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Not feeling too great everyone. Sorry if you're waiting on me.
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I'm sorry for anyone who was waiting for me. Some real life stuff happened, but for now things seem calm. I'll try to post in my RP's ASAP.


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"I'm sure you do sir. And I'm also sure that you barely have two days, tops, before they bury you in a shallow grave. I don't think they put people up on those poles if they intend to let them live soon after." Parum whispered as they moved through the camp. She used a minor illusion to disguise Leosin a little, dying his hair a different shade than his normal one so that people won't readily be able to identify him by glance. Everything was going good so far but Parum couldn't help but feel like this was too easy. Like they were just waiting for Parum and the others to be outside of the camp so they can strike when they least expect it. "Be vigilante Parum. You aren't out of the fire yet."

Speaking of fire, one of the kobold's tent was lit aflame. Parum's heart raced knowing that this flame was a signal that they needed to go now. With any luck the camp would mobilize to halt the fire before it spreads out, or at worse the higher ups may notice something amiss and investigate them. Parum wanted to be miles away before that happened though. "Alright, lets get out of here. Leosin is with us and we have a distraction, that should give us plenty of time and breathing space. Go go!" Parum said in hushed tones to her party members present, leading the group towards the woods.

"Almost home free!"

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Sorry I’ve been out, I had an accident recently but I’m back. I’ll try to post ASAP.
Yeah sorry for being silent. I had an accident recently so I’ve been out of commission, but I’ll try and post as soon as possible. A lot has happened so I have a lot to work with.

Yukari Yozakura

Yukari was in such pain that she didn't even noticed the people coming into the room. First was Monika. She would see Yukari tossing and turning in bed, one leg raised in a cast, wrapping her arms around the bed and biting her pillow in pain. She'd also see that in Yukari's tossing and turning she had removed an IV that was going through her arm; while the needle was still in her arm the tube had been pulled out and dripping the medicine keeping Yukari's pain at bay. She was also bleeding from her IV as well. "Ah... Aaaah! It hurts!" All Yukari could do was keep writhing in pain and groaning about it. Her senses were going haywire and she was feeling very cold despite how sweaty her body was getting.

When Haruka came in she'll see the same thing. But when Haruka called for Yukari, she paused for just a second to call out. "Ha-Haruka, help me please, it hurts so much!" There were bruises all over Yukari's body from the beating she received, as well as her left leg in a cast, which was starting to slip out as Yukari was using her powers to get out of it. That wasn't good however as her leg started bleeding from the wounds inflicted on her, which just made Yukari panic even more and caused blood to drip onto the bed. The heartbeat monitor Yukari was hooked up to was reading Yukari's heart beats faster and faster as she was panicking. She knew she had to calm down, but this pain was so intense she couldn't think of anything but how to make the pain stop. She thought if maybe if she could just hold onto something tight, it would all go away. Put pressure on everything until it turned purple and numb. But her powers wouldn't let that happen; no matter how she twisted or turned her body she'd always feel this pain. It was unbearable.


Yukari Yozakura

Yukari’s memories were fuzzy. She remembered waking in and out of consciousness what felt like every few minutes, but the scenes changed so drastically. First she was falling off her feet, then she was being wheeled out of an ambulance, then she was getting surgery, and she wasn’t even sure if any of this happened. In between the moments of clarity Yukari’s mind drifted back to her time living on the streets. It was a very short time period, only about five days, but she remembers them well. How on her first day she had quite a bit of money stolen from the circus, and how the next day it was all gone. She had thought that she could trust being a vagrant child with other vagrant children. It was a harsh lesson for her when she found out that even they could slip pass her heighten senses and make off with her wallet. At least they didn’t try anything else, but it still left a painful memory: she couldn’t trust anyone.

The next few days Yukari did things she wasn’t proud of doing. Mostly stealing, but also a lot of lying. Unlike some vagrant children she could still pass off as a normal girl, albeit a blind one, so she’d often play dumb and take advantage of people’s kindness to get little things like some food or a drink. She never stole money if she could help it. But it wasn’t like she was being Robin Hood and stealing from greedy merchants or corrupt shop owners; she was taking advantage of kindly old ladies and dumb boys who fell for a cute face. She put her performance ability to use.

It wasn’t until she actually got to Komei that the harsh realities of being a runaway really set in. It wasn’t just sleeping in the streets and stealing things to get by; Yukari didn’t even know her birthday, let alone other information she’d need like her insurance, her social security number, and her previous school record. She had none of those things. And she knew that she couldn’t just straight up tell everyone there that she didn’t have those things because she was a runaway. At best they’d just have to turn her down, or at worse they might even arrest her and try to bring her back to her parents. All she could have done was play dumb and get the paperwork that needed to be filled out, but there was no way she was going to go to Komei on her own. She couldn’t even read the damn papers.

Soon Yukari’s eyes slowly opened. Her body was numb due to the anesthesia they put into her. She could barely move a muscle but she was at least able to look down at her legs. One was in a cast being suspended in the air; the same one that Kensai had gashed deeply. She didn’t want to see how that looked, but she imagined that it was painful. The wound did remind her however that she never defeated Kensai. She immediately shot upwards then immediately regretted it as her entire body was wracked in pain so intense it made her scream.


It was like her entire body had been stabbed with a knife. She felt so cold that she had to hug herself, but she was sweating like crazy. Her temperature was high and she was suffering from a fever somehow. She thought she saw nurses come in but she was completely alone in her room. Then she realized that she’s blind, and everything she was seeing was just in her head. This sensory overload just confused Yukari even more, causing her to writhe painfully in bed whimpering in distress. "H-Help... It hurts!"
Let's get this party started right.
Literally insects. This was hardly worth her time.

For a young adventurer a swarm of bugs might be fearsome. They aren't like a conventional enemy where they're one single being that you can strike down; a swarm consist of hundreds if not thousands of tiny creatures that you cannot strike well with a blade or arrow, and even if you can kill one or ten, there are still hundreds of more. But for Ashe this was typical. She lived in a swamp where swarms like this were more common than rats. And she knows how to deal with either. Raising one hand up she blasted flames from her hand, shaping it from a single gout to a wide wall. Any bug that came near would get vaporized, and even if they came as a swarm each indivudal could not withstand the flames no matter how many gathered.

But Ashe did not ignore the true threat. She had heard the giggles. She knew that this swarm was being controlled by another. So while her wall of flame was holding back the tide of insects, Ashe conjured a ball of fire in her hand and threw it at the laughing fairy. Her fireball would come shooting out from the wall, which had been hiding Ashe this entire time. Despite lacking a visual Ashe's aim would be precise as an arrow; mischievous fey were enemies Ashe has faced as well.
I choose to rescue him anyways. We've planned this out for nearly six months! I'm not about to let it all go down the drain.

Parum wasn't sure what she was hearing. Oh she heard it alright, but she was trying to interpret it. Here Leosin was, crucified to this post, and Parum and her friends were just moments away from saving him. And he... Doesn't want to leave. "Okay calm down. Obviously Leosin has been thinking a lot since he got captured. Maybe.... Maybe he meant to be captured. The cultist takes slaves after all, so there's a reasonable chance that he tried to get captured to infiltrate this place like we did with Brannor. But if that's the case, then obviously his cover has been blown, almost like ours. In fact I'm sure our cover has already been blown and if we don't act soon, the whole camp is going to jump down our throats." Parum took a deep breath and quietly started to undo the bindings keeping Leosin in place. She tried to only cut enough to set him loose but not cleave through the rope, since they still needed to hang up the body double.

"Look, Leosin. I can tell that you've really thought this out. But so have we. We're here to rescue you. Your followers have asked us to find you and bring you back alive. Greenest is in near ruins. If there's anything you can do to help us, anything you can tell us, it'll have to be away from this camp. Are you strong enough to run?" Once Parum had Leosin loosen she motioned for Orchid to quickly string up Davis. She also created a minor illusion around the area to create an image of darkness, shadow, ideally whenever the moon was covered by clouds, to make it harder to see them from a distance. It wasn't a her best illusion but hopefully it'll be good enough.
Now that the gang was all here, Parum quickly summarized their plan. "We'll grab Leosin and replace him with this cultist we knocked out. We'll disguise him too to help lower the suspicion. Brannor, if possible I'd like it if you could somehow free the other slaves. I want to give them a chance at freedom. If nothing else, their escape combined with our own may give us more time to get to Greenest before anyone is wiser. Torag, I must rely on your abilities with animals to scout the area for us, and if need be run interference should the need arise. Orchid, you and I shall secure Leosin. We must be quick and subtle. And Kyra, your abilities as a hunter and your knowledge of this area will be our key back to Greenest at top speed. Once Leosin is within our custody I trust that you can safely guide us to sanctuary." Parum looked at the other four. Though she's only known them for a few days, it has felt like she's worked with them for years. "There's nothing else to say. I wish you all the best of luck. Gods protect us."

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