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Current Sister: My friends going to Africa over the summer Me: But does she bless the rains tho? Sister: >.> Me: <.<
5 mos ago
Without wanting to spark a conversation in the status bar, [@Raddum] and [@Mara] we can toates take you to couple's counselling if you want. Or you can hug it out, hugs ALWAYS work, or apply more hugs
6 mos ago
@Stormflyx - Best of luck! You might need it if your journey is anything like the kind of flights I've been on!
7 mos ago
...Our goalkeeps will never never ever will make saves!
7 mos ago
General Advice! *salutes*


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@IcePezz I'm all the happier for having seen you, thanks. I'm still posting late and generally being a discredit to the site, unfortunately, but I'm trying! How is it going for you these days?
Teehee Poo’s rp’s are so epic, there is a waiting list :p
*slips back into hiding*


IcePezz! Is that really you?
Aaaand posted. Hopefully everybody likes it; just need @Gardevoiran to updoot for that particular scene, I believe.

Send that baby to Vegas, he's gonna win a big one for Mumma
Kiera be like...

Also our page count for the OOC is 69, just so we're all aware
@BCTheEntity That's both good and sad to hear, hopefully it'll be smooth sailing for a while now. I'm glad to hear you're alright now
@BCTheEntity Work is super busy and sleep is a myth :'(

How're you?
One terrible song later...

It's a marching song, they aren't supposed to be good! That's what I'll tell them; I made it bad deliberately. They'll never know the truth...
Despite Argon's generous offer to let Alice ride on his back for the scouting trip, she decided to walk. She couldn't help a small smile creep up to her lips however, the mental image of her charging into battle on the back of the lizardman was certainly amusing. What certainly unnerved her about their reptilian friend was how he stooped over and walked along, like some bloodhound on a hunt. She would have thought his eyes better from his higher vantage point since they had no trail to follow but what would she know? She had never been in Argon's shoes.

Despite only having met maybe a few weeks ago, or even a day ago, Alice felt safe in her present company. The terrain was easy enough and she fancied the weather pleasant, at least for a few hours. Light enough to spot a dark elf creeping through the brush though? She hoped she wouldn't have to find out, or that she wouldn't spot them too late. Figuring that the party would be spotted long before being heard, she couldn't help but strike up some Dwarven marching song, not too loud and always ready to stop should someone ask her to.

Speak of your travels, sing of your deeds,
The life of a Dwarf is long!
So pump those legs, grab you some mead!
March and sing for throng!

In many years past, I swore to a king,
The life of a Dwarf is long!
Now many years past, I do his bidding,
March and sing for throng!

I marched with him in winter, I never did waver,
The life of a Dwarf is long!
Now we made it through winter, Gaundet's favour,
March and sing for throng!

In spring we battled, against rog and goblin
The life of a Dwarf is long!
In summer we settled, our foes since fallen!
March and sing for throng!

In autumn we mined, riches untold!
The life of a Dwarf is long!
Come Drakesfeast we toasted, to our glorious hold!
March and sing for throng!

She couldn't necessarily say Dwarves were the best song-writers or improvisers, nor could they carry the finest tune, but with all shortcomings Dwarves made up for it with their heart. Seemed like all could use a little heart around this part of the world, especially in light of current circumstances
I'm gonna operate under an assumption that I'm free to do whatever so long as it works in with what Ursaren is tasked to do.

So... probably gonna give birth to a kid, become dubbed as Uncle Ursey, and go heal a few more wounded off.

I don't think anyone envies you...
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