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I also have to rescind my offer. Been trying to get into 1x1 and too many awesome candidate applied. Going to shift focus there.

Thanks for all the submissions and proposals! For now, I am overwhelmingly blessed with opportunity and should shut this down. I have a Group RP that I am committed to and I want to embrace about two 1x1 RPs with the right writing partners and the results have been amazing. I will continue to be transparent about my schedule and our compatibility and please understand that there isn't a No, just a Not Now. Thanks very much and I will make final decisions soon!
Interesting. I have to admit, I prefer physical, tangible books when it comes to reading. A screen is obviously a necessity for the type of writing we do on here, but you'll never catch me reading a book off of a tablet or kindle.

There's just a particular form of serenity and welcomed escape when you set some time aside to find your nook and jump into a book.
I thought there was already a Book topic, but I don't see it. SO, what book(s) are you currently reading? Are they enjoyable? Would you recommend them?

I just picked up American Gods by Neil Gaiman. I tried a few episodes of the show and then bailed, but the concept is very interesting and I am hoping the book provides something much more enticing.
Nude (skinny dip)
Try it again in Casual Interest Check. You'll get a much larger response.
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