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Yo! I'm a fairly simply guy who's in here due to my love of writing. I've never got into the swing of things on these forums due to other stuff, hence the massive difference from the time I joined to the number of posts I've made. I'm a big geek when it comes to all things anime, fiction and games. I can roleplay just about anything as long as it doesn't involve me using an actual person's picture. I usually lean on the anime style of RP's, but recently I've been branching out for the sake of gaining perspective. I don't inherently dislike any character tropes, I believe if the execution is right and the direction is clear then something of value can come out of that. I might be online in theory, but that might just be me leaving the tab open. If you wanna talk just go ahead! I don't bite... much.

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Hey! Sorry I havent posted yet. My laptop seemed to have died off... Im trying to bring ot back to life again but im not sure when its going to be fixed. I feel terrible doing this but until its fixed I might have to be ob hiatus for awhile\ droo off.

Interaction with: Xavier @FurFox

Now if there was anything less amusing than people in this recycle bin we call a universe, it was people who couldn't mind their own business. Thought the wayward boy randomly as he threw away the trash he's been holding long enough to be a burden. There was no merit for this thought it was merely a passing one that held no compass to where it headed. It just occurred to him that people could be annoying. It maybe because of that mediocre incident concerning a raid boss he was excited to loot from as it gives out what is currently, the most broken weapon in the game. And what's playing video games if not show off and demonstrating how much better you are in every other aspect in comparison to your peers. And so, excited, he realized that merely playing with rando's didn't help him any closer to getting to his overall goal, as so he needed to form a team with a solid composition and strategy in mind! One flaw though! The bludgeoning fact rammed his consciousness in accepting the unrelenting reality that he didn't have any friends who he could persuade to team comp against that enemy, and that lead to a mini rant in where he blamed companies to for its player-base to some cooperative bullshit. Where's the lone warrior who can take the top builds shit? He wanted to be in the Terror of Death type of situation where he could metagame to hell and back and stand proud atop the cyber bodies of his fallen enemies. But in the he just ends up being a -

“Hey, bin boy”

Yes that was rude. Rudder than anything he's heard today as a fact, but more over he didn't know to whom it was directed. In fact, no he knew it was directed at him because there was a clear detail in that upfront remark that explained something poignantly accurate about what Pica was doing. Pica knew it to be him, but he decided to ignore it in its entirety because regardless it was none his business. And as he turned to continue to his classroom the voice of the aforementioned individual rose its tune once more and told him he needed aid. So at this juncture, Pica could not say or do in any certainty what he wanted to in the first place. So he turned and faced the individual head on. Looked right and looked left, no one here. Unfortunately he was talking to Pica, Oh boy, would you look at that! Another above average looking guy who didn't seem to know where he placed his manners. Probably dropped it somewhere along the road. Pica scratched the back of his head, looking away as to avoid eye contact, but his grimace did not simmer in the slightest. In fact it grew potentially stronger with each passing, awkward moment in which he remained silent. "Well..."

What could he say? "Where's your map, uhh, school-noob?"
Btw anyone can approach my character as well if they're interested

What the hell hour was it? Was the only thought that rummaged throughout the youth's mind, haphazardly stroking the back of his head as to ward of any dreary remains of a good night's sleep. After months of nothing but enjoyment and solitude with his neighboring buddy and faithful roommate, his PS4, and night upon night of staying up late, eating junk food and completely ignoring socialization and much more, sunlight, the vampire had finally etched his way out of his coffin and into the blaring's of society and fresh air. And it sucked! Pica could sense it at the center of his core, his back would hunch a few inches more the closer and closer he rode to his destination. And how he was essentially forced to join a school which he THOUGHT he didn't have the criteria or the interest in joining in the first place. His curriculum was painfully average, it didn't have anything remotely different from Monday to Friday, no after-school activities and much less anything concerning the betterment of his future career. If there was anything that could depict Pica's way of life, it would be that why try harder if you can do the bare minimum and get the same if not better results? The dreamers where those that needed purpose in life, that needed a sense of achievement and glory, needed to leave some sort of mark in the world if not their fragile existence would crumble before their very eyes. Pica's hopes of such shattered as soon as he stepped into the Earth as a newborn and gasped his first breath. All was preordained and he's somewhat glad it is. This life of simplicity and minimal worry befitted him, but that would be something Pica would continue to say if he wasn't on his way to FRICKEN GLADES FALL HIGH!

He didn't know how the hell he got here, he didn't know what kind of forgery happened or what sort of backwards universe he'd been thrown to! Normally, when the main character is thrown to a parallel universe there's monster people and beautiful elf ladies that eyes are as luminescent and bright as the moonlight gleam! And he, being at the epicenter of a different and unknown world would become its needed savior! He would be the chosen knight that would help the damsel in distress, gain the power of the chosen and defeat the evil and be known as a man of many prowess! BUT NOT AS AN HAS-BEEN ACADEMIC WITH NO INTEREST IN DOING ANYTHING IN LIFE! This shit actually sucked! His feet were almost magnetically going to anything that would elongate the trip towards the school, he went to that store with the cute clerk and he bought the usual garbage. He didn't know much about her, but his sister did and so Pica felt inclined to talk to her like any good Older Brother would to protect his sister of wry and dry personalities in her life. It wasn't at all because her hair danced with the shimmy of the wind like a graceful dance, not because her eyes are as brilliant as the surface carpet lit of stars we call the night sky. And it's definitely not because of a thing he has for older girls.

"Yo." This wasn't any normal yo, by the way, this was the smooth kind. The type he'd practice in front of the mirror a hundred times until perfection. It was all great, the delivery, the pacing, the timing. Everything till the last detail was great, she should notice such immediately, the gleam of her eyes would demonstrate it in an instant, but he can't be captivated by it. He has to also, play it cool like ice cream, baby. Yeah, this would certainly win him some points. "Oh, Carmine! I haven't seen you since-" And there it was, the universe playing the devil's card right to his lap. He couldn't win could he? He forcibly placed the can of overpriced sugar water known as a 'sports drink' on the table to cut her off, before he continued "You know I don't like being called that."

"Oh right, you're weird like that." There was no mercy behind those words and suddenly his endless hours of training had been flushed through a metaphorical toilet. Now he was not only in a bad mood, he was also slightly annoyed. "I'm just one of a kind."

"Said no weird guy, ever." He retort came with lightning speed almost as if she knew that this was coming, as she rang up his drink the boy gave her the exact amount of change before opening his beverage and drinking it without much pause. "Heard you got into that prestigious school from your sister. Honestly, I knew you'd make it." Pica ignored her remarks for a moment indulging on his drink, it tasted horrible to be frank. The sugar mixed with a variant of flavors and carbonated all together just gave him the energy to move at a state that was enough to proceed with the day, as soon as such was exhausted out of his system he would crash and fall onto his bed, leaving all unfinished responsibilities to another day. "Naturally." Her expression soured, there was a tone in Pica's voice that held a tinge of superiority over others, but more over, this was a sign of confidence he wasn't too privy to show to strangers. "Aren't you heading over there now?" She continued, trying to pry into his affairs, but more over trying to dig out enough information to scold him about it too. Which Pica discerned immediately and responded with "No, I'm just walking the dog. Tough little bastard, this one."

"I see, never seen one walk into two legs... Almost." Again, quick with the retort. Shit he forgot to straighten up. Well not like he'd care much for it at this point, he took his drink and started to go to the school, just so the girl could call back to him and say "Good luck, there... Carmine." The tone says it all, both a jibe and a call to action. It spoke to him in dread and jealousy almost. Not many were gifted or lucky enough to enter this highschool and I'm sure the cute clerk was one who wished to follow on this path as well. Pica flicked his tongue, looked at the hour and headed out. It was way too early for this shit.

Finally arriving, the can had already been depleted of any and all its contents and class has yet to even begin. Looking on all sides, the people here seemed to all follow a rigid pattern he hated. First was they were attractive, second was that they were attractive and thirdly was that they were attractive. Huh? Seems like the semester started out great, he looked at the bag which the clerk gave him at the end and like always, there it was, a piece of chocolate. He began to eat it even though it was super early, but who cares about health anyway? Live life to the fullest, but not really. Only went it matters and when it doesn't involve jumping out of a plane or going into extremely high merry-go-rounds just because your sister want to take a selfie with you at the top. Was that a grudge? He shook it off, almost like a bad habit. His mind was between this one dumb popular song he heard along the way which he couldn't help but mutter every small interval and trying to remember if the classroom was east or west. Maybe if he was late enough he just skip it all together. There were two individuals talking all the way there that kind of stood out, which meant that Pica was gonna stay as far away from them as possible. But first to find somewhere to throw this trash on, because he might not care about a lot, but he likes air and polluted air was gross.
I'll post on IC later on today too! Been busy with work and the such, gonna entertain myself with what been written at the moment though

Main Character Info

Name: Carmine J. Pica

Age: 16

Specialty: Psychology


Now let's save us the trouble and say it outright, there's nothing that is particularly interesting about Pica. Pica hates being called by his first name, he's apathetic and finds himself in isolation a grand majority of the time. A twit with issues concerning youth on its entirety, thinking that it's just phase that is deluding teens into a belief that can rival that of fairy-tale princesses and toys coming to life! As you can see, he's quite asinine. He relies mostly on his own devices, but this is due to his lack of a friend circle to begin with. Ironically vain, and has an attitude of a petty criminal meshed together with that of a spineless goon. Big mouthed little man who thinks he's on higher plain of existence than others, but similarly recognizes his stance on the cycle that his high-school career. However, if he were to explain why he has this sort of attitude towards everything and anything, he'd fall under the umbrella that it's just how things worked for him. He was a victim of a lot of misconduct and abuse throughout his life and school life as well. Never treated with an ounce of respect. Verbal and psychological traumas were flung at him, but he always had a side which outshone throughout all of that even if he's highly unaware of it. Yet due to such he remains with a thought that the first impression is the only impression, and everything that follows it is just extra, the fluff that most people don't pay attention to.

Now, behind all the abuse and all the bitterness, this kid is something else. He has a low opinion of himself, low self-esteem, and thinks he's a hindrance to everybody his around with. But he wouldn't intervene with anybody's joy. He even would go as far as to put himself on the line, become the scapegoat and take the fault just so someone can have something he can't. An unsung hero, of sorts. He sees through a lot of these clique's acting, a lot false friendships and purposely makes himself unlikable. However, he’s not one to deny anyone a conversation, and ironically has some aspect of himself that demonstrates a more genuine and lovable side of himself. A side that most bullies forced him to hide, but then again, who really knows? Yet strangely he shows sign of optimism and resolution in areas that are not meant to be there. There are definite signs of allure in his personality. However he's terrible at talking to the opposite sex.


Pica has always outshone in his academics. He would top most students if he applied himself, however he doesn't. He decides to place his motivation on other things such as gaming, manga, anime and everything else which requires minimal amounts of effort to do. If he's not found skipping class, he's found sleeping during class or some other thing. However, he's grades are average and he doesn't pursuit anything beyond C+ and B's in his grades. However, he has shown signs of savant syndrome in subjects like psychology and human understanding. Which is odd, considering that he's a social outcast and a overall socially deficient. He can't form a circle of friends or speak for the most part. He has an aura of a petty criminal, but he's as spineless as a jellyfish. It perhaps due to his eyes, which decorate his mien in a delinquent aura. His parents are divorced and he lives with his mother, who is almost never around and his sister. Who he is very protective about. He runs and workout, but its only because he love superhero's and who knows! He'll probably be in some unfortunate but fortunate event where at some point in his morning jog, he finds a burglar trying to steal this beautiful young madam's purse, and due to his superior training and cardiovascular training, he'd sprint into action and teach that villain what for! Claiming the princess in his arm, while his heel held the culprit under his force!

But let's be real! It's more likely that his princess is in another castle! He at one point tried to play the piano, but he couldn't really understand the symbols on the paper and much less make his fingers move like those fancy videos all over the internet show. So he got frustrated after buying an expensive looking electrical piano for what he suspected to be a reasonable price and resold it for cheap. Just to realize that he had over paid, and undersold it for much cheaper than it was! He should really trust delivering services more, but he couldn't! What's the point of stores nowadays if you can't even get the desired item there for cheap! Accessibility has now formed itself to trusting a source all across the other side of the world to get you what you SHOULD be able to get across the street!


Monday - Friday:
9:00am - Psychology Class
9:40am - Mathematics
10:20am - 1st Lunch
11:20am - Philosophy Class
12:00pm - History Class
12:40pm - 2nd Lunch
1:40pm - Literature Class
2:20pm - Social Science Class
3:00pm - Home

Other Info

Hobbies: Video Games, Manga, Drawing

Likes: That one cute store clerk that always gives him a piece of chocolate when he goes buy stuff, talking to his sister, arguing with her as well, jokes of the sarcastic kind, memes too, people who are genuine

Dislikes: Fake people, liars, arguments of the dumb kind, your meme that is like at least 30 days expired already, stuck up snobs, most people with a popularity complex, people who are too attractive, people are a little bit less attractive than that, just attractive people in general.

Crushes: (None yet)
Ah this looks like some wholesome fun! If you guys are still accepting I'd love to join! I can have a character up as soon as humanly possible!
Sorry, but I've burned out as of late and it's really affecting my posting. I'm sorry I haven't been able to post but I think I'll be dropping out, It was fun and all while it lasted! Thanks for everything!
Sorry for the inactivity, I'll have a post up soon this week!
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