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Jason Koravil

Time: Evening
Location: Los Angeles, Train Station
Interaction: @Meleck

Jason was delighted that Marie wasn't offended but in fact enticed by his words & images. He intended to make good on his promises after all they were of little effort when he could command the minds of others to accomplish these deeds. He saw the fiery spunk in Marie a normal human albeit one who'd go the extra mile for her altered cousin. Then there was the cousin himself master of light, mentally regressive but talented none the less even if in Marie's own words he got "Beat up every week".

When Juan shifted the scenery to a pleasant white room, Jason was surprised. But he'd taken them within his mind, perhaps this boy realized that and was able to play around with the setting. So few others had been able to do much even wihin the confines of their own minds, showing they spent little time up there unlike this timid boy who was an expert.

He took a seat, not that it mattered. He wouldn't face any strain from standing up, not while he was a mental projection. "I want you to do what you do best already. I want you to apply that "unconventional" thinking that people have lectured & slandered you for to my own plans of making the world a better safer place for people like us, the altered. I want you to use your powers to take important things such as documents from my enemies unannounced. I want you to grow stronger with your powers, to the point that your fine tune usage eclipses even the mightiest of regular men's brute strength to compensate for your own lack of it." Jason continued telling Juan what he wanted & expected of him where he to join Reaper's association of altered determined to liberate the rapidly stripped rights of altered humans.

As Juan showed him more in the form of images depicting an imagined scenario wherein he stole from the military patrol pack he was pleased. "Yes indeed you seem to have the idea already of the type of things I require, military radio & anything that contains knowledge of counter-actions by law enforcement against me & our kind will be very helpful. Alas we've spent enough time in our heads for now, we must return to the real world whereupon I will approach you. Follow me and I will direct you to one of our living quarters where we can talk more in person & become further acquainted with each other."

As Jason said this he dispelled the telepathic connection he'd formed with himself, Marie & Juan. Dissipating the telepathic lnk between them caused them all to "Return" to the real world. As said & promised by Jason only a mere 45 seconds had passed in the real world during the time Jason had dragged them all into their subconscious. They were all still standing around the train station however Jason spotted them in reality and approached them.

He made a nuanced glance towards the black woman that lay on the ground beaten & battered nearby some bragging protestors armed with batons yelling out expletives & threats towards any other potential altered. Jason closed his eyes and rapidly ran through thoughts of people in the surrounding area until locking onto a racist man not far away from their location driving a ford pick-up truck stuck in traffic & cursing rudely at people in-front of him. Using his teleknetic powers he lifted the truck with the man inside off the ground resulting in screams of fear from the passenger within. Then he sent the truck higher into the sky no doubt raising the victim's heart-beat rapidly. Then focusing on the brutes armed with batons he hurtled the truck towards them, all of a sudden the pick-up truck came from the sky and crashed into the group of baton wielding purity members.

He also slyly moved the beaten woman's body away from the purity members with TK dragging her along the sidewalk so as to not be in the "line of fire" of the truck he brought down on her attackers. Yells & screams were heard as the flying truck collided with & crushed the lot of them, followed by panic & pandemonium from everyone nearby gripped with fear from witnessing a truck come from the sky & land on top of the very people who were advertising their hatred of the altered populace the loudest. Jason made his way over to Marie & Juan with a warm smile on his face, in no way indicative of the bloodlust behind that kind accepting smile. Not at all making him appear to be the man who silently used his powers to avenge that beaten women to maim & injure the purity members who had violently accosted her.

"Oh my look at that, it seems to be training trucks I say we make our way out of here, why don't you two follow me? So I can make good on my promise, and grant you the same things in real life that I showed you in my vision. Come on then, just get off when I get off." Jason requested before turning to walk over to & board the train having instructed the teens to follow him when he get off planning to lead them to the mansion.

Jason Koravil

Time: Evening
Location: Los Angeles, Train Station
Interaction: @Meleck

Jason could sense the fear emitting from Juan at the stark change of scenery he'd caused them as well as Marie to undertake even though they were in the exact same physical locale. That was one of the many benefits of having telepathic powers that let him breach the minds of others.

Following Marie's outburst he obliged her request & made the angel wings around him dissipate. "I had no intension of offending you I merely wanted you to make you comfortable. Many people are comforted by the idea of angels watching over them. Although with recent events it seems many people's angels must be on vacation. What I'm offering you is those things you mentioned, an endless supply at that."

Peering into Marie's mind caused the shown imagery to change. Lavish mansions, stacks of money, briefcases full of cash, designr clothes & bags, sports cars, & many other things associated with a life full of wealth. However when Juan turned the tables and adapted to use his own mind to transfer his own thoughts to hi that intrigued him. He respected the young altered's choice to keep Marie from being able to hear his thoughts as they were communicated to him. He saw deep down that Juan was resourceful & could learn things faster then the average person, but how that unconventional way of thinking & learning had hampered & halted him in the past.

"I see you are different from the others, from most everyone. Not just with your newfound powers either, your mind dosen't operate like everyone else. Your different, and I can use that. Any physical limitations you have can be overcome, how would you like to come to me. I can offer you that safe place you desire, and will allow Marie to come with you. I can teach you to be stronger normally & stronger with your powers. Join me yung Juan & the world not only can but will be your oyster."Jason said extending a hand to Juan & adding a sligh telepathic nudge to trust him even though he was a stranger.

Rough times were coming ahead especially since him & his men begun launching strategic counter-attacks against deployed stationed national guard military forces meant to enforce the Forrester's new anti altered laws. He was happy that Mayor Chen had stood up metaphorically speaking of course for their rights as that had led to a sweep of other mayors in different cities issueing similar declarations. However this merely felt like the calm before a raging violent anti altered storm and as such he wanted to stand firm & raise his numbers during this brief interlude of peace before the action resumed which is why he was out at the LA train station scouting people's thoughts to find more altered to join Reaper. Juan wasn't the perfect soldier & Marie probaby would be more then a handful, but they had potential to be so much more.
Leon Terrance

"Look that's one of them." Leon was examining footage of the carnage that unfolded in LA after Felix had the wolves devour Robby, the hunters, cops & paramedics called to the scene. He recognized Laura as one of the contacts in the last hunter's phone he had him and his people torture then kill. He was no closer to his search for the winchesters, but he'd dug up intel about them all around.

He wanted to exact vengeance no matter what, and the sons of John Winchester would pay for taking his wife Amy away from him. "Hey you Leon" A female voice called out to him that sounded oddly familar, it brought his mind to a warm place. One which he'd long since forsaken ever having any hope of returning too. He spun around quickly to spot a woman who was almost the splitting image of Amy Terrance, and a near formed in his eye.

"Amy is that you?" Leon nearly lost his breath spotting the woman with a newport inbetween her lips smoldering before she flicked what remained of it to the grounds and ashed it under her boot.

"I wish, although I guess not anymore. But that wasn't the case for most of my life, honestly Leon you really don't remmeber me? I mean I've got her damn looks and I'm still forgettable aye." The woman retorted in an accent that Leon recognized and upon brushing his hand against hers he had a flashback. A Literal one, memories from the past came pouring into him. This had started happenning recently and he thought it was a sign of severe mental illness. Perhaps an onset of early dementia or something more sinister like finding out he was a late bloomer for being schizo-affective. It wouldn't be the first instance in his life to drive him deeper into madness & despair.

In reality what was going on was the "talents" of the demon blood coursing through his veins were starting to manifest. In the form of psychometry, meaning he could glimpse images & vision of the history of things he touched both living & non-living meaning people & objects. Making contact with the splitting image of his dead wife jogged his memory and not in the miracolous way he hoped when he'd first spotted her smoking what he recalled to be Amy's favorite cigarette. "You...her twin sister Marie."

"Ding Ding Ding," Marie replied candidly and clapped her hands almost in a mocking manner. That's before she slung one hand over Leon's shoulder only for the angsty agent to brush her off rudely.

"Get the hell off of me, your still doing this after all these damn years! I wanted her NOT you, you always talked about why your mum loved her more, maybe it's because she was her own person, you know picked up books instead of boys, made money with her brain instead of her body, need I go on." Leon was ruthless with each word he spoke, as the memories he had of Amy's jeleous twin sister weren't the best.

"Oh what's that saying? Sticks and stones can break your bones, but real pain is seeing me instead of Amy of who your so fond." Marie teased the agent once again fueling his boiling rage. He was a walking bomb ready to explode at any minute with the slightest trigger.

"What the fuck do you want!!!!" Leon's voice raised higher and he pushed Marie violently causing her to nearly hit the ground. Some people nearby on the side-walk who were minding their own business gasped audibly and took notice of the scene. From an outsiders perspective they saw a strong man pushing around a weaker woman, yelling at her in a public place whilst she only used calm words in return.

"Hey man maybe you should keep your hands off her." One of the male strangers finally had the courage to approach, only for Leon to punch the man so hard he fell to the ground. "HEY!!!!! BROTHER!!!!" The Strangers brother charged at Leon with a knife only for him to kick the brother so hard he fell into the street colliding with a speeding car. The sound of a sickening crunch & crack of bones was heard as the brother was sent flying into the street in the path of a zooming car. The first brother who got hit screamed out upon seeing the gruesome scene and Leon looked left & right seeing the scene un-folding was one of pure and utter chaos that could led to him getting arrested.

As the driver from the car emrged in shock a bullet was suddenly lodged in the driver's head, blood spraying upwards as the driver fell to the ground dead. The passenger in the driver's car a woman began screaming as a bullet lodged into her brain as well. Leon pulled out his gun and took cover as more bullets went flying hitting the two brothers and three other folks on the sidewalk all head-shots. Then the vrooming of an engine Leon gripped his own gun and turned the corner finger on the trigger only to see none other then Marie on a motorcycle holding a gun.

"What you made a mess, I don't have time for you to get arrested cause of your attitude. Now if you don't want to end up in prison in connection with this accident & shooting? Why don't you hop on the back Leon? Contrary to popular belief I didn't come here JUST to antagonize you, I want to avenge my sister, sorry I don't have much patience to wait for this scene to unfold." Marie replied once again revving the engine and slipping on a motorcycle helmet. Leon looked around then hopped on the back of the cycle and Marie smirked beneath the helmet and started up the engine. She reached for and handed Leon a helmet of his own as she pulled off, and her eyes flashed black indicating that she was possessed as they pulled off from the gruesome scene.
Ellen & Rufus - Las Vegas, Corinthian Hotel

“How are they both dead, them two hunters are incredible!?” Rufus exclaimed in deep concern upon hearing about the hunter siblings who died in Vegas. He was staying at a fancy hotel courtesy of a few card tricks he’d picked up from the Winchesters. Usually he was against excessive spending with other people’s money even if the ends did justify the means, but in Vegas he had to fit in.

The news had reported 7 people in the past three days turned up with their insides torn out, clear sign of werewolf since the blood wasn’t drained from the victims. But after getting chummy with some of the locals he learned it was worst then that, since the two hunter siblings went missing four days ago, it seemed around 200 people were actually missing. He had went through a contact of his that got some inside information from local authorities. The Mayor wanted the information suppressed to keep tourism booming, and outside of those 200 missing, the FBI had receded a gruesome anonymous tip. The tip led them out to the desert where after a short time digging they found several bodies with their insides torn apart.

The staggering number of victims found in the desert all of whom had been reported missing from Vegas in the past month was over 100. All in all there was about 300 people gone from their friends & families in less the 30 days. A few over 100 were chow food for monsters, but that left 200 unaccounted for. “I don’t get it why the hell would monsters report their victims to the feds? This don’t make any damn sense at all.” Rufus exclaimed concerned going over the notes. Ellen had accompanied him with this hunt and convinced Jo to stay home.

“Look Rufus, I’m right here with you. This is like a damn calling card if you ask me, maybe to incite panic and fear? I dunno, but this ain’t the first thing that’s been going wrong lately. You ran into them too didn’t you, the ghosts of people you couldn’t save? “ Ellen questioned as she thumbed through some files her & Rufus were staying at the Corinthian in Vegas trying to get a lead on what was going on. Ellen of course wanted to inform Bobby, but as per Rufus words it was him or him. He only wanted to get in touch with Singer if it was a situation that required all hands on decks.

“Know, I worked the damn case with that boy who helped put an end to that shit. Josiah.” Rufus recalled flashing back to how he ended up on the same case as Josiah combatting the rising of the witnesses but he hadn’t uncovered the deeper meaning behind it aka that demons were breaking seals to free their creator.

“Yeah well I’m about ready to pack my bags and go get my daughter Rufus. I know how you feel about Bobby, but everyone calls him. I’ve never seen a drunk who can keep up with as many numbers & names as him, definition of a functional alcoholic. This is major, it’s like the gbosts, monsters & demons are going crazy all at the same time. Usually we have to dig around to find stuff, stumble across stuff, get messages from other people through the network, but this Vegas situation if it wasn’t for the press, the media surpressing it would be swimming with hunters, I dunno whether there trying to call out to us or put fear in the people. But something ain’t right, and more people have to know about this.” Ellen said getting up and getting ready to get her stuff together. She felt it was pass time to sit back and argue with Rufus about whether or not to bring in his least favorite drunk. She knew about the situation that went down between him, the straw that broke the camels back & ended their glory days of hunting together but this was a mess, a major one.

“Damn it” Rufus slammed his fist against the hard top wooden table. He groaned rolling his eyes ad waltzed over to the mini fridge taking out a bottle of his favorite stuff and pouring himself a glass. “Call the bastard then, your right, this don’t change a damn thing between us, but I’m not going let it get between more people getting hurt. Your right something’s going on and it ain’t the average bloodsuckers or black eyed sons of bitches behind this shit.” Rufus admitted feeling defeated, it wasn’t that he felt that Bobby was a better hunter than him. Far from it, but when it came to socializing Bobby knew more people. Then again when you spent half the day inebriated the spirits coursing through his blood stream were bound to lead to him meeting a few more people.

“Thank you, I wasn’t trying to go and get Jo anyhow. You know how hard it is to keep her home, can you believe I’d rather have her messing with boys her own age then getting neck deep in this. I know what them little boys want but anything they get to doing with Jo is better then her messing with demons.” Ellen also admitted somewhat sarcastically, as she took out her phone to message Bobby. She sent him details about the situation in Vegas, and the actual statistics the media covered up. Not having a trench coat wearing heavenly soldier on her shoulder she & Rufus hadn’t been brought into the loop about what the black eyed damned souls were up to. Finally she ended her somewhat lengthy text thread to Bobby with “call Me for more details” as she’d written out everything she felt comfortable texting about but there was some stuff she preferred to say over the phone.

“Since we’re doing last measure calls, I’m gonna go head and check on Robby, he’s down in California. Singer’s psychic friend Pamela you remember her, well her & Robby sort of had a thing. And she was making some good money out in the bay then she up and ditched. Said there was some super psychic energy with bad juju that was taking up residence out there and it was pissed, evil, but not demons still it scared the shit outta her all the same. Low & behold, two days ago three high rise condo’s caught on fire simultaneously at the same time late afternoon. 200 people died, 500 injured getting out the building, the people on the higher floors didn’t have a chance.” Rufus exclaimed thinking back to the sudden spontaneous combustion that occured at the three condo’s all next to each other in Beverly Hills two days ago.

Felix Haustin & Robby - Los Angeles, California - Hunting Monsters

“I swear right before it happened I could of sworn I heard something. It sounded like an animal, a beast, really a monster. I mean..maybe I was just hearing things I couldn’t have but I swore I heard a roar and then the flames came.” A disgruntled man was explaining things to Felix & another hunter nearby, Rufus’s frenemy Robby.

“A roar?” Robby usually was ready for whatever victims had to say, knowing that they’d already been dismissed by several law officials & other sorts before he got to them. But even he was stuped this time, still three high rise apartments didn’t just all suddenly catch on fire because of nothing.

“I know I know you think I’m crazy, I get it, I think I’m crazy. But look at what’s going on, honestly what I really think..” The man motioned for Robby to lean in closer as he could only stretch so far as he lay in his hospital bed. “Aliens, it’s fucking aliens, I’m telling you.” The man said then leaned back to rest in his bed.

“That’ll be all please I think Mr. Hemmins here needs to rest. He’s lucky to be alive, like many of the other survivors.” A Nurse said entering the room & Robby took that as his cue to bounce. Felix was waiting for him outside the emergency room anyway. He gathered his belongings slipped on his hat to protect him from the hot California sun & made his way outside where Felix was smoking a cigar leaning against a tree.

“Huh so your enjoying yourself, you got some nerve. Smoking that big ole cancer stick, while we’re investigating apartments that suddenly combusted you really are one rotten motherfucker.” Robby exclaimed with a bit of humor in his voice as he walked over to Felix and dapped him up.

“Yeah well me smoking this cigar ain’t blow them apartments up. Last I checked the only thing in danger was my lungs, and there not supernatural terrorists at least as far as I’m aware of…” Felix replied with a grin that only caused Robby to take him less serious, but if only he knew the type of nefarious activities Felix’s lungs were involved with from time to time.

Robby was wary of working with other hunters, especially after getting into it with Rufus, Bobby, Ellen, Tara, John Winchester but then again who didn’t butt heads with John when he was still around. Still he’d ran into Felix working a Wendigo case two months back, and since then they’d kicked ass together on 8 different cases in the west. He still did most of his work alone, but those 8 times they partnered up they managed to nab & kill the monster they were after in no less then 3 days each time. It was something about him that oozed trustworthy, in some ways his energy even reminded him of Pamela’s.

“Yeah Yeah, anyway I’m glad you’re out here. I called Laura, Tom, Kate & Roger out here too. “ Robby exclaimed as the two hunters walked down the side-walk approaching Robby’s car a 1995 black GT Mustang “Hold on man where’s your car?”

“Oh I’m not good enough to ride with you anymore Robby?” Felix replied seemingly shocked and his eyes widening in false shock.

“God damn it, you finna get in my beutiful ride smelling like death. That shit can kill you, and it might get the job done before any vampires or chubacabra’s”

“To be fair I think a chupacabra would gank me faster than Cubans. But thanks for the ride anyway compadre.” Felix replied as he hopped in the passenger seat of the mustang graciously putting out the cuban and tucking it behind his ear before doing so. This annoyed Robby who would have preferred if he tossed the whole thing out as the smell of stale smoke still permeated the tight space of his car, forcing him to roll the windows down which ruined the enjoyment of his AC/DC with the loud blowing of wind that came from the speeds he reached while driving this glorious vehicle.

“Alright yeah I’m surprised you didn’t make any wise cracks about calling in the whole Scooby gang. I know you don’t play well with others Felix, but I get it this is something serious. And as a reward for your not being a pain in the ass about getting together with some other quality hunters, Laura’s already got a lead. She thinks we’re dealing with a pack of sophisticated monsters, werewolves that actually have a brain, or at least something else going through their dumb monster brains besides waning to eat ours.” Robby exclaimed as he began driving towards a location Laura sent him while turning the music down slightly so that he could exprerience the lyrical greatness while also being able to hear Felix voice his opinion on everything going on.

“Well I don’t play well with others, but Laura might be right on the money with this one. I’ve been following some leads about a cult, a werewolf cult to be exact. What do you know about something called the Maw of Fenris?” Felix inquired as he adjusted his chair & leaned back much to Robby’s annoyance who hated when people changed the position of his car seats.

“Enough, I dealt with two packs that believed in that bullshit. Fucking dogs thinking there gonna take over mankind, yeah right. Any creature that eats a cow raw isn’t going to be putting a President in the White House any time soon I’ll tell you that much. Hell I’d rather have Bush back then a monster in charge of anything and I didn’t want Bush the first or second time around, him or his standing ass daddy.” Robby shot back to Felix as they continued to cruise towards Laura & the other hunters who were awaiting their arrival.

“Hmph you’ve got quite the disdain for werewolves I see.” Felix mused his words dragging on as he didn’t have much to say about the matter.
“Shit and you don’t? This the first time you’ve said anything even remotely not offensive about any monster we’re hunting, don’t tell me you’ve got a soft spot for wolves. What a girl you was fucking got bitten by one and you let your second brain think more then your upright one or something?” Robby teased joking about Felix sleeping with monsters, a running joke they’d had between the two of them.
“As if I’d ever slang dick to any mutt, and don’t you get to talking about this shit around Laura & Kate.” Felix shot back with some minor annoyance in his voice.
“And why not? Last I checked Laura & Kate’s kitties are both being occupied unless you plan to swoop in and take them both, from two other hunters at that. You sly dog.” Robby teased back as they reached a red light.

“Enough already with the jokes, and matter fact with the tunes, let me play something, some real rock since we’re almost there.” Felix requested taking Robby’s phone and going too youtube to change the song. Typing in the letters before clicking play and setting Robby’s phone back in the phone holder. Robby raised an eyebrow and glanced to see that Felix had selected a song from Three Days Grace.

The roaring music began blasting accompanied by melodic sounds on the guitar strings and beating of drums.

“I can’t escape this hell,
So many times I’ve tried
But I’m still caged inside
Somebody get me through this nightmare,
I can’t control myself,
So what if you can see,
The darkest side of me,
No one will ever change this animal I have become.
Help me believe it’s not the real me, somebody help me tame this animal!!!!!! This animal!!!!”

As the music blared Robby had to admit he did like the song. Before long they reached the other hunters and saw two other cars packed outside. Robby & Felix both emerged from the car & approached the others making casual chit chat before getting down to business on which Laura took the lead.

“I think I’ve got the location of the coven, it’s about a ten minute walk from here, and if it’s anything like any of the last packs we’ve dealt with it’ll be better to get the jump on them during the day time.” Laura explained as she loaded silver bullets into a Glock she had, while Kate & Roger both sharpened their silver blades, and Tom sorted through his own weapons.

Felix comically raised his hand producing a flashback to grade school when such actions were required to be called on by a teacher. “Yes Felix.” Laura replied engaging him with his act of humor causing him to smirk.

“Not to be a bother Miss Laura, but we’re all here because of a few wolves? I thought it was because of the invisible terrorists who lit those condo’s on fire. I’m sure they’ve killed more people then any wolves around the area, not that I’m not down to get rid of some monsters while there not expecting it?” Felix inquired while taking out his phone to message someone.

“Yeah well I don’t got any news about that right now or we’d be handling it. And from what I hear you and Robby were out questioning the Vics about that and didn’t come up with jack. So I figure let’s handle the devil we know and go from there. “ Laura replied back, while Roger rolled his eyes.
“Alright so to address the elephant in the room, I’ll come out with it. Felix none of us here have known you longer then two months, and your already asking WHY we’re killing monsters that we can find? Has he been tested?” Roger replied while fetching some holy water, as well as silver, & iron.
“Roger!” Kate shot back irritated with him, while he hadn’t hunted with Felix before. Everyone else in the group had, and they all knew him as a reliable hunter which was in short supply these days with all the craziness going on in the world.
“It’s fine I understand why don’ you come try me, although I get weekly tests from the doctor, I have to make sure I don’t spread anything as far why I go so often it’s because I find myself spreading things apart quite often, I understand if you can’t relate..but it’s not a competition at all.” Felix replied cheek in tongue taunting Roger causing Kate to giggle which only made Roger even more irate and caused a little surge of redness in his face.

Shortly after running the standard tests on Felix against the wishes of everyone else he came out clean. This led to him being quiet in a corner as they made their plans to get the jump on the wolf pack, with Laura deducing from her intel that there were about three wolves in the pack, and potentially one or two victims as well.

Moments later the six hunters were on the prowl, going after their prey, and hoping to save any innocents from the would be beastly supernatural predators. It was a simple task to get inside the coven’s place of residence, and they had no alarm system. Most likely due to relying on their supernatural senses they were over-confident and felt no need to rely on technology. Besides it could help them get the jump on hunters who assumed them to be sleep with no alarm system to wake them up.

All the hunter were armed and moving swiftly through the residence. One werewolf was seen sleeping on a stairwell and Felix snuck up drawing his glaive and flinging it. The blade sliced the wolf’s head clean off and it’s magical boomerang effect made it come flying back to Felix who caught it. The head dropped on the stairwell producing a light thud but for werewolves they might as well have blasted speakers at maximum volume.

“Nice job new guy.” Roger groaned as he redid his weapons for any violent wolves who’d come to avenge their fallen friend.


A werewolf fully transformed sprung forward tackling Roger slamming him into a shelf of books, and a second one also emerged clobbering Kate slamming her into a grand piano. Laura pulled out her gun shooting at the first wolf lodging two silver bullets into it’s head, while Roger kicked the second werewolf only for the beast to dig his claws into Roger’s leg drawing blood and slamming him into a wall. Robby charged forward with a silver baton bashing the wolf in the back of the head, while Tom moved in with some silver brass knuckles landing some blows on the wolf’s face drawing blood before kicking him. The werewolf stumbled backwards and Roger leaned forward stabbing his blade through the werewolf’s heart like a shish-ka-bob as the beast had fallen back into it’s demise.

“Well well well when the chips were down, everyone nutted up and actually took care of these damn mutts.” Robby said being the first to speak, about their slightly less rhen organized team-work actually taking out the wolves.

“HELP US!!! PLEASE ANYONE! HELP!!!” A woman’s voice called out that alerted all the hunters.

“ANYONE PLEASE!!!! SAVE US!!! “A second woman calls out
“THERE’s MONSTERS!!!! PLEASE!!” A third woman cried out
“YOU GOTTA GET US OUTTA HERE HURRY! BEFORE HE COMES BACK!!!! THERE NOTHING OT HIM” A fourth voice this time it was a grown man.
“I want my mommy!” A fifth voice that of a child, a boy no older then eleven as the tone of his v voice indicated that his rocks hadn’t dropped yet.

“The Basement”. Felix announced quickly closing his eyes to focus then re-opening them. “I feel one..two…three….seven…holy shit I can feel 22 souls downstairs, human ones at tht.” Felix replied, using his psychic powers to hone in on the victims and feel out how many were locked in the basement.

“Twenty two people?!” Robby replied in shock as he gripped his silver baton with anger, while Kate, Tom, Roger, Laura & Felix also held onto their weaponry of choice. Roger rolled his eyes and let out an exasperated sigh causing Kate to punch him in the back.
“Don’t you even dare start with that psychic crap ain’t human, we just found out how many Vics there are cause of him, and were they are, so let’s do our damn job and save everyone okay, jeez your embarrassing me today.” She shot back causing Roger to snarl as he glared in Felix’s direction then turned away.
“Hey Hey Hey! Stop you too Kate, this isn’t over yet I feel something else, it’s big and it’s to normal, we’ve got to move.” Felix snapped and began moving down the hallway waving his hands for the other hunters to follow him quickly till the found the basement door that led to the stairwell to what lied below the house they’d infiltrated.

As they reached the bottom Fellx kicked the door flinging it open only to be greeted by two women and men all transformed into werewolves growling, and there were 22 people around them tied up. “Hunters, you fools really think you will stop us.” The creature growled, it was Micky the werewolf who’d accompanied Felix in murdering the two hunter siblings a few days ago in Vegas.

“Yeah I think it’s time for you to let these people go ad now.” Laura replied taking out her gun and opening fire. Micky moved at swift speeds avoiding the silver bullets however two of them hit one of the female werewolves causing her to drop, while the other one lunged at Kate slamming her into a wall and tussling with her. Roger screamed out jumping on the wolf bashing her head into the ground. The wolf woman flung Roger back into a support beam only for Tom to run up and start landing some clean blows on the wolf with his brass knuckles allowing Roger to zoom forward and plunge his blade through the wolf’s heart.

“No….No,…”Kate cried out as she lay on the ground, blood gushing from her wounds the wolf produced by slashing his claws through her abdomen. “
“KATE!!!”! Roger yelled out seeing his girl’s condition as he rushed over to her, meanwhile Micky had been cornered by Felix who used telekinesis to fling him into a wall, and allow Robby to beat him down with his silver baton, each blow literally burning his skin.

“You fools! You think this is over! Hahaha, you think this is the only house with victims! We’ve got more locations, more humans locked up in the basements all around this city! Sacraficefs to our great lord Fenris who has returned to initiate Ragnarok & bring upon the golden age of the wolves!” Micky declared with passion in his voice only for Robby to bash him in the head twice more with his bat.
“Shut the fuck up you beast! Felix read his mind is he telling the truth about the other locations about more victims.”
“I’m trying now someone cuff him.” Felix exclaimed as Tom whipped out some silver hand-cuffs forcing them around Micky’s wrist with Robby landing a few more burning blows to restrain him as he did so.

“Enough with the questions, that mothrfucker has to die now!!!! LOOK WHAT HE DID TO KATE! SHES GONNA DIE!!!! YOU BASTARD!!!!” Roger screamed gripping his blade and running towards Micky to impale him and rid the world of his pretense. Only to be tripped up by Laura then hold down by Tom.

“Calm down! Calm down! “
“Calm down?! Your woman isn’t on the ground bleeding out with some amateur hunter trying to apply pressure to her wound!!!!! We need that ambulance here yesterday or she’s a goner!!!” Roger screamed out filled with unbridled rage at the damage the werewolf had caused Kate in her final moments before being silenced permanently.

“Wait he’s not lying they’ve been working together buying properties with basements, kidnapping people, and..and…the condo’s there connected, it’s.”
“Oh a psychic,” Micky replied before laughing only for Robby to slam the bat against his head again drawing blood.
“You wanna rethink that laughter you friggin mutt! Now we can do this the easy way or the easier way. You talk and we’ll make it quick or you force my partner here to go Professor X, and we drag it ALL out slow & painfully, and do the same for your insides, while getting all these people to safety.”

“Safety? There is no safety, there’s no one to saved. Our brothers & sisters that were sacrificed for this did so with great honor & pleasure in service of Lord Fenris. You fools have killed your last beast, and now it’s time for you to reap what you’ve sown humans.”
“This guy just loves to hear himself talk.” Tom replied ironically as he was the hunter amongst the group who’d refused to engage in any manner of bickering and matter of fact hadn’t spoken a word since they started his hunt.
“Spill the beans, what the fuck are you talking about! Are you blind, deaf, and stupid!? Everyone else is dead, we’re cutting all the ropes now, ambulance is on the way for my friend, seems like your prayers to Fenris fell on deaf ears, because he ain’t here, but we are!” Robby yelled back at the over-confident deranged werewolf.

“Oh no oh no Robby, that’s were your wrong Fenris IS here. “ Felix replied with a gasp and caused all the hunters to nearly jump out their skin turning their heads in every which way direction looking for any signs of some werewolf god.
“I told you, your psychic friend can feel him, you’re all done for. You filthy apes are going to die.”
“Shut..UP!”Robby yelled and slammed the bat against Micky’s head again producing an audible crack causing Micky to bellow out in pain. “Where is he?! Where the fuck is he?! Felix answer me hurry up! Let’s kill that son of a bitch, get the intel out of this guy & get out of here! Robby yelled before Felix began laughing sinisterly causing the other five hunters in the room to grow concerned. “Felix the hell’s wrong with you? Wha’s going on?!”

“You fucking idiots.” Felix laughed and made a hand motion using his telekinesis to snap Roger’s neck killing him. “Christ, I couldn’t wait for him to bite the dust!”

“ROGER!!!” Kate yelled out despite her gaping wound, and blood gushing from it. Tom & Robby instantly turned their attention to Felix, while Laura was still applying pressure to Kate’s wound but pointed her gun towards Felix with immense rage in her eyes. “YOU KILLED HM!!!!” Kate cried out as Felix began laughing more.

“Yes I did, because I hate that son of a bitch, I never thought it was possible to develop such intense hate for someone you’ve only known for 30 minutes, but Roger did man deserves a friggin award.” Felix replied clapping his hands then roared as he began transforming into a werewolf. However this wasn’t an average werewolf he became. Fully humanoid beast that stood at a hulking 13 feet tall. “I AM FENRIS!!!!!!” Felix yelled out in his beastly voice causing Laura to open fire indiscriminately loading several rounds into the super beast Felix transformed into before he fell to the ground with a loud bang and blood sloshing out from underneath him and the several holes she’d put in his body with her gun loaded with silver rounds.

“No….No!!! NO!!!” Robby yelled out in disbelief at Felix’s transformation followed by his death and the beaten Micky also was still laughing. Laura raised her gun to shoot at him but found her clip empty. “Damn it! Kill him too!”
“I’m on it” Tom yelled as Laura tossed the silver blade over to him, while all the people had been un-tied but seemed stuck with fear confused by the whole scenario playing out in-front of them.

The sound of blaring sirens could be heard indicating that both ambulance & police were on the way to the gruesome situation. “Felix,….was a monster…Felix,….was” Robby began to mutter shocked that the psychic hunter he’d come to befriend & trust had declared himself as the very Fenris the cult of wolves was devoted to before turning into a wolf monster and getting gunned down by Laura after using his powers to kill Roger.

“Roger….Roger…”Kate cried out only for Laura to slap her lightly.
“Enough! He’s gone, stop squirming your loosing too much blood! And Fuck Felix too, fuck all these monsters, everyone we’ve go to get out of here now!” Laura demanded trying to wrestle control of the situation away from the majority who seemed to be in utter shock at the events that had so rapidly transpired. In all her years as a hunter especially working the odd job or so with John Winchester & Bobby she’d learned to take in the unexpected as more then expected in stride.

“She’s right Robby come on” Tom said gripping the blade and going to cut off Micky’s head to silence the final wolf’s laughter. However to his shock the blade shattered into pieces when it hit Micky’s neck causing him shock.

“What the fuck…..what the fuck…”Tom yelled out in confusion backing up as Micky laughed and suddenly Felix In his beastly form rose up from the ground laughing. The hunters were all gripped with confusion Laura pulling out a silver blade with her other hand that wasn’t pressed down on Kate’s wound, while Robby gripped his baton and Tom locked his fingers tightly into his silver bras knuckles.

“Didn’t you hear my child, Ragnarok is upon us. Foolish humans, the hunters are now the hunted. Allow me to demonstrate.” Felix said smoothly spoking rapidly in latin producing a spell that caused all the hunters weapons to suddenly turn into dust.

“What the hell magic?! Since when have you been a witch?! Felix what the fuck are you?! “ Robby demanded to know from his former supposed friend while Felix only laughed.
“I told you already, I am Fenris, I am the end of hunters, I am the one who will tip the scales, make the hunters hunted!”
“No No! This has to be a trick, you killed those wolves with us! You helped us! What’s going on?!” Robby demanded now loosing his grip on reality.

Felix used his psychic powers to ebb & flow his power into the minds of the hunters. What they saw next caused them to break down. He’d used his powers to cast a powerful illusion on them back in the parking lot when they gathered their weapons & made their plan. Every “werewolf” they killed had been innocent humans drugged up and also under an illusion believing the hunters to be werewolves coming back to the house to kill them. “Do you see! I am a psychic, and a wolf! I’m both, you see that’s the problem with you hunters! You think everything is black and white, right and wronging good & bad. Your pathetic brains can’ understand something as magfnicient and complex as me. But now to open your eyes and make you realize you killed your kind slaughtered them thinking they were mine now that was amazing” Felix boasted clapping his hands together wih happiness.

“Leave me….”Kate replied weakly seeing the situation before them unfold into one of utter Chao and madness. “The authorities are outside, get these people to safety, get these people to safety!”Kate cried out as banging was heard on the door indicating that the police were there not that they’d be of any help against Felix & Micky.

“Oh please you think the cops are gonna save you from my army?” Felix announced with glee while Robby was stewing with rage simmering with unbridled hatred at his so called hunter ally who betrayed him & manipulated his mind as well as the others to slay innocent humans.
“We will save them! Even if it costs us our lives! You fucking monster! I trusted you!!!” Robby screamed and bum rushed Felx who merely slapped him sending him sprawling across the basement and crashing into a support beam.

“The only one who needs saving is you! ARISE MY CHILDREN AND FEAST!” Felix cried out and suddenly all 22 of the tied up people the freed began growling & snarling all transofrmig into werewolves while the banging on the door from the cops & paramedics outside grew louder. Laura screamed as she saw that Kate was also transforming finally noticing she’d been bitten while under the illusion.

“No…not me too no RA AHAHHAHAH” Kate screamed as she began her first transformation into a werewolf plunging her claws into Laura’s neck ripping through her flesh and tackling her before digging her fangs into her chest to start devouring the insides of her former hunter friend. Tom was surrounded and tried to scream out as h was tackled by wolves who began devouring him same as Robby.

Upstairs the cops burst through the front door accompanied by paramedics only to be greeted by hungry ravenous werewolves who came froward lunging forward tearing them apart & feasting on the unprepared cops & paramedics devouring them. Felix could only laugh at the bloody massacre he’d concocted leading the hunters into a trap before unleashing his psychic power on the surrounding area wiping the minds of the neighbors and anyone else outside. He influenced them to all stay within their home and ignore the sounds of the blaring sirens coming from the now empty ambulance & police cars. The occupants of which were now being devoured by werewolves inside the house Felix led the hunters into.

“No….No..” Robby crawled weakly towards his friend bleeding and wounded. Felix marched over to him stepping on his phone and Robby’s right hand crushing both simultaneously.
“Yes YEs and oooh yes, good bye old friend, hello dinner. You should of listened back in the car, nobody can save me from this animal I have become.” Felix declared monstrously before swooping in to devour Robby’s insides for himself, personally eating the heart & insides ou of his former friend & ally. With his psychic powers spreading through the neighborhood keeping everyone else at bay, this scene of carnage would be discovered merely an hour later by reinforcements only to find their fellow officers & paramedics with their insides eaten apart, a total of 9 dead cops and 8 dead paramedics, not to mention the bodies of four hunters all with their insides eaten out. With Felix, Micky & the other wolves all gone without a trace, unlike the incident in Vegas this one was being blasted across all the news.

Los Angeles, California Headline - 17 Emergency Personnel found dead with their insides ripped out including 9 cops and 8 paramedics, 26 total dead including nine other civilians also found fallen victim to this brutal attack.

OOC NOTE - The nine civilian found dead are the five normal humans the hunters killed under Felix’s psychic illusion & the four hunters Robby, Laura, Tom & Roger. Kate’s not included as she was turned into a werewolf who participated in eating everyone & Felix was already a monster. Also even though Robby & the hunters killed those five humans with weapons under the illusion, Felix had the wolves eat there freshly dead hearts & internal organs as well.

Adora Zayas

Time: Late Afternoon
Location: Oakland, California

“I won’t let you make a fool of me you stupid bitch.” Kolak infused the pebble with his power ad tossed it Adora, It hurtled towards her. Adora altered her mass letting the pebble flow through her and crash into a wall behind her exploding with powerful force.

“Seems like you don’t have a choice in the matter, you’re nothing compared to me. Seems your boss made a mistake as a match-maker.” Adora replied causing some of the numerous thugs in the room to boo her only for her to clap back with a multidirectional infused wave of telekinetic energy

“Pathetic wench” Kolak yelled out kicking the ground sending several kinetic infused pebbles towards Adora who summoned waves of darkness to consume & contain the exploding pebbles. Shadow tendrils then emerged from the ground stabbing into both of Kolak’s feet, then using them as a conduit for an electrical attack. In the prices of doing so Kolak used his power to charge the shadow tendrils causing them to explode. The trickle down effect led to a direct hit on Adora blasting her, Kodak then luged forward with a burst of kinetic energy and punched the ground beneath Adora striking her with a point blank explosion. “That’s the end of that, alright Cain let’s go else-“

Kolak was flung back by TK as Adora regenerated from the few wounds she sustained from being caught in the blast. the ground beneath Adora striking her with a point blank explosion. “That was fun, but now it’s time to eat I’m oh so very hungry, well really dehydrated, I’m absolutely thirsty.” Adora’s words pierced Kolak, Cain & the other crooks in the warehouse.

Cain punched a hole through a nearby wall he was standing next too. His fist tearing clean through the wall as he received an urgent text he rushed to open. “Kill her now Kalok, we must leave. Lionel’s uncovered the true identity of our supplier so we need.”

Kolak threw a rock on the ground beneath Adora striking her with a point blank explosion. “Oooh I’ve heard some stuff about this Lionel guy and I think we can all agree he does not need boost nor the supplier allow me to kindly interrupt and take care of this.” Adora yelled out laughing as Kolak tossed some marbles at her causing them to expose Adora used telekinetic force to slit Kolak’s neck causing blood to gush out.

Cain’s face widened in shock as did some of the others who opened fire only for Adora only to see her vanish. She flew over to Kolak’s body and grabbed onto the dying altered and used her own power to perform a full drain on him causing him to use his remaining life to yell while emitting a TK barrier around them. From there she caused shadow tendrils to emerge from the ground piercing the bodies of several of Cain’s men. After she drained Kalok she used the tendrils to drain these men, and caused a bird of ice to emerge from her hand and connect to all the shadow tendrils serving as a conduit to let her feast on the drained energies of the thugs.

Cain leapt down to the ground near Adora bursting through her TK shield with sheer force, as the remaining thugs were shaking with fear but still gripping guns. the ground beneath Adora striking her with a point blank explosion.“Oh please your little toys won’t have any effect on me.” Adora’s voice boomed thanks to her sound powers which she used to bring pain to the men.

“That’s quite enough now you’ll be forced to deal with my power. Oh so much delicious fear to consume, and the levels are so high I almost feel divine. I’ll make you pay for Kolak’s life wit your own.” Cain lunged forward breaking through Adora’s TK holds/grips with ease and kicking her into the warehouse wall. “Tsk tsk tsk your weak fearful mind can’ hold me your pathetic.” Cain spoke with disgust & dismissive disdain towards Adora.

Cain lunged forward kicking Adora in the stomach, then hitting her with a few punches causing her to cough up blood. As Cain went for another attack Adora went to encase his arms in ice then used TK to trip him, then used plants to restrict him, and uses vines to pierce his legs. “Now your mine dinner.”

“No Way!!” Cain screamed drawing on even more strength breaking out the ice & plants, then clapping his hands producing a shockwave aimed at Adora. It seemed to send her flying back only for her to shoot a shadow tendril forward thrashing Cain against the floor, whilst Adora began laughing.

“Oh now I see your so pathetic allow me to do the honors." Adora laughed as shadow tendrils burst from the ground wrapping around his remaining thugs lifting them in the air. Adora then used her powers of mass to shrink all of the thugs causing Cain to yell out before Adora snapping her fingers using TK to literally rip the shrunken criminals to shreds. Their miniature bodies being absolutely no match for her telekinetic force blasts.

“NOOO!!!!! MY MEN!!” Cain dashed forward at far greater speeds then before punching Adora with such strength the resulting shockwave disintegrated part of the roof behind her and sent her flying Into the air. Cain came crashing to the ground bloody & battered as he collapsed on the ground struggling to stay conscious seeing what remained of his men reduced in size & trapped in shadows. “This can’t be.”

Cain reached in his pocket for the boost pills he had only for Adora to cause them to fly out of his hand and into hers. Adora smirked and caused all the shadows to form into one massive table of shadows the was raised high into the sky where she was. Two of the remaining shrunken thugs now on the shadow table ran towards the exit only for Adora to launch two ice spikes at them tearing through both of them.

“Pathetic and as for the rest of you.” Adora’s eyes briefly flashed going black as the shadows beneath the table vanished. Adora then lifted the table up in the air and formed the table into a one giant straw that encompassed the remaining people. Cain leapt into the air as Adora used TK to compress the shadow cylinder straw that contained the rest of his men. From her pocket emerged a miniaturized bottle of sprite which she returned to regular size.

“YOU BITCH” Cain yelled as his momentum from his earlier jump carried him towards adora. Adora flicked a penny towards Cain then used Kolak’s power to make it explode sending Cain crashing down to the ground much to his men’s intense fear seeing their boss sent flying their last hope of escaping their darkness trap.

As they began pleading with Adora to spare them, she used TK to push the survivors down the shadow straw followed by the rest of the sprite drinking the remaining survivors alive. This caused the dark energy in her eyes to dissipate as she flew down to the ground near where the injured Cain was. “Mhmmmm that was fun the remaining followers you had went well with my sprite. I’d been saving that for when I got done with everything, but a girls gotta satisfy her thirst right. Besides all this fighting & flying my soda was bound to go flat, so I was like I might as well finish it while it was still bubbly.”

“You fucking monster, you killed my Potna Kolak, then you slaughtered my men & ate the remaining survivors alive. You…are fucking evil…I hate you…I…”Cain struggled to get up and Adora coldly help but burst out laughing.

“Oh I’m evil, coming from the other half of the person responsible for turning Oakland into a war zone, although I admit maybe eating your employees infront of you was a bit much. Why do you want to join them, honestly among the palet of powers I can use to kill you, that is a horrible way to go. Did you know the same power I used to take your pathetic “potnas” power is also subconsciously used on any people I eat as well. It’s like those poor bastards experience the worst of both worlds.”

“Hines won’t sell you shit, I’m his main customer you idiot! You need me! Give me back my people throw them up bitch.” Cain stumbled forward throwing a punch at Adora however it had no effect.

Adora used TK to simulate greater strength and slapped Cain backwards into a fold up chair. Then lifted the chair in the air with TK and smacked Cain with it a few times before making a shadow fist to crush the chair. The fist then formed into chains that wrapped around Cain but were connected to Adora. “Your power is good, it’s related to fear. You can convert anyone’s fear into physical strength, the more people scared, and the more frightened they are makes you increasingly stronger & more durable. Honestly that’s my kind of power, if I had to pick between draining you or Lionel, your power is more well suited to compliment both the rest of my arsenal & my personality.”

“No….how…did you.” Cain struggled to speak, succumbing to his injuries rapidly. Without the fear of his men to draw strength from he was reduced to that of a regular human. Adora used TK to lift him up and drew him over to her. Leaning in she kissed him draining him of his powers, memories, everything except his life force itself before backing up and pushing him to the ground.

“That was delicious really, I was tempted to just drain the rest of your almost over life but I want you to suffer, for daring to beat me senselessly you will suffer.” Adora used her powers to lift him into the air. With mass powers she reduced him in size, creating a shadow hand that flicked him into her waiting jaws and she chomped down biting his right arm off then gulped him down.

“Mhmm now I’ve got the taste of blood in my mouth okay I’ll need to fix that.” Adora picked up a piece of rubble tossing it it in the air. Using her mass powers she mad the small rock grow to the size of a pebble, then caused it to detonate wiping out the warehouse and two buildings on the right & left of the building. Emerging from the rubble fully healed in a TK shield she waltzed over to a vending machine across the street. Forming shadow spikes she tore the machine open and grabbed a can of Sunkist.

“Oh I love orange soda, this should get rid of the taste. Note to self don’t eat people bleeding heavily, just feed on there energy. I just really wanted that guy to have a slow death, I mean he completely fucked up my mascara.” Adora spoke without regard for the life she just took as she guzzled down her Sunkist and peered through Cain’s recent memories. Simultaneously she shape-shifted into Cain, and took flight heading to the meeting spot with a man she was very eager to meet, Lester Hines.
Felix Haustin

"Times are a changing you filthy hunter, Ragnarok is upon us. Fenris walks among his children once again" A man spoke to another one tied up in a chair. Two people in-fact who were tied up, a man & a woman, hunters who wound up being captured while investigating a series of murders in Las Vegas. The victims had their hearts eaten and some other parts of their surrounding bodies which of course attracted a pair of sibling hunters.

"Your nothing but a monster! Your kind will be stopped!"The tied up female yelled out in disdain trying to no avail to free herself from her restraints just as her brother did. The man in the suit merely smiled his spectacular hearing allowing him to pick-up on the duo's struggle to escape their binding.

"You humans are all the same. You truly have the misguided perception of being the alpha creature on this world. Why is that?" The werewolf mused in a mocking tone as his attention was partially turned to a laptop that had an EXCEL sheet pulled up where he was keying in information.

"Listen Micky, this isn't going to end well. You kill us there's more of us coming then just us. I know your not the one behind all those killings, 30 homeless people have went missing in the past two weeks, and seven bodies turned up with missing organs. That's a total of 37 people, 7 of which are accounted for as mince meat for you beasts, but the other 30 still gone in the wind. I'm guessing you guys had a taste for more then the heart with them, emphasis on you guys, because your not packing enough weight to have eaten all those people in less then a month" The male hunter retorted still messsing with his bindings but trying to distract the wolf named Micky with conversation.

“I believe it will” Announced Felix as he entered the basement area where the two hunters were being held captive. Micky took a knee upon seeing him enter the room and a smile lurked on the psychic monster’s face.

“My King, Fenris you have come! I am honored by your being here great wolf.” Micky declared in awe from merely being in his presence.

“There’s no need for that, I happened to be in town on business, and I heard one of my best soldiers nabbed two nosy hunters trying to muck around in business that doesn’t concern them.” Felix ended his sentence with great malice directed towards the two hunters.

“The hell it don’t! Your a fucking monster! I mean all you fuckers are bad, but your the one stirring up the wolves out here causing them to go berserk huh! Almost 40 human lives wiped out in three weeks, and you think more of us ain’t going come knocking!?” The female hunter retorted in anger shocked at Felix’s arrogance.

“Oh please you mere hunters can’t stop me! You see 40 humans is nothing, soon it’ll be 400, then 4000, then 40,000 and so on. These are epic times we’re living in and I have epic plans to fit them.” Felix responded taunting.

“Yeah well I don’t think so.” The male hunter had escaped his bindings Micky rose up to stop him but he quickly slashed at him with a silver blade. The blade sliced through the skin of Micky’s arm causing him to wail in pain and stumble backwards collapsing. Felix growled showing his fangs only for the hunter to lunge forward stabbing the knife through Felix’s heart and kicking him aside then rushing over to his sister to free her from the chair as Micky fully transformed and rose up stewing with rage.

“You animals!!!!! How dare you do this to my king!!!!” Micky bellowed with rage as the sister pulled out a gun opening fire shooting Micky with a few rounds to keep him down while drawing her own silver knife and tossing it to her brother.
“Yeah well the world’s been done with kings since the Middle Ages, get with the times, I’m more of a fan of modern politics & dead monsters.”

“Oh please stand down my soldier I’ve been looking to have some fun for a while.” Felix announced before laughing rising up and removing the silver blade from his heart now drenched in his blood. Seeing the werwolf not only survive the silver blade to the chest but be relatively unharmed by it startled them as he tossed the knife aside. His wound rapidly healed up while the sister hunter opened fire loading rounds into Felix which had no effect.

“How in the hell?! Your a werewolf, that shouldn’t be possible” The brother replied in shock instinctively standing in-front of his sister to protect her from this monster.A clicking noise from her gun elicited laughter from Felix as that indicated that she was out of bullets, and Micky also joined the chorus of laughter.

“My apologies king, you hunters are screwed now! You believed mere silver would put an end to Fenris?! Micky yelled out in support of his leader motivated & energized by seeing him shrug off a silver blade to the heart. Felix of course was as cocky as always and went on o speak to the hunters in the place of his wolf soldier.

“ Ragnarok cannot be stopped, nothing will stop it! The era of mankind being dominant is over, as we speak other forces aim to end your world, I’m merely trying to be a major player on the board and of course have my people at the top when the dust settles.” Felix continued speaking in reference to the demons breaking the seals in hopes of kicking off the grand finale to the human race.

“Run”! The male hunter yelled out as Felix transformed into his wolf state and lunged forward the male hunter doing the same swinging his blade. Felix produced his glaive knocking the blade out the hunters hand and flinging it forward. The male hunter dived backwards avoiding the sharpened ends of the glaive however it soared through the air and slashed off his sister’s left arm cutting it clean off and then came back to Felix boomerang style.

“Ah I love this thing, you know it’s made of iron & silver, I’m taking a page out of you hunters book, it’s quite effective having a weapon that can harm most monsters and humans simultaneously. Although I’m actually in the market for another weapon, a hammer of sorts, you wouldn’t have happened to have seen it aye?”Felix inquired to the confused hunters although the female hunter wailing in pain caused them to not pay much attention to the wolf king’s words.

“Enough I’m going to kill you bastard! How dare you hurt my sister!” The man shot back while Felix used his power on the man restricting his entire body with an invisible force. He used the same force to lift his sister into the air slamming her body against the roof multiple times intensifying the pain she was already in from having an arm cut off. As the hunters yelled out he finally released his hold dropping the bruised, battered & bleeding sister to the ground.
“You have to get out of here! Run brother! Get away from him!”

“As If I’d let that happen, you two are finished. I’m not your ordinary werewolf, I’m afraid you’ve stepped into something that your lives will get stuck in, first you kill your sister, shoot her in the head.”
“What are you out of your mind I would never-“ The male hunter’s eyes flashed blue and he went silent. He then slowly pulled a gun out his pocket and cocked it aiming at his sister’s head. As she waddled up Felix used his telekinetic power to restrict her movements and pressed her against the ground.
“Kill your sister, shoot her dead” Felix demanded once more using his psychic power on the brother causing him to pull the trigger blowing his sister’s brains out. As soon as he’d been forced to murder her, that shattered the psychic hold Felix had over him and his eyes widened I shock at seeing his dead sister lay at his feet.

“You MONSTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!” The hunter screamed dropping the gun to the floor and Felix smiled using his telekinetic power to demolish the wall behind the hunter. As the wall crumbled the hunter gripped his knife as he heard growls from all around him. Turning away from his dead sister, Felix & Micky he saw several people around 30 or so standing around snarling at him causing his jaw to drop. “No….no…you didn’t kill those 30 people you…”
“Turned them, into something better! Now you get it, the seven they were dinner true enough. Actually more then that, but you know how it is Vegas needs it’s tourism, if they reported all 50 deaths in the country wide news it’s bad for business, you see I’m targeting the people society has cast aside. The Homeless, The poor, forsaken ex military veterans & even lost junkies looking for a sustainable rush that won’t devour their retirement account. I’m raising up an army.”
“You…enough you made these people monsters, you killed my sister! You can go to hell!!” The male hunter yelled rushing towards Felix.

Felix moved at superior speeds kicking the hunter into a wall simultaneously disarming him of his blade. Felix then lunged forward and slashed the hunter apart killing him quickly. After doing so he stood up turning towards Micky & the other 30 werewolves. “This fate will befall all humans who dare to stand against us! The age of man Is forever gone. Go out my children & feast, there’s so many meals out here that society shouldn’t have, devour the humans & of course convert those who have the look, the fire in their eyes into us! Go forth my children, RAGNAROK IS UPON US!!!!!”
Name: Felix Haustin

Species: Dragon Ghost Psychic/Alpha Werewolf

Age: 211


Relation to characters: Sees the Winchesters as pawns in his grand scheme to change the world, but at the same time a thorn in his side to his plans to revolutionize the world

Bio: Felix Haustin was born a powerful psychic, in-fact he was an ancestor to a particularly powerful psychic the winchesters encountered in life named Fred Jones. As such he shared his type of powers & potential in his day. He grew up in a family inolved with the American Men of Letters, who in his heyday were in more communication with the British Men of Letters. After a falling out & a particular bad encounter with a pack of magically enhanced vampires where he almost lost h is life he began obsessed with strength to evade the fear of death. To that end he began hunting down wisps & rumors of dragons, one of the strongest monsters there was. Finally he was able to find one & with the help of a witch he was able to use his psychic powers to turn himself into a dragon finally having the raw power he wanted. From there he sought to use the Letters as a means to take reigns of the new world aka America for himself. Eventually his plans as well as transformation was uncovered by the higher ups and he was led into a trap where he was slayed by use of Excalibur.

However his powerful psychic powers as well as transformation remained after death allowing him to seal his reaper, however the Letters had burned his body. Planning ahead however he had a wedding ring from his first failed marriage to a woman he never got over soaked in his blood. He was able to use that as a tether to remain in the real world & began plotting his revenge on both the Men of Letters & the world. In order to achieve those goals one thing he sought was the wooden box that contained the history of supernatural knowledge & spells accumulated by the letters. Unfortunately while tracking it in the early 60's Henry Winchester used the blood sigil to flee forward in time & Abaddon slaughtered what was left of the american chapter. Still this dosen't stop him and he was able to finally secure the host he needed to return to power in the world, the alpha werewolf. Now with a new body he's returned to his old ways once again in the pursuit of vengeance & world domination led by a new warrior race.

Weapons: Advanced Psychic Powers including telekinesis, space control & reality distortion. The ability to harness the energy of his soul taught to legacies allowing him to shape-shift into his original dragon body where he can wield the powers of a dragon. He also has the powers of the alpha werewolf in his non shifted form including the ability to telepathically communicate with the werewolf species like the alpha vampire did vampires. Beyond that he is a capable witch & carries a magically embedded glaive made of silver & iron that has a boomerang effect, meaning it always comes back to him.

Jason Koravil

Time: Evening
Location: Los Angeles, Train Station
Interaction: @Meleck

Jason walked about the masses blending in with the regular members of society. With his powers he was able to secure a negative altered status ID without too much of a hassle. When his mask was donned he was a force of terror & revolution opting to fight against oppression. However in his day to day life he still had a therapist firm to run. With the ability to control others he wasn’t overly concerned about money but he wanted to maintain his civilian guise until the time came when it wasn’t needed.

Thoughts of Saiyu’s untimely demise plagued his every waking moment when he didn’t give the reigns of control over to his alternate persona of Justice & vigilante identity as Reaper. He’d fully embraced his alternate darker self budding beneath the surface as an effective means to push away his ordinary life where he felt inadequate in helping others by merely speaking to them about there problems.

Currently he was on the prowl surveying the thoughts of numerous occupants of the station. Outside of running his rebellion, he devoted equal amounts of time to finding more members to his cause. He selected places at random to perform these searches, preferably those untouched by the growing conflict with altered & the many factions that had spawned as a result of their existence. He was enjoying a cup of tea whilst sitting down with a book in hand, the 48 Laws of Power. His focus was divided between absorbing the strategic lessons from this literary master piece & browsing thoughts to find altered.

He had the unfortunate experience of picking up some vile hate filled thoughts. Turning his head in the direction of the source he spotted a mob of purity members brutally assaulting a helpless black woman accused of being one of the altered. Diving past her surface thoughts he was sickened to find she was a mere victim of regular pre-existing racial hatred I the world & mob mentality. This poor soul wasn’t even gifted with the very powers she was taking a beating for being accused to have.

But a glimpse of another thought swiftly stirred his attention away from the woman’s plight. Here and now he wasn’t Reaper, not to mention there were armed soldiers everywhere. Any conflict he engaged in would require blatant use of his power to avoid being riddled with bullets.

“People that complied are being protected, including you and brother.”

Overhearing this he peered into the minds of two youth, a man & woman. Digging deeper a smile crept across his face as he had finally stumbled upon another of his kind. Sure from what he perceived this boy was timid and perhaps even socially inept. But the power coursing through him could prove to be valuable. Not to mention the world was becoming a very divisive place and in order for survival, those that were alike needed to stick together.

He closed the book and stuffed It in a gym bag he had slung over his shoulder with a few other personal belongings inside. Getting up he waltzed over to the marine heavy check-point producing his identification and making his way through. This family member he’s with doesn’t seem to wield any power, but she has a fiery persona not to mention she’s protective of him. Just as Olivia serves as a key element to infiltrating & acquiring more information from the CIA, perhaps this Marie can prove to be essential as well. To truly spur my movement I believe I’ll need to include those who sympathize with us even if they do not share our powers.

The age of the altered was upon them and he didn’t have a minute to waste. He used his power to infiltrate the minds of Marie & Juan. Using his telepathic powers he caused them all to appear in a different realm of existence. Instead of a train station the three of them alone appeared in a lush garden full of vegetation, fresh fruit & wild-life. In reality they had gone nowhere physically, Jason had merely zapped up their subconscious into a telepathic realm while simultaneously rendering there existing personalities control of their physical bodies still able to carry out communication & any other goals they needed to acquire.

Within the telepathic realm Jason used his power to instill an emotion of calmness into the two as he approached them with a smile on his lips. “Hello Juan, Hello Marie. Forgive me for all of this, I know it’s quite sudden. But do not be alarmed, my name is Jason. I’m an altered human with the power to manipulate thoughts & move objects with my mind alone. As you may have noticed it is quit dangerous for our kind these days, I’m to assume your on the way to San Francisco because of it’s declared status as a sanctuary. At least that’s why Juan Is here, and you Marie are his guardian correct? First off we have not physically left the train station, this is merely an illusion manifested with my power within the private shared collective space of our subconscious. Regardless if this conversation goes on for say twenty minutes, by the time it’s over no more then a minute or two will. Pass in the real world. Anyway I’ve come to you with an offer, that being unlimited protection & wealth for the small price of joining forces with me in forging a new world. One where soldiers assigned to protect us won’t turn a blind eye to a woman In distress getting beat by thugs just for being different.” As Jason spoke, he made angelic wings appear behind him as well as a glowing illuminated yellow halo over his head. “So how about it then, have I managed to obtain your interest?” Jason finished his voice echoing about in this imaginary world formed by his telepathic abilities.
Josiah & Natalia

After rummaging through the belongings of the now deceased witch couple house he did uncover some intel about the enemies plan to shatter the seal In the next town over. Afterwards he gathered his bearings & departed from there. On the way back to the motel he stopped to grab a bite to eat. Additionally he put more stress on his body using divine breaker to counteract a hex bag that was planted underneath his car which of course led to a fight & eventual ganking of the third witch in an ally by the diner spot.

Three outta four witches in this town’s coven are dead, my best bet is to kill the last one so they can’t warn the two sons of bitches actually trying to break the seal in the next town overJosiah thought to himself as he settled into the motel opting to smoke inside just in case he was followed or being watched. He whipped out his phone and pulled up Nat’s contact. “I don’t have Singers number in my new phone, so my best bet is to call Nat.” He decided and pressed down on her name to give her a ring.

As Natalia was waiting for everyone to be done getting ready in the house, she finished her beer and pulled out her car keys of her pocket, swinging the keyfob round one of her fingers as she waited. It was then she felt her phone vibrating in her other pocket and wondered what made her so damn popular lately as she pulled her phone out and saw it was Josiah.

Clicking to connect the call, she held he rphone up to her ear, "what's up now?" she greeted him in her usual manner.

Josiah was walking around the motel room puffing on a joint and sipping honey jack on the rocks as he awaited Nat to pick up. Unlike many hunters who stuck to drinking he prefered a low cross fade to be at his absolute best, the added paranoia from a bit of trees kept him on extra guard. "Hey Nat" He exclaimed happy she picked up. "Look I need to talk to you, I've got some info that's relevant to you or well the Winchesters specifically. Remember that stuff I was talking about earlier, the witnesses. Well listen to this and I promise it's not some nonsense I stumbled on while getting too high. The witnesses is one of the seals, there's over 600 of them, but get this if the demons break at least 66 of them then Lucifer will walk the earth again." He finished wondering if she'd think he was just super inebriated not knowing she'd met an angel herself earlier.

From the way Josiah greeted her on the phone, Nat knew instantly he was getting high once again, making her pinch the bridge of her nose even though he couldn't see it. She listened to him ramble on, explaining everything that Castiel told them all earlier. "yeah we know. Had a visit from an Angel who told us. We're all heading out to to one now to try and stop it from being broken. I'll text you the location so you can meet us there if you want. Seems we gotta stop Samhain from being risen again" she replied to him. "and when you do, sober up a bit please?" she requested. She didn't have too much of an issue with him smoking joints, but drugs were a bit of a difficult subject for her as she spent years being pumped with drugs in the asylum against her will. Something she never ever said to anyone.

Josiah wondered if Nat would be able to tell he was a bit buzzed, that damn paranoia got to him already so he ashed the joint and decided to focus on his cup of jack. "Wait wait wait you guys are friends with angels too? Well I'm not friends with mine." Josiah flashed back to Uriel's rude behavior and quickly got back on the subject at hand. "Damn it Nat I think we're working the same case, that's why I called. I'm in the next town over hunting a coven of witches that's working with the witches trying to break the seal. Anyway I've got bad news, Samhain is the demon lord of the undead, so the witches used recruited a bunch of demons & vampires to come to the town where the seal is, and there assignment is to hunt down any and all winchesters that show up to interfere. Worst it seems they've carved some type of spell called enochian into the bodies of the demons & vampires they recruited, which means no angels can find them." Josiah continued explaining the lengths the witches were going to ensure Samhain was revived.

Natalia listened to what Josiah was saying, sighing as he all but told her in his own way that it was an Angel that told him about the seals as well. When he told her they were already on the same case, she knew it was one less thing she would need to sort out and sending him the location wasn't needed. The extra news he gave her made her sigh and again pinch the bridge of her nose. "fan-bloody-tastic" she said sarcastically. "I'll let the boys and everyone know. Thanks for the warning Josiah, we're gonna need all the advanced help we can get right now. And we're definitely not friends with any angels. It's a long story." she replied, letting him know by her tone that it was a story she was not willing to discuss now. "we'll be there as soon as possible. I'll let you know when we're there" she told him.

Josiah wanted to get this info to Natalia as soon as possible, considering the threat was directed at winchesters & he was familiar with her last name. "Yeah you do that and if you can send me singer number, one of the witnesses smashed the phone I had with his number in it and you never know when his intel will came in handy. Wait wait wait hold on Nat you just said "the boys" as in plural, as in not just Sam? Either I misheard you and really do need to be completly sober while were working or are you implying that Dean's somehow not in hell anymore? Don't tell me you or Sam made a fucking deal?!" Josiah exclaimed in shock even though from stories he heard Sam had tried to reason with plenty crossroads demons to get his brother back without fail, he wondered & feared if maybe the demons accepted Nat's soul, not knowing that Castiel & his soldiers had busted Dean out the pit

Knowing that Josiah knew her last name, she really was grateful to him for giving the warning about what was coming their way. Now that angels were coming into the equation, she just knew deep down that they'd know who she truly was and that she would be just as much at risk as her brothers. She listened to him reply, then suddenly twig what she said. "firstly, yeah i can text you his number and secondly, yeah, Dean is back and no don't worry yourself. Neither of us made a deal, not one that was ever accepted anyway. An angel called Castiel dragged him out of hell and back to us" she explained. She knew that Josiah he would have been beyond pissed if she had sold her soul to save her brother, that much was evident from his tone.

Josiah let out a sigh of relief upon hearing that Nat didn't make any sort of demon deal to get Dean out of hell, which also meant he was glad she got her brother out of Hell as well. "Wow an angel got him out of Hell?! That's great news, i mean I always knew and heard stories that Dean kicked major monster ass, but if the friggin angels got him out the hotbox he must really be legendary." Josiah took a moment of silence out of pure admiration for the hunter, no wonder the witches were collaborating with demons, monsters & angel hiding spells if the Winchester brothers were getting involved. "Alright well send me his number and one more thing." Josiah swiped up to facetime Nat he wanted to look her in the eyes and confirm that she hadn't made a deal eye to eye. As he did he checked his messages a girl he'd met at the diner had taken up his offer to come over for some fun making him grin and send her his address.

Nat could have sworn she heard Josiah's sigh of relief that she didn't make any kid of deal with a demon to bring Dean back. His little fan boy ramble made her smirk a d chuckle slightly down the phone. To her, he was just Dean the sometimes annoying big half brother who was a badass on hunts and saved her life. So when people gushed about him, it was slightly strange to her. She noticed he switched the call to video call, making her hold her phone in front of her. "I swear to you, I'm telling you the full truth. I know what you're thinking. Look, I better get going or I'll be holding everyone up" she told him.

Josiah hated the annoying ring of facetime while it waited but he had to get this final confirmation. He wasn't trying to be too annoying but he cared about her and didn't want her soul to be in danger. When she picked up and he was able to see her face to face he let out a second sigh. "Okay I'm sorry Nat, but from what I've heard your family isn't exactly a stranger to deals and I don't mean that in a mean way, I know my mom got kidnapped by demons, I can't stand the thought of anyone else I care about being messed with by these beasts." Josiah announced before hearing a knock on his door. Oh she's here already, well I need to wrap this up I deserve a little fun after witch hunting all evening

"Oooh looks like I got a visitor, hold on one second " Josiah said more cheerfully then he'd been the whole call putting the phone down as he walked over to open the door letting in a woman with blonde hair in her mid 20's wearing a black skirt that almost barely qualified as appropriate. He introduced himself to her having the briefest of idle talk before rushing back and picking up the phone holding it up. "Look like I said I'm sorry I should of just trusted you, but if you can send me Bobby's number and I'll see you soon." Josiah added at the end holding the phone up to see Nat again. In the corner of Nat's eye through the reflection of the phone she'd be able to see that the woman Josiah let in his room to flirt with face was distorted indicating that she was a wraith.

Listening to his explanation, Nat sighed nodding. She did understand why he was worried, she got it more than he would realised. "I know. Trust me, I know what it's like." she replied when the knock on his door came through, and she got put on hold metaphorically speaking as she waited for him to come back. When he did, she nodded showing she would give him Bobby's number before noticing the woman looking distorted behind him. "Jo, bud, get outta there she's a damn wraith." she said to him, then hung up so he could actually deal with it without her being a distra tion.

As the phone clicked and went dead Josiah groaned. The burning desire in his nether regions wouldn't be satisfied by this woman, he had a few life rules he never broke which included no sex with monsters. "How dare have no idea how bad I wanted to tap something after killing witches all fucking day!!" Josiah roared angry as he turned to face the woman who made her signature insanity inducing blade emerge from the palm of her hand.

"Oh wow looks like I'm here a little late, sorry about that it took a little time to complete my spell to inhabit the body of this monster. Do you know how long this spell took, not to mention I need the blood of ten kids to return back to normal, and it got ruined by a reflection on facetime! You wiped out my coven and made the lengths I went to make you an easy entertaining kill pointless, you'll pay for that hunter." The woman hissed apparently revealing that she was a witch with some pretty strong magic if she was able to switch her body into that of a wraith.

"You think I give a damn about that shit, woman are you crazy?! Never mind I'm wasting my breath asking that if you used your magic to turn into a monster, props on the plan though. I was way too focused on your ass, so you woulda been the one to send me to meet my maker." Josiah exclaimed after some more internal grumbling, it was time for a change of plans. The last of the four witches was here, which meant he was getting out of town tonight.

"Oh well let's hurry up and finish this, I'll need to let Don know that you got chatty with the winchesters already and gave them a hint about our monster demon combo surprise." The woman lunged forward while Josiah jumped out the way running to the corner of the room and drawing his machete.

"Let me ask you something bitch, there was four and now there's one, what's the difference between you and the rest? Wanna know, you used a spell to make yourself a monster, so now I don't have to worry about getting flung in the air or any other spells so it'll be easier to kill you!!!" Josiah snapped back at the creature who laughed.

Josiah charged slinging his blade right and left, but the creature was very agile avoiding the slashes then kicked Josiah sending him reeling into a mirror that broke. "Ugh thank you I didn't wanna happen to catch a glimps of your real ass ugly mug so that'll make things a bit easier on me."

"Your really cocky for the boy who let his mother got kidnapped by demons. Where was all that spunk when they snatched her up, maybe they'll go after your sister next. That'll be what finally saps away that massive ego of yours, well theoretically speaking since your dying today!!!"

"Oh you just extra signed your death warrant you fucking freak, don't ever talk about my mama or my sister again!!!!" Josiah yelled charging forward the wraith using it's wrist spike to knock the blade out of Josiah's hand as he was trying to avoid getting infected.

"Oh what's that about extra signing, come on baby that's weak." The wraith lunged forward tackling Josiah against the bed frame. It grabbed Josiah head lifting it up and slamming it against the metal part then leaned forward to prick him in the neck with it's spike. "Just relax, in a few minutes the real fun can begin. I'm going to make your mind detoriate maybe I'll even make you think you killed me, and drive you to your next little casse, maybe I'll warp your perceptio so much that YOU go to kill the winchesters or your precious little sister yourself. Wouldn't that be funny then give you a moment of clarity as you stand over the dead bodies of your pathetic friends and loved ones knowing they died at your deranged hands hahahhahaha"

"YOU BITCH!!!!!" Josiah screamed as his right hand surged with energy summoning divine breaker he grabbed onto her wrist stinger his hand causing it to disintegrate. The creature howled in pain as Josiah kicked the wraith off of him then turned over and began pummeling the creature with a series of punches. He continued wailing down punches with his right hand beating the wraith savagely until the creature was left with a bruised & very bloodied face. "Don't you ever talk about my family & friends ever again you sick piece of shit." Josiah got up and ran over to grab his discarded machete.

"You humans sicken me, you pathetic monkeys! You think this is over, sooner or later the big man on campus will be back, and it'll be hell on earth! One big never ending hot ass party!!!" The wraith bragged as it struggled to get up after the beating it took. "Wow that little right hand of yours is nifty, those punches should not have hurt as much as they did, I see how you gave the rest of us trouble. But this isn't over this-"

The creaure's words were cut short as Josiah had thrown the machete fiercely itno the creature's chest. The beast wailed in agony from the silver/iron blade impaling it in the heart. "NOOOOOOOOOO"

"Just shut up and die already." Josiah rebutted full of rage as he marched over and dug the blade deeper through the beast it's skin literally burning as it passed away in agony the witch within dying as well having been killed while binded in it's body. "Fuck and now the hotel's gonna charge me for that mirror, oh well let me clean this shit up and get going. Looks like Halloween's getting started early this year." Josiah muttered to himself going over to grab his phone and shoot Nat a text. Thanks for the warning, I'm pissed I didn't get any ass though, but monsters aren't ever on my menu. I'll see you soon Josiah clicked send and turned to look around the torn apart motel room. Well at least the place was already a dump and didn't get booked in his name. All he needed to do was get rid of the body, and anything else incriminating then he was on his way out. "Let's get started." The frustrated hunter muttered as he retrieved his joint sparking it up as he went to work to get rid of any and everything that made this room a potential crime scene for the supernaturally unaware.

Kayla Morris - Prisoner of Tartarus

Kayla Morris was trapped & afraid. Her entire life had come crashing down on her in a matter of six weeks. That’s when her powers had first manifested, and the nightmare began. She had the ability to manipulate the temperature, thermokinesis & it was influenced by her emotions. During a heated argument with her boyfriend her powers altered his internal body temperature giving him a severe fever & sending him to the hospital. In the waiting room she caused a fire to break out and on the way home caused a car accident from flash freezing.

During all of this she was intoxicated on magic mushrooms, Molly & painkillers. She was a college student who loved to party, and had hr apartment blown up in the energy storm. She relocated to a FEMA camp temporarily until her parents got her money to get on campus housing. That’s why after that first horrific day when her powers manifested she began to expect the worst. She knew it was a matter of time before the country began cracking down on altered. Not to mention she found out that people died both from the fiery outburst and the flash freeze incident she caused with her powers. The next few days after the incident she realized both her powers & fault in the incident.

The responsible thing would first be to address her substance abuse as that didn’t pair well with her powers especially since they were tied to her emotions. Her problems with drugs had been present her first three years in college, but the storm had exacerbated them. She was living with her best friend & her younger sister in her apartment prior to the storm. Both of them perished leaving er the only survivor, and drowning her pain in spirits was something she did to numb herself more and more. She lost her job as a waitress fairly quickly and relied on her side hustle working as a e whore and selling cocaine to freshmen & three sororities she had ties with.

A week after getting to on campus housing two of her clients freshmen came to her dorm coked out to rob her at gunpoint. After accidentally shooing an RA who came to check on her due to the screaming things got out of hand. Her power resulted in the would be robbers being burned alive while they fired shots indiscriminately killing some people on campus & harming others. Both of them died she fled the scene wit her cocaine but while rushing to a friend’s place with a car full of drugs and drunk she caused a mini blizzard that led to a truck loosing control and causing a multi car pile up accident. Narrowly she avoided getting caught in the crash but a bystander got the footage on his camera while on facebook live.

Seeing her powers triggering the vicious incident he tried to confront her as it turned out he was a member of the militant anti altered religious group Purity. She attempted to flee and manifested a hailstorm that slammed into his SUV causing him to spin out of control into a Wendys smashing his vehicle into two families & getting all the footage on Facebook live. Luckily the car she was driving was new that she bought from a stranger on the internet so she didn’t have tags yet. She had one of her more criminal friends take the car to a chop shop and she reported it stolen avoiding getting arrested. Still Liberty agents in New Orleans took interest in the footage & started an investigation connecting the Facebook life incident to first violent incident she caused with her powers in the hospital waiting room & the nearby streets afterwards.

She moved to Chicago with her cousins hoping to escape the heat from the chaos in New Orleans. She got tatted up, dyed her hair purple & get colored contacts. Her cousin she was staying with was an aspiring rapper who was a talented local producer & part time robber Taking an interest in her powers he forced her to help with a couple robberies in exchange for money, lodging & helping her lay low in Chicago. In most of the robberies no one was killed, but in the last one the targets returned fire and in self defense she caused a massive amount of heat that literally melted the skin of the shoots as well as their clothes and weapons.

After this she got into a heated argument with her cousin getting drunk and coked out infuriated about being abused with her powers. It turned out he was trying to get one of his clients a record deal with influence from Harper one of the four chiraq kings who was connected to drugs & music. Unfortunately a local liberty agent Gavin took interest in the incident and co-ordinating with New Orleans officers followed up on her case. Around this time fed up with her cousin she froze him and his room-mate alive then shattered them taking over their house and paying the rent in his name for the month. She planned to move to another state to start a new life with an old ex of hers who she confided in as he told her he was also altered.

He lied and still seeking vengeance for their relationship reported her for the reward for information on dangerous altered, having recorded the cell phone conversation where she confessed to crimes with her powers. Liberty took wind of the situate and Gavin working with the New Orleans agents took her in. From there she was transported to the underground prison for altered humans in Nevada, underground the Tartarus Compound.

She was among several other altered who’d been indicted for various crimes some serious like hers and others minimal violations of Forrester’s new laws the were felony charges by technicalities. This maximum security facility was designed with altered in mind & they had individual cells designed with containment plans based off the individuals powers. Hers was reinforced with several layers of steel, metal, & other strong material to be resistant to her temperature manipulation. She was also given hourly intravenous injections of some substance that seemed to nullify her access to her powers as well as a host of other drugs to incapciactate her.

However she was also injected with substances that negated the sedating qualities of some of the medications & actually enhanced some of her senses. She was restrained arms & legs, and fed “nourishment” through tube. It was enough to keep her alive, but it was the worst of the worst & was actually making her & other prisoners sick. Those imprisoned in the Tartarus Compound were free to be used as test subjects in a range of experiments by scientists working for the Forrester Corporation & United States Government. Often they divided time between them & a few other agencies to experiment on the prisoners for a variety of purposes. Many of the guards had utter disgust for them & several on a power trip took advantage of their vulnerable possession.

She’d been slapped, cut, burned, spat on, punched, kicked, sexually gripped, sexually harassed, and even fully violated. Many times the guards performed their own experiments sometimes with soldiers testing things like the altered tolerance to pain, humiliation, and certain torture methods just to confirm that the majority had the same response as regular humans unless they had abilities that specifically allowed them to evade or be immune to a certain type of pain or torture.

This was a living hell she had not seen any other people in her position since coming to the Tartarus Compound. “God please I know I don’t deserve it but please help me. At least help me die please please.’ Kayla begged as some tears rolled down her eyes. The water produced from the ears causing her to face to itch but couldn’t even move a literal muscle or finger to satisfy even that basic need. It seemed beyond hope, beyond possibility there was no one coming for her, but if there was she would have no problem following them as would probably any go the other altered going through absolute living torture here at the tartarus compound.
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