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Current Even though I don't celebrate, Happy Thanksgiving to all :)
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17 days ago… Will be updated with new ideas and such :) <3 Have a good day, Savvy.
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New Character in Progress :) To those curious, she can be found in the Test Forum in my thread <3
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Tauriel just smiled at Legolas softly "Aww come on, there's nothing wrong with that." she told him with a warm smile. But caught his brief blush. She didn't think there was anything wrong with him worrying, for the younger she-elf, that was in their company.

Yavanna smiled softly, but looked at Legolas with soft eyes; seeing the slight blush on his cheeks. But wondered to herself, if he had been as worried as she was. His thoughts, made her glance towards the Mountain. In truth, Yavanna had been worried, since Thorin and Bard's argument before the company's departure. "Honestly, I've had a bad feeling for a while too." she said softly. But his thoughts, did provoke a deeper thought inside of her head. Wondering if there was something, she and the Company did not know. "Do you know, something else?" Yavanna asked him softly, looking concerned.

Legolas thoughts seemed to have provoked an inner worry, in both the elves in his presence. "Did you see something?" she asked Legolas.
@HushedWhispers I don't really celebrate where we live, but thank you anyways :)
Will still try and enjoy anyways :)

Take your time love :) look forward to it :)
@HushedWhispers Aww thank you :) Happy Thanksgiving to you and everyone else too.
Aww thanks :) Happy Thanksgiving to you from England *smiles and hugs* *Then gives cookies*
Yavanna smiled softly at Saeril...she appreciated, they were letting her go like that. Even though she knew she'd miss them, she had felt torn about staying or going.

"I appreciate, everything you done. Thank you." Yavanna told her with a warm smile, as she smiled up at her. And Yavanna meant everything, including this moment, and keeping her feelings about Legolas, a secret. Until the boys had somewhat figured it out themselves. "Keep the boys safe...and good luck." she said softly before she nodded "Of course we will." The young Princess said with a soft smile. She knew, one day they'd meet again.

Kili smiled at Yavanna softly; she seemed rather happy. As long as she was happy, he was happy for her. He boarded the boat, not long after Fili and Saeril. Giving Yavanna a wave.

Tauriel smiled softly, at the moment. "Well, I think this is quite a good idea." she said with a warm smile towards the young Princess.

"You don't mind?" Yavanna asked, looking over at Tauriel.

"Of course I don't." Tauriel said with a warm smile. "At least, Legolas here can stop worrying so much." she teased a little. But she did see how concerned and torn he almost seemed. So it was definitely a good thing, she was here.
Yavanna's green eyes were still locked with Legolas' blue one's. She found herself, unable to look away from his eyes. Hearing Fili, Yavanna briefly looked back over at her friends. "Are you sure..what about..." Kili cut in, before she could finish.
"You worry too much." Kili said with a smile. "We can see, that you want to be with him. Just follow your heart." he told Yavanna, before he glanced over at Legolas "Do us a favor, keep her safe?" he asked looking at the young Prince.
Looking into his eyes; Yavanna had a caring look in her eyes..a fondness in her eyes. It seemed like he had noticed her glow...and seen it before? With someone else...but the young she-elf did not ask whom. As he said, she saved his life back at Mirkwood..her eyes still focused on his. "I didn't want you to get hurt...or worse." Yavanna said, the last words a little quieter. The thought of something happening to him...was unsettling for the young elf...despite how briefly they knew each other.
"What made you guess?" Yavanna asked him softly; a little curious. His fond smile, made her cheeks heat up with a blush. She smiled back softly, at his words. "I do believe, I've met your father when I was very little...I don't remember much about those encounters." The memories of meeting Thranduil, being so little were a little mixed up. "But he's been a good friend to my father, all these years." she said softly.
His chuckle indeed was surprising to her, but it made her smile. A warm, tender smile upon her lips. His chuckle was warm. She then nodded gently. "Yes." she said softly with a nod. "that's what some people call me. Other's refer to me as Princess Yavanna, or the Brightest Star of Rivendell...others call me the Bright Star of Middle-Earth, my Lord." Yavanna said softly. Quite many people knew of the Bright Star of Middle-Earth..but until they'd met Yavanna in person...they did not know, that the star in question was her.
Tauriel smiled softly at Legolas; giving him a reassuring nod. That he should follow his heart. He always put everyone else over his own happiness...he deserved to be happy for once himself.

Yavanna's heart skipped a beat, as she saw Legolas walking over towards her. That similar glow, she held last night seemed to shimmer around her being; her eyes soft and tender. As he stood in front of her, Yavanna blushed. "Something distracting you, your majesty?" Yavanna asked him softly. He had seemed rather deep in thought, until he just came to a stop in front of her.

Kili heard his brother and he smiled "Mhh, well it would certainly explain...her different behavior since we left Mirkwood."

Tauriel followed Legolas, but she kept a little give him and Yavanna some space. She just smiled softly at the elder she-elf and the two young Dwarves.
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