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Current Game halfway done: but on pause
3 yrs ago
Programming a Wasteland/Fallout 1&2 style game. Going so and so.


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Dice Roller
Incoming tactical copy pasta.

Copy pasta!

Noteworth changes... fixed grammar problems. Changed Chaos Bolt to Mage Armor.
@DrakeEricsen Just be sure to stand in front of me :U

@CollectorOfMyst Added an inventory section. Will make the grammar corrections, and changes to the spell list later. Also will most likely dump one of my spells for Mage Armor as 13 ac makes me nervous... all it takes is a bow boy.
@Tangletail Other than a few incorrect words (too instead of to, Baulder instead of Baldur), looks good. If you could keep in mind my formatting request for the spells, that would be great, but yeah, other than that it looks good.

I guess I should be getting the actual thing up soon, hmm?

Hey now, I wrote this at 4am :P

But up to you. I have the full spell description in, as some of the spells tend to be very specific. But I'll get rid of the descriptions, and simply Link to the actual spell page on Gieger Wiki ( As DnDBeyond will make you pay physical price for digital access...)

I think I am done.
It is a WIP after all :P @CollectorOfMyst

Almost done with the Writing Sample's draft. What I have done so far is in the CS. And I'll probably change the Gnoll to Dwarvish.

Still debating Intimidation or Deception.

And debating if I want to drop Chaos Bolt for Mage Armor.
Getting closer to completion.

Just need to do the writing sample, possibly revist the personality...

And figure out if I want to pay the spell tax for Mage Armor.

I originally, foolishly now in hindsight, intended to create a fighter but changed my mind when I expected no one to play either a cleric or paladin. The positive is, is that the party will have no shortage of buffing spells on them now.

I would grab some debuffing spells myself. But my DC is a 12, and there's no way to improve that for a very long time in 5e. So... a 50-50 shot lowering isn't worth it if I can't get some value out of it on a fail ^-^;

So I have things that can't be resisted so easily, especially with creative use. While maintaining a storm theme.


Gnoll is one of the language options. I chose em as I'm not sure what to choose next. Common covers most of the natural races. And I don't know what's out there in the Zakhara desert... well there's abyssal creatures I guess.
I just realized about the number of Clerics and Paladins.... this is starting to turn into a crusade XD
@CollectorOfMyst Who ould be the one Id most likely meet

But whyyyy!
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