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Neh’miah He’ron

Location: The Faded Lantern

For a brief moment Neh’miah stared at Skarsat before he realized what was going on. Skarsats words were enough and the rather nervous Percival were just icing on the cake. A great oppertunity had just presented itself.

“so, my buddy Gerranti is in the tavern? That is excellent. That means he’s not out on the street.” Spoke Neh’miah as a rather mischievous smile came around his face.

The young thief was remarkably quick with getting dressed for someone who had just woken up from his drunken slumber and he was also in surprisingly high spirits considering his hangover from last night and the severity of the situation. Maybe it was the adrenaline of getting chased on Neh’miah just enjoyed the danger. But one thing he was certain of, the young thief was going to enjoy getting away from right under Gerranti’s nose.

Quickly Neh’miah grabbed his belongings and made his way to the window. He scanned the allyway for any guards. Apart from the far left the ally was clear. “So down there is the warehouse?” Spoke Neh’miah as he grabbed the key from Percival. “This is going to be a piece of cake” said Neh’miah as he opened the window softly.

Once more he looked around to see if any guards were near or were looking into his direction. When the young thief noticed that the coast was clear, he quickly climbed out of the window and made his way to the ground unnoticed.
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Roaring Thunder

“O boy” chuckled Thunder as he observed the interaction between Cinder and the Elf. Those girls sure have a dynamic going on between them. Their history would certainly be good stories for around a campfire. However at the same time such women tend to be trouble. Better follow the age old advice of don’t stick your dick in crazy. Judging from how Rain was staring at the elf, Thunder could only hope that his younger brother would follow the same advice as well.

“I knew it. The blacksmith, so that’s where I recognized you from.” Responded Thunder in Orcish with a big smile/ The words were pronounced right but it still sounded like a Tabaxi speaking Orcish as it is really hard for non-orcs to get that deep, hard guttural sound.

The truth was that the party seemed rather small to handle the amount of cattle they had to transport. Most of the others in this room looked like they had no experience with animals at all. Not that Thunder was that great with animals. From all his parents' children, it was he that had the least affinity with animals and farm life.

The eldest brother had always looked from a different perspective at animals then his father or siblings. He would come up with ideas that no one really thought about. Like that one day that he launched an experiment to see if you could season chickens while they were still alive by feeding them corn mixed with hot pepper.

Most of the people gathered here looked more like a protection detail than cattle herders. Thunder could not help to wonder what Mr Garrick had to say. Luckily for Tabaxi he did not have to wait for long before the old man himself entered the study and started talking.

Rokkit the Orc was quickly to fire his barrage of questions and Thunder listened intensely to what the old man had to say when answering the Orc’s questions. The thing that the Tabaxi immediately noticed were the details that Garrick wasn’t talking about. He simply refrained to his competitors, bandits and mercenaries for dangers on the road, somewhat pretending that he did not know from whom the threat would come. But in reality. Alle filthy ass rich people know each other. They don’t let an opportunity go to waste to wag their dicks around showing how big they are. Thunder was pretty sure that Garrick knew very well where the threats were coming from.

As the Thiefling was asking about the trail conditions Thunder realised that there was just truly one way through the desert and everyone with a bit of knowledge of the area and more than one brain cell could make a good educated guess about where the caravan would be on what point in time as long as they know when they had left mr Garricks estate.. This job started to sound more dangerous by the minute. Quickly Thunder glanced at his younger brother. The kid probably had not much of a clue of the dangers that they would certainly face on this job.

For a moment the eldest Tabaxi thought about if he had any questions for Garrick. So far the first things on his mind had already been covered, then he remembered stories about how Hippogriffs tend to rather have bad moods making them difficult to handle.

“Want me to cook something up for the hippogriffs? Heard that those beasts tend to have terrible moods making them a pain in the ass to handle. I can definitely think about a few ways to make them more docile. However some of them could have some side effects. Like, if they have been on potion for a month, they might have even worse moods for a week or so when they don’t get any anymore. I guess which one depends on how much you value your client. Anyway, I can cook something up for you as well mister goliath. Something that temporarily helps you fit under doors and makes you fit at the table for dinner. Sounds good, right?”

Thunder paused a bit to think. If there were some more questions he’d want to ask but first he wanted a refreshment.

“O, I’ll like a shot of whiskey, make that a double one and dinner sounds great too. Nothing beats good food in ones belly.”

Roaring Thunder

Thunder had been sitting next to his younger brother Rain on the cart for a while as they traveled together towards the estate of Abraham Garrick. The truth was that the alchemist didn’t like it at all that his younger brother was tagging along. Not that he disliked Rain, it was quite the contrary. His younger sibling was actually one of the family members Thunder gets along with the best. It was the job and employer that concerned him the most. Mister Garrick had a reputation. People in town were talking about him and not always in a positive way. Lots of it was probably pure gossip and urban legends but if some it were true, this drive might actually be a dangerous endeavor. The ludicrous amount of money that was offered did not help to ease Thunder’s worries. That fact was that it did the opposite. No one in their right mind would offer 15 thousand gold coins to a farmhand in order to transport some animals to a different city. If it wasn’t for the desperate situation Thunder had put his family into, he would have let this opportunity pass.

The truth was that Thunder had actually tried to convince their father to not let Rain go. But of course that talk quickly went from a heated argument to a big fight. The family was in this mess because of him and letting Rain join would be the quickest, maybe even the only way out. There was no other way around it. They both had to go. All the dangers that Rain would get exposed to, all the hardships and pain his younger brother would suffer on this journey were because of Thunder. And it was just as his father yelled at the Alchemist; “Bringing Rain back home safe and sound is your responsibility!”

As they continued their trip towards the estate all Thunder hoped for was that Rain did not notice the fight he had with dad from last night. Luckily his younger brother never brought the subject up. In fact, he asked what he knew about mister Garrick.

“O boy, Abraham Garrick. Well, the dude’s pretty infamous. Lots of people in the saloons share all kinds of stories. I think it was drunken Joe who once told people that Garrick ate babies for breakfast. I think there even was some guy that claimed that he decorated his house with Tabaxi pelts. So better watch out when we enter the estate. Nah, that one is probably not true. I know one thing for sure and that’s that the guy is filthy ass rich and into all kinds of magical creatures. Wait.. those are actually two things.”

Spoke Thunder while knowing all too well that his younger brother wasn’t the talkative person. He would probably get a little bit annoyed by all the crap that was coming out of Thunder’s mouth but as long as the conversation didn’t go into the direction of his complicated relationship with dad and the unspoken bits about their family’s financial perils Thunder didn’t mind.

As both Tabaxi brothers entered the gate of Garrick’s estate they were approached by some half elf butler. Thunder had a few butlers in his life. All the higher ups in the mining company he used to work for dragged along servants wherever they go and they all tend to be as stuck up as their bosses. As the butler inquired about their business Thunder could not help but notice the man’s condescending look in his eyes. He probably thought that they both were some kind of beggars or something.

“Yes, sir SERVANT” Thunder paused a bit to make sure to make the emphasis on the servant's part even greater before he continued to speak. “How about you go do your job and inform mister Garrick that his guests have arrived.” Spoke Thunder firmly as he pulled out both his brother’s and his own invitation. The Tabaxi knew from experience that butlers and servants had certain behavioral standards to meet and staying out of petty arguments and shouting matches was one of them and he quickly led both men to the front door.

As some young lad took the cart and Delaila to the stables Thunder quickly shouted “Don’t touch my stuff otherwise you turn the estate into a smoking crater.!” Of Course it was an exaggeration but still, most of Thunder’s alchemy supplies were lying in that cart. If someone without any knowledge would mess around with the various chemicals it could produce dangerous results.

Thunder looked at his little brother as he moved through the house. The contrast between the extravagant wealth of Mr Garrick and the son of the impoverished local farmer could not be greater. It was actually a pretty sad scene as it was more than obvious how out of place Rain was feeling. A feeling that Thunder had known all too well when he stepped into the university for the first time. It felt like being alone in an alien world with all creatures just staring down at you. He quickly gave his brother a pat on the back and whispered in his ear;

“Don’t let all this wealth get to your head. Behind it sits just some douchebag who can’t even take a dump without some butler wiping their ass. All they do all day is bark commands and push money around. But without their money, they are nothing. Give them a farm to take care of and they would die of starvation in a week.”

Thunder hoped that his comments made his little brother relax a bit. It was bad enough to be nervous but even worse to show your insecurity in these kinds of situations. Many people love to take advantage of it.

As the butler opened the door he noticed that there were other people in the room already. None of them seemed to fit the descriptions that people gave of Abraham Garrick. Maybe these people received an invitation too?

What surprised the older Tabaxi the most was the diversity of the group. One of them was a tiefling, a sort of humanoid that you don’t come across much in this part of the world. Most people’s experience with tieflings was based on hearsay. Stories that people told about devilspawn doing evil stuff. Thunder had met one during his time at the mining company and learned that tieflings were just people, like everyone else.

The other seemed to look like an elf but yet she was clearly not. Her hair looked like fire and the tone of her skin was way darker than any elf he had ever encountered. It took him a second to remember the teachings about various magical creatures from different planes of existence. One of these stories was about the Efreeti. Creatures from the plane of fire who sometimes travel to the material world to do whatever they please, including knocking up women. Could she be a child of the plane of fire?

And the third one was clearly an orc. Big, hulking and green. Not to mention clad in armor. And yet this orc looked vaguely familiar. As if he had seen him before. Maybe he was an orc living in Forsaken. Who knows. The one thing that was clear was that these three strangers all looked like hired guns. All the more reason for poor Rain to feel even more out of place. Hopefully they weren’t biting off more than they could chew.
“Howdy fellas, it seems to me that Mr Garrick is forming one hell of a party here. I guess you all are here on his invitation as well? The name is Thunder by the way and this here is my little brother Rain. You have a familiar face, Mr Orc, you’re local? Like from Forsaken?” Spoke Thunder as he found himself a seat. “Rain, go sit down as well, better get comfortable while we wait for the man himself to show up.”

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In Forsaken 2 mos ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
@Arty Fox and I are working on Tabaxi siblings. Communication through pm is a bit slow but i think thursday or friday is plent of time to finish our characters
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<Snipped quote by Milkman>

Our characters will either be best of friends or at each others throats a d there will be no in between

We could create some shared history. Maybe they could be family or something.
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I really love the questionaire part. Its a joy to fill it in as a character :D

My general idea is a Tabaxi alchemist who has a bad case of ADHD and loves to blow stuff up. He does not have any magical abilities but extensive knowledge of the various chemical elements and he can combine them to create potions, bombs and other chemical agents. His potions sometimes have weird, rather harmless but intentional side effects.
Is there room for one more?
<Snipped quote by Archangel89>

Tempting :)

Neh’miah He’ron

Location: The Faded Lantern

Neh’miah found himself sitting on a throne on top of a mountain formed out of gold coins while rivers of wine seemed to flow out of the endless sky. Before him lay the endless green meadows filled with scantily dressed women chanting his name as the greatest thief that ever lived. Ofcourse dreams that are too good to be true lead to rude awakenings.

The sound of a heavy fist knocking on a door suddenly filled the pleasant imagery that was captivating the young thiefs mind. For a moment he was looking around for a door only to realize that it was a sound from beyond his drunken slumber. Slowly Neh’miah opened his eyes only to realize that he was back in the real world. A rather modest sleeping accommodation known as the Faded Lantern.

As he pulled himself out of the bed the room spinned around him. Clearly the wine from last night hasn’t left his system yet. Quickly he reached for the bucked in the corner of his room to empty what little contents his stomach still holded after a night of heavy drinking before making his way to the door barely dressed.

As the young thief reached for the doorknob he spoke a little agitated “What’s the ruckus this early in the morning” before staring at the rather large Tork chest at the other side of the door. As his eyes went up Neh’miah realized that Skarsat was standing there and he was supposed to wake up early.
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