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Current Just because you "fight a good fight" doesn't mean you didn't do horrible things.
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Not feeling too great everyone. Sorry if you're waiting on me.
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I'm sorry for anyone who was waiting for me. Some real life stuff happened, but for now things seem calm. I'll try to post in my RP's ASAP.


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For some reason I thought there were three flying kobolds. In that case I’ll just aim at one of the kobolds with the sling, moving closer if they’re further than 60 feet from Parum.
So far so good, but Parum could t help but feel nervous at how well things were going so far. She knew there had to be some threats or dangers lurking nearby. Not to mention, Parum has been using a lot of her spells. More than she cared to admit to using. She needed to save her magic for a real fight. Still for now she had enemies to deal with in front of her. With a sharp note she pointed her rapier at one of the kobolds slinging rocks and casted Vicious Mockery on it.

”We fought bugs more dangerous than you!”

I hope you don’t mind but I’d like to join. I posted a CS up and I’ll work on my first IC after I read everything.

Yukari Yozakura

Yukari was starting to sound a bit hesitant and Dulga described the rather... Harsh conditions. Granted Yukari was no stranger to living sparsely during her time at in the circus, but she's also gotten quite comfortable with the luxuries of having a home and school. Still it was only for a weekend. Yukari won't break down just because she has to rough it for a few days. "Sounds challenging Dulga-san, but I won't back down! I'll definitely have to go do some shop-" In a flash Yukari felt a strong pair of arms squish her. The scent and sound that came afterwards was familiar to Yukari as she wriggled her head out. "Mia! I didn't know you were visiting!" As soon as Yukari was set back down, she reached out and ate one of the snacks inside: crab rangoon. Yukari especially liked them with a buttery crispy that made the cheese and crab mix even sweeter. It was a good thing Yukari's quirk allowed her to easily manipulate her body shape, because if she had a choice she would eat nothing but these things and turn into a complete lard.

Taking a few more bites Yukari stood up. "Sorry to cut this short, but I'm going to go chat with Mia. She's something of a sister to me! And... Thank you, Dulga-san, Kaida-san. Let's chat again sometimes." Bowing to the two girls Yukari went over to Mia who was talking to Ruby and Mina. They seem to be talking about Jett, so Yukari just stayed quiet for a moment to listen in.
Parum moved in closer and took cover behind whatever was big enough to provide cover, making sure those kobolds don't get a clear shot at her. With this many kobolds together, Parum would be a fool to not take this chance to maximize her chance to catch them all with a spell. Playing a shrill note off her viol Parum cast Faerie Fire onto as many kobolds as possible, then looked to Orchid who was about to charge. "Make every hit count, Orchid!" Taking cover Parum listened to the chaos so she'd know when it'd be safe to move up again.

If Parum sees Kyra fall into the trap, she’ll just try to jump over the traps disregarding stealth. I’m sure most of our party members have to do the same anyways.
With the party moving forward once again Parum stayed to the rear and kept her senses open for anything g that might sneak up on them. However the looming threat of the dragon cult simply reminded Parum that no where was safe here. When they reached a crossroad the halfling looked around as everyone did the same. Kyra seemed to notice something, and trusting her instincts Parum spoke quietly. ”Kyra, find something?”
As the last stirge fell Parum joined with Torus and together with the others, traveled somewhere safe. Which apparently was the mushroom garden. Parum would've protested but she feared any more noise would bring more danger to them, so she simply accepted the decision and did her best to mend her own wounds. Fortunately she had already healed most of the critical damage with her spell, so all she did as she rested was mend her clothing as well as provided some light healing to anyone who needed it. She sang a very soft song, one that hopefully could only be heard by her party, providing them a little bit of rejuvenating energy. As everyone healed up they were ready to leave once more, but they had to be extra careful this time. Hopefully bats swarming weren't an unusual occurrence here in this cave, but Parum certainly doesn't want to go through all of it again.

Parum nodded as Kyra offered to use some magic to assist Brannor, as his heavier armor would easily alert the swarm, though frankly it was everyone's nervousness that ultimately caused the fight. "Times like this I wish I had learned the silence spell, though I doubt it would help since it's a stationary effect. Still, if anyone needs help, I'll gladly lend a hand."

While I agree it’s too risky to go back to the entrance to rest, it’s also too risky to move forward without healing up too. I think we should try to camouflage outsides in the mushrooms area and try to heal up there.
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