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Looks interesting, but also like your full. If you’ve still got space, I’d love to play as a lovable asshole like Red Hood.
How supernatural is this? Like is the existence of the supernatural common knowledge?
I had an idea for a Patient who was locked up because they believed (and are in fact) an Angel. But if the supernatural are super prevalent in this world, it won’t work.
I was wondering if I could create a character who wears an Exo Rig, although I’m pretty sure the more accurate term would be having an Exo Rig installed. Kind of like the suits in the movie Elysium or the Surge games.
1. He started having doubts when he was ordered to kill a whole lot of children when the Empire found a group trying to rebuild the Jedi Order. Jaed did it, but started to doubt whether he was still doing the right thing.

2. He didn’t join the New Republic or New Jedi Order, because of guilt. He doesn’t see himself as worthy of being a Jedi anymore. So, he fell in with criminals because that’s how he sees himself, and they pay good money for force sensitive muscle.

I’ll get to writing up a Force/Skill matrix up tonight.
Given Kryptonian's vulnerability to magic, I'm thinking of creating a Magic-user resistance agent that was sent back.
“I don’t just let things slide, unless there’s profit in it.” Gator said in a gruff tone. “So, unless you got something else you could offer me. I’m afraid I’m gonna have to talk you in.” His eyes darted around, sighting the drone transports beginning to circle the building. “I’d say about forty eight seconds before your chance of escape becomes zero. So I’ll give you the same advice my father gave me. ‘Act Fast, think faster.’”
Shadow Dragon’s been god nodding the entire time, but if you are gonna fight me over it, I’m out.
I’ve been very patient with this entire ordeal which has been a shit show from the start without a coherent plot, only to be shot down when I try and start one.
Besides, giving you the choice makes it the opposite of God Modding. If you guys really have a problem with it, make your characters find a way around it. A single choice, where only one result is character death is by no means God Modding, but instead highlighting your own lack of creativity.
So, with all due respect, I quit. A role play without stakes isn’t fun.
“The King sent us because he can blame us for the Assassination should we get caught. He’s distancing himself from this political cluster fuck and I suggest doing the same. You do you, but if any of you get in my way, I will have no quarrel killing you.” He said as he mounted his horse. (Should he noted that trying to stop him is consenting to having your character killed)
“You attempt the assassination by yourselves and end up in prison, or dead. I don’t care.” As he turned his horse to return to the town, he looked back over his shoulder. “Hold of you to assume you can handle my soul, Bitch King.” He spurred his horse into a Gallop off in the direction of the town.
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