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I am Searat
Half sea, Half rat, All Aqueous Rodent.

My role playing career is something i consider as a hobby of some sort but as to how long i have been role playing, I would say that i have three to four years under my belt. (Though most of the times I was role playing, they were nothing as serious as this and were more of a means to relieve stress with my friends or test out ideas that came to mind with them.)

As for my preferences to genres of role play, I would have no biases nor specific preferences to any genre and would be able to adapt to the genre as best I can when placed into it.

Some of my hobbies consist of: playing games, surfing the web, walking, bowling, darts, and cooking. I sometimes write and draw things but not as much to consider it to be a serious hobby.

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Sad to hear, but I wish you both well.
Goodbye and stay safe.
No probs

@myinneroblivion @ShadowsofNight

With everything set for tomorrow's confrontation with Talia's parents, it was only a matter of waiting for the other proverbial shoe to fall.

While Manny was with Paul helping tidy up the laundromat café, it was only Bob and Talia who were out doing patrols that night. Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on how they would perceive it, the patrol was a rather quiet and unexciting one with the odd encounter here and there to give the duo something to do. Sometimes an old person would ask them to help cross the street or someone would ask them to keep them company to make them feel safe while waiting for the bus or a cab. The night passed without any major issues.

-Tomorrow Morning-

Manny couldn't help but fiddle around with his suit and tie while seated at the furthest booth in the establishment. He was sure that he looked presentable but he still felt anxious as he was the first one there other than Paul who was preparing some coffee and breakfast bagels for the meeting. Manny had sent the email to Talia's parents last night regarding where they would meet and they replied rather quickly that they will be there in the morning and expected us to be just as punctual. In a few more minutes or so, the matriarch and patriarch of the Rose family would arrive and they would be discussing Talia's future as a heroine. "Ah goodness gracious...where are Bob and Talia? I really don't want to confront them by myself." The Latino man muttered to himself as his eyes darted across the storefront's windows looking for their familiar faces while he adjusted his tie and straightened his coat for the nth time in the past ten minutes.
Ayt. I'll go make an update post soonish to the next day and possibly before the confrontation.
I'd say that they'd arrive around after breakfast the following day. They may be in a rush to confront Talia and her hero team but they still have their responsibilities to settle before they can take a day long break to do so.

So I suppose the group still has the rest of the afternoon and evening to go on a patrol if they would like.

@myinneroblivion @ShadowsofNight

Manny nodded as sagely as he could while pondering what would be the best course of action. "I agree with Bob that both options have their merits." While doing the confrontation publicly would prevent her parents from any violent reactions, any reaction from them could get the attention of any nosy passerby and get filmed and posted on the internet before long. Risking their private identities even further. Doing it privately may cause Talia's father; and judging by her own words, he was a master martial artist that taught her everything she knows about martial arts and manipulating Ki flow. He'd likely kick their collective butts for 'misleading' their daughter if Manny and Bob tried to stop them from taking Talia away.

They'd need somewhere public enough to prevent any violence, but private enough to keep nosy pedestrians out of their hair if and when things get more than vocal. Then he got a bright idea.

"I got a place. Lets ask Pau if he can let us rent out the laundromat-cafe on the ground floor for the meeting. Public enough to keep everyone civil but private enough to not allow any nosy people to stick their noses in our business."
You playing your parents would be well appreciated but if that doesn't sound good for you I could just binge watch a buncha kdramas and base Talia's parents from the most toxic and vitriolic parents I could find.

@myinneroblivion @ShadowsofNight

Manny's downtrodden feelings were erased when he heard Bob's reassuring words and half intended joke about dipping out of the public eye for a while if he were in Talia's shoes. But it seemed that Talia had resolved to stop running from her problems and wanted to be her own woman, no longer moving to the string pulls of her over-manipulative parents like a marionette. It seemed that everyone was growing both as heroes as people the more time they spent time with one another. Perhaps it truly was an act of divine intervention that brought them together.

"Direct confrontations are not my forte but it seems that facing this head on is the most optimal solution...regardless how difficult it would be." He could relate with Talia to an extent, when he told his parents his decision to become an amateur hero rather than take the apprenticeship in Solis Ortus LLC they went ballistic and almost forced him to abandon his dream then and there. To this day, they still weren't on speaking terms and the only contact he has with his family now would be the occasional emails his kid sister sends him. He really hoped that he could help Talia get through to her parents and she wouldn't end up like him who has estranged relationship with his folks or Bob who he assumed to be was in hiding from his parents and anyone who knew him from his old life. "But we got your back regardless. We've faced danger and death already, how bad can your parents can be?" Manny ended with a chuckle, despite his temptation of Fate.

@myinneroblivion @ShadowsofNight

"Aww...I thought it was a pretty good idea." Manny said with a crestfallen look on his face but it was more than obvious that both Bob and Talia were not keen on the plan he devised. Man...he really hoped that the Curtain Call accepted re-funds. "But I understand, to be honest I was scared to do something criminal. Like what if Talia's parents were secretly maser kung-fu masters and just flat out kicked my and the actors' collective butts. Or worse, the police get involved..." He'd rather eat a bag of moldy bread than become a real villain to be honest. Which is unsurprising considering the man dreamed of being a hero since forever.

Manny begins to fix his laptop and projector while fiddling with his smartphone to contact the amateur acting troupe and hoping that he could still get at least 50% of his money back. "If you guys want to make other suggestions, other than working our reputation before Talia's parents arrive, I'm open."

@Leophael @myinneroblivion @ShadowsofNight

Thankfully there was nobody who recognized the two, well none that made themselves known to the pair. Most of those who looked at the two were just admiring how the two pulled off such a casual appearance so well. If they didn't know any better, they would have assumed the two were models doing PR work for the everyman and everywoman's apparel. Majority of common folk would have deemed a day like this any other day; but to Bob at least, this was a good day. A brief break from reality when he could feel like Jacob again.

By the time the two got to HQ, Paul had already woken up from his morning nap and greeted them with a friendly smile and used his head to gesture them to the stairway leading to the second floor while catering to a handful of people enjoying the café, using the laundromat, or both.

Upon reaching the room, they were to see Manny dressed up in a slightly ill fitting suit. On the table they see the man's laptop connected to a dusted old projector that looked like it came straight from the 90s. Likely was from the 90s. "Ah, welcome welcome. Take a seat on the sofa and let's begin the presentation of the plan. Please do save the questions or comments for later." He gestures the pair to the sofa treating it as if they were his professors during his dissertation defense. Using a wireless mouse as an impromptu clicker, the ancient projector noisily hums to life and projects his presentation to the kitchen wall. It was a power point presentation with a LOT of cheesy slide effects to the words: 'Operation: Bamboozle'

"What I plan to do is not very heroic." The slide changes to a png of a generic moustache twirling villain from old time movies. "Not sanctioned by Rent-A-Hero nor the HCPD. Technically this is illegal, but I'm willing to go in between good and evil to help a friend. Cause that's what real heroes do."

The slide changes to now one of a comic book of a man in a phoenix outfit looking somberly at a glass of whiskey. "The Inextinguishable Phoenix, issue # 9. The titular super hero gets depressed after getting his powers sealed by his arch nemesis Frostbite. Feeling distraught and disheartened at losing his power, he quits being a hero and the Bay City is left worse without him."

A click from the wireless mouse changes the slide to show a a teenaged boy dressed in a full costume with a lightning motif. "Enter Sparky, one of Phoenix's closest allies. Been with the birdman fighting for Justice since 1996. Couldn't bear to see his best buddy and ally like this. And goes off and puts himself in danger knowing that Phoenix won't let him get hurt."

Another click and it shows the phoenix themed super hero saving the teenager from a gang of thugs. "As depicted on screen, Phoenix even without powers goes to help save his friend and realizes that even without his powers he can still be a hero. And in issue 11 we get to see how he gets his powers back by making a deal with a cosmic being to help him beat Frostbite. OH and in issue 15 Sparky sacrifices himself to save-" Manny pauses and coughs into his hand to regain his composure as he got a little too into the topic.

"Well, I got a plan." Another click shows a building with a sign saying 'Curtain Call: Amateur Actor's Club and Theater Troupe' "I've hired ten actors from Curtain Call to pose as a gang of kidnappers to pretend kidnap your parents when they get to Hero City." He pauses to display himself. "I will be pretending to be their gang leader holding them for ransom." He takes a sack cloth and puts it over his head. "I present to you Bagman, an upcoming criminal overlord looking for old money to 'fund' his building of his criminal empire."

He pauses to take the mask off. "I'll be coordinating with you via the earpieces I provided and by the time you guys come in and save Talia's parents, they'll be in awe of Talia's heroic ability and forever indebted to her." He clicks the mouse one more time and it goes to the fin page with the hand drawn logo of the CHAMP.

"So what you think?"
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