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Current Space: The final frontier. The womb: The first frontier. Somewhere between those two: the ocean.
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Lost? Confused? Lacking direction? Need to find a purpose in your life?
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"An Atlas." Jason snapped. Motioning at Yuri. "Its your house, I don't know where you keep them." The glowing globe began to grow a little more unstable. His hands moved around the orb trying to contain it a little longer. His hands beginning to tremble a little. "Knowing what I'm tracking is going to mean nothing if I can't pin it done in a book."
”I’m surprised anyone in this time even knows who Darkseid is, let alone believe he’s real.” He said as his caught the pearl. ”He hadn’t been in this realm for a very long time. He’d faded from even the Atlanteans’ and Amazons’ memories. Thought he was little more than an old myth. A boogeyman to keep naughty children in line.” Jason drew the pearl out, seemingly into a thread of magical energy. He pooped it around to make a circle in the air in front of him. He spun the circle to create a sphere that began to show a map of earth. ”I’m gonna need two things to finish this locator spell.” Technically he should have had them when he started the spell, but Jason was one to improvise and do things on the fly. Much like his father, to his mother’s despair. Magic was fickle, and you should always be fully prepared before casting a spell. At least that’s what his Mother had always said.
“An atlas and to know what exactly I’m locating.”
”Don’t think I can’t identify which way wards are facing.” Jason said tracing an Ankh in the air, as a small shining symbol appeared in the air in front of his hand. With a casual wave it split into three, and floated over to assume the place of the three talismans that had burnt up. ”… and you talk a big game for someone who reeks like they spent a significant amount of time in the underworld.” The time displaced wizard looked the horror author up and down. Pausing for a moment, as if to think. “Yuki?” He asked. “The horror author? Explains how you managed to get your depictions of Hell so accurate.”
”Your warding could use a little work.” Jason said leaning against the door frame. He had appeared in this time a few days ago, and had spent the time procuring an identity. Only just realising he should reach out for help in his little quest. He figured that help would come from his past ally Wonder Woman, even if in this time she didn’t know him. A simple locator spell, and here he found himself in Ireland, addressing a room of strangers.
He forced himself to not greet Diana as an old friend. From his point of view they were partners who worked together for the league. From hers, he was a stranger.

Name: Jason Zatara
Codename: Fate-Spawn
Age: He was technically born three years from know, but has been alive 22 years, but was magically aged and de-aged a number of times. So, he age is a little complicated.
Gender: Male
Powers: Magic. Being the son of John Constantine, and Zatanna Zatara, who was Doctor Fate for most of the pregnancy, has given Jason a unique physiology that makes him uniquely gifted in magic.
Weaknesses: Magic always has a cost. While his unique physiology lessens the cost of most spells, and he uses various artifacts and talismans to lessen the impact of said cost on his body, there is still always a cost.
Personality: Jason Zatara is an interesting fellow. Having fumbled through magic for the last few years, meddling with motion magic and surviving a magical cataclysm has humbled Jason. He is far from the happy go lucky, flippant magic user, who was boarder line arrogant with his abilities. Now he is much more calm and collected. He is very much a fish out of water. He had relationships with people who don’t even know he exists, and he’s parents aren’t even together yet. All he knows is that the Justice League sent him back to try and stop the cataclysm, but they don’t know what what caused it, so have no real leads on how to stop it. Their only leads were an uptick in demonic activity in the current year.
Brief History: Jason is the son of two prolific sorcerers. John Constantine and Zatanna Zatara. A short time after his conception, John was killed by demons, driving Zatanna to don the Helm of Dr Fate. Nabu would not release her for a whole year, while the unborn Jason was bathed in the magical energies of Fate. Nine months after Zatanna removed the helm, Jason was born. Named after John’s close friend, Jason Blood. Zatanna settled down, and tried to live a normal life. Jason grew up with a relatively simple life in a sleepy small town. It wasn’t until his twelfth birthday, when Felix Faust attacked his mother that he learned about the existence of magic. Once Felix revealed their location, more and more enemies made their way to the small town, and Zatanna decided to send Jason to be raised under the care of the Justice League.
Fast forward ten years and he was working alongside Wonder Woman and Dr Fate as the leading experts in mystical threats to earth. That was when the cataclysm happened. Hades superimposed itself on earth, and wiped out 50% of all life instantly. Hordes of demons quickly overwhelmed the remain civilians, and weakened or killed most of the remaining heroes. The remaining heroes had managed to save Gotham under Dick Grayson’s leadership, but a new threat looms. A boom tube has opened above the arctic, leading to Apokolips. With Earth’s heroes weakened from their battles with Demons, they stand no chance against Darkseid and his Legions, so they played a Hail Mary. With the collective effort of the remaining heroes, Jason utilised experimental Motion Magic, to create a portal into the speed force. Guided by Bart Allen, he was sent back, with the remaining heroes stating back to try and hold off Darkseid.
So, here awaken our hero, years before he was born, trying to find a way to give humanity one last chance.

Superior Iron Man was when Tony Stark had his moral compass inverted.

He combined his nanotech armour with Symbiote DNA to create the Endo-Sym Armour. My character wouldn’t have the full suit, but he bonded to a portion of it. Being unable to form a full suit, but uses it to internally boost his physical capabilities and summon parts of the armour.
Thinking of either a man with a portion of the superior iron man armour, or a decadent of Ulysses Bloodstone.
Name: Frederick Steros
Nickname: Fred/Freddie.
Age: appears to be in his early 20s.
Species: Siphoner/Vampire/Heretic

Personality: A nine hundred year old vampire, Fredrick has had plenty of time to learn to control his hunger and magic. A very cunning individual who doesn’t value human life. With a distrust for witches, and his sire Kol Mikaelson. Despite his long life, Fredrick has never really known what it’s like to have a family. Shunned from his coven when he was a witch for being a siphoner, and having his sire bond abused by Kol Mikaelson. He isn’t a trusting person. Having been hunted by supernatural hunters for most of his life.
So am I good to make an Original Werewolf? Pre-Moon curse. Similar to Evolved Werewolves but much older. Similar to Original Vampires.
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