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Current Pizza is a main course, but is also a pie. Therefore, I can eat pizza as my meal and have another pizza as my dessert.
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When I need a left sock, there is none. When I don't need one, there is a surplus. I think the world is toying with me.
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Sunny days are meant to be spent in a dark room surfing the net and watching series in netflix.
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Eating a stick of butter is not as fun as it sounds to be.
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Break the system! Eat lunch at breakfast, dinner at lunch, and breakfast at dinner! Anarchy!


I am Searat
Half sea, Half rat, All Aqueous Rodent.

My role playing career is something i consider as a hobby of some sort but as to how long i have been role playing, I would say that i have three to four years under my belt. (Though most of the times I was role playing, they were nothing as serious as this and were more of a means to relieve stress with my friends or test out ideas that came to mind with them.)

As for my preferences to genres of role play, I would have no biases nor specific preferences to any genre and would be able to adapt to the genre as best I can when placed into it.

Some of my hobbies consist of: playing games, surfing the web, walking, bowling, darts, and cooking. I sometimes write and draw things but not as much to consider it to be a serious hobby.

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An eye catching concept for the superhero genre.
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@Lucius Cypher

His moment of triumph had turned out to be a distraction to the Red Chaser. Ethan was left dumbstruck as the smaller silhouette smacked the larger across the face and let out a triumphant cry over the prone form of her body. The goblin then took notice of Ethan and promptly attempted to take cover behind a barrel. The human, fueled with rage, was about to load another stone into the sling and take another shot at the bastard that had likely killed the person he was trying to protect. A little too late, as the still silhouette of the Red Chaser lurched forward and stabbed the goblin to death before it even moved two feet away from her.

After the struggle, he could see that the Red Chaser had turned to him. Probaby to say she was grateful for the help dealing with the goblins; but to his surprise, she voiced out her ire to the young man standing atop a house. Ethan was shocked at the elf's words. She was upset with him? Why? Was he not helpful in routing the goblins? None the less, he hurriedly moved down the building as he attempted to close the distance between him and the Red Chaser, but even before he could even speak a word to her, she had gone and grabbed him by the collar of his shirt and started dragging him to a small hovel. The duo was met by three armed humans waiting inside, their faces were stern for a moment. As if expecting something someone or something else at their doorstep. But soon softened as they saw it was just Ethan and the wounded Red Chaser.

As soon as the two was inside of the small and rather simple house of the three humans, she let Ethan have an earful of what she thought of Ethan coming to help her kill the goblins. But after they had served the tea and tended to her wounds, they admitted that she would have been hard pressed to deal with the goblins by herself and she was just stubborn and prideful. "Pardon my question, but what goblin gang? Whats happening to this town?" The father then explained to Ethan of the robberies and murders the goblins had committed. Not even the children were spared by the savages. The cruelty these goblins possessed was truly boundless. At least there were a handful less goblins wandering the frontier lands. It was already deep into the night and the whole day was very tiring to the human, even if the Red Chaser had not commanded him to rest, Ethan would have passed out in the seat he so peacefully sat upon.

Come morning, Ethan would have been one of the very first to wake up. Even if he no longer had to rise before the sun did to go to work and earn his wage back in the Empire, his body was simply too used to waking up at this time and Ethan had no issue with it. Performing some minor stretches, he began to prepare his items for the trip back. He refastened the leather strap back to his small satchel. He then withdrew his walking stick and began to polish it of grime and filth accumulated over the previous day. Finally he began to dust off and clean is attire as best he could. He doubted that the shop keep would have appreciated if he arrived with his clothes covered in dirt, grime and...other things. While doing his morning routine, he was soon greeted by one of the sons, apparently getting ready to go to work himself. Ethan smiled to himself while cleaning his clothes. "An early riser as well, I see? Quite an admirable trait of an individual is to wake up early in the morning." The son then told the older man that he worked at the local grocer and an employer always appreciates a punctual employee. This piqued Ethan's attention. "Perfect timing then. I was on my way to pick up a package of goods ordered by Mr. Sips from Frontier Town. I work as his latest courier, so would you kindly hand over the order to me?" The son was happy to do so as soon as they reached the store. After picking up the delivery, he thanked the younger man and returned to the house to the house to properly thank them for their kindness and welcoming behavior in his and Red's time of need.

Finally he would go move the goblin corpses to a more discreet place in the town, as he was sure that the townsfolk would not appreciate that the first thing they see in their morning would be the mangled corpses of the goblins. After piling the goblins up, Ethan would then take away the weapons and armor of the goblins and put them where the locals would easily find them. Most of the armors and some of the weapons would be useless to him anyway, but better in the hands of the locals rather than in the possession of the goblins...if there were any left. The boat ride back was rather uneventful, the Red Chaser mostly kept to herself and Ethan did not wish to bother her. Soon they would arrive back to Frontier town and Ethan would find his way back to The Drunken Dragon. Though it seemed that the other employees were still not used to him being part of the tavern's employee roster, but hopefully soon they would.

Ethan would politely decline the offer of the menu and explain that he was the courier that Sips had hired yesterday, though he would take the seat offered and then wait patiently for his Employer to arrive.

Skill Rank Up: Muffle I > Muffle II! (1.9 > 2.0)
You are now even more effective at remaining unseen passively. Activating this skill by using Stamina will noticeably reduce, but not eliminate, the sounds of your movement.

Skill Gain: Use Light Equipment (0.9 > -- )
The use of small tools, and lighter forms of armor, weaponry, and other items.

'Huh...nice.' Ed comments to the system notification that popped into his mind, before returning his focus on the bludgeon he held before himself. 'I suppose that means I can use this stick more effectively now, as both tool and weapon then.' The young ratman then attempted to twirl the stick around his fingers but a sudden squeak from Mother Rat distracted him and inadvertently caused the stick to lightly bop him on his snout. "Ack! Shit..." Ed rubbed his snout, a slight frown adorning his face. Though the stick did not have any significant force behind the swing, the accident itself was more damaging to his pride rather than his snout. Looking to where Mother Rat was, Ed was confused by the elder dire rat's actions. Running in circles rapidly as well as sniffing and huffing around something.

He didn't see what she was so aggravated about at first but, after scooting a little closer to where she was, Ed's eyes widened as he saw the footprint accompanied by a smaller set of footprints. By the looks of it, it came from a large person wearing boots of some sort if the size, shape, and the imprint alone could attest to that. The other was significantly smaller and seemed to have difficulty keeping up with whatever caused the boot prints. Though both were heading to where Ed and the others came from. "It would be wise that we should not try to look for whoever made these tracks." He comments to Asteria. "Though I suppose there is some merit to following the tracks. To see and know where they came from might be useful to us and who knows, maybe we can find a road or something by backtracking them?"

I think it was assumed that they were obtained by the paladin and the cleric, but if not.
Floodtalon has still yet to post and could probably mention gathering the items.

Roy climbs his way down the building and lands atop the beast. Even dead, the cyclopes was an intimidating figure; even when lying still on the cold cobblestone street, it was at least fifteen feet tall. It's rugged musculature made swinging a club thicker than a tree's trunk a terrifyingly facile effort. Looking down on the felled beast, his pride swelled within him as the fact that he had a helped to slay such a terrifying beast. Truly a feat worthy of tales when he returns to Briston. He could hear the roars and grunts of the approaching troglodyte horde. IF he can return home.

The paladin had left the hut and alerted those present that they should start retreating to the temple. Roy did not need to be told twice to move. To fight the horde in such a state would be a fool's task and surely suicide. Lilt had taken some of the armor pieces strapped onto the corpse, specifically a small shield, before a breastplate she had cut loose earlier had clanked down to the cobblestone street. She then told the musketeer to collect the breastplate. Clambering down the corpse, he collected the piece of armor and grimaced at the foul stench it had. Clearly being worn by a cyclopes had caused the malodorous scent, but complaining about the smell was for a later time. Now they had to make a swift retreat, lest they meet their ends here and now. "Ser Thokk, their numbers are too great! We need to disengage now!" He cried out to the orcish man, waiting for him to start running before dashing himself.

As Ed was about to explain his discovery of new plants, he turned back to see that Asteria had chosen to release their captive. The significant burden on his heart lifted as he saw the event unfold. He spoke nothing at the time but it was apparent that the blue furred ratman had appreciated what Asteria did. She then told him to go onto all fours and tread carefully. "Understood. Just gimme a second or two, Asteria. I found some real interesting plants that could be useful to us in the future. I just need to memorize their scents so I'll know which is which when we encounter them again." Ed first focused on the smell of each flower and took note of their distinct aromas. After memorizing the scents the flowers, Ed grasps his bludgeon in his mouth before lowering himself onto all fours.

Using only the ball of the foot and the sides of his hands, to minimize the number of blades of grass he tramples over; thus minimizing the tracks he leaves behind. He follows Asteria close behind, mimicking her actions to use her tail to realign the grass she had trampled over. Hitting a number of the thorny weeds in the process as he was not as used to maneuvering his tail as Asteria was. The needle like thorns hurt as much as one could expect them to hurt and it would be a tedious task to remove each thorn out of his tail. Though after a number of minutes after, the trio stopped and Asteria spoke to Ed again. Using a free hand he removes the stick from his mouth and lays it in front of him before giving her a reply. "Perhaps, but we did pretty good in covering our trail back there. Unless they have an exceptional perception, sense of smell, or investigative ability I don't think they can track us that well. As for traps, I don't think we have enough material to make any complex traps, but maybe we can set up a simple one." Ed says while bending his tail in between his legs and begins to tend to the minor injury his tail had sustained, using his hand to pluck the needles that had embedded themselves into his tail. "But I think we should find a quiet and hidden spot further south and just lay low there for a while."

As he finished speaking his mind, Asteria entered a short trance. Perhaps trying to calm herself and relieve stress she received from the whole situation they were in. Ed tries to distract himself as the female dire rat meditated, inspecting the humble cudgel nature had provided him and focused on his vision to observe and see every part of the stick in detail.

Ooh that's a lot of goodies.
Dibs on the possibly cursed breastplate. Hahaha.
@Lucius Cypher

Ethan took longer than he would have liked when he traversed the roofs of the seemingly deserted town. To make matters worse, in his initial attempt to cross the roofs had failed and knocked the torch out of his hand and nearly cost him his life. His body begged him to stop, but ignored its pleas. He had to save lady Atisha from the goblins. The moon provided him with a dim enough light so that he would not have to maneuver in complete darkness but he did not need a bright light to realize that the female ranger was engaged in combat with the last surviving goblin. From this distance and lighting, he could barely see them. The smaller silhouette was already winding up for an attack, an attack that would surely kill his savior in one strike if it lands. Ethan was not having any of that.

Quickly loading a stone into his sling, he twirls it around in a rushed manner before sending the stone careening to the smaller silhouette's body. Despite the disadvantage he had, he needed to do something to help. Even if the distance had put him at a disadvantage, he was confident that the stone will strike the goblin. Even if the attack might not kill the ranger's foe, the injury caused by it might give the red chaser a chance to finish the creature off before it could finish her off.

Ed did as Asteria asked and kept an eye and ear open to any sounds of any foliage being disturbed by anyone or anything approaching. All of the alertness came to a full stop as he heard the sound of the goblin's body hitting the ground with a dull thud. What was Asteria doing? Ed thought they agreed to not kill the young goblin girl. As Ed moved out of his cover to stop the female dire rat from needlessly disemboweling the seemingly timid humanoid, he heard her speak to her and announce that they were kidnapping the goblin temporarily. Though his heart sank when she suggested that they...make her into supplies if they changed their minds. Ed's answer was quick, quiant, and eloquent as one could be as one can when someone suggests that. "Hahaha. Nope. Nope. Nope. No. We ain't eating her...Oh God, hahaha, why did you suggest eating her?" Ed said; his voice a mix of panic, humor, confusion, and apparent disgust. "Please, don't. I promise you that if we would ever get hungry or thirsty, I'll deal with it. Just...please don't resort to eating her."

The young ratman squatted down and held his head in between his hands as he stared blankly to the grass as if it would give him answers to his moral dilemma while Asteria tied up their captive. As she finished tying up and securing the goblin, she asked him to get the elder dire rat to carry the stick bundle as they kept moving forward as quickly as possible and save the discussions for later. She was right and Ed could not refute that they needed to escape quickly before the goblin's friends noticed that she has been gone for too long. Ed then climbed up the tree where Mother Rat was and gently beckoned her to him, and once he had a good hold of her, climb down. Once successfully down, Ed then attempts to convey that she should carry the sticks with her tail. Ed was still no expert in manipulating the limb, but he was confident that she would understand rather quickly and carry the sticks with her tail. If she could not, Ed would just carry the sticks for her and try again later.

The trek was awkward to say the least. But after a little while after they had started moving, Asteria spoke to him. Indeed it was a baffling yet admirable trait that Ed displayed. Of course the question caught him off guard and caused him to reflect on his actions. Why did he hesitate to kill the goblin when the previous confrontation with them, he had no issue in slaying them? He looks to Asteria and manages to get a glance at the panicked and terror filled eyes of the female goblin that stared back at him. He felt his heart sink even deeper, if it were even possible to it to do so, before breaking eye contact with it and looking anywhere else but at the goblin. "If you are angry at me, I understand completely. It was a lapse of logic and judgement and I'm sure it would have been safer, perhaps even better, if I hadn't displayed mercy and just took her life outright...but I just couldn't do it. No. I wouldn't do it." Ed lets out a sigh as he look up to the afternoon sky and observes a cloud drifting by lazily as they trekked through the woods. "Hell, I don't know why. I mean I've been killing out of necessity or self defense for the past few days, what's one more life taken to guarantee we make a safe escape? But When I looked at her, she seemed different from the other goblins we encountered in the cave. For what malicious cruelty you would see in a normally in a goblin's eyes, she only has a timid curiosity a child would." He lets out a short chuckle and forced an unhappy smile. "And I, for one, know that Edward Marsh is the kind of person that would never harm innocent people and even a lesser chance to harm children...but after recent events, I'm not too sure myself."

They soon stopped as Asteria sat atop the goblin and asked if she was injured and offered healing by means of a herb, but she soon looked to Ed and explained what she saw atop the tree and voiced her suggestions where they should go. "I agree that we should definitely avoid the mountains and cave right now. We should check the hut out later, maybe in the middle of the night, but yeah. As of now, we ought to avoid people. I'm sure they won't take too kindly to our current forms. The plains is our best bet, but we can be easily seen there and there is no guarantee we can find a stable water and food source. But I will keep my promise and will find them as long as we still agree not to eat her. None the less you need to take a break from carrying her, just wait and rest here for a bit and I'll get us something to eat. Maybe even some spare herbs if I find some." Ed then focused all his attention to his sense of smell and sniffed out the berries while also taking note of the directions where he smelled the same scent the healing herbs in his belt produced.

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