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My name is Paradoxial. I mainly focus on creating original roleplays, though I do love participating in others!

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Super interested! Have a ton of questions though. What's the maximum age we can make our characters, since the world is steampunk do they have blimps/sky ships powered by steam/ and or magic? Was thinking about making a character a bit older than the rest, who tries and routinely fails to keep his friends out of trouble. Couple of other ideas to, but I've been waiting for this kinda RP for awhile :)
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Hey guys, an update. So after multiple private messages and forum posts without even an acknowledgement I have decided to kick @Eisenhorn off the of the RP. I can't allow this RP to stall for weeks when he not just ignores my messages, but posts on other Roleplays. Needless to say I'll be opening the party back up for another member. If you have anyone who you think would Ben interested please let them know! I'm confident that with our great team we'll be able to get this RP back on track with everyone's help!
@Eisenhorn any ETA on the post?
<Snipped quote by Crazytazer>

*Most of the time* XD

Aw, thanks! You're damned good too. In fact everyone here is very good!

I'd have to agree, so far I'm very pleased for the most part about everyone's fluency and grammar. Sure there's a couple mistakes here and there but hey, this is casual after all XD
So this is basically This War of Mine?
Posted! Screw the post order, I'm always the worst no matter what!

There isn't really that much of a post order, just after all you guys post I will and then the cycle repeats. But thanks anyways!
New post up! Let's get this RP back on track :)
Arthur scowled in disgust as he realized that he has forgotten to explain the ever so small detail of exactly what they were doing in the middle of nowhere, about to enter a dark and foreboding passageway. He began speaking at a rapid pace, clearly impatient to get back to the (relative) safety of his desk.

"Guess you free loaders care about the backstory of this dead hamlet huh..?" Arthur muttered quietly before beginning. He rapped on the metal doors, causing a harsh echo to resonate through the dimly lit hallway ahead. " This here used to be the storage area for Ash, back when it still had enough things in it so that a storage cellar was necessary. Ever since the monsters started getting closer, this was one of the last places they've holed up in. As far as I know, you should expect some flesh eaters down there, with a big brutish something or other at the end. But then again, who really knows what's down there behind the black shadows and foreboding corners? " he chuckled grimly before continuing " anyways, the objective is to go down there, beat the living hell out of whatever rears its ugly head, and scavenge anything that they haven't torn to shreds. Sound good? " he quickly said " don't answer that " immediately after, all too aware of the groups sharp wit.

Before anyone could retort, he unsheathed his broadsword, a surprisingly fine, if worn weapon made of banded steel, with a leather hilt and studded pommel. Again not bothering to see if the party was following behind him, he walked casually into the first room, which appeared to have been a book repository of some sort before the monsters had arrived, most of them being torn to shreds, burnt beyond recognition or molded over with strange blue fungus.
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