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Current Socks and Sandals are an Affront to Human Ingenuity and Moral Decency.
18 days ago
Eating a stick of butter is not as fun as it sounds to be.
29 days ago
Break the system! Eat lunch at breakfast, dinner at lunch, and breakfast at dinner! Anarchy!
1 mo ago
Vengeance is sweet and all, but what I really want is some ice cream.
2 mos ago
Someone should make a law against people that take your pizza from the fridge without asking.


I am Searat
Half sea, Half rat, All Aqueous Rodent.

My role playing career is something i consider as a hobby of some sort but as to how long i have been role playing, I would say that i have three to four years under my belt. (Though most of the times I was role playing, they were nothing as serious as this and were more of a means to relieve stress with my friends or test out ideas that came to mind with them.)

As for my preferences to genres of role play, I would have no biases nor specific preferences to any genre and would be able to adapt to the genre as best I can when placed into it.

Some of my hobbies consist of: playing games, surfing the web, walking, bowling, darts, and cooking. I sometimes write and draw things but not as much to consider it to be a serious hobby.

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I got two concepts in mind. One is a Harpy and the other is an android/golem. The harpy is basically the scout or the fragile speedster while the adroid/golem is the strong but slow tank. Which one do you guys think I should follow through with?
Androids and other automatons are fine too right?
No brainer theme here.

Aww shucks, Boss. Don't go mushy on us.
He heard the Brotherhood Star Paladin mention something about a wall of some sort. And apparently, it was a wall that keeps things INSIDE of the irradiated hellscape that is the ruins of New York. Walls were usually a good thing, meant to keep things out and protect you from all the nasty things that may want to eat your face. This wall didn't seem to be that kind of wall. "Abandon all hope, ye who enter here..." Emil muttered to himself. He might as well have entered the gates of the inferno itself considering the situation.

There was no need to dwell on the topic. Emil nods in agreement to the suggestion of the power-armored paladin and keeps his mind from wondering what kind of things were kept within the wall.
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I have no idea, I just know they make my boner confused.
Banned for having irises colored yellow.
Your Stamina is Low. Without food, water, and rest, you may experience HP Drain if stamina continues to decrease.
system: Ed

Ed winced at the thought. He didn't need the 'System' to let him know that he was tired and thirsty from the work he had done. Though it was not all for naught, the new cache was going well and would probably soon be completed with the help of Aesteria and her mother. A sudden explosion. The sound in itself shocked him. Ed didn't know that they had any materials and chemicals to create explosives, let alone have them on hand. "The living hell was that..." Ed muttered to himself as he stood on his hind legs to see that Jason had been the one to be the recipient of the explosion. He couldn't even get to create a thought as his beast senses acted up. His sharpened hearing picked up the sounds of movement near the trench, causing him to look at the source of the sounds. Suddenly three scaly faces popped into the open and launched a volley of nasty looking spheres of poison at him and the rest of the Dire Rats present.

Ed dodged to the side but was tired as is and just had barely any time to react to the attack. The sphere of acid meant for him lands only a couple of inches away from his body. Though the majority of the poison did not hit him directly, the splash caused by it impacting the ground send globs and droplets of acid onto his body. Ed had never felt this kind of pain before, forcing him to let out a cry of unfiltered agony as both fur and bits flesh was burned off by the acid. Ed then felt the familiar feeling of anger inside of him pooling up as he aimed his hateful gaze upon their would be attackers. The animalistic instinct had now outright demanded that he go berserk. Ed was tempted to do so, but refused with all his being. He had little control during his outbursts and Ed was not willing to risk the safety of the others. He just hoped he had the resolve to keep the urge in control...or at least have the resolve to wrestle back control if he goes berserk.

Just waiting here too.
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