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Might put my hand up for Odin if it hasn’t been claimed already.

“A test you say.” John said with a smirk. “I would like files on the people I will be going against. An assassin should never go in blind, or unprepared. It’s unprofessional.” He said with a flat tone. “In the meantime, do you have a place I can set up my equipment? I have some things I need set up so I can keep my implants working.” John didn’t sleep like a normal person, his implants had removed the need for it. Instead he needs to keep them charged. Optimally, he would charge them every night, but they could still be used effectively in combat for three days without a charge. Beyond that, he would last two weeks before life support started shutting down.
John smirked at that. “Well I doubt you’ve seen someone who has died as many times as me.” He had the records to prove it. After he was caught in the car bomb, while they were rebuilding him, he was clinically dead no less than thirty six times. “I got a letter awhile ago. I got caught up with my old employer...” he thought back to his old employer. A dictator of a small country hired him to hunt down rebels and spies. It would have been easy money if he actually got paid. Instead the dictator tried to double cross him. So, John sided with the insurgents and helped overthrow the tyrant. He mad a point of extracting the dictator’s teeth before killing him. “I figured showing late was better than not showing up at all.”
John Scottsfield approached the guild hall. He wore a dark coloured long coat with a hood to hide most of his cybernetics. His dual combat pistols sling at his hips, where he always wore them. In his left hand hung a duffle bag that held a few clothes, toiletries, a few tools necessary to keep his implants running and most notably his Kiara Rifle. There had been a few traps in the surrounding forest, but his HUD has warned him of them before he activated any. He walked right up to the front door and knocked. While he waited for an answer, he reached into his jacket and pulled out a device. It looked like a handle, but one end had what looked like the cylinder of a revolver. On to of that, the end was a pressure sensor to fire one of the six bullets when something was “stabbed.” He didn’t want to break into the building, because a building full of assassins was probably the last place someone breaks into if they wish to stay alive.

@Jasper19 Force Recon.
@Sanity43217 yeah they are also since your guy was part of MARSOC maybe he met m guy at one point since he was part of MARSOC to before he joined grey fox

If I get accepted, your character would be a little young to know my character. He may have heard about him from some of the older/more experienced soldiers during his service, so they might have mutual friends, but considering my character joined in 2001 and served for six years during the war on terror, he would have gotten out in 2007. Twelve years ago. Since your character is 24, that would ave made hhim twelve when John left the service. So, in conclusion, your character wouldn't have directly met him, but his commanding officers may have served with him, and tell stories of cray shit they did together during training or service.
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