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Current Just because you "fight a good fight" doesn't mean you didn't do horrible things.
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Not feeling too great everyone. Sorry if you're waiting on me.
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I'm sorry for anyone who was waiting for me. Some real life stuff happened, but for now things seem calm. I'll try to post in my RP's ASAP.


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After the explosion of light and magic, the enemy were quickly routed. Brannor's transformation scarred off many of the horses, which gave her fellow adventurers an ample opportunity to attack them as they were forced to flee. One-by-one they were cut down leaving only one left who was still covered in Faerie Fire. If she had a crossbow she'd shoot him, alas she had nothing of the sort. While mounted on Torus she strum her voil and pointed her sword at him and mocked the lone survivor in draconic. "Wopsit! Si tepoha ocuirtor pups svaust maulk desta!" The rider would feel his mind ache as her words wormed into his head and hopefully would both distract and harm him. Then she turns to Brannor, her mind too focused on the fight to realize that she may be terrified by his monstrous form. "We can't let him escape Brannor! Strike true!"

Awesome, now I just have to make sure not to get hit so I can maintain the concentration.
"Oft! What's the big idea Orchid? Torus can't carry the both of us!" But before Parum could try and get off, the horsemen were already on them. Parum was barely able to scramble on top of Torus as they came swinging. She was good for two more spells but needed to use them wisely. Scanning the battlefield she plucked a string on her voil with her rapier. It made a sharp twang as magic began to fill the air, then exploded in an explosion of light. One of the dragonclaws and the regular cultist would get showered in this bright light, and if they weren't fast enough, they would be covered in the stuff. "Torus, give them everything you got!" She said as she played a quick melody on her viol, fueling Torus with encouragement and confidence.

Man we're all just getting some really bad initiatives. I have a 5. I don't mind Orchid carrying me as long as he follows my orders. Does this mean he goes on my initiative or does he just do his own thing?

Parum watched as orchid charged through the tent and helped save Kyra, who quickly fled and told Parum to do the same. Before she could even put the flask away another cultist charged at her. She barely saw him fast enough for her to narrowly avoid his blade. "Oh gods!" Parum didn't waste any time. She pocketed her oil flask and focused on getting as far away as her legs could carry her. "We got what we came for, let's go!" The halfling was extra careful to avoid any attempts at retaliation by the cultist, using her small size to easily avoid his reach, but her little legs could only take her so far. She turned to Orchid who was still in the tent and shouted orders to him. ”Orchid stop fighting we got to get out of here!”

With the rest of the cultists dead, Parum looked around d and was frantic. ”Okay we really, really have to go now! Torus grab Leosin! Orchid, Brannor, clear us a path! Kyra, distract the the cultists somehow!” Parum knee that Kyra wanted nothing more than to kill everyone in this camp. So she’s enable her, taking out a flask of oil and handing it off to Kyra. ”Go nuts. Let’s just get out of here fast!”
When the party was stopped by the check point Parum gulped and for a moment her resolve wavered. This was not going according to plan at all! She bemoaned that nothing she did works out as well as she hopes in the end. But she couldn’t do anything about it now. There will be time to complain later; for now it was time to fight.

Brannor had already charged into the fray and joined the melee. So Parum targeted one of the cultist next to him, sending a chilling whisper of fear and torment into the cultists mind. ”Run, sheep. Run from the slaughter.” She would say as she casted Dissonant Whispers onto him.

Yukari Yozakura

Yukari's breath became slow but steady as the others were tending to her, her senses dulled and fragmented. She barely registered that Andriane was here and thought it was just the police coming to get a statement from her. "The city... In the city... A friend was... Was in a fight..." Yukari tried to remember who her friend was, but right now all she could think about was the pain. "Then someone else... Someone stronger came. An old man who drinks a lot. He beat up the two thieves, I was chasing... He was going to hurt others... So I had to stop him... But..." Yukari's body tensed as the nurses had to help her leg back into the sling and put a new IV into her arm, holding her down so she didn't try to break out again. "I... I lost..." She began to cry. "I couldn't beat him... I tried so hard... I even had help... But I couldn't beat him..."

Yukari gripped Andriane's hands tightly as she tensed up and cried harder. No words, just tears. She felt so angry, so sad, and so scared all at the same time. While she may have never really won a fight before, she thought she had gotten stronger. But this was just a harsh reminder that for all her so called effort, she was still easily outclassed and out matched. "I don't know what to do! He's still out there, hurting people, and... And all I could do was lose!" She tried to get up but the nurses held her down. "He's still out there! Rampaging! Killing! I have to stop him!"' As Yukari was getting more hysterical the nurses had to sedate her and she started to get drowsy quickly while clutching her adopted matron. "He's... Still out there... Have... Stop..."

When it's my turn I'll try to have Parum talk her way through these sentries. Hopefully we can get through without anyone else slowing us down.
My initiative is 14. Oh I really hope I can talk my way out of this...
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