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Current Alright, Inkarnate. You win the game of RP flex's, how does it feel? Do you feel like the hero you are?
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I also bow down to you, Vox. You're still here and that's what counts!
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I bow down to you, Altered Tundra. Keep on keeping on, you legend!
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I'm fighting my procrastination to try and keep my daily posts at 1.51 instead of 1.50. I didn't realise it'd be this much of a battle!
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Retail is just a cancer of the soul
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Goodness, it was getting crowded in here. And a little bit stuffy. People were just talking and laughing not a few metres away from Andrea...

Kev ran his hand over his eyes, it wasn't like him to suffer from headaches or shy away from social situations but... He needed to get out of here. "Hey, Doctor, can you clear me to return to light duties here? I remember seeing half the kitchen rolling around the mess on my way here and I kind of want to get on top of that before we start pulling 'gees again." While he hardly looked forward to bending over at all with his wounds and mounting migraine he figured being in the midsection of the ship would be a good place to get some work done and catch any stragglers of the crew if they fancied a chat. "And besides, I could use a coffee."

It did seem the MedBay was slowly becoming quite the social gathering with most of the crew exchanging conversation across the room, and as Kai’mos addressed the engineer moments earlier, Kevej -still sitting atop the surgical table- posed a question to the doctor that didn’t come as much of a surprise.

“I would recommend against such actions.” Kai responded in his usual professional, yet concerned tone, breaking eye contact for a moment to glance at the datapad held in his hand, examining the First Mate’s current vitals. “However, current scans indicate positive signs of a faster-than-normal healing process, due to, of course, your biological make-up and cell regeneration patterns. This is also good news for bone reconstruction, as the collagen and calcium phosphates your body needs are pushing for efficient growth and strength. In other words, Mister Vin’Akali…” The doctor returns his attention to his patient, nodding his head slightly. “You are cleared for light duties, but, in moderation, taking frequent breaks in between to ensure you do not stress the healing process.”

“Sounds great, I already feel better.” he took a few tentative steps with his new walking stick, wondering what it must be like to have the slower healing rate of humans, before turning towards the now very crowded doorway.

“Back! I’ve got a stick now and I’m not afraid to start beating people with it!” He joked, picking it up and waggling it in comedic fashion while supporting himself on the door frame. “Except for you, Angsar. If I started hitting you I think the few broken bones I have now would seem like a holiday! I know why you always keep that wrench to hand!”

Angsar was rowdy enough normally, but not violent. Kevej liked their little grease-monkey from the few conversations they’d had. While the mechanic tended to look down on Kev’s own meagre mechanical knowledge based around the Nakkan Space-Races it was enough of a jumping off point for the two of them. More than a few evenings had been whiled away between Angsar, Andea and Kev talking about various space-flights. Another thing that would never be the same from now on...

Once out of the room Kevej turned to the present company, “I’m popping the kettle on, incidentally, if anyone wants something. I’ll assume a coffee for you, Captain…” he trailed off, allowing people to answer before hobbling off back to the mess.

When he got there the situation was somewhat better than he’d thought. Logic dictated any breakable crockery on a ship like this had long since been smashed and disposed of, so at least everything had bounced. Kev hoped the crew didn’t mind eating with dented bowls and bent forks. He filled the kettle and started pouring hot water into the sink, so he could start sanitising the scattered utensils.

The pain was certainly far from pleasant as he bent over, but so long as he made sure to use his good shoulder and to bend at the knees, so as to keep pressure from his ribs, he’d be fine.
Kevej thanked Kai as the Ithlo doctor retrieved his walking stick, a little redder in the cheeks as he felt unable to pick it up himself for the moment. Hopefully his recovery would be swift, he certainly didn't like people doing simple things like this for him. At that moment a bright pink Ithlo stuck her head around the doorway and started making awkward introductions.

"Hey cap, I was wondering if- Oh whoops I didn't mean to interrupt, sorry." Kev gave a small reassuring wave as she skirted the border of the room, like she wasn't sure if she was coming or going.

"If it's a bad time I can find you later," she said.

The captain shrugged. "Later is going to be just as busy as now. What do you need?" the captain asked, Kev inwardly flinched knowing he'd be of little help during such a time with his current injuries. Not that the remark wasn't aimed at him, but still.

"Well," she began, "Our android friend has some pretty seriously jumbled up coding, and I need to rewire a computer so I can fix it. Now I can wait until we get to a port and I can buy one, or if it's okay with you I can just rewire one of the computers on board the ship and use that."

Maria seemed to consider the options for a second. "Well the bridge computers are shot, but if someone else has a computer in a room they're not going to need, you're welcome to it. Oh, and this is my first mate and the ship's doctor, Kevej Vin'Akali, and Kai'mos Varthus."

Perse awkwardly waved at the two. "Hi, I'm Persephone. You can call me Perse."

“Welcome.” Kai answered first, “Please let me know if you are in need of anything.” before turning to Kev, “I think once we get to port...” He paused, pensively, “I could use your assistance in acquiring medical supplies and general restocking.”

Kevej nodded in response, more than happy to help. "Next thing I'll do as soon as I'm out of here is print off the appropriate clearance forms, then we can get started on an inventory."

Kevej turned back to their Ithlo guest, "Hey Perse, I'm Kevej, but most people call me Kev. I'd shake your hand but I'm trying to regain proper feeling in my legs first!" he laughed at his own joke to try and defuse the situation, before stopping and wondering if there really was a tension in the air? He looked at Kai and saw their doctor already busying himself with bits and bobs around the bay. Maybe Kev was imaging it. [color]"I don't know if it's what you're looking for, but you can cannibalise the personal computer in my quarters, I barely use it anyway. All the important paperwork and manifests are kept on the main ship's database, and I can use the computer by the cargo bay."[/color]

It would be a pain working next to Angsar's clanging and cursing in the engine bay, as oppose to the relative quiet of his quarters, but he didn't mind giving up a bit of comfort to get another pair of hands back in action. He'd give a lot more if he could get one back in particular, he internally sighed and looked across at Andrea one last time before hoisting himself back to his feet.

Leaning heavily on his stick, he started hobbling around and getting a feel for his brand-new legs, or at least that's how they felt.
“Do not move too quickly, Mister Vin'Akali.” Kai’mos said as he helped him up. Though as soon as Kevej was vertical his head started spinning again. “The antibiotics are still working their way through your system, so you may experience mild disorientation for the next few hours.”

If he didn't feel like he was about to throw up he might have nodded.

Kai ran another scanner across Kevej, focusing on the worst affected parts. Kevej fancied he could feel it tingling as it went over, but that wouldn't make sense. “And from what I can see, all healing agents are doing precisely what they are supposed to do.”

"Thank you again, Doctor. I already feel better." Kevej said, room still swirling.

Kev inched his body across the gurney so that his feet touched the ground, sliding off so the bed still bore most of his weight. This was fairly difficult when you've only got on arm, but he managed it. He looked back to Kai to see him approaching with... A walking stick?!?

“So, whenever you are ready to stand, sir, I would recommend that you utilise this to keep yourself steady until at least a few days from today. You also need to keep pressure off of your forearm, so no heavy lifting of any kind. Do I make myself clear?”

"Doctor's orders, yes?" he sighed in place of waiting for a confirmation. "If you say so." Kevej reached out and accepted it, listening as Kai detailed it's various features. Kevej probably would have made a joke about old men, but it seemed out of place given how much worse his fate could have been. How bad fate was in place of another...

"It's alright, Kev. It's not your fault, and you know that. There's not a whole lot you can do in those situations, and there's no use in dwelling on what could have been or what you might've done differently. Just try to get back on your feet as soon as possible, okay? Oh and heads up: don't be alarmed if you see a pink ithlo and a robot running around."

"Okay, Captain. I'll be sure to say hi, and get their dietary requirements. Do androids have diets?" he mused to himself. He brought his good arm to a salute before the captain left, dropping his cane in the process. Whoops.
Brightness.... It was far too bright. He couldn't even keep his eyes open; hells, but it even painful to keep them closed. He tried to sit up but was almost literally struck by a rush of raw nerves to his head, including a distinct ringing in his ears like someone had dropped a Vrasil-Wasp nest in his ear. He reached up instinctively to cover his ears and was immediately beset by stinging up his right side which blossomed into a distinct stinging pain.

He felt two weights pressing down on him and muffled noises that sounded something akin to speech. Even in his addled state Kevej realised this was probably someone telling him to not move, and so he lay back down and tried to get comfy in that funny way someone does whilst trying to move as little as possible.

He blinked, and was immediately aware that some time had passed. The room was still too bright, but the buzzing in his head had subsided to bearable levels. A figure loomed over his left side and it took a few moments for Kevej to groggily recognise him as Kai, who was currently injecting Kevej with something that was likely aiding his cognitive re-awakening. Kevej did his best to smile.

"Thanks Kai'Mos, I guess this is why you get paid the big bucks."

He noticed a figure to his right side, and once again went through the drug-hazed jigsaw that was faces to recognise this was the Captain. Even in his current state he recognised her rank before her name.

"Captain..." his mind cut off his speech with visions of the recent past, "...Andrea... saw the warning first, she pushed me ahead of her. I wish I could've done the same for her." he knew the words sounded hollow the moment they left his mouth. He knew he couldn't go back and change how things had gone, he knew it was luck of the draw and he knew Maria saw it this way too and didn't hold him accountable. But there was a frustration and anger that was welling up inside him, at the unfairness of it all. He felt like crying, he felt like... He didn't know how he felt.

Instead he just lay there and sighed. Which hurt. He was beginning to realise everything hurt.
Guilty as charged
... Down the other agonising stairs... Yep... That's... Done...

... Great.... Across the galley... Damn, the cupboard catch had come undone and the cans were all over...... Were.....

The shaking had stopped? And they were outside the medbay? He must have blacked out for most of the walk, which was a blessing

"The shaking's stopped, doc..." he mumbled, and realised he hadn't really stopped mumbling the whole way. Damn this stuff was strong, "You need to keep these drugs away from Teg, doc, or she'll use up your supply in an evening." was what he wanted to say, but instead it came out something unintelligible like "Bloo meeb moo breeb-" he stopped and thought better than trying to finish the sentence. But by the time the thought had processed he'd said the sentence anyway.

Kai was having trouble with the door it seemed. Kevej knew he'd be no help, and did his best to try and stand on his own. He supposed the one bonus to being senseless was that he had no idea how badly he'd done at that. Before Kev realised it he was lying down on the bed, which helped him swallow some of the excess fluid in his mouth nearly allowing speech.

"Damn, doc..."

Nope, he couldn't think of anything to say. Nothing. That was disappointing. "Oo's Mister Sloddigger?"


The voice made him flinch, all the lights seemed too bright. The cans were spilled all over the floor in the galley...

“Miss Malkis’ death will not be in vain, Mister Vin'Akali.” Kai'mos said,

Oh yeah, and that happened. This really was the worst day of all time...

“Sleep well, my friend, and let’s hope you awaken to better news...”



Kevej's hearing was becoming fuzzy again, and the smoke above was coalescing in such a pretty way he seemed to fixate on it. He blinked as his eyes stung, snapping him out of it. That can't be good the rapidly failing rational part of his brain told him.

“We need to get off the bridge.” Kai said in his usual professional tone.

"I wish we'd done that before the place exploded, Doctor." Kev was thankful for the distraction of conversation, though he couldn't muster up the will to laugh at his own joke given the circumstances.

Kai gave him an injection in his bad arm, which didn't make him feel any better, before splinting and strapping it up (which also didn't make him feel any better). There was an explosion, rocking the ship and causing shooting pains to go through Kevej's head, he tensed instinctively, holding onto Kai to keep him steady. Things were going from bad to worse, and he started to wonder if there was any point in the Doctor's efforts if they were all going to die anyways.

“Alright Mister Vin'Akali, I am going to slowly hoist you to your feet, placing your other arm around my neck for support. Stay with me though, my friend. You have a concussion that will need to be mended. But not here.” Kevej smiled to himself and almost giggled. Hah! He admitted to being my friend!. It took a moment for the seemingly ever distant rational part of his mind to realise that the painkillers were, in fact, kicking in.

"Okay, Doctor, you say when and I'll try not to scream." Kevej joked, but realised how stupid he sounded as his body unfurled and innumerable bruises and burn-lacerations unstuck themselves from his clothing. He didn't scream, but instead hissed and whimpered involuntarily. But Kai was deceptively strong, and hoisted the taller and heavier Naka up with little trouble.

Kevej spoke through gritted teeth as they took their first steps, "I think it's going to be a long walk, Doctor." The pain in his body was too severe to look back, to which Kevej was grateful. He wasn't ready to see her again, he wasn't sure if he'd ever be.
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He saw the beam out of the window, or at least it's glare, and time seemed to slow down. Kevej's eyes crawled down to the monitor, his fingers lifted up to the screen and flicked through a few notices with what seemed like relative ease in this weird half-speed parody of life even though his pulse raced like a damned drum. The light in the cockpit glowed brighter, and suddenly everywhere grew scalding hot within a moment. The last thing he saw before the panic set in was:

Alert! Alert! Alert!
Shield Strength at 0%
Alert! Alert! Alert!
Hull Breach Imminent!

He'd just popped off the harness when Andrea picked him up out of his seat and practically threw him from the bridge when the explosion hit. Kevej was thrown to the floor, hit square on the shoulder by something solid and weighty. He tumbled down the stairs with a series of clangs that he didn't feel or hear. He fell onto his front with his head facing the cockpit and passed out when he hit the bottom for what felt like an eternity, but was awoken by a terrible crunch from further in the ship.

From the shudder and shake of the ship they were still embattled, so he figured he couldn't have been out that long. He also figured he couldn't well just sit here. His hearing was on the edge of returning, but he could tell the comms were abuzz. He tried to rise and respond but his right arm refused to move. He cursed, and it was at that moment the pain hit him like a freight train. His field of vision exploded into colour, his hearing flipped around to sensory overload and he might have even screamed for all he knew.

It took a few moments, but the colours faded, his hearing returned and he started to hear his own strained breathing. Blood was running down his face and filling up his mouth. He tried to move his arms again and was once more overwhelmed, but this time he felt the pain in his right arm and shoulder. He vaguely remembered using that one to brace his fall initially, and how his shoulder was hit by the explosion first. Andrea was behind him, and he hoped she was alright.

The wires of memory connected in his head. He'd been hit in the back by her, she'd flown down the corridor and then...


The pain was coming back under control, and he needed to see if she was alright. He wedged his left hand under his body to prop himself up slightly, giving his head enough room to look right and further into the ship. He saw her lying prone, he saw the blood and he knew. She'd sacrificed herself to save him.

He couldn't process this now.

Every instinct was telling him to get up, which seemed like a good starting point. He was relieved to look back left again, where he noticed ice forming on the porthole to the bridge. Hull Breach. He waved the thought away mentally, reached out to the Bannister on the stairs, using it to pull his still unresponsive body along and pulling his weight up. He tried to get a knee underneath him to keep him upright, but ended up smashing his kneecap into the ground and did a half-spin into the wall, smashing his right arm into it.

Something grated and he screamed as the shock overwhelmed everything. He refused to look down at it.

He pushed against the wall with his left arm, rotating him so his back was against the wall and he sat. The blood started flowing down his face now, and he felt better. He became aware of Angsar at the comms, before walking off. Kevej thought about shouting after him, but saved his breath, staring at the wall and not down the corridor seemed like a much better option right now.

It wasn't long before the doctor arrived and began to treat Andrea, and unfortunately Kevej became more and more aware of what he was saying as the scene progressed. It wasn't good, so instead Kevej focused on the pain slowly blossoming across his self. His back felt like smashed glass, he guessed from burns and/or shrapnel. He figured he had concussion from how everything seemed to be... swirling. He was aware he was making a lot of mess.

The time had come, he looked down at his right arm. It looked surprisingly fine, concealed by his bloodied sleeve. He'd leave the doctor to take a closer look. Speaking of which.

Kai moved into Kevej's field of view. “What may I do to assist, Mister Vin'Akali?” Kai said like he was a hundred miles away, in a voice that almost angered Kevej at how calm it was. “Ms Malkis has passed, and it appears we may have guests sooner than later.”

Oh I'm fine, doc, really.
Just get me a lollipop and I'll be on my way, doctor.
I'm in agony!
Help me up, we need to go
Andrea isn't dead, she's too damned stubborn to die
It's my arm doc, I fell on it
Get the captain!

Kevej's head hurt with a thousand words. He smacked his head backwards into the wall in an attempt to focus and felt a worrying lack of impact when he did.

"Yeah," was all he ended up muttering, and nodded, he tried to breathe deeply but instead cried out. His chest set itself aflame. He spat some blood off to his side, he'd bitten his tongue hard at some point.
Just letting you know I am here and present. Will post my character closer to her introduction. :)
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