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Current Being productive at night. I need to know from you guys, is it worth it? Or is it better to be active during daylight?
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English only noobs.
2 days ago
Might buy a camper, could be cheaper living than a house.
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I just want freedom, permanent vacation.
4 days ago
Anyone who wants to know, there seems to be many anime airing in october. Halloween is the time for it I guess.


I'm here :)

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The message from the one bandit to watch out for the silver haired man kindof trickled into the brains of their entire group. The effect was immediate and rather evident. As one and all they gave the man their undivided attention. Learning that the guy was a tavern owner changed the atmosphere from tense or fearful to merryment. Bandits Loved Drink like it was second nature. Ofcourse there was a little chagrin at breaking the property of a pub owner because it was like breaking their own property. One could even go so far as to say their most valuable possessions were broken, such was these bearded fighters affection for alcohol, merryment and everything in-between. They had to make it right, they had to get in the door of this great man’s booze shack. Understanding that the man wanted payment for the windows the bandits were more then happy to comply. The bandits then turned as a newcomer was introduced ‘Mr. Bright’, understanding that he was the brawn that would force them to pay, this Blacksmith. Without furtherado the bandits each grabbed a handful of silver coins from their pockets and one by one approached him in a line as if they were buying things instead of apologizing with money. Not wanting to let the cat out of the bag, they didn’t tell the man that they were so quick to change tune, because of hearing of a tavern. Lest this giant decided that they were just going to be stupid drunks and want nothing to do with them.


“I’m the guy who will give you hell as my father would say!” Jerad roared in the face of this disgusting thing, he didn’t even want to call this guy a man… What man would dare to brutalize girls, little kids like he did. No one. No one would.
Hearing the guy introduce himself as a notable figure with a unusual name but maybe he was telling the truth, maybe he was important in the city. Jerad mused. Either way…. “It doesn’t matter man… Like I’m a guy who would not brag and I mean you can brag about whatever actual real job you have like being a king if you want to..” Jerad shook his head firmly as he sighed. “But.. I can’t respect you if you are killing people, and I can respect you even less if you are holding a high station and using that As An Excuse!!!” He spat on the ground with his last words as his voice cracked with anger. He never really could keep his voice under control during emotional times.

Jerad took a step forward and stopped when he noticed papers flying past him. But it didn’t really register to him that they were heading towards his enemy. They were just papers that were blown randomly on the wind. Something that could happen when somebody didn’t have a clipboard and got clumsy and tripped, papers everywhere. Or at least that was Jerad’s explanation for it. Jerad sheathed his longsword and thought of a different tactic instead. He paid the papers no mind and rushed this evil fiend. Running straight for him ahead of the random flying papers between them and the bald guy. Jerad stopped for a half a second and then pulled his arm back and then forwards to give his punch, a right hook, some extra power. The punch was arcing towards his enemy's shoulder as Jerad's intended target.

@Lady Ostara Ok to be frank I honestly am in a roleplay that has started already. It's called Virtue and Sin.

What I mean to say is if like a month from now if I find myself with a tremendous amount of extra time I'll join this.

But in the meantime I'm going to just focus on the one roleplay.
I'll have to get back to this tomorrow.
I'll have to come back to this, don't have much time today.

<Snipped quote by Gareth>

I do, quite many of them actually. lol

Also guys, what would you think about me making a discord server to make comunication easier?

Discord is big.

I like it.

Cool that you like anime too :)

I watched an episode of shichisei no subaru last night, it's like log horizon/sword art online.
And apparently there are many fresh anime like that one, this summer/fall.

I have a few minutes, any of you guys watch anime?
@Salvia Unfortunately some IRL stuff has come up, so I'm afraid I have to drop what few RPs I have going right now. I apologize if this is an inconvenience.

@Jett RyuWell have a good one Jett Ryu, hope everything works well for you.

Would anyone want to do a collab in the near future?
"If you would excuse me. You all are disturbing the peace of this comercial district so, I politely ask you to stop. Otherise, countermeasures will be taken."

The bandits heard a voice address them and turned in slight annoyance. "Who are you to be getting in the way of what we do?" One of them replied, as the others gave each other quick glances trying to gauge if this very tall, white haired man, was a threat. They weren't sure. Usually when confronting a group like them alone, the lone guy would be nervous or near cowering. But this guy.... He was confident, standing there as if he could make a move to attack whenever he was given provocation. The bandits waited for the guy's reply except for one of their number. The shortest and most hot tempered, a brute named "Terrs". He lost his temper at the drop of a hat and this was no exception. Already red faced by the guy's interruption, he drew his sword with two feet of steel and rushed the white haired man.

"You dumb snow haired fool, thin you kin'-" But at that point the rest of the bandits ran after him and grabbed him by the arms holding him back from striking.

The first bandit admonished him, "Does he look scared to ya?" Shaking his head at his fool friend he continued, "He could probably tear us all apart, just look at his eyes, something scary has been in there, like he's seen things..." the bandit shivered.

That first bandit who spoke to the white haired man spoke once again, "We'll leave if its all the same to you?"


Jerad heard the crying sound get louder and louder. It grated on him that awful sounds of sorrow, and reminded him of the few funerals he'd been to. He had made a habit to stop attending funerals just because he couldn't stand to be in such a large group grieving with the atmosphere that they created in a room. It always seemed to be a pit of depression.

"So, you little bitch. Are you still gonna say 'no' to me? Your little friend is dead, and guess what? No one will ever know, I'll find a way to cover that up. So tell me now: Will you come with me, or would you rather join her fate?"

Jerad's eyes crossed as he heard what the man's voice said. What?? no... abduction? and murder... no I don't believe it...

Then he arrived and what he saw shook him to his core. His right hand was shaking with involuntary shivers as he noticed a man with fanciful clothes grin wickedly at a bound girl no more then fourteen if he was guessing right. She's covered in blood... what??? 'no, no, no....' he whispered to himself as he shook his head hoping it was fake. A scene that he was hallucinating? Right... Jerad pinched himself several times to make sure he was really there, really witnessing...

"Child tor-ture?" he asked the man with a voice that cracked into a higher pitch midway conveying his own sudden sorrow. He approached the man step by step getting more angry the closer he got to this disturbing man.

As he got face to face with him Jerad noticed a dead girl by his right leg... That did it... "You did kill her didn't you? A kid... A grown man like you?! You better get out of here!" Jerad raged at him as he drew his longsword and tensed his body ready to strike, depending on the bald devil's response.
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