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Current Ethical? No. Illegal? Also no.
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Some people need to make a hard choice when deciding which two karaoke streams they want to listen to. I have no such weakness: I have two ears for a reason.
2 yrs ago
The hard part about trying to play some politically savvy mastermind is the assumption that the world operates off real world politics and not your DM’s politics.
3 yrs ago
Don't put too much stock in prophesies. At best they're full of shit, but more often than not they're one of those self-fullilling kinds. Plan for what happens afterwards instead.
3 yrs ago
A character isn't deep or compelling just because you let them get hurt a lot, are always depressed, or do morally questionable things.


If you're here either you're wondering what I'm doing cause I need to post in your RP (In which case, calm yo tits, I'll get around to it), or you want to know who I am. So let's begin.

I'm a college age asian kid who has more heart than he has senses. I'm still working out this whole "adulthood" thing, so until then I just do what I feel I must. As far as personality and traits go, I'm not one for boasting. So if there's anything redeeming about myself you'd have to figure it out in person or by word-of-mouth. Generally however I'm rather perverted, in the best and worst ways. nothing is too much until I've crossed the line, and that just means I've started.

As far as Roleplays I like, I have a thing for fantasy, though I'm also good for some types of sci-fi, supernatural, Modern, and slice-of-life. If it's open and sandbox, I'll probably join it. Never really been a romantic, I often chose to sexualize any notion of romantic encounters I come across. I generally write at Casual quality, though I have no issues with Free-Level Rp/Players and I can hold my own in Advance.

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I hope so. My initial posts will have a bit of a summary of your general reputation around school, based off your background. Strange Students would be the one who would have some of the crazier stuff, for example there'd be a lot of questions of why there's a Canadian going to an American school. The rumors won't be nice.
Strange Student doesn't mean you're well known, just known. Like people would know your name, and maybe whatever is associated with your strange rumors. Hell the fact you may be a completely normal student itself can be considered a strange rumor since typically, anyone going to Bullworth has some sketchy past they're running from. So being a normal student who attends because they chose to is considered weird even for those at the academy.

Of course this doesn't mean you're the talk of the town or even well known. Again, at best people know what your name is, which itself isn't exactly a hard feat considering the school setting. And I did ensure to leave the exact nature of your reputation open enough that it could be used either as a vehicle to make yourself more popular in school, or even more of an enigma, since the nature of the rumors will initially just be a grab bag of random nonsense, and what exactly is true or not will be shaped by your actions in game.
@Dark Cloud

Please refrain from creating your own Background. I know there are rules for it, but it also tells you to consult your DM when doing so. For all intents and purposes, Strange Student should suffice for what you need for your background unless there is a specific goal you want from your background. Generally being ignored and overlooked for your weirdness, so long as it's not disruptive or intrusive, is what Strange Student is for. As long as you aren't doing something like stealing computer cables or breaking into vending machines, no one will care if you hang out by yourself playing video games (except maybe during class, and only from teachers who give a damn).

@Guardian Angel Haruki

Totally. Personas are not the idealized version of yourself, they're the representation of both your good and bad sides, so naturally some people may be more willing to cooperate with their personas, but others will only see them as "problems" and try and change and be different from them. Which very mixed results.

For the most part, the information in the persona section largely pertains to your persona/when you are ysi g said persona. Though that's not to say that there isn't some overlap, at least after your persona awakens. Example, scrawny nerd who would realistically have a str of 8, generously, may suddenly find himself capable of superhuman feats of strength occasionally thanks to his barbarian persona. But that doesn't mean he can suddenly become an Ace football player if he still never bothers to physically improve his body to match his persona.

Just as well, even if your persona is a genius 20 Int Wizard, that doesn't make the user suddenly a genius capable of using magic in the real world. Indeed the more esoteric skills such as Arcana, History, Religion, and Nature would mostly come from said Persona, as oppose to the character themselves. Though in that instance the Persona is more akin to a computer: it may or may not have the information you seek, but it's still up to the user to make use of that data.

How Persona interacts with their users is something that will be explored IC, so I won't spoil too much ooc, but I do want to make clear that while the personas are an extension of yourself they are also their own entities as well. The more you are in sync with your persona, the more you and the persona basically act as the same person. But when you start going against your persona, funky stuff happens.

@Dark Cloud

I'm fine with either variant of the genasi. Just clarify which variant you're using in your character sheet so I know which one I should be referencing.

Things look good so far, but I'll withhold a final decision until everything is complete. Question though, did you make up your own Background it just reflavored the hell out of the strange student background? While j don't mind reflavoring, please keep the mechanical bonuses such as proficiencies, items, and background feature the same.
Ah as a sort of Phoenix theme? Personally I think radiant damage can still work since I always imagine radiant damage to be like "Sun Flame" and a direct upgrade to fire damage.
Never seen anyone do a sorcerer barb. makes me miss Blood Ragers from my pfs1 days.

I also posted up my alternative weapon list under the optional rules in my first post. Feel free to mull on and use it if you'd like.
I'm trying not to implement too much homebrew, at least not player side since I'll already be introducing a lot of homebrew enemies and mechanics. Which does remind me, I do have a sort of alternative weapon list that I will post soonish.

As for tarot's, all I ask is that you try not to use what anyone else is already using. Beyond that the exact nature or flavor I'll leave to your discretion.

@Guardian Angel Haruki

CS looks good, go ahead and submit it into the CS page.
Spells from Strixhaven are fine. I'm aware of the power of Silvery Barbs and slightly surprised you didn't take it. I just don't allow the background since they grant the Strixhaven Initiate feat, as well as an expanded spell list.
No problem. Your total comes up to 144 GP, so you got 56 GP to work with to buy whatever else. Also don't forget your land vehicle prof and associated vehicle. You don't have to take it if you don't want to, but you won't get anything else if you opt out of having one.
<Snipped quote by Lucius Cypher>

Other than any other equipment I’d like to buy with GP, I believe my character is ready for your review. ^^”

Formatting is a bit messy, but that's more my fault. For starting equipment, you don't get the default starting gear based off your class, everything that you need for your class you have to buy from the 200 GP at the start. It's only your background items that you get to keep, and that's mostly to prevent strangeness like your character not having clothes.
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