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Current Space: The final frontier. The womb: The first frontier. Somewhere between those two: the ocean.
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Lost? Confused? Lacking direction? Need to find a purpose in your life?
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I know you were specifically asking for Canon characters, but I got a few Marvel OCs I’ve been looking to dust off. How hard is the Canon only rule?

I am going to plonk this here to start brainstorming what character I want to play.

How did you envision vampires working? People aren’t really born Vampires, so the whole waiting for a vampire to turn 18 for them to attend a college doesn’t really work considering most vampires would be older than 18 when turned.
I’ll give it a miss. I’ve lost my inspiration for a mech pilot.
So I’m just going to plonk these here for brainstorming possible Arcane Conduits.

I’m kind of interested in playing the bearer of the Violet Crystal, so would like to know what the Crystals actually do.
Toying with the idea of an underdog type crystal bearer. Instead of being chosen by his nation or tribe to wield the crystal, he was in a car crash or something similar and bonded to the crystal after the previous bearer succumbed to their wounds.
<Snipped quote by Sanity43217>

What did you have in mind?

I suppose things like healing magic being part of Geomancy.
Pyromancy being used to inspire people through emotions like passion etc.
using Pyromancy to purify curses.
Generally more esoteric uses to the schools of magic than throwing the elements.
Like what school would things like Conjuration and Transmutation fall into?
How literal are the elements? Can we play with more metaphorical aspects of elemental magic?
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