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I'm sorry for anyone who was waiting for me. Some real life stuff happened, but for now things seem calm. I'll try to post in my RP's ASAP.


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@The Harbinger of Ferocity

Sorry for the late reply, but I did post a few days ago. You're up if there's anything Brannor can do to help.
"Sounds like a good idea to me. Though let's be careful as well, I'm sure if there's anything guarding these eggs, they'll notice us quickly." Uncertain if what Parum was seeing was actually the eggs or not, she set down her viol and sheathed her rapier to take out the sling she had taken off some of the dead kobolds. She remembered practicing these with her parents, a sort of traditional halfling weapon. She never really liked it though, too rustic for her tastes. Picking up a stone from the cave floor, Parum slung it towards the oval shapes. She heard it bounce off, uncertain of how much damage she did, but certain that she accomplished something at least. "Few more like that and we should be able to break the eggs and complete one part of the mission." Parum said quietly.
Can I use Vicious Mockery on it? If not, I'll use a sling from the kobold.

Sling - Nat 1
Halfling Lucky Reroll - 20
Sling Damage = 4
Following up the rest the party reached the end of the hall with a rope ladder. It must’ve gone up, but just where exactly Parkin wasn’t entirely certain. She vaguely remembers a few rooms they didn’t fully explore previously, so this ladder could lead towards them. It was obviously some form of secret entrance considering there was what appeared to be some sort of carpet covering it, so Parum made a mental note that the party would need to be careful coming out. They could either surprise whoever is in there, or get caught in an ambush themselves.

”Good idea Orchid. Cut the rope and we’ll come back for this later.” Parum let a few sparks of magic escape her finger tips. She could still use some minor mending magic so fixing the rope won’t be an issue.
That plan works for me. Parum's a little too short if we cut the ropes too high, but her magic ought to be able to fully mend the ropes if we cut it. Let's just be careful moving forward, I have no more spells to support anyone if things go bad.

Yukari Yozakura

It’s been a while since Yukari has been back to class. Or at least that’s how it feels like. After everything that happened it was almost strange to just get back into the daily routine. Wake up, go to school, learn things, go home, then wake up to do that all over again. But there was one thing different. Little by little, Yukari has tried to make some changes. Not just in her own ability but just overall. She’s been trying to talk to others, open up a bit more, socialize. It wasn’t easy since everyone tends to have their own thing going on but she’s been doing her best to at least be there for whenever something happens. She wasn’t going to let her injury prevent her from being part of something big.

During training Yukari had been practicing with her hero gear as well as conditioning her senses. Thanks to those earbuds she brought, sonic attacks don’t bother her quite as much thanks to their automatic sound dampeners. She’s also opted to wear a mask to handle any airborne toxins. After that it was just a matter of practicing and getting used to using her powers around others. She wasn’t much of a fighter before, but as long as she thinks of things more like a performance than a fight, she’s able to adapt much more easily. She also upgraded her scarf too. It’s still like the normal one meant to bind and entangle her opponents, but it also has an upgrade: when it is taut, it creates a spongy cushion outwards. This means if she wraps her scarf around weapons, like blades or rods, it prevents cutting and softens the impact but a lot. Very helpful against those with weapons.

When Yukari came into class she got her voice recorder out. She was struggling to keep up with some of the classes due to lacking usable notes, so she’s started to make her own recordings of the lessons so she can review them if she forgets anything. But for today’s hero lesson, they weren’t doing another lecture. No, it was training. But not just any training! Training with the upperclassmen! This was exciting for Yukari. So far all she’s been training against is her fellow students in 1A. She feels like she is getting familiar with them by now, so a change of pace was nice. Yukari would head towards the locker rooms and get changed, equipping her new gear as she heads over to training ground Alpha.
Now that the group would finally have a moment's rest, Parum took out her viol and played a soft tune to help sooth everyone's wounds. She'd tend to their wounds while also checking her power, though she was concerned that she was all tapped out of any magic which could help the group. No more spells, not more inspiration. All she had left now were cantrips. She clenched her teeth in fear once more. She was now useless to the group. She couldn't even help them if she wanted to. Looking around Parum at least grabbed a sling and a few stones from one of the dead kobolds. If nothing else she might be able to use these to do some damage. But compared to her allies, Parum's ability to harm others were lacking. She wished she could be stronger, but now wasn't the time to worry about regrets. There was plenty of time to do that somewhere safer than here.

As everyone else roused to their feet Parum made sure to load a sling as she puts it away and takes out her rapier and viol. "We're getting close now. Let's not get careless. I'm sure that there are more enemies ahead of us and there may have been more enemies who have returned to the cave. First, why don't we investigate that southern passage? It may lead to an exit that we can use to escape from this place. Afterwards we can move onto the northern chamber and see what lies in wait there. Either way must lead to the eggs considering that Cyanwrath himself guarded this area."

Yeah let's take a short rest in the other room. I would prefer if Orchid waits skinning Cyanwrath until this place is actually safe, since I'm sure there's still danger here that we're not aware of. But if he insist, Parum isn't going to stop him but she will keep an eye on the entrance that had the trip wire. If possible she might try and rig it back up but otherwise just keep watch.
To rest or not to rest. Admittedly Parum wanted to, but could they risk doing that? What if there were more cultist just waiting for Cyanwrath to come and report of his victory? If he didn't show up soon they'll suspect that he was defeated and might come after the rest of the party. But if they didn't rest now, they won't have that chance later either. They aren't in the strongest shape as it is and when they do run into trouble later on, they'll still be weak if not weaker. "Hmm... There's not a lot of cover here to safely rest, but I do think we need to rest. My primary concern however is enemy reinforcements. We don't have the means to try and stand our ground here. So let's try and rest up somewhere defensible, where we can both hide from anyone who might come in while also be able to see anyone who might show up. Either that or we try and return to the mushroom garden and take shelter there again, though honestly I don't want to risk disturbing the bats again."
Now that everyone was moving forward, Parum thanked Torus for patching her up. She was still sore and frankly she didn't want to be here anymore, but all the more reason they needed to get through here even faster. It didn't seem like the other bodies had anything important on them, but Parum did take the lantern. Since she didn't have any darkvision, she'll need it to see anyone. If there was any oil left she'd try to turn it on as she follows the group into the next area.

In the new room, the first thing that Parum noticed was the dead kobold. It must've been one that had fled here to warn Cyanwrath and his warriors, though Parum didn't recall if any of her allies did an injury like this. It made Parum pity the kobolds; they were weak and puny, used and disrespected by everyone. If they weren't so evil, Parum wondered if maybe they would be good allies. Alas, there was no time to mourn the enemy. The next thing that caught her eye was the statue of what Parum presumed to be Tiamat, as well as the ornate chest located at it's base. "That's a trap." Parum said plainly. After being in this cave so long, it wouldn't surprise Parum the least bit of the kobolds have managed to rig the statue to do something to attack anyone who opened that chest, a very obvious piece of bait. She wasn't sure what the nature of the trap was, but she guessed it might have something to do with fire from the dragon's mouths.

"Does anyone remember if Cyanwrath or any of his warriors had any keys? Assuming that chest isn't just bait, maybe one of their keys can open the chest without some trap going off. At the very least I don't trust that it's located right there next to the Tiamat statue. If not, we should avoid it for now. I don't have anything to open it and we really don't need to take anymore injuries than needed."
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