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Current I got the house cleaned, completely cleared out all of the clutter on my room, wrote a little, replied to rps, binged some Psych, and snuggled a pupper. T'was a good day, if we ignore the bronchitis
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Do you hear the people sing? SINGING THE SONG OF ANGRY MEN!
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@beetlebug I have a whole plan for ending the world. Unfortunately it would require me to stop procrastinating.
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I really want to go dig a hole in the woods where no one will find me or talk to me and just sleep for a couple millenia.
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Part of me wants to try joining a group rp that I'm not GMing, the other part of me doesn't want to get attached to a great plot and see it inevitably decay into a dramatic mess.



Well hello there, and welcome to the tiny corner of the internet that is my profile! Please make yourself at home and enjoy stalking reading about me. I've tried to make it as interesting as possible, so I hope you enjoy. If you'd like to know anything else about me, feel free to shoot a DM my way. I'm fairly chill, so ask away! SSN and card numbers not included in questions that I will answer. Sorry my dudes. I'd love to give you some free cash but I'm too broke for that ish.

Quick Facts:

  • 17
  • INTJ
  • Eight years RPing experience
  • Artist
  • Speaks conversational Korean
  • Writer
  • Caregiver for my mother
  • TESOL Teacher
  • Musician
  • Cook
  • Nerd/geek trash
  • Discord: Shiva#9759
  • Nerdfighter


  • Marvel
  • BTS
  • Got7
  • Stray kids
  • Metallica
  • Sherlock
  • Doctor Who
  • Stargate SG-1/Atlantis
  • Any musical ever
  • Star Wars
  • StarTrek
  • Turtles All The Way Down
  • The Lunar Chronicles
  • Green Day
  • Portal
  • Halo
  • Firefly
  • LOTR/The Hobbit


I've been doing art for a while now. I started off when I was... 12? 13? Somewhere around there. Anyways, I took a break from it when I was about 14, then got into it again seriously about a year or two ago and have made some serious progress. I do comissions, so be sure to check those out if you'd like a custom drawing done for your OC!

If you'd like to see my art, you can check out either my Paigeeworld or my Instagram account!


I started rping when I was nine years old on a website called Horseland, and then my sister in law got me started on some more serious stuff and eventually dragged me over to this site which helped my skill level go up tremendously. Currently I've got a few 1x1s going on, but I'm always welcome to another one if you've got an idea you'd like to try out! The only things I won't do are NSFW, vampires, ghosts, werewolves, or demons. Other than that, I'm not particularly picky! I like fantasy and sci-fi the best, but I'm open to almost anything.

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Captain Maria Thorne

While her pilot and engineer flirted argued, Maria listened. An eyebrow had arched in a disapproving manner as the woman gazed at Ansgar. Their antics were usually amusing, but at this particular point in time, Maria had little patience left for foolishness. They needed to get the ship back up and running before pirates came and pounced on them like buzzards on a rotting corpse. They were limping along, sure, but they weren't exactly in a position to be fending off raids. The Captain waited until the rest of the crew had their say, and then flipped on the comms.

"If the pair of you are done circling and pointing fingers at each other, let's get back to fixing the half dead ship, shall we?" It was more of a statement than a question. She decided to ignore the passive aggression from Kev towards their doctor, and continued on without waiting for anyone to answer. "Andrea, continue scanning for vessels in the surrounding area. If someone decides to take advantage of our situation, I'd like to have a little advanced warning." She flipped off the comms. "Ansgar, take a look at the damage and see how fast you can jury-rig something to get us to the Glao port. I don't care if you actually do have to use bendy-straws, figure something out and get back to me."

Having said her piece, the captain turned around and went to go check on their cargo and make sure none of it was damaged. The last thing they needed right now was to be forced to reimburse a disgruntled Glao after screwing up their merchandise, on top of having to buy parts to fix their ship. Maria was muttering a string of profanity as she trudged back up the catwalk to the cargo hold, where she proceeded to start cracking open crates and check on what was within. For a moment her gaze floated over to a small corner where the supplies for the rebellion were hidden behind a metal panel, but Maria didn't dare check on them right now. If the Judge caught wind of the weapons, there was a slight chance he may want to intervene. Best to check on them when there was a little less excitement going on.

Having made sure that their Glao cargo was secured and undamaged, the captain walked up the steps of the cargo hold balcony to go check on the bridge.

"Andrea, how far did we actually manage to make it before some bastard crippled us?"

My newest OC! A drow druid by the name of Vierna.
Captain Maria Thorne

There was an almost comedic pause between the ship shuddering, Ansgar calling, and Maria reacting. As the explosion hit and the metal of the hull whined, the captain heard dishes in a nearby cabinet clattering against one another. No doubt a couple of them would be broken. The entire ship shuddered around them, like an animal that had just been wounded, and Maria took just a moment to let out a sigh. There was no rest for the weary. When Ansgar's voice rang out, Maria stood up and ran in the direction of the engine room, not sparing so much as a glance towards Kev or the Judge before disappearing down the corridor.

Her pace slowed to a walk as the engine room drew near, and she took second to observe Ansgar to make sure he didn't have any injuries. When convinced of the engineer's health, Maria looked into the engine room, deciding against actually entering before getting the facts. Before speaking to Ansgar, Maria turned on the comms to respond to Andrea.

"The passenger, Kev, Ansgar and I are all fine," She replied, and then the captain turned to the engineer. "What the hell happened to my ship?"

The tone was little sharper than she intended, but the anger wasn't directed towards Ansgar. He was good at his job, and never would have been incompetent enough to cause this big of a problem. Whatever happened to the ship, Maria had the sneaky suspicion that it wasn't an accident. Someone had messed with her ship, and when she found out who they were going to meet her wrath.

This wasn't exactly the first time someone had tampered with The Veritas. A year or two back, when Maria had just started to get a crew together, some useless bag of Glao scum thought it would be a fun idea to try and murder everyone on the ship by means of a bomb in the Galley. Thankfully, the bomb was a dud, but that didn't stop Maria from nearly tearing the little beast limb from limb when it was discovered. If it hadn't been for her better judgement she might have thrown him out the airlock. Alas, she simply turned him over to the authorities on his home-world to be imprisoned for his entire lifetime, which would probably not be very long given the state of Glao prisons. Okay, maybe her "better judgement" was slightly influenced by a drive of vengeance that just happened to be of a legal means this time, but that's not the point.

Maria had half a mind to wonder if the Judge could have been involved, but what reason would he have to sabotage the ship? They were out of his jurisdiction, and he had no evidence that any of them had done anything against his government. Not to mention he would have endangered his own life. No, it didn't make sense that the Judge was the perpetrator. Whoever it was, they were more than likely on the hub. The captain wracked her mind, trying to think of the people in this area of space she'd pissed off who would like to harm her and the crew. The list was somewhat longer than she would like to admit. Government officials and other humans notwithstanding, they had stepped on a lot of toes as they tried to build the rebellion, and she wouldn't put it past any of them to try and kill the crew. The universe had been a relatively quiet place before the humans came along, and not a lot of people were thrilled about the ruckus the rebellion was starting to make.

At the very least, no one had been seriously injured. Cookie had even emerged from some cranny where he'd been hiding, and was now rubbing on Maria and Ansgar's legs, evidently wondering what the humans had done this time.
Still wanting to join this. Crap just hit the fan irl and I'm just starting to get things put back in place again lol
The captain had taken a moment to apply the medicine Kai had prepared to the burn on her arm. Damn thing. One small moment of clumsiness, and now she was going to be feeling it for days. Maria wasn't exactly accident prone, but recently she'd been feeling more and more fatigued, and had been getting somewhat less graceful in her day to day life. Nothing major, just enough to be annoying. She hadn't given herself much time off as of late. Between the rebellion, her crew, the ship, and her family, there had been no time left for herself, and it was all starting to catch up with her. One of these days she'd need to take a nice, long, relaxing vacation. Unfortunately that day was not today. However, she might be able to make room for a nap later.

"Thanks, Andrea," Maria replied to the pilot. "Let me know when we get close to Aspen."

The Glao would likely be rather grumpy about a human ship "invading" their territory, so Maria wanted to be on the bridge in order to calm their nerves and make sure they didn't get blown up. As fond as she was of their lovely pilot, the captain didn't think she would be very diplomatic, especially given her current mood. Speaking of that... Maria stuffed the cream in her pocket and started towards the galley.

The Judge had, of course, informed her of his intentions, but she still had an odd feeling in regards to him. Maria would never admit it to the crew, but he made her uneasy. Thankfully she was an expert at repressing and hiding emotions. At any rate, she still wanted to see if she could draw any information out of the man. As long as it didn't put her crew in danger, Maria didn't really care what the Judge was up to, but she still wanted to give herself another opprotunity to get a read on him. She entered the galley just as Kevej offered their guest some refreshments.

"Seems to me like our friend's coffee cup is empty, Kev," She said, sitting down at one of the tables in the room. "Personally, I could probably drink a whole pot of coffee by myself right about now."
I'm just trying to come up with a post I'm not completely ashamed of 😅
@Silent Showers Awesome! Thanks!
Definitely want to be a part of this. It seems really chill and relaxed. In fact, I'm pretty sure my blood pressure went down 5 points just from reading that intro lol

Just one question. Would you like us to make a minimal character sheet, or can we just kind of jump in?
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From her spot in the front of the ship, Nora listened to their esteemed lieutenant major, paying as much of a mind to the briefing as she could while still keeping an eye on the controls. Having been informed of where to land the ship, the chief petty officer marked the map displayed on the dashboard and adjusted her course slightly to match. Her face scrunched up in a frown as they were told the plan.

Nora had never been one for ground combat. She could do it, of course; it was a part of basic training. It was just that she was more of a float-in-from-above-and-blow-them-all-to-hell-with-a-fighter kinda gal. This wasn’t an option, obviously, as it would guarantee casualties on the part of the hostages, but a girl could dream. The plan itself was fairly straightforward and well thought out. Nora spent a few moments wracking her brain to see if there was any information she needed to know that the lieutenant major had missed, but nothing came to mind, so she stayed silent and focused on her piloting instead. The thought came to her mind of an extremely undisciplined officer (she had no idea how he even graduated from the academy) who probably would have argued about the plan and done everything within his power to take over the mission, and she snorted a bit, the thought bringing her some amusement as she recalled the day this same officer was kicked out. That was a fantastic day.

He was probably the only person on base Nora refused to sleep with.

Petty officer Carson's muttered words were just barely audible to Nora above the roaring of the ship's engines, but they struck a chord in her brain. Why hadn't they just blown it up? She had been assuming they wanted to destroy the facility in order to hurt the war effort, but if that were true then why take the hostages? From her experience, innies weren't really the type to demand ransom money, so there must be some other angle. However there wasn't much use in speculating on the matter without obtaining more facts first. Instead of burdening her brain with meaningless theories, Nora just focused on getting them where they weere going.

In Rebirth 2 mos ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Gotcha. Thanks for the info.
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