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3 mos ago
Current And what exactly is below status?
3 mos ago
When you have roomates and you want to buy your own damn fridge because, the roomates eat everything in the shared fridge. sigh....
3 mos ago
lmao Otaku95 it takes one to know one. besides just a slap who cares?
3 mos ago
WhatamIdoing slap me
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6 mos ago
Filters and consideration makes the best conversations.


I'm here :)

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@OneWayOut Cancel that post that was coming.

I've got no originality and i've got problems...
cancel that post I mentioned tonight....

Have problems...

Cool, I got 4 characters in 2 different stories.

I'm going to do the other story char tonight.

then tomorrow I'll do 1 of my guys here.

1 character a night.

Unless a.) someone is interacting with me then it'll be a collab between us instead.
b.) On a day off I might be able to do 2 characters a night.
@OneWayOut Is this discord idea a go ahead?

Can you provide a link, if you are setting it up?
I'm also working on putting circles together. You should see the number of balled up post-it notes i have on the table rn lol

The struggle is real y'all.

all cool. just dont have a panic attack.

I'd rather you be happy and this whole thing doesn't happen.

Then you lose your mind over it.

Anyways, I'll be work the rest of the day, so yeah no activity for me today.
@Rabidporcupine@KazAlkemi I work the rest of the day I'll get a post up tomorrow.
IC is nearly done. Its LOOOOOONG lol

ok with me lmao. :P
<Snipped quote by Gareth>

Citation needed person whose never talked to me before in their life. <.< I've been called blind, hypocrite and that I have a victim complex. And I guess not polite and helpful, I guess adds to the list.

Well now your tone is rather antagonistic.
No one else would be attacked by multiple people over saying, we all make mistakes, just take roleplaying critique to heart. By anyone else. Not that I'm already well aware of that too.

To be frank its the tone of your writing, that is upsetting people.

Did you notice that nobody else writes with your tone.

Everyone else's tone is alot more polite and helpful than your own.
@Gareth You forgot to add, someone else not apart of the conversation. You aren't doing it right. Though again, irony is not lost on me.

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