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I think a musketeer would be cool, like the idea of having to like swap out pistols because they take so long to reload sounds interesting to me! But, I'm sure I can think of something else. Sorry, I might not have read something that tells me this or just forgot because I'm tired, but will the main focus of the RP be trying to find Queen Anice?

Yes! I believe I'm going to have the main focus of the RP finding Queen Anice. But there are a lot of other factors that are at play as well which will be super fun to include!
Ooh, here's a question - is the calendar the same here? January to December etc? Or do we have stuff like 'Month of Harvests' 'Month of Growth' and stuff? Do both kingdoms use the same calendar?

To save from any confusion, I think I'm going to have it be January to December, 365 days a year, 30 days per month. Since the continent covers a pretty vast amount of climates, I probably do need to cover the seasons because they would be different depending on the cultures.

For example, the Vikings have an incredibly long winter, so they probably separate that. So during their winter they would have a month or two designated to a 'peak-cold season'. The same would apply to the other extreme - the Baldori Desert. They probably have a very long hot season, and then they have a chilled season where the temperature plummets during the night. The Nantego would experience a heavy raining season, and then a dry season. I'll probably type this out at another time! I'm so tired D:

Whoa, the amount of world building here is really amazing, I'm loving how much history and culture was put into the different tribes. I'm thinking either a Baldori or Viking character. I'm kind of leaning towards a Baldori Militant so as far as the Baldori go I have a couple questions.

Does their religion have anything to say about magic/witchcraft?

Does a Baldori Militant end up in the Thelannian army? Would they, in a time of peace, live in Thelan in case they are needed or would they stay in their own lands until called? Is there a particular way they are chosen or a certain age when training begins?

Also based on the gif is it safe to assume that camel herding would be big with the Baldori?

I'm glad you're interested!

For the Baldori, the witches and their cult goes totally against the Baldori's religion. The Baldori believe in the light, which has been tainted by darkness, and they emphasize kindness, beneficence, purification, and cleanliness. Thus, they believe that the witches are almost the exact opposite of everything they believe, so they, in turn, have a hatred for the witches, but also a pretty extensive fear of them as well.

The Baldori only send a small portion of militants to fight for the Thelannian army. They try to avoid anything related to combat since they don't believe in bloodshed. The Baldori would generally select the children who offered to join, and/or the children that are less fortunate: orphans, the poor, the homeless, etc. They can be selected at any age, but they are generally picked at younger ages so they can properly train the child. The warfare doesn't end with knowing how to combat, but it also consists of studying the enemy and their tricks.

During the time of peace, the Baldori that were sent to the military would have a choice to stay in Thelan or go back to the Baldori Dominion. Nothing really keeps the Baldori contained, but they feel that they shouldn't spread their borders outside the desert since that is the land that they were promised. Granted, you have some Baldori that flee the desert, but it's frowned upon by their own people since they are built around their religion and they believe that they are the ones that are called to it. So their life should consist, strongly, with prayer and religion, mostly spent at their temples.

Yeah! Camel herding is popular within the Baldori Desert!
Sorry for the late response! My laptop broke and I had to buy a new one. Quick question, what's the technology like? Is it plainly medieval or would a musketeer be acceptable? I'm thinking either that or a winged hussar.

It's actually just going to be plainly medieval! Though, musketeers sound so spicy and fun~.

Maybe if the roleplay goes strong, we can add this technological advancement later in the RP to put some cinnamon spice and everything nice.

Was your heart seet on musketeer, or did you have anything else that peaks your interest?
@Lionhearted I'm leaning more towards an Alovian princess who seeks to change the kingdom from within. What would be the difference in the upbringing of Alovian royalties and Thelannian royalties?

The two royal families are actually pretty similar when it comes to the upbringing of their descendants. They're strict, forceful, and difficult to impress - only to result in a child that will be fully capable of leading a country, regardless of what mental side effects they could result in. Although, the lenience of the character's parents could be totally up to you, BUT, if someone chooses to make a King/Queen, then they'd obviously be the parent of your character and you'd have to PM about the relationship the two would have. Alovia praises their title of being witty, cunning, and clever, while Thelan praises their title of courage, valor, and might.

Also, for Alovia, the two different cultures that dwell within their country influence their country greatly. The Witches cause a lot of fear within many of the people, and there is a growing debate about the witches and their existence. The Nantego are trading resources to keep peace while also being gifted by Alovia's research and technology to help modernize the tribe. A huge factor from this is that the two cultures dwelling within Alovia also have very spiritual sides to them, i.e the witches and their 'creator', as well as the Nantego and their 'Mother Tree' and the 'Chosen'. This makes Alovia at a difficult spot, thus, the royal family strongly enforces educating their descendants on culture, politics, and foreign affairs.

Thelan, on the other hand, has two cultures that don't really influence them as great. The Baldori are at their expense since they feel indebted to Thelan and they KNOW this, thus they see them as no threat, and they also use them to fill spots in which Thelannians can't. The Isle of Moore place their hearts with Thelan since they're close, they trade efficiently, and they have a similar hatred towards Alovia. Due to the influence being significantly smaller, they have more room to research, educate, and modernize. So, growing up in Thelan, your character would probably be more geared towards modern affairs, current events, social activist groups, and other subjects regarding movement towards a better future.

Although they have their differences, they're similar in a sense where they first, and foremost, strictly and heavily educate their children. They begin, first, with the affairs of their own country in hopes that they would be able to lift some weight off their parents' shoulders to help with more civil matters.

Since the countries are so used to being at war, they generally put their children in some sort of combat class so they have methods of self-defense. Whether it be archery classes, swordfighting, etc. How rigorous you want it to be, that's your choice~!
Sorry, but I think I bit off a bit more than I can chew, what with life kicking up and all. So I'm going to have to bow out. Enjoy the RP, it looks fun. Maybe next time, when life settles down.

Aww, I was excited when you said you were interested! I love your posts! But, I do understand completely! We'll miss you D:
@Lionhearted Thank you for answering my questions! That was better than what I had asked for. Anyway, I'm still torn between the princess of alovia and a viking woman. Both would be fun and interesting to play.

I'm so glad I was able to answer your questions well! I always worry that I'm just explaining more things to add to the confusion, hehe~.

Those are both pretty different! The viking woman would definitely live a more rugged and more strength-demanding lifestyle rather than a Princess of Alovia.

I mentioned in the culture tab of Alovia that they're ruled by the Arderne family, so growing up they would be rather strict on their children to help keep the many honorable titles of the family name. Being a woman within the Arderne family means being taught how to lead and how to be a female icon for the people, whom is equal in both grace and resilience.

Mentioning you guys to see if you are still interested or not! Please let me know~!
@Lionhearted I'm torn between a sorceror/sorceress type from the Witches Huts, or an upstanding officer of the Thelannian military.

Cool! Those are two very different characters hahaha. Perhaps if I better explain the lifestyles during the time of the ceasefire, you'd make an easier decision?

Witches: For the witches, they experience discrimination by the majority of the people, regardless of which culture the discriminators hail from. During the time in which the two countries experienced peace and unity, the witches still underwent the same discrimination and they were seen to be the next issue that the lands would deal with, thus leaving them to stay secluded in their huts to save themselves from the ridicule of the people. Since the witch culture is known for their twisted and sinister lifestyle, they're feared by the people, resulting in their unwillingness to coexist with them. Living within the huts is only suppressing the coming of the foreseen witch trials, so the witches are currently debating on the next course of action to determine the survivability of their growing population. The witches, so badly, want to deny their assistance towards Alovia, but they fear for the possible extinction as a result. They became angry at Alovia for their continuous mistreatment despite their huge contribution within the war. Thus, the beginning of the roleplay also consists of the politics of the witches and their safety among the people. They are confused on which decision would be best to make.

Officers and Militants: Their lifestyle became more at ease and less influenced by warfare during the time of peace since they had a Queen that was feared by any foreign kingdoms. Thus, their experience was greatly decreased since they had no war to fight nor strategize. Although, the peace was strong enough for the two kingdoms to share their technologies and strategies with one another to help reinforce the alliance. As a result, the officers and militants all contain valuable knowledge about the opposing Kingdom, and if the military becomes active once more, the fight would definitely be taken to the next level, requiring even stronger leaders and combatants. At the beginning of the roleplay, the militaries would begin meeting, strategizing, and training to prepare for possible war, and all the humbled leaders and officers would be sought out and requested to be as keen and as strong as possible.
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