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He was on a hunt right now, on a mission, he had to get this monster! He was determined to hunt them all, all the monsters!


"Damn it sis you could have given me more info then this." The hunter grumbled, he didn't like not being fully prepared. He had a bad feeling something big was coming, and he didn't know what. Lately there had been more demonic activity and of course more monster attacks as well. He could recall talking with his father about how when there was a surge in demonic activity or if there was then something was afoot below.

He was parked in his vehicle with the lights off, he'd been investigating a batch of mysterious deaths at a college campus. Women who had lost control and killed there boyfriends, many of there friends had described the relationships as less then stellar behind close doors. The proper word to describe them would be abusive, so the MO he was working with was some force that had it out for these guys. He'd ruled out the potential of it being Siren, as he wasn't able to find any signs of the specific flowers they left behind plus Siren's usually ruined the men's life by controlling them to kill there own love interest. More then that it was usually men who while in loving relationships tended to slip up and seek out physical comfort elsewhere such as in strip clubs or even once he'd encountered a siren operating within the confines of a prostitution sex ring.

"Ah well it's signs of ectoplasm, well well well." Josiah looked at his reader, he hopped out the car and fetched a shotgun loaded with salt rounds. He also grabbed an iron bar and slipped it in the bottom fold of his cargo pants. That was his back-up weapon against this vicious spirit. Whipping out his phone he went to his notes he compiled about this case, from the information his sister passed to him and what he managed to pull himself.

A girl Dawn Stiles had commited suicide at the campus four years prior and was reportedly in an abusive relationship. The player she was involved with had a succesful athletic career, so the college shut down her attempts to bring him to justice. Of course he'd been the first victim three weeks ago, right as he was close to finishing his senior year and had netted a contract with the NFL.

"Well Well Well Dawn was like you ain't finna get no money bruh." Josiah chuckled, he didn't find abuse or anything about the situation funny outwardly. But in a strange sense he understand this spirit, or well all vengeful spirits. He was a firm beleiver in karma, & felt many of these spirits had been wronged in life. In a way that had left them no amends for the crimes that had been committed against them, and so now as spirits they wanted to take their supernatural vengeance.

Of course it was never that simple, many times these spirits fueled by rage could never stop with the very person who wiped out their lives. They had to keep going and going until they involved other people.


A voice rang out and the hunter flipped around clutching his gun. His meter started blinking rapidly and he had visible cold breath. Oh shit looks like there coming to me

Josiah inched around the car upset that he might have been spotted by Dawn. "Why didn't you save me! Why did you let that demon kill me!!!"

Josiah almost froze, the voice he heard wasn't one that he didn't recognize. It was Nikki Waters, a girl who'd been possessed by a cross-roads demon he ganked a little over a year ago. Him and his sister had tried to exorcise the demon, but Nikki was in the national guards when the black smoke had invaded her life. As such during the attempts to exorcise the demon, it had detonated a grenade that Nikki herself had been carrying around as part of her gear. Josiah & his sister narrowly managed to get out of the bomb's radius, but in that time the dreaded black smoke had escaped Nikki and left her body mutilated and burned to a crisp. So he was shocked when he saw none other then Nikki in her military garb appearing as she did when him and his sister had first ran into her months ago.

"Nikki?! What the hell how...your"

"No I'm not alive no thanks to you! A couple words of latin earlier and I would have been! Why me! You saved so many others, but no me why?! This is suppose to be your job, your family's business, but you failed me, but I guess that comes at no surprise, because you failed your own mother! Some hunter you are, you piece of shit!!!!"

"No I..I.." Josiah was startled, being faced to face with a woman he tried so hard to liberate from the demons but failed. Josiah pulled the trigger firing the salt round but the spirit vanished and re-appeared behind him using telekinesis to fling him into the side of his own car.

The hunter groaned from the impact getting up and grabbing his shot-gun which flew out of his hands. The ghost had other plans using TK to push the shot-gun away and lifted Josiah up before smacking him against the car then hitting him a few more tiems.

"You tried?! Well it didn't work!! You didn't try hard enough you didn't care!!!! Your not a real hunter, your not a real hero, you"


Josiah had pulled out and swung the iron blade through Nikki causing her to dissipate. He was breathing heavilly and clutched his chest which was hurting from the supernatural blows he'd took from the spirit. He stumbled forward grabbing his discarded shot-gun and EMF meter before hopping in his car. He didn't even pay attention to the dented door before putting the keys in the ignition ad pulling off. Forget the Dawn Stiles case, he had to get out of there for now, he was rattled by what he just saw and for now he needed a break because seeing Nikki again was haunting literally. "What the hell." Josiah muttered to himself as he picked up in speed getting away from the campus.

He thought he had this case in the bag, all the research. All the signs of evidence he collected, going form a potential siren to ghost possession to seeing one of those victims he failed to save that really effected him. A single tear-drop rolled down his eye as he ran a red light.

Something was going on, something big, and little did he know this was just the beginning.

Jonah Hanes

Time: Early Afternoon
Location: San Francisco, Liberty Head Quarters

Jonah was still rattled from what happened, the man he’d killed in Oakland had a wallet on him. Digging through his wallet he obtained his license, his name had been Tommy Ford. He’d driven himself & Angela back to liberty with Tommy’s body in the back. After dropping Angela off and having Liberty agents escort her to the medical infirmary he decided to handle Tommy. For the same reason he murdered him was the same reason he didn’t want this killing to be reported to Liberty.

The new rules Forrester passed could potentially affect him, and his people not just minorities. That was something he couldn’t allow, his mind was racing. Up until now he assumed his kind couldn’t be tainted with the curse of the altered but now he was reeling with confusion & doubt. The seeds of uncertainty had been planted within the confines of his mind. This information was something he didn’t even dare pass along to Nathan Forrester.

He didn’t see the powers of the altered humans as gifts, but genetic anomalies that belonged in the hands of second class citizens. Growing up he’d never been a fan of Superman, but had immense respect for Batman. Superman at his core may have looked like the people he grew to adore & respect as the superior first class citizens but the case. Superman hailed from the planet krypton, and alas even though Clark Kent appeared like him he was an alien. An alien posing as an American, an extraterrestrial violator of America’s immigration policy. Not only that he wielded unworldly powers that tipped all scales of power in his favor. Such power that wasn’t attainable by the masses and those that could truly be trusted was scary.

As a young lad one movie that had particularly affected him in a bad way was War of the Worlds. The whole concept of an alien invasion, other worldly creatures descending from the skies with superior weaponry & intelligence to impose their will & carnage on humanity terrified him. While the flick wasn’t intended to be a horror movie it had that effect on him. Hailing from a family who for generations were against all forms of interracial intertwining, he was taught of his inherent superiority to those whose color was not of his own. He whole heartedly believed that, and felt the statistics of blacks & other races committing more crimes among other negative behaviors in America proved he was in the right.

In his eyes Tommy was no different than Clark Kent. A foreigner, an outsider who had the appearance of the master race while parading around with characteristics that were not of it. Which could only mean one thing, he was NOT of them. The altered were a curse that only America had been unfortunate enough to be accosted with the same as the energy storm & energy plague that preceded it. The best thing about these new rules the President had passed was it reminded him of a greater era his father had longed for a return to. The time of great policies such as Segregation & Jim Crow, a far cry from the true glory of the world before the civil war that he regrettably never got to experience.

But it was something that was in the back of his mind as well as other intelligence agents that thought like him. While there were many in minority communities who felt these powers were a blessing from God, or a reward for enduring endless suffering for centuries at the hands of there so called oppressors he did not share those same beliefs. ”I don’t know what you are, but I won’t let you tear down everything that I’ve worked for. I won’t let you destroy the goodness the Forrester’s have put into action, to ruin the great era the Forrester Administration is trying to usher upon this country.”

Jonah was addressing Tommy’s corpse in the trunk of his car, as he was headed towards his destination. He regretted informing Angela of Super Punchs true ethnicity, she was a loose end. Because of his rambling his partner was now a liability that had to be repaired. She’d been loyal to a fault, and had been at his side faithfully since the start of Liberty’s formation. His mind raced to figure out an answer, a solution to the predicament he’d put himself with by informing her of what he saw underneath the mask.

Still the utter shock he’d been put through had caused him to just say what he saw. The sound of Siri informing him that he arrived at his destination caused him to snap back into focus. He emerged from the vehicle and took a look around to ensure he wasn’t followed. Then he set about with phase one of his own solo project, operation cover-up. He’d went to a graveyard that was not close to downtown. He dug up a grave of someone who’d been long dead & dumped Tommy’s bad back in before burying him again.

Once it was all said and done, and making sure there was no one around watching he left back to HQ. Tommy’s body was six feet under, and for now there was no trace of the white altered. Once he was back in the HQ had Patricia request Kalina to come to his office. She’d been with Liberty for a little over five weeks, a Nigerian woman in her late 20’s. She’d attended college out here & ended up getting work as a therapist/councilor allegedly wanting to help others overcome mental trauma as that was something she & her siblings dealt with immensely in her childhood.

“Director Hanes” Kalina addressed him as she stepped into the office, and closed the door behind her. Due to the nature of her ability she had been working with the director quite frequently since her recruitment to Liberty.

“Just the person I was looking for, come I need you to purge the memory of my partner in the liberty medical center. She overheard some news that’s quite troubling, and I don’t want to share this burden of awareness with her.” Jonah spoke implying he waned her memories of the recent confrontation wiped away.

“I see…it must be quite imperative if you want her memories of the entire assignment you two just worked cleaned away.”

“Yes but that’s for me to know and you to do. After all you get paid to follow instructions, not question them, come o we need this done now, and do not speak of this to anyone you understand, or there will be SEVERE consequences for you & your future with a position here will most certainly be terminated.” Jonah responded knowing how much she valued the benefits for working for Liberty versus her previous work.

Shortly after the two were seen in the medical room where Angela was laying in a bed bandaged up and heavily sedated after her first round of treatment by Liberty’s doctors. Kalina placed her hand on Angela’s forehead and unleashed her power. The memories of the conflict against Tommy were swiped away, then the memories of going to Oakland to confront Super Punch, and finally the memory of being assigned the case at all. Kalina hummed almost in-audibly as she deleted the memories from Angela’s mind, “It is done.”

“Good job.” Well that’s that, the body is buried, Angela has no memory of the assignment & Kalina won’t talk if she wants to keep her job & her life for that matter. Now I have to figure out what the deal with Tommy was, as well as the altered Green stupidly helped obtain more powers. The mystery continues to deepen with no sign of a final unraveling in sight.

“Yes sir, as always working with you is a pleasure.” Kalina shot back at Jonah and took a slight bow as Jonah had always instructed her to do when finishing an assignment. It was somewhat demeaning but this is the highest salary she’d ever achieved in her life. Far more then she made addressing other damaged people such as herself in hopes of helping them heal, something she herself had still not yet done.

“Right let’s get out of here, we’ve got work to do.” Jonah escorted Kalina out the room, and flipped the light switch off before gently closing the door. After Kalina returned to her post, Jonah informed the Liberty Doctors that his brief visit with her was short and had ultimately proved un-productive. As the doctor had instructed him that Angela wouldn’t be waking up with the pain medication flowing through her body, this worked out even more in Jonah’s favor.

Despite the many curve-balls he was being thrown, he still was trying to catch as many of them as possible. He recalled Tommy’s dying words about how he was on the wrong side & that Oakland would go up in flames. Now he had more then just Lori Martinez to focus on, the mystery of Tommy had his attention as well.

"My name is Castiel" The angel replied before effortlessly pulling Ruby's knife out his chest & dropping it to the floor. He then raised his hand causing a flare of white light to surge forward while a brief phrase of the enochian language was heard audibly. The white light rendered both Bobby & Mika unconscious, causing both to collapse to the ground. "And we need to talk alone." He continued with very little emotion or concern for the power he unleashed on Dean's allies.

Dean stared in shock at the man who had just introduced himself as 'Castiel', before watching the knife fall to the floor loudly. His body jumped a bit as the noise made its way around the barn. His shock was matched and exceeded as Castiel knocked Mika and Bobby out with some sort of power. Gasping, he turned back to him and pointed a finger.

"If you hurt them I swear. Now...smartass. WHAT are you?", he yelled toward the smaller man, almost in a growl.

"Your friends are fine, I have no ill will towards them or any reason to hurt them." Castiel continued on calm as ever un-perturbed by Dean's overcharged emotional reaction. Harming his friends would go against his mission and following orders was something he was very good at. "As for me Dean, I am an angel of the lord." Castiel retorted with power emanating from his voice.

Dean narrowed his eyes, glaring at Castiel as he spoke about not having a reason to hurt his friends. He rubbed a hand along his brow before his eyes went wide again at the admission that Castiel was an angel.

"An angel of the lord. There's no such thing.", he muttered, his eyes not leaving the eyes of the angel.

For the first time since the conversation started Dean's words had an effect on the angel who inched a slight bit closer to Dean and raised an eyebrow. "That's the problem with you Dean, you have no faith." Right as he spoke the loud booming of thunder was heard followed by a flash of lightning roaring from the sky above allowing the hunter to witness the black silhouette of his wings..

Dean scoffed at the angel's words as the lightning began flashing and he witnessed his wings, his eyes widening in awe. He squinted at the light, and his mouth fell open, before his stern face returned and he nearly growled, "And why would an angel Save me from Hell, hmm?"

Castiel could tell Dean was shocked & startled by the showcasing of his wings, from what he knew the hunter had encountered many supernatural creatures, & situations yet angels were something that he had a hard time grasping the reality of. "It's simple Dean, because God commanded it, because he has work for you." the angel concluded with a sternness in his voice.

Dean sighed, his hand once again coming to his forehead, as a massive headache was brewing from the news. He laughed sadly from behind his hand, "Work. Work for me. Why would God have work for me? That doesn't make sense. I's God. And I'm assuming by you being here, God is real?"

"Of course my father is real Dean, this is no longer a matter of what you believe or don't believe. The fact of the matter is I was ordered to lift yout of the pit because of what you are needed for. Is your doubt because you don't feel worthy? Believe it or not good things DO happen," Castiel said in response to Dean's questions about the existence of God & whatever work he had planned for him.

Dean smirked and closed his eyes, "Yeah...well not in my experience. Good things happen to make the bad things seem worse. But I'll admit, we could use a win, right now. Other than me being out of Hell, there's a lot of bad. So, what does God want me to do to fix all this."

He waved his hand around, gesturing he was talking about all of the worlds problems. He then scoffed again, "Oh that's right. You conveniently don't know..."

Castiel glared at Dean he was not a fan of his snark or attitude. That was something that was not included in his briefing about this mission. The audacity of him to question not only him but the creator who had took it upon himself to offer Dean mercy and relinquish his eternal torment in damnation. "Well in your experience up until now, as getting released from the fiery chains of hades is something i'm sure many many other souls in that realm would love to have. As for God's commands we will be in touch when more is required of you. For now I'd recommend to do what you do best & keep hunting, see you soon Dean." With that the angel vanished teleporting away accompanied by the fluttering of his wings.

The search for Dean Winchester was over, at last he could begin his mission. The best part about this was that he didn't even have to locate the Winchester now that he had the appropriate form. Instead he was being summoned to their location, he could feel it in the core of his being the summoning of him to a location.

Uriel was right about the Winchesters, about all humans really. He stated they were not one's to sit around & wait. His exact words had been more so along the lines of these hairless apes don't know the meaning of patience. Not like them at least, cosmic soldiers of the father of creation who were able to stand guard & dormant for centuries awaiting their next mission. Awaiting the next instructions in their celestial mission to cleanse the world of it's greatest evils that plagued it. This path he was assigned to was now the reason the ritual was calling him to the location of the older winchster brother.

It's time, this meeting should serve to be far more productive then our last as this visage is one that will bring you no harm neither from it's sound or appearance. With that he was gone on his way to the destination. A show of power followed his manifestation in the area. The very barn itself shook violently at the sheer power that flowed from the divine warrior no doubt alerting the humans inside.

There he was in Novak's body finally about to get this mission on the road. His heightened senses allowed him to pick up on the fact that there were not one nor two but three mortals within the confines of this dwelling. He could feel all sorts of magically enhanced sigils around & within the location made to ward off a wide myriad of supernatural creatures. Unfortunately none of them would have any effectiveness at stopping this warrior of thursday. Using nothing but a flex of his power the barn doors swung open and slowly the angel in the trench-coat stepped forward.

Bang Pop Sizzle

One by one the various lights illuminating the barn exploded, glass shattering as a mere side effect of his divine power. Whether or not the humans instinctively flexed or shielded themselves from the glass being flung from the exploding lights that illuminated the barn had no bearing on him what-so-ever. If he intended to bring the Winchester or his allies harm, there was truly nothing in their possession currently that would be of any use in stopping him.

An aura of utter & absolute calmness radiated from the soldier as he stepped through the devil's trap that had been drawn right at the entrance of the bar. Unlike the many demons they had combatted over the years the trap had zero effect on this entity indicating that he was not of demonic origin. There in-front of of his eyes lay the man that he'd raised out of the pit on orders from the Heavenly Host. As he continued stepping forward slowly but methodically there was but one thought on his mind as he continued in his approach, that he had a message of upmost importance to deliver to Dean Winchester.

"Hello Dean, we need to talk. I am the one who gripped you tight & raised you from perdition."
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It lets people interact with other players online & collaborate with stories & plotlines in real time when there online at the same time if they choose.
That's much harder with the OOC, plus you can access discord on your phone or so. So if someone is having a break they can easily if they choose whip up a story idea with another player.
Versus the site I'm only gonna access it on my computer, the format makes it much to hard and confusing to access on my phone or for brief intervals of time.

Jonah Hanes

Time: Early Afternoon
Location: San Francisco, Liberty Head Quarters

Patricia was getting to work on making contact with the Pastor in charge of the purists & Benny Stein. He wanted to work something out between of them, sort of a power team up. Benny Stein’s talkshow was pro government & anti altered an excellent combination for working with him. Pastor Mendez had some biblically inspired beliefs that he didn’t agree with as a strong agnostic but that was fine with him. Even though they all started from different places on they all got to the ed of the track together.

He went on doing research for the rest of the morning, and taking calls from different agents working different case, Most of the calls were based out of the California office, but a couple were from liberty operatives working in Washington D.C, New York City, Chicago, Atlanta, Vegas, Houston & so forth. As he was putting together the final touches on a field report about Agent Green’s death from the security guards he received a call from his main field partner Angela fields

“Hello Angela, what do I owe you the pleasure?”

“Cut the formalities, I need back up I need you, I’ve been following the lead you got from that kid Xavier, I’ve got another team looking for the native once our facial recognition software, but there’s been a recent string of break-ins in Oakland. Forced entry into vehicles but not the typical baseball bat or crowbar way. Entire doors ripped off and flung into the streets, meet me I’m about to send an address, take a chopper to the rendezvous point I send, and bring some big guns, motherfucker got in the shoulder on the traffic footage and just leapt away, I’ll see you soon get your ass out of that office.

Click, the conversation was over. Finally some action Jonah had studied the masked altered “hero” having watched said camera footage with Angela yesterday evening before calling in the towel and heading home to his wife & kids. Within moments he got additional messages from Angela sending the information she’d discussed on the phone.

He tossed on a tactical vest, and grabbed a larger gun to strap onto his back. He slapped on a belt with multiple pockets, that alongside his cargo pants meant he had enough pockets to carry around all the gadgets he felt he’d need for this encounter. He shot a text to Paige to let her know what was going on and what to get done before heading to the bathroom,

25 Minutes Later
The chopper made its landing and Jonah emerged from the aerial delivery vehicle. The rush of being able to take down another one of the three altered he learned about yesterday was letting him ignore California’s intense summer heat. He went to his text thread with Angela & tapped into her location which she had set to be shared with him for the next 2 hours.

It wasn’t long before he was approaching Angela herself, he’d passed through two streets with several damaged vehicles. SUV’s, cars, jeeps, bikes & more vehicles galore hada. Wide varying range of damage. Doors ripped of the hinge, roofs pushed in, windows shattered. “Oh wow this guy’s mad.”

“Tell me about it, I’ve been keeping an eye on him while I waited on you before I make a move. So far it looks like he’s looking for something, most people break into vehicles looking for cash or tings to sell, but isn’t he supposed to be a superhero.” Angela questioned having read the field report about this guy’s conflict with the ice wielder. Patricia had also given them access to police reports which corroborated the fact that this man was a supposed hero fighting against other dangerous altered criminals, and regular ones.

His conflict with the justice system came from the fact that he was acting as judge, jury & executioner towards his targets. Murdering them rather then allowing them to be cuffed & hauled off to jail. Not that Jonah minded that particularly after all they weren’t focusing on bringing Shade in after his conversation with Anya yesterday. But this guy was no Shade, he was damaging people’s property and ad already ripped up people’s means of transportation across two streets Jonah didn’t want to let him hit a third. “Yeah well he’s no hero clearly, he’s not playing the role so we might as well bring him in. Good thing is while it’s been reported that bullets bounce OFF Shade, we have a police report & footage that shows that even though mister super punch over there is strong he Ain’t invincible.”

“Right alright then how do you want to play this Jonah? I go in first or you? I figure we shouldn’t alert him to the fact that there’s two of us off the bat?” Angela questioned clearly trying to come up with a strategic maneuver to take this altered down.

“I’ll go in first, I’ve been itching for action and according to your paper work you almost got fried by super whore yesterday, leave it to Jonah.” He commanded oozing with authority as he rolled out the corner clutching his weapon.

The altered man was ripping the doors of a mini-van when he noticed the red dot on his chest. He cursed something quietly and turned to face Jonah clearly upset about the confrontation. “This has no involvement with you, stay back citizen and go by your own way if you don’t want to get hurt.” Super Punch said.

“Or what you’re gonna punch the air at me? I don’t think so, I was kind of a fan of you but your out here ripping cars up and I’m thinking damn what If that was my car? Who covers mutant attacks, Geico, All State, I know farmers doesn’t, so I’m gonna take you in. You took out some real scum on the streets, so I’ll be gentle.” Jonah remarked sarcastically as the altered just shook his head.

“It’s not what it looks like, I’m the same as I was before, I’m trying to keep this damn city safe! I gotta get more, I need more strength, more power!!!” Punch screamed and clapped his hands together creating a sonic boom that launched Jonah flying back into a wall causing him to gasp as he connected with the concrete.

“Fuck this, you’re done freak!!!” Jonah yelled as he got up, Punch charged him. Angela came out the cut shooting at the masked property damager. He screamed as two of the bullets grazed his shoulder causing him to loose his momentum. Jonah came up bum rushing him bashing I’m in the face with the butt of his gun drawing blood.

“I’m not a freak you dumb ass I’m the hero!” Punch screamed and jerked the gun out of Jonah’s hands and spun around kicking him in the chest. His super strength causing Jonah to be flung backwards clapping his body into a street pole.

“Some hero you are.” Angela rushed out firing a shot into Punch’s shoulder, then another into his shoulder blade. Punch screamed from the shots hitting and spun around leaping into the air. His strength causing him to hurl through the air and smash against Angela’s chest an audible crack being heard as the agent and masked vigilante crashed into the ground.

“Enough of this sacrifices must be made when the ignorant intervene with greatness & the security of the world!” Punch screamed as he grabbed Angelas gun and ripped it in half, he then lifted her up by the neck and slammed her into the ground causing her to cough out blood. Angela rose up to fight back only for Punch to smack her twice then push her into the ground.

“I won’t give up you bastard, you’re kind won’t win.” Angela retorted spitting towards Punch who barely moved out the way. Angrily he lifted her up pushed her then ran forward slapping her once more, an audible crack was heard as Angela soared forward slamming into the door of a jeep with a hard thud.

“ANGELA!!!!!!” Jonah screamed rushing towards Punch lunging for his own discarded gun. Punch turned around and charged towards the Liberty Agent not wanting him to grab his weapon. As Jonah snapped the gun up Punch ducked and rolled towards a parked Hyundai and ripped the door off right as Jonah opened fire. “Your gonna pay for that motherfucker!!!”

“Yeah make me then!” Punch yelled as he charged towards Jonah the door in hand, Jonah whipped out a grenade tossing it at Punch. Punch swung the door forward to knock the grenade back only to be assaulted with multiple shots from Jonah who now had an open shot. Punch coughed out blood as the shots penetrated his chest and collapsed the door hinge and grenade falling on top of him. Jonah ran back as the grenade detonated ducking down and covering his ears as it did. The screams of punch were all that was heard as Jonah turned to face the altered.

“Wish granted you piece of shit.” Jonah marched over towards the bleeding altered, a normal man would have been killed by that volley of shots. Even though he was far from bullet proof and explosion proof, he was enhanced enough to survive that move. He was in horrible shape oozing blood, but with medical attention he might be able to pull through. Not that Jonah had much concern for the lives of altered humans.

“You messed up, your gonna pay for this in the blood of innocent people, I was the good guy.” Punch said with much less vigor then before the combination attack used on him. Jonah spit at his face and smashed his foot against his tattered mask.

“Not in my book, anyone who hurts my agents is a villain, and now I’m going to look you in the eyes before I remove you from this earth.”

“No…d…don’t..” Punch tried to reach up to stop Jonah but he was too weak to stop the liberty director at this point.

“Shut…the..fuck..up.” Jonah spoke calmly he pulled the mask of the supposed hero tossing it aside “Now I..w…..what…” Jonah was in utter shock as he stumbled back upon unmasking the habitual car damaging altered. “ this can’t be…the reports…everyone so far.” Jonah spoke in between gasps.

Angela who was in bad condition herself had managed to prop herself up against a vehicle using it as support leaning her back against it. Punch’s final volley of melee attacks he’d used on her had did a number on her, and while she wasn’t in critical condition she wouldn’t be able to just walk of that super beating with ibuprofen. “What is it Jonah, what’s going on? What’s wrong?!” Angela called out to her partner wanting to know what about unmasking this altered vigilante menace had him shocked and at a loss for words.

“Angela..he’s…he’s like us…not them he’s white.” Jonah uttered in shock, seeing another caucasian man like himself was behind the mask of the super strong altered who’d brutally beat down his partner and nearly killed them both.

“Surprised huh… have no idea what’s going on! This is only the beginning, it’s getting worst from here, the reason I am what I am is the reason Oakland’s going up in flames you stupid fed, your so far behind your not even helpful or effective. All you people do is rescue criminals, and give them second chances.” The de-masked altered spat out before coughing out blood again.

Jonah clenched his fists, none of this made any sense. It went against everything he knew thus far, the intel and the knowledge he’d gathered, everything Liberty had compiled. To think his own people, the ones he truly wanted to protect could be afflicted with the same sickness as the woman who leveled San Francisco. This can’t be, he must be an outlier he..I know “Really? That’s what you think? Perhaps your right, allow me to make up for that mistake.”

No one can no, this could change everything, these new rules could affect the people that really matter. Me, my wife, my daughters, Angela, all the good people in this country, I won’t let that happen. Jonah pulled out a second gun, his back-up pistol. He leaned down and placed the cold steel of the weapon on the altered’s temple. “Hmm” Making a last minute choice he lifted the gun and opened the altered’s mouth plunging the barrel of the gun inside his mouth before pulling the trigger. As he predicted despite his strength exterior, his insides were just as vulnerable as the rest of them. There was no more talking from the anomaly he was dead. “That’s what you wanted us to do right, no more second chances, be careful what you wish for because you just might get it.”

Nathan Forrester

Time: Late Morning
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada - Corinthian Hotel Lobby

Nathan Forrester was a huge fan of Las Vegas, he loved the atmosphere. So much money was flowing through the city from tourism, casino’s & other ventures. As a multi billion dollar business owner it was easy to see why he was a fan of the place. He was sitting in an expensive restaurant in the lobby of the Corinthian hotel. As he was examining the menu he was checking the time on his watch.

He’d scheduled a meeting here with Clancy Horville, one of the most respected & intelligent scientists in the country as well as the world. After much back & forth conversation he’d convinced the scientist to meet him in person in Vegas for a potential offer. Clancy was adamant about nothing being guaranteed or confirmed because of his position. Currently he was the head director & scientist at CyberCorp which was known as the Forrester Corporation’s main & primary rival for revolutionary technology.

“Wow that was some bathroom break kid, I was scared you bolted for a few minutes there. I’m guessing you were contemplating it though, the appetizers couldn’t have messed up your stomach that bad” Nathan retorted before reaching for a glass of champagne and taking a few sips.

Clancy had an excellent poker face, and exhibited no emotions that either confirmed or denied what Nathan said. “Listen Nathan, firsts of all I’m 26 please don’t call me a kid, second I’ve thought about what you said about the infusion technology & what you’re really interested in Operation FatherWatch. I don’t think it’s something I want to get involved in, the fact that your using them for the infusion technology is no only risky uncharted territory but undeniably inhumane”

“For something to be inhumane it has to involve humans Clancy, which people who breath fire, fly, and shoot lightning from the tips of fingers are not. Unless you’d consider the aliens from Star Wars or the Predator as humans then maybe I’ll respect your classification a little more.” Nathan answered calmly, he wasn’t in the business of debating ethics & morals. Many of his critics assumed he had none, and that didn’t bother him in the least. His priority was financial generation for his company & unlimited success for his family.

“Wow just wow, I’m not the biggest fan of them-“

“Well I’d hope so, who is, especially after that absolutely downright horrible calamity that happened yesterday the San Francisco Massacre, one of the most if not the most atrocious events in our country’s history. You know EVERYONE is looking for her, and as someone who’s well connected and the older brother of the president spoiler alert we have no leads. The nation is terrified that someone like that, menacing & unnaturally powerful is out there on the loose and can strike at any moment maybe not even in California. Hell she could be in this hotel and the intelligence community doesn’t know. You don’t find that to be. a major problem?”

“Sure it’s a problem, but it’s not my problem.”

“Oh right, would you be saying that if your mother, or your father had been victims of Lori’s attack yesterday? You’re blessed that it hasn’t happened, but there’s nothing preventing it. Nothing is stopping her from killing us right here as we speak, and not just her there’s others out there with nefarious agenda’s for innocent hard working Americans. Our country is all but at war, it’s only been 3 months since 10 million citizens were killed in the Energy Storm. We had all but a few days of a break from that before the energy plague was next up to wreak havoc and the altered soon after, plus all of the previous crooks & organized criminal organizations from before haven’t slowed down, in-fact I’d reckon they’ve gotten even worst taking advantage of all the chaos going on in the country & the government putting more focus on it’s new superhuman criminal elements. With your help, your intelligence, my money, my resources we can stop all of that, we can quite literally save this country from the literal brink of its destruction. Every great empire in the past has fallen, we can make sure America is the first that doesn’t!!” Nathan pleaded with the mid 20’s scientist for his help with the project.

“Stop acting like your doing this from the bottom of your heart, just like the blood tests with your brother in the Oval Office he’ll have his administration adopt this technology countrywide & use emergency policy-making to add more billions to your network, with an added bonus of unparalleled good publicity for the so called good your doing for the nation. The worst part about this is it’s not just the altered that are getting used for this software or targeted with it. This…this is like the first ultimate step to a vast change in the landscape of America & everything it stands for. Your brother adopting a completed version of this software can and possibly might single handedly lead to the eventual conversion of the United States from a democracy to a police state.” Clancy shot back with some edge in his tone. It was clear he wasn’t going to allow the older Forrester brohter to pull the full over his eyes. He was known & renowned for his intellect, many tech companies across the globe wanted him in their midst. Even Apple had sent out representatives to pitch lucrative positions to him over the past year due to his stunning work with Norman Chaplin & CyberCorp.

“I understand the more negative possibilities and yes I’m a relentless capitalist but I’m also a patriot and so is my brother & every member of my family if anyone is planning on using this technology for corrupt activities it won’t be the Forrester Adminisration. My sole interest in Project FatherWatch outside of massive financial gain, is purging the country of it’s overbearing active succesful criminal elements, as far my offer to you I’ll not only match your Current salary at Cybercorp I’ll double it, and offer you a 25 million signing bonus.” Nathan replied with a slight smirk on his face. Throwing around huge numbers was his way of converting others to his side & getting them to see eye to eye with him on any matter.

Clancy hesitated no doubt because of the amount of cashflow Nathan was offering. He was far from poverty working with Cybercorp, but he’d practically become a multi millionaire overnight which would change him & his family’s financial future for the better. “25 million signing bonus…”

“So now. your starting to see the benefits of joining the winning team, and the right side of history, your name will be engrained into our society & your contributions to society will be studied for multiple future generations to come. “I know you’d come around once everything was laid out, besides your main concerns about Project FatherWatch are unfounded. This is a dire situation otherwise it wouldn’t be something I suggested or even brought up financial windfall or not, In light of everything taking place especially damage & deaths incurred in recent events we as Americans have to ask ourselves one question now what’s more important privacy or peace."

“Your really comparing privacy to peace to justify this.” Clancy scoffed at Nathan’s audacity, everything he’d heard about the Forrester’s was true but more then that it was only a understatement to how Nathan was In person.

“Yes this is the first step to a new era of peace & prosperity. We can deal with the unruly altered, gangsters, organized crime, & traffickers in one stroke. We can rescue everyone in transit to be enslaved sex slaves Or bystanders blackmailed into smuggling. More then ever we need a victory, we need to win, the morale of this country is dampening in all 50 states, let’s work together and provide the illumination.’

“The illumination huh.” Clancy couldn’t help but chuckle, Nathan was so good at selling his own lies, it wouldn’t be shocking if he believed them himself. “The offer is very lucrative, as you know most likely from doing your own research on my position and earnings the signing bonus alone is more then what I’m generating from Chaplin. But there’s other things that matter to me like loyalty to people & my country’s freedoms being maintained. A I predicted over the phone I can’t compromise my code or beliefs to participate in your project. I’ll be taking my leave now I have a flight to catch to D.C, I wish you the best Nathan.”

Clancy rose up and Nathan slipped him a business card before he left. Shortly after the waitress came with Nathan’s steak dinner. Nathan was ready to eat, and while the food was amazing his mine was on the infusion technology & Project FatherWatch. Right as he was slicing his well done premium meat up with his knife his phone rang, the CEO quickly answering upon seeing the caller ID.

“Hello, hmmm yes of course. He was shook by the offer, he was close to getting on board.

“Yes but you used the word close, so he’s not on board.” The voice on the other end asked.

“No not yet, and that needs to be fixed right away. Contact Kingsley, bring her in, I don’t care whether she works her mojo on Clancy, Chaplin or both of em Long as the result is Clancy on board right away, get that done yesterday we’re in unprecedented territory after the giant whore with multiple powers attacked San Francisco yesterday, Like I said get it done now.” Nathan finished in a commanding tone before hanging up and going back to finishing his meal irked that Clancy had turned down his initial offer. Oh well the easy way hadn’t worked, but at least with the hard way he could include a budget cut to the tune of about ten million. A smile crept across the elder forester brother’s face at the thought of saving more money for just a short extension of Clancy’s start date at the Forrester Corporation.

Adora Zayas

Time: Late Morning
Location: Downtown San Francisco

Yesterday had been a rush, so many people had died. The San Francisco Massacre as it had now been dubbed was all over the news. The fact that a group of reporters had been murdered in such a cruel way was also stirring the networks. The reported death toll being a few numbers over 29,000 pleased Adora. Her intent was to stir controversy & bring further stigma towards people with altered human status. President Forrester’s new implemented laws had caused protest to erupt from minority communities with many members who weren’t even altered humans.

The massacre had effectively halted all said momentum, and drastically lessened the support of altered humans even among minority communities. Nobody wanted to profess allegiance to the altered after the horrific mass murders that had rocked the nation. Whilst the actual Energy Storm & even the plague had claimed more victims, her attack had caused the most amount of deaths in both a short time & from a singular event. Everything wasn’t gravy however, she hadn’t been able to reach Agent Green & figured he was compromised.

She’d suspected that his time was coming to an end recently, & his phone line being off all but confirmed that. Damn it I’m going to need to get a new contact inside Liberty if I’m going to get more access or to lead me to Tartarus. If I get to the compound I’m in for a thanksgiving feast oh if only even Green wouldn’t share that information, what a pity Adora was eager to locate Liberty’s secret hidden underground prison facility for altered humans. She figured the more superhuman violence she caused the harsher life would become for the altered which would inevitably lead to more of them being rounded up.

Either way she was happy she had something to do right now. Something that could end up being a major game changer for her line of work. Inside an LAPD police officer we came to Andrea Rojas an LAPD detective who’d been making headlines recently. Over the past two months she’d helped bring down several kidnappers, murderers, & drug dealers. Her career was sky rocketing upwards but that had gotten her in the chief’s office. The chief was a place woman Jean Patterson who’d been on the LAPD force for a little over two decades now. Andrea had many less years then her under her belt, this was her fourth year in the LAPD. She’d done two years prior in Oakland but that was the extent of her law enforcement career thus far.

But over those past four years she’d built up a good relationship with Jean, in & out of work. Jean was in uniform taping her foot against the floor angrily with an angry scowl on her face. She was reading a file pausing momentarily to take brief angry death glares at Andrea who shifted uncomfortably in her seat-infront of the chief’s desk. She knew what this was about, and with everything going on D.C as well as Lori’s attack yesterday she already imagined where this was going & what outcome lay ahead for her.

“So are you outta your fucking mean Rojas, do you care about your life? Your career, how the hell your gonna provide for your two sons without a fucking job?” Jean got right to it, even tough they were friends her ruthlessness was never suppressed when it came to matters of work.

“Look Jean, you can’t expect me to have this ability, and not put it to use. Look how many people I’ve put behind bars in the past two months alone-“Jean snapped quickly cutting Andrea off.

“That’s the god damn point and what I told you! I stick my neck out for you and you do out here being a damn super detective. How the hell do you explain this, with everything going o people are asking god damn questions. I’ve been here for more then 20 fucking years and even I had some problems dealing with people wondering if I’m altered just cause of how I look. I’ve had a-lot of shit being a black chief, but never had to put up with people thinking I’m a mutant or on my way to doing one because I kicked a damn virus. You think cause you recovered in three days people ain’t gonna find out huh, but there’s records for everything! You know this for christ sake you’re a god damn detective. I’ve looked out for you but you just don’t give a fuck huh. Now the national guard’s got check-points posted administering blood tests all across the city, and you best believe the hammer’s coming down because they just banned all of you people from law enforcement.”

“What?! You can’t be serious chief, I thought we had a deal, you said you would look out, you know I’m not like those things! I’m not like that bitch from yesterday.” Andrea knew she’d get in trouble for using her ability to aid her work but never thought it would end up with her actually loosing her position.

“Oh okay, so you want me to go down with you? After what happened yesterday what do you think they’ll do to me for willingly and knowingly keeping an altered officer hired? Oh and before your slow ass ask how they’ll know, maybe it’s the fact that in the past 2 months you’ve brought in more major criminals then the past two years. Shoulda kept your super fucking hearing to ya damn self, people asking questions and I don’t wanna answer them! I don’t want to fire you, I want you to quit, sooner or later every officer’s going to HAVE to be tested Andrea, maybe I’d be more comfortable playing dumb a little while longer if you weren’t out here being as effective as the whole department combined, and then some.” Jean glared at her friend.

Andrea was crushed, police work was her passion. With her heightened hearing & caring heart she didn’t have it in her to let crime go by unsolved if she knew about it. Hearing the pleas and racing heart-beats of innocent people kidnapped & forced into sex work many of whom had cases that had long went cold. Or the desperate pleading of a person before they were brutally murdered for debts to greedy drug pushers who viewed non payment even when the victim had no means to pay as disrespect. She could recall speeding through the streets to prevent those murders, but was only ever close enough to actually stop two. The rest she was at least able to detain the monsters red-handed after there senseless murder of people suffering from addiction. “Fuck it Jean, I guess I just expected you to look out while I was looking out for others.” Andrea responded defeated at her chief’s commentary.

“I..I…I don’t give a fuck, I told you what’s up. Don’t try that stupid shit with me, you’ve got 10 days to get th hell out yourself or I’ll do it. So if you wanna play super cop one more week go ahead your already fucked, at least bring down someone who matters.” Jean added at the end, she was frustrated with her friend. Knowing the harsh circumstances of altered life In the country she didn’t want to see her get caught or exposing herself by using her powers in her career. She wouldn’t mind trying to keep her on the job longer if it wasn’t for her recent actions that indicated unusual behavior in her policing work.

Andrea got up and left the office slamming the door. She grabbed a few things from het desk and waltzed out without speaking to any of her co-workers. She hopped in her cruiser, and made her way home only stopping to grab food for her & the boys. She’d dropped them off at her mother’s house this weekend because she’d had her fuck buddy over & needed to relive some stress & tension.

Upon getting home she was welcomed to the smell of fresh BBQ ribs, and her friend with many benefits Joe singing Rod Wave. “You look so good to me yeah, I don’t know another broken heart or sleepless night. God please guide me right,, she looks like the girl of my dreaaaaams, yeah you look like the girl of my, you look like the girl of myyyyyyy, you look like like the girl of my dream.” Joe sang in a wonderful voice on cue as Andrea got home and wrapped her arms around him kissing him.

“Oh my, wow I didn’t know my pussy was that amazing, singing like that makes me think you wanna be more then friends Mr. Harris.” Joe grinned and kissed her again, before leading her to the kitchen where he had a smorgasbord of food. BBQ Ribs, Pulled Pork, Baked Beans, Collard Greens, Mac n cheese dripping with flavor, corn-bread, and grilled chicken. “Hey Slow your roll were still just friends, but my benefits don’t just include the super pipe & the tongue it comes with A1 grilling, excellent barbecuing & a voice that would make Trey Songz & Rod Wave jeleous.” Joe joked, he always picked up on her bad moods when she walked in the door & tried to ease her mind. They really had been friends the past four years, but both of there careers had led them away from there less busy partners & Ito each others arms or rather beds to satisfy each other’s needs in accordance with their mutual filled schedules.

“Sounds like I might need to step up the benefits I’m offering then, thanks Joe you really are so clutch right now, after the talk I just had with that bitch Jean.”

“That bitch Jean? I have’t heard that one before, I take it she’s not trying to cover for you being altered anymore? Look fuck her, there’s bad altered out there, but your out here making LA a safe place, which I think clearly a lot of LAPD officers ain’t doing. I’m finna run to the store to grab some BBQ sauce, soda & some honey jack I may have guzzled down the last two shots you were saving the Rod Wave vibes got me, really the usher ones.”

Andrea playfully punched Joe who after sharing a kiss with her was out the door. Once she’d seen his car leave through the blinds she instantly made herself a sample plate of everything ad retrieved a 375 mil flash of Hennessy VS stashed in the back. With no chaser required she downed two shots that her nerves so badly needed. “I’d have beat his ass if he finished or even opened the henny, ugh it’s not even your fault Joe, but when a girl needs a drink, she needs a drink.”

“I agree whole heartedly>”

Andrea spun around nearly dropping the VS, except it was caught by nothing but air. Andrea lost her concern for the bottle and red her weapon seeing she was far to face with Lori Martinez from the news, albeit at normal size. “You…you monster…your from the news, you killed all those people.”

“Yeah I had quite a bit of fun yesterday, it was such a rush, I’ve been practicing that trick for a while, so it was thrilling to be able to use it in public. It’s going to make a return, in-fact several, you almost dropped your drink girl.” Adora spoke as if they were friends, exhibiting a calm cadence even though she’d broke into the struggling detective’s residence. Using TK the bottle shot to her the top spinning off and floating at a tilt allowing her to take a shot. Just as quick the top re-tightened on the bottle and zoomed to the right landing on the closest counter top. She patted her chest with TK massaging away the harsh burn & Henry taste she hadn’t consumed in a while. “This is why I mostly stick to drugs these days, I’ll take heroin or coke nose burn over my throat being raped by henny ORRRJack like your man candy” Adora continued rambling on feeling even more comfortable as the henny did it’s job. A damn good at one that, which granted was inanely easy due to all the other drugs in her system amplifying the potency of the alcohol.

Click Bang Bang.

Trigger pulled, two shots fired. Andrea clenched & winced for a brief second, expecting blood to splatter on her face as there was little distance between he & the super killer. Her eyes stretched open slightly then fully widened in shock. Both shots had missed and were lodged into the roof. “How the fuck, they woulda had to curve.”

“Pointer keep your eyes open when shooting, don’t tell me you don’t find the blood of your enemies, prey, & victim splashing on you to be delightful. Accompanied by some screams of terror, crying & pleading for their lives to be spared it’s pure ecstasy. Gets me all tingly in my baby maker.

“What the fuck are you! Go back to hell where you came from!!” Andrea pulled the trigger again taking Adora’s advice and keeping her eyes open.

The bullet whizzed towards Adora who used TK to deter it’s path causing it to zip past Adora’s forearm just barely missing her and hitting the sink. “No what the fuck do you want with me”

“Hmmm your ears, you see I can think of quite a few benefits of those DUMBO ears, much better yes then dealing with kidnappers & putting up all the good dealers, you got some nerve especially with the border closed, I can’t have you fucking up the coke supply ouchea.” Adora stepped forward causing Andrea to tense up and reach for her knife.

“I won’t help you with shit!” Andrea barked as a streak of electricity slammed into her chest sizzling her skin causing her to cry out and drop the knife. Adora launched two more electric bolts into the officer singing her knee and her elbow causing her to slump back against the wall. Adora then lunged forward grabbing Andrea’s neck and using her power. Andrea screamed out in pain & terror as Adora drained her. Irate from her yelling Adora used TK to forcibly shut her mouth an invisible force jamming her lips together as she was stripped of her life, of her everything.

Letting go and stepping back she felt triumphant as Andrea’s lifeless corpse hit the kitchen floor with a thud. “Okay it’s much better now.” Adora then walked over to the plate Andrea had and went to town. After scarfing down the meal she took a seat in the living room closer to the front door, shape-shifting into Andrea & bussing out her cocaine & heroin to do lines off Andrea’s table using a rolled blue $100 she fished from the real Andrea’s pocket.

She put her hearing to the test, and tapped Into Andrea’s memory to utilize the power. “Perrrrfect”

“Wow I can’t believe It took me 22 minutes, I can’t keep the pussy waiting”

”Oh shit I’m way too drunk to be driving fuck I gotta get back home, if I get a DUI my wife will kill me”

”Yooo this is nuts bro I’m so fucked up, these shrooms are MAGIC bruh like Harry Potter

”I can’t stand this stupid bitch! I hate her, I’m gonna fuck her up, how DARE she give my PS4 away fucking slut”

”I know he’s fucking cheating on me with Felicia, that stupid ass man. He must think I’m fucking DUMB, I’ll show him a dumb bitch

Her hearing was massively expanded, this was the power she desired. This was the ultimate replacement for Agent Green, now her hearing was grand. She’d been stalking Andrea who she happened to stumble across when she was invisible and a conversation she was having with her brother about her ability had peaked her interest. Of course the nature of her power meant Adora had to be very carefully in stalking to her, using a combination of flight to hover above the ground to prevent alerting her with foot-steps and using sound manipulation to nullify the sound of her heart-beat, breathing & other similar small sounds that normal people wouldn’t here but that her super hearing would easily detect.

The best part about this power was that it was only semi-passive, this is the reason why Adora didn’t snatch the power right away. She wanted intel from Andrea herself to figure out if her hearing was amplified 24/7 or if it was something she could dial up or down at will. Her biggest fear was siphoning some power from an altered she killed that would end up being more problematic then beneficial or would cause drastic change in her life that was mostly uncomfortable.

Soon after the door unlocked and Joe walked inside, Adora was still in Andrea’s form. She’d slipped into something more comfortable that showed off her figure in Andrea’s form. “Hey baby I’m glad you’re back.

“I can tell” Joe said eagerly and embraced her in a kiss. As the two lips locked, it wasn’t long before they were up in the stairs and engaged in a lustful tryst. Downstairs Andrea’s corpse lay on the floor whilst upstairs Adora was getting her back blown out by Joe.
I'm watching the final 6 episodes of Supernatural, slowly. And its breaking my heart knowing there's only six left. Kill me.

damn is this your first time?!!!!! omg, well the good thing is
there's 15 seasons
for me that's 15 years, so i got hella content to revisit & rewatch, unles you be rewatching it often which you seem like you might or might not, it could be either way with you luv lmao
But SPN is my show
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I saw Dean, Bobby & Mika arrived outside the barn :D
Lmk when to post luv i'm ready
@AnnaBethim super super ready haha, i'm hype
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