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Yo! I'm a fairly simply guy who's in here due to my love of writing. I've never got into the swing of things on these forums due to other stuff, hence the massive difference from the time I joined to the number of posts I've made. I'm a big geek when it comes to all things anime, fiction and games. I can roleplay just about anything as long as it doesn't involve me using an actual person's picture. I usually lean on the anime style of RP's, but recently I've been branching out for the sake of gaining perspective. I don't inherently dislike any character tropes, I believe if the execution is right and the direction is clear then something of value can come out of that. I might be online in theory, but that might just be me leaving the tab open. If you wanna talk just go ahead! I don't bite... much.

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There was much to think about, much to understand... The members of the team relied on the Linker's specialties to formulate a plan, yet there was so few they understood of the current threat. It's resistance, it's power, it's overall skeleton was like punching through a granite with you bear hands. The teams were hammering on its forces, one attempted to make the panther-like invader meet its maker, which resulted on the destruction of one of the sensors, on top of that they needed to realistically attempt to reduce damage to the structures around them, but that monster had no intentions of relenting, of demonstrating any sort mercy. Of course, this is to be expected. Think... Think... Falk explosive didn't dent the creature, Raphael's bullets were swiped away with awe striking simplicity. It was capable of large quantities of energy, exuding such into a blast which can capture a whole team in a single swipe of it's tail. But absolutely no weaknesses whatsoever. Everyone seemed to have devised the same alternative, hit it harder and harder until it falls and breaks.

Raphael presented his idea forward, utilizing Hiro's tether as a means of energizing and overloading the weapon's capacity and the user's parameters beyond the scope to deliver a fatal, conclusive blow. However, wouldn't such just lead to more of the same. Unorthodox isn't something Hiro wanted to gamble on, Falk was readying a powerful blast which similarly seemed to convoke the principals of Raphael's plan. Hands began to type upon a holographic surface, the multiple equations and parameters began to surface upon his glasses, a targeting system locking on to several targets, all quadrupeds, light on their feet with the panther demonstrating ferocity in its size. Around 6' feet tall, not to angular. "We need to corner it."

Finally spoke the platinum haired youth. A reactive barrier exposed itself, it had far too many trick up its sleeve, but it was running out of space. I could sustain itself for a a time, but it couldn't expose itself to do multiple task as once. So, there needed to me more strikers willing to clobber it simultaneously, and Hiro thought there was a way to do so. "I think I'm starting to understand that things patterns." Hiro bit his lip, attempting to underline the map and formulate a distraction. "I don't really know what your plan is, but I do have something in the mean time. All teams need to converge on this thing, however. Adding to Raphael's plan of action, I believe it'll be frugal to continue a direct assault individually. Gunners, you need to pincer it from all directions, make it so it uses up all of its shielding, I'm certain it can't keep it up forever. Don't relent, in the meantime, the strikers need to be between several 100 feet away, since the moment it finds itself cornered it will have to call for support, we need to clear the adds for such time. Our drones can provide basic support throughout. I will personally have Gungnir around for such. There's still some vision, if we can pin him down in this area, Falk can assault one of the abandoned buildings nearby, causing the structure to fall upon it."

Gungnir turned once more into it's flight mode, and surge of power began to surface on Hiro's persona a grit of his teeth before his aura began to manifest, an area of effect surged and the wind began to pick up, energy began to transfer indefinitely towards his teammates, Alister and Raphael, successfully Tethering the two to his power. "It should keep it busy enough at least. Whatever unorthodox plan you have you better say it quick!" He began to feel himself weaken, in exchange for rejuvenating his allies, Gungnir began to travel across the battle field above them. "I'm useless in battle, but now you two are in your primes. I don't know about you, but that things face reminds me of something unpleasant." A grin perhaps had peered slightly across his lip, he pulled his hair back and released a heavy sigh. "We're on a count down now, fellas. And I'm starting to get really tired of fighting pests. Have at you"

A blast from not far off had been shot towards their direction as retaliation form Raphael's initial shot. It wasn't taking any chances, it quickly deduced their location and without warning the two were forced to move. Their feet carried them a couple ways away from its sight, preparing its next attack towards another team. "Damn it, we're really in a bind right now. That thing doesn't seem to show any signs of a visible weakness." Hiro sent the drone on flight, hovering above their head, getting an eagles view at the scenery. Many teams were under fire, others deemed it reasonable to reduced the number of the grunts, while others were attempting to fight the monstrosity head on. "If only we could hit them all in one." Pondered the silver haired linker, fingers grasping chin, trained on the image Gungnir displayed on his wrist monitor. "You're right Raph, we can't just sit here. Sadly, I wouldn't last a second without a striker out there, and I need your eyes on the target. Leaves me no choice then." Gungnir flies down, Hiro places his palm on top of his as power began to fuse the two together into a single using, except, Gungnir was absorbing power from Hiro's psychic drive, fatigue began to swallow up his essence, a meter began to fill up on Gungnir's side, soon beeping upon completion. A sigh escaped Hiro, releasing the tether from his drone. "I'm sending Gungnir ahead. I'll tether with you whenever you have injuries so you can continuously keep pressuring them. If we had a striker on us, this would be made easier, but we have to make due."


Gungnir was the sent to flight mode, directing it's way towards the teams before them. Firstly, the members of Yui Gang who seemed to be the one who needs help the most. Traversing above the skies and over the building, before Gungnir sees the mess in which the team had placed themselves on. Through his glasses, a image of Rin began to surface, her body seemingly loosing its strength before she let out blood from her mouth. A barrel exposed itself, the drone aimed and a flash of energy shot towards Rin, Yui and Falk, enveloping them in its shimmering light, before absorbing such onto their bodies, healing them from a safe distance away. The comms begin to ring, before his voice comes through "Can't let you guys fall on me, don't get overboard just because Gungnir's there. He has a couple bullets left, try not get hit, ok?"

"Let's go Raph, I have a couple vantage point we can abuse so you can have a clearer view of everything. The enemy seems to have spread throughout, but it's not that they're relenting, perhaps they're trying to pick us up one by one. We have to give way to the other teams so they can converge in a safer spot, from there, we have to create enough of a force to down that monster."

It got pretty screwed up. I don't mind if it's still alive and still has like half of its HP or whatever, but I'll let you guys decide that.
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There was little to see, much to do. In the span of what seems to be just a couple of minutes their mission had shifted to something different in its entirety. Invaders took the scene and battle had amassed at their corner, converging at the center would perhaps be the most optimal play, have the strikers all lead up to a secular assault, while the gunners supported from afar and the Linkers would shelter themselves in the midst of all providing what they do best. There was no purpose to activate his psychic drive just yet, and sensors where out due to an explosion not too far out on the center. Raphael stood post, firing his gun at the tyrant heading towards them, mowing anything at its path. The smaller creatures displayed potency as well, perhaps they were still inexperienced or maybe through some type of evolution they managed to conquer recorded antics. Either way, their threat level needed to also be place into priority. The side of Hiro's lip rose in looming thought, the mere possibility of an outcome where they would end up dead seemed all too probably, but also avoidable. He needed to ponder quickly, not sway from into worry. Overthinking could also lead to failure. "Sensor's are down, we're fighting blind for the most part." Hiro spoke, tinkering with a gadget strapped to his wrist, a couple of inputs and codes were enough to shift the screens between one and the other through a small holographic projection Gungnir, his drone, reflected.

"Still have most of the map details intact, however. It would be best to converge with the others, but I can't stop thinking about bringing auxiliary power to a faux sensor. Maybe if we distribute power through some of the nearby antenna's we can relay the signal and bring back vision. The center is taking most of the attention, so maybe we can use that as a means to evade trouble." Hiro's hands extend to the hologram, crimson highlights begin to dot across three buildings, which now circle the sensor that was destroyed in the process. There a couple of smaller dots, of yellow hue now begin to indicate a rough location of where the teams would be positioning and where he suggested they move during this entire ensemble.

"Luckily you're able to maneuver well with your weapon, and if anything happens I'll Tether with you and you'll be able to sustain yourself long enough to not know the difference. Either way, we have to move responsibly. These creatures don't seem to be as reckless and unintelligent as I'd like to believe. Alternatively, I have a couple of vantage points that can help you in your shooting, bit of a climb though, Raph. Not sure which one you would prefer. "
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In Neo Sorairo 15 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Alright then. I'll edit it in the sheet once I arrive home, then!



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It doesn't have to be a guantlet, really. I wanted it to be like an iron man style laser healing effect more than anything without saying he can magically cast it from his finger tips because that wouldn't really fit the setting. Perhaps a drone that he can input the tether and do the same effect I have in mind without the idea of a guantlet.
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- Does his drone lose its drone functions while it's transformed? Not in being unable to fly (since that's obviously impossible) but, is it still able to use its sensors/communicate with people with in that secondary form?

No, at that point it will lose all of the functionalities, except the comms. I think it be best that sensors would be off, unless it's a dragon radar from dbz kind of thing, where the general consensus is that instead of a very detailed graph of the area is shown, it's more like general dots indicating where a target is located. But I can do with either.

- What's the average range of his Drive?

Perhaps around 50 feet. Maybe 30 to make a bit fair, I suppose. We can tinker with the idea to your liking, I don't have much of a preferance as long as its feasible.

- Also, what can interrupt the connection between he as his allies? Harsh movement, an obstacle between them, losing concentration, etc.?

Normally I would say all of the above, but that would also be rather unfortunate. Loss of concentration, which means if someone interrupts him with a heavy enough hit, winds him down, or he gets tired. It already drains him physically to sustain such so he won't be so battle oriented as I would've like him to be, but that's also the fun of it. As for obstacles... Hmm, I guess he has to at least understand where they are located to be able to tether. Like I won't tether through a building, but if he's behind a car or a vehicle and I tether prior then it would sustain it. Also, if they leave the range of the tether all effects are gone.

Edit: I meant to say he and his teammate are in either side of a vehicle. Sorry if that breeds any confusion lol

- Since he drains his own physical health to heal others, how long can he sustain the link before he's too weak/endangers himself? Furthermore, how much it costs him to use the shot variation of his power?

Okay, lemme see. I have this thought of him being more of a marathon runner, than a sprinter. Which means his stamina is perhaps a bit better than your average person. Sustainability is completely dependent on how the person he links with is treating himself during the fight. Sure, he can sustain it for roughly I'd say and hour if they sustain little to no damage during the fight. Considering a fight last as long as an hour. Heavy damages would reduce it to perhaps, 45 minutes and if both links are heavily damaged than 20 minutes to keep them running.

The shot variant is for when they are beyond the general distance of the tether. Or when he can't tether anymore. They are much less critical to him as he has more time to develop them, than just pour them out of himself constantly. However, it's a potion sort of effect. They get healed a certain amount and that's it. How proficient is it? Hmm, perhaps make a stab wound not fatal, but not really recover it to its completion, while as tether would do so over time.

Hope this helps lol
Therion Blackhart


So when you're displayed with a myriad of things that looks like a circus performance, although lazily executed, you're bound to remain at awe throughout the entirety of it. Therion was confused, if not more so completely disillusioned. There was always some oddities when it came to players in a game. There were always quirks and personalities, but this was... overwhelming to say the least. Which was even more concerning, because this place was a bit at the higher levels, so he wouldn't understand why they wouldn't just use their abilities. Maybe, just maybe... They are noobs? It didn't matter, a spear flung lazily towards the wolf and past him. It was dangerous and he evaded with nary his neck intact. The girt of his teeth kept the yelp from escaping his lips and revealing him away from his invisibility. Welp, guess they will ignore the Admiral, or more so who would even see him through this... chaotic medley of things happening. Well, time to get a bit creative he supposed, he has been stuck on this stupid avatar for a bit so he should be able to do a couple of things to that thing. Before anything happened though, the dancer looking one started to stab the wolf, quiet consistently, like a lot.

Like a lot, a lot. Hacking away at it, furiously in the attempts to save the kid who still seems to be screaming out of his life. Maybe he shouldn't even wear his invisibility, such amount of noise is shield enough for him. Well, it was time. The dancer finally relented and drifted apart from the creature, creating a distance between the two and holding tightly to her dagger in hand, her bleeding seeped across the bite marks in her arm, and now it was time for him to shine. Therion kicked the earth beneath his heal and closed the gap between the two, reappearing from his shroud of invisibility with pyre lighting at the cusp of his hand and slamming into the wolf's chest, before he pushed him away at the cause of a small blast of fire.

"Don't very much know about him, but if you can't beat 'im, blow it up. Uhh, hi. Therion." He introduced himself, pointing at himself as a visual aid, big smile on his face. "Uhm, random question and everything, but... How did you guys even get in this predicament?"
Oh wow, you guys post fast lol.

I'll read them up fast and get something up too.
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