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Awesome character, APPROVED!

Post em in the character tab
Looking for more people! :)
@FunnyGuy Excellent, Excellent characters!

Marcus Stone, working for Legion is perfect, lmao no super is safe! Lmao, and he's "Ghost" an unkillable Ghost is crazy. Power comes on today too oooouuu

Bella is another amazing character, I can feel the evil dripping off her.

Post them in the character tab!

@role model Yes, we can collab! I love collab we can start planning things. I'm putting together a little story idea right now. One of my characters Adora is responsible for the murder of the agents Flint is looking into.

Kalep has no ties to any characters/story except Jace yet.

The story I'm thinking for Jace, is what would happen if a regular criminal got powers, and what they'd do instead of being a super villain.
Flint Marrow - Atlanta, Georgia - Legion Facility

"Damn it" Agent Marrow was more then a little annoyed with the situation & developments taking place. The past three months hadn't been easy, with everything "The Incident" had caused. He recalled the early days when they'd first uncovered the futuristic technology from the alternate dimension they would serve to cause massive damage to the world as well as empowering & murdering several individuals on it. "This is not good."

He was looking down at some paper work and shaking his head. Two days ago they'd been forced to murder another individual with abilities. A Man with the ability to melt solid matter, and a known criminal prior to his powers. Legion had been forced to open a center in Atlanta as during the first month after "The Incident" a kid with powers had killed 100 students at his high school by draining the oxygen out of their lungs.

Members of Congress were proposing a bill that would force people with abilities to register with a Government database with language making it sound similar to the Sex Offender list. The main problem this would cause for Legion's work was that if people with powers were being forced to out-themselves, and be recorded with public knowledge making them disappear would cause more questions & raise more alarms. "The President needs to get a fucking handle on this! We can't have this damn bill passed. We need to track down as many of these individuals as possible, and place them in the camps! Of course we can't spill the beans to everyone in fucking Congress, but your going to have to make something happen!" Flint screamed before hanging up his phone and placing it down.

His hands cupped his forehead as he took in a deep breath clearly frustrated with everything going on. "My job is getting harder everyday, and the Director is breathing down my neck." He said now speaking to himself as he kept flipping through his paper work. Files on the superhuman they knew about, and there were still plenty more out there. Although they'd managed to recruit a small handful with some military & government backing that proved to be loyal to the cause it was no telling how many more where out there, and how truly dangerous their abilities could be.

He turned to look at his laptop, and saw he had a new email. "More bad news huh." He sighed and reached over for his ash tray grabbing a still lit cigarette. Taking a few puffs he leaned back in his chair as he opened up the electronic message. "What?

Hello Agent Marrow, we've received information that an agent from your division was compromised. Greg Konnovich was recently revealed to have connections to a dangerous drug cartel associated with Hector Salzaras, suspected to have died in a freak tidal wave minutes after The Incident occurred. Further more during our investigation into him, he's suddenly vanished off the face of the earth. In the final period of our investigation into him before we took him into custody we know he was looking for an individual who'd managed to steal a sizable amount of money from the Salzaras Cartel. We are 90% sure he had no idea that we had any surveillance on him or that he had any awareness of his ties to the Cartel. He'd called for back-up claiming he had uncovered an extremely dangerous super powered murderous individual in Atlanta, below is footage transmitted from Backup before they went offline.

He opened the file, and saw it showed about four armed legion agents searching a warehouse area. A few minutes into the video one of hte agents was knocked across the room into a wall with powerful force. The other three agents turned around raising their weapons yelling out. Out of thin air a car appeared slamming into a second agent. Then the camera was distorted, and all he could see was what appeared tobe some massive object coming down towards the agents then the camera went blank and nothing but static was heard.

"Shit....." Flint got up from his desk and the cigarette fell to the ground. "Just like I thought more bad news."

Name: Flint Marrow

Age: 34

Gender: Male

Height: 5'9

Weight: 162 lbs

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Religion: Agnostic

Occupation: CIA Agent/Legion Agent

Ability: N/A

Background: Flint Marrow was born into a strict rule regulated military family. As a "military brat" as he was known he moved often making it difficult for him to maintain friendships. As such he was a loner, and kept his head in the books. He had a close relationship with his father Nathan Marrow who he idealized. By the time he was in middle school his family settled down, although his father began working for the FBI and was often traveling. The Distance with his father led to him becoming socially involved with other people. Always studious, he increased his popularity by getting involved in athletics. After graduation, he left his home state of Miami, Florida to pursue a Criminal Justice degree in New York University. He ended up going into the military right after school, and served for seven years.

Upon completion of his service in the military, he wound up securing work in the private security business. Taking his job way too seriously he inadvertently helped stop a terrorist attack near his job site. From there he was recruited into the CIA, and excelled. He rose up in ranks very quickly, and became a high profile agent. He ended up marrying an agent he developed a close relationship with Sandra Brown, and had a son. A year later his daughter was born, and aside from his position in the CIA & Sandra that became the most important thing in his life. He was eventually recruited into Legion after the failed experiment that led to "The Incident". As one of the high ranking members who had a major influence on the project, he feels personal responsibility for the consequences of the "Incident" experiment.
We may need a little more context to get going. Like a more particular location than the whole world and maybe a reason to drag some more passive people in.

I am of course willing to provide as Carter is kinda designed for narrative flexibility/conflict, but I would need some time. Work and all.

Alright, I'll go ahead and submit the first post! I believe we should start the storyline in Atlanta, Georgia and have all the characters in a central location. I'll also begin putting together initial issues for the characters to tackle.

But yeah, Carter will definently be a key character. I just made my last character, so I believe I have all I need character wise to infuse the plot with juicy action.

@role model Go ahead and post your character in the character tab.

Name: Jace Williams

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Height: 6'1

Weight: 188 lbs

Ethnicity: African American

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Religion: Christian in name only

Occupation: Unemployed

Ability: Strength Manipulation: He has the ability to manipulate strength allowing him to absorb, transfer, increase, decrease, and manipulate the strength of himself, others, and objects. He can affect the strength of things wholly or partially, as well as affecting various and different types of "Strengths".

Background: Jace William was born in Chicago, in a rough part of town. His father left his family when he was only two years old, leaving his mother to fend herself and all his siblings. He grew up poor, and as such never wanted to experience that type of life again. His mother struggled to motivate him to take school seriously so he could succesful in life. However he ended up rebelling, spending most of his time getting into fights, skipping class, smoking cigarettes, stealing, & chasing women. Him and his older brother Jason ended up getting involved with selling drugs through his uncle who was a successful drug dealer. After his brother was shot in the head from a drug deal wrong, he was sent to live in Atlanta with his Auntie Keisha as well as his younger brother Devon & sister Tamara.

Scarred by his brother's death he began taking school more seriously. He landed a job as a waiter, and began playing football. He developed a close friend-ship with Kalep Jackson, and they bonded over their similar back-grounds & struggles. Due to financial hard-ship he ended up selling drugs again in high school, which led to him getting arrested his senior year. He lost his football scholarship, and ended up doing a year in jail for assault & heroin possession. He got his GED in jail, and ended up bouncing from job to job. Once again he slipped into a detrimental path, this time becoming a jack boy. Seeing how much profit he was making from stealing, he ended up leaving his job. With the money he was making he once again invested his into fornicating with women, smoking weed, and other degenerate behaviors.

He supported his sister Tamara who went to school to pursue politician science with the goal of going to law school, and helped out his brother Devon who got involved with selling drugs. Eventually Devon was arrested, and Jace was in the car with him. Devon was sentenced to 10 years in prison, while Jace was only given probation. While on probation he wound up discovering a love for music, and started rapping/making music. He made moderate success, and to fund his ventures he managed to land a job at a car dealership from a family friend, as well as working as a security guard part time. He ended up failing a probation drug test, lost his security job, and went back to jail for 60 days. After getting out he got in contact with his uncle who moved to Atlanta, and began selling cocaine. Seeking to monetize his profits, he regained his job at the dealership, and began selling to dealers to increase his profit & launder money. He also helped his friend Kalep who was down on his luck get a job at the dealership prior to "The Incident" taking place. Now with his newfound powers, he's ready to take on the world, and claim everything he deserves.
When will we get started?

We're started now, go ahead and start posting in the IC thread!

Name: Alan "Carter" Smith

Age: 34

Gender: Male

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 180

Ethnicity: White

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Religion: Catholic

Occupation: Bookshop Owner (Thief)

Ability: Electricity Manipulation

Background: Even though he was born of middle class parents Alan didn't have much time to enjoy a normal life before both of his parents died at the hands of a cop during a traffic stop. The news was heartbreaking, but more than that, embittering towards authority. He and his two younger siblings spent most of their childhoods in an orphanage without really knowing the details of happened to their parents and without much hope for the future. It was particularly bad for Alan who hated the way the orphanage was run and could only barely coexist with the staff. Regardless he stowed it away for the sake of his brother and sister.

When he was a teenager he fell in with some pick pockets and wannabe pickpockets and had his first run in with the police. Alan outran them and eluded them all night until he met the man who would become his master, an aging man who went by Reagan, who just so happened to be a master thief. Really Reagan had scouted him.

He taught Alan everything he knew and before Alan was in college he was already participating in some fairly big heists. The money was, as Alan told himself, for his brother and sister to help them get on in life, but when they found out what Alan had done to get it, they dissociated with him only keeping his secret out of respect for their familial connection. So he threw himself at his work. Alan became notable enough to run his own crew and make his own jobs. One day though he stumbled upon the most beautiful woman he had ever seen by the name of Elizabeth. She came of old money and her father was determined to involve her heavily with his business partners and eventually marry her off like some medieval lord. They met in secret for a few years before Her father found out about them and forbid their meeting ever again. Eli complied and turned Alan away again and again. Abandoned by everyone in his life Alan removed himself from the world for a while before coming back to the criminal scene with a vengeance. He went after big heist after big heist before once again leaving the scene, telling his associates only that there wasn't anything else left worthy of his talents.

Now however things are different. the world is in a degree of chaos and Alan has some new abilities to test the limits of, so it looks like crime is back on the menu.

(Coincidentally the character in the image is also named carter, but the name came before I found the image.)

Oh yes sir, perfect character!
Approved! Post him in the character tab!
@ChulanceI have talked to my mom over and over about using hard drugs. Now, after some metal replacement surgeries she's got 200 oxys a month. God help us all

What the fuck, 200 oxy's a month?! Jesus, these are a devil. I went on them for a while after a bad car accident, and I've slipped up and taken some a few times.
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