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11 days ago
Current Sorry for being gone, things have been busy for me. Will try and post when I can...but might not be around much.
2 mos ago
Apologies to everyone, things have been busy rl. Will try and post soon as I can.
3 mos ago
Over the next 3 weeks, replies will be slower than usual. Got Gran staying with us for the Holidays.
3 mos ago
Even though I don't celebrate, Happy Thanksgiving to all :)
4 mos ago
Slow replies over the next few days...


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Yeah, it's beautiful :)

That's good. Glad you're doing well. Oh lol, at least you're having fun
Thanks :) I am excited for the move...we're going to Portugal.

Hope you're doing alright, with your classes for the new term
Sorry I haven't been around much lovie. A lot has been going on since the holidays in rl. Also currently sorting through things, as we're moving around April/May rl has been taking priority.

For the last few days I've been thinking and have decided, that I am dropping out of this rp. I have quiet a lot going on at the moment and don't I don't want to keep anyone behind, by my lack of being here.

If anyone wants my characters, you're welcome to use them...any way that you like. I don't mind what you do with them.
I am sorry and wish everyone here, good luck with this rp. I might be lurking around and reading where this goes :)
I would also like to thank you for having me here, for the time that I was here.
Sorry I haven't been online, rl got quiet busy for me, so I didn't have time to come online and do stuff.
I noticed.
I am sorry to say, not really liking that song much. But thanks for trying to help, find more songs for her.
@Lionhearted I have been busy over the holidays and such. At the moment, I still haven't gotten around to posting, due to things going on in rl life and a bit of a writer's block.
Will try and post soon, holidays have been rather busy and hadn't time to write really.
That certainly sounds like a cool idea and whilst it would be nice to see them again, even in spirit form. I can just think of one issue, it doesn't exactly suit the group of people, they'd be around. As the mountain of spirits was just filled with criminals and bad men, ect...
That song does remind me of them too :) Thanks for sharing this one. I liked it.
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