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Current Space: The final frontier. The womb: The first frontier. Somewhere between those two: the ocean.
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Lost? Confused? Lacking direction? Need to find a purpose in your life?
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I’m thinking of an Adept gunslinger. Who uses magic and guns.
In this scenario, have our characters been running together or are they all strangers at the start?
The sheet mentions races. Is it just human? What races live in this land?
I’m thinking Hunger as a domain. Not sure if I want that as physically eating things, tearing the energy from things to feed a metaphysical hole within him or like the drive to do better and want more. Got a bit to work out.
You seem to explain Blessing Magic, but not traditional magic. Can we get a little expansion on that side of things please?
Okay, that one kind of misses the tone mark on the RP by a wide margin, sorry. The idea is that while there are all these old magical lineages and random mystical things dating back centuries, they're generally presented--especially with regards to characters--in a much more modern context, alongside urban legends and general internet horror stories. "Here's a vampire straight out of the dawn of colonial empires" is just too far to really fit in. Particularly when the entire bio treats everything that's happened since the turn of the millennium as bsaically a footnote. We really don't want someone with 400+ years of combat experience and supernatural abilities in a cast mostly in their 20's or early 30's.

Plus, on entirely practical levels, "I am preferably nocturnal and will burn to death if my clothes are damaged" is a terrible idea when every other character does this as their day job.


I get it. More SCP, less classic horror for types of monsters.
Can I ask how bending is supposed to work in this? Mainly because we saw how much bending has evolved between the time Aang was an Avatar and when Korra was an Avatar. So has it evolved into the current setting, which is apparently hundreds of years into the future…

Name: Marco Saldaña
Age: Born sometime between the 15th and 16th century. Appears to be early to mid thirties.
Gender: Male
Appearance: Marco Saldaña appears to be a pale man in his mid thirties. Often dressed in fine clothes. Now that he no longer has to blend in with humans, he prefers to wear older styles of clothes.
Known for his sharp features and piercing blue eyes, he was considered conventionally attractive when he was alive.
Psychological Profile: To put it simply, Marco Saldaña has a lot of self loathing. Though he hides it behind a charming exterior. While he may seem confident and quick witted, it is really the result of him applying over four hundred years of experience. The truth is he hates being what he is. A Vampire. Marco despises having to drink blood, and is much happier with his arrangement with Sefirot. Being given a synthetic blood replacement and blood bags from a hospital (when things get serious) means he can keep his hunger sated without the need to kill.
Skills: First and foremost, Marco is an expert fencer. Centuries spent honing the skill has made him a force to be reckoned with. Aside from his remarkable fencing skill, Marco is a professional monster hunter and an amateur occultist. Marco has traveled the world hunting monsters, even before they became public knowledge. As a result, he is multi-lingual. Fluent in Spanish, English, French, Japanese and Russian. Due to his studies he can also read and write in Latin and Sumerian.
Abilities: Marco Saldaña is a creature of the night. Colloquially called a Vampire. Scientifically a Homo sapiens homovorus. Though some circles classify it as a post human species designated Homo Sanguinus. Whatever you choose to call it, Marco has a number of abilities he has inherited from his post human physiology. Namely, Marco is strong enough to lift construction vehicles and destroy thick steel, fast enough to easily move at supersonic speeds, and durable enough to withstand most explosions. He also has a few more esoteric abilities, which include being able to sense blood around him, turn into mist and most notably Haemopotent Replication.
Now these abilities come with a draw back. Sunlight burns Marcos, due to being a creature of the night. Additionally a wooden stake to the heart will paralyse him. Holy water burns like fire. He can’t enter private houses without an invitation. Decapitation with a silver instrument also prevents any vampiric healing, killing him.
Equipment: Marco uses a silver Rapier as his signature weapon. He has recently started using a high caliber pistol as a side arm, but often finds he can get more force behind his rapier. He has a full suit with hood and mask for daytime operations. He also carries a number of synthetic blood capsules, laced with esoteric herbs and alchemical rites preformed on them, to make blood pills that he can keep on himself fairly easy in case of emergency. One of the six pills he keeps on himself during missions is special. It is black instead of red like the rest, and will throw Marco into a bloodlust induced rage. Boosting physical abilities but at the cost reasoning. It is often a last resort as Marco doesn’t like losing control and letting the beast take over. The long term effects of this special pill are unclear at the moment, but they aren’t good.
Background: Marco Saldaña was born sometime during the 15th and 16th century. A Spanish conquistador. He sailed into the unknown, helping Spain conquer America, Mexico and Peru in the early 16th century. While invading South America, Marco came across a strange cult worshiping a blood god of sorts. Upon investigation, Marco’s entire squad was taken out by a strange creature that night. Marco swore he was going to die that night. However, he had shown a local child kindness the day before, where his companions had shown only hatred. As such, he was spared in a way. He awoke a week later in the middle of the forest in a shallow grave. Stumbling through the dark, he made his way to a burning camp on the coast. His sire had slaughtered the rest of the crew members of Marco’s ship. It was explained to Marco that he was now a Vampire, and if he wanted to keep the gift of unlife, he would take his Sire to Europe on the ship that brought the Conquistadors to South America.
The trip back was spent learning what it meant to be a Vampire. He learned what he could. Just before arriving in Europe, Marco released just how much devastation his sire would reap across the continent, so a fight ensued The ship was destroyed but Marco managed to wrap himself in a scrap of the sail before sinking below the waves.
A month later, a body washed up on the coast of England. That night, the body that was wrapped up in canvas, unfurled itself and ventured out into the night. A starving, waterlogged Marco came across a small rural town, where in his feral, blood hunger state, he feasted on the small village. After sating his hunger, he came to his senses. Disgusted at what he had done, he swore to himself he would do better. He would be better.

Over the next few centuries, he made a vow to hunt other Vampires. Feeding only on animal blood, he waged a one man war to make the night a safer place.
In the 1990s he started a private investigator firm in LA, which drew the attention of several Esoteric Organisations. He was forced to flee because they labeled him a monster despite everything he was doing to try and be better.
In 2012, he came across the radar of Sefirot. For the first couple of years, he was hunted. Labeled as a massive threat because he kept showing up at sites where there were active anomalies. However, in 2015 it was discovered that the reason he was always at the site of Anomalies was because he was trying to stop them. From then on, he was been working as a professional agent of Sefirot.
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Ah, ok. That reminds me of Shanoa and her glyph ability from Order of Ecclesia. I would assume this power has some drawbacks though, like say absorbing too many essences at once could harm them severely or outright kill them, or over time, their bodies would begin to deteriorate because of consuming the souls of beasts and spirits alike? I leave this up to you, of course, but I think there needs to be a sort of limit as to what kind of souls and how many he can consume. General rule of thumb is if it’s sentient, the more powerful it is, the louder it is.

"Hey guys, we just killed this huge Chimera and now I'm going to eat its soul!"

"I don't think that-"

*SHLORP!* *Swells up like Violet from Willy Wonka* "Uh...I think I fucked up." *Gory explosion*

"Holy fuckballs! Well...there goes our shaman."


Oh Christ, not again! *facepalm*


Can’t say I’ve played it.
As far as limitations go, the acquiring of powers would be heavily ritualised, which would lead to three key limits as to where he gets his powers from.
1. The ritual itself and specialised ingredients. Depending on the creature, spirit or being there could be very specialised ingredients that they might not have access to.
2. The time it takes to do the ritual. Just throw weaker enemies to disrupt the ritual. The stronger the thing he is binding, the longer it will take.
3. The ‘volume’ of the thing. Because he is taking in their full essence, it’s not so much the physical size, but mental energy. He has learned to live with the background hum of his ancestors, but taking in more sentient things might get a little crowded in his head. So no stealing Liches because they tend to make bad head mates.
I’m thinking his tribe had a unique magic where they consume the essence(and often physical form) of creatures, spirits and the dead.
Most notably, the eldest in each bloodline receives a tattoo made from the ashes of their deceased ancestors. Holding a portion of each of their physical power.
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