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Current Game halfway done: but on pause
3 yrs ago
Programming a Wasteland/Fallout 1&2 style game. Going so and so.


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Tbh no, I've got a lot on my plate. I think I'm dropping, sorry guys

Good luck, hope things clear up for you soon!

Yeah I’ll work on an updoot once I’m home.

Bard shall doot when they get back.
Kinda wish I saw this earlier. Still have room on the wait list?
@floodtalon You alive?
Oh yeah, did anyone grab the Longbow, or light crossbow? I'm hurting for a ranged weapon.
<Snipped quote by Duthguy>

drawing your weapon and yelling aggressively standing on the corpse of a giant probably doesn't require much translation tbh.

Sounds like a dinner bell. They don't know you kiloed it

I see you got a 20. Here's to hoping they can understand common!
The kobold had little care if the Cyclops was females... though it still raised some questions. Did they kill another cyclops wife? Well... hopefully she took care of herself by Cyclops standards because this cloth smelt foul. Sadly... it seems she burnt too much time trying to take off the strange buckler, that she did not have time to pack up the Loin cloth.

And with the Troglodytes being so close, she'd rather not chance them tracking them by this putrid smell. So she dropped it, and backed away. If the Roy hadn't picked up the Breastplate like she kindly asked, she'd snatch it up and scamper off after the Dragonborn and towards the Temple. "Quickly!" She hissed after glancing back over her shoulder. From there she spotted the Orc hanging back for some reason. She'd rather not risk another fight. And it seems he's trying to intimidate them with words. She was quite certain they were beyond the point of being feral to listen.

"Orc man, leave them! IF they chase, we block path! Come!" She hollered after him... not bothering stopping. There definitely was a hint of growing dread in her tone. After what these things did to her entourage... she a toxic mixture of fear and hatred for them. And no pit of hell is horrible enough for the damned mud salamanders.
Shoot me a link buddy!
A hobgob pirate. Already off to a great start. XD I'll have the first post up when I get home.
Still accepting?
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