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Wednesday, August 15th - 09:00 AM | Los Angeles, California

Lucas jolted awake, only to sit up and wince from the painful headache that was pounding in his head. With furrowed brows and an irritable expression, Lucas squinted and peered around the unfamiliar bedroom. Woman's clothing, posters of male models, and cute bedroom decor all marked the room of whoever it was that he decided to sleep with the night prior. Despite the many distracting factors in this moment, Lucas was brought back to the terrible, vivid dream that he had that caused him to wake up so abruptly. Trying to spare himself the details of the woman that was brutally murdered, he added it to the list of strange things he's experienced and this immediately brought him back to reality. With an annoyed groan, Lucas finally let the scent of a homemade breakfast in the making enter his nose. The sound of a television could be heard from a distance, but Lucas focused purely on the scents that were causing his stomach to rumble, and his mouth to salivate.

"Shit," Lucas muttered under his breath as he finally came to his senses. Who was it this time -- Angela, Melissa, Blake, Megan? He tried to look around the room for any clues, but the room was so unfamiliar that he couldn't match a face to his surroundings, not even the underwear that laid on the ground.

"You're finally up," a cheery, woman's voice made Lucas jump a bit before she continued, "You like my new place? You seemed very interested in coming over to see what it looked like." That last statement was intended more sexually than anything.

Lucas looked up to finally match a face to the event, and there she was, standing in some silken, white night gown, it was none other than Melissa. Lucas eyed her up and down as a smirk formed on his face, feeling a small sense of butterflies in his stomach before replying slowly, "Are you cooking me breakfast?"

"Breakfast?" Melissa questioned with a confused look, "I mean, did you want breakfast or something? I hardly have anything so we'd have to go out for that."

With that comment, the scent faded fast while the scent of faint rubber with a strong, fruity perfume masking it infiltrated his nose. There it was again, some sort of illusion coming along to make him believe that he was actually going to wake up to a delicious meal. Lucas sighed before moving to get up and put his clothes on, "No -- it's fine." He finished putting on his clothes before turning around to exit the room, coming close to Melissa as he pushed his hair back and attempted to fix it up so he didn't have bed head.

"You all right?" Melissa asked with a concerned expression.

Lucas took a deep breath, "Yeah. I'm just -- I have headache."

"You drank a lot last night, almost as if you were trying to get as shitfaced as you did. Are you sure you're okay? If something's bothering you then you can talk to me," Melissa expressed, trying to comfort him.

Lucas gently lifted his hand to softly push her chin up with his knuckle, giving her a light kiss before pressing his forehead against hers, "I'm fine." With that, Lucas adjusted his leather jacket and proceeded towards the door.

"So you're just going to leave?" Melissa spoke up to him, "Just like that?"

Lucas stopped and turned to her with a confused look, "What do you mean?" Instantly, Lucas shifted his attention to the TV in the living room that was turned to the news. Melissa's voice dimmed down to the point where she was nearly inaudible while Lucas' expression went from normal to serious. The news anchor described the premise of his dream that he had, causing his stomach to drop with a strong weight.

"Lucas.... Lucas!" Melissa's voice finally came back as it echoed through the bright hallway. She lifted her hands as an irritated gesture, "Were you even listening?"

Lucas shook his head as his reality came crashing back down on him, "I gotta go. I'll, uh -- text you." With that, he went out the door and proceeded down the steps to the busy streets of Los Angeles before finding his car parked right in front of the apartment complex. He got in the drivers seat before letting out a painful sigh as he stared at the traffic he was about to get into as well as letting his mind run back to the countless events that were continuing to happen. It was like going back and forth from different realities, between seeing things and people that aren't actually there and this added dream that came to fruition. Lucas began to accept this about himself, developing some sort of melancholy in this changed life of his.


Wednesday, August 15th - 01:00 PM | New York City, New York

Lana sat by herself at a small round table in a break room, the scent of coffee and microwaved lasagne filled the air as she shuffled through the pages of a Vogue magazine. She crossed her legs and enjoyed her time looking pretty since the day didn't call for any strenuous missions, meaning she could break out her knew black, Christian Louboutin pumps. Sipping on a hot cup of coffee, the sound of a familiar voice rang in her ear that caused her cold stare to move from the magazine, to the face of Grant Dalton. Grant was one of the only people that Lana trusted, and demanded him whenever she would go on an op since he was the one person that she could trust to have her back. Although she's not talkative and she doesn't share much about herself, she feels comfortable knowing that Grant will be there for her, despite his lack of knowledge about Lana.

"So," Grant paused, sitting back in his chair and folding his arms with a smirk on his face, "How'd you do it?" Lana quirked a brow without replying and shifted her gaze back to the magazine. Grant spoke up again, "Was it some kind of magic trick? Are you a wizard? Should I call you Moses and ask you to part the red sea?"

Lana shook her head, "I told you, and everybody else, that I had no idea what that was. It's happened once in my life and I think it was just the guy messing with us somehow. Just drop it -- alright?"

Grant leaned in closer and spoke more excitedly, "Well if my partner has some sort of super power then I need to know!" This statement was enough to turn heads since the event of her walking underneath a cloud of floating water spread rather fast.

With no interest in the current conversation, Lana attempted to change the topic, "Do you ever have weird dreams that are so clear that it feels like you're actually there?"

"Alright, so you don't want to talk about your strange water cloud, fine -- but, yes. I would say I have some pretty, uh -- pretty clear dreams sometimes," Grant replied promiscuously.

Lana rolled her eyes before continuing, "I'm serious. I had a strange dream last night and I can't seem to shake it off."

Grant leaned in closer and rested his arms on the table, "Well, describe it to me. Walk me through it."

Lana closed her magazine and set it on the table resting her hands in her lap as her eyes darted back and forth to bring herself back to the dream, "Well. I remember a girl with short, auburn hair and big brown eyes. She was tall and slender, walking out from a coffee shop at the end of her shift. I remember it being next to a huge university, but during her walk she felt unsafe, as if someone was following her. So she turned down an alley and then all of a sudden a pigeon flew in which was followed by her phone going off. Then she was flung against the wall somehow and her head was split open by some dark figure. After she died, the figure looked me straight in the eyes and I woke up."

Grant let out a small chuckle, "Lana," he paused while shaking his head, "Is this your way of telling me about what happened in Philadelphia, because I know about that already."

Lana gave him a confused look, "What do you mean by that?"

Grant returned the same expression, "I mean -- how else would you give me such a detailed response. I have a buddy in Philadelphia that gave me a little bit of intel on it. And frankly, how do you know so much after such a brief news showing?"

It began to piece together in Lana's mind, but she denied the fact that what she saw in her dream, tied into reality somehow. Lana decided to not dwell on a scenario that her dream was intertwined with this event unless she was given proof to do so. Lana bit her lip as her mind trailed off to relive the dream, but this time she tried to remember bits and pieces of the dream that would give her clues to tie it into this similar story. "Grant, who is this 'buddy' of yours?" Lana questioned him.

"I mean," Grant hesitated, giving her a doubtful shrug, "He's apart of the FBI, but I don't think he has enough clearance to have access to all the details. He was just given a report like the rest of-"

"Grant, just give me his damn phone number so I can make a quick phone call," Lana demanded, trying to show him how urgent this is for her.

He lifted his hands in a gesture that he'll back off and give her what she wants, speaking irresolutely before taking his phone out to scroll through his phone book, "Alright, alright. No need to raise your voice. I can't promise he'll give you any information on it since it's out of our jurisdiction, though."
Your writing is fine! The genre just isn't really appealing to me.
Gonna be honest guys, I don't think I can go further into this roleplay.

I'm not a huge fan of the characters that are in the roleplay, and I don't think my character really matches the roleplay, as I didn't think it'd be the way it is. I'm sorry but I'm gonna have to resign from this one :\
I got sick with something over the weekend, but am no longer dying. Will be trying to work out a post sometime soon.

It's all good! I think everyone is still busy with stuff so there's no rush.

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Kinda slow... just heard I'm looking for a new job...
will work on it and post Monday at the latest!
Sorry for the delay!

Awe I'm so sorry to hear that! Take your time, don't stress over it!

Still writing the collab, but still here.

How is the collab coming along?

I'm still here!

Will put up a post asap!

How is the post coming along?
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