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My name is Paradoxial. I mainly focus on creating original roleplays, though I do love participating in others!

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@CAWs For Alarm any ETA?
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Post is up! Set up a little bit of a show for you guys, each one of you gets to kill one of the fake chosen! Think of this as an introduction, getting a feel for your powers and such. I’m interested to see what you all come up with :)

Little bit of a side note, make sure to start your post with a “timeline”

The format for this is (location),(Region),(year)
The year will reflect how the story is going, for instance the starting year is the rising sun because the powers of the holy ones are growing.
Sanities Demise, outlands of Skorhn, year of the rising sun

The ritual had been prepared, and the time was near.

Inside the darkest of the caves, the most foulest of cults, the final machinations of the gleeful eclipse were slowly being brought into motion. A cavern 40 feet high, filled to the brim with hooded figures of all manner of deformity. A man with a lizard tail poking out of his robe quietly chants next to another, of whom a green liquid drips and sizzles out of every orifice. The pews arranged in a semi circle all facing four obelisk stones, vertically faced outwards with binding runes and iron shackles alike waiting for the chosen ones. It was not long before everyone was settled and the proceeds could begin.

A hunched figure steps out of the crowd and ascends the steps. “You all know what is to happen” His words creaking with age. “Those of you who believe to be the chosen, step forward to the obelisks.” From the mutterings of the crowd, 8 figures step forth, looking at each other warily. The mutters grow into violent shouts, accusations flying, small fights breaking out before the elder calls for silence. “There can only be 4, half of these are heretics! Those of you who are the true chosen ones, slay your accusers and be made known to the Gleeful Eclipse!”

A ring is loosely formed around the group of chosen, and the fight begins. A man steps forward, wielding lances of flesh and blood, stabbing forward without mercy. A shadowy woman melds into the shadows before striking out from behind. A grotesque, half man half beast charges without relent, seeking to tear apart those who would challenge him. And finally a cloaked figure stands behind the melee, flames wreathing his body and seeking to char everyone but itself.
Post out tomorrow, again so sorry for the long wait recover is taking a lot longer than I thought.
@Rune_Alchemist@CAWs For Alarm@Lord of Evil@Drippy

A quick update:

I know I said we’d start today, but with gloriously bad timing I’ve come down with the flu. I’ve been resting all day, but either tonight or tomorrow I’ll crank out an introduction post. Thank you for understanding
@Rune_Alchemist accepted! We will wait a bit too see if anyone else submits anything, so projected start is around Wednesday or Thursday :)
@Lord of Evil excellent, move him over. We just need one more person at least to start :)
@CAWs For Alarm accepted, great character!

@Lord of Evil a great idea, but I’d love a little bit more clarification on his powers. Does he just infect the people around him, can he project it at will? Are the diseases he uses conventional or magical, corrupting the soul or the body? Otherwise awesome character, love the backstory just need to flesh out the powers a bit more :)
@Drippy awesome! Accepted, move her over to the character tab.
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