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Current That is not dead which can eternal lie, And with strange aeons even death may die.
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oh, the dog days of summer....
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meh, totally unproductive vaca
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vacation for the week. rapid replies available in the mornings.
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posts will resume tomorrow


So I am back again, in a new name and new mood. Those I have fallen in love with have been notified, so if you have no message from me, then you have nothing to worry about. 0:-)

So, bio... I really don't have much of one right now. I have gone into my writing full bore, and am only back on here because I miss a few people, and sometimes need something to fill in the gaps. I may post something to try to flesh out a plot idea for my books at some point...

I'm in my 30's, like blood, sex, and rock and roll... Though not at the same time. I require a story line, creativity, and development,not to mention Mutual Drive from both of us!

I am very picky with my please don't be offended if I ask to stop something... It's not personal, I am just very busy, and don't like to waist time trying to muscle through a story I'm not really into.

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Valentina tapped the metal door behind her for dramatic effect. "I truly with we could, Comrade Vauldis, but I am afraid we are stuck until the powers that be come and let us out. I would truly like to touch base with my parents as well. I am sure my family would assist you in food, unless you simply prefer the hunt. These have apparently become hard times, and the Rom do not forget our friends."

She spoke these words with an air of nobility that seemed to be with her always on stage. Despite her age, both as a human and the undead, Valentina had always possessed a way with words and presence. It was often joked that the toreador had had a hand in her making after all when Valentina would walk to the fires after waking and silence a party in anticipation of her stories. It had been humourous before, but as Valentina sat in that cold concrete hole in the dark, it made her uneasy. What good could she do with her words when the country seemed bent on slaughtering itself.
Valentina sighed. "No. I have heard nothing. I really hope we get out of here soon. I am not used to being hungry this long." It was clear from the forced formality in her voice that she was trying hard to remain calm. Hunger was not her only problem. She was Rom, she did not like being in a box. She tried desperately to find something else to talk, and think, about.

"I have seen you at the camps. My great uncle tells me you are... Gangrel? It is nice to meet you. I am Valentina." It was modesty that made her continue to introduce herself. Nearly everyone in Russia knew at least her name and that she was a singer. She got tired of people brushing away her introduction by using it as an excuse to talk about music, or theatre, or worse, about her. Often times they launched into it so quickly that they never even introduce themselves. She would simply stop with introductions, but she felt squeamish about having the mindset of not needing to introduce herself when everyone already knew her.
When Valentina woke, it took her a long moment to figure out where she was. But as the hunger returned to her, and she thought to call for her mother, it all came back to her. She sat up slowly, straightening her dress the best she could, and leaned against the wall. The night before was still a blur, and she took a second to look around. The child was still there, which was good, it showed the other cainite with her had some self control as well. Speaking of...

She looked to the Gangrel wildman for a long moment. She recognized him from the Gypsy camp, so her parents trusted him at least as far as trading, so at least there was that going for her. "Comrade... The sun has set. Are you awake?"
Valentina slipped into the bunker, stopping only once she had reached a side wall that she could lean against. Her mind was still racing with the events at hand. The sudden attack was a little excessive, and the repercussions of this attack were going to be staggering, this had suddenly become bloody, and Valentina felt very inadequate in that field. What worried her most, at the moment, however was her family. Some of them had been there, and her parents had no way of knowing where she was, or if she was ok. That had to change very soon. She had to keep in touch with her parents. All she could do now was to try and sleep.
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