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Name: Jason Coldwater
Nickname: JC
Age: appears early 20s, actually hundreds of years old
Gender: Male
Species: Mystic Vampire
Powers/skills(if any): Tactile Telekinesis, Blood Magic & Vampire Powers
Crush: n/a
Relationship: n/a
Personality: Doesn't really develop lasting relationships. This is partly due to having lost everyone he cares about, and not wanting to lose it again, and that modern people often fail to hold his attention for long. He has been known to hold very little value in human life. Often seeing them as little more than blood bags. This doesn't stop him from throwing massive parties and raves.
History(optional): Jason doesn't often talk about his past, or even if Coldwater is his real last name. It is alluded to that he had a wife, and Child before he became a vampire. Jason has also alluded to being Merlin, the wizardly advisor of King Arthur. It is in fact true. Jason was Merlin before he became a vampire. He has since used his magic to de-age his body back to his early 20s. In mordern times, Jason is the proud owner of most of the Downtown real estate.
Other: Jason Coldwater is a wealthy man, even if he doesn't flaunt it often. He also frowns upon weapons. As they are a sign of weakness to him.

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