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6 mos ago
Current Merry Christmas! and Happy Holidays. :)
6 mos ago
Note: Ice Reaver stop getting sick
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6 mos ago
Happy Holidays everyone!
6 mos ago
Welcome back A N X I E T Y :)
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7 mos ago
I have a sugar problem, Soda. Sigh….
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I'm here :)

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@Shadrack Nor has a cool interest in the intangible.
James Arthur’s “Empty Space”
You have a great profile picture
Elon Musk
Banned for loving adorable pandas.
@M13U21Welcome to the Guild. I think of roleplays as like reading an awesome book and then just letting the imagination run wild. Welcome again. 😀
My pet peeve, purchasing something and then finding out, "Yo, you paid that much! you could have saved 95% elsewhere!" Great learning experience for sure, but just the do I return it or not? Crap.
@ApocryphaIn any case Welcome Back! :)
Welcome back, Blades. May you never dull. 😀
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