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Current Hail hydra
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@Lmpkio - Sure! Because I don't have enough of *those* on the go
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Rest in peace, 'Oppy'. The galaxy has become a much lonelier place now that you're no longer up there :'(
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"I've run out of fabric softener, but that's fine, I'll just not use it this time." Oh poor innocent me, how could I have been so naive? How could I not comprehend the mistake I had made?
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Sister: My friends going to Africa over the summer Me: But does she bless the rains tho? Sister: >.> Me: <.<


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Everyone in our party is the best! XD

Watch out world!
The stone giant was a peculiar sight indeed. Alice marvelled at it, it's every movement accompanied by harsh grinding and crumbling. It moved and spoke ponderously, and she wondered if with enough movement the giant would crumble away to nothing. It was a macabre thought she chased away mentally, seeking to stay in the here and now.

"Trespassers?" it spoke, though she could not tell if it was scrutinising the party due to it's pupil-less eyes. "You are not welcome here, but you may go in peace." Alice looked to her companions, thinking that was a fine idea, as another titan arrived.

"The others will not like having their game interrupted. My kinsmen take great pride in their game of... Hide and Seek."

Hide and seek? Today was getting more and more strange. She started glancing over the nearby terrain, in hopes of spotting one of the stone-men. Maybe that stone... No, probably not. She entertained the idea of casting magic-sight and seeing if that would help but was unsure if that would be considered cheating or even if they were allowed to witness the game at all.

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@HokumPocus Do you want to throw up a reply before I post?

Not if I post first!

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V h i k - C l i k N o t - a - G o b l i n

Focusing on blending in as she was, Vhik-Click was caught relatively unawares by the old gnome's performance. She was practically engulfed by a small tidal wave as he sent almost all the drinks flying. The Not-a-Goblin came back up spluttering, red-faced and smelling awfully of ale; "Shoots!" she cried, looking for the silly Keebler, "I've a mind to knock you on the head-" her cursing was caught short when she noticed he'd done quite a good enough job of that himself.

There was a tangible moment when all gazed at the prone form of Mr. Hearth, expecting it to be a joke or something, but he remained quite still. "Is he dead?" Vee-See ventured, looking around for a stick to poke him with.

Thankfully Selci Dazzlecraft had the idea to throw an ale in his face, See how he likes it! Vee-See thought with vindication. Although she couldn't help but wonder why Selci hadn't just cast a spell, the Dazzlecraft name being famous amongst gnomes and synonymous with impressive arcane feats. Vee-See mentally shrugged, she'd never know how bardlings worked
I said my post would be up soon but it's been 6 days...

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@Inkarnate Welcome to the team, Dazzlecraft!
All the local Skitarii snapped to attention as new data was received... Processing...

Directive received from Artisan Adept Ciaphus, the arch-unit in command of this vessel... Processing...

Directive sent: search through all refugee personnel.
Directive sent: eliminate any with a suspicion rating of over 28.999 percent, utilizing inquisitorial edict 5 subcategory B, ‘chaos recognition scale’
Directive sent: catalogue any Mechanicum aspects that appear to be not following primary directives in defense or support of the Indomitable Spirit for later maintenance or elimination.

Data unlocked itself in all surrounding units, data locked away and secreted deep in all rangers, knowledge of chaos and corruption kept hidden unless direly needed. The surrounding units snapped to obey, each uttering a short burst of machine-cant in confirmation. The next line of data was specific to Kor -1/5

Directive sent: Your designation has been upgraded from ‘Skitarii Ranger’ to ‘Skitarii ranger Captain’ due to the loss of your former captain and no clear superior. Your clearance has been increased by .834%.
Directive Sent: after completion of earlier Directives, report to Artisan Adept Ciaphus for further instruction and possible maintenance/repairs depending on service/adequacy.


Security Clearance 836119240=valid


Kor -1/5 snapped to attention, immediately sending orders and new data to the Skitarii units around. They all spoke in unison as they raced off to do their duties.

"Glory to the Omnissiah!"
I should also have something up at some point, though I have no idea how we are ever supposed to beat rock-people at hide and seek

*They blend in anywhere*
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@Kuro Pidge be like;

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