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Current For all whom it may concern, laptop got fried, so I'm stuck on a cell to work on posts and shit.
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Narp narp narp
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Shit happened. Brb sometime next week or so.
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I couldn't save you Anri...
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Nerp derp derp. Smurf herpa rerp.
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If you're here either you're wondering what I'm doing cause I need to post in your RP (In which case, calm yo tits, I'll get around to it), or you want to know who I am. So let's begin.

I'm a college age asian kid who has more heart than he has senses. I'm still working out this whole "adulthood" thing, so until then I just do what I feel I must. As far as personality and traits go, I'm not one for boasting. So if there's anything redeeming about myself you'd have to figure it out in person or by word-of-mouth. Generally however I'm rather perverted, in the best and worst ways. nothing is too much until I've crossed the line, and that just means I've started.

As far as Roleplays I like, I have a thing for fantasy, though I'm also good for some types of sci-fi, supernatural, Modern, and slice-of-life. If it's open and sandbox, I'll probably join it. Never really been a romantic, I often chose to sexualize any notion of romantic encounters I come across. I generally write at Casual quality, though I have no issues with Free-Level Rp/Players and I can hold my own in Advance.

I'm in quite a few RP's, the notable few listed below.

Blood Act I~ Ghosts of the Past - Something of my mangum opus. Too much to describe here, but I've been in it for four years, resurrected from the Guildfall. I'm a GM.

Heroes of Beacon - the Next Chapter - I have a bit of history with joining, overthrowing, and losing RWBY RP's. So far however Heroes of Beacon has lasted over a year. I'm proud to be part of it.

Mass Effect: The face of Injustice An RP lead by Elite Commander. Good guy, good RP.

Deep Ground Online - Another RP by my friend Windel, I'm a Co-GM for this one. It has a bit of history but we're always excited about people interested in it. If you know Accel's World then you would be somewhat familiar with this one. Come check us out sometimes.

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@Rockin Strings

It's located on the continent of Lorrath. It's the central province of Galendar. If you mean real world location, I don't think there's a real world equivalent that I know of.

Psht, what you don't realize is that Fran is actually hidden in the orgy waiting for assassins to reveal themselves, pretending to lower her guard in order to lure them out. It's a fool proof plan!
Imitation is the best form of flattery.
<Snipped quote by TheWindel>

Disappointing. Could he create a clone that looks and acts exactly like her? With the same powers as her? Henry is always on the hunt for a great bodyguard.

Fran's available for service~

He meant to say bitch planet. And then pretty much did what Victoire did.

Dun dun duuuuuuuh.
<Snipped quote by Mega Birb>

Wasn't Sliske tortured by like several demons who decapitated him for his failures from Arcadia? Is that considered a vacation? lol

This is hell. Stuff like that is basically a slap on the wrist for most demons.

If Grafdakka/Endian/Krieg (Henceforth just refereed to as Endian for simplicity sake) has the credit or whatever for it, here's an upgrade I had mind. An upgrade to the Grind Gear mech via cannibalizing the parts from the Destroya form and Endian being a bit more intelligent than Krieg usually is.

I'd also like to request some minions to emulate the old Endian's drones. The current Endian utilizes her hardlight technology for more perso0nal combative use, but she remembers and would utilize drones to assist her. Scaled up to be useful to Grafdakka of course.


"Just give it a rest! You're Nobodies! You don't even exist! You're not sad about anything!"

Fix dat fer ya.
Aw, but Endian wants into space... It's fine, I was just joking anyways. Tenuously.

I am interested in Miyu's space adventures, however they may occur. I'll just try to find an opportunity to pursue them if/when I can.
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