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Current Just because you "fight a good fight" doesn't mean you didn't do horrible things.
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Not feeling too great everyone. Sorry if you're waiting on me.
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I'm sorry for anyone who was waiting for me. Some real life stuff happened, but for now things seem calm. I'll try to post in my RP's ASAP.


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Understandable, I just felt plain mind reading is kinda of bland, but I can't really improve it without making it much more powerful. I'm still debating if I even want it so I'll keep thinking of another quirk.

I actually thought of another quirk. I call it Reinforcement, and it hardens objects he touches. Thus he can do things like make his clothes harder and turn them into a sort of quasi armor, or reinforce wooden sticks so they're as hard as steel. He can only use it on objects though not people, and reinforcing objects also makes them stiff. It's a double-edge sword since if he uses this on his own clothing it can get uncomfortable quickly since his shirt becomes ridged and inflexible, but at the same time if he hardens his enemy's clothing he can make it harder for them to move too, since their clothes will become stiff and restrict movement.

As long as he's touching an object he can keep it reinforced, but anything that leaves his touch will lose it's reinforcement after a minute. Additionally after the reinforcement wears off all of the damage the object accumulated will come back and damage it again, possibly causing serious damage. There's also an upper limit to how much damage the reinforced objects can take, and if too much damage is done the reinforcement breaks.
The group was doing a good job cutting down the numbers one-by-one, though Parum continued to bemoan the fact she did little to offer in terms of damage output. Everyone was dropping their foes in single hits while she barely seemed to be able to land most of her spells. But she had to keep her chin up and remain in the fight. Two of the winged kobolds flew into the air and casted stones onto her allies below; Kyra could take down one, so Parum would do her best to take out the other! She dropped her rapier down onto the ground for a moment so that she could draw her dagger from her belt. A blade of halfling make, perfect for throwing, which Parum proceeded to do as she moved out from cover as far as she could so she could hurl her dagger like a dart towards the kobold.


Yeah, Mind Reading has always been troublesome for a lot of GM’s, so I’m willing to work stuff out. For starters my character has to see the person’s eyes in order to establish a link, so anyone wearing sunglasses or masks can safely avoid his powers. But there is more to his powers than that I wanted to try.

His quirk is called “Network”, which allows him to establish a sort of telepathic communication network with anyone who is willing to establish a connection with him. This requires him to stare into someone’s eyes for at least ten minutes, and he can only communicate with them if they want to and if they’re awake. But aside from that he can communicate with them via mind reading anywhere at any time. Others within the Network can also communicate with each other.

His powers don’t really have any obvious combat application, but they can provide a very crucial support function by allowing the heroes to always be able to communicate with each other as long as they’re conscious. However my character needs to reestablish the network every few days. If he doesn’t people will start having difficulty communicating with each other over the network and eventually simply lose connection.

Yup, I’m going to work on it once I’m home.
I’m interested in applying a character. Is a mind reading quirk allowed? I always wanted to play a mind reader.

Sorry, wasn't sure what to do. Would you perhaps like to collab? That way we can hold a conversation instead of posting back-to-back.
Parum followed the rear With Torus behind her, but Kyra ended up triggering a trap that caused rocks to fall from above. "I knew it-" She was barely able to say as she slashed some stones out of the way almost by instinct. When Parum tells this was a story she would say that her quit wits and cunning speed allowed her to swiftly cut the stones out of her path without a scratch on her, but in reality a few sizable rocks did manage to hit her, but none of the larger and more threatening ones fortunately. With that trap gone Parum walked up the rest of the stairs and spotted her party in pitch combat with the kobolds. She needed to conserve her magic for now so it'll just be simple cantrips as she plucked her viol and targeted one of the kobolds attacking Torus. "Wux rechan tonashi vur slathalin hefoc tonashi!" She snarled as she tried to find some cover to hide behind.

@Hekazu Natural 20! I don't suppose Parum could've avoided all the damage thanks to her halfling nimbleness thanks to her extreme luck and agility? If not I'll at least settle for half-damage.
Yumi just smiled as she took out a few sugar cubes from her pocket. Always handy whenever the horses start acting up. "It's no problem. You have a fine steed here if she's about to sniff out my sweets." Looking back at Derra, Yumi sized her up. Her pox scars would make her very undesirable to most people, but her skills as a healer would make her also valuable. Being a dwarf meant that she had a strong constitution and important family ties, though Yumi wasn't sure if those ties were strong. Not to mention what the girl wanted was inherently selfless. How boring.

"Oh come now my dear, surely there's more to your life than that." Yumi started feeding Derra's horse with some sugar cubes as she petted it's snout. "Nothing wrong with being a bit selfish. Wanting to do more for yourself is what drives everyone to improve. Why settle for less when you can get more?" Once Yumi finished feeding the horse she turned back to the dwarf with a big smile. Her big, business smile. "I have a deal for you. We're both looking to work with that woman from the guild so why not go together? Allow me to work my magic and negotiate a good deal for the both of us. After all, someone as skilled as you shouldn't work for charity alone. Medicine needs to be brought and no amount of good deeds will make plants grow faster than coin can. Who knows, after this hunt I may even ask for you to stay with my caravan. We plan to go to many cities where we'll offer our services to anyone in need. Surely that'll be better than just wandering around hoping for trouble to find you, yes?"


Yukari Yozakura

"Hmm. So you like those types of guys huh?" Yukari nodded as she thought about what type of guys fit Mina's category. Really just about all of the boys except maybe Acion and Donny. They seem reticent enough to back off when then not wanted. "I don't know, a guy who doesn't know how to take a hint and is super pushy... Not really cool. Now maybe if they were a bit subtle about it you know, like they're helping but not bothering you, I think that's the best. That's considerate without being condescending." Clasping her fingers together Yukari felt she contributed enough to the conversation. But even she could tell that there was some sort of underlining tension with the girls here, talking about boys. Yukari was blind but not stupid. She knew Kaida didn't want to talk about boys, Mina seemed like she was just talking for the sake of talking, and Ruby hasn't said anything at all. Yukari needed to think of something else they could talk about.

That's when she heard Dulga come down and turn the TV on to some crime show. That gave Yukari the perfect idea for a new topic as she clapped her hands together lightly. "You know we've been at school for what, a few months now? All we've done is train and go to class, I really want to go do something fun that's not just more training or something. But honestly I've never done anything except training. What do you girls want to do for fun?" This should be a good topic. It'll certainly be better than anything Yukari could talk about, she really doesn't do anything except training and maybe her circus act. She doesn't even do much of that anymore.

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