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Yo! I'm a fairly simply guy who's in here due to my love of writing. I've never got into the swing of things on these forums due to other stuff, hence the massive difference from the time I joined to the number of posts I've made. I'm a big geek when it comes to all things anime, fiction and games. I can roleplay just about anything as long as it doesn't involve me using an actual person's picture. I usually lean on the anime style of RP's, but recently I've been branching out for the sake of gaining perspective. I don't inherently dislike any character tropes, I believe if the execution is right and the direction is clear then something of value can come out of that. I might be online in theory, but that might just be me leaving the tab open. If you wanna talk just go ahead! I don't bite... much.

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<Snipped quote by crouchingbacon>

It is possible. Funérailles are very rare and most still reside on their islands, so most people who are looking to have a Funérailles put their loved ones to rest would have had to travel to their island to have it done. Eve has only been performing Mer de rêves locally for Oakridge City citizens for the past two years. Which, depending on how long ago Vogel's father passed away, his body could have been brought to her island years ago. Eve took over as the official Funérailles for her island when she was 10, her grandmother having held the role for decades before she passed it down to Eve. So it is very possible that Eve's grandmother was the Funérailles who performed Mer de rêves for Vogel's father, but she probably would not remember that since she was still only a young child.

But, if an Elder Funérailles did perform Mer de rêves for Vogel's father, it would have had to have been several years ago, back when Eve's grandmother was still the official Funérailles, unless, Vogel's father was brought to a different Funérailles on a different island.

But, one of Eve's side characters, Marcus, is a regular patron at Vogel's bars I imagine. It is possible that Marcus may have mentioned Vogel in brief conversation. Marcus is the "life of the party" kind of guy, so drinking comes naturally to him. Eve certainly could have heard of Vogel during one of his many recounts to her about his thrilling life in the city, including his bar hopping antics. LOL

I can see her knowing Griffith. He has a strong sense for the preservation of life, and he work constantly on the go. So it's possible that he's seen his share or death and had visited the Funérailles, ergo, has met with Eve lol. Although if the two have chatted beyond a couple of exchanges that's a whole different scenerio lol

I guess anyone who is part of the military force knows Griff. He's been in charge of training young recruits for I'd like to say at least a few years. Probably 4 - 5 I'd say.
I wouldn't mind if you guys add Griff into your chart as someone you know lol

I was thinking of adding something for each of you later as I go on
I've been meaning to ask, but are we gonna have a discord? I was just wondering since last time we did.

I'm with @DeadDrop on this. Take it off. I wanna see what his mug looks like! LOL @Sync

Lmaooo, soon, my friends soon.

I expect that to be a flag for his friendship route
<Snipped quote by Sync>

So does Griffith never take off his helmet only in public? Or is this guy really taking a shower with his helmet on? XD! I just need to know for research purposes! haha!

Wait, they take showers!?

No, he takes it off for instances like that, but while there's people he has it on lmao. Maybe
Alright, I added the remaining info and sent the image.

Lol I usually need an assortment of things to get me in the mood to write a character. Usually I think of a tone, melody or song that would depict sort of how my character will end up becoming. For Griffith in particular I was hearing Hans Zimmer's score from Interstellar.
Also, how did you guys create that Aesir sheet? I plan on making my own as well.

I think Sync was able to redo it in Photoshop, which is where I did it. I can make it for you, though, if you send all the information and the image.

This. Lol, sorry, I tried to makes it as similar to your style as possible just in case anyone wanted to join it.

I'll add my character as soon as I've gotten something up for the Aesir part. I'll be making my own so I'll have it up as soon as I've polished some of the details
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