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If you're here either you're wondering what I'm doing cause I need to post in your RP (In which case, calm yo tits, I'll get around to it), or you want to know who I am. So let's begin.

I'm a college age asian kid who has more heart than he has senses. I'm still working out this whole "adulthood" thing, so until then I just do what I feel I must. As far as personality and traits go, I'm not one for boasting. So if there's anything redeeming about myself you'd have to figure it out in person or by word-of-mouth. Generally however I'm rather perverted, in the best and worst ways. nothing is too much until I've crossed the line, and that just means I've started.

As far as Roleplays I like, I have a thing for fantasy, though I'm also good for some types of sci-fi, supernatural, Modern, and slice-of-life. If it's open and sandbox, I'll probably join it. Never really been a romantic, I often chose to sexualize any notion of romantic encounters I come across. I generally write at Casual quality, though I have no issues with Free-Level Rp/Players and I can hold my own in Advance.

I'm in quite a few RP's, the notable few listed below.

Blood Act I~ Ghosts of the Past - Something of my mangum opus. Too much to describe here, but I've been in it for four years, resurrected from the Guildfall. I'm a GM.

Heroes of Beacon - the Next Chapter - I have a bit of history with joining, overthrowing, and losing RWBY RP's. So far however Heroes of Beacon has lasted over a year. I'm proud to be part of it.

Mass Effect: The face of Injustice An RP lead by Elite Commander. Good guy, good RP.

Deep Ground Online - Another RP by my friend Windel, I'm a Co-GM for this one. It has a bit of history but we're always excited about people interested in it. If you know Accel's World then you would be somewhat familiar with this one. Come check us out sometimes.

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Orchid lowered her stick. She was still suspicious of the lizard, but it seems like they e come to an agreement at least for now. ”Fine. I need to hunt too. I certainly can’t go back emptyhanded.” Thiugh Orchid wasn’t sure what they could hunt. She really opened not everything in this cave could talk back; if he very awkward to kill someone Orchid could understand.

”As for my plan, I figured we could pull it off soon. The hard part would be separating the boss from his minions. But I’m guessing you have friends for that. Either ya let’s continue our hunt.”

Orchid was nervous at first. While she was full of piss and vinegar when this hunt started, now that she's gotten some time alone she was back to being scared. She was alone, weak, naked, hunting monsters. Sure they might've been the weaker ones, but they were still monsters, and Orchid wasn't exactly the biggest fish in the pond either. All she had was her sharpen stick and a rock, compared to these poison spitting lizards. If Orchid didn't play her cards right she was going to die fast and ugly. Worse of all, she lost track of the lizard. She had hoped that maybe there was lizard tracks or something but she didn't know what they'd look like. All she could do was keep herself ready for a sneak attack and slowly walk forward.

Soon a voice spoke out. Almost on reflex Orchid would've hurled her rock, but instead she just gripped it more tightly and looked to the lizard. The lizard spoke some more, which really surprised Orchid. She wasn't too confused about goblins talking, but lizards? She supposed that she had no way of knowing what can or can't speak here. It's all magic to her. And even more surprising, the lizard wanted to work together. This smelled of a trap, but it was also what Orchid wanted. She kept her guard up and looked at the lizard. "Don't... Don't think I'll be so easily distracted! If you think you can catch me off guard, you'll be in for a nasty surprise." And yet Orchid didn't attack. She did converse though. "... I'll keep this short. I don't want to work for those goblins. They have bad things planned for me... Also I want to kill the big goblin and take his stuff. So... We could work together to do that." Orchid gulped. She couldn't believe she actually said that. And so casually too! This world was changing her fast.

"I even have a plan, sort of, on how we can kill him. But the other goblins I'm not sure. But if we can take out the boss, I'm sure the others won't be a problem either."


Mamoru just smiled at Mako. ”Rodger that sensei! I should probably take better care of myself. After all I’ll never know when someone needs my help! Wouldn’t do me any good if I’m too beat up to help them.” The pinkette turned around and followed Persia and Ruby to the nurse’s office, skipping along the way while keeping her arm close to her body as to not aggravate it any further. As Ruby was talking about her battle Mamoru did as she often did and heaped praised upon Ruby. ”It was supa cool, even without quirks! Like straight from a shonen manga! Got all the right stuff, fast pace actions, trash talk, declarations of motivations. If I was a mangaka I would be writing, or maybe drawing, one of the most popular shonen series in the big book!”

As they were going to the nurse’s office Mamoru spotted Dulga come out of the office. ”Oh hi Tatara-san!” Then Mamoru saw Dulga run away somewhere very fast. Mamoru would wave but saw her arm get bent, so she just raised her hand. ”Bye Tatara-san!” Opening the door with her good hand Mamoru made her presence inside the office known. ”Please excuse us! We have two students who need a check up. They had a very intense spar! Oh, and I might’ve broken my arms. Again.” However there was another student here who seemed to be in an even worse condition, missing an arm. Mamoru was appropriately surprised. ”Oh no! What happened to you!? You’re missing your arm!”

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Donny dragged his body through the halls. It seemed much more empty than he had expected; he figured there’d be more nurses walking around, or perhaps patients. Though to be fair, he was also located in a special wing of the hospital; it wasn’t like they kept liquid containment pods the same place they kept newborn babies. But his own delirious state and confusion only made it harder for him to figure out where he was and more importantly, where Yukari was.It actually made him curious why he was caring about her so much. All things considered, she was much more heroic than he was. He just wanted to get his wallet. ”I guess it’s just a thing of honor. Can’t be that one guy who doesn’t even have the guts to look for the girl who saved his butt.”

As Donny wandered, he started to hear voices. He wasn’t sure if his injuries were getting to his head or if someone was nearby. So Donny, in his perfect mental state, decided to go check. He could make out some vague shapes but it wasn’t until he got real close that he heard some familiar names. ”Hey guys… What are you doing here… In the hospital?” Donny approached the group, forgetting that he wasn’t in his meatsack. Not even when he was crawling towards them, as he lacked the usual structural support of a skeletal system to keep him upright. ”Is Yozakura-san… Inside?”



Hibiki looked to see Hitomi use her natural fluff to get the cat’s attention. Sure enough they were very eager to entangle themselves in Hitomi’s fluff, even the few cats that Hibiki had spoken too. But she wasn’t about to give up yet. She looked around and found a secret weapon, reaching down and picking up a small bag. Soon Hitomi may notice some of the cats getting off of her and sniffing the air, then running towards Hitomi. ”Kek kek kek keke. Come here cuties! I have more of where this came from!” In Hibiki’s hand was a small toy with catmint rubbed onto it, which was attracting many cats including the ones that were sticking to Hitomi. Five minutes had already passed, and now many of the cats were starting to head towards Hitomi. There were still a few who haven’t gotten a whiff of the mint, but they were too few to win the challenge.

”Maeda-san! You have to find some catmint yourself! Or somehow get the cats back on your side!” Of course Catmint wasn’t going to be easy for Hitomi to find… However not too far from here was a spraycan. A spraycan of cat repellent. The rules stated that neither side can do anything to directly harm one another or the cats, but if Hitomi played her cards right, she could get the cats back on her side.

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Orchid grunted as the other goblin had tried to convince her into some sort of partnership. She didn't care; in a few minutes she was going to betray all of them. She just kept focused on the dangers ahead. And sure enough danger came. Two lizards jumped towards them spitting some sort of sickening glob from their mouths. Orchid didn't need to know much about them to know she didn't want to get hit by them, so she jumped out of the way. More globs were launched at them so now Orchid knew these lizards could spit some sort of acid or poison. Definitely not good for her health.

"Maybe if I can capture one, I can tame it somehow." Orchid saw two of them running away so she decided to chase the last one. Hopefully she doesn't run into any more trouble, otherwise she'll have to try and talk her way out of it. Assuming these things could even understand her. Either way Orchid gave chase though she had already lost the little lizard. She kept looking though; either she'll find the lizard or the lizard would find her.


Mamoru pursed her lips at Mako's responses. Sure, Mako likely had years of experience over Mamoru, but she still felt that Mako was wrong. And having never been the type to really keep a lid on things, Mamoru was all too willing to speak her mind about it. "Luck is totally a thing that applies to everyone. Did you have to work hard to get your quirk? Do you know what I did to get mines, or for someone like Amane to get his? We didn't really do anything to earn our quirks, it was just given to us. After that, we worked hard to figure out how to make it work for us. Luck factors into other things too, sensei. Things that we can't control. Stuff like running into a familiar face during a job who may help or hinder you, or people you don't like who happened to be friends with each other. That's the bad thing about luck though; despite all your hard work and natural ability, things don't always turn out how you expect them to. That's why some of the most powerful people in the world are bad guys. That's not something you and I had any control over. That's just how things turned out. It isn't fair. But a hero's life isn't fair. That's why they have to fight so hard to tip things in their favor."

There was other statements that Mako had said that also caught Mamoru's attention. Without giving them much thought she also talked about it. "But I think you'll make a great hero, if you had the drive to be one! You choose to use your powers for bad sensei. I remember reading about you in a magazine and about how good at stuff you were in high school. Model student. Everyone liked you. Unless there's stuff you haven't told us, I don't think there was any outside force that really made you become a bad guy. You just didn't have the drive to be a hero. Sure you had the talent and the luck, but you didn't want to be a hero." As for the other statements, Mamoru simply raised her bandaged, useless arms.

"Sacrifice is the hardest thing a hero can do. And I don't mean dying either. No one wants to give up after all. But there will come a time in a heroes career where she'll have to throw everything away to do what she believes is right. For some people, giving up your life is easy. I bet if it really came down to it, everyone in 1A would gladly give up their lives to save someone they don't even know. But it's the little things, those small compromises, that'll break a hero. Stuff like letting a bad guy go because he needs money. Or leaving your friends behind because they're only holding you back. Or breaking your limbs to save your friends from an accident. Those are the sort of sacrifices a hero has to make. It's not glorious and no one is going to appreciate it, but those things can make or break a hero."

Mamoru turned back to Ruby and Amane as their fight was finishing up. Mamoru actually wasn't paying attention to the last of it since she was talking to Mako, so she would just cheer for Ruby and congratulate her on her win. She waved her arms violently at Ruby and screamed loudly. "Way to go Ruby! I knew you had it in you!" Mamoru was yelling so loudly that she didn't realize that she had dislocated her arms at the elbows. Thanks to the medication she was under and the bandages, Mamoru didn't even feel the pain. She just sort of realized that her arms were bent out of shape. "Hmm. Well would you look at that." Mamoru let her arms down at the side as she hopped left to right. When Ruby approached Mamoru would do her little happy dance in front of Ruby. She would've tried to hug her had she not had broken arms. But between her little jig she looked back at Mako.

"Plus Ultra, sensei. If your best isn't enough doing less isn't going to help at all. Sometimes you need to do more than give it your all, and give more than you got." Then Mamoru looked back to Ruby and Persia and nodded. "Yup! I think I need to see the nurse again."

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Slowly Donny tried to maintain his shape, however being in water was always funky for him. Even when he takes baths he usually just fills the tub and then covers up in a few gallons of water. Or takes a shower. He also wondered just how he was suppose to get out of here. It looked like the water came from some sort of tube below since there was no hose or nozzle he saw above him. Even his oxygen mask came from a tube coming out of the ground. "First thing's first. Let's deal with this water." Donny began to suck the water into his body. Barely six seconds and the entire tank was drained of water. He removed his mask and could smell the stale water mixed with his body's odors. It was stale. However once he was metaphorically on his feet all the pain came back to him. If he had knees they would've buckled by now. However he figured it was just fatigue. As his memories were coming back he realized that he wasn't the only one who should be here; Yukari must have gotten taken away too. He needed to find her and make sure she's alright.

Looking around the tube he still wasn't sure how he was suppose to get out. There was no rim or door frame. And as much as he didn't want to do it, he'll just have to make an exit himself. He planted his body against the glass and ate a clean circle large enough for him to slither his body through. As he slide out of the tank he looked around and noticed that his room was awfully bare. Didn't even have any chairs. He chuckled mirthlessly. "Well, it's not like I was expecting guest." Drinking some water from a faucet to get some energy, Donny went to find where Yukari was. Or where his meat bag was, not remembering that it was utterly destroyed.

"Damn what a day. I hope everyone else had a better day..."


Nodding his head at Hitomi, Asahi stepped aside to let her take the center stage. Soon the opposition set out their representative. Hitomi would recognize the student: Kamui Hibiki of Support Class 2C. Her quirk allows animals to understand her speech and for her to understand animals, effectively allowing her to communicate with them. A very strong contender as she has used her powers to help deal with creatures before, even strays and wild animals. However Hibiki has a bad reputation that Hitomi would no doubt know: among her peers she's known as the "Mad Vegan" partly due to her entirely vegetarian diet (Mainly because she's a practicing Buddhist) but also due to her ill temper when it comes to interact with people. She typically hangs out with animals only, and even people like Hitomi who has an animal related quirk isn't someone she's kind with. How Tori convinced her to help in the challenge is unknown considering that she wasn't present at the meeting.

With the two representative chosen the challenge would soon begin. White Hat reiterated the rules once more while he held a timer in one hand and a neon yellow flag in the other. "Now that both sides have chosen their representative, you may begin!" He raised the flag up and the challenge commenced. Immediately Hibiki dashed towards two cats and picked them up, speaking quietly to them. "Shush. We're just playing a game. Help me get the other cats to follow me and I'll give everyone a tasty treat!" She spoke to the animals who gave a surprised look at Hibiki, but seemed compliant. She let them go as they went off to the other cats.

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The battle between the orcs and the goblins were not looking good in the orcs favor. While they managed to kill three, the hobgoblin had taken advantage of the orcs momentary distraction to kill one of their own, and another orc had gotten stabbed to death underneath four goblins. The other two weren't looking too hot either, with the hobgoblin relatively unharmed and the other goblins still eager to fight. However just as things were looking bleak, four of the goblins suddenly dropped. This left only four more goblins and the hobgoblin to fight off the two orcs. They were still outnumbered, but seeing this sudden development gave the orcs strength to fight on.

Things were looking slightly better for Assallya and Varrock; sure enough two goblins were clambering up towards her like the nightmarish gremlins they were. However there was two things they did wrong: first they were trying to get ahead of eachother. This ultimately slowed each other down as they pulled on one another to get ahead. And secondly, they had no way to defend themselves against Assallya's weapon. Even if she didn't consider herself a marksman, it would be easy for her to shoot the goblins at this range. All she needed to do was aim and shoot. As for Varrock, two goblins were hardly any trouble for him. They both charged him, one getting cleaved in half as soon as he got in range of Varrock's axe. The other jumped onto him and tried to stab into his neck, but his dull knife couldn't break through the padded leather neckguard. It didn't take much longer for Varrock to grab the gremin, toss him to the ground, and crush him into a gory paste underneath his metal boot.

"Moving on..."


At first the golden necklace seemed just that; a shiny trinket. However once in Roy's hand he could feel his body feel a touch more... Fortified than before. Not in the sense that his body had toughen, but but he did feel as though he was more resistant to something while holding the necklace. At the very least he would know that this thing is innately magical; perhaps if he could find a mage they could divine the exact enchantments of this necklace. Or he would just find out what it does through various trials and errors. Regardless, the night was quiet. Even though there was chaos happening elsewhere in the ruins, they were too far for Roy to detect. No where else to go but forward.



Pants up there just recently joined and we ain’t gunna run a fuss about it. As do your compatibility obviously the only way to know that is if you join us and don’t piss us all off. And don’t worry, I’ve been trying doing that since I joined this RP and I haven’t gotten lynched yet. And yeah we gotta a lot of people. But the more the merrier I’d say.

Hou, why not just come with us? I’m sure we can fit a few more bodies in here...

"Why thank you Akane-sensei!" Mamoru went and plopped herself down in a seat to watch Ruby and Amane's brawl. While she seemed her usual cheerful self, Mamoru couldn't help but feel worried about Ruby. She seemed like such a nice girl and Amane... Wasn't a nice guy. Oh sure she kinda understood his twisted motivations for what he did, but just because she understood doesn't mean Mamoru likes it or approves of it. Frankly it just made Mamoru angry that people like Amane are allowed into a school like Komei. Certainly not a heroic person, but perhaps that's because Mamoru's view of a hero is very unrealistic. After all, anyone can "do their jobs". You don't need to be a hero to take down villains and protect people. But how you do it and being able to inspire the others for the better, that's what makes you a hero. Not breaking other people down so they'd give up. But, Mamoru also knew that even if Amane could understand that, he'll likely disagree. Mamoru was certain she couldn't really convince him to beleive what she says.

In the end, for every person like Amane, Mamoru would just have to work extra hard to reverse the bad things he does.

As the fight went on Mamoru would stand and cheer for Ruby. "Woohoo! Get em Mamoru-chan!" The trash talking bothered Mamoru, but she knew that it was suppose to. It was like a classic wrestling match between a Face and a Heel; one talks to bolster their resolve, another talks to break it down. You encourage the one who is struggling and jeer at the one who only hurts. What bothered Mamoru was that she wasn't really good at trash talk; she was always the time who had the perfect quip about three minutes after the initial insult. Usually by then she's actually paying attention to what's being said too. Just another thing Mamoru had to improve on. Another thing: actually believing in others. Ruby was fighting much better than the pinkette had expected; she had thought Ruby was the type to rely mainly on her quirk but her hand-to-hand skills were arguably better than Mamoru's own. She relied on fighting with a shield, and without it Mamoru was a brawler. She'd have a hard time trying to keep Ruby still for a beatdown.

Amane wasn't bad either, as much as Mamoru didn't want to admit it. There was certainly a level of skill between the two of them. Again, Mamoru figured he was the type who just threw everyone around with his quirk but he had practical self-defense skills too. It just made Mamoru realize that a lot of her fellow students are martially trained. They actually had teachers and took lessons about how to fight. Mamoru just sorta learned through getting into fights. The gaps were growing wider and wider. It made Mamoru quieten down and just watch, absorbing what she was looking at. Guts can only get Mamoru so far and she knew it. If she really wanted to compare to everyone else, who had stronger quirks and better skills, she needed to reach their level. Work harder. "Plus Ultra." She said quietly to herself.

Mamoru's attention was brought away from the fight when a purple haired girl talked to Mamoru. She recognized her as the girl who was hanging out with Ruby previously, the one with portal powers. She wanted to know her thoughts about Amane's methods. Mamoru almost spoke immediately, but instead gave herself a few seconds to think about it. Not much, but at least enough to have her words in order. "It's dirty but it's real. Being a hero isn't easy. Anyone can be a good fighter and nice, but... It takes a lot more than that to be a real hero. And people who can't handle that price of being a hero are the ones who heroes have to protect." Mamoru tighten her hands as she kept looking at the fight. "Talent, drive, and luck are three things that you need to be a hero. You can't just have one, you have to have all three in abundance. Those who lack any of the three won't make it for long. That's why pro heroes aren't just quirkless guys with guns who work hard, or complete nobodies who just happened to be in the right place in the right time. And life isn't fair for those who have all the right stuff either."

@Silver Carrot@pkken

As Donny was being gathered up in bags and shipped to a hospital that can actually treat him (Fortunately his insurance card was found inside of his wallet), he was having a dream. A dream of things to come, or perhaps just fantasies in his head. In these dreams he saw what he thinks are his futures. Plural because he saw many. A few that stuck out of his mind were his futures as a hero. Two stood out among them; one where he has become a giant creature of black mass and bones, fighting off another giant creature made of darkness and glowing red eyes. This creature was like a giant demon that breathed fire, and each time it did so it hurt Donny. But unlike now where being on fire was basically a death sentence, Donny withstood many pains. He did not fight back because he stood in front of thousands of others fleeing; he was here to protect them. If he moved, they would die. But soon he would die, burnt to ash. He saved many lives at the price of his own. Another path he was on a boat. He looked like his true self with his mask, yet somehow this version of him seemed more gallant. Confident. Heroic. He dove into the oceans ice cold water: again if Donny did that now he was liable to die, yet this time it didn't seem to hurt that badly. He had other people there who was helping him by giving him oxygen tanks and warm drinks like hot chocolate. Somehow Donny was consuming these underwater. He saw himself get bigger and bigger as he started to absorb both air, drink, and water.

The dream ended their as he saw another, more horrifying path. Here everything was black and white. He saw multiple silhouettes in acts of violence; people breaking into homes, murdering each other, raping each other. Standard bad guy stuff. And then Donny comes in and kills them. Sometimes he would appear from underground and impale the evil doers with a claw. Sometimes he would drop on them from above and eat them. But often he was just running through crowds of silhouettes slashing everything he could reach. Donny presumed he was attacking bad people, but all he saw was shapes. Most of the people he was killing weren't really doing anything except reacting to Donny killing them. He really hopes they were bad people.

And then Donny woke up. Everything looked blue. He was looking all around him, as he often did when he wakes up. He had to focus his vision back to a center and focused on the floor. First thing he noticed was that he was in some sort of device filled with water. He wasn't drowning as he had an oxygen mask strapped to his mass, allowing air to come into his body. He felt both hurt and numb; he was almost certain that he was drugged in order to prevent him from moving around too much. He didn't really feel like going anywhere anyways, but he did try his best to at least raise his body. He quickly realized that he was outside of his meat bag too, but in his delirium he could at least identify that he was at a hospital. "Right. I got into a fight. And got hurt. I must be in the hospital healing right now." He tried to move forward and ended up pressing his body against the glass weakly. Despite that, it sorta hurt. "Ow. How long have I been out?"


Asahi wordlessly nodded towards Hitomi and Tomoe. While the other side was annoyed at their tardiness, Asahi was just relieved he didn't have to do this without them. It'd look bad if they didn't have all their supporters here. With everyone gathered White Hat stepped forward and spoke up loudly. "Welcome everyone to today's challenge. Tori Tetsuro has challenged Goroshi Asahi to a series of challenges over the fate of the Komei Collective Club organization. The challenge will be judged before a panel of five unaffiliated judges from the general studies course. The challenge will be divided into three seperate competitions in the following order: Cat Herding, Karaoke, and a Scavenger Hunt. Without further adieu, the first challenge!" White Hat raised his hand which activated a large projector that shined a video against a nearby wall.

"The first competition will be Cat Herding! There are a total of thirty cats scattered in this area. Whoever participates in this challenge must successfully gather or coral the most amount of cats after ten minutes. You are allowed to utilize your quirk in whatever way that does not harm the cats or your opponent. You are allowed to pick up and carry as many cats as you are capable of that will not cause any harm or stress to the cats, however you will not be allowed to forcefully take any cats within the physical possession of your opponent. You are not allowed to use any outside items in the course of this challenge, however there are a few potentially useful tools within the marked area that may assist you in gathering the cats. These items you may contest your opponent for so long as you do not harm the cats in the process. The purpose of this challenge is to represent your side's ability to gather the support and following of other people." With that out of the way White Hat looked at both sides. Already the Anti-Collective group had their pick ready to volunteer, so White Hat looked towards the Pro-Collective side.

"Please send your representative forward. Know that regardless of your success or failure, whoever participates will neither benefit nor lose anything related to their rankings. Only the challenger and the one who was challenged has anything at stake." Asahi looked to the others. He let out a deep breath as he looked at Hitomi and Tomoe in particular. "Do you two want to try this challenge? I intend to do the third challenge myself. If you don't, we have someone on our side who likes cats. She might be able to win this for us." The doubt in Asahi's words was palpable. He was really hoping Hitomi or Tomoe could handle this challenge.

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Good question. Well I can post something when I get home, at least for those who have acted.
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