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"Oh, I'm pretty new too. Parum's the name. Haven't gotten to see much action yet, though I've heard a few things about this outfit. Wasn't really sure what to make of it at first. Mostly just about how they had dragons on their side, which was pretty interesting on it's own. I'll admit I'm rather... Excited too." That was one way to put it. Parum had no actual interest in letting the dragon queen come back to this realm, so "excited" to put a stop to it would be one way Parum could spin it. Still, at least this Davis doesn't seem too suspicious of her yet. Perhaps word hasn't gotten around about how this group of strangers managed to find this place and bag the champion of Greenest. She'd have to capitalize on it. "Still, it seems like I missed out on all the action. Not to mention since I came so recently, I don't really have a place in the camp yet. Been on the road for a while, and I cold really use a warm place to lay my head. Maybe you could help a lil lady like me?"


Yukari Yozakura

"Hmm... It's hard to describe. I'm not really a fighter myself, and of course I can't really describe it by how it looked." Yukari wished she could explain it better to Kaida, but Yukari was never good at detail oriented stuff like that. She just learns through experience. Still if she had to fight Jett, Yukari would knew some of his tricks. As they walked and talked Yukari listened to Dulga and felt nervous around her. Dulga reminded her a lot of her old ring master; nice at first, but very aggressive once you see past her exterior. Yukari hoped that Dulga was just stern and not secretly sadistic, but all her comments about just shooting the other students did made Yukari uneasy. She wondered if Dulga would be the type of person who'd shoot a person while they're down.

Dulga's plans didn't seem too bad to Yukari. They made sense, though she was still a bit nervous. This would be her first big fight, and while she's sparred with Ezra and Jojo once before, she's never faced off against the rest of the class. Even Jett, she's only trained with him a few times when she first came to Japan. Who knows what he can do now. But Yukari would be brave. After all, what sort of hero would run from a challenge? "Team A seems like a strong group. But we should do what Dulga says and focus on one person at a time, and that would be Ezra. I sparred with him yesterday, he's kinda fast, but I think now that I have a better idea of his fighting style I could beat him. The trick would be trying to separate him from the rest of his team. Jett isn't reckless enough to let Ezra go on his own, and Mina seems like a smart person too. If we want to try to take them out we'll need to lure them out and divide them up." Yukari wondered how they would pull that off. Ezra seemed like a prideful guy, maybe if she challenged him directly they could get them into a 1-on-1 fight. Yukari might be able to hold her own against him while the others took one different members of the team. Though facing Dulga.... Yukari had a feeling that Dulga wouldn't honor a duel.

"Anyways, we should stick together, okay? Maybe we can goad them into chasing after us and taking them out while they're distracted. I'm sure they want to take the point first, so all we have to do is ambush them on the way. If we're fast, we might even be able to set up a trap for them to run into."

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Eventually, after gathering everyone to the lifeboats, the class was off the ship and heading towards the island. Yue let out a small sigh of relief at getting out of that situation. She was pretty calm right now, but that was only because she knew this was all just a simulation. Their lives weren’t actually in danger. If this was real, if somehow they ended up on a ship that was being attacked and sunk by grimm, Yue would have acted differently. She’d focus more about getting her own teammates and friends off and likely have not waited for others. As much as she’d want to, she would have cared more about her closest allies than anyone else. More so if there had been civilians on this ship. Yue couldn’t save everyone, and she was lucky that the only other people on the ship were people who could take care of themselves.

When everyone reached the island Estelle announced the next part of the lesson. ”There’s more?” Turns out there was a monsoon coming. Fortunately, there was also an airship coming before the storm. Yue knew that the objective should be getting the airship down here, but she worried about something else the teacher had said: time moved a bit faster in the simulation. What if, by the time the airship landed, the monsoon hits them before they could fly off? If the airship ignores them precisely because he’s already trying to outrun the monsoon?

Yue bit her bottom lip. It wouldn’t be good to bank everything on trying to get the airship to pick them up. They needed to be prepared for if the monsoon gets to them first. Yue still had some ice dust left, as well as some fire and lightning, but they weren’t very good for making shelters. She could try to make one out of ice but that would take up a lot of her dust and it might not withstand a full-on monsoon. She had some rope, some tarp, and the brooms. ”We…. We should try to find or make some shelter first. Maybe two of us to make a fire to get the attention of the airship? There’s some trees over there, we might be able to make or find a shelter inside.”

Or there could be more grimm on this island they’ll all be busy fighting. They didn’t have many options, but what else were they suppose to do? Sit around and get swept up by a storm? Yue would rather not, so she took her blade out and looked towards the forest. ”I’ll gather some lumber for a shelter or fire. There might be grimm inside, does anyone else want to come help?”

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Parum was more then happy to shift the burden off to someone else, watching the scene carefully. The cultists seem to be fresh recruits, still cowered by threats of punishment. That man seemed to be someone of authority. Parum would continue playing her part for now. "Oh just had to dump that bucket somewhere far from the mess. Soap scum and all that, it'll stink if we left it there." She looked at this Acolyte, Davis. He seemed like an impressionable young man. "Thanks for the help. Davis right? You been here for a while?" Parum decided to follow Davis so that she could try to win him over to her side, as well as to keep watchful eyes from worrying about her wandering off on her own. If she stayed with Davis they might dismiss her thinking that she's being attended to. She was also interested in this "Dragonclaw Stern", and whether or not that was his real name and titles, and if so, what it meant.


Yukari Yozakura

Yukari appeared to have just been staring off into the distance as the others spoke, a slight smile on her face. But she wasn’t dozing off; she was listening in on the other students from the other teams around her, at least the ones who remained in the area. Honing her ears sharply she was picking up on whatever tidbits of info she could get from the others, such as their quirks, plans, or even just names. ”My quirk lets me do this,” Yukari demonstrated her quirk, stretching her arms, neck, face, legs, and even body an extremely long distance. She could get one of her arms to go up to twenty feet. ”Very flexible, and I can get in and out of anything even a mouse couldn’t fit. Flushing out the others would be a cinch for me; there’s nowhere they could hide that I can’t get to. And don’t let my conditions fool you; I don’t need to see you to know where you are or what you’re about to do. If anything, I’d work best in conditions that don’t rely on sight, like in darkness or heavy smoke.”

As the group started moving Yukari turned towards Kaida. Her stride and footsteps were different from Dulga or Mamoru’s, so hearing her was easy. Plus she had a very unique scent. ”It’ll be a pleasure working with you, Kaida-san. I’m actually a bit familiar with Jett’s fighting style. I’ve trained with him before, so I have some idea of what he can do even without his quirk.” Yukari had fond memories of her training with Jett when she had ran away from the circus. She wasn’t a good fighter back then, even with her agility and flexibility. But she’s changed a lot since she first started, and while she had a lot to improve, she hoped to show him and everyone else that she isn’t delicate.

”Who do you all think we should try to go after first? Everyone may be trying to run to the central point, but I think it’d be best if we tried to get the first hit in. We won’t win if we just fight defensively.”

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Parum soon left the daft cultist and went to toss her dishes to whoever was being ordered to clean them. Which, unfortunately for Parum, was her. Apparently since she didn't help cook or prep, she'd have to clean up after everyone. She grumbled but accepted the tedious task, since it'll hopefully give her a chance to scout around the mess hall. One of the first things she noticed was that the mysterious stranger who had been eyeing her had left, and so did Orchid. Parum hoped the orc wasn't going to get himself into trouble, more so since she had no idea where he was at right now. Still... It did give Parum a bit of breathing space. She quickly cleaned the rest of the dirty dishes with her deft hands before loudly announcing that she was going to go dump the dirty water. In truth however, she was going to try to find someone who could help the team.

She could tell that there was definitely a dichotomy between loyal cultist and hired mercs. She may be able to use that to her advantage, either to manipulate someone on either side into aiding her, or possibly pitting them against each other as a distraction. Carrying the large tub of water she intentionally moved towards a lone male, hoping to perhaps charm them into assisting a "meager" looking halfling and perhaps gaining her false affection. It didn't help that the basin of water was also legitimately heavy for Parum. "Tch... Could use a bit of a hand here." She said in an exasperated tone.


”Haaaaah!” A blade of surging electrical energy sliced the ogdoad in twain, splitting it down from the center of the tongue to the tip of its tail. Before his body vanished Yue kicked off it’s corpse and landed on the top of the ship, looking down at the scene below. She had just finished off the last of the ogdoads, and other students were already taking care of the grimm. Really all they needed now was to get the others to the lifeboats. It was just then that Yue heard someone running to them. It was Robert, the bispetical redhead. She turned just in time to see said student smashed by some shipping containers. ”Oh no!”

Although Yue had told the others that she would take care of things here, she also promised to protect everyone. And seeing someone hurt, she had to go and help them, even if it means leaving her post. So she dashed over as quickly as she could, avoiding the same fate as Robert as some of the shipping crates began to shift around by jumping onto and over the crates. When she reached the other end where she had seen Robert fall, she looked over, blade in hand, trying to spot him. ”Are you okay? Where are you? Please please please be alright...”

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Ooooh, not good. I'll try and get a post up tonight, hopefully I can do something to get that stalker off our trail.
It wasn’t hard for the halfling to spot two people of interests, one being a cultist she could try to talk with, and another rough looking fellow who no doubts was sent to spy on her and the others. The fact she was being watched now made Paris extra nervous and nearly breakdown, but she had to keep herself composed. First things first: she needed to get something to eat. She was legitimately hungry.

Paris went over and received herself some tough roasted veal suitable for a halfling (ie a lot) and went to a table to sit at. Namely the same table as Renbar, however she didn’t speak to him, instead seeming like she was just eating at his table. But she had one trick up her sleeve to pass along a secret message. Wiping her greasy fingers ima but of fleece in her pocket she casted minor illusion, creating a message for Rembar on a surface only he could see.

”Fancy a lady who could slate you appitite? Talk to the .


Yue’s feet dragged through the deck as the Ogdoad pulled her closer and closer. She still kept her steady stance but she simply didn’t have the weight to maintain he ground, and only Thanks to the Moonlight Sword was she able not to be pulled in. She was thinking of ways to counter attack when suddenly the Ogdoad died, vanishing into black dust. That’s when Tue finally noticed Ashe having slain the Grimm by plucking his eye out. ”Oh! Wonderful work there Ashe!”

Their work wasn’t finished yet however. As Yue pulled her sword out from the deck she saw the other Ogdoad launch an attack at Ashe. Yue reacted quickly, infusing lightning Dust to her blade and intercepting the attack with a slash. Yue cut the offending appendage down and stood in front of Ashe protectively. ”Ashe, could you go find the others and bring them to the lifeboats? We will defend this area until all the students have arrived!” Lifting the blade over her head, Yue fires a been of lightning infused laser through her blade and into the Ogdoad, doing more damage to the creature.

”Just leave it to us! I’ll make sure that we get out of here alive.”

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