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Current Sorry for my absence, things have been rather busy. Due to moving at the end of next week, I will not be online for a long while. Until I get wifi again, once I get settled in my new home.
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Sorry for being gone, things have been busy for me. Will try and post when I can...but might not be around much.
9 mos ago
Apologies to everyone, things have been busy rl. Will try and post soon as I can.
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Over the next 3 weeks, replies will be slower than usual. Got Gran staying with us for the Holidays.
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Even though I don't celebrate, Happy Thanksgiving to all :)


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@SinfulSkills hi back :) miss you
Sorry for not replying. Things have been busy rl, regarding getting ready for the move and I didn't feel any inspiration to write really. I am finally moving at the end of next week, so won't be online for a long while.
Kili hated what had happened. He lived. His brother and their dear uncle was gone; died. And there was nothing he could have done to saved either of them. " is it going to be okay?" he breathed out. "Isn't it bad enough, that my mother lost her grand-father, her father, my her only brother and eldest son?!" Kili raised his voice in sad frustration.

Looking between them both, he sighed softly. "I do trust both of you, but I don't need either of you speaking for me!" Telling his mother, it was something he had to do himself. Not Yavanna, Not Saeril. But himself.

"I won't say a word, unless you want me to." Yavanna promised Kili. She knew where he was coming from. If she was in his situation, she wouldn't want him or Saeril to handle the matter for her; no matter how hard it was. Hearing Saeril, Yavanna sighed softly. "Saeril is right, Fili...and Th..Thorin might be gone. But they will never be forgotten." It was hard to say both names of the fallen Dwarves, right now. Seeing how Yavanna considered them family and dear friends. But she could not change what had happened. Things always happened for a reason. Including the deaths of loved one's.

When Saeril touched the side of his face...Kili could see visions. Images of Fili asking their god-mother to defend him, no matter what. Kili stumbled away a little,with tears in his eyes. When she hugged him, Kili stiffened for a moment, before he pulled back "I need...just leave me alone...both of you." he said. He needed time to think alone, what he would say to his mother and needed some space.
Mhh, That's an Interesting thought :) I like that idea. Of course, it'd be an epic battle between them, if they ever fight her.
Kili glanced between his God-Mother and the younger she-elf, whom was like a dear sister to him. He sighed softly. Saeril was right, but it still hurt. "How can I, face mother? How can I tell her, that Fili and uncle Thorin are never returning?" he said shaking his head. It even broke him to think, about breaking the news to his mother. How she had lost her big brother, and eldest son. As if loosing father wasn't bad enough. Now she lost one of her sons and brother.

Yavanna smiled softly at Saeril, and she looked at Kili. "I know it's hard. We both do. But I am sure, she will be happy that she still has you." she reassured him. "If you want, maybe me or Saeril can do the talking for you." she suggested softly. If it would make it easier on Kili.

Kili lightly shook his head. "No. She's my mother! I lost my brother and uncle...I should be the one to say it. I just don't know how." he closed his eyes, with a sigh. Before he tried to take a deep breath like Saeril suggested. But it came out bit shaky.
As they walked side by side. Yavanna took in the beauty of the Parts of Middle-Earth she had not yet seen. Even though the weather was cooler, it didn't really bother her that much. Her Dark Raven hair was blowing, feeling the wind on her face. She could not help but ponder what Legolas was doing right now. She hoped, the Dunedian Warriors had at least been welcoming to him.

When Kili saw the village before them. He suddenly stiffened in his spot. Falling behind the two she-elves. It didn't take long for Yavanna to notice, Kili wasn't by her side...looking over her shoulder. She saw the young Dwarf staring at the village before he had seen a ghost. She sighed softly. It must have been hard for him to be here again, especially without his uncle and big brother by his side. Walking back over to him, she lightly rubbed his shoulder. "It's going to be okay, I promise." she told him softly. She and Saeril would be with him, and if worst comes to worse...they'd help explain what happened during the battle.

Kili felt his heart clench. He was returning home, without his big brother and uncle. He could not bare to tell his mother what happened...but he knew he had to.
Yeah, it's beautiful :)

That's good. Glad you're doing well. Oh lol, at least you're having fun
Thanks :) I am excited for the move...we're going to Portugal.

Hope you're doing alright, with your classes for the new term
Sorry I haven't been around much lovie. A lot has been going on since the holidays in rl. Also currently sorting through things, as we're moving around April/May rl has been taking priority.

For the last few days I've been thinking and have decided, that I am dropping out of this rp. I have quiet a lot going on at the moment and don't I don't want to keep anyone behind, by my lack of being here.

If anyone wants my characters, you're welcome to use them...any way that you like. I don't mind what you do with them.
I am sorry and wish everyone here, good luck with this rp. I might be lurking around and reading where this goes :)
I would also like to thank you for having me here, for the time that I was here.
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