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Current Can someone please lower Life's difficulty setting?
2 yrs ago
Pizza is a main course, but is also a pie. Therefore, I can eat pizza as my meal and have another pizza as my dessert.
3 yrs ago
When I need a left sock, there is none. When I don't need one, there is a surplus. I think the world is toying with me.
3 yrs ago
Sunny days are meant to be spent in a dark room surfing the net and watching series in netflix.
3 yrs ago
Eating a stick of butter is not as fun as it sounds to be.


I am Searat
Half sea, Half rat, All Aqueous Rodent.

My role playing career is something i consider as a hobby of some sort but as to how long i have been role playing, I would say that i have three to four years under my belt. (Though most of the times I was role playing, they were nothing as serious as this and were more of a means to relieve stress with my friends or test out ideas that came to mind with them.)

As for my preferences to genres of role play, I would have no biases nor specific preferences to any genre and would be able to adapt to the genre as best I can when placed into it.

Some of my hobbies consist of: playing games, surfing the web, walking, bowling, darts, and cooking. I sometimes write and draw things but not as much to consider it to be a serious hobby.

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After his faked death fifteen years prior to present, it'd be weird to see a supposedly 'dead' man walking.
*sigh* The sad realities of what needed to be done as the head of a secret organization with easy access to hyper advanced technologies.
Will wait.

HP: 661/661 | MP: 567/567 | SP: 630/630

Raime glanced back when he heard the tell tale sound of a body hitting the slippery stone of the cave and the sound of one body hitting another. One of them had fallen and was unlikely to recover by himself. A quick glance back revealed...nothing but a couple meters behind him. The steam was effectively blocking his line of sight but he was sure that one of them had slipped. Moving aside to let those who wanted to get out first, Raime used his dagger to anchor himself down before calling back to the others below. "Who fell down?"

If they were unable to do anything, Raime would intervene and try to assist in the matter.

Sad to see you go but best of luck to you.
If we getting this RP active again, I suppose I'll put it out of the fridge archive.
Will wait for your post then, @WindsOfFate.
Nah, I'm fine as is.
Just glad to know that the RP managed to survive a while and even after all this time.
Up to you I suppose.
But if you want, Yuri can be something of an outsourced ally of the FDN. That way, you can keep the connection but there are no strings attached.
One Problem Down...About A Billion Left To Go.

Just as Grizzly-1 returned to base, a report notified Titus that the hostile alien had been defeated. "Hmm. At least that's one less problem." The elderly man says while handing away the document to one of his staff after signing the document to confirm that it was able to reach him."God knows how many more problems we'll need to face." Finishing with a puff from his favorite pipe. Not only did they now need to deal with the anomalies that already exist on Earth, now they had to deal with anomalies from beyond this planet...then again, who was he to complain? He formed the Federal Department of Normalcy for the sole purpose of keeping the world at large 'normal'; and the new normal, it seemed, was that the abnormal needed to be normalized.

With Operation Burning Cover in play, soon all the world would know of what only the world leaders and FDN knew. Well knowledge they believed to be relevant to reveal to the public that is.

The majority of world was ill prepared for the bombshell that was to know that the paranormal had been hiding right underneath their noses this entire time. Meaning that the world leaders were holding near synchronous emergency press conferences to tell the world that yes; things like the boogeyman, magic, and aliens were, in fact, true. Most of the world lost their minds, some handled it pretty well. Yep...this is going to be a messy next few days.
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