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Current Pizza is a main course, but is also a pie. Therefore, I can eat pizza as my meal and have another pizza as my dessert.
5 mos ago
When I need a left sock, there is none. When I don't need one, there is a surplus. I think the world is toying with me.
6 mos ago
Sunny days are meant to be spent in a dark room surfing the net and watching series in netflix.
7 mos ago
Eating a stick of butter is not as fun as it sounds to be.
7 mos ago
Break the system! Eat lunch at breakfast, dinner at lunch, and breakfast at dinner! Anarchy!


I am Searat
Half sea, Half rat, All Aqueous Rodent.

My role playing career is something i consider as a hobby of some sort but as to how long i have been role playing, I would say that i have three to four years under my belt. (Though most of the times I was role playing, they were nothing as serious as this and were more of a means to relieve stress with my friends or test out ideas that came to mind with them.)

As for my preferences to genres of role play, I would have no biases nor specific preferences to any genre and would be able to adapt to the genre as best I can when placed into it.

Some of my hobbies consist of: playing games, surfing the web, walking, bowling, darts, and cooking. I sometimes write and draw things but not as much to consider it to be a serious hobby.

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Not a half bad idea.
Astra and Essie came by car, and I just supposed that the rights also applied to supernatural detainees.
I believe that she could get him back with little issue.
The very first feeling Ed felt after witnessing the 'vision' he had was a tidal wave of exhaustion and immense pain. Every limb, muscle, and even bone relentlessly roared in protest for the slightest of movements; even the simple act of drawing breath hurt him in a way. His eyes were unfocused and his vision blurred. He could barely distinguish objects a couple feet away from his face and his head felt heavy. He could barely even think straight. The ringing in Ed's ears practically drowned out the sounds from his surroundings...but he could hear something that looped over and over again. His glazed eyes scanned around for the origin of the sound but try as he must he couldn't locate the source. Though soon, the newly evolved Ed would regain his ability to hear and see again. But before anything else happened, a notification popped in his head.

Dire Rat > (Immature) Rat-Man!
You have Transformed!
Your base power-stats have increased!
You have not reached your full Potential. Use Light Equipment skill is reduced.
You possess the skill Stronger! You are developing the skill Dexterous! The Use Light Equipment skill is boosted! Current total is (0.8).
You have not reached your full Potential. The Increase to Beast Sense is reduced to (0.5). New total is (2.4).

Skill Rank Up: Beast Sense I > Beast Sense II!
Passive sensory range increased. By actively focusing on one (1) sense, you can further increase that sense's sharpness.
System: Ed

' that's how you evolve.' The system notification had made it apparent to Ed of the changes his body underwent after becoming an immature ratman. The feeling was so familiar but also so foreign and alien to the reincarnator. Though, all things considered, he had little to complain about. He evolved without issue, he finally had hands now and his form was bipedal in a sense, and he was still in the tree hidden from the goblins. He had to make the best of the situation. Though there was the issue of the incessant squeaking.

Wait. Squeaking?

Ed finally paid attention to the source of the squeaking. It was Mother Rat perched atop his head. It seemed that she was worried sick for the former dire rat. Ed had to reassure her that he was alright. No matter how painful it was to speak. "I'm fine...I'm fine. Please...calm down." His voice came out, barely above a whisper. Though he hoped that by speaking alone, he could wrest away the worry and panic the elder dire rat was experiencing. Though as of now, there was little he could do while his body was recovering from the evolution. Ed would just had to settle to meditate. Maybe that would hasten the passing of the pain his body was experiencing?

"Oh do we get down from here?" Ed mused to Asteria's mother, he didn't expect the elder rat to reply but it made him feel better none the less. The adult dire rat had apparently followed him out of the cave and up the tree when Ed finally mustered enough courage back to make a mad dash forward and out of the cave. This was similar to his dash earlier this morning when he had accidentally fallen into the pond, but rather than the pond; he had clambered up a tall tree and managed to get stuck there when he finally regained his wits from the grip of fear.

At the very least the outside was a refreshing view from the dark colors of the cave's interior. Verdant leaves and grass, the clear blue sky, and the trees were pleasing to the eyes. The feeling of fresh air was something Ed had not realized he had missed, but soon discovered when odd breezes chose to go his way and it felt GLORIOUS upon his fur. He only had a single complaint on being stuck up in that tree. It gave him full view of the ongoing duel between Crispy and a female goblin surrounded by the rest of the remnants of Rattleskull's horde. He felt like a rabbit that had just stumbled into a Fox den. As of now, they had yet to notice them but it seemed that they were too engrossed by their own affairs to notice the rodents perched atop a tree.

Yet again the young dire rat is forced into hiding because of circumstance. Such experiences made the boy question himself and his capabilities. This was the second time this day that he was rendered useless by the situation. Ed grimaces to himself. 'God that was pathetic. Not only did I freeze in fear, I abandoned my allies...damn that was outright disgraceful.' He lets out a sigh as he lies on his belly. '...maybe things would have been different if I was evolved like the rest?'

Desire for Evolution Recognized...

Options for Evolution:
- (Adult) Dire Rat
- (Immature) Giant Rat
- (Immature) Rat-Man
- (Immature) Mongrel

System is Now Choosing Most Suitable Transformation. Please Hold...
Selection Complete!
(Immature) Rat-Man Chosen.

Evolution Process Initiating in...3...2...1
Evolution Process Initiated.
System: Ed

'What the hel-' Ed was unable to complete the thought as the evolution process silenced his mind.

I can give y'all temporary hp. Just tell me and Ill get Roy to inspire some health into you.
Probably worse considering their hit die is only a d6. The cyclopes would have downed you if you had been a wizard and not a bard.
As the golem woman approached the man to detain him she paused as Griffin asked her to do, but his statement confused her. How can an individual grasp a concept like time with one's hands? Chronomancers were capable of manipulating time but she was sure they were not cable of physically grasping time itself. "Griffin, it is physically impossible for me to grasp tim-" Before she could finish her reply to the Vampire agent, the store owner snarled at Griffin as he produced a silver coin before tossing the cash register at her head, and with a loud clang, the heavy metal object collided with her rock hard head. Yet her body barely budged an inch. The force behind the cash register was no joke as the shifter tossed it at her with ease, but simply she was made of sterner stuff. Literally. At best the force slightly nudged her head a couple inches to the right. Readjusting her gaze on the suspect, Griffin had pinned the man down successfully but seemed to forget to narrate the suspect's rights. She approached the two on the ground and begins to cuff the shifter's hands and activating the runes on the cuffs to seal and weaken the suspect. "Suspect, You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can be used against you in the court of law. You have the right to have an attorney present. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be provided to you by the government." She then looks to Griffin and raises a thumb pointing upwards. The scientists and her handlers explained to her that the gesture meant good work and she wanted to praise the vampire agent's good work.

The old man looked at Argus. Fear, confusion, and anxiety filled his eyes. "Ye-yes. Yes, please; I beg of you. I have to meet the late very late." Argus lays a hand on his shoulder trying to reassure him, but the man flinches at the touch. Argus then explains that he and Richard are here to help. The old man nods vigorously as he tries to control his breathing and calm down. "Nononononono. I don't want to hurt anyone. I've hurt enough people in the war. So tired of hurting...I just want to go home." The zombies seemed to significantly lessen their aggression, but Richard was still weary of them. What Argus was doing was effective but Richard didn't want to be caught unaware if the zombies suddenly do attack. He already muttered a silent prayer to produce a holy light to counter the zombies, the only thing he needed to do now is channel the mana to produce it. Though he held his action, the zombies were still passive and there was no need to agitate the situation.
Christ almighty that club hurts.
"That can't be possibly true...can it?" Bradley asks, he keeps the happy demeanor but there is doubt in his eyes. "What Argus said is true. Its the year 2018." Richard tries to explain to the elderly man. The smile fades from the older man's face and he begins to panic. "What? No no no. Impossible. I got this letter only a few months ago!" He cradles his head in his hands shaking his head side to side muttering nonsense to himself as he tries to find reason in this situation. From the stress he was experiencing, he unconsciously amplified the magics that kept the zombies that surrounded them animated. The baring of teeth and glares turned into visible gnashing of teeth and violent jerking of limbs. The aggression that Richard only faced was now equally distributed between the three living beings present. Pouring any more magical energies into these walking corpses would likely cause them to go berserk and attack indiscriminately until destroyed. "Sir, please calm down! We can still help you find your family...but, please listen to me, you need to calm down."
"No issue. No issue. That war is in the past and the only thing we should remember is that we best learn what we can from it to avoid any more senseless waste of life." The man's seemingly eternal cheery demeanor breaks for a second as he looks at his own hands with sorrow. This moment only lasts a second or two as he looks back at the two agents standing before him. "Flattery will get you nowhere, Argus." He sniggers slightly. "But it is true. I'm not like regular people, you see." He leans in towards Argus and Richard to whisper to them. "I'm actually a wizard, but I'm sure you two had figured that out. It does take one to know one and I can feel that your auras are different from normal people as well; especially yours, Argus." As Argus asked if his family knew if he was alive and it was the dijin's turn to be gawked at by the man as if he were the strange one. "Of course they know I'm alive. Why do you think they sent me this letter to see young James?" He brings out an aged and yellowed piece of paper and shows that, Indeed the letter was inviting him to see his new descendant...but it was dated over forty years ago.

Richard looks to his senior and speaks his mind on the situation. "Your initial assessment proved to be true, Argus. Bradley isn't some sort of necromancer seeking to jump-start the end of civilization here. He is telling the truth when he is saying that he just came to the city to visit his descendant. He just doesn't realize that he is four decades too late to meet the new born." He lets out a small sigh through his nostrils. "Maybe...maybe we can just ask him to come with us to the bureau and tell him that we can help him find his family? He seems harmless enough to be registered as a supernatural. Hell there are more dangerous faeries registered in the bureau database than Bradley."
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