. She shook the feeling, refocusing before taking off to get into her Jeager
Name: Keera Tavic
Age: 33

Info: Born in Easter Canada, Keera joined the PPDC a few months before the breach had been sealed, with the intention of becoming a Jeager pilot along with a long time friend that had joined with her. During their training, a rouge Kaiju hit the coast not far from their training facility and the pair were the only pilots in the local area that could intercept, except the only Jeager they had was a training one with no real armaments. Despite this, they engaged it, and managed to hold it off long enough for reinforcements to arrive, but took severe damage that resulted in her friend being fatally wounded and herself hospitalized for several months.

After the breach was closed, she was paired with several different partners, but could never drift with them fully, despite them being compatible. When trails for one pilot Jeagers became available, she jumped on them and quickly showed herself as an effective and stalwart Jeager pilot.

Jeager name: Azure Storm

Armaments: 2 I-22 Plasma casters (wrist mounted)

Info: Azure Storm was designed as a mid ranged support Jeager, with lighter armor than standard, but uses the decrease in weight to allow for a larger energy core, as well as better speed and mobility. The twin I-22 Casters don't have the same CELL-TIP technology of the IB22 Caster, so doesn't have the ability to target a Kaiju skeletal structure. The Jeager lacks any close range weapons, and is usually paired with other Jeagers to ensure it can keep at range to effectively use its armaments.
@Gareth Sword of Truth novels were good, Eragon was... alright. End sucked though. Never was one for shows/movies, but as for games I put an unhealthy amount of hours into ones like WC3, the OG Mount&Blade and Age of Empires/Mythology.
Hello hello! My names Olath and am mildly socially awkward so let's blow past small talk before I lose my nerve to post this! Grew up loving to read and write, got into forum RPing long ago (the site I started on shut down almost 14 years ago), hopped between a few other ones, but eventually fell off due to life problems. Still did a bit of writing over the years, but never with people.

Recently though, I found myself with spare time on my hands, so I decided to pick up this old hobby of mine again. Took a bit to find a site I liked the look of, but here I am! Lover of sci-fi and medieval, spaceships and magic, monsters both good and bad! Many others that aren't modern or slice of life! Obviously there's other things to say, bit that should probably go in its own post that I should make. Eventually. Maybe... Anyway...

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