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Current "I've run out of fabric softener, but that's fine, I'll just not use it this time." Oh poor innocent me, how could I have been so naive? How could I not comprehend the mistake I had made?
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Sister: My friends going to Africa over the summer Me: But does she bless the rains tho? Sister: >.> Me: <.<
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Without wanting to spark a conversation in the status bar, [@Raddum] and [@Mara] we can toates take you to couple's counselling if you want. Or you can hug it out, hugs ALWAYS work, or apply more hugs
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@Stormflyx - Best of luck! You might need it if your journey is anything like the kind of flights I've been on!
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...Our goalkeeps will never never ever will make saves!


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All of these people were odd, and that was probably why they had all ended up in each other’s company.

Are all Dark Elves this rude?
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So how's the outlook on this roleplay right now? How're people doing in general?

I also want to say thanks for everyone's contributions thus far, you're all great!
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The noblewoman spoke of her previous foes, "Vampires." before flitting to another conversation. The damned woman says 'Vampires' like it's nothing and then moves on with no explanation. Kiera resolved to bring this up to 'Aliana' later, but not now. Their destination approached.

It was a wretched place that had been ravaged by hate and malice. So terrible was the terror wrought unto this village Kiera fancied she could not spy anything that was not broken, splintered or frayed; people withstanding. Despite this she felt no hesitation or second thoughts. Maybe it was ignorance she reasoned, as she had never been subject to such poverty before, but she would like to believe it was because she knew she was in the right place. Even if there was little evil to slay here she would have her hands full providing aid for the poor in the way of medicine, food and shelter. Her left hand flexed and palmed on her sword hilt as she considered the possibilities of bringing Borealis' light to this hamlet as the cart slowly trundled it's way to a halt. She may or may not stay here after all, but that all depended on future events.

Kiera got up as the party began to disembark. She heard harsh whispers being spoken to all who paused on the step, though it was far too quiet for her to hear. She also noted the driver passing something to everyone, though once again she lacked sight of it. Last to leave, she supposed it was her turn. Against her better judgement she gripped onto the lip of the carriage so she could look up at the man better; she could not tell if the creaking came from the cart or it's driver as he leaned over and nor could she tell which was more unsettling. His yellowed and broken teeth creased into a leer, and in that moment she knew in her soul that this man was a follower of darkness; Shee'l Tor.

Shee'l Tor was not always a god in service of evil, and this thought alone managed to restrain her from grabbing the frail man by his rags and dragging him down. “You get one question, then you will go.” He said, and every word was spoken with mutual hate and distrust. “Anything you want to know.” A part of her wanted to not bother. Or, even better, to spit in his face. Her pride wouldn't allow her to take advice or truth from one of his ilk, but reason won out. She figured as long as she didn't ask anything to specific she wouldn't rely on it too much and could dismiss it much easier.

She settled for a moment, allowing the group to move forward a few paces towards a shrivelled figure from the church. She turned back to the driver and asked "All of them, can they be trusted to end this threat? Is there yet hope?" She realised that was two questions, but she didn't expect much from his answer anyways. She awaited his response before joining the others, quite interested to see what passed for holy amongst these folk.

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"Anything you want to know?"

"Yeah, does this outfit really work, or did he just say that because?"
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Whelp, I'll post tomorrow. I was hoping for a little more activity in the interim
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Hey, @rivaan, at least that's one back. Now all we've got to do is drag @Nameless, @GodOfWar, @eisenhorn back into the picture
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Tum tee tum...
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I guess so. How was that for everyone?
Alice felt and reacted to the blast of energy before she saw it. It was like a great surge, or a pulling in the air that she felt run through her, tingling and crawling across her back before being drawn into the beasts maw. Had she the time she would have prayed, but all she managed to do was inhale and brace herself and wards. A great crack sounded, a light flashed and Alice felt suitably drained. Her wards had held, and she wrestled with power to maintain them in case of further attack.

She pulled at the strings of the arcane in the air, they had been tensed by the beasts abilities and she found it easy to draw power to herself through them, two orbs gathered in her hands and she prepared to arc her own lighting from them but the beast had already fallen in a blur of martial fury.

She allowed her spells to fade, her chest heaving more from the surprise and burst of action than physical excretion, and thankfully the creature's own magical aura had allowed her to preserve most of her own power. She pulled a handkerchief from her bag and, mopped the excess moisture from her face for a moment, before heading over to the gathered party.

The beast had stayed where it fell, it's tongue lolling and it's eyes blank. A large chunk of it's head and been bitten away, an assessment made after she observed blood dripping between Argon's teeth and down it's jaw. "I have never ssssseen its likessss before." She nodded her assent, though lacking any sort of experience her Lizard friend had.

Alice spoke up, massaging her shoulder-blades which were very sensitive from the beasts attack. "The creature was magical, of that there is no doubt. Is this normal, Argon?" She stooped and began to assess the beast for magical tampering. Her attention wove from stretching it's lip up to look for the traditional over-crowding or asymmetrical setting of teeth, between counting the amount of ribs on each side or if there was any melding and finishing checking the creatures fingers and toes to see if any featured extra joints. All were tell-tale signs of magical experimentation or exposure without needing to cut the creature open; she had little will or way to perform an autopsy on the beast. She'd never had the stomach for such things really.

"The Mantiraus doesn't go near swamps usually. They prefer hills and forests. But, if we're satisfied, should we go back or continue?"

"I'm afraid I am not satisfied. Though before I proceed, I would like to say well done all. If the creature had strayed any further mayhaps it might have stumbled upon the village? We did well to stop it here." Very well in fact, while no judge of hand to hand combat she had hardly seen people react to danger so quickly and efficiently.

"Though that is what makes me worried. The fact it was far from it's home combined with it's raw magical strength concerns me greatly as to how it found itself here, and that the creature is an extremely powerful beast of war. I am afraid it may have been driven or unleashed here by dark forces." She had seen in years past goblins use their own kinds of creatures like this, beaten into service and unleashed upon the dwarven supply lines. She wanted to pay close attention to gauging the level of magical influence, though, as it may give a clue as to what the party may find themselves up against. Lots of augmentation may mean a more sophisticated enemy like the dark elves. Little scarring or long-term punishment on the beast's flesh may mean it was ensorcelled as oppose to being tamed through more savage means

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So... Guys? How is it all going?
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