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If you guys want to go for the kill Raugar's keen. Feels like we've dealt a nice chunk of damage so far. It might even try and run soon.

Or we might get roasted. *shrugs*

Despite his pride and training, Raugar couldn't help but cringe as the cyclops retaliated. It's club descended with the weight of an avalanche, smashing into the ruins Roy was occupying and sweeping through. It's range was incredible. He couldn't see the man in the rubble and had no idea if he'd survived. Lilt seemed to be moving but looked badly hurt.

The ground trembled as it repositioned itself behind cover, but Raugar wasted no time chasing after it with another battlecry. The stranger was already there, attacking with a bright light that opened deep wounds in it's leg. Raugar went for the opposite limb, funnelling as much of his own power as he could into his blade as he buried it in the creatures flesh. He tried to position himself so that between them they were blocking as much of the path back down the street as possible. He shouted back to the orc, asking whether they could escape through the hideout, but the answer was a negative. In that case, the best he could do was try and buy time for the group to rally.

Getting rid of this thing any way we can sounds good. I'd suggest we just hide in the lair, but then we'd be fish in a barrel.

@Lucius Cypher can Raugar ask the orc if her lair has a bolthole?

If it does We could grab the supplies inside and get out if the suggestion fails.
@Searat yeah save it.

Raugar was surprised by Angus's decision, but he was the one risking his life, so it was his choice. Lilt spoke up against his provocation. Perhaps there was some fire in the kobold after all. The discussion ended. Raugar's heart began to thump in his chest as Angus took up his position, and cast fourth both his javelin and his challenge.

No plan survives contact with the enemy. Back at the Order, this was a lesson Raugar's instructors had impressed in him many times, and something he had found largely to be true during his military career. No matter how rigorously trained or disciplined the soldiers or how solid the plan, battle was a place of chaos not order, which would sweep up even the most cohesive unit, let alone a loosely collected group of adventurers.

So when an unknown element stepped out of the lair, an electric orb flew past his shoulder and the plan flew out the window, He surged into action, adrenaline pumping as he joined the battle. Looks like we get to take this thing on after all. he thought, channelling his power, as he unleashed a roar. A pale echo that recalled the might of the great ancestors of his race and the promise of his oaths to conquer even the strongest who stood before him.

17 from Raugar
the cyclops definitely didn't spot you guys.

let's get this show on the road!

Raugar was breathing heavily when the orc drew to a halt. He had spied no fiends watching them as they dashed across the rooftops, but caught a glimpse of the faint aura surrounding the corpse the orc identified as her victim. Undead. Such unholy creatures reside here as well. Were they just a side effect of this rotten place, or was there a source that needed to be destroyed? he would have to ask the orc.

Later. For something else now dominated his attention. A giant. It could be nothing else, he gazed in awe at the magnificent tower of lumbering muscle, capped by it's single eye. He had never seen anything like it. Such a thing could obliterate swathes of men. In his mind's eye, he allowed himself to fantasize about bringing down such a creature. Fear and excitement mixed in equal parts within him. Could they possibly do it?

He joined the others, who were deep in discussion, and listened intently to Angus's plan to lead it away. It was certainly a more sensible plan. Their weapons would likely barely go much further than it's hide... Even suggesting they try to bring it down was madness... folly...

But what if they didn't need their weapons?

"The plan is good, and you are brave for suggesting it." he said with a respectful nod in Angus's direction. "But your escape will be difficult. What of rope?" He crouched down and removed a coil of hempen rope from his pack. "We could trip it. Myself and another lie in wait further down. When it charges after you, we pull it taut across the road, using the ruins as anchors and try to bring it down, or at least make it stumble." He examined the beast again, taking note of it's size. "It's vision will be poor with that single eye, and a creature of that size should have a hard time getting back on its feet, especially if it collapses on some buildings, and we can all slip into the den whilst it gets its bearings." He stood up again. "You would need to avoid being crushed." he said matter-of-factly, "But if we use enough lengths of rope, it could work." he said, more to convince himself than the others. He turned to face Lilt. "If you lack the courage to cast your magic on the beast itself, is there something you might do to camouflage or conceal our trap?"
maybe we could distract it with tasty illusions and sneak past? idk.
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