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Current Alright, Inkarnate. You win the game of RP flex's, how does it feel? Do you feel like the hero you are?
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I also bow down to you, Vox. You're still here and that's what counts!
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I bow down to you, Altered Tundra. Keep on keeping on, you legend!
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I'm fighting my procrastination to try and keep my daily posts at 1.51 instead of 1.50. I didn't realise it'd be this much of a battle!
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Retail is just a cancer of the soul
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What if she spilled too much ketchup on it, that it became red?

@The Fated Fallen

very cool. i hope she reconnects with the force someday. what color is her lightsaber? Or is that a cool surprise

I figure if I leave it to a cool surprise you'd all be disappointed. Honestly I was so against the idea of her using her lightsaber I didn't even think about the colour, but it'd be blue

Can't go wrong with a Blue Lightsaber
Most of what I need is in place, @The Fated Fallen. Just fluff up her profile with some more meat and we're good to go. Here's what you can elaborate on:

  • How does Ashti carry herself? How does she maneuver in combat, and how does she act around her teammates?
  • Did she do anything to deliberately stunt her Force-sensitivity? Hiding her Force-sensitivity during the Battle of Endor, with Luke, Vader and Palpatine around, means she's nearly cut off from the Force. Another topic to explore is how Ashti's connection to the Force changed when she hid in Hutt Space.
  • For outlook and motivation, what's her take on the Rebel Alliance? Does the Rebellion measure up to the old Republic?
  • I assume Ashti learned many of her languages (such as Twiese, Rodian and Umbarese) during her exile?
  • Since she's part of the Alliance's first wave reinforcements to Scarlet Moons, we can say she arrived with Cleo's troops. If Ashti wants, she can get Cleo's referral and start at a higher rank. Otherwise, I can see her settling in as a private to stay anonymous. You can work with @POOHEAD189 on this part.

Alrighty, planned changes:
  • Ashti is friendly, if not outgoing. She's not necessarily the one to start a conversation but will happily join in. As for combat I'd imagine she goes with the mood. Mainly slow and methodical but if she gets an idea in her head she's going for it. Hard to describe in brief, so I'll think of a better way to put this into my CS
  • I'm probably just going to say she didn't fight on Endor. The only ways I can think she might have gotten rid of her force like that is drugs, which I don't really want my character to deal with, or technique, which is also weird to me. It's like saying "She stopped herself from being powerful by being powerful." Once again I'll have a think
  • Definitely worth me thinking about more than I did
  • I originally just put it down to "Learned a lot of languages as a Jedi," but the whole learning languages in exile is a much better angle to work with, will chuck that in my backstory at some point
  • Thanks for the tip! I'll definitely get on that, as long as that's okay with @POOHEAD189 (I have a sneaking suspicion he's going to be okay with a collab, even if he is a little busy these days.)

All in all thanks for the great feedback! A lot to work with and some really smart suggestions, thanks!

I still think I've got several dozen grammatical errors but I think I've covered all the important bases. Let me know what needs changing! I know her civil war history may require expanding...
God, I wish I spoke dosh!

So USS is basically galactic north america, they have stake in most things and are the ruling intergalactic government, Trident is like a sub group who arent always made up of purely USS soilders and their purpose is to operate on this planet to help the Nautrias, who are the resident fish people that are getting shafted by Obsidians Hand, @The Fated Fallen i hope that helps a little

Yep, more specifically I thought to be a part of Trident you had to resign from the USS; which is why I'm a little confused as to why everyone is still referred to as USS peeps. In my head I figured this must mean Trident is gaining official backing.

I didn't really know how to phrase the question up until now
Another quicky, and I'm not wholly happy with it so please tell me if anything needs changing! Sorry to keep you all up as well, and to cause concern!

@Headhunter Quick question; I've gotten a little confused with the whole USS, Trident and Nautrias thing and how they all gel together. Could I please have a quick rundown on the factions?
Amélie raised a glass and smiled at the Captain as she went by. She'd barely met the woman but everyone spoke highly of her, and she'd done right by the mission. The good doctor flagged a passing waiter and grabbed another glass of champagne, noting this was her fourth glass and making sure she stopped there. It wouldn't do to have too much fun at a diplomatic event like this one.

Speaking of too much fun, it took Dr. Amélie far too long to notice the upset that was occurring near the middle of the room with some USS Officers and the locals Captain Weaver had been talking to. Things hadn't escellated to violence but it was clearly uncomfortable for those gathered around. Amélie cursed inwardly and waited for someone to take control of the situation. And she waited, and waited.

Damn it all! People were too busy getting fresh drinks or comfortable seats for the speech to take notice! Amélie surged to her feet and made a beeline towards the conversation, not knowing what she would do, knowing she didn't want to get involved but also knowing what was at stake if these three bastards started a rift between the initiative and the locals

She arrived to hear just about the end of Uruna's own speech and appreciated how Quirina's reputation was well earned. Well, the part about being an angel of mercy to the injured troopers, if not the reputation of wearing very little in the way of clothes. Amélie waited for the troopers to file themselves away before talking to the rest of the group, focusing on the Droquilians.

"I'm very sorry about those three, they are not representative of USS personnel I assure you. I can't speak for the Captain but I'm sure she's going to make them regret trying to make trouble when I tell her what happened. I'm Dr. Sellens, the Xenobiologist, and it's my pleasure to meet you all," Amelie made a show of scowling in the direction of Gruden, "If only it were under better circumstances."

the image link keeps breaking for some reason

I think it's associated with the DOS scan, try and upload it to discord or Imgur and then post that link
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