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<Snipped quote by Lionhearted>

Just waiting to make protection jokes about the guy that literally makes shields.

I dropped a pregnancy bomb for added drama. <3

Still here! I don't think I've ever been more excited for a Roleplay so you won't see me ghostin' :)



Tuesday, August 21st, 2018 - 08:00 am

The morning sun peaked through closed, blue curtains and onto the eyelids of a very tired, teenage boy. As he opened his eyes to the harsh rays of sun, he winced, turning over to his alarm clock that was probably going off for the past fifteen minutes. His bare arm reached over to his crowded nightstand to try to operate the alarm clock, but without much luck of being able to turn it off with it's controls, he eventually grabbed it and threw it aggressively against the adjacent wall, falling harshly on his messy floors. In that small event of frustration, he became awoken with a dreadful reality crumbling down upon him, causing his stomach to churn uncomfortably. As the time to step back onto school grounds drew closer, his mind began to rush from one regretful memory to the next, haunting him worse than any experience he'd ever had. Laughing, name-calling, fist fights -- these echoes in his head are the usual morning reminders of who it is that he's become. After staring at his ceiling for quite some time, a resulting groan escaped his lips as he maneuvered towards his bathroom to enjoy a hot shower before school.

This morning routine was so familiar to him, but now that they're under much worse circumstances, he couldn't seem to find any appreciation in it like he used to. If anything, the motions seemed to only enhance his growing anxiety. Once finished, Felix found himself staring at his own foggy reflection, letting the discomfort of nervousness and stress boil within him in a taunting manner. His appearance didn't match that of last year since he wasn't proudly wearing his Letterman jacket, causing him to scoff pitifully at himself. In it's place was an expensive leather jacket that helped switch his identifier to match the trouble kids at school, whom didn't even bother to befriend him either. Underneath were simple dark-wash jeans, a plain navy long sleeve, and timberland boots. As always -- his hair was styled up and nice, freshly cut from the other day.

Felix left his room and proceeded through his brightly lit home, shamefully passing all the family photos that marked the hallway walls, each photo mocking him in a painful torment of his changing identity. It wasn't long before he'd reach the kitchen in which an instantaneous tension built bluntly within the room, forming between him and his preoccupied parents enjoying breakfast in the nook of the spacious kitchen. Felix made his time quick to save from any unnecessary comments, rummaging through the pantry and cupboards to find something small to eat.

His father broke the silence, choosing not to look up from his newspaper, "Your bracelet on?"

Felix didn't reply, choosing to ignore him as he scavenged a banana, a granola bar, and a cheese stick -- packing them within his pocket. His mother looked over, her highlighted hair flipping over her shoulder to reveal her heavy make up and blue eyes, heavily arched brows helping add to her sharp glare. She spoke under her breath, "He couldn't take it off even if he wanted to."

A taunting remark -- laughing at his inability to remove his bracelet without a key to the latch. The hindrance of his hyperhuman abilities was like a controlling power move in their eyes, seeing it as an opportunity for discipline and an example of ownership. To Felix -- he tried not to care, denying the disciplinary aspect of it since he had no appreciation of his power, blaming it for ruining his life. Without any comment back, he went out the door after grabbing his lightweight bag, slamming the door behind him and beginning his walk to school.


Tuesday, August 21st, 2018 - 08:30 am - Football Field

By now, Felix was used to the morning chill, ignoring the discomfort of his throbbing, cold ears as well as the numb, redness of his cheeks. Instead, he paid more attention to the rising sun that gave a welcoming ambiance within Mather Memorial's football field, creating a hint of warmth and solitude to help mask his fear of facing his fellow students. Felix would try to cast it all away one last time -- all of his regrets, his embarrassment, his constant agony -- dissipating with the gentle mist of the air. It felt comfortable and familiar, as if he's come back to his home away from home. He would hold onto the feeling for as long as he could until it was stripped away by yet another familiarity -- a voice that pulled his heartstrings with an array of emotions.

"I knew I'd find you here."

Felix whipped around as his heart skipped a beat and his stomach filled with butterflies. A blonde beauty stood before him with matching crystal blue eyes and charming features. Despite her relatively short stature, she was like a runway model with her tan skin and toned body, her face seeming to be sculpted carefully by the gods -- high cheekbones, sharp jawline, plump lips, and seductive eyes. Although Felix was familiar with her body and her charm like the back of his hand, he would always get the same butterflies like the day they first met. While his lips were already parted in this instance of awe, it took him awhile to finally form any words, "Claire." The name pierced hard through Felix's heart like an arrow fired from Cupid himself, only to remind him of the love story that he let fall from his fingertips. Claire was his highschool sweetheart, and their relationship topped every other in the whole damn school district -- hell, he thought it topped the whole damn world at times. However, a relationship capable of being broken by lack of popularity and the presence of oppression doesn't make for a stable one.

They exchanged a moment of silence as they shared the same expression of sadness, although Claire's was much more pitiful and Felix's was full of guilt and shame. Claire sighed, hugging a stack of books close to her chest and shivering underneath her cheerleading uniform. She spoke softly, "Every time something bad happens, you always get poetic and nostalgic. So I'm sure you're trying to remember back to when you weren't -- like this," she would move towards the railing of the bleachers to stand next to Felix before continuing, "I remember cheering for you on this field." Claire seemed to be taken by the same nostalgia as Felix, stirring up a faint smile to form on her face, "Out of all the people on the stadium, it was like it was just me and you -- the whole time."

The words resurfaced his feelings that he was previously trying to discard, feeling worse as he's become a person that Claire can no longer seem to love. Felix had no more words on the subject than what was already expressed the night of their breakup, so he tried to change the subject. He took off his jacket to expose his thick, toned arms and his protruding chest from his tight shirt, "And you never wear jackets. You're gonna catch a cold." He swung his leather jacket over her narrow shoulders, the jacket draping over her like a heavy dress that ran past her short, cheering skirt. Felix quivered for a moment as his hand accidentally touched the softness of her skin, trying not to react from the memory of her once-loving touch. "Why aren't you at the assembly anyway?"

He leaned over the railing, choosing not to look at Claire to save himself the sadness, but instead enjoying the presence of her for the short moment that they had. Claire spoke up shakily, "It's not like I'm going to be here for long. There's just -- there's something I need to tell you." Felix could pick out the shaking in her voice, matching it with underlying sadness that he was all-too familiar with. Without reply, he simply turned over to look into her eyes that stared blankly at the horizon as she spoke again, "I thought of you the other day. . . How I always put that weird cream on your chest and your forehead when you get sick. I swear my mother swears by that thing." She pauses with a light chuckle that died back down to her stern, pained expression, "But for some reason, it didn't work on me this time. It was like I couldn't shake off this damn flu, puking almost every damn day sucks. So I thought -- 'maybe it only works if you add a little love to the process'."

Felix interrupted in an attempt to get a little humor into the subject, a sly smirk forming on his lips, "You want me to rub cream on you again?"

Claire shook her head in disappointment, hoping he would catch on to what she was trying to express. Nevertheless, she spoke bluntly, "I'm pregnant -- Felix."

In this instance, his heart plummeted out of his chest and into the cold, icy ground of the football field where his grave already lies. It was hard to tell if it was beating really fast, or not at all, but regardless, it was like the words slit his throat resulting in a blood-filled death. Perhaps that's how he'd rather imagine the moment, a swift death to end all of his accumulated stress, but instead he stared with his eyes wide open at the girl he still longed for. Claire's tears fell heavily, crashing down like tsunamis onto his broken and bruised heart -- he couldn't bare to see her like this, but he struggled to find anything comforting to say as he was petrified by her statement. "Claire, are you- are you sure?"

Claire gathered herself to prevent herself from hyperventilating before speaking one last time, "I got tested the other day. This isn't just some fake pregnancy bullshit." With that, she tore off the jacket and let it fall to the ground, storming off towards the school while wiping her leftover tears from her face.

The bell rang through the air harshly like fingernails scraping across a chalkboard. The reminder to get to class, except Felix was stuck in his tracks, unsure of what actions to take next. He formed a simple word in hopes to kick-start his movement to face the student body, "Shit."

Tuesday, August 21st, 2018 - 010:00 am

Walking through the front doors of the school was like walking through the gates of hell, expecting to be lit up in flames by the wrath of the student body, each student holding such a greater power than Felix could ever have, backed by justifiable oppression towards his new identity. Each dreadful step through the halls began every walk of shame he would undergo through his days of attending this school, keeping his head down to avoid eye contact, and his headphones in to ignore any hate comments yelled across the halls. Felix reached the front office, in which he was lectured for being late on his first day before receiving his class schedule with the numbered classrooms.

It took a moment of deep breaths and small pep talks to gather a carefree confidence to bear through the school day. While it would ease any torment he would face, he was pleased to realize that Mather Memorial was kind enough to place him in classes in which his torment was minimal to none. His schedule went accordingly: Statistics, Biology, Lunch, History, Spanish. The schedule was easy and the workload was kept small since the classes weren't at advanced levels.

The day dragged, with his mind stuck on Claire and what she told him in the morning. His mind rushed from possible inaccuracies of the testing, or perhaps a different father, but everything added up perfectly to really place the cherry on top of a shitty milkshake. As the school day would reach it's end, he would do his final walk of shame to a class that hopefully possessed something remotely good in it. As he ascended the stairs with little hope, he walked slowly through the halls with his music blaring in his ears and his bag slung on one shoulder.

Opening the door to a rather grungy room that actually appealed to Felix, he carefully eyed the room as he took out his headphones. The room had a stuffy feeling to it, but it also held a faint comfort of privacy and safety. The couches were a nice touch to the class and would hopefully be more comfortable for sleeping than his other classes' desks. Soon after his examination of the room, he realized he was late to the class. Felix walked slowly into the room and found an empty seat without paying much attention to any of the fellow students besides the red-head that was standing up. Looking down with his usual remorse, he made himself comfortable before trying to discern what the class was doing.

Almost finished with my post! Sorry for the delay.
@Lord Wraith OMG -- Very, very, very awesome introductory for the RP! I was definitely sucked into that post and didn't find myself getting bored at all. I can't help but feel excited for this!!

Is it safe to assume that you'll be playing as Dr. Lehrer as well as your own character? Or would it be okay to use him to a certain degree? I was going to have my character say something snarky and have Dr. Lehrer shut him down or something hehe. So just very minor use.
@Lord Wraith If you're still accepting, I've got a sheet for you. Hoping she fits in.

Go, shields, go!~

Our team has so much protection now <3

I like how Rory and Felix have similar powers, but utilize different sources to perform nearly the same actions. Really cool power you have there! I was wondering if artificial light would still allow Rory to use her powers? Or is she subject to only the sun's light?
@Lord Wraith Would it be too much to ask for you to do one more constructive criticism? I definitely love that you're very critical with your players, and I would love to see what it is that got me accepted! BUT -- if you don't have time then I totally understand too <3

◼ W E E K 0 0 2: With the IC right around the corner, what are your hopes for the plot? What sort of conflicts are you hoping to face, whether external, internal or otherwise? Do you have any plans for your characters, any particular path you want to grow and develop on?

I absolutely love that this roleplay can be totally character-driven! There's a lot of controversy that mirror current events of today, ranging from the characters trying to fit in within a time of oppression to the power that the youth have to influence society and world issues. There's so much color in the roleplay already even though there is no established moving plot, aside from the world that they live in being a plot in itself. Moving forward, I'm definitely hoping to see all the angles of this world emphasized -- the oppression, the bonding of characters, a possible rise and rebellion of hyperhumans, the unification between communities, the characters discovering themselves as new identities, etc.

Felix is definitely going to face a lot of internal conflict, questioning a lot of his past decisions. Coming out from a strict childhood and now living more carefree, Felix feels lost and misguided. During the RP, he's going to indulge more in the movements against oppression for the hyperhumans -- after he accepts this as his identity, of course. With given plans to become someone that uses his powers for lawful reasons, he'll find his niche within the world and understand other reasons to achieve greatness that contrast his past motivators. The need for acceptance and the avoidance of disappointment are both embedded in Felix's brain, but he learns to break free of these anchors to create a clean slate for a new and improved personality. Felix will probably break down and become reshaped into a better person in this RP.
<Snipped quote by Lionhearted>

I am a damned sadist in the way that Mather Memorial has always been envisioned as a modern but very much stereotypical athletics driven American school. In particular, I see football as the big sport on campus, with basketball and hockey rounding out the trinity of athletics. Jocks and cheerleaders definitely rule the school with art programs taking a back seat to athletics in terms of funding.

The Mather Memorial Ravens even have an annual hazing ritual where they take a freshman during homecoming and strap them up like a scarecrow for the night of the dance in a field not far from the school. The majority of the faculty and town, in general, turn a blind eye to this as the athletic teams win.

<Snipped quote by Lionhearted>

While the Hyperhuman Social Conscious Program will have a secluded classroom as detailed in the upcoming IC, it's more or less a single open class taking place at the end of the day. Any student is allowed to enroll, Hyperhuman or not as the idea of the program is to encourage community between Hypes and non-Hypes as well as a responsibility for Hyperhumans to take ownership and control over their gifts. Our characters are expected to attend regular classes throughout the remainder of the day. Keep in mind you don't have to be outed as a Hyperhuman, your character is allowed to hide their true nature from their peers out of fear of bullying or ostracization.

Awesome! Well said! This definitely clears up so so much confusion!
@Lionhearted the characters tab is for sheets that have been reviewed and accepted only. Please remove your sheet and submit it to the OOC to be reviewed if you wish to apply for this game.

<Snipped quote by Lord Wraith>

Edit: I’m a damn fool.

Baby, you scared me.

On a side note, to those who have been accepted:

Would you prefer that the IC begins on the first day of school, or would you rather be a week or more in to be established?

Either works for me! I do have some questions though.

Regarding the high school setting: what is the high school really known for? I know many high schools are known for their arts programs, or their sports programs, or they excel in one particular sport program. After establishing that, I think it'd give us a more clear understanding of what the student body is like! I know schools geared towards arts programs tend to have a lot less bullying when it comes to band geeks and such. And those that are known for their sports teams tend to have a lot more discrimination and feature a more cliche high school hierarchy.

ALSO, what exactly occurs during the Hyperhuman Social Conscious Program? At the local high school here, they have what they call a 'Bridge Program' which is basically an entire wing of the school closed off for students that struggle within a large student body and the program features more 1 on 1 learning. Would it be similar to that or is it like a regimen of classes that are more or less extracurricular? If so, do they attend classes with normal students as well?
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