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So how should I start this... Probably a lot of rambling... I'm Yui, 19 years old. Recently I've been doing so well at my job that it started giving me stress. Whenever I do something wrong I just break down and hear superiors and senpais yelling at me. It only goes away after clearing my mind by repeating stupid words in my head. It has brought me to the point were I can only think about work at night, about the moments I messed up and got yelled at. Not even from something recent but from years back. I don't know why I'm putting this here but maybe people have use knowing that I don't accept my own faults at all or that I break down easily. I just felt like putting it here after my recent episode of wanting to kill myself. Thanks if anyone understand...

If you were looking to talk instead of reading the problematic part, I like to play rythm games, osu in general. I like to draw, write, watch anime make pictures and cosplay... I recently travelled around japan and am looking to do more stuff like it. I have 4 jobs at the moment and im still a student at highschool for 4 days a week. I don't have many friends but the ones I have are quite fun to be around with. My favorite food is mashed endive with potatoes. Thats all(a lot of rambling)

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(Will be more active from this week, work vacation just ended)

After having explained her situation to Hitomi it was expected that she still had some questions left over for Tomoe, a first would be 'How would she have ended up at the hero course'. It didn't take much for Tomoe to do since her clone did most of the work but she decided to keep it a secret for now so that she could surprise her roommate and of course the rest of the class with her double. At the entrance test most would probably have thought it was all her own doing of the enmensious strength and body parts morphing. Tomoe gave a wink and placed her index finger in front of her lips in shushing manner.

"That is all still a secret nihihi."

Unknowingly Tomoe had made Acion insecure about his cooking skills, Tomoe uncaringly continued strolling around the kitchen without a second thought about Acion his sadness right now. There was a somewhat older looking bigger guy at the stove of the kitchen cooking some dishes. Was he the dorms cook or something? He didn't have any cooking clothes on, just regular ones. He looked too scary to approach so she kept her distance. Furthermore there was the other pinklet from her class and a shyer looking girl that was being teased by the pinklet. She thought of Mamoru as a bit of an hyperactive girl always jumping around and trying to meet others. Meanwhile her roommate had asked her what she would have liked to eat but seemed quite busy trying to tend to Acion his wound short after. Tomoe glanced back at her giving an indecisive look at the girl.

"Don't worry about me, they seem to be cooking for us already so I'm fine I think."

Tomoe flashed Hitomi a quick kind smile before dashing over to the other girl to ask for some cookies. The pretty girl seemed pretty sweet but after Tomoe heard her answer she thought of her more like the baddie. No cookies untill after dinner! Unacceptable! Tomoe puffed out her cheeks giving the girl a mad pout and a mean look. Instead of a cookie the plate with food was handed out to her which she received with both hands. Tomoe still looking mad snapped her head away from the pretty girl while muttering to herself.

"No fair..."

Tomoe slowly shoveled away towards the tables with her food plate in her hands, she gave a short glimpse at the food she got. It looked good but she preferred cookies right now after having seen them. At home she could always chose her own food so it felt a bit odd not being able to choose now. Tomoe slumped over towards the table but was met by the shadow of someone before she could get to the tables. Dropping the sad look after being caught off guard by the shadow she looked up in curiosity. It was the other pinklet. Tomoe was being led to her table? They had reserved spots? Luckily it was with the sheep and the pickle ruiner.

"Oh, thank you onee-chan."

Tomoe sat down across from Acion glancing up at him as she sat down and looked back at Hitomi to confirm what she thought was happening here. Tomoe angled her head in question at Hitomi.

"Is this your boyfriend?"

Tomoe turned back at Acion too in question.

"Did we meet before?"

After replying to both answers again she looked to the left and right of her to see all these people around her. So these were all suppose to be classmates of her. Seemed like a pretty special bunch of classmates. They all seemed to be pretty normal in her eyes, it got her to wonder what most of their quirks would be. She could guess what Hitomi her quirk would be but with the others it was pretty hard to guess. Tomoe suddenly snapped out of trance once someone passed by her vision, her head snapped up at the face of the individual and it was no less to Roy again. Tomoe immediately had a big smile plastered to her face as she stood up shoving her chair asides with her legs. Tomoe hurried over to Roy immediately wrapping her arms around him and giving him another playful hug.

"Hehehe, long time no see!"

Tomoe snuggled her head against his shirt while tightly holding onto his body. Her attention was pulled away for a second once the den mother spoke up telling everyone what the rules were, after that her full attention went back to snuggling Roy again.

Hitomi called it a guilty pleasure of hers to wear laced underwear and metal band shirts. It was a bit weird to think of Hitomi seeming different then she looked. Hitomi had a fair bit of cuteness on her so she didn't completely expect her to have such sexy underwear and love metal. Tomoe felt a bit ashamed that her style in underwear hasn't changed over the years. Should she steal some of Hitomi when she wasn't looking? Tomoe her nose started to bleed lightly at the thought of wearing such things. Swiftly she wiped the blood away with both hands not to make Hitomi all too inconspicuous about her.

Hitomi told something quick about herself and seeming for her words this was not her first year here? Curious. Tomoe would ask her later about it again. Furthermore pretty normal like any normal high schooler. Tomoe was in love of the fact she liked the room clean and could cook. She has to strengthen this relationship so Hitomi would take care of her so that Tomoe could be even lazier.

"You sound like a mom figure. I want to taste your cooking, pretty please."

Tomoe asked Hitomi about being proper roommates in which Hitomi cheerfully reacted and put her arm around the shoulder of Tomoe getting her a bit off guard. Tomoe put up a smile though seeming happy with the result. Tomoe then realised she had to tell her about her quirk, otherwise it would seem a bit weird to sleep all day.

"Oh, Hitomi-chan. I have to tell you that my quirk makes me sleep lots, that is why my bed looks so different, it is a bit more expensive. Don't worry though, if you think I sleep too much it that is only natural for me. Don't mind making noise either when I'm sleeping or wake me when you need something during any time. Even wanting to chat is plenty of reason to wake me."

Tomoe gave Hitomi a cheerfull smile before standing up waiting for Hitomi to do the same so they could get some food. Tomoe then led the way to the smell of the food.

Upon arriving there were a few people around the kitchen with most of them cooking together. Tomoe sniffled the air around her to try and guess what they were making but it was of no use she couldn't guess apart from the strong smell of mustard and pickles. Tomoe moved closer towards Acion until she was right behind him and poked out her head past his side to see what he was doing.

"Nani nani? What are you making?"

Tomoe her vision was fixated on the weird looking pickles on the board in front of Acion. Tomoe tilted her head in curiousity. They looked like pickles but something has happened to them. Like they weren't pickles anymore. Tomoe wanted to try one. She poked her hand out towards the board and snatched one of the pickles off of it. Like a trashcan her mouth opened wide up as she threw the pickle into it in one go. Tomoe nommed down on the pickle not expecting the pickle to be filled with sauce mix. It was pretty weird but it wasn't bad to her taste. Tomoe just liked sweeter stuff.

"Are we doing russian roulet? I think I got the bad pickle."

With a bit of a weirded out face she spoke again being unknown of Acions depression to his mismade pickled she went on seeming quite serious with he reaction and confused at what was happening. Tomoe stepped away from Acion and glanced for a moment at what the others were doing. Her vision immediatly locked onto a fresh bag of cookies once she saw it near Yashiko. Stars beamed in her eyes as she mad direct course for the cookies seemingly belonging to Yashiko. With begging puppy eyes she looked up at Yashiko, a sweet innocent voice softly sounded from the small girl.

"Are you willing to share one of your co-cookies with me. Pretty pretty please! Yo-you can have this u-um, Hitomi for a cookie!"
@liferusher Can you link me to it? I'll like to see how many people are on it.

There is no link. The gm has it

@Silver Carrot

The peeking of Tomoe definitely made her guest jumpy. Tomoe didn't expect such a lively reaction from the sheep. The sheep had pulled her skirt away from Tomoe and made a run for it towards the bed. Tomoe stayed in the same position for a while longer seeming still quite flustered by the view she had.

Despites that she was a girl too so she doubted it would matter much for her to see such a thing but still. It definitly made Tomoe her heart raise. She was being called a pervert which somewhat hurted but she understood. Tomoe stood up looking a bit more reserve and normal now.

"You have cute underwear Hitomi-chan."

Tomoe spoke in a somewhat shy voice seemingly speaking from the heart and trying to lift the mood a little after her relentless action from just now. It was a bit awkward with the silence enveloping between them so maybe getting the sheep girl back at ease would help.

"Um, like. I don't talk casually with others a lot but like. We are roommates now so maybe getting to know each other better would be a good thing so um, I'll just ask a few questions I guess. What did you do before coming here? Do you have any hobbies? You have any necessities that I need to know?"

Tomoe walked a bit closer to Hitomi and sat down onto the side of Hitomi her bed while looking up at the still standing on her bed Hitomi. She looked genuinely interested in someone for once.

"We can be there and care for each other as roommates right?"

A sudden yell through the door made clear that there was some food available at the main area or something that one of the students was prepping for them. Maybe she should have a quick look soon. Tomoe gave a long tiring yawn while covering her mouth and spoke to herself for a sentence.

"Food would help me about now yea... Want to get some with me in a minute?"

Tomoe tilted her head in question at the sheep girl awaiting for her stamp of approval to get some food once they finish talking.
Is this topic still open to applications? If so, I'm interested in joining and I should finish one fairly soon.

There is a waiting list i dunno how long it is but you can read the ic perhaps already

@Silver Carrot

So the horns were a no go? Tomoe looked a bit surprised and confused at the reaction of Maeda after having touched her horns. Must have been a sensitive spot or something. People with weird quirks had those kind of sensitive spots, she met a few people where Tomoe could definitly not touch their special limbs without asking first. Maeda seemed fine enough with it although a little nervous and shy.

Her hair was so soft soft, it was smooth to touch and smelled really really nice. Tomoe would rub her face against it but it was too short for that without pulling out the hairs. Maeda seemed more comfortable with this instead of her horns, actually so comfortable that Tomoe doubted this was her first time being pet.

Tomoe was enjoyably petting the sheep girl when she suddenly spoke up. Tomoe jumped a little giving the girl a surprised look.

"Oh! You can talk."

Tomoe stopped with moving her hand for a moment and instead stared at her in surprise for a while longer. The sheep said that the hair had that kind of effect on people. No surprise, she was half sheep and everyone like to pet sheeps. Well actually, Tomoe did have a trauma event at the pet farm. Back when she was about 3 years old she was assaulted by one of the pet animals. It pushed her over with her butt into the mud, horrible creatures those pigs! Hopefully this sheep wasn't like that. Farm animals had tendencies to bite though, Tomoe looked a little stressed out all of the sudden, pulling back her hand with a somewhat horrid expression of the fact that she could be bitten.

During her thoughtful moment the sheep had called herself Hitomi and was most likely planning to make her nest in this very room seeing from her suitcases. Tomoe gave a short nod back hearing how she said it was nice to meet her.

"Likewise. Will you sleep here too? You can use my second bed if you want."

Tomoe poked out her hand at the hand of Maeda and softly grabbed hold of it pulling it closer to her face to study it and push one of her fingers onto it feeling how squishy it was. Tomoe looked surprised at every aspect of this girl it seemed.


Tomoe let go and watched down the entire body of Maeda before hopscotching her way around Maeda to the back of the girl. Tomoe quickly squatted down and grabbed hold on the edge of Maeda her skirt moving it up quite swiftly. After a small peek she could already tell that Maeda didn't seem to have a tail of sorts. Tomoe kept looking however growing somewhat red at the mere sight of things.


Aya quietly stared at the tavern her adventure had started in. Thinking back on it she didn't have much good memories of this place. She disliked most people that she met here since they were either rude or annoying to her point of view but thinking back on it now after everything she had gone through she might have had it the best here at this place. A warm room, a soft bed, proper food, people she could talk to in normal manner. Would they still remember her? Would they still accept her there now that she had tried shoving everyone away from her when she needed them the most.

Aya took another bite from her apple while deep in thought of the tavern. She let out a soft shriek when she saw someone jump from the second story to the street. She looked in terror at the sight of someone dropping from the building almost dropping her apple herself from seeing such a thing happening in front of her. Aya was doing the first thing that came up in her head and that was trying to help the possible victim but at a closer look she saw the people from 4 weeks ago on the building the person had just fallen off of.

Still, Aya got in a bit closer to see if the person was okay though. When she got around the same place the person was suppose to be she didn't see anyone on the ground or hurt. She was sure she wasn't going mad. At the same place of her illusional fallen person was something way more interesting. It was the person she probably despised the most in this world. Aya gave a sneer at the sight of him and made an immediate turn to walk away from this place again. Him falling off the building made her care even less.

Avery had long seen Aya come close to the tavern wanting to reunite with her soon as possible already. Avery had sent out a small puppy to catch Aya, she didn't know the reason but a dog chasing you wasn't a nice or good thing. Aya let out another short shriek looking somewhat terrified and tried speeding up to escape the thing, pushing her way past and through others as fast as she could. The smallness of the pup made it way faster however not needing to dodge everything. Aya turned back for a moment opening her eyes wider seeing how close the dog was.

Aya tried kicking the pup but she didn't manage to kick it but was instead jumped on by the dog. She stumbled from the sudden weight shift and fell front over onto the street. She landed with her head on one of the stones making quite a tud. Aya was still fine, there was a big sore spot on her chin. Aya turned onto her back trying to get the pup off of her but it was too late. The pup was standing on her torso keeping her down on the ground while viciously licking her face.


And Aya wasn't happy with it. She was kicking and swinging her arms but eventually it faded giving in to the fact she was caught. Aya gave a mad, sad glare at the puppy.

"I hate you!"

@Silver Carrot

The first few steps onto her newfound dorm room floor made her shiver in excitement. The feeling of soft carpet brushing against your feet was that of utter delight. In defeat Tomoe went down to her knees and started brushing her hands over the carpet too, it went quick to her whole body rolling over the soft floor without thinking.

Tomoe was frantically rolling over the floor until her suppose to be roommate entered the room too without much of an indication. Tomoe timidly sat upright and hazily stared at the girl in the door with her hands still softly brushing the carpet. A girl with a motherly figure, almost a head taller than her? Cutesy looking and with pink hair just like Tomoe. Tomoe's eyes trailed up to her head and face, oh. Curly hair, weird ears and horns... Tomoe kept staring at those few aspects with her mouth hanging slightly open. Was she still dreaming? She probably was.

Tomoe timidly moved both hands to her cheeks and started to stretch her cheeks out quite far, it looked quite painful. Like rubber her cheeks launched back to their original place when she let go of them. Tomoe stared at Maeda once more hoping to get a more realistic look to her head now. Tomoe seemed quite confused and baffled at the same time when she looked back at the sheep girl, Tomoe didn't believe it was real in any way.

"Oh.. It didn't work, I'm still asleep."

She spoke in somewhat monotone manner to herself as she figured her pain exercise on herself hadn't worked. She slapped both her cheeks a few times with her eyes squinted hoping it would work better this time. With bright red cheeks she stared up from the ground once more while softly rubbing one of her cheeks with one hand. She spoke in monotone manner again.

"Owwowow. I'm not sleeping?"

Tomoe looked at the floor in front of her brushing her hand lightly over the carpet, felt real. Then she placed one of her fingers under her knee sock and pulled it up as far as she could before letting it go back with a snap.

"Owwowow, not at all."

Tomoe placed both hands on the ground and pushed herself upright before turning her stare at the sheep girl again. With a confused stare she went in closer to the sheep up until she was in her face. Tomoe stared for a little while longer before she unleashed the hand on the majestic half animal. Tomoe softly touched the horns like it was some sort of artifact that she was discovering. It felt smooth and hard like she expected. The ears, soft and bouncy and for the hair. Tomoe placed her hand on top of Maeda her head and moved it around ever so slowly. A sweet pleased smile was plastered on Tomoe her face like she was petting a sheep as a toddler.

"Hello sheepie, my name is Tomoe.. and what is yours... Your hair is pretty soft you know. I don't think I can let go of it hehe."

Roy wasn't enjoying Tomoe her cold hands on his warm belly. She didn't think her hands would be that cold but that was not for her to say. Roy tried moving away from her but she wouldn't let him, Tomoe let out a short giggle as she started tickling with it too. She showed him some mercy soon after however and told him that she knew who he was again.

Roy turned quite red after she told how she remember him by in front of what was left of the villain psychology class. Tomoe didn't mind it however that he wanted to hug her in her sleep. It was a bit creepy but nothing all to strange. They were still kids at that point so it was perfectly normal. He was a bit like her teddy bear in the hospital which was warm and soft.

Tomoe gave Roy a big hug and Roy did the same back at her, it felt nice to hug him again. Tomoe felt happy untill she was almost crushed to death by him. She was groaning in annoyance as the grip only tightened consuming most of the breath she still had left in her. With the last huff of breath in her lungs she begged him to quit while patting his back in hurried manner

"U-uncle, uncle"

She kind of deserved this after telling the class something so trivial about him. She was put down to the ground so she could finally get a big lump of air back in her. She was holding both hands on her knees while trying to catch her breath again after almost dying. After a short moment of recollection she snapped her back right up again while giving him an annoyed pout.

"Kusa-chan! Don't try to murder one of your classmates! I'm quite fragile you know, like... like a vase!"

Tomoe let out a chuckle not being able to hold the stern act at all before giving a kind smile back at him. He had to go again but she was sure she would see him around some more during classes. Tomoe waved after him as he left the classroom.

"Bai bai.."

Tomoe soon left too out of the classroom seeing how she was one of the only ones left.

Tomoe read the paper letter that she had got from the school and read the room number once over again as she made her way through the girl dorms hallway. She read all the room numbers too as she walked by seeing if any of them matched hers.

"312... 312"

After a short while of walking all over the dorms she had found it on the third floor.. logic. With a drowsy look on her face she stared up at the room number for a while before she poked the key in and walked into the room, there was a small hallway to put all your shoes and coats before the room. Tomoe timidly undid her shoes before moving onto the carpeted floor of the room. Tomoe went into a bliss feeling her feet shovel over the warm soft carpeted floor. Much better than wood in her room at home. If her roommate was there she would stare at her in drowsy manner and wait for her to talk and if not she would roll over the carpet with joy.

The first touch made Tomoe grew a bit pink, her expression in amazement at how amazing they felt. She kept at it for a while longer while Mako clearly had noticed that Tomoe was the harbinger of this vicious attack. Tomoe was told to let go of Miss Mako in 5 seconds or she would receive the honor of triple detention.

"O-oh! Miss Mako I never felt something amazing as this bef-..."

T-Triple detention! From her playful smile her expression turned into a somewhat horrid one as if she had seen death. Detention was never a good thing, the teacher got their full attention at you for about an hour so you couldn't sleep and have to work most of the time. Tomoe was about to let go but she was taken off guard by a certain somebody from the past calling out to her. Tomoe timidly turned her head at the new person that was apparently also in her class. It was another tall blonde boy, what did tall blonde boys have with her today. Tomoe gazed at him with deadpan look on her face.

"Who are you again?..."

It wasn't the same boy as before yet he said the same thing to her. Did she look like someone else perhaps? The boy went on about how his hair had grown longer since the last time they had met Tomoe squinted and stared at his face for a bit longer but she couldn't tell. She gave a short troubled sigh as a hand suddenly grabbed hold of her arm. Her arm was pulled away from the hold she still had on Mako. She only now noticed that she had been holding Mako for this whole time. Tomoe turned as pale as a ghost as she trembled and shivered in her steps. She was dead, Tomoe slowly also let the other hand go off miss Mako feeling a bit shocked at her careless actions. Her vision was focused on the mad Dulga that was still tightly holding her arm. This was a bit scary, Dulga told her to stop with this stupidity. Tomoe gave a quick nod feeling a little overwhelmed by Dulga. After she was back to the ground she took a few steps back and took whatever Mako would throw at her what Dulga didn't tell her yet.

Tomoe looked back at Roy again after finishing business with Mako still giving her occasionally inconspicuously peeks off course. Tomoe tilted her head to the side and gave him a confused look. Now to figure out who this person was. She has been rather forgetful of people all her life which was a bad habit off course but at least she had a special talent to compromise that problem. By feeling someone their skin she can tell who this person is from her memory. Names were a drag to remember.

"Excuse me for digging in."

Tomoe slowly pulled Roy his shirt up till his belly was shown. Tomoe placed one hand onto his belly and short after the other one too. She moved both hands over his belly rubbing softly and tenderly. With a bliss on her face she continued to rub the soft skin, she seemed to enjoy it more then she was actually trying to solve who this person was. Tomoe withdrew her hands back to herself seeming quite pleased with the result. She poked a finger out at his chest while looking up at him with a cheerful look on her face.

"Oh. Oh! You're from the hospital, the one with the weird tattoos, the nurse told me you always joined me in my bed when I was asleep!"

He could have just asked instead of doing it in stealth all the time. Tomoe wasn't that difficult with more comfort and warmth in her bed. Tomoe gave a short playful sneer at him for harassing him with those facts. She then gave him a short hug while playfully rubbing her head against his chest. She liked to touch others a lot.
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