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Yo! I'm a fairly simply guy who's in here due to my love of writing. I've never got into the swing of things on these forums due to other stuff, hence the massive difference from the time I joined to the number of posts I've made. I'm a big geek when it comes to all things anime, fiction and games. I can roleplay just about anything as long as it doesn't involve me using an actual person's picture. I usually lean on the anime style of RP's, but recently I've been branching out for the sake of gaining perspective. I don't inherently dislike any character tropes, I believe if the execution is right and the direction is clear then something of value can come out of that. I might be online in theory, but that might just be me leaving the tab open. If you wanna talk just go ahead! I don't bite... much.

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Hey guys

Sorry to say this on such a short notice but I've decided to drop out of the RP.

I've been placing my time and effort on other things and I feel it's kind of unfair to continue in such a state.

Did Elwen just--? That was the first thought that peered into his head the moments she suggested that he should take this opportunity to hand the princess a drink. What in the gods name did she think he was? His brow furrowed in visible animosity at the statement, although he had a history to partake in his occasional flirting, he was more a charmer than a philanderer. He wouldn't dare approach the Queen of the realm with such a proposal, let alone it's princess. There was first his pride as a knight, secondly this woman held the power to hold him over his head, throw him into a dungeon for the rest of his life on a good note, and on a bad one behead him in one clean swipe and stake the head at the center of one of her thousands of porches to scare the crows away. Thirdly it was a matter of etiquette, she wasn't any noble, she was royalty to approach the leaders of the people with causal regard like any other noble or commoner was great form of disrespect. There are protocols for something, and he wasn't about to dent his principals, he'd rather find a much more different approach to this.

By the time he decided to respond to her idea, she had already taken the first step and headed out to form conversation. A sigh escaped him, and he returned to the others. "Well, standing around here fiddling with our fingers in anticipation wouldn't herald anything. Our priority is her safety of course, and although I refuse to comply with Lady Elwen's idea. I do agree that we need to keep as close to her majesty as to as least ward her from any attacks." Rowan placed down his drink, pondering what would be the most effective move for all of this, Nicomede was in fact a strategist, maybe he held the answers for this situation. They were blind as can be, and didn't know the first thing about this individual. A lot of the knight were gathered close. "The other option is to remove her from the ball, however it might just make her an easier target, the people would make honest shield for her, considering that this 'guest' of ours isn't planing on a bow or an arrow. For the moment, I suppose it's best that we don't leave her to her lonesome. We can at least make sure she is well guarded."

The merriment of the night seemed to have doused itself on the atmosphere. Things seemed to have finally settled into a sense of ease in which the knights could enjoy the ball. The three seemed to have now pounced on the spear knight, which he welcomed, smirk on hold. "I'll have you know that my song would lullaby specters to their rest. Rest assured that my next attempt, whether it be inebriated or not, would subject you all to the most heavenly of muses." He spoke in jest, swirling the wine in his glass with a simple twirl of his wrist before taking another sip. Tonight was one of fun, and a time of ease beyond all the stress that battle might bring. Rowan admittedly loved the aura of a fight, it's where he belonged, where he was at his most useful. With spear in hand and battle ready. The thoughts peered themselves before his mind, and he could only think about them fondly. Life was pursuit of strength, and he would walk those steep roads happily. However... Just as the thought began to sink in, the atmosphere changed. Knights began to gather 'round where the four stood. Their bodies tensed up, and unless you were daft, you knew something was amiss.

There wasn't enough liquor in the world that would wipe away this sort friction. Hell, people might even take notice as to why so many of the knight's just caught themselves together. But it's wasn't certain until Sir Gerard spoke his inquiry. Outside of Gillian's usual jest, everyone seemed to have shifted their demeanor. Gerard seemed almost analytic, careful... when moments prior he was exchanging pleasantries with the princess, calm and collected. "Although I can only imagine the idea of a descending array of Nem would look like in a ball, I wouldn't say there was any cause for worry... until you came and mentioned something, Gerard. Leads me to believe that what I first anticipated to be a night of whimsical merriment might just be disguising a bigger dilemma." A sigh escaped him, he finished his wine before continuing.

"Would even bet you a shiny gold coin for your thoughts, but something tells me it be best to follow directive, and tread like a cat at night." Rowan had no idea what was going on, but his tone of voice lowered, his pitch was enough for them to hear, but not loud enough that it would reach the ears of the other guest.


I was waiting for nico's and gillian's post before getting one up myself.

the tone shifted so I'm waiting for them to at least have the chance to say something about what had happened between the 4 before I get my input in

Their eyes locked for a moment, fleeting, however... Soon she escaped his gaze as quickly as they shared it. Why? Was he so unbearable to her, did she think he held any sense of contempt over her decision way back so many years ago? He attempted to extend his hand, but there was a weight there, something that told him that now wasn't the moment. The wasn't any sort of contempt his him, there wasn't any anger in the slightest. Right now there wasn't a shred of negativity coursing through his veins, there was only a relief to know she was alive and well. Why hasn't she reached for him prior? He wanted to ask as quickly as he could, but soon Nicomede intercepted. "Sir Durante, it's good to see you once more. I hope the delights of the ball are to your liking?" He spoke, a bit disappointed that he wasn't as quick to the draw to pull Elwen away to get to see what her life has amounted to. But perhaps it was best to be kept in the dark. A smile formed naturally upon his mien and he couldn't help but recall all those moments in the Iron Roses where he and Elwen would ultimately find themselves in disputes over his flirting with the females recruits. A grin demonstrates itself on his lips the moment Elwen questions him about it.

And like clockwork, it wasn't long until Sir Gillian Reynaud made his appearance with wine and glass in hand. Without much of a pause he delivered his aura towards the circle of people who have seemed to have gathered in this instance. Sharing tales of the three without much pause, perhaps the alcohol had much to do with that. But Rowan wasn't one to decline, a swing of a bit of wine would always help the heart mellow. And he followed suit without much repose. "I see your concern about my height are still as clear as day, El-- Lady Gela." Perhaps it wasn't the moment to act too familiar with her. She seemed to have made a gap between the two, a metaphorical wall between the them, separating their know-hows of each other. She was a close friend, but perhaps for now, they should just act like comrades. "Terror was the least of their worries, after all their knees would buckle at their behest of their exhaustion before ever registering my intentions, however clear they might have been." A hefty laugh "Nicomede trampled into Gillian's obtuse, yet clever ruse would land him with a burnt tee. The girls face would either gleam from terror or excitement. Had to discipline him thoroughly after, yet similarly shared a mead as it was ingenious to even be able to catch Sir Nicomede Durante off guard."

He had nothing but praise for the two. These knights were monster's in their own right. Gillian's strength was not one to be trifled with and Nicomede's mind was sharper than a sword freshly honed with whetstone. Gillian was slightly younger than himself, but still he would consider him one of the most genuine men he has ever met. And Nicomede did not falter behind, their union would trifle that of heroes in legend. But that would be a story to tell for the future. "But never like the past, Lady Gela. I remember attempting to my wits end to sweep you off your feet. With even song and dance at that other ball so many years ago. Sadly, your rejection pierced fiercer than any blade would. Fate would have it, though that we were meant to be in the same team. Hell, you couldn't even imagine my embarrassment!" He was saying such jokingly, of course. He was happy in the time they spent together so many years ago. "Relax your shoulders. And try to wear that smile often. You are never completely dressed without it... Elwen."
Probably gonna post sometime tomorrow. Been busy as of late, but I'm working on it lol
Rowan Balthier


Before taking his steps away from the limelight, Sir Nicomede Durante took the initiative as well to present himself towards her highness. A simple exchange occurred the moment the two's eyes met. Sir Nicomede exchanged a simple nod, one which Rowan replied to with a similar gesture. The folks around were kind, but perhaps it was the atmosphere which made it seem almost fabricated. Their interest was genuine and their words kind, yet this was no different from visiting a museum. Except he was the one behind the glass, people approach and spoke with deliberation and interest, delving deeper into his character and personality. Like attempting to take a piece of him and staple it onto their wall. It was almost disturbing how nobles reacted to the Iron Roses, even her highness saw them as something of worship, perhaps something more inclined to celebrities.

Rowan knew his role well, and so he took it in stride, that was until his eyes began to wonder and then locked themselves into the stare of someone not so distant from himself. Eyes which rivaled his own in strength, yet were the polar opposite in their iris. Blue like sapphire stones, and hair long and fair, white as the winter snow. Rowan was confused at first, but ultimately he knew who this woman was. A memory began to surface the moment their eyes link, her step grew faster as she widen the gap between the two. Rowan stood gazing at her direction, pondering, remembering the time the two went into battle. Pinned against all odd, many fell at their behest, but suddenly upon greeting the morning's rays, this woman had disappeared.

Like a phantom in the night, she left no trace of her behind. There was suddenly a sense of loss, of dread that encompassed Rowan. She selfishly decided upon her own self to follow whatever demons had taken possession of her happiness. They were close, friends even, his shenanigans were her undoing, and her strict nature was his. But they got along well enough to make those moment important. And so, Rowan dismissed himself from the nobles who surrounded him, and decided to move past all of them and right towards Elwen, the Princess and Sir Durante.

Without much pause "Maybe saying this was fate is a bit presumptuous." A smile in tow, he stands now in front of a former colleague. "Your vanishing act was impressive. But your re-appearance is equally as astonishing Elwen." He crossed his arms, relaxed as always, even his eyes show a sense of tranquility. "Of all the places-- It's good to see you're alright."
Excuse my sudden absence. We were without power for the past few days due to mother nature throwing us a couple of earthquakes here and there. I am fine and all, but y'know can't really predict these kind of stuff.

Rowan is still up if anyone want to interact with him if not I might have a post up somewhat in later date.
Rowan Balthier


There was a certain atmosphere in the air. Whether it be the peering lights filtering through the glass windows of the castle's walls. The myriad of men and woman of all kinds standing in awe of their presence, or simply the wealthy air of aristocracy, Rowan felt this place was different. Among comrades and strangers alike, The Knight of Iron Roses were summoned before royalty to demonstrate themselves before a crowd of people. Much like trophies or paintings in an art gallery. Physical attributes of displaying strength, shields and protectors of men and women a like. It was almost as if history wrote itself on a fairy-tale. Rowan's smile demonstrated a child-like glee to it, almost as if he was standing on what was at one point something so distant. Stretching his gaze towards the distance where he stood above a podium before the guests, at the throne room of Aimlenn Castle. It was a match lit in heaven... Was that how the saying went? A country bumpkin such as himself in these walls would make any parent proud, and so his thought drew to his family. Of course, only momentarily. There were no stories to tell, no shows to boast about, but plenty to be grateful for.

The other's stood their ground, other decided to remove themselves from the limelight. Ironically, Rowan thought the same for the time, thinking it be best to not stick his nose where he thought it didn't belong. But he worked himself to the bone, he bleed and shed tears reaching this path. Some said it was as if it was destiny, he says it's because he decided to defy it. Strong of body, soft of soul, perhaps there were traits he lived by, even though it is subconscious. The princess, Eliabelle herself said to greet her, approach her and demonstrate their prescience. Some felt unworthy of the title, Rowan on the other hand, felt the need to prove he was capable of upholding it.

The softness of his stare, the raise of the lips followed by a gentle bow before the princess and the blonde girls. "To meet us? Such would prove difficult your Majesty, for as beaming as we may be, The Iron Roses will never glimmer as bright as Aimlenn castle and yourself. The guest would attest to my claim." A glint of jesting in the midst of his words. Of course, he knew and understood fully the responsibility and weight of their craft. He stood strait once more linking his gaze with hers, demonstrating all forms of etiquette he had to almost forcibly swallow during his growth. "Yet I swear to uphold the name with duty and respect. I am Rowan Balthier. Proud spearman of the Iron Roses. Although I hold no esteem title, no stories of wonder to tell-" He peered for a moment towards the blondes and smiled softly, eyes and all, "-And no dragons yet slain, I can assure you that I will not falter in my duties as a Knight. With aid of Captain and team, I am proud to hold the title of knight."

There were many in this ball, perhaps he got entranced by its grandeur, the sonata which shifted its atmosphere through the crescendo's of its tune. Tonight was a night for them, perhaps some saw it differently. Maybe others were merely here because of a summons. But it mattered not, Rowan wanted to bask in this appreciation and once it came to uphold his end of the bargain, his spear would plunge itself to the enemies which would shift the foundation of their peace. "It's been an honor, truly." He took a few steps back, behind Captain and team. "Hopefully this meeting would be one that garnished not only trust between us, but blossoms into fruition for our futures. In the mean time, I must now acquaint myself with the rest of the members of the ball. If there is need of me, kindly do not hesitate to summon me once more. If you would excuse me then."

He proceeded to move away from the throne and into the mix of people. Making acquaintances was part of the job, after all... right?
I kind of got the gist of what's going on.

I'll have a post up in a few hours.

Nooot sure it's gonna help progress anything, but yeah, we'll see lol

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