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11 days ago
Current And new 1x1 search thread posted! I kind of want to focus more on fandom based plots at the moment.
13 days ago
Boredom… it sucks.
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16 days ago
You know what? Disney roleplay time! I want to include characters from the movies, TV shows, books, and video games (partially because I play Twisted Wonderland which is a Disney game)
2 mos ago
The problem is currently only affecting their website. The PC app is fine, however.
6 mos ago
Should I attempt to make a Disney roleplay this month?


||18||She/Her||Cat Lady?||Final Fantasy Fan||Plays Video Games A Lot||

A 18 year old Final Fantasy fan who has been roleplaying for four years. I’m a fandom roleplayer first and foremost who tends to like a bit of chaos being present in roleplays since I find it to be fun. To that extent, I can usually be seen lurking around multifandom threads the most although I’m usually friendly to requests to roleplay. I also only use male and non-binary characters in roleplays due to being uncomfortable with playing female characters.

My Favorite Characters
  • Vaan
  • Bartz Klauser
  • Tidus
  • Firion
  • Riddle Rosehearts

My Fandoms
  • Final Fantasy
  • Kingdom Hearts
  • Project SEKAI
  • Fire Emblem
  • Pokémon
  • Disney
  • Disney Twisted-Wonderland
  • Monster Hunter

And yes, the cat in my profile picture is my cat. I have three of them! And yes, Layla is a chicken nugget thief.

Most Recent Posts

Banned for undisclosed reasons.

If you don’t already know who I am, I’m Cat. I am currently eighteen years old and have been roleplaying for around four years. While I am primarily someone who focuses on fandom roleplays, I do have a D&D character who tends to be rather chaotic (Aqua is just a chaotic boy and I honestly am fond of him for that reason). I also do not use female characters due to comfort reasons. In addition, I am also a SFW ONLY roleplayer.

When it comes to the length of my replies, they can range from a few sentences to up to a paragraph or two depending on how many characters I’m using and honestly just how much I feel like writing. However, I tend to have a habit of… making my starters longer than any of my other posts. In addition, I tend to prefer MxM pairings.

As for my preferred fandoms and characters from some of those fandoms that I use, they will be listed down below along with my requirements. For reference, the fandoms that I really want to set a story with are written in bold. Also, I am in fact interested in crossovers.

My Requirements

  • Be 18+ in case that romance does happen (More likely than not, romance will not happen)
  • Write more than one line
  • Don’t be an absolute jerk and be respectful

That’s literally it for the requirements.

My Fandoms

  • Disney Twisted-Wonderland
  • Final Fantasy
  • Project SEKAI
  • Super Smash Bros
  • Kingdom Hearts
  • Genshin Impact
  • Honkai: Star Rail

Canon Characters that I Use (Listed by fandom)

Disney Twisted Wonderland - Riddle Rosehearts, Yuu/MC
Final Fantasy - Bartz Klauser, Firion, Tidus, Vaan
Genshin Impact - Aether
Honkai: Star Rail - Caelus
I plan to allow both! It would be rather fun that way.
So far, I just kind of have it as to where all of the characters end up in a castle realm and have to live together which is… easier said than done and there is most likely a kitchen ban list. However, there is also a realm full of various forests and vast field which are teaming with life (and monsters…) as well.

Some characters might try and find a way back home, however and as for people, I haven’t really had that many reply to the thread yet.

Also, not me planning on throwing Riddle (a character from Twisted Wonderland) into the potential shenanigans. He’s one who tends to follow the rules and well, let’s just say that he ended up being a bit of a tyrant like the Queen of Hearts. He mellowed out, though albeit he still hates being called short. (Consider the fact that well, I have played the game but… I’m still stuck on Book 3)
Well, welcome aboard!
Hello there! So recently, I’ve been wanting to do a Disney roleplay that involves various characters from Disney books, video games, movies, and TV shows. Maybe they all ended up in some sort of castle realm and have to live together or maybe, something else could have happened. Who know what sort of Disney magic could end up happening and what sort of shenanigans will ensue?

Well, first, I just kind of… have to find more people who are interested in doing something of the sort first. Please feel free to suggest ideas as well.
Well then, welcome to multifandom chaos! I still have to get the roleplay thread set up.
Well, it IS multifandom for a reason so, yes.
So, before I actually make the decision to actually make a roleplay featuring vampires, I have decided to do a quick interest check for it just so that I don’t end up making a thread that nobody is interested in.

So, without further ado, would anyone here like to do a multifandom roleplay where fandom characters either are vampires or have to avoid being caught by them ever since the children of the night had come out of hiding. I don’t really have any other ideas for it right now but since spooky season is coming up, I just decided to go with vampires.

And of course, there might be those who fight back against the vampires as well.
Sorry! I’ve been dealing with school and all that for the past month.
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