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My name is Paradoxial. I mainly focus on creating original roleplays, though I do love participating in others!

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A flash of pride filled the barely human brain of Ciaphus as the Indomitable Spirit hummed to life. “A satisfactory result” he said to no one, as his tentacles drove and swooped between the hundreds of different mechanisms. Unfortunately as was the fault of all machines spirits, none manufactured by Mechanicum hands could embody the true perfection of the machine god. Bringing defensive systems online along with the main nengine had increased the likelihood of the trains structural integrity remaining sound by 24.885%, but there were increasing damage reports and malfunction listings as some of the Flak cannons began to overheat or be destroyed by the overwhelming barrage of small arms fire.

Directing a servitor to buy him a few seconds of time, Ciaphus noted the emergency blast doors still marched steadily towards closing, and the train could only begin to move once they were locked. Quickly he diverted a small percentage of processing power and routed top priority mission changes to several Mechanicum units that were still running off old protocol systems. Analyzing his clearance and security requirements, the cogitators of the rogue Mechanicum aspects were brought into the central mainframe of the indomitable spirit and handed out tasks. Targeting one skitarii ranger that had lost its squad and become directionless, Ciaphus rapid fire sent top priority objectives to its central; processing unit.

Directive sent: search through all refugee personnel.
Directive sent: eliminate any with a suspicion rating of over 28.999 percent, utilizing inquisitorial edict 5 subcategory B, ‘chaos recognition scale’
Directive sent: catalogue any Mechanicum aspects that appear to be not following primary directives in defense or support of the Indomitable Spirit for later maintenance or elimination.
Directive sent: Your designation has been upgraded from ‘Skitarii Ranger’ to ‘Skitarii ranger Captain’ due to the loss of your former captain and no clear superior. Your clearance has been increased by .834%.
Directive Sent: after completion of earlier Directives, report to Artisan Adept Ciaphus for further instruction and possible maintenance/repairs depending on service/adequacy.

Security Clearance 836119240=valid

transmission complete, glory to the Omnissiah
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“There is no truth in flesh, only betrayal."
"There is no strength in flesh, only weakness."
"There is no constancy in flesh, only decay."
"There is no certainty in flesh but death."
— Credo Omnissiah

Shrapnel and las-fire filled the air, screams of the dying and pants of the weary
binding together in a beautiful symphony of death. Ciaphus’es sensory modules registered this, hooked into the Indomitable Spirit he could see every viewpoint that the locomotives various cameras could give. The cultists and gene-stealers alike were of such little importance however, and he soon divided his optical processing power to the various arcane and mechanical aspects to start up the train. Servitors rushed around the domed control room, meticulously coded and ordered for specific tasks. To the uninitiated it would seem as though every body acted on its own, but in fact only Ciaphus moved of free will, constructing and modifying organized lines of code and rite, structured and sent through the Omnissiahs will to hundreds of servitors around the train.

The whirring and hissing of the controls were automatically tuned out of his Auditory modules as he began to administer the sacred rites. His monotone, vox laden voice resonated about the chamber, heard only by the Bustling servitors and the machine spirit itself. praise be to him, the source of all knowledge, the supreme one of all. Once again give rise to this great locomotives Machinations once again, so that your humble servant my ferry your peoples to safety. Lend this machine spirit your perfect and awe inspiring power so that its Adamantine tracks and Hex-steel Armor can endure the many heresies and defilers that prostrates themselves before it. Praise the Omnissiah, praise be to the God in the Machine!” With a groan and a shudder, the various cogitators around the Indomitable spirit slowly glowed once more. Auto flak cannons awoke and poured fiery death upon the heretics gathered outside. Registered but unnoticed, the doors of the transport and passenger cars began to squeal and whine, sparks flew as the auto locking mechanisms began to to shut. It was clear that the train would soon make its way out of the doomed hive.
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