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Current Alright, Inkarnate. You win the game of RP flex's, how does it feel? Do you feel like the hero you are?
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I also bow down to you, Vox. You're still here and that's what counts!
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I bow down to you, Altered Tundra. Keep on keeping on, you legend!
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I'm fighting my procrastination to try and keep my daily posts at 1.51 instead of 1.50. I didn't realise it'd be this much of a battle!
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Retail is just a cancer of the soul
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So to get an idea of what sorta things people are planning, what sorta races/designs are you all thinking of using?

Probably human/human-like
I like the idea of this RP, and would be excited to be a part of it if you'd have me! As if space wasn't dangerous or remote enough, we're going to the deep-sea space! XD

I'd probably make a mercenary or a soldier character, hopefully one that'd get along with @Metatrooper or rival them in an interesting way. I guess we'll see!

I feel like the mood of RP chat right now is set around subnautica, which I got in a humblebundle a few years back. I guess I'll have to download it and give it a go!
And the conversation flicked to Giant-Tongue. Alice had never heard it spoken before, and thought about how to describe it. The sentence structure had a strange and slow lilt to it. When spoken from deep within one's chest it sounded like a constant drone or, more poetically, like a grumbling rock-slide. It would probably take a human years of practice to reach the same timbre and tone that An-Hasst was managing and they'd have to have a very deep voice to start with.

An-Hasst started to shout their comrades name. Alice considered staying silent and composed in front of the stone giants, since the chances Calanon could hear them were slim. But slim chances were better than nothing, so she started shouting 'Calanon' as well, hoping her higher pitched voice would reverberate better along these rock walls.

She turned to Argon, "Can you pick up any scent? Maybe the scent of his Stag?"

In Gnome Gang! 13 days ago Forum: Free Roleplay
Alright, I'm going to let everyone know that I might have to discontinue running this. I am currently without internet at my house, and have been for the past week or so. Right now I'm at a family friend's for 4th of July, and will have internet for the rest of tonight and maybe some of tomorrow, depending on when we leave. That being said, I am not sure if I will have internet any time soon after that, and so my ability to GM right now is impeded. I understand that this might disappoint some people, but I figured to say something ahead of time in case I do have to call it quits/vanish for some time until I have internet back.

Snap! My internet's been down for he past fortnight too! Woohoo!
Kevej stayed behind in the cargo hold, making sure everything was strapped down appropriately and wasn't going to come loose during takeoff. He smirked at Andrea and Angsar at another one of their lovers spats, they were like an old married couple. He called out to Andrea just as she was leaving;

"You know he's just saying these things because hew knows you'll respond," Kevej chuckled, before realising she was in a less than stellar mood. "I'll talk to him." he said, more to himself than anyone else as he moved over near the doorway where there was an metal bar for support during takeoff and zero-gravity. He attached himself by the belt, gripped on and waited.

There was always a funny feeling just before the ship really took off. There was a sudden and unsettling jolt as the ship was released that seemed to be felt deep in your bones. Then there was a strange drifting sensation as the ship left it's moorings, which always left an awkward clamping feeling in Kevej's chest, and the ship would nigh drift until it was clear. Maybe it was anticipation? And then there was the rush that pilots always talk about. The ship shook as it tore free of the stations gravity and then a little while after before slowly coming to a gentle standstill in sensation. The ship was moving at speeds inconceivable but that's not how it looked or felt, stars drifted by lazily and, provided Angsar wasn't beating something with a wrench, the ship barely made a noise or shudder.

Kevej took one last tour of the cargo hold to make sure everything was where it should be. Predictably, it was. The Captain had a good eye for these kind of things and nobody slacked off with her around. He picked up a few culinary crates and took them through to the mess, intending to store them in the kitchen.

He entered the room backwards to fit the boxes in and he jumped when he turned and saw the Judge. You don't have anything to fear, Kevej, he reminded himself, regaining his composure and nodding to the guest. "Morning, we're on our way," gods, why did he have to sound so awkward?

Kevej made his way into the kitchen and put the crates down. He started stacking the shelves and releasing the crockery they might be needing imminently. He looked at the judge, sitting there sharpening his blade. Kevej found he couldn't make eye contact, definitely not with that helmet as well, and so turned back to the cupboards. He said over his shoulder "Did you need anything? Breakfast? I was about to pop the kettle on." Kevej offered, hoping the judge would say no.
@iVirgin I am also super interested, if space becomes available

The GM's ghosted us, which is a shame. They haven't been online since their original post
In Gnome Gang! 23 days ago Forum: Free Roleplay
Sup everyone?
Honestly I have a choice. Would everyone be fine if Clanette essentially teleported across the battlefield to where the action is or should I wait for @Loo Tenant or @Jarl Coolgruuf to post with some sort of instruction for my little Breton?
Same here, sorry everyone. My personal life has descended into madness and it's taken me waaay to long to let you all know. I'm hoping to get something up soon, thanks for your patience
LOL I’m that ancient?

You're at least that wise, but don't worry! You don't look it :)
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