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Current Space: The final frontier. The womb: The first frontier. Somewhere between those two: the ocean.
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Lost? Confused? Lacking direction? Need to find a purpose in your life?
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Hey, if you don't mind trying to form bonds ahead of time, I have a proposal. My character, Faira, came from an unnamed mercenary group to the royal guard, could it be possible that she was a member of The Shattered Discipline, and knows Calral from there?

Might be she taught him swordplay, as they use the same kind.

Yeah, sounds good. Gives Calral a reason to join the group.

I should have the character done in the next few days. Just had a hectic week. Birthdays, weddings, the whole thing.
I might just have an idea for a Bound professional thief.
Jason wandered the house Not really sure what he was looking for. Settling for watching the Son of Hades kneel and pray, he leaned against a nearby wall and continued to eat. When he supposedly asked his father why he was here, and that he contributed nothing to the group. Jason tossed a chip at the other demigod. Letting bounce harmlessly off their back. "To contribute something to the group, you actually have to try and be apart of it." He ate another chip. He chuckled to himself. The idea that this emo kid was so brooding he was crediting himself for putting them in danger. "You think you are posing a threat?" He asked in greek. "Nearly everyone here has some magical talent. What makes you so special?" He said switching back to English. Eating another chip he paused. "That you hurt someone close to you when you found out about your powers? That your father is one of the big three?" He held up his spare hand that wasn't holding the bag of chips. Letting a spark of electricity spark across his fingers. "Newsflash. There are two other children of Poseidon and another child of Hades, besides you. You aren't a big of a deal that you think you are." He said in Greek again before eating a chip.

Ryan winked at Beni. "Crime is fun, but let's stop the world from ending before we go stealing stuff." He looked at his watch. "Only a couple days." He said turning to leave the group. [speaking of which...[/color] He placed his fingers to his lips and let out a sharp whistle. A raven flew from another room and landed on his shoulder. The bird cawed into his ear. Ryan whispered to the bird. "Rösk. Go find Freddy. Lead him back here. The little fucker is late again." The bird flew off and Ryan turned to rejoin the group.
I like Grecian style mythology and bronze age era fun times. But this is a little light on detail. Is there anything else you can say about this idea?

At this point, this is just an interest check. I'm just seeing if there are enough people interested to warrant building up more lore and a storyline.
I'm looking to start a game inspired by the history and myths of ancient Greece. To draw on the spirit of classical antiquity, blending elements of ancient civilizations such as Rome, Egypt, Persia, and of course Greece.
A world of gods and titans, mythical monsters and epic heroes. With familiar staples of the fantasy genre such as elves, dwarves, and orcs have been reimagined through the lens of Greek mythology and given a new place in this ancient, bronze age world.
Things to keep in mind

  • Fantasy Over History. The world is inspired by the history and myths of ancient Greece and the classical world, but it is not a historical setting. It blends historical elements with those of myth and traditional fantasy to create something new.
  • An Age, Not a Time. Arkadia is not rooted in a year or bound to a chronology of events. The world is painted in broad strokes that depict a sweeping age defined in relation to its mythic past.
  • Bronze Before Iron. Arkadia exists in an age of bronze. Many weapons, armour, and items are different than those you would find in traditional fantasy. Instead of finding rapiers and crossbows in this world, you will and take up the spear and sling.
  • Ancient Magic. Though the spells you will be casting here are familiar, the style of magic is mythical rather than medieval. To this end, I encourage you to instil your spells with mythic flavour.
  • Age of Heroes. Though the presence of the gods can be felt throughout the world, they are distant in a world shaped by the reverberations of their myths. Though their presence and the echoes of their deeds can be felt throughout the world, they are no longer physical beings walking among mortals. It falls to mortal heroes to take up the torch and decide the future of the world.
  • Many Gods. Though certain races, places, and classes in the world are connected to specific gods, all gods are worshipped in all places. An Illyrian sailor might pray to Thessa for fair winds and calm seas before embarking on a voyage, just as an Ithean youth might pray to Lyria for their affections to be returned.
  • Gods at the Source. All magic in the world flows from the age of gods. As in Greek mythology, all supernatural or fantastical elements in the world — monsters, magic items, and even your heroic powers — are believed to ultimately stem from the gods or the titans.

Name: Armant the Slayer
Age: 35
Gender: Male

Personality: There's a lot to say about Armant, but two things you'll never forget are that he's responsible and persuasive. Of course, he's also creative, daring and disciplined, but these are in a way balance by being sadistic as well.
His responsibility though, this is what he's most popular for. He is far from the cheery young soldier who signed on twenty years ago.

Skills and Weaknesses: Armant has seen horrors of war. Learned and experienced in the use of his greatsword. A fearsome warrior who learned a little magic to supplement his martial prowess. What most would consider his weakness is that he holds no qualms with murder. He doesn't see any value in human life. Not since the wars, where he lived and died multiple times.

History: Born in the far off country of Crualevush. Born to a blacksmith. He lived a pretty normal life until the Blood War erupted between the countries of Crualevush and Tuawix. While from the outside, it appeared like a normal war, something much worse was afoot. IT turns out both sides had at least one Chronomancer who kept sending soldiers back in time to win lost battles. This turned the two countries into a displaced state when it no longer landed in any continuity. Armant was one of the soldiers that fought for Crualevush that kept being sent back in time. He became one of the few that could remember the other timelines. Remembering his past lives and deaths.
When the real impact of the war became apparent to the Chronomancers, a truce was drawn up to restart the war one last time. UNdo everything. Only ten per cent of the citizens from Crualevush and Tuawix remember the War happening at all. One of those was Armant. To remember a war that never happened. He couldn't bring himself to get a normal job, so he became a professional monster hunter. Left Crualevush to make a name for himself in the greater world.
Where do we stand on Robots/AI as sapient crew members? From their own planet, like Stel from the Green Lantern Comics, or Pablo from the Adventures of the Starship Coconut...
Yeah, but Old Gods are too powerful. They wouldn’t have Mortal Servants. They don’t need them.
But sure. Even though on account that being a Paladin would involve channeling divinity which is no longer around, they would have no magical abilities. They would be just some guy with a sword trying to start fights and do crime.
I’m gonna hesitantly say no. On account that Cthulhu would probably be more of an Old God than fitting in any Pantheon.
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