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Sonia Weaver

Sonia maintained her polite and gentle facade as her teachers spoke about the hardships and difficulties the students will have in class. Be it the business end of things that Tholl was talking about, or the inevitable and violent ends that Yurius eluded two. The fact that only two out of a dozen students he has shows any promise made her wonder if she'll even graduate with anyone in her class. Or if she'll graduate at all. But before Sonia could let these negative thoughts bother her, Owldin flew down towards his master. Sonia raised her hand for him to land on as he passed her a note: a spell scroll has been delivered to her room. "Oh right. Thank you Owldin. Please excuse me professors, but I need to go and get ready for my next class. Thank you for the meal, Professor Tholl."

Packing away her dishes Sonia left the cafeteria to go to her dormitory. She had previously spent her money bidding on a magic scroll of illusion, having stayed up all night sniping the bid to ensure that it gets into her hands. She wanted to make sure she was able to use it soon. It may take her a while to fully understand and memorize the spell off the scroll but unlike others who may need weeks or months just to understand the fundamentals, Sonia can already adapt her current magic to add spells to her pool of knowledge. That is to say, where some people mastering the blade, Sonia was studying spells. It made her think about what Yurius said about how he deemed only a few "physically" promising. She knew that she wasn't going to be one of them so Sonia needed to compensate. Fools look for answers, wizards make solutions. Sonia also needed to check the status of her spider silk shipment; she was relying on a good sale at the end of this week so she can buy groceries. Without it Sonia was going to have to eat more ham-and-cheese sandwiches for a while.


Yukari Yozakura

”Almost the same actually. I was going to go into the town and shop for an item that will help me with work.” When the elevator arrived Yukari walked in, holding the door open for Luelle to join. She could hear it in the girl’s voice that she seemed sad, though Yukari wasn’t sure why. If she had to guess she figured that Luelle was bummed out about her combat performance. Yukari wished she could help, but she wasn’t sure what she could do for Luelle; she hardly did anything at all. Can’t work with nothing.

”Going up.” Softly touching the buttons Yukari found the braille saying third floor. As they were going up Yukari had an idea. ”Say Luelle, why don’t you come with me to town and shop around? I could use your eyes after all.” Yukari tapped her fingers against her cane. Yukari could always use someone else's perspective to improve herself. Maybe show her something that she never thought of, something that could be useful.

I’ll get a post up for Sonia soon.

Yukari Yozakura

Another day, another assignment. After all the excitement died down at the hero class fight, Yukari was back doing doing class assignments and improving on her heroism. A lot of people got hurt, but a few students stood out for their impressive performance. Yukari wasn’t one of them. She tried not to let it bother her but as a former circus performer, she felt bad that she didn’t do anything memorable. She only had herself to blame; despite her heighten senses, that which even let her fight as a hero was also her weakness. Her heightened sense of hearing practically crippled her due to her poor use with the flashbang, and household chemicals nearly took her out if her team didn’t come to save her. But Yukari wasn’t going to let her weakness get the better of her: she will improve!

Since that day she’s been training herself, strengthening her senses to be both keener but also more resistant. It wasn’t easy: unlike muscle training it wasn’t something that you could just do with regular practice. Yukari had been tutoring under other teachers to improve, plus learning about equipment that can help manage her senses. Those earbuds that Dulga had lent to her during the latter half of the battle were a boon; without them her eardrums might’ve just exploded from Amane’s last attack. Yukari has heard that there was a similar pair of high tech earbuds at a tech shop in the city, so Yukari was going to head over there with the money she’s saved up and buy it.

After class was over Yukari headed straight to her dorm to change. Her cane tapped against the concrete floor warning others of her approach as well as alerting her to anyone who was coming. As she arrived to the dorm and made it to the elevator, she sensed one other person there too. From the scent, Yukari knew it was Luelle. Yukari doesn’t know much about the girl aside that her quick had to do something with fire. She must have been waiting for the elevator too. ”Hello. Luelle Hailey, right? How are you doing?”

Sonia Weaver

Sonia made a mental note to save the coffee for after school. It was a shame since she genuinely enjoyed the taste and feel of coffee no matter the flavor, but she didn’t want to get into trouble with Tholl. Looking on the bright side, this just means that Sonia will have more coffee over the long run, to reward herself after a long day of work. ”Of course, professor. I’ll make sure to limit myself.”

Sonia wasn't sure what Tholl was talking about with the Dawn Breaker's salary. Sonia knew that Tholl was part of the economics class though so she likely meant how their jobs applied to the greater society as a whole. Secretly, Sonia wasn't too interested in the Dawn Slayers for the purpose of fighting monsters and saving the world, though that certainly was something that motivates her. Originally she just wanted to learn and gain great arcane power. But what good would that be if she didn't have monsters to fight and a world to save? Though when it came to money, Sonia was lacking. She was receiving some allowance from her family, but most of her money came from her Spider Silk sales. Which made Sonia realize why she felt so afraid of Tholl: she was competition.

While it's certainly true that working together and combining skills and resources will create more profit than just an business owned and operated by an individual would, and Arachne's pride could rarely allowed that to happen. Even her own mother, who was the main silk producer of her home, left her family's silk spinning business to strike out on her own and create her own store without family ties. And when other Arachne tried to set up shop competition was fierce. Sonia's mother was scariest when she thought her livelihood was in danger, and Sonia realized that this was the feeling she had around Tholl. Tholl was the big spider on campus; all the things Sonia used to take for granted being one of the few Arachne around was now threaten by someone who was older, wiser, stronger, all and all more successful. But unlike her mother, Sonia knew better than to act on her primitive instincts.

They weren't stone age barbarians competing for natural resources. They were modern people in a modern age. Society was built to subvert and overcome archaic impulses that are no longer needed or even just redundant. In other words, tradition. Tholl was kind though Sonia had no doubts that she was just being manipulative. But Sonia had no reason to try to compete with her beyond reasons of pride and it would be a bigger blow to her pride to be defeated utterly. She knew when to fold, and besides in this day and age who you know was more important than what you can do. Or rather, who knew you. And if Tholl can trust Sonia and her abilities, it would only make Sonia more successful.

These thoughts were interrupted when Tholl mentioned the smoothie. Apparently she liked to prank Mako with the meat slurry. Sonia couldn't help but crack a smile at this. She remembered doing something similar in her younger days, tricking other students to eat meat from disgusting but otherwise harmless sources, like liver or hearts. "How devious, professor. But your secret is safe with me." Tholl then went on to talk about her family, specifying that there was only one arachne among them, her daughter Danessa. Sonia was going to ask more when she noticed someone sitting at her table and making a mess.

Just barely glancing to her side she saw the smaller person devouring his food as if he was a starved beast. Sonia could appreciate a healthy appetite, but that was no excuse for ill manners. As mentioned above, they weren't barbarians. And no matter who or what race or culture this person came from, they too have to compromise with the fact that they need to adjust themselves to the society they live in now, not the one they grew up in. Sure a traditional Arachne meal would be a live animal struggling in webbing, but Sonia wasn't going to disturb everyone by bringing in game and then sucking all the fluids from it's body until it was a desiccated husk. There were standards.

At least he was apologizing. Sonia let out a sign and finished her own meal too, in a much more calm and organized manner. "I'm sure you are. But you should try and control yourself. It won't do good for you or everyone else if you keep this up." Sonia's words were a touch harsher than her previous attitude was. While she meant to be a touch scolding, it was almost like she was dismissive of the other student. Frankly she wouldn't mind if he did leave now in shame but she wasn't going to press the matter any further. That's when another joined the table: Yurius the vampire teacher. If Sonia remembered correctly she was going to his class next. "Hello professor."

At this point Sonia wasn't really too bothered by all these random folks coming to her table. At the very least it'll make some sense for a fellow teacher to join Tholl. Though instead of talking to Tholl, Yurius asked Sonia a question directly. It was just small talk though so she answered back. "So far so good. I just finished spells and potion class with Professor Mako. Though I finished my potion I don't think I'll get any feedback until tomorrow. How about you sir? Any students show promise?"

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Sonia Weaver

Sonia shouldn't be surprised at the strange things going on at this school, but she still was. As she was about to start on her second sandwich Sonia spotted another arachne but... Something was different about this one. There was a certain aura, and air about her that Sonia couldn't place. It wasn't entirely magical in nature per say, but something more... Feral. Instincts. Something inside Sonia's head warned her that this other arachne was no mere arachne. It was fight or flight but Sonia knew she couldn't possibly win this fight, nor did she have any means to flee. It was just an unfamiliar sense of dread and... Delight? Sonia couldn't put it to words. She was happy to see another Arachne. The other arachne just scared her. Doesn't help that she's also a teacher.

When Tholl approached and questioned Sonia she just froze, her face, stuck with a polite smile. Nothing to indicate any challenge, and just passively subservient. But in her mind Sonia was wondering what sort of a mess she found herself in. "Be cool. You're cool. it's fine, everything is fine. So maybe you might be a bit more popular than you thought. No problem, that's not a bad thing. So maybe this other Arachne has you in her sights. That's fine that's fine. You're not in trouble. You're a good girl. Nodding her head Sonia took a small sip of her coffee, doing her damnest to remain composed. "That is correct. My name is Sonia Weaver. I've... Never seen you before." Not Sonia's best rebuke.

Just when Sonia thought maybe she could keep herself cool, Tholl sat down right next to Sonia. She even offered Sonia her smoothie, knowing very well that the coffee that Sonia was drinking would be intoxicating to her. Granted Sonia only had a few sips so it's not as if she was even buzzed yet, but Tholl would know the intentions Sonia had with her drink. Clearing her throat Sonia nodded her head and grasped the cup. "T-Thanks. But I'm not drunk. One bottle of ice coffee is hardly going to make me feel buzzed." Sonia did take sips from the smoothie though. It was delicious; better than her own cooking. For something that looked little more than a slurry of red, it had a very pleasant taste that was neither overpowering nor faint, as if Sonia was eating a steak wellington in liquid form. The fact that Sonia didn't know what the meat was didn't really bother her; she can stomach all types.

As Sonia and Tholl had their exchange, Circe excused herself. Sonia didn't even get a word in before she left and met up with two boys who were walking in their direction. Sonia blushed at the thought of sitting with a couple of boys on her first day. Or rather, the boys coming to her table first. She knew better than to have such naive thoughts, but the idea of a guy coming onto Sonia was not unpleasant to her. She never imagined anyone would take the initiative to talk to her, sans other Arachne like Tholl of course. It looked like Circe was leading them away though, thus leaving the two spiders sitting together. Still nervous but trying to overcome it Sonia looked to her teacher. "Ah. Um.... Thank you for the smoothie. You mention you had a brood? Do your children attend too?"

Sonia Weaver

As Sonia was finishing off her first sandwich she noted that the girl from potion and spells class was sitting with her. Circe, if Sonia remembered correctly. She ate more meekly, taking small bites from her sandwich and sips from her soup as she wondered why this girl was sitting with. Not that Sonia minded, but she just thought it was rather... Impolite to just plop down at her table without so much as a hello. But Sonia tried not to be offended. Maybe that's just how Circe was raised. Who was Sonia to question her culture? Instead she'll try to make the best of this situation and talk to the girl. "Be calm Sonia. Just say hello, introduce yourself. Go with the flow."

Gulping, the arachne leaned forward and smiled. "H-Hello! I don't think we've been properly introduced. My name is Sonia Weaver." But behind her polite and soft smile Sonia was now freaking out. She sounded way too formal for her liking, as if she was talking to some princess or something and not just a fellow student. "Aaaaaaah what am I doing I am such a dork! 'I don't think we've been properly introduced', who are you trying to be, some sort of lady killer? A black widow? Fix this you fool!" Clearing her throat Sonia tried to be more casual. She dipped her sandwich into her soup and took a bite, letting the flavors distract her from the awkwardness of it all. Once her jitters calmed down she tried again. "So... What's up? You look like you're on a hunt. Or something."

Sonia Weaver

”Lunch time lunch time~

After her first class Sonia went to lunch. Owldin flew around her often getting ahead, stopping on a high elevation, then flying off again watching over her. That was because while Sonia was in a good mood, Owldin was more wary of danger. Sonia had heard of the murder but chose not to worry about it, whereas Owldin took it more seriously. Not that there was much he could do on his own aside from manning claw the killer’s eyes out if he’s lucky, but so long as Sonia was safe he’ll do whatever it takes.

In the lunch hall Sonia sat down by herself. She had packed her own lunch and it only needed a little reheating. Tomato and basil soup, two ham and cheese melt, and ice coffee. It was a lot of food for one person but Sonia was bigger than your average person. She only wished she could have brought something with more meat. She had spent most of her money on furnishing her dorm room and buying magic tones and scrolls for study, leaving her fridge fairly bare. And while she was certain that the shook served an excellent lunch, her own pride couldn’t allow herself to ask food from others when she is able to make her own.

A spider who cannot Hunt is no spider, as her father would say. So after warming up her soup and sandwich Sonia said a quick and quiet prayer before digging in. She daintily cut up her sandwich into smaller cuts, dipping them into the soup before consuming. Between bites she drank her coffee. The cafine helped her calm her nerves, though that was thanks to its intoxicating effects on arachnes. Most people get hyper when drinking coffee; Sonia gets drunk.

”Eh heh heh. This is... This isn’t so bad. I wonder if it would taste better with mayonnaise.”
I guess we could? Sonia just thinks you’re weird being all touchy with her.
Sonia Weaver

Sonia looked a bit embarrassed as Mako explained that these spells weren't simple fire-and-forget spells like Sonia knew. They were full blown rituals, time consuming and difficult, which to Sonia meant they must be powerful. Or at least had a lot of potential; she'd hate to have to spend ten minutes to conjure a ball of fire as large as a torch. Still it felt a bit dirty; it seemed like Mako had already decided to do potions on the first day and wasn't really giving them a choice. "Oh well. Potions are important too. They're still magic so I can learn something from it." As Sonia was getting her things out one of the students came over to her and patted her shoulder. It was the only other student who spoke out about wanting to use potions. She didn't say anything, just nodded her head and left. Sonia was briefly confused. "Okay."

Back to business. Sonia had neatly arranged everything on the desk as well as had the instruction manual out. She already knew some basics to potion making through her previous training in general alchemy, though she needed a refresher on how some of these tools worked. She did a few experiments to observe their function and once she understood how they worked she began to make the potions. She made a few mistakes here and there, but she immediately recognized them and made sure to clean up and not do it again. Before long she had a complete product. It was blood red, with a watery texture. Sonia took a box off her bag and opened it up. Inside was Owldin. "Owldin, test this for me? It should be a healing potion." Owldin sampled the potion and made a bitter face, but described the feeling as invigorating but sour. More or less what the book said the potion would be like, minus the sour part. Most people say it's bitter. "Perhaps Owldin just tastes it differently?"

There was still some time left so Sonia tried to improve on the potion. Setting aside the first completed potion, she tried to create new ones with different tastes and effects. Taste would be important for those out on the field: while people should be disciplined enough to eat their medicine no matter how bitter, having something tasty or at least not disgusting makes it go down more easily. She tried natrual flavors like mint and strawberry, but they were state and tasteless. Then she tried something like bubblegum or chocolate, but the flavors were far too strong. The regular potion itself was indeed bitter, but not entirely unpleasant. In fact it gave Sonia an idea. Instead of trying to replace the bitter flavor, she should try to improve it.

As class was coming to a close Sonia was one of the last students to hand Mako her potion. The potion was still blood red, but Sonia had labeled it with the flavor she choose. It was nearly a perfect match though Sonia isn't sure if the flavor she put into it compromised it's effectiveness as a healing potion; she tried to balance it but since neither she nor Owldin were hurt, she had no idea what the potency was. "Here you go professor." Placing the vial on the desk, the label clearly said Expresso.

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