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Current Don't put too much stock in prophesies. At best they're full of shit, but more often than not they're one of those self-fullilling kinds. Plan for what happens afterwards instead.
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A character isn't deep or compelling just because you let them get hurt a lot, are always depressed, or do morally questionable things.
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"Humans are the real monster" plots in zombie apocalypse stories are so fucking trite, there wouldn't even need to be zombies left before someone starts getting nihilistic about humanity.
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There are two sexualities: Straight and Political
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Of course you think I’m disrespectful because I don’t tolerate you disrespect for me.


If you're here either you're wondering what I'm doing cause I need to post in your RP (In which case, calm yo tits, I'll get around to it), or you want to know who I am. So let's begin.

I'm a college age asian kid who has more heart than he has senses. I'm still working out this whole "adulthood" thing, so until then I just do what I feel I must. As far as personality and traits go, I'm not one for boasting. So if there's anything redeeming about myself you'd have to figure it out in person or by word-of-mouth. Generally however I'm rather perverted, in the best and worst ways. nothing is too much until I've crossed the line, and that just means I've started.

As far as Roleplays I like, I have a thing for fantasy, though I'm also good for some types of sci-fi, supernatural, Modern, and slice-of-life. If it's open and sandbox, I'll probably join it. Never really been a romantic, I often chose to sexualize any notion of romantic encounters I come across. I generally write at Casual quality, though I have no issues with Free-Level Rp/Players and I can hold my own in Advance.

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Donny continued to dig forward, building speed as he started hitting more dirt and less cement. At the rate he was going he was fairly certain they'd reach the other side of the testing grounds in a few minutes, and from there he can start looking around for the villain's base so he can destroy it. However he didn't expect to dig into a tunnel himself. "Whoa!" Going a bit too fast to stop himself Donny chewed through the wall and ended up in a subway. It was dark so he took out his cellphone, flashing it around so he could see. "Huh. A subway? Neat." As Donny looked around his eyes spotted something shiny in the darkness. It was a gold briefcase! The slime scooted over to it with curiosity. He doesn't remember if anyone was against his plan to take the briefcases for the hero team and securing them until the training was almost over.

"Sensei said acting heroic is key, so taking the briefcases is... Not really heroic but... This place isn't safe." Donny reached for the briefcase. He was still going to stick with his plan to wreck the villain's lair as well as his plan to safeguard the briefcases himself. He was certain that if push comes to shove, no one else could chase him down if he digs into the tunnels. Even if he had to make them big enough to carry the briefcases that's still too small for most of the students. The only one he was pretty certain could chase him was Yukari, and he doubts she'd want to try and go toe-to-toe with him in such an enclosed space. "Okay... Grab the briefcase and go. Simple and clean."

Yukari had posted twice since your last IC post, and Dulga is doing stuff in her own too. Not sure where Emiho is but Noel’s player had to drop for real life reasons.
I'm back and looking for new meat. First come first serve. I got ideas.
Buddy took out his book and wrote you a quick response. "Could read in park. Look nice." The park was pretty empty aside from a few women who appear to be sitting at a tree chatting, and a few children playing on the hill. Aside from a small garden of flowers and a few trees there wasn't much places for one to sit, but that likely wasn't going to be a problem for Buddy. Soon a group of men arrived to the park carrying sickles and shovels, with one larger man who seemed to be ordering them around as they began to cut the grass and a few went to the trees, trimming branches and hanging up banners. Buddy took out his notebook again to respond to you. "Or walk around." It was around this same time that Syfr flew in, landing on Buddy with a quiet hoot. He didn't seem to be perturbed or bothered, so no trouble yet.
Tyrael never thought he'd have something akin to an apprentice. In his entire life, either he was the apprentice, or he was working alone. There was something enjoyable to teach, watch someone improve, and more importantly getting more done within a day. With the blacksmith assisting in the shield and armor, Tyrael could focus on his axe. A hefty weapon of iron and steel, carefully shaped and carved. Around the time Tyrael had finished most of the work for his axe, the blacksmith had finished some armor pieces and the shield. Due to a lack of sufficient resources, the smith had chosen to create a more sturdy shield over armor, which suited Tyrael just fine. "That is acceptable. I would not want to wear too heavy of armor here anyways. I do not know a good design that can both protect me without burning me alive in the desert sun." Tyrael had vaguely heard of some armor designs used by knights of the desert, but they weren't things Tyrael was familiar with, certainly not enough to design himself. So he'll have to rely on this smith to provide sufficient armor for the orc.

Soon the two would finish making the equipment. Tyrael's axe was heavy, being made entirely out of metal with some leather wrapping. He gave it a few swings before giving it a strong twist, causing the shaft to extend turning the battle axes into a halberd. Another strong twist helped him shorten the length to a more manageable size. The armor mainly consisted of some arm guards, a helmet, pauldrons, and greaves. Not exactly the full set that Tyrael was hoping for, and barely any body armor either, but the shield was of very high quality. The shield boss was a good idea; when Tyrael first obtained this shield he didn't have the money to buy a metal shield, thus why it was so cheap and easily broken. However this one was much sturdier and lighter as well, making it far easier for Tyrael to manipulate. The shield was a little bit smaller than the wooden one he was using before, but that was fine considering that his new axe would require the flexibility of two hands, which his new shield now provides since he can reliably use it simply strapped to his arm. Lastly the helmet was a simple metal skull cap with a leather coif, decent enough to protect his head for a stray blow but nothing he'd rely on to take say, a sword to the temple. But Tyrael did take a moment to craft himself an iron mask. Not only would it be useful to protect his face, but also add an air of intimidation against his enemies as he gave it a furious visage.

After gearing up, Tyrael wouldn't look too different as his current attire would cover up the armor. Only his helmet would be a notable difference. He kept his shield off, his axe now hug on a latch on his belt, and his club strapped to his pack. Tyrael doubts he'll need to rely on it much now that he has a proper weapon, but he may one day make use of it's Ironwood to make something new. He bid the blacksmith farewell as Tyrael went to go look for Lynn to let her know he's finished with his business, with Zastrial giving Tyrael direction to Lynn's location. There was still much that they needed to do, such as gather supplies and see if anyone in this town was willing to accompany them and operate the sand skiff. And of course there was still the matter of those artifacts that Lynn was looking for. With the only leads being a tenuous connection to the brigands who attacked this village, Tyrael had no doubts that he would have much work to do.
“Thank you, and please come see us again!” Tuscon takes your coin, quickly counting them out before handing the three books to Buddy, who stored them in his bag. Once the transaction was done Buddy motioned towards the door, ready to leave. It was still bright outside and things seem peaceful enough. Though near the book shop was the park where the group had went to yesterday. Buddy was looking over at it intently.
The receptionist smiles and bows her head as the party choose the day treatment. She directed the ranger to a door designated for men, and directed Nanaya to another door designated for women. "I'm afraid that I wouldn't know, I just started working an hour ago and your group would be the first customers I've served. Additionally, we do not disclose our customer's privacy. I hope you understand. But feel free to converse with any of our other patrons, if you wish to ask around." The receptionist took note of how Fera was reacting to the scents and gave her a sympathetic smile. "If you wish, we have a resting area where your friend can wait. We only have natural scents there. The day treatment should only take an hour."

Meanwhile, in the male changing room Martin would find a surprising guest. A woman, and not one who appears to be a patron. She seems to be searching through the various locked boxes and other containers, opening them by force if need be.

"Alight. Okay! This is a good p-plan! Good luck everyone!"

Not much else to discuss. Who knows what the villain team is going to do, so once everyone had their task everyone moved as quickly as they could. As everyone separated Donny jumped into the air, his form taking on a vaguely worm like shape before he slammed into the ground. Using his bones to dig away at the ground and his blacken mass to consume the remains, he was able to tunnel with alarming speed even though the asphalt and cement. He dug at least five feet into the ground, his body spread wide in order to create a tunnel that was slightly large enough for Junko to at least stay on her two feet without crawling. Normally Donny makes much smaller tunnels that are thinner, a few inches in diameter at most, but obviously Junko wouldn't be able to follow him if Donny did that. Compared to the others he was moving slowly, but the fact he was moving underground at a consistent running pace meant he was moving quickly and stealthily. Or at least Donny hoped so. "I hope none of them have tremor sense or something..."

There was another hazard Donny needed to be aware of. Since his tunnels were slightly larger, he needed to make sure that he didn't tunnel into any foundation that might collapse on him. Which again, normally isn't much of a problem for Donny since he can just consume it before he gets crushed to death, but he didn't want to risk Junko's safety by inadvertently burying her under ground. There was also the matter of direction. Occasionally, Donny would send a single tendril towards the surface to get a glance of his surroundings just so he could get his bearings. Donny didn't see any brief cases as he was doing this, but he could at least make sure he was still within the testing grounds or possibly even spy someone from the villain team. Anyone else who might somehow glance at him would only see a small black dot from the ground, easily mistaken as a small oil spill or just some asphalt.

"Oh. That reminds me. J-J-Jun- Uh, I mean uh Kurowai-san, do you need a w-w-weapon?" As Donny continued to dig forward he took out his cellphone and turned it's light on so Junko could see him extend some limbs out from his body. One looked like a sharpen length of bone or perhaps a long claw that could be handled like a knife. The other was (presumably Donny's) skull on a stiff spine, a suitable bludgeon. The last one was just multiple bits of Donny's bones connected by his black membranes, creating a sort of organic whip or chain. "T-They're not very sturdy, but better than nothing, r-r-right? Feel free to t-t-t-t-take what you need!" Donny offered these weapons as he continued to dig forward, the sound of his talons scraping against the stone and dirt echoing through the tunnel. His body grumbled like a very loud stomach as it consumed every bit that touched his dark mass.

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Couple yeah.
You can see that Tayang's been patched up. Not perfectly mind you, but he's not at any risk of infection or further harm as of this moment.
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