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Current Llama herding in Peru actually sounds like one of the best vocations I can imagine right now. Follow your dreams!
10 days ago
@Otaku95 - That awkward moment when you don't know if someone is making a joke or actually asking a question, and are caught between the need to help but also don't want to mess up XD
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@ScreenAcne Flipped in a good way?
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Ooh! Someone who every time they sneeze becomes a different famous person from history mentally
2 mos ago
Sweet home Alabama~ (Insert sweet riff here)


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hah ;3 Alliana's confusing the knightly priestly paladin with good deeds and thinking <3
JUST AS PLANNED DUN DUN DUN!!!! xD joke. She's just used to le good ol' adventuring into dark dungeons and all that xD

Cursed creature! Getting into people's heads and playing the mind game! Stahp!
The bomb had it's intended effect, and although she sheltered behind the doorway her minds eye pictured a horrible scene of carnage that she can't say she didn't think the goblins deserved. She began to step around the doorway to block the path of any further reinforcements when another explosion announced it's brief existence. By Borealis, our noble packs those things too take down dragons.

A bit more hesitant this time, Kiera stepped around the doorway to see what remained of the pack of goblins. There wasn't much of an answer left honestly. The Templar turned back to the group to help with the remaining stragglers, but they had already fled. The party moved together in darkness, and Kiera held the torch high to illuminate them all.

" That injured them good... we should prepare quick, I doubt goblins are the only thing scuffling around the darkness here." The Half-Breed raised a good point. Explosions like that were sure to attract attention, though Kiera wasn't going to complain too much about the results. Kiera turned to the noble "You have a strong throwing arm, and a stronger heart. Did you bring along supplies to manufacture more of those explosions?"

Then, much to Kiera's surprise, the creature amongst their number showed compassion. She began to treat a wound on the noble which Kiera would have overlooked, raising the wise point that the goblins weren't very sanitary so it was better to be safe then sorry. Something Kiera would have offered to sort herself, had she not lingering doubts about the half-breed. It would make the Templar very vulnerable to attack, though to her credit Kiera believed the vampiress was a worthy enough comrade that she wouldn't do that. What Kiera did do was monitor the monster's ministrations, and watched for any temptation to feed or indulge. Despite paranoia, it was surprising indeed that Kiera didn't notice any such blood lust the half-breed's kind were known for. Or at least disguised them knowing she was under scrutiny!

Once the wound was handled Kiera made a point of uttering a short blessing for fast and strong recovery, may Borealis' light burn free contamination of the wicked kind.

"Alright everyone, let's make sure we are ready to deal with everything and when we return, let's form a nice meal for us all. That said we should bring some alcohol with us next time. It has it's uses, so does lamp oil."

Once again the half-breed was taking command of the situation, and once again Kiera let it slide for now. Logic and reason pointed towards the half-breed actually doing what was best for the party simply out of the good of her heart. Passion and faith told Kiera all of this was an elaborate ruse, but what did the monster have to gain? The two sides battled forth in her mind though she pushed them to the back of her thoughts, focusing on the task at hand

"Good thinking," Kiera sheathed her sword and turned to Sir Arthur, "Are you ready to continue? Do you know what lies in the next few rooms?" After seeing how capable the rest of the party was it seemed like he was the only one she could really direct the question towards.
Also, if anyone says "Hey you aren't mentioning out characters by name." It's because Kiera hasn't bothered to learn any of your names, because she's a bit of a dick I guess. (but I have learnt your names, because I care!)

I was saving it for a moment later on where Kiera has come to trust you all enough that she wants to learn your names, and you all hate her that little bit more because she didn't learn them in the first place so she becomes a more open-minded person (counteracting the typical templar attitude of judging straight away). Character development yay!

That being said it's becoming very irritating (at least for me) so I don't know if I'll keep this up...

Edit: And I've posted! Once again I'm so sorry I didn't post before, and that I've kept everything held up for so long. Things have been crazy hectic at my work as sooo many people are quitting (on the lead up to christmas too!) That's no excuse as to why I couldn't have found a quarter of an hour to write something short up to keep the ball rolling but there we are, that's why I'm apologising so much

Love you all!
@The Fated Fallen you aren't ruining everything. I would be concerned for your health if you thought this random RP on a forum website was more important than your actual life. If you need to take a break, honestly no one is going to judge you it seems like you have your hands full right now.


Thank everything holy and beyond that I had the foresight to book holiday next week! All I can do is apologise for what lack of stuff I've done so far but hopefully that'll be sorted soon
@The Fated Fallen are you busy or something?

To say the least, I'm getting one day off a week from my main job, which I still need to go to my other job for 4 hours. This (shockingly) is affecting my mental health which is lovely.

So yeah, I'm ruining everything, sorry
You really don't want me to. You know what I was like before? Over christmas I'm even worse, my amount of work (and blood pressure) is skyrocketing
It doesn't feel like I posted here 7 months ago...
@The Fated Fallen any ETA?

I... Ummm... Looked at doing it today

I was a bit confused as to where the remaining goblins are, would Kiera be able to stab at one of them as they tried to retreat further in?
@Paradoxial plz tell me teh tavern's operational back in the village xD

Update: Sorry I've been out of it these past... Weeks? Things have been a bit horrid but I'm making my way back on track
Yeah these past two days have flown by in a work-crazed-family-hating-anxiety-attacking mist. I'll get a post up at some point sorry for disappointing everyone
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