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If there's still room for another character, I'd like to join.

Yukari Yozakura

Shortly after Yukari grabbed the briefcase, she heard someone arrive. Two voices stood out, it was Saki and Nadeko! She doesn't exactly remember what either of their quirks could due, since she never saw it. But from what she could infer Nadeko could control metal and Saki had some powers related to electricity. Yukari thought this would be easy until she heard Saki bound forward with amazing speed and even jump over Yukari. "Fast!" Yukari felt Saki's foot connect. On a normal girl this would've knocked them out cold easily. But Yukari was far from normal. Even though Yukari's head hit the ground she was able to stay on her feet as he neck stretched from the force of the blow. By the time Saki got back on her feet Yukari was able to take the force of the kick and literally bounce it back right at Saki. Yukari would deliver a devastating headbutt right towards Saki's chest.

"Two-on-one huh? That's a fair fight!" Even though she said this Yukari knew she had to get away fast. Using her extreme flexibility Yukari snaked her arm underneath Saki's tail and pulled the briefcase up to Yukari's shoulder. She'd tried to slip away as fast as she could, taking advantage of her rubbery body to bounce up onto the rooftops and put as much distance between her and the other two girls as she could. Yukari knew Saki was fast and if she doesn't get away from Nadeko she could easily use her powers to take the briefcase, so Yukari needed to give them the slip. "If I climb up to the rooftops, Acion might be able to spot me and help me out. If not, I can still safely fall from a big height but I doubt those two can, so they'll have to go down more slowly." Yukari thought as she extended her legs out to jump from one building to the next, even across the ruined streets.

@liferusher@Silver Carrot

I mentioned you in my first post after yours. Yukari recommends you follow Acion so we can travel in small groups. If that doesn’t work for you, Yukari also loudly said she heard something nearby and went to go check it out, so you would know where Yukari went if you want to get involved in that.

Yukari Yozakura

It wasn't very long before something happened. As everyone was about to leave Yukari heard something faintly flying through the air. At first she thought it might've been Alice, but then she heard a loud crash in the distance. Surely Alice was a more graceful flyer then that. Maybe it was Acion? Either way Yukari aimed to investigate. "Everyone, I heard something over there! I'll be right back." Yukari ran towards the direction where she heard the crash. She had it narrowed down to a small location, and if it was a person than she ought to be able to hear them move around. Though if it was an object, than Yukari guessed it might've come from Dulga. She was one of the first to get out there and somehow it wouldn't surprise Yukari if Dulga just threw stuff around. "I guess I should be more careful not to get distracted by random noises. But if I don't... It could be something important I miss... Oh this isn't easy."

Yukari found the briefcase that Dulga threw. She had a bit of a hard time identifying it at first, but once she was able to get a feel for it she figured that this was the thing they were looking for. It was heavy and sturdy but nothing Yukari couldn't carry. "I should get this back to base! I guess this is just how Dulga is going to pass these back. I hope she doesn't break any of them." Wrapping her arm around the handle tightly Yukari would head back to the base. Hopefully she'll catch up to the others before they leave, or maybe she ought to stay behind to guard the cases? After all it would be terrible if they worked so hard to grab the briefcases only for them to get taken away. "We'll just have to play it by the cuff I guess!"

Yukari Yozakura

Yukari turned her body to the girl who just arrived. Her scent and voice wasn't familiar, was she here yesterday? But when she introduced herself Yukari was certain this girl wasn't here yesterday. Still she just smiled and bowed her head. "Hello! I'm Yozakura Yukari. But my friends call me Yuki! It's nice to meet you! Yes this is the villain team, we're just about to begin actually." And sure enough Mako had the two sides separate and go to different places on the training ground. Then Mako explained what they had to do. She wished that it wasn't something that relied on Yukari's vision. She has no idea what a gold briefcase looks or feels like. This was going to complicate her whole "try and impress everyone on her own" plan. But that was fine, as her parents once told her, no plan survives first contact.

And sure enough the first and biggest complication was that Dulga just left the group. Yukari could feel the vibrations from Dulga's movements, and had picked weird sounds previously of Dulga messing with something around the area. Yukari has no idea what Dulga was doing but it was safe to say that Dulga was acting entirely on her own. "I wish I had that sort of confidence..." The rest of the team stayed behind, with Acion explaining his powers to Emi. Yukari also demonstrated by stretching her arms out to grab the roof of a building, pulling herself up and expertly balancing on the ledge on just her toes. "My quirk gives me rubber powers! I can stretch and shape my body so I'm super flexible." Yukari then jumped back down. Despite the height she landed gracefully without any issues.

They needed a plan of action. Yukari was no ringmaster, but she could at least offer some suggestions so they weren't sitting around doing nothing. "I don't know what Tatara-san is going to do, so we'll just have to let her do her own thing. Majima-san why don't you catch up with Nakamiji-san and help him out? Just in case Nova-San bothers him. The rest of us should stay as a team and find those briefcases. I'm sure the other team will also have to spread out since I think they need to be on the defensive. If we run into Tatara-san, maybe we'll help her if she wants us to." Yukari felt the most comfortable with Carol since they had a pretty good first meeting and Emi seems to be a good person too. Not to mention Yukari was going to need a sighted person to help her actually find the gold briefcases. "Does that sound like a good idea?"


Yukari Yozakura

A new day, a new Yukari! This time Yukari doesn’t intend to embarrass herself, even making sure to carefully walk around the school and remember the layout, down to where poles and pillars are. Her first few classes were boring but fortunately Yukari received a digital recorder so she can have the teacher’s lectures on hand for study, since she can’t read or take notes. The hardest classes for Yukari was math since she had no references for how certain symbols looked or function but she was doing her best!

As the day went by it was time for the final class, Hero Studies. Yukari has been saving all of her energy for this class to hearing that today would be a practical lesson made Yukari really excited. ”Yay! I won’t disappoint you! But Mako-Sensei, what exactly will the villain team be doing?” After Yukari gets her answer she changes out to her gym clothes once more and meets up with the others at the Cityscape training grounds. She remembered passing it once but hasn’t explored it yet.

Once Yukari met up with her team she started stretching. It was always important to limber up. And while everyone else might’ve been thinking about how to work together, Yukari planned to go solo for a bit. It’s not that she doesn’t think the others will slow her down, but Yukari felt the need to prove herself without relying on the others to back her up. Her pride might end up being her downfall but she’s rather try and fail on her own than fail others who were relying on her. ”Yosh! Show time!”

Yukari Yozakura

It was just her luck. Every time Yukari ended up doing something embarrassing, someone was nearby to witness it. Though she wasn't at all hurt physically, emotionally Yukari felt like she took a slap to the face. She recognized the voices that were talking to her, Nakamiji Acion and Hana Saki. Both of them were from her hero class. "I'm fine, I'm fine! I was uh... Just learning how to play basketball! You know, just something to do after lunch you know?" Quickly getting to her feet Yukari also wanted to quickly change subjects so no one had to ask her about her little flub. She wasn't sure why these two people were here but she figured she could distract them with some other topic. "S-So what are you two doing here? Did you come to play too? I'm not very good at most sports but I'm willing to learn anything!" Yukari stretched her hand out to grab the basketball that had bounced away, spinning it on her finger and expertly bouncing and rolling it around her body. While she was terrible at actually making the shots she could do tricks with it easily.

At last it seems like the battle was over. Though Ulhar only managed to save two, those were two people who would escape the deadly clutches of these mad folk. Ulhar then simply spent the next few moments putting out any flames with his Frostbite spell, and then spent another few moments praying over the bodies. As the others returned to either search the bodies or secure the rooms Ulhar stood up to help look around. One of the others mentioned a room with two unopened chest: could be fortune. Could also be a trap. So Ulhar would go over saying a quick blessing as he would determine if either chest was rigged with any secret weapon before trying to open them.

Character Appearance:

Name: Ulhar "Blue" Bekilk
Race: Lizardfolk
Class: Dream Druid
Character Sheet Link: Google-Doc
Likes: Meeting new people, entertaining people with songs and dances
Dislikes: People assuming he's a Dragonborn, reading books
Backstory: Ulhar is a shaman of the Deep Water Tribe, of clan Bekilk. As a shaman it is his duty to teach the younger generation of his people's histories and guide them to strengthen the village, often by training them in the healing arts or having them perform ritual ceremonies. However unlike many of his people, Ulhar had a sense of curiosity. For his people lived underground in the vast Sansea desert, protecting sacred oasis which grant the lizardfolk their lives. They never interacted with surfaces directly due to their past, but Ulhar wanted to know more about the world that grew above them. As Ulhar himself is old enough to have already trained a successor, but has no notable history in his lifetime, or even recently; his people had always lived down here and has never truly developed any new cultures, technologies, or innovations for as long as he knew. Conversely, reviewing what little history he knew about the humans on the surface via old tales and how they are now, made Ulhar realize how much has changed, and how the Lizardfolk have never really lived beyond their past.

So one day after Ulhar prepared his new successor to take up his role as a shaman, Ulhar left his tribe. He wanted to go see the world and how it has changed. How perhaps he could learn something from the outside and bring it back to his people so they are not just hidden enclaves of lizardfolk surrounding a body of water, but because a proper civilization. He lived his life as a mercenary, selling his sword to face dangers he's never faced before, befriending others through the bonds of battle or making enemies of those who cannot see him as anything other than prey. With spell and sword Ulhar continues to travel the land, gaining experiences he would have never been able to even dream of if he had simply stayed at his village and never thought about the world above him.

Yukari Yozakura

After finishing her meal, Yukari put her dishes away and wandered outside. There was still time in lunch left, and she figured she might as well get some exercise in so she doesn't feel so bloated. Nothing too serious, just something to keep her stomach from getting too heavy. After she washed up in the bathroom Yukari went outside to get some fresh air and sunlight. As she walked further away from the cafeteria things got quieten, but at the same time Yukari would pick up more noises from her surroundings. Because of her blindness she was much more sensitive to the ambient noises of city life, and even subtle feelings like the air pressure, temperature, and even soft scents in the air were all things Yukari both notices more, and has gotten used to filtering. She wonders if any of the other students have picked up on her disability yet. She could only imagine maybe two from her hero class who might have some clue, but she does her best to hide it so no one would ever suspect it. "I just hope this won't become a problem later. Like if people ask me to describe what someone looks like or shows me pictures... Uwa..."

Eventually Yukari would find herself back at the gym. Since everyone had gone to lunch, the gym was mostly empty. She could hear the faint buzzing of the electricity and pipes in it's larger corridors as she went inside and just walked around. The faint smell of soap told her that the janitor must've been here at least an hour ago, and some parts of the floor was still wet. Soon she'd find herself back inside the main gym area where she had demonstrated her quirk. "Ora! This will be a good place to train!" Yukari spent a few moments to stretch, literally, extending her arms and legs a couple meters in order to get herself limbered up. She wasn't going to do anything as fancy as what she did this morning, not yet at least, but just enough to get the blood pumping. As she was walking around she found a smelly room that had some of the sport equipment in it. "Ah, Mako-Sensei must've not locked the supply room. Or maybe another class opened it? Either way, I'm sure there's something fun in here."

Digging around the room Yukari eventually found what she could identify as a basketball. It was bouncy but had a thick exterior with bumps, which she's been told is what a basketball is suppose to be like. So she gave it a few bounces, getting a feel for it's weight. "Hmm... Maybe one day I can be bouncy like a basketball too." Yukari bounced the ball in her hands for a while, dribbling it around the court. If anyone had seen her though they could tell she has no idea how to properly dribble a basketball since she was using both hands at the same time. "Ano ano.... I think I'm suppose to throw these into hoops right?" Yukari had a vague idea where these hoops were at since she had been making some noise in the room. She knew there was something big and flat above her, but her senses weren't so sharp that she could keenly identify what it looked like via just noises alone. But she guessed that's what she was suppose to throw the ball at, so picking up the basketball in her dominant hand, she wrapped her arm around the ball before spinning it over her head once and slinging it at the backboard.

She managed to hit the backboard solidly, causing the ball to bounce straight back to Yukari. That would be when a couple of other students would arrive just in time to see Yukari get hit in the face with the basketball, causing her entire body to bounce off the ground from the surprising recoil and shock. "Uwa! It didn't swoosh!"
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