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I am currently unemployed. (Lots of personal reasons, some of you may know, some don't). Last year had been bad for me, and my mental health. Still trying to recover and try to battle my problems. Muse has been slow, but slowly trying to get back into writing. If anyone's interested in rping, send me a message and we can work something out together :) Happy writing dear people.

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Hearing the desired timeframe, Amara just nodded in acknowledgment. 2 weeks didn't seem too unreasonable. Especially with them traveling long distances. So she understood the main reasons behind such a statement. Nodding silently, as she listened to Valentin and their employer speak. Raising an eyebrow at Valentin's bold words. "I never been much of a fighter, guess I'll have to learn soon enough." Her answer honest. It was unknown if she had taken offense to his comment or not. If she did, it was not visible by her expression nor words said. Any displeasure about it; she managed to keep to herself.

But either way, Amara had no intentions of blowing their cover. Knowing how to keep her mouth shut long enough.

"I think we've covered the details enough." she concluded. Herself not having more questions either. "Have a good rest of your day, sir. We shall be in touch soon enough." Amara's kind words of well wishing were the last words spoken to the officer, before she left the office with Valentin by her side. The map and details put away in her bag for safe keeping.

It seemed like she and Valentin had similar thoughts, regarding this so called mission. It'd require some skills and careful planning on both their parts not to allow themselves to slip up; when improvising and dealing with other individuals that might cross their path. Amara just nodded her head in silence as she listened to the older man answer her and Valentin's question. Taking it all in silence. It indeed was a bit bold to assume that they might have known all of the important locations, regarding this investigation. Amara would have been surprised, if they indeed knew everything. It was one of the reasons, why they needed her and Valentin. To find out more important things, to help them solve the mystery of the current events.

"I didn't plan on doing anything stupid." Amara replied honestly, as he warned them not to get themselves killed. Although, she couldn't help but worry. It sounded more dangerous than he had first let on. Hopefully, nothing would happen to her or her new companion.

Raising a slight eyebrow, as the man gave them a slightly unconvincing embarrassing look. When it finally dawned on him, what he had forgotten. Mainly due to her question; Amara's eyes quickly flitted over to Valentin when he mentioned him. Her companion indeed was of strong muscled build. A warrior type for sure. He seemed strong enough to carry the both of them; not that she'd expect him to. Trying not to look at Val too much as she didn't want him to feel uncomfortable. "Two horses will do as just fine." She spoke in agreement. Nodding at the mention of them needing to swap horses every once in a while. "How often are we required to check in?" Asking her last question, as everything else seemed to be already covered.

Location: Coven Household
Mentions: Carlisle and Mary

In preparation for the biggest coven party of the year; the Pearson siblings had spent weeks trying to pick out proper outfits. Mainly, because Emma and Alaric Pearson had dragged all 4 of their children to the shops, so they could get the boys fitted for their suits and to pick out a suitable dress for Lydia. Whilst the boys had complained, Lydia on the other hand had rather enjoyed the shopping spree. Mainly because she got to tease the twins about their terrible taste in suits. Especially Cody, who seemed to think that going for a full green suit would make him stand out.

Whilst he would stand out, Lydia had to remind him it wouldn’t be in a very appealing way. The youngest of the Pearson siblings was convinced her brother didn’t have much of a fashion sense. In a way it was true, Cody didn’t have good fashion sense whatsoever. He was more of a throw anything on, even if it didn’t match. Luckily, her other brothers seemed more coordinated in their fashion style.

Of course, Lydia’s mother wanted her to look as classy as possible. Even though Lydia would have opted for something a bit more…her style, she still managed to find a dress that was to her liking, yet pleasing enough to her parents. Suppose, it was a win-win in some ways. As long as she didn’t have her brothers or parents nagging her about her clothing; she considered it a win. Though, she knew everyone would have to be on their best behaviour; with it being a more formal party than Lydia was used to. Whilst her parents told her stories about Coven Handovers, it was the first time she’d be witnessing the whole thing in person. All of them would. Not sure whether to feel excited or nervous; Lydia felt a bit of both. Maybe, because the previous party’s events were still stuck fresh in her mind.

The evening of the coven gathering, Lydia as usual was one of the last one's to finish getting ready. Mr and Mrs Pearson, had left their family house early. Mainly to pick up Alaric's parents; the children's grandparents as they had promised to give them a lift to and from the gathering. Meanwhile, the trio of brothers were down by the landing; waiting for Lydia to finish getting ready. Tristan slightly tapped his foot against the marble flooring of the family home. The twins looked bored, as anything. Leaning against the railing, Maverick had his head hanging, whilst Cody was humming a favourite tune to pass the time.

"Why...why does she always take so long?" Cody huffed, after he finished humming to himself.

Tristan kept checking the traffic. Irritable, that if his sister would take few moments longer; they'd be stuck in evening traffic. Especially as a lot of guests were attending. "Why don't you ask Lydia, when she comes down?" He suggested. Knowing it was just girly stuff. Thank-god, they didn't have two of Lydia in the house. Or they'd be waiting twice as long. Few more seconds and he than yelled out. "For the love of Gods, Lydia! Come down already!" hollering for the attention of his baby sister. Hoping she was ready.

"My hairs will turn grey, before she comes down." Maverick muttered under his breath, his head still hanging in boredom.

Lydia couldn't help but roll her eyes, hearing her brother yelling for her from downstairs. "Sheesh. I am just putting on my shoes. I'll be down in a second." Yelling back down, from her bedroom. Pulling the last strap of her of her shoes, over her heels. Lydia did a double take in her bedroom mirror; smoothing out the red dress she was wearing and adjusting the bangle around her upper arm in a more comfortable position. Scooping up her light shawl from her bed, along with her clutch purse; she than headed downstairs. Trying not to laugh at how bored, her brothers looked. It was slightly amusing, seeing them carrying the similar expressions across their faces at the same time. Instead she gave a slight apologetic smile.

"Why...why? just why?" Of course, Cody sounded dramatic when he asked the question that they asked her each and every time, she spent hours getting ready.

"What? It takes a while to look this good." Lydia pointed out, as she finished walking down the stairs. Her scent wafting through the Pearson household, due to her perfume.

Tristan tried not to roll his eyes. Of course, typical Lydia response. Instead, he grabbed the car keys from the small cubby holder in the hallway. Heading out first, so he could start the car. Whilst, he did also want to look good. It didn't take him forever, like his sister.

"Yeah, a while'...meaning forever, with you." Maverick teased Lydia. Following in Tristan's footsteps, at being the second one out the door. Deciding to ignore her brother's comments, Lydia walked out of the house; leaving Cody to close and lock up the house after them all. Once they were all outside, they climbed into Tristan's car, as their parents had taken the other family car. The car ride to the coven house, was mostly quiet. The twins were in the back-seat, bickering about their usual topics; favourite marvel films and superheroes. It was a topic, that they never seemed to drop. No matter how many years had passed and their views on the matter had developed.
Lydia was playing the with the radio station, whilst sitting at the front with Tristan. Tristan didn't mind the music, that Lydia picked. It somewhat helped drown out the bickering of the twins in the back. Mainly focused on the road, as he drove.

As they reached the Coven household, Lydia spotted a number of cars already in the driveway. Finding a spot to park, Tristan made sure that there was enough space for other cars to park and get out of their parking spaces. After they all clambered out of the car. He let Lydia hide the car key in her small bag.

After putting away the car key, in her bag. Lydia wrapped the light shawl around her shoulders. She walked towards the coven household with her brothers. Seeing Carlisle out front, along with Mary. Giving them both a warm smile, as they welcomed them to the event. "Good evening to you both." Lydia spoke. Wishing Carlisle good-luck, for the evening. If anything, he was probably nervous about taking over, from the other leaders. The twins and Tristan gave Carlisle an encouraging pat on the back, as they too wished him good luck.

Aurora Newman + Daniel Cooper

Collab with @Duskshine749

It had been almost a week since the party and the werewolf attack. Daniel still hadn’t told anyone about his involvement in the whole thing. Well, other than Aurora, but she was a special case, Dan just found it so easy to talk to her. He was still agonizing over who to tell and when and he really needed a distraction. Luckily he had at least some reason to leave the house, his one nice shirt had been torn to shreds, and he really should have at least a couple of them. So he hopped in the car and drove over to Red Oaks Plaza, listening to a podcast about the latest gaming news on the way.

Once at the mall Daniel found a spot pretty far from the doors, but it was easy to park in and a little walking never hurt. He popped in a wireless earbud and continued his podcast as he walked into the mall, heading straight for the Walmart. His clothes didn’t need to be some fancy brand, they just needed to fulfill the function he wanted for them. In this case it was looking nicer than the stuff he usually wore.

His previous shirt was also from Walmart, so he was hoping he could maybe find the exact same one. Though knowing his luck, things he liked were probably out of fashion, so he would have to spend some time trying to figure out what he liked and what looked nice enough.


That’s how Aurora had spent most of her week-end, after her visit to the Cemetery. And it was well needed, her body needed to catch up on some sleep. When she finally woke up on Sunday, late morning. Much later than was normal for her; Aurora felt refreshed and like she had some of her energy back again, after having a few sleepless nights.

After getting something to eat, for breakfast. Aurora fixed herself up for the day. Her Outfit simple, opting for a t-shirt with a pair of jeans, light cardigan of sorts and flip-flops. She decided to head into town for a little shopping spree. Having run out of a few things at home, she thought it’d best to restock before it’d slip her mind again. After hopping into her car, the drive to town was pretty peaceful. Luckily, there wasn’t much traffic. Which was somewhat unusual on a week-end. But guess she caught it at the right time. Finding a parking space in the massive car park outside Walmart. Aurora parked her car beneath the shady spot. With her car being dark of color; it seemed to sap in more heat. Not wanting her car to be baking hot, when she’d finish. After locking up her car, she headed inside. A small trolley at hand, she began to browse through the familiar shop. By the time she reached the clothes section of the shop, she had a few things in the trolley; mainly bathroom products.

Spotting a familiar face, pouring over t-shirts; she cleared her throat so as not to startle him. “Looking a bit lost there, do you need some help?” Aurora offered, with a smile.

”Oh,Aurora, hey,” this was a surprise to be sure, but considering it was Aurora and not someone else it was certainly a welcome one, ”is it that obvious I have no clue what I’m doing? I need some nicer shirts to wear to social events, the only one I had was ruined last week.” Daniel thought about how thankful he was that Aurora had run into him as he paused his podcast and put his earbud away. She probably knew more about fashion than he did, and if he was being honest, she was the only one he really cared about impressing if he was going to be dressing up. ”I can join you for whatever it is you need if you’d like, shopping is easier with someone else I find.”

“Hey.” Returning the greeting with a smile. It seemed like her assumption about him being stuck wasn’t wrong. “You just have that unsure look on your face.” The female had learned how to read people; especially those that she had known for a long while. So reading his expressions was easy by now. Most of the time, she could suss out if something was up.

When he put away his ear-buds, Aurora herself took a proper glance over the male shirts and their varying style that were laid out in front of them. “So, what sort of thing were you going for? Buttoned up or?” Questioning, so she could have a better idea in her head what to help him look for, when it came to the nicer set of t-shirts that were being sold here. Hearing his offer, to help her with her own shopping, caused her to smile gratefully. “Sure, that’d be nice. I mean if you don’t mind.” Not that she was expecting him to help. But it was sweet of him to offer his help.

”I don't mind at all, as for a shirt, button downs are nice, easy to remove, so I wouldn't mind one of them. I was also thinking of getting one with a collar and only a couple buttons. Damn it what are those called, a polo I think? One of them." Daniel grabbed a shirt off the rack, it was a black button up with some kind of repeating pattern on it, kinda like a flower, ”I don't really like shopping, I'm very likely to just grab the first thing I find acceptable, like this shirt, and buy it just to finish quickly. So I'm really glad I ran into you, you can make sure I get something actually nice."

Listening to what Daniel was looking for, Aurora nodded deep in thought. “I am sure we can find you something.” Looking around the section, it didn’t take long for her fashion keen eyes to spot what Daniel had in mind. Of course, Aurora picked out a selection of a few shirts for him to pick from. All of them were colors, in which her mind would bring out the color of his eyes. Therefore a good match for him.

Once they had found him a few suitable shirts; the rest of the shopping didn’t seem to go by that slowly. Aurora didn’t need that much, but still having Daniel helping out made it go by all the quicker. Going through her mental list, she double checked her trolley. “I think we found everything.”

Daniel was right in thinking shopping with Aurora would improve the experience. It still wasn't something that he really wanted to do, but if it was with Aurora, then he could certainly tolerate it a lot easier. ”Awesome, thanks again for helping me out Aurora," at that moment Daniel's stomach decided to remind him he hadn't eaten breakfast with a loud grumble. ”I'm gonna get something to eat since we're done shopping now, wanna join me? It'll be my treat, as thanks for getting me looking more fashionable than I could ever be on my own."

"Don't mention it. It was a pleasure." Aurora said with a soft smile. She was glad that he was happy with the choices she helped pick out for him. Aurora didn't think that his fashion had ever been wrong, just needed a little help to find some extra things. As he offered to get some food, she decided to join him. Feeling peckish despite having eaten earlier. "Food sounds good." they deserved it after their shopping spree. With his help, carrying the few shopping bags she had was made easy.

They made their way down to the food court and decided on what looked good. Daniel spotted a table and sat at it, waiting for Aurora to sit as well before he started eating. He could get used to this, being with Aurora, just hanging out, it was nice. Easy. It just felt kinda right. ”You know, today almost felt like a date." Daniel was caught up in the moment and said what he was thinking.

What'd you say that for, dummy? She's nice to everyone, she's not doing it because she likes you. She knows you betrayed the coven, why would she ever want to be with you after that

As they reached their destination, Aurora picked out a caesar salad and some lemon ice water. Sitting down at the table with Daniel; her bags beneath the table by their feet. She was about to take a sip of her drink when he said something that surprised her. "P…pardon?" stammering a little. Did she hear him right? It wasn’t often that someone made her speechless, but in this instant she was. If only just a little bit.

Wait. Did Daniel like her that way?

She couldn't help but wonder if that's what he wanted. Aurora had to admit that she had always found him attractive and she couldn't help but have a bit of a crush on him. Despite his crimes, he was always a fun, sweet guy. Maybe this indeed felt like a date. But was it one?

Now you've done it…

"Don't worry about it," Daniel said hastily, "I mean, it was just a thought I was having. This is something people in relationships do, right? I'm probably not someone you'd want to be in a relationship with anyway, so, y'know, you can forget I said that." Well now this was awkward, they still had a whole meal to eat, Daniel considered just leaving but that would just make things worse the next time they saw each other.

Aurora couldn't let it go. Too many thoughts were running through her mind right now. "I can't let it go. I mean it's kind of hard to let it go, when it's out there on the table right now." She shook her head. Her brow furrowed as he tried to brush it aside. It was hard to let it go, considering what he had just said a few seconds ago.

"Maybe you're assuming wrong." pretty much letting it slip that she indeed did like him.

Daniel was avoiding eye contact but looked back at Aurora on that last sentence. He never expected Aurora would feel the same way. Throughout university Daniel had never had much luck with girls, every time he tried to start dating he was turned down. But now this seemed to be different, Aurora was here and seemingly telling him she returned his feelings.

"Aurora, Daniel took a sip of his drink and cleared his throat, "would you like to go on a date with me? A real date, as nice as today has been it was accidental." Well now it was out there, and if Daniel had misread the situation things were about to get a lot more awkward.

For a split moment she wondered if she said too much. Feeling nervous as he was avoiding looking at her. Had she misjudged what he said before? Hopefully not.

Biting her bottom lip slightly as she waited for him to say something. Anything. Then he said the golden words.
"I'd love to." Aurora spoke with a warm smile. "Even if was accidental, today has been nice." she spoke with a light blush. She did always enjoy spending time with him.

"Well it's not over yet, let's finish our food then I'll help you carry your stuff to your car." Daniel spoke with a smile on his face, lunch went from awkward to wonderful with just a few words, and he couldn't be more glad about it.

She smiled back brightly. “Sounds like a good plan.”As they ate their lunch, they enjoyed each other’s company; catching up on the last few days. Sure, Aurora had dated during her college years, but the relationships didn’t stick. The guys either turned out to be jerks, or there just wasn’t a deep enough of a connection for the relationships to actually be worth it. But things with Daniel were always easy, natural if anything. She couldn’t help but feel like a giddy teenager for the rest of their lunch hour.
I was going to say she's back, but you did it for me lol.

Aurora Newman + Blaise Newman

The next few days seemed to fly by in the blink of an eye. By now, the news of the Werewolf attack was surely spread around the Coven. Especially among the elder generation that wasn’t present at the party. Her mother was unimpressed with the events that had transpired. Maria Newman was under the belief that her daughter should have removed the Lycan curse, to save the coven the hassle of the attack and tragedy of the barrier falling. It took Aurora all her might not to snap. As much as Aurora wanted to figure out the curse; it wasn’t that simple on her end. She was most skilled with curses of her own creations. Those that she had less knowledge of and what they did, wasn’t exactly her area of expertise. Especially those that were more rare.

It had been one of those moments, that she couldn’t help but feel inferior in her magical talents and like she had failed at trying to help protect her friends and coven members. Despite her vast knowledge of curses, it felt like maybe she just hadn’t studied curses as much as she should have? Aurora hated the fact that her mother always had the ability to make her second guess herself. It was irritating. Her father on the other hand, seemed to be the more forgiving parent in the situation. Aurora half expected him to be harsh too. He usually was when it came to her holding up magical standards to the highest expectations. But this time, he was fully aware that some things were beyond her control. Let alone the Coven’s.

Despite his reassurances, she spent the rest of the week surrounded by grimoires. Reading up on curses. Just in case anything like it happened again. But she was stubborn like that. Maybe it was the fact she was older and had more responsibilities on her shoulders, when it came to protecting the younger ones. Between trying to absorb more magical knowledge; she also finished off her work projects. Sending off the final edits and notes to the publishing company.

Visible bags under her eyes; when she had been in the zone she had forgotten to get decent sleep. Running on energy that was coffee.

Now that Saturday had hit; Aurora felt like a hole was returning to her life. It was the anniversary of her brother’s death. No matter how many years had passed, it didn’t seem to get easier for the blonde. Having missed her brother, especially in trying times like these. Like on every anniversary of Mikael’s death. Aurora went to the cemetery, with a few bouquets of fresh flowers. Even if she visited every so often; maybe more often than her parents. She liked to keep his grave looking nice. The flowers weren’t just for her brother’s grave. It was also for her grand-mother Vivienne, who had died 4 years prior. Both the graves were close together.

The morning was fairly breezy, as she made her way towards the grave’s. Holding the flowers in her arms. The cemetery was empty. No one in sight. Just herself for the time being. Coming to the two respective graves. Most of the previous flowers and decorations around the two had wilted away. Kneeling down by her brother’s and grand-mother’s graves. Aurora began to brush off the dead and dried out flowers.

Tears welling in her eyes, as she looked at her brother’s grave. “I wish you were here. Things were always easier when you were around.”

As she started to arrange the fresh flowers, around the two graves a warm and familiar voice sounded from behind her. “I figured you’d be the first one here today.” Putting a hand on her shoulder, he gave it a gentle squeeze. Smiling to himself when he saw the flowers that Aurora was putting around the graves. “Iris and Hyacinths were always your grandmother’s favourites. I still remember how she liked to wear them in her hair on our wedding day.” Musing at the old memories.

Smiling at the memory her grand-father shared. Even if she heard it so many times before, it never failed to make her smile. “I know. They always did suit grandma.” she said softly. It’s why she always brought those flowers for her grand-mothers grave. “Mom and dad didn’t come with you?” Knowing that the question probably sounded stupid. Aurora most likely knew the answer.

A slight sigh escaped the elderly male. “We both know the answer to that.” Blaise Newman’s wrinkles became more pronounced with his sad expression. “Your parents always had their own way of grieving. I don’t think that they’d ever want to interrupt our time with Mikael and your grandma on days like these.”

“Sometimes, I can’t help but wonder if they do grieve.” As cruel as that thought might sound, it was true. To her, her parents were always so pent up with unsaid emotions. It almost made them robotic, with how much they withheld them. The last time, she remembered them showing any hint of major emotions was when she was still a child, and her brother was alive. Things were a bit happier than; despite how hard they always were on Mikael when it came to him learning magic. Now things were…broken.

“I just miss…” her words trailed off, as she swallowed back more tears that were threatening to form in her eyes.

Watching as his grand-daughter arranged the last of the flowers on the two graves. He frowned slightly at her words. Knowing how stubborn both his son and daughter in law were, especially when it came to their emotions. “You miss the old days. Me too…me too.” Finishing off her trail of thoughts.

“Unfortunately, I could never tame your parents' stubbornness, in the way they handle things.” As he spoke, Aurora stood to join him in standing. It was then that he noticed how exhausted she looked. Not just emotionally. But physically. “When’s the last time you slept?” His brow creased, as he frowned. Looking down at her with concern.

She didn’t think that anyone could ever try and calm her parent’s stubbornness. As much as she loved her parents, she wished that they cared a bit more, in a mother parent way, than a Witch way. Or maybe they were affected by Amanda Aston’s persona ; given that her mother always tried to remain amicable with Carlisle’s mother when working together for so long the two seemed to share similar views when it came to being strict when it came to their parenting ways. No wonder, her parents were ‘stuck’ in their ways when it came to being stubborn. Not that she expected them to change anytime soon. They were, just how they were. “No one can change their ways.”

As he questioned her about her sleeping, Aurora knew that she couldn’t ever talk her way out of things. Not when it came to being around her grand-father. Blaise could always see right through her; like an open book. “I….” Almost stopping herself, when she saw the eyebrow already rising higher in concern. “Few days. I just had things to take care off.”

Running a hand over her face, she sighed. Trying to rub the tiredness off of her features.

“Don’t try and stretch yourself thin Kiddo.” Worried that Aurora was overworking herself. He could guess what the reason behind it was. It’s not the first time, he’s seen Aurora like this. But it certainly wasn’t a coincidence that she was like this, so soon after the events that transpired a few days ago.

Looking at her grand-father, she hated the thought of worrying him so much. But she couldn’t help herself. Set on proving her mother wrong. “I just need to be of use, if anyone needs me.”

With a slight shake of his head, he let out a light chuckle. “You’ve always been of use, when people need someone to lean on. But being tired and not sleeping, aint going to help anybody; least of all you.” He knew full well that she’d always put things on the line, in order to help members of the coven. But he didn’t want her to stop living her own life, for the sake of the coven.

“Don’t let your mother get to you.”

“How did you…?” Aurora didn’t recall mentioning her mother, and what she had said to her the other day. But somehow, he just knew what the problem was.

Wrapping his arms around his grand-daughter in a hug, he lightly chuckled. “I might not be a diviner, but you forget that I know you very well. I can always tell when something is bothering you. Besides, I know how hard your mother tends to be on you. It’s not the first time, she’s stressed you out.” Not wanting his grand-daughter to second guess herself. Blaise was proud of her, and all that she had achieved. Hell, he was proud of the coven in it’s entirety. “Your mother is not worth stressing over. Just believe in yourself Kiddo. You’ve done more to be proud of than your mother gives you credit for.”

“After we’re done here, You should get home, get some rest.”

The hug was warm, and soothing. Nothing had been better than being in the embrace of her grand-parent. “You and your infinite wisdom.” she said with a soft smile. He always knew how to make her feel better. Maybe it was just part of being a supportive grand-parent. Her grandfather always understood her much better than her parents at times.

“I’ll try not to let it bother me, but you know how I get.” That earned her a nod. He knew how she was, even with reassurances. If he could change how her mother affected her, he would have. Remaining by the two graves for a few moments longer. Aurora tried to think about something other than her family issues. For a short while there was just comfortable silence between grand-father and grand-daughter; both living in the past. The happy memories that they shared with the people that they had lost and loved.

Collab with @Days

As Noah walked outside, she glanced around for familiar faces but couldn’t find any. Or well, not any that she wanted to speak to, anyways. She wondered if Erik had already arrived, and Seb. Lucas? But her priority was food, right now. She was starving and had nothing in her dorm room yet. Passing by a line of people waiting for their room assignments and keys, Noah glanced towards Edgebaston’s gates. Alistair was standing there, hurling insults at whoever came in through those gates. Noah rolled her eyes and walked on towards Cavendish Hall. She was hungry, and hungry meant cranky. Her father’s call didn’t help, either. She was barely away from him for 24 hours, and he was already all up in her business. At the very least, she could ignore her phone more while at school. Pretend to be busy, or running, or literally anything but have time to call. She wanted to punch a punching bag at the gym soon, though.

She got lost in thought, walking the familiar paths towards the cafeteria, but a voice she knew all too well startled her out of her trance. He even said boo. Noah put on an annoyed face as Sebastian moved in front of her. She looked up at the man before her. Her ex. He was smirking down at her and Noah raised one side of her upper lip in a snarl, but after, a small smile played on her lips anyways. "Missed me?"

Yes, very much. ”No. Who are you, exactly?” she teased. But then, he held up a box in front of her. Her facade immediately fell and her eyes sparkled at the sight, recognising this particular container, and who’s home it came from. Did he say cookies? She’s had the pleasure of eating his mother’s cookies before. They are beyond divine and Noah didn’t think she could find cookies like these elsewhere in a store.

He raised an eyebrow at her snarl. Even cranky, she managed to look cute. “Cranky much already?” His tone slightly teasing. It was only the first day of the Academic Year and already his ex was in a foul mood if he ever saw her in one. Chuckling at her joke, he pulled a face in her direction. “Haha, very funny Noah.” His eyes rolled slightly; If he didn’t know she was joking; he would have taken offence to that comment and his right eye would have been twitching like crazy. “Let me guess, your dad put you in a bad mood with one of his phone calls?” Taking a guess.

She put her phone and wallet between her legs and took the box from Seb’s hands. ”Oh my God. You have no idea how much I needed this right now.” Not willing to wait, she opened the container and eagerly took out a cookie, taking a bite from it right then and there, and she didn’t care who saw. ”Ugh. Bless your mom.” she said as she gave a satisfied moan at the wonderful taste, and took another bite.

Sebastian watched with a slight amusement expression as Noah practically dug into the cookie box right in the open.

He cautioned lightly; “Slow down, don’t need you choking on me.” Seb was glad that the cookies hit the right spot. Knowing full well how her dad kept her on a strict running diet. Sebastian thought it was full of bull shit. Which is why he always brought her the ‘good stuff’ that she wasn’t allowed to eat. Luckily her parents haven’t met him…not really. Let’s just say it wouldn’t go down well if they had. He’s not someone that most parents would approve of. And there was the fact that Sebastian brought Noah food that her father forbade her from having. Another black mark against him.

Noah swallowed another bite before putting the half-eaten cookie back in the container and closing the lid, clearing her mouth before speaking. She took her phone and wallet from between her legs and placed them on top of the box, holding the items against her with her right hand. A soft smile tugged at her lips. ”I won’t give you the pleasure of choking and having you save me. You wouldn’t let me live it down.”

“That and Erik would probably kill me, if I let you choke on my watch.” Having been concerned about her quick eating; he didn’t fully take notice of what was different about Noah. Not until she was closing the cookie box. It was then that he noticed something glistening against her arm in the sun-light. Tilting his head slightly; his eyes widened in excitement. “Noah Park! You rebel you!” Seb chuckled as he clapped his hands together “You got a tattoo!” He was grinning like an excited small kid at their favourite candy store. Impressed that she had finally been brave enough to get one herself.

A flash of her tattoo caught her eye, and Noah still wasn’t used to the black text adorning her arm. She locked eyes with Sebastian, gazing into his differently coloured eyes. The young woman couldn’t help but smile about it. She’s not used to people being able to see it. She nodded in confirmation.

”Yeah, me and Erik got a matching one over the summer. It was a spur-of-the-moment thing, but, I love it.” Gazing at her tattoo, something clicked in Noah’s mind. She raised the hand that wasn’t holding her items and slapped Seb on the chest before he could cover. Her strength wouldn’t hurt him, anyways. ”You told me it didn’t hurt! But it did, a lot!” With an exaggerated pout, Noah looked down at her arm once more.

Sebastian liked the look of a tattoo on her arm. It suited her. “It suits you. I was wondering how long it’d take you to cave in and get a tattoo yourself.” He said honestly. Knowing she had been toying with the idea partially, when they were still together. As she playfully slapped him across his chest, he just chuckled. An amused look on his face. “Oi..” Even though it didn’t hurt, he still gave her a ‘what for’ look. Shaking his head, Seb tried not to look too amused. “Correction. I said it didn’t hurt me, when I was getting mine done. Think you misunderstood.” He said teasingly. But he was sure Erik was there to help her get through it. “So…do momma and papa dearest know you got it?” Seb questioned with a raised eyebrow, wondering if she was honest with her parents about it or not.

Noah rolled her eyes playfully. She knew it was going to hurt but, she didn’t expect to cry. Luckily Erik only chuckled at her a little and held her hand. ”No, they don’t know. I kept it hidden from them over the past week. Thankfully my mom is all ‘sunlight bad, coverage good’, so I could cover up without being questioned.” Noah answered, shifting her weight to her other leg as she looked up at him. ”You had it right, though. It was my father calling before. At home was a difficult week.” She told him. Details weren’t needed, Seb knew how her father was. ”Speaking of terrible dads, how’s yours?” She asked him. Noah wasn’t one to beat around the bush. She didn’t like his father and wouldn’t hide that. She knew he wasn’t telling her the full story when they texted over the summer, too. So, she couldn’t help but find herself worrying.

“That bad huh?” He asked with a slight sigh. Sebastian could only imagine that Mr Park was constantly bothering her about ‘running’ and more diet requirements and such. Sebastian wasn’t sure if he was expecting her parents to know about the tattoo or not. His original guess would have been a no. And it seemed like he was right. “You’re lucky you got away with it.” He spoke with a warm chuckle.

As Noah mentioned his own father; he made a face. Clearly, she always knew when he kept something from her. Even now when they were broken up. “Urgh.” Huffing slightly. Guess he couldn’t keep his annoyance to himself any longer. As much as he wanted to tell Noah, he didn’t want to make her first day more stressful by telling her about his own father issues. But finally gave in, knowing she wouldn’t let him off without telling her the truth. “Just gets worse and worse. He managed to turn Charlotte’s early birthday party into a total utter disaster.” His face couldn’t hide his anger and annoyance that he felt when it came to the man that had helped raise him. Or was it lack of raising him, with how much he had been absent due to his job? His fist curling in his anger. Knuckles turning white with his tight grip.

A sigh left her as she raised her left hand, placing it on his bicep and squeezing it in a way of comfort before letting it fall to her side again. ”I’m sorry Sebbie. I can rough him up a little, if you like?” There was a mischievous grin on her face. She has offered this many, many times before. ”I’m sorry for Charlotte too. She’s transferring here, right?”

Feeling her warm touch against his arm; he managed a soft smile. Her touch was always soothing to him. His fist slowly uncurling for a few seconds. But a slight groan escaped him at the sound of an all too familiar nickname that he hated…yet loved. Not that he’d tell her that. It’d ruin his ego. Yet he somehow always let her get away with it, despite his complaining. “Do you have to keep calling me that? Makes me sound like a Golden Retriever.” Sebastian told her playfully. Hearing her offer, he knew how often she joked about doing that. “I might have to take you up on that offer, especially after the latest bombshell he sprung on us.” Just thinking about that dinner made him angry. His fist once again curled tightly.

At the mention of his sister, he nodded. “She’s in your Junior Class. Charlotte’s just grabbing her dorm key and other information from the teachers.”

Noah nodded enthusiastically when he groaned about his nickname. Yes, she would keep calling him that. She knew Sebastian didn’t like to be called Sebbie, but it was her nickname for him, so it was special. He always let her say it, anyways. And she had spied a smile tugging at his lips sometimes when she used it. Looking up at him through her lashes, she searched his face when he spoke about this father. Seeing the anger flash through his face, his jaw clenched just like it does when he was particularly angry about something, and went a little too hard at the boxing bag in the school’s gym.

Then, she hummed in acknowledgement that Charlotte would be a Junior like her. She’d be sure to check in on her, knowing Seb would worry a little. Noah didn’t exactly know what Charlotte thought of her, but she and Seb were friends, and she hoped Charlotte would be nice to her at the very least. She found herself curious as to what kind of news his father could have dropped on him, but Noah glanced around. They were in a very public place, and she didn’t know if Sebastion would want to discuss it here, if at all. She’d maybe visit in his room, later. Still, her curiosity got the best of her. ”What did he say?”

A slight chuckle left him, as he saw her enthusiastic head nod about his nickname. He swore he'd get buried with it one day. Knowing that the nickname had pretty much stuck. For Noah, he’d put up with it. Sebastian had almost forgotten that they were in the open grounds of Edgebaston. But he was too pissed off with his father, to care if anyone else overheard at the moment. He’d deal with it later. “You know the woman he got caught cheating with last year? Married…they’re getting Married! And he’s not even fully divorced yet. And he has the fucking audacity to get engaged to that other woman and drop that bombshell during my sister’s early birthday dinner. Can you believe him? How dare he get engaged…and how dare he think that'd we’d be okay with being invited?! Oh and to top it off, he didn’t even get her a present. And no, 4000 in money does not count! It’s just him trying to buy Charlotte’s affections back with the lump sum!” As he spoke, he was getting more and more worked up. His tone raising with his frustrations.

Shifting her feet, Noah looked up at Sebastian with sympathetic eyes as she told him about his father and… that woman. The situation made her agitated. What kind of a person does that? She didn’t know Charlotte, but to have that dumped on you on your birthday? Must’ve been on purpose. Her eye usually already twitched at the mention of the woman Seb’s father cheated with, but now she had to swallow back her own anger. “Okay, I don’t know how to get rid of a body… yet. I’ll take care of it.” She stated, scanning his face to see if it lowered his temper. But when it didn’t, she did the only other thing she knew to do. Taking a step forward, she put her items in one hand and wrapped her arms around his waist. He was so much taller than her, and Noah momentarily placed her cheek on his chest. ”I’m sorry Seb. It’ll be okay.” She promised.

Some people walking by caught her eye, as they glanced at the pair, and Noah cleared her throat, stepping back to her previous position, her stance a little more awkward than before. ”We can talk more later, yours or mine. You should probably get settled in, okay?”

Hearing one of Noah’s familiar threats in regards to his father, he shook his head slightly. “I don’t need you getting caught trying to commit a murder.” Though he knew Noah had a tendency to joke about such things. It didn’t stop him from worrying about her. And the more he found himself worrying, the more confused he was with his own feelings. His anger slowly seemed to melt away again, when Noah embraced him. It felt warm and familiar. Her scent surrounded him, in almost a blanket of comfort. His arms wrapped around her petite frame. Holding her small figure against his chest. His chin slightly resting against her hair. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to vent your ear off. I know it’s a bit to take in.” Instantly apologising for him dumping so much on her in the span of a few moments. Sure their embrace might have turned a few eyes in their direction. It was rare for Seb to be seen like this. Most had seen him always walking around all ‘tough’ or ‘throwing come-backs at Alistair’ not a soft puppy version of him. Besides a few select people, that knew he was a softie deep down.

Letting his own arms fall back down to his side. He nodded slightly. “Yeah, we’ll catch up more later.” He promised her. Seb knew there were plenty of things still left to do in the day. Unpacking could wait till later. He always hated packing and unpacking; so found himself procrastinating on either account. “I am sure we’ll cross paths at the Assembly anyways.” He added with a light shrug.

Noah felt the air between them become charged with something Noah both didn’t expect nor could put her finger on. There was a tug in her chest, as it heaved softly up and down. His scent around her wasn’t anything she wasn’t used to, it had always been comfortable, calming. Now it was something that made her jaw tick and her heartbeat rise.

She shook her head, stray hairs coming free from behind her ears. ”Don’t be sorry. It’s what friends are for, right?” She flashed him a short smile, her neck craning to look at him. Her stomach made a churning sound, and she folded her arm over it, her free hand wrapping around the arm at her side still holding her items. Clearing her throat, she searched his face before her head made a curt nod. ”Ok. It’s a da- deal. Text me. And, if Charlotte needs someone in her corner this year, let me know. I won’t mind.” Her smile reached her eyes, which made her slightly chubby cheeks bunch up the skin next to her eyes. With a purse of her lips, she sidestepped out of his way. ”See you later, Sebbie.”

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Aurora Newman & Daniel Cooper

Recoiling from Lucien’s mind trick; Aurora stifled a slight groan to the pounding in her head. As quickly as it came, it seemed to go. Albeit left her head tingling with an unpleasant sensation for a few seconds. Watching as Victor’s cousin retreated with his little army. The smug bastard clearly wasn’t prepared for his little attack; as he opted for running away like a little coward before the coven could finish off his werewolf army. Whilst everyone seemed to be going about their business again. Aurora was met with another painful sensation in her shoulder.

After pouring herself a fresh cup with a drink of her choice; this time opting for Gin and Tonic. Aurora made her way towards the alchemy lab so she could grab a healing potion, her drink in hand. Sipping on it, whilst walking. It was around that moment that she saw Carlisle heading out of the attic. Relieved that Carlisle seemed to be alive, there was no denying that he looked like hell. He had been through a lot tonight. It indeed had been a rough night for members of the coven; especially those that took a hit or two. Aurora could only hope that Lucien wouldn’t be too eager to visit them again any time soon; especially after how easily the coven had handled the werewolves. Then again, they had luck on their side with a lot of the coven members being here at the party.

As she entered the lab again; her eyes instantly began to scan through the shelves of varying potions.

Daniel and Cait went their separate ways, and after all the adrenaline left his system, Daniel realized he was in a lot worse shape than he originally thought. Checking his chest it was still wet with blood, not to mention his shirt was basically in tatters. He removed what was left of the shirt and left it in a large garbage bag that had other waste from the party, mostly red solo cups. With that taken care of Daniel’s next order of business was to get this wound on his chest taken care of before it got infected, and for that he would need a healie.

As he made his way to the alchemy lab Daniel had some time to think, another downside of being off his adrenaline high. What was he going to tell everyone? Was he even going to tell them? He had to, not doing it would be the coward's way out. But he wasn’t going to announce that he had betrayed the coven tonight, everyone had already been through enough for one day. Most people probably had no idea that there was a traitor, they probably figured it was just a stroke of bad luck, or good planning on the part of Lucien without the need for someone on the inside. At any rate, Daniel would want to tell Carlisle and Lilith some time soon. He might as well get Serena there too, have all the possible coven leaders hear his confession and decide on his punishment.

He entered the alchemy lab and was surprised to find Aurora there. Then he realized that was a dumb thing to be surprised by, lots of people were probably banged up in the battle. It made sense that someone would probably be in here trying to heal up. ”Hey Aurora, some night huh? How are you doing?” He kept his tone casual, he needed to keep his head, Daniel didn’t want to ruin anything else tonight.

Just as she found the reddish coloured healing potion; the sound of Daniel’s voice snapped her attention. “Oh hey Daniel.” Aurora greeted, with a slight sigh. Nodding at his comment. Looking towards the doorway fully to see him looking in a pretty rough shape himself. The sight of his bloodied and clawed chest made her brows crease with concern. “Are you okay? That looks pretty bad.” Grabbing the potion from the shelf, she handed one to Daniel before grabbing another one for herself. “Indeed, it’s been a shit show.” Not mincing her words; it was the truth. Aurora certainly wasn’t expecting the night to go this way.

Placing her drink cup onto one of the benches. Aurora then opened up the small vial that contained the healing potion. “Bottoms up.” With a small cheers motion. Aurora downed the potion. Making a face of disgust as odd flavours danced on her tongue. Not sure if it was the fact that she had drunk some alcohol a few moments ago, or if the potion tasted just that hideously gross.

“How’s Cait doing?” Aurora asked. Knowing the younger witch had run off when the Werewolves struck. Which is why Daniel no doubt took after her in the chaos.

”Ya, it feels about as bad as it looks. Thanks,” he took the vial from her and raised it as she did before drinking it. He could feel its effects immediately, touching his chest it already felt better. Now he needed a new shirt but that could wait, he was fine being shirtless, plus he still had blood on him, any shirt would just get dirty right away.

Daniel chuckled seeing Aurora’s face after drinking the potion, ”you’d think they’d find a way to make the taste better. Maybe it's an incentive to not get hurt, then you don’t need to taste how bad it tastes.” He conjured a mudshake and used it to wash down the potion before answering her question, ”Cait’s okay, if a little shaken up. I did my best to keep her safe, guess I’m paying for that now, such is the price of chivalry.” He finished his drink and vanished the bottle, ”how did things go with the rest of them? I guess we won, I saw that Carlisle is better, I’m really glad about that. I’m not sure how I’d-” Daniel stopped himself before he said more, ”well, I’m happy he’s okay.”

Aurora wasn’t sure what it was that made her look at him more closely. Maybe it was alcohol? But for the first time in her years of knowing him, she noticed how well toned his chest was, despite all the blood covering it.

“Who knows. I don’t think these things will ever be made to taste good. It definitely gives a weird taste with alcohol still lingering on my tongue.” Aurora sat down on the bench and picked up her drink again. Hoping that the more alcohol would eventually wash off the weird taste on her tongue. As she listened to Daniel, Aurora could understand why Cait must have been shaken up. Especially in a situation like this, with them getting attacked. “You both got out alive, I am sure she’s thankful.” A soft smile on her lips. Sure, most of them did end up getting hurt, but luckily it wasn’t worse. “Oh, Lucian and the rest of them run off like a couple of scaredy-cats. Most of them were pretty badly injured; so I guess it counts as a victory?” She spoke with a slight shrug. Not sure what to label it as, to be honest. “I am not sure we're out of the woods yet though. The barrier is still down. So for now, I guess we’re more vulnerable. Hopefully Lil and Carlisle can have the barrier up again when he’s feeling better.”

As they spoke about everything, Aurora noticed the slight pause in his words. Raising a slight eyebrow. “You’re not sure how you’d…what?” Prompting him. Trying to read his expression, Aurora wasn’t sure what could be bothering him. But it clearly was something. “I can tell something’s bothering you. You know, I am here if you ever need someone to lend a listening ear, right?” She gave him a soft reassuring smile.

Daniel summoned another tea for himself and drank as he listened to Aurora recount how her end of the encounter had gone. It sounded like things had gone as well as they could, that made him feel better, but only marginally. When she brought up how the barrier was still down he looked away from her, it was all just too much. She caught on that something was wrong, and he really shouldn’t tell her. But she was just so kind and caring, and Daniel was so tired of it all. He looked up at her and saw it, that damned smile, it nearly broke him. ”It’s all my fault,” he looked away once more when he said it, and he was so quiet he would have been amazed if she heard him.

His shiftiness was very noticeable to her eyes. As she sipped on her drink, her brow creased slightly. She saw his lips moving, but the words were hard to make out. “I am sorry, what? I didn’t catch that.” Doing her best to think of what he could have possibly said. Did he say something along the lines of something being his fault? If so, what was his fault?

He looked back to her, tears welling up in his eyes slightly, ”I said it’s all my fault. It’s my fault the barrier came down. It’s my fault Carlisle nearly died. It’s my fault everyone was in danger tonight. All of it is because of me, I’m sorry,” Daniel nearly collapsed into a chair and put his head in his hands as he sobbed gently. ”I’m so sorry, I let everyone down.”

As Daniel looked at her again, Aurora caught sight of his teary laced eyes. It was enough to break her heart. It wasn’t a look she was used to seeing on him. “What do you mean, it’s all your fault? It doesn’t make any sense Danny.” Moving closer towards him, Aurora wrapped her arms around him in a soft embrace as he broke down. Hating to see him so upset and torn up about the entire situation. Rubbing up and down his back in comforting strokes. “It’s not your fault that Victor’s cousin is a dick.” Doing her best to comfort him, in the situation. Whatever it is, I am sure we’ll find a way to resolve it.” Not knowing the bombshell he was about to drop on her in the next few seconds.

Daniel sniffled, trying his best to keep his voice steady, Aurora’s arms around him helped him stay calm, ”I’ve been texting with Lucien for a few months. He told me Victor was in danger, and to do what he said to keep him safe. So I did, I gave him little updates about things. He had me give Lilith something. And through all of that he somehow cursed Carlisle.” He wiped his eyes and sniffled some more, ”gods I’m so stupid, how could I fall for such and obvious trap, stupid Daniel” Berating himself helped a bit, he deserved to be punished, but it wasn’t enough, he was still guilty of his crimes.

With him confessing everything. Aurora found herself a little speechless. Her mind going back to the skirmish with Lucien. She swore she heard him mention something about the coven having a spy. But didn’t think he was serious, to her it sounded like an empty threat to try and shake up the whole coven. But now everything was starting to make full sense in her mind. Dan messed up. And badly at that. A small part of her wanted to be angry with him, for not thinking that something weird was up when a stranger was texting him. If it had been her; she would have seen red flags all over. Aurora knew Daniel was more sensible than that usually. It was a moment of bad judgement on his part. Really bad judgement. But she couldn’t blame him for thinking that Victor had been in danger. “That crafty son of a Bitch.” Mumbling to herself. Aurora downed the rest of her drink to try and ease her nerves. Feeling the liquid tingling the back of her throat.

“You’re not stupid. It was a mistake, people make mistakes.” Aurora spoke in a softer tone once more. They were lucky that no one had died because of this incident. It could have been much much worse. But it still wasn’t right what had happened. “You have to talk to Lil, Carlisle and Serena before they find out somehow first. If anything, they need to hear it from you first hand.” Knowing that it probably wouldn’t come easy; but telling the truth was better than keeping it a secret.

”My mistake almost got people killed,” Daniel grabbed Aurora’s shoulders and looked down as he shuddered, she was really keeping him from fully falling apart right now. ”I knew it was sketchy, he never said his name or anything, I was just so scared of losing someone I cared about again.” He let his hands drop from her shoulder and looked up at her sadly, ”what if Carlisle didn’t get better? Or someone was seriously hurt and couldn’t be healed? That would be on me. I know it didn’t happen, but it could have, and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to forgive myself.”

Daniel sighed, while it was nice to tell someone, Aurora wasn’t the one who needed to hear this. ”I know I have to tell the others, I just didn’t want to make tonight any worse. I want to give Carlisle some time to recuperate before he exiles me from the coven.” He let out a slight chuckle, but there was no humour in it. ”You know, out of everyone I could have had this breakdown with, I’m glad it was you.”

As he gripped onto her shoulders more tightly, Aurora gave him a gentle squeeze of reassurance. Not even caring that she was looking a bloody mess right now; as some blood had smudged off from Daniel and onto her dress. Her dress had been ruined anyway. She understood his fear. “You’re not the only one scared of losing Vic or anyone else that you’re close to. We’re all scared of losing those we care about.” Aurora’s eyes filled with sympathy and understanding. The sad look on his face tugged at her heart-strings. “I know, things could have been much worse. But it’ll only cause more distress thinking about the what if’s of the situation.” She said honestly. “Everyone made it out alive, that’s what matters the most right now.”

Her brows slightly furrowed in concern. “You really think Carlisle would kick you out for getting manipulated by Lucien?” Aurora didn’t think that anyone in the coven would be that cruel. Sure, they would be angry with him. But kicking him out seemed too…final. Too cruel. “Whilst I do understand your worry about not making tonight worse. But trust me when I say, that you keeping this away from the others will only get worse, the longer you keep it away from them.” She didn’t want him to get into more trouble, if he decided to keep it bottled up for weeks before coming clean to everyone else. Especially the 3 main people that he needed to. A soft smile formed on her lips as he spoke about her being there for him. “You’re welcome, I guess. I am always here, if you need to talk. She indeed was always glad to help out anyone who needed her help and advice.

”You’re right, I’m just getting in my head about all this, I still feel awful, but talking has me feeling a bit better, thanks again Aurora,” Daniel hugged her then a moment later remembered he was still bloody and let go. ”Oh gods, I’m sorry, I got your dress all bloody. I mean, you still look great, but I hear blood is hard to get out,” Daniel didn’t mean to let out he thought she looked good, but it was too late now. He faked a yawn and covered his mouth to try and change topics, ”anyway, I’m pretty tired after everything, I should probably get going.” While it’s true he was tired, Daniel thought he should go before he made more of a fool of himself.

As much as she wished that there was something she could do to help him from feeling so awful; she knew the rest was out of her hands. The rest was up to Daniel. “I am glad I could at least help a little bit.” she spoke softly, as she returned the hug. Aurora didn’t mind the closeness, nor did the blood bother her. Hearing his apology she shook her head lightly. “It’s okay, Lucien ruined the dress already with his fire-ball earlier. A little blood’s not gonna change that.” As he complimented her on looking great despite feeling like a huge mess right now, she felt her face grow warm. Before she could really question that comment, or respond she noted his yawn. Fighting the urge to yawn herself; fake or real for that matter. “I am pretty beat myself. I should head home. I’ll catch you later. Have a good evening, well what’s rest of it I suppose.” Aurora’s goodnight a bit awkward, as her mind recalled his compliment a few seconds earlier. Still feeling a bit flustered to say the least. As they parted their own ways for the evening, she grabbed her belongings on the way so she could call herself a cab to head back home for the night.
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