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Pizza is a main course, but is also a pie. Therefore, I can eat pizza as my meal and have another pizza as my dessert.
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When I need a left sock, there is none. When I don't need one, there is a surplus. I think the world is toying with me.
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Sunny days are meant to be spent in a dark room surfing the net and watching series in netflix.
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Eating a stick of butter is not as fun as it sounds to be.


I am Searat
Half sea, Half rat, All Aqueous Rodent.

My role playing career is something i consider as a hobby of some sort but as to how long i have been role playing, I would say that i have three to four years under my belt. (Though most of the times I was role playing, they were nothing as serious as this and were more of a means to relieve stress with my friends or test out ideas that came to mind with them.)

As for my preferences to genres of role play, I would have no biases nor specific preferences to any genre and would be able to adapt to the genre as best I can when placed into it.

Some of my hobbies consist of: playing games, surfing the web, walking, bowling, darts, and cooking. I sometimes write and draw things but not as much to consider it to be a serious hobby.

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"Thanks for the offer, Argen. But the thought of bathing with an...orc...does not sit well enough with me." The word 'orc' practically dripped with venom as he lowered his cloak and sheathed his weapons. Justifiably so. Many of his fellow silver moon soldiers had met their ends at the hands of the vile green-skinned menace. Monsters are monsters, and the orcs are no exception to that fact, plain and simple. "Feel free to enjoy your downtime anyway, I'll accompany Muu and Renauld." Oz says with a small but polite nod to the phalanx before following the duo, leaning on the trees they passed a few times as the after-effects of Hunter's Rush kicked in.


Oz was weirded out on how Katya eyed Muu and Renault as well as himself and Argen before she patted herself on the back. He would have dwelled on the subject if not for the second use of Hunter's Rush. He was just plain tired. He quietly heads to the cart and retrieves his sleeping roll and announces to the party present. "I'll take the last watch with whoever is my watch partner." The ranger then crawls into the tent and bundles up into a sleepy burrito with a wizard hat before being embraced by the gentle arms of sleep.


The rays of light, combined with the snow sapping his body heat made it impossible for the ranger to get even an extra hour of sleep. His sleeping roll was stiff and when he struggled out of his frozen cocoon he flopped out of the tent, body aching from the events of yesterday. One would easily confuse the groaning ranger dragging himself out of the tent as a recently risen undead. Jaws above...I hope I'm not late for my watch. He thinks as he drags his sore body across the cold snowy ground. He then notices that the rays of light and the sky were already too bright to warrant the time he had awoken for a watch. Shit. Did he oversleep? This rarely happened...but considering that he, along with his party, was still in the world of the living, it seemed that missing his watch was not that big of a deal. A rogue gust of wind caused the prone ranger to shiver and lift his head to locate the campfire, where he saw the sleepy and slightly irate priestess combing her frozen hair. "Fire...Warmth...Kat..." Oz muttered into the snow as he dragged his body towards the dying fire and the small priestess.

Perhaps she has a miracle to help alleviate the muscle fatigue?

Oz dreamed of his home. Not the one from his previous life prior to his death, but the one he lived in the ranger's reserve. It was sunny and the sounds of nature filled the air to create a symphony that he could consider to be a masterpiece. He was wearing his casual attire, which consisted of his hunting attire sans the leather armor pieces and hunting cloak. He was filled with a sense of contentment as he cut an impossibly perfect apple. A familiar raven landed atop his hat and cawed and pecked the brim of his hat to call Oscar's attention. "Yes, Bird. I know you're there." Another caw and it flaps off his hat and in front of him, where the raven looked at both the ranger and the fruit expectantly. "Be patient. You'll get a treat soon. Promise." He replied to the rather large black bird. Once he finally cored and peeled the apple, he cut a sizable portion of it and handed it to his feathery visitor. Where in which the raven swallowed it in one gulp.

Content with the human's offering of fresh fruit, the raven returns to it's perch atop the ranger's hat. "Enjoying the view?" A singular caw. "Thought so." Oz promptly replies as he consumes the slices of fruit and occasionally raising a piece for Bird to eat.

This was the life.
A scream from the springs roused the ranger from his slumber before it returned into a still silence.

It had barely been a moment since the end of the scream as the ranger leapt over the campfire, machete and scavenged goblin dagger drawn.

Conquer or Die.

The thought resounded in his mind, as his body feels his blood quickening and adrenaline flowing through his entire nervous system. Demanding his body to move faster to the point that his silhouette was akin to a blur moving past the trees at near inhuman speeds. Just as he lept through the veil of mist to where the others were taking a bath, he encountered...nothing. The damnable orc did not attack them, nor did any beast. The scene was simply his wizard friend in the water clutching his family jewels, with visible pain on his face, and a VERY naked Muu standing in front of said wizard friend. Oz's eyes widened and his cheeks burned red as his stare lingered longer than excusable. He realized this rather quickly and raised his cloak to break visual contact and save what decency the blade dancer had left...and hide the fact that a line of sanguine dripped down his nostril. "Jaws above, someone PLEASE explain what is happening?"

Edward Marsh

This went a little bit off the plan, but Ed was sure he could still salvage the situation. The caster was facing the carriage people while the archer was on the barrow top taking potshots against them. The hooded one was, surprisingly, just a slightly taller goblin-like creature and was flanking the cart while the better-armed humanoids approached so they could join in the ambush. It was only a matter of moments before the humanoid marauders attacked. But more importantly, it was a time for action for the rats. Ed sniffed the air for the purple smelling one and focused his aggression towards it. Ed focused on [Muffle II] until the very last moment when there was barely a couple of meters between him and the purple smelling one. It was then Ed switched out [Muffle II] for [Rabid Fit II] and unleashed a flurry of club strikes, claw swipes, kicks, and even a couple of bites and tail whips in. Amidst the brutalizing he was unleashing to the purple smelling one, Ed roared out to the caravan people. "TWO OTHER ASSHOLES NEAR THE OPPOSITE DITCH! KILL 'EM!" before proceeding to keep brutalizing his mark until it was dead. Hoping that they would heed his warning and not try to kill him.

The ranger chuckled lightly at the mild irritation of their little priestess. If anything, she was determined to stand by her choice of not eating her monkey butt skewers. Though the satisfaction of teasing the girl was quickly replaced by a strange sense of guilt as Oscar observed her eat the hardtack with an almost vicious gusto. The ranger returned the skewers back to their original places and lifted his hands in front of him to signify he was yielding to the little girl's will. "Ok. Ok. You win this round, kiddo. I won't tease you any longer. No poopy butt meat skewers for you." Oscar says with mock disappointment.

He then stood up and walked to his own pack and brought forth a sack containing dried blueberries before returning to where Katya was seated, still hellbent on eating the hardtack instead of the meal they had prepared from the abom meat. "Consider this your prize for winning." he plops the sack of dried fruit in front of her before plucking his wide-brimmed wizard-like hat from the girl's head and placed it on his own before proceeding to tousle her celestine colored hair slightly and sitting back down near the fire.

With a full belly and a relatively comfortable position near the warmth of the fire, Oz decides to rest his eyes a little. It had been a long day and the least he could do to help relieve the fatigue was to unwind and relax. To the outside perspective, the ranger simply sat near the campfire; but if one were to look underneath the wide-brimmed hat, one would notice the ranger had slipped into a shallow slumber. Deep enough to rest, but conscious enough to react to external stimulus at a drop of a hat.

Edward Marsh

Ed's heart beat a mile a minute as he stalked the tall grass. He placed himself in a such a life-risking situation just to gather some more information, and possibly a means of escape. Though the notion of escape right now would be a far fetched idea as the bandits had positioned themselves that they could sense if there was something amiss in their environment. It was hard enough to sneak out of the barrow without them detecting him, what more with two more and the items they had? It was unreasonable to think that they can sneak past without rousing suspicion. But before Ed would turn around and report his findings to Asteria, he noticed something odd in the distance. He squinted his eyes to see what it was and his eyes widened as soon as he realized that the shape was actually a large horse-drawn carriage with, what he could assume to be humans, guarding it.

Ah shit... Ed thought to himself as this was the perfect situation for the marauders to ambush and pillage the cart. It was only a matter of time before one of the bandits sensed the presence of the cart in the distance. If he didn't do anything to warn the cart, the bandits would likely be too focused on raiding the cart to notice them sneak away...but that would mean that he would allow innocent people to die. If he did, he could potentially save the lives of those in the cart, but the bandits would instantly know that he was there and that would drastically reduce his life expectancy to a matter of minutes...if the people in the carriage won't end him first.

The decision rested solely on the former human. Would he be a selfless hero and warn the carriage, but risk dying again? Or would he be an opportunistic coward that would ensure his safety and the safety of his friends at the expense of the people in the carriage?

Decisions, decisions...

Ed grimaced to himself quietly as he quietly scampered back to the barrow with the help of [Muffle II]. It felt like he was doing the wrong decision to not head straight to the cart and warn them of the ambush but, he simply couldn't risk it. You call yourself a man? Pathetic. You're nothing but a coward. He mentally berated himself as he entered the barrow and leaned into the second room to talk to Asteria. "Asteria, I got news." he whispered rather harshly into the room. "There's a cart coming, likely in a couple minutes or so, and it's going to distract the bandits..." Ed paused. Maybe he didn't have to be a coward? Maybe he didn't have to let innocent people die to ensure that they survive. A blazing resolution sparked in his eyes. "...and I have a plan. This is going to sound stupid and crazy but, while the bandits are distracted by the cart, we swoop in like black ops and attack and kill the bandits while they're distracted. And hopefully, the cart people recognize that we're helping them and won't try to kill us on sight." Ed paused to look at the short cudgel in his hand and gripped it tightly. "If we do do that, prioritize killing the one who smells like purple." Ed paused to process how stupid that statement sounded. How the hell would someone know what purple smelled like? "Next we kill the one with the staff, he is likely the one who can use magic proficiently and is the next biggest threat, we kill the one who smells like mint last. If things go as planned, the humans guarding the carriage can deal with the two humanoid bandits. If things look sour for them, we go help kill the two." Ed let out a breath and mentally prepared himself. "They could spot the cart at any moment now. Ready?" He asked Asteria with an almost genuine sense of bravery.

Ah, it seems that the little one didn't back down. Suddenly, things got a tad bit more interesting as he saw her defiance to his teasing. Well, it takes two to tango.

Oz offered his own smug smirk back at the little girl. "Not all of it, Kat. Just your share, cause you did say that eating butts are gross." He holds up his hands to reveal the three skewers that were meant to be her share. The roast meat steaming enticingly in the air. It may not have been the best meat or cut ever, but hunger is one helluva spice. He even waved the three skewers in front of the small priestess, letting the aroma waft over her. She may deny not wanting to eat any of the butt meat, but her body wouldn't. "Perhaps, perhaps. But I don't deny that this meal was one of the better meals of the trip." Oz lets out a faux breath of disappointment as he abruptly moves the skewers away from the priestess. "Alas, I cannot allow you to valiantly guard the camp alone. It would be simply too dangerous." That and he didn't trust the mystery man at the springs. "Thus I volunteer to stay and guard the camp with you. The rest can go enjoy the springs."

Things went better than expected.

But Oz knew better. Things tended to get real cozy and comfortable before something struck and made things shit again. But this small reprieve was more than welcomed. The smell of roasting butt meat and pinewood smoke relaxed his body and encouraged his appetite. The warmth of the flame and calm and serene silence between him and the boys, plus one girl, was profoundly relaxing. He could already feel the worries and fatigue he had accumulated ebb away. Perhaps this was the party? The one party where he wouldn't be a transient member in. The one that will finally get him to settle down and keep a permanent position in it as their ranger and scout?

Nah, unlikely. This was probably a one-time thing and as soon as they were finished, the party would disband and he would be back to being his old self. Tagging along with any other group that needed a ranger or just going solo...but the notion of it left a pit growing in his stomach and a wrenching feeling in his heart.

A sudden and sharp crack and pop of the fire brought him back to the present. He shook his head side to side gently to get the thought of it out of his mind and instead takes note of the food they were cooking. "If the old man taught me anything, he taught me how to instinctively know when the meat is done. And I say the meat is done." Oscar smiles and takes a stick of the flame-roasted monkey butt meat and waited for it to cool down before taking a hearty chunk out of it. It was not the best roast meat Oz he had eaten, that rank is forever held by the old man's kebabs, but this was not half bad. A few times the meat nearly slipped off the stick as Oz battled with his meal. But it was an enjoyable meal none the less.

It was around this time that the small one appeared from the darkness. In an instant, Oz's free hand was on the grip of his machete, and ready to fight...but he soon relaxed as he saw that their intruder was just the priestess. Rather refreshed from her trip to the hot springs. She seemed ecstatic at first but she instantly remembered that the party was eating butt meat and she didn't like that idea and clearly voiced her disgust and disappointment with the party. Causing the ranger to openly laugh as he caught her lingering gaze on an untouched stick of monkey butt roast as well as her not so thinly veiled lie. "Oh, is that so? Sad to hear that you aren't interested in eating your share of the meat. It actually isn't that bad." Oz says as he finishes off his share and tossing the sticks into the fire as extra kindling. It was time to teach her a lesson in lying by teasing the poor girl a little. "C'est La Vie. I suppose you are content to only have some bland and dry crackers instead for dinner tonight." The ranger then acts as if he were going to gather up Katya's share of the meat and distribute it among the boys and Ettamri. "More us then. Who wants extra?" He asks enthusiastically to the rest of the party.

Edward Marsh

Ed waited and waited and waited for the bandits to arrive and ransack the burial mound. But after the first five minutes or so, the bandits didn't seem to be actually interested in entering. The young ratman let out a sigh of relief as he finally let himself breath a little more easily. Perhaps they didn't need to encounter the bandits, after all, they were at a disadvantage in regards to numbers, equipment, and probably skill. Slinking out of the shadowy corner of the room, he approaches the entrance of the structure and focuses [Beast Sense II] on his sense of hearing first. He had to make sure that the bandits were not actively moving outside. Then he would focus on his sense of smell, as with the tall grass outside likely obscuring the bandits, enhancing his vision would do little. He would try to single out the smells of the kobolds and, if possible, the two armed humanoids he saw from earlier. Ed could probably single out the odors of the bandits after a small span of time. Whether or not they bathed, their smell would likely be distinctly different from the smell of the grassland and fresh air.

Once done with identifying if the bandits outside were still moving via hearing and if they were actually still there judging from the smell, Ed would try to go outside and scout. Looking for a way out of their current predicament, without alerting the bandits to their presence. If nothing else, confirm the positions of the bandits. So, at the very least, he could relay this information to Asteria and formulate a plan on how they were going to deal with them. Quickly shaking off the feeling of fear, Ed kept his body crouched down and near the ground to avoid being spotted easily. Then Ed walked slowly out of the barrow. [Muffle II] at the ready in the off chance of a bandit detecting him.

Edward Marsh

Huh, so Kobolds are similar to goblins. That's good to know, System. Ed thought to himself as he slips into the structure. If they were like the goblins from the cave, they could be easily dealt with if they have the preemptive strike. Though he didn't get to see the other one. The system said that it was similar to a goblin as well, but was a little too broad and tall, so Ed could only assume that it was something of a variant or an offshoot of a goblin. Though he didn't dwell on the thought for long, the bandits were coming soon and their chances of being found out was increasing by each passing moment.

He approaches Asteria and whispers softly to her but, while doing so, activates [Beast Sense II] and focuses on his hearing and taking occasional glances to the entryway. "Hey. So, uh...I got good news and bad news. The bad news is that there are kobolds and a couple of armed dudes not too far away outside..." Ed pursed his lips inward out of embarrassment. "aaaaaand I kinda only noticed last minute that they were near." They did manage to get this close while he nodded off at some point during his watch. Probably when he convinced himself that he was warm and it was cosy up there. Probably. "The good news is that they don't know that we're here. So if we choose to hide, we can deal with them in their sleep and take all their stuff." Ed tried to look on the bright side of the situation. "But, before you get mad at me or anything, we should probably hide first. The bandits could enter any minute now." Ed looked for the darkest and most secluded corner the room had and quietly crouched in it. Only activating [Muffle II] when the bandits actually entered to avoid detection.

The pale-skinned man gulped anxiously as the Rogue Trader approached him and gaze upon him and his dishevelled uniform. Sweat had begun to accumulate on his brow as he did his best to display himself proudly in front of the older man. His heart sank, the pit in his stomach grew deeper, and the first few beads of sweat dripped down his brow as he was chided for his dishevelled appearance. "Are you not ashamed?" Oh Goose was. Lesser men would be blushing as red as a tomato by now. Not only was this their first meeting with one another, but this was also going to be the lasting impression he would give to the Rogue Trader. And by the Emperor, he screwed the pooch on that aspect.

"Apologies, Lord Rogue Trader. I will do my best not to do this again." The statement was completely and whole-heartedly true. This was akin to his first day of training when he was still a fresh recruit. Unprepared, dishevelled, and disrespectful. He was lucky that the training officer thought him more valuable alive than dead. She only had him beaten bloody and senseless in front of the others for an hour and a half. A far better alternative considering he saw some other schmuck act up later that day and he got a laspistol blast to the head. Though one thing was for sure about the two events.

Goose learned from it.

As the rogue trader explained their first stop was some dustbowl planet named Nionus - 712. Great. Of all the conditions he had ever fought in, Sandy environments were only second to places with salty water. To normal folk, sand was simply something course and mildly irritating at times. Not for Goose. Having a bionic arm meant that it was routine for him to maintain, clean, and lubricate it three times each week. Not only is sand a difficult substance to remove from the nooks and crannies of his bionic arm, but it also causes malfunctions when they get into the more delicate parts of his arm. Random contractions/extensions, delayed reaction, and even outright failure of response. Shit on a shingle, this was going to be a rough first mission.

The rogue trader then finishes his briefing and tells them that they will meet in the bridge of the ship once they have found their quarters in the ship. And with that, the veteran guardsman leaves and heads back to gather his belongings. Once he was sure that he was out of sight and mind of the Arbites guarding the junction, the man bolted and ran straight back to his rented room. There he finally relaxed and removed his medals and ribbons and returned them to their case before removing his parade uniform. It was barely the echo of the pristine condition it was an hour ago. Goose let out a disappointed sigh before sitting down on the bed and takes out a sewing kit from the large olive-coloured duffle bag at the foot of it. He was surprisingly dexterous with his hands, both organic and bionic, as he stitched up the tears and cuts of his uniform. In a few minutes, the physical damage sustained was now near impossible to notice unless you actively looked for the stitchings. The stains could be cleaned on a later time.

Satisfied, Goose tucks the uniform away and brings out his BDU and begins to don it. Admittedly, the former guardsman felt more comfortable in the standard-issue uniform than any other clothing he owned. Afterwards, he gathers his things and heads out to the Rogue Trader's ship. There was a map given along with the paperwork to help them locate and navigate the ship itself. Good thing Gustave was taught how both read and write back when he got his first promotion. Can't have a squad leader who can't read orders and write reports, you know? It takes the man longer than he wanted to but he eventually finds the docking station for the ship. Now the hard part: Navigating a ship itself and finding his quarters and the bridge.

Seeing the, almost literal, labyrinthine halls and corridors of the ship discouraged the man. "Emperor, guide me..." Gustave uttered as he steps into the ship and does his best to understand the map before promptly getting lost for the next hour.
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