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14 days ago
Current And oh, such fuzz, such fuzz, it does, demand, that I... be naughty.
18 days ago
OMG what a week
20 days ago
I have a busy couple of days ahead, I will get replies out as soon as I can.
23 days ago
wow... very active morning. I'll get replies up asap.
1 mo ago
you just can't fix stupid.


So I am back again, in a new name and new mood. Those I have fallen in love with have been notified, so if you have no message from me, then you have nothing to worry about. 0:-)

So, bio... I really don't have much of one right now. I have gone into my writing full bore, and am only back on here because I miss a few people, and sometimes need something to fill in the gaps. I may post something to try to flesh out a plot idea for my books at some point...

I'm in my 30's, like blood, sex, and rock and roll... Though not at the same time. I require a story line, creativity, and development,not to mention Mutual Drive from both of us!

I am very picky with my please don't be offended if I ask to stop something... It's not personal, I am just very busy, and don't like to waist time trying to muscle through a story I'm not really into.

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Since it's late, and traffic is slow... Bump
Um... I'm not sure why I want this enough to reopen my ICheck, but I keep thinking about it. Maybe because I have never done it... So here it goes.

I want a story that's completely aquatic. Fantasy to the point that there's mermaids/dolfin anthros/ octopeople, you get my drift. I want it set almost exclusively under the waves.

I don't want just smut, but I do not fade to black when the story does lead to sex. (Which I do enjoy.)

I am ok with a deep growing romance, or a smutty beginning that builds to more, but regardless, it has to have a story.

I am open to discussing roles and creatures, and even genders, but I like to mix it up a bit.

I have no story right now, and part of that would have to do with the races we play.

I'm really open and interested in discussing this further. Place pm me if you're interested.
Ok, so kinda tired of trying to piece this together from other people's interests. So I guess I need to make my own to put this up front.

I am a huge Venom fan. (Marvel comics) the original Venom with Eddie Brock, and especially is Mini series. I have a character based on this set up where while he was in San Francisco, he had a love affair with one of the homeless people he was living with. He had no idea she was pregnant when he left.

She grows up as a homeless girl, and hides the fact that she has a symbiot of her own as her blood.

I'm looking for a marvel based, long term, story to go with this character. It doesn't matter if it is X-Men, Spiderman, avengers, I know pretty much all of them, and can research others. I want a romantic interest in this, FxM or FxF (I don't fade to black) but I want to have a story and action with it. I would love to work out a story with my partner instead of just jumping into it....

PM me if you are interested or have questions.

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