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Not feeling too great everyone. Sorry if you're waiting on me.
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I'm sorry for anyone who was waiting for me. Some real life stuff happened, but for now things seem calm. I'll try to post in my RP's ASAP.


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With the last kobold cut down Parum calmed down and looked for more threats. So far doesn't seem like there were any more kobolds, but she was worried if more had ran off to find help. She definitely knew that they had patrols now so everyone needed to be on guard. The kobolds might get the drop on them next time, and Parum wasn't eager to find out what sort of traps they have ready in wait for intruders. She looked around and investigated the area for any more traps or ambushes, not finding much until Brannor pointed out the loose step at the bottom of the stairs and the well-traveled path on the left side. Putting two and two together, she figured what this might've been.

"Mushrooms on the right must be poisonous. Kobolds might be growing them knowing which way is safe, but others won't know. If they spot the kobold trail they might think to go the other way believing it'll be safer with less chances of running into patrols, only to get infected by these strange mushrooms." This was mostly a guess, but she knew that mushrooms and their spores are often the source of some deadly diseases. It wouldn't be a surprise for these wily beasts to exploit that. "Watch out for that last step, I'm sure it's rigged in some way to make a noise or make you go into the poisonous mushrooms." Parum wished she knew some way to disable traps, but alas that wasn't something she learned in bard's college. She waited by the stairs to see who would go first, trying her best to remain hidden as she had before.

<Snipped quote by Ryonara>
I have the information you glean from your investigation at hand. I'm just going to need a Perception check to go with that Investigation before I hand them over.

<Snipped quote by The Harbinger of Ferocity>
Perception sounds right to me. What happens with Parum may however affect it.

Sometimes I wonder why I dumped Wisdom, but I have a 13

If we head towards the mushrooms. Anything around there like in the mushrooms, at the bottom of the steps, or even the steps themselves. Kobolds are tricky creatures and I wouldn’t be surprised if they took advantage of their flying ability to avoid ground based traps like trip wires or pressure plates.

If we aren’t being pressed forward, Parum would take a moment to investigate the area for any traps or ambushes. 14

That’s more or less what I had in mind. A sniping sister that takes out threats from long range and a close-quarter/melee sister to handle anyone that comes close.

Hmm. Well then we could still be an overall stealth/recon type group. My sniper character would have more emphasis on spotting, identifying, and marking key targets while my combat support would have more emphasis on combat with some healing tech too. I’ve always wanted to run a ya key type of character who tanks by healing.

I was actually thinking of joining your group, though I'll be using a pair of twin sisters myself so I'll be filling up two slots on the team.
Seems interesting enough. I'll need some time to do a full lore research but here are a few questions I have in terms of character ideas.

My character is going to be a female human, or whatever would be a "normal" race if humans don't exist. I imagine that she's primary a range/stealth type who specializes in espionage and stealth. That is to say, she's really good at noticing people and avoiding them. I bring this up because usually when I try to make a character like this, a lot of GM's end up nerfing me because I tend to do things like subvert ambushes, kidnappings, or people lying to me. Just as well not a lot of people enjoy characters who don't stay and fight but drag things out with hit-and-run tactics that isn't just being a fast dodger. A different idea that also doesn't always work out is a combat support type who utilizes a variety of nonlethal but potent crowd control (Things like limiting or even stopping movement or creating barriers) and healing, generally ones powerful enough to undo massive amount of lethal damage though not specifically bring back the dead.

Another thing I'd like to know if you'll allow me to play two characters who are related to one another, but one has equipment/skills from a different faction different from the one they're currently working for. For example, I have two characters working for the Kingdom of Westeria but one of them uses an advanced and maybe even rare Monster Magecha instead of the Iron Magecha. These two characters also tend to work together and/or are the character archetype I mention above.
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