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Current lmao Otaku95 it takes one to know one. besides just a slap who cares?
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WhatamIdoing slap me
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Filters and consideration makes the best conversations.
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my hands asleep again......
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When you want people to stop making a big deal. Then guy says "1 person making fallacy and fear mongering and killing the conversation." Just grow up. The whole point is let it go.


I'm here :)

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@Chev Interest #3
Name:Vern Seoto
Race: Demon
Brand: A white skull inside a black cloud below his left eye.
Power: Acid Manipulation: He can change his skin to a sickly green color that does him no harm, but will poison anyone who comes into contact with it. He can also breath acid in this transformation from his stomach that his highly corrosive, peeling away flesh at first contact.
Personality: He is self-centered, rude, crafty, blunt, motivated and curious.
Bio/History:He grew up in the Demon World under tutelage of many servants. His family were the lord and lady of the local demon town (whatever these demon world locales can be referred to.), thus he was able to wear fancy clothes, look well groomed and eat the most delicious of meals at no effort or expense to himself. Eventually after being spoiled so much, Vern got used to the idea that these servants were like everyone else outside his family, low class peons that serve him. He did learn things from the peons, but the only thing he really paid attention to was business. Because that's what his father told him was important.
Apparently many things are considered business as Vern soon learned. With Vern's rude and crafty words netted him attention. Basically it was either you hate Vern and avoid him or Vern notices you and on first glance he decides to ridicule you or manipulate you into serving him. The other thing was Vern went where there was power or money, like a bear to honey. Eventually word of him reached his surrounding region, that he was someone not to be trifled with.

Extra:he was never good at dice games.

Race: angel
Brand: A white swan with wings spread wide.
Power: Wind Manipulation. She can control the flow of air by simply moving her hands in different directions. Her power is affected by her emotion and her clumsyness. Little to no emotion = little to no ability. Great happyness or great sadness = potential hurricanes and more depending on the severity of her emotional state. Clumsyness can happen at anytime, little to no ability she blew air in her face. Abilities peak and clumsy, Hurricane lifted a building out of the ground and threw it. (wrecking the building making her sad.)
Personality:Sweet, honest, friendly, emotional, caring, clumsy.
Bio/History:She grew up with her grandmother and not knowing her parents because they were drug addicts and passed away before she was even born. Life wasn't great, they lived in a small house with only four rooms. But Jess wouldn't think it was bad at all. On the contrary her grandmother taught her appreciation of the small things in life, even if her poor granny did get frustrated at times because of how often Jess dropped the dishes she was washing. (it seemed like half the time. A real Klutz Jess is.)Jess eventually went out in the world. Jess's positive and friendly demeanor really made people's fears and insecurities wash away. In the end these people felt better in Jess's company and became her friends. Jess's passion was swimming, ever since she was put in the water as a baby. Just the feel of floating and freedom that water seemed to give her made her happy. Eventually she went to local swimming pools with others, (angels I guess.), and noticed how they moved in the water, and copied that. She did slip a few times attempting swimming, but when she wasn't slipping she was an amazing swimmer with very little time applied to it. People gasped at how good she was. She did decide to swim for money, but it was to only help others. Not for her to spend on herself.
Extra:Don't give her your valuables, she will drop them.

Name:Erica Caen
Brand:Two crossing red magnets in the shape of horse shoes, on the back of her right hand.
Power:Magnetize: She can rub her hands together and somehow they will become magnetized allowing her to zoom across to the nearest metal surface. She can rub her hands together again to remove the magnetization from her hands.
Personality:Practical, empathetic, impatient, funny, and smart.
Bio/History:You could think of her as your average girl. If your average girl got high grades in school but didn't tell anyone else about it. If your average girl walked out of gym class due to the fact that running back and forth from one wall to the other was so borrrring, that she couldn't be bothered. If your average girl was one of the youngest kids in highschool and yet she started a club where she advised and assisted teenagers who were graduating high school, people who were much older and should have been wiser than herself. If your average girl got asked to dance at the highschool graduation by the prettiest boy in school, but turned him down because she didn't want to be a "trophy" couple for the school's newspaper.
If your average girl spent the next bit of her life working in construction, lifting the heavy things and driving the heavy machinery until she grew accustomed to it. And was later taught construction design, how to build 'cool buildings' that stood up to snowfall, rain, hurricanes and all sorts of other disasters.
Eventually her family caught up to her and requested that she come back home and leave the construction business. They had a big fight over it, but stubborn as Erica was, she didn't heed her parents. And maintained her job in the construction field.

Extra:Don't talk down to her, she will get very mad.
<Snipped quote by Gareth>

Poor wording on my part.

It was intended to be more like this:

<interesting title about fantasy world with killer ponies> (humor me)

<click into thread>

<thread has typical fantasy world where people eat oranges>

<??? where's my ponies>

<oh, the ponies don't matter, but please, take these ora->


why? why would people waste their own time to write stuff like that, much less everyone elses.....

Ok, you are right.

I don't like click bait.

Ok, I'll talk more I guess.

I wasn't really into depth when I mentioned clickbait.

It's only people who want to grab a person's attention with their title, so that they can have traffic to their story idea.

you mentioned:

a thread with a title that leads me to assume the contents are not well connected with the title.

I don't know how to know that.

<Snipped quote by Gareth>


Good thing we have no obligation to roleplay with each other, I suppose.

Lmao i could go into details but I thought i'd spare you. Its interesting how we both went for the jugular.
I dunno how deep we're getting, but if it's a thread with a title that leads me to assume the contents are not well connected with the title, then I simply write off the thread and possibly the roleplayer.

Otherwise, it doesn't really matter to me.

In the original context of "omg look old stuff WITH A TWIST" then it depends on the person posting that, the wording used and even then, probably the content.

You seem too picky to me.
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@bls1234nice to meet you and welcome to the guild
Ok real quick I noticed this has the casual and advanced tag, does that = to high casual?

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