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Current Rest in peace, 'Oppy'. The galaxy has become a much lonelier place now that you're no longer up there :'(
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"I've run out of fabric softener, but that's fine, I'll just not use it this time." Oh poor innocent me, how could I have been so naive? How could I not comprehend the mistake I had made?
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Sister: My friends going to Africa over the summer Me: But does she bless the rains tho? Sister: >.> Me: <.<
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Without wanting to spark a conversation in the status bar, [@Raddum] and [@Mara] we can toates take you to couple's counselling if you want. Or you can hug it out, hugs ALWAYS work, or apply more hugs
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@Stormflyx - Best of luck! You might need it if your journey is anything like the kind of flights I've been on!


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@Stormflyx :O how scandalous! Argon and Alice are going to stifling giggles behind their back!

Aeryn and Beren, I ship it. I dub thee, Bearyn!

Wait... We've already got a bear...
Please let me know if that was ok or if I need to change anything

It was pretty great, very emotive!
The party gathered their wits for a moment since having resolved to continue. Alice set her pack down, pulled out her water-skin and took stock of the situation. She still felt strong, and looking around it seemed the party had remained mostly unharmed. Except for Argon, she thought as her eyes fell upon him. He had taken the brunt of the attack, and he looked a little wretched. As she was watching him he stooped over the fallen foe, probably to inspect it. She continued to drink as he lowered his jaws and ripped off a morsel.

Alice spluttered in her drinking, taken totally unawares. She hurriedly stoppered her drink and lowered her head, blushing deeply and hoping nobody noticed her outburst. She felt embarrassed, though she had no real reason to. A lizard had just taken a chunk out of a freshly slain monster and she was the one feeling ashamed. She'd spent years in the company of Dwarves, who lacked any decent table manners, and still her time in the courts haunted her. When was she going to stop clinging to the restrictive etiquette of an empire miles away, one she would likely never visit again? When would she finally become her own woman and stop trying to conform to ridiculous standards that weren't even present? She'd decided she'd had enough of a break for now and moved on with the rest of the party.

They marched in relative silence, barring the crunching footsteps and occasional munching from the Lizard. As time wore on Alice thought of piping up another dwarven marching song, but as the terrain shifted from wood to grass to rock the overwhelming feeling of destination made her too anxious. Soon enough the trees had fallen away to reveal an old and well-dried riverbed, one that had likely dried up years ago. But most significant were a pair of giant statues that stood aside of the road.

An-Hasst made his observation as the rest of the party emerged onto the scene. "The statues look quite intact, so I doubt they have been standing here for eons. The question is what has made all the plantlife disappear and not repopulate this area over time. I don't see even as much as grass."

Alice started her own investigation. She murmured a quick spell to herself, drew her hand over her eyes and felt the rushing falling sensation as her senses moved to the plane beneath this one. She looked and saw various unrelated energies eddy naturally in the changing of terrain, and sought to look deeper into them. She also tried to scan the statues, as much as she could. She doubted she would find much, but she thought it was better to investigate every avenue she could.

She was dimly aware of the Skayleigh moving along the statue, noticing the younger shape contrasting against the aged stone. For being such a large man he was surprisingly deft. He descended again and spoke, "Nothing... at least for a mile. I don't see why we shouldn't continue here as we'll probably have to cross this area on our journey anyway, but I also wouldn't be surprised if we'd encounter different animals than in the forest. If any, that is. Does anyone in the village know about this ?"

Alice turned the now incandescent globes where her eyes normally were to Calanon, his elf-blood and magical steed easy to see even on the magical plane. She turned to him because if anyone knew the answer it would be their ranger.

I wrote some more, because 1am writing is best writing. I should have it all sorted for tomorrow. Night y'all
"Well well well, TFF, this seems like a very late 'I'll post this weekend', doesn't it?"

@officaz Still here, boss. Ready when you are
I'll try to upload at some point tomorrow, might as well start the headway. Five days fly by so fast!!!

inb4 the person at the gate is Elora Read, in all her glory

Heads up, y'all!

How's it going? Just to let you know, me and @officaz have worked on the CS a lil' bit and it's fairly ready to go!

I don't want to speak for our GM, but the RP should be launching pretty soonish, so keep an eye out.

Who's still around? Give a shout!
@The Fated Fallen
That would be awesome. You made me feel like a kid asking for a PB&J munchy. lol And, if you do it, PM me so we discuss it.

Don't worry about it XD

I'm just on my way back from work, but I'll PM you when I'm home

Would you like me to make a new general CS? Something that we can all use to keep characters consistent?
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