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Ever apply to a job you're severely under qualified for with the mindset of "the worst they can do is say no" and immediately regret it? Yeah me too.
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Me: You know, I haven't read the status bar in a while. Maybe I should take a look. *reads* Yep. Still the Guild. Time to go back to lurking. This has been fun. I'll see you all in another month.
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I wrote so friggin much for this pirate rp last night. My brain is shot. Can no longer wordz.
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Finally got that interest check done! And now I go flop for the rest of the night.
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Well hello there, and welcome to the tiny corner of the internet that is my profile! Please make yourself at home and enjoy stalking reading about me. I've tried to make it as interesting as possible, so I hope you enjoy. If you'd like to know anything else about me, feel free to shoot a DM my way. I'm fairly chill, so ask away! SSN and card numbers not included in questions that I will answer. Sorry my dudes. I'd love to give you some free cash but I'm too broke for that ish.

Quick Facts:

  • 18
  • INTJ
  • Voice Over
  • Ten years RPing experience
  • Artist
  • Speaks conversational Korean
  • Writer
  • Caregiver for my mother
  • TESOL Teacher
  • Musician
  • Cook
  • Nerd/geek trash
  • Discord: Shiva#9759
  • Nerdfighter
  • Critter
  • D&D Nerd, specifically 5e.


  • Critical Role
  • Marvel
  • BTS
  • Got7
  • Stray kids
  • Metallica
  • Sherlock
  • Doctor Who
  • Stargate SG-1/Atlantis
  • Any musical ever
  • Star Wars
  • StarTrek
  • Turtles All The Way Down
  • The Lunar Chronicles
  • Green Day
  • Portal
  • Halo
  • Firefly
  • LOTR/The Hobbit


I've been doing art for a while now. I started off when I was... 12? 13? Somewhere around there. Anyways, I took a break from it when I was about 14, then got into it again seriously about a year or two ago and have made some serious progress. I do comissions, so be sure to check those out if you'd like a custom drawing done for your OC!

If you'd like to see my art, you can check out either my Paigeeworld or my Instagram account!


I started rping when I was nine years old on a website called Horseland, and then my sister in law got me started on some more serious stuff and eventually dragged me over to this site which helped my skill level go up tremendously. Currently I've got a few 1x1s going on, but I'm always welcome to another one if you've got an idea you'd like to try out! The only things I won't do are NSFW, vampires, ghosts, werewolves, or demons. Other than that, I'm not particularly picky! I like fantasy and sci-fi the best, but I'm open to almost anything.

I am also currently GMing two awesome roleplays.
Veritas Lux Mea

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A staggering wave of nausea swept over Persephone, only seeming to worsen the longer she was in the room. There was a tight knot forming in the pit of her stomach that was steadily climbing up the throat and threatening to strangle her, and frantically a torrent of the usual reassurances went through her head. Calm down, calm down. It's alright. Just breathe. You haven't done this in forever, and you're not going to do it here. Just get a grip on yourself, dammit. Of course usually seeing another ithlo didn't provoke this sort of reaction from her. On the pirate ship there had been none, but she'd grown to expect seeing them on any planets they visited, colonies, or ports, but she had been completely caught off guard by one being on this ship. This ship. The flagship of the human rebellion. Come to think of it, why in the name of all the hells was he here? The ithlo were very proud people, and a species of healers and doctors, people who didn't get caught up in politics for the sake of "being able to treat and heal all without prejudice or bias," and traveling with a rag-tag group of rebels didn't exactly fit that ideology. Persephone voiced none of this out loud. She didn't need them to know that she'd been a little closet "rebellion fan" for the past few months this movement had been getting started, and she was sure they wished that their identity was a little bit more of a secret. Well, it was a secret, but not when you ran in the circles that Perse did. The train of thought did cause her to give the doctor a peculiar look, but she brushed it off by returning his nod of greeting and getting distracted by the captain and first mate.

"Hey Perse, I'm Kevej, but most people call me Kev. I'd shake your hand but I'm trying to regain proper feeling in my legs first!" He laughed at his own joke, and then continued. "I don't know if it's what you're looking for, but you can cannibalise the personal computer in my quarters, I barely use it anyway. All the important paperwork and manifests are kept on the main ship's database, and I can use the computer by the cargo bay."

"That'd be awesome, thank you!" She replied, giving him a bright smile and trying to brush off the crushing anxiety she was currently experiencing. The naka was, in standard naka fashion, very friendly and welcoming. That was doing wonders for her current mental state. "It's not an emergency, though, so I'll talk to you about it more once you uh... get your bearings again. Though I don't want to cause more work for you to have to leave your room while you're healing. I also don't want to invade your personal space. I don't know. We'll talk about it. Thank you."

Dammit. She was rambling.

"Well, that's one thing sort of settled," the captain muttered. The woman then rubbed her face while releasing a very long sigh, and Perse gave her a sympathetic look. The poor woman looked exhausted out of her mind.

"Is there anything I can do to help out?" She asked.

Maria looked at her for a moment, appearing to both consider her request and attempt to read her soul at the same time. Of course the captain wouldn't trust her, even if she did just save all of their collective asses, but Perse hoped she'd at least give her some responsibilities to take care of until they got to port and she could buy the repairs for her ship. She liked to keep busy.

"You handled that little fighter pretty well. Ever piloted a freighter?" The captain asked.

"Uh... I mean, it's been a while, but I have."

"Great. I've got a million and one things I need to take care of, and flying the ship is one of them. We lost our pilot in the attack and I frankly don't have time to fly the ship and get everything in working order again. If you could get us to the Glao port outside Aspen I'd be very much obliged."

The pink ithlo nodded. "I can do that."

"Fantastic. Our bridge is shot to hell, so backup navigation has been moved to the engine room for the time being. Like I just told our engineer, who I think you're already acquainted with, I'd like to get moving as soon as possible so the sooner you can get down there and do that, the better."

"I'll get going right now, then!" She replied, beginning to back towards the door and waving. "It was nice to meet you both Kev, doctor. I hope you heal quickly, and I'll talk to you about that computer later."

And with that she disappeared around the bulkhead again, letting the fake smile drop as soon as she was out of sight. Oh boy. This was going to be an interesting journey. As long as she could avoid the other ithlo, then it would be fine, but she'd never had to journey for an extended period of time with one so she was frankly unsure of what to expect. Was he going to confront her? Lecture her about the error of her ways? Chastise her for dishonoring their beliefs?

The knot started coming back, and Perse was quiet as she skittered back to the engine room and started trying to figure out the navigation system. This was an older ship, so it'd take her a moment or two to figure out the format they used, but as soon as that was done they'd be on their way and headed towards the glao port.

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The more time Cinder spent with her apparent team, the more she was reminded why she kept her social life far, far away from the secular one. Where had that dusty old man even found these misfits? Did any of them even have any idea how to conduct an investigation? 'I say we should start in the town.' Well of course they should start in the town! What was their other option? Go gallivanting through the wilderness like a group of buffoons and then backtrack their way back to town when they realize they have next to no leads? Yes, it was a very clever suggestion indeed, mysterious girl who looked and acted like something out of an old lore tome.

About the time she finished these thoughts, the lovely little kobold went off on the waiter. Poor man was just trying to do his job and then was accosted by some insane lizard with delusions of a food god, robbed, and had his life threatened. Mind you, Cinder was not one for sympathy towards the random everyday passerby, but this made even her feel sorry for him as he scampered back to the kitchen. How was he going to explain that to his employers? The genasi made a mental note to give him a little bit of coin before they left, considering he was most likely going to be out of a job before the night was over. She may have been temperamental but she wasn't completely heartless. The other members of their team seemed... relatively not idiotic. There was the matter of the talking otter, but as he seemed among the more reasonable and intelligent of the group Cinder was willing to overlook that oddity. She already had an internal list of the group, those she liked the most at the top, and least down at the bottom.
So far it was as follows:

Warforged guy (because he didn't talk a lot or make stupid suggestions),
Lore tome girl,

Should she eventually make an effort to learn everyone's name in the group? Probably. Was she going to? No.

"Yes, starting in town sounds like the most intelligent course of action," she replied, doing her best to not sound sarcastic. She would have to work with these people after all, and while a few were most definitely on her bad side she'd rather not make actual enemies. "I think I'll go to the estate as well and try to see what evidence the damned fools at the sheriff's office may have missed. As far as being a guide goes I don't have much expertise. Most of my experience in that wilderness comes from tracking down the lowlifes that flee to it. Also, lizard, the waiter isn't what you should be apologizing for."

Cinder said this last sentence while waving the waiter over again and giving him a few coin. He muttered a small thank you, looking anxiously between her and the kobold before hurriedly scampering away and going to hide in the kitchen.
Captain Maria Thorne

"If that's what you think is best, then I'll make it so," The captain replied to Kai's request that the first mate be put on light duty. "I'm sure we can survive without him for a little while. Though it'll pain us a good deal not to have Kev lookin' over our shoulders and telling us what a good job we're doing."

The naka was probably the best natured person on board the ship, and his presence always made the weight of the day a bit lighter. Maria would expect nothing less from the self-designated morale officer. He was very good at diffusing situations and keeping the peace on board the Veritas, and the captain was going to really need that calming presence, but it was better he heal up for a while than kill himself trying to still do his job. They'd be alright. Someone might get shot, but they'd be alright. As for the doctor's comment about Teg, if she'd heard it, there was no sign of acknowledgement. That was a problem that she was powerless to fix and she didn't want to think about it. Not right now, anyway. That was a thought spiral that she would tackle when there weren't a million other things that needed to be focused on and fixed. She was very thankful when the conversation of their newcomers came up and she had an excuse to not answer.

"Two in fact, doc," she replied. "And no Kev, I don't think they do, but I'll be sure to ask."

As if she'd been summoned, a pink head of hair appeared from around the bulkhead, and the female Ithlo looked straight at the captain. "Hey cap, I was wondering if- Oh whoops I didn't mean to interrupt, sorry." She looked a bit sheepish as she looked around the room, looking first from the captain to Kev, Kev to the nearby body of Teg, and then finally she settled on the doctor. There was a brief look of panic, but it was quickly covered up by a smile of greeting as she halfway entered the room, standing at the threshold and trying to gauge the people there.

"If it's a bad time I can find you later," she said.

The captain shrugged. "Later is going to be just as busy as now. What do you need?"


Persephone had spent the better part of an hour fixing the android's severed parts. She chatted with him while going about her work, remaining entertained whilst reattaching synthetic nerve endings and making sure the mechanical joints moved the way they were supposed to. Working on an android wasn't something she'd ever done before, so it was a process of learning while she worked and hoping that she put things back together correctly and didn't cause him to short out. On the bright side she didn't have to construct a completely new arm. There were many systems and sub-systems in the programming of the arm that she had to decipher, bypass, and rewrite to fix what had been jumbled, and there was no way she was going to get it all working in one day. It was especially hard because she didn't have a diagnostic computer to hook him up to. She had one installed in her left arm, but it was strictly for her own self-diagnostics and wouldn't work for the android. Doing all of that coding without a proper means of input was borderline impossible. She could make the arm move again, but when it came to the more complex things such as the arm actually feeling and the additions (such as his cannon) functioning, she needed a computer. A very specific kind of computer. Maybe if the ship's computers were still working, Perse would be able to cannibalize one into working for her means, but she'd definitely need the captain's approval for that. And so Persephone paused her work on the android to go find the captain, searching room by room until she heard her voice coming from the med-bay.

She rounded the bulkhead of the door and peeked in, hoping to just have a brief interaction before moving on, and was well into her sentence before actually noticing the other people standing there. "Hey cap, I was wondering if- Oh whoops I didn't mean to interrupt, sorry."

As the captain looked over at her abrupt entrance, Perse took the opportunity to look at the other people in the room. There was a naka laying on the bed who had evidently been injured in the battle, but he didn't look too bad. A little in pain maybe, but he was okay. The human on the next bed on the other hand... Oh yeah she wasn't doing great. Perse was no medical expert, but it didn't take one to see that an unconscious body with multiple burns and wounds was pretty bad. Finally, she looked at the person standing across the bed from the captain, and she physically flinched from the realization (though hopefully it was small enough no one noticed). It was another ithlo. Now at first one might think she'd be excited to have another of her own kind on board the ship, but one would be severely mistaken. Perse had nothing against the ithlo. They were her people, and she loved them and the culture that she'd be raised in dearly, but the feeling was not mutual. Most other species didn't really care about cybernetics. in fact races like the glao encouraged such body modifications, but that was not so with the ithlo. They viewed cybernetics as an affront to their beliefs, and for one of their own to have such horrid and unnatural additions to their body was unfathomable.

In their society she was a disgrace.
An abomination.

No doubt this ithlo would be polite, as was their way, but years of enduring the disapproving and disgusted looks had made her hypersensitive to their reactions to her. They didn't have to say anything for her to know they thought she was disgusting. With other species Perse could pretend that she was normal, and she could forget what had been done to her, but when another of her own species was around it was like someone was slapping her in the face. Nevertheless, Perse did her best to put on a smile and seem somewhat friendly.

"...If it's a bad time I can find you later," she said, hoping to the gods that the captain would tell her to come back later so she could escape, but alas that was not to be.

The captain shrugged. "Later is going to be just as busy as now. What do you need?"

Great. This was great.

"Well," she began, "Our android friend has some pretty seriously jumbled up coding, and I need to rewire a computer so I can fix it. Now I can wait until we get to a port and I can buy one, or if it's okay with you I can just rewire one of the computers on board the ship and use that."

Maria seemed to consider the options for a second. "Well the bridge computers are shot, but if someone else has a computer in a room they're not going to need, you're welcome to it. Oh, and this is my first mate and the ship's doctor, Kevej Vin'Akali, and Kai'mos Varthus."

Perse awkwardly waved at the two. "Hi, I'm Persephone. You can call me Perse."

The captain walked over to the comm and flicked it on, "Hey Ansgar, you said engines and backup navigation was still working, right? Can we move while you work or is that going to mess you up? I'd like to get to the glao port sooner rather than later."

Cinder tried to hide her satisfaction at having scared the oversized skink away. She wasn't exactly anti-social, in fact she quite liked being around others, but the kobold had the misfortune of stumbling upon her in a particularly foul mood thanks to their moon elf friend. Speaking of it seemed she had left to start her own little investigation. Cinder wouldn't put it past the moon elf to skip town with her sum of money, or to plant false evidence to throw the rest of them off the trail so she could take the entire reward for herself. Perhaps someone should alert the local authorities to a suspicious moon elf seen casing the estate of a poor elderly widower... No doubt they would already be acquainted with Valanthe.

Alas, that would require more effort than Cinder was willing to dedicate. After all she had a new, well paying job to look after.

After calming down for a few minutes and finishing a good portion of her stew, the genasi decided to move over with the rest of the group as it seemed they were all congregating except for her. She could hear most of their conversation from where she was already seated, but chipping in from that far away would have been a bit awkward. It would be just as well to actually go over there. They all had some interesting theories thus-far, but at the moment there was a devastating lack of evidence to support any of them, and it didn't seem they were going to get anything done just sitting there talking about it. Then again Cinder always had a "jump in head first" approach to things anyway. She was also more accustomed to following leads on her own, so talking things out with a group of people was going to take some getting used to. She went over and sat at the end of the table, listened for a bit, and then chimed in.

"Dividing tasks may speed it up, but there is the question of safety. I can agree to splitting up in the city -ain't no point in having a crowd of nine people parading around from one place to another- but when we go out to the wilderness I think Sparky is right. We should go together. I've been over that way a few times myself, and it ain't a pretty picture. As far as being put in groups go, I don't much care who I go with so long as they stay out of my private affairs and mind their own damn business." She gave a particularly hard stare at the kobold, who was now eating rather loudly and paying no mind, and also to the other genasi. But mostly at the kobold. Then she continued.

"I don't think we're going to find much evidence in town, considering how many other groups have already scanned through, but I suppose it's worth a shot to be thorough."
Hey, I'm still working on a character. Sorry I'm taking so long, been swamped with real life stuff. I'll make sure to finish soon, and I apologize if it's any inconvenience.

No worries! I'm not in a rush. Like I said, just trying to get a bit of a head-count and see what still needs to be filled.
Oh my gosh thank you so much for the art shoutout! And for all the other news as well. It's cool to see everything happening in the other corners of the Guild.
Captain Maria Thorne

The captain herself was struggling to keep a hold on her emotions as it was, and the situation was only made more difficult by the doctor's assessment of Teg's condition. Her fists and jaw were clenched, her eyes hard as they stared over at the unmoving body of Teg- then at Andrea- and slowly her expression changed to one of defeat. They had experienced an overabundance of tragedy in such a short timespan. If one were to look closely they might even see her eyes starting to mist over a bit, but she was keeping the tears at bay and just trying to listen to whatever diagnosis Kai was giving her. "Only a matter of time," he'd said. So Teg was as good as dead unless some sort of miracle brought her back to them, and Maria had never had much faith in miracles.

"We'll get through it, doctor," she commented, giving the ithlo a brief pat on the shoulder. She wasn't a very affectionate person and she doubted Kai was either, so this was as close to a hug as he was ever going to get from her. It was plain for any of them to see that he had taken a liking to the spirited mercenary. It was very possible he was going to be the one the most hurt by this loss, and that garnered sympathy from the captain. Maria would never admit it, but she was one of the biggest bleeding hearts in the galaxy. Damned those human ideals and pack-bond mentality...

She approached the bed when Kevej started stirring, though she did stay a bit off to the side so as not to overwhelm him. He was probably pumped up with drugs at the moment and it would take a bit for him to be fully coherent again.
"Hey there big guy," she'd greeted, though it was very possible it didn't register with him. He noticed the doctor first.

"Thanks Kai'Mos, I guess this is why you get paid the big bucks."

And then it was her turn. He said her rank, which might as well have been her name at this point, and then began his ramble of what had happened on the bridge. "She pushed me ahead of her." That was surprising. Maria had never taken Andrea as the sacrificial type. "I wish I could've done the same for her." It seemed they were going to have to form a club for that sentiment, Kevej. Damned fool thinking she had to be the hero and get herself killed. That had done them so much good. Now here they were, out in the black with no pilot, a damaged ship, a nearly dead mercenary, and a wounded first mate. Either way they had the same amount of people dead. Same amount of dead with no pilot. Yes, a load of good that sacrifice had done for them indeed.

But even as these cynical thoughts ran around in her head, Maria's vision clouded over and the woman raised a hand to the bridge of her nose and tried to play it off like she was warding off a headache as she wiped a couple of the betraying drops of liquid from her eyes. It would be the human woman that cried first. Gods damned stereotypes coming back to haunt her. She was desperately clawing out in her mind trying to take hold of the anger that had been there a mere few minutes before, but all she felt was the crushing emptiness of defeat. They were not going to recover from this any time soon.

She stayed silent for a good minute or two before finally properly looking at Kev and patting his arm, seeming to regain enough control to feign composure.

"It's alright, Kev. It's not your fault, and you know that. There's not a whole lot you can do in those situations, and there's no use in dwelling on what could have been or what you might've done differently. Just try to get back on your feet as soon as possible, okay? Oh and heads up: don't be alarmed if you see a pink ithlo and a robot running around."
No worries.

If no one else signs up, I should be able to fill most of the other roles with NPCs.
Just a check. Who all is still working on character sheets? Are there people who are interested but lurking? I know one other person was interested but they haven't said anything, and I'm just trying to get a headcount and see if I need to be making a secondary character sheet.
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