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My name is Paradoxial. I mainly focus on creating original roleplays, though I do love participating in others!

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I really like your character, except my only problem is that you can't "officially" leave the Councils military. The Imperial Guard (highest ranking members of the Council Military besides the ministers themselves) are trained from birth to have undying loyalty. If your character leaves the military, it is likely that the minister who's sector your last known location was in spends at least a couple of months searching for the deserter.
(I just realized I forgot to actually put the link for the RP, my apologies I'm an idiot sometimes)

You can find the RP here:…
Finals are over, so I am officially off my hiatus and ready to RP! Post is already up, I hope it's up to scratch.
In the heat of battle it is assumed that one does not think much, even more so when the person has a voice inside their head screaming louder than the pack of warriors behind him. It was all Leroy could do to cling onto the top of the Cart, and pray to the Potion that he would be able to continue his quest. It didn't help matters when another person on the cart decided that it would be a good idea to clamber up on top of the fragile and limited space that could only barely be qualified as a "roof". Hello Crow-face!" The interloper yelled into his ear, "I hope you know how to share!" The pleasant thought of ending this impudent fools life entered into his head, but when an arrow ripped through the small space between the two he quickly realized he had more important matters to attend to.

Interestingly enough, Leroy noticed that the other members of the ragtag group were managing to keep the Warriors at bay for the moment at least. "You will pay for your impudence!" He screamed at one of the warriors who had gotten close enough to the cart and was about to jump on. Quickly, Leroy whipped out one of his shivs and threw it at the mans unprotected neck. A lucky shot, the rusty knife buried deep into the mans neck, causing him to scream and swerve his dilapidated bike into a metal shelf nearby. Before he could even take a breath, someone from below yelled "weight to the right!" Peering over the side, utter dread filled Leroy as he stared at the TOPDWELLER, driving the cart! The shelfs on either side were getting uncomfortably close, and Leroy could see that if something was not done, utter destruction would happen very soon. Of course in this pivotal moment was when the voice finally decided to give him actual advice, that being it screaming to him "get to the right you imbecile! If you die the potion will never be completed and your destiny will die with you!" Leroy didn't even have time to think "we're all going to die aren't we" as he Wildly swung over to the right side of the cart, the metal groaning in protest as Leroy held onto the fragile poles for dear life.
OOC is up! If you'd do me a favor please repost your finished CS in the OOC tab and I'll do reviews there. Thanks again for everyone participating!
Please only post your CS after it has been accepted by me.
The Usurpers (dark,fantasy)

The War is finally over. Silence hangs over the country of Silith, as the commoners cower in their fragile dirt huts praying to the gods. "Is it over?" They whisper to each other. "Has King Aragoth finally beaten the council?" The mutterings cease as the marches begin. Precise, well timed footsteps are heard all over the country. The citizens pray harder, hoping, pleading that their door will be opened by the gold plated Templars, with food and drink to celebrate the final victory.
In one house, a mother hugs her child to her chest, tears brimming in both their eyes. The door creaks open and she stares at what the door has revealed, covering the child's eyes. The mother watches in horror as 2 leather boots step into her home, blood spattered and dyed black. The chain mail leggings swish lightly, and above that a chest plate of pure obsidian. Finally, a steel helmet obscures the face, but the eyes are visible. Dark, smoldering eyes with the sort of red tint that only a madman could contain. "A knight of the Council" she whispers in disbelief "but that can only mean one thing". At last, she hears the words she prayed she'd never hear, but it is impossible to shut out the deep gravelly voice that says, "the War is over. The Council rules this land."


The usurpers is about a group of Rebels, 40 years after the Great War trying to take back control of Silith which is ruled by the mysterious and evil Council. Because the council rules and prohibits commoners from learning any type of combat, you will have little formal training with melee or magic based fighting. This RP is based on the group gathering resources and learning, before attacking villages and eventually taking back the country. The closer you get to the capital, the better defended a town is. You start in Vilnick, a small village at the very edge of Silith. As the RP continues you will become much stronger and eventually be strong enough to take on the Council themselves. The Council is made up of 4 individuals which each control a piece of Silith. They are headed by Lord Regent Crow, who controls the center piece of Silith including the capital itself. For the classes and magic, don't be afraid to make something up as long as it's not OP. The examples I put are just stuff off the top of my head! If you have any questions please ask!

Character sheet




Class: (ex: Plague Mage, Divine warrior, shadow rogue)

Magical affinity: (elemental, dark/light, none, etc.)

Equipment: (weapon, what's in your bag, etc.)

Backstory: (how did your character end up in Vilnick, were they born there? Why do they want to rebel?)
@Lunar I'm looking for around 3-5 people before I set up the official section. Thanks for your interest!
Definitely interested in this, though I am a bit sad that the motivations are randomly picked. I would've loved to make a returning animator character. I might pick this one up.

In reference to some of your questions: the Templars were the grand knights of Silith before the Council took over. They wore enchanted golden armor and used light magic, being able to cast light healing spells and also blasting enemies with holy fire from a distance (think paladin esq.). You mentioned "the other mages," but because your characters are commoners use of magic for any sort of fighting is grounds for execution. Usually the only people that know if you have affinity or not is your closest friends and family. Making a retired paladin would be interesting, as he would have all sorts of lore (I can make up some stuff, or you can build the world as you see fit) from before the council. If you have any more questions don't hesitate to ask.
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