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ALSO if anyone wants to play General Zod let me know, I plan on using him as an NPC being the RP's villain for now but if anyone has an interest in being Zod both present & future simply let me know, and we can collaborate on plot ideas for your version of Zod, and how it'll be implemented into the RP.
Given Kryptonian's vulnerability to magic, I'm thinking of creating a Magic-user resistance agent that was sent back.

That's an awesome idea, I feel like Zantanna was probably one of the first people General Zod and his army killed, if someone wants to play her though we can incorporate her.

Still interested and definitely going to play Static. Also, are multiple characters allowed at the start? If so I would probably also play a resistance member sent back in time.

Static was one of my favorite cartoons when I really got into superheroes, so it'll be awesome to see you bring Virgil to life in this roleplay. Multiple characters are allowed, I'll get to work on the OOC in a short while hopefully this interest check can gather some more interest.
This sounds interesting. Considering playing Static, both in the present and the future.

That would be dope & a great character to present in this situation.

@Raistlin Majere It's a definently!

The Roleplay has been revived, and looking for fresh talent, picking off where we left off.
Anyone who chooses to play a cannon DC Character can make their own version of the character. IE Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Green Arrow, Martian Manhunter, etc.

I'm basing the events off the DC Movie Universe, the current DC comic incarnation, and some influence from the DCAU series. So nothing is set in stone regarding the character's history, although keep it inspired by the source material. But also feel free to introduce original characters to interact with this world, I'll be doing that myself.
Tentatively interested in the premise. I’m curious, are you planning on having everyone play two characters at a minimum, or have people play their character’s past and future self, or just have each player focused on either the past or future? Also will you have two different threads? I imagine two separate but connected stories going on in the same thread runs an even higher risk of getting very confused and cluttered than normal.

Just one OOC & IC Thread.
There's no character minimum, someone can choose one character if they want. People will have the choice to play their future & past self simultaneously if they want, because the premise is the protagonists attempting to change the timeline, events that occur in the future aren't set in stone.
Idea that popped in my head from reading some comics recently & re-watching Man of Steel. The Setting would be that of the DC universe, albeit an alternate version the players themselves have created.

In this universe General Zod, and his allies have managed to restore the shrunken city of Kandor to full size and as a result create a Kryptonian Kandorian army of individuals powered by the yellow sun. Following his lead the Kryptonians waged war on humanity & the rest of the universe taking over with ease. Superman has fallen, The Justice League has been torn apart & disbanded. General Zod reigns supreme as the ruler of the DC Universe, and the source of his victory obtaining the Anti Life Equation a formula that can remove free will & utilizing it on an unwilling all powerful ally he's come to be acquainted with named Doctor Manhattan from the DC Universe.

Batman, aka Bruce Wayne is one of the last survivors of the Justice League 20 years into the Apocalyptic Zod influenced future. The Green Lantern corps have fallen, Zod having forged an alliance with Sinetro to have the Sinestro Corps reign supreme over his intergalatic military. Bruce Wayne now an inter-galatic fugitive has put together a rag-tag team of recruits many former members of Young Justice & accessed a boom-tube to forge a portal through space & time to send the remnants of the resistance 20 years into the past to stop Zod's rise to power, and prevent his control over nearly all powerful Doctor Manhattan which cemented his rule over humanity & the universe.

Premise, the plot would occur in both the future & the past simultaneously. The Future Story-line focuses on Emperor Zod & his armies ruling over the universe, Bruce Wayne being arrested for sending resistance members into the past, & the resistance putting up a last ditch battle against Zod & also trying to rescue the legendary resistance fighter Bruce Wayne from his public execution scheduled in 3 weeks.

The PRESENT storyline would focus on Zod's rise to power. In the current timeline the world is recovering from an alien invasion carried out by the vicious White Martians, Superman has been forced into retirement due to public sentiment & fear of extraterrestrials caused by the White martian invasion. The Governments of the world are pushing for regulation & monitoring of superhuman individuals across the globe due to the death toll from the 2 week long White Martian invasion which totaled 1 billion people. Wonder Woman & Batman struggle to inspire & lead the remnants of the Justice League following the casualties of the invasion, Superman's absence & the growing anti superhuman sentiments across the planet. General Zod has just managed to restore the Kandorians & escape the Phantom Zone however in the process has caused his army to be de-powered, & they are seeking out technology developed by LexCorp that can cause a a massive artificial solar flare that will empower the Kryptonian army with hte same levels of solar energy Kal-El currently has. Not only that but a mysterious visitor from another dimension who seems to have trouble follow him named Doctor Manhattan has spawned on DC earth missing his memories of his life in his native dimension.

So who's interested? We can use traditional DC characters & created characters. Future Storyline focuses on Zod already winning & running the universe, "present" storyline focuses on Zod's attempts to rise to power, the rag-tag small group of resistance fighters Bruce sent from the Future to stop Zod's rise to power.

Any interest let me know.
Atlanta, Georgia - Jordan Whittaker - Georgia State Dorm Room

“Ain’t this some shit.” Jordan groaned looking at the horrifying news on the television in his college dormitory. His plan to escape to Atlanta, and find a new life away from guns, selling heroin, fighting, and other unsavory behavior had been unraveling rapidly thanks to “The Incident” & being Empowered. He remembered vividly when the lights all went off in the city,a global blackout, panic, sirens blaring, and then everything went out. Net thing he knew he woke up in the outskirs of the city shirtless, and a week later. The whole entierety of the experience had been disturbing & heightened his teenage PTSD from gang banging.

“Can you believe that, some Pastor he is! Who is he to call these people demons, he’s the real monster.” His girlfriend Tiara protested as she walked back into the living room where Jordan was and kissed him on the lips then sat down and put her hand on his.

“Baby stop, I know what your trying to do. I’m sorry that Shannon died, but I keep telling you the only reason we survived that car accident is the grace of God, I don’t have no damn powers, I’m not one of them things.” Jordan protested although he quickly realized what he said would effect her. “ I ain’t mean to call em things Tia-”

“Oh fuck you! That’s not okay Jordan. “His girl protested as some tears welled in her eyes both of the harsh reminder that her cousin Shannon was killed, as well as the fact that the guy whom she idolized and held a place in her heart had been the one to utter the most recent hatred statements about her. Maybe I Was wrong about him being Empowered, there’s no way we survived that accident that entire Bus everyone on it that hit us and two cars full of people behind that got involved all died, even our car is totalled and we still here maybe it was God Tiara wished she could remember the nature of the accident but the memories of the time & everything around it were gone from her mind.

“I know babe I’m sorry, I mean look even if I was one of them well I would have to get the fuck outta here. I mean I’m sure it’s bad everywhere to be an real life mutnat, but in the A everything going on it’s gotta be up the scale. I mean look Shannon got killed and she lives in Miami, her power wasn’t even violent.”

“Look I need some fresh air babe please let’s stop talking about her, I’ll come back later I’m sorry.” Tiara felt bad about trying to coerce Jordan into revealing he was empowered, and got up to leave much to Jordan’s disapointment who sighed and went to focus on watching the rest of the news report about Pastor Grady, only to learn a hospital downtown had been brought down, as well as riots & other violent acts.

“This whole situation is a fucking mess, jesus christ, got my girl mad at me but I can’t tell her Im gonna have to go back home, this shit is fucking insane.” As he sat back in his couch he shrugged wanting to figure something out when his phone began buzzing and he reached for it only to hear a voice he’d hoped was from his nightmares rather then part of reality.

“Hello Whittaker, it seems you think my call was a warning? I know now what you are, and who you are. I will ruin your life, you see everything going on in the media? What do you think will happen if I take the evidence I have of you to the authorities? All those people on that bus, the honda, and the corolla are dead because of your power, you decided you and that wench of yours deserved a second chance at life more thn over 30 people?

“Your fucking real.” Jordan balked realizing just how serious the situation was, and the person on the other line laughed.

“Listen Jordan, I told you what I want. If you want your family, your girlfriend, all of them to be safe, you’ll be wise to listen to me, or else. I’ll be calling back later to get an update on your homework.” Click.. A ping noise was heard, and thel ine disconnected Jordan holding the phone in his hand shaking about what was unraveling, now forced to accept the truth of his life being Empowered & the ramafications from his actions intentional or otherwise were dismantling his life more and more every day.

“I have to find this motherfucker, rock his shit, and get the fuck outta here or else Tiara, Kandice, mama all them might get got.” A sigh of exhaspuration infused with stress & disapointment emerged from the struggling college student as he held his face down burying his vision into the carpet trying to figure out a remedy to his situation rather then just wallow in self pity.
@Meleck So these are the Slice of Life characters your talking about? Well add some more details to them, and see just make the profiles more detailed then I can go ahead & approve them.

Just there a little too bare lol.

@KiddAlright can't wait for you to be back! Your precense is definently missed in the RP!!

@role modelSure you can!


Name: Jordan Whittaker
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Height: 5'9
Weight: 177 lbs (Minimum Fat)
Ethnicity: African American
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Religion: Skeptical Agnostic Christian
Occupation: Student

Ability: Energy Absorption,Kinetic

Background: Jordan Whittaker is a chicago native, born & raised in the windy city. Raised on the south side from a young age he was wrapped up in a life of violence & crime. His father was killed in a drive by shooting when he was two years old leaving his mom Kamara to raise him, and his sister Kandice. Known for his violent streak since his youth he's always been getting into fights & trouble. By the time he was in high school he got into street fighting & rose up in ranks getting paid to do so, his main source of income outside of being a black disciple. Despite gang affiliation, strings of armed robbery, ties to gun violence, and being arrested for extortion & blackmail at the age of fifteen he was good in school. He was forced to serve seven months in jail after being arrested for less then half a gram of heroin at school. Due to his plea deal he took at court he received time served, and was a free man after serving out his drug conviction as well as getting it off his record. He took school more seriously, and was able to graduate with high grades going to college in Georgia to escape his criminal history ties & focus on integrating into society. He was one of those vaporized, and shortly after returning to earth while driving with his girlfriend hi power manifested allowing him to save himself & his girl when a bus rammed into them at the cost of everyone ont he bus's lives. While his girlfriend Tiara has no memory of how they survived the accident due to pain sustained during her cranium in the crash, he has a vivid memory and has grown to have a fear and distaste of his powers believing them to be a curse that will make his life as a black man with a record even harder & seeks to avoid the pitfalls of being Empowered while also seeking a way to profit from his curse.
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