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Current As always please bare with me. Due to my busy work schedule, replies as always will be slow. My days off always go by quickly, so will always try and respond to what I can.
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Many apologies, all IC replies to rps will be done either Monday/Tuesday; due to my work schedule and me being tired out today. Apologies for the slow replies. Hope everyone will have a good weekend
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Replies to any current roleplays will be slow, due to my work schedule so please bare with me :) I'll reply when I can. If anyone wants to plot, give me a shout
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Greetings all :) hope your week is going well.
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WolfLover here, I am 26 year of female writer. Has been writing for over 5 years, so has lots of experience in the roleplaying/writing field :) I live in the Uk.
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I work as a support worker/carer, and that requires long hours. Usually, I'll be at work all day (14/15 hour shifts), so due to my work schedule. I can only properly reply to rps on my days off. So many apologies to everyone, but replies will always be slow on my behalf due to real life commitments. Hope you can all understand :)

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There once was a fox, who collected souvenirs from near and far. The fox kept their collection stored in a pocket dimension that looked like a mimic chest. However, one of those souvenirs was more than what it seemed. It was in fact, a mimic souvenir. This small mimic souvenir resembled a singing mermaid that would lick skulls clean with their six forked tongues that molt preposterously acidic jewels. With these jewels, the mimic souvenir was rumoured to be the most powerful souvenir of all.

Until one day, the fox had an unexpected visit from his mother. She said, "wassup son, y’all look bummed out” whilst placing a freshly baked pigeon pie on the kitchen table.

The fox sighed. "My mimic chest is missing." He confined in his mother, someone had...
Apologies for not replying yet. Between my schedule and things to catch up on; haven't really thought of a decent response.

Rosalind listened to Alexander try and explain, why he thought the way he did. Whether it was naturally in him, from birth or he taught himself to overlook things like that it was still a matter of different philosophy. "I am not sure, that ignoring things to such a degree is good. One might over-look something important if they ignore everything. I can see why ignoring the bad things, would be off benefit. But bad things also help a person develop and grow as a person. Rosalind spoke softly, giving a bit of her own philosophy. "Surely, there are other ways of taking care of one's health...mental health and well being, than ignoring everything." Rosalind mused softly; almost as if she were thinking out loud. But still conversing with the King in front of her. Even if he learned the hard way, to avoid certain 'hurts' and 'discomfort' by ignoring things, Rosalind didn't exactly think it was the most of healthiest things. Ignoring would just eventually, be avoiding certain 'issues' by refusing to face them. And that wasn't something that would lead to anything good; or so she had been taught.

If he meant to flatter her or not, Rosalind wasn't going to explain why she was flattered. She being of modest thinking, did not see herself as something unique and special; like he might have viewed her to be. So anyone with her shared thinking, would have been flattered too.

Rosalind had never heard of arranged marriages being for any other reasons, than those they had mentioned. As Alexander spoke about the shadows, her eyebrows slightly furrowed in curiosity. "But my Lord, shadows cannot do such things. Surely, you speak of the impossible. The only guide there is...surely is just the heart." Rosalind said honestly. Of course she would be sceptical of shadows being a guide to ones destiny; despite the way their own shadows were behaving. But she had been a firm believer, that ones heart would lead and guide someone to their destiny, to make important decisions in life one way or another. It was somewhat inspiring, that he was a man in control of his life. But at the same time, she couldn't help but wonder why he would choose to live in solitude for so long. It was sad to hear, if anything.

Not sure if she had offended him with her question, Rosalind shifted her weight a bit nervously. Waiting for his response.

"In my experience, people can't truly know someone, if they're not given the chance. People can't just know someone on the first glance, my lord." Rosalind spoke softly, not wanting to offend him. "I would find it a sad and lonely life, not giving any a chance and be alone for so long." Speaking her truth. Wondering what had happened to him, that he avoided being with anyone for so long? Was it just lack of trust? People not knowing him? Especially if they were never given the chance to know him.

Rosalind sighed softly "I am truly sorry to hear that. But unfortunately, people will always lie to gain something or another in this world." There was no shortage of liars. She had yet to be somewhere, where people were always honest. But one way or another, politics was involved where liars were concerned. "I can only hope that you'll find someone worthy of your company and someone honest. Someone that in time, will know you. No one deserves to be alone." She added, gently.
Peyton Hastings

Aaron Walker

The sound of the raindrops seemed to echo inside of Peyton's ears, as she stared out of the train window. It had only been a few hours since the reaping and Peyton still couldn't seem to get over the shock of being chosen for this years Games. Somehow, she seemed to have avoided being chosen the previous years, but this year was different. It was her turn. Mixed luck had run in the Hastings family where the games were concerned. Her eldest brother Timothy had won when he got chosen for the Games, 3 years prior before her. 5 years before her, her other brother Alexander had sadly been killed by District 1 member. So of course, her parents were concerned when she was chosen as the female tribute.

"Everything alright, kiddo?" The sound of a male voice, broke through Peyton's trail of thoughts. Glancing towards Aaron Walker. He was a previous winner, yet the Capitol had wanted him back in this years running games. Why? Peyton had no idea. But something was different; especially when President Snow and Coin had announced a few changes to the games on national tv last month. The ages had been prolonged for the tributes, that they were accepting. And it wasn't the Quarter Quells this year for previous champions to be involved. But yet here was Aaron. Wondering how many other previous champions would turn up when they'd reach the capitol.

"Yeah, I am fine." Trying to keep a brave face, Peyton could tell that he was hardly convinced. Especially since he had been through this before; he no doubt knew how a nervous tribute looked like. "No..." She then finally admitted with a sigh. "Did you feel this nervous, during your first Games?" It was probably a stupid question. But it had slipped out nonetheless.

The company on the train was scarce; besides them two and District 3 trainer. No one else was really there. And the journey to the Capitol was a few hours long, they had time to kill. So might as well make conversation and get to know one another. Or at least, that was Aaron's thinking. "I was a nervous wreck. Mind you, I was a lot younger than you when I first got picked. I was scared more than nervous. So I know how you feel." Aaron told her honestly. But if she was anything like her brother Timothy, than she would be more than alright. But neither of them realised that this year, was going to test everyone; in a variety of ways like never before. Truthfully, Peyton couldn't even imagine what he must have felt like, when he was first selected for the Games, at age 13. Making him the youngest winner so far. No one that young had survived the Games, till Aaron had came along. Most youngsters had died. The sound of heavy footsteps broke through their conversation, looking up Peyton glanced at their mentor Alexander Vasquez. Mr Vasquez himself was the 'talk' of District 3, especially after his victory so many decades ago.

"I see you kids, are getting to know each other. Good, good." He smiled at them. "But once we arrived, there's lots of business to get through. Aaron already knows the deal Peyton. And I am sure you too are aware of some of it. The Interviews will start not long after we arrive. Followed by intense training, before the games will start few weeks down the line." Reminding them off the long process. As annoying as it could get.

Dante Ackhurst

Kira Smith

Compared to everyone else, District 1 was the most lavish. And that showed in pretty much everything; from the clothes that people of district 1 wore, to the beautifully designed buildings, even to the train that was taking this years Tributes to the Capitol. The train itself could have been a lavish hotel on wheels. Both Dante and Kira hadn't been expecting to be chosen; despite their names being put down many times for the reaping. But this year, luck was against them...or was it for them? If they were the chosen ones. But like everyone else; they probably couldn't avoid being chosen forever. One way or another; everyone got chosen at one time or another. Their time had came this time around.

Being as privileged as she was, Kira wasn't one for making many friends. Not easily at least. Most were put off by her cold, bitter like demeanour. Being a polar opposite of Dante, whom was this years male tribute for District 1. He was more engaging and friendly; totally opposite of what most people expected from the rich boy. But it was, what it was. Dante could already sense, Kira's distaste for having company on the train; as the fellow tribute was keeping her distance from him. Whether she would like it or not, they'd have to work together at one point or another. Especially if they wanted to survive in the games, long enough for one of them to walk away as the victor.

"It's Kira, isn't it?" Being brave, Dante addressed her as he walked closer towards her.

Looking up with a slight glare, Kira's deep azure blue eyes narrowed at Dante. Almost in disbelief he had addressed her. "Who said, I wanted a conversation?" She asked, in a slightly snarky tone. "You just worry about yourself alright, and I'll worry about myself. I didn't come here to make friends." As cold as it sounded, it was true. No one was here to make friends. One way or another, they were pitted against each other. Trying to survive, forced to kill others to take the title of a champion. Hardly what she would call friendship.

"If either of you want to go far, then you will both have to be prepared to work together and make allies along the way." A stern female voice, broke through Kira's rant. The voice of their mentor. "Don't give me that look Kira." Eleanor sighed. "If you think you know, what it takes to win one of these games, you might want to re-think what you already know." she advised.

Rosalind could only imagine, it was easier for Alexander. Especially if he held that philosophy of thinking for a long time and was used to ignoring those, around him. But like him, Rosalind was set in her differing ways to those of Alexander himself. "I think we have differing philosophies, my Lord." she said softly. "I haven't exactly been raised, to think like that." If she had, for forbid what her father would do to her. Most likely be angry with her, for trying to ignore something of importance and seemingly be 'rude' by ignoring people. Rosalind Alexander could get away with it, most likely because he was the King. No one would dare question him; if he ignored someone. Right?

Of course, the young Princess could tell that he meant well, when he spoke to her. That much she had figured out from his gentle gestures, and soothing voice. But for now, it was a mystery why of all guests here to have caught his attention. It must have been something important, if he wanted to wait to tell her the reasons why. Rosalind was patient and understanding; she could wait. Not that she really had much of a choice either way. It would be rude, to pry it out of him and possibly would anger him, if she kept asking about it. For a few moments; her eyes glanced back towards their shadows. Seeing how his shadow, seemed to be trying to soothe hers almost, in what looked like an embrace. It didn't go unnoticed to her eyes. It would be a surprise, if anyone missed that weird sight of their shadows.

"I am flattered, that you think so my Lord." Rosalind said softly. A gentle smile on her lips. Feeling his hand squeezing hers; it brought her a sense of comfort.

As he apologised to her, it was her turn to give him a reassuring look. "It's quite alright. I know, there was no harm behind those words." Rosalind didn't need the apology, for his bold question and curiosity. Luckily for him, that she did not take any offense. If it would have been someone else; she possibly could have if they had asked it in the wrong context.

Rosalind watched the King in front of her, reading his expression as he spoke. He didn't seem to be angry that her parents had sent her here. No doubt, other young ladies were in the same situation as she was; encouraged by their parents to attend; in hopes of catching his eye so to speak. "No one truly ever wishes for an arranged marriage, or trying to find one's other half this way." Rosalind said softly. "But, from what I learned over the years. If someone wants to secure their future; there's not many other ways around it." It was the sad reality, for royals like themselves. It was but expected, even if it was uncomfortable and not what they wished for.

She could understand why he remained a single King for as long as he had. But one question was nagging in the back of her mind. "As much as I understand your line of thinking, does it not get lonely?" Rosalind asked softly. Surely he desired company at one time or another? Unless she thought wrong? Most people would desire company, a companion, someone to share a life with. Not just out of duty. His next point was valid indeed. "If it had been another Kingdom, another King; it would be no different than it is now your majesty. They would still attend in hopes of catching his eye." She pointed out. It just so happened, that Alexander happened to be the powerful monarch that everyone was hoping to catch the attention off.

Just like Alexander appreciated her honesty, she could only appreciate his. "I do not like liars, myself." Rosalind always tried to be as honest as possible. To do the right thing, if the situation allowed it. It seemed like the pair had that in common. Only time could tell what else they had in common to each other.
There once was a fox, who collected souvenirs from near and far. The fox kept their collection stored in a pocket dimension that looked like a mimic chest. However, one of those souvenirs was more than what it seemed. It was in fact, a mimic souvenir. This small mimic souvenir resembled a singing mermaid that would lick skulls clean with their six forked tongues that molt preposterously acidic jewels. With these jewels, the mimic souvenir was rumoured to be the most powerful souvenir of all.

Until one day..
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