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Current Pizza is a main course, but is also a pie. Therefore, I can eat pizza as my meal and have another pizza as my dessert.
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When I need a left sock, there is none. When I don't need one, there is a surplus. I think the world is toying with me.
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Sunny days are meant to be spent in a dark room surfing the net and watching series in netflix.
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Eating a stick of butter is not as fun as it sounds to be.
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Break the system! Eat lunch at breakfast, dinner at lunch, and breakfast at dinner! Anarchy!


I am Searat
Half sea, Half rat, All Aqueous Rodent.

My role playing career is something i consider as a hobby of some sort but as to how long i have been role playing, I would say that i have three to four years under my belt. (Though most of the times I was role playing, they were nothing as serious as this and were more of a means to relieve stress with my friends or test out ideas that came to mind with them.)

As for my preferences to genres of role play, I would have no biases nor specific preferences to any genre and would be able to adapt to the genre as best I can when placed into it.

Some of my hobbies consist of: playing games, surfing the web, walking, bowling, darts, and cooking. I sometimes write and draw things but not as much to consider it to be a serious hobby.

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@Lord Orgasmo Think its time to advertise this RP to get a few more players?
Edward Marsh

The warmth that he felt from his hands as well as the minor pains subsiding meant that he was going in the right direction. But the fact that he was unable to keep the flow even while he wanted it to meant that he was still inexperienced in handling his own magic. Ed winced slightly before shaking off the mild pain that the slight headache he was experiencing brought with it. A familiar sign that his body's magic reserves was near empty. Ed took not that he might as well learn to control the amount of mana he used in each of his tests in the future. Hearing Asteria call out to this world's mysterious 'System', he took a short break and looked back slightly to the younger adult dire rat. "Did anything happen when you asked the System to show your skills?" He asked her while she returned to help with the digging. After waiting for her response, Ed would go back to work.

After a short while more of monotonous digging, Ed paused to revel in the progress of their temporary place of rest. They had made great progress in such a short time with the three of them working on digging out the earth. Their burrow was already big enough to fit the three of them and keep them hidden from any unwanted observers...if Ed had been around only one and a half feet tall. Sadly, reality is disappointing. Ed was nearly three feet tall, maybe a little over three feet if he stood tall and used his tail as a boost of sorts. It was nearing the end of the afternoon and approaching the beginning of the evening, but it seems that they will have to work a little bit longer before they can take a proper and well deserved rest. Letting out a mildly discouraged huff, Ed was about to get back to making the hole a little deeper when his ears perked up and swiveled atop his head. [Beast Sense II] had picked up something faint sound. An almost negligible one even among the sounds of the winds blowing through the plains and the sound of dirt being displaced by rat hands. Perhaps he wouldn't have even picked it up if he didn't choose to appreciate their work and be slightly disappointed by it.

Turning his head to where the source of the faint fluttering was originating, Ed saw a flying bug thing that was circling above the flowers Asteria had picked up earlier this day. But this bug was weird, it was casting a shadow even if it wasn't very near the ground. A rather big one for a bug. Something wasn't right. Something was wrong about this situation. He could practically feel the fur all over his body stand on end. Using [Beast Sense II] Ed focused everything on his sense of vision. Observing and trying to keep track of the flying bug's movement. Making sure it wasn't going to do anything hostile before he was armed and ready. Ed deliberately lowered his body and slowed his movements, he looked to where his gnarled stick was located and activated [Muffle II] before making his way there to re-equip his current weapon.

Sad to hear that.
Is this RP still alive,@Lord Orgasmo?

Roy kept a neutral expression underneath his mask when he met the gaze of the smaller kobold. He could see that she was rather cautious to share her story. Her words afterwards reaffirmed his suspicions. She was afraid that Roy would rain down the wrath of Briston on her tribe. Her family practically. He kept listening to the littel bard's story, but never broke eye contact with her even as she cleaned the paladin of the grime her magic could not. She told the party that the her tribe was large enough to be able to expend the lives of others without any real damage to the tribe. When she explained that her tribe valued those intelligent, magically inclined, or held positions in power; Roy raised an eyebrow in slight surprise, most tribes he encountered in his life only valued strength and strength alone. It did not matter to them that their chief was as dim as a cow, as long as he was strong they were happy to let him or her lead. When the kobold mentioned her master, the human musketeer leaned closer towards the kobold and dragonborn. Interested to what kind of dragon they worshiped. The manner she explained her master, as well as her explanation to his heralds and even diplomats, left a dumbfounded look on the human. He had never heard of a dragon, may it be from tales sung by the bards or books he had read in the academy, that chose diplomacy and the finer arts rather than tyrannical use of power and mindless violence.

Roy pondered on the story of the kobold. Most times, when a tribe of kobolds set up in the lands of Briston, the tribe would be dealt with with thoroughly. But from how Lilt described her tribe and her master, it seemed that they were not the typical brand of kobolds serving a dragon. "Be at ease, bard. Your tribe and master has not yet wronged or threatened Briston or her people. Rest assured that your tribe will not experience her wrath." Roy assured the kobold just before she pulled out her strange looking instrument and sang for the party. Be it some strange reason, Roy's body ached less as the little bard sang a song of her people.

When it was time to go leave the safety and peace of the temple, Roy leaned on the heavy wooden doors of the temple when he spotted the bard dash from the back of the temple. She told the party of a story her draconic master taught her, about dragons in the mountains. He grit his teeth and scowled slightly when he saw the illusion of the winged devils burning down villages. Those were the dragons that he was taught to abhor and hate with a passion. Ones that slay innocents for their own merriment and subject those innocents who survive to suffer beyond measure. It seemed that Lilt shared the same distaste for the red dragon for different but summat parallel reasons. "If I may interject, I too have heard and read stories regarding this accursed land. Perhaps it would give us any guidance to where should we head to next? Multiple stories and journals mention that there are two mountain ranges that flank Brighthaven. The one in the east and hold a generous bounty of minerals ranging from common iron and copper to black and silver steel. More commonly known as adamantine and mythril. Though as tempting as it may be, there were also varying reports of goblin tribes, drow clans, and congregations of octopus headed humanoids called 'mindflayers'." He points to the west. "The mountains in the west, however, hold what remains of the human populous of Norn. A book I read mentioned that when the author approached the heavily fortified mountains they encountered people that were described to have 'devolved to barbarism' and resorted to scavenging the ruins or raiding. Though its mindbogglingly unrealistic to think that they could rely on brigandry and scavenging to sustain themselves for so many years. It's a fool's errand to farm on these lands as there wouldn't be any sane person to try and farm here while the fauna and flora of this land is actively trying to kill you." Roy points out of a window, his aim far beyond the city. "Finally, there is Norn itself. Though many confirm of the existence of the ruins, the sole survivor of the ruins and author of the books I have read, claim that there is no ruins beyond the jungle. 'An abyss, but not of death and destruction, but of a realm of mirrors that both exist in and out of our own perception' He said. But considering his final book is overly complex and contradictory as well as the fact that he returned from Norn, blind, and crippled and based the book all on memory; We can interpret what we will on what is beyond the jungle and in the ruins proper."

Edward Marsh

Ed had to squint a little to see what was he could guess tools and some pots inside of the smaller structure. Though this interested Ed enough to warrant him to keep a mental note that he ought to check it out later. Perhaps in the early hours of the morning? When most of the townsfolk would be asleep and completely unaware of his presence in the town. He would then turn to face Asteria and tell her of his plan of investigating the town in the cover of darkness. But upon looking down, it was apparent that Asteria and Mother Rat was already making a den for them to rest in for the night. Feeling bad that he was not helping earlier, Ed sets down both the ant corpse and his gnarled stick, and moves towards where they were digging and pauses before he could help digging the hole.

His hands still had numerous cuts from his berserking fiasco earlier. If he were to help digging the hole, he would need to make sure his injuries would be able to stay clean or risk getting an infection. 'Maybe I can make a protective glove with my magic? Hell, a simple protective layer would do the job well enough.' Ed thought to himself as he looked at the many cuts on his hands. He lets out a quick breath. 'I won't know if I don't even try.' Ed then knitted his eyebrows in concentration and looked intensely at his hands. Imagining the incorporeal and invisible force of magic contained within his body to be focused on his hands. Once Ed felt that there was enough of the magic focused on his hands, he then imagined that the magic was forming to the general shape of his hands. Once satisfied with what he was imagining, he finally put what he felt to be the key component to activate the magic from its currently inert and useless form.


His body, and by extension the system, reacted numerous times to his desire. May it be as simple as activating a skill or to something as complex as jump-starting his evolution as well as selecting what evolutionary branch was most fitting. Desire had been a consistent trigger and that gave Ed a hunch that if he wanted it hard enough, the magic would not be any different. If his attempt would be successful, he would go help the Dire Rat duo and help make the hole bigger.

As soon as the man in red began performing the arcane gestures, Morgan sprang to action. Though, unfortunately, was too late in preventing the caster from performing his spell. With a sharp clang of metal hitting stone, Morgan's small switch blade harmlessly dinged off the stone wall of the cave. "Tch!" the old man produced the sound to express his dissatisfaction of the situation. Not only was the caster gone, it seemed that the mace wielding one had a figurative ace up his sleeve and sent a bolt of energy that nearly injured the group's guide.

Taking a deep breath and focusing the Ki contained within his body to enhance his agility and mobility, Morgan leaps over his companions in a single bound to the chaotic fray of combat. The human monk then, mid-fall, sets his sights on the mace wielding foe; intending to deliver a deadly falling axe kick to his head.

Turn order among PCs would quite convenient but I suppose letting us post whenever is much more convenient.
A bagpipe can dream, Tangle.
A bagpipe can dream.
Would that mean that Morgan wont be able to roundhouse kick the caster?
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