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Current Without wanting to spark a conversation in the status bar, [@Raddum] and [@Mara] we can toates take you to couple's counselling if you want. Or you can hug it out, hugs ALWAYS work, or apply more hugs
24 days ago
@Stormflyx - Best of luck! You might need it if your journey is anything like the kind of flights I've been on!
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...Our goalkeeps will never never ever will make saves!
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General Advice! *salutes*
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@Otaku95 - It basically means "you're not my favourite person right now." Basically


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1 and 2?

That's a bit weird, yeah


What's an edit box?
Nope, it wouldn't. However, like said, it's not an encryption. Of course there is an algorithm behind it, but unlike an encryption it doesn't require any secret data to reproduce the original input once you know the algorithm itself. For Caesar's cipher you'd have to know the number of shifts to do.

Then I've no hope XD

That was truly the best I had, good luck to anyone else
@The Fated Fallen
Well... it's weekend again. So on one hand something to very look forward to. On the other hand I'm afraid that it might end like the last one due to weather and other influences. I don't know yet :)

Other things however are coming along quite nicely...

Oh god I've had too much booze for this

Would Caesar's cipher work?

Before I spend an hour trying it, that is
How's everyone doing, anyways?
Wait, looking at what?

Anything in a dress, for far too long
I dunno man we all saw him looking >.>

You'd think a follower of the god of deception would be more subtle
Alice tried to bring as many of her comrades close as possible to discuss matters before entering the village.

"I think it important we decide how long we are going to stay here, and how likely it is we're being pursued by Dark Elves, and what we are going to do about it if we are."

Guessing the motivations of slavers and raiders wasn't exactly a favourite pass-time of Alice's but there were two possibilities she could imagine: The first being that the Dark Elves wouldn't waste time attacking a village while they were on the hunt or the second being that the Dark Elves were petty enough and powerful enough to reap and plunder this village just because the party had been there. Alice remembered the sly half smile of the witch who escaped back in that underground chamber, it didn't make her feel at ease.

"We need to decide if any pursuers are going to either bypass the village in pursuit of us and leave these people alone, in which case we should make our stay as short as possible to spare this place. Or if The Dark Elves would attack this place regardless, in which I believe we have a duty to stay and repel such forces"

She didn't know how efficient the Dark Elves were at tracking, nor how quickly they could assemble a party to follow, but she fancied it would take them at least a couple of days. In that time she'd have to pray to Seradwyn, god of magic, and do what rituals she could to restore her fractured arcane power. Provided they don't take my book she thought bitterly


Alice chagrined against the idea of lodgings and food being paid for, and made a mental note to pay regardless. Not only did she fear her contributions would be improportionate when compared to what she was receiving and what other more productive members of the party were receiving, but she disagreed with such things. She saw no problem with paying for services rendered and putting in the work where she could, just because she could. She didn't believe her god, Ragnarok, much cared for not paying either. She felt his fatalistic logic would dictate that all prices be paid in full, but she would have to defer to her friend and fellow worshipper Geradin's judgement on that one

When it came to the dreaded moment of handing over weapons, Alice handed over her staff first. She asked if she could keep her knife, but was willing to surrender it if need be. Her wand stayed with her, however, and it would take someone with magical talent to identify that it was a wand and not just a mundane fan. Finally she mentally justified to herself that, for all intents and purposes, she did not count her spell tome as a weapon and so she kept that well sealed in her bag. She would need it over her stay regardless.

She hoped that if she was identified as a magic user that any judges would think that she didn't need a wand as to explain it's absence. Many more powerful wizards eschewed the use of them as nigh unnecessary and risky. While she was nowhere near that powerful, she had no problem with backwater peasants perceiving her as such, especially if it served her ends.


She was surprised when the party was led to a relatively small inn. She had imagined that without the problems of expensive land or the tight confines of a city people could build such buildings as large as they wanted. But she also realised that such resources, although abundant, would be wasted since a frontier village like this probably didn't see too many travellers.

Unfortunately this meant there was only 4 rooms. She was hoping for a little and much needed privacy to unwind, not to mention focus. Still, wishful thinking was unbecoming of her, so she instead focused on who she would want to stay with. Geradin was high on the priority list, and she supposed she trusted Ursaren enough she wouldn't mind sharing a room with him.

On the other hand, Aeryn and Settionne were both big no-nos. It wasn't that she didn't trust them, per se, it's just that she knew better then to.

Very shitty at the moment if I'm honest...

Alice wanted to say a thousand things to Aeryn, but her thought process just kept repeating the words "Oh no," incrementally getting louder.

Alice right now =

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