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Current The hard part about trying to play some politically savvy mastermind is the assumption that the world operates off real world politics and not your DM’s politics.
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Don't put too much stock in prophesies. At best they're full of shit, but more often than not they're one of those self-fullilling kinds. Plan for what happens afterwards instead.
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A character isn't deep or compelling just because you let them get hurt a lot, are always depressed, or do morally questionable things.
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"Humans are the real monster" plots in zombie apocalypse stories are so fucking trite, there wouldn't even need to be zombies left before someone starts getting nihilistic about humanity.
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There are two sexualities: Straight and Political


If you're here either you're wondering what I'm doing cause I need to post in your RP (In which case, calm yo tits, I'll get around to it), or you want to know who I am. So let's begin.

I'm a college age asian kid who has more heart than he has senses. I'm still working out this whole "adulthood" thing, so until then I just do what I feel I must. As far as personality and traits go, I'm not one for boasting. So if there's anything redeeming about myself you'd have to figure it out in person or by word-of-mouth. Generally however I'm rather perverted, in the best and worst ways. nothing is too much until I've crossed the line, and that just means I've started.

As far as Roleplays I like, I have a thing for fantasy, though I'm also good for some types of sci-fi, supernatural, Modern, and slice-of-life. If it's open and sandbox, I'll probably join it. Never really been a romantic, I often chose to sexualize any notion of romantic encounters I come across. I generally write at Casual quality, though I have no issues with Free-Level Rp/Players and I can hold my own in Advance.

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It's been months since Tungsten has seen the world outside of the Big Scrap Alley. Months since he received orders from his master AlphaQ. Her final command was simple: maintain the Big Scrap Alley, do as the other Guild Members command, and ensure that she has a home once she returns. That was so long ago, and yet for Tungsten that order may as well have been told to him that same morning, as he continues to work with the same amount of effort and vigor. The Big Scrap Alley is a massive complex full of heat, billowing smoke, and roaring machinery designed to break down all sorts of inorganic matter into usable energy and resources. As vendor trash and low level equipment are obtained en masses from the guild members and item crafters, it was Big Scrap Alley's job to ensure that anything thrown away is usable afterwards, so it was always busy. Not only that but the Big Scrap Alley was home to the Bigs, the guild's own mechanized engines of war. Battle Tanks, aircraft, even Mechs were things that the Big Scrap Alley made and maintained, all thanks to AlphaQ's own dedication and contributions to the guild. And Tungsten was honored to take care of it while she was away.

It was business as unusual for him when disaster struck. While he always had defenses at the ready at any attack during a Guild War, what happened here was beyond his expectations. The guild simply... Appeared out of thin air, in a location that he did not recognized. And it did not appear safely; many vital systems in the Big Scrap Alley were compromised, as many Cyber Skeletons were killed in the destruction. However Tungsten did not spare even a second to panic and quickly commanded communications to direct his underlings into action.

"Damage report."

"Auxiliary Power Plant Alpha, Beta, and Delta have received major damage and are disconnected to the Inferno Engine. The Titan Fleet received major damage, a majority of the Bigs have been destroyed or are in critical condition. The Boneyard has been destroyed. The Inferno Engines are no longer connected to the geothermal vents and have sustained major damage. The Inferno Engine is no longer connected to the primary power grid and is currently under going meltdown. Safety protocols are unavailable due to immediate lose of auxiliary power."

Tungsten had expected as much. Whoever was attacking the guild knew how to do the most damage. To somehow not only teleport the entire guild into foreign territory, but also disconnect the Big Scrap Alley from the guild's energy grid. That means all the power the Inferno Engine, the primary system of the Big Scrap Alley that recycled inorganic materials and turned it into energy and resources for the guild, was now overloading itself due to the sheer energy output. Normally this could be contained using a coolant system, but that too was disabled due to the destruction and disconnection of the auxiliary power plants. And with a vast majority of the cyber skeletons killed in the attack, many of them were too far away to immediately take action.

Only Tungsten could do something about this before the Inferno Engine melts down and destroys itself, and possibly the guild. And so he acted. Turning around Tungsten became one with his battle armor, the Darksteel Colossus, and commanded all Cyber Skeletons to immediately head towards the Inferno Engine and grab all coolant tanks en route. Tungsten sped through the halls, grabbing coolant takes from what few storage areas weren't destroyed in the teleportation. His great strength enabled him to carrying up to ten, each one already weighing close to a hundred pounds due to how dense the chemical solution inside of them was. When he arrived to the Inferno Engine he was among the first, with what few Cyber Skeletons working in tandem to carry individual coolant tanks. Tungsten looked at these Cyber Skeletons. Many of them were severely damaged, dismembered, even dying. But they continued their duties even to their deaths. As he approached the engine, he heard something form them. Humming. Song.

Cold: the air and water flowing
Hard: the land we call our home
Push to keep the dark from coming
Feel the weight of what we owe

They needed to be strong.

This: the song of sons and daughters,
Hide the heart of who we are.
Making peace to build our future,
Strong, united, working 'till we fall.

They needed to be fast.

And we all lift, and we're all adrift together, together.
Through the cold mist, 'till we're lifeless together, together.

They needed to succeed.

Soon hundreds of Cyber Skeletons swarmed the Inferno Engines, dumping coolant into the system in order to prevent the meltdown. So many had arrived and were not only cooling the engine down, but actively trying to repair the damage, that Tungsten had little to do. All he needed to do was sing. To inspire, and empower, his kin to restore the Inferno Engine. Their song echoed throughout Big Scrap Alley and could even be heard from the center of the guild. A resounding cry of hope despite the tragedy inflicted on them.

In short time the Inferno Engine was stable, albeit inactive. Without those geothermal vents Tungsten will need to repair and reconnect the auxiliary power plants to resume operations, at least in the short term. But to return to full efficiency they must have some other power source that will provide long-term energy requirements, an enable the Inferno Engine to focus it's energy to recycling materials and eventually become self-sufficient again. And that's not even including how Tungsten would need to see the Boneyard rebuilt, where all of the Cyber Skeletons are produced and housed. And Tungsten dreads what had happened to the Bigs at the Titan Fleet. He may shed his first tears in existence if any of AlphaQ's personal vessels were destroyed.

But he would have no time to do a diagnosis. As the Inferno Engine was restored Tungsten received a command to find Faetalis. Of course, surely whoever is attacking the guild must be attacking the guild master as well! Tungsten rallied what few Skeleton Soldiers were in good health to arm up and follow him to the Infactorium Sanctum. Tungsten moved swiftly, his soldiers keeping pace behind him thanks to his Aura of Alacrity. They would first go to the Big Scrap Alley's launchpad, which fortunately didn't receive too much damage. At least not enough to damage the catapults: these devices were normally used to launch aircraft but could also launch troops within range of the guild. This would enable fast travel for Tungsten and his soldiers.

Tungsten and his troops flew through the skies. From the air Tungsten was able to see all of the guild and the damage it sustained. It horrified him: there was no sight of any large force, and the area around the guild was completely unknown to him. It was as if they were teleported to a new world. But in the process many facilities received massive damage as worse if not more so than the Big Scrap Alley. And the guild's Sanctum didn't look at better. There was a section of the wall that had collapsed, and so Tungsten and his troops would direct their bodies to that opening for rapid entry. They landed in sync, the height and length of their launch not affecting the robotic soldiers. They hit thew ground running and burst into the room where their Guild Master, Faetalis the Virago, laid in a catatonic state.

"Set up a defensive perimeter. Question but allow other Infactorium members here and keep aware of potential threats." Tungsten commanded his Cyber Skeletons in a low but calm voice. He could not allow emotions to cloud his judgement. Instead he went to Faetalis's side, activating his Aura of Vitality in order to begin healing her. But in case she was suffering from some sort of debilitation, he needed to boost her resistances as well. His Aura of Protection was already providing that, but Tungsten was not going to hold back. And so he began to sing, to empower Faetalis as well as provide an audible source for others to follow and find him.

"It always seems more quiet in the dark
It always feels so stark
How silence grows under the moon
Constellations gone so soon

I used to think that I was bold
I used to think love would be fun
Now all my stories have been told
Except for one"

As he sung and healed Faetalis's wounds, he held her head up and began to use his hand to radiate positive energy that would provide additional healing. Specifically he used his Healing Hands to remove any negative ailments she may be suffering from, as he was uncertain what sort of injuries she may have already sustained before she arrived here. Any poison, injury, or mental pollution would quickly get purged while his Aura of Vitality would continue to heal her wounds. All the while, Tungsten held the guild master close in his arms, protecting her from the world around her. He wasn't going to lose her. He wasn't going to lose another master.

"As the stars start to align
I hope you take it as a sign
That you'll be okay
Everything will be okay"
Glad ya like it! Figured since we might timeskip soon, I'd just make a big and bulky post that described pretty much how Darc got all his fancy tools and met up with Cthylla and junk. Plus something to drive Darc moving forward instead of just chilling in the dungeon all day eating people and doing nothing.

Darc Matter

3 / 6 Stress || 0 / 9 Wicked XP || 0 / 3 Reckless XP || 0 / 2 Dark Hearts

And so the battle was won. There wasn't much fanfare, not like the clouds parted ways to shine a light upon their victory. That was something that happens to heroic adventurers after purging the forces of darkness. For those like Darc, it was appropriate that their victory was somber and anticlimactic. There was only one survivor that Phardax has captured, probably to do unspeakable drow things with. Darc never had much a taste for torture despite his tendency to spew vitriol at his enemies. He simply lacked the charisma to make his insults and barbs do any meaningful harm to others and mostly to serve his own hubris. So Darc ignored the woman, and instead gouged himself on the fresh meat that laid blood-soaked on the ground. Plenty of delicious biomass to add to his own, enough to notably increase his own size.

The others gathered after the battle. Seemed like the kobold stumbled upon the mortal's wagon, and with it a variable amount of treasure. Supplies and equipment that they'd otherwise have no means to obtain. Darc knew the value of these things: his claws were meant to rend flesh from bones, not dig up stone from dirt. Despite what his creator had intended for him. The crew divvied up their loot and went about figuring out what to do with this newfound dungeon of theirs. There was much work that would need to be done, rocks to clear, rooms to be made. Darc has no intentions of doing such menial work himself. He didn't come all this way just to grub in the dirt like some common slave.

Fortunately there were some minions nearby to subjugate. A large variety of mooks to fill a menage, but the one that interested Darc the most was the slimes that crept out from the cracks of the walls and floor, sometimes mindlessly harming a minion. Lesser Slimes as Darc has come to known them as; barely qualifying as living creatures any more than a single germ would be (things so insignificant that most educated people don't even know what a germ is). Ordinarily they would need to be eliminated less they eat at the weaker minions, but Darc knew a trick to make them more useful. And that was by eating them. Or rather, assimilating their biomass into his own. It was natural for slimes to be able to do this, as this was how slimes would normally breed if they individually lacked (Or in Darc's case, had no desire) the excess mass to create their own copies. By assimilating the biomass of an existing slime, Darc is able to share some of his own intelligence and traits to them, which made them slightly more useful servants.

Emphasis on slightly. They were still about as mindless as before but now they could follow Darc's orders with a varying level of competency, thanks to sharing his intelligence with them. They would basically understand how to do certain works as Darc understood them, such as digging holes, eating waste, and waiting until someone gave them more orders to do. They'd also learn not to eat things that Darc doesn't give them permission to eat, such as the other minions. They also share his black coloration, even though originally these slimes came in a multitude of colors. It was something like a uniform. Darc even made them little bone masks to symbolize that they work for him, though these masks only had two holes in them so they're less than his three. Once the minions were settled Darc had them go clear out the caves so the rest would have more space to work with and even their own sanctum to live in.

Time would pass after the monsters defeated those mortals and settled into their new dungeon. When the minions discovered an old dwarven mineshaft, Darc decided to oversee some of the work himself. That is to say, he stood around yelling at the minions to work faster. Though there was one thing that did require his attention. The minions had discovered something moving in the mines and were afraid to confront it, and suspecting it might be some monster that was sealed away here, Darc went to investigate. Of course he would be disappointing where it turns out the monster was an ancient dwarven corpse, currently being puppeteer by an equally ancient but lesser slime. Darc easily absorbed it into his mass.

While he was in the process of overwriting the slime Darc found something interesting in the corpse's possession. Pretty much everything on the dwarf's person was reduced to ash and bones, except a single small pickaxe. It was still in great condition, albeit tarnished, but nothing that Darc couldn't clean. Initially he was going to write it off as simply another tool to give to the minions when he casually swung it at a nearby wall. Despite being so tiny and barely putting any effort into it, the pick was able to clear away a large section of stone and dirt. "Oho. A magic pickaxe. I could certainly use this." Tossing the pickaxe into the air, Darc caught it inside of his mass and began to clean it for his own use. He could imagine the possibilities of this pickaxe.

Not long after obtaining his pickaxe, which Darc has come to call the Earthbreaker, he decided to do a bit of light scouting. He was getting bored basically doing nothing in the dungeon so Darc decided to investigate the local area. But in a twist of fate, it was him who was scouted first. Darc was climbing a tall tree when he sensed a creature near him. A creature exerting an incredible amount of pressure, almost as is his mind itself was being weighed down by thousands of pounds. It was enough to force Darc back to the ground and try to find a hiding spot when he was discovered. But to his surprise it was not some monster hunter radiating an aura of righteousness. But a familiar face. For the given value of face at least.


"Darc... It has been some time."

Standing before him was a humanoid abomination. She looked like a voluptuous woman, wearing maidly attire that emphasized her bust and thighs. For mortals she would be considered very sexually attractive. But shortly after showing her human form, her true form was revealed. Her face was absorbed into many pores going from her head to her shoulders, removing her eyes, nose, mouth, and even ears. Only her hair remained. Mouths opened up in different places around her body except her head, revealing sharp teeth with twisting tongue-like tendrils that wrapped around her fingers like a playful snake. And from her lower body where a woman's orifices would be, large black tentacles adorn with many blinking eyes appeared, moist with a mysterious slime as they stared at Darc.

"You look well. Very well in fact. I haven't felt that sort of pressure since our youth, when we were visited by the Demon Lord."

"Thank you for your kind words. I have been blessed with much power since I joined Master Rais. I've heard news of your lord. You have my sympathies."

"I respect you Cthylla, but I would ask you not to patronize me. I have no love for my former lord and his death proved he was unworthy to lead any of us."

Cthylla bowed her head slightly. "I meant no disrespect of course. And I can tell that despite his death, you have prospered. I take it that the dungeon high in the mountains near Camp Cragrock belongs to you, yes?"

Darc shifted uncomfortably. He felt a sudden surge in pressure from Cthylla. She wasn't in the mood for evasiveness from Darc, so he spoke honestly. "Of a sort. I don't rule it alone. There were other survivors from my previous lord, and we've decided to collectively become dungeon lords. We're still working on it."

Cthylla put a tentacle to her chin in contemplation. She and Darc spoke for a while longer, about his future, her past, and what they should be doing presently. She told Darc about how she managed to obtain such great power in a (relatively) short amount of time, about how she leads her own forces of darkness in a dungeon located at the Cradled Abyss. Darc mentioned how he wished he could've obtained power like her, and Cthylla encouraged him to pursue it. Compared to her, Darc was one of the more advanced slimes. She was simply fortunate enough to have had a better master who could grant her this power, as oppose to Darc's previous lord who merely used him for menial work. She recommended that he keep in touch with her: it would benefit her master if Darc were to grow stronger and spread his influence around this area. Darc didn't question why, knowing that her master was a Dark Lord and tend to have these sort of enigmatic plans for everyone.

"As for the now... Seek out the Feast of Birds. No matter how advance we become, at our very essence our strength lies in the consumption of biomass. The Feast of Birds could prove a valuable ally. Embrace your nature, so you can master it. Control it. Just as I have."

The two parted ways. It gave Darc a lot to think about. He found it strange that despite having power that likely surpassed the old lord, Cthylla still continued to act so humble, so servile. She never spoke as if she had her own aspirations and merely served her master. Darc knew that even if he could convince the others to do so, Cythlla was more than powerful enough to destroy him, and his allies together. So it boggled his mind how she became so strong. And it was all the more reason he needed to mull upon her words and figure out what he truly needs to do to become stronger. Ordinarily he thought to be cunning and clever, like a mortal. Perhaps he could learn the mortal tongue, learn a mortal trade, and use words as his weapon and earn alliances that way. But as Cythlla said if he desired true mastery of self he needed to embrace his nature as a beast. And it was certainly tempting. So often he hesitated trying to think of a smart idea as oppose to just acting on his instincts to the point it's dulled. And when the going gets rough, he ought to just rely on what he knows he can do well, rather than try to do something different.

Though empty handed Darc returns to the dungeon with more knowledge, arguably better than any prey or fortune he could've gotten anywhere else. He quietly retires to the sanctum to consider his next course of action. "I should learn more about the Feast of Birds. Perhaps even contact Cythlla for minions. I could expand the mines too, gather up useful materials to create better equipment for future raids. Or gifts for potential allies. I shouldn't be idle, follow my gut. Not like the others in this place are using their heads for anything anyways." Darc snark as he got himself comfortable in his hole. Tomorrow he'll begin setting his plans into motion. Perhaps he'll consult with the others to make his plans go more smoothly. Surely they could see the wisdom of his actions as long as he had the patience to explain it to them.
I should have a post up tonight.
Not exactly. The spell itself is fairly new and still in it's experimental phase (I.e. still debating if I want it to be concentration or not). Not to mention it's a wizard spell but does not allow you to use your casting ability for attacks and damages, so only a rare few such as Blade Singers would bother learning it. And most Blade Singers are elves or learned from elves.

In short, no, no one in Red Shard. Try a bigger city.
I actually have most of a post done, I just don't wanna post now because I posted before you did. But if needed, I can finish it off and place it up regardless.
@Dark Cloud

I'd prefer if the secret entrance only connects from the mine to the sanctum. While technically disguised, it's too risky allowing a secret entrance in the maze, which is existentially where the adventurers will be at first and for the longest. The main intention of the secret entrance is to serve as an escape route away from the Sanctum if for some reason it's compromised or we need to move quickly to the mines.

Let's see, how about a secret tunnel leading from the Sanctum to the Mine? That way once the mines are further developed, we can add another secret tunnel that leads to a quick exit out in case Darc needs to run away for whatever reason.

Hmm. Alright a different magic item:

Dwarven Earthbreaker - A strangely small Dwarven pickax, small enough to be held in one hand. Despite its small size it’s magic enchantments enable it to clear the earth as fast as ten pickaxes. Grants an edge for digging holes or breaking through stone.

I’ll choose a magic item. If possible I’ll also make it myself.

Elf Slayer - A magic Dwarven Battleaxe meant to slay the dwarves long time rivals, the elves. Gets an edge was used against elves. However this same enchantment makes it weaker against other dwarves, and gives a penalty if used against dwarves.
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