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10 Jan 2017 8:12
Current So I have a photo shoot planned for tomorrow. Im not going to sleep because I'm catching a train at 2AM to then sit and wait for a few hours for the sun to rise. Its all about the perfect shot though!
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29 Nov 2016 3:46
Finishing uni for the year and looking at a break till late Febuary. What the hell am I meant to do for 5 months? The answer is a looooooot more RP
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8 Nov 2016 6:03
I am somewhat bored, and also a little more bored. So yup, someone entertain me.
13 Oct 2016 4:05
New RP has just started. Really excited :P
8 Oct 2016 14:59
No idea whats going on, my brain is pretty frazzled right now. But if anyone remembered me from the old days message me, I like meeting old friends :P


Im 19, a university student who keeps switching his degree, a guy, I live next to my uni, I'm in Australia, I play a lot of video games, and I forget everything else about me :P

Oh yea, and I sleep a lot, like 12 hours a day.

Oh yeeea, and I do stupid things like take a train at 3 in the morning to take photos of the sunrise.

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Location: Barracks
Interacting With: Sala & Vala, Guthrie, Spencer, Zara

Vamon was a little surprised to hear that the woman wanted to join them. She may have been a companion of the captain, and her knowledge of the tunnels would most deffinatly be useful, but he couldn’t help shaking his suspicions. Could he risk travelling into the unknown with someone he just met? He kept quiet and listened to his companions give their answers, deciding to trust their judgment. He thought for a moment about how odd that really was, considering he had only just met his companions today as well. Letting out a small sigh, he smiled beneath his mask and looked to the woman.

“Well if my companions are fine with it, then I am fine with it too. Welcome to our little travelling party, if one can call it that” He found himself chuckling a little as Spencer proudly boasted about her combat skills. If he recalled correctly, she introduced herself as a travelling merchant, but he chose not to speak on it. He had seen some pretty strange things today, so perhaps it wasn’t that crazy to think she might actually have some combat ability. But all of a sudden he found himself jumping, as the girl started screaming and running away, only turning back to say that she would be back soon.

“I guess we should finish up our preparations for when she returns” He said to the group after a small silence. He turned and began to rummage through one of the boxes left for them, collecting any alchemical supplies and putting them in his bag, making sure to separate them carefully. He made a mental note to ask about the dark crystal from before once they had made their way out into the tunnels. They could be travelling for quite a while, so he didn’t think there to be too much of a rush. That said though, Guthrie raised a good point.

“If you don’t mind, could I ask just what this order is? You mentioned them to the captain before as well.” He said, glancing back to the woman for a moment, before looking back into the box. If this order had any connection to the dark crystal, then it would be in his interest to find a little more out about them. And since they had the time, he might as well ask.
So sorry for the delay guys!!! One of my assignments is to literally put on an art exhibition in the center of town that people are going to attend and judge, so stress has been like super high lately, but I have some time so a post I will make!!!
Post up! Sorry if its a little short for an intro post, doing it from my parent's place at like midnight so I had to be a little quick with it
Kasey sat and listened intently as the situation was explained. Despite the apparent seriousness of the situation, he couldn’t help but feel a little relived. The idea of using fake names didn’t quite sit right, but it felt good to not be worried about the people around him. Since he had started his trip, the voice had done nothing but warn Kasey about strangers. It seemed to approve of the current situation though; it hadn’t said a word since he got to the cabin. Maybe it understood the situation, or maybe it was just sleeping or something. Kasey really wasn’t too sure how they worked, but he liked to be optimistic.

“Have a safe trip” Kasey said with a smile as Dusk made his way out of the cabin. Something about him seemed to make Kasey lower his guard a little more than usual. There was a moment of silence in the cabin, it seemed as though no one knew what to say, until someone finally spoke up and claimed the bed. He smiled a little as he could feel the tension in the room weaken a little, before a man made his way through the room holding several dead hares. Kasey didn’t much care for hunting himself, but he couldn’t help feeling a little relived. He was a little worried about food since his own supplies were starting to run out, so it was good to hear that someone had the group’s best interests in mind. But since the tension had been broken for now, Kasey thought it was probably a good enough time to speak up.

“Um, I wouldn’t mind taking the first shift. Of not sleeping that is. I don’t mind, I used to pull a lot of all nighters. Oh, and my name is K- Uh, I mean, Quiet. Not quite used to this whole fake name thing yet” He said with a bit of a nervous smile. The whole idea of using a fake name seemed a little excessive to him, but if it was the way things were done then he would be happy to take part. It almost felt a little like being in a club or something like that, but with a little more danger. Kasey left all his friends behind when he left, so he wanted to make as good an impression as he could right out of the gate.

“It seems like we might be here for a bit, so why don’t we make the best of it and get to know each other a little more.” He said with another quick glance around the room. He saw that a few people around the room seemed a little tense, so he thought it might be a good idea to try and get everyone talking.

@Themerlinhawk@Sam12435@Twilights Curse I hope to see something from you guys yet, before it is too late!

I'll be posting later tonight :D sorry bout the delay, schedual has been crazy but after next week all my assignments will be over and I can really get into things :D
Hey people! I have made a character sheet, let me know if anything needs editing. I meant to find a photo, but I didn't have the time sadly. I'll look for one eventually though

@Wind Wild sorry, not given up yet!! Just had a few totally full on days at university and barely got any sleep. But I'm finally well rested so I will work on a character tonight :D
Deffinatly interested.
Haha I have wanted to try Presona 5 for ages, I will have to get it and binge it when I am on brake

But my postarino is up! Sorry if it's not amazing quality, turns out typing posts on my phone is pretty hard :P
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