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Hello welcome to my profile

I'm Liferusher - Yui but you can call me life or Yui, whichever you prefer.
I'm a 20 year old student that just bloomed into yet another new school life in a place called Rotterdam. In my free time I mostly work at one of my 6 jobs so that I can buy loads of games and animes. I can be offically classified as weeb since my room is full of anime posters and figures and costumes >w<

The reason why I like to roleplay is to feel as the characters I play. I like to create my own sily slice of life stories and i'm not a huge fan of dramatic fight scenes or whatever. I like to keep it sweet and livid. My health isn't the greatest all the times but I still like to be playfull around others. I sleep an awfull lot and feel depressed a lot of the time so please politely tell me I'm being a bitch when I am so I can realise how I am at the moment. I can come over as fierce or unintrested but just know I'm always happy to talk to others.…

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Tomoe Kishitmoto

Training room

Tomoe was brought on board the hammer team at Dulga her discretion. Tomoe was fine with it, it meant she could sleep more with Dulga her plan. Dulga happily nodded at her hunter friend and was picked up by two of her Six arms. A bit surprised she was piggyback riding onto Dulga her back now. Tomoe blissfully embraced Dulga her love and hugged her back.

"Aww dulgy if you just wanted to cuddle you should have said so sooner <3"

Whilst smiling she squeezed her tightly and disappeared under the cloak. Dulga explained their strategy further making the plan clear to Tomoe. Despites being hidden Tomoe saluted their commander excitedly whilst she was given the earmuffs.


Tomoe put on the earprotection hoping it would help of some sort and returned herself to hugging dulgy her back. Once the five minutes had passed the Lance and hammer team moved in. It wasn't long before they were met with a powerful roar. Tomoe was shook by the sound of it.

"Aah! What was that?! It shook me down to the bones."

Dulga leapt with Tomoe and Hitomi onto the roof of a nearby building. Incredible strength like always. Tomoe glanced from the side of Dulga's body through her cloak to get a glance of the beast. It was huge, like in the fairy tails. She had to come up with a good form to fight it. She wasn't scared, she had to face it head on like a hero! Tomoe supringly looked up at Hitomi and gave her a shy laugh.

"Ah so so I suppose. I'll head toward Lance team in a bit to help them with the bull. Sleeping is no problem as always hehe."

As Tomoe finished talking she lightly gulped and laid her head against Dulga her back again. Her grip on hugging Dulga softens as she took off. A soft poof was heard behind Dulga as her cloak fluttered. Nomi appeared behind her with a look of annoyance and a click of the tongue. A pinkish liquid dripped off of her Nomi herself was somewhat see through now. She dashed off in the blink of an eye past the Lance team towards the minotaur. Her footsteps gave it away that she was sticking to the ground. She was made of sticky slime this time.

Nomi was dashing head on towards the minotaur. When she finally came close, Nomi gave a mean snort and tried jumping onto its back. With a small bow the slime followed her jump melting a part of her leg away connecting the ground and the minotaur with the sticky slime if she hit. Nomi tried to cover the beast with as much as she could in order to bind the beast down preventing it from moving any further.

@Silver Carrot@Norschtalen@pkken
Tomoe Kishitmoto

Training room

The typical sound of soft happy snoozing sounded from the sleepyhead student her desk. The warm sun shining on her tootsie as her head was comfortably lying into her arms made for the perfect nap place. Yoshida sensei had entered the room but didn't pay heed to the pink headed snob.

Her attention span for the lesson was at its peak once more. While Yoshida was explaining what they were going to do today Tomoe was far off into her own small dreamy wonder land. As Tomoe gazed around her she noticed that she wasn't in the classroom anymore. A pitch black forest had surrounded her, the sunlight could barely get past the trees on some places lighting her way forward via a wavy gravel path. Tomoe noticed the heavy basket hanging from her arm filled with a warm meal and some snacks.

It came as an impulse but she knew what she had to do with it, in her bright red hood she skipped along the path. The way was brightfully colored by various flowers and bushes. They looked all very pretty and appealing. Tomoe felt the need to pick some flowers for her grandma as they just looked so pretty. Just a short way later she was met by a tall man dressed up heavily in a cloak. Tomoe tilted her head in confusion but energetically greeted the person. The cloaked man replied back and asked her what she was doing. Tomoe immediately knew the voice of the man! It was Roy!

The man denied it with an awkward cough as he suggested to pick flowers deeper in the forest since they looked even prettier. Tomoe was caught off guard as Roy bolted off, she shrugged and headed deeper into the forest to gather more flowers.

Soon Tomoe made her way back to the path as she skipped the last few yards towards the cozy cottage. Tomoe slammed through the door with an extravagant greeting only to be met by Roy again. This time he was lying in bed with old lady piamas on looking real furry. Tomoe burst out laughing at the sight of it while Roy played the grandma role. She held in her laughter as she played with him asking why he looked like that and made her way over towards his side. It wasn't long before she was gulped down by Roy in one piece.

A loud shriek came from her as she was met by his mouth. Sliding down into the warm belly of Roy she was met by her grandma. Hitomi was in the story as well now in the belly of wolf boi Roy as well. Cowering in fear they waited for their inevitable doom softly hugging each other. A few moments later they were met by daylight once more. The hunter Acion had cut open the belly of Roy to free the two distressed ladies. With delight Tomoe and Hitomi jumped onto Acion his arms as they flew away off into the sunset. Roy met his dimise as he was filled with stone and sewed back together. Fin.

Tomoe shocked awake. Hitomi had woken her up while everyone was leaving. The class was not suppose to be over yet so they were probably going to do something. Confusingly Tomoe asked her.

"Grandma? What are we doing?"

They had to change into their hero costume within 5 minutes. That wasn't very long but Tomoe her costume was easy to put on. Tomoe headed towards the changing room together with the rest of her class still feeling somewhat drowsy. They were going to fight upperclassmen. That was bound to be hard, she didn't think it was completely fair but it was good training perhaps.

While changing she fell asleep again on the bench midway doing her shoes. If it wasn't for her teacher knowing that it was going to happen again she wouldn't have been on time again. Tomoe hurriedly jogged towards the rest of the group with pillow hugged against her body. It had a nice pattern of a bright rainbow and pink clouds. Obviously she still had childish tastes but this wasn't just a normal pillow. It was a pillow that was densely packed with Hitomi her wool that she stole while Hitomi was sleeping. It is super soft and serves as shield but can also serve as weapon when she is awake. It can softly hit people but also explode when it is destroyed leaving a large amount of Hitomi her wool scattered around serving as hindrance and a good party trick.

"Ahh, I'm late again. Gomenasorry guys."

Tomoe got up to the rest of the group slightly panting as she tried to catch her breath from the short run. She hastily looked over the costume if she didn't miss any of the ribbons or other important parts as she worriedly looked at the rest of the group.

"Did I miss anything..."

The strategy had just started, luckily the fight hadn't started yet or she would be in a bigger pinch. She didn't want any more punishment for her tardiness. Holding any more water buckets up high from sleeping in class would definitely kill her. There was already a small tear from the thought of it.

After the strategy meeting was over Tomoe moved up to Dulga and pushed herself with the cushion softly against Dulga. She gazed up at the woman as she tried to get her attention. Tomoe looked somewhat puzzled.

"Dulgyy which team should I be onnn. Nomi-chan can do both for me."
Tomoe Kishimoto

nurse office
@Silver Carrot@Conscripts

Acion had said not to worry about it too much, yet she did. Hitomi was overly happy to see her as well which Tomoe frankly didn't expect after her last outburst. At least Tomoe felt a tad more comfortable knowing Hitomi wasn't as mad as before. Yet the air still felt heavy to her.

Tomoe her face got quite red as she was staring into space, her lips went wry as she started to feel spinny. It was quite hard to come up with lines when you conveyed all your thoughts already. In this awkward occasion especially. Hitomi and Acion had taken both their drinks being quite thankful to her yet it didn't clear up the tension yet in her eyes.

Hitomi didn't seem to take it well when Tomoe asked if she should leave or not. Tomoe was met with a sudden hug from Hitomi which surprised Tomoe quite a bit. She flailed with one hand for a moment before realising what was happening. She felt a soft comfortable heat rise in her face as she heard she should stay. Her body froze for a second at the realization before she pushed herself closer to Hitomi while hugging the sheep back with her free hand. The pink her eyes softly peered up towards Hitomi revealing the innocent look in Tomoe her eyes as her soft muffled voice asked.


Acion had said the same thing, she didn't need to leave. Tomoe gave Acion an innocent look as well for a moment. Hitomi broke the hug as Tomoe softly let her arm down again. With her eyes focused back on Hitomi she heard the sheep apologize a little as well for her overreaction, she knew it was still her own fault but at least she was happy to hear it.

Just as expected Hitomi announced that she and Acion were both dating. Her best friend and roommate was now dating this angelic boy right here. Well at least she made a good choice. Tomoe her sadness and shyness seemed to fade like snow as her good old energetic smile beamed as bright as a few million suns.

"Oh! Honestly!? That is great Hi-chan! I'm so happy for you guys! Congratulations A-kun and Hi-chan for throwing your single status away! Oh! Have you two done it already? Hmm? You knooowww, like, like, hehehe."

Tomoe began pushing two of her fingers together like she knew everything about the romance things but she was as bright as a beet of course...

"Wait! D-does that m-mean... H-hi-c-chan g-gets to swap r-rooms as well? You're awfull Hi-chan leaving me on my own just like that!"

Tomoe began a tremendous outbreak of tears at the realization they would no longer be roommates at the simple assumption of her own facts. It however soon ended at another realization that now they were officially a couple they should do something fun together! right? Something like lighting fireworks or doing a beach episode.

"We gotta celebrate you two! Let's do something fun together like, like karaoke! There is a karaoke machine in the dorms, I never know how that stupid thing works though. That should suffice or in the city there is a bar."

Tomoe gave a short hassled look towards Acion before downing her hot coffee in one go. She gave a pained look but was looking quite serious short after as she walked up to Acion.

"A-kun! I'm sorry for hurting you again, not physically again of course but... I don't know if Hitomi got mad at you as well and... Yea, it won't happen again."

Tomoe gave a sweet smile towards the angel and dashed against him clasping her arms around him in a hug. Her face staring towards the wall behind him as she softly spoke. Her grip was kind of tight for such a small girl. She was unsure if this was the right way, but she felt best not wanting to face him.

"W-wil you be my friend now as well..."
Tomoe Kishitmoto

nurse office
@Zeroth@Silver Carrot@Conscripts

Tomoe couldn't listen to this person any longer without getting even more angry and decided to walk by Kenichi his side instead out of sight of Amane. They had gotten their drinks and left the cafeteria. The drinks clicked against each other in Tomoe her arms in her attempt to tightly press them against her chest. Tomoe gave a heavy sigh and a slight annoyed frown before turning back to Kenichi again with a more smile full manner.

"Figures nihi. He really didn't have any glamour or cuteness about him hehe."

Tomoe let out a slight chuckle as she gazed towards the front of her with the same usual smile. It was like her mood had changed from night to day. She was glad she could make a friend like Kenichi today. He had been there for her when no one else was. It helped enormously and now they were out for a retribution as well.

They arrived in front of the door they had met at and stopped for a moment as Kenichi finished his talk about the guy they had just met. Tomoe briskly turned towards him gazing up at him in kindness.

"He wasn't any fun at all when I tried to make a light joke! He honestly was the serious type. Oh, well."

Kenichi said his goodbyes and wished her the best, Tomoe closed her eyes and gave him a pleased smile. She bowed softly towards him and moved all the drinks under one arm so she could wave him off.

"Thank you very much Kenichi-chan! I will do my best from now on and see you later~! Hehe~ Bai bai."

Tomoe stood on her tip toes as she waved Kenichi off enthusiasticly and turned herself to face the door again. The girl gave a quick gulp as her smile faded. The situation had become way more tense and serious right now. She didn't know if she could put her words in the right place.

Just as she was thinking of what to say the door swiftly opened in front of her leaving her in a daze of surprise and panic. Tomoe shrieked just a little as her back stiffened. Like a robot she looked up at Hitomi and smiled briefly.

"H-hello H-hi-chan..."

Her face turned downcast soon after as she clutched the drinks in her arms tighter. Her chest was throbbing as her mind was spinning. She numbered for a bit before attempting to say the words she had been planning in her mind. They felt jumbled and hard to say for some reason.

"H-hi-chan... I feel terrible for having done those things to you. I shouldn't meddle with any of your business. If you're okay with it I just want to be friends and nothing bad meant with sleeping on somebody or around somebody okay... my jokes can be somewhat out of the hand sometimes... I got you a drink... It is something really sweet I think, Kenichi chose it soo.."

Tomoe stepped to the side of Hitomi to face Action now, she gave yet another gulp.

"I didn't mean to involve you into all of this. I shouldn't just drop down onto someone without asking first. This time I exploited it too much. I won't do it again. Here is a drink as well... Um it is... Pompous... I don't know, probably not drinkable but enjoy..."

Tomoe stood staring towards the wall for some time not really knowing what to do afterwards. The hot coffee can was starting to feel in her hand lightly and it was rather awkward. She opened her drink and took a soft sip as she folded both her hands around the can.

"U-um. S-should I just leave..."


Side Entrance
@Stern Algorithm@Moyai

It was the first day of Emi her brand new life. The new school year was just about to begin but before that... Emi was inconspicuously trying to walk by the huge crowd of protestors that were in front of the school gates. Emi had taken all the necessary measurements in order not to be spotted. She wore a big sunhat together with sunglasses, a mouth mask and a scarf around her neck to hide her bulging neck. Anyone that had seen her could tell she was hiding her identity.

Underneath her undercover outfit she wore the school clothes she was suppose to wear. Her jacket was hanging over her shoulders so her sleeves were hanging loose over her arms. The girl her socks were that of a perfect white, stretching till halfway her upper legs. Emi her hair was long and wavy reaching till beneath her butt. Her side hair was nearly tied into two pony tails with two smaller pony tails on top.

She was swiftly walking past the crowd hiding behind any tree and car she could find and somehow she got through unharmed. She could just about witness the shrimp girl her wonderful goodbye between herself and her parents. After heading through the side enterance like suggested in the student paper, Emi was met with a few students together with what were presumably teachers. The girl threw away her outfit back into her bag and joined the rest. It appeared that they were all introducing themselves to the other students so Emi guessed she had to do so as well!

Without realising her excitement Emi opened her mouth and introduced herself with a somewhat too loud voice.

"Ohayooo gozaimasu!!! My Name is Onsei Emi. Student identity number 19!"

Her voice revibrated against the school walls as she lightly introduced herself. She showed a flashy smile as she stretches both her arms to the side behind her back.

"I'm looking forward to this year! Let's all be friends!"

She happily exclaimed as she finally quieted down. Her gaze went around the area looking at the various people. There were a bunch of cute girls and cute guys already, she wondered if they would all be in the same class. Only the shrimpy girl did show of quite the quirk so maybe those others people weren't in her class.

Emi vividly hopped over next to the shrimp girl, squating down right besides her. Emi poked the posing shrimp her large claws quietly before poking her belly and cheeks. Then she moved on to observing her red hair and uniform all while she was still posing. Emi her mouth opened again, it was bound for trouble.

"You're my favorite nehe!"

As fast as sound Emi moved on and went to the clutz Yuuki. Poking her in her thighs and butt. She then raised herself up making Yuuki her hairs fall over the top of her own head giving herself a white hairdo. Emi swiftly stared up at her hair in awe. The girl moved her nose to the nape of the girl her neck sniffing lightly as she opened her mouth once more. Being more on volume right now in order not to hurt her ears.

"You feel nice and smell good as well!"

@Crusader Lord

As Aki went up in her peptalk het gaze slowly drew upwards to Aerith her face. Aerith was softly ruffling the girl's hair taking her off guard at the same time. Aki noticed the woman her face being equal to a person she knew. At the discovery of Aerith being Aerith she reached out before her and softly dropped her head against Aerith her chest, Aki softly nuzzled against Aerith.

"Aeri-chan! I thought you already left. It feels nice to see you again Aeri-chan."

The girl flashed a bright smile up at Aerith feeling quite happy to see her after all this time. Aki tool a few steps back tilting her chest forward as she intertwined her hands behind her back.

"I'm looking forward to seeing you and your friend at my show later! I'll make sure to make it extra special now you come as well!"

Aki felt a surge of joy at having Aerith watch her show and smiled even more brightly. She jumped and headed back a little more as she waved her hand through the sky back at Aerith.

"I'll see you soon again onee-chan!!"

Aki quickly went on to preparing her show for her wide audience, it was almost time after all.

A short time later she was frozen in place before her small stage. It housed a tightrope on only half a meter height. A small piece of carpet for acrobatic stunts and various other props that helped her in her acts. Aki was at the exact pose she had to start with. It was only waiting on the bell right now.

The clock bell rang relieving Aki of her pained muscles of standing in the crane stance for way too long. She extended her arms out and raised her voice to attract as many people as she could.

“The great show of Aki the great is staaaaarting!”

She pointed both her hands in front of her and moved them up and down a few times as to ready herself. Her arms moved down one last time as she exhaled and swiftly raised them up doing a backflip landing on both hands. Her oversized pants immediately sunk down her legs as she was standing on both hands, hair drooping over the ground as she walked a little on both of her hands. She brightly smiled at the few people that were looking. Aki moved one hand into the air straining her others.


She kept her balance quite good but she couldn't last forever. Aki moved back down onto the ground raising her arms up into the air in showy manner of her amazing stunt. Her next trick immediately started, Aki raised her arms up and faced to the side of the crowd. She took a soft step following up in a handstand. Her legs moved on immediately returning her to her legs again doing a flick flack. She immediately did a backward flick flack again on one hand back to her feet with a somersault. She flashed a quick smiled as she twisted her body around.

Aki jumped onto a upside down tub to give herself some height and kicked herself up into the air doing another backward Salto while twisting her body mid air. She landed safely and heavily panted with her hands still up into the air. She gave a glinstering smile, it was the first time she fully completed those moves after all this time of training. It was not lacking nor stiff. It was a perfect performance. She bowed and raised her voice once more while grabbing a small tin can filled with water.

“Welcome to my wonderful show people of the docks! I will be entertaining you today so if you like the performance please leave something to spare in this hat of mine!”

She passed her favorite newspaper boy style hat onto the ground in front of the crowd and continued.

“For my next performance I will be doing magic tricks so keep watching!!”

Aki took a small time to recover her stamina.
Emi Onsei
Megaphone-chan(Mega-chan), No-off-switch-chan

"Pa-pada pa pam~ Emi has arrived!~"
— Emi Onsei, with her megaphone blasting at max

Emi Onsei


15 | 25 May

Full fledged Japanese

"5.4! Wow so tall!"

"100 LBS! Wow so light!"

Fashion Sense:
Emi wears short light colored dresses in her free time, usually with a small purse. Her socks always come over her knees and the color is usually black or white. For going into town or the likes she likes to wear darker dresses, the lolita kind. Her favorite accessories for her outfits are toupets and ribbons.

Distinguishing Features:
"Distinguishing features you say! I got two distinguished features for you hehe! One is my beautiful hair style and the other one is my neck! See, my neck is slightly bulged like I swallowed a whole oval toy block haha! It totally didn't get stuck there when I was a child... got it?~"

Emi is generally know as loud and energetic, a girly girl who is into the latest fashions and trends. Her free time goes either into making clothes or social media. The gods(liferusher) gave this hyperactive girl the voice of a beautiful angel that booms over the horizon. This voice is used to full extent as she generally talks way too loud to others with her cheerful personality. Emi likes to joke around a lot and is slow to get the gist of stopping. She has a very sweet and soft side that doesn't take criticism too much. She usually gets somewhat quiet when she isn't comfortable with something.

Emi was born from two quirkless parents. The rest of her family neither had quirks making Emi the one and only. It was an unlucky coincidence that she was the only one having ended up that way. Her family was fine with most of it as long as she controlled her volume, Emi herself couldn't do anything about it. She thought of it as horrible to have such a thing in your body. With the slightest raise of her whisper voice it would already be too loud for anyone else to listen to. Her parents weren't able to handle her in the end. It came down to punishment and measurements to keep her quiet. Emi understood and went with it mostly despite being quite hurt by it. It was a way to grow herself, grow into a proper lady that had a normal voice.

Emi went insane, she had to talk. That is why she ran away from home. Deep into the city, over a fence right into a construction site. When she reached the top of the building she contemplated a little before her mouth opened wide.

The neighborhood was woken up in the middle of the night at the girl her outburst. For the first time she screamed and yelled as loud as she could. Her voice echoing over the city. All the pent up frustration got out, breaking glass, scaring birds away. Her ears bleed in pain, but it felt good. She was able to let it all out finally. She smiled and laughed, there was a heavy buzz in her ears but she couldn't care less.

After that day she decided, she shouldn't live by her parents their rules. Her voice was made this way so she had to use it this way. Emi went into her rebel fase and went into a band to vent her pent up frustration out. It would help the world get used to quirks as well when you show them in public. She found out about this new school for people with quirks as well and decided to go there after her graduation. She left her parents home completely with their consent trying to better herself.

Short Quirk explanation: Emi her quirk is a mutant type quirk. Her neck is a megaphone that enhances her voice. She can make it louder or softer and direct it to specific locations. Her voice sounds like she is always talking to a megaphone.

In depth Quirk Details***: Her megaphone is able to make loud sounds to stun opponents. She is able to direct it specifically to areas around her opponent to make it appear sound comes from any other side. Her weakness is ear protection from other people or in the sea or underground.

Put anything else you'd like in here, but be sure to include what is already listed.

Clothes, making her own clothes
Voice acting
Voice mimicry
Food, mostly spicy food
Cute girls
Jump scares

Being told off
Sour food

Hurting others seriously

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