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Current Alright, Inkarnate. You win the game of RP flex's, how does it feel? Do you feel like the hero you are?
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I also bow down to you, Vox. You're still here and that's what counts!
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I bow down to you, Altered Tundra. Keep on keeping on, you legend!
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I'm fighting my procrastination to try and keep my daily posts at 1.51 instead of 1.50. I didn't realise it'd be this much of a battle!
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Retail is just a cancer of the soul
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In Forsaken 9 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
He saw the beam out of the window, or at least it's glare, and time seemed to slow down. Kevej's eyes crawled down to the monitor, his fingers lifted up to the screen and flicked through a few notices with what seemed like relative ease in this weird half-speed parody of life even though his pulse raced like a damned drum. The light in the cockpit glowed brighter, and suddenly everywhere grew scalding hot within a moment. The last thing he saw before the panic set in was:

Alert! Alert! Alert!
Shield Strength at 0%
Alert! Alert! Alert!
Hull Breach Imminent!

He'd just popped off the harness when Andrea picked him up out of his seat and practically threw him from the bridge when the explosion hit. Kevej was thrown to the floor, hit square on the shoulder by something solid and weighty. He tumbled down the stairs with a series of clangs that he didn't feel or hear. He fell onto his front with his head facing the cockpit and passed out when he hit the bottom for what felt like an eternity, but was awoken by a terrible crunch from further in the ship.

From the shudder and shake of the ship they were still embattled, so he figured he couldn't have been out that long. He also figured he couldn't well just sit here. His hearing was on the edge of returning, but he could tell the comms were abuzz. He tried to rise and respond but his right arm refused to move. He cursed, and it was at that moment the pain hit him like a freight train. His field of vision exploded into colour, his hearing flipped around to sensory overload and he might have even screamed for all he knew.

It took a few moments, but the colours faded, his hearing returned and he started to hear his own strained breathing. Blood was running down his face and filling up his mouth. He tried to move his arms again and was once more overwhelmed, but this time he felt the pain in his right arm and shoulder. He vaguely remembered using that one to brace his fall initially, and how his shoulder was hit by the explosion first. Andrea was behind him, and he hoped she was alright.

The wires of memory connected in his head. He'd been hit in the back by her, she'd flown down the corridor and then...


The pain was coming back under control, and he needed to see if she was alright. He wedged his left hand under his body to prop himself up slightly, giving his head enough room to look right and further into the ship. He saw her lying prone, he saw the blood and he knew. She'd sacrificed herself to save him.

He couldn't process this now.

Every instinct was telling him to get up, which seemed like a good starting point. He was relieved to look back left again, where he noticed ice forming on the porthole to the bridge. Hull Breach. He waved the thought away mentally, reached out to the Bannister on the stairs, using it to pull his still unresponsive body along and pulling his weight up. He tried to get a knee underneath him to keep him upright, but ended up smashing his kneecap into the ground and did a half-spin into the wall, smashing his right arm into it.

Something grated and he screamed as the shock overwhelmed everything. He refused to look down at it.

He pushed against the wall with his left arm, rotating him so his back was against the wall and he sat. The blood started flowing down his face now, and he felt better. He became aware of Angsar at the comms, before walking off. Kevej thought about shouting after him, but saved his breath, staring at the wall and not down the corridor seemed like a much better option right now.

It wasn't long before the doctor arrived and began to treat Andrea, and unfortunately Kevej became more and more aware of what he was saying as the scene progressed. It wasn't good, so instead Kevej focused on the pain slowly blossoming across his self. His back felt like smashed glass, he guessed from burns and/or shrapnel. He figured he had concussion from how everything seemed to be... swirling. He was aware he was making a lot of mess.

The time had come, he looked down at his right arm. It looked surprisingly fine, concealed by his bloodied sleeve. He'd leave the doctor to take a closer look. Speaking of which.

Kai moved into Kevej's field of view. “What may I do to assist, Mister Vin'Akali?” Kai said like he was a hundred miles away, in a voice that almost angered Kevej at how calm it was. “Ms Malkis has passed, and it appears we may have guests sooner than later.”

Oh I'm fine, doc, really.
Just get me a lollipop and I'll be on my way, doctor.
I'm in agony!
Help me up, we need to go
Andrea isn't dead, she's too damned stubborn to die
It's my arm doc, I fell on it
Get the captain!

Kevej's head hurt with a thousand words. He smacked his head backwards into the wall in an attempt to focus and felt a worrying lack of impact when he did.

"Yeah," was all he ended up muttering, and nodded, he tried to breathe deeply but instead cried out. His chest set itself aflame. He spat some blood off to his side, he'd bitten his tongue hard at some point.
Just letting you know I am here and present. Will post my character closer to her introduction. :)
Hope I get to rp soon!

Lovely to meet you! Looking forward to reading it!
It wasn't long after Kevej's broadcast that Maria made her way up to the bridge, but the Lux Mea still hadn't received any response to their hails. The captain gave it a try;

“This is captain Maria Thorne of the cargo vessel Veritas Lux Mea. Please identify yourself immediately or we will be forced to assume you are hostile, and blow you out of the sky.”

It felt like the room was holding it's breath as the moments of silence went by. Kevej was trying to run through what the fight would be like with minimal engines in his head, and it likely wasn't going to be pretty.

Another moment passed, Kevej shifted uncomfortably in his seat. Maria took to the internal comms;

“Attention all hands, we’ve got a little bit of unfriendly behavior. Teg, get to the port turret. I’ll man the starboard. Socket, get me warp right now. Andrea, evasive maneuvers."

Kevej gave a distinctly alien curse. As first mate it was his job to make sure comms were relayed properly during combat, to make sure the turrets stayed full on ammo if their feeders went and to replace injured crew mates should they be too wounded to serve, and escort them to medical if they're too injured to walk.

It all sounded so simple

He switched to engine comms and was about to talk to Angsar when the ship rocked, hit by enemy fire. Instead he drew up a damage report and switched back to ship-wide channels. "Shields are holding!" with the silent addendum not for much longer. Initial reports signalled that the munitions fired were of similar calibre and quantity to a ship the same class as the Lux Mea, so at least they had that going for them.

The comm chimed back in, this time it was Angsar. "All 'ands! Fuel line repair is in, give 'er a go. An' if I start hollerin', well, y' won't 'ave time to notice if I do."

Kevej tried to keep an optimistic tone as he commsed' back "Thanks, Angsar, booting it up now," and kept his eyes fixed on the panel just in case any error messages popped up. He doubted he would have any chance at shutting the thing down in time if it went wrong but he wanted to have the best shot possible.

The steady thumping of ship-to-ship combat reached another crescendo as the enemy ship's main guns connected with the Lux Mea's shields once more, and for the last time. Kevej relayed the text now splayed across his monitor via ship comms "Shields down!". The shields being down wasn't a disaster, cargo ships like the Veritas Lux Mea's main defense lay in it's armour and bulk, but things had certainly become a lot scarier and risky as the battle proceeded.
I was expecting someone else to tbh, but I'll get something up
Kevej settled in his chair a bit. As bad as things looked people were dealing with it, business as usual.

"Andrea, how far did we actually manage to make it before some bastard crippled us?"

He started back out of his seat again, frantically making it look like he was doing something. Dammit, if it wasn't like the captain could teleport around this damned ship! She shared quick word with Andrea before heading away. Kevej tentatively settled back into his seat.


*bleep bleep*

He leaned forward again, 'No rest for the wicked'. A quick few flicks across several instruments and... There it was! A ship contact, it was too far out right now to distinguish size or class but there it was. In a perfect galaxy this would bring elation at being rescued, but this wasn't a perfect galaxy. "Dammit, Andrea, you see this ship on sensors?" he didn't wait for an answer before grabbing the ship comms.

"Captain, we've got a ship on scanners. It's too far out to get a reading or heading." he cut comms and cursed under his breath. There was little else to do until it got into sensor range expect pray it wasn't pirates. Please let it not be pirates.
Fantastic, @The Fated Fallen. You got all the points I asked for. Ashti has my approval, and once @Zoey White gives it a pass, you add her to the roster!

I'll just remove the WIP tags, sorry it took so long!

Feels good to to have a (almost) finished product

I've added the points previously mentioned, hopefully to a satisfactory level. Sorry this took so long! You know how it is, life is hell, etc.
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