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Current Busy with work.
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Active as a Sloth you lonely parrot.
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ZAVAZggg based on your status, etc. ethereal bonding etc. It sounds like you don't need it to me, and you feel you don't either. I think you know what to do.
2 yrs ago
unicorgi's sarcasm is strong
2 yrs ago
I don’t do song and dance requests


I'm here :)

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@Bluetommy When you get a chance to review Lmpkio's c.s. I'd like to know if it's what you are looking for.

Because it seems like a full blown ordeal.

I was sort of expecting this to take a slightly simpler style to it.

@Bluetommy Will get the c.s. filled in / posted in the next three days. Thanks for the interest cheque idea and for making a cs.
@Bluetommy this seems more relaxed. I'm in. just finished watching full metal alchemist brotherhood.
@Lord Orgasmo and everybody work has been busy I appologize for the bs... I won’t say anymore and I’ll see what I do.
@Lord Orgasmo no hate xD Nice write up and we all appreciate your efforts and your honesty. I’ll start hitting the books on my chara. Have a good night
Also your right no point having a judging party on someone’s creative freedoms. It was a silly suggestion...
@NuttsnBolts Gotcha. I appreciate your answer, it makes perfect sense.
@Kuro Probably not needed but I thought of it and was curious what people thought. Thanks for the discussion.
@Kuro Yeah, I appreciate the feedback. You have good points, I can believe the rating bombing and the zilch or auto max stars. What I would like to say is that I’ve looked at ratings for mobile games and I swipe through all of them for the lower star amounts and looked for the comments behind the rating of the few 1.5 and 2 1/3 stars. Those few comments seemed believable.
It's been a while since I've properly logged on, so here are my questions:

  • How is everyone and the site doing?
  • Any new cool updates since about a year ago?

I noticed that we finally got an 18+ tag and photos were

The site is doing fairly well as it has a great community and lots of support for anything/anyone. As for everyone it’s a mixed bag, some are crazy happy and others are in a bit of a rut.... I haven’t really kept track of the update history.
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