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If you're here either you're wondering what I'm doing cause I need to post in your RP (In which case, calm yo tits, I'll get around to it), or you want to know who I am. So let's begin.

I'm a college age asian kid who has more heart than he has senses. I'm still working out this whole "adulthood" thing, so until then I just do what I feel I must. As far as personality and traits go, I'm not one for boasting. So if there's anything redeeming about myself you'd have to figure it out in person or by word-of-mouth. Generally however I'm rather perverted, in the best and worst ways. nothing is too much until I've crossed the line, and that just means I've started.

As far as Roleplays I like, I have a thing for fantasy, though I'm also good for some types of sci-fi, supernatural, Modern, and slice-of-life. If it's open and sandbox, I'll probably join it. Never really been a romantic, I often chose to sexualize any notion of romantic encounters I come across. I generally write at Casual quality, though I have no issues with Free-Level Rp/Players and I can hold my own in Advance.

I'm in quite a few RP's, the notable few listed below.

Blood Act I~ Ghosts of the Past - Something of my mangum opus. Too much to describe here, but I've been in it for four years, resurrected from the Guildfall. I'm a GM.

Heroes of Beacon - the Next Chapter - I have a bit of history with joining, overthrowing, and losing RWBY RP's. So far however Heroes of Beacon has lasted over a year. I'm proud to be part of it.

Mass Effect: The face of Injustice An RP lead by Elite Commander. Good guy, good RP.

Deep Ground Online - Another RP by my friend Windel, I'm a Co-GM for this one. It has a bit of history but we're always excited about people interested in it. If you know Accel's World then you would be somewhat familiar with this one. Come check us out sometimes.

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Donny fried up some eggs on a pan when he heard the girl called Naomi speak. The way she spoke definitely seemed like a regal accent, confirming Donny's (false) suspicion that they were nobility. He honestly felt rather embarrassed at how shoddy his place was. If he had thought about having guest, or even just a nice lady friend, he'd at least make the place look presentable. Meekly he bowed but shook his head. "Much obliged for what you've already done for me, Lady Naomi. I know this place is... Well it's a dump, but I promise that in thanks for your help, I'll do my best to accommodate you. And answer your questions the best I can."

Donny set up a small table at the center for everyone to gather around. And there he laid out today's dinner: egg on rye with a bowl of potato soup. He wished he could give them something with more substance or taste, but alas all he had for protein was wild goose eggs. Hunting hasn't been very successful what with all the wolves driving off the typical game, and the wolves themselves weren't always safe to eat. On the bright side he did have something for dessert: more sweet bread. Granted he only had three, including the one he was carrying with him, but they were warm and crispy thanks to being baked over the fire. As for drinks he gave everyone a wooden cup and a clay pitcher of clean water.

"Well... S'far as where we are, we're in my house. I'm part of a lil village called Wayward. We ain't really an important village, we ain't even on the map apparently. Or so I've been told. Not a good thing neither. The area around here has been dangerous since some war started, far off from the village. The lord has taken most of the fighting age men and left our village defenseless. We've been getting more wolves as you could tell, as well as thieves and robbers. Honestly.... Y'all came at a bad time. Village ain't doing so well, and most of the folk have either moved to the city or turned to robbery themselves. Some of us of course try to stick with honest living, but it ain't easy when cheats and scoundrels take the fruit of our labor."
Orchid was enjoying a gristly flank of venison when Kret's came in. Orchid's mood was originally fairly jovial until he came in, as even Orchid could recognize that this guy was their new inquisitor (Not that Orchid knew what an inquisitor was). He tore off some meat with his teeth and gave the man a dull stare. "Hrgn. Orchid eating! Talk later, eat more." Orchid then downed a swig of water. Orchid didn't abide by the booze they had here, mainly because Orchid wasn't much of a drinker. He's been spoiled by the clean water his teachers could provide him. "Chewy meat. Bad meat. But food is food." Orchid had wished he had pocketed some of those better cuts of meat when he was butchering game out back.
Donny's struggle bore fruit as one of the other strangers drove the blade into the side of the wolf. Not very deep, but it was a valiant effort. And more importantly showed the dire wolf that Donny was not alone. It backed off and Donny was ready for round two, but instead it signaled for a retreat, with most of the pack fleeing with their alpha, sans the ones that were too wounded or for some reason on their side. Donny was still huffing and ready for a fight but once the wolves were all gone the pain hit him all at once. He's pretty sure he had some broken ribs or at least a super sore back, not to mention the big bite in his leg, and his shield arm was bloodied and bruised. But he was alive, thanks to these strangers.

Going back to pick up his bow, Donny looked to the other folk. Their clothes were rather odd, not a design he's ever seen before. Colorful too. They handled themselves well yet at the same time seemed lost. He wondered if they were just a bunch of noble kids who stumbled onto him. Again however, despite whatever lack of skill they had they saved Donny. He couldn't deny that and was grateful for it, so he bowed his head to them as he leaned against his shovel. "Thank you. I would've been prey if y'all didn't come help me. But What are y'all doing out here in the sticks?" It was then that Donny also began to realize just how late it was. His lantern was still brightly lit, but he didn't want everyone out here for too long, less more wolves or worse accost them.

"Name's Donny. We probably shouldn't stick around here for long, unless y'all wanna fight more wolves. My home is nearby, I think I might have enough space for all of you."

Regardless if they followed or not Donny went home and prepared for guest. The place was... Always a bit messy, but moving some things around and bringing out the rug, and some old pillows, he at least had the place semi-presentable for guest. As presentable as a peasant can get anyways. He also worked on some potato stew and toast. He wasn't sure about the others but he was starving.

Katalmach was one of the first to arrive to the camp, and he's already set up his station near the center most of the camp. A good place to ensure that the majority of the camp could quickly come and get some grub once he's done cooking, as well as semi-defensible. That being said, this place was a dump. Sure there was a few standing buildings left around, but all it'd take is a few men with sledge hammers to bring them down. Hell they might just need regular hammers or maybe hatchets instead. This place really needed some work done. And unfortunately Katalmach was no carpenter. He could haul and chop logs just fine, but putting together a fortress was beyond his expertise. Part of him was starting to regret skipping out on lessons as a youth.

Still, can't work on an empty stomach. As more and more people either showed up or got dropped off, Katalmach was already brewing up some curry. Some good old red meat, carrots, potatoes, over a steaming bed of milled white rice. The good stuff. His mistress was quite kind to give him such good supplies, and hopefully the grub will keep the people of the camp going. Assuming they aren't just a bunch of freeloading louts who expect him to just give them food. He might be nice but he wasn't that naive. Already he was devising of a method to make sure the people of the camp earn their meals, perhaps food vouchers or something. He'll have to think about it.

"Oi!" The orc called out as people were coming to their senses. "Welcome ta Da Camp. Name's Katalmach. I cook, an sorta run things 'ere fer now. Least till someone more suited shows up. I'm sure yer got lots of questions but first come get sumthin ta eat, yer gunna need dat energy."


Ebony had arrived with Katalmach albeit in cat form. She then quickly left the camp and shortly thereafter returned in her normal form, and the orc was none the wiser. She made small introductions, had some of the curry, and looked around the campsite. The place was a dump and many buildings structurally unsafe; Ebony's cat-like reflexes allowed her to avoid some precarious footing but otherwise the place could use some real touch ups. Of course just as well, the ruined structures could prove a benefit for the campers if they knew what they were doing; what was a hazard could be turned into a weapon. Not that Ebony knew how to do that, but she could think of a few ways that could suit her.

As Ebony returned to the orc for seconds, people started to arrive through portals. This startled the cat but she kept her cool when she noticed it was just another Nekomata. Ebony simply dismissed the kitten as went to get more curry, and as more people joined Ebony stood off to the side to listen and observe. Size them up. See who'll be useful and who will be a sucker. "This is some nice curry by the way. I hope it lasts."



Xia hand walked into the portal only to end up dropping a few feet above the ground. Sufficient to say, she was completely caught off guard. While no worse for wear she did get a bit of a scrap as she looked around, nervous and scared. Where was she? What was going on? Soon she saw a bunch of strange people also coming out of portals. "Omagawd. Am I an isekai cahracter now?" The big orc calling himself Katalmach asked everyone to gather around and take some food. Xia did approach however she didn't take any, choosing to just stand by and watch what was doing on.

"Alright Xia, just take it easy. Think of this like a tutorial mode or something. Listen to what everyone has to say, figure out what you're suppose to be doing here, and eventually just stumble onto the plot. That's obviously and orc and those two are cat girls, so this is a fantasy world. Hack-and-slash RPG stuff. You came from the modern world so you got to use that modern education to get by. Either that or I have some secret powers I don't know about yet.... Get on that."

Standing off to the side Xia waved at everyone nervously. "H-Hi! Nice to meet you all. I don't suppose anyone knows how we all got here?"
Things were looking bad and worse for Donny as he weakly tried to fend off the wolves as best as he could. His back was against the wall, only one of the wolves were incapacitated, and the alpha was still kicking. Donny hoped that maybe he could get a luck shot off the big one, but he was wisely staying back to let his underlings weaken Donny. He was about to make a suicidal charge for the dire wolf when suddenly a stranger came to help him. Certainly not a regular woodsman; any local would at least have a axe or a dagger handy. This girl came in swinging a branch, and not even a very big one. But she wasn't alone and soon more joined her, helping however they could with sticks or stones. Donny would've felt embarrassed having his saviors being armed so crudely, but right now he couldn't complain about getting help.

The wolves seemed just as surprised as Donny was at the back up, one of them even turning against the pack. Donny didn't question this strange reaction from the beast and stood up with the help of a torch-wielding stranger. "Thank you. We have to take out the dire wolf! If he flees so will the rest of the pack. Here take this!" Donny handed the torch-bearer his shortsword, fending off overs until he could get to the other side of the battlement where the boy tossing pebbles was at. "Seriously, pebbles? I hope you know how to use this!" Donny dropped his shortbow and arrows at the boy's feet just as a wolf lunged at the two of them. Donny caught the wolf and blacked it's bite with the shaft of his shovel, shoving it back to give them some space.

"Aim for the big one! DORIYAAA!" Donny charged right for the dire wolf who seemed to be anticipating the attacks. He lunged right at him, but the wolf dodged Donny easily and swiped with his claws. This in turn put Donny on the defensive, but now he had the wolf's attention, hopefully giving everyone else an opening to land some solid blows.

@akirashadow@Azure Flame

As a wolf lunged at him Donny thrust with his shovel, slicing into it's side. The beast leap back wounded but not dead. Two more wolves came right at him but Donny was on the defensive. His shield foiled ones trike and he had made a sweeping but short swipe with his shovel to dissuade the other. The rest of the wolves were trying to circle Donny including the alpha, but Donny never stayed in one spot long enough to let them surround him. He knew their tactics; he had injured enough of them that they couldn't overwhelm him with speed alone. But he needed to land more decisive blows. The two wolves he has injured were still capable enough to fight him. Despite all his yelling and fighting spirit he hasn't managed to scare off the wolves either. He needed to make himself a bigger threat.

Off behind him something strange was happening at the temple. He was blithely aware of it, but couldn't divert his concentration from the wolves in front of him. Another one lunged and this time Donny went for a more lethal blow, slicing right into the wolf's neck. He fell to the ground howling in pain and bleeding from his wound. However Donny had little time to celebrate as the alpha charged. Donny tried to intercept with his shovel but the beast was too fast, and the best he could've done was raise his shield. It helped but the wolf grabbed his guard in it's giant, powerful maw, tossing it and Donny against a wall. His shield had shattered from the throw and the wolves descended onto him. He slashed two, but another one bit into his leg. He took out his knife and slashed at it which got the wolf to let go to avoid getting cut, and giving Donny time to stand. But now he was without a shield, surrounded, and outnumbered.

"Come on you sons of bitches. I don't have all day..."

Storm Bird
Dark Matter


Stasis Sheep Girl

Donny continued to dig forward at a solid pace, constantly trying to stay ahead of his allies while just eating away at the dirt. Normally he’d be a bit more vocal to encourage himself, but he didn’t want to act awkward around Haruka and Luelle. So all they heard was him munching the dirt as he took a brisk jogging step forward. ”Om nom nom nom nom nom.”

While Donny dug ahead, Haruka attempted to help with it in her own way, clearing out extra space from the top of the tunnel. Her armor’s hands repositioned themselves into a mostly-conical formation and spun rapidly at the wrist joints, acting effectively as drills. Since the ground was just dirt, she didn’t put much force into it, just enough to loosen it up and keep moving along. ”Y’know, this is actually my first time testing this function. Works pretty well,” She said, mostly thinking aloud.

“Yeah it does. Everything is going according to plan.” Luelle said as she walked, her skirt bellowed behind her. Her heterochromic eyes looking around. It was silent, almost too silent. It made her wonder who they were going to run into first. She was a little nervous. Sure she fought the first day she came here, but the fight didn’t last long, so she wouldn’t know how long she could truly last in battle.

It wasn’t long before Donny’s radar picked up some new signals. He raised his hand to have Haruka stop drilling. ”Hold up.” Donny dig upwards and peeled out over and around. His head popped inside a wall, and when he made a little hole in the wall he could see two people inside. Hitomi and Ruby: one he knew from his classes and the other he never met at all. Returning to the others Donny seemed nervous. ”T-T-There are two people on there… Urgh…” Donny had hoped that they would have arrived first. Since they didn’t it would change things a bit. He looked at the two girls while haunched over in his cloak.

”Uh… New plan! Y-You two d-d-d-distract the others, I’ll lay my t-t-t-traps. I just need about… T-T-Ten minutes. Okay?”

From his vantage point, Donny would see that the two current residents of the auditorium had suddenly became alert. Hitomi’s danger sense was going off the scale. There was being nearby who had intentions to try to take the room from them, an she’d never felt her sheep sense react like this. They must be some kind of ultimate predator. Could this be the notorious ‘Donny’ she’d heard about, who could topple a building by himself? The sheep girl looked over to Ruby. “Do you feel that?” she quietly asked, having to force her voice out from her chest where it was refusing to move.

The exact same moment that Hitomi’s sense went off, Ruby’s ears perked up and she immediately tensed up her own body. Hearing her teammate talk, the fact that she was scared audible, Ruby simply nodded to her to confirm and then put her index finger in front of her own puckered up lips to signal for Hitomi to stay quiet. There was an unfamiliar noise coming from below them… the catgirl stared on the floor and proceeded to remain highly cautious. If they were to be caught off guard now it would surely be over for them.

Meanwhile, the missing fourth member of team E, Acion Nakamiji, had just finished his first battle of the day, and was working his ways back to the sky. Settling down on his spot a few hundred meters in the sky, he must have missed a lot of things happening. Looking through his own great visions, and the cameras he had placed somewhere on the map, Acion could see a couple of movements to the northwest. Probably two teams taking out each other. He could also trace something big happening at the lake next to a lake near the point. He was kind of worried, because it was near team D’s spawn point. And who else was near D, aside from C who he just routed?

”Donny? Haruka? Luelle? Can you hear me?” Said the avian man. ”Where are you now?”

At Donny’s instruction, Haruka ceased her drilling, both of the suit’s hands coming to a stop. She shook the dirt off of them as they returned to their normal hand mode, steadying herself in case of sudden action while Donny dug up to look above ground. When he returned with a sudden declaration of a new plan, she was somewhat concerned. “You sure about this?” She asked, keeping her voice hushed. Acion’s voice came through the comms, so she answered him. ”Yeah, we’re still underground. Donny’s bumped into someone. How far off are you?”

”I’m actually right above the point now. I’m keeping watch on others, but for the current moment, I just routed team C at the moment. I believe three of them are at the point at the moment…”

It was at that moment when he noticed something going on the screen next to him. The sight of running students…

”Just a moment. I noticed someone on the screen as well. I’ll try to rout them. You can attack when ready. Call me if something’s up.”

With that, he temporarily switched off the comm link.

Donny listened to Acion and Haruka, but much to his displeasure Acion was still fighting on his own. He even switched off his communicator! ”What? Acion-kun wait! D-D-D-Dammit.” Acion wanted them to remain in constant contact, yet he cut off comms first. No matter, he was too far away to help anyways. They had to do something here and now. Donny looked to Haruka and Luelle. ”T-T-There are two people up t-there. I’m gunna… Gunna… Collapse the e-e-entrances. A-A-A-And set up a trap h-h-h-here! B-B-But they will h-h-hear me, so they might try a-a-and stop me so… C-C-C-Could you two d-d-d-distract them?”

It wasn’t a great plan but it was the only one he had at the moment. He’ll have Haruka and Luelle interfere with the two in the auditorium right now while he works on shutting down the main entrances inside. Then he’ll rig this place so that anyone who does come in would have a hard time fighting here. He knew he needed some time to do it however, and once he gets started they might know what he’s up to and try to fight him. He has no idea what Ruby or Hitomi is capable of, so it’ll be safer to make sure they’re being handled.

Gulping, Donny tried to be brave. He had to. As much as he didn’t expect it, he had taken up the mantle of leadership, if only because he was making plans and telling everyone about them. In the process he tried to not stutter as much. ”I-I-I’ll make two tunnels. One near the north entrance, that’s for Haruka. Pop out a-a-and make a big show. Luelle, I’ll m-m-make another tunnel behind them, while Haruka d-distracts them. Attack them from behind.”

Donny proceeded with the plan, making another tunnel towards the north entrance, eating away at the dirt and foundation quietly. Once he dug enough that he could poke a small hole through the floor, he’d leave Haruka there. ”This should be t-t-thin enough. In five minutes, a-a-a-a-attack.” Donny then proceeded to the opposite end for Luelle to come out of. Just like before, his digging was quiet and subtle. He’ll have to help Luelle come out of this hole since it was rather high up, but once she was out she could attack Ruby and Hitomi from behind. They’ll need to hold the two off for at least ten minutes or so before Donny would have this place locked down. After that…. He’ll just have to hope this crazy plan of his works out.

Luelle, tensed and ready for battle, watched as Donny created a tunnel just for her. Her eye began to glow a blue color that matched her earlier flame during their introductions. As soon as the tunnel was finished, she walked over to it and looked at Donny, smiling with confidence.

“You can do it Donny, just believe in yourself.”

”A big show, huh? I think I can do that,” Haruka said. Under her helmet, a smile crossed her face. This was what she was good at in-costume. Her usual shyness and insecurity all but vanished, replaced with a desire to be loud, proud, and chock full of justice. She punched her palms in anticipation and rolled her neck, getting into the position that Donny had readied for her. ”See you up top!” She said, giving him a salute. In preparation, she took on a crouched position, a countdown timer appearing in her visor’s heads-up display.

”Five minutes,” she thought, ”and it’s party time.” Her legs tensed up, her feet sliding just enough to disturb the dirt around them as the timer continued to drain. The lights on her suit brightened as she put a little extra effort into maintaining her Quirk, the suit’s robotic fingers mimicking the rolling motions her own were going through due to the sheer anticipation. Soon, five minutes became three, three became one, and one became a mere handful of seconds.

”Five, four, three, two…” Excitement wracked her body, her crouch reaching its maximum potential for leveraging her upcoming maneuver. She closed her eyes and let out a deep breath, balling her fists as the countdown expired.


With as much force as the powerful hydraulics in her powered armor’s legs could muster, Haruka leaped. Straight upward, towards the weakened ceiling of Donny’s tunnel. The hollow ground could not maintain its integrity as the heavy metal rocketed upward, Haruka emerging from below the point and continuing on about ten feet skyward. She had her arms crossed at mid-forearm during the jump, legs bent slightly at the knees. As she careened through the air, she opened herself up to the opposition, doing a frontflip to put space between where she’d emerged and where she would land to avoid falling right back into the tunnel.

”Cyborg hero Hypermeka has come!” She shouted dramatically, her suit adding a bit more of its robotic filtering to her voice than usual. As she landed, she proceeded to swing her arms in a motion in front of her, drawing one back and balling her fist near her hip as the other bent at the elbow, her open-palmed hand angled diagonally towards her shoulder. ”I challenge you for control of the point! Prove your strength to me!” Once more, her pose changed as she took a step forward, buying time as her visor scanned Ruby and Hitomi. She hadn’t met either of them, so she had no pre-existing information to go off of other than what her team had told her. She did note, however, that both of them were very cute.

”Let’s go!” Haruka commanded, breaking her pose to take a sudden running step forward. She drew a fist back as she did, clearly intending to perform a strike once she was close enough to manage it.

It ended up being quiet for a rather long amount of time. While five minutes aren’t many, being tensed up like Ruby and Hitomi undeniably were they felt like hours. Desperately Ruby tried to listen to what was going on below them, her ears perked up while her eyes scanned every single inch on the floor below. Her own body was not moving at all, it would be unwise to make more noise than necessary. Obviously those people below knew that they were there, but did they know how many Ruby and Hitomi were or how strong? Probably not so that is what Ruby counted on. She herself couldn’t tell how many people there were below them sadly, or who exactly they were. Luckily that mystery would soon be lifted.

All of the sudden, Ruby could hear something rapidly approaching from below them before the ground itself began to shake and, eventually, break. It almost frightened Ruby and she figured that it might have given a heartattack to Hitomi, but they really needed to focus now. It was time to defend this point with their lives. They had captured it for quite a while now, 20-30 minutes probably. If they could hold it for just 20 more minutes their victory would basically be assured! With that thought in mind Ruby stared at the person that just erupted from the floor only to discover that they were a… robot? Admittedly, the catgirl herself was rather confused at that sight, but luckily that hero would quickly introduce herself in an almost cocky way. Despite this introduction Ruby would surely think of her as a big threat and Ruby was happy to learn that it was not a robot but a hero in a suit. However, that suit looked like it really packs a punch…

Hitomi had felt the approaching danger coming and had leaped clear of the emerging powersuit before there were any signs that the floor was even being breached. Hitomi fired off a crowd control shell at Haruka on pure reflex, but a beanbag is still a beanbag, and the round bounced harmless off the metal plating. The sheep girl now took stock of her opponent. She clearly wasn’t a robot, which meant that this must be a powersuit of some sort, so in all likelihood she had a quirk that somehow related to its usage. Hitomi briefly wondered if it was this figure before them who had been doing the drilling, but dismissed it. She could still feel the predator below, not emerging yet but waiting and lurking it’s prey. She gulped, and stood aside. Ruby’s quirk was better suited to this situation than her own.

Ruby slowly moved in front of Hitomi and stood still with her body ready to react to whatever was about to happen. It was smarter to stay quiet and she really hoped that Hitomi would understand to stay behind her and not panic, this was a situation Ruby could take care of. After all, someone using a mechanical exosuit had little to no chance against the neko’s quirk.

Then it began.

Haruka sprinted forwards, her suit making some intimidating noises as the heavy metal connected with the floor with each step that she took. She was unexpectedly fast too; Ruby had to gulp at the sight. While on the inside Ruby was very much scared and the cold sweat was running down her back below all the clothing, she pulled up the hood of the cloak to cover her head and then stared right at the approaching foe. “Don’t panic now. Psychology is the key to winning a fight… if she thinks that I am way out of her league she will hopefully be scared of me and I can take advantage of that!” is what Ruby thoughts in her head. On top of that, she had to make an impression and a good one too.

She stood completely still the whole time while Haruka approached, up until the last few moments when Ruby raised her arm and extended her fingers outwards. This was her moment.
Soon the robotic fist would connect with her fingers and it was right in that split second that Ruby activated her quirk.

Suddenly, everything was quiet.

It was so quiet in fact, it was almost creepy. Right now, Ruby’s quirk fully affected the suit, making it unable to move just a single inch. It was rendered immobile and at the mercy of Hitomi and Ruby. The catgirl herself looked upwards so that the shadow from her hood disappeared off her face and stared directly to the position she believed to be Haruka’s eyes and Ruby’s stare was a menacing one. Her orange eyes almost started glowing as she kept her hand up to continuously extend the time period in which Haruka would be locked in the stasis. While Ruby was screaming happily inside of her own mind, her outwards appearance only had the goal to be threatening and to scare Haruka. “Don’t underestimate us.”

Hitomi waited with baited breath to see if their opponent’s quirk had a way for them to counter the effects of Ruby’s quirk, when nothing happened, she immediately turned her back on the robot and began scanning the rest of the room, shotgun raised in a futile attempt to gain security and confidence. The predator was still below, but even without her Sheep Sense off the charts like this, she would still have expected more than one opponent to attack at once, and if it were her plan, they’d stagger the emergent times and places to try to catch their foe unawares. Well, Hitomi wasn’t going to get caught unawares!

”Haaaah… T-Thanks Luelle. You’re up.”

With Luelle’s words of encouragement Donny helped her through the other side of the auditorium, bursting through the ground while dropping Luelle off to attack the other two. ”Get em!” At this moment Donny didn’t look too unusual, his form silk looking like it was just regular old Donny wearing a cloak and mask. But shortly after dropping off Luelle, Donny went back into the tunnels to avoid any of Luelle’s attacks while he started to eat away at more of the foundation underneath the auditorium. He noticed through his radar that Haruka wasn’t moving at all. He had no idea why, but he still dug towards her location in case she needed help.

Luelle flew up through the ground and was quick to react. Closing her eyes, she focus all her quirk into her hands creating a medium size ball of blue fire. Before she hit the ground herself, she threw it in the direction of Ruby. Then Luelle landed and rushed at them, forming another ball though much smaller than her first attack and threw it towards them. The second the ball of fire she made turned into ice as the temperature around them going down a many degrees.

When the punch was stopped, Haruka was surprised. ”Crap, she’s a lot stronger than she looks,” She thought silently, though she was soon speaking aloud much more confidently. Though Ruby’s glare was rather intimidating, Haruka luckily had the cover of her full-faced mask to disguise her concerned expression. ”Heh, not bad. I was hoping one of you would be able to withstand a hit or two! But how can you handle this?” Haruka began to move her arm forward, preparing to throw another punch.

But her arm pressed against the interior of her suit, unmoving and entirely still. Haruka’s brow furrowed, and she tried to turn her head to lookdown at it, but could not move past the entirely stilled armor. ”What the hell?” She thought, wiggling her shoulders in some attempt to move. All the while, her armor didn’t budge an inch. ”Oh no. Oh no no no no no. This is bad, this is really bad, crap.” Haruka’s heart started pounding as panic set in, and she turned off her helmet speakers, silencing her to Ruby and Hitomi so she could call for help without them hearing.

”D-Donny? This is going r-really bad. I-I need help, please,” She requested, trying to keep her breathing steady. From her voice, it was clear she was incredibly freaked out, but the suit’s utter silence and stillness masked this from her opponents. At the same time, the inability to move was oppressive, and her suit began to feel less like protection and more like a prison.

Before Luelle had even fully emerged from the ground, Hitomi had saw her, and yelled “Look out!” to Ruby. Not a moment later, the cat girl had a blue flame launched towards her. Hitomi raised and pumped her shotgun as she charged to meet the new arrival. A second blue flame was launched at the sheep girl, which she rolled under though she noticed the very air around her getting colder as she did so. Could this user make cold flames? Or hot AND cold flames? Hitomi would need to be very careful with this opponent, but at the same time, not give her an inch. She raised her shotgun. At close range, the crowd control round wouldn’t do any damage but it would sure sting a bit.

Immediately upon hearing Hitomi’s voice, Ruby had to drop her facade and go for the dodge. Getting hit right now was something she certainly could not afford… It was sad that she didn’t get to see whether her act was effective on Hitomi or not.
She now fully grabbed onto the arm of the suit and, upon seeing the fireball rush towards her, used her strength to lift herself up with the help of the immobile Haruka to launch over the suit’s head and land behind it in an attempt to dodge the first attack. “Someone with such a great ranged ability would surely cause troubles…” she thought to herself why she tried to analyze the quirk of the threat that just arrived further. Luckily Haruka would be stunned for a little while for now since the contact was more than a couple of seconds.
Ruby grabbed the handle of the sword on her back and pulled it off, letting the long cloth at the end fall to the floor. Now it was time to get serious.


Hearing her distressed calls Donny wasted no time to attack. Right after Luelle’s fire and ice Donny dug right underneath Haruka, seeing Ruby and Hitomi nearby. In the moment he wasn’t sure what to do but attack. ”Aaaaah Bone Garden!” Donny called out his attack as his body pooled around Haruka’s feet. And from his body, a couple dozen fists on the ends of of stiff skeleton arms. They would bash Ruby and Hitomi though Donny wasn’t really trying to hit them so much as he just created an explosion of fists that hopefully will punch them in the face. At the same time Donny tried to pull Haruka back down with him, however she wasn’t budging for some reason unknown to him.

Hitomi’s sheep sense warned her to bolt before she even felt the tremors, but bolt she did, towards the other side of the hall just as Donny emerged. As she turned back to look, what she was seeing...what manner of quirk was this? It was terrifying! Truly the apex predator. When humans designed their monsters and their eldritch abominations, *this* is what they were imagining. Something to cause this gut feeling of “I’m facing down something higher in the food chain than me”, and in a way, give everybody Sheep Sense for a brief moment. It launched some punching attacks with skeletal arms, which Hitomi was just in range of and took with her arms covering her face and her knees drawn up to cover her abdomen. Even with these precautions, the blows still hurt.

It was very much lucky for Ruby that Donny decided to call out his attack like that. Because of him calling out the attack shortly before delivering it, Ruby was able to quickly turn her back towards the literal explosion of boney fists and use her own quirk to make her cloak unmoveable. Like this, having her back turned towards the attack, they would all hit against her cloak that was in stasis and simply be blocked. The negative side effect however was that Ruby was indeed locked into place too while she blocked the attack but she wouldn’t even feel the impact. The moment all the fists hit her back and Ruby saw Hitomi getting hit she could only think one thing to herself. “What a quirk.”
As soon as the attack was over Ruby removed the stasis and quickly turned around to watch the puddle carefully. “Roughly 5-7 minutes until she can move again.”

Luelle paused at the sight of the gun before her. She knew the damage guns could to people. Heroes like her father were taken down permanently by guns. With a gun involved, she would need to be careful. She felt the ground tremble below her and she quickly turned her back towards the explosion. She felt the gust of wind hit her harshly, making her topple over.

Grunting, she felt the throbbing in her wrist and knew that she had some damage to it, ignoring the throbbing for the time being, she stood back up. She had to act quickly before they came out of their daze from the attack. Concentrating her quirk, she made a large size ball and threw it at Ruby and Hitomi.

The latter dodged before she had even managed to turn round to see it, her Sheep Sense once again saving her wool. Landing safely on her feet, she turned to Luelle, but Ruby was closer and she knew it. Even so, she raised her shotgun and advanced, preparing to back up her teammate.

Out of the corner of her eye Ruby spotted how Luelle got knocked over by the attack too. “This is what happens when you go for such high collateral damage” She thought as she was about to rush forward towards Luelle. Something stopped her however, that something being Luelle’s huge blazing ball. Very quickly Ruby sidestepped to dodge it: If she were to be hit with it just once it would most likely be over so dodging as many as possible was Ruby’s highest priority. However, while Haruka was still stunned, Ruby wanted to take out Luelle so she quickly began sprinting towards Luelle with her relatively high speed, even though still bound to human limits.

Donny tried to pull Haruka as hard as he could, but she couldn’t budge. Even when he ate the ground underneath her feet she didn’t move an inch. He guessed that someone’s quirk, likely Ruby, was able to freeze Haruka still. Donny wasn’t sure what to do except shout things out and hope for the best. ”Luelle, protect yourself!” Donny dug back underground trying to think of something, anything to help win this battle. He had to avoid Luelle’s attacks too which meant he couldn’t just reveal himself and try to square off against these two, more so since it seemed like Ruby’s quirk made some sort of forcefield or something. The best idea he could think of was to take out Hitomi so that way it’ll at least be two against one, assuming that Haruka wasn’t out of this battle yet.

He had one crazy idea. It probably wasn’t going to work against Ruby, but he could use it against Hitomi. But for now he just stayed underground and started to dig out more of the ground. He needed to be fast; if he takes too long then there was no winning this fight!

Luelle saw Ruby rushing at her and dodged at the last second from her attack. Luelle’s eye flowed with intensity. She had to think of something to deter the woman from coming at her. She flipped away landing on her feet and rushed at her. Her finger tips became like candle wicks and she swung her hand forward, the flames creating zigzag cold flames at Ruby. She did it again using her hand seconds after her first attack, not trying to hurt Ruby, but really just to stun her.

”Forget it.”

He suddenly remembered his team. Damn, he had been under radio silence for a while now. He should give them a call to see what was happening. They shouldn’t have been defeated right?

”Guys?” Acion finally turned on the comm link. ”What’s happening?” He could hear them clashing with the other team. ”Do you need assistance?!”

Donny was spreading his body underneath, trying to increase his mass over the surface underground. He wasn’t too far beneath the surface, about five inches or so, and he was only able to spread his mass about a ten foot square. But it’ll have to do. He began to eat away underground to make an easy tunnel for himself to move around when the fighting starts as Luelle held off Ruby and Hitomi. Meanwhile Acion returned over the communicators.

”N-Not good. Haruka’s stuck, so its j-j-just me and Luelle now. Hurry back!”

Step one of Donny’s plan was finished. He had his escape route now. Next was the show. Donny went to the edge of the wall and ate his way inside of it and tried to crawl up to the ceiling. The auditorium was huge though, but hopefully having the high ground would make his next gambit more effective. Once he was there it was time to start the performance.

”Keep it together Donny boy. You gotta sell it to them. Believe in yourself who believes in me!”

From the ceiling Donny hooked himself in tight with his claws and let his vicious black mass lower itself about midway into the auditorium. Then from his mass, something flew out to hit Hitomi. It was a severed arm. And from above their heads, using the auditorium’s natural acoustics to make his voice big and booming, Donny spoke. ”You should’ve ran. You should have ran! He didn’t. He was fat and brave. Aaaaah but not enough… Not enough… No… Ate him… I ate the boy and now I’M STARVING!”

Hitomi was shocked near to the point of screaming. Oh, not of the black mass. She merely looked battle ready when she noticed it above her. But the arm had really freaked her out. She believed it. She believed a person had been eaten. And in her haste to run away in paralysing fear, that’s just what happened; paralysis. She ran three paces before her legs seized up and she goat-fainted, all four limbs stretched out as she lay on the ground, cursing her own biology. The shotgun clattered out of her grip.

The moment Ruby saw the first attacking rushing at her, it was clear that she would need to dodge. However, upon closer inspection she figured out that the weird zigzag lines that the flames took on were too unpredictable to dodge. However, Ruby was also sure that she would not want to be hit by that, she couldn’t tell how badly such a hit would influence her. Therefore she pulled up her cloak again, blocking both attacks with the help of her quirk. This created a problem however, since she played right into Luelle’s hands by remaining stationary to block the attack. Luckily for Ruby, her cloak would not be influenced much by the flames since in stasis it could not be influenced. Once she stopped the stasis and looked back at Luelle Ruby felt the coldness of the flames for the first time up close.
“Cold flames huh…”

Before she could finish her train of thought, Donny started his show. While, admittedly, Ruby was somewhat impressed, it wasn’t enough to strike fear into her; she was way too invested into this battle to be stopped by fear. What would she do now? Much to her own discomfort she saw Hitomi fainting yet again, knowing that she was very much vulnerable now. “Think Ruby… think…”
“At this rate I won’t be able to reach this fire-shooting girl… she will just dodge and keep me on range. That huge slime...thing? I don’t think cutting it will change much… the girl in the mecha suit is out for good for a while too…”
With an intense focus Ruby stared at the thing above her. It was when she felt the cold air around her that she got an idea. “Maybe I can trick her to fire into the direction of this thing. Like that I could save Hitomi!”
This was her idea at least: Turn the back towards Luelle so that Luelle would fire an attack at Ruby, dodge at the last moment so that it would hit Donny who was behind Ruby. Right now she saw it as one of her only chances.

Quickly turning her back to Luelle Ruby began sprinting in the direction of Donny, running up some of the debris around her to reach a higher position to align herself right between Luelle and Donny. She know that she probably couldn’t harm him, but if she could bait Luelle into either chasing her or attacking in her direction it would be the jackpot! After having reached the highest point possible, Ruby leapt into the air so that she was now in the perfect position. Since she was in the air; Luelle could easily think that Ruby is a vulnerable target and fire! If it didn’t work, ruby could always stop her momentum with her quirk.

Luelle saw Ruby shoot herself in the air. She thought for a moment how vulnerable Ruby was being in the air. Before Luelle thought of focusing her quirk, she looked towards Donny. Why would Ruby put herself in the air like that?

’It's has to be a trap. She did position herself between me and Donny. She wants me to think she is an easy target.’ She thought with a frown. She took another look at Donny and gained an idea

Cupping her hands she closed her eyes, her hands lit aflamed. This was much different than her previous attacks. She glared up at Ruby and the fire blasted from her hands towards Ruby like a cone. The flame was a mixture of hot and cold, making a tornado of warm fire instead of a burning hot.

Donny was glad that at least one person got scared by his act, though Ruby was certainly not a scaredy-cat because she instead positioned herself to get Luelle to accidentally burn him. Fortunately Donny was safe as Luelle used a short range cone instead of her usual fireballs, but he knew it was dangerous here regardless. So he crawled back into the ceiling and started to get back to work sabotaging the rest of the auditorium; hopefully with Hitomi out of commission (even if temporarily), Luelle can hold her own for now. Once he was done rigging this place to drop he’ll get his team mates and scram.

With the predator away, Hitomi’s instinctual need to play dead like a goat started to fade, and control was beginning to come back to her limbs, though they were still a little stiff and clumsy as she managed to roll onto her arms and knees. She just needed a few more seconds before she was back to full fighting potential.

“Fuck, it failed.” were Ruby’s last thoughts while she saw the burst of fire rushing towards her. It was certainly too late to dodge, the attack was way too large. Therefore, having last hopes, Ruby quickly pulled her cloak up to cover her face and then activated her stasis onto it, locking herself into the air as well. When the stream of fire hit her, she could feel the heat from outside of her safe cloak, until she suddenly noticed that her left hand was still poking out. She began to feel the sharp pain shoot through it as she quickly pulled it back into the frozen cloak. However, since she wasn’t able to move Ruby couldn’t see the extent of damage that was done to her hand. To her own knowledge, it could be burned beyond repair at this point. A scary situation, to say the least. “I made a mistake!”

When the cone was finally over, Ruby quickly unfroze her cloak and dropped to the floor below, landing on both her feet and her right hand which was still unharmed while still holding her sword of course. The catgirl immediately investigated her left hand only to see that it just turned slightly red. The pain was already slowly going away too, though it was still rather sensitive and she really shouldn’t touch anything with it right now as that would surely hurt. However, that was when it hit her. EIther Luelle is holding back or she is not able to produce fire which has a higher temperature than that.
At least Hitomi was seemingly okay… Ruby thought to herself while looking towards the slowly moving character.
As she lifted her body back up to stand on both of her feet, Ruby took a deep breath, knowing full well that Haruka would break out of the stasis soon. The problem was that there was no way for Ruby to reach the mekk right now since she was practically hidden behind Luelle, a ranged fighter who countered Ruby just because of that fact. Her best option was to check on her teammate, which is why she quickly turned her head away from Luelle and continued her run towards the sheepy one. “Are you okay?!” Ruby could be heard while quickly approaching.

”I got it. I’m coming now!” Acion said as he began to move. His movements were not as fluid and flexible as it used to be. The shoulder pain began acting up as he flew. From the looks of it, he was under the threat of giving in to the pain and fell down to the ground at any moment. But for one thing, he would not allow himself to limp away conceded.

”Tch.” Instead he just growled, to shrug the pain away, even for just a second. His breathing tensed, as he tried to find the nearest entrance. The most obvious one was the main door, which, although may not be guarded, was very likely to be blockaded. So his best bet would be through a side door, which was also likely to be blocked, or the windows, in which the auditorium was very unlikely to have.

He took a minute flying around two sides of the auditorium, searching for a way for him to go through, while still examining, using the maximum of his senses to get wind of what was happening. There was no way he could picture entirely the scene inside, but he had to make sure that the moment he entered the battlefield, he wouldn’t get caught in the middle of the shenanigans that the two teams were trying to perform on each other. Soon he realized that there were none, other than the main entrance, or what seemed to be an emergency exit.

There’s limited choices. Chances were that the main entrance blockaded were higher than the emergency exit, so he ought to go for the latter one. Acion landed right in front of the door, as he, for a moment, tried to open the thing. For the first few tries, he failed. The door appeared to be stuck from the inside. Left with no other ways than to force the door open, he took a step back, a few steps back, and began charging into the door. All three right wings were placed in positions so that his head and shoulder would be shielded from the impact force, but by the time he smashed himself into the door, the force still got transferred to his other recently-relocated shoulder. The pain struck him, but he merely shrugged it off. The door was open.

Leading directly to the auditorium, there was one thing he realized. He was near, or at the least nearest, to the two girls of the enemy team, while his other teammates were either in paralysis, or elsewhere in the room. He was in a pretty bad situation. Or really bad.

Donny continued onward, somewhat aware of the wolves. He knew the dangers, and he knew that he was probably getting tailed. Yet at the same time he could not show fear despite the dangers. The last thing he needed was for the wolves to get confident and try to attack him in favorable terrain. "Gotta get to the temple. I can face them at the temple." Donny quicken his pace and gripped his shovel tightly, keeping his eyes focused on his surroundings. He knew he was being followed now. He guessed at least four wolves, lead by an alpha. Five in total, he guessed. "Keep moving." Wasn't long before he arrived to the temple, and when he did he dropped most of his gear except his weapons and shield. He turned towards the forest where he was certain the wolves were coming from.

"Alright then. Come get some you mangy mutts!"
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