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I’d be up to giving this a shot.

Yay! I'mlooking fora small group of 2-5 people, so if we're able to get interest within that range I'll move to the next step/phase of opening up an OOC thread for Supernatural Monster Wars.

Hello Ladies & Gentlemen, so this idea popped in my head inspired by one of my favorite shows of all time, that being Supernatural. The classic story of the Winchester brothers Dean & Sam traveling around America hunting monsters, & killing all manner of supernatural menace's creeping through the night. I'm currently on a rewatch binge of the series when the creative bug hit me and thus the idea for this roleoplay "Supernatural Monster at the End of the Book" popped into my head and thus I want to see who if anyone might be interested in turning this RP craving I have into a reality.

My idea for the premise is one that will feature America as in the show as well as London/Britian as well as the rest of Europe & the world. It will feature the world of supernatural & all it's lore plunged into a large scale war with monsters.

Following the aversion of the Apocalypse at the hands of the Winchester Brothers & other hunter allies in America, it seemed the world had been returned to it's prior state. However under leadership from the remaining Archangel in Heaven Raphael they conspired to re-ignite the Apocalypse & once again get the ball rolling for the end of the world. This eventually lead to an angelic civil war between his side & factions who wished to maintain the status quo. The end result of that was the release of the Leviathans from Purgatory, ancient beasts older than angels, mankind & souls. These beasts are unlike anything else faced before by the likes of the American Hunters or anyone else in the world. These creatures equipped with much knowledge about the universe despite their centuries of imprisonment in Purgatory now seek to establish themself as the dominant creatures of the earth enslaving humanity to do so. Not only that they also seek to eliminate the demon species as well as all other manner of monster & supernatural creature walking the earth.

These powerful beasts have the ability to duplicate a human's entire genetic makeup including they're memory & appearance with mere physical contact. They are driven by a relentless craving for human flesh to devour mankind. Imprisoned by God himself eons ago in the depths of Purgatory to prevent them from killing & eating they're way to the top of the food chain, they are now free to plunder the earth. They now seek to usurp control of the United States, & following that utilize their resources to spread out & conquer the rest of the globe. Thus the stakes have been elevated to global levels, the British Men of Letters/BmoL, a militaristic organization of humans with vast knowledge of the supernatural & occult are thrust into the situation as well. For decades they've kept tabs on America and made plans to intervene with the growing monster situation they're since they're American chapter was mysteriously slaughtered in nineteen fifty eight. The Leviathan threat springing up is the conduit that motivates them to finally do so venturing out to America seeking to re-establish they're chapter there as well as make contact with the President of the United States & other higher ups in the US Government to reign in the ancient monsters before they are able to replace humans as the dominant species of earth. The stage has been set for the ultimate battle of humans & monsters in the world of Supernatural, and it seems one side will emerge as the victors once and for all.

So that's the backstory I've got for the RP, inspired by the events of a couple different seasons from Supernatural. The RP will take place in the year 2012 four months after the Leviathans have been freed & begun integrating themselves into American Society. It's going to be an all out war between humans & leviathans with other monsters, demons & eventually angels caught in the crossfire. As of now just like in the show the public at large has no inherent knowledge of monsters or the supernatural world. The British Men of Letters have joined forces with the President & upper levels of the US Government to wage an underground war on the Leviathans & all other monster species. They will also be seeking to either eliminate or recruit all American Hunters & other persons in the country with knowledge of the supernatural.

If you choose to make/play a human character you can choose whether or not they will be affiliated with the British Men of Letters /US Government task force or be non affiliated. Players will also have the choice of playing Leviathans, & other monsters like werewolves, vampires, witches as well as demons or angels.

Also I haven't made any choice about Cannon characters yet. I myself am indifferent to them, but I'll see what the general consensus is among those who show interest in the RP. I like the idea of original characters to open the RP to people who aren't fans that haven't watched the show. If enough people join that do want to play as people from the show's cast like Dean, Sam, Castiel, Bobby, Crowley, etc I don't see any problem with that. But on the other hand if nobody wants to play as them it's fairly easy to write them out of the story entirely. No matter what choice everyone settles upon, original characters will be included either way.

Supernatural Lore Relevant to the RP

British Men of Letters…

IS anyone playing Thor currently? I'm a big fan of Marvel/Avengers and that's my favorite character, if they aren't I'm willing to join but if someone is then I wish you all the best :)

Can I join this roleplay? I'm a huge TVD fan, I saw this RP a while back and was quite interested. However it seemed inactive at the time so I didn't bother to make a CS, but seeing as it's active again and I have quite a few friends I've made on guild in it such as Wolvena & Sanity42317 I'd love to join.

Also as a huge TVD fan, I've also watched all of Originals & Legacies so I'm up to date on the lore and don't mind chipping in any lore info if needed or desired.

Lastly what exactly is the plot of this TVD RP?
Kano Thorson - New York City
Traveling to Midgard had been a choice he wanted to make. Growing up to stories of his brave courageous father Thor he had much to live up too. While it had been many decades since the spell was cast that banished the denizens of Asgard from earth he was still able to view the realm with aid from Heimdall. His viewings of the developments in the mortal world had disgusted him. The sheer amount of oppression & discrimination against the mutant populace was disheartening to him.

As the future king of Asgard he sought to be a kind & understanding being. He wanted to implement freedom in all 9 realms & ensure all the residents would be allowed a life of fairness & freedom. In his eyes the United Empire was a freedom deterrent & therefore just as much a threat to the liberty of the realms as an army of frost giants or murderous rock trolls.

Of course since being on earth he was upset that he’d been rendered mortal. Still at the very least he was grateful he wasn’t powerless having still retained his mutant superhuman powers. He’d never bothered to master his superhuman abilities, but in the past few weeks he’d grown more adept with the use of those powers.

“I need to find mighty mjolnir sooner or later. It’s been almost 2 months since I’ve wielded the hammer & the power of the gods.” Kano muttered to himself as he took a few sips of his cold ice tea. He was positioned in a jamaican restaurant feasting on a combination of jerk chicken, plantains & pilaf rice.

You have to listen to me. There’s a bigger threat, you do need your hammer. KIVA is the biggest evil, the mortals shall meet their end by the hand of this murderous machine. This madness will not stop at the ravaging of Midgard, all the realms will face peril under the threat of KIVA once it sweeps mutant kind off the table. Future Kano communicated to the Kano of the present as he gulped down more of the home made sweet tea.

“This again…who are you? Where are you?” Kano inquired slamming his fist against the table, drawing some judgmental looks & aggravated glares from a few other customers as well as the two employees working who were the entirety of the wait staff currently.

It was lunch rush so there wasn’t much activity. He didn’t even bother to look around to check the visual cues he was getting from others present as it appeared like he was just siting & talking to himself. His future self determined to showcase more of the future continued to push to show him further messages. The god turned man felt a hinge of pain as his vision became blurry. Suddenly he was pulled into an entirely different location, his mind that is. Leaving his body a physical shell at the table who didn’t even respond when either the waitress or waiter came by o ask if he needed a refill of his ice tea.

Flashes of visions filled his mind. He saw nuclear missiles soaring through the sky, then saw a view of the earth from outer space. From his perspective he wad an astral projection floating on the outskirts of space near the earth. The view changed to multiple locations around the globe watching nukes rain down. Entire cities were decimated, nuclear explosions engulfed the planet. Civilization was torn apart, people screaming in horror as they were irradiated, burned & disintegrated from the global nuclear holocaust.

This was followed by visions of armies of machines marching through the decimated remains of earth. Alpha Sentinels, Omega Sentinels, oscorp drones, android sentinels, iron drones, iron man suits piloted by AI, drones etc & more. They spread throughout the earth taking orders from an android cyborg name KIVA with red hair, and a blue white robotic power suit around it’s/her synthetic skin floating in the air issuing commands to the army.

He saw visions of humans & mutant survivors of the nuclear holocaust hiding & living in bunkers underground. Stock piling weapons, superhuman training their powers at dirty underground safe-houses, and said underground warehouses getting raided by KIVA’s machine armies. All of this is the work of KIVA, even the dreaded United Empire is but a pawn to this civilization erasing threat. You must find the others, and place them together in a unified front. Get them operational to battle against KIVA!! Also the hammer has been taken by the DAA, it is Before Future Kano could speak anymore the vision ended.

Screaming and yelling was heard, followed by the sound of robotic voices, and lasers going off. The vision from his future self fizzled out the last sounds he heard where yelling that “KIVA’s here” & explosions. Coming back to his senses Kano could only shake his hand, taking out his phone he glanced down a the time. He’d been spaced out traveling through visions of the future for almost fifteen minutes.

For the past few days he’d been getting audio messages from his future incarnation, but today he’d been pulled deeper into the future than ever before. This time he’d truly seen the devastation & destruction this KIVA would bring about the world. Going to google he typed in the word KIVA, and took a sip of his drink as information came up from different search results.

“KIVA the world’s leader, the god of the new age, the leader the citizens of the empire need.” Kano continued to read as he found a wikapedia entry about KIVA, it was worshipped as some sort of deity to the united empire’s global populace. He decided he’d need to a lot time for more research into this KIVA, as well as figure out the identities of the other people he saw with his future self in the underground bunker. He felt that those individuals would be the most likely to aid him in his quest of liberating the world from the threat of both the United Empire & this dastardly KIVA.
Milo Ventorro - NYC Escaping the Killer Robots
"Yeah I'll take the wheel" Milo replied back to Ganni.

"Smart move bub" Logan replied to Milo's eagerness to drive happy that it freed Scott up. Scott had no argument moving out the way allowing Milo to grab the wheels & take charge of the hover craft they were operating. As Ganni opened up a portal to get the three human sized sentinels off their backs he responded in kind with his own addition to their escape plan. His eyes surged with his familiar red energy and beams soared out of them bursting through the rift in space that Ganni had fabricated with his own mutant powers. Thus the beams he propelled from his eye sockets flowed through the portal tearing through two of the sentinels but missing the last.

Luckily Ganni's strategy had proved to be a viable one, as even without Scott's powers damage had been done to the mutant hunting machines. They'd been diverted into a brick wall, making an impromptu entrance into a small family apartment that was luckily unoccupied at the time. Although when the family of four returned they'd be both shocked & angry to discover half of their kitchen wall had been demolished by sentinels. Two of which had been torn apart with surgical precision by Summers ray beams, although the third had taken some hefty damage. It had detected Scott's attack and made an evasive flight maneuver to avoid being penetrated by the destructive mutant energy.

Unfortunately the dodge tactics utilized by the third machine only increased the level of damage it took upon being teleported into said apartment by Ganni's abilities. It soared through the apartment before crashing into a glass kitchen table almost making it's way through the front door of the apartment. Still the Underground team had accomplished their goal of escaping the sentinels that were closing in them before any others could get a proper lock on the location. Milo wiped some sweat beads that formed from his forehead, and for the fist time was allowed to think about all the actions that had transpired. He saw Logan opening up the brief case running his hands through the money the guns sale with the bloods had generated and double checking that they'd been paid the full 70 thousand they were due. Fortunately for Killa he'd made the wise choice not to rip off the mutant freedom fighters and avoided meeting a gruesome fate at Logan's claws.

"Looks like you made the right call going to Killa, just got word in from our other weapons sale it didn't go down as smoothly." Logan replied before closing up the briefcase and Scott merely grunted in disproval at the commentary Wolverine had provided in regards to the success of the other weapon sale transaction the Underground had embarked on.

"Well we got ripped off the other sale was for 50 large, and we got 30 and the rest was counterfeit. But they didn't get into a battle with the Ultimates & get sentinels called on us, that's almost worth getting got for 20 grand considering the alternative has a potential to include death. I'm not blaming you guys though the MRD was running a sting operation, so one of the teams fencing weapons was bound to get into some shit today. Either way we all lived to see another day and that's what matters and now we're back at the safe house. Which thanks to Tamara's cloaking powers has remained undetected, plus we've got Frost on telepathic defense keeping us extra guarded for the time being that's the closest we'll get to absolute safety in the big apple. But we need to maintain a low profile especially with the beat down you gave Venom & all the Sentinels they got deployed." Scott concluded as Milo took a sharp right and pulled into the cargo bay of the safehouse getting the team home safely.

Selena - Phoenix Order - Downtown NYC
The Phoenix Order had launched an all out attack on civilians at remains of what was formerly Oscorp. Oscorp drones that had survived Selena’s stomping out of the main facility had been deployed in retaliation against the humongous woman & her followers. Of the numerous warring factions that bailed for control of the global populace. The Phoenix Order was amongst the most feared.

It wasn’t because of their ideology that preached the second coming of a new Dark Phoenix who would lay waste to the United Empire & lead mutant-kind into rising up to enslave humanity again. Although that particular belief was one that certainly attracted the wrong type of attention from anti mutant law enforcement agencies such as the MRD. IT was the blatant disregard for human lives, more frightening was their intent to target innocent civilians.

The Underground’s war for mutant equality certainly resulted in casualties from bystanders, that wasn’t something that could be disputed. Even by members of the group & perhaps behind closed doors even the Underground council. However there was a reason even if it was subconscious why people come out to record fights between the Ultimates & Underground, but crowds of people dispersed from the immediate area if the Phoenix Order was the target of the battle.

“Enough you all will die.” Travis yelled out leaping into the crowd grabbing a human sized sentinel and using his power. Red Energy surged from his body engulfing the sentinel nd it was converted into a cloud of dust. However the conversion had spawned the creation of waves of energy that Travis then dragged into his body granting him increased strength & durability. His power allowed him to convert inorganic matter into energy & feed on it for lack of a better word to boost his physical attributes.

Selena had placed him down on the ground to join his Phoenix brothers & sisters in their war against the citizens of the Big Apple. The MRD showed up in large force pulling up in standard vehicles, armored trucks & hover-vehicles to fight back against the Phoenix Order’s attack. Sirens could be heard blaring for miles a symphony of emergency vehicles that was a mixture of police, fire-fighters & ambulances all being called to the scene in droves.

“AAAAHHH” Selena screamed her lungs out at the assault being done by the stronger members of the Ultimates. While she considered herself thorough in her preparations this was unexpected, as her MRD source had informed her these three as well as some other “superheroes” she wanted to avoid wouldn’t be available to respond to the Oscorp attack at this time on this day. It seemed she’d need to exchange words with her source about the validity of his claims, if she made it through this tussle alive. Fortunately for them all she could focus on right now was her survival against these superhuman legends.

Hyperion’s blows on her temple made her crumble like paper making her towering height irrelevant in comparison to his vast strength. Blood was drawn from each blow that landed on her skull with an audible bone crunching crack being heard. The pain being dealt to her didn’t end there as the god of war had launched an attack on the back of her knees causing them to crumble, and as if someone in the commentary yelled temper she went down fast & hard.

Crashing into a building behind her, while Agatha cast a spell evacuating people from said building she crashed Into. Although she saved the people from that construct Selena positioned her arm against another building and grabbed onto it tearing through the building to get back up while blood dripped onto the streets below from her knee & temple. “The bitch is getting back up.”! Hyperion yelled out

“Hmph you know maybe throwing her down in the middle of a city wasn’t the best of ideas my solar friend, it’s one thing if the psycho order is seen killing people, but If we contribute I’d hate to loose my new action figure deal with Disney.” Ares complained using his divine power to allow Hyperion to hear him despite them being so very far away.

“The Order is responsible for too many intentional civilian deaths, and Nadarista is their leader, cut off the head and the rest will follow or however it goes.” Hyperion yelled back while Agatha just shook her head gathering her mystical energies to cast a protection spell on some surrounding buildings around the towering giant to mystically strengthen the building to prevent any more collateral damage.

Hyperion surged forward landing another blow on the towering giant this time body slamming into her chest causing her to yell out in pain again. “Such power he exudes, it almost makes my magic look insignificant in comparison” Agatha muttered to herself it was always a breath taking experience watching Hyperion in action. Sometimes she forgot the sheer raw power he wielded in battle as he like Ares & herself were so focused on the fame, fortune & celebratory status & perks that came with being an ultimate.

“Enough!!! It’s time to end this” Selena cried out as Hyperion charged again ready to end the fight with the mutant monolith.

“I’m in full agreement Ares you take out the rest of the trash & Agatha make sure the trash doesn’t take any more victims, I’m going to sweep up the queen bee bitch now.” Hyperion said with a thumbs up and a dashing smile upon seeing two photographers in the distance snapping a picture of him floating in the air. Hopefully they’ve got a good shot, although the real money shot is going to be me doing a full body dive through her neck followed by tearing her head off. I actually hope it stays big so I can get a picture of me standing on her giant decapacitated skull

He zoomed forward at full speed intending to follow through with his actions. Only to be surprised when he slammed into Selena and this time the blow didn’t cause her body to crumble. Instead it was like ramming into a wall of rubber. “What the hell.” Hyperion flew backwards then flew into her neck again feeling like he just body slammed a giant Mr. Fantastic. He quickly flew around her body punching and kicking her in the temple, neck, both of her shoulders and finally a double kick to her stomach. He then flew farther back at superhuman speeds changing his vision to X Ray wanting to see if perhaps her body had changed to being made of rubber, he had studied her profile & knew she could absorb powers from mutants she drained of life.

To his surprise the composition of her physical make up was still that of a regular woman, meaning another power or trick was at play here. “Come on man I like getting a good beat down on camera as much as the next god or ultimate, but If you don’t kill Nadarista I’m going to claim the glory.” Ares spoke as he unleashed a blast of invisible force that sent Travis sprawling through multiple parked cars, followed by a wave of energy to disintegrate a female member of the order that had charged him after “Flaming on” like human torch. He yawned as he disintegrate the pryokinetic woman and turned around at super speeds kicking another mutant woman sending her flying into the sky until she collided with a statue of a knight, instantly dying as her body was impaled through the statue’s blade.

“Why won’t you just die” Hyperion’s eyes surged with red energy as he unleashed his heat vision on Nadarista. Selena yelled out seemingly in pain as the uber powerful heat beams clashed against her breast. He continued putting more pressure into his powerful beams until he felt his eyes starting to overheat & itch thus he stopped. Selena’s body had no apparent burn marks and she grinned although she stumbled backwards shaking a bit as if in the early stages of a seizure.

“Go DOWN” Hyperion propelled his body like a cannon ball slamming into Selena, bu this time she went flying her whole body went aerial going over a row of buildings and crashing into one that wasn’t under Agatha’s protection spell. It was only due to his sharp super hearing that he could hear Agatha cursing about how his last blow had made her magical efforts to protect these powerless bystanders look bad, although he wasn’t concerned. Everything could be blamed on Nadarista, unless of course someone got that blow that sent her flying on camera. In which case he’d have to melt their recording device at super speed and maybe the recorder as well because stitches wasn’t enough for his stitches, disintegration was the modern way. “Haven’t you ever heard the phrase it’s not all about the size or however it goes.”

“Haven’t you ever heard the phrase get bent, bitch” Selena retorted as she got up from the building Hyperion’s attack had rammed her Into. Hyperion surged forward only to be shocked when Selena raised up her giant elbow with enough speed to not only block his attack but knock him back. She then punched him releasing kinetic energy gathered from him in a powerful explosive blow. The hero was sent flying through the air bloody while she used said kinetic energy to speed walk no doubt stomping out the lives of nosy citizens trying to watch before her hands clasped around Hyperion. “Now your mine” She gloated using her base power to began draining life force energy from the solar hero. She cackled manically as energy surged from the living sun battery leader of the Ultimates into her giant form.

Within minutes she released her grasp of Hyperion then spun around kicking him sending him crashing into one of the protection spell buildings. The force of the kick overwhelming the spell causing him to cave in a few floors of the building. “Damn that hurt like a motherfucker.” Hyperion cried out wiping blood from his face as it felt like he got hit by himself only giant sized. Not only that he felt a pinge of fatigue as so much energy had been drained from him. He looked up picking up a massive amount of heat in the massive extremist, and his eyes widened in shock. “No damn it….she used one power to get my kinetic energy and then her own power…to get mines..”

In response to his fear fueled comments Selena could only clap her hands in applause. “That’s right you Superman rip off, wow I must say this super hearing trick of yours is wonderful. I admit when I get this big sometimes it’s hard to here the full amount of pain & distress of the squishy humans below but now I can hear it all, it’s like HD hearing, honestly all of your power is just so fucking amazing!!!!! I didn’t know if it would work what with you not being a mutant, but I’m happy to say this experiment worked out tremendously pun most intended. It’s been a while since I’ve said this to one of my victims, but truly Hyperion I must say thank you for your power.”

“Oh shit…” Hyperion cursed as he almost covered his eyes from the bright glare that came from Selena’s gargantuan eyes. Honestly that helped brace himself for the impact of her laser eyes that demolished the entire building he crashed into, only the heroes loud screams could be heard.

“What the fuck Hyperion!!” Agatha yelled out upon seeing the massive explosion generated from the building being demolished. Ares whipped his head around too only to see the giant Selena vanished.

“Damn it I told him not to screw around, his energy signature faded, wait now he has two energy signatures, but where’s the other..” Ares voice trailed off as he used his godly powers to fully access the situation that was turning around in the enemy’s favor
“AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH”Agatha cried out as a normal sized Selena stood behind her having punched a hole through her chest and used her base powers again to drain the witch of life, now at superhuman speeds coursesy of Hyperion’s powers. “ARES HEEEELPP”
“Shut up witch” Selena said sadistically as she cast a spell engulfing the woman in mystical energy causing cobra snakes of darkness to spawn from her body that began biting into Agatha’s, followed by another spell that summoned burning hot sand in a wave the sent her body flailing across the street crashing into a nearby deli.

“Agatha!” Ares ran forward body slamming two mutants and a convoy of MRD agents to get over to his magical team-mate. He quickly took her in his arms using a full body energy wave to blast apart the sand wave, and suddenly caused multiple plasma rifles to appear in the air surrounding Selena. Using his powers over war to surround her in armed and ready to fire plasma rifles infused with his divine olympian energy.

“Now you die! FIRE!!” Ares cried out commanding the assortment of floating godly rifles to blast her into oblivion.
“Not so fast” Selena cried out quickly muttering an incantation at super speed causing sigils to appear around the whole city block banishing Ares & Agatha both from the area. The anti godly sigils also banished the row of floating rifles around her just in time. As soon as she completed the banishing spell she let out a sigh of relief, as the amount of power in the attack would have rendered her mortal coil lifeless even with the power she’d just taken from Hyperion & Agatha, as Ares had poured his full rage into that war manipulation attack.

“Hmph well that takes care of that and with a wonderful parting gift.” II’ve got magic running through my body with greater potential then anything I could have learned from my mama, and the Loud mouthed so called leader’s solar powers speak for themselves. She was ecstatic with the newfound power flowing through her body. When the Ultimate had begun their joint assault on here mere moments after kicking & stomping this Oscorp facility into dust, she expected the worst.

She burst into the air pile diving through four MRD hover vehicles, her newly gained strength doing critical damage to each vehicle.She only laugh as they spun out of control while she added to the damage with a blast of heat vision tearing through said four vehicles sending them plummeting to the streets below two crashing into buildings and the other two literally raining down onto the street below.

Members of the Phoenix Order could be heard cheering for their leader & themselves as the tide of the battle had turned completely in their favor with the defeat of Hyperion, Ares & Agatha.”Time to shake things up a bit, to deliver a message to our people that soon we shall rise again from the ashes of the hellish grave humanity has dug for us. Our Dark Flaming Winged leader’s return is imminent and so is our domination of humanity that endured during her previous reign of power.” Her voice carried to all the members of the phoenix order present on the battlefield that were still alive as well as all attacking NYPD, MRD & even bystander civilians.

The declaration of the originator of the Dark Phoenix Crisis who had plunged the earth & rest of the galaxy/universe at large into chaos had done exactly as she intended. While the responding law enforcement to the destruction didn’t allow ant outside fear or panic to manifest the same could not be said for the civilians who were already worried & full of distress. With that she utilized her mass powers to alter her height to gargantuan proportions once again. Using her newfouund mystical prowess she muttered an incantation which carved phoenix symbols into the arriving Alpha Sentinels as well as the deployed oscorp drones below.

Altering their functions to be protectors of mutantkind &. Hunters of humans as well as all things not mutants. With their new orders the mystically turned alpha sentinels & oscorp drones turned to open fire on MRD, NYPD & innocent bystanders. Selena used her powers over darkness to began enveloping the members of the order using shadow teleportation to remove them from the battle worn streets of NYC from around the scene of the oscorp attack. “Time for me to make my escape as well but I leave you this parting gift.” Mustering up the powers of darkness she formed massive shadow tendrils that soared in every direction through police cruisers, MRD vehicles, and smashing through several buildings around the area full of people, followed by heat vision while still massive decimating the buildings already torn into by her shadow tendrils. Laughing manically she reverted to normal size allowing the darkness to consume her as she too shadow traveled to the same location she had the shadows take the other members of the order.
Milo Ventorro - New York City - Desperate Escape
The fight with Venom had been nothing less then the most brutal experience they’d had today. But at least the bag was secured for now, he was clutching the brief case with all the strength he had left as he listened to Ganni lecture him about being tapped out from using all the powers he’d latched onto. During the fight he’d been forced to discard Kano’s ice powers in exchange for Venom’s as his max limit for holding abilities was ten.

“Yeah it’s hard to worry about pacing when some dickhead alien cannibal is crushing your bones and expressing their desire to make you dinner.” Milo replied sarcastically before managing a laugh but quickly stopping because of pain he felt in his chest.

Logan made it look easy taking beatings from hell & staying in the fight thanks to his healing powers. But one thing he’d expressed that he’d found to be true about those powers is that the didn’t halt the feeling of pain, which was almost incapacitating even if the physical wounds sustained healed up rapidly. He watched as a portal was opened up sending raging waters out plunging into the cohort of MRD & NYPD vehicles enclosing upon their location. Shit that was a smart move on Ganni’s part, hopefully it’s enough of a distraction to keep us alive, maybe I should have listened to Summers & got the hell outta dodge instead of trading blows with the alien Milo pondered upon his choice to fight the ultimate, although the showcase had probably did a whole lot of good for the Underground’s morale.

Suddenly he felt the hair on his arms & Legs stand up, his heart beat raced, and it seemed like time slowed down to a crawl. An uneasy feeling settled in that he could feel from the bottom of his feet all the way to the tip of his skull, almost like static electricity. His whip whipped both right & left as he was trying to find the source of this discomforting feeling. What the hell is this, something’s coming, we’re about to die, we’re gonna die, what’s coming?! Milo was internally screaming as his newly acquired spider sense was blaring in his skull. Then he noticed it a bullet from a sniper on a nearby roof hurtling towards them a few feet away from the back of Ganni’s neck.

Webs burst from his hand latching onto the bullet and he thrust his arm snapping the bullet back towards the sniper. The long range MRD shooter yelled in pain as his own bullet tore through his left arm causing him to fall off the roof. For Milo the near death experience had played in slow motion in a matrix like experience, but for everyone else who didn’t have superhuman reaction time the whole incident occurred in a mere matter of seconds. “Holy shit, we almost died, like died let’s go!” Milo yelled to Ganni as he looked up in the sky seeing two giant sentinels and five human sized ones flying through the air approaching them.

Both of the giant sentinels chests began glowing as they were charging lasers, only for lasers to come from the other side of their portal courtesy of Scott Summers blasting back the two giant robots into what remained of the warehouse completly causing the structure to cave in. Milo used the remains of his reserve energy to fly him & Ganni through the second portal closing right as a legion of human sized sentinels made a crater landing where they’d just been standing moments ago. Luckily the portal closed right as one of the sentinels was firing a missile at them and Milo collapsed o the side of the hover-car.

“You two are cutting it two damn closed.” Logan sneered as he opened up the door to help Milo get in the vehicle, while Scott just shook his head angrily his visor covering up his eyes. “We’ve got reports of 30 sentinels total in the area. 10 Giant sized ones, 20 our sized, the big ones have larger laser beams, the smaller ones are way fucking faster, we need to get out of here. Not one but two ultimates have been alerted Eclipse & Iron Goblin are both out on the scene now.” Scott was communicating with Shuri back at Wakanda through his ear piece as he hopped in the driver seat of the hover-car, parked in an dark ally a few blocks away from where the fight at the dock happened.

“Mutant detected, leader of the underground Scott Summers” An android sized sentinel said as it landed near the hover-craft, Scott kicked it into the gear taking flight. Logan picked up a plasma rifle and pulled the trigger blasting the android sentinel through a brick wall as they began zooming through the streets taking the allies, as the sentinel recovered and activated it’s propulsory jets taking flight after the four mutants.

“Ah shit…he’s gaining on us!!! And he’s calling for back up!!” Milo cried out thanks to his spider sense & Logan’s enhanced senses the combination causing his stomach to curl as he could pick up on all the danger they were in from their sentinel pursuer. His fears were realized as two more android sentinels came out of the corner firing lasers at the hover-craft. Logan continued shooting back while Scott made a sharp left turn and took them down an open road trying to navigate them away from the three sentinels on their tail.

“Shit Shit shit someone take the wheel I need to start firing back at them, Milo’s tapped out and that plasma rifle Logan has isn’t going to be enough! Ganni can you portal them away?! IF they call more back-up it’s a wrap.” Scott bellowed as he was doing his best to focus on the road clutching the wheel and pressing down on the gas to allow the hover-craft to move faster & fast to escape the killer robot mutant trio that was gaining on them rapidly.

Oscorp Facility - Downtown NYC - Cure Testing
Tobias Osborn was the grandson of Norman Osborn & son of Harry Osborn. He was also a reserve member for the Ultimates going by the name of the Iron-Goblin. Oscorp was performing a live test of the X Gene cure on a couple of mutant convicts.

At least that’s what was going on when they got word of the chaos going down at the docks. Apparently some mutant had gotten into a physical altercation with his fellow ultimate team-mate Venom, and the fight had been dragged across a few city blocks with destructive results. He felt a vibration in his ear that was his bluetooth.

“Kingsley chiming in, Osborne get your ass out here leave the test for your scientists, Brock just got taken down, Jarvis-7 informed me that Eclipse is on his way to the scene, but the might need back up. Mutant detection systems registered a mutant of the summers bloodline on the scene with the ability to duplicate other people’s superhuman powers, he unleashed a whole volley of powers, Brock’s on life support & the MRD is working with the NYPD & Fire Department to salvage the symbiote from a burning building, repeat this is a critical situation, deploy Iron-Goblin now, we’ve got 30 sentinels in the air to aid you.” Eric Kinglsey bellowed through the communication system to Tobias

“Excuse me ladies & gentlemen, Director Hanes will handle the rest of the demonstration of the latest variant of the X Gene Cure, I have other matters to attend to downtown. Urgent matters I’ll be back as soon as possible, for now the demonstration as well as Q & A will be handled by Hanes, I trust you can handle this responsibility director.” Tobias spoke encouragingly placing a hand on Director Hanes before pressing down on his ear piece to speak back with Agent Kingsley.

“Copy I’ve got your message, I’m leaving the demonstration in the hands of my lead scientist, I’m sure now more then ever Oscorp & MRD’s investors will see the immediate need for more funding to be directed towards this variant of the cure, as you’ll see very soon this batch is quite effective.”

“Sir Sir Mr. Osborn wait I-“ Some intrepid reporters on the scene tried to ask more questions, but Tobias ignored them leaving the room. He practically sprinted to the armory where he found the Iron-Goblin armor encased in protective glass. He quickly typed in a security code opening up the glass and stepped forward to slip on the armor. Moments later he was seen jetting out the building & heading towards the dock where the fight had started between Milo & Venom.

Within the testing center one of the mutant convicts was struggling to escape his bondage. “You’ll pay for this! You fucking bastards, you won’t get away with this! You ALL are o the WRONG side of history!!!” The mutant wailed as the guards held him one down, one of them tasered him and laughed as the mutant cried out in pain.

“Shut up freak, history is written by the victors, and today the victory goes to Oscorp.” Director Hanes said as he took out a syringe that was filled with the variant.

“The Phoenix Order will never fall! We shall stand tall & remain powerful. Your shots will not take our power.” The Mutant screamed out indicating he was a member of the phoenix order, while a mutant prisoner next to him shook his head.

“Fucking idiot it’s over for us, no more powers where’s your Phoenix pals now huh there not going to save you so just shut the hell up.” The prisoner complained him & his brother were getting irritated by the third prisoner who swore up & down that the Phoenix Order was going to lead the mutant race into a new golden era of domination over the earth.

Below them on the ground level was none other then the leader of the order Selina herself. She was outside Oscorp as were several other reporters, media persons, Oscorp security & numerous scientists who’d showed up for the testing of the new cure variant. “Please people stay out here, there’s no more room inside the testing area, but you all can watch from the monitors! And no more questions, those are for the people inside with Director Hanes & the rest of Oscorp’s team that actually worked on this cure.”

“Oh you fools really think this strain will be any different than the last.” Selina responded getting the attention of the whole crowd outside of the Oscorp facility.

“What makes you think it won’t lady? What are you some kind of mutant supporter?” One of the people in the crowd said.

“Look at her, and what she’s wearing. She’s dressed like a whore, she’s probably a mutie groupie, she’s def not. cutie.” A well dressed lady said with a sneer looking up Selina up and down with disrespect.

“Hahahaha your not lying, look what she’s wearing or rather not wearing. This slut doesn’t know ANYTHING about cure variants, probably not much else except what to do when she’s on her knees. Hey you reporter you should check out this brainiac.” The friend’s lady replied joining her in tearing down Selina’s scantily clad image.

“Listen up you nappy headed hoes.” Selina shot back causing both ladies to gasp mouths wide open as Selina glared at them and the other reporter from the crowd who’d talked down on her. “Enough of this slander, the Phoenix Order won’t stand for it!” She yelled and took her jacket off exposing a phoenix tattoo on her neck that had been covered by her jacket eliciting some gasps & screams from the crowd.

“Oh my gosh look at her neck!”
“It’s a Phoenix tattoo she’s with the order!”
“OH Lord help us!!!”
“She’s a terrorist and a whore!!!”
“Somone call the poooooolice!!!!
“Security take that bitch down!!!!”

“Enough!!!!” Selina yelled out. “Jamal fuck em up!!!” A musclar light skinned man with dreads near her looked up and yelled emitting a sonic scream. The sonic scream through straight through the crowd tearing apart some oscorp security guards and blasting a hole through the entrance of the Oscorp facility.

“PHOENIX ORDER FOR LIFE!!!!” Jamal cried out right after he launched the sonic attack into the crowd. The powered attack had spurred the chaos, while a second mutant in the phoenix order gathered acid in his hands and fired a stream of acid into the crowd burning the flesh of people fleeing.

Selina yelled out using her powers to alter her mass and people took off running as she grew to gigantic size. “Run!!!!! Katie we gotta get out of here!!!!” The First Lady who’d insulted Selina screamed out to her friend as both took to stepping. Selina growled and raised her foot then slammed it down on the two insulting women killing them instantly leaving them as smeared blood stains on the smashed street beneath her.

Within the facility Director Hanes had grabbed the Phoenix Order mutant and was about to jam the needle into his neck. However a massive fist burst into the room tearing trough it and a giant finger nail tore the director’s body in half causing blood to splash the other two mutants and the crowd of scientists screaming. Oscorp security opened fire only for some giant fingers to flick them through the window sending them falling 30 stories. She used her TK to remove the collar around the neck of the Phoenix order mutant and opened her hand up and the mutant jumped on as she pulled him out the oscorp facility.

“AYEE WAIT WHAT ABOUT US! Don’t leave us! WE love the Phoenix Order!!!” One of the mutant brothers yelled out. Unfortunately the were ignored as Selina began kicking the Oscorp building taring holes through it kicking it until the whole structure toppled over. Rubble & clouds of dust filled the street below the giant murderous mutant woman from kicking the oscorp building to smithereens. The city already on high alert from the Venom incident was now going crazy as the leader of the Phoenix Order was on the scene having enlarged herself and wiped out the oscorp building where the new variant of the cure was suppose to be testing & also freeing a high ranking member of the Phoenix Order who’d been arrested two weeks ago during a fight with MRD forces at an anti mutant protest.
Milo Ventorro - NEW York City - Battle at the docks
Venom lunged towards Milo colliding with the mutant mimic sending him reeling and crashing into a wall of the dock. Milo immediately coughed up blood from the force of the alien landing a blow on him. "Ugh" Milo retorted groaning as he took his left hand to cusp his forehead as he stood up from the pile of rubble that his landing had formed. This isn't going to be easy, but I ain't giving up no matter what Milo thouht to himself seeing the odds were stacked up against him. At least Ganni was here as well providing backup he noted when his fellow underground mutant ally used his portals to bring down an MRD hover-craft. Killa had distributed the plasma rifles & high caliber hand held machine guns to the rest of the bloods at the meeting. The briefcase full of money was located in his black SUV that now had a caved in roof, he made a mental note to retrieve that. This weapons sale had netted him & his allies in the Underground 70 thousand dollars. Considering the fact that mutants couldn't even legally work jobs they needed that money, of course he had his position at the daily bugle. In part thanks to his craftiness and of course his usage of casper, an illegal substance that allowed mutants to pass X Gene screening tests making it seem like they were genetically regular humans. Nowadays THOUGHT scientiss working for the MRD & United Empire had come up with a way of testing for the X Gene as well as the detection of casper within people's system. It was assumed that anyone with traces of casper in their system whether it be blood or urine was a mutant hiding their x gene trying to blend in with society. Still he had no time for these thoughts right now about the daily bugle, drugs or even weapons trafficking not while he was locked in battle with this hulking alien symbiote.

Brock had taken pleasure in causing Milo pain and saw that his blow had dealt quite a bit of damage. "Ah the little mutie is hurt, hope your not too banged up. Honestly we are feeling quite hungry, and wouldn't mind eating a criminal like yourself. Thing is we're also in a mood for a fight so I guess in this instance we're going to play rough with our food before we eat it. Hopefully you can survive going a few rounds with us before we dig in." Venom replied with eagerness enjoying the position of power he had as an ultimate. Not only was he perceived by the public as a famous superhero he was respected by all manner of law enforcement & feared by all manner of mutant-kind. He'd brutally slaughtered more then his fair share of mutants in the past few decades with the Ultimates, and the more he killed the more he was paid, the more of a hero the citizens of the United Empire perceived him to be.

Milo got a message from the Underground directed to his bluetooht ear piece. "Paging Ventoro, Milo what the fuck is going on? You reported the weapons deal went down smoothly, we're getting reports from Shuri that shit's going down at the dock with you all against the NYPD, MRD, & the Ultimates" The voice was that of Logan, aka the infamous Wolverine a member of the Underground's council alongside Valeria Richards, Tchalla/Black Panther, Storm & Scott Summers the latter of whom was a heavy user of Lazarus, an anti aging serum. Milo rolled his eyes at the concern in Logan's voice the long lived killer mutant was a softy at heart when it came to his mutant comrades. More so after loosing so many of his genetically enhanced brothers & sisters during the Dark Phoenix Crisis & various other conflicts that followed in the past four decades.

"It did util we got busted by MRD, me & Ganni are out here with the bloods we just sold weapons too trying to hold our own, so far Venom's showed up, but I think I overheard from some MRD agents that Eclipse might be on the way as well, no idea if any other Ultimates or MRD allied superhumans are coming but I've got an alien to fight, no time to argue and there's no way to run talk to you later super claws." Milo quickly ended the conversation cutting off Logan before any sort of argument could commence. The Council would recommend they flee but Milo wouldn't hear it they were trying to take back New York & amr up their allies with artillery from Wakanda to finance their freedom fighting operation. Sooner or later they'd have to come to blows with the leading forces of NYC so why not start now.

"Sorry to interrupt your conversation, but you haven't the time to talk to any of your mutie friends, it's time to die." Venom spawned black webs that wrapped around Milo's wrist and jerked backwards pulling the mutant towards him. Milo yelled out as Venom snapped him towards him only to be elbowed and once again be sent spiraling through the air, this time crashing through a window of the warehouse he'd been slammed into. Venom meant what he said spinning webs launching himself through the smashed window and landing on top of Milo's chest with an audible crack being heard as more blood spewed from his mouth while Venom leapt in hte air and came down again colliding with Milo genertating another bone shattering crack and causing more blood to splatter from his mouth. "GAHHHHHH" Milo yelled out as Venom laughed spewing webs around Milo's face blocking his eyes and tossing him across the room causing him to be slammed into a staircase. "Come on mutant that's all you got, I know it hurts, but what dosen't kill you gets you more ready to be my dinner. I like it when my prey struggles, although I'm the clear superior of us two at least TRY o put up a fight mutie." Venom continud to taunt & torment Milo while beating him viciously clearly his years of fighting as a superhero caised a chasm, a divide between the two with the alien's margin of experience being far greater then Rachel Summers son.

"Enough rambling, now I'm going to kick your ass, thanks for the warm up I like to get my opponents over confident before I utterly fuck them up." MIlo replied in between pained gasps of breath as he emerged from the rubble bleeding with bones cracked and open wounds with blood guhing from them. He managed to get to his feet wiping blood from his face with his non sprained arm staring down the agile symbiote, with Brock walking towards him menacinly sizing him up once again and chuckling madly showing he was taking deep pleasure in beating the shit out of Milo relentlessly.

"Oh that's tough talk for an abomaination who hasn't even landed one blow, honestly you made light work of that hover car or so it seems. Perhaps that little stunt of yours using the force to pull down that hovercar used up all your power or all you had left. Which would be quite unfortunate for you, but considerably great for me. Not that any of your Jedi tricks would make you any more threatening, but as I've said numerous times now I do love when a hopeless victim tries to put up a fight, it gets my taste buds going, either way I'm going to enjoy this, I fucking love my job, and my job loves me." Venom continud going on nearing Milo his danger sense was triggered and he did a back flip moving out to way avoiding multiple blasts from two plasma rifles Milo had used TK to drag into the warehouse and fire from above. He fired condensed balls of webbing at the floating rifles demolishing them and then shooting web at hte roof above Milo then pulling downwards causing it to cave in on the mutant who yelled as the ceiling above him rained down on him.

A blood member opened fire on Venom right after the cave in only lfor Venom to be unaffected by the bullets. Distracted he was shot twice by MRD agents while Venom spawned webbing around the man's neck jerking back easily breaking it and snap back pulling him over to him and biting his head off devouring it with eaase before tossing his headless body into the cold water of the nearby dock laughing before turning his attention to Milo seeing movement from beneath the piles of rubble that collapsed on him from him literally bringing down the house or in this case warehouse on him. "Still alive, more resillent then your gang banging friends, although the little shit did provide a good snack, I like dinner to be resilent." Venom spoke with a sinister tone only to raise his hands in defense as a teleknetic burst sent the rubble flying in all directions as Milo emerged looking less injured. To his shock & surprise he watched Milo's cracked bones heal, his wounds closing up his body regenerating from the damage. It seemed the mutant hadn't been lying about toying around in a sense, he had the power to move objects with his mind & regenerate from physical damage. "Oh shit I might really have to eat you to get rid of you, a healer so what you let yourself take a beating, what are you some kind of masochist? Or are you just cursed with being my ultimate punching bag."

"Shut the hell up I'll show what you what I can do." Milo clapped back as Venom charged Milo's eyes surged with energy and he unleashed optic beams courtesy of Scott Summers power. The beams plowed into Venom's chest causing him to yell as he was sent sprawling back crashing into rubble.

"The fuck what are you?" Venom shot back with concern that was the third power this enemy had shown in this fight, and this one had actually packed a punch or well blast. Getting up the symbiote superhero was irate only to be blasted again this tim in hte neck causing him to scream as he was sent crashing into a wall this blast more powerful then the last. As Venom leapt back to his feet he saw his enemy had vanished into thin air. "Where are you" Venom growled looking around forming his right arm into a scyth and spinning around stabbing his arm through Milo's chest as he appeared behind him. Digging his bladed arm into Milo's abomdmen caused more blood to spill before blasting black oozing webbing into his face pulling him closer and kicking him into the ground. "Invisibility, that's the fourth one, so your some kind of mimic, got more then a few tricks up your sleeve, you are tough but I've killed tougher." Venom replied confidence now restored no longer having to grasp at straws about the nature of this mutant's powers and his own spider sense rendering any sneak attack by turning invisible mute.

Milo formed bone claws plunging into Venom's eye socket drawing blood causing the monster to scream as Milo used his optic beams to blast Venom upwards sending him through the roof. Milo then took to the skies flying upwards and body slamming into Venom using superhuman strength to send Venom flying into a nearby street crash landing into a parked SUV. Civilians nearby had whipped out their mobile devices. "Enough of this." Milo used his TK to lift Venom in the air and toss him into a nearby building. Two more approaching MRD hover-cars started firing lasers down at Milo only for him to use TK to grap both hover-cars in an invisible grip as Venom spawned webbing and swung towards him he used TK to sandwich him inbetween the two vehicles causing an explosion with the ultimate in the middle screaming in agony.

"Oh No Venom! That mutant hurt him, fuck! Come on Venom kick that freak's ass" A bystander yelled while holding up their cellular device. Milo fired a bolt of electricity frying the civilian's phone and causing him to curse. Venom took that time to tackle Milo from behind slamming him into a moving SUV wiht occupants inside. The family within screaming as Milo used TK to rip off a door using it to slam into Venom pushing the alien off. As Venom ripped the door in half flinging both halves towards Milo who formed a TK shield that guarded him. Venom lunged forward slamming into the shield and began pounding against it rapidly breaking it and punching Milo hard enough to break his jaw then flipping intothe air double kicking him into a truck. "I won't be humilted by the likes of a mutant, I don't care how many freak's powers you have, this ends NOW!!!!"

"Yeah well from what I've read this one outta do the trick." Milo retorted as his face healed Venom rushed towards him only to scream in aboslute pain as Milo's hands engulfed in fire and blasted Venom causing sheer pain to the symbiote.

"ARGH NOOOO! FIRE!! WE DON't LIKE FIRE!!! WE WON'T BURN" Venom screamed as Milo unleashed a torrent of flames burning the ultimate who screamed in pain, as fire was a natural weakness of hte symbiote. Milo then took to hte skies and flew to hte roof of a building as Venom used some webbing on two different buildings to launch himself up like a cannon ball towards Milo. Before Milo could resort in using more flames Venom collided him and they went spiraling across the city slamming into an office. Venom screamed forming his handes into elongated blades lunging foreward wiht Milo using a TK blast to shoot himself backwards, causing Venom's blades to slice through civilian office workers. Milo resorted in using fire breaht engulfing the whole room in fire causing panic & panidomnium as Venom cried out in pain. Milo turned to the left using a blast of TK to tear through the building forming a clean hole through. Milo then grinned as he made a position with his hand and spun black webbing out that went flying towards a nearby church latching onto a bell.

"WE WILL KILL YOU" Venom cried out as he began rushing Milo jerked forward emulating Venom's powers dragging the church bell from across three buildings and smacking Venom wiht it right as he approached. The Sonic boom caused him to scream in pain knocking him back into the burning room. Milo hten used TK to grab a office worker and slammed him into the bell causing it to ring out hte inense sonic soundwaves combined with fire weakining Venom. Milo continud using TK grabbing office workers and tossing them against the church bell causing a continous ringing while breaking hte bones of office workers attempting to flee the burning floor. Venom collapsed onto the ground the combination of fire & sonic waves providing a deadly combination towards the alien who was ovrewhelmed by his two weakness's. Milo then fired a continous stream of electricity causing Venom to scream as his body was being fried while the black goo around him began parting form his body the flames getting to him. "NOOO WE MUSNT LOOSE NOOOO WE CANNOT FALL TO YOU"

"Yes the fuck you can" Milo screamed sprwing fire from his mouth burning Venom who screamed in pain as he spun a series of webs grabbing the symbiote and dragging it off of Brock's body, and tossing it into hte flames while Brock screamed. Milo used TK to lift Brock into the air then slam into the ground over and over before using a blast of electricity to blast Brock through the open window and send him flying down several stories until crashing into a vehicle parked below. Milo then flew out of the office looking down at Brock's battered body while leaving hte symbiote trapped in the building as the fire spread Milo then used a massive blast of telekinetic force to cause the building to cave in sevreal floors with no concern for anyone within only wanting to crush hte venom symbiote in flames and looked down saw Brock's body battered and broken. Milo then flew down towards Brock who lay on top of the smashed car, turning to see scared onlookers at the mutant who'd managed to defeat a member of the ultimates. "What?!" Milo screamed causing onlookers to flee in fear, Milo laughed in response. He then tapped into Ganni's power forming a portal a literal crack in space.

He flew through it appearing behind Ganni and firing blasts of electricity & fire to down a nearby MRD hover-craft approaching. "AAAAH CALL IN THE SENTINELS NOW!!!!! VENOM IS DOWN, REPEAT WE NEED BACK-UP" MRD Agents yelled into a radio as the hove-car went down from the fire electricity combo attack. "Come on Ganni we need to leave, I took care of Venom and-" Milo formed a portal inside the SUV spinning webs through the portal to grab the brief case full of cash and pulling it through the portal bringing it over to him. He clutched the brief case under his arm and stumbled backwards messing with Ganni's powers right after using so many others taking a toll on his body one that he wouldn't be able to sustain had he not currently had Logan's regeneration. "Come on I'm way past my limits I've secured the money, there's going to be more ultimates on the way, and their bringing Sentinels do the honors and get us to the getaway vehicle we have to go before the killer bots arrive, and I don't have the strength to use your powers anymore or even fly, come on! " Milo yelled at his team-mate more so out of fear then anger. He was exhilerated thta he'd maanaged to damn near kill Brock but that was mostly due to the fire and being able to copy Venom;s powers to snag that church bell he spotted while also trapping him in a burning building. We've got to get to the getaway hovercar now Summers isn't going to wait forever especially with Sentinels being called in, I used up damn near all my power fighting Venom & regenerating multiple times fuck it's damn near all up to Ganni now to get us out of here, God help us Milo pleaded with the Lord, and the entirety of the universe that this mission would keep going in their favor. His enhanced senses allowed him to pick up on both the whirring of helicopter blades as well as the activation of both human sized & giant sized sentinels in every direction meaning the MRD's back-up was coming. He also picked up on Killa who was bleeding & injured but managed to escape with two gang members in a stolen police cruiser whereas all the other bloods that came with them had been killed in the ensueing gun fight they'd had against NYPD & the MRD.

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Real Name: Thor Odinson

Codename: Thor

Age: 1500

Gender: Male


Personality:Thor is a spirited warrior who has a strong belief in doing the right thing and protecting all innocent people within the nine realms. He loves a good battle & craves the glory of engaging with powerful enemies both for the love of fighting & the end result of defeating evil threats. He is the epitome of bravery leaping or flying head-first into danger without thought or concern for himself only those he aims to protect. He's very loyal to all he considers friends, and is ruthless when it comes to dealing with foes. Outside of his work as an avenger & asgardian prince both of which he takes very seriously, he enjoys mingling with people. He's very social and when not fighting aliens, androids, criminal superhumans & monsters he can be found drinking merrily with comrades & strangers alike. He has a very special fondness for midgard, especially it's women & can be a romantic when in relationships.

Powers/Abilities: Thor is a powerful being inherting powers from both sides of his parentage, those being Odin & the earth mother Gaea. He is known as both the asgardian god of thunder & asgardian god of strength.
--Superhuman Strength
--Superhuman Speed
--Superhuman Durability
--Superhuman Agility & Reflexes
--Eternal Longevity
--Weather Manipulation
--Super Breath
--All Speak
--Earth Manipulation {{Inherited from Gaea}}
--Portal Generation {w/Mjolnir]
--Energy Projection & Absorption {{w/Mjolnir}}
--God Blasts {{w/Mjolnir}}
--Odinforce Manipulation

History: Thor was born as a child of Odin & Gaea with a great destiny ahead of himself. From a young age he was raised to be upright & moral something that was instilled into him by Odin & his adoptive mother Frigga. The truth about his mother was kept hidden from him by Odin who'd moved on from Gaea both because of the fire of their relationship thinning out & some questionable moral choices she's made in her dealings with the titans & the olympian gods. He developed a taste for combat & battle at a young age, going on quests as early as his teenage years with Lady Sif, Valkyrie & the Warriors Three to quell evil beings & threats to the natural order of the realms.

One realm which he fell in love with upon first sight was that of Midgard, or what humans would come to know as earth. In the older days of humanity during his ventures to the realm of man him, his father & his people came to be worshipped by the Vikings as the gods of nordic mythology. They praised the gods for their many good deeds when present on earth fighting off frost giants, trolls & other supernatural beasts that had clawed their way to the earth hoping to enslave & rule over humanity. These escapades on earth only bolstered his popularity among the vikings & cemented his place as one of the most popular gods of the nordic pantheon among the vikings & others who came to worship him during his visitors to earth in earlier/ancient times.

Eventually in modern times due to the manipulations of his jealous mischievous adopted brother Loki & his own hot headedness he was coerced into clashing with Odin over their policies in reining in order over the realms. Thor's attitude was that of swinging his mystic hammer raining down lightning first, asking questions later. Egged on by Loki to continue his path of might makes right over Odin's instructions culminated in him receiving divine retribution in the form of godly punishment from his father.

He was stripped off his godhood & banished to earth as a mortal, cast down to his beloved midgard alongside his hammer. There he was given the guise of Donald Blake, and purged of his memories of divinity. He went on to become complete his doctorate & became a medical doctor opting to save lives in a different manner then he did as a hero. Thus despite his lack of powers & memories he still chose a path in life that led to him saving lives. In one such case he was selected to operate on an injured Spiderman after he had a climatic battle with the sinister six. He was part of a group of doctors who followed an unspoken pact to provide medical treatment for the heroes of the big apple when required without jeopardizing their secret identities or even removing their masks unless it was required for applying medical treatment.

Unfortunately his treatment of Mr. Parker was far from a standard operation. The evil alien symbiote Carnage attacked the hospital shortly after the doctors finished operating on Spidey. Not wanting to leave the recuperating web-slinger to fend for himself he grabbed his walking cane & attempted to defend the hero. This resulted in him being fatally injured in his failed attempt to play hero to New York's hero. This act of selfishness however was all that was required of him by Odin to prove himself worthy of his divinity once more.

This caused a resurgence of both his memories, divine physique & powers whilst also shifting his cane into the form of his mighty hammer. Donald Blake was flooded with several centuries of memories of his former divine life as the god of thunder as his heart beat slowed & he was on the steps of entering Valhalla to rest with the other great warriors of Asgard who'd fought for righteousness over the eons.

Furthermore he learned that Loki had restored & delivered the symbiote to Kassidy in exchange for taking Thor's life whilst he was trapped in his mortal coil. From there he convened with Lady Sif & the warriors three who had missed their friend & comrade in arms greatly. He learned that his father was in the midst of slumber in the odinsleep which is why Loki had chosen to act now against his foster brother to take his life. Luckily for him even with the allfather counting divine sheep this had no effect on the worthiness enchantment nor the effects of the spell cast on him that rendered him mortal in the first place.

However his brother did not give up on his vengeance there, and has assumed control of the throne of Asgard in lieu of Thor's entrapment on Midgard. He dispatched the mighty Destroyer to level the hospital Blake worked at upping his game to eradicate him & the mortals he'd grown closest with as Donald Blake. One of those was the dashingly beautiful & intelligent Jane Foster. Spurred on by his romantic feelings for Jane & desire to protect the denizens of Midgard he rose to the occassion battling the godly war machine & besting it in combat saving the lives of the humans his trickster brother had targeted. However he decided to play possum taking a page out of his brother's book conning the mischief god to coming down to earth to examine his handy work himself.

Thor sprung a trap on Loki & engaged him in battle. His mighty power was more then a match for his brother's asgardian magic. He defeated Loki & sought to bring him to justice. To his chagrin Loki escaped his custody & fled to the deepest corners of earth. Shortly after Odin arose from his slumber he was proud to learn Thor had proven himself worthy of his powers & enchanted hammer, but was saddened to learn of Loki's deceit & heinous actions he'd taken on midgard. He was ostracized & branded a criminal with an order to be brought to justice at the high courts of Asgard.

Odin even apologized to Thor not for rendering him mortal to humble him, but for not realizing the role Loki played in pitting the two against each other & putting him in a position to where he was almost slaughtered by him in the process. With that he was well on his way to being the king of Asgard again, but THor decided that he had much to learn & further to go before he assumed the throne. He decided to become a hero of earth fighting for truth, & justice. He became one of the founding members of the Avengers when Loki decided to show his face again working in tandem with the vicious alien race known as the Chitauri to conquer the planet.

With the help of his newfound friends & team-mates, the trickster was foiled once again. This time however Loki was not able to evade capture & had Heimdall personally use the power of the bifrost to scoop Loki up & transport him to the dungeons of Asgard. He officially retired from his position as a doctor at the hospital cashing his last pay-check & going to work for the Avengers. He moved into their head-quarters & with his position as a prince of asgard as well as his powers he had an abundance of wealth to support himself as a superhero & continue to fight for the innocent.

Supporting Cast:

Odin - The Allfather of nordic mythology & king of Asgard. The wise one eyed king of asgard with his mystical bird perched on his shoulder. He is a great father to Thor & Loki, as well as a semi-faithful wife to Frigga. He instills a strong sense of morality in Thor & has/continues to offer him guidance in all his endeavours he partakes in across the nine realms. While he does bare some concern for Thor's overly ambitious affinity towards getting involved with matters on Midgard he still supports him. Still he wishes for him to divide his attention among the realms equally so that he may one day rise to be the next allfather & protector/peace-keeper of the realms.

Lady Sif: A fellow warrior of Asgard one of whom Thor's had an on & off relationship with. He admires her vibrant personality, love for battle, strong drink & readiness for adventure. The two have tangled with many mystical monsters, demons, giants, wizards/witches, bitter gods & rogue superhumans over the centuries. With his true nature regained & abilities restored he made short work of Carnage, defeating him & ripping the villainous symbiote off Cletus Kassidy before taking it high into the atmosphere to atomize the evil alien parasite.

Jane Foster: Thor's mortal love whom he fell for while he was in the guise of Donald Blake, a mortal medical doctor without his powers & divine memories. He grew close to her during this time & started a genuine relationship. He grew very fond of Jane Foster & she represented everything that he loved about the residents of Midfgard. After regaining his powers during a bout with Carnage he still retained his feelings for her that he built up while dating her as Donald Blake. He continued his relationship with her when he became a superhero & resumed being Thor, the god of thunder.

Theme Song: Remember The Name
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