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sorry to hear that @floodtalon, gl with stuff!

@Lucius Cypher any chance we can skip to us being back at the temple in the interest of moving things along?
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I didn't think of that, hopefully that doesn't bite me in the ass

drawing your weapon and yelling aggressively standing on the corpse of a giant probably doesn't require much translation tbh.

The lair was dark and cramped. Nothing really jumped out at him as he scoured the place in the small amount of time he had. He just started filling his bag with what he could see, small dried plants and containers. Alchemy ingredients, by the looks of them, but there would be more time to examine them later.

"Right! time to leave." he called out as he emerged back into the street. He could hear the trogs now, and he could see Thokk staring at something just out of sight. "They can have the meat, lets get out of here!" he said, setting off in the direction of the temple.
@Lucius Cypher so what do we find in the hut?
@tobiax Thanks for letting me know. But don't sweat it. If a space does open up, there's loads of class archetypes I'm interested in playing. Otherwise, no worries, have a good game ^^
Well that didn't work. Maybe Ano could examine the hideout? she's been in there already and might have an idea of what's inside.

Raugar got a good stick in the leg with his blade. Now who's legs are shaking? he thought viciously. Hot blood poured gushed over him as he tried to bury it further. Somewhere behind him, a voice called him to glory as the cyclops was driven to it's knees. Then the crack of Roy's shot filled the air, the beast went limp, and suddenly he was scrambling not to be crushed under the falling giant. Then all was still.

The short battle had felt like an eternity. Raugar grabbed his bloody blade with sticky hands and pulled it free with a squelch. I must look like one of my red cousins he thought, catching a glance of his reflection in the metal of the beasts former armour. Then the reality of the situation hit him. They had triumphed over the giant! Theirs was a deed worthy of praise and song. He felt his chest swell as he beheld his slain foe.

But there was no time for celebrating. The trogs would be on their way for such a feast. He made his way around to the other side of the corpse, to make sure his ally hadn't been crushed. "You fight with courage, stranger" he said. "Introductions will have to wait, but if you seek shelter from the trogs, you are welcome to join us at the temple. I'm going to check the lair. Your orc friend has left, but there might be something worth salvaging."
He went over to the hideout, signalling he was going to take a look to Lilt and Roy before ducking into the enclosed space. he didn't have much time but had to grab everything that looked like it was useful or interesting. Time to make a mess...
yeah I figured as much. Alright I'll just hang around and see ^^ I've a few ideas floating around. Probably a Wizard or a Brawler, depending on what the party needed. Maybe a cavalier.
Hum, I don't suppose this is still accepting?
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