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"Sir, we are picking up an odd amount of encrypted transmissions from the southeastern corner of the planet. We are running a decryption protocol now, it will take time, but it looks like its the Rebels." An officer came up to Daka and explained. "Bring us around." He turned to fac3e out the front windows. "Target the base with the turbolasers." He continued. "But sir, there will be civilian casualties." Daka looked at the officer that voiced their concerns. "I said target, not fire. I want to give the rebels a chance to surrender." He explained before turning back to the planet. "Engage blast shield." HEavy durasteel panels slid down the outside of the glass. "Bring up the main display." Several holographic projectors fired u, pointing at where the window was and overlayed a picture of what was now obscured by the blast shields.
"Open a channel with the Rebel Base," Daka instructed. "And bring it up on the main screen."

Zir helped the Bith finish the upgrades and said goodbye as he helped the mechanic off his ship. Then he closed the cargo hatch and went to the cockpit only to find a worrying sign on the dashboard. An imperial Corvette. One he didn't recognise, was in orbit. "Blaine!" His voice echoed through the metal hallways of his ship. "Why didn't you tell me that the Empire has shown up?" Dagobah, and now Jaku. It was unlikely he had just happened on an Imperial Patrol both times. "Sweep the ship for tracking devices." He firmly commanded Blaine. The Corvette was in a synchronous orbit above the southeastern quadrant of the planet. It was lucky. Maybe he would be able to slip away.
”Yes, Sir.” The trooper responded as several people moved to obey the command. “Oh, and send a Subspace message to the three who found the intel that it is being followed up.” Daka continued. He turned back to face the officers working on the bridge.
Zir Go led Ph'tulka up the cargo ramp, in through the ship to where the normal airlock was. The Bith unscrewed the paneling to reveal the docking arms. Ph'tulka Then took some tools and devices from his bag and began working on installing the upgrade.

Daka stood on the bridge of the Executor. Staring out into space. His mind elsewhere as he mentally scanned the planet. He had his men running a sensor sweep as well, but sensor sweeps tended to miss Jedi.
He hated that he had been ordered to Jaku, just because a group of inexperienced Sith playing at the Inquisition happened upon some intel. The Imperial Navy had been ignoring, as it wasn’t really important. A rebel base in the out rim. However, when a Sith brought it up through their chain of command, Daka gets ordered to check it out. “I want all communications to and from that planet monitored.”

“So, how’s the husband?” Zir asked the Bith. “Oh, you know. He’s great.” Ph'tulka responded as they made their way to the ship to install the upgrade.
I'll stake my interest. I'm considering a force wielder but am hesitant to call them a Grey Jedi. They would definitely fall into that broader category, using both light side and dark side force powers and philosophies. I'll just start work on it. I read that the Jedi Order splintered, so I was hoping I could create my own sort of force tradition. Built on the remnants of the old ones.

“Of course.” The Bith said. “May I inquire why you need to board a ship in Hyperspace?” Zir chuckled in response to the question. “Only because I trust you not to rat me out to the Empire.” This earned a chuckle from the Bith. “I’m intercepting an Imperial Transport. They can’t call or receive reinforcements from Hyperspace.” Zir explained. “That’s true.” Ph'tulka retorted.
The ship jumped out of hyperspace above Jaku. “Remember what we are doing is drastically illegal.” He said as he brought the ship down onto a dilapidated shipyard. “Must remind you of your training. Being back here.” The rundown shipyard belonged to Ph'tulka Hos. Some of the ships were stripped for parts, and a few other in for repairs or upgrades.
From the cockpit, he could see a door open, Bith Mechanic in the doorway. “Keep out of sight, unless you want to be blown to shit.” Zir got up and ran down the halls of his ship, to open the cargo ramp, as he ran through the cargo hold, he grabbed a bag full of credits and walked out to greet Ph'tulka. “Hey.” He tossed the bag at the Bith’s feet. “You got the hooks?”
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