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This was a long time coming, but I finally have my CS ready for review:

Definitely interested!
You have my interest – I'll go ahead and check it out!
@Byrd Man@Vertigo@Skelm

Just wondering if you guys or still interested or busy or wassaaap?

Didn't hear anything and I wanted to check in <3

Yup, still interested! Sorry, I got buried under a deadline at work, but that should be cleared out by the weekend. In the meantime, I'll go ahead and start placing some ideas together for the CS.
This sounds great – I'm definitely down for this one!
At this point, I think I'm going to temporarily cancel Coins with the possibility of a reboot in the future. It seems most of the potential players have lost interest. I'm sorry to those of you that were looking forward to it and put in the effort to make characters. I'll keep you updated about future RPs.

Oh man...sorry to hear that.

I'm not sure if one more will make a difference in terms of numbers, but I was nearing completion on my CS. It just took me a little longer than anticipated.

At any rate, I'm on board if you ever relaunch this at some point.
Just a heads up that things got a little hectic, but I still plan to submit my CS. Sorry for the delay.
I'm definitely keeping my eye on this one.
As I work through some character ideas, I was curious if you had a specific age range that you wanted us to shoot for? Would it be ok to go with a more mature character (maybe 50s or 60s)? He wouldn't be as physically adept as some of his younger counterparts, but I could still see him contributing to the group, perhaps as the negotiator or the chauffeur.
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