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If you're here either you're wondering what I'm doing cause I need to post in your RP (In which case, calm yo tits, I'll get around to it), or you want to know who I am. So let's begin.

I'm a college age asian kid who has more heart than he has senses. I'm still working out this whole "adulthood" thing, so until then I just do what I feel I must. As far as personality and traits go, I'm not one for boasting. So if there's anything redeeming about myself you'd have to figure it out in person or by word-of-mouth. Generally however I'm rather perverted, in the best and worst ways. nothing is too much until I've crossed the line, and that just means I've started.

As far as Roleplays I like, I have a thing for fantasy, though I'm also good for some types of sci-fi, supernatural, Modern, and slice-of-life. If it's open and sandbox, I'll probably join it. Never really been a romantic, I often chose to sexualize any notion of romantic encounters I come across. I generally write at Casual quality, though I have no issues with Free-Level Rp/Players and I can hold my own in Advance.

I'm in quite a few RP's, the notable few listed below.

Blood Act I~ Ghosts of the Past - Something of my mangum opus. Too much to describe here, but I've been in it for four years, resurrected from the Guildfall. I'm a GM.

Heroes of Beacon - the Next Chapter - I have a bit of history with joining, overthrowing, and losing RWBY RP's. So far however Heroes of Beacon has lasted over a year. I'm proud to be part of it.

Mass Effect: The face of Injustice An RP lead by Elite Commander. Good guy, good RP.

Deep Ground Online - Another RP by my friend Windel, I'm a Co-GM for this one. It has a bit of history but we're always excited about people interested in it. If you know Accel's World then you would be somewhat familiar with this one. Come check us out sometimes.

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Honestly I'm kinda expecting Irredeemable to try to approach the group right now. Orchid more or less was talking to him, I just didn't specify in in the post since IC Orchid doesn't know who Rebrer is.

So far everything seemed to be going well. People were slowly come in and Luelle did a good job making the place look presentable. Even Yukari came in with snacks to whet everyone's appetite! These cookies were very well made too. Had a certain feminine touch to them that Mamoru could identify. ”Thanks! I don't think I've met you, formally that is, I'm Mamoru! You threw me at Ms. Mako.” Mamoru said without a hint of regret.

Mamoru went over to Luelle and poked her cheek. ”And this kitty cat is Luelle! Total badass and cutie pie, fought off a villain before her first day of class!” Mamoru wanted Luelle to make some more friends. While Mamoru would always be Luelle’s friend, better to expand her circle. She heard a few more people coming down so Mamoru left these two girls to talk while Mamoru went to greet the others. ”Moshi moshi! I'm Mamoru Akasha, if you don't know me already! I'll help you find a table and be serving you tonight!”


Donny didn't really pay attention to the rest of the kitchen as he focused on his cooking. In his mind he was timing everything down to the second. Once he let his steaks marinate for thirty minutes they were on a pan that was buttered up and ready for frying. Donny looked pretty busy himself however, with each of the four stovetops holding a pan or wok either frying rice or cooking a steak. When Michiko asked Donny what she needed to do to help he paused for a second and gave his answer. ”Dinner is ready. Bring these bowls to the dining room!” Donny placed the first eight bowls he had made into a counter for the others. They were still warm, though the juices had seeped into the bottom of the bowl. ”We need drinks too. Fortunately I have that covered as well.” Always prepare for a feast Donny placed two plastic bags into the counter. Inside was two gallons of apple juice and two gallons of cola. Hopefully there would be enough cups and ice for everyone.

”Bring the meals out with Acion’s pickles on the side. I think we have a few small plastic plates they could be served on.” Donny went to wash his hands as he returned to cooking. He seemed very intense and didn't even mind the fact the kitchen had so many cute girls in it. When he saw Acion’s however he did turn his stove off and went over to the winged boy. Then Donny handed him a handkerchief. ”Acion, thanks for your help. Those pickles will be a great help. Wash up and wrap up your fingers though, the food will be hot and I don't want you to burn your hands.”

Returning to his cooking Donny cracked his neck and flexed his fingers for the rest of the food. He just finished two more bowls and another two were about to be finished. He hoped everyone liked his food. When Donny did notice all the people in the kitchen he wasn't sure if to yell at them or just keep cooking. He chose to focus on the task at hand. ”Dinner is ready! Please do not eat in the kitchen. Mamoru has tables set up outside. Help yourself to apple juice or cola.”

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"Ha ha! Bear mine. We no trouble until fight! Gya ha ha ha!" Orchid seemed quite jolly not only at riding Torus into this camp, but just the general atmosphere of being part of this large camp of neer-do-wells and sellswords. It was very possible that, had he found this army before the others, Orchid may have been one of the many that his party would have to fight at Greenest. But he didn't really think about that and just enjoyed the thrill of being a bear riding warrior. He was half tempted to actually go start a fight, however they had a mission; leading this "prisoner" to the stocks. Or prison. Or wherever it was that they send him. Parum's plan to make Orchid post as dumb muscle would work well as his intelligence was truly on the low end of things.

"Uh. Where prisoner go? Orchid and bear hungry. Little chicken not enough for big man like Orchid!" The dim barbarian said as he could smell some camps cooking some sort of stew in the distance. As they moved on a hooded figure approached. He didn't dress like a mere merc like the rest of the crew, so Orchid assumed he was a cultist. "Hoi! Prisoner get! Big man put up fight, but no match for Orchid and Bear! Boss says man prisoner. Where take prisoner?" There wasn't a hint of deception in Orchid's voice, thanks to his ignorance; he considered Parum his "boss" since she seemed to know what she was doing, and Brannor did indeed put up a fight, and Orchid's own arrogance assured him that he and Torus (The bear) could defeat him with ease. He was also genuinely uncertain where the prisons was.

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I'll have a post today!

Donny was engrossed with cooking and fretting about how to make enough food for everyone. It'll take him at least thirty minutes before the steaks were ready since he needed them to marinate in the onion oils. Not to mention all that rice he needed to make too. And what about side dishes? He had nothing for side dishes! And what if everyone wanted cake? He could make a quick cheesecake as they ate dinner but he wouldn't be able to make more than maybe two, tops, if he balances out the ingredients.

”Dammit Mamoru, what did you get me into…”

As Donny was preemptively making fried rice he heard someone call out to him that caught him off guard. ”Buwa!” he turned around and was in a weird pose when he realized it was that girl, Yashiro Machiko. She made the cookies. Acion soon came in and seemed to be interested in the food. Donny looked between the two and had an idea. First he bowed his head to the both of them, deeply and from the waist. ”T-Thank you for your kind words! I'm s-s-sorry but I need your help, b-both of you!” Donny went over to his bags desperately looking for something but fortunately found it: a giant jar of pickles, two boxes of tempura mix, a jar of cheese, and mustard. He then picked up another bag containing what he needed for his special cheesecake, which including things like pecans, cookies and creams (aka Oreos), milk, cream, cream cheese, and lemon juice. Donny could only hope that there was already sugar and butter here.

”Acion-San, I need you to hollow out one end of these pickles and fry just the outsides with tempura batter. After that heat up the cheese sauce, mix with mustard, and fill the fried pickles with the mix. That'll be out side dish.” Donny left the pickle stuff on a nearby counter. He also took out a cutting board, a small knife, and a pot. Fortunately they had some peanut oil, which would have to do. Then he turned to Machiko. ”Yashiro-San I need you to make the cheese cake. My variant of cheesecake doesn't need to be baked, and the crust is made out of crushed cookies and pecans. But it does need to be refrigerated, it should take maybe thirty minutes to an hour if you do everything together.” For her Donny only found her two bowls, a spoon, a whisk, and a spare meat tenderizer. She'll need it to break the cookies and pecans.

Donny went to go put an apron on as he had a determined look on his face. He wasn't going to worry about anything else but dinner; he wasn't going to let them down. ”I need to make twenty more bowls of beef don. It's going to get crazy in here. It would really helpful if anyone who isn't going to cook would please leave. Perhaps take Yashiro-san’s cookies out as appetizers.” front his back pocket Donny took out something else; a white headband with the words “Success” written on it. Cracking his neck Donny got to cooking.


Mamoru saw lots of students pass, not many who seemed to take notice of Luelle and Mamoru, even though they were all dressed up and posing. What they did seem to do was notice a big scene outside of the dorm. Mamoru was too far to really hear the bulk of the conversation, but hearing Fumika shout out made Mamoru concerned. ”Hmm. Looks like they’re having a bit of a tiff…” That’s when Mamoru snapped her fingers and turned to Luelle. ”Luelle! I need you to go set up the dining room. Thirty people! Multiple tables. I’ll be right back!”

The pinkette dove into the kitchen where she smelled all sorts of good things. Cookies and steaks, pretty much part of a balanced dinner. As she went in Mamoru almost ran into Mako but managed to avoid her at the last second. ”Sorry sensei! Donny are you here?” Sure enough the big boy was standing over eight bowls of beef don, which was exactly what Mamoru was hoping for. ”Doooooonny! That smells yummy! So hey, I saw ya come in with a whole bunch of food and was wondering if maybe you’d like to help make dinner for everyone! As a sort of celebration for surviving the first day of school and all. I noticed we got a lot more friends here than I expected, teachers too, and I think Fumika-chan brought family over! You know I think it’d be totes awesome if you could help me treat them all for dinner so they have a good memory of today.” Mamoru clasped her hands together as if she was begging.

”Plus between you and me, I think there’s some dramaaaa going on outside, and I’m thinking that maybe we could do something about that with a nice dinner. I can totally see it going horribly wrong, but as a class we need to be able to stick together and confide in one another. I’m sure there’s plenty of things you’d like to talk about but can’t find the right words for it. Words for that special lady perhaps, eh heh heh! Anyways just make dinner for like, thirty people and I’ll make sure that you’re sitting with plenty of pretty ladies. Okay thanks bye!” Mamoru said without even staying to listen to Donny. She just handed him a clean pan and spatula and left the kitchen to head outside. Mamoru didn’t have many talents, but she used to play a lot of softball. And on the open field, one needed a large presence, as well as lung capacity, to shout loud enough for the whole field to hear. And hopefully she’ll be loud enough to shake this entire building.


Once she had that out of the way, Mamoru went to go help Luelle set up the tables by getting the plates and cups. She should’ve worn her own maid outfit, but no time for that now. She needed to set up today’s dinner!

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Mako Akane

After getting the meat ready Donny had to slice up the onions. After he washed them under the tap he took a new knife and started to slice the onions into fine bits. Unlike some, he had no issues about the onions stinging his eyes, partly due to not having eyes but mostly because he knew how to space himself and give the onions proper ventilation. They did smell nice when he released their aroma though. Once they were sliced up he mixed the onions and the sirloin steak into a bag. He'll get to them soon, next was the rice.

The rice was pretty simple. He took some cooked rice and stir fried it with a bit of leftover onions and walnuts. He added some soy sauce to taste, with a bit of garlic powder as well. Didn't take him too long before he had enough walnut rice to fill up eight bowls. He had to move quickly though, as he didn't want the rice to cool down before the steak was finished. So he moved onto the steaks. Cleaning a few pans Donny didn't let up for a second; he buttered the pans and let them heat up. When it was time he put the steaks on them. The steaks, so thin and tender, cooked quickly. After the steaks were made to a medium rare he fried the onions they were soaking in too. Once they were a nice golden color Donny dumped them onto the steak into each beef bowl.

”Something spells good!” Spoke a voice from the doorway to the kitchen. It was Ms. Mako. The front desk secretary who Donny wouldn’t have seen yet but would have heard her high, saccharine voice on the tannoy. She had changed her old, damaged sweater since Villain Psychology, now wearing no jacket at all but a dark maroon turtleneck, with the neck rolled down. She smiled disarmingly at Donny, her eyes ever closed. ”Got a minute to talk?”

At first Donny didn't notice Miss Mako. He was really into his cooking. First two steaks, then four, and finally eight. They were piling hot and still sizzling in the bowl. Donny have them a good whiff and wondered if he'd have time to make cake. He was certain he could, maybe with some help. That's when he turned around to ask some of the other students in the kitchen when he noticed Miss Mako in the kitchen looking at him. Or at least facing his direction, it was hard to tell with her eyes closed.

”A-A-A-A-A-Akane-Sensei?! Um um um, uh, I-I g-g-guess? Am I in t-trouble?” Donny said, panic clear in his voice. He swore he hadn't done anything yet. Did he eat too many cookies? Did he accidentally steal something from that super market? Was he in trouble for helping Ezra back at the cafeteria? So many things Donny thought he could be in trouble for that he didn't bother keeping quiet about it.

”I d-d-didn't meant to eat all the cookies! They were so g-good! Um um I'm uh ah… Was my coupons bad or something? I wasn't t-t-trying to steal anything from Mega Tenko! Only t-t-the deals were a steal, not m-m-me! A-A-And Ezra didn't force me t-t-to help him or n-nothing! I just… W-W-Wanted to h-help…”

Mako chuckled, and leaned against the wall, folding her arms, maintaining a relaxed posture ”No, no. You’re not in trouble. In fact, this meeting’s strictly off the books, and out of personal interest. It’s about that plan this morning to sink the entire of Point B. Like I said, you’re not in trouble. I just want to make sure that this is a one-time thing, why it happened, your personal philosophies, that sort of thing.”

Donny’s face grew sullen when he heard that Mako wanted to talk about the Point B thing. He had thought that was just a bad memory brought up by Shiki, but now Mako wanted to know about it too? Honestly he had kind hoped that Ezra’s stunt in the cafeteria would have wiped that memory off everyone’s mind. It was easier for people to dismiss Donny destroying a building if people were talking about how Ezra nearly maimed someone. ”I told them to leave but they didn't… I couldn't just let my team down after I told them I'd take care of Point B… They couldn't honestly expect me to take on everyone there by myself…” Donny mumbled as he went about cleaning up his workstation. The clatter of pans and water nearly drowned out his words.

Mako listened to his mumblings, picking them up over the sound of washing up, and thought for a while, before asking more questions. She never looked the slightest bit angry or cross, and had the soft cadence of a psychiatrist. ”Would you say you were trying to prove you were strong and useful, or were you just trying to win the game as if nothing else mattered? Or both? Did you make up sinking the building on the fly, or was it your plan B before you told them to leave?”

Donny stopped washing the dishes and looked down into the water. Though murky and with a bit of soap, he could see the reflecting on the surface. Opening his eyes he could catch a glimpse of the blackness underneath. ”I… Wanted them to see… I could be trusted. And relied on. And that I could keep my promise…” It hurt him to say that. Cruel memories about Ringo went through Donny’s mind when he said that. How dogged and desperate he was for other people’s approval.

As for the latter half of the question Donny went back to doing the dishes and putting them away. He didn't want to answer them until he got back to his food. ”I… Well… I was going to dig a hole first, thought maybe I could make them fall in… Then I found the tunnel underneath the Point and thought maybe… With a big enough hole… It would be easier.” Donny said in disjointed, vague sentences. But for someone like Mako it wasn't that difficult to piece his thoughts together; he was going to dig holes anyways, he just took the opportunity with the abandoned train tunnel to dig one giant hole that would sink the whole building instead of just a few spots inside. ”So I guess I… I thought about it, and well that plan… Went… Better than I expected?” Donny said with some uncertainty, as if “better” wasn't really the word he wanted to use.

Mako nodded as she listened then spoke, not as a question, but as a statement. ”You never stopped to think ‘is what I’m doing worth keeping that promise for?’ That was your biggest priority. Then you disassociated what you were doing with its context to the point where you forgot you were setting traps for real people, and you just thought in terms of ‘It’ll be more efficient to make one big hole instead of several small ones.’

You know, that cooking’s starting to make me hungry. You’re quite good at it!”
She remarked, changing the subject suddenly to transition to a new point. ”I’m wondering if this has any connection to something I read in your file; that you wear that suit because you’re scared of people seeing the real you. It’s quite rare nowadays for a mutation quirk user to conceal their mutation and keep it a secret. Maybe this prevented you from planning properly with your teammates about how best to utilise your abilities. Why are you so scared of your quirk becoming public knowledge around Hero students?”

Donny’s body felt cold and pale when Mako had just blurted out his secret. Despite Ezra and Mina seeming pretty cool about the whole “sentient slime” thing, Donny’s mind panicked and in his fright he ushered Mako out of the kitchen, away from prying ears, and someone more private outside. ”A-Akane-sensei, p-p-please don't say that outloud! I…” Donny looked away in his distress, running his forehead as if that was suppose to help. He tried to think of an answer but he wasn't really pulling up much. ”I… I don't know. I've always worn a suit since… Since I left primary school. Growing up you know… People were scared or disgusted at me. They thought I was a monster. I even got attacked a few times just for being there. I couldn't help it… I was just a small, moving shit stain on the floor… Of course they'd be scared.” Donny leaned towards a wall, holding himself up with his forehead.

”I couldn't expect the world to accept me. So I just… Adapted. People are more comfortable around me, like this. And… It's easier for me, too.”

Mako chuckled as she was ushered out the kitchen. Not sorry in the slightest. If there was anybody in that room, she would have looked them in the eye and told them about Donny in a heartbeat. ”Kids are cruel. The school I went to was really bad for bullies. I should know. I was one of them. I can see your childhood has given you esteem issues we need to work on. You can’t keep your quirk a secret forever, especially if you want to be a Hero. And if there’s anywhere you’re going to find respect, support and kinship for your real self, it’s here.”

Donny thought about Mako’s word, sensing truth in them. So far everyone has been nothing but supportive of him, in and out of his disguise. He was really just him holding onto old issues. But then… Shiki’s words echoed in his head. He could still hear them as if she was there saying it herself. ”So sad to think that your new friends are just taking advantage of you. Again.” Hearing this voice made that little part of his subconscious wake up. That Inner Donny who was much more confident, so cocksure, and so much more aggressive then Donny normally was. ”Fuck that shit dude. Fool me once and you're an idiot, fool me twice and you are one dense motherfucker. You've seen how the others reacted to those A2 guys. Already played the part of judge jury and executioner, and the worse that happened to them is Ezra getting clean up duty. You want to be on the opposite end of that? Be their bitch again? Man you came here to quit that nonsense! Get the fuck out of here!”

Donny’s inner voice was much more foul mouth than he'd ever be, mostly since he keeps that part of him tightly bottled up. Very rude after all. He didn't really looked at Mako as Donny slowly trudged back towards the kitchen. ”Y-Y-Yeah…” Was all he had to say in response to Mako’s encouragement, he knew she was trying to help, honestly give him advice to improve himself. But he just couldn't open himself up so soon and so easily. He didn't want to show them his heart, only for someone to break it. He just wanted to eat his dinner and go to bed.

Mako stood in the same spot after Donny returned to the kitchen, her smile intact, but an angry red vein appearing on her forehead the only changing her entire appearance. She marched straight back into the kitchen and stopped behind Donny. He’d feel the atmosphere, the tension weigh on his shoulders, of a woman scorned, and a supervillain at that.

”It’s not nice to walk away from a lady like that. I’m going to help with or without your consent, because you’re in the Hero class, and you’re going to become one. I’m going to start special classes with you, designed to get you thinking like a superhero, and to get comfortable in your own body. Let’s call it...Hero Psychology. Next Wednesday evening, at my classroom.” And with those parting words of...encouragement...?...Mako left the kitchen.

Donny just stood there staring into his beef bowls which were steaming up his classes. Apparently Donny was going to get a private tutoring session with Miss Mako. For any other boy this might have been something of pure fantasy, but for Donny had had no delusion of what this was and dreaded it. What was she going to teach him that Donny wasn’t suppose to already be learning with a whole school? Of course he’d be a hero. Eventually…

As Donny was about to eat his dinner right then and there Mamoru bursted into the kitchen. She said a bunch of things that all went over Donny’s head, but the next thing he knew he had a pan in a spatula in his hand and he was suppose to make dinner for everyone. He couldn’t even get a word in before she ran off and loudly declared that Donny was making dinner for everyone. Shanghaied into this nonsense, Donny wasn’t really sure what to do but look at the bowls and sigh. ”Soon…” He said as he went to go prepare some more steaks.

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The party bypassed the ambush. Orchid had no problems with this, made things simpler for him anyways. Orchid liked simple. Eventually they arrived to a big rocky place with smoke and towers. It looked like a camp to Orchid. Parum said that it was now time to use their disguises. She asked Orchid and Torus to just be dumb muscle, a term that Orchid didn't really understand. But he can be a big scary guy with a sword, which is effectively what Orchid needed to do. Orchid took Brannor's weapons since he was going to be their prisoner, as well as tied up his hands. Orchid knew a few hunting knots too; for an animal with hooves or paws they would be impossible to get out of, but anyone with fingers could undo them with their eyes clothes. If Brannor needed to he could easily get out himself, if no one cuts him free beforehand.

Next was getting to the camp. Orchid tried his best to pump himself up and look the part of an intimidating sellsword. He was a half-orc with a big sword, which should be intimidating enough. But then Torus gave Orchid a wonderful idea. "Yes!" Orchid wasted no time mounting Torus. He's never ridden an animal before. But he felt like a champion. "Ah yeah! Alright 'prisoner', let's go!" Orchid played his role well as she tugged Brannor forward behind Parum. Orchid looked eager to ride Torus and quickly adapted to his roll. Orchid tries his best to look intimidating as they approach.
I'll be posting today btw.

Mamoru could swear her quirk wasn't teleportation. And if it was, she had a very, very poor control over it, because she ended up upside down on the floor. So either Mamoru discovered more of her quirk, or this Kaida girl was much stronger than she realized. She supposed this made sense, Luelle did say that Kaida was super strong. They fought and defeated a villain after all! A goofy, upside down grin appeared on Mamoru's face as she cheered from her awkward position. "That was wicked! I didn't know you were that strong Kaida! Wow! I'm sorry for underestimating you, I forgot that you fought a bad guy too!" As Mamoru tumbled upright Dulga entered the room carrying a bunch of big bags. Mamoru was initially curious but Dulga had immediately gone to cover up Kaida and asked for them to leave. Luelle dragged Mamoru out form the dorm as the pinkette pouted. She wanted to play with Kaida and Dulga!

That being said Mamoru knew that the two girls may need some alone time, so Mamoru wouldn't pester them any further. For now. Getting back to her feet she looked to Luelle with a look in her eye. "Yeah totes! Eyes on the prize right Lulu? To the living room! Let em get an eyeful of ya!" Mamoru laced her fingers around Luelle's as the two walked down to the lobby area. There was a few students around, including a few at the kitchen, so Mamoru striked a pose and pointed at the closest student she saw. Which was just Luelle. "Btoom! Heart Throb! When you see someone come through here, let's pounce em!"


Donny froze when he heard the voice call out to him. Apparently she made cookies for everyone. Donny stuttered to start, trying to say that he was fine and that he was just going to head back to his room. But the smell of those cookies... Donny was a weak man fueled by passion and base instincts. And when he smells something good, he has to go to it. Walking into the kitchen with all his groceries Donny meekly bowed his head to the girl there. He's never seen her before. "U-U-U-U-Um... H-Hiya. Th-Th-Th-Thanks for the c-c-c-c-cookies... I-I-I-I'm D-Donny." Donny said as he helped himself to one of the cookies. Then another. Then three. By the time he was stuffing three cookies into his mouth he realized what he was doing and quickly walked to a different part of the kitchen and tried to play it cool. He was doing poorly.

The guy was practically sweating bullet, except instead of sweat it was bits of black ooze which he had to actively remember to absorb back into his skin, less he blow his cover. Trying his best not to freak out Donny just started pulling pots and pans out and tried to get to cooking. "R-R-R-R-Right, was gunna m-m-make something. W-W-W-What was it again um... C-Cake and uh.... S-Steak? Beef bowl! Right. B-Beef bowl..." Donny went to wash some dishes and prep for his dinner. His movements, unlike his general demeanor and voice, was smooth and robotic. Well practiced. He could mess up a lot of things, but cooking wasn't one of them. Once his tools and utensils were ready he took a small knife and started to prep his discount beef sirloin. He sliced into them, but not completely. He needed to cut into the meat in order for the oils to spread, but not so much that he'd tear the meat apart. He'd make a grid pattern onto each of the sirloin steaks, and that's when he brought out the hammer to tenderize them. However his technique wasn't big wopping bangs as one would expect with a hammer, but short repeated strikes as if he was a jackhammer. This got the steaks nice and tender.

@Gordian Nought

Oh dayum. Orchid would totes wanna ride a bear into battle! He'll be majestic as fuck.

That being said, I don't think we could short rest while also on the move. Even if we didn't run into anything, short resting can't be done while traveling unless on a sufficiently large enough vehicles (Such as a boat).
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