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Current @Hostile Get the flamethrower! Burn them all! Panic!
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Buddha's mental instability becomes more and more evident every day...
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Playin' old video games I loved and remembering baby me missing all of the important details in the narrative and actually understanding it this time and making it even better
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@ The Kid Lantern all I hear is more assumptions. How do you know I'm not either?
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@ The Kid Lantern Did you just assume my state of being?


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That was a lot of long words O_O

But anyways, welcome to the site! Sounds like you're well prepared to jump in at the deep end, but if you have any questions I'm sure pretty much anyone would be happy to answer them!
@Sypherkhode822 Also Killing Floor is toates free right now. You know, that totally accurate British simulator!
@The Fated FallenIt was pretty good. But them's my churucters. Though I guess Geradin can be shared.

Bit late now...
@The Fated Fallen Before I can reply, you'll need to edit out Beren's and Geradin's dialogue you wrote. Them's for me to write fo' plz.

:'( I thought it was pre' gud...

But yep, doing it now, sorry
I'll get something up tomorrow, peeps. Sorry for the delay, but what can I say? Brother's getting married and father's having days, amirite?


It was the prospect of having to digest that it was thich utterly useless, utterly weak, utterly hideous and yet at this moment very successful priest

I lol'd XD. Settione is clutch as hell
<Snipped quote by The Fated Fallen>

I'll try to get up something tomorrow. This week just drowned me in work.

Oh lovely, one of those weeks
So how is everyone?
With a final fusillade between the ranger and wizard, the small group was in the clear, for the moment. Those that hadn't been felled beneath hammer and fist were falling back into the sapping aura where Alice was confident they would not come back. Despite this Calanon was still shooting towards another position, and he called to them as if sensing her attention, saying that he'd found a place to hide after all.

Alice turned to her two exhausted companions, noticing more than a little blood pouring over their slick forms. More than likely it looked worse than it was, and she held her bottle of elven liquor out to them both. "Thank you, both of you." was all she said about the fight that had just ensued, though a part of her felt at ease knowing that these people had at least got a small amount of justice this day.

She was sharply aware that not all sounds of conflict had died down, loud thumps could still be heard, though she reckoned most of the clatter of arms and armour was from the hostile forces fleeing. She reckoned, though she knew that there was no real way to tell. Geradin seemed uneasy at the prospect of staying here as time went on. He did that thing he does where he would lean on his hammer one moment and quickly shift it up to his shoulder and move a few paces before repeating the process. The familiarity she shared with her friend made her smile even after all that had just happened.

"Well, where to now?" she said after they had all gotten their breaths back, and after the novelty of Geradin's shuffling had worn off. "I suggest we try and find the others, and see how they have fared." she hoped that they weren't overly hurt. She was acutely aware the party had no real healer, and although she had seen Geradin stitch up many wounds with his God's favour she didn't know how useful such things would be when used for major wounds, or for long term care

Calanon's elk which An-Hasst had the privilege to ride on for a short time to get to the rendezvous point at the beginning of the RP. After the initial tavern meeting.

Btw. now that the Rog Captain is dead I'm in a bit of a despair of what to post next.

You could just have your character take a breather, or ask Poo if he wants to give you something to do or reveal, like a super baddie or Dragon turning up or something he's got under his hat

Other than that, *shrug* you could pop into someone else's little area and say hi
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