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I'm sort of interested. Could you tell me a bit more about the setting? Does this roleplay play out during a certain time period like the 60s or just modern times?
Sounds interesting :)

Location: Ember Grove University - Art Exposition
Time: Night
Interacting with: @teaSorrel @IthradineVolvango

Finn watched as the female wolf tore apart the other vampire. Her words echoed through his mind. ‘Also I could not stand by and watch innocents get hammered’. Did she fight to protect the humans? The creatures that tend to see them as monsters that need to be put down? How innocent could you be if your kind created organisations like operation humanity and the holy saviors. An odd sense of morality for a werewolf but at the same time her words made the young wolf wonder about why he fought.

To protect the innocent? He himself could not really be described as being innocent. Finn had beaten up people in the street. People he didn’t know, people who had not wronged him. People he had never seen before that just happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. There was no real reason to do it. Maybe he was bored or frustrated, maybe it made him feel more alive. Some sort of adrenaline addiction that fueled his desire for violence. As if he could only value life when he was staring death right in the eyes.

Just as the last vampire bited the dust another wolf barged through the door. Big, wild and totally not in control of his instincts. From the remarks of the alpha it was clear she saw the threat that he was to the other people in the school. Finn just saw a challenge. He knew all too well how changelings are in their first month after receiving what his father would call ‘the gift of ascending your human state’. Just for that, his father had a reinforced concrete room with a heavy steel door in the basement. Solitary confinement until they would have gained control over their state.

The young wolf looked at the other male wolf in the room. He was way bigger and bulkier than him. He was the kind of werewolf that made Finn look like a small fry. Unlike the young wolf, he was the kind of werewolf that would have made Finn’s father proud. Finn braced himself, if that big guy would make one wrong move he would show the world that his size doesn’t hold him back. That he could overcome physically stronger and bigger wolves. He would prove to himself that his father was wrong for calling him weak.

” He’s feral. There is no telling who he’s going to attack next. If he doesn’t snap out of it, I'll knock him out. Then we can carry him out of here. More hunters would become a drag real quick. Silver bullets are annoying.” Spoke Finn in a far more serious, even a bit agitated tone. It was clear that the sudden appearance of the 3th wolf threw Finn off. He felt angered, agitated by his appearance and the young wolf didn’t know why or whom he’s angry with. “Anyway, I left my pack and have no plans to ever go back. Not that I’m allowed to return anyway. Something with old traditions and stuff. Anyplace to go is fine with me. As long as it is close to Ember grove.”

Location: Ember Grove University - Art Exposition
Time: Sunset
Interacting with: @Princess Angel @Tae Sorrel
Mention:, @masterducky Remy @HeloElias

For the second time this fight the young werewolf thought that he was done for for sure. There was nothing in the world that could protect you from a silver bullet shot from a big ass .50 handgun. No amount of muscle nor magic would stop the force of such an attack. He already imagined his pelt on the floor of some fancy pants vampire’s penthouse. As a final memory to the fact that he failed to find and save his brother.

But as he reminisced about what was and what could be he noticed a flash of red from the corner of his eyes slam into the vampire and drawing his attention away from him. It didn’t startle the vampire much but non the less the red haired hunter made quick work of the man. Once again a redhead seemed to have saved his life.

Quickly the big werewolf gave the huntress a thumbs up but he wasn’t sure if she even noticed his gesture of appreciation as the huntress seemed preoccupied with the witch. For a moment Finn listened to her rambling about sanguine moon. That must be the clan these vampires belonged to. It was only then that the young wolf realized that the witch girl closely resembled the girl on the painting that Maeve bought. His earlier remarks about the paintings were awfully close to the truth.

The crazy kid on his back seemed to have a great time, judging from her remarks. However when she finally jumped off Finn’s back the wolf noticed just what level of crazy the little girl really was. Playing with severed heads while shooting a way to big gun for her age and pretending to be some cowgirl at the same time. She was clearly on an previously unimaginable level of crazy. Did she belong to some hunter family? Or was she part of a large organization such as Operation Humanity. But whatever group she belonged to didn’t matter. It does not make it less messed up to have child soldiers. Even his father held his pack to higher standards,

Finn watched as the maniacal witch, redhead huntress, no more fedora man and crazy kid disposed of the last few vampires. He expected the chaos to calm down a bit now but the people were still running and screaming of monsters. For those humans it was hard to tell the difference between a human and a vampire after all. Regular humans just have such weak senses afterall. They simply did not seem to realize that there were no more monsters left. Except for that 6.5 feet big bloodied murder furry that Finn seemed to have forgotten about.

As Finn was about to revert back to his human form a girl came flying through the window. A spectacular entrance for a stunning looking lady. However there was one detail that caught Finn’s eye, her glowing red eyes. She was a wolf, an Alpha wolf. How peculiar, it was uncommon to see female alpha wolves. However, if she was an Alpha wolf, maybe she knew his brother. Maybe she could tell what happened to Mike.

As 3 vampires chased her down, Finn watched how the women shifted into her wolf form. Her fur was beautiful, combining shades of silvery white and red-brown. She wasn’t as big as Finn but the women had a grace in her wolf form that was stunningly beautiful. All combined with fierce red eyes. Grace, beauty, power and ferocity, all in one package. Captivated by her sudden appearance, Finn joyously wagged his tail like an overexcited puppy as he observed the female wolf from a distance as she bit the head of the first vampire.

As the two other vampires jumped on her, Finn launched himself once more into action. “Hi, cool of you to join the party. Never knew the art scene was this rough.” Joked Finn telepathically to the other wolf as he jumped on one of the vampires, forcing him off the back of the female wolf and biting the blooksucker in his neck.

Royal Palace - Grand hall - Coronation festivities - Peatyr Bretnach

Peatyr Breatnach sipped from his wine as he listened to the speech of the crown prince. Historic words were unleashed by Rakon-Da upon his audience. If the crown prince was in better health, he sure would be a gifted speaker. Nonetheless, his speech will be one that would be remembered. Not because of its contents, but because it would be the Arkronian’s famous last words.

The Vulpin’s gaze quickly crossed with those of Ohrahm-Braz, the Arkronian minister of Intelligence. Peatyr considered him the most dangerous man in the Arkronian government. Not because of his physique but because he was one of the few Arkronians who whipped his ass with the rules. Ohrahm-Braz was a man who understood how power really works. He is aware of what motivates people and knows how to apply leverage to get what he wants. A remarkable player in this twisted game of musical chairs. A player whose demise Peatyr would welcome.

As the speech came to an end, Peatyr stood up from his chair, did the formal tree claps and bowed with a small grin on his face. The cogs had set in motion and the faith of Mycoria was now placed in the hands of a single individual. The power to shape the future had been entrusted in the hands of one young man.

Royal Palace - Grand hall - Coronation festivities - Rakon-Da

As he finished his speech the crown prince looked around the grand hall as he tried to judge the responses. The many Arkronians in the room looked surprised, some even shocked before they proceeded to do the formal claps and bows. The high Paladins of the Ephan dominion just sat silently in their seats as they refused to do the formal response. Other more rebellious vassals did little more to honor their coming overlord. Even the delegation of the kingdom of Cor seemed to slack on the formalities. A sign that concerned Rakon-Da deeply as he was trying to transform the relations to a more equally beneficial way.

As he looked around Rakon-Da felt his head spin. The strength he received from his medicine was already fading. The healers had promised him two hours but he barely made it past his speech. This was not how he had envisioned this night. What should have been a moment of glory was more like a moment of confrontation with the realization that he would never have the health required to be a real ruler of the realm.

As the Arkronian crown prince sat down on his chair he could see the signs of worries on the face of Drokon-Al, the aging steward of Arkron.

” My grace, you probably should get your next dose soon. You look terrible.” Spoke the steward as he turned towards the crown prince.
As Rakon-Da took a sip of his wine, he noticed his hand shaking. The steward was right. He barely had the strength to raise his glass. Damn disease. Slowly he stood up from his table.

”Please excuse me. I have to visit the latrine” Spoke the crown prince as his wobbly legs carried him away. Once more he reminisced about the times that he used to climb the great oak tree next to the balcony. Times that were long gone and would never come back.

The Royal Palace - Inner Courtyard

Callumn Dubhghail watched how his old king entered the inner building of the Arkronian royal palace. He knew that king Aidar’s live was in danger. He knew because Peatyr Breathnach, a fellow Vulpin, had told him so. To save his king’s live was the reason the young warrior volunteered to carry the gifts for the Arkronians. That was the only way he could come close to the inner courtyard. Getting there was just the first step of the plan that had been laid out for him.

With a sense of amazement he looked around. The crowd in front of the entrance was huge and a mixture of every race and peoples that Mycoria has to offer. Even though there were lots of Arkronian guards on the passway, there were just simply too many people moving in all directions to keep an eye on. Sneaking out of their sight would not be much of a difficult task.

‘When you have the inner building in your back, take the right courtyard passage but stick to the treeline. Hide in the shadows and behind the perfectly crafted bushes. There are Arkronian guards patrolling the inner courtyard. Count the balconies, the fifth one has a large oak tree next to it. This is the balcony of the room the assassin is receding in. In the oak tree, there is a cavity. There you will find the tool to use. Climb the tree to get access to the balcony. During the festivities he will frequently retreat to his room. That is when you need to strike.’

The young Vulpin remembered every word of the plan that was made to save his king. He needed to do it. No one else was aware of the danger and no one else in a position to do anything about it. This was Callumns task. He would safeguard his king from the shadows.

Quickly the young Vulpin slipped away from the crowd and into the bushes of the palace’s courtyard. He could feel his heart racing as he looked back to see if any of the Arkronians were following him as this part of the courtyard was offlimit for the guests. Callumn let out a sigh as he noticed no movement in the guards and started to make his way towards his target.

He passed the first balcony without much problems as the courtyard was mostly deserted and most of the rooms in both the inner and the outer building seemed to be empty. However his heart suddenly stopped when he noticed an Akronian patrol coming around the corner. Quickly Callumn ducked behind the bushes, closely watching the large grey men as his heart raced in his throat.

Silently the young Vulpin sat in his hiding spot as the grey men passed him by. Just as he was about to continue his journey he stepped on a small branch. The crackling sound filled the air and suddenly the patrol halted. Callumn made himself even smaller in an attempt to not be spotted.

“Did you hear that?” Spoke one of the Arkronian guards.

“Probably just a squirrel or something. They tend to get active around these hours.”
“We should check it out anyway. That’s our job.” Spoke the first guard as he started to walk towards the bushes Callumn was hiding in.

With every step that the Arkronian guard took the Vulpin’s heart skipped a beat. Every step of the man was a step closer to getting detected. Anxiously Callumn awaited what seemed to be inevitable at this point. However much to his surprise the other guard called his companion away. As if a higher power stepped in to safeguard the young Vulpin.

It didn’t take long before Callumn noticed the fifth balcony and the large oak tree. Quickly the young Vulpin walked around it and found the cavity. Slowly he moved his hand inside in search for the tool needed for the job. This was the place Peatyr had described and here should the dagger be located.

It didn’t take long for his hand to stumble upon the cold steel and the ivory grip. Quickly he pulled the dagger out and looked at it. The beautifully crafted steel glows in the moonlight. The small curving and the rich decorations made the dagger look foreign to Callumn. He was sure of it that this dagger wasn’t of Vulpin origine nor created by the Arkronians. In a way, it reminded him of a dagger his brother once showed him. A dagger created by the Yuravians.

For a moment the young warrior stared at the dagger in his hand. The fact that it was a recognizable piece tied to a certain country made Callumn feel uncomfortable. As if there was more to this story than just an assasination attempt on the old Vulpin king. Doubt filled his mind about this task. But this was no time for second guessing the intelligence that he had received. What if he chooses to abandon the task because of this eerie feeling only to see his king getting assassinated? Could he really live with himself knowing he had failed once again? No, he had to push through, just to be safe.

Quickly Callumn placed the dagger between his teeth and started to climb the oak tree. The first part was a bit difficult but once he reached the branches the climb was more easy. However the cracking of the branches under his weight made the Vulpin a bit nervous, as if they were barely strong enough to hold his weight. A Ruline or Arkronian would definitely be too heavy for the branches. Even an adult male human might be too much.

From his spot in the tree, the young warrior observed the balcony door. It was mostly made of glass and offered a good view on the room. It looked empty. Callumn was unsure of what to do. Should he already move to the room and wait there? Or stay in the tree until the target would enter the room? As he overthought the situation the answer already presented itself. A beam of light illuminated the room inside and a large person stepped in, only to close the door behind him. This was the young Vulpin’s opportunity!

Silently he climbed from the tree onto the balcony. A quick glance through the window told Callumn that his target had not noticed him. On the contrary, the large Arkronian seemed to be busy with some veils and elixirs. His hands reached for the balcony door and much to the young warrior’s delight they were not locked. ”For king Aidar” whispered the Vulpin as he dashed through the door.

With three steps Callumn had closed the distance. He could now clearly see the Arkronian who he was about to murder. The man’s skin looked unusually pale, his eyes tired and from upclose it was clear that the man had seen better days. With all his might the small Vulpin stabbed the dagger into the left chest of his victim. This man had to die in order for king Aidair to live through the night. That is what he was told and that was the information that he acted upon. He had sworn an oath to protect his king and this was his way of honoring it. Or at least that is what Callumn kept telling himself.

Time slowed down as the Vulpin warrior stabbed his victim in the hearth. The shock and surprise were all over the Arkronian’s face as blood from the wound started to make stains in his fancy robes before he started to collapse towards the floor. In the nick of time Callumn managed to catch his victim before he hit the ground. Only then the young Vulpin realized that this man was much lighter then he’d expect him to be. As if he had lost a lot of weight due to an illness.

As he silently laid the dead Arkronian on the floor, Callumn expected that he should feel rejoice. A sense of accomplishment because he managed to kill the assassin before he could lay his hands on king Aidar. And yet there was none of that. No rejoice, no joy, no happiness. Just doubt.

As quickly as the Vulpin entered the room, he left it the same way. Leaving the dagger behind in the chest of his victim.

Royal Palace - Grand hall - Coronation festivities

As the first course of the banquet was served, Drokon-Al, steward of Arkron, looked to the door that leads to the chamber of the crown prince. It was a while ago that Rakon-Da had left the grand hall to get another shot of his medicine. The effects should have kicked in already and the crown princes absence for a sanitary stop would soon feel too long. Concerned about the wellbeing of the man of the hour, the steward excused himself and left to the same door.
With quick steps the elderly Arkronian made his way through the hallway.
The light of the candles casted a shadow over the walls, like the darkness that loomed over the Arkronian kingdom.

As Drokon-Al went around the corner he could see the two guards still standing at the door, with their backs straight and hands on the handle of their swords. Both stood silently as was expected of them.

“Is the crown prince still inside?” Inquired the steward.

”Alan Arkronis. Yes my lord. The crown prince has entered his chamber but has not left yet.”

The old steward stepped to the door and knocked. But only silence was the result. Once more Drokon-Al knocked on the door and spoke loudly.

”My grace, it’s me, Drokon-Al. Is everything alright?”

But once again, there was no answer. His hand reached for the door and pushed it open. The scene that unfolded horrified the old steward. His gray face turned pale white at the sight of Rakon-Da, crown prince of the great kingdom of Arkron, dead on the floor with a knife in his chest.

Drokon-Al had known since the day he was diagnosed that the crown prince would die sooner than later. But he never imagined in this way on this day. This was not only a great loss for the kingdom, but a great loss for the steward as well. He had known the crown prince since birth and he shared a mentor student relationship with him since a young age. He could feel the tears in his eyes and yet he knew that this was not the time to mourn. The crown prince was assassinated and this was a crisis that needed to be managed.

”Sound the alarm. Place the entire palace under lockdown. Nobody leaves and nobody enters without my permission. Also lock the grand hall. None of our guests are allowed to leave. For their own safety of course. Also inform the Inquisitio. I’ll inform the government members. Do not let anyone enter the room!” Ordered the Steward as he rushed back to the grand hall.

As Drokon-Al entered the grand hall, the sound of alarm bells filled the air and dozens of Arkronian soldiers entered the hall through various doors, All taking positions near the exits and outskirts of the room.

”Honored guests. Unfortunately there has been a security incident and the palace has been placed under lockdown until further notice. You will not be able to leave the grand hall. Please enjoy the food and wine.” With those words spoken, Drokon-Al and the other government members left for an emergency meeting, leaving the guests flabbergasted.

Royal Palace - Modrian-Na - Inquisitor of Arkron

”A case, A case! Yes! Praise the gods of chaos and order for this beauty of a case!” Proclaimed the Arkronian as he had received the order to investigate the assasination of the crown prince. Mondrian-Na seemed very pleased with the case he had just been handed as he stood up from his desk and made his way to the scene of the crime.

”Sir, it’s the crown prince we’re talking about. It would be wise to uhm, you know….. Talk about it with the proper respect. This is a serious situation, Modrian-Na.” Spoke the other Arkronian in a desperate attempt to tone down the excitement of Modrain-Na, most famous Inquisitor of Arkron.

”Nonsens, getting assasinated is what royalty does. Always plotting to get more power and to take it away from others. Getting assassinated is just another hazard of the job.”

”Modrain-Na, do I really need to remind you that assasination of Arkronian royalty is extremely rare in our history?”

”Yes, I agree, it does not happen enough. Us Arkronians need to step up our game.” Spoke Modrain-Na joyously as he left his office.

Quickly the inquisitor made his way through the palace hallways, closely followed by his colleague Moshram-Or, who once again shook his head in disdain about Modrain-Na’s joyful demeanor about the whole situation. Did that man truly believe his own words? Many said about Modrain-Na that he just lived for the thrill of the chase and did not care for anything else.

As the two inquisitors approached the room of the crown prince the guard quickly recognized the gold chain with the symbol of the Inquisition around the two Arkronian’s necks. Raised his hands to do the formal greeting but was cut short by Modrain-Na.

”Who has entered the room?”

”No one since the Steward found him, sir”

”Good, now keep your mouth shut because nothing intelligent will come out of it” Spoke Modrain-Na sarcastically as he entered the room.

Both men scanned the room as they started their investigation. No matter how good an assassin was, there were always traces left behind that could lead to him. However, for the top branch of the government getting the assassin himself was not enough. They wanted the man who gave the order. And to get to the man in the shadows, they had to first find the assassin.

” So, what do you think? The dagger is clearly made in Yuravia. Spoke Moshram-Or as he kneeled down next to the dead body of the crown prince. ”I’ll send out the order to arrest the entire Yuravian delegation, their household guard and servants so that we can put them on trial.”

Mondrian-Na just smiled as he looked at the blade. Once again his colleague was missing all the vital details and was only noticing the obvious one, that the dagger was of Yuravian origine. But what truly matters was the way it was trusted into the body. It gives away all kinds of information about who handled it.

”Wrong!” Proclaimed Modrain-Na in his usual sarcastic demeanor. ”The blade is trusted into the hearth at a steep angle. That indicates that the assassin was significantly smaller. Judging from the size of the crown prince and the angle at which the blade entered the body I would say that the assassin would be around 160 centimeters in height. The average Ascarian male is around 180 centimeters. If an Ascarian would be the assassin, the angle of entry would be less steep. So we have to look for different races. Humans, Ruline, Aegire, Orcs and Arkronians are all too big. Dwarfs are too heavy to climb the oak tree so that leaves us with Skekarii, Avans, Saa’kaaleed and Vulpin. Avans come in different sizes but they have one thing in common, feathers. Did you find any feathers in the room? No feathers but I did find some hairs between the body and the balcony. So we can rule out a Saa’kaaleed as our assassin as well. That leaves us with Skekarii and Vulpin. Now come closer and take a look at this strain of hair. Does this look like something that would grow on the head of a Skekarii?”

Moshram-Or tried to follow the verbal machine gun volley that came out of Modrain-Na’s mouth as good as possible. Always when that man talked about his deductions it would go like this. Way too fast, way too much information. As he took the train of hair from Modrain-Na he noticed the length, structure and coloring. The yellow-brownish hair wasn’t like anything that would grow on the head of a Skekarii, it was something that you would expect in the fur coat of a Vulpin.

”Clearly Vulpin. But why would the kingdom of Vulpinia do such an act. It seems hard to believe that they can gain anything from it, especially when they try to shift the blame to the Yuravians.”

”Just because the assassin is a Vulpin does not mean that king Aidar is the one who gave the order. Their kingdom might actually not be involved. It could just as well be a hired mercenary. However, it would be hard for any lone Vulpin to enter the palace, especially this deep. So it is still plausible that the assassin is a member of the Vulpin delegation acting on behalf of a 3th party. Have you found the scabbard?, This kind of dagger always has a scabbard.”
”No. No scabbard in the room. Why is it important?” Responded Moshram-Or.

Mondrian-Na looked annoyed at his colleague. Did he truly not understand the importance of the scabbard? Any assassin worth its coin would ditch it. Walking around with an empty scabbard belonging to a decorated Yuravian dagger that is found in the hearth of the Arkronian crown prince would be like screaming in public that you’ve killed the king. It was not the object you would want to walk around with when the palace is in lockdown. Nor do you want it to be found close to you. So it would make perfect sense to ditch the scabbard at the crime scene and yet it was not here.

”because you can’t walk around with an unsheathed dagger with all the guards around and we haven’t found it in his room or close to the balcony. So the scabbard must be somewhere else, waiting to be found. Order a search of all guest villa’s, arrest the servants and guards of the Yuravian and Vulpin delegations and write a report of our preliminary findings for Ohram-Braz.” Ordered Modrain-Na as he left the room.

Location: Ember Grove University - Art Exposition
Time: Sunset
Interacting with:
Mention: @Princess Angel, @masterducky Remy @HeloElias

As Finn tossed the dead vampire aside like a ragdoll, he noticed how the redhead girl sprinted away. She was much faster then he had imagined. About as fast as people would attribute to vampires and yet she did not smell like one. In fact her oder was rather pleasant. But her speed concerned the wolf. She clearly was not a vampire, she was something else. Finn had heard rumors of hunters that gained crazy abilities through scientific experiments. If she indeed was a hunter then sooner or later, the young wolf might end up on her ‘to do’ list.

As the chaos of bloodshed continued he noticed how the kid climbed on his back. This wasn’t exactly what he’d had in mind when he told her to stay close to him. From the corner of his eyes he noticed the super soaker and the other gun in her hand. Finn could only hope that they were toy guns but since the little kid was some fearless acquaintance of the redhead hunter, he feared that the little runt was a hunter as well.

As the large wolf made his way to his next victim, the sound of gunfire filled the air. Another vampire bited the dust and yet it was not a shot fired from the kid. Another man was firing a weapon that seemed to be far more effective on vampires than what you could buy in the store. Another hunter? I’m so screwed! Thought the young wolf to himself as he feared that the hunters would gang up on him once they had finished off the vampires.

However much time to think didn’t Finn have as another vampire attacked him with a chair leg. The attack didn’t hurt. Quickly the wolf grabbed the assailant with his claws and ripped his head clean off, tossing the remains aside.

“Quick, shoot that damn wolf!” Shouted one of the vampires.

As Finn turned around to face the danger, he stared down at the shiny silver-gray muzzle of a .500 smith & Wesson.

Location: Ember Grove University - Art Exposition
Time: Sunset
Interacting with: @Tae Maeve, @Princess Angel, @masterducky Remy

The response of the lady with the hair of blood surprised Finn. She seemed clearly dressed for the occasion and yet she was burning down the exhibition with a cold demeanor that would make the arctic jealous. The redhead clearly wasn’t into the artwork and didn’t seem an admirer of this Alexander Drake fellow either. It clearly was a mystery why she was at this dull exhibit. Something that made Finn more interested in getting to know her.

It took a second before Finn was over his surprise and chuckled at her remarks. “Yeah, It’s kind of creepy that the dude painted all these paintings of sad ladies. They all look like they are kept in his basement only to be let outside, get dressed up, sit still and put back in the basement again. Sounds like a pervert now that I’m thinking about it.”

Finn paused a bit as he noticed how Alexander Drake started his little exit speech. For a moment he looked into the man’s direction and noticed how he made his way to the exit.

“Ha, even the man of the hour finds his own party a dull exercise.” Joked Finn as he looked at his red haired companion. “Maybe we should follow his example and go to a more interesting place. There are more interesting places in Ember Grove, right? I’m kinda new to town.”

But before the young woman could answer Finn’’s question the young wolf noticed that the little girl who improved one of the paintings was running towards them and called out to the girl Finn was talking to. Seriously? She’s here with her little sister? There goes his plan to go to a more interesting place with her thought Finn as he tried to hide his disappointment in the sudden appearance of the young girl.

However the child’s remarks about the weird men caught the werewolf’s attention. He narrowed his eyes as he scanned through the gallery. Three new men were posting at the door. Then there were Frick, Frack and at least the four guys who dropped some extra wine and cheese. At least nine men who were working for Alexander Drake were now at the exhibition. Somehow the mood had changed and the young wolf felt trapped. As if something bad was about to happen. Something far worse than getting cockblocked by a little sister.

Finn closed his eyes and tapped into his inner wolf and took a deep breath through his nose. The aroma of the dead filled his nostrils. “Vampires” murmured the young wolf to himself. He had smelled some earlier in the evening but didn’t give it much thought. No vampire would make a move in such a crowded place. However now the realization sunk in that he had smelled Alexander Drake and his cronies. The vampires are the hosts of this exhibit and they were up to no good.

The strain of thought of the young werewolf was interrupted as he once more heard the pleasant voice of Maeve. He quickly opened his eyes and let the yellow glow fade away, giving the woman one more good look as she made her way to the exit. Her attention and wishes for him seemed to be genuine and yet Finn could not let the feeling slip away that Maeve knew what was about to happen in this place as she walked casually to the exit.

“I will, don’t worry.” Shouted Finn to Maeve. And yet their next ecnounter might not become the kind of date both had imagined when meeting earlier tonight. The fact that Maeve was on friendly terms with this Alexander Drake guy and could just simply pass his vampire cronies made Finn second guess her intentions and wondered if the lady could be trusted at all.

As Maeve left the art exhibit the three vampires posting near the exit locked the door. The four men who brought in the extra wine and cheese started to make their way towards Finn and his two companions. Finn could clearly feel their eyes piercing him. The vampires were clearly aware that he was a werewolf and were hellbent on killing him first.

Finn turned towards the little girl who ran to the redhead talking about the weird men. She was right to distrust them. They were all vampires and all the humans in this place had zero chance to survive the coming onslaught. “Yeah, they are out for blood kiddo. But don’t worry, I got superpowers. So better stay really close to me if you want to draw some more moustaches on these paintings later.”

Finn had barely finished his sentence or the first screams of panic echoed through the art exhibit. Chaos erupted as vampires left and right started to attack and feed upon the unsuspecting attendees. Many ran to the door, screaming of monsters only to be forced back by the three men who were posted there. Blood splattered on the walls as the vampires were murdering everyone in sight. The young wolf realized how little chance they had as he was the only one capable of fighting back.

From the corner of his eyes the young wolf noticed how the first vampire was charging toward him. A straight line of attack, Finn’s body responded near automatically, tapping into his inner wolf, raising his foot and kicking the charging vampire with all his might in the solar plexus! A scream of pain left the vampire as the air was forced from his lungs. The young wolf didn’t hesitate and grabbed the vampire's head and started to slam his knee in its face. One, two, three times. With every knee that landed, the cracking of bones could be heard as Finn was turning the face of his assailant into pudding.

Barely had Finn tossed the first vampire away or the second one jumped him. The man was fast. To fast for the wolf to react to. With the might of a vampire Finn was smashed against the wall! From the corner of his eye, Finn could see the shiny object that was launched towards his left chest. A dagger! In a split second he would feel the sensation of a knife piercing his heart for the first and last time. Finn was sure of it. This was the moment he would die.

“Aargh!!!!” The young wolf unleashed a scream of pain as the dagger pieced his shirt and made contact with the young man’s skin. This wasn’t how he imagined getting stabbed in the heart would feel. No this sensation was different. This felt like the intense burning sensation of silver on his skin.

From the corner of his eyes Finn saw the blade. It penetrated but had stopped before reaching his heart. No, not stopped. It was barely moving deeper into his chest even as the vampire was applying more force every second. It was like he was hitting an invisible wall. As if a magical force was protecting the young wolf. How was this possible? Did someone cast a spell on him? Had anyone here any interest in keeping him alive? Was one of the girls he spoke to at the art exhibition a witch? Was it Maeve? The redhead chick? Or maybe the little kid? He had not noticed anything strange until now.

Finn Quickly grabbed the arm of the vampire as hair started to grow all across his body. The young man’s size and shape were quickly changing as he pushed back the attacker. Finn’s hands turned into claws and his ever growing body ripped through his clothes as he shifted into his wolf form, releasing a loud howl. Quickly the large creature launched himself forward, sinking his teeth deep into the neck of the vampire, sending a fountain of blood into the air. The wolf was unleashed.

Location: Ember Grove University - Art Exposition
Time: Sunset
Interacting with: @Tae Maeve, @Princess Angel

Much to Finn’s surprise, his little pickup line didn’t put Maeve off at all. The woman seemed quite amused by the young wolf’s bold attitude. Finn had a habit of moving forward without overthinking his actions or tasting his words in advance. Some would say he was overconfident but Finn simply lacked the ability to oversee the consequences of his actions. Not to mention that he would feel most alive in the heat of the moment. Deep within there was just this burning desire for action that drives him to turn everything in a leap of fate, rather than thinking things through.

“Yeah, I’m not really into this kind of art. I don’t really have the patience to stare at paintings. Not my kind of activity. My brother would have liked such an exhibition. He could lose himself in the gaze of the portraits. ” Finn paused a bit as he tried to hide the fact that he was worried about Mike’s well being. The young wolf missed his brother more than anything and he hated the fact that he left New York even though he perfectly understood that there was no other option.

Finn stared a bit to one of the paintings before he continued. ”We’re not really a family where you can return to. Once you leave, you’re out. Something with ancient stupid traditions. Even if he would leave Ember Grove, returning home is not an option.” The tradition Finn was referring too was an ancient werewolf tradition that was hardly ever practiced in these modern times. Once a wolf would leave the pack without permission of the alpha, he was no longer welcome to return. Something that counted for both Mike and Finn now.

The young wolf was a bit annoyed by the fact that the host of the party butted in on the conversation he was having with Maeve. Couldn’t he tell that they were having a good time? What an asshole to ruin it. For a moment kicking Alexander’s ass crossed his mind but he quickly discarded the option. That would surely not leave a good impression of Maeve. She was here for his art after all.

However what happened next came as a surprise. Finn blushed a bit as the red haired woman handed over her phone number and invited him over to her cafe. For a moment the young wolf wondered if it was a date or just a general courtesy. He couldn’t really tell. But Maeve had surely gained his interest. ”Sure, I’ll be there. Seeya around” Said Finn as he waved Maeve goodbye.

Now left alone, Finn stared around the place a bit. There really wasn’t much interesting stuff going in in this joint. Just paintings of ladies and more paintings of ladies and even more paintings of ladies. For a moment the young wolf wondered if the host ever had painted anything else at all. This wasn’t exactly Finn’s definition of fun.

Bored he strolled through the different areas until another redhead caught the young wolf’s eye. Somehow from all the people in the room she stood out the most. Maybe it was because she’s dressed to kill, maybe Finn just has a thing for redheads or maybe the color red was associated with danger and danger was far more interesting then these dull paintings.

The red haired woman seemed not to be too interested in the artwork. Maybe she was up for a friendly conversation. ”So, you like the artwork? My personal favorite so far is the one with the moustache. ” Joked Finn as he approached the lady with the hair of blood.

Location: Operation Humanity’s Ember Grove facility
Time: Sunset
Interacting with: -
Mention: @Princess Angel @FunnyGuy Sean @Andreyich Valentin @masterducky Remy

Mike sat as comfortably down in the metal chair as he could. The chains around his ankles and wrists were as tight as they could get. Even after four weeks of imprisonment without any violent incident from his side the Operation Humanity guards still took all the precautions they could when dealing with an imprisoned werewolf. Their strength and ferocity could not be taken lightly, even when they refused to show it.

“So Finn is in town? Then I have been enjoying Colonel Trotter’s hospitality for about four weeks now. Seems to me that we have arrived at the point where you’re going to threaten to kill Finn to make me talk.” Spoke Mike without showing much emotion.

The werewolf was perfectly aware why Operation Humanity had detained him and not ended his life. It had all to do with the incident in New York, eight years ago. During that eventful time, Operation Humanity attempted to dispose of the New York based Cooper Pack in one giant sweep. However word of the operation leaked out and the Operation Humanity soldiers were ambushed by the werewolfs before they could strike. No one survived and the mole who leaked the information was never found.

What made this incident worthwhile for Colonel Trotter was the fact that the Operation was led by a close friend of his. Getting the information out of Mike was not just about finding the mole, it was a bit of a personal vendetta as well. Something the werewolf was extremely aware of. Colonel Trotter’s hate for the mole and desire to capture him far exceeded his desire to kill Mike.

Mike turned his attention to Colonel Trotter “There are only two people on this planet who know who betrayed the operation. The mole and I. We both know that I am the only way you can find the mole and have your vengeance. If my brother dies, I will take the information with me into my grave. “

Colonel Trotter looked at his captive with his ever stern face. Piercing the wolf with his gaze as he tried to determine if Mike was bluffing. Quietly sat on his chair before reaching into his pocket for his cellphone and started to type a message;

Target: Finn Cooper
Class: Werewolf, Pureblood
Known associates: Cooper Pack in New York City, none of note in Ember Grove
Last known location: Ember Grove university campus
Orders: Capture him alive

Location: Ember Grove University - Art Exposition
Time: Sunset
Interacting with: @Tae Maeve

Before the two students had a chance to react, a red haired woman attracted Finn’s attention and spoke to him about attracting unwanted attention. “Oh? Are cheap suit Stephen and no body-spray Jay staring at my butt again? Somehow that always happens when i visit places full of fancy people. “ Joked Finn as he was clearly not concerned about the security guys keeping an eye on him.

For a moment the young wolf looked at the red haired girl next to him. She looked like she was in her late 20’s but carried herself with the grace of a true lady. And yet her freckles gave this woman a bit of a playful appearance. She was a good looking woman and certainly dressed to kill for the evening.

Just before Finn could say something more to the interesting lady near him, the student he shouted out earlier too butted in with a rather confused look on his face. “Do I know you? How do you know my name?”

A bit annoyed Finn looked at the student. Couldn’t he tell that he was busy right now? It was not everyday that a hot redhead would talk to him. However his intrusion reminded the young wolf of why he was here again. Why he left his parental home, his city and drove all the way down to this small town. He was going to find his brother no matter the costs.

“Not really, you might have heard of me through your roommate. I’m Mike’s brother, Finn. Have you seen Mike recently?”

Now the look of confusion on Brian’s face became even bigger. “Uhm no. I haven’t seen him in four weeks or so. He did not get back to his room from his night work at Trance. I talked about it with the faculty and campus police but they both said that he had returned home for urgent family business.”

With a curious gaze Finn looked at the student. He knew for certain that Mike hadn't returned home to his family. For a moment he wondered if he was lying but he looked so confused that the werewolf found it highly unlikely. Someone must have told him that story and thus there should be someone on this campus that knows more about what has happened to his brother. Finn just had to find the right persons to talk too.

“I see, thanks. Now shoo. Go and enjoy the artwork. I’ll find you if I have some more questions.” Spoke Finn quickly as he turned his attention again to the red haired woman near him, leaving Mike’s roommate flabbergasted by this rather bizarre out of nowhere encounter.

“So…. are you here for the art? I’m Finn by the way. You got a name too, right? Or should I just call you mine?” Said the young wolf with a big smile as he just dropped one of the worst pickup lines ever. At least it was not nearly as bad as the ‘Do you know karate? Cause your body is kickin’ line he once used when some girl entered the gym. That one didn’t end well for the young wolf. His coach made him do 100 pushups extra for scaring away potential customers. For a moment Finn wondered if he would scare away this lady too.

Location: Operation Humanity’s Ember Grove facility
Time: Sunset
Interacting with: -

The light from the fluorescent beams illuminated the windowless cell that Mike had called home for the past four weeks. Without windows and with the light always on it was hard to determine what part of the day it was, in the beginning it was even hard to sleep. However after only a few days the wolf had found his routine and sleep deprivation due to constant light was no longer affecting him.

Ofcourse, the interrogators had a lot of other options to soften him up before starting their barrage of questions. Loud music, annoying noises, really bad smells or just days without anyone ever opening his cell door. Most people would go nuts in solitary confinement but not Mike. He liked his quiet moments. The white walls, the hard bed and the sanitary corner where his silent companions in the peaceful hours before the storm.

The door of the cell opened and two Operation Humanity guards came in. Mike gave them a friendly smile. “Good morning. Whith whom do I have the pleasure today?”

“Pleasure? What kind of whack job are you? You’re a prisoner, not a guest you fucking monster” Responded one of the guards as he dragged the werewolf on his feet with as much force as he could muster and start pushing him along to the interogation room.

The interrogation rooms of Operation humanity are what you expect of such rooms. Empty rooms with no windows. Just a mirror on one side and a table in the middle. Some cameras on the ceiling to record everything that would be said and done in this room.

As usual the guards placed Mike on a strong iron seat and locked him in with heavy chains. Strong enough to even keep the strongest of unleashed werewolves in their place. There would be no escape from this place but that did not matter for the elder brother. For now he was in the place he needed to be, the one place where he could find the answer to that one question; Who gave Operation Humanity the information about him being a werewolf.

After some time sitting locked in his chair alone in the room the door finally opened again. Two men entered the room. One in a standard uniform, the other seemed to wear his ceremonial piece full of decorations and smuck. His bald head, impressive mustache and imposing figure betrayed that the big boss graced the werewolf with his presence.

The interrogator placed a cellphone on the table. It was Mike’s cellphone. The screen showed dozens of messages and missed calls. All from one person. His younger brother Finn.

“Your brother Finn is in town.” Started the interrogator. “But don’t get your hopes up. Some highschool dropout will never find out where you are. No one is coming for you.”

Location: Ember Grove University - Art Exposition
Time: Sunset
Interacting with: -
Mention: @Andreyich Valentin @FunnyGuy Alexander

A red 1966 Ford Mustang turned right on Danver lane and entered the town’s University Compound. The wear on the paint job, rust near the doors betrayed that the car was not the best preserved model that was on the market of this classic car, nor that the owner was a capable mechanic that had the skill to restore this classic piece of American culture to its former glory.

The blond young man behind the wheel drove his car past the main building towards the area where the dormitories were located. Slowly he drove by the buildings paying close attention to the names and numbers they were given before he finally pulled over and parked his car. The red rust bucket had survived the trip all the way down here from New York.

Finn walked towards the front door and felt the handle. The door of the building was locked. Apparently you needed a key or something to get in. Probably to keep the bad guys out or something. The young wolf let his hand slip down the pocket of his blue jeans but changed his mind as he saw two students walking towards the door through the window. All he had to do was to wait for them to open the door and then he would slip in.

Actually moving around the campus was rather easy for the young man. He just looked like a college freshman and did not stand out much. If he’d wear an Ember Grove jacket people just would assume he was some sort of jock, the kind of guy that just got in because he’s good at sports.

He made his way to the 4th floor and walked down the hall. It was rather quiet. Most students seemed to be out to town or had already traveled back to their parents for the weekend. Only from behind a few doors the noises of conversation could be heard. At the end of the hall Finn stopped before the door of room 44 and read the name tags; Brian Dudley, Michael Cooper.

For a moment the young wolf just listened but no sounds could be heard from beyond the door. Nor did any light could be seen from below the door. Finn decided to knock but the other side remained silent. He quickly looked down the hallway to check if he was the only one around and quickly grabbed his lockpicks from his pocket. It a matter of seconds the lock sprang open.

Finn closed the door behind him and put on the lights. The room was as boring as you’d expect from a college dormitory double room. On both sides was a bed placed, with two study areas below the window and two closets for clothing on the side of the door. The young wolf quickly opened up the closet on the right side and instantly recognized his Brother’s clothing. The brands and colors made him generally stand out from his male peers.

For as far as the young wolf could tell there was nothing in the room that indicated that his brother had just packed his bags and left. His books, study equipment and laptop were still in the room. It was more likely that Mike hadn't returned.

Since it was clear that Finn’s brother hadn’t been in his room for a while the next step would be to find his roommate. Luckily for Finn, the man’s desk offered a clue where this Brian Dudley would be on this night as some flyer of an art event was the centerpiece of a rather chaotic scene of books and notes. Combined with the scent of his brother’s roommate Finn should have little trouble finding him.

As Finn entered the exposition hall he could not help to wonder how much out of place he was. The room was packed with people who did their utmost best to look as classy as they could or to be as weird artsy as they could. And the young wolf? He just walked around in his sneakers, blue jeans and grey T-shirt with the logo of Wolfe’s boxing and kickboxing gym N.Y.C on the front. A rather conspicuous outfit in this world of wannabe classy people and weird artsy ones.

However this presented the young wolf with a challenge. He had no clue what this Brian dude looked like and with so many people around, he had to tap into his inner wolf powers just to pick up his scent. Something that was rather difficult to do when his out of place outfit attracted more attention than most of the painting. Finn needed something to cover his eyes.

Luckily for the young man, one of the classy dudes just placed his dark sunglasses on the table next to the wine and cheeses. Quickly Finn picked them up and put them on. Swiftly he tapped into his inner wolf hoping that no one would notice his eyes shifting in color and sniffed around.

The smell of the cheese was horrible. Why do people eat that stuff voluntarily? However distracting questions aside, Finn managed to pick up the scent of Mike’s roommate. He was standing with a friend close to some big ass dude. But before Finn could figure out which of the two students was Brian someone tapped him on the shoulder.

“Hey, those are my sunglasses! Give them back, kid!” grumped an middle aged man in an expensive suit rather annoyed.

Finn turned around and looked him in the eyes and gave him a big smile before jovally speaking. “They don’t look good on me, right? It’s too much of an old dude design to fit with my jock image.”

The young wolf quickly returned the sunglasses to its owner and just hoped that no one in the room had paid enough attention to notice that underneath the dark plastic his eyes had been yellow. It would be rather annoying if there were any hunters at the exposition. But if you have such an exciting job, why visit such a dull place like this?

Finn ignored the stream of complaints coming from the middle aged man about his rude behaviour and waved at the two students standing near that big ass dude that looked like a Russian gangster.

Finn still did not know which of the two was Brian so there was only one way to find out. He waved at the two students and spoke rather loudly “Yo Brian, didn’t know you were into this art stuff. Where is your roomie? Mike?”

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