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Im in physical pain trying to read the black text of her physical description and power.

Oop. That was leftover from the original CS coding that Wraith had made from the previous rendition. I'll get rid of that. Good thing I didn't leave it all black for the sake of your poor eyes.
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"How many shots does it take to get through a night shift?"




Time: Night
Location: The Pit
Interacting with Lolly @Filthy Mudblood, Robin @GhostMami, Darcy @KZOMBI3, Logan @Roach, Dana @Giallo, Katherine @Sailorsadie


And just like that, Jed’s confidence was caught in a bullet storm. What he considered a proper initiation at flirting slowly became a punching bag to the rest of the familiar patrons, especially one in particular: Darcy. He was hit and shot at all angles, from unknown origins, but with all sorts of tasks that actually put him to work. Being busy was supposed to be good, but not at a time where he wanted to woo his way into the tight, white dress of the most beautiful of bar guests.

Robin made her interruption first, and Jed didn’t know where to pinpoint her intentions. Whether it was just her usual work rotations behind the bar, or a calculated intrusion to prevent Jed from flirting further. Jed didn’t think Robin to be the jealous type, though their history might’ve stirred something in the moment. Jed sighed, and before he could get a word in, Darcy’s arm was already hanging loosely around the only person he cared to talk to in the moment.

"You lookin' to catch flies, Jed?"

He was ready to throw a clever remark her way after a loud scoff, but her voice overpowered his with a request for four shots. Jed shook his head in annoyance, slinging his rag over his shoulder and turning around to fetch the liquors and shot glasses behind him.

“Jed, huh? So the mystery man has a name.”

Jed made sure he was flashy with his pours and his body was angled in a stance that made his shoulders more broad and his arms a little more flexed. He glanced over his shoulder at her, the flashing lights around them catching his crystalline eyes to reveal his careful examination over her appearance. He smirked at her and poured without looking.

Turning back to reorganize the liquors and situate the shots, he rolled his eyes about Darcy. By now, Robin and Jed were confident in how loud their whispering shit-talk should be for the patrons to not overhear, but he didn’t care if Darcy caught it, even if it was over her loud, obnoxious voice. “I should just piss in her glass; she’d probably think it’s liquor anyway. Fuckin’ drunk.”

In the meantime, Darcy was able to get the old stiff out of his way to better access a flirtatious angle at her. On the contrary, Darcy most likely did it for her own benefit—the way she hung all over her. He placed the glasses in front of the pair: the gorgeous brunette and the rowdy regular. Jed wasn’t one to give up, though. He smirked at her once more, ready to butt in with something witty, but yet another intervening voice came about accompanied by another arm-wrapping nonchalance.

Another sigh, another turn, another pour, and the shot was placed in front of Logan: a regular face to frequent the Pit, even outside of his shifts at their front door, with all his scandalous mystery that combined with his crave for attention. Alone, Jed actually enjoyed his conversation, but in a setting like this, Jed had little hope for a normal night.

“I’ll take two shots and a Sazerac, Jed. That’s if you’re not too busy staring at Lolls over there, anyway.”

Lolls. That was her name. Perhaps short for something, but the disappointment came regardless. Keeping their names a secret was sort of a turn on for Jed, another flirting tactic he was banking on until the sudden intrusions ruined it all. “Yeah, yeah, yeah. Coming right up.” His voice became a mumbling decrescendo of annoyance as he turned to pour and then 180’d again to place the drinks in front of Dana. He leaned in to whisper to him, “How come I’ve never seen her here before. How does everyone seem to know her? Listen, you gotta fill me in.”

"Hey there, darlin. Can you fix me up a glass of water please?"

Katherine Scott. Now she was a sight for sore eyes, not just because she had a rockin’ body from all the dancing she does, but because she didn’t come charging with ridicule for Jed and his obvious goo-goo eyes he had for Lolls. Jed smirked at her, “Of course, sweetheart. Coming right up.” He poured fast and placed the icy glass of cold water in front of her.

A moment to breathe was finally present, and Jed figured the best option was just to avoid Lolls for now to save himself from Darcy’s behavior. Plus, who knew what she was going to bring out in Logan with how eccentrically loud she was. Jed flicked his head to Katherine, that way she knew he was talking to her, but also because it was a little flirty, “So what, you come in drunk already or are you one of the weird ones that likes to stay sober at the bar?” He smiled, teasingly.

"How many shots does it take to get through a night shift?"




Time: Night
Location: The Pit
Interacting with Lolly @Filthy Mudblood


“Long night for ya?” Rig asked.

Jed hadn’t realized how obvious his irritation was. He was pinching the bridge of his nose and wincing his eyes shut, both between fast drags of a lit cigarette. “Is it that obvious?” Jed replied, glancing over to Rig.

“Well,” Rig paused, checking I.D’s mindlessly as he spoke, “Your face says it all, hotshot.”

Jed laid his head against the cool bricks behind him, one leg was propped up and used to rest his arm on. Another heavy drag, and a cloud of smoke escaped his lips with each word, “I just want more.” He shook his head.

“I’ve heard that one before.” More I.D checking, but everyone knew that the Pit welcomed everyone unless you looked like an actual toddler. Rig continued, “And I know you’ve heard the same responses from everyone you say that to.”

‘Just go get it.’—‘What’s holding you back?’—‘You’ll make it eventually!’ Yeah, I’ve heard it all before. . .” Jed flicked the ashes from his cigarette. “I just want it now! I’m tired of waiting for something to happen. I’m tired of being rejected.”

“All super stars have a story, ya know.”

“I’m an author, Rig. I’m not trying to be a movie star.” Jed rolled his eyes.

“Hey, who said authors can’t be stars?” Rig turned to him, leaning against the frame of the entryway, adjacent to Jed. “All I’m saying is that you need to enjoy the pages, or you’ll forget what you’re writing.”

Jed’s eyes flicked open, the stars somehow shining a little brighter after that statement. One final sizzle from the burn of his cigarette and he nearly huffed the smoke into Rig’s face. “Rig, I don’t know why I doubt that you can be smart sometimes.”

“That’s a little insulting,” Rig replied with narrowed eyes. But a smirk arose from the humor of the remark. He turned to the newcomers, “Check out this one though? She’s a real babe. How much you think that son of a bitch paid—.”

Jed stiffened, interrupting Rig with a fast backhand to his chest out of reaction. Her alluring strut, her golden thighs beneath the hem of her tight, white dress, and her long brown hair that contoured her amazing body—it all added to an unexpected seduction; and Jed couldn’t decipher whether she aimed it towards the rich man on her arm or him and Rig—perhaps everyone. But as she got closer, it was the way she looked at Rig that helped resurface his memory of her. While he’d never gotten her name, he’s spoken to her at parties a multiple of times. But it was this very reason, these exact events of hers, that kept him from diving deeper into who she really was.

Jed was no rich man, and she was no average gal.

After their greeting, and after Rig allowed them to go inside, Jed immediately stepped between Rig and the next patrons to come up. “Rig,” Jed started, “How come you never told me you knew her.”

“She comes here all the time, how do you not know her?”

Jed scoffed and patted him on the shoulder as he darted inside, “I gotta go.”

The lights were always a bit disorienting to face when he came back inside after a smoke break. But he knew how to maneuver around the crowd to get back to his position behind the bar quickly. Thanks to her white attire, he was able to spot her amidst the haze of purples and pinks. “Uhhh. . .” Jed groaned under his breath, trying to come up with a smooth introduction.

He picked up a glass and a rag, beginning to polish it as he slid his way to their part of the bar. Jed’s words were aimed towards the man at first, though his eyes never left her. “You look like you need a drink.” He spoke loudly over the music, “To come to a bar with a girl like her, you need to loosen up!” And while the man was still lost in the ambiance, he shot her a wink.

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