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Not feeling too great everyone. Sorry if you're waiting on me.
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I'm sorry for anyone who was waiting for me. Some real life stuff happened, but for now things seem calm. I'll try to post in my RP's ASAP.


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Mori was doing as he was always doing, keeping an eye out for things while panhandling, when the first weird thing happened. Some guy came by and dropped off a handful of change into his bowl. That wasn't the unsual thing though; sometimes real kind people would drop a ten or even twenty. It was more about the person than the money; a young man who looked both too rich to give a guy like Mori the time of day, but at the same time seemed like a man on a mission. Since he was the only one that really stood out Mori sort of watched him go, but figuring he was just a tourist he let his attention drift to other people, though no one else really caught his attention. Not until something happened at the harbor. Looked like something just went up in smoke. Picking up his bowl and pocketing his money, Mori was one of the first people to hit the pier as people watched the scene unfold.

It was here while he had a closet look that he realized that the harbor wasn't on fire; this was a smoke screen. Someone had covered a ship in blinding smoke to cover their movements. Mori recognized the type, and then realized that someone must be doing a heist. Though this was far to showy; it was the middle of the day in the middle of a public area. The cops would surely be on this soon, not to mention the titans. Or maybe... That was the point. Make a big distraction. Mori wasn't certain, so he stayed on the pier, watching the scene unfold.
"So just walk up and get a cloak huh? Man I wish everything was this easy!" Darc walks over to the mage making cloaks. He could see that it doesn't have to be just cloaks though, and frankly Darc wasn't really too keen on any of the designs. A bit too... Fluttery. But he did have an idea. "Hello, hello. Mage type here. Instead of a cloak, can I get that as a loincloak? Thanks." Once Darc got what he wanted he'd tuck it into his belt and wait with the others. "So, what's our first target? Do we take up contracts separately or work in teams? I imagine we'll all learn about each others abilities and specialties out in the field."
"Oho? What a colorful group!" After spending a few days doing the community a service overseeing some funerals, Darc notices the group forming around the new guild hall. Of course he knows what this place is: it's the new hunting guild, Angeli Pallidus. That's the whole reason he's even in this city. But he's amazed by how varied it's recruits are. He had half expected a whole gaggle of young idiots and ruffians, but many of the people here seemed much more capable, not to mention not entirely human. Only two humans as far as he could tell, though the man in armor could also be a very big human, though chances are a man his size was an orc. Darc was espcially interested in the fact an elf and centaur were here: he's always heard that they dislike human cities. Though perhaps these two were just oddballs of their race. Darc isn't one to judge.

Darc joined the group, raising his hand to greet the group. He guessed the only two people sitting at the guild smoking pipes were in charge. "Hello! Still have an opening? Name's Darc Riovas. I'm a capable mage and more than willing to do some dirty work." He looked to the others, nodding his head with a cheeky smile. "I can see that we got a rag-tag team here already. Please take care of me! I'll do everything in my power to help you, either here or thereafter! Kufufu!" He joked as he made his way towards the front. It honestly made Darc feel a bit better that he wasn't the only weirdo in this group, maybe he can even get away with being a bit more relaxed if everyone here is also quirky. "Is there a test or something we need to do to join, or do we just sign our names somewhere and get started?"
@Jasper19 Hows the picture now?
Another day, another body. Mort was where he always at during his day: disguised as a hobo panhandling for coin near the waterfront. He's found a good spot that was both close enough for people to see him, but not in the way for any business that might call the cops to drive him off. He was wearing his usual hobo disguise: thick coat, baggy sweatpants, and beat up military boots. He had a thick bushy beard, long scraggly hair, and cheap plastic sunglasses. And to top it all off; definitely sweaty and stinky. Plenty of lazy bums around the wayside who look trashy and just want a few dollars to get by, but Mort isn't concerned about going whole hog and smelling about as bad as he looked. Of course, getting a couple of quarters and pity dollars isn't his true purpose here. He's got a job to do.

It was a pretty basic job. He sets up shop here, begs for coin, and keep his eyes open for anything important. Usually this meant watching out for some young hero making rounds or some thugs who are getting the idea to start something. It wasn't much but it was honest work, though the pay wasn't really worth much. Frankly Mort's not had much luck getting higher paying jobs: no one's hired him to do any thuggery, bedlams, or heists. Hell even this stool pigeon job was hard to come by; Mort had to forgo his usual contractual obligations just to land the job since, as both he and his employee see, he's pretty disposable if he wants to make a big fuss about it. And frankly, Mort just couldn't risk trying to run any jobs on his own, not while the Titan's are by-and-large running this town. Sure, plenty of gangsters think they're hot stuff and can rob a shop before the cops show up, but this wasn't Gotham: the police here are actually pretty competent at holding the line before the Titan's show up and put down any would-be villain. Mort's seen this happen before in other cities, and he wasn't about to be one of the fools to fall for the same thinking. So here he was, a hobo on the streets, looking for something juicy to happen to earn his keep.

"Looks like I have at least six dollars so far. That's enough for a single slice of pepperoni. If I can get ten, that's a slice and a soda. I could get half a pie for fifteen if the dickhead over at the Zippy's isn't in shop. But for twenty I can grab two stuffed crusts and a large pop. Now that'll be a treat. Any more than that though and I'll need to save some dough for mats. While I'm good on plastics right now the more the merrier, especially if I really do plan to do a job anytime soon. Here's hoping." Mort mumbled out loud, just to help cement his hobo aura. A talking bum keeps the more shifty characters from trying and steal from his hat.
Posted up a sheet. I hope we can start soon!

Yukari Yozakura

After getting the plan from Ruby, Yukari was ready to go. Her equipment was good, she knew who her team was, and she didn’t feel too sore. Even her old injury wasn’t holding her back. So the group went into the training ground and the first thing Yukari noticed was a very weird smell. It smelled like fur and cow and shortly after their first opponent arrived. Someone who was very big, very strong, and very loud. He was just causing a huge mess. Everyone else was getting into position and Yukari could vaguely make out Acion flying above them, likely trying to chase down the cow man himself.

From the sounds, Yukari could tell that the cow man was above them. She could easily climb up there and fight him and with the others she was certain she’d win. But the others kept mentioning how he was likely a distraction or even bait. ”Bait or not, he’s still a villain. If we put him down now that's one less problem.” She says a bit coldly. She didn’t want to be passive again. ”If you want to catch him grab onto me, otherwise catch up if you can!” Yukari used her quirk to stretch her body up towards one of the buildings, then rubberband herself skyward and instantly send herself to the rooftops.

Based on the commotion, Yukari wasn’t the first one here. She could sense someone else was here, someone with heavy… Sticky… Footprints? The only other person she knew that might sound like that was Donny, but he was part of the Hammer Team. Regardless if this person is fighting the cow man, Yukari would fight with them. Yukari readies her capture tools to try and wrap up the cow man. Even if he could use his strength to breath free, it wouldn’t be easy, and it would give her team the opportunity to take him out. She slung her scarf in the path of the bull as he jumps, while Yukari herself acrobatically circles around him so that she can cut him off and drive him back to the Lance Team. She made extra careful to avoid getting hit by Mina's lasers, an easy trick for Yukari to do. Dodging flying things in midair was one of the most basic acts she did.

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