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Current @Poo what kind of a poison wears off? Why is there so many questions.... Ahhhh I see what you mean
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That Otaku is a real scoundrel (sips tea). If only someone would stop them (sip)
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Happy 'merica day everyone!
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@Hostile Get the flamethrower! Burn them all! Panic!
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Buddha's mental instability becomes more and more evident every day...
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I'll set you up with a summary soon! It's not as crazy as it looks!
(Sorry for not sorting a reply out earlier, it's been work work work for me recently! I'm even doing this on my phone!)
Alice quickly made her way over to Ursaren as she noticed him pick up a dark elf weapon. "If you spent a lot of time in a Dwarven forge I'm sure you'd know how much they value smithing." she hissed out of earshot of Geradin. "Dwarves see someone using human smithing as contemptible, but they'd probably see someone using dark elf smithing as absolute degeneracy and would act accordingly." she shot a pointed glance at Geradin, who seemed already in poor humour. "Geradin won't attack you, I'm sure, but he's already distraught enough at the sight of this place. Please don't make this any worse for my friend." Dwarves as a race had suffered looting and desecration far too much over the centuries, she didn't know whether any human alive knew that as much as her

Settionne spoke to her, and she moved away from the much larger adventurer. 'Madame Alice,' he asked too politely for her to be comfortable in a place like this 'Might I suggest using your magical abilities to divine for us a route out of this place? I would do so myself, of course, but I do not wish to tax the gods for their favour all too harshly...'

Had the atmosphere not turned overly dour she probably would have laughed. Honestly she knew very little divination, it wasn't really practised much in the Vrettonian high circles, and doubted any spell in her repertoire would really help as much as a quick prayer for guidance from him. She nodded to the priest in recognition though, and did what she could. She held her left hand outstretched and imagined herself falling from the world, reaching as she did into the power beneath the physical. She felt the bite of magic entering her frame and quickly uttered three clicks vocally before whispering the ancient word and rushing her hand to the sense she would use to detect magic, her eyes.

When she re-opened them everyone else would see her eyes had become two glowing orbs that changed colour every few seconds, though she found it hard to see anyone else now. In their place were amorphous and dark shapes, though Ursaren was still obvious since his entire being was still infused by magic after him so recently transforming. She could see now that the smithy was built on the connection of ley lines, which was typical of Dwarven armouries and it's great smithies as the natural aura would help infuse and empower enchantments. It was more than likely how the dark elves had found the place to begin with.

She trusted Geradin or Calanon to be able to find a way out first, their races having a natural knack for this kind of thing, but she focused her efforts into finding some kind of magical mechanism to let them free or somewhere where magic coalesced that often signified an exit or doorway.

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@The Fated Fallen You gots 3 days sistah!

Yep, hopin to get spit done tomorrow bruthah!
3/4 is still good so yay

Focus on the future
Maybe there's still a gaming club? You never know. Even if there's a normal gaming store you could see if they have anything going on there, or whether they'd be interested in setting something up.

At the very least you could see about setting something up in the library (or see if they've got anything). I mean setting something up takes some bravery but hey, it'll be worth it!
I can't help but think that asking for advice on this site is a mistake...

But I'm sure you can apply to hobby clubs near you, what are you into?
Hey hey!

So you like anime? Well that puts you in good standing with just about everyone on the site then :)

I look forward to seeing you around!

Literally retail work. Smile, no matter what, no matter how splintered your soul is becoming
@Eisenhorn has been online... Maybe they just missed your post so if I put another message they might see?
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