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So how should I start this... Probably a lot of rambling... I'm Yui, 19 years old. Recently I've been doing so well at my job that it started giving me stress. Whenever I do something wrong I just break down and hear superiors and senpais yelling at me. It only goes away after clearing my mind by repeating stupid words in my head. It has brought me to the point were I can only think about work at night, about the moments I messed up and got yelled at. Not even from something recent but from years back. I don't know why I'm putting this here but maybe people have use knowing that I don't accept my own faults at all or that I break down easily. I just felt like putting it here after my recent episode of wanting to kill myself. Thanks if anyone understand...

If you were looking to talk instead of reading the problematic part, I like to play rythm games, osu in general. I like to draw, write, watch anime make pictures and cosplay... I recently travelled around japan and am looking to do more stuff like it. I have 4 jobs at the moment and im still a student at highschool for 4 days a week. I don't have many friends but the ones I have are quite fun to be around with. My favorite food is mashed endive with potatoes. Thats all(a lot of rambling)

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Anyone wanna scold rikka? Feel free to add having a giant mosquitoe bump on your body ill have rikka come into your room in my post.
I AM trying to make a post. Honestly.


The blonde hunk had thrown two sigarets for the goat to smoke together with a match. Did they still use matches till this day? Rikka was definitely certain it was somewhat out of ordinary to use matches instead of the everyday modern lighter but hey, what was she to know about that.

The goat offered one to her which she hardly declined and went on with his own smoke. Apparently you could smoke any age you wanted... Rikka softly glanced the other way in disbelief. He was probably not that much older than her and just didn't care about the needed age to smoke. Wonder what the teacher thought about that. In the popular show Two Piece the cook smoked often too during and after the fights so maybe he and they used it as stress or pain reliever?

Rikka covered her mouth and nose when he lit the sigaret. The smoke wasn't directed at her but she still found there to be a lot of it. She didn't want to bother the goat with her demands of him not smoking here so she endured it for the short time the sigaret would last. Goat boy had taken notice and blew the puffs of smoke upwards instead what made it a little less worse.

The blonde boy sat down at the seat opposite of her, she quietly stared at him for a while. He looked pretty... She gazed at his blonde hairs, she really liked those. They looked shiny and seemed soft, she felt like touching them but held herself back for now.

Her gaze was broken by the goat boy suggesting to introduce themselves to each other. Wasn't half bad to know names from her upcoming classmates. The blonde was Karada and the goat was Gankona. Okay. Off course Rikka had to introduce herself too which got her a bit flabbergasted. It was only logical that she had to tell them her name too. Rikka quickly looked the other way while softly rubbed her hands together between her legs. It was clear she was still a bit shy for the others, seemingly from her red face. Rikka snapped her mouth open to deny the fact that she was called any of the crazy names the goat boy told her.

"No! No... I'm not called either of those... Who would call their child after an insect... I would have very cruel parents if they call me Bagu or Hiko. It is Rikka okay... R.i.k.k.a. Rikka."

With a pout on her face she folded her arms and looked the other way which seemed like a smart idea at the time, but she would have never guessed that one of her classmates would try to kill her! The sudden feeling of a condensed liquid in the air made her feel somewhat nauseous and dizzy. Rikka held her hand before her mouth as she started heavily coughing. A look the other way revealed the bastard doing all this. He was spraying some insect spray in the air above the table. While Rikka was an insect but also mostly human it did not kill her. It would only weaken her enormous strength a little. Rikka ducked under the table still revealing her wings just a little.

"Ahhh, no! Quit it! Stop doing that, stupid head!"

Rikka was all curled up beneath the table with both hands covering the top of her head. The spraying had already stopped but she didn't want the lingering bug spray to get her.

After a few minutes she stood up from under the table again taking some distance between her and the table. She was holding her own body, her knees clicking against each other while her upper body was turned away from the others somewhat. Her eyes were a bit teary but nothing to make a fuz about. She felt molested by this asshole! How could he do this to her! Her wings were slightly twitching from time to time. She couldn't move them with this spray all over them.

The black haired insect fighter just left, he just walked into the kitchen area without word and seemed to stay away. Rikka waited a few more moments before releasing a long sigh and standing normally again. She sat back down at the table looking at her own lap with an awkward look on her face. This wasn't how she planned her day to go.

A while later the insect hater sat back down again way too close for her taste but she ignored it for now. She was receiving constant peers from him and just couldn't relax with him nearby. So when he finally decided to speak she almost jumped up straight but couls barely hold onto her seat. Her whole body was trembling as her wide eyes stared back at the boy.


She gulped once more while waiting for the patient boy to say what he wanted to say... He was asking for her to pass the sugar while casually mistaking it for blood... Rikka stared at him with a happy dead look in her eyes
for about a minute before turning her gaze down at the bottles of various salts and spices. She stared at them for a whole minute with the same happy dead look in her eyes. She gently placed her hand on the small tray with spices and slowly shoved it towards him. They were sitting opposite of each other and he could easily reach it before he even asked. But she wouldn't decline so she had shoved the tray a whole 10 centimeters towards him.

He had unknowingly taken the salt from the tray and began pouring it in his coffee... Rikka gazed at the salt pouring in his coffee. She didn't know what to say she just sat there with the same dumb smile and zombie look in her eyes. The salt was about towering over his cup now and he didn't show signs of stopping... It was muck brown. Who would even try to drink this at this point, he was just joking about now.
I got a post up~

If anyone can guess the movie that Melissa is watching, I will love them forever.

Night in the museum!

Love me now >3>
@Crimmy go ahead. The last couple of days my internet has run out on vacation and found myself busy with comicon and the plane trip back home
@Crimmy go ahead. The last couple of days my internet has run out on vacation and found myself busy with comicon and the plane trip back home
@Fabricant451 I feel bad for breaking stuff now
@GodOfWarbagu hiko? Why did you chose those two XD. A reference?
Lol hura again.

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