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Current Saw a spider in my bathroom. I guess I'll take a bath using the kitchen sink then.
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I see no reason why McDonald's can't sell hotdogs.
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What truths do you prefer to ignore?
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I'm not really an aqueous rodent in real life.
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Purple is not a real color.
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I am Searat
Half sea, Half rat, All Aqueous Rodent.

My role playing career is something i consider as a hobby of some sort but as to how long i have been role playing, I would say that i have three to four years under my belt. (Though most of the times I was role playing, they were nothing as serious as this and were more of a means to relieve stress with my friends or test out ideas that came to mind with them.)

As for my preferences to genres of role play, I would have no biases nor specific preferences to any genre and would be able to adapt to the genre as best I can when placed into it.

Some of my hobbies consist of: playing games, surfing the web, walking, bowling, darts, and cooking. I sometimes write and draw things but not as much to consider it to be a serious hobby.

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G A I U S "T H E H O U N D"

"Violence is not the only answer...but it makes a difference."

G a i u s B r a d f o r d 3 2 M a l e C h a o t i c G o o d

Ω O R I G I N S:
I was the eldest in his family. Although poor, we lived a quiet and happy life in the small town located near the border between the kingdom of Mornfell and Ferros. Fallwatch mainly exported lumber and similar products to the kingdom of Mornfell but ,every odd generation or so, the town also produced individuals fit enough to be part of the guard. Those fit individuals came from well off families in the town and very rarely came from a poor background. In the small mill town of Fallwatch not a single soul; not my father, not my mother, not my brothers, not even I expected to be anything more than the son of a poor lumberjack. Though, things changed when the local guard came to the town to gather fresh recruits and saw me cut down a tree a span wide in two strikes of my ax. My family was so proud of me when they found out and even encouraged me to leave as soon as possible. With a foolish looking grin on my face I prepared my belongings and said my goodbyes and farewells before leaving the them and the town the next morning. That...that was the last time I ever saw my family.
Let's get back to topic. After my training was complete, I spent the rest of my youth serving under the local baron's guard. Work was boring but it did pay better than chopping wood back in town, and that made me happy. It was routine for me to send a part of my pay and a letter to my family every month. Though after the stone blight hit, they suddenly stopped. I didn't know what happened to them, so I took a leave and came to visit Fallwatch. My whole town was burned down. The burnt remnants were barely even visible when I arrived. My heart sank and I ran to my home...not even my baby brother survived. With a heavy heart I sat there alone in the cold for what felt like hours before I left to go back.
It took me months to discover what had happened. The baron had ordered the burning down my town along with some other towns he had suspicion of being infected with the stone blight. When I confronted him, he claimed it for the sake of quarantine and I should have known. Talking down to me as if I were a child, thinking that I am some faceless fool. It infuriated me. Quarantines were to isolate and identify the sickness, this was just a meaningless slaughter of innocent life. I had the evidence to condemn the baron for his actions...but I knew the court will favor him. He knew it too. Later that night I sent the evidence to the proper authorities and I tried to kill the baron for what he had done. Even if I failed to kill him that night, his reputation would be besmirched and force him into hiding. I rallied my comrades for a coup against the bastard, but I had not anticipated the number of guards loyal to him alone. We got into a fierce battle and the baron did manage to escape. It was rotten luck for him that I'm decent pursuer and I tracked him down in a fortnight.
Not much is left to be said. As soon as that whole issue with me killing a minor noble, albeit a deserving one, was brought to public notice I was deemed a criminal and forced to adventuring and some mercenary work for a livelihood. I know that there were alternative options to how I could have handled the whole situation, but a mace to the skull solved the issue faster than any legal court could have.

Ω A B I L I T I E S / S K I L L S:
◼ Strong as a Bear | Gaius may not be the smartest or fastest, but his strength is beyond an average man's. If he hits you, you will not be getting up any time soon.

◼ Tough as Nails | Gaius' body has grown very durable throughout his life. It would take more than a couple of good hits to take him down.

◼ Unstoppable Force | Gaius utilizes a straightforward means of fighting. Rather than using a traditional set up of sword and shield, he prefers to grasp weapons with both his hands to cut, smash, or cleave through obstacles and opponents alike.

◼ Like a Hunting Hound | During his training in the guard, he was one of the best guards in regards to tracking down individuals. This skill helped him greatly when mercenary contracts needed him to seek out individuals.

◼ Evil is Evil | Even if he is no longer part of the guard and a criminal himself, he retains little patience towards crimes or malicious acts.

◼ Not very Bright | He learned numerous things during his time in training and is no imbicile. Though he still has significant difficulty comprehending complex ideas or operating complex machines/devices.

◼ Agile as a Bear| His size and weight combined with equipment make it very difficult to move very quickly and perform other acts of agility.

◼ Infamous| Gaius is still a criminal and is wanted for the murder of the baron. A number of guards and law enforcement are actively searching for him.

Ω N O T E S:
◼ Any further notes your character may require.

Does that mean I should start the alarm scene or something like that situation?
Then we better locate him as quickly as possible before midnight.
Understood. Will wait for your post.
It worked, I'm just waiting for KatherinWinter to post.
For how many months/years has the stone blight been present in the realm?
Have faith in your skill.
Got it GM.
GM, do you think a character like this can appear in this world?
If so, which kingdom you think the character most fits in?

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