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so we heading into this big ol forest or what?
Awesome. Got me a 13.

Don't forget to tell your stories!

Eh. Don't know that Raugar feels like sharing, but I've posted something. If anyone needs more hitpoints I can top them up with lay on hands.

Raugar was interested to learn that the breastplate was magical. Hopefully it was just a taste of the treasures that awaited them in Nurn.

"Have faith, soldier" Raugar said to Roy resolutely. "If it is meant to be, you will find what you seek. Though it might not take the form you expect."
He retrieved his own armour as he spoke, glad to be relatively free of gore again. "My own reasons for being here are nothing unusual. Nurn is a place of power, and the edicts of my faith demand I grow stronger." In his mind's eye he could once again see the Primate trying to dissuade him from his journey, that he was not yet ready to face a place like Nurn. But that was exactly why he had to go. He knew the Lord Paragon himself had faced Nurn in his youth. Raugar had a standard to keep up to. If he died trying he would have no regrets.

"Once everyone's ready we should make a move, and make the most of the daylight."
sounds good.

@Lucius Cypher do we know much about what traveling to Nurn proper will be like? how long it might take and so forth.
I for one am good for a short or long rest but at least lets wait until the trog horde thins out inside the ruins before we decide to trek further in.

ah but whilst the trogs are all gathered in one place is the best time to make our move! If we take a long rest we have to wait out the rest of the day and the night. unless you want to set off in the darkness.
or.. you know... prestidigitation. That would work too.


I had to double check Lilt's cantrips for a second in case I'd made a terrible mistake.
Sorry for the wait. So what do you guys think about just healing up and heading out again? I think we still have plenty of resources?

Raugar stood at the door awhile, peering out into the courtyard, but eventually pulled it to, disappointed. It seemed like the stranger had not taken up his offer after all.

He was covered in blood. It had seeped seemingly everywhere. The dragonborn lay down his weapons and removed his heavy gauntlets and sticky chain mail where Lilt indicated, then stood there himself. "If you could purge my hide of this filth, you'd have my gratitude." he said in draconic. His whole left side was a giant bruise where the cyclops had smashed into him, but through his elation at the fight it merely felt like an annoyance. "A tale worthy of the bards indeed." he said back to Roy. "And the day is still young. I say we take a short rest to recover and prepare ourselves, then begin trekking to the ruins."

"I don't know about you but I've had enough of this god forsaken town. It's a shame the orc got away, but I doubt there's much more for us here, and I do not wish to waste more time. Our real prize awaits us in Nurn." he said, eyes glimmering.
@tobiax got me a 25.

Zezazu felt like he was floating. Having spent over three years sleeping in caves, on grass and nestled in tree hollows, he'd thought a soft bed would feel uncomfortable and alien to him now. Not so. The moment he'd laid down the previous night, he'd drifted off into restful slumber, with a twinge of guilt at how much he'd missed it.

Now something was jabbing him in the side, disturbing his peace. He eventually cracked an eye. It was the Thing, looming over him. It was probably hungry. It was always hungry. He yawned. A deep, annoyed sound. Skin curling back over his large teeth as he stretched his jaw, before rising from the comfy bed and finding something for the bird to eat. It was a good specimen, with grey white plumage. It had grown significantly in the short period since its hatching. Hopefully it would start being useful.

The Gnoll dressed whilst the small roc feasted happily, then exited the small room and entered the inn proper. It was early, though a few patrons were already about. He grabbed a carafe of water and seated himself at an empty table in the corner to wait. Sleeping in a bed was one thing, being around people again was another. There were always too many to keep an eye on at once. It made his skin tingle, like the hair he didn't have was trying to stand on end. Hopefully the wizard would not be too long. The only reason he was here at all was because of him. He didn't even know where the wandering Tocadre was headed, not that it mattered. He simply had a debt to pay to the man, and it would take as long as it would take.
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