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Sorry for my absense this week. There are some reallife matters that have been soaking up my time and energy this week and will continue to do so in the forseeable future. However right now I am working on a post that I hope to get up this weekend.
I can write an amusing post about Anxi's date, maybe a line on a nearly new graviton core Gratis or at least scrap weight cost?

Yes you can :)
I'm having trouble with my laptop while being on a trip to Germany. I will return home on monday. My next post will come after the weekend.
<Snipped quote by Milkman>

Had a busy few days, so I didnt manage to get the pist I mwant to get out. But realistically it would've just been a recount of Luck doing stock chores.

Despite that, I would appreciate some kind of NPC interaction about Luck's 'contact' for selling the splinter. Maybe when they meet with the Fat Pig he gets pulled aside for a moment? And then maybe when they do the deal something goes awry? Just an idea though.

Great, I'll make it happen :)
Is anyone going to post or should I progress things?
No problem. That sometimes happens :)

Kaito sighed at the sight of the charging brutish Northlander. That guy seemed to survive pretty much everything. It was getting pretty annoying. However, the fox was a long way from running out of tricks. Once more he tapped into his magic and conjured an illusionary large metal bucket around Ragnar's head, blocking all the vision the man had. To top it all off, an equally illusionary hammer started to bang against the bucket like there is no tomorrow. Creating a cacophony of sound. It sure would not kill the brute but it might distract him long enough for Chonan and Veronica to get some strikes in.

”He’s all yours” shouted Kaito as he dashed around the Northlander in pursuit of the wizard.
To clarify where are we now? Still orbital or have we landed?

We have landed.
Evren noticed how Anxi giggled. He could not help it but found the little red panda had an attractive smile. However as captain, engaging in personal relationships with those who work under you was a no go. Or least rules against fraternization were something that was continually drilled into the fox at the Omnicore academy as such actions undermined unit cohesion, discipline and lead to commanding officers showing favoritism towards underlings. However he wasn’t in Omnicore anymore and wasn’t sure if such rules should still apply to his ship. This wasn’t Omnicore and he would make damn sure that it would never turn into anything like them.

Evren repressed such thoughts to the back of his mind as Karma had questions about the panel. The Orangutang looked rather startled by his suggestion to install the diagnostic panel before they would depart again. ”It’s an original one. As new as you can get these days. It belonged to the spareparts stock of a small shipping company that went bankrupt last year. They flew a small fleet of Constellions, mostly between the Frontier and the Rim but lost business to more efficient ships. Most was already sold but there was not much interest in the diagnostic panel. I guess those things will just keep working until you put a few bullets in them.”

For a moment he looked closely at Karma, wondering what part of the request had startled her. ”You think there isn’t enough time to replace it before we depart? Would extra hands help? Perhaps Njal can help out. Considering the size and weight of that thing his strength might come in handy.”

The fox took a bite of the food and noticed it was pretty tasty, not that his standards in food were particularly high. Anything that tasted better as his own cooking or field rations would get an easy pass. Luck’s cooking was more than sufficient. However the droid also mentioned that his scheduled maintenance was coming up again. And with other required repairs and maintenance. Karma already had a lot on her plate.”Hmm, perhaps doing the panel before departure is a bit much. Can we do it when flying, Karma?”

Annoying, the big guy managed to dodge his attack in the nick of time. O well, the others seem to have more success. As the battle raged on it became clear that the magic enhancements of Ragnar seemed to fade out. Kaito’s involvement was no longer needed as Yvonne, Chounan and Veronica were perfectly capable of handling the big warrior on their own.

For a moment the fox wondered what he should do. The big warrior was getting pummeled by his companions and the other enemies were hiding behind some sort of magic barrier while the big bad evil wizard was cooking up his next trick. And his next trick was certainly a fucking pain in the ass.

”Acid fog? What a drag.” sighed Kaito as he jumped over the table to help Jazdia drag the orc towards the door on their side. ”We need to get out of here asap, but you already noticed that” The kitsune watched as Yvonne and Cedar frantically tried to brute force their way through the door. From his peripheral vision he noticed how the elf drew her bow only to have the bear stand in the path of her arrow.

With the acid fog creeping closer. Shouting and breathing became hazerdours, even for a centuries old mythical creature. Quickly Kaito grabbed the nearest plate and threw it at the bear to get Cedar’s attention, while waving to him to get out of the way.

Looking behind the fox realized that they would be very vulnerable to the crossbowmen once their barrier would come down. If they weren’t through the door by then. They would all be turned into pin cushions. Quickly he dropped the illusionary fake walls he had created and created a new illusionary wall right in the middle of the room. It would not block any arrows but at least it would block the vision of those damn crossbowmen. With a bit of luck, this would buy them enough time to get through the door.
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