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24 days ago
Current 18 IC posts in four days - so so proud of the people working with me on 'The Nomad, a sci-fi epic'!
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28 days ago
Working on an IC opening post for The Nomad
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1 mo ago
New RP OOC is up and running; i'm very excited for things to come. Its all happening so fast!
1 mo ago
First RP interest check up in casual in two years. Check me out, getting back into the swing of things!


Hey, i'm Catharyn! I joined the Guild on the 2nd of February 2011 after witnessing a drastic decline in the number of active members on the forum i frequented before. I was drawn to the Guild by the healthy array of Sci-Fi & Fantasy stories unfolding in the Casual/Advanced sections. The selection of roleplays available has only matured and grown more sophisticated as time has gone on, to my delight.

In my spare time i'm also trying to write a proper science fiction novel; i'm about 25,000 words in but i feel it could be rewritten at any moment! I live in the UK so i tend to join GMT roleplays when i can but its not a requirement. When it comes to characters, i try and vary them to try different angles and not get typecast in the same role; I enjoy playing the bad guy in some cases!

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Well done @conscripts, nice post. I'm hella busy this weekend but i'm available to post on Monday provided a couple more people have gone before.
I'm here, just waiting for @ozymandias to post
More than happy to jump in a collab with someone?
Nice post @starlance
Clara put her foot down, accelerating away from the darkened science complex and excavation site until it disappeared from her rearview mirror. Instead of going the cliff-side route, she opted for the slightly longer mountaintop highway which allowed her to focus a bit less on her steering. Clara shuddered, her breath escaping in frightened gasps into her spacesuit.

Fumbling with the holo-disk she still held in her left hand, she inserted Thebe’s AI core into the slot at the back of her helmet. “What were those things?” She panted, relaying the comm line on her suit’s external speakers so Loken could listen in. “I don’t know ma’am. I’m looking through UWG structured databases now but can’t find anything that quite matches this description. My droids detected biological lifeforms inside those armoured suits before they all got trashed. It's possible they learned UWG standard from the data pads lying around, but some of the glyphs on their armour look oddly familiar.”

Clara thought of Dr Gao and the rest of her team. They had vanished almost without a trace or sign of struggle. They could still be alive inside the structure, but then she thought of the demented guards. Had they said they’d been asleep for millenia? Who put them there…

She was still on edge when they raced into RX3248. Clara noticed Loken barking orders on multiple comms channels and there was a lot of movement around the spaceport and habitation units. People were all streaming towards the landing pads, toward the Scythian probably. “What's happening?” Clara asked Ogilvie, to no answer. “Director! I need to speak to you!” No answer. Clara set off at a jog, leaving Loken and his marine escort behind at the vehicle pool. She made her way through the chaos to the Col-Ad building and forced her way to the Director’s lift.

“Did you feel that? What’s with these tremors? Did someone forget to mention a volcano or something when they sent me here?”

Ogilvie had several different comms channels open and was on his tenth cup of coffee in 24 hours. “I don’t know Miranda, i’ve lost Clara and Thebes. Everyone is fucking about and nobody is telling me shit! I can’t leave my office, these spooks have got me locked down. I can smell the Article 88 up here!” He took a sip of coffee just as Clara burst into his office.

“Where the hell have you been Clara? I’ve been trying to reach you.”

“The dig site. Something has woken up. Dr Gao and my team are gone, James. We've got to get out of here, we all know how this ends.”

“Wait, lets not be hasty. What do you mean something has woken up?” Is that why we’ve been getting these tremors?”

“I don’t know James, it all happened so fast. Thebes bring him up to date." She unplugged the AI from her suit and put the holo-disk into the Director’s desk. Clara walked over to the window and tried Loken. Busy, or her communicator just wasn’t working anymore.

Clara checked RX’s intranet - it was alive with chatter which made it impossible to pin anything down. She was still shaking, she put a hand on the plate glass to steady herself. Something on the outskirts of the colony caught her eye; Clara leaned forward and squinted, trying to bring the flecks of orange into focus...

<Snipped quote by Catharyn>

yeah have to ask. i kinda dont have an idea how to jump in. considering your ship is under attack by some dudes and yourself personally. want me to join in your group or join the ship? Considering im not millitary.. i vote your situation but i dont know how we could work that in.

Currently Clara and Loken are heading back to RX. Its probably best you meet up with everyone there as everything could be about to deteriorate rapidly.
Wow, fantastic CS @boomlover ! Accepted, please post your character on the 'Character' tab and then you're free to post IC. I'm working on a post right now. @elevation feel free to go first and i'll adapt mine.
@Catharyn ah shite. oh well then. ill work with what i got !

Give me a shout if you have any questions! I'm going to start work on my next post tonight.
@Catharyn the idea is essentially that he needed this ai. He is heavely cybernetic. And he cant run allof the systems in his body properly. Thats why he has an ai to make sure one of his lungs stops working.

An in-suit computer would likely be a more rational choice for running his mechanical systems. AIs have the processing power to functionally co-ordinate an entire fleet of spaceships, so running a couple of lungs would be the most menial job imaginable for them. Thebes, the only AI currently in the roleplay, is desperately bored while effectively running every automated security system on an entire moon as well as lots of droids.

For that reason it'll be quite difficult to explain why your AI would live inside a cybernetic body just to keep it running unless you kept it under duress or had some strange relationship going on with it. I'm happy to work with you on a reasonable explanation if you like?

Going to post tonight or tomorrow been busy as hell

Great, looking forward to it! I'm at work now but i'll take a look at all the latest posts on my lunch break
Hi all, i've finally had time to get to a computer!

@Ozymandias Ok that's good to know we haven't left dry dock yet. My idea is that im a scientist who has himself a tiny ass shuttle. That was able to get himself to the moon. He is essentially also after the same knowledge you guys are after and may try to join the ship. Also he has an AI sidekick. Just checking this idea with you to see if it's okay.

Heya, welcome. Tiny shuttles are permissible as most of the basic technology is pretty widely available. FTL capable high end luxury craft will obviously be a lot more hard to come by but generic transport vessels are like cars of our age. Of course to move FTL in a tiny craft like that, you'll probably have to book passage aboard a large vessel.

AIs however will be a little bit harder to explain. They are generally not available to the average consumer and are limited to large companies/organisations and governments. This is because of a combination of intentional bottle necking of the technology and the vast expense involved in their upkeep. Its not impossible that your character would be travelling with one but it'll need some thought.
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