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Neh’miah He’ron

Location: The Faded Lantern

Neh’miah knew that Vargass was right. He had spotted the wanted poster and noticed that many of the kingsguard were in town today. With all those soldiers looking for him, it would be hard to move around town. Let alone to liberate some coin from some wealthy people. Leaving Guillan certainly seemed the best move for now. The young thief raised his pint of ale and looked around the table to his future companions. ”To fame and fortune!”

It was true, that it was an odd bunch that had gathered around this table. A bunch of weirdo’s crazy enough to go on some wild goose chase to some ancient tomb far away, or at least far away from Neh’miah’s perspective. The thief had never traveled much beyond the walls of Guillan, let alone sailed on a ship. The only time he actually boarded one was to steal something from a merchant.

For a moment the young thief thought about what they could encounter on their journey and that he should prepare accordingly. There might be pirates and others who want to raid the same tomb. Maybe some aggressive animals and not to mention that he had to make it to the ship without the kingsguard noticing him. Neh’miah could better make a list of items that Percy should acquire for him. Quickly the young thief grabbed a piece of parchment and writing gear from his pocket and started to write some stuff down.

Pistol shot
Gun powder
Easy to hide daggers
Leather cloak with hood
Thiefs tools
Hair Dye
Small mirror
Expensive and fashionable clothing usually worn by rich merchants
Merchants hat.

Once Neh’miah was done writing down the list he turned towards lord Vargass’s assistant. ”Percy, please fetch these items for me.”

Neh’miah He’ron

Location: The Faded Lantern

Once more Lord Vargass missed to grasp the brilliance of the self titled master thief Neh’miah Heron. Leaving the harbor is the most easy part of stealing a ship. The difficult part about stealing a ship is that you have to become the legitimate crew first. That way you can sail out of the harbor, way beyond the reach of any city guards or other nasty law enforcing figures and stage a mutiny to seige control of the ship.

Of Course that required that you board the ship with enough crew to operate the vessel, that the crew actually have the right skills to sail, navigate and maintain the ship and that the ship has enough supplies for the trip. If the mutiny was successful, the ship would never reach its destination and the owners would assume that it was lost at sea.

An almost perfect plan from the inflated head of Neh’miah except that scouting out the vessels, assembling the right crew and somehow getting them to replace the existing crew by noon tomorrow was something that could not be done in such a short timeframe.

So Neh’miah decided to go with the proposal of Vargass but quickly changed his mind when Solage spoke that she could do it too. Neh’miah did not put much faith in the words that left the woman’s mouth. It was a gut feeling that she was lying about at least some part of what she was saying yet the young man was entirely unsure what parts were true and what were the lies.

Just as Nora entered the room the young thief turned his attention toward Solange. He believed that it was time that the woman put her money where her mouth was. ””I’ll go with your offer. Even if the price is worse, it still beats getting on Nora’s bad side. You don’t want to know what that vixen does to people that piss her off.” Spoke Neh'miah with a flirtuous smile.

Neh’miah He’ron

Location: The Faded Lantern

”Yes, the one and only. No better thief on this side of the ocean then me.” Spoke Neh’miah joyous. As he looked at Y’vanna while listening to her sarcastic remark ”You’re Y’vanna, the head that consumes more grog than an entire brigg crew on a daily basis, right? Anyway, I don’t have a ship…...yet. We could always steal one” Spoke Neh’miah confidently as if he was stealing ships on a regular basis.

However before the thief could cook up some elaborate scheme to steal a ship, his attention was attracted by the other women at the table. Neh’miah did not know the woman who introduced herself as Solange and yet there was something familiar about how she spoke, her mannerisms and her body language. In a way, it reminded him of his mother.

For a moment Neh’miah followed her movements with a mixture of curiosity and suspicion. There was something off about what this woman said, however the young thief could not entirely pinpoint out what it was. However, Solange was right about one thing. Having Neh’miah on your team is more valuable than the gods.

As Solange traced her finger around the young thief's shoulder, he could not help but to feel that she was playing him. This kind of behaviour Neh’miah had seen many times before. Solange shared the profession of his mother. And yet while knowing this, he still bought kinto her game.

”Oh? Vargas wants to pay for a ship? That could be interesting, depending on what the man, I mean lord of course wants in return for his investment.”

Neh’miah He’ron

Location: The Faded Lantern

It surprised Neh’miah how smooth the scam went. The Baron was still clueless when he left the estate and even the splitting of the loot went without any fuss. His plan was truly a masterpiece crafted by a thief who’s skill and intellect was one in a million, at least in his own mind. The young thief was certainly convinced he had just pulled off the perfect crime.

Laden with his new found coin, it was time to celebrate. It was the festival of the Crescents and the ale should flow like swollen rivers during the autumn rains, or at least as heavily as that fucking rain outside. Quickly Neh’miah pulled the hoodie of his leather coat over his head to protect himself from the downpour that was falling from the sky.

The young man was barely around the corner when a small crowd staring at a wall attracted his attention. Apparently they were all staring at some wanted poster and arguing about what the criminal had pulled off that the king's guard was this busy hanging up posters all over town. Quickly he looked over some men’s shoulders just to see who’s mug was on the piece of paper and much to Neh’miah’s own surprise, he was staring at his own face.

The baron and the sheriff were moving a lot faster than the thief had anticipated. If they were hanging up wanted posters at this hour the streets would be closely monitored by the king's guard. Not that those losers would pose any threat but still, he’d better be careful not to get recognized by those government dogs or law abiding citizens.

Quickly he continued his journey to the Faded lantern. Lord Vargass was a shrewd businessman who certainly realized that too many guards around his place would be bad for business. Neh’miah was certain that the self-entitled lord would have paid off the sheriff to not sniff around too much at his tavern.

Much to the young thief’s relief he did not spot much guards on the Sea-side market square. With only a handful of people and a huge crowd on the streets, Neh’miah deemed it unlikely that the guards would spot him when he undertook his casual stroll towards the Faded Lantern tavern and inn.

As the young thief entered the tavern he could see that the atmosphere was already joyfull. The grog was certainly flowing wildly already and most people were too busy in their conversations and activities to notice the next patreon entering the establishment, not that he feared that someone would alert the guards of his presence. Thieves don’t rat eachother out. It’s bad for your reputation to sell the competition to the law.

As Neh’miah made his way towards the bar he dropped his hoodie while passing some muscular Tork guy warming up near the fireplace. He had never seen the man before so Neh’miah did not give him much attention. After all, it was probably some foreign sailor biding his time before he would depart again.

As the young thief arrived at the bar he noticed that Percy was not on his usual spot. One of the other bar keepers informed Neh’miah that he was upstairs, doing some business with lord Vargass himself. Knowing both men, that usually involved some shady dealings and the prospects of coin.

However when he reached the top of the stairs, a scene that he preferred to stay out of involved in front of his eyes. The self-entitled lord was giving his employee a proper scolding. Apparently poor Percy had given the private table to some drunken sleaze without consulting the boss. However what happened at the table peeked Neh’miah’s interest. The story of an ancient tomb teeming with loot sounded like a good opportunity to gain more coin and boost his reputation. Not to mention that being eighty kilometers away from the sheriff for a while would not be bad either. However the missy seemed clearly out of her league.

”That’s an interesting tale about an ancient tomb you’re telling, it certainly piqued my interest. So please continue your story. If the prospect of loot is good enough I might offer my help and that is far more valuable that what the gods have to offer.” Said Neh’miah with a bit of a smug on his face as it sounded that the lady was navigating uncharted waters and had no clue how to do it.

Neh’miah He’ron

Location: Baron Devalal Astly’s estate, Guillan
Time: Late morning
Interacting with:

It was unusually busy around baron Astly’s estate. The usually quiet courtyards were now bustling with activity. Gardeners were laying the last hand on the elaborate mosaic patterns of flowers while other workers were setting up various tents and other assets on the neatly mowed lawn in front of the baron’s luxurious estate. Everything had to be in perfect order because the festivities of the Crescents were only a few days away.

The celebrations revolving around the second crescent moon of the summer was a tradition among the inhabitants of Guillan. Many would hit the streets and visit the many taverns and inns of the city but not the high and mighty. The Guillan upper class would host their own private parties. The one more grandiose then the other. The wealthy would leave no coin unspent in an attempt to outdo each other. Throwing the most memorable party of the Celebration of the Crescent would uplift anyone’s status to infinity, at least until the next round of parties was due.

Needless to say that such an exorbitant amount of spending has a certain appeal to a certain kind of people. Where the coin rolls in great numbers people with less honorable intentions are bound to show up. That’s why we find Neh’miah Heron under the employment of Baron Devalal Astly.

“My lord, I have found a wine merchant who is capable of supplying 20 barrels of the most exquisite wine in Guillan. He does ask a hefty price but in my honest opinion, I believe it’s worth it. Those barrels were intended for Lord D’arta’s The Crescent banquet. Imagine the humiliation he suffers when he is unable to serve his guests the finest of wines.” Spoke Neh’miah resolute as he made a deep bow as a sign of respect towards the baron.

The young thief was well aware that he had made the baron an offer he could not refuse. Status was everything in the highest echelon of Guillan society and Neh’miah had just offered the baron the opportunity to publicly humiliate one of his rivals. He was sure that Baron Devalal Astly would take the bait.

The old baron had stoically observed the preparations for his feast when Neh’miah approached him. His festivities had to be the best of the city this year. He could not afford to lose again against Lord D’arta. With a inquisitive look he stared at his servant. The young man had only been in his server for slightly less than a month but he had proven his worth on more than one occasion. Where most new servants would act timidly this man showed confidence in his own abilities and was well informed about what was going on in the city. Neh’miah was certainly trustworthy in the eyes of the baron.

As the old man turned his head towards the servant in front of him his stoic look on his face did not disappear. “What is the price?” Asked Baron Astly swiftly.

Neh’miah looked his employer right in the eye. This was the moment he and his compagnon had been working towards for the past two months. Without even flinching his eyes the thief named the price. “He’s asking 18 gold per barrel, my lord.”

The thief knew that this price was outrageous. A barrel of exquisite wine would change hands for slightly more than half that price so close up to the festivities. Something the baron was well aware of and yet, this was the first offer he communicated to the Astly. Throw in some fake haggling and Neh’miah was sure that the baron was willing to pay 12 a barrel just to spite one of his competitors.

Before Baron Astly could respond the thief continued to speak. “It’s an outrageous price, my lord. I am well aware of that. The merchant is playing you against lord D’arta to drive the price up. I’m sure we can negotiate a better price than D’arta can offer. Your estates are far more profitable, my lord. Lord D’arta’s coffers pales in comparison to yours.”

For those who are in the scamming business, it was more than clear what game Neh’miah was playing. He had been working hard to gain the baron’s trust. All in preparation for the grand finale, the sale of 1 barrel of wine and 19 filled with seawater. In order to accomplish that, Neh’miah had made sure that the transaction would have a personal touch for the baron. Feelings of animosity towards a rival would cloud the man’s judgement and make him more eager to close the deal. What the old man didn’t know was that the wine merchant was actually an accomplice of Neh’miah.

The young thief could see Petrov, his accomplice waiting patiently near the gate of the estate. Even though Neh’miah had done such scams numerous times, he could feel his heart pounding. This was the part where it all came down to. It was make or break. That break would be literary if the old baron would catch wind of the scam at this point. Baron Astly had a reputation of fierce retaliation to whomever did wrong to him. Nonetheless, Neh’mian took the risk. For a master thief like him, no risk was too great and no target too dangerous. Or at least, that was what he was telling everybody including himself.

A smile filled his face when Neh’miah approached Petrov. He could see that the man had followed his instructions to the letter and dressed himself up in the most expensive garment that he could lay his hands on. Just like the nobility, merchants tend to flaunt with their wealth as much as possible.

“My lord, allow me to introduce Petrov peroski, wine merchant and sommelier from Bavoria” Spoke Neh’miah even more resolutely as before to mask his nervousness as this was all or nothing. If things would go south here he would be in deep shit, six feet of deep shit to be more precise.

Petrov bowed deeply towards the old baron. “It’s a great honor that such an exalted baron is willing to consider my services, my lord. I’m willing to sell these 20 barrels of exclusive Bavorian Wine for a fair price of 18 gold per barrel.” Spoke Petrov politely.

Baron Astly looked agitated at the merchant in front of him. To the old man it was clear that he tried to get a ludicrous price out of him. Such ways he would not tolerate on his estate. “It is indeed an honor to you that you are allowed to my estate with your wares only to insult me with your outrageous prices! Get out of here right now!” Shouted the baron agitated, as he was clearly a man not to be tempered with.

“My lord, wait. Please keep in mind that these barrels were intended for lord D’arta and allow me to negotiate with the merchant. I have worked at the docks and I am well aware of how these men think. I’m confident that I can get you a fair price for these barrels and a victory over your rival.” Said Neh’miah swiftly when the baron responded in a way he did not anticipate. The young thief had to speak out of turn and go against the judgement of the baron. Something that was extremely uncommon among servants to any highborn or even wealthy merchants.

Baron Astly turned his head towards his servant. First he looked agitated and Neh’miah feared that it was because he went against the high born’s wishes however the old baron’s face quickly changed to a smile. “You certainly are a bold one, mister He’ron. But that is what I like about you. Your audacious nature reminds me of my young days. With your attitude you will do well in life.Go fetch me a good price.”

The baron turned his head towards the merchant and spoke again. “My servant. Mister He’ron will conduct the business. But before he can negotiate prices, we need to check your wares.”

Neh’miah could feel the tension in his body skyrocket as he knew that only 1 of the barrels actually was filled with Bavorian wine. The others contained just seawater. For a moment he exchanged glares with Petrov as he could only hope that he had remembered to place the right barrel in front. He had to keep the charade up at all costs, there was no room to cross the path of the baron here. If he would somehow try to talk Astly out of a preemptive tasking it would surely cast suspicion on himself. With his heart pounding Neh’miah quickly spoke. “My lord, I agree with your judgement. It would be sensible to taste the wine before purchasing it. I do not wish to question mister Petrov’s honor but I have heard of occasions where shady merchants tried to sell poor quality wine as exquisite Bavorian wine. With your reputation at stake, it is certainly wise to rather be safe than sorry.”

The young thief’s eyes followed Petrov’s moves as the man calmly bowed before the baron. He could feel his sweat run beneath his fine clothing as he heard his accomplice acknowledge the high born’s request. Neh’miah’s brain went in overdrive as he contemplated different scenarios. He knew that at this point he could still try to ditch Petrov if the ruse got exposed. Try to convince baron Astly that he had nothing to do with Petrov’s scam and walk out unscaved. Some might consider that a dick move but the only person you could truly trust is yourself after all.

Neh’miah’s head felt like it could explode any second now as watched his accomplice bring out a fine crystal glass and approche the front barrel. With a swift move of his hand, Petrov opened the crane and the young thief could see the purple liquid flow from it into the crystal wine glass. His anxiety flowed away as he watched his master taste the wine with content.

“Aah, nothing tastes like the fine Bavorian wine. One of life's few true delights. Mister He’ron. You have my authorization to negotiate a fair deal.” Spoke Baron Astly resolute as he was delighted in the prospects of putting some rain on Lord D’arta’s festivities.

Neh’miah knew he had reeled in the big fish. He and his accomplice quickly went into their act of bantering about the price. Neh’miah and Petrov had practised this routine numerous and after 15 minutes of acting out a fake negotiation, both men finally settled on the price of 11 gold per barrel. The price was above market value but Baron Astly was willing to pay that none the less because he believed that he was setting a competitor back in his place.

With the deal done, the baron paid Petrov 2200 gold for what he assumed was 20 barrels of fine Bavorian wine. Neh’miah had to keep his smile in check as he realized that he had just made the biggest score out of his thieving career so far. A huge sum of money fitting for a master thief like himself. But as far as his own imagination goes, this was just the beginning.

Neh’miah brought the barrels to the wine cellar of the estate. There they would remain untouched for the coming few days. More than enough time to slip away before the scam gets noticed. The only thing left to do now was to meet up with Petrov this afternoon in the Faded Lantern and split the loot. What could possibly go wrong at this point?

Name:Neh’miah He’ron
Level: 1
Class: Common thief
Currency: 1G, 27bits
Ammunition: none
Armor: None

Vitality: 10
Status: Wanted

Name:Neh’miah He’ron
Level: 1
Class: Common thief
Currency: 1G, 27bits
Ammunition: none
Armor: None

Vitality: 10
Status: -

Location: Alexei’s
Time: 5pm
Interacting with: @13orgYlva @Pink KhioneVivian @Crusader LordValya @HeloElias
Mention: @TaeSorrel

“Yup, born and raised in the big apple. Once a New Yorker, always a New Yorker. Nothing I can change about that. Just let me know when I’m going mad on the New York slang, ok? ” Joked Finn as he was sort of relieved that the girl didn’t use the D word for describing a city wolf. The young wolf still remembered the day that he was forced to come by his father to come to some diplomatic negotiations with some pack that lived in the Morgan Hill State Forest. One of the other wolves called him a dog for being a city wolf and things went ugly really fast.

Finn turned his attention towards the classy wolf lady as she commented on him being a little hero. “Hey, not cool sis! I’m at least an average sized hero. At least to American standards. But you have a good point. I should definitely open the door next time before I throw someone through it.” Teased Finn light heartedly. “Not so sure abou the hero part though. I just happened to be there when things went crazy. I just fought for my survival. I guess I’m pretty good at that”

Finn relaxed a bit when fedoraman called him a good dude.The man definitely knew that he was a werewolf yet it did not look like he had any interest in hunting him. That sure was a relief. Much to the young wolf’s surprise he even offered him a job after his little joke about being good at showing people the door. Pretty strange for a human to offer a werewolf a job. Maybe the man was concerned about the vampire attack in town. It certainly was an extremely bold assault. Doing stuff in such a way in New York would get vampires in all sorts of trouble.

For a moment he thought about the offer. He never had considered taking a job but his situation had changed so much in the past few days. It would probably be a good thing to take it just to get some form of income so that he does not have to freeload on Sorrel too much. The no fights part would be a challenge though. ” Uuh, sure. I can do that. I do need the guap, uh money i mean. I’m 19 by the way so the age part should be fine. Can’t really show my ID at the moment but I’ll get a new one as soon as I have money. I’ll definitely hop by tomorrow. I’m Finn, Finn Cooper.”

Location: Alexei’s
Time: 5pm
Interacting with: @13orgYlva @Pink KhioneVivian @Crusader LordValya
Mention: @HeloElias

“Me? Young? I roamed the earth for 19 years already. I’m practically an adult” Spoke Finn harshly as he playfully pretended to be deeply insulted by being called young. Of Course she was not mentioning his age, Finn was sure that she was referring to his time being a werewolf. Well, he’s a pureblood afterall. So practically an edgelord furry since day one. “I’m Finn. Lived in New York City pretty much my whole life. Except for the last two days, I’m sort of living in Ember Grove now.”

Finn turned his attention towards the classy wolf lady. It was rather peculiar that 3 werewolves from far away somehow had gathered in the same bar at the same time in this small, unknown American town. For a moment he wondered what brought them here. Both were clearly not from the US and seemed to be here alone. Didn’t they have packs? Or where they send ahead to scout or something? Questions, questions, questions. The only way to get answers was to get to know them.

“I’m not really a drinker, it tends to get my bad side out. So fistfight is going to be my pick!” Yelled Finn with excitement as he raised his fist in the air. He had hardly spoken those words or the female bartender demanded his attention. It looked like she was unable to reach Volvango. That was bad, really bad. For a moment Finn looked at the door. Contemplating if he should take a dash. Just the thought about doing the dishes or worse, cleaning toilets in a shitty ass bar made him want to run. However a familiar scent made the young wolf change his mind.

Finn had seen the man who just entered and started to work before. At Alexander Drake’s art expo to be precise. It was fedora man the hunter. If that hunter worked at this bar, what does that say about the female bartender? It was fun and games up until now but if this bar was some secret hangout of a hunter club, things could get messy real fast. Getting shot at with silver bullets was not an activity that the young wolf enjoyed.

With an inquisitive look he stared at the female bartender, trying to work out she’s a hunter too. The girl didn’t look well trained, nor could Finn see any trace of concealed weapons. It was hard to imagine her as a hunter. Maybe working in a bar was nothing more fedora man’s regular day job or something. Nonetheless, it would be safer to have a job closer to the door.

Finn relaxed a bit and put up a smile. “I’m afraid that I’m rather under qualified to work as a janitor or dishwasher. I can’t remember the last time I did the dishes that I didn’t break a single glass, probably because me not braking anything hasn’t happened before. However I do believe that I make an excellent bouncer. I am exceptionally good at showing people the door”

Location: Alexei’s
Time: 5pm
Interacting with: @13orgYlva @Pink KhioneVivian
Mention: @Ithradine Volvango @Crusader LordValya

Finn looked as Vivian picked up the phone and rang Volvango. The young wolf seriously hoped that he was willing to cover for him. Better be in debt then forced to do the dishes to cover the expenses. But then again, arranging a new girl for Volvango to chase should be more than enough reward to get even with him.

He turned his attention again towards the laughing woman in front of him. She clearly liked his joke about beating up her boyfriend. “Ooh, I guess i’m lucky then. You look way tougher than Steven Steroid over there. Anyway, I hope for him he’s better with the ladies than at fighting. Otherwise he might die a virgin.”

Finn watched how the girl in front of her tapped her nose twice. The young wolf wasn’t really sure about what she ment with that gesture. “I don’t do cocaine, that just gets me into trouble with the USADA.” Joked Finn as he was still kindo oblivious to what she meant. It was only then that he realized that she might be implying that he should use his nose.

Finn started to smile as he picked up the familiar scent. If he had been paying attention he should have picked it up miles away but as usual his mind was preoccupied with other stuff. Mostly punching some dude and cracking jokes. “I feel so stupid now.” Admitted Finn as he scratched the back of his head. “Anyway, I’m Finn. You’re not from around here, are you? You’ve got a funny accent. I bet you’re from somewhere in Europe. Russia maybe? Germany? Or somet country in between.”

Before Finn could continue to talk he noticed the scent of a different werewolf in the place. It was the well dressed woman who took a seat next to the heavy metal girl. Her appearance peeked Finn’s curiosity. The young wolf could not help to wonder what business such an elegant lady would have in such a shabby place. Was she some kind of local alpha or something? Apparently not, judging from her remarks about always traveling. “So, uhm where are you from?”

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