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Current Game halfway done: but on pause
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Programming a Wasteland/Fallout 1&2 style game. Going so and so.


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@Tangletail You can assume at this moment that everyone can ride the horse well enough. It's a riding horse - it has been trained for stuff like this.

Not poor Vaal!
Yep, also here! Wanted to let Eleven post first.

As for what Caw would do, though he's scared out of his wits, he's used to following orders - so he will definitely heed Sebastian's words. He'd likely go with whomever moves first, most likely riding with them since he's very poor on foot.

How well can he ride though?
I am
So what do you guys want to do? What's your plan?

Vaal's trying to get Cassandra out of sight in case anyone heard the Mare screaming like a banshy. I wouldn't mind waiting for the other's to catch up. Buuuut I'm probably not sticking around in the same place if I get swarmed. Squishy Kobold be squishy. Less he works that magic tongue, and my luck with diplomacy on this forum is abysmal. Even with high bonuses.
Hi! I need a post deleted here.

I kinda screwed up with an OOC comment and wasn't paying attention to where it was being placed.
<Snipped quote by Tangletail>

No comment.


lol I shouldn't have been surprised that there's a dragon, with the title and all, but still :O

@CollectorOfMyst Got 13 for initiative.

I just hope we don't have to fight it. Blues be no joke @_@
Vaal had felt... something stir inside of him. A sudden quickening of the heart... and then nothing. Before he could ponder on what had happened, he found himself now contemplating the universe flat on his back. He rolled his head to the side in time to see the mare run back from where they came. Bleating like a goat. And sure as the rivers meets the seas, probably alerting every damned bastard with a sword and bloodlust.

He rolled onto his stomach and pushed himself to his feet. And at the same time scurried closer to Cassandra. "Uncle...?" Vaal bawked in bewilderment. The woman charged all this way for her uncle? Vaal... couldn't say he'd do the same. Maybe he would... he didn't quite know. He wasn't close to his own family. Or rather, that also fell into the fog that clouded his memories from more than a year back!

The kobold gave a shake of his head. Seeing that it was now night time, he had completely removed the veil, revealing his amber eyes that were quite comfortable in the low light environment. Once he had the veil tucked away securely, he leapt up to snatch the woman's hand. He gave it a firm yank and quickly moved to try and pull out of her the light. And once more into the shadows of buildings that blocked out the light of the fires.

"Your uncle will have to wait. Come darling, we must away!" Vaal drawled in his slurring way. He did not have a fearful tone in his voice. Still odd for a kobold. Just urgency. His head swiveling for any figures in the night. And seeking out potential shelter in an abandon house to collect their thoughts. And his.

Why was a kin of scales attacking a town! No blue scale would dare be caught doing something so... barbaric! They weren't savages like the Red, all claws and fangs but no brains! They were cultured beyond the greatest houses and kingdoms of mortals! No blue would sully his own claws if he could have others do it!

"It was foolish to rush in blindly..." he continued on, though his voice now dropping to a near whisper. "Human eyes are not suited for the dark. We could catch an arrow from your enemies... as we can from your friends. And I, certainly from your friends - but that is not within my current concerns." That last part was said all too matter of factly. He even made a flamboyant wave of the hand. Like disregarding some trivial topic. If dying is a trivial thing for Kobolds. There was a dragon... there was probably kobolds.

"I am still bound to you by my honor and contract, darling. I will follow your orders through hell and tide. But first your safety is my concern. You mentioned your uncle? He lives here? Do you know the city well?"
19 for Wisdom Save

20 for init Edit: Its an 18. Just noticed I added my Bonus to it
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