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WolfLover here, I am 27 year of female writer. Has been writing for over 5 years, so has lots of experience in the roleplaying/writing field :) I live in the Uk.
My interest check and My Character Storage for anyone interested :)
I am currently unemployed. (Lots of personal reasons, some of you may know, some don't). Last year had been bad for me, and my mental health. Still trying to recover and try to battle my problems. Muse has been slow, but slowly trying to get back into writing. If anyone's interested in rping, send me a message and we can work something out together :) Happy writing dear people.

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Introducing Sebastian and Charlotte
Alistair@Hedgehawk, Mentioned Marabeth@Sailorsadie, Noah@Days

Sebastian felt like the summer holidays at home were hell. His parent's unstable divorce just seemed to be getting worse and worse. His sister was freaking out over their custody battle for the pair of them; scared that their father would win the battle. Charlotte didn't exactly want to live with her father. Neither did her brother for that matter.
It's not like he could leave her to deal with it all in her lonesome. He probably should have stayed at Edgebaston to try and catch up on his studies since he failed last year and had to repeat his Senior year. But he'd much rather be there for his little sister at home. Even if Charlotte had been in the comfort of their mother Amelia and grand-mother Rose. Seb knew how much Charlotte relied on him to be there in the tough times. Just because his studies were messed up, didn't mean he'd fail at being a big brother when she needed him the most. His teachers gave him extra projects and essays to complete over the summer; whilst he was at home.

Sebastian tried to get through as much of the extra school work over the summer as he could. It was at times like these that he missed having Noah around. His ex stayed behind at Edgebaston to escape from her over-bearing father and he was miles and miles away, so he couldn't pick her brain for help. Though he stayed regularly in touch with her and his buddies from the Academy; Erik and Lucas in particular. It didn't mean that he wanted to burden his friends and ex with family troubles; he resisted venting at them over the phone and text. He knew Noah had enough to deal with herself; so he didn't want to put more on her shoulders; even if she knew about his parents divorce. Besides his sister; his friends made the summer away from the Academy bearable.

Whilst Sebastian longed to be back at the Academy, his sister couldn't wait to start her first year at Edgebaston. Both siblings longed to get away from New York.

Charlotte herself was trying to keep herself distracted that summer. She was getting ready for her junior year at Edgebaston. She spent hours researching the town to see what was close by to the Academy so she could secure herself a little job over her time at the Academy. Unlike her big brother, she wasn't under the impression that 'money grew on trees'. Even if her parents gave her an allowance, Charlotte always tried to make money herself with jobs. Her brother always had a different approach to it. If you could call his zero job tolerance an approach. And a job lined up for her she had; a small bookstore close to the Academy. Charlotte had went for a set of interviews over the holidays and they were happy to have her start not long after the start of her Academic year.

Of course their father wanted to see them before they'd head of to North Carolina for the rest of the year. It'd be the last opportunity to see them, especially Charlotte as her birthday was coming up. Her family agreeing to celebrate earlier because they wouldn't be in New York on the actual date. As much she wanted to avoid her father; she knew she couldn't exactly. The man helped raise her for fucks's sake. She hoped that it wouldn't be a disaster; but she had partially been wrong. Her father had lost his cool the moment when he learned that Charlotte had been allowed to get a tattoo as one of her early birthday presents. He hated the fact that Sebastian was covered in them, and now his daughter had to get one too? Not to mention, he had to drop a bombshell on everyone; that he was getting married to the woman he had been caught cheating with. The divorce hadn't even been finalised yet; but he had the audacity to do that. Much less invite his children to the big day.

It was safe to say; it took Charlotte and Sebastian a while to recover from the news. In fact, they were still trying to recover few days before they were set to travel to North Carolina, to Edgebaston. Sebastian was still rather salty...enraged even; that their father chose his sister's early birthday celebration to drop such an insensitive bombshell on them. Not even a proper present. Oh no wait, he had given his sister 4000 dollars spending money. As if he buying her love and affection, would make things better. At least the others had given her more meaningful gifts. Aside from allowing her to get a tattoo, Amelia Ackelhurst had given Charlotte a new diary for her personal use. Granny Rose, had given her grand-daughter a silver charm bracelet; Charlotte had a variety of assorted charms over the years to use for the bracelet; including few Zelda themed ones. Whilst Sebastian himself got his little sister a leather jacket that he knew caught her eye few weeks ago, accompanied with boots to match. Of course, the shoes were picked out with the help of his mother. Seb was never the best at female fashion.

The Acklehurst siblings had been on the road to the Academy; their mother driving them to Edgebaston. They had stopped over-night, with it being a bit of a long drive. And she didn't want neither of her children to be late on their first day of the Academic year. His mother of course made her famous chocolate chip cookies for the road; they kept fresh for a few days even after first being baked. Sebastian was sitting at the back of the car; allowing himself to stretch out slightly on the back-seats. Looking out of the window; lost in thought. He could hear his sister and mother conversing about something or another over the sound of the music that was playing. Not minding much attention to the song either.

Sebastian's thoughts flicking through his mind, till they settled on thoughts about Noah. He couldn't help but remember the first day they had met at the Gym. He had been breaking a sweat working out; when he spotted her trying to do push-up's in a very poor form. It was hard to look at. He could see how easily she got tired out, just from the poor form. So of course he being himself had called her out on it; 'You're doing it all wrong beautiful. You're flaring your elbows too much; no wonder you're getting tired so easily.' His remark of course came with his signature grin and wink. What at the time he didn't expect was her blunt snappy remark. But something had him hooked from day 1. He liked her attitude. It was refreshing. But from that day, he took it upon himself to correct Noah when it came to working out at the gym. Sometimes he got the feeling, that she did it on purpose just to have him hovering above her and correcting her motions.

"Seb...Seb...Seb." His sister's words snapped him out of his day-dream. "Have you even been listening to what I been saying the last few minutes?" she huffed at him, when she noticed his distracted look.

Snapping out of his day-dream; he turned his attention to the front of the car where his sister was sitting. "Yeah of course I was." He chuckled, pretending that he indeed was listening.

Of course he couldn't fool his sister. She knew better. "Than what did I just ask you?" Her eyebrow remained raised at her big brother; waiting for him to prove her wrong. When no answer came, she shook her head. Eyes rolling. "Of course you weren't paying attention, you were day-dreaming."

With a slight chuckle, he shook his head. "I wasn't day-dreaming. I was know." struggling to find the right words.

"Day-dreaming and drooling." Charlotte teased her brother. Who knows what he was thinking about.

Sebastian had to wipe his mouth slightly at his sister's remark. "I wasn't drooling. You were drooling...shut up." A classic Sebastian remark; when his sister caught him out like that.

Of course their mother was shaking her head. "You two kids always pick the most inconvenient of times to bicker." Focusing on the road, they were coming to familiar surroundings. At least to Sebastian they were familiar. "You two might want to look out of the window. We're almost there." Knowing that Charlotte might want to take in the views more so than Sebastian, since it was her first year here. Glancing out of the window; Charlotte couldn't help but marvel at the sights in front of her. The Academy and it's grounds looked more beautiful than how her brother described them. It was like something out of a movie. Becoming absorbed in taking in the sights, that she didn't even focus on the sheer amount of people arriving. As it probably would have made her a nervous wreck.

As the car finally stopped; the family clambered out. Sebastian flexing his muscles upon getting out of the car, before he grabbed his jacket from the car seat. Tossing it casually over his shoulder. He was wearing his favourite shirt and jeans that seemed to show off his muscles; along with his fingerless gloves. It always added to his bad boy look. Sebastian had easily packed on more muscle over the summer, from his constant vigorous work-outs between study sessions. His sister on the other hand was wearing a new tank top, with dark jeggings accompanied with the new boots and leather jacket that she had gotten from him.

Helping his mom grab his and Charlotte's bags from the trunk of the car. It wasn't long before both of their siblings had their luggage and the left over cookies in their grip. Saying goodbye to their mother. She embraced both of her children lovingly. "Right, have a wonderful year you two. And try not to get into trouble." The last was more so aimed at Sebastian than Charlotte. She was the golden child, in comparison.

Sebastian let out a slight groan. "Mom, please stop babying me." Sebastian couldn't help but roll his eyes slightly. It's not like he wanted to get into trouble last year for falling behind. "We'll both be fine. I'll look out for Charlotte, you know I always do." He promised. Kissing his mother's cheek; he said goodbye to the woman that raised him and taught him to be better than he was at times. The varying tones of their British accents despite having lived in the States for a while now; caught people's attention. With their mother climbing into the car after saying goodbye. Sebastian heard a familiar voice. One that he wasn't ready to hear so soon.

"Awwh come on, now there's two of you?!" Alistair LeRue. Everyone's worst nightmare. Turning around, Sebastian came face to face with the annoying twin, with Al trying to be up in his face. Seb rose a slight eyebrow, as he watched Alistair trying to size him up and his lame attempt to stare him down. "One more year Ackelhurst, one more year!" To most, it probably would have looked intimidating. But to Seb, nada. Especially since Sebastian was the taller out of the duo; even if by a few mere inches.

"Is that supposed to be threatening?" Seb asked; not even batting an eyelid. His voice full of amusement and mockery. "You might want to gain some more height and proper bad boy attitude, if you want to be intimidating! Out my way LeRue before you burst a wind pipe trying to embarrass yourself further." Easily pushing his way past Alistair. All the while, shielding his sister from the Twin in the process. Not wanting his sister to get tangled up in dealing with Alistair.

Charlotte couldn't help but gulp a little bit; partially at the comment coming from the somewhat cute yet arrogantly rude blonde boy. Than came the sheer vast amount of people that were arriving. Sticking close to her brother; her suitcase in her grip as she followed his lead. On the way through the gates; the duo had passed Marabeth. A friend of Sebastian's. Seb gave the red head a soft smile greeting her. He already made a mental note of later introducing Charlotte to Mara. Charlotte just gave the red head a nervous wave, with a small smile.

With Sebastian leading Charlotte to Cavendish Hall; he kept his eyes peeled out for someone in particular that he was itching to see. Students were in and out of the hall to get their dorm keys. Mainly New Students to get information from the teachers. As Sebastian got his keys to his own dorm room, he glanced down at Charlotte. "Are you going to be okay? I want to check in one someone, but if you need me; just text me. I'll find you before the Assembly." He didn't want to overburden his sister; knowing she was in good hands with the teachers. Whilst he always protected her; he was trying to let her be independent. Knowing she'd be on his ass if he babied her on her first day here.

"I'll manage." She promised her brother. She just secretly hoped she wouldn't get lost. How hard could it be not to get lost? As her brother excused himself to take his luggage to his room quickly. Charlotte was receiving the essentials from the teachers; dorm key, uniform, map ect.

In the meanwhile; Sebastian quickly dropped off his luggage at his Dorm Room over at LeRue Place. Setting the suitcase near his desk. He would unpack later. He didn't exactly want to deal with unpacking right now. Or running into Persephone if she was lingering around the area. Sebastian was still contemplating about asking the teachers if he could be moved to Edgebaston hall; if it was up to him. He would have stayed there. But his father had picked out his accommodation when he paid for most of his tuition money. Seb was well aware that it'd be a slap to his father's face if he moved elsewhere. Stepping out of his spacious dorm-room; he locked the door behind him. Before playing with the keys; tossing them playfully in his hand. In the other, he still had the box of cookies.

As he wondered around; his eyes peeled out for familiar face. Smiling to himself when he spotted her. Jogging, till he caught up with her. "Boo!" he smirked. "Missed me?" Coming face to face with Noah again; he instantly noticed the stressed look on her face. Seems like he caught her just at the right time, to try and cheer her up. Holding out the box of cookies towards her. "Here, try these. My mom baked them 2 days ago, still fresh and tasty." Not thinking anything of it, that he saved the last of the cookies for Noah. If it had been any of his other friends; he would have offered it to them too. But it seemed like she could use them more.

Interactions: Mara and Fiona mainly via text.@Sailorsadie@HaleyTheRandom

The warm sun seemed to sparkle against the waves of the crystal blue sea.
Summer break was coming to an end, and Belle was enjoying one last swim in the Hawaiian seas that were situated near her home. The cool water rippling around her, each time she dived under the lush waves. Letting her body glide almost in tune with the waves. Soaking up as much of the waters as much as possible. Eventually, letting herself relax and float on her back. She let out a happy sigh.

As per usual, over the summer; her hair seemed to get blonder streaks from spending so much time in the sunshine and an even tan all over. The young woman always loved the summers back home back in Honolulu; even though she missed her friends back at the Academy. Fi and Mara in particular; of all her female friends; she was the closest to the duo. The trio being the Golden Trio, sort to speak. She knew that Mara had to stay back at the Academy over the summer, which sucked for her friend. But Belle time texting with both of her besties, to give them updates over the summer; which consisted of photos and videos of Hawaii as usual. Like she always said, if they couldn't be in Hawaii, she was bringing the Hawaii to them; In a matter of speaking.

Being back home was refreshing for the dance enthusiast. Mainly because she didn't have to deal with the La Rue twins, when she was at home. It was the one place where the rich snooty think they are the best in the world, pain the asses of twins couldn't control her and order her around. She sometimes wondered how she put up with working at the country club house, when she was at Edgebaston; especially since they treated staff like their own personal slaves. Always having to remind herself, that it was decent pay. Belle didn't intend to work there for the rest of her life; oh no. The girl had plans to pursue her dancing, as a full time career. Which is why she always studied hard at Edgebaston to perfect her dancing arts and other skills. And she sure as hell, wasn't going to let the twins take that away from her; no matter how hard they tried to make her life hell when she was working at the country club house.

Upon getting out of the dazzling waters; she brushed her wet hair from her face. Sitting on her towel; water dripping down her slender figure as she checked her phone. Seeing she had a few missed messages; Sebastian, her parents and few other friends from school. After replying to her heap of texts; she slid into the group thread between her and her girls.

The Golden Trio:
Can't believe the summer is almost over, excited to see you girlies in a few days :)
Need to go and finish packing.
Lots of love, Belle xx

Plopping her phone back in her bag; Isabelle wrapped the towel around her body. Her bag slung over her shoulder as she walked back towards her family home; that was a short walk away from the beach. Isabelle spotted her mother waiting for her on the porch. Before her mother could say something, Belle's soft voice chimed. "I know, I know. I need to pack."

"I just don't want us to miss our flight. God knows, it's going to be chaos at the airport with schools opening again."

"Mom, relax. You know I always pack quickly...besides, I am half packed anyways." Belle tried to assure her, as the pair headed inside the house. "I just wanted one last swim, before heading back to Edgebaston." Sure, North Caroline had places to swim and surf there too. But Belle found the seas back home a tad more beautiful. Call her picky.

Amara shook her head with a light amused laugh. "I am sure you can get plenty of swimming in, even when you're at school." But there was no use arguing with her daughter about it. She knew what Belle meant about preferring the waters here over anywhere else. She watched as Belle pretty much run upstairs to her room to finish packing. As much as she would miss having her around with her never ending bubbliness and smiles; she was proud of her daughter. Knowing she was graduating this year. God knows, her child was feeling excited and happy to be going back to her social circles at Edgebaston.

The last few days of summer, seemed to fly back. Her parents flying with her to North Carolina; as they booked 2 weeks over there for a small get-away after they'd drop her off at school. The airport as predicted had been packed; but luckily the Mormont family had arrived 7 hours prior to the flight; to make sure that they wouldn't be late getting to their flight gate, with the amount of people that were flying out.

The first day at Edgebaston had finally arrived. Belle had finally somewhat recovered from the jet-lag of the flight 2 days prior. She seemingly always seemed to bounce back quiet quickly between time differences. This time it was no different.

Looking out of the rented car's window; she watched the familiar scenery pass by as her parents were driving her to the Academy. Belle was wearing something simple and casual; white top with her favorite jeans and vans. Her hair was pulled up into a neat bun. Belle didn't bother dressing up all fancy pancy, unless there was a special event at the Academy. Fancy clothes were never really her style. She was more of a comfort dressing person, than style. As the car approached the gates of the Academy. She saw all the other cars that were driving through the gates; dropping off both new and returning students. Belle made a slight face when she spotted one of the LaRue twins watching the arrivals of many. Great just great. She thought to herself. Not exactly, the person she was expecting to be greeting people. Than again, his way of greeting was just mocking.

As her dad stopped the rental car; Belle slid out of the back. Helping grab her suitcases from the car trunk.

"Well here we are." Her dad chuckled, before he embraced Belle in a tight hug. "Have a wonderful year sweetie." It wasn't long before even her mother joined the pair for a group hug. Both not wanting to let go off her for a few moments. "Do you need help getting your suitcases to your room?"

"Love you." Belle squeezed her parents back. Giving them both a kiss on the cheek. "It's okay, I'll manage. I know how excited you both are to see the sights around. Belle would manage with her suitcases; they weren't too heavy for her. Giving her one last embrace, her parents than got back into the car. Driving off; Belle waving till she didn't see the rental car anymore. Grabbing a hold of both her suitcases; she started to wheel them towards the school. When she got closer towards the entrance; she stopped when she saw a familiar red head.

"Mara!" she smiled excitedly, pulling the female into a hug. Glad to see the sunshine that was Marabeth. "I hope it wasn't too boring around here."

Location: Apartment 5B
Interactions: Everyone @LostDestiny@Days@Sailorsadie@Theyra @Pyxis

With the help of his cousin and her room-mate Isabella, it didn't take long for the trio to move the extra table into the Apartment across the hall. The tricky bit was trying not to trip up over both of the dogs, that were seemingly dancing beneath their feet; rubbing against their legs in excitement. Christian had to admit, he found it a little amusement how Isa knew Jasmine so well; that she would have commented on her outfit. In his mind; if the girl was comfortable she could wear what she wanted. Outfits weren't a big deal to him for this thing. After all; they were home amongst friends. No judgements, right? But he knew how fashion conscious his cousin was. So he tried not to argue; or Jasmine would have made him change an outfit too.

"Thanks for the help, much appreciated ladies." He spoke with a warm smile as soon as the table was on the floor in his apartment; positioned perfectly next to his own.

As they finished moving the table; Jasmine had to admit. Being so close to all the food was making her hungry. But she couldn't help but look amused when she saw her puppy Thor flop on his favorite cushion on the couch in her cousin's apartment. "Well, looks like someone's already made themselves comfortable." She laughed. Knowing full well that her cousin didn't mind her pup being in his apartment. Christian looked after Thor enough, when she wasn't home; provided he was free himself of course. "No worries, glad to help." As she patted his shoulder; she secretly eyed the dips and sauces he had already sitting on the counter. He made her favourite; Apple Sauce.

Christian chuckled, as he shook his head at his cousin. "No need to drool on my shoulder. You'll be eating soon." His arm wrapped around her shoulder; giving her a teasing squeeze.

"Not my fault, you been making me and Isa drool all day from across the hall." Jasmine said honestly, with a light shrug. "We'll see you soon. I got to make sure she picks something nice for this evening." With that, Jasmine steered Isabella back towards their flat; so she could help her with her outfit if she needed her help of course.

It took Christian a few minutes to finish setting up the two tables in his Apartment. The main table was filled with the main course and different sauces; whilst the second table was mostly for placing the food that his friends were bringing. With enough plates and cutlery set around the entire table. Christian was bit of a perfectionist; so everything had to be neat. Glasses included. Clapping his hands with satisfaction; he smiled to himself proud of how the table looked. And soon enough, everyone was arriving. Of course his cousin Jasmine was the first one to arrive; it shouldn't have surprised him that Jasmine would be over first with Isabella and Isa's dog. Not wanting the furballs to be left out; they were always welcome for events. Christian had to admit, that he was impressed with Jasmine's sweet desserts she had made; especially the trifle. Given that she wasn't much of a cook. He let the trifle sit in his fridge; so it could remain cold and sturdy. Not wanting it to become gloopy since his apartment was warm from all the cooking.

Christian always had a 'enter when you want' sort of thing going on; Anyone of his friends were free to let themselves in when they wanted to. That hadn't really changed for tonight. Christian of course greeting everyone that arrived with bright smiles and hugs. It seems like everyone had brought lot of food for tonight; but then again; they were a big group. Lots of food was needed.

Not wanting to start the main meal without everyone present; Christian and the present group that had already gathered waited till Lil and Rhys arrived. Hearing a familiar knock on the door, he called out "It's open you guys, come on in." His hands were busy with carving the turkey and chicken for everyone.

Jasmine was glad to see everyone gathering for Thanksgiving, and of course curious to see what everyone brought. Some of the things she hadn't seen before let alone eating. So she was curious to try something new. "I'll get the door for them, not sure if they know about your door policy." Heading towards Christian's front door; she opened it to see Lil and Rhys outside. "Hey guys, nice to see you could make it. Love your dress Lil." Greeting them with a warm smile. The orange dress on Lil indeed stood out to the fashion junkie; and Jasmine thought it suited the dark haired female. She stepped inside to let them in. "Need some help?" She asked seeing how much Rhys was carrying. Not wanting him to drop anything by accident.

After he finished carving the meats; he finally turned around to greet the last of his guests. Deciding to make a little speech, since everyone was present. "So I have a few little words to say." He lightly chuckled. "I'd like to thank everyone for trusting me to host tonight, I know I probably made a bunch of you starving with my cooking for most of the day. So I truly hope that you enjoy all that's on the table tonight, including what everyone brought. So I won't ramble much longer; don't need Jasmine clawing my eyes out for making her starve all day. Happy Thanksgiving everyone, here's to another year of being in each other's company and getting through whatever life has thrown at us." With a cheers, he sat down at the head of the table, getting himself comfortable so they could all eat together. Of course the comment about his cousin earned a bit of a playful glare, but also a laugh from his cousin. She knew he was teasing her.

Featuring the Pearson Siblings
Interactions: Enemies

The night hadn’t gone exactly as expected. If anything, it was less than what the Pearson siblings could have bargained for. What was supposed to be an evening of bonding for the coven; turned into drama, chaos, a petrified cursed leader, tanner magical barrier being down and now danger standing in their own coven house. Yep, not exactly your average coven party. It certainly was more than Tristan thought he’d have to deal with during one evening. But he supposed there was one good thing that came out of the party. Seeing Cat again. Lydia’s views were probably more so mixed…than that of her brother’s about the evening. Most likely distracted by something or someone; as per usual. But one thought they had was similar; both were glad to see Cat had returned to Tanner.

With everyone crowded in the dining hall; Tristan noticed that his sister looked a bit on the tipsy side. Of course Lydia had snuck stronger drinks behind his back after Cat went off to mingle with other coven members, before they were called in here. How much Lydia drank? He could only take a guess. His sister always had her ways of sneaking in extra drinks when she wasn’t supposed to.

It seemed like everyone’s attention was glued on the intruders; The eldest of the Pearson siblings was listening carefully…very carefully, to Lucien's demands….followed by his threats to hurt anyone in the way. Which was practically everyone in the room. His jaw clenched.

His sister on the other hand was seemingly having a classic Lydia moment; something as always distracted her inside of her head. Or maybe for once, she was thinking hard about this situation that her coven was in; due to Carlisle’s curse. The news had given her chills down the back of her spine.
At that very moment, his sister seemed to snap from her thoughts, having turned around noticing the company. Or more so..hearing it.

“I didn’t know we were expecting more gu….ahhh!!” As Lydia came face to face, with one of the Werewolves, she let out a loud shriek. Falling backwards as she stumbled away from the beast in shock. Her eyes wide, looking pale; almost like she had seen a ghost. For most coven members; their natural instincts of self defence and protection was kicking in. For Lydia…fear…total fear. And utter helplessness. More vulnerable, due to her lack of magic and even worse so…lack of spells at her disposal.

It was almost like the Werewolf sensed her vulnerability, it’s claw reaching out to grab at her leg. Claw wrapping around her ankle to drag her closer towards him.

Lydia’s body shifting backwards against the floor, trying to get out of reach. But she wasn’t quick enough. As soon as she felt the claw around her leg…she felt it’s claws slowly sinking in to keep a tight grip on her. Almost terrified to notice the chaos going on around her. But as she laid her eyes on Victor, Lil and Aurora holding their own; Lydia tried to swallow back some of that fear. If they could do it; than anyone could right? Then again, they were more skilled and powerful than she was. Using her other leg; she managed to kick up. Hitting the Werewolf in the face, as he was bending pretty low near her legs. Somehow managing to free herself. She darted behind the nearest male, with a slight limp. Feeling light blood trickling down her ankle.

With a slight snarl, Lydia saw it moving towards her. But it didn’t get too far. As her brother grabbed it by it’s tail. “Get away from my sister!” Unlike his little sister; he tried to show no fear. Not wanting them to sniff out any weakness and use it to their advantage. Tristan felt pretty pissed off that one of the Werewolves was going after his sister. Easy prey she was for them. His grip tight against the Werewolf’s tight it made his knuckles almost turn white. The air around him started to get cold…very cold. His fingertips turned a pale icy blue. The tail of the beast, slowly becoming stiff and turning a different color too; as Tristan was inflicting frost-bite onto it’s tail. Then with a swift kick; his foot collided with the side of the Werewolf. Luckily, being trained in Karate; he knew the right spots to kick. All the while managing to dodge the claw that slashed at him in retaliation. Tristan only let go off the tail, once it was stiff and unpleasant to look at from the frost-bite. Luckily it had spread pretty quickly, from the first contact he had made.

“You okay Lyd?” He asked, trying to make sure his sister wasn’t too hurt. When his sister gave him a slight shaky nod, he gestured to the barrier that was up. “Get back behind Lil’s Barrier.” It wasn’t for discussion. Tristan would much rather take a beating, than his sister. At least, he knew how to defend himself.

Knowing it was no time to argue, Lydia moved back towards the barrier that Lil had summoned to help keep the coven members safe. As she was shakily moving backwards; she saw the amusement in Lucien’s eyes at how weak she was compared to the others. He himself could use it to his advantage no doubt. Lydia tried not to look in his direction too long. Finding his blue eyes, almost enticing. ‘Think Lydia think…do something’ She thought to herself. Not wanting everyone to think that she was utterly useless. Because, she most likely was given the situation. Lydia felt desperate to help out…anyhow. Somehow.

Watching as her brother and the others were taking on the enemies within the coven household. It was chaos; not knowing where to look. Eventually she managed to focus on one of the Werewolves faces. It’s eyes especially. Her face changed to an intense expression; as she maintained eye contact with the creature; despite it fighting the others. In her mind, she was doing her best to imagine what a blind person would feel like; as the light would fade from their eyes, into nothing but blindness. The longer she stared at the creature like that; her spell slowly began to take effect. Lydia just hoped that it’d last long enough for her brother and friends to have the advantage over that one.

Swirling colors that started to dim in the creature's eyes at first made it angry. Angry growls and snarls escaping it. It was like it was seeing bloody freaking rainbows. It certainly was distracting whilst it tried to advance towards the tall dark haired male that was fighting it. But then suddenly it’s vision dimmed…till it was dark. Just nothingness. Stumbling around blindly; it had to rely on it’s other senses for the time being. Whilst it could hear and smell its prey that were scattered around the room. It could not see them.

Unsure how long the spell would hold for; Lydia just hoped that her brother and peers would use it to their advantage; since they had the upper hand against a blind werewolf for the time being.

‘Yay me’ Lydia’s thoughts internally screamed in her head. Feeling a little proud of herself that her spell managed to stick, when she saw that it didn’t fall instantly.

Tristan had a feeling that his sister managed to be of some help; when the werewolf’s growls had changed and his claws flailed about, in chaos as if trying to strike at something. Whatever Lydia did, he hoped she could keep the spell up for a while longer. From his peripheral vision, he noticed Lucien was ready to attack one of his peers with another fire-ball. “Oh no you don’t!” Tristan muttered to himself. And at that moment, the water bottles near Lucien burst. Tristan could even feel the water pipes vibrating beneath his feet. But managed not to have them burst in the wake of his power. The water heavily squirted at Lucien, drenching him from head to toe and dousing the flames of his fireball. The water then hovering mid air, from his magic. Keeping it handy in case he needed it. Although it was slightly wavering, with his concentration being on multiple things.

At the same time, Tristan was dodging the slashes from the werewolf, the best he could. Whilst keeping his eyes in two places at once.

Seeing that the werewolf was in the perfect position, Tristan’s body leaned back from another claw slash. With quick movements; his foot collided against the werewolf again in swift roundhouse kicks. Noting an ache in his legs; from how sturdy his opponent was. But he didn’t show the uncomfortable sensation shooting through his leg. He thought he heard a slight crack in the werewolf’s leg, or was it the floorboards creaking with all the chaos? But something had certainly given away slightly beneath his foot.

Another claw came flying in his direction; but this time he wasn’t so quick to duck. Feeling it against his shoulder. As he Ducked, his leg swiped beneath the werewolf’s. Managing to knock him down on the floor.

Whether or not the werewolf’s senses were coming back, or he managed to get a decent grip on Tristan. He suddenly found himself on his back. Winded, from being slammed against the ground. The water that was still hovering mid-air. Hit the werewolf from the side; with full force. Knocking him off of the Warlock.

With growls, the werewolf began to pound on the ground, trying to grab at Tristan again. But he quickly rolled out of the way. Kicking him forcefully from behind, managing to knock the beast flat on its face for a few moments. Taking it that the beast was still blinded; otherwise might have not been so easy for it to lose its balance.

All the energy building up all around him from the varying spells and combat; Tristan began to use it to his advantage. Magical missiles forming in mid air. All of the magical energy seemed to seep into it. The missiles swam around him, in circles; as they absorbed as much energy as they could. Growing in shape and power. Tristan was getting ready to unleash them when needed.

It seemed like the werewolf got his vision back; but looked a bit dazed. Shaking it off quickly. It run at Tristan’s friends; having had it’s attention snapped by someone else for the time being. Ready to defend his friends and sister; he unleashed the magical missiles. Watching as the trio of them followed their target. Concentrating on his target; so it didn't hit anyone else by mistake. It was bit of a chase for a few seconds before his magic collided with the werewolf, knocking it away from everyone. Causing a loud thud and slight shaking off the ground beneath.

Aurora Newman
Interactions: Coven Members, Lucien and The Hairy Ones.

Aurora didn’t know how Lilith managed to stay so calm and collected; but the blonde knew she owed her one for being so. It was usually her job to be the calm one. Wasn’t it? She was supposed to look out for the younger ones in situations like these. Or maybe they just found their ways of taking care of each other; well most of them. Knowing that not everyone was on good terms with each other; but as a coven they still stuck together. But Lil managed to be calmer than she had been since finding Carlisle out in the garden. She didn’t think that the evening could get any worse; as everyone stood in the dining room. Aurora had poured herself another drink. Needing something for the nerves. Whilst she probably wasn’t as drunk as some of her peers; Aurora still had enough in her system to feel a light buzz of the alcohol making its way through her system.

As she mixed the gin and tonic; she herself was trying to figure out what had happened to Carlisle, having now learned he wasn’t really dead. Although her thoughts got cut short, when the doors flung open. She was mid sip; when she saw the stranger walk in. And much to the horror of her eyes; with Werewolves by his side. If Lil’s calmness hadn’t snapped her out of her ‘shock’ from earlier, this certainly had.

Eyeing the company, Aurora’s hand curled into a fist by her side. As the man known as Lucien demanded Victor come with him, or else. Not entirely sure if she ever heard Victor utter that name to her; maybe it was the night’s events that left her with a fuzzy mind. But either way, Aurora felt an anger bubbling inside of her. She wasn’t going to let some attractive ass-hole threaten anyone she considered ‘family’ or the coven as a whole. As she felt the air around them all turn colder; her eyes widened in surprise. Brow slightly raised as she watched Victor unleash his powers. Much to her surprise, Victor had frozen one of the Werewolves solid. Despite having trained with him; she had never seen him display such magic before. Looking down at the frozen icicle of a Werewolf that was on the ground. Trying to decipher if it was dead or not. Even if it was still alive; it’d probably take a long while to claw it’s way out of there. “You sure gave that Werewolf an icy greeting.” Smiling like a proud big sister in Victor’s direction.

“You son of a bitch!” Aurora hissed in Lucien’s direction. “You’ve picked the wrong people to mess with!” Moving strategically closer, so she was by Victor’s side. Just as protective over him, like Lil was. “If you want Vic, good luck getting through the rest of us! You and your hairy friends, better get lost, before someone’s heads are going to be flying off!” If it wasn’t for her being partially drunk; she would have come out with a better threat. But it still spoke volumes. Aurora never threatened anyone; not unless they pushed certain buttons. And Lucien managed to do that in a few seconds by threatening Vic, and now Lil.

"Oh. And you are?" Lucien retorted. Not particularly interested in this woman. Rubbing his jaw with one hand. Using his free arm he fired off a fireball towards Aurora.

Feeling her skin beginning to tingle, as small sparks of electricity began building up. They were dancing against her closed fist; Aurora building up magical energy ready to be unleashed at the perfect moment. "Someone you shouldn't mess with either." Her hand glowing more prominently with her power. A thunderbolt, hurling towards Lucien. The impact would be enough to knock the man backwards. At the same time trying to dodge Lucien's attack. Feeling it brush against her shoulder; making her hiss as she gritted her teeth. Another bolt forming in her hands. "Think you forget, you mess with one member of the coven. You mess with all of us!"
Seeing that Lucien was bend over in pain. Aurora didn't think he was planning on making another move against her any-time soon. He clearly knew better than to mess with the likes of Lil and herself. Aurora was satisfied that he knew not to mess with them. Soon he'd learn not to mess with the entire coven.

Seeing the Werewolves advancing towards her peers. Aurora tossed that particular one at one of the beasts. Causing it to stagger backwards in pain. The Werewolf’s body seemed to tremble with the effects of an electrical shock, from her blow. The growl echoing in her ears; with how close the Werewolf was in her proximity.

Despite the pain in her shoulder; she didn’t let it show. Instead focusing on Lucien’s army. If you could call it that. Since one was encased in ice. The others were now facing Coven. Chaos all around. Watching as the Werewolf shook off the effect of her spell; it began advancing towards her direction. Slightly tapping her foot against the wooden floorboard. Her magical energy caused it to come alive for a few mere moments. Jumping upwards; it whacked the Werewolf square in the face; before plopping back in its slot in the floor. It was enough to try and keep it disoriented for a few seconds longer. Snapping itself out of it’s daze again, the Werewolf advanced towards the blonde witch again; claws trying to lash at her. Only to be met with another wooden plank in the face. And another..growling, louder each time as Aurora used her magic. All the while, charging herself up for another thunderbolt to unleash at the beast. Fully intending to hold the beast off for as long as possible in order to protect her fellow coven members.

With a claw reaching out for her. That’s when Aurora unleashed the biggest thunderbolt of the fight so far. The bolt flying right at the beast’s chest. At the same time, she felt a claw against her arm, trying to sink against her flesh. Just enough to draw some blood; before the bolt caused the beast to fly back from its impact. Hitting the wall with a thud and loud growl. The beast was slumped against the wall; it’s features scrunched up in pain. It was enough for there to be a slight crack in the wall, and the air around everyone vibrate from the impact. Whilst it was nowhere near dead. It’d be a while before it’d come crawling in her direction…or anyone’s for that matter.

Slightly bending over, her shoulder throbbing from where Lucien managed to hit her with a fireball. And now her arm was dripping blood. Aurora fought through the pain. Manipulating electrical energy that was bouncing in the palm of her hands. Using her abilities to stretch it out; slowly forming a protective bubble. The barrier of the shield was shimmering with electrical energy. Harmless to her and those that were to be shielded by it. But a nasty bite to the beasts, that no doubt would try and pry their way through it.

Aurora slightly strained, from pain. But after a few moments the protective bubble was shielding herself and 3 other people that were standing within 10ft of her.

Catching her breathe for a few moments. Aurora knew she probably should head to get a healie from the alchemy lab. But the barrier wouldn’t hold up without her there to keep control over it. So it’d have to wait. Her eyes scanning the room; to see if any of her peers needed help. Their safety coming first over her own.

As she inspected her shoulder wound; she saw that the strap of her dress was singed off. Even if it was her favourite dress; it was no big deal. Having bigger priorities to worry about right about now. Aurora was glad that the injuries she had, didn’t hit elsewhere. Or she might be bleeding out on the floor right now.

"Give them utter hell, guys." Aurora nodded towards her friends and coven peers. Knowing what they were fully capable of. Especially as a team.

As they waited for the elder man to dig through his drawers, Amara rested the bag that she carried with her in her lap. Her hands resting ontop. It wasn't long before he seemed to find whatever they needed to help aid them in their journey. A slight sigh escaping her, upon learning that he wasn't really the one in charge of them. But more so of a messenger. Amara wondered why they couldn't deal with their 'real' employer face to face. But kept her displeasure to herself. Her face managing to stay rather neutral, whilst listening to the man explain the situation.

Taking the piece of parchment from Valentin; Amara unlike him was curious what was inside. Of course she was listening to the officer explain the matter. At least the information he himself knew, as she unfolded the piece of paper. Soon the large map was unfolded in her lap. Most of the places unknown to Amara. It'd be far than she had ever ventured before. So trying to orient herself around unknown areas would be interesting. She could only hope that Valentin would know a few of the areas that they needed to investigate and get to. Something seemed to stand out to Amara, the longer she looked at the map. A few markings were missing. "I can only assume that any missing markings on the map, mean we're left to own devices to making arrangements?" she questioned. As the further more she delved into the map, there came a point where seeming arrangements were no longer made for her and her companion. Or maybe they weren't supposed to go that far?

Amara had to admit, not talking to people would be bit difficult for her. She was usually sociable. So trying not to come of rude whilst on this job would be a challenge. It made her wonder, what sort of people they might also run into, that were supposedly there to help them. Or rather...make their job difficult?

"Truthfully, I could have guessed the supervision bit." Amara stated. It wasn't that hard to figure out, the more he told them about the job. It was an interesting way to supervise them though. She handed the map back to Valentin, so he himself could check out their various destinations. Glancing over at him, to see what he himself thought of this.

"Do we get some form of transport, for the time being?" Amara asked looking at the officer. As it was a long while before they'd reach their first 'arrangement' so to speak. And traveling on foot, might provide to be bit longer than their employer might expect.

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