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Current @Raxacoricofallapatorius I appreciate your name
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Joke is on you guys. I've been dead since 2011. You're all newbs.
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And on that positive note, if any of y'all just want to strike up a random conversation since most, if not all of us, are isolated right now, my DMs are open.
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@BlueYellow bro I feel you. I've had a chronic cough since last September, and now I'm just like "Welp. Guess I'll just die."
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As someone whose mother is a boomer and immunocompromised, and doesn't like to curse excessively, go fuck yourself, Odin.



Well hello there, and welcome to the tiny corner of the internet that is my profile! Please make yourself at home and enjoy stalking reading about me. I've tried to make it as interesting as possible, so I hope you enjoy. If you'd like to know anything else about me, feel free to shoot a DM my way. I'm fairly chill, so ask away! SSN and card numbers not included in questions that I will answer. Sorry my dudes. I'd love to give you some free cash but I'm too broke for that ish.

Quick Facts:

  • 18
  • INTJ
  • Ten years RPing experience
  • Artist
  • Speaks conversational Korean
  • Writer
  • Caregiver for my mother
  • TESOL Teacher
  • Musician
  • Cook
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  • Discord: Shiva#9759
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  • Marvel
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I've been doing art for a while now. I started off when I was... 12? 13? Somewhere around there. Anyways, I took a break from it when I was about 14, then got into it again seriously about a year or two ago and have made some serious progress. I do comissions, so be sure to check those out if you'd like a custom drawing done for your OC!

If you'd like to see my art, you can check out either my Paigeeworld or my Instagram account!


I started rping when I was nine years old on a website called Horseland, and then my sister in law got me started on some more serious stuff and eventually dragged me over to this site which helped my skill level go up tremendously. Currently I've got a few 1x1s going on, but I'm always welcome to another one if you've got an idea you'd like to try out! The only things I won't do are NSFW, vampires, ghosts, werewolves, or demons. Other than that, I'm not particularly picky! I like fantasy and sci-fi the best, but I'm open to almost anything.

I am also currently GMing two awesome roleplays.
Veritas Lux Mea

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It's been forever but here.
"Oh, just a weary traveler," the white-haired woman replied, following them into the house as requested. "My name is Mira. I met our prince here on the road, and seeing as I haven't really spoken to anyone if a couple of weeks I thought I might strike up some conversation. Then we stumbled upon your lovely home, and you know the rest. And something hot to drink would be lovely."

Alastor raised an eyebrow at the woman, who was now dabbing her neck with the towel, a dubious expression overtaking his features. He wasn't exactly certain how truthful she was being as to the coincidental nature of their meeting. However, she hadn't done anything to make him think she was malicious or aggressive as of yet, so for the time being he would endure her company as long as the Khrysopos did. She was awfully casual about the whole situation, meanwhile he dumbfounded and blubbering like an idiot because of the creature in front of him. One moment he was looking for shelter, and the next he was being ushered into the home of the very being he'd been searching so fervently for, and now she seemed to know exactly why he was there- though that last bit probably shouldn't have surprised him. Al did his best to cover up the panic shock.

"Thank you very much for your kindness," He said, taking the towel gratefully and starting to dry himself off a bit. "I'm sorry to have dropped in on you so suddenly. I'm sure having visitors must be alarming, and I wish I could say that I just wanted to come by and have a simple chat. But you probably already have some idea of why I've come to you."

"I hate to ask for more hospitality, but could we possibly move this conversation closer to a fireplace?" Mira asked. "I'm sure the prince is just as chilled as I am."

"I'm sure you're very concerned for my health."

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He said eight hours ago...
Captain Maria Thorne

Collab with Redthorn Anvil

"You're a damned fine mechanic, Ansgar," The captain stated, and she meant it. He was an irritable ass, yelled a lot, and wasn't the easiest person to get along with, but in spite of all of that he was the reason the Veritas was still running and they all owed him a lot. He was definitely irritated at the moment, but Maria was willing to overlook it. It was going to be a miracle if they made it to the glao port. At least most of their important main systems were still working, so they weren't completely dead in space.

"By the way, I'm completely serious about giving you that raise," She remarked. "I'll leave you to this mess. Comm me if you need anything."

Maria set the engines to full stop, then started up the catwalk to check on the rest of the ship herself. Now that they were out of immediate danger, she needed to actually lay eyes on everything (and everyone) for herself, and this was as good a place as any to stop for a moment and catch their breaths. It was unlikely the pirates would come back, as they were just as damaged as the Veritas. Maria would give Ansgar some time to figure everything out, move the stuff in the cargo bay around so Persephone could dock, check on everyone, and then they'd be on their way again. The gods willing, this day would end soon.

Maria was just entering the cargo bay when a flash of movement caught her eye. From behind a crate, a pirate was aiming a gun at Teg. Both she and Judge were facing away from him, and so neither had time to react before he pulled his trigger and a burst of energy rocketed towards the mercenary. At the same time Maria was drawing her pistol. However, it wasn't fast enough to save Teg, and the energy collided with her body, knocking the woman off of her feet and slamming her into a few of the other crates. Immediately after Maria pulled her trigger, taking down the pirate just as swiftly as he had done to her mercenary.

"Can you take care of these two by yourself?" Maria asked the Judge. He had whirled around upon hearing the blast, and was now holding his swords to the surviving pirates as Maria approached the fallen mercenary. Her pistol remained trained on the surrendering pirates.

"It would be my pleasure," he replied to her.
"I will enjoy seeing what you two will have to say to save your skins. Get a move on - and leave your weapons."

Judge secured their weapons, and now that she was satisfied that they were going to be properly handled, Maria turned her attention to Teg and attempted to assess just how bad off she was. There was a faint, barely noticeable rise and fall to her chest, and her pulse was... relatively normal. It was there. Maria was no medical expert, so she couldn't tell much more than that. There was also a rather nasty gash on her forehead. Maria assumed it was from the impact of hitting the crates, but it didn't really matter either way. She needed to get Teg down to the infirmary. Maria spent a moment hoisting Teg up, then proceeded to carry/drag her up the stairs and down the corridor to Kai's infirmary.

"Doc, I've got another one for you," She announced upon entering. Without waiting for much instruction, Maria put the mercenary on a vacant bed and left. On any other day, she would have been there helping in whatever way she could, but at the moment they were down by two crew members and couldn't exactly spare the manpower, so Kai would have to make do without her. He would probably be a little overwhelmed, but he'd be alright. Or so she hoped.

The cargo bay itself was a mess. Crates and containers had been broken and shattered, or at the very least thrown againd the walls, and their holdings had been strewn across the floor. Maria just prayed that most of the goods weren't horribly damaged. They needed the money from this shipment. Maria bent down and got to work, sifting through the rubble and finding wgat was salvageable and what needed to be tossed. She grabbed a few crates that were still intact, lined them up, and started to slowly clear the cargo bay so that their friend could dock.

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Cinder had been quietly standing in the corner, having shaken off the initial dread shock of seeing the horrid moon elf, and was listening to the others' questions. So far everything she'd wanted to ask had been answered. In spite of herself, Cinder felt a small pang of sympathy for the old man. He seemed very lonely, and obviously worried for his wife. He must love her very much to spend so much money searching for her. He seemed like a genuinely good, caring, generous person, and that was something that was incredibly rare these days. The gods knew Cinder wasn't one of those people. However, she could still appreciate them when she saw them.

There was still smoke rising from her hair as she quietly fumed in her little corner, arms crossed, face fixed in a perpetual scowl as she tried to calm her temper down so she could actually pay attention to what was being said. Then the other genasi made some comment about "star-crossed lovers," and her hair immediately became engulfed in flame.

"I would rather be forever trapped in the eighth hell as Mephistopheles' personal punching bag," she growled, her teeth clenched as she turned her perpetual scowl to the other genasi. "And it only gets in the way of things if you're not a professional. Long as I get paid, I don't care who I have to work with."

And it was true. Valanthe had been #1 on Cinder's hitlist for a long time now, but no matter how hard she tried, the genasi could never actually pin anything on her. It was infuriating, and it got in the way of her getting paid. There was nothing Cinder hated more than people getting in the way of her payday. Not to mention that moon elves in general were just snobby, arrogant, self-righteous pricks, and their arrogance was enough to make Cinder want to puke. Still, as previously said, there was nothing she hated more than people getting in the way of her payday, so she could endure it for this one job. Just one more job, and she would never have to work again. Besides, maybe she could manage to pin a crime on Valanthe in the process, and then it would be a win/win!

"Speaking of pay, I have with me a little gift for each of you as an upfront payment, as promised," The old man cut in, evidently wanting to end the current line of conversation. He produced from his inner pocket a very large wad of cash, which he then started counting and distributing to each one of the adventurers in turn. As promised, Cinder received $500.

"Use it however you see fit, be it for food, board, supplies for the quest, or whatever else you might need it for. Should you succeed on your task, y'all will get a reward that makes this look like pocket change."

"Are we done here, then?" She asked, looking at Abraham again.

He shrugged, then stood up, grunting a bit as he leaned heavily on his cane. "Unless anyone has any more questions, then yes. Should you need to contact me for any reason, you can send a telegram to the Garrick estate. I'll get it."

"In that case," the genasi started, already walking out of the door. "I'm going to get a drink."

The tavern down below might not have the best liquor ever, but Cinder was more than willing to bet there would be something decent enough for her. It was probably going to be her last opportunity to get an actual meal and drink for a while, so she was definitely going to take advantage of it while she could. The gods only knew what crazy backwoods cabin they'd get sent to on this rescue mission, and whatever "food" Abraham had been talking about being provided, Cinder had her doubts as to the quality of it. After all, even if they somehow got a chuckwagon, it was still going to be a limited menu. Eager to actually eat something relatively decent (and for a drink to take her edge off), she stomped her way down the stairs.

Wow, I had forgotten why I was subscribed to this thread... just been waiting for intro opportunity. Lol.

Well I’m still here :)
It’s gonna be interesting playing a character I nearly forgot about.
Anyway hope everyone is well :)

Yeah it's taking a bit longer than I expected, sorry lol. The holidays delayed things quite a bit, but hopefully we'll be to that point soon. I'm glad you're still interested in being a part of the roleplay!
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Disclaimer: I did get permission to use Moskau Spieluhr's character.

The arrival of a woman and an otter interrupted Cinder's stalking people watching endeavor. As they entered (a male fire genasi hot on their heels), Cinder waited for all of them to get their bearings in the room, and then she stood up. They all looked about as clueless as she felt, so it was starting to look more and more likely that the letter was legitimate. That brought a smile to Cinder's face. If they pulled this off, it was going to be a massive payday for her. Not to mention, if there were a few "tragic" losses on the way, her payday would be even bigger, so either they all came back alive, or she got more money. It was a win win!

Cinder didn't get much of a chance to answer any statement said before others started to pile in the room, namely another human, followed by what looked like a giant skeleton. Was that a goliath? So they had necromancers, great. There was barely time to process that information before a gold colored kobold dodged it's way between the skeleton's legs, making for the sixth person (does a skeleton count as a person?) in the room. Calling this a group of "creatures" was a very delicate way of putting it, Cinder thought. This looked much more like a band of misfits. For the sake of the gods, there were two fire genasi, which stereotypically don't fit in anywhere, a necromancer (dressed rather predictably in mostly black), and evidently a talking otter. To speak nothing of the kobold. The human woman seemed to be relatively normal, so there was that at least.

Cinder was beginning to wonder just how much more ridiculous the situation could get when a familiar, timid voice sounded from the door.

"H- Hello. I think perhaps, that we might share a new friend. I believe we all here for the same noble goal, yes?"

No. No no no no, no. No. If the gods had any mercy in their souls, they wouldn't let it be so. It was just someone who sounded like her, hopefully. Unfortunately for Cinder, when she looked at the new arrival it was discovered to be none other than Valanthe Vanatar- The bane of her existence. Her fake meekness was enough to make the genasi snort in laughter in spite of herself. Their eyes met, and in a split second Val's face changed from a shy smile to what looked like genuine tears of happiness. She flung herself towards Cinder, who backed away but hit a wall before she could escape.

"Cinder! Oh, I'm so glad to see you!" The moon elf woman said, letting out a weary, ragged sob as she buried her face against Cinder's shoulder. The genasi was holding her arms stiffly at her sides, physically cringing at the touch. Shifting to a whisper, Valanthe spoke carefully, "Cinder, I swear to the gods, if you ruin this for me, if you rat me out, I'm going to bury you in your own nightmares."

"Don't threaten me with a good time, Val," Cinder replied, her eyes flickering a little as her temper started creeping up. Her hair as well started to smell distinctly of smoke, and try as she might to stop it, it was starting to catch fire. Valanthe pulled away before it all caught flame. This left Cinder to stand there, still in her awkward, cringing position, shooting daggers at Valanthe, who was somehow maintaining her meek, plastic persona.

Around the time all of this happened, an old man had crept into the room, pipe in hand as he stood behind a warforged that had evidently entered at some point while Cinder was distracted. Damn. She was losing her edge. He puffed on his pipe for a moment, observing the misfits in the room around him, and then came further in to make his presence known to anyone who hadn't already noticed him. He wore a clean gray pinstriped suit, with a matching vest and gold pocket watch hanging down at his side, and large spectacles that made his gray eyes seem too large for his face.

"It seems everyone is here," he said, his voice gruff and a little strained as he sat down on the bed with a huff. "I'm glad to see none of you turned down my offer."

"I'm assuming you're 'A.G.' then?" Cinder asked.

The old man nodded. "Abraham Garrick, at your service. Now I'm sure you all have some questions, and I'll be happy to answer them, but first let me tell you exactly why it is I brought you here. Yes, I want you to stop the crimes that have been going on; I'm very concerned with what has been going on. But more than that, I have a specific person I'd like you to find..."

He paused, looking down to fish in his pocket for some sort of object, and emerged with a picture of an elegant looking woman, perhaps in her late forties or early fifties.

"You see, my wife went missing a few weeks ago. I'm sure it's connected to all that's been going on, since the lawmen can't find anything. They've tried, bless 'em, but there's not so much as a footprint for them to follow. My wife isn't the first person to go missing like this, and she's not the last either. There are a bunch of families in this town that are suffering from loved ones bein' taken. I want you all to put a stop to it, and if possible bring back the folks that have gone missing."

Captain Maria Thorne

"If we live through this, Ansgar, remind me to give you a raise," the captain remarked as she jerked the ship upwards and sideways, trying to break free of the docking clamps which were slowly starting to give way thanks to their new friend firing on them. This rough flying caused a few objects to tumble off shelves, but they didn't exactly have time for elegance and smooth flying at the moment. Their situation was desperate. Maria's only hope was in the little fighter helping them out, but if they lost her, then... Well... They were as good as dead. The captain could hear shots being fired down the hall, no doubt by scumbags invading her ship, trying to steal her cargo. Trying to take her ship. Trying to hurt her crew. She wanted nothing more than to storm out of the engine room and start ripping people's throats out, but she was sure that Teg had it handled. Besides, the Veritas needed a pilot right now more than it did an avenger.

"Veritas, this is the Bygul. I've almost got the docking clamps off, keep doing what you're doing!"

Maria did as she was asked, continuing to try and jerk the Veritas away from the pirates, doing her best to rip it away from the invaders that would butcher and scavenge everything inside. They would definitely lose a bit of hull plating, but Maria was confident they could take it. A hull was no good if they were all dead anyway.


"No, no no. Azra, sweetie you've got it all wrong. See if Gol really wanted to be with you, would he really be running around bars stalking this Naka chick?"... "Yeah well I know you didn't say he was stalking her, but finding out her name, ID chip number, and then proceeding to randomly 'show up' wherever she is definitely sounds like stalking to me."... "Listen, you know I love you, but you gotta stop with all this nonsense. The guy is obviously trash, and if you want my advice I say to drop him like a bad of Gloaian-"

beep beep beep beep

A flashing red light in the cockpit of her small fighter made Persephone stop talking mid sentence, her mouth hanging open as she leaned forward in her seat, squinting at the little red light before flipping her comms back on.

"Yeah, Azra, hold on just a sec will you? I'm getting some sort of alert on the network."

There was a slightly muffled, upset voice coming from the other end of her headset, but Perse ignored it as she tapped on her controls, bringing up the settings and switching her comms over to the universal frequency. Things were a bit staticky at first, and she spent a good three or four minutes tweaking the channels to try and match up with what was going on. Whatever was happening, it was almost out of range.

"This is-....-tas -ux Mea-...-ostile-... sky."

Perse continued to mess with the settings, and also set her ship on auto-pilot in the direction of the transmission, going slowly so that she could get in range but still go without being detected. She kept replaying the message as they drew closer, and eventually after quite a bit of tweaking (and a little bit of hitting the screen), she finally understood everything.

"This is captain Maria Thorne of the cargo vessel Veritas Lux Mea. Please identify yourself immediately or we will be forced to assume you are hostile, and blow you out of the sky.”

The Veritas Lux Mea? The cyborg stared at her screen for a moment, replaying the words over and over again in her head. She'd heard little tales and whispers of the ship. Stories of a mysterious cargo vessel that was secretly running arms for the human rebellion, and had plans for great adventures. Supposedly it was filled with a heroic crew, dashing and bold, and was going to change the fate of the galaxy!... Supposedly. Persephone had her doubts, but it still sounded like fun. After checking her sensors, Perse found that the ship was in trouble from an unmarked vessel- pirates, no doubt -and jumped into action to help.

"Veritas, this is the Bygul. I've almost got the docking clamps off, keep doing what you're doing!" Persephone shouted over the comms, yanking her fighter towards one side as a turret fired at them. She had almost melted the last docking clamp, and if the Veritas could hold on for just a little longer, she'd have them free. During the majority of the battle Persephone had stayed out of it, trying to pinpoint the weak spots on the pirate's vessel before jumping in with her rickety bucket of bolts. Strategy over bravery, right? It seemed to be paying off. Things had been looking pretty grim a few minutes before she showed up, but now they were on the winning side, and if the pirates were smart they'd disengage and get the hell out of dodge before the Veritas got their feet back under them.

Which they did. When the Veritas gave one last pull, the last docking clamp gave way and the two ships were instantly separated, and the pirate ship started to retreat. Through the dust and debris, Persephone could swear she saw a few bodies sucked into space. She prayed none of the Veritas' crew was among them. Hopefully their ship had an automatic airlock and would have sealed it off as soon as the air pressure started dropping, but there was only one way to find out.

"This is the Bygul. How are things?"

Captain Maria Thorne

There were alerts blaring across the screens, angry red lights flashing on multiple different systems, and the ship herself seemed to be groaning from the strain of the battle. There was debris from various large and small explosions littering the floor, and pipes with god knew what kind of substances leaking from them, but the pirate ship was retreating. They had survived.

When the Veritas had finally managed to get free of the enemy ship, there had been a slight problem with the airlock closing, but Maria had quickly fixed it from her end and hopefully got it closed before anyone she liked had been sucked out. But they still weren't quite out of the woods. There were probably some pirates still on board (which Teg and the Judge could take care of), and if nothing else they had a hell of a clean up job waiting for them, and then of course there was their little friend the Bygul.

"This is the Bygul. How are things?" Speak of the devil.

Maria took a deep breath. Now that the biggest battle was over, she was starting to feel her own nerves, and her hands shook as she flipped on the comms to the Bygul. "We're still alive... As far as I know yet. What about you?"

"I'm okay over here, but... I hate to ask this, but my ship got damaged a bit in the fight- not as much as you guys obviously, but still -and if I could come on board to make some repairs, that'd be great."

Maria hesitated. She didn't exactly trust this chick, but she had helped them out, and they probably wouldn't be alive if it weren't for her. On the other hand, letting her on board would put them at risk, and it would give them yet another mouth to feed and another person to patch up. They weren't exactly thriving on resources, but she supposed they could also stock up on them when they got to the glao port. They did kind of owe the Bygul. Although her next problem was getting the cargo and everything stowed away in the cargo bay so that they could actually let her board the ship, which might take a while. Not to mention Maria needed to fix the airlock. They did have a place where she could just clamp onto the Veritas and come aboard, but that wouldn't allow her to make many of the repairs her ship would probably need, so the only other option was for her to bring her fighter into the cargo bay.

"Give us a few minutes to get our bearings over here and I'll see what we can do for you," She replied finally, and without waiting for a reply she opened the ship-wide comms, one of the few systems that was still working. "Attention all hands. The pirate ship is gone, so we're out of danger from them for now. Who isn't dead? Please check in immediately."

She turned and added to Ansgar. "What's broken and what's still working?"

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Also this is the rp Discord server. Joining isn't mandatory, however it's where I'll be posting most of the announcements and whatnot, and would be convenient if you could. Plus, you get to socialize and get to know your fellow players!
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