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Just like any other day the pink haired girl could be found strolling down the market street at the exact same haplily humming to a song that had been stuck in her head for weeks now. Brightly she beamed a smile to every single shop owner that she found alongsides the street. Most of the market people knew her name already from having spoken or seen her before. She was one to pass often by their stores and look at their wares despites having no money. Aki would occasionally make some small talk with them and in best cases hand her some free leftovers. They enjoyed her performances and her bright spirit that she always did for no asked money, so they were happy to hand her a present from time to time. She was a hard worker and did her best after all!

Aki tugged along quite a package behind her. She had put all her performance needs in the knapsack on her back. She was holding the straps tightly with both hands as it moved from left to right with every pace she took. All this stuff was needed for todays performance. Her performances were diverse so everyone could enjoy one or two of her shows! This one needed a lot of practice from beforehand so she was pretty nervous.

Today Aki wore something not too heavy. She wore a boyish farmer type tunic with simple brown trousers and hefty looking leather boots. The boots were from her mother so they were still one too many sizes to big for her to walk normally in. Her hair was nicely tied in a high ponytail behind her back so it wouldn't get into her eyes while doing her tricks. She needed a lot of concentration.

Aki slowly paced softer and came to a halt. Aki easily put her knapsack about and began undoing it before putting all items on the ground close by. Some people walking by look at her quite strangely and others would suddenly stop knowing what was going to happen. She had gotten to talk with a few of her usual quests before she was going to do her show and finally set up. Ready to start. Aki put down a small wooden bowl with a sign that said 'Please support Aki the great performer!' with a small drawing of what was suppose to be her own face brightly smiling and waited for everyone to put their attention to her.

"Hello! Good afternoon! Today, Aki the great will be doing juggling and balancing tricks that are not to be done at home! You can hurt yourself if you try them, I have atleast, Teehehe..."

She awkwardly brushed the back of her head a little after her introduction had been finished. There was some comic relief mixed into her show mostly about her own clumsiness.

"Please watch carefully as I begin with three balls!"

Aki casually pulled up three balls from the ground and gave a deep breath before she started. She threw one up and simply started juggling. It was a little wanky at first but gradually seemed to improve the longer she did. More people came to watch although there were only about a handfull right now. Aki walked around a little and began doing a few tricks with the balls like throwing them differently or behind her back. She catched all three of them and awkwardly laughed a little as she recieved an applause.

"Hehehe.. Thank you, thank you. You're all too kind."

Her next moves went out to just about the same thing but with more balls and more tricks. Eventually she had ended with her 5 ball tricks and stepped it up a notch. She wiped the sweat of her forehead and took a circular piece of wood and a plank. She sat the plank onto the circular wood and stood with one foot on the plank before slowly setting the other food on the other end as well. She put her balance just right to balance the plank on the circular piece of wood and spoke to the people a bit more.

"A-as for my next trick, I'll balance while juggling and using magic!"

Aki softly chuckled as she had a hard enough time balancing. She softly threw up one ball and began doing her thing. It took a little while to get comfortable with juggling and balancing at the same time but she managed.


Two color stroke of color paper begane spinning next to her in tornado like fashion as Aki furrowed her brows. This was hard... She concernedly chuckled during her act and smiled awkwardly.


Aki was begining to get more slacking with her juggling before finally she lost balance and fell sideways.


She quickly called out before hitting the pavement. A gust of hair lifted her body up momentarily above the ground before she tud dowm onto the ground.

"Ittai!... T-ta da..."

She yelped but turned her face back the audience and softly smiled while raising a thumbs up. The 5 balls that were still in the air rained down on the top of her head all hurting one by one as she yelped with each individual hit.

"Thawnk wou fo watwing mee!"

People slowly left as Aki regained her body from the ground feeling somewhat dizzy from all that. She spoke to some of her people that thanked her for the performance and finally was left alone once more. She slowly started to scrape together her act and put it all inside the knapsack once more. The bowl of coins was still behind her while she was still cleaning and unknowingly to her for anyone to grab at the moment. She softly hummed on as she cleaned the stage. Aki had not taken notice of the horrid scene a few fifth meters further.

Age | Gender | Weight | Height
16 Female 98 lbs 5,2 ft
WindYangFuraJiwald | Native | Human

Hyper energetic street entertainer that tries to make it big with her small shows and silly tricks. Her clumsy but cheerful attitude makes her shows watchable despite her cheap materials and low standard stages.

Appearance Description

A pink haired ball of cuteness that seems as innocent as she could be. Her hair naturally is a soft pink color, she keeps her bangs long enough not to cover her eyes, her side bangs are kept till around her shoulders and she likes to grow out her back hair as long as it is kept at the back with hair ties or in between her clothes. Aki wears her hair different almost every day of the week using mostly hair ties but generally she keeps it in a high or low ponytail, high or low twintails and in the worst case scenario loose.

Her eyes are bright blue and her skin is fairly pale. Her frame is slender and underdeveloped but she doesn’t bother with bodily wishes. She tends to wear thick boyish clothes which is easy to move in. She generally doesn’t like short or light outfits and tends to overdress in most cases.

Aki is super energetic and cheerful all the time. She is usually hyper excited for just about everything and is not afraid to show it. Her attention span can however be that of a goldfish, she easily forgets things and gets looked or scolded at from acting this stupid. Aki is easily scared by scary things like the dark or myths mostly ending up crying her eyes out. It is easy to comfort her however with either food or comfy hugs. She cares a lot for other people she loves and likes to cheer them up with the things she likes.

Aki grew up with her parents working full time, her father was construction worker and her mother worked as barlady in the tavern. They both had low wages and with their house being moderately big they had to pay a lot of tax. Her father had taken a loan from his boss and ended up not being able to pay it back after many warnings. They ended up buying a smaller house but in the end the loans got to a point their house and lives were taken. The children had fled and ended up living alone on the streets.

Devastated by the fact that she had seen something so gruesome Aki got so frustrated by her parents death and severed from post traumatic stress disorder resulting in short term memory loss hence her forgetfulness. She would try not to think of it too much and brush it aside easily in order to comfort her brothers. Aki tried setting her brothers at ease with her little tricks or her cheery attitude and would be able to let them experience some fun at least.

It was a clear that they got to live in the slums after their parents had died but still tried to make the most of it for their time there. They lived together with the other kids that had lost their parents so they managed by helping each other out most of the time. Aki started doing more of her silly tricks to entertain the other for what little they did have left and always managed to get a sweet smile on their faces.

It wasn’t until later that both her brothers and her got very sick from food poisoning resulting in the death of both her brother with her only hanging on a thin thread of life. She managed to get back up from her sickness and mourned over her small brothers deaths for a very long time.

After the grief period of life she had gone through she decided to continue with what she was doing that was entertaining people. She went to somewhat bigger stages performing near the market streets nowadays and in the slums.


Abstract Magics


Tomoe Kishitmoto

Dorm room
@Silver Carrot@Lucius Cypher

After Tomoe had introduced herself to silver hair chan the girl happily replied back. Tomoe found her to be full of energy and very social and cutesy. The girl had greeted her in english at first. Was she from english origin perhaps? Tomoe could not tell if she was bad ot not in english. Tomoe awkwardly bowed once more honestlt not knowing how to reply back in english. Oh well she wasn't gonna get out of the country anyhow.

Shortly after the girl had introduced herself once more but this time in japanese Tomoe was starting to get a little nervous. D-diva? She did look like a future idol so perhaps she was really good in singing? Tomoe gulped as she replied back to the girl.

"L-lets have a fun time together!"

Tomoe was visibly shaking. The white hat spoke aloud to the performers letting them know about how the competition was gonna be. Seiko was gonna go as first so Tomoe still had some time to relax before the big show. They could chose any song they wanted that was available. There were a lot... Tomoe knew that fast or energetic songs wouldn't cut it for her at this stride... She could sing but with those types of songs you would mess up more often.

Tomoe sat back down besides Tomoe to watch the performance of Seiko. It was super fun to watch Seiko jump around and dance, she even got the crowd to cheer with her! What an amazing person Seiko was. Tomoe even did in on the fun herself. She had never been to a live performance before. It was pretty dangerous if she would fall asleep during performances. Random people could rob her or do awful things to her. Tomoe held onto Hitomi her arm unknowingly. She had grown fond of hugging and snuggling the girl without even noticing her own actions.

Seiko was done performing and stepped off stage. Tomoe made sure to speed up next to her and tell her right into her face how amazing her performance was.

"That was amazing Seiko-chan! You looked just like an idol just now!"

Tomoe watched up at her for a moment longer with stars in her eyes as if she had just met her biggest idol. Tomoe grinned at the idol for a moment feeling somewhat hyped herself. She held the microphone high up to her mouth as she clicked it on posing in cute fashion.

"I'll show you my best!"

Tomoe ran up stage and quickly turned around, she flashed a smile to the audience as she told to input the song she wanted to sing. Off course she wasn't gonna dance or do anything really well but this was karaoke! That is what the effort was gonna go in to! She chose a song from her favorite anime.



Outskirts school
@Demonic Angel

The indian originated girl started yelling at her when Nia mentioned that she thought she scared the girl. Obviously that was not the case and only worsened the situation as of now. Nia her eyes teared up as she shakingly looked up at the indian. Did she mess up? Why was this girl so mad at her. She thought she did the right thing by leaving her plant behind. Nia sniffed her nose as she tried her hardest not to cry in front of this person. She tensed up for a little why before she brushed the tears away with het sleeves and glared back up at the person in sad manner. Nia really was bad at making friends. She tried so hard but in the end it looked more like she was gonna get an enemy.

When they both turned silent again the tribal girl spoke up and explained about her situation and why she found it hard to explain things in words. Nia could understand. She wasn't good with words either. Usually she would end up in worse situations then before even though if she was trying to help. Nia her fruits would cheer up anyone so it was a beautiful gift to help others in her own way. But once even her fruits don't help the situation she is lost and finds it hard to move on. Her mind goes blank when that happens.

The music girl had gotten out her instrument, Nia had never seen or heard antone play on the violin before so it was bound to be pretty special. Her mood had already bettered from seeing the girl do something she loved.

After the song was finished Nia was visibly shaking. What was that! That music was way too extreme for her. Nia blankly gazed at Vae as she tried thinking of words. She softly spoke her words as if she didn't want to mess up with Vae anymore. She did feel like the song gave her some meaning however. It was a very vicious but depressing song. Did she have some past traumas recently that made her this way? It certainly didn't look like this girl was emotionally ready for this school but maybe there was no other way then for her to learn via school how to cheer up and smile.

"Do you feel... Sad and..., angry. D-did something b-bad happen."
@Warpcircuit interested

Sapporo, Japan
Ishin Academy, April 7th

The odd haired boy had given her the permission to sit next to him followed by quite a lustrous wink. Rin blankly gazed at him for a moment as her cheeks flushed with the color of a soft red. Rin quickly gulped and gave him a swift bow, it did not take her long to take place on the chair whilst holding her skirt against her thighs so that it wouldn't be lying all over the chair. Reality check, did her chair neighbor just wink at her? That must have been second base at least! It felt somewhat unreal that she would find someone already that had eyes for her... She shouldn't pull conclusion so quickly already! He might have had something in his eye! She should stay calm and act like nothing had happened.

Rin breathed out in deep manner before sitting herself upright and expressing a somewhat more determined look. She noticed many more people enter the auditorium, first off was a somewhat older looking boy that seemed more normal than anyone here to be honest, he had a strict expression stuck on his face but didn't seem mean or anything. Next was a bear! There was a big tanned guy walking in, w-was he first years!? Or were there actual mountain bears here just like in her hometown?! Rin felt a deep creeping shiver over her spine when she saw him appear. Rin physically looked shocked when she first saw him but didn't want to make him feel bad so quickly looked away in embarrassment. Another slim boy entered, he appeared as boyfriend material as well and off course, blonde! He had introduced himself so Rin again felt needed to reply softly as she bowed her head slightly.


Next! Another girl seemingly from her age had entered, she looked quite diva like. Rin was somewhat jealous on how pretty she looked and it even felt like she would be able to friends with someone like that if she tried hard enough. With her mouth somewhat agape she watched after the girl untill she seated and the next person walked in. As final for now there was yet another somewhat odd person that strolled in, he appeared to have somewhat green hair and pinkish eyes. Although it did appear as an odd combination at first Rin didn't dislike it. He seemed to have been the type that was somewhat more lazy, and unsocial. Her eyes were somewhat affixed to the size of his hands that didn't exactly match with the rest of his body portions. Perhaps something to do with his quirk? He went somewhat more to the side of the group than sit with them. Rin looked back in front of her after having stared at him long enough but would occasionally still take a short glance at him wondering what his quirk would be.

Rin drooped her shoulders somewhat seemingly getting less tense by the minute. She was a little startled when Chen suddenly let everyone around him know that they didn't have to be so tense. She awkwardly chuckled a little, was it needed to express your thoughts like that. He did have a point though, they should all be proud of themselves for having made it into the academy. They could actual learn from pros and put all their effort in. It should be fun. Rin flashed a kind smile Chen his way and spoke to him about the city. He found Sapporo to be big but not as big as Tokyo, that might have been true. She heard Tokyo was pretty big as well and was the city with the most people in it on the whole world. She had surely experienced that when she was at Tokyo station.

"Oh, Rin has been to Tokyo station yesterday. That was already big on its own. Rin got lost many times and didn’t like that there were many people. How many times bigger is Tokyo than Tokyo station?”

Rin spoke in third person whenever no one told her she did. It has been a habit. See Sapporo as the sticks? She tried to imagine how big Sapporo really was and compared it to her hometown. Oh… Tokyo sounded pretty big if you thought about it like that. Now that she heard about Chen his hometown it might be nice to let him know about her hometown as well.

”Rin is from the sticks! It is near Okayama…”

Sapporo, Japan
Ishin Academy, April 7th

The young girl lightly rubbed the sleep out of her eye as she gaped her mouth wide open resulting in quite a big yawn. In tugging manner she was dragging along a roll-suitcase along with the enormous backpack on her back containing all the essentials that her mother found needed for her to have during her time at Ishin. She was strolling over the pavement along-sides the street finding her way to the nearby zeven-eleven that was stationed close to the hotel she had stayed at the night before. Yesterday she had been traveling with the train for over 13 hours and after that she couldn't even find her hotel. That is why she felt dead tired today as well. It was a bit weird for a girl with the age of 14 to be sleeping in a hotel alone. Off course Rin wouldn't be able to afford a hotel on her own so that was sponsored with the complete funding of her parents their money. Rin did already pay the first year tution of school on her own accord with the money she had saved up from working on the farm. She had thought it was the right thing to do, her parents did give her some funding to buy new clothes and enough food on her own even though she did think she would manage without, it was still a nice gift however. Perhaps it was needed at a later stage for school supplies such as notebooks and pens so she did not decline the offer.

Rin stopped for a moment and took a 90 degree turn to find the zeven-eleven in her eyesight. She took a soft gulp as she crossed the street and set down her bags in front of the store next to a bench. Japan wasn't a big country of crime yet, Rin was a bit too trusting by leaving her own bags outside just like that. Timidly she entered the store and took the first food she liked to the counter as breakfast. It was a melon bread and a baumkuchen. With a somewhat awkward look on her face she manage to stammer out that she would like a coffee as well and managed to pay without commenting on the Hokkaido accent the store clerk had. Quietly she ate her breakfast outside while watching the cars drive by the street. It was still early in the morning so she had plenty of time to get to her new school, she was already freshly dressed in her new clothes. The uniform fell a bit big on her but it still looked good, she thought. Never before she had to wear an uniform so it did feel a bit out of the ordinary to dress in something so strict as this. The shoes were a bit cramped to her idea but that was because she was not used to wearing these business type like shoes. Normally rainboots would just fit her boat, instead of socks like most students wear Rin wears dark blue tights in order to hide as much skin as she possibly could. Over her tights she wears the standard Ishin uniform which contains a knee length blue skirt and a sailor fuku on top. She wears her long hair in the same way she would at home, kept together with a large ribbon at the bottom. She made sure to look her tidiest today since it was so important. Rin even went all out with applying makeup to the black lines on her joints so that no one would see them on her hands and neck.

When Rin was finished with her breakfast the jumped up and pulled the heavy backpack back on her shoulders. Uncomfortably she squirmed around as she tried ignoring the hurted spots on her shoulders from carrying the bag this long way from home. Timidly she pulled a map from the side of the bag and looked over it once more to see the red lined route that was marked on the map from the hotel to the school. It wasn't a long walk but it was quite confusing, even more now from the fact that she strayed off course to buy her breakfast. Rin started walking again and followed the map as well as she could in order not to get lost, although it was a good thing that she tried sticking to the map, she paid no heed to her surroundings! She would occasionally stand in the way of cars or bump against other people. After a while of getting closer to her destination she was dead tired of the many people that she had come across. Tokyo had been hell already with her luggage but this city had too many people as well! When Rin finally arrived at the destination of her map she was dumbfounded to not see the school anywhere. The street names did not match her map location either... Had she gone wrong? Unknowingly she had walked around the surroundings some more and found her way to the entrance of the school by pure luck and following other students that wore the Ishin outfit as well.

Upon arrival at the school gates she was met by a huge building right in front of her face. She had been her once before a while back but it still amazed her to see such a vast looking building. It sure was pretty and huge. She still wondered what all these other structures were and if they would be sleeping in the big building or somewhere else. They had plenty of flowery decorative and trees. It did feel somewhat different than the city she had been walking around in. It felt more like a place of its own. Rin tugged along her suitcase and made her way over to the main entrance. The school seemed like a whole maze on its own. Rin watched around her first to see if they could take their luggage with them inside the school as well before would make any mistakes, she followed the other in with her hefty bags.

Like she had thought outside, the inside of this thing was a maze. Rin didn't know where to start or where to ask for the place she was looking for. She tucked away the map that she had held in her hand the whole time and pulled up another piece of paper that was the enrollment paper. Timidly she skimmed over it in the middle of the hallway annoying a lot of people with her wide posture of both her suitcase and bag. Reading over the letter she found out that the opening ceremony would be held in the auditorium.

Unknowing of where the auditorium was she strolled around the school through the hallways for what appeared to be half an hour or so. Eventually she had found the so called place by simply following a few signs that she had found at the entrance of the place she entered at first.

The ceremony didn't appear to have started and looking at her fold-able phone for the time she could tell that she had sometime to spare as well. Rin decided to sit down somewhere for now. She put aside her luggage to the back of the auditorium not knowing if that was the correct way of doing things or if it was safe to do so. Patiently she shoveled forwards to the front of the auditorium near the podium where a few others were already seated. They all wore the exact same uniform and didn't appear that much older than her.

Firstly there was a blue haired girl with a somewhat problem of a wild hair day. A crying guy with a cat tail, she definitly stared at that one for a while. A girl that looked quite wide and someone who could easily kill Rin with a hug and as final a guy who seemed like her mother would ask him to date Rin. Rin promptly decided to sit next to the good looking guy, she didn't know in what year he was in and she knew that it was a thing you would call your seniors your senior but she honestly couldn't tell so she kept her conversation non-biased on year.

"D-domo, is this seat taken..?"

Rin awkwardly greeted Chen and asked for the seat but seemed rather unfazed, she didn't show much of emotion on her face when she asked and did try to be as normal as possible. She tried her hardest not to sound like a country bumpkin, at-least is showed that she wasn't from around the region in the slightest.

Rin her sight fell on the boy his unusual hair after she was done asking the boy her question. Something to do with his quirk? Rin decided not to comment on it and sat down on the closest place to the boy (if the chair wasn't free next to him she would sit further.)

After she had sat down a new girl with too much energy and a too loud voice entered the auditorium. Rin glanced at her for a moment as she awkwardly rubbed the back of her head while lightly nodding her direction in greeting manner.


Said girl did seem to be off quite high standards when she walked past unlike Rin, perhaps she was from the city. Was it normal to greet everyone in the room like that in these parts? It felt quite odd when she thought about it. Rin dropped her eyes back to the boy next to her and decided for some small talk to kill the time. She didn't know what to talk about so she chose the first thing in mind that was perhaps completely out of the mood right now.

"D-did you see this city already... It is quite big isn't it."

Shortly after she tried talking to Chen once more one other boy enrolled into the auditorium that made himself known as well. He had blonde hair! He must be from another country right!? She wanted to meet him, his hair and voice were so pretty. Rin quietly repeated the proces of greeting anyone that greeted the entire group of sitting students. This time she blushed a little more however. She had never seen anyone with blonde hair before. Did he dye it?



Surface, orphanage
@Stern Algorithm

Some time had passed after Leader has asked Rags to find his children for him, to his pain Aya had found out and had come crying towards him that her newly found friend had already left her so soon. It hurted him to see Aya so deeply wounded but he knew that she didn't think it was his fault. Aya had fallen back to sleep on leader his lap clearly seeming quite happy that she had this opportunity. Leader thought it might have been better this way. He had to keep the children happy and calm and not letting them think about the three missing all too much. He gently stroked Aya her head as Neeza entered, he gestured her to be silent in a cheery way despite seeming rather tired himself.

He already knew that Neeza was somewhat odd in her own way, she believed the abyss to be holy and believed that this was the best outcome for the missing ones to have gone further down into the abyss on their own. It wouldn't take long for her wanting to go down further just like them. Leader would still happily hear what the girl had to say to him in order not to make her upset. It was rather strange on its own that she would come at this time to lecture him about giving penalties to the kids. Awkwardly he replied back with a quiet voice.

"I don't think that is the best way to do it Neeza-chan."

"Neeza-chan wouldn't like it either if I gave her a penalty for getting out of bed during this hour either would you?"

Leader was gesturing with his hand patting the air above Aya her butt while looking at Neeza as he was meaning to give spankings.

"Hurting the others would only result in havoc and fear of my presence wouldn't it Neeza-chan. In that regard I would scold someone if they have done and extremely bad thing that I'm absolutely against but hurting them on a regular basis for doing bad would not work in this situation."

"That aside, are you unable to sleep Neeza-chan? You can tell me if something is clouding your mind. Perhaps a cup of tea would help you sleep as well?"

He gestured for her to sit down on the bed along sides the sleeping Aya while he readied the tea without waking Aya, if Neeza wanted off course. There had been 3 empty cups on his desk already for all the visitors that had entered his room this night, he wouldn't get much sleep today...

Abyss Entrance

Elevator Operator


The dawn of nightime had been rather calm for mister elevator operator, he was silently reading a book alongside one of the torches at the beginning of the bridge leading towards the elevator. He was free to do so during these periods since no one would be willing to go down at night anyway. It was more so to check if there were no sneaky brats willing to go down without permission. It was happening way to frequent just recently.

The silent footsteps got the attention of the abyss guard making him put his book aside and stand up to greet the young girl with a warm smile.

"Good evening young miss. You'd like a ride to the first layer?"

He patiently waited for the girl to reply and had already noticed the blue whistle hanging on her shirt. She was free to go alone into the first layer, she didn't seem to be from the orphanage. It was pretty rare to see someone so young with this whistle that wasn't from the orphanage. The Lift operator gestured towards the side of him towards a big board of missing people that had gone into the abyss and never returned.

"Please get a good look at these people and be sure to alert someone once you think you have found them, alive or not. There had been some recent missing people at the bottom side of the board. We wouldn't give them priority over the rest off these people off course but we have the highest possibility to find them alive still."

He gave a somewhat grim look once he mentioned the lost people but kindly smiled at the young girl as not to scare her.

"Have a safe trip miss."

He waited at the elevator controls for the girl to hop on and lead her down once she was ready.

First Layer

The Hammerbeak did not manage to get Rags off once it rolled over. It desperately tried to flap its wings and peck Rags with its enormous beak but was only barely able to get to Rags her arms and shoulders to lightly scrape them. It jumped and moved around as Rags held onto the bird with both hands but to its desperation the girl was locked dead onto the back of the bird.

With Rags on its back it flapped its wings lightly making itself hover above the ground and lash its sharp claws out at Sieg. The claws scratched the boys arms lightly only tearing through clothes lightly and leaving close to no wounds. The bird landed back on the ground again and screeched out a deafening sound for a moment before it eyed back at Sieg. The moment it could look back it felt a heavy hit to the side of its body. The bones of the bird could be heard bursting in its wing as the backpack connected. At the same time that the backpack connected the bottom of the backpack gave in completely scattering the supplies it contained over the ground next to the bird. Any food that was contained within was instantly ruined by the floor and the backpack had to be repaired as well to be used once more.

The bird yelped out as it attempted to headbutt Sieg off the edge of the platform. The movements of the bird had become slower leaving Rags an attempt to hit the bird once more.

With Rags her killing intent and hunting skills she knew exactly where the vital points were in the bird its body. She readied the arrow and drove it right through deep enough to hit both its blood veins and lungs. The bird screeched out in pain as blood burst out of the wound onto Rags. The bird coughed up some blood as well and coughed it towards Sieg. The bird tried stepping closer to Sieg but fell under its own weight towards the front hanging with its beak over the edge. It was breathing heavily as it had completely stopped moving. It was soon to be over for the bird as blood trailed out of its mouth and wounds. The bird would not move anymore after the fight leaving the group the choice to end it or leave it be before they continued on their search.

Kryss had taken a look into the cave but found it out to be not as deep and big as she would have expected, she could easily see to the end when her eyes had adjusted but could only spot a nest with a few big Hammerbeak eggs likely laid by the Hammerbeak they had just been fighting. There was no sign of the girl.

Rags knew that the blonde girl was not here but had found scents of the girl back on the platform they had been coming from. There was a long path alongside the wall of the abyss leading towards one of the more bigger platforms of the first layer.
R i n

Personal Dossier

Kishimoto Rin


Okayama, Japan

Physical Description
Rin stands a short 5 feet tall, her weight is a light 90 lbs. Her looks mostly hint to her mothers side of the family with a few small hints of her dads family. Her frame is slender and small yet a hint of muscle can be found on her arms and legs from hard physical labor and training. Rin is a flat chested girl with fairly long well kept hair tied with a ribbon at the end. Her hair color is hazelnut brown. Her front bangs cover her face slightly past her forehead, her side bangs are slightly longer reaching at least her shoulders. She has brightly colored green eyes and a perky small nose. Rin has slender lips together with a small mouth. Her short and small chin makes her face seem even more childlike. Rin her body has black lines over it on the places of her joints separating the skin of the body parts. She covers those lines with her outfits as she usually wears dark blue pantyhose under her skirt and long sleeved outfits. The lines on her hands and neck she covers with makeup because she finds them embarrassing.


Personal History
In the more offset parts of Japan was a small farming village, the closest big city was Okayama. The farm village was producer of many different flowers and vegetables aggravated by a hand full of different farmers that lived near the village. It was a fairly isolated community that did not accept much newcomers into their circle. Yet a baby was always a joy to welcome. Rin grew up in the village as the second kid. There was one other family that had a few months older child named Anna. They got along great and got thought home teaching by a combination of both their mothers getting them extra attention where they were lacking. Her quirk had already formed before she was born making it quite a usual feat for her her to live with it. Many of the different farmers had quirks that they used to aggravate their crops but as of now Rin did not find a fitting purpose for her quirk to be used as. She had tried many different things but never found herself to be of good use or helpful. She was good at removing weeds or anything that had to do with the plants but that was without her quirk. As kid of a farmer that was a little upsetting for her and her parents but no harm done.

In a town where nothing happened except for playing with each other it would eventually start to grow somewhat boring. Rin would often help out on the land with her dad but also had the habit to just shut herself in her room to do her own things like drawing or reading. When she was not in her room she would do the daily like watching television or play outside near her base. Play superhero with her friend to put yourself in different shoes for once. The shoes that you admired. Something that gave your quirk a purpose perhaps. Rin had off course found a somewhat taste for many different superheroes and started becoming a little too obsessed with them as she hung posters around her room and drew her heroes or super suit. Like any other kids she dreamed to become like one of them later on.

Her parents started noticing her odd behavior and her words about wanting to leave the village, there was a severe disconnection with the family and town, she started pushing herself away from them as she felt like she didn't belong here. She tried to be different, she wanted to be different. Rin didn’t want this boring life in the village, she did love this village but nothing ever happened. She found herself useless in comparison to the others she knew, ever her friend had a super awesome water quirk.

That night when she was staring at the long stretching farm fields she noticed for the first time a shaded blur that zoomed over the farmland. Her eyes could barely catch up to the figure. It had immediately gotten her attention as she dashed after it through the hall and living room. She ran through the farmland as fast as she could with her nimble legs. She felt excited for the first time in a long time. Once she had caught up with the shadow she softly approached and dove into the bushes in no time. From between the branches she watched the person help a trapped foxy escape from being stuck under a fence. The man was masked and wore a suit just like the ones she had seen on television. In awe she stared at the man as he treated the poor thing and gave it food, just before he could get away she jumped out and confronted the hero.

The hero definitely was surprised after he had been caught off guard. Rin talked to him for a long time about her own scenario and about how she thought he was wonderful and eventually had gotten to the conclusion that all crime and problems were already being solved by the masked night hero. Rin was instantly won over by the first hero she had ever seen in real life and made a pact with the hero to train under his supervision during the nights. She put all her work into becoming a true hero even if it was with her weird quirk. Her teacher learned her the ways of using her quirk to use it in fighting. After her training had been completed her teacher had pointed her to the academy he had been too in the past. She came to know about the old retired hero after having spoken ato him many times. He did not show his face or tell much about himself but she knew he lived in the village and did this as hobby now. Doing tasks in his hero suit during the night. Rin wanted to follow into his footsteps with no second thought. She worked as hard and as much as she could for the new school year to participate in the new semester. Just to follow up to her favorite hero.

Character Development & Conceptualization
Rin is like any of my characters a cutesy relaxed girl that interacts with others by her weird personality. I enjoy to do fun things with others like weird challenges or do the most random things with my character to open up others to her so they can have cute and fun moments. Rin is a bit of a weirdo but does put all her hard work into her training in order to do the thing she loves. Right now Rin believes the way to go is to train her body in order to help others by fighting, she has to learn that there are others things to being a hero as well.

In order to be strong she has to learn to work together with others as well just as opening herself up to others. Rin finds it hard to catch up with others from the city as she originally came from the sticks. She get embarrassed when others laugh at her for her accent and finds it a big must to try and talk like the city folks at least, her ultimate goal is to be thought of as normal and to fit in with others.

For the concept of her quirk there is the simple feature of using her joints in order to give swift hard blows and use wrestling and judo moves to 'break her opponents' in many different grips she learned with her own powerful joints. For development I like to let her make use of her flexibility more despite Rin her embarrassment of her own quirk. Right now she only uses her quirk for fighting like a normal human instead of some nightmare horror that rotates her limbs like a helicopter.

Quirk and talents

Quirk Type
Living Doll

Quirk Description
Rin can fully rotate any joint in her body. Instead of the normal connection between the bones any human has, Rin has special parts between her bones that she is free to control like normal joints. Her new joints can be seen on the skin by a thin black line that separates the skin parts of her body between the joints. Although the body parts can rotate, anything internal that is connected through her joints is rotated as well. The arteries and nerves are flexible than most people due to her quirk but rotating her joints too much can cause pain. More to her quirks is that she can train her joints the same way as her muscles, she can train her joints to put more force behind her quirk. The after effects of using her quirk is cramps in specific parts of her body when she rotates or uses these parts too much.

Abilities & Talents
From her training in the nights with her teacher she learnt the essentials of Judo and Jiu Jitsu to defend herself from villains. Rin teached herself some moves from the internet as well that she found fitting with her quirk.

Generally she is physically fit from playing, training and working outside over the years due to bad internet and boring television. After she had met her teacher she started doing a lot more cardio as well as requirement to keep up with training.

Furthermore she knows a lot about vegetable plants and flowers from having worked with her parents on the land all the time.

Outskirts school
@Demonic Angel

Nia was holding out the strawberry between her fingers towards the girl, she was giving a sweet pleased smile towards the young tribal girl. At first glance the girl didn't seem out of the ordinary but as soon as Nia had showed the girl her quirk there was an immediate turn in mood between the two. Vae gave Nia a look of disgust as she held out the berry. Did she not like strawberries? No it was something else. Nia gazed at the girl as she softly lowered her hand with the strawberry in it. Her mouth fell agape as she realized what Vae was so disgusted about. It wasn't the berries, it was Nia her quirk. Vae wiped a hand over her face as to remove tears but Nia could not see any on her face.

"A-are you alright..."

Nia dropped the berry as she reached out to Vae. Vae spoke about refusing Nia her offers and how she did not trust her enough yet. The all so sudden turn around of event definitly showed the fruity girl that she had done something wrong when she showed off her quirk. She thought it would make her happy to eat tasty fruits. A shiver went over Nia her back as goosebumps felt over arms like her heart got broken. She did not want to eat the lunch she proclaimed herself?

Nia felt tears well up as she grabbed hold of her skirt to squeeze into something. The strawberry plant at the side of the road shivered into a small black dead plant as the strawberries fell off and grew smaller in size unlike before. They were sour small strawberries, the ones you would get after a bad harvest. Vae was already trying to block her way from binding any bond closer to her.

"A-ah n-no... P-p-please... I-I d-d-did-dn't m-m-mean t-t-to s-scare y-you... p-p-please..."

Nia did not know how to fix this problem. Nia gazed at her own hand for a moment to see the strawberry having escaped. She glanced at the ground around her and to the side of the pavement to see her plant having died and her strawberries being ruined. Nia gasped from fear seeing what her quirk had done. Nia momentarily looked back up at Vae gazing in worriness.

"M-my fruit... N-no... W-wait! I-I can f-fix t-this..."

Nia dropped down to her knees as she sat closer to the strawberry plant. She was about to touch it before realizing it would just freak out Vae again. Nia gulped as she shortly shivered. Nia got herself back to her feet as she turned her away from her dead plant. She didn't want to leave it but felt like she didn't want to upset her friend over her own plants. Nia closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She was silent for a minute before sweetly smiling back at the girl again, seemingly it did seem somewhat force as the corner of her mouth twitched a little.

"N-no, it is alright, I-I'll make you something to eat like I-I promised... We don't have to talk or be together for that, we can eat in separate rooms and you can leave after."

Nia tilted her head as she kindly smiled at her with eyes closed. Whenever Vae accepted or not she would walk. It hurted so much to leave her plant behind like this but she had to bare it in order not to scare this girl. That would have been her very last intention to do.

"Please follow."
Tomoe Kishitmoto

class 2B
@Silver Carrot@Lucius Cypher

Tomoe followed the group of students to the next challenge round. It was set up in the classroom of 2B with microphones and large speakers. Tomoe honestly didn't expect them to make something so huge out of this. She thought that standing on the table and sing a little was plenty enough but it seemed like she was more in a talent show then anything else. Nervously she glanced around to look for Hitomi with her petite frame. She could barely wastch between the other students as she was only reaching till around their shoulders. Only when Tomoe had stepped onto the stage she managed to see Hitomi who she geacefully greeted with a warm wave. Tomoe awkwardly smiled at Hitomi as she was about to perform. This was truly emberassing.

Tomoe turned to her opponent which was another flat chested girl. Tomoe gave a deep bow at the girl as she cheerfully cheerped at the challenger student.

"Let's both do our best silver hair-san. My name is Tomoe by the way.
It is nice meeting you immediatly on stage hehe..."

Tomoe awkwardly laughed at her own comment and faced back to the judge while grabbing her mic from the stand. She tapped the microphone for a moment to see if it worked and stood around untill the competition was gonna start. She didn't know if they could chose their own songs and what there choices were in thst regard. She was likely gonna do something cutesy and timid so that she could easily follow the rythm. The rules were still not clear to her but she was gonna do her best at least. Tomoe spoke through the microphone to the judges. At least she didn't have stage fright.

"Are we suppose to chose our own songs and who is first?"
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