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Current Eclipse was fantastic. I'm so glad I got to spend it with my children. <3
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"A single vermin can bring you down. Believe me, I know." ~Europe
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"Eat a bag of decks" Well shoot man, If I have no Queens of Hearts on the side that meal is gonna be inedible


<>What's this sentence doing here?<>

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Can you take a break with the flamer, honey. There's enough heresy to share.
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@Shina Welcome back! The Guild has definitely changed a lot, but I wish you luck in getting back into the swing of things!
It has to be bizarre.
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Highlander II: The Quickening
Banned for being a spam child.
The Greater Jak-Jak


The Greater Jak-Jak, its head tilted down in a menacing charge and wings placed to its sides for protection, continued its trajectory towards the frozen form of the two hunters. A cloud of smoky snow enveloped the behemoth, swirling around it in a torrent of authority that made the Jak-Jak look like a fired missile. A lithe form charged into such a smoke, however, a capped heroine swing an over-sized, sharp object. The creature looked deadly, yet doubtful, in its movements with the weapon, being quickly cut short of the Jak-Jak's front leg by its shield-like wing. throwing the appendage upwards in a swooping motion, the girl was flung into the air, the Jak-Jak's tenacious strength barreling her figure up near the tops of the dwarfish trees. The Jak-Jak was so preoccupied with the spectacle, the Superpound caught it completely by suprise.

Crack. The crunch of scales breaking off the Jak-Jak's armored back-leg was a chilling sound, bringing the beast further into its maddened rage. With the force of a giant, blue horse, the Jak-Jak flung its back leg into the assaulting warrior, pushing him down and out into the deep snow. It used such a kick to start propelling itself forward, starting another charge to onlooking hunters. Another cloud of snow rose from the Jak-Jak's trod, a missile once again as it-


So there the Jak-Jak stood, frozen in place like a statue as the shock-trap erupted out from the layers of snow covering it. The beast looked around itself as it struggled, watching as the hunters recuperated against the defenseless Jak-Jak. A piercing sensation started to spread itself from the beast's abdomen; looking down, metal rods of sharp implications had planted themselves into the Jak-Jak's breast, fired from a direction it could discern in the overwhelming heat of this electrical surge. Painfully twisting its head upwards, the Jak-Jak saw the descending form of the girl from before, more confident and deadly than before. The Greater Jak-Jak was starting to quickly free itself, but she would still be at the mercy of her assailants before long. How could she be fooled and overwhelmed by such puny creatures?!

A broken pitchfork lodged into the Jak-Jak's underbelly signaled the start of the attacks.
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