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Wednesday, August 15th - 09:00 AM | Los Angeles, California | Interacting with Riley Ridgeway @Nallore

Lucas rummaged through his pockets to pull out his phone, trying to open up to a notepad to type everything out quickly since she spoke without consideration to his slow movements. Although, he was a doctor in the making so his mind was used to collecting knowledge and storing them for when necessary. As he began to type out her location and phone number, a loud, constant car horn could be heard from directly behind him, notifying him to go since the traffic began to pick up. Lucas pressed on the gas and maneuvered his way through the traffic before realizing that Riley had vanished from his car.

"Shit," Lucas muttered to himself as he looked down at his phone to only see six digits typed out. He began to speak the number out loud to try and jog his memory, but this caused a weird illusion to occur. As he was trying to focus on driving and memorizing the number he gave her, the numbers around him began to change to what he was thinking. License plates, exit signs, the digital clock in the car, they were all shifted to the same sequence of numbers that were dependent on his mind. Lucas quickly dialed the number and added it to his address book which, in turn, ended the strange occurrence.

Pulling up the studio on his GPS, he followed the instructions and made it to the studio, locating a restaurant that would hopefully be the one that Riley mentioned. Parking his car, he hesitated before getting out, questioning if the events were even real. Lucas dialed the number she gave him, hoping it would be her on the other end.


Wednesday, August 15th - 01:00 PM | New York City, New York | Interacting with Emmie Adams@Nallore

Everything the girl said to Lana would be stored in her mind like a case file. Lana's eyes looked her up and down to get a full examination of her appearance. Emmie Adams - long blonde hair, short, slender physique, light skin tone, brown eyes, tattered clothing, and looks to be in her late teenage years, or early twenties. Lana furrowed her brows in confusion when Emmie mentioned that she got really sick a few months ago. Why was this information important for Emmie to share with Lana? Judging from the peculiarity of the event, perhaps her mentioned illness shared the same level of strangeness -- much like Lana's illness.

Emmie's next statement was much more random with her sarcastic suggestion that she was her long lost sister from an alternate dimension. Lana scoffed lightly before replying, "While I'm getting used to strange things happening, I'm not sure if I'll believe that assumption in particular."

Lana hesitated before answering Emmie's questions about her identity. It was only fair that Lana would share information about herself, especially if Lana wanted Emmie to open up. In hopes that the conversation would lead to answers for Lana to indulge in, she answered openly and honestly, "My name is Agent Lana Allaire, and I work for the FBI. You're at a field office in New York City, and I'm not sure why you're here or how you got in," Lana crossed her arms and ran the event in her mind again to focus on the strange instances that stood out, "You seem to be as confused as I am about the situation. What exactly do you know? Can you explain why nobody else can see you, or why my fellow agent went completely through you as if you're merely a hologram?"

While Emmie expressed as much confusion as Lana, she still didn't let her guard down in case she was still a hostile threat. Perhaps this is the same thing that was happening to the girl at the coffee shop and other people were viewing in their dreams, but Lana was sure that it wouldn't result in her own death. Lana took a few steps back and leaned against the desk in the office.

Got a small post in! Sorry if it seems dull~. I rushed through it a bit since I don't have that much time. I skimmed the previous posts that didn't really pertain, but I'm gonna go back and read everything more thoroughly when I have the chance! I'm pissed that the airline I'm flying doesn't have wifi. Like wtf, I'm on the plane for 15 and a half hours, give me some damn interwebs!!


Wednesday, August 15th - 09:00 AM | Los Angeles, California | Interacting with Riley Ridgeway @Nallore, Declan G. Jones@Ellion

As they spoke, it gave Lucas a rush of anxiety, his eyes darting from the overwhelming sunlight that bounced off of the cars in the dreadful, stand-still traffic, his ears ringing from an over-active mind and the sounds of a busy city. He clenched the steering wheel tightly to let out a little bit of his frustration, but it wasn't enough to release the bottled up emotions, so he raised his voice to break-free of the binding uproar within his mind, "I don't fucking know!" He continued into a more mumbled tone with a sense of despair in his scratchy throat, "I don't know, I don't know, I don't know, I don't know..." As his voice descended into a whisper, a fabrication of a transparent butterfly with shades of orange within it's wings could be seen fluttering along the dashboard of the car. For just a second, the butterfly would gently fly and land to only disappear without a trace, but perhaps it wasn't only seen within Lucas' reality.

With a deep breath, Lucas came back to his monotonous self and continued with a still tone, "No kidnapping, no answers, no explanations -- I don't have anything you're looking for. You're just all in my head... all in my head." Lucas didn't even bother to look back to match a face to the voice coming from the back seat, he chuckled before continuing, "You can let yourself out, it's not like we're moving in this goddamn traffic."

Riley Ridgeway was the only one Lucas bothered to take a look at, and he was astounded by the realness of this illusion in particular. Normally, his fabrications would just appear, disappear, then reappear, and begin an endless cycle of being lost within reality and falsification. After she spoke those two simple words, 'I'm real', he found a spark of light within the darkness that consumes him. A small light sparked from the idea of someone just as lost as he was, an illusion that was an essence of a corporeal person, despite the contradiction within the phrase. Lucas turned to finally face her, his eyes scanning her body until it would meet her eyes, "How do you know? Prove to me that you're real." As she went on about the incidents she dealt with, the potential false hope began to ignite within him, causing a sense of salvation for his fading happiness, "I have dreams too, some even seem so real that I'm actually there while some are actually there while I'm awake. One in particular was of a brutal murder, she ended her shift at a coffee shop and was followed down an alley and then --," he spared the details before continuing, "I don't have strange powers though."

A moment of silence came about as he looked to her helplessly, "Listen, you have to show me that you're real and that this is real. I-I-I need answers, I need to fix -," he gestured with his hands the space around his head, "-this. Please, for the sake of my wellbeing, meet me somewhere -- anywhere! I'll even come to you. What studio were you at, what's the address?"


Wednesday, August 15th - 01:00 PM | New York City, New York | Interacting with Emmie Adams@Nallore

Lana lead her to a small conference room that wasn't used, but before she could even reply to her comment, Grant came in, a concerned expression on his face. Just as she would tell him to get out, she was shocked by him walking through the girl, showing that she was merely a hallucination of some sort. Lana gave Grant a small smile that quickly faded back into her normal expression,"Yeah, I'm fine. I just need time to myself. Can you shut the door on your way out?"

Grant put a hand in the air,"Alright, alright -- I'll leave you be." He tossed the file on the desk beside her, "Take a look at this when you can." With that, he left the room and closed the door behind him.

Lana moved casually to close the blinds of the conference room, speaking as she walked, "Do you have a name?" She gave her a moment to answer before continuing, "How did you get here and why am I the only one that can see you?" With only a short time frame to answer that question, Lana moved on to the next, "What relations do you have to me? How long have you been experiencing peculiar instances such as this?" It seemed as though the interrogator was coming out of Lana, though she wanted as many answers as she could get within the small window of time that she had to speak to her.
I’m so sorry guys, I’m currently in Cambodia and I’m really busy with family and traveling so I can’t really keep up for right now and maybe for a few weeks longer.
I’m so sorry guys, I’ve been so busy with traveling and family. I haven’t had much access to WiFi either, I’ll see if I can post something but I can’t promise anything :/ I don’t get much time to myself over here
@Polaris North

Just post it, I don't want to wait any longer on them. Especially since it's about time things should be moving along.
A small scene change in this post! The officials will begin moving people out from the square which will result in our characters potentially being separated or going out together for further interactions!

Wednesday, October 25th - 6:47PM

The skies were beginning to become clear of clouds to create the perfect setting of the aftermath of a dramatic event, signifying the calm after the tragedy. The horizon above the water took on a colorful array of reds and oranges that glistened along the water, shining on top of Salem to give it a bronze glow with warm tones. As the local authorities and ambulance trucks began to move into the scene promptly, the lights of the trucks would disrupt the beauty of the sunset, and the sirens would subdue the weeping and the screams of the affected victims. The contrasting environment was the perfect backdrop for death.

As soon as the attack was over, many people scattered about to find family and friends, while others fled the scene to retreat back to the safety of their homes. Local news broadcasters swarmed the scene to try to get information from any person that would walk by them, while the injured were being treated by as many medical EMT's that Salem could call for. Those that were deemed safe and unharmed were either selected for interview, or ordered to return back home so the scene can properly be investigated.

While the event was very unordinary to everyone within Salem, the local authorities remained confidential about the situation, keeping the news broadcasters away from the scene so they can investigate and give a proper story to the public. But the strangeness of the event couldn't be held in as tight as the authorities would hope for, as the Salem natives told their own versions of the scene to many broadcasters.

For the supernaturals, this meant the beginning of exposure.

Location; Washington Square
Interacting With; Aimee Du'désir @Hero, 'Cain' @Syn, Lizzie Darcy @Dutchess Sarah, Genevieve Alleron @Alfhedil in passing

A vampire.

Ambrosia had already suspected it, but she was still shocked at his ability to nonchalantly, and effortlessly, null the affects of Aimee's compel. Although Aimee was still young and new to her vampiric life, her ability to compel was far superior than most that shared the same level of experience. This, and his mannerisms, implied that he had several years behind him, and his fearlessness within Ambrosia's presence is something that she commended him for. From this encounter, she would learn just that from him -- boldness, as well as his wordy and fraudulent comments that he coats it with. Ambrosia had to think of a plan quickly, though she felt a sense of safety given how public the area boasted. Scanning around the crowd, she spotted an EMT roll up close-by to them. With attempts to stall the situation, Ambrosia replied to his comments with a sly smirk to match his own, "So you know Latin? It is a common reaction, that you're having, but many, in turn, believe that it's very -- fitting, as do I." Ambrosia hesitated before continuing on with a cold tone, "Red is my favorite color." She licked her lips lightly, revealing a sharp fang for just a second.

As the ambulance began to release a flock of EMT's, Ambrosia's eyes narrowed on one who would stop in his tracks. Continuing on with the process, he turned to them and approached Mr. Edwards with a tone of urgency, "Her leg has been injured bad. Let me take her from you!"

Ambrosia turned to the EMT under her control, "Please take her, and see to it that she gets proper care. She was, unfortunately, bitten by one of those savage beasts."

Mr. Edwards, confused at first, willingly gave up the girl to the man before realizing Ambrosia's angle on the situation. As the EMT would run off with the girl, Ambrosia then spoke with irritation, "Now, Cain, perhaps you should assist the rest of the victims of the event, as we're going to make our leave."

Ambrosia glanced over to see the face of one of Salem's dexterous and adept huntresses. Although Ambrosia never got her name, her face was very memorable, but moreover, her skill-set was something that couldn't, and shouldn't, be forgotten. A quick assumption was formed in her mind, thinking that she may have been the individual that created this boon with holy reagents of some sort. Perhaps this was her nervousness resurfacing since the pain from the enchantment still lingered and grew stronger. Turning back to the situation, Ambrosia would turn to watch Cain to see what his next move would be.

So sorry you guys~ I've been so busy with planning some incoming trips outside of the country. I'll be traveling back to my mother's homelands and it's been 40 some years since she's been back so it's going to be a pretty powerful trip for us. I'm going to try to get a post up tonight!

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Are you waiting on responses from them? Because if so, we can wait a little bit longer before calling it quits and continuing on with the roleplay!


Wednesday, August 15th - 09:00 AM | Los Angeles, California | Interacting with Riley Ridgeway @Nallore, Declan G. Jones@Ellion

For Lucas, the long drive after a regretful hookup was enjoyable -- it was a time in which he's able to sit back and think since he doesn't give himself much time to do so during the day. For him, this would stir up a look of irritation mixed with sadness. This huge, uncalled-for change in his life created a chain of sudden melancholy and unfortunate events, leading to his personality to become less lighthearted and more cold and gray. His mind would run to and fro to each dark corner that now shrouds his mind in negativity and hopelessness like a chronic pestilence that has no cure. But for Lucas, he tries to keep his mind running to refrain from meditating on one given thing so much that it becomes fabricated in his own, twisted reality. Peering forward to the horizon, he could only make up the long line of cars that crowded the 405 highway on this busy morning, but with a sigh, Lucas brushed it off since he was used to this and he got himself into this predicament.

With one hand on the steering wheel and one rested on the armrest between the seats, he released an irritated groan from his lips, resting his head back in an attempt to calm himself down. With a few deep breaths, his mind would flash back to the strange events that now seem to be consuming his life, ridding any form of tranquility that he would try to draw from his given situation. Lucas pounded his head back against the head of the seat again and again until it was enough to let his anger subside back into a perpetual gloom, muttering under his breath, "What the fuck is wrong with me?"

A voice was heard clear within the silence between his two countering moods, not coming from the dimmed radio, but instead the passenger seat of his car.

"Who the hell are you all!?"

Lucas' reaction was dull in comparison, only jumping slightly by the sudden appearance of yet another fabrication of his mind. This time, he showed no expression of shock and, alternatively, he kept a straight face from the monotonous occurrences that only he would be able to see.

"I would ask the same thing, but I guess everyone already knows who you are," Lucas replied with a chuckle, not paying too much mind to her appearance, even given her idolized icon. He continued, "I'm assuming you're just all in my head. Just like every-fucking-thing else that I see over, and over, and over again. So fine, I'll play this game too." In the middle of his statement, his voice would get increasingly angry, but calming down towards the end back to a monotone, tired voice. Lucas went on again, sarcastically, "Who are you? Why are you here? Where did you come from? I ask myself that every damn time but I never get an answer. So -- I give up."

Lucas looked into his rearview mirror to see another random appearance of another individual in his back seat, only mumbling in response, "Great."


Wednesday, August 15th - 01:00 PM | New York City, New York | Interacting with Emmie Adams@Nallore

Just before Grant would give Lana the phone number of his connection, Director Smith interrupted with a sense of urgency. By his tone and his call for their presence in the conference room, this meant a briefing for an op, which Lana would always get an engaging rush from. As they moved into the conference room, Grant whispered to her, "Seems like you're not going to be able to get involved with that Philly case then."

"Sure I can," Lana replied confidently, "We just finish this one quick and I'll go down there myself."

As they made their way into the conference room and found their seats, Grant chuckled in response to Lana, "Wait, Lana. I was joking about -- Are you seriously gonna go down there by yourself?"

Lana gave him a slight nod with a faint smirk, only to have him reply with the shake of his head. He knew he wouldn't be able to prevent Lana from going out on her own, so he didn't even bother to try and sway her decision. As they settled themselves into their seats, Lana began to gaze about the room, looking from other corresponding agents that were involved with the briefing to the director and his signature poker face. It seemed like a regular briefing, the director fidgeting with the technology to properly display information on the board and then the piles of paperwork that would be filled with arbitrary information on the case that some people deemed relevant. For Lana, what seemed out of the ordinary was the girl that would be lurking around the room confused, almost as if she was lost.

Lana couldn't help but become distracted by the girl that didn't seem to draw any attention from the other agents. The director then told Lana and Grant what their mission was and gestured to the files that were in front of them. She proceeded to open the files to see his name, alias, appearance, and the other general information about the suspect. Before diving into the file, Lana spoke up, "Sir, there is a lot of good information in here that will give us a good lead, but -- who is the girl in the room?" Lana would turn her gaze to Emmie, "Is she apart of the case? Will she give us some intel?"

In the corner of her eye, she could see Grant's humored, and confused, expression just before he would face-palm. The director kept his smug expression and questioned Lana, "I beg your pardon?"

The other agents shared the same reaction as them, but Lana persisted, "She's been roaming around the room ever since we got here."

"Lana," the director rubbed his temples with his fingers in irritation, "If you're still having repercussions from your illness, I'll take you off the case-."

"No, I'm fine," Lana answered abruptly, "I'll get right to it."

With that Lana was the first to exit the room, but on her way out she would mumble to Emmie, "Come with me."
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