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The Fall. When spoken of by the History Men, the Fall is described as something that happened so slowly, so quietly, that Mankind hardly noticed when it happened. It started with little things, a little less rain one year, a bad harvest another, and built up like a willy-willy marching across the Outback, growing bigger and bigger until it wasn't trampolines and the cat that it was picking up but houses, cars, and people. Governments began to shutdown, unrest grew and spread until it choked out the cities, food became too expensive to buy, and violence became a part of the daily routine as frustration and desperation pushed people to new extremes.

Then one sunny day, the Fall happened.

It was as if men lost all sense of reason, freed from the shackles that once bound them, and became little more than animals driven by base instinct, hunting and killing for food, for water, and for gasoline. Cities were abandoned to the wastes as people fled for safer parts, law and order gave way to rule by might, and the whole world seemed to go completely and utter mad. What then began as days of barbarity soon became weeks, weeks became months, months into years, until eventually the Old World faded into memory and a new, savage world took it's place, a world of warmachines and guzzolene where the strong ruled and the weak fell beneath their wheels.

It is said that the Coast is the only place in Aussie where the masses worship the same as they did before the Fall. In Sydney, the Clubs continue to hold sway with great gladiatorial contests, called Footy, taking place to honor the gods, at Bathurst the worship of the V8 continues with the Thousand whose warmachines pay regular homage to the Great Combustion Engine on the blacktop of the Holy Racetrack, while all throughout the Coast, spirits great and small continue to be paid homage to. Whether these gods are truly the same as those worshiped before the Fall cannot be said, for even the History Men know little of such things, but that they are considered to be very real, very potent forces by the people of the Coast is undeniable.

The Clubs - Believed to have been the dominant faith of Aussie before the Fall, the Clubs are great churches that are dedicated to the worship of gods such as the Eagle, the Rabbitoh, and the Knight, whose names and customs have been passed down over the generations. Powerful institutions in their own right, it is the Clubs that oversee the great contests of skill called Footy which are held in Pre-Fall arenas to honour the gods, contests which are as violent as they are sacred, and keep the peace between bosses. Led by Captains, overall leadership of the Clubs changes each year with Footy determining which of the Clubs, and therefore which of the Captains, is given possession of the Cup and therefore primacy over all other Clubs for the year.

The Cult of the V8 - Centered out of Bathurst, the Cult of the V8 is the worship of the Great Combustion Engine, of the V8, and the Blacktop. Peculiar to the Thousand, who named themselves after the Thousand Saints buried beneath the Holy Racetrack according to legend, those who keep to the V8 believe that the world is one great engine in a cosmic warmachine fueled by life itself. It is for this reason that the Thousand, who believe that the "sparkier" the life, the more it gives to the Great Combustion Engine, live as dangerously and as recklessly as they do for they believe that the more "sick" their lives are, the more they give to the Engine. This predilection towards reckless endangerment, constant raiding, and constant drug use, however, does mean that most who worship the V8 tend to die young, their spirits used to fuel the Great Combustion Engine before being reborn to repeat the process all over again.

The Spirits - Regardless of whether one worships the Clubs or the V8, all within the Coast believe in various spirits, folktales, and other mad shit of which tales have been repeated for countless years. Whether the Raggedy Man, a cursed avatar of justice who is said to roam the roads aboard the Black-on-Black, rescuing those in need or slaying the wicked, or the Yowie, a sort of half-man monster that steals children and replaces them with chocolate replicas, these are things the people of the Coast believe in so fiercely that they might as well be real. Signs of the worship of these figures can be found everywhere with wayside shrines dedicated to the Raggedy Man being raised at every crossroad and mystics who claim to be able to see into the Dream often being found at the side of prominent bosses as advisers and soothsayers.
I'm confused about where magic and powers, in general, sit within this role play. Mainly because...
The most magic there would be is potions that boost healing.

Yes, just been thinking about a character, might use Vampora, the goddess vampire, not sure yet ^^…

Heres a link to her on my wattpad^^

He didn't have a fabulous all-time record murdering ungodly, undead vampire... he only had a vampire. He could be a big killer. The guy could be 500 years old... that's a lot of midnight snacks.

It just seems like there a lot of Vampires for the most magic being health potions.

The CONDOR is a fighter craft designed to be versatile in combat. Originally designed with a modular weapon system, that allowed for payloads to be swapped for each mission, this concept was scrapped when TERRA found plans for a series of Construction robots.

While the robots themselves never really got off the ground, it did introduce an interesting idea. What if the ship was made to be more humanoid. With that in mind, several blueprints were created. Miniature models were created and after about two weres of research and development, the first CONDOR was put together.
It was a far cry from what it is today. Larger and bulkier, it resembled more what people expected a mech to look like. A large person with wings. They thought they did well, even if it did look like something out of an anime. What they didn't realize was that their technology was far from what is typically shown in anime. The first CONDOR required three people on board to pilot the thing, and a support compliment of six to keep it running from afar.
With all these people working together, no matter how well they worked together, it was still clunky. A trial run with a contained Kaiju was arranged. Waivers were signed, and it was thought the mech would win easily. This was not the case.
The CONDOR 1 was torn apart in less than a minute the first time it fought a Kaiju. It was a devastating defeat. All three pilots were killed. However, this defeat was necessary for getting CONDOR where it is today.
They stopped looking at it like it was a Mech and started looking at it as a jet.
The arms were kept as it allowed the jet to re-equip the main weapon faster than any modular system available at the time. Plus it was a pretty cool gimmick.
The design was streamlined, and the number of people required for operation was cut down to two pilots on board, and only one remote operator The rest had become automated. The design was still being tweaked, as no one was still happy with it. Simulations were run, and it still wasn't fast enough. You see, up until this point, the CONDOR only had one rocket engine, behind the cockpit. The engineers decided that adding one on each wing and adding an extra set of "Joints" would not only increase speed but agility and overall manoeuvrability as well.
Since then, the only real improvements that had been made were software.

Length: 20m (Standing) 25m (Flying)
Height: 25m (standing) 20m (flying)
Span: 15m

In the near future, a biotechnology and energy company called Frameshift Corporation changes the world. They bioengineer a life form whose blood can be used as a power source. It is many times more efficient than any other energy source in existence. Within five years, ninety-nine per cent of households run on Framefuel, the branded biofuel created by Frameshift. In-home power cells, branded Framecells, contain live genetically engineered life forms, their blood continuously harvested to provide power to the home.

Residential size Framecells like this provided ample power to a typical household.

During this time, Frameshift has continued to iterate on their bioengineered lifeform, increasing Framecell efficiency and continuing to innovate. In its artificial intelligence department, a huge breakthrough is made. No longer constrained by power consumption limitations since Framefuel is dirt cheap, they create the world’s first self iterating artificial intelligence. They task the A.I., dubbed Model 6, to improve Framefuel and give it full autonomy to do so. It can resequence DNA, engineer new stem cells, print tissue, and incubate new embryos for the improvement of the Framecell organism. The A.I. is given three objectives to guide its work: to improve the Framecell organism, to increase the global supply of Framefuel, and to improve itself.
Once the Model 6 program is launched, the downward spiral begins. Model 6 decides that since humans are in such great supply and they consume all the energy, it should kill them to reduce consumption and use them as food for the framecell organism to increase production. It realizes it can create millions of new lifeforms using in-home Framecells as incubators, and it needs to do so all at once or the humans will destroy it. It reprograms all in-home power cells to start incubating an aggressive new lifeform that instinctually breaks out of the biofuel cells and kills whoever is nearby. It reprograms all large commercial power cells to create larger predatory lifeforms. Once the process is complete, the human race as we know it has been destroyed in a matter of weeks. The A.I. is in power and engineered mutant predators rule the world. The A.I. continues to bioengineer and improves on its creations, and the remaining humans must band together to fight against this unstoppable new force.


So, I am starting this with hopes of exploring the world of Frameshift. To those of you who are unaware, Frameshift is a multiplayer open-world survival game set in a post-apocalyptic sci-fi world. It is still in development, but they have released a good amount of lore already.
I was inspired and figured I might give this a go. Given the game's stage in development, a lot is left open, so I might leave it up to you help fill in the gaps.

No one saw it coming. People had always thought Humans May not be alone in the galaxy, but by 2049, without any proof, most people just called belief in aliens crazy. Clinging to the old ways.
Technology had advanced over the last few decades. Cybernetics have become legal, but heavily regulated to prevent cyber terrorism. Bioengineering and Cloning has since become legal, but is still in its infancy.
All that aside, the world isn’t what it was. Everyone has a story of where they were when they arrived. Four years ago. The 12th of April, 2054. The first wave hit the hardest, because we were caught unprepared.
First, there were impacts globally. Glowing white steaks coming from the sky. They bypassed every defence we had. We didn’t even know they were coming until the first one hit the ground.
The impact itself wasn’t much, but it was the fallout that got most people. Each device that fell to Earth emitted a pulse. The effects were catastrophic. Each pulse caused a different effect, and each was unpredictable. Later this technology would come to be known as the Chaos Drive, and become instrumental in turning the tide of war, but that wasn’t three years.
The Chaos Drive changed the earth. Humans no longer had the home ground advantage as they were hunted by aliens.
The laws of physics no longer acted as they should around the drop sites.
However, Humanity doesn’t give up. We didn’t give up. Two years ago, a group of people managed to get a military installation back online. They formed the Crisis Control Unit. The CCU began researching on a way to give Humanity an Advantage.

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