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Current Check the 1x1 interest thread for my latest idea of a Necromancer / Priest story!
7 mos ago… Here is my new Rp interest check y'all liked the idea on.
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If I made a RP based on magical wolves in a forest with a giant river that they worship. Would that have interest here? Give me a like if you think so.
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Hello Stranger, can you tell us where you been? Tho a stranger you can rest here for awhile.
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These hands is rated E for everyone.


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Hello all! I am looking for a writing partner! I consider myself high casual to low advanced and am looking for someone similar. I've been bitten by the writing bug for a potential fantasy setting mystery/adventure that's open for plot ideas and exploration. I play a male characters although I have no problem playing females and can play multiple characters to help move the story along.

Lately I was inspired by a song that could easily be translated to a rather interesting story to roleplay as a mystery for the Priest/Paladin/whatever holy themed character you wish to play. To figure out why a necromancer has been frequenting a small towns graveyard for the past fifty years and has not been driven out by the local church or authorities. The local priest of the light has passed away due to old age/sickness/we figure that part out and you are now here. I am preferring my writing partner to be female or to play a female as I have a small eye towards some romance in the plot. IF anyone has any interest feel free to drop me a PM.
Is this still open to applications? I have an interesting idea for a character.
I think most of the people are at the furniture store "Wall" I think my guy is the only one not, as hes on guard duty at the church.
Weigh your worth. Before her majesty, the Veridian River.

There exists a large tribe of wolves that exists by a large emerald green river. Water so pure and clear, you could probably see into its depths if sunlight traveled that far. The River is so wide and vast that one cannot even see to the other side of its banks even with your wolfen sight. The tribe known as Wolf-totem has two leaders, though one has long since vanished. The Eldest who was the embodiment of might and strength who led the wolves from the deepest of the wilds hundreds of miles away to this valley of paradise. Then there is the Wolf-Father, the oldest living member of the tribe who is supposedly around three thousand years old and was best friends with the Eldest.

The Wolf-Father now leads the tribe in it's daily decisions and also leads the worship and the reverence that the tribes god deserves. The Veridian River. One might ask why this beautiful and other worldly large river gets worship. It is because of the magic contained within it's waters and Lady Veridian who was the one who blessed the wolves in turn for their service. Her magic combined with natural magic of the water has caused the wolves to live much longer then physically possible as well as allow them to change their forms into more humanoid forms though at best they would be described by humans as Werewolves or Lycans. Some might be more humanoid then others while some might be more beastly but it would be impossible to ever mistake one for a human. Not that the wolves of Wolf-Totem would even know what a human was outside of old sketchings of them. Humans haven't been seen in thousands of years and most of the wolves are ignorant of such a race.

Something sinister has been afoot in the last few months however, the neighboring Kobolds far to the south in their stone city Chicory have stopped trading with Wolf-Totem and any scouts sent on the long journey to investigate have not returned. Much the same can be said of the forest trolls that reside west of Wolf-Totem. It seems they have all but vanished from their homes and dark effigies hang from the trees that seem to emanate strange whispers. Even worse Lady Veridian has not been seen months despite the Wolf-Father's best efforts to contact her.

What will become of Wolf-Totem at this rate?
I'll try to have something up in a few hours. I'm thinking old mountain man, that sometimes does handy work around the lodge for the older couple to get monday or trade things with.
Lucas Hillcrest

Lucas tumbled backwards at the sudden noise of the PA speaker that was directly above his secluded space and landed with a small crash and groaned as he mumbled "Motherfucker..." Lucas rolled away from the chair and rubbed his sore back as he fixed the chair and chugged down what was left of his cold coffee. He glanced at his phone and rolled his eyes. He'd be more annoyed if it had not been a special announcement about something he was looking forward to. 48 minutes of sleep how annoying. The power nap was nice though, but man did he just long for a full 8 hours. He'd even be overjoyed for 4 hours.

The fiery ginger readjusted his jeans that had slipped downward slightly when he fell and re-tucked his inner white shirt back into them as his green vest fell back into place on top. Chucking his cup into a nearby bin he left all the books where they had been as he would surely return after the artifact viewing was finished. Lucas was rubbing his eyes as he left the library and headed to where he needed to be and was hoping to score a fresh cup of coffee or a caffeine packed mountain dew. He would complain about neither.
Disappointing. but whatever I guess
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