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Current Space: The final frontier. The womb: The first frontier. Somewhere between those two: the ocean.
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Lost? Confused? Lacking direction? Need to find a purpose in your life?
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Not sure if I want to run a Charge Blade or a Switch Axe…
Haven’t played Monster Hunter in a while. Might have to reinstall it.
Get back into swinging the old switch axe around.
The sound of hoofs echoed off the cobblestone road leading up to the castle as Ysaac squeezed his heels together, speeding the horse along. He was running late. He had expected to get there the day before and catch up with his old friend, but a border skirmish had delayed his departure from Lower South Splaxok. So he had risen ahead of his envoy which was weighted down by his luggage, and pushed his horse to make up for the lost time.
Leaning back, the reigns slowed the horse as it came up to the castle gate. He was cautious as he had expected to be met by the usual guards, but there were none here. They must have been preoccupied with something else. This worried Ysaac. With this much royalty he expected much more security. Something must be happening. Dismounting, he rubbed the Buckskin Destrier between its eyes. “Stay, Butternut.” The horse whinnied in response. He was late to the party, but he had finally showed up.
The title now has a whole new meaning.

also, i changed the kings' name. lol

I’ll fix it up and move it across.
“You would have access to my kingdom’s reliquary and my kingdom has made some very interesting advances in magical studies.” Estraexir said rather matter of factly. “Not to mention the influx of citizens who would pay taxes.” He paused his shoulders slumped. “But alas, I cannot ask you to break your own laws when I refuse to break my own.” Bloodworth’s kingdom had old laws, written long before his family became the ruling family. His family ruled through faith, and there were rules he couldn’t break. He expected the same from this king, and now would respect that this king had said his laws forbid such an arrangement, even if he saw it as an outdated and strange rule to prevent people from marrying.

@Vampiretwilight “I will forgive your outburst, as it seems to be based on a misunderstanding.” Estraexir said with a bow. “War is costly. To both sides. My lands are corrupted.” He said as took a step back. His manner calm. “I wish merely for my people to be welcome here. I have had a wife, who was lost to this blight, and now have no heir.” He arms were open, showing he was not a threat. “By my lands law, my line will end with me, unless drastic action is taken.” He gestured to himself. “As you can see, I am growing Grey in hair and long of tooth. My people’s laws allow a Royal to take a Wife AND a Husband. Only one of each. With my wife gone, I seek a husband, who will be able to guarantee me a heir. As a noble king, with several daughters, I seek to ally myself with you.”
Yeah, I don’t think you know as much about Vikings as you think you do.
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