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I'm sorry for anyone who was waiting for me. Some real life stuff happened, but for now things seem calm. I'll try to post in my RP's ASAP.


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Parum listened to everyone and tried to make sense of all of this. It was plain to see that this cult intended to summon the dragon queen. That much was clear when they first interrogated a cultist. Stealing valuables and amassing a hoard of treasure tends to be what dragons do, and of course for a cult dedicated to it's queen that's what they will do. Possibly as a means to summon her? Parum had no idea how this cult intended to go about summoning the dragons. Perhaps it had something to do with the nursery? Or perhaps... There was somewhere else they would summon her at? "Leosin, during your investigation, did you learn if this cult keeps any other camps or strongholds? The hatchery seems... New. Nothing but tents like an army camp, instead of a proper fortified place one would want to raise dragons. Perhaps they have a place they intend to summon the dragon queen, and intend to use the stolen treasure as a means to summon like an offering of some sort. After all, if the hatchery is too small to fit an adult dragon, I highly doubt they intend to use it as the staging grounds to summon the queen of dragons."

As for a plan to infiltrate the camp itself, Parum admittedly had little clue, but she had a few ideas. "I've no doubt that the camp will be on high alert now that we've made it known it can be infiltrated, so Kyra is right, trying that again won't work. But I think it's been established that the kobolds and human members of the cult do not get along; perhaps we can take advantage of that. The kobolds kept to their own camp and if I remember correctly, they aren't too functional during the day being subterranean creatures and all. So we need to move quickly and try to get around the camp to where the kobolds have set up. We can try to scale down quickly during the day, where there will be less guards watching the kobold side. Alternatively, we can go at night while everyone should be asleep aside from the night sentries, though I imagine they too will be more alert knowing of our previous intrusion. And if nothing else, the high ground will provide us an adapt vantage point to stage an infiltration." Parum looked to the others and frowned a bit. As a halfling, she was half their size, and barely fast enough to keep up with them at a full run.

"And perhaps we should try to get some mounts as well. I'm not sure if Greenest would have any horses for us, but if they could spare at least a small horse for myself, I won't be slowing you down."
As everyone gathered around Leosin to listen, Parum wondered how they were going to take down this cult of dragons. She needed to put aside her hysterical fear and focus on objectives and targets; while taking down the cult was the ultimate goal they needed to figure out how to go about doing it. Taking out the various leaders was a good starting point: Cyanwrath was a fearsome warrior but together Parum has no doubt that the party can eliminate him. Morndath was a cut above hot average cultist so she would need to be defeated as well. And of course, all those dragon’s that likely live in the cave... Parum tried not to think about that too hard.

Soon Leosin told the group what he knew, some which they knew already. They knew from the cultist that the camp protected a dragon hatchery. But hearing it from Leosin did give Parum another look at how insane the idea was; Parum can’t imagine dragons willingly sharing their eggs on their own accord. Parum might not know too much about dragons, but generally speaking even the lawful ones wouldn’t want to be part of a deranged breeding program, at least not unless they directly benefit from it. The idea that these dragons are all doing it for Tiamat...

”Focus Parum. One thing at a time.”

Leosin also told them something else that would be important: there was another half-Dragon aside from Cyanwrath. One called Rezmir. No doubt she handles things directly related to the hatchery while Morndath handled the mercenaries and cultists. A ther enemy they’ll have to eliminate. Seems like things were getting tougher and tougher.

”Have you heard or see any adult dragons while you were investigating? We saw an adult blue dragon attacking Greenest the first time we arrived. And how exactly did you find out about this? I don’t inagine you figured all of this out while you were tied to that post.”
After the last dragonclaw fell, Parum felt a bit sick to her stomach. She thought she'd be used to killing now, but somehow the sight of that man taking his own life, just to spite them, dishearten her. Somehow, she wished that they were facing weaker-willed foes; where a show of might and utter determination would be enough to send these ruffians running. But a cult... They were mad, deranged people who would stop at nothing until success or death. This sort of fanaticism scared her. But Parum had to remain strong. As scared as she was she had to continue onward. She can't hope for some other adventurer or hero to arrive to replace her if she falters. Too bad for her.

As the group continued onward Parum looked at the party again. Torus, while still confusing with his cryptic ramblings, was starting to make sense to Parum. Or perhaps Parum was just understanding him in ways beyond words. It was hard to describe; it was like she simply had a feeling. Kyra seemed... Still bloodthirsty, but in control. Parum thinks that perhaps now that Kyra had a chance to kill a few of their numbers, she's slowly getting over her madness. Orchid was still Orchid. Somehow that comforted the halfling; as simple as he was Orchid was reliable and consistent. Brannor was the one that Parum had the most questions about. Initially she simply thought of him as a rugged human warrior, a paladin of nature, but now he's revealed to be much more. Of course she knew about his bestial side but at the time she first saw it, she simply thought it was his paladin magic playing tricks on her and Cyanwrath. But now she knew for certain; Brannor was a skinwalker, a shifter, some sort of werebeast. She wasn't sure how to feel about that. Part of her was scared; though she knew better than to believe in children's tales, could Brannor control his beast of his? What if he only took up his oath as a means to control the monster inside? Was he born or created like this? And where exactly does his alliance lie? Is he truly a warrior of the Pale Lady, or is he simply clutching to her as a means to maintain his own control?

Parum wasn't sure how to ask these questions without offending. When they returned to Greenest she wanted to find some time to talk to Brannor alone, but the moment she got a chance to rest she did so without hesitation, and didn't wake up until a few hours later when she was hungry. By now Greenest, while not fully recovered, was being restored. Guards remaining vigilante while the dead were cleaned up and removed. People went back home to try and recover what little was left. Return to a normal life. It just made Parum remember why she was doing this in the first place; not just for the honor and glory of fighting a greater evil. Because for every great evil there was thousands of small, nameless victims like those in Greenest who go unheard, unremembered, because of a cruel tyrants greed. Parum did not want to be the person to forget them, to be blinded by her own pride or fear and think that the only person who has anything to loose was Parum herself.

It was still dark when Parum awoke. After she had eaten a light meal, she tried to go back to bed but was restless. She couldn't seem to find the lack of energy to sleep. So she simply wandered around the keep for a bit, careful not to make too much noise but at the same time make just enough so people wouldn't be surprised seeing her. Last thing she needed was to spook a guard and have him accidentally attack her. Even so, Parum couldn't help but wonder what would happen if she were more stealthy. Plenty of halflings in tales of adventure were known rogues and sneaks. They were cunning even when they were bombastic; the key to their success was knowing when to be subtle and when to be loud. And even for a bard, a occupation known for their flamboyant personalities, they too must have a certain subtly. So Parum started to walk more quietly, until eventually her footsteps just seemed completely silent. "Yes, just like that. Learn how to vanish until it's time for your roll to be played."

Soon Parum found herself on the castle battlements. She looked up into the night sky, remember that terrifying sight; the sight of that blue dragon. Just remembering it made Parum fall to her knees in a cold sweat. How is it that she could stare down gory death, lie in the face of warlords in their own camp, and even choose to fight a dragon god, and yet simply seeing that blue dragon who didn't even seem to want to attack this castle could frighten her so much? Slowly she stood up and found herself gripping her viol. Music always calmed her soul. And so Parum put the instrument to her shoulder and braced with her chin as she drew her sword, playing a song to soothe her spirits.

And at some point Parum found herself asleep on these ramparts. Someone must have stopped by and given her a blanket as well, as she was wrapped in a thick wool sheet. By now the sun was up and Parum was feeling more energetic than usual. While her thoughts from before still lingered, she was easily able to distract herself from those things when a guardsman approached her, telling her that the governor wishes to see her and the others. They were to go to the main gate; Parum could see it easily from where she was at, and so she would follow the guard to the main gate where she reunited with the others as well as the governor. There she heard his speech calling the group heroes; something that made the halfling rather bashful. She didn't really consider anything she did heroic; she got scared and threw around some spells. She didn't even remember if she fought or killed anyone personally. Even her plans, as much as she tried to do everything right, ultimately ended up failing in some way. At least they managed to get Leosin.

Not only did the group receive the governor's praise, but also payment; 200 gold in total. Divided up among the five of them, each would receive 40 coins each. Frankly it seemed rather.... Underwhelming considering everything they just went through. But Parum couldn't fault them. They were just raided of all their riches. If anything the gesture itself was more than enough; they were at least being recognized and the people of Greenest were trying to scrape together some reward for them. So Parum wasn't going to complain. But as much as Parum wished this would be the end of it, one of the monks approached the group and asked for them to see Leosin. Parum gulped; Leosin had intentionally let himself be captured so he could spy on the cult. Despite all of the damage it did to his body, he was still willing to go through with it, even potentially to the death, just to gather information. Parum had no regrets saving him, but now that he was alive he needed to tell the party what he knew; Parum doubts Leosin is in any shape to be doing espionage work himself even if he wanted to. In order to prevent him from needlessly getting himself into danger or worse, killed, they would need to see him and work with the information he knew.

"Alright than. Let's go see Leosin. Hopefully he's feeling better now."
Also I didn't know if we were suppose to tell you or not, but @Hekazu Parum is taking another level in Bard and chooses the college of Lore. For her expertise skills she's chosen Persuasion and Stealth, and for her bonus proficiency she choose Deception, Perception, and Stealth.
Yeah I don't have much for Parum to do aside from maybe ask Brannor some questions about his whole transformation thing, and possibly talk to Leosin about what he knows as we return to Greenest. Also I don't suppose there's a shortbow among our pursuers?
Now properly mounted on Torus' back as if he were a horse, Parum was much more comfortably fighting. In fact, she felt better mounted then on the ground. She wondered about investing in a mount, perhaps a fast horse or even a riding dog. But that wasn't important right now; they needed to deal with the last surviving cultist before he goes back to get more allies. Parum was angry that she didn't have any hard hitting spells to use right now, but at least he didn't go out of her vicious mockery range.

"Loreat hefoc wer faessi wux re! Si tepoha ocuirtor Kobolds mrith throdenilt kalith!" Parum struck a tune again, focusing her magics to crawl into the cultist's mind to scramble his brains and end him rightly.

Sorry, I'm here now. I'll see what I can do.
After the explosion of light and magic, the enemy were quickly routed. Brannor's transformation scarred off many of the horses, which gave her fellow adventurers an ample opportunity to attack them as they were forced to flee. One-by-one they were cut down leaving only one left who was still covered in Faerie Fire. If she had a crossbow she'd shoot him, alas she had nothing of the sort. While mounted on Torus she strum her voil and pointed her sword at him and mocked the lone survivor in draconic. "Wopsit! Si tepoha ocuirtor pups svaust maulk desta!" The rider would feel his mind ache as her words wormed into his head and hopefully would both distract and harm him. Then she turns to Brannor, her mind too focused on the fight to realize that she may be terrified by his monstrous form. "We can't let him escape Brannor! Strike true!"

Awesome, now I just have to make sure not to get hit so I can maintain the concentration.
"Oft! What's the big idea Orchid? Torus can't carry the both of us!" But before Parum could try and get off, the horsemen were already on them. Parum was barely able to scramble on top of Torus as they came swinging. She was good for two more spells but needed to use them wisely. Scanning the battlefield she plucked a string on her voil with her rapier. It made a sharp twang as magic began to fill the air, then exploded in an explosion of light. One of the dragonclaws and the regular cultist would get showered in this bright light, and if they weren't fast enough, they would be covered in the stuff. "Torus, give them everything you got!" She said as she played a quick melody on her viol, fueling Torus with encouragement and confidence.

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