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Current Just because you "fight a good fight" doesn't mean you didn't do horrible things.
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Not feeling too great everyone. Sorry if you're waiting on me.
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I'm sorry for anyone who was waiting for me. Some real life stuff happened, but for now things seem calm. I'll try to post in my RP's ASAP.


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Sure, I’ll try and keep him off of Kyra with my spell.
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I will be the light, believe in me
When you're lost, here I am
Forever with your soul
Look above ‘cause you belong up there
Beside the shining moon

Shortly after going through the door, a lot of things happened at once. They appeared to have been teleported into the middle of some town, and just as they were getting their bearings someone ran past them. Not long after some guardsmen looking types showed up and started harassing them! ”Oh I know this whole song and dance. Incompetent cops lose their trail and pin the blame on anyone nearby so they don’t get the heat for being bad at their jobs.” She thought maliciously as the guards started asking them about their business. Than someone else came on a large wolf-dog monster and made more threats.

Akiko spoke up first trying to play nice. However Umi knew the more time they spent with these people, the more annoyed they were going to get. Bad enough that, from what these guards were saying, the group likely doesn’t have the papers to prove who they are or some such. But if they continued to talk the guards might just accuse them of obstructing justice or some malarkey. And as much as Umi wanted to tell these people off she knew that cooler heads would prevail. She needed to keep her temper in check, try not to appear hostile, but leave as soon as possible.

”I know it’s not my place to tell you fine folk how to do your duties, but I assure you we’ve no business with whoever your chasing. If you do intent to capture him however, he went that way and he’s moving quickly. Every moment speaking with us is another minute for him to escape your justice.” Umi also made the conscious effort to try and clear some space for the guards and their mounts to make way, so they can’t continue to bother them about obstructing their path or something.

Right, suppose that does sound weird. I think I’ll just set the trigger to something else.
”Oh gods these fools are going to get us all killed!” Parum gasped as Kyra and Orchid started attacking the messenger. Not that she had any illusion that they wouldn’t have to fight, but this removed any chance they had for negotiations. Still it was too late to back out now. She drew her viol, plucking a cord to cast a spell, however she held the charge for just a moment. She was going to wait until the very last second before she’d cast it, hopefully maximizing the damage her allies can do.

"We're just going to talk to some people. I don't suspect they'll do anything too funny as long as we're on our best behavior. Of course I can't say the same for any unwanted company that might show up." As Damian was packing his things up another girl chimed in. He knew she was here, but he didn't think she was eaves dropping on them. Judith Astera. Damian didn't know much about her aside that her quirk had something to do with spiders? They don't really speak too much and he was hesitant to let a total stranger join them. Then again more hands made lighter work and frankly, Damian didn't entirely trust Eira by himself. Not to say she's treacherous or anything, but simply that if things do go badly he wasn't sure how well Eira would be able to handle the situation. Considering her overall performance last Friday, Damian had an idea of what she is and isn't capable of.

"I'm not against it if Eira isn't. Anyways meet me at the parking lot, look for the Black Audi. We don't need to go in costume but be ready for anything. We might need to use our quirks if things go bad, and things can always go bad."

Waving goodbye to the two girls Damian headed straight to the parking lot. Most of his hero gear was stored in his car anyways though he also had a copy of the stuff at school too. More importantly was his car: A jet black Audi R8 that his dad spent a good part of his recently life assembling with Damian. It's based off a super old video game that his dad loved to play as a kid and he really liked the signature car in it. Damian himself always wanted to drive it around himself and he had to beg his father for three years after he turned fourteen to be allowed to drive it, even when they were under witness protection. Damian had to do well in school, pass his driver's tests, and earn at least $5000 dollars via chores and part-time jobs in order to prove to his dad that he'd be responsible for his car and anything that happens to it. It wasn't easy and Damian did have to negotiate with his dad to get rid of the $5000 condition, but he managed to earn enough to prove to his dad that Damian had the drive. And now he had a sweet ride.

Putting his school bag into the trunk Damian put the key into ignition and drove around to the pick up lane. He'd wait for the other two girls for a while as he pulled up his phone and made a few calls. "Limehouse? Hey. I'm going to pick up some egg drop soup, you want anything? Wantons huh? Aight. Just hurry up before they get cold." Hanging up Damian started calling more people, about all of them usually asking about what sort of food he's going to get and what they wanted him to get. By the time the girls would finally show up Damian had written down various orders and restaurants he needed to go to.

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Fairy Blue, for you I’d steal the stars
And lay them at our feet
So we could own the night
Black Paper Moon

"Ah. Right. Sorry!" Umi clapped her hands together and apologized for bleeding all over Cait's countertop. She made sure to clean off any other blood that Umi had accidentally left when she first showed up here. Soon after Cait revealed some quest notices that they could take to earn some loot. Imperious Expedition sounded like your usual started quest. Explore the world, beat some bosses, easy stuff. Granted the first enemy Umi and the others had to fight was one of those masked weirdos who soundly kicked their butts, but now that they had Serei cards, Umi was much more confident in their battling ability! Sure while the founding members of Black Pentacle might not be the most seasoned adventurers, it was obvious that the Serei had experience under their belts. Umi will be relying for them a lot for guidance, even Touka, as sour as she is. Umi also made a mental note to talk to Kanbaru about Touka. They seem familiar and Umi genuinely wanted to know her Serei better. If they were going to be partners it was only natural that they would learn to get along.

In any case Umi took the Imperious Expedition quest and showed it to the others. "It seems a bit basic, but this quest sounds right for us! Sounds cool too, not as edgy as the other quest. Of course we should be on our toes too but this time we're healed up and have a taste of what fighting here is like. We'll do great!" It was around that same time that Touka, as well as Kitten, was absorbed back into their cards. Umi was confused at first since she didn't do anything to call Touka back, but then Umi noticed that the front entrnace of the tavern was glowing, just like the first time they left that strange lobby. Still Umi wasn't worried. She'll get stronger, so she can protect the others and most importantly, find her friend and bring her home.

These fragments of a dream
That you have given me
Remains dormant in this unending night.
The clustered stars
Have lost one of their companions
Daybreak's aria is crying out.

Kitten glared at Rose while still behind Akiko. However Kitten's attention was turned back to Akiko when she mentioned that she wasn't a Biker. At first she was confused, but after a bit of thought she realized that somehow Akiko knew about her past dealings with a certain hacker. This made Kitten take a few steps back and give Akiko a glare too. Not the same annoyed one she gave Rose, but one with more malice, like a hunter about to pounce on their prey. "Since you already seem to know me, I'll make this very clear: I'm a solo player. I never joined a guild and while I might sometimes work with others I'll never stay loyal to any crew or person. My motives are entirely my own."

As for Akiko's offer to get on her shoulder, Kitten just scoffed and hopped onto the bar counter, sitting with her legs crossed. "I'm only working with you because of that card. If I had a choice I would've ran out of here already. So if you want to get buddy-buddy with me, you're going to have a bad time. Trade me off as soon as possible." Kitten said bluntly. Her eyes never changed from their predator glare as Kitten was trying to figure out who Akiko was that she knew about Kitten's past, especially during a private moment. Was she a hacker too? Or maybe had powers to read Kitten's mind? Neither was something she liked. And soon Kitten could feel herself feeling strange as her body began to glow and vanish. Kitten wasn't dying, she knew that much, and figured quickly that she was just returning to her card. Before she vanished completely she gave Akiko a few final words of departure. "I can tell when you're lying. I hate liars." And soon after Kitten vanished back into her card.
Sorry, thought I already posted something. My initiative is 6. If possible I'd also like to give my last inspiration to Kyra, and if we are going to initiate combat I'll us Vicious Mockery on the enemy.
Damian quietly entered in the information that Eira told him about. He suspected that a woman with a scorpion tail would have venom, though he doubts that specifying it would give him any more results. If nothing else at least, he could expand the search for any woman with either a scorpion tail or venom powers. A man with a bird quirk was good to know though. Bird controlling, bird summoning, some avian superpower. That was another lead he could start with. Putting the information into the checklist Damian now needed to wait for the new results. Eira also wondered if there was anyone with a depressive quirk since it seemed to have affected everyone in class. He just laughed this off as a joke.

"I'm sure there is. Or maybe everyone is just taking it pretty hard. I mean, makes sense. From what I heard what happened wasn't... Good." Damian wished he could say anything to help make them feel better, but he knew from experience all the encouragement in the world was only going to be a bandage for the wounds that needed time to heal. Last thing he wanted to do was shove his sympathies in their face. No he wanted to do something more practical than that, and that was to actually find out who these people are. "Even with the school's vast resources and government assistance to take down these villains, data, statics, and trophies don't mean anything to basic surveillance and and boots on the ground." Damian put his laptop away as he started loading his things into a bag.

"Normally I'd do the polite thing and ask you how you're feeling about all of this because I'm sure you have a lot of thoughts considering how you did. But you're also a proud independent woman who doesn't need my pity so I'll skip straight to the point. I'm going to head out and talk to some people in some shady parts of town and gather information about who these villains are. I'll likely run into some trouble and I could use the backup. So instead of sitting in the library doing homework you know you can finish at home, want to tag along with me and actually accomplish something?"

Yeah this is pretty much the worse thing that could've happened. They know we're here and they're likely prepared to fight us now, and we're barely healed at all. On one hand, maybe Cyanwrath could be negotiated with or he just wants another duel. On the other hand, I highly doubt that the rest of his cronies have his sense of honor either, now that they're in a more advantageous position. I will try and buff us as best we can, but honestly expect the worse.
Damian had ran into his first brick wall. Having filtered the system for those with a criminal record and quirks matching the description of a woman with a scorpion tail, the final results showed no one. There were around 500 women with notable tails as part of their quirks, but none of them could be described as scorpion like, and those were just the ones in San Francisco. This could mean many things; the woman he was looking for might not have a criminal record, or simply that if she did have one it's not in this state. Her tail may not actually be scorpion like or even her actual quirk. There has certainly been a rise of technological villains using various gadgets that makes even professional heroes think their quirks are based off their tools. Regardless though, Damian found nothing useful.

He couldn't feel frustrated though. He knew it would be too easy for his first search to yield any meaningful results. But now he wasn't really sure where to go from here. He had already narrowed it down to quirks, history, and location. He didn't really know anything else about this villain that he could trace. Just as he was about to give up his search and try to find more evidence a student entered the library. Eira; one of the students who was at the factory. And if he remembered correctly, one of the few students to actually fight said scorpion lady. Just the person he was looking for.

"Eira. Just the person I wanted to talk to. Could you help me track down those villains who attacked you last Friday?" Damian noticed another student too, Judith. She had been reading her book so Damian didn't really pay attention to her until she started looking around like she just woke up. Which in hindsight is probably why she seemed so engrossed in her book. Damian thought that was funny.

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