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Location: Road 68
Time: Past dusk
Interacting with:

Finn looked delighted as he watched Kyran bring him his pot roast. The young wolf didn’t had high expectations of the food in this bar but it sure smelled better then he had expected. Not to mention that the serving of meat was extra-large. After driving for more then 14 hours any meal would feel like a treat but this pot roast was beyond his wildest expectations.

As Finn gobbled it down in a fast pace he talked a bit to the owner of this joint about renting a room. That Viktor dude was a bit gloomy but at least the rooms where cheap. The wolf accepted the keys as he paid the bill and started to move his few belongings to what would be his new home for a while. Finn had left New York to search for his brother but the truth was that this wasn’t really a trip he could return home from.

His father was a stoic man and leader of the pack. He leads by example and strict regulations. Not leaving the pack’s territory without permission was one of them. If you do that, you’re not only leaving the territory but also leaving the pack. A one way trip Finn’s brother undertook a year ago. And now the young wolf was following in his elder brothers footsteps. Some might find it unlikely that wolfs leave their pack but some bonds go deeper then loyalty to an alpha. Some connections simply cannot be severed.

With his belly full of meat and his place for the night arranged Finn felt reenergized. He could as well start his search for his elder brother right now. He quickly asked for directions towards the university and walked towards his car. He could not help to notice the tick woods at the outskirts of Ember Grove. His ancestors had probably hunted in such forests, but Finn never had. He had lived all his live in New York City and he and his family just would go grocery shopping for their daily portions of protein. For a moment he wondered if there would life any werewolves in such forest but then he heard it. A faint howl in the distance. It could be his brother!

Finn crossed the stream at road 69 and started to move eastward along the river and soon took the right turn onto road 68. For a moment the young wolf stopped as he listened for more howls but there was only an aery silence along this dark forest road. Non the less the young man decided that he would continue his wild goose chase into the unknown. With a distant howl as the only clue to go on.

As Finn made his way deeper into the forest he could see the headlights of a car coming his way. Judging by the speed, they where in a hurry. As the car passed him the scent of blood filled his nose for a short moment. Something bloody has happened further up the road and maybe it involved his brother. His brother Mike could be in trouble.

Finn picked up his pace and started to run further and further away from the town. His eyes glowed yellow as he accessed his inner wolves powers as tried to get a scent on anything out of the ordinary. Then he noticed it, a man in the distance. “Shit! He could have seen my eyes ”

Location: Alexie’s
Time: Past dusk
Interacting with: @Rodiak Kyran Wright @katthaj Viktor Rokstova

A bar that also rented out rooms? Shouldn’t they rebrand as a hotel? Not that it really mattered to Finn. Alexie’s was a weird place but at least it offered what he needed for the moment. Food and a place to sleep. The wolf smiled at Kyran as he took his order. Finn could not help to notice that the black haired bartender check him out. By the look on his face he liked what he saw. With his black hair, tanned skin color and brown eyes Kyran looked kind of mysterious. For the moment Finn wondered if this man was even born in the US. Then the young wolf spoke. “I’ll just call you Kyran. I think it suits you better. ”

As Finn waited for his food, he turned to the other male behind the bar. The long black haired dude that should be Viktor. He looked a bit younger then his co-worker but a lot more edgy. Was this Viktor guy truly the owner of this joint? And if he was, was it because of him that they somehow knew of his animalistic side? Finn gave him a friendly smile and waved “Hey, you’re Viktor right? I heard from Kyran that you’re renting out rooms. I could use one for now. I’m not sure yet how long I’m going to stay in this town”

Finn hadn’t seen much of this town yet but the idea of staying here for a long time made him feel uncomfortable. Maybe it was this bar because everything looked too normal except for his menu card. It just felt like a giant masquerade where everyone hides his true identity. The wolf could not really come op with any reason of why his brother would pick to move to this town out of all of the places you could move to in the US. It just didn’t make sense to Finn. Maybe the bar owner could shed some light on this rather mysterious town. Just as the blond haired new guy was about to ask some info about the town he realized that he hasn’t introduced himself yet. I’m Finn, Finn Cooper. You probably need that if I want to rent a room, right?” He paused a bit before he continued. I’m kind of new in town, can you tell me anything about Ember Grove? I bet this town has a lot of interesting stories that you would not find in a tourist guide.” Asked Finn with a smile. He just hoped that Viktor could give him some kind of clue on what was going on in this town.

Location: Alexie’s
Time: Dusk
Interacting with: @Tae Rose Leblanc, @Rodiak Kyran Wright

Finn offered his wristband to Rose so she could scan it. At first the young wolf just thought it was just to identify those who haven’t had reached the legal drinking age yet but there was some more about that wristband. Now that the pink haired bartender scanned it, Finn noticed that everyone in the bar had one. Finn wasn’t sure what to think about the wristband. Maybe It was some technological innovation to speed up the paying process but he had never seen it before in the big apple.

Finn gave Rose a friendly smile and thanked her for bringer his drink and the menu card. “Sure, I’ll let Kyran know what I want to eat. Have a good night” With just one glance at the menu card Finn noticed that there where only meat dishes on it. Something that was odd. Didn’t every joint have at least one vegetarian dish? And why was there a lack of side dishes? The wolf looked around to see if any other patron’s where having anything to eat but those who here did not have large piles of meat on their plate. If Finn didn’t know better he would say this menu card was catered to werewolves. But that would be impossible.

That pink haired bartender just looked normal. There was no way in hell that she could have noticed that Finn was something more then just a regular human. If she would have been a wolf like him, he would have smelled her and she didn’t smell of wet dog so that was out of the question. She wasn’t a vampire either, their odor is like death herself. Maybe she was a witch? But then she should smell like all the herbs and spices they use to brew potions, right? Not that Finn would know how a witch smelled, he never met a witch. Most of them died during the war in new York 7 years ago. The more the wolf thought about the subject, the more uncomfortable he started to feel in this strange bar. Things looked and smelled just too normal in here.

It was the growling of his stomach that shifted his attention back to the menu card. Getting a good bite simply had a higher priority at this point and all those meat dishes looked delicious on paper. It was hard to choose between grilled steaks, mountains of sausages and other dishes. Finn decided to go with the lady’s advice and waved at the man who was introduced as Kyran. “Hi, you’re Kyran right? I would like to order the pot roast. I heard it was good.” He paused a bit and realized that if this card was exclusively for werewolves, everyone in the room would probably know what he was as soon as his order was delivered. But that would be problems for tomorrow. First diner and then sleep.

The sleep part would be rather problematic. With his cellphone dead and no contact with his brother the young wolf didn't had many options for spending the night. He had no clue if there would be any cheap hotel in town and let alone where to find it. Finn looked once more to Kyran and asked “I need a place to crash for the night, is there anything in this town you can recommend?”

I'm out of town to celebrate christmas. I'll be posting ic again once i return.

Location: Alexie’s
Time: Dusk
Interacting with: @Tae Rose Leblanc, @Kkushmar Kade Wilson

From behind the wheel Finn watched how the sun was slowly setting in the distance. The young werewolf had been driving for at least 14 hours. Or was it more, Finn couldn’t really remember. It didn’t really matter because his destination should be less then an hour away now. All that mattered to him was that he would get as quickly to Ember Grove as possible. Finn pushed on the gas some more driving down the mostly empty highway. Hoping that he would not run into some country side cop eager for some writing out speeding ticket action.

Most people would consider it crazy and irresponsible to drive all the way from New York City to some little town in South Carolina in pretty much one go but for Finn it was about live and death. The live and possible death of his elder brother Mike to be more precise. Finn’s brother meant everything to him and not being able to contact him worried Finn to the point that he had given up on his pack, his training schedule and his parents wishes. Mike had always been looking out for the younger brother and now it was his turn.

Finn’s tired eyes scanned the road ahead for the next sign. His cellphone had given up a long time ago and the young man had to navigate himself. Luckily the exit to Ember Grove was there and Finn founded himself driving down Clover Street. He desperately tried to remember which way it was to the university’s campus but his brain was already shutting down from the long drive. At the first intersection Finn steered his car left but soon noticed the sea and realized he must have taken a wrong turn. ”Damnit! Where is that stupid campus.” Said Finn angerly as he punched the ceiling of his car out of frustration.

The young wolf wanted to continue his search but was stopped by the growling of his stomach. He quickly parked his car on the one remaining free stop near some bar and put on his hoodie. He walked down towards the entrance and noticed the name Alexie’s’. ”I guess this is where those college kids hang around. I hope they serve meat” Murmured Finn as he opened the door and walked inside. He paused a bit at the door and scanned around just to see if his brother was here. But the wolf recognized no faces. Everyone was a stranger.
Finn walked towards the bar while he take off his jacket. Revealing his T-shirt with his gym’s logo (Wolfe Gym. N.Y.C) on it. Tired from the long drive he positioned himself next to some black haired man who was clearly a little bit drunk and look liked he wanted to pay his tab. Finn gave this man a friendly smile before waving to the pink haired lady behind the bar ”Hi, can I order food here? Pretty much anything will do. I’m starving. And a coke please ” Said Finn with a friendly yet tired face.

<Snipped quote by Milkman>

Eyy another character from new York. My hunter is from New York as well :P

His pic looks like he'd be pretty skinny haha

If your hunter from New York then he might be aware of Finn's existance. If he's into martial arts that is. Then he might have seen him fight once or twice but I'll leave that up to you ^^
<Snipped quote by Milkman>

Hey sooooo... weird question. Would you mind if I make Mike or are you thinking of creating him yourself? Im probably gonna make my Hunter an NPC since I don't think I like that style of RP when I think it through and that opens up a spot in my roster.

Never really thought about that option :D
The idea in my head was that he has dissapeared in Ember Grove and his younger brother came looking for him. i've not entirely set my mind on what has happened to him. proberbly abducted by a group of hunters or something along those lines. But if you have an idea feel free to work it out and then we can have a look at it and see what kind of stories we can come up with :)
<Snipped quote by Milkman>

I don’t know how many wolves we can get to join it and it is a bit similar to the pack that’s there with the whole finding lost wolves thing but I can see how it could be different since it’s a gang and he’s more self centered. If you can elaborate and make it maybe more radical or differentiate it I’d be willing possibly, but it would be more preferable to join Vagus Lupi. Can you give some more details ?

I get your point. I'm struggling a bit with making it both diffientiate enough while keeping it attractive for other players. Vagus Lupi is pretty broadly defined as far as its goals go and based on the character sheets I have my doubts that other wolf players might be interested in something more radical (think of a hyper aggressive organisation or werewolf supremacists). I feel that the gang type struggles with diffirentiation to much. In essence it with be similair with the addition of selling drugs and harrasing the local shop owners out of their earnings. So I just going to listen to your advice and make a character that is capable of joing Vagus Lupi.

<Snipped quote by Milkman>

I don’t know how many wolves we can get to join it and it is a bit similar to the pack that’s there with the whole finding lost wolves thing but I can see how it could be different since it’s a gang and he’s more self centered. If you can elaborate and make it maybe more radical or differentiate it I’d be willing possibly, but it would be more preferable to join Vagus Lupi. Can you give some more details ?

I'll be working it out and then I'll post it here :)
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