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Current Space: The final frontier. The womb: The first frontier. Somewhere between those two: the ocean.
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Lost? Confused? Lacking direction? Need to find a purpose in your life?
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I’m just goi go float this storyline for now, before I fully flesh out a character sheet, and forget it.

@Crimson Flame
You want a magic storyline?
Since Wiccan’s powers aren’t using magic, but rather controlling/manipulating it, he isn’t bound by the same rules regular wizards and sorcerers are.
I propose this puts a target on his back. An Untrained/Inexperienced boy pulling at forces he doesn’t fully understand has consequences. Former Members of WAND (MC excluded) and maybe even Dr Strange could deem that the only solution is taking drastic action. With MC stepping in and claiming it’s outside the Sorcerer Supreme’s jurisdiction and telling former fanatic WAND agents that it’s an avengers issue.
@Tortoise Adjusted character sheet for Siri.

Getting ready for dumb “Siri, what’s the weather supposed to be like tomorrow?”
“I don’t understand, but here’s what I found on whether or not tomorrow likes you.” Jokes
My concept at the moment is a former Agent of Shield. More specifically the secret sub-division of Shield, W.A.N.D. I see it as Doctor Strange and the Masters of the Mystic Arts handle more outward facing threats, while WAND deals with more domestic problems. Basically the Sorcerer Supreme makes sure the Earth doesn’t get invaded and WAND stop magicians from screwing things up for the everyone else.
Now with Shield gone, MC would have stepped up and joined the Avengers to provide a little more mystical insight when Dr Strange is busy.
I know you were specifically asking for Canon characters, but I got a few Marvel OCs I’ve been looking to dust off. How hard is the Canon only rule?

I am going to plonk this here to start brainstorming what character I want to play.

How did you envision vampires working? People aren’t really born Vampires, so the whole waiting for a vampire to turn 18 for them to attend a college doesn’t really work considering most vampires would be older than 18 when turned.
I’ll give it a miss. I’ve lost my inspiration for a mech pilot.
So I’m just going to plonk these here for brainstorming possible Arcane Conduits.

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