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10 mos ago
Current 18 IC posts in four days - so so proud of the people working with me on 'The Nomad, a sci-fi epic'!
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10 mos ago
Working on an IC opening post for The Nomad
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10 mos ago
New RP OOC is up and running; i'm very excited for things to come. Its all happening so fast!
10 mos ago
First RP interest check up in casual in two years. Check me out, getting back into the swing of things!


Hey, i'm Catharyn! I joined the Guild on the 2nd of February 2011 after witnessing a drastic decline in the number of active members on the forum i frequented before. I was drawn to the Guild by the healthy array of Sci-Fi & Fantasy stories unfolding in the Casual/Advanced sections. The selection of roleplays available has only matured and grown more sophisticated as time has gone on, to my delight.

In my spare time i'm also trying to write a proper science fiction novel; i'm about 25,000 words in but i feel it could be rewritten at any moment! I live in the UK so i tend to join GMT roleplays when i can but its not a requirement. When it comes to characters, i try and vary them to try different angles and not get typecast in the same role; I enjoy playing the bad guy in some cases!

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Hey guys, before you get started let me just jump in with an announcement. As you've probably all noticed it's got a bit quiet in here; it's primarily because I've been crazily busy these past couple weeks and I know Ozy has other stuff on his mind too.

I'm gonna suggest we put this RP down for now. I'm tempted to start it again later but start with us right in the action. I realise now that I should have started the RP with a write up of what happened on RX and then have us all begin on the Scythian. Maybe that's what I'll do when we reboot!

Thank you all for taking part, it was really fun while it lasted. Ozy and I might start another RP in the middle to keep things fresh, once I'm less busy. Perhaps a fantasy role play, set in a vast continent with a map to go with it . But until then I'm sure I'll see you all round the forum. Thanks guys!
@Catharyn thats because your a book behind. Anyway if the ships in orbit that means your all gonna have a guy wanting to dock on your ships.

Ok, bring it on!
@Catharyn you don't know the expanse! Youl love the show thats all im saying.

Oh that! I read the last book in the series (for some reason. Haven't got round to buying the others yet) - it was good. Can't remember specifics though.
<Snipped quote by Catharyn>

so essentially we just had a Ganymede happen to us Expanse style ?

A where in the what now?

Migrant crisis, basically

Very socially relevant. Gotta touch on the key issues kids!
Posted! Told you it was bad news. Everyone needs to find their way onto the Scythian, which was opened up again at Loken's command. This time around, security weren't gonna be able to hold people back so a few thousand found their way into the cargo hold.

Yeah, apologies for the delay. Its mainly my fault for having a really demanding period at work!
The UWS Scythian exited RX3248’s atmosphere, just as the moon’s surface cracked open. Solid rock and earth wrinkling back to create rings of gigantic fissures, one of which ran through the middle of the spaceport. A big explosion reached up into the thin atmosphere as the colony’s primary helium-3 power source ruptured under the strain. The whole planetary body seemed to be shifting on various axis, uncovering something underneath.

Clara wasn’t watching the spectacle as it unfolded below the Scythian. She was far too preoccupied to listen to the distracted murmurs of crew men who had access to the ship’s exterior cameras. Two of the ship’s aft cargo bays were full of dead or dying people. She tended to whoever she could with her limited first aid skills, helping more qualified doctors to do their jobs faster.

It had all happened so fast. The things at the dig site had followed them back to the base. Dozens of them. Everyone was so fixated on the situation developing by the grounded UWG owned craft that the base was unprepared when an onslaught of those…things charged into colony and began cutting people down. She didn’t think Director Ogilvie make it to the Scythian. In the confusion of people, Clara lost him and was too terrified to stop.

She made it to the Scythian’s landing pad with some of the blade wielding sentinel figures right behind. Its doors were open and everyone was flooding in, colonist or not. Quite of a few of RX’s security detail had gathered around the landing pad, firing at the creatures to allow people time to escape. Lots of them had stayed behind to make a last stand as they took off.

Clara took off her space helmet; she’d forgotten the air was breathable now. She looked for people she knew directly. Co-workers, Col-Ad staff. She couldn’t see any. Most of the people in the cargo bay were the ones crushing against the landing ramp to collect food supplies. The miners, refugees, workers.

“Attention, this is your captain speaking.”

Some of the noise abated in the cargo bays, although it was still deafening.

“We have now left the moon’s orbit. The ship, and the population of the colony, appear to have been attacked by an unknown enemy. Additionally, we have sustained some minor damage to the hull which we are looking into. Please remain calm, we are doing everything we can to keep you safe. In the mean time; food, water and medical supplies will be evenly distributed to everyone in need.”
Excellent! Thank you guys so much for sticking around and coping with me being busy pretty much all weekend, every weekend Love ya!

Post to get things moving will be up this evening.
@Catharyn i say just fly ze ship off. get the ball rolling. everyone is kinda waiting for it.

That could work, i will do a fade to black tonight. Everyone still here?
Looking at doing a collab with Ozy on Monday to get us all moving!
Well done @conscripts, nice post. I'm hella busy this weekend but i'm available to post on Monday provided a couple more people have gone before.
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