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My area is coming to life again after 18 months of awkwardness
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Let it rain, all night.
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Hey, I'm Catharyn! I joined the Roleplayer Guild on 2nd Feb 2011.

I was active every day until late 2015, accruing (i think) around 7k posts across dozens of roleplays. Then, I started working and had to gradually slow down my RP schedule. In 2017, I officially went on hiatus when other commitments got fully in the way of roleplaying. This continued until the COVID-19 pandemic hit, when I suddenly realised I had a lot more free time in lockdown! So in mid-2020, I returned to the Guild with a vengeance.

I love writing science fiction, and generally aim for around 300 words per post.

It gripped her hand gently. "Regret is for humans," it said.
She laughed. "Really?"
The machine shrugged and let go of her hand. "Oh, no. It's just something we tell ourselves.”

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In The Cradle 1 day ago Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
Freyr hung awkwardly in Marae’s embrace for a moment, feet softly kicking to help them float. Then she wrapped her arms around the scientist’s muscular form and gave her a squeeze. She wanted to say ‘thank you’, but couldn’t. The mental congestion was the same as if she were crying out of the water.

“My son is missing too. Wallace’s voice entered Freyr’s head. It was clear she had been listening in, somehow. ”That was why I called on you specifically. You may not know it yet, but you have influence with our people, Dr Lang. More than you know. We can help each other.”

Freyr didn’t say anything, but released Marae after a few seconds. ”Let's go up. I’m ready for a drink.” She signalled in a monotone fashion. The music had been in a lull for a little bit, but was building up to a crescendo again.

“Just forget
All about fate
While I unlock this gentleman’s promise.”

The sound of the band exploded back into Freyr’s ears as she broke the surface of the water. Turning her head, she could just about see the singer on their raised platform, holding onto the microphone stand while knocking their knees together.

“With flesh like fire, but it lacks the colour
And chemical laughs fly round like drama.”

Freyr grabbed onto the nearest pontoon and dragged herself up, clothes releasing large amounts of water back into the lake. ”I don’t understand what you mean.” Freyr sent back to Wallace. She looked back at the ship, which was mobbed by partygoers.
In The Cradle 4 days ago Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
Freyr did smile a tiny bit at Nirann’s deadpan humour. It didn’t last long though. “I’m just finding it hard to be optimistic right now. I spent my whole adult life so far trying to understand the next phase in synthetic life. Now we have the greatest chance I'm ever going to see, sitting in my lap, and all I want to do is find my family and get far away. Go live in the wild somewhere. As long as I have them, the rest of this galaxy can burn for all I care.” Even as she said it, Freyr was surprised by the vitriolic words emerging from her head. But she knew they were real, if buried deep down like white embers in a dying fire.
In The Cradle 8 days ago Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
Freyr blew out some vapour. It was a different colour to before, slightly green. She chuckled and shook her head. “At least then they’ll get back the time they lost.” Lights reflected off the dark, warm water as she ran a hand through it. Nirann might have been talking, but she wasn’t taking anything in. After a little while, Freyr leaned slowly forward from her position, sat on the side and entered the lake fully.

The comforting blackness engulfed her, and the cacophony of sounds around them changed into a muffled clang and hum. Freyr kicked her legs once, then twice, arms at her sides. Her fist closed around the stim-stick to prevent it floating away. Someone jumped in nearby, and began swimming around, nearly kicking her in the face. Freyr breathed out, feeling bubbles of air crawling along the top of her mouth.
In The Cradle 12 days ago Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
Freyr followed Nirann’s lead, taking off her shoes and rolling up her leg garments before sitting with the warm water lapping at her knees. She smiled sadly while watching the video Nirann showed, drying her eyes as much as she could under her mask.

Eventually the happy scene became too much, and she looked up and past the screen at Réunion. It was late now, but the city was still lit up with a kaleidoscope of bright lights, snaking their way between platforms up to the mountains above.

“You make it sound so easy.” Freyr murmured, running her index finger through the water. “Like we can just bung my family into new bodies and life can go back to normal.” She sighed. “I’ve had…dreams. Or visions, I don't know. I can see them inside the Cradle - they’re being…chased, or tortured. I can’t tell if they’re asleep or awake, or where they are. But something is happening to them and being broadcast to me.”

Freyr pulled out her stim-stick and popped it in her mouth; the light lit up. “I sound crazy, I know. But it feels like a trap that I can't avoid. No matter how i approach it, none of us come out whole.”
In The Cradle 14 days ago Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
Freyr nodded hesitantly in response to Nirann. She knew some of this already, but hearing it from the robot didn’t make things any easier. After a few shaky breaths, Freyr closed her eyes. A blurry image of her family entered her mind - they were running down a beach that didn’t exist, away from her. Tears rolled down both her cheeks as the concert boomed around her. Freyr couldn’t hear it anymore, only the sound of her breathing and a high pitched whine in each ear.

Slowly, she raised a hand and tried to wipe her tears. She felt instead an alien, rubbery texture against her face, where the mask had settled in. Reaching around her neck, Freyr pushed the mask up and away, using the back of her arm to dry her face. At the same time, she reached out another hand, searching blindly for Nirann’s.

Staring through the spyglass, the spotter up on the raised promenade zoomed in on the woman’s face as she wiped her tears away. The device matched this person to a high value target with a 85% probability. He put his secure phone to one ear, bulky transmitter pointing straight up. “I think I have something. On the beach.”
In Hello! 14 days ago Forum: Introduce Yourself
In The Cradle 17 days ago Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
Freyr thanked the big robot, but quickly got annoyed when Nirann didn’t let her go. “Put me down!” Freyr wiggled her limbs until she touched the floor again. “I’ve noticed your kind love to manhandle.” She chuckled. “Lead on, I can walk behind. Let's go out onto those floating platforms.”

Faced with this freedom of choice on where to go, the scientist felt a pang of guilt. Her team were still stuck inside, and her family were still missing. A wave of emotion bubbled up from her core to her throat, and Freyr clamped her jaw in place to fight it back. We’re networking, with Wallace, to continue the mission. Just please relax She assured herself.

As they slowly navigated the flotilla, moving toward the stage, Freyr realised that each platform may have been primarily a collection of loosely affiliated friendship groups. Or cliques - some of the groups looked quite different from one another. While a lot of people were on the move, an equal amount of people were stood dancing together, yelling conversation into each other’s ears. The spine of a few platforms was raised, producing a few bits of seating which at the moment was swamped.

“What we just talked about back there - seems like an interesting lead, no?” Freyr yelled, looking back at the orb. Wallace was lost in the throng, but the ship was still putting on a light show.

A few miles away, a man in a suit leaned against the bonnet of his car in a quiet parking space. He pressed long range binoculars against his eyes and scanned the concert as it unfolded some way along the shoreline. Vapour rose and disappeared into the night from a stim-stick hanging from his lips. After a moment, his gaze returned to the mostly-submerged craft at the edge of the flotilla, then zoomed in further to watch the trio of obfuscated shapes moving through the crowd.
In The Cradle 20 days ago Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
Freyr had not been expecting any of this. After so long trapped in a high rise apartment block, the mosh pit party developing around them as more people scrambled over to their little orb was quite daunting. They were variously running in circles or jumping up and down as this niche band transitioned seamlessly to another angsty song. “Ok, ok. Help me out here! Let's go for a wander.” Freyr lifted her arms above her head, for the Rothians to pull her out from under the pile as another person joined in.

”Aching, she's feeling so confused, confused.
She can't breathe or believe she's useless
Right off the edge she'll walk
Just listen close you'll hear her screaming.”

The singer essentially couldn’t see through the mat of hair now covering his eyes as he swanned about the stage. Someone from the flotilla clambered up onto their stage and rushed over. The singer tried to juke around but got knocked over in a fan hug. He still managed to shout into the mic from on the floor:

“Take meee!”

The rest of the band, grinning at the chaos, chimed in with backing vocals. “Take me.”

“Take mee!”

Security rushed over and hoisted the screaming fan off of the scruffily dressed singer. He hopped up and carried on.

“Who's gonna miss me when I'm gone?”

He blew a kiss into the crowd, wiggling his head and stamping one foot in time with the music.

“Our hardest times, hold on.”
In The Cradle 23 days ago Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
The ship nudged gently against the flotilla, and dropped down to allow Nirann and Marae to exit onto it if they wished to. Warm water sloshed onto the deck of their half-opened orb and quickly around the seating area until it was ankle high. Freyr squealed, partly from trepidation and partly from pure excitement after so long without stimulation. She leapt back onto the bean bag she’d been on before and laughed. “No! You go if you want, I’ll try in a minute!”

Wallace waved out to the wild mass of partygoers perched on the creaking flotilla, beaming as the music undulated around them. Several people jumped from the platforms onto their watery deck and rushed forward. Freyr didn’t notice, for she was too preoccupied with all the moving objects, but Chirtsey and Alderney flinched. Their hands started to move, but one tiny motion from Wallace stopped them dead in their tracks. Freyr did happen to spot a tiny thread of flickering light, like spider silk, connecting the back of the Plenipotentiary’s head to a shield generator hidden out of sight.

The audio quality from inside the half-exposed orb was excellent, rivalling that of anywhere near the band. So the revellers swept up their group for a drunken greeting and compliment of the grand entry. They then began swirling around the space, dancing and knocking jovially into each other to this energetic music. “Hello, nice to see you. Please, make yourselves at home. Hi!” Wallace called over the music, hugging and shaking hands with several people; servants never more than an arm’s length away. It was like the Plenipotentiary knew everyone at the event.

“This looks comfy!” A tall thin woman with dark red hair and a swimsuit shouted, falling into Freyr’s beanbag to hug her.

“Oh, hey!” Freyr laughed tolerantly, patting the woman’s back as the wetness seeped into her own clothes.
Tar had always loved climbing, so pursued the dim light at the top of the Tengmaa’s chamber with vigour. Brissekh was packed full of cliff faces to scale, and in a way she could remember the routes up and down them better than her way around the frigid woodland. It was the excitement of knowing a shortcut which stuck in her head, Tar supposed.

The rock face here was shrouded in vines, but the Commando quickly figured out a way up, spotting hand and foot holds which jogged distant memories of this place before it became a death trap. The fresh water streaming in from above was cold and refreshing after the warm, smelly interior. The sound gradually built to a crescendo of howling winds and rain at the top, perfectly masking the sound of Tar hauling herself up.

As soon as she was away from the hole, she crouched down and drew her Carbine. The spikes on her feet scraped against the craggy ridge. Visibility was shockingly bad, but Tar knew that could all change in a moment if the wind changed direction. “If they have any sense, they will be inside until the storm passes - we should move quickly. We do not want to be up here if the wind speed increases.”
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