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2 mos ago
Current Apologies for being gone so long, if I owe someone a reply. Please remind me, as I may have forgotten.
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7 mos ago
Sorry for my absence, things have been rather busy. Due to moving at the end of next week, I will not be online for a long while. Until I get wifi again, once I get settled in my new home.
9 mos ago
Sorry for being gone, things have been busy for me. Will try and post when I can...but might not be around much.
11 mos ago
Apologies to everyone, things have been busy rl. Will try and post soon as I can.
11 mos ago
Over the next 3 weeks, replies will be slower than usual. Got Gran staying with us for the Holidays.


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Yay :)
Can't wait :D
As much as I hate that Haldir will end up dead-I think what'll happen with her powers at that moment, will be epic.
You're welcome :)
I am looking forward this expanding plot. It's gonna be more epic than the movies.
It's okay, thought I'd re-state in case you missed something above in the massive note from earlier :)
Not at first-at first, Only Galadriel and Legolas would know Yavanna's destine for something greater. Yavanna nor Saeril would know at that point...they'd learn that, until after the battle, when Yavanna would realize it first probably.
I am glad you agree :) I had it all thought out for a while lol.
Exactly, I mean Galadriel would just kind of ask Legolas, that he'd do everything he can to make sure Yavanna suceeds in her mission-for a while, he might not know what it is...until Yavanna realizes her own destiny.
Yeah, you see when you brought up Haldir's death. I knew, how badly I wanted Yavanna to be set off, and what I wanted to happen...but the issue was. Whom would set her off to that major level? And the only answer I came up with, was Malifecent.

So from that point of view-aswell as few others. It makes sense :) I think also at that point. Yavanna and everyone else might realize, what Yavanna's purpose is...and why her powers had affected Saeril down in the mines-so truth time, that Yavanna's destiny is to defeat Maleficent. Yeah, no one will be happy that ultimately Yavanna, Saeril will have to battle it out. But shit happens hey?

Yeah, once Yavanna would get over Haldir's death...and Malifecent's doing...she'll need some help on knowing how to destroy that darkness. She'll probably realize why her powers affect Saeril, not long after the battle...realizing her destiny first. Maybe others might have their worries/suspicions, but wouldn't voice them out loud, until Yavanna says something.

I am thinking in Lothlorien, Lady Galadriel will be the only one to know what Yavanna's destiny is-but neither Saeril or Yavanna can read her mind, as she keeps those thoughts blocked from both of them for the time being. But maybe she has a few words with Legolas, to give him a bit of a warning and try to help somehow ensure that Yavanna succeeds.
Oh my idea popped in my head.
What if during the battle of Helms deep, Maleficent comes out for a bit...and she's the reason/or the person that kills Haldir? I mean....that'd set Yavanna more off than anything, in the moment.
My thoughts exactly, although after that. Pretty sure Legolas and Yavanna will be glued together, like by the hip. He'll probably be like 'I am never ever ever letting you go again.' bless him lol. I mean, another Yavanna near-death experience, is not good.
Yeah seems like it. Either that or Yavanna herself would manage to revert Saeril back to herself..moments before Sauron is destroyed...with her 'destiny' and all.

It's okay, back to work again, so busy during the days
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