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Some people need to make a hard choice when deciding which two karaoke streams they want to listen to. I have no such weakness: I have two ears for a reason.
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The hard part about trying to play some politically savvy mastermind is the assumption that the world operates off real world politics and not your DM’s politics.
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Don't put too much stock in prophesies. At best they're full of shit, but more often than not they're one of those self-fullilling kinds. Plan for what happens afterwards instead.
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A character isn't deep or compelling just because you let them get hurt a lot, are always depressed, or do morally questionable things.


If you're here either you're wondering what I'm doing cause I need to post in your RP (In which case, calm yo tits, I'll get around to it), or you want to know who I am. So let's begin.

I'm a college age asian kid who has more heart than he has senses. I'm still working out this whole "adulthood" thing, so until then I just do what I feel I must. As far as personality and traits go, I'm not one for boasting. So if there's anything redeeming about myself you'd have to figure it out in person or by word-of-mouth. Generally however I'm rather perverted, in the best and worst ways. nothing is too much until I've crossed the line, and that just means I've started.

As far as Roleplays I like, I have a thing for fantasy, though I'm also good for some types of sci-fi, supernatural, Modern, and slice-of-life. If it's open and sandbox, I'll probably join it. Never really been a romantic, I often chose to sexualize any notion of romantic encounters I come across. I generally write at Casual quality, though I have no issues with Free-Level Rp/Players and I can hold my own in Advance.

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Francesca Varangian

After taking shelter into the tomb, Francesca focused largely on ensuring that they weren't being pursued. While she has no doubts that the bandits did not notice them, one can never be too careful of what sort of scouts they had, or if some other unrelated entity had spotted them. Thus Francesca was the last to join the others in the antechamber with the statues. Nothing here particularly rang out to the warrior, though she was surprised at the size of this place. "Huh. Bigger than I thought. Must be some sort of catacomb, and not a just a mere burial chamber." She still wasn't very excited at the idea of robbing this place however. Not just ethically, but also due to the potential dangers. They were already on a mission that would no doubt endanger them, she felt no reason for them to put themselves at risk chasing treasure. Such greed is often the end of many a cocky adventurers.

However it doesn't seem like the rest of the group agreed. Most wanted to explore the catacombs, with Francesca the sole objector. She watched grimly as everyone investigated the area, dark thoughts seeping into her mind. Of course as the sole human here, she was more than aware that she fell very low on the power scale. She knew all too well what these others are capable of by virtue of their race alone. That should she be too open in opposing them, they could easily subdue her though vote or force, and thus Francesca would have to play her cards very carefully if she intends to have any sway here. She doubts that everyone here was helping on behalf of the Dale after all: everyone has their own agendas to fulfill, and the safety of her kingdom may not be their top priority.

Unfortunately, this also means that Francesca is likely going to have to put aside her own pride and ethics in order to stand equally to these people. The gods has given human the right to have more than others, but in order for that to even matter, Francesca must take it. So as much as she wanted to let the dead rest, she knew she would have to rob their graves for whatever trinkets or weapons they were entombed with. If nothing else, she will at least do her best not to defile anyone. Though she would not be surprised if simply being here uninvited was defilement enough. The dead weren't exactly known for their even temperament.

"If we're going to go in deeper, let's set up a marching order. This isn't a mere tomb but a catacomb, so I'm sure it belonged to someone important in the past. Someone who likely has protectors to keep grave robbers such as us from defiling their graves to pilfer treasures. I am willing to take the lead, though someone with better senses and quick reflexes should scout ahead for any traps or ambushes."
I'll see about posting soon!
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Once everyone was loaded, Rokkit didn't hesitate to start the engine and get going. He barely cleared the door and was already going 100 right out of the gate, and wasn't slowing down at all. He turned on the cruiser's siren, making everyone within earshot well aware of his presence as he zoomed through the air. Despite how fast and reckless he drove, Rokkit was good at avoiding any collusions. Though he did so with a lot of sharp and sudden turns, followed by cursing anyone who didn't get out of his way. He would arrive to the area of operation quickly, turning off the siren as he approached. He assumed that this was going to be a hunt, so in unorky fashion, they would need to be quiet and stealthy. Or at least once they're on the ground. While in the transport, Rokkit was quick to explain what he intends to do.

"Roight den. 'Ere da plan: we sneek in, krump erryone dat ain't us, an we bring dere heads back on stikks." It was a simple plan, which Rokkit expects to be easy enough for everyone else to follow. While he didn't intend it, the auto-pilot landed on top of a building a few blocks away from the restaurant. While Rokkit was getting out, Bosco already turned invisible and went to the mission area to scout ahead. It would remain hidden to provide any data on potential targets within the area, as well as status about the mission progress. Soon Shorty's voice came up on everyone's comms. "Hello? Hello is this on? Testing... Okay. My name is Shorty Grotsky, I was going to talk to you on the ride to the operating zone but it seems like Rokkit beat me to it. I will be your mission control, providing you with any and all information relevant to your mission. I am also operating the Drone Bosco, providing some minor firing support and scouting capabilities. If you have any questions you have a direct line to me and I will answer to the best of my abilities. Now then, sit tight while I get scans of the area. Don't want you going into this blind."

However Rokkit didn't exactly wait. He was already grabbing his gear for the raid, and moving towards the operating area. He was surprisingly fast for someone his size, and not as loud either, but he wasn't bothering with cover since there was hardly any here. He was still slower than Bosco however, so hopefully if there were any surveillance around the area, Bosco would detect and warn them before Rokkit inadvertently triggers them. Though he wouldn't mind if they were found either, but he knew the pleasures one can feel for a successful ambush.
That's what Fran will settle for. She may not wanna raid the place, but it'll be a good place to hide for now at least.


Rokkit looked at the puny little grot named Adalia Isola Rosenthal. That was too long for Rokkit to remember. "Roight. Ada. Don't mess up. Yer wif me now, an I expect ya ta hold yer weight! If ya ain't, you less den a git. But you ain't a git, ain'tcha?" Rokkit just gave a hearty chuckle as she ran off, probably scared of him. This wasn't unusual for grots and frankly, Rokkit was starting to feel a bit sentimental. It reminded him of his old home, his old crew. But now wasn't the time for reminiscing. He's got a job to do, and more importantly, a new ride to try. After making sure he grabbed everything that belonged to him, Rokkit went over to the bay to look at his ship.

While no one told him what exactly he's suppose to be piloting, Shorty was fortunately up-to-date and made sure to direct Rokkit to the proper transport. There were plenty of other vehicles in the bay that caught his eye, and with his Anima there wasn't much that would prevent him from operating them, but Rokkit's transport was... Sufficient. There were things he liked and things he would complain about. It was big: he liked that. Most vehicles are made for much smaller people, so he always has to squeeze or just break most vehicles he steals. It was also green, and green was the best color. It also looked pretty sturdy, which suited Rokkit just fine. But he was aghast at the lack of armament. There was only one gun, and it wasn't even forward facing, but rear-mounted. While Rokkit didn't have an issue with having a gun in the back he was appalled at the fact there was only one. "Oi oi oi... Gunna hafta break dis one in roight an propah. Give em da real Rokkit Job. More dakka, more spikes, flash of red."

The aforementioned sized was the real boon however. For once Rokkit didn't need to duck his head to get inside and there was plenty of leg space for him. It was downright cozy for the ork, so the rest of his passengers would find the transport absolutely roomy for them. Though it just made Rokkit all the more aware of the fact that there could be plenty of places to mount guns, missiles, bombs, or at least spikes on this thing. But all in due time. He had a job to do, and if he does it right, he'll have plenty of chances to make this transport properly orky. "Alright ladz an ladiez! Da name's Rokkit Mechead, an don't ye forget! I'll be da one gettin us into da foight. An unless one of ye are a smart boy, 'ere da plan I got: I'm gunna find dat place dat caster git's at, an den I'm gunna ram dis ship into em. Den we get out, krump everyone who ain't us, an we bring back heads on stikks. Easy." As Rokkit explained his strategy he began turning on the transport. Despite the size and bulk of both his giant green hand and brutal metal claw, he's able to operate the transport like a professional. This is despite the fact he's never operated this machine before or even put the key in the ignition. This was all just instincts, as well as his Anima subtly controlling the transport to respond to Rokkit's control as he likes.

"Oh, an before I forget, dis gunna be a bumpy an speedy ride! So buckle up, cuz if you ain't a hard nuff git an get all sick cuz of me, ain't my fault. Oh yeah, an I only got one gun on dis ding, an it's mine, so if any of ya wanna shoot sumthin yer better find a window and get blastin!"


Rokkit was already starting to get some nails to hammer his pants on when he heard someone trying to talk to him. The green hulk turned around, then looked down at the smaller human. Rokkit had to fight the urge to smack him, not out of any displeasure, just out of habit. He's been fighting humans for so long that his krump first, talk later instinct was still in him. Then the human, calling himself Julius, extended his hand out to give him a fist bump. Now that Rokkit could recognize more easily. He gave it a solid thump with his fleshy meat hand, figuring that was nicer than bumping with his metal klaw hand, though Rokkit's poor grasp of strength certainly made it feel like he just slugged Julius' arm. "Oi dere, da name's Rokkit Mechead! Aye know I don't need ta put on deez humie clothes, but dey real snazzy, so might as well make em a part of me kit. Black is dead 'ard an I need ta show wotever gits we huntin dat I ain't na softie."

Then Rokkit felt something run into him. He was confused for a moment, since it didn't hurt, but he also wasn't sure what just hit him. So he turned around and saw an even smaller human who's first instinct was to beg for forgiveness for bothering him. Underneath his stoic metal helmet, Rokkit smirked. She was just some grot. He supposed that wouldn't be too much of an issue, grots are useful after all. Before the human could hurt herself again and fall, Rokkit reached out to steady her. This would also show that his hand alone was at least the size of her torso: Rokkit was huge. "Wot's yer name, grot? Looks like yer gunna be out dere foightin wif me, an I need ta know wot ta call ya if I need sumone ta do sumthin."

Just as he spoke these words, Bosco the flying drone arrived. Rokkit casually continued to converse with the others as the drone began to work on Rokkit, first adjusting the mess of electronics forcefully smashed onto his helmet into something resembling a proper communication devise built into his helmet. Bosco also reworked Rokkit's uniform, first cutting the pants for extra materials, and then tailoring the top into something more akin to a mantle, complete with hood, though it was more for intimidation than secrecy considering that even with extensions, it barely went past Rokkit's hips. Meanwhile Shorty gave Rokkit a simple and concise explaination of what she's doing right now. "Hey boss, I'll be watching you all from here. I'll let you know if anything important happens. Bosco will help you if you need me to do something." Short and sweet, just how he likes it.



Rokkit was damn glad that the commander of this operation, Nevyn, kept things short. Granted Rokkit didn’t actually listen to all of it but he got the important bits: They were going after the person who attacked the plaza yesterday. And they were going to do that now. Even better, since Rokkit didn’t really have a plan but if they got this many folks, then they ought to do fine just by numbers alone. Even better, Rokkit will get to pilot a transport! He has no idea if this is some sort of armored truck or a flying gunship, but it didn’t matter to him. He would just be glad to finally be getting a proper war machine in his hands than all of these street racers he’s been stealing. Going fast is awesome, but he wanted something with more bite.

Leaving to go get his gear and see what he’s driving, Shorty stayed behind. She did one final check to make sure her appearance was okay before walking up to the commander and his secretary. She did her best to look professional, at least like Alayna, though also trying not to look like she’s just copying her. Shorty needed to make a good impression after all, and being a copycat was not a good look. However before Shorty could even speak, Nevyn took the initiative and spoke to her first. This caught Shorty off guard.

“Oh! Ahem, yes, I’m not one of the agents you recruited. My name is Shorty Grotsky, you could say I work with Rokkit, your newest agent.” First, Shorty extended her hand out to Nyven for a shake. She was pretty sure this is what you’re supposed to do in a professional setting, at least in those police procedure show’s that Shorty watches sometimes. If nothing else, Shorty knows how to stand her ground. Except instead of gangsters and tough guys, she’s talking to a police commander. “I am here to offer my services and enter your employment. You’ll find that I am a skilled technician and communication’s officer. I am the one who keeps Rokkit’s equipment and weapons operational, as well as gathering information and data needed to keep him alive.”
Shorty then produced Bosco from her briefcase. It was the only thing of importance there, since while she did have some papers, they were just random flyers she had so it looked like she kept important documents. “This is Bosco. He’s a combat drone that I developed to assist Rokkit in the field. He is also the means in which I can assist him without endangering myself from any distance. More importantly, through Bosco I can keep an eye on Rokkit.” Shorty has Bosco do some maneuvers through the air, as well as showing its armaments.

“Rokkit is a good agent, but that doesn’t mean he can’t get himself into trouble. I noticed that you assigned him as the pilot. That’s good, he’s a great driver, and he can even operate aircraft he’s never seen before like a pro. But he won’t be satisfied just staying behind the wheel. Chances are if he has the opportunity, he will recklessly endanger himself, the team, and the vehicle for the mission. But that’s where I come in. If you hire me, I can ensure that Rokkit doesn’t cause any more damage than he has to. He trusts me to handle things in his stead so he can focus on the important things such as, in his own words, ‘krumping gits’. This keeps collateral damage down and efficiency up.” Shorty ends as she has Bosco demonstrate some other abilities he had, such as opposable hands and the ability to access machines and electronics through it’s complex hacking tools. The same ones that Shorty herself would use to operate the transport if needed.

As Shorty was speaking, Nevyn would look down at the much shorter person all while supporting his chin with his right hand, apparently thinking about what she had to say. In fact the Commander would not interrupt Shorty at all, letting her finish the entire sales pitch, even though he had made up his mind quite early. Once she was done, her arm would remain extended and a short, awkward silence ensued as Nevyn appeared to think about the proposal. Alayna nervously tapped her foot on the floor, crossing her arms in front of her body while all eyes stared intensely at Shorty and Nevyn. Eventually, the Commander would finally break the deafening silence and extend his hand to politely shake Shorty’s.

”And you constructed that drone all by yourself?”

Shorty made sure to give Nevyn a firm grip, not trying to crush his hand, but to show that she’s not some dainty lass either. Sure Shorty is smaller than most humans and a girl to boot, but she didn’t last this long because she was soft and easy to push around. When he asked if she constructed the drone, Shorty made sure not to lie but take pride in her handiwork. "I modified a dwarven mining drone with additional weapons, armor, and improved performances. Usually they get tossed out after a few months of service, but I for one am not the type to throw away a perfectly serviceable machine, no matter how old it is.” That is to say, Shorty knew how to make the most out of things others would throw away. Though she also didn’t want to admit that she’s also just cheap and couldn’t afford to find/buy a better model to work off of. Still she was proud of what she could accomplish with so little.

”It is impressive.”

Nevyn replied. While he wasn’t much of an engineer himself, he could tell that the work was more than just superficially impressive. She might have been a diamond in the rough, waiting to get the right tools to shape and develop herself. The Commander pondered again for a moment, his eyes gazing over Shorty before darting towards the one empty seat on the support staff team. Of course, he was well aware of what had happened to the person that was supposed to be there. In a sense, the unit was getting revenge for the unjust killing of Jack by going after the silver-haired attacker. This is, however, when Alayna decided to step in. She did a very symbolic cough, trying to interrupt Nevyn and gain his attention.

”If I may, Commander-”

In response, Nevyn raised his eyebrow and assumed his thinking position again.

”I know what you are thinking. We have dozens- No, hundreds of applicants for the vacant seat. It is your choice ultimately, but please consider the very qualified applicants we already have that were recommended by the higher ups.

Nevyn nodded in acknowledgement but did not reply immediately. Instead, he looked directly at Shorty, using his amber eyes to directly stare into Shorty’s, practically piercing her with his stare. This went on for a few minutes before Nevyn closed his eyes, sighed, and put his hands in his pockets with his signature gentle but confident smile.

”I say let us give it a try. Just like the Agents need to prove themselves, let’s give Shorty a chance to prove herself.”

Nevyn raised his hand to point at the vacant seat next to the other supporting staff.

”Act as part of the support team for this mission and show me what you can do Shorty. If you can convince me with your actions then I will offer you a contract alongside Rokkit’s.”

"You have made the right choice, Commander." Shorty says with a confident smile. But deep inside she was freaking out and screaming. She had no idea that this would work, and she certainly didn't expect to immediately be in the job. Doing her best not to sweat she dismissed herself and followed Rokkit out to the lockers, but mostly just so she could brainstorm and figure out how to immediately be useful. She has no about this lady or what happened during the assassination, and knowing Rokkit they will end up fighting her in a few minutes, half an hour at most. So Shorty quickly left Bosco with Rokkit, explaining that she's going to be helping out as she goes to find somewhere to set up shop. Ideally using someone's computer.

Once Shorty and the other Agents had left towards the locker room, Alayna would quickly step in front of Nevyn to confront him.

”With all due respect- An unknown and untrained person in such an important position? That does not seem like a good choice, Commander.”

Nevyn responded with a reassuring smile.

”You know where she and Rokkit are from. She was able to build a drone like that basically from scrap. Imagine what she can do with proper tools and parts.”

After which Nevyn stepped aside, leaving the baffled Alayna in front of the conference area as he made his way to his office. The personal assistant would then quickly shake her head, brush off what just happened, and quickly join the supporting staff in monitoring the start of their first official mission.

Meanwhile, Rokkit went into the lockers to grab his things. He went to look for his locket, but wasn't really sure which one it was. He was still trying to learn how to read the basic language, and at best knows what his name is suppose to be spelled like. So when he eventually found his locker Rokkit door the door off and proceeded to grab his things. A headset, which he'd have to hammer into his helmet, a badge which he slapped on top of his armor, the PDA which he also just slapped onto his helmet, and a suit. It was a big one fitted for him, but Rokkit liked his armor as is, so he simply opted to take the pants and jacket and wrap it over his shoulders like a cape. This part he was having some difficulty with, since his hands weren't quite finesse enough to tie a knot and he was seriously debating just bolting his uniform to his armor, like everything else he had grabbed with him. "Goddamn humies making things hard fer an ork like me..."
Yeah boi, we on an adventure now! Btw @Fading Memory when you say there's a dozen hostiles, do you mean around 12 bandits or 12 ships with bandits in them? Fran is assuming the latter.
Knowing that they were entering dangerous lands, Fran remained ever vigilante as they traveled. She always kept her halberd on hand javelins ready in the even they were assailed by enemies from afar. Sure enough as they came across a tomb, there was also word that river pirates approached. They were vastly outnumbered, but also unseen, so the group had the tactical advantage of first move. Fran spoke up quickly, clearly, but quietly as to not alert any scouts of their presence. "We should take shelter within the tomb. While I've half a mind to investigate it for anything of use, I'm also not a graverobber and don't wished to be cursed for my greed. We should wait for the pirates to pass us, and then strike when they least expect it. I'd feel far less guilty taking the ill-gotten gains of those those ruffians than plundering a gravesite."

While Fran was no rogue, she felt she could reasonably stay hidden. Though if anyone could assist her in that regard, she'd be very much grateful. "If possible, we should try and conceal our presence with any spells, if available. At the very least it should be placed on those of us who'll attempt to raid the ships. We should try and take on the flag ship, to cut off the head of the beasts before the rest can rally. Without their leadership the craven would scatter and those left would be without their strongest or smartest members to guide them." Fran has done similar assaults with Astrea before. When dealing with the likes of bandits, they may seem fearsome and intimidating, but once you take out their leadership many of the lower ranks will lose morale. Even if they stay and fight, they're usually much weaker than their leaders, making them less of a threat even in numbers. Even so Fran does have to keep in mind that their leader is no doubt at the center of the crew, so reaching him would be easier said than done. And if they don't defeat him quickly, they'll just find themselves surrounded from all sides. So they needed to attack fast in a coordinated matter.


I couldn't wait for you to come clear the cupboards
But now you're going to leave with nothing but a sign
Another evening I'll be sitting reading in between your lines
Because I miss you all the time

Music began to blare in the warehouse. Grumbles of complaints was punctuated with the clattering of tools and pans. From a pile of broken couches and tossed off cloth, a hulking giant arose. A loud grunt was all was needed before someone approached him holding a plate with some food on it. Piles of XXL Burritos, fresh from the vending machine. Those grots even took the consideration of removing them from the wrapper first before the green-skinned man took a bite into it. A thin soft tortilla wrapped around a slurry of synth meat and tomato sauce, flavored with cheese-based seasoning. To anyone who knew what food was, this was a mockery of a meal, more smoothie than food.

But for Rokkit, this was breakfast all the same.

Finishing his plate within seconds, the warehouse was already abuzz with life. Children running about getting ready for the day, some of them even bothering to wash up. The factory's machines were already cranking out parts for guns and bullets, with a few children at work putting things together or loading up boxes. Rokkit lended no hand helping the grots, partly because he knew to let them do their work, mostly because he couldn't be arsed to do such menial labor. There was other work that needed to be done first. To that end, Rokkit went to find the biggest of the grots, their leader Shorty. Despite being the oldest and biggest, she was barely knee-high to Rokkit, though it doesn't help that the ork would easily be over 8-feet tall, if he didn't slouch so much.

Barely any words needed to be exchanged between the two. Rokkit wasn't one for explaining himself, and Shorty knew enough from her harsh life in the streets to guess people's thoughts and intentions before they could lie about it. So when Rokkit met his little second-in-command, she was already ready with some work for him. "Morning boss. Might be interested in this one. Word is that there's a samurai on the run. Stole some preem tech. Big bounty on his head, could use the coin. Already sent his last location to you." Shorty handed Rokkit his helmet. Prior to coming here, it was just a normal helmet, but ever since working with these grots, Rokkit has felt like a boss. He's got his own group of minions making him stuff, he's got plenty of enemies to fight, and he's got the respect of anyone he cares to not kill. This place was paradise.

But for an ork, paradise means conflict. And in a conflict, there is a struggle. His home, if it could be called that, was but one of many warehouses in the 5th pillar. While most are actually used and owned by businesses, plenty more were abandoned and turned into camps or bases by the homeless, or criminal. And those folks always were looking to expand their sphere of influence, often by force. And it was Rokkit's job to make sure they knew their place. With the street as untamed as the 5th, Rokkit couldn't rest on his laurels if he wanted to maintain his comfortable life style. He'd have to go out of his way to crack some heads, and remind people that his place wasn't open for business.

After donning his helmet and grabbing his gear, Rokkit would first head out of his home and seek out that samurai. Samurai were corporate warriors, different from typical security guards in that they're specialized for fighting, often protecting VIP's or alternatively, killing rival ones. Different from a typical Handler, they work solely within their company's interest, not for money, and don't hire themselves out as such. So hearing that one had ran away with stolen tech must've meant a lot to this samurai. Rokkit was about to find out how much it was worth it to him.

The information that Shorty gave Rokkit was a bit outdated. Unsurprisingly, the samurai had already left the area. But not before leaving a mess behind. About twenty different corpses scattered about. Some seemed to have a theme going on so chances are quite a few gangs showed up to collect the bounty, but nearly all the bodies were chopped up. Meanwhile their guns were scattered around, some of them even usable still. That told Rokkit that these guys didn't even have a chance to shoot each other up. That Samurai made quick work of them. Not that it impressed Rokkit. Most gangs in the city weren't nearly as tough as some of the folks Rokkit grew up fighting. They were all flash and no dakka. Most of these corpses weren't even teched out, so Rokkit figured they were just fodder who were in over their heads.

The more important thing was trying to find out where the Samurai went. For this Rokkit needed to pay attention to his surroundings. He was in a back-alley area, with only two ways in. Most of the bodies were piled up at the largest entrance, meaning that they all were charging in before the samurai cut them down. The fact only one side was full of corpses while the other was untouched made Rokkit think the samurai ran that way, but then he stopped. He mentally thought about how this Samurai would've killed these gangers. Not a shot fired, and he could've have given anyone of them a chance to even get a bead on him. If he had ran down this ally to them, there should've been bullet holes. But there isn't. And in fact from the way the bodies fell Rokkit realized that the Samurai had attacked the gang from behind.

"Hmph. Clever git. Lead em right into a trap, thinkin dey can ambush em, but he's be da one doin da ambushin."

So the Samurai cuts them down from behind, but doesn't bother to stay. The path ahead was still clear so there was an obvious way he could've ran. But knowing that this place was going to be full of bounty hunters soon, if he took the obvious path he would just get boxed in. No, that samurai has to be smarter than that. Rokkit looked up. Loose pipes, broken cement walls, a shoe print on a windowpane. The Samurai went up. And Rokkit would soon follow.

Flexing his klaw, Rokkit clamped onto the wall and lunched himself upwards towards the rooftops. He jumped from one wall to another, stepping onto window stills, pipping, and aircons to the top. Despite crushing pretty much everything he came into contact with, the big brute was easily able to climb and jump his way up. But what he found was disappointing. Another dead body, but this one was different from the others. First of all, it was missing a head. But more importantly, this body was stuffed with advance cybernetics. Nothing that Rokkit could use considering his alien physiology, but this corpse wasn't a regular gangster. Flipping the body over, Rokkit took a picture of the corpse and sent the info back to Shorty. Not long after she confirms that this was the samurai.

"Dammit. Sum git got to em fer I did. Now dis whole damn thing's a waste of me time."

Rokkit hated wasting time. He checked the body for anything of worth and when he didn't, he began to tear out the cybernetic parts from the corpse. He was sure the grots could do something with it. Either way he returned back to his warehouse with naught much to show for it except an armful of limbs. Along the way he ran into a couple of grifters. Bunch of homeless men posing as veterans of some war that Rokkit never bothered to remember, and was pretty sure was a lie anyways. They were harmless to him, but always bothered his grots, so all Rokkit did was toss a bloodied pair of arms at the group and force them to scatter.

"Pft. Not even worth da dakka. Bunch of gits."

Returning to base, Rokkit vented his frustration on his punching bag. A heavy duty sack made from various nanofiber weaves patched together. It would almost be useful armor, if it wasn't full of holes from where Rokkit's claw and knuckles would break it. Rokkit was really eager to have gone up against a samurai, having heard a lot of tales about their combat prowess. He had imagined an epic brawl between his claw versus a Samurai's sword, a clash of steel in a stone jungle. With Rokkit showing off his finesse, and the samurai matching the ork's strength with his own. Alas, it was all but a fantasy. Rokkit gave his bag an impressive five punch combo, but it didn't mean anything unless he got to use it in a real fight.

"Hey boss, I know that last one was a fecking disappointment, but I got another lead. Or rather uh, a reminder. We got that meeting today, remember? Over by the 2nd." Shorty approached Rokkit wearing a different outfit from what she usually wears. Normally she's dressed in dirtied rags, not because she's poor, but because she often works on the line with the other kids. And putting together metal parts was a messy job. But this time Shorty cleaned up. She had taken a shower and put on some office attire. Granted, they were approximately what an office woman would wear, if she was a three-foot tall goblin. No one made office attire for children, and custom ordering them even through Clint's Clothes was far more than what Shorty would be willing to pay for. So she improvised using some clothes she picked out from the thrift store and were donated to a local church. She could reasonably pass off as an office worker from a distance, baring the fact she was shorter than most women and wasn't wearing shoes. Shorty never liked shoes and tried to make her pantyhose look like she was wearing flats from a distance.

As for Rokkit, he was just going to go in his usual armor. He couldn't be arsed to dress nice and even if he had to, his armor was the nicest clothes he got. Plus he knew about this job Shorty was talking about and he wasn't about to go there looking like some pansy git. They needed a warrior, and they were going to get one. So once Shorty had gotten her things together, the two would leave towards their meeting.

Rokkit got the call for this new job after a particularly harrowing fight against some twisted monster. Now, Rokkit was no stranger to fighting strange and dangerous xeno, but this thing was different from a nid or even warp demon. No amount of bullets seemed to phase it and it moved like a fourth-dimensional object. It was only when Rokkit smashed it with his claw that it seemed to do any meaningful damage, and that wasn't easy. He still won, but the whole experience left him bewildered. Shortly after he was contacted to join some security organization. Rokkit figured this would be a getter gig than just cruising the 5th looking for a fight, and if this means fighting more extra-dimensional monsters, he was all for it.

Shorty however had a more practical outlook. Working in the 2nd pillar means opening doors for her and the kids to move to the 2nd pillar, where she can get them an actual job and education. The money they made here running guns were barely enough to give everyone their daily bread. They're competing against professional gun runners who made military grade things. And clever as they were to make these pipe guns that pack a punch, they just pack the infrastructure to make this viable long term. And Shorty would rather make sure the kids get regular jobs, with regular stability, than risk their life's on the street. This was Shorty's chance at escaping provety in the 5th, which was why she was going with Rokkit and making sure he gets the job. What's good for him is good for her.

Getting out of the 5th was a bit easier said than done though. Lots of foot traffic to get through the streets, let alone the hell that was the early morning train. There was a saying in the fifth: early is on time, on time is late, and late is gone. And unfortunately Rokkit and Shorty we're "on time", meaning if they waited in line they would be late to their meeting. And while Rokkit doesn't care, Shorty didn't want to give a bad impression. "Hey boss, let's skip the line. Picked up chatter that there's a meet 'n greet not too far from here. What say we catch a ride?"

"Heh. Beats standing around like sum knob. Aight, lead da way, Shorty."

On the street, meet 'n greets were just another name for a drug deal, typically a small one. Could be as quick as a hand off or a long negotiation. Shorty had picked up a meet n greet that has gone longer than it should, and Rokkit was going to investigate. Sure enough this deal went south: couple of dead gangers, and a lot more civilian folk. There were still a few hangers left picking through the dead. "Crimson Lion. Fancy name for a bunch of low-rank thugs. Still look at their ride." Shorty pointed out the Crimson Lion's sweet street racer. With a reflective ruby paint job, striking lion decal, and blazing white underglow, it was a classic example of gangster excess. Rokkit wanted it.

There was five gangers, three picking bodies, one trying to break into a vending machine, and one actually watching. Rokkit and Shorty needed to get through all of them to get to that car. That's when Shorty revealed her hand: a small drone named Bosco. She went to find a secure spot to sit while she has Bosco stealth and hack into the vending machine. It spilled out a bunch of cash to distract one of the gangers. At the same time Shorty did a remote hack on the car's radio, causing it to go a bit crazy. This would distract the only gabger watching. And finally, for the big show. With two hangers sufficiently distracted Bosco went to the three Gangers looting the dead and broke out the gas. It began to fill the area, causing those caught within to tear up as the chemicals caused their eyes and throat to swell.

It was a little bit of chaos. Before any of the gangers could realize this was an attack, Rokkit struck. First he landed on the Crimson Lion looting the vending machine. He pounced like a tiger, dropping the thug by grabbing his head and slamming it into the cement. Next he ran into the chemical cloud. Rokkit's helmet was hermantically sealed, protecting him from the tear gas as he ripped apart the three wannabes before they could even draw iron. The last one realized something was up and took out his gun, a hefty little smg, and sprayed into the cloud. But too little too late. Rokkit was already gone, stepping around cover to blast the last survivor to giblets. One shot from Rokkit's gun ripped off the gangsters arm. A second blew off a leg. The last turned the torso into chunky salsa, scattering gore across the alley.

All this done in less than a minute. Bosco went to gather up the left over guns and drugs. "Immunosupressors. Used to prevent ODing on tech, which ironically means it's wanted by junkies who want to push their limits. Not useful for us but we can hawk this easy." Shorty says as she grabs a case. Rokkit wasn't paying attention and was already in the car. Normally even cheap cars needed a physical key to work, and Rokkit couldn't be arsed to find one. And a car this nice also had some digital locks and such to ensure that you couldnt just wire the car or steal the key either. But none of that mattered to Rokkit. All he needed to do was hit the dash with his claw and suddenly the whole thing roared to life. Shorty dove into the backseat just as Rokkit slammed on the gas, blasting out of the alley and into the streets.

Racing through the streets of the 5th, Rokkit and Shorty we're making good time to reach the meeting place. The only time they stopped was to get through the check points, which Rokkit begrudgingly did once he figures out how to slow the car down. But once he was allowed back on the road he wasted no time speeding up, tearing through alleys, and even preforming some complex manuevers on a busy intersection. Whatever shaves off a few seconds on his drive. Shorty was absolutely terrified and needed to vomit into a backpack full of old take-out, and desperately wishes she had taken the train instead.

By the time they reached the 2nd pillar, Rokkit had to ditch the car. Shorty was glad to be back on her feet and made a mental note never to join Rokkit for a ride every again. Her outfit was a bit of a mess so she had to do some spot cleaning, and she had to figure out where to go from here. Neither she nor Rokkit had ever been to the 2nd pillar. They've seen some of it on the news but never took a tour or anything. So Shorty needed to pull up the info on her Holo Display and get directions. "Alright, just a little walk. Boss just um… Just remember that this is business, see, so we gotta be a bit professional."

"Bah, it ain't dat difficult Shorty. It's just 'nother gig ta krump some gits and otha wetwork. Wotever planz dey got ain't nothin ta do with you or me. I ain't goin ere ta call shots or nuthin. Just a hired dakka."

"Well… Alright boss. Just want to make sure you know what to expect." The two free skins head over to the tall building. There was a section blocked off, apparently this was where that assassination occured. A lot of talk back in the 5th that this was a hit carried out by one of the gangs, but this was just talk. Though Shorty was curious about it, Rokkit just wondered how he'd fare in a surprise attack. He made him grin: even though the 2nd was suppose to be safe, stuff like this could happen. It means he'll never be bored even if he does hang out in this place.

Rokkit entered the building, his feet stomping into the clean mopped floors. He couldnt look more out of place if he tried. Shorty followed after, carrying a suit case to look professional even though it was filled with stolen drugs, her drone, and a her lunch. Shorty also ran into another problem she knew she was going to have to get used to: being too short to be seen over tables and countertops. "IXth SU δ Division." Shorty would say clear and loudly. After getting the directions, the dynamic duo would squeeze into an elevator and reach the meeting area. Lots of colorful characters here. Rokkit was eager to see how these folks hold up, while Shorty was quick to blend into the background and take a more analytical approach.
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