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Current The Mad Hatter red bull or an energy drink is the worst thing you could have. Better to have pop. Way better to drink water and just get some sleep.
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1 mo ago
ah, easy Man is Monstrously Attractive __________ the n letter has forsaken me... damn it to hell..
1 mo ago
What's a meme?
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1 mo ago
So in other news it poured rain all day yesterday, and I kinda hope it doesnt repeat.
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1 mo ago
well I kind of did read some of the exchange between them and it was cut throat. at the end of the day talking a step back and saying, "why am I angry?" "hold on this doesn't make sense." would help.


I'm here :)

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@Gareth you better not mean GAREN, he's FUCKING CANCER

is that a typo of my username?
@Zeroth I want to join. Would you consider Gareth for this roleplay?
I am deeply interested @Indra
@Forgiveness Yeah ditto, bro get your stuff sorted then when stuff settles you can return
still open?
I am also down
Forgiveness I didnt really realize that was your name. I just thought you were being quite polite frankly. Honestly apologizing for being the gm.

Now that I realize that its your name I think it was kinda funny.

Um, and I like the sunbro thing I enjoy watching people play dark souls, if thats the reference?

I'd like to partake in your story, will every player's character be about the same age?

Nice to meet you Liseran
@OneWayOut Cancel that post that was coming.

I've got no originality and i've got problems...
cancel that post I mentioned tonight....

Have problems...
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