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Current Pizza is a main course, but is also a pie. Therefore, I can eat pizza as my meal and have another pizza as my dessert.
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When I need a left sock, there is none. When I don't need one, there is a surplus. I think the world is toying with me.
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Sunny days are meant to be spent in a dark room surfing the net and watching series in netflix.
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Eating a stick of butter is not as fun as it sounds to be.
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Break the system! Eat lunch at breakfast, dinner at lunch, and breakfast at dinner! Anarchy!


I am Searat
Half sea, Half rat, All Aqueous Rodent.

My role playing career is something i consider as a hobby of some sort but as to how long i have been role playing, I would say that i have three to four years under my belt. (Though most of the times I was role playing, they were nothing as serious as this and were more of a means to relieve stress with my friends or test out ideas that came to mind with them.)

As for my preferences to genres of role play, I would have no biases nor specific preferences to any genre and would be able to adapt to the genre as best I can when placed into it.

Some of my hobbies consist of: playing games, surfing the web, walking, bowling, darts, and cooking. I sometimes write and draw things but not as much to consider it to be a serious hobby.

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I ain't here to convince any of you to choose a specific species or even join up with my party. That's all up to you to decide in the future.
Just choose something you like and have fun with it. Everything else will fall into place soon enough.
All I'm here to do is to say:
"Welcome/Welcome Back to the RP!"

I do hope we get along well and you all stay a while.

Edward Marsh

The scene played out in front of him as if it were going in slow motion as the immature ratman had finally burst through the tall grass before the den. Three gigantic flying bugs, similar to the one they had slain yesterday, had cornered Mother Rat and seemed to be getting ready to kill the elder dire rat. The meaner looking of the trio had already made that clear enough as it bull-rushed Mother Rat just as she landed from her evasive maneuver against one of the smaller ones. The situation seemed grim and it appeared that Mother Rat would be the first to fall. Such is the cycle of life here in this world...


Ed spat out the flint and striker from his mouth as the immature ratman bellows out a savage and bestial roar to his foes. Grasping the four foot long greatclub, Ed prepares to attack the big one. He planned on hitting this thing so hard that the only thing left of it afterwards would be chunky blue stains on the tall grass and dirt. So Ed focused everything he had to offer into this one hit of his greatclub. Absolutely everything. Forgoing his own safety just to ensure that Mother Rat would be saved. He placed his whole body weight behind the swing, letting his already naturally enhanced physical abilities be combined with the passive skills of [Harder],[Faster], and [Stronger]. The System detects his desires and immense killing intent towards the large Myrminor and activates the following skills in response: [Beast Sense II] to enhance his ability to keep track of his target, [Rabid Fit I] to amplify his raw strength and severity of damage he could do, [Smash I] to enhance the already powerful swing even further, and the new skill [Overwork] to ensure that he was more than capable of at least swinging the massive weapon once as well as heightening his physical abilities even further than normal. Hell, even his whole mana reserve was crammed into that strike, even if as of now it wouldn't do much of a significant effect. All this occurring less than a second.

He knew what happens if he hesitates, doesn't try hard enough, or lets fear get the better of him...he learned that lesson well enough from how he died in his past life and Jason's death. Never again, not at least if he could do something to stop it. He would go beyond his 100% to protect his friends. With ferocity and intensity rivaling of a vindictive god, Ed swings the greatclub straight at the large Myrminor.

Edward Marsh

Ed was too focused on sneaking away from the scene of the crime to even register that he could understand the villagers language. All he focused on right now was keeping out of sight and out of mind. 'We're gonna make it. We're gonna make it.' the ratman repeated in his head over and over as they finally pushed through the tall grass. He couldn't believe it, not only had they managed to infiltrate the village and gain some information, they also managed to find some quality loot. It seemed like things were looking up for them. He can only imagine what possibilities their haul opened up for them, most especially the great club.

That is until he heard something crashing in the grass ahead accompanied by a shrill squeak. At first, Ed stopped in shock as he was abruptly brought back to reality. Then in a fraction of a second he realized what was happening. 'Mother Rat! The Den!' Ed then hastened his pace through the grass, hoping that he wasn't too late to save the elder dire rat from whatever attacked her and kill the assailant dumb enough to do it.


Oscar gave the tall knight a deadpan look as both food and drink was being passed around.

"That's on the assumption of the size of the pack would be large enough and have enough supplies to conduct said manhunt in a wide range. Without anything to trail, they would be forced to only second guess where we may have gone. There is no guarantee that they are even big enough to conduct this hypothetical manhunt." Oscar pauses to eat a few more pieces of dried fruit. "There were roughly nine goblins we encountered, a considerably small hunting party even for small goblin tribes. Meaning to say that their tribe is smaller than average. A minimum of the six goblins we saw escape and a maximum of less than or equal to twenty; likely even lesser considering we killed three and severely wounded one. They may be idiotic, vengeful, and psychopathic midgets but they know when to cut their losses and just leave things be." The ranger finishes as he finishes his meal for the night and tucks away the bag of dried fruit.

Standing up from the log he opts out from speaking any further. It may only aggravate the knight to the point that he'd likely take the brunt of an armored fist. So he simply collects the bloody pouch of goblin ears and heads off to prepare for the four hour long watch. Getting the spool of fishing line from his pack he moves around a ten meter perimeter around the camp, weaving up simple trip wire alarms that would alert them if something were to come close. The device is quite similar to a snare trap but, instead of being used for capturing small game, it only produces a loud sound as the limb snaps back into place. Oscar set up four of them, one each facing: North, South, East, and West. The lines connected to each trap were approximately 2.5m long and placed near the snow, so that even small creatures can trigger the alarm. With that done and over with, Oscar returns to his bag and puts away the spool of fishing line. Finally, he finds a tree with a Y shaped trunk and quietly stays in his perch. Bow and arrow at the ready.


The ranger let the taller soldier continue to berate and scold him. Quietly nodding and the occasional 'mhm'. "Finished? Ok." The ranger then spoke his piece. "For one." He raises his finger and points to the very severe snowfall. "Snow, especially this with this kind of weather, can, in a matter of minutes, easily render a well defined and well used trail to be covered to the point that even beasts can't follow. What more the tracks of two very light individuals. In a span of hours. Hence, near impossible to track." He raises a second finger. "Two." He points to the fire. "Last I remember at the riverbank, there was a fire being made and there was evidence that there was a fire there. So, I believe the ones waiting for us both could have waited a liiiiittle bit longer and we could have made it...or at least see you in the distance. I mean, whats an extra twenty minutes sitting around a campfire? You get to be warm. You rest your feet." Oscar shrugs. "But I suppose being in the main group along with all the supplies, including our own mind you, was infinitely more difficult as compared to having nothing but the clothes on your back and walking alone in the frigid wilderness where making the smallest mistakes would have costed your life." He raises a third finger. "Third. Even if, by some blasphemous miracle, the mud goblins manage to track us down in this kind of snow and conditions, may it be for food or loot, they primarily look for the easiest prey." He a wide sweeping gesture with his arm to all the persons present. "We are definitely not easy prey. Even more reinforced by the fact that they fled when it was only Muu and I fighting against all nine of them. I'm not being cocky, I'm only stating a fact." The ranger then raises a fourth finger. "Fourth. I'm not blaming anybody. I take full responsibility for that attack. I just said it hurt being left behind like that. It really was the first time someone abandoned me, so forgive me for being a little bitter about it...and I will not lie how hard it was to get here."

No wonder Muu hated the larger woman.

The ranger lets out a long and tired sigh after his little rant, running his significantly less numb hand down his face. He would have argued some more, but it was a waste of calories and energy. His body was too exhausted and too cold to be upset. So he lets go of the topic. He dons his gloves and boots once again as he stands and approaches the side of the cart that held his bag and procured a bag of dried fruit. Before doing anything else, he takes one out and buries it in the snow as an offering to Kur-Innus as per usual of any ranger before having a meal. He then walks back to his seat beside Katya and begins to eat his meal for the day. Offering the bag of dried strawberries to everyone in the party, even to Ettamri. much further until they reached the end of this trail?

Oscar was no longer smiling. Night had long fallen and, with it, the temperature. The extremely cold environment practically drained the strength out of his body. Even to the point that even he was visibly shivering underneath his cloak and frost had grown on both his eyelashes as well as his eyebrows. Breathing the dry, and practically frozen, air hurt initially. It was uncomfortable at first...but now he could taste the familiar metallic flavor of blood in his saliva. Hell, the gradually growing numbness in his hands and feet was already a tell tale sign that the cold was getting ready to take bits of him away. It seemed that they were going to die a slow death here in the wilderness, such is a common thing in Altera...that is until he spots a faint glow in the distance.

Oscar's eyes widen slightly as he lets out a dry, mirthless, and incredulous chuckle as he saw it. Like a flickering candle flame in the middle of the dark abyss. They actually found them. After what seemed like an eternity of walking in near complete darkness, they finally managed to catch up. The chuckle soon devolves into a violent coughing fit that causes the ranger to fall to a knee. Using one hand to prevent himself from falling to the ground, the ranger chooses not to speak; only opting to lift a shivering hand to point at the light source not so far away from them.

Relief washed over him as he saw his party mates seated around a fire with what seemed to be pot containing their dinner. A smile returned to his face as soon as he saw the small priestess smile at him and Muu. "Surprised to see us again?" The smile faltered as the tall armored knight spoke to him as if they didn't abandon them both a number of hours ago. Shaking his head slightly side to side he sets down his bow and arrows beside the cart before taking his wide brimmed hat and returning it to its rightful place upon his head. "Well, people tend to be late when you leave them behind." Oscar says as a matter of fact, before he takes a seat beside Katya and began basking in the warmth of the fire. He closed his eyes and sighed in relief as the radiant warmth of this camp fire melted away the cold feeling off his body, almost literally even. For those few moments, the feeling was beyond heavenly.

Taking off his gloves and boots, bindings and all, and placing them beside the log, he presents his reddish bare hands and feet to the fire as he continues to answer the female knight's questions. "While scouting upstream, Muu and I encountered a band of nine goblins eating an elk. I chose to engage them in combat as they were an obstacle in scouting further and a problem that needed to be dealt with if we managed to find a way through the river." Oscar paused for a moment as he flexed his fingers and toes to make sure that he could still move and feel each appendage. "We only managed to kill three, before the rest wizened up and high tailed it deeper into the forest. We let them run away." Oscar then reaches down to his utility belt and unhooks a small blood stained pouch and tosses it to the tall woman's feet. "We chose not to pursue as hunting goblins in their own territory is no task for two and would only get us both killed if we do. We collected the dead goblins' weapons and ears as proof of death. Then walked back to find that you left us. Ouch by the way. None the less, we tracked you using the trail as best we could when the snowfall doubled. Walked in the dark for gods knows how far, nearly died because of the cold, and finally reached camp. That sums it up, I suppose."

Oscar and Muu

"I'm fine." Muu responded to his first question. "My Master had quite a lot of advice against the cold." And even if, the night was only bound to get worse. Looking over Oscar's shoulder as he stood up, Muu could only sigh. "Not only this, but two set of tracks?" It was a good thing the girl lacked any kind of religion, as otherwise she would have clearly seen this as a bad omen.

As the ranger observed the trail, it was obvious, at least to him, that the second trail was more likely than not the trail caused by their party. It fit the bill he was looking for. An obvious wagon and horse trail accompanied by two sets of heavy footprints as well as two other sets of regular footprints. Standing up, Oscar pats away the thin layer of snow that had accumulated on his shoulders and head before he turned his head to look behind him and at the blade dancer. "The second trail is more likely the one. If we hurry, we might be able to get to them before it gets even darker."

"I'll trust you." She simply added, eyeing the footprints suspiciously. They were 7 people, no? Minus two made five. The choice seemed obvious, although... Katya had preferred to sit on the wagon all the time, did she not? But then it made four and... Muu shook her head. "Yeah, I'll trust you." She said again, more as a reconfirmation to herself than him.

"You're a professional, so you know what you're doing." She kind-of justified it further. Even if she was of a different opinion, there was no use in thinking too deep about it, nor arguing, and wasting more time. "We're going to catch them soon enough."

The ranger couldn't help but feel his pride swell when Muu said that he was a professional. Sure he was still only a month fresh from training with his mentor, but the fact that she regarded him as a professional made him happy in a way. Oscar nods and heads off to the second trail, hoping to whoever was listening that they would reach the camp. Preferably before the frigid environment gets them.

Edward Marsh

'Dangerous? Well no shit, System.' Ed mentally remarked to the System notification that alerted him that the humans with weapons were actually a genuine threat to him if they were unfortunate enough to encounter one. None the less he took note that the second time around, Monster Analysis I gave a little bit more information than the previous. He quickly concluded and took a mental note that the skill perhaps gives more and more information the more and more he used it to scan a creature of the same species. Knowing information regarding a foe would be a great advantage. But that's for the future Ed to think about. Current Ed had to make a joint decision of which of the goodies they found would be prioritized and taken before their window of opportunity for a quiet escape closed.

Ed's findings were as follows: He found a fire starter kit sitting atop a clay jar, and a weapon that is best described to be a baseball bat's bigger and meaner cousin that hit the gym daily. Asteria's findings were marginally more successful than his. As she found: a jar with what seemed to be a smelly horn and a hard ball like thing within, a roll of treated leather, and a very short stone hatchet. All the items they found could prove be useful in their day to day survival or in the future...but it would be impossible for them to take them all without making themselves known to the villagers and drastically slowing their movement. They couldn't discuss which one would be the most beneficial to them now and in the long run. This is mostly due to time constraints to their escape and the fact that at any moment a villager may come in and be surprised to see two monsters inside of their tool shed.

Ed would have wanted to take both but it seemed difficult, if not improbable, to carry the monstrous club and the fire starter he made a compromise. Quickly snatching up the important bits of the fire starter kit, the pieces of flint and steel. Ed, just as quickly, crams the items in his mouth before grasping the great club, one hand at the tip, one at it's midsection, and his tail on the grip. It was sink or swim situation...and his Ma and Pa did not raise a quitter. A particular theme song plays in his mind as Ed psychs himself up carry the club and get the hell out of there. Hopefully by this time Asteria had also come up with a compromise herself and was prepared to make a hasty and sneaky ex-filtration from this dangerous situation.

If he manages to carry the great club and not give himself a hernia in the process, he would then activate [Muffle II] and sneak away as best as he could while carrying the club parallel to his crouched form. Keeping the heavier end under his arm and using his tail to carry the lighter end; all while using his free hand to maintain balance while crouched.

Oscar approached the goblin corpse and repeated the process of retrieving, cleaning, and cutting the ears off the goblin he had killed from around 30 meters away. Admittedly it was an impressive feat itself that he got the goblin in the head from that far, but impressive feats didn't kill the second crossbow wielding one. A crying shame that is. The ranger then approached the dead elk and pulled down the part of the cloak that covered his nose and mouth. "Real sorry that those monsters desecrated your body." He said with a voice with utmost sincerity as he crouched down and laid a gloved hand on the body. He was taught during his training to show respect to the animals he hunted. It was only right to do so.

After apologizing to the dead animal, the ranger then carried the goblin corpse and tossed it straight into the river, along with the other two Muu had killed. He was sure that all three were dead but throwing their bodies into the frigid waters of the river reassured him. It was better to be safe than sorry. With that done and over with, Oscar grabs some fresh snow and cleans his gloves and boot of the foul smelling goblin blood before he followed Muu back to the camp.

Aaaaaand they're gone.

There was barely anything left of the camp. Only signs that their party mates were there previously. "Well ain't this a kick in the head. They left us." He said while putting his hands on his hips and pursing his lips inward as a sign of his displeasure towards the situation. "I mean the trail is obvious enough for either of us to follow, but...ouch...this is the first time my party left me behind." Shaking his head side to side, he simply shrugs off the fact that they were abandoned rather quickly. "Hope they still have my hat though." He comments just as they leave their former camp site and follow the trail their party left behind.

Their trek downstream was undisturbed by traps nor beasts. The small window of peace gave him an opportunity to notice the finer things of the surroundings. If only they weren't religiously following a trail and locating their party before nightfall, he would have chosen to stay a bit longer just that he could absorb it all. Though now was not that time as snow began to fall, beginning to obscure the trail. "Muu wait up. Snow fall is gonna make the trail harder for you to keep track, let me lead for now, okay? I promise I won't get us lost." He reassured her with a warm smile and a thumbs up before taking the lead.

With the ranger taking the lead, they followed the trail across the spread out waters just as the sun bid the two goodbye and retreated behind the mountains. The warmth was gone, the temperature plummeted. Causing the snowfall to intensify in volume and, with it, any proper visibility. As the temperature went from cold to freezing, it caused the ranger to pull up the hood of his cloak to avoid his ears from freezing off and the snow flakes from hitting his eyes as well as pulling up the front of his cloak to protect his nose and lips. Though the occasional one or ten would wind up causing him to blink away the snow from his lashes. He was far from shivering like a leaf in the wind, but all it took was a wayward blast of wind to turn the cold became an irritating but bearable discomfort to a full blown, and potentially deadly, pain in the ass.

He feels worry for the blade dancer that followed behind him. If this level of cold was irritating to him, she may be freezing her ass off...hopefully only in a metaphorical sense. She wasn't that used to the cold as he was after all. "Hey, Muu how you holding up?" He wasn't able to pay that much attention when he saw the path diverge into two sets of wagon trails that were accompanied by footprints. "Oh...two sets of cart trails and foot prints. Goody." He comments to himself sarcastically as he goes to a knee and examines the two differing trails. He begins to cross examine one from another. Which ones were older/more recent judging by how much the snow had covered the foot prints and the trail itself. A newer one would mean that it was, more likely than not, made by their party. He also examined the depth of the impressions left behind by the people. He would keep an eye out for the deeper and more defined ones. Ettamri and Argen were wearing full sets of heavy armor. That in itself would make a more defined and deeper print than any other; and this was excluding the cumbersome weapons they had as well as Ettamri's size and weight.

Not that he would ever admit it to her, or any woman on that notion, that she was heavy. It would likely save him from her ire and probably spare her heart...if she actually cared about it that is. Ehh...Oz wouldn't risk it either way.

Though, once given an idea as to which trail would be the more recent one and had the deeper and more defined footprints, Oscar would tell Muu that he had probably found their trail and head off to where the trail led to.

Interesting idea. A perfectly valid one at that.
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