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Current Even as a waitress, I'm tired of the excessive tipping culture. Just please remember your servers make below average federal minimum wage. If service is shit, service is shit though.
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RPG might be a bit better if we would all admit out shit stunk. But here we are.
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So we just get mad and call everything a clique these days, huh? 😂
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Disclaimer: Fuck your feelings. Your kinks are weird.
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Can we still shame for furry dick??


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Welcome fellow writer. I go by many names, but you can call me Haley or pretty much anything else. I stick to causal level groups here on the forum. I have a soft spot for thunderstorms, dark humor, strong coffee, animals, pretty words, feminine rage, mythologies, and all things that go 'bump' in the night. I've lived in the same small southern Appalachian town my whole life, and aim to travel one day. I'm open to the occasional random conversation, but please do not message me asking to write one-on-one; it's simply not something I do these days.

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His younger sister Marianne

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The Batcave (His bedroom at the Barker Residence) ---> Annual Back to School Party (Arvantis Residence)

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Today had been a hectic one, but fun nonetheless. A good time seemed to be one of those things that followed Chrisitan around, much like the weight of his parents expectations.

This summer had offered a much needed breather. He didn’t need to worry about book reports, tests, or even about football games. Granted the young man had been keeping up with practice and workout routines on his own, but that was out of his own coalition - not someone else's. Even when his mother had dragged him along to Paris for another lesson about the company, he had managed to bring a much needed and welcome addition along with him.

Jolie Russo may have been the annoying little sister of his best friend, but she had proved to be more than that for little over a year now. Officially for a few months, but - you know - technicalities. It had taken some convincing on his mothers part, but once he had gotten the all clear that he could bring a friend along, Christian didn’t hesitate a moment longer on his invitation.

The pair had spent roughly three weeks exploring the sights of Paris in between Christians business meetings. Cafes, parks, historical landmarks - they had seen as much of it as Christian could fit into their short trip. He had decided to make it an everlasting memory by asking her to officially be his girlfriend their last night there as they had watched the sunset. He had also bought her two charm bracelets to sweeten the deal - one for her upcoming birthday, and one as a reminder of their relationship. Thankfully he knew Jolie well enough to know she hadn’t said yes to their relationship just because of the gifts. The one thing she didn’t know was that Christian planned to fill those charm bracelets for hopefully many years to come.

It was these memories and thoughts that filled his brain as he sat in his bedroom rolling the many blunts for this evening. Dad rock blaring through his speaker set up, he was thankful for the time alone after such a long day surrounded by old friends and teammates.

His peace was interrupted very rudely by his sister throwing the bedroom door open and prancing in to take ‘her’ spot in his computer chair.

”So! Any big plans for the night Chrissy,” Marianne began her interrogation, clapping her hands together and she situated herself comfortably in the chair. A mischievous glimmer could already be seen in her chocolate brown eyes, and her bikini and shorts combo already let Christian know what she was up to.

His eyes flicked up to meet Marianne’s for a moment, a clear look of don’t fucking start shining through. ”None of your business, Jezebel,” he quipped, forever making sure that she knew she was the youngest sibling.

”Are you sure,” she asked as if she already knew the answer. ”Just because you don’t have mom on speed dial doesn’t mean I don’t.”

”Like either of our parents can stop us from doing anything while they’re in other countries.”

”No, but you know the butler loves any opportunity he can to be a pain in your ass.”

”Fine,” Christian borderline snapped at her. ”Just remember you can’t snitch on everyone to get your way in the real world.”

”Your panties are so twisted today,” Marianne continued to clap back before planting a quick kiss on his cheek before scurrying out the door. ”Thanks big bro! You’re the best!” she called down the hallway.

Once he had been left to his own devices once more, Christian finished his party prep and dressed simply like someone's future dad in a white t-shirt and jean shorts.

The ride to Kass’s house was a short one, and Christian was sure to leave Marianne alone to go find her friends as quickly as he could. He’d check in with her through-out the party as needed, but Chrisitan knew he didn’t need to hover over her, seeing as he had been teaching her how to perfect her punching technique since she was five.

Following the sound of music to the back yard, Christian offered a small wave to the small group that had already gathered while grabbing himself a beer. He did a mental checklist of familiar faces before deciding on what to do. Kass was already here, obviously, along with Nikolas and Riley. All of them look relatively preoccupied, and while he felt Julians presence, he couldn’t quite spot his best friend as of yet.

Downing the last of his beer with a heavy sigh, Christian did what Christian did best and turned on his crackhead bro energy.

Running the short distance from the drink table to the pool, the young man promptly shouted ”Cannonball!” before jumping and landing in the water. Popping his head back up from underneath the cool, refreshing surface, Christian was met with the sight of a few pissed off bystanders.

”Come on in, water’s fine!” he half taunted, half invited them.

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So high, that
Now this is a birthday present I can get down with.

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