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25 days ago
Current @Ophidian Always go too far, because that's where you'll create the truth.
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2 mos ago
@datadogie My score was 7. Yours?
2 mos ago
Eclipse was fantastic. I'm so glad I got to spend it with my children. <3
2 mos ago
2 mos ago
"A single vermin can bring you down. Believe me, I know." ~Europe
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<>What's this sentence doing here?<>

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Mad-cap experiment kid who just wants to make his evil parents proud!

Worm-hole abilities included.
Banned, Weeb.

Bless your soul, Ink. I wish you the best of luck in that; that's a really tough situation to go through. I'm sure we're all fine with however you post while you're trying to sort that incident out. Take your time.
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Don't go through any societal measures; live in the back wilderness off the grid somewhere with no cares and you'll be in mental eden.
@Demon Shinobi That sounds appropriate.

Me, Grey, Shinobi, Ink, Dru and Rajin have all been recently active in OOC so,

@Ebil Bunny

You guys doing alright?
@Inkarnate Take your time. Your friend needs your attention a lot more than we do.
Triple-mega quadrupled layered, with mass extended, on an editor's cut, and adequately polished with limited time hydro-rendered poly-hexa-sefti-gonal collectivism, yes
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