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4 days ago
Current looks like I'ma be up a while. rapid fire replies available!
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21 days ago
having technical difficulties. will return asap
2 mos ago
That is not dead which can eternal lie, And with strange aeons even death may die.
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2 mos ago
oh, the dog days of summer....
3 mos ago
meh, totally unproductive vaca


So I am back again, in a new name and new mood. Those I have fallen in love with have been notified, so if you have no message from me, then you have nothing to worry about. 0:-)

So, bio... I really don't have much of one right now. I have gone into my writing full bore, and am only back on here because I miss a few people, and sometimes need something to fill in the gaps. I may post something to try to flesh out a plot idea for my books at some point...

I'm in my 30's, like blood, sex, and rock and roll... Though not at the same time. I require a story line, creativity, and development,not to mention Mutual Drive from both of us!

I am very picky with my please don't be offended if I ask to stop something... It's not personal, I am just very busy, and don't like to waist time trying to muscle through a story I'm not really into.

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So we're going to have two shadow manipulaters?
So... How is this going to start? Since we are basically scattered to the four winds?
...... Being and avid fan of Lovecraft, your talk of this forbidden post is peeking my curiosity. Lol.
Lol! My hero?
....... Aww I missed it

........*falls asleep in the corner to wait*

Thanks to my Ex, I fear I know far too many theories not to become annoying.
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