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Current So I have a photo shoot planned for tomorrow. Im not going to sleep because I'm catching a train at 2AM to then sit and wait for a few hours for the sun to rise. Its all about the perfect shot though!
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11 mos ago
Finishing uni for the year and looking at a break till late Febuary. What the hell am I meant to do for 5 months? The answer is a looooooot more RP
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12 mos ago
I am somewhat bored, and also a little more bored. So yup, someone entertain me.
1 yr ago
New RP has just started. Really excited :P
1 yr ago
No idea whats going on, my brain is pretty frazzled right now. But if anyone remembered me from the old days message me, I like meeting old friends :P


Im 20, a university student who keeps switching his degree, a guy, I live next to my uni, I'm in Australia, I play a lot of video games, and I forget everything else about me :P

Oh yea, and I sleep a lot, like 12 hours a day.

Oh yeeea, and I do stupid things like take a train at 3 in the morning to take photos of the sunrise.

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Oh dang this sounds pretty cool :D
(I would have put my interest in sooner but Comic-Con was on in Australia and I slept for like 3 days when I got home :3)

“Nice hit!!” Serra yelled with a grin. The hammer landed soundly, and the monster’s head recoiled away. She glanced to the man that had joined her to distract the monster. He looked a little… odd with a pitchfork and some less than pristine condition armour. Looked a little more like a farm boy than a hunter, but one shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.

Serra’s grin disappeared as she realised that her hit hadn’t done as much as she had hoped. She felt the thud of the horn, and for a few moments she was at the mercy of the Jak-Jak’s enraged attacks. She felt herself smash into the snow before being thrown along with one of her team mates. Her limbs felt heavy in the snow, and she was having trouble even catching her breath, when she felt someone helping her up.

“Thanks” She said, but the man had already run off to face the monster again. She looked around for her horn to see that it had been dropped some distance away. She made for it, grabbing and downing a small jar of green liquid as she did. She grabbed her horn and was about to charge after the others when she stopped for a moment. This thing could do a lot of damage if it they let it throw its weight around, so maybe a better plan was to stop it, then focus on taking it down. Making her way to a more open part of the room, Serra sorted through her bad, looking for a metal disk from her bag. It took a few moments, but the Shock Trap was set up and ready to go. She just hoped that her other team mates would be able to avoid the creature’s charge.

Serra swung her horn around her head, playing a few quick notes before blowing. She was playing a song to help her team mates rejuvenate after the hits they had taken. It wouldn’t do much, but she was too far away to charge in at this point. She stood in front of the trap, ready to dive out of the way if the monster decided to go after her instead. This thing had already landed one too many hits on her, and she was ready to repay the favour.

“Finally!” Serra yelled as she threw her cloak to the ground. She might be a little chilly without the extra layers, but it would help her move better. Plus, if the blue haired girl could stand the cold in her ‘armour’ then how bad could it be. She swung her horn around her head, playing a long and deep note before circling around the charging monster. She suddenly felt a strong sensation run through her body. It felt as though she was filled with extra strength.

“Thanks for that!” She said as she glanced to the man with the bowgun. It was good to see that there were others that had decided to be a bit more supportive too. His facial expression was a little unnerving though, but everyone had little habits when they fought. She swung her horn again, sounding off two more notes before taking a deep breath and playing a defence boosting song. The sound of the song echoed through the caverns, and she was sure that all her allies had heard it. And with that out of the way, she quickly assessed the situation. Some of her team had already moved around to attack the more vulnerable sections of the monster, so she thought it was a good idea to try and draw some attention.

With that she made her way in front of the creature, before charging towards her head. She let out a loud cry as she approached, readying her hammer for a quick upward strike. She might not be the strongest person there, but she didn’t have to be. Right now, she just had to try and be the most annoying target. She smiled wide as she brought her hammer up, aiming straight for the creature’s head.

A cold chill made its way down Serra’s back as she trudged along through the snow. She had never really liked the cold too much, it made her feel like she couldn’t move as freely as usual. At least the hot drinks made it a little more bearable. She was glad that she didn’t have to be the trail blazer though, one of the others in the group had taken on that role for himself.

“He must be pretty used to this kind of place” Serra said to the group as she pulled her cloak tighter around her. She really wasn’t too familiar with any of the other members of the group yet, but it was always good to make small talk in situations like this. It was a lot easier to work together if you broke the ice a little bit before a hunt. Especially when you were coming up against something you haven’t fought before. Serra shifted her weight as she walked, moving her horn from one shoulder to the other. She usually left it on her back, but the large hunk of metal got cold quickly and having it on her back just made her even colder. Suddenly a loud roar rang out in the air, and she saw the man at the front of the group slow down in front of them. She hurried to catch up with him as the second roar sounded.

“I hope so, it sounds big” Serra said as a smile spread its way across her face. Her grip on her horn tightened as she peered further into the caves ahead. “Sounds like we are getting pretty close, so keep an eye out everyone” She said, turning to face the group for a moment before returning her gaze to the path ahead. She may have been stating the obvious, but she liked to make sure they were all on the same page just in case.
Oh yea, things have gotten started! I'm gonna work on a post now, should be up later tonight :D

Edit: It's up! :D
Well here is my sheet. Let me know if there are any issues, 1 am Sam can be a but bad at proof reading :P

@GodOfWar Hey! Sorry for lagging behind on this, my classes just started back up so I have had a busy few days, but I will start working on a CS now :D

Edit: Thinking of using the one true weapon, hunting horrrrn
Seems pretty cool, I'm interested
Kasey fumbled a little as he went to catch the water bottle, but after a moment he had a firm grasp on it. He unscrewed the top and took a big swig, he had been pretty thirsty ever since he ran out of water yesterday.

“Thanks” Kasey said with a smile as he glanced over to the big guy who had thrown the bottle. Mirage? Well his name was way cooler than Kasey’s. He couldn’t help but wonder for a little about why he might have picked the name, but he found his interest shifting to one of the other guys in the room. At first he couldn’t believe what he was hearing, this guy could shoot lasers from his eyes! How cool was that!! Well he said he killed people, so that wasn’t cool, but it was still pretty cool. Compared to his power at least. But he heard someone use his ‘name’ so he turned to face them. He was met by one of the girls, accompanied by a small metallic… bird? No that was a…

“Woaah! Is that… He’s a tiny little dragon…” Kasey couldn’t help but be a little excited. This must have had something to do with her power, either that or she was crazy smart. “Thanks a lot… Pup was it? I’d love to have the little guy as company” He smiled and watched the little thing flap lazily around the woman. But he turned back in as another man started addressing the group. He addressed a few tasks that would be worth taking care of soon. Kasey decided that once they had finished their little power showcase he would make his way outside and collect some firewood. He wasn’t great at foraging, but wood couldn’t be too hard to find in a forest. He was a little startled as a bottle was seemingly shot from the air. The man with the hares apologised and stared cleaning up the mess. Maybe that’s how he caught the hares…

But soon something began moving on the floor. He wasn’t sure what it was, but blackness began pooling and a long skeletal hand shot out of it, before disappearing. Mirage spoke afterwards, explaining that it was an illusion. It took Kasey a few moments to recover though, something like that could have been very useful, if a little terrifying. He loved horror movies, but living them was not something he wanted to experience any time soon. Well at least he knew where he got the name now.

“Well since we are showing off powers, I might as well show off mine. But it’s a little hard to show off, but just bear with me” He started tapping his foot, and closed his eyes to focus. At first it seemed like nothing was happening, but after a moment, the sound faded away. He was still tapping his foot, but the noise couldn’t be heard. Pretty soon the sound began to fade from the world around them, the wind through the trees and the sound of the house creaking and even the sound of the dragon’s small metallic wings faded away into silence. For a moment he let it linger, let people soak in the silence, then he stopped and the subtle sounds of the world returned.

“Sorry for the weird demonstration, but I couldn’t think of another way. I can make sounds quiet. That’s where I got my name if you didn’t already guess. He said with a smile. It’s not as flashy as making light or illusions or dragons and lasers and stuff. But it makes sneaking around pretty easy. It’s funny, I used to use it to sneak up on my brother all the time at home, you should have seen his face when I would just pop up out of nowhere. He used to get so mad. Oh, but I won’t use it around here too much, everyone seems a little jumpy so it would be a bad idea to sneak up on people.” He thought back to the water bottle and the hares for a moment. It would be a good idea to make sure he never took that guy by surprise.
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