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Yo! I'm a fairly simply guy who's in here due to my love of writing. I've never got into the swing of things on these forums due to other stuff, hence the massive difference from the time I joined to the number of posts I've made. I'm a big geek when it comes to all things anime, fiction and games. I can roleplay just about anything as long as it doesn't involve me using an actual person's picture. I usually lean on the anime style of RP's, but recently I've been branching out for the sake of gaining perspective. I don't inherently dislike any character tropes, I believe if the execution is right and the direction is clear then something of value can come out of that. I might be online in theory, but that might just be me leaving the tab open. If you wanna talk just go ahead! I don't bite... much.

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This is amazing! I was hoping an RP of this series would open up sooner or later. I'm very well interested in joining, if it is possible.
Romaní Bogart
Strength Blares When the Candles Fade
Friday Morning, ???

The horrid facet of its mien peered from the darkness. It's scaly figure and howled gestures sent shivers through Romaní's spine, finding himself trembling before the visage of a creature standing in tow of something more than idle conversation. There was a sense of malice with each step it took out of the alleys, a dreaded sense of danger which bellowed Romaní for an escape. But his feet were jammed, as if his commands were interrupted by the fear which permeated from his very self. After a few more step, perhaps instinct kicked in and finally his fight-or-flight capabilities awakened. His feet kicked the earth beneath his heel and he rushed away from the entity as fast as he could. However, in this world, his constitution seemed to have been fading... He felt as if his lungs couldn't carry the fatigue as well as he hoped they could. After a brief moment of running, his legs were already burning, his knees felt aching, chest started to tightened. His physical attributes weren't this horrid! He knew he could at least reach the next few streets without feeling too fatigued, but running now was triggering something which weakened him further beyond his understanding. His breathing became heavier, sustaining air was becoming a problem so Romaní was left with his only device of travel- Panic.

Shifting between lanes and moving uncontrollably before what seems to be a distortion of a world which didn't want him there, everything and everyone was in their own little world, perhaps escaping, perhaps eluding to something else. But reality struck with force, when he began to subtle his movements, and the snarl of a creature peered itself from the seams, tracking him without pause, this time unafraid to demonstrate it's capabilities. It's teeth exposed, sharp as knives ready to pounce at its prey, in this place, Romaní had traversed a great distance... into shadows, an alley without noting. Regret overcame him, he could feel the icy grip of death get closer. This has to be a nightmare! It has to be! He ran again, trying to pull whatever ounce of strength, he attempted to escape. The monster didn't seem fazed, in fact, perhaps some facet of his being enjoyed the hunt, he waited a couple of seconds before delivering his speed on to the surface of this chase before long he had shortened the gap considerably, extending its arm and swiping inches away from Romaní's head, the boy was able to evade, just barely with a clumsy tumble, lowering his head and shifting his direction. The creature had went over his head, quickly regaining posture. Taunting him with its presence, almost welcoming the hunt.

Romaní continued, his legs were giving out, he pushed on some trashcans and boards along the way, as if to create an obstacle to ward his chaser but it was to no avail, the creature would either seamlessly leap over them, or crash it away with its strength. Soon, Romaní found himself in a dead end. Three walls halting his progress. Tall, dark and hopelessly evident that this was the end. Attempting to retreat, the creature stood at the end, slouched forward and hunched. Tongue out, licking its lips at the meal presented before it. There was an oozing darkness which dripped out it like tar, Romaní did not make sense of it, backed against the wall like a mice before the cat. Each step was slow and calculated, and this creature was now singing its victories. What a way to go...

Romaní's feet finally gave out, his hands and feet met with the fatigue generated through this entire endeavor. His memories began to play again, only this time they painted a much clearer picture. A moment in particular shone through, however. Like as though he was once again in that same moment from before. Five other men, a damaged child, pain coursing through his entire system. His face had just been dealt a heavy blow and through the blurred image was a man standing in the center, above him, with a bat covered in blood. Right behind him was a girl who seemed to have been weeping for awhile. Right...

This was that girl who ran away... I was about to take her to the hospital after running away from home. This people were...

She was part of a gang, you see. The story began to unfold before him as he met himself with betrayal. Moments after they went to get something to drink, heating them from the cold night she suggested they take a walk. The two did, Romaní didn't feel the need to push her to do something she didn't want to immediately. Allowing her some comfort and they talked. The two talked through the night, attempting to excavate some hidden gem but the only thing he found was a bunch of people, attempting to steal from him. Yes, her trauma was real, yes her situation was real... but she seemed to have valued her status here more than her time with Romaní, before he knew it, he was standing before two things. A bad time, and a worse time. Disgust began channel at the epicenter of his core, he didn't know how to distinguish one thing for the other, but before long he took a deep breath and smiled.

"I guess I was too naive, to think that I could save everyone..."

The kids were getting impatient, and the Romaní was getting reckless. They shortened the gap, grabbed him by his collar and Romaní head butted him. Causing him to reel back, before long the kids were getting into a fight. And as you can very well tell, the odd were not in his favor. He got beaten, he attempted to hold his own, but as one punch landed, three more made contact with Romaní's skin. Before long they played cheap, and a bat was thrown into the mix. When he woke up, it was the afternoon of the next day. His head felt an immense amount pain and he was alone in a white room, a needle feeding him a bronze liquid while a machine kept his vitals in check. A bandage was covering the majority of his face, and he felt like crying.

He felt hopeless and unneeded. Felt as if though none of his actions mattered. He felt so little in a world which offered so much. There was uncertainty on his frail soul. Like a broken mirror, it only displayed fragments of a broken image. He should've expected it, of course. Although she was young, she was still a stranger. But he couldn't sit idly by and allow something so terrible to happen. His scar was a testament of this... and now. At this very moment he felt such as well.

He was so small compared to the monster before him. About to be devoured, with no witnesses in hand. Unable to contact anyone or anything. Unable to tell his parents that he loved him, without being able to contact anyone who was important. There he stood before his fate realizing how little he has done, how few he has accomplished. How his life up until now was built around misfortunes and how he couldn't alleviate a single soul from their pain. He couldn't achieve greatness so that he could aid his family out of the rut they were in. He couldn't save that girl from the unfortunate pain that had befallen her. He couldn't stop the scuffle in the library, he just gave someone a cup of coffee because he admired her honesty and kindness...

What did he do throughout his life? Everything felt so worthless at this point. And as fear subsided, tears began to fall before his demise. He lived as he died, a hopeless man doing nothing. And his only accomplishment was surviving long enough for natural selection to finally decide to take him away. Perhaps he would be lucky and meet himself in heaven, or be reincarnated as someone with much more ability, much more strength. As he finally released all hope, a dawning sense of the inevitable struck him. And he wasn't able to do much other than to allow it to happen, wishing that his end would be a swift one. As the creature shortened the gap, and its hands clutched itself onto Romaní's neck, utilizing the wall, scarping his back long its surface. Noting that the life has been washed away entirely from the youth's eyes.

"How disappointing." he spoke between snarls and laughter. "Other's would continue to fight, but you just gave up halfway. Well, you did your best. Too bad it just wasn't enough." He couldn't breathe, the tightening of this monster's grip became stronger, for one last attempt... he grabbed to its arm, trying to free himself from its clutches. But it wasn't enough, he looked up, at this bleak sky and haunting atmosphere. He wasn't even given the luxury of a death under the beautiful stars...


We have to learn to cradle those who stand before us.

A voice finally reached him, that distant clatter which rummage the back of his head finally spoke to him. A clear as day, the light before the darkness. A soothing tone which engulfed Romaní in a sense of... strength.

A world we understood broken can mend the strongest of allies. Withing the very distinction of humanity births the crude pieces which intertwines our roots to the same tree.

It's booming voice rooted something out of core, the voice began to reach onto his very essence, and now the struggling become much fiercer, the creature before him too in shock, noting the resistance had developed into more than just insipid wails, but more into calculated risks, its grip was failing it quickly attempting to end it by using both hands to strangle whatever force was left out of the boys life. It wasn't about to let some crazy burst of strength to halt its meal. Romaní breath was beginning to search for an escape, he could feel his lungs about to pop, he needed something to release him.

Bear the fruit of the ally which condemned the world, surface the ideal of true unity, and handle it with care like a loving father. There are no shortcuts in life, there are no sources of truth, the is only good and bad and you shall follow accordingly. As the key who opens the gates of heaven, channel the soul and expose the world's true nature. Call me fourth!


Eyes glimmered in a shining hue of yellow, a manifestation of power grew through his source and a weapon manifested on his hand, a gun and a pendulum, quickly, his hand reached to this creature's face, and pulled the trigger without much pause. The canon blew off its shot, cause the creature to reel and scream in pain, howling out its agony for the world to see, a seem of its tar left in the hands hands and neck of Romaní clothes, his eyes still luminescent, bright gold with the essence of power radiating from his core, the pendulum fell, demonstrating its golden hue, illuminated through glimmers of shimmering light. The creature lunged towards its target, but before he knew it was ensnared in the pendulum's grip. Now the tables had turned, and its neck was at the mercy of this young boy's power.

"W-what are you!?"

"How disappointing. You did your best... Too bad it just wasn't enough." without a single ounce of mercy, he pulled on the string and its neck popped once twice, three times before the light of its eyes faded. His body now laying on the floor, slowly dispersing into a puddle or tar, and then disappearing completely. Romaní eyes shifted back to its original hue, and a gasp escaped him. He began to cough excessively, and a sense of guilt poured onto him.

"Did... Did I just-- killed a man?"

He didn't know if that thing was man or monster, but he reacted accordingly to his instinct, he didn't know what really happened. But in his hand was a gun and a pendulum. What was this weird nightmare, and who was that voice just now!? He needed to move, please someone get him out of there.
Romaní Bogart

Strength Blares When the Candles Fade
Friday Morning, ???

The world was mocking him, although the men and women that traversed the streets were suited, vested like normal and even energized like any other day there was a palpable sense of unease protruding their bodies. Their bodies were like shadows, and their movements where hunched and uncoordinated. Through hushed murmurs and covert lines, pacing almost mechanically towards the distance, the people seemed to have made it their effort to avoid the youth at all cost. The world seemed denser than before, every time he attempted to approach an individual, they would shimmy of the way, like a caged bird attempting to escape to the other side of it's cage. Every single molecule of his body screamed to step aside from this place, it made a catalyst for the worst case scenario. His throat felt dry, and there was certainly a sensation of burning emanating from its innards, his hand instinctively reach for his neck and began to rubbed its surface. A cold sweet began to run down his spine and he built up the courage to move his left leg forward, followed by his right, and so on.

The fog thickened, and the sounds began to rummage through the world, like a scene from a post-apocalyptic land. Screams and noises like singed metal being carved by saw's surface from time to time, the silence was eerie and the sudden burst of noises was alarming. Where in hell was he? His mind began to assemble whatever pattern he could conjure about how he got there. But nothing pop's up to mind. He woke up, he began to pack his stuff on his bag, he took the same turn... the same road towards the school. So why was it that now he felt so out of place. He picked up his phone, began to attempt to dial a few numbers when he noted his cellphone signal was out like a light. Everything seemed like the script of some horror movie, someone must've been playing some sort of game on him. But it didn't feel right. His hand placed itself again on his forehead... Images of a time began to surface, and his teeth gritted immensely. Frustration over took him, and a headache followed after.

It was becoming a problem too. There were noises and sounds peering from everywhere but if there was one thing that was truly driving him nuts, it was that distinct voice that was barely audible from somewhere. Calling out to him and a hiss, attempting to excavate his curiosity or even his attention. Romani couldn't make of what or where it came from. But it was driving him insane... His feet kept movie, attempting to reach... somewhere, anywhere.

Romaní Bogart
Strength Blares When the Candles Fade
Friday Morning, ???

Here I stand in the center of a large building, towering over a city of lights. Each light represents a home, and each home represents a person. Perhaps with each bellow of the winds howl, I realizes the grossing population this city has. But it never stopped raining... The clouds were sparse, clear skies and darkness embellished by beautiful sparks of luminescent stars, but it was still raining. The moon was bright, visage of greatness in the dimness of the dark like light-bulb that refuses to go out. But it was still raining. The world smiled and brightened with each passing moment without much thought of who it leaves behind. But it was still raining...

The moon seems larger at this time, like it came closer to the Earth to hear it's subtle whispers of a day gone by. Cradling the weariness into a bedside where we are told bedtime stories so that we can drift onto slumber. But it was still raining. Everything felt like it held a purpose, but simultaneously nothing did. In a world where I could hear nothing and each tune that was uttered seemed to be a silent whisper. In the center of this large building I realized that the world, although each building held a light and each light represents a person, was exuberantly empty. Where everyone was a milestone away from a broken dream and many, many mistakes shattered the pace of many fluent sprinters.

The world held a very niche idea of who it favored and those that it did were notorious. Strength is what develops man to become what others recognize as extraordinary. So greatness to me is not a hobby, but a habit. To become better than who I was yesterday is greater than to be lesser than someone who the world recognizes as marvelous.

But it was still raining.

In this still place. I feel like the world is continuously raining.


The shift was seamless. Almost like a transaction between hallway and bedroom, the world shifted into a darker tone without a moments notice. The bleak atmosphere painted the world in gloom, the walls oozed terror and the sky unwelcoming. Pillars in the distance, embellishing scenery in a oddities of strange patterns. The air itself felt heavy, and Romani's chest tightened, condensing the amount of air he could inhale before fatigue took its toll on his body. Vertigo felt short, it was almost like a complete distortion of reality had overtaken the world. The streets were empty, the cars were either vaulted or entirely devoid of any life. Was this real? He immediately pinched himself on his arm, the pain was there and he was forced to admit that this world was no figment of his imagination.

"Where am I? I was sure that I--" A headache. His hands instinctively made to his temple, as if trying to sustain whatever force threatened to tumble him. His feet were loosing footing and his movements began to seem uncalculated. His breathing became heavier, his teeth gritted before a voice seemed to called out for him. It wasn't distinct and he couldn't discern any of what it was saying. But the more it attempted to reach him, the more his head felt like it going to collapse. Witnessing a crow meet the skies was his only form of salvation in this hoarse existence.

He didn't trust it, crows were usually an indication of a bad omen. But where else could he go, he didn't really see where it went, but he knew where it was. That was a start, perhaps there he could find some type of answer to the craziness that seemed to have unraveled before him.

Romaní Bogart
Strength Blares When the Candles Fade
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This was a mess. Placing it in simple matter cemented the totality of how crazy everything seemed to unfold before his eyes. To some extent, his ears stopped registering whatever was being said, or happening before him. Scanning to the upmost best of his ability, nothing that was happening seemed normal. Everyone looked to be strangers to one another, yet the only ones who were truly any respectful to one another was Laurence, who quickly after handing Romaní his notes made way towards the distance leaving with what he suspected to be a mouthful of a piece of his mind. And and the blonde girl who for the longest just sat there listening intently to what everyone had to say. To that extent, another student joined the fray and was understandably annoyed by the two before him. They were making a ruckus and honestly they did needed to be stop. But the small blonde guy had stepped his foot and began to speak even more ridiculous nonsense. Antidote? Thought Romaní in the span of it all, finally realizing that this must be some type of gag or set up. He stared down for a second towards the Jet black haired teen to see if he could pick up any semblance of thought or even anything remotely indicating this was a prank. But nothing seemed to have peered from his features that wasn't a pure sense of 'being over it'

After all of this, the blond girl finally spoke out. And what seemed to be for Romaní to have initially been another witness in this fruitless chaos, had actually some import on the matter. Apparently, from what he understood, this kid whom now swarmed the new guy had been trying to convince her to make some antidote? For what? Does the school even have something so exotic as a scientific laboratory with all the necessary components and items for them to form something like an antidote? For anything? Was that course even held in here!? For a second Romaní had lost himself in his sense of reality and thought that he probably was transported to Hogwarts or the like. He half expected for the books to fly off the shelves and start flapping their pages around, attempting to keep themselves afloat. Whilst all the portraits and headings resembling some type of life on them would move and gesture in the process. Confused and utterly mesmerized by the absurdity of them all, Romaní had thought that this were aliens attempting some sort of human conversation.

Mikhail had began to utter more gibberish in the span of what seemed to be a minute, Romaní picked up bits and pieces and his skepticism rose for a bit. Something about his father being killed by toxin's and not being able to trust forensics or the police about it... Romaní nodded once, twice, three times before realizing what was happening. They are all insane. After forming that conclusion it was as if the sailor realized that the storm was over, there was a clearness in his mind and a laughter that followed. It made perfect sense why the altercation was happening, the veritable yet large misunderstandings and why he didn't get anything. They all just needed to be placed into some mental asylum! To some extent he realized now that he held Laurence's notes in his hands, he didn't need to give him the entirety of the notebook, he was just gonna take pictures of it and then rewrite it on his when he got home. He didn't want to impose too much, but he supposed that Laurence didn't give much or a care whether it was one way or the other. Storing it neatly on his hand bag, and attaining with ease what he needed, he would be on his way.

Taking advantage of his lack of notoriety, he would make his way, out of the way, and leave. Notability was the crux of everything in the world, and these people were at the helm of it at the moment. They were battling for... something and people were begging to stare. Romaní cursed his lack of attention, but similarly welcomed the awkwardness. It was a change of pace to what is, or perhaps was, up until now just another boring day. "Well, I guess this is my out then?" He spoke to himself, reassuring that the times called to move on forward. He wanted to interject, but similarly, placing his hand on the scar on top of his head, he decided not to. He looked at all the students one final time, the smile dissipated from his lips. He could've sworn, actually, that he knew these people from somewhere. At least the blond guy and the dark haired one. He shrugged and changed his view towards Merja, who said that she saw some type of... kindness on Mikhail. Romaní remained silent for a moment, and proceeded to the entry way of the Library where there was a machine that served coffee. He wasn't much of a coffee guy, but he did enjoy a latte everyone once in awhile. He proceeded to order it and place two strips of paper around the cup as to not burn his fingers. Adding a spoon of sugar and a small straw, spinning it and blowing of the steam of the top. The cream was making its way to the top and he returned to the table the people were in before. It seems the conversation hasn't ended. He looked at Merja before leaning closer shielding his lips so that they wouldn't be read and whispering near her ear. "Sorry you had to go through this. But it's cool that you see it with the best of intentions. Here, you deserve at least something for your troubles. It's a basic latte with one spoon of sugar on it and cream."

Perhaps as a means of apologizing for his initial thought on all of them, although the other two seemed hellbent on something, Laurence and Merja seemed kind. "Take care." He wished he had enough time to thank Laurence as well, but it seems the opportunity escaped him. He slip the cup towards Merja's direction and smiled, before leaving towards the door and thinking about what to do with the rest of his day.
Romaní Bogart
Strength Blares When the Candles Fade
@Typical@Savo@LetMeDoStuff@Letter Bee

Things lately have been quiet, calm to be exact. Something he didn't really seem to oblivious of. The silence of every day encompassed the surrounding area with a calming grace to it. Nothing seemed purposeful, yet everything seemed to have reasoning. Like a riverbed, it flowed to wherever the destination lead. Everyone followed their schedules, their time wasted on the menial task of everyday. Romaní found himself in such a state too. His hands cozy'd on his pockets, his assignments were mostly done, so right now he had some time to merely reflect and do something. But-- He didn't really have that many friends to actually spend time with. His sights shifted, left. Towards that direction was a small compilation of buildings. Perhaps that was the way towards the collage, seems like it since there were a few more colorful faces among them. Most were chatting or having their lunches together, other glued to their phones, while the rest were doing both. Some were yelling at the top of their lungs, holding their phones sideways while simultaneously barking some commands for something. Romaní could only expect that this was a video game of some kind... Or he was insane.

To the right, much of the same. There were a few couples, however. Held by their hands, finger intertwined much like the roots of a tree. Grasping each other while walking towards the distance. Some rested under the tree's shade, book in hand taking notes in both a laptop and some cliff notes. And finally a couple of kid's practicing their instruments in a lone corner, probably in attempts to not bother anyone as much. Overall, the day seemed to be... boring as usual. Nothing out of the ordinary, so a stroll through the library seemed to be in order, mainly due to negligence, Romaní had allowed himself a slight slumber during his studies in philosophy class. The previous nights had weight on his heavily, and a few night he leisurely strayed across a few interesting comic books and video games he wanted to delve into. Studies were his priority of course, but the stress of everyday seemed to linger as of recent and therefore he needed some reassurance of peace.

And so, he decided to test his luck, flip a metaphorical coin in hopes he met someone that could aid him in that spectrum. Luckily, after a few moments he witnessed a somewhat familiar face. Laurance Newman, they hadn't have much interaction in the past, considering since he also was either intensely immersed in his literature, or socializing with strangers. And so, he decided to approach, tapping Laurance's shoulder Romaní greeted the tall male, smile on his face of course. Hands coursing through his slicked back hair, a measly attempt to settle his nerves, however exposing his scar ever so "Hey, Laurance? Yeah, I don't really know if you remember me. It's Romaní from Philosophy."A smile crossed his lips, as he continued. "I was just wondering if you could lend me your notes from class. I kind of dozed off in the middle and forgot to write some de--" Turning to the near distance, there stood three others. A girl, eyes of luminescent sapphire and fair of skin. Hair around shoulder width hued in golden locks. Eyes depicted a bit of confusion among them, Romaní trailed them to two other students. One of them Jet black hair, and face as stern as the morning sun is bright.

Romaní didn't know if it was a sense of authority he sensed, or perhaps that of imposing malice. His sights were as commanding as hit posture, and the other student didn't fall behind. Another blond, however this one seemed much smaller in comparison. However, if both were to be represented into animals, the wolf and the lion were baring their fangs to one another. Romaní suddenly cursed his timing, and a cold sweat began to drop from his temple, a forced smile crossed his lips before he took a step back and asked rather nervously "Did I just arrive at a bad time?"
Romaní Bogart
Savaging Savant of Strength

There was a suddenness to everything in this moment. Time felt still, yet everything purposeful. Which each derived step forwards, there seemed to add another layer to the complexity of everyday. Rain had ceased, the chill of the night's wind was all that left the two aching for warmth. Hands gripped the cup which held the cappiccino's heating embrace in check, as lips cusped the liquid into mouth, dousing their throats and stomach in a welcoming snug of warmth. An awning, separating the two between the inside of the building and the out, one of which too drenched too be able to feasibly enter the establishment, the lady behind the counter was kind enough to pull out a towel and allow him to dry himself off, if only just slightly. His clothes still resembled traces of dampness, his hair fallen and unkempt, locks of silver hanging before his eyes, Romani adorned a light smile on his face, as he twirled the sugar one last time, blending it perfectly on his drink. The young girl's frown had subtle'd and her features seemed pensive, lose in the reflection of her own gaze. Lost in thought as her gaze peeked small glaces towards Romani, and back to her drink. The intervals of silence were long, almost as if Romani himself was allowing such to occur due to negligence or perhaps respect.

Her wound, although visible was more like a small bruise rather than anything serious. Romani took several glances at it as their time extended. And soon, the young girl spoke, almost in mumbles. Rummaging the words which stumbled clumsily out her mouth, she picked up the courage to finally let out a "Thank you." Romani didn't really know how to react as first, the suddenness of it was enough for him to halt his gulp and look at the child, tilting her sights away cusping the cup between both hands with gentle consideration. A blink, followed by the next-- "What? Say something weirdo..." Romani led out a laugh, before finally being able to down another sip. I guess he didn't have much TO say. Everything that had happened was a spur of the moment kind of thing, the winds and chimes and even the rain was unexpected. To him, it was an ordinary day like anything else, but then he witnessed something different, and like a child gleaming for a new toy he had to outstretch his arm to grasp it in him clutches. But now... the answers escaped him, and so he smiled. A smile that perhaps was warm ye unkind, bright yet unhappy.

"What happened?" Those were the words which stumbled out of HIS mouth. Reality seemed to have become much more weighted, their shoulder slumped ever forward and her eyes drifted to the distance. The blaring light of night embellished the reflection of liquid among glass and earth. The dew which permeated through the leaves and dripped ever so lightly onto a ripple in a puddle held the significance of wavering. "You know-- There's something about drinking coffee with a kid I barely know that kind of brings up something in my mind." The young girl, perhaps avoiding the question, began to speak with a bit of shakiness in her voice. But for the first time in the long while that the two were together, Romani felt a sense of sincerity from her words. "The fact that someone brings you cappuccino in a dreary night where I'm obviously a mess... It means, really, that this is all they can ever do for me." Like an arrow reaching it's mark there was a sting in the center of Romani's chest that he couldn't really explain. As if a dagger had made it's way through felt and into the epicenter of his self-worth, and overall the truth of the situation, all seemed to have befallen the young girl in a mindset of dread or even hopelessness.

"You're nice... I don't even know your name, but... You're nice. I just-- I don't really think you should put your nose in other people's business." Romani's smile grew sadder, perhaps because those were some words he too used before. Not to meddle in what's not yours. To witness, perhaps spectate at a distance. To become an observer but never a player in someone else's game of life. Romani understood this reluctantly, but even so there was something that pushed him to know. Of course, it wasn't as if it was a mystery. Her bruises and cuts, her dirtied clothes and ragged hair combined with sudden burst of the home in the middle of the night. She had a fight with her mother, it seemed to have ended in the worst case scenario and she managed to escape, with at least something intact. But, what hurt the most was her semblance of strength.

Or lack of thereof: "I would like to say now, 'I'd like to make it my business', but I'm not so kind as to want to harbor all your problems unto my life." Romani spoke earnestly as well. Perhaps out of frustration of helplessness of his own circumstances. "But I'm not as cruel as to leave someone who's obviously lost, alone." The young girl didn't leave her sight off Romani for one second, her maturity shone in moment of need, but simultaneously she didn't have the strength to retort. This is, to some extent, what she wanted to hear. "I think you know, more than anyone else, that the world isn't fair. It's never been, for anyone. But--" there wasn't a right answer for this, there wasn't something he could say to make anything better, so the words began to jumble and twist themselves in his head. Attempting to search for a pattern or a whisk of something profound, but nothing peered its head, nothing came to mind but just a blank slate, but even so, without much pause... "If there's anything I learned about anything... Is that the world isn't against you, it just, really doesn't care about you."

Her face became bleak, but perhaps she already knew this. Her silence depicted a heaviness Romani understood too often, her grip tightened around the cup and her lip sucked in "But that doesn't mean anything. The liberating thought about being invisible is that nobody can see you weaving through the cracks. Maybe we're really are just pieces of a puzzle that'll never get solved, but who the hell wants to live in a place where everything is just miserable." Romani didn't even know what he was saying at this point, but there was something liberating in releasing these words. "You're right, it's not any of my business. But I can't fall asleep tonight... knowing that I didn't do anything." He finished his drink and walked next to her, umbrella over her head. "Let's go to get that bruise checked. Please?"


The memory kept creeping into his thoughts. The morning seemed endless, altruism wasn't at all something that he was a master of, he was worried, but any one else would've done the same. Kindness was something that any man was capable, but what strength peered onto him that allowed his feet to move, or even stay resolute in keeping that child out of harms way that night? Perhaps he wanted to be hero, perhaps there was a certain yearning for something greater in his self, that demanded to be seen. There has been a sense of difference emanating lately, like something needed to pop out, something whispered sweet nothing to his sense. As if he was meant for more, but Romani, someone who's notability was short, who preferred to have his presence obscured, but his absence felt. To tower beyond his capabilities, allowing himself to become better than what he was prior. Strength drives the movement forward, will sustains it.
Romaní Bogart
Savaging Savant of Strength

Surprise is defined as: a brief mental and physiological state, a startle response experienced by animals and humans as the result of an unexpected event. Surprise can have any valence; that is, it can be neutral/moderate, pleasant, unpleasant, positive, or negative. And perhaps you would think this would ultimately apply to circumstances of the people in the vehicle other than Joey himself. Like explained earlier, Joey held a standard for goodness that was rather different than other would perceive, his own notable gleam that propelled him ever so bright across the myriad. He was weird, but similarly that weirdness of his drew humanity closer to a sense of closure among themselves. The acceptance of the others came forth, but this wasn't to Romaní surprise, or interest to that matter. They were part of the people who joined the grayscale tone of the world, parts of a cycle of running colors which never found their hue. Shaken and stirred by the world's concious, a wavering strength which rendered them subjects of their own fears. Joey, on the other hands, surprised Romaní entirely, as he went off his way to develop a rather obtuse ruse to liberate him from the shackles of his people's perception. Three other people were now on the thought that he was just some ordinary high school student, that's just a little bit weird. A laugh escaped him, wavering to his classmate before he disappeared from the scenery entirely in the seams of people in this parking lot.

It felt solemn, even in this wavering sense of time he spent with these people. Romaní to some extent, thanked Joey Grayson for liberating him of the tick of his shoulder. But similarly... without it, it felt as if those people now categorized him among the many. There wasn't much Romaní excelled in, in much less he wanted to do to improve on that. The world spins endlessly and time become shorter and shorter. He doesn't have the time to change the world, that would be impossible, but bending it ever so slightly. That notability would stay with him until the ends of the earth, people would remember his name and he would finally be able to open the doors to something greater than himself, for someone greater than himself. Placing his hand on his forehead, lightly pressing his fingers on the rapture which now embellished his skin. The cause for all this tension around him.

"Yeah, see you in P.E."

He mumbled under his breath, perhaps as a means to declare a sense of rivalry himself, or rather just a means of gratitude. This wouldn't change anything, or perhaps it will. Soon such would spread across the school, cleansing the thought of him one person at a time. Joey might've just done it for his friends to change their mind, but they would tell someone else, and then that person to someone else and so, and so on. Soon, he would be just another person, who happened to have a garishly ugly scar on his head. His notability would be skewered entirely-- all by the innocent act of a boy with long hair, and a devilish-- or should he say, heavenly grace to his own moral compass. All because someone "...Was a bit too benevolent."

Strength is what propels man towards the future, and that first step Romaní took to meet the entrance declared something to himself once again, that his crown was fragile and the ceiling of his world was made of glass. For a moment, he felt himself see something. Warped and unimaginable, dense while similarly heavy on his shoulders. And echo, perhaps rang on his mind before it dispersed in the delicate fog of his memory. Searching, like a faint murmur which spoke his name in the distance, he caught a glimpse of nothing but the normalcy of every day. A shrug, maybe he's been day dreaming to much, he should probably stop reading so much comic books late at night after studying. What the hell, though? He was only seventeen years old and he wanted to enjoy something before going to bed. Why does his brain want to punish him by demonstrating these weird images before class? He shook it off, like a pup after its first bath and continued. A smile on face, hand gripping the strap of his bag. "Maybe I should've actually told him that I did give a Christmas gift to someone... naaahhh"
Romaní Bogart
Savaging Savant of Strength

The car ride towards school felt longer than anticipated. The air hadn't felt thinner, but his lungs felt somewhat at their capacity. Looking beyond the window, gazing approximately at nothing was about as much of an anodyne for this awkward lift with people who certain weren't too fond of this situation. Joey Grayson was about as beyond standard as it got, his personality and wit was that of an old man blended together with the fancy of an Irish man in glee of their own bourbon. He smiled profusely and eyed out for goodness and greatness for the sake of some devilishly- or rather, heavenly grace to his own moral compass. Regardless, Joey was also one of the few who didn't seem to take his shortcomings as a sign of intractability. Perhaps this fall under naivety, or rather more so, altruism. And so, suggesting that a car ride towards school was out of the blue wasn't too far off from something he would do, but rather he's more the victim of something perhaps even far worse in this society... And that's the lack of social cues- But to be rather frank about it all, it wasn't until the rev of the engine indicated the movement of the car that Romaní seriously took to account what could probably be depicted as social suicide right at this moment.

With waning gazed and turning stares, the atmosphere felt like stumbling on quick sand. No matter the circumstances, they were all trap upon this vehicle with each other as their company and although four out of five were perhaps perfectly comfortable with each other, one of them stood out like a sore thumb. And that one happened to be the auburn eyed, silver haired youth who just happened to be invited here. Joey didn't hesitate for a moments notice and clutched his shoulder, pressing Romaní and the neighboring against himself in a warm embrace with was perhaps wholly unwelcome at the moment. But perhaps it was he's aloof attitude towards everything that embellished his presence with a radiance he's not too aware of himself. Or maybe--

"Ah, my memory isn't as good as it used to be, Romani, lets play a game while we wait to get there! It's a game to decide whether someone is good or evil! I'll ask three questions, and depending in your answers, I'll decide whether you're good or evil. I just made it up."

He's a complete idiot. The colorful remark was perhaps his way to clear up tension, a nervous laugh escaped him in attempts to relieve the situation, but Joey seemed dedicated to rummage through some test to prove his innocence. Appreciated, but perhaps not as effective as they would like it to be. The driver clenched his grip tighter on the wheel, gulping his intention down with a swallow so lough Romaní could hear it, the other shifted their gaze away, one stealing a few every so often and so, a rock and a hard place was his location at the moment. Maybe he would be walking on eggshells by participating, maybe not. But even so, he rested his chin on his hand, grin brewing on his lips before sighing and posturing his hand before Joey, asking to follow up without much tension in the middle. First question swung out his lips with quickness like if he recited it longingly before his mirror. Babies or the Elderly? Trick question, Romaní personally didn't use the word or expression cute towards anything when it came the use of people. Also, there didn't seem to be a wrong answer in that statement, if he used any of the other he could be seen as a paragon, but to be honest, that wouldn't be go to either. His notability was important, after all...

"What an odd question. Maybe it's because I expect people to usually pick animals over people. But, I guess I'll answer earnestly. I never found either 'cute' a day in my life. That word escapes me a lot of the times, more than I like to think. But if anything, there's nothing better than seeing their potential... y'know? When an old man gives the last piece of bread to give it to the pigeons on the side walk, or when a toddler shares their lollipop with their friend. I guess in that sense, that aspect of people is something I can... admire."

A memory swung across his thoughts for a moment. Maybe that explanation was a bit winded, but to be honest he didn't feel like it was. Next question was how many Christmas gifts did he give last year. That question felt more personal than Romaní liked to admit, harmless at the surface. But perhaps not so much when it came to his circumstances. For a moment, the grin simmered and a drought of silence overtook the car for a moment. thoughts coursing through the light of eyes, like a scenery displayed before him. "None." Quite the opposite from the past question, Romaní didn't feel the need to expand any further beyond that one line, he just pondered about that one girl he gave his old dirty rundown shoes to on a rainy night some time ago. But...

--Right the final question. Serena Williams, huh? Did he hear that right? He didn't even know the first thing about that woman other than she was a professional athlete of some kind in the states. Wasn't she married already? There was a myriad of question that popped up, but a laughter was all that came out of Romaní at first. "Seriously, now? Serena Williams? Who knows? She is a married woman, but maybe if you propel yourself higher and higher in that chariot of yours, maybe you can even reach the stars themselves." He didn't have much of an opinion when it came to his interest--

"But, then again. Icarus flew too close to the Sun, and he burnt his wings in the process." Strength was all which could propel man to higher standing, and even if this misfortune that surrounded the boy left him in a state of wonderment, perhaps this was his way of obtaining that notability he so cherished. There were many mysteries in the world of his, man made perception was one of them. The social structure which built itself on a mountain of slat and sand, the ever changing clan of human evolution. Or rather, the continuous cycle- "You aren't an Icarus, though. Or at least, you don't seem like one." He said, listlessly observing the outside of the window once more.

Romaní Bogart
Savaging Savant of Strength

Certainty wavered, and through a sunlit morning where the bustle of the city streets formed the canvas which prelude Romaní's memories, like a sudden stroke of flash. Reliving a moment not so far apart from what was today, where night strobes glistened through the glints of rain. The chilly night lends it self for the critters such as toads and ducklings to wonder out, but in this night there stood a youth with hands extended towards his farthest distance, and although the umbrella that grasped his hands would shield him from the rain, there wasn't any form to stop the rain from landing on him, as its shielding was directed a another youth who knelt before some flowers before her, perhaps lost in her thought as well. With dreary silence suggesting she wasn't in any mood to speak to the individual before her.

"Why are you here?" Her words faintly displayed the mirror which was her displeasure with everything. Romaní didn't retort, but instead looked at her feet, soaked through the sandals and socks, bright cyan and shivering. Romaní shoes were old, rippled through all sides and loosing pigment through wear and tear. They were small, too small and the fingers of his feet almost curled into a grip. But... extending the umbrella towards the young girl, Romaní proceeded to look at her with the warmth of a small, inviting her to hold it. Before another few moment passed, she finally took it upon herself to hold it. Reluctantly so, but... noting that he then removed his shoes, her face oozed of confusion.

"Maybe later we can get you new one, but for now you can keep these." The young girl, probably of age twelve or thirteen at most was a neighbor to Romaní, a young girl who's father has abandoned her at a young age. Perhaps not the most excellent, neither the most soft, but her heart was at the right place. At a moments notice when Romaní arrived home for the weekend to stay with his parents, he heard the loud shouts coming from shed next to his room, from there a lot of clanging and bashing before a young girl ran aimlessly towards the distance in the middle of the rain. Hands resting on his knees, leveling with her so that they can see each other eye to eye, his hands removed her hair, which hid a bruise that seemed to have begun to swell... Her hands swatted his away.

"Don't look!" Romaní breath began to become shaken, and her voice trembled ever so slightly with the words emanating from her breath: "Did you see?" A gash which lend itself from one side of her face to the next, reflexively Romaní reached to his own scar felling its broken surface as a reminds or days past through etched misfortunes. Tearing the lower half of his shirt, he entered the nearest coffee shopped and asked if they could allow him to have a couple of ice cubes, the barista at the back looked at him curiously, but amidst her confusion she replied to his request. Placing it over her head, with a strong pressure to hold and bleeding off, they began to walk towards the distance.

"Why are you doing this? You barely even know me."

"Who knows?" Her expression soured ever further, she walked a couple of steps in front, attempting to avoid his presence even though she was wearing his shoes, and holding an ice pack over her head. Drenched and soaked in the rain, Romaní continued to follow her regardless of the circumstances. For a moment's time, it seems she was dragging her feet to wherever the winds took her, but really, she was pacing through an empty city of light wondering where she would go next. Wondering if this cold she felt was permanent, and perhaps hoping that the weird kid next door wouldn't simply get tired and decide to head home. A challenge perhaps, but one she would endure-- "There's no need to keep looking, you know?"


"It's okay to be lost once in awhile. You can always ask for help." Her teeth gritted, almost as if lashing at the very suggestion of conceding. "What the hell do you know, freak? Just one good look at you and everyone can see you're nothing but trouble!" Her fangs were definitely sharp, and they were ready to bite at anyone remotely close enough she could get a hold of. Like a rabid street dog corner into a wall, she was prepared to fight any sense of danger she could receive. A laugh escaped him "Oh this, yeah it's never been to pretty look at. Maybe I should tattoo it or something." He deflected her animosity entirely, baffled almost at her quips resulting in nothing, she turned and lashed again "Can't you hear me!? I said get lost, freak!"

"Maybe later, when you've chilled out a bit--"

She began to grip her hand into a fist, noticeably looking more and more frustrated, before Romaní spoke. "It's pretty bad, y'know? Being the only person who seems to see everything that's wrong in something. Somehow also being the problem of that 'everything'. While everyone else counts their graces and wonder in blissful ignorance." His sight trained into the puddle before him, the ripples tides with the sounds of droplets hitting the earth. the auburn of his iris reflecting the glittering dance of fractals permeating the night's rain. "But I know a bit of ice cream could help--"


Awakening, a push had returned him back to reality, where he now faced a myriad of people shoving him and pushing to move so they can cross the street to the other side, attempting and fumbling to sustain his fooding, Romaní grasp his handbag tight so all the books wouldn't fall off and his homework would be safe from the tyranny that was outburst of gust and wind. A voice echoed from the distance, capturing his attention as a young man with smooth long lavished locks spread his hand out the window of a vehicle. "Joey Grayson?" Spontaneous, and lively as always, it seemed that he and a couple of other's were heading to school as well, he took a glance at his watch, and looked at the distance he had to travel... He didn't want to make things awkward, and he wasn't particularly fond with other members of his class. But.. he also didn't want to be late. So he proceeded to walk towards the vehicle and open the door, sitting the most immediate seat.

"G'morning. Thanks and... sorry for the inconvenience."

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