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Current Game halfway done: but on pause
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Programming a Wasteland/Fallout 1&2 style game. Going so and so.


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I hope you like dad jokes.

@Searat Its all you.
Lilt... made one of the gravest mistakes any adventurer could make. Freeze. She watched in horror as the club swiped in an arc with her in the path. She didn't even move... not till it had already collided with her body and sent her tiny form hurtling into the ground she was standing on violently, bounce up and cart wheel in the air. She landed roughly on her arms and knees.

She felt nothing at first. Confused, she tried to stand. And made a pained and violent gag. She teetered as she sputtered blood. Gravity threatened to make her its dirty little mistress and pull her to the ground for good. But... a kobold's will is stronger than such natural forces. And miraculously, she pushed her self back to her feet. Her breathing had been reduced to a rattling wheeze, as she stumbled about in place.

A moment later, and she found herself being thrown across the gap and landed harshly behind rubble in a roll. She looked up to the orc with a hint of annoyance, but said nothing. The intent was appreciated none the less. As she rose back to her feet once again, she took note of everything going on around her. First the Orc bailing, after collecting some things from the hideout. Then the human barbarian absconding.

She got the message, and she wasn't about to dally. With a pained grunt she spun and took a step... about to make her leave herself. She paused and glanced regretfully back to the two still by the orc. More specifically... the Paladin, as the other had already earned her ire.

Her gaze shifted to her own pitiful state and back to the paladin. And with a regretful grimace, she turned her attention to the Cyclops ready to make a gamble. She climbed down the building, taking the safest path possible. She made a hacking cough before raising her voice loud enough to be heard by the cyclops...

"Koboldssssss... dissslike competition with cyclopssss.... they've alwaysss had their eye on the prize." She visibly grimaced to her own joke. They were never her strongest point... but unfortunately she had to come up with something on the fly.

She spun about and darted off in the direction of the temple, taking a route that would break line of sight with the monster in case her attempt to give them a chance to escape did not work. But she'd stay close enough for the paladin to catch up.

The devils advocate to Killing it is the hideout. The goodies inside and the fact we can hold out.

Either route we go. I should note that I have a spell specifically because of the trogs (though in truth I grabbed it because it fits the storm dragon theme)

Warding Wind... Helps us deal with the fart cloud.
Are we running or going to try and kill the thing?
A resident evil rp would be fun
I can give y'all temporary hp. Just tell me and Ill get Roy to inspire some health into you.

Wouldn't do any good. Maybe? One hit on a bad roll is all it takes to get dropped, even if I heal. And not terribly much I can do now. Or at least I can't think of any good options. It is largely up to you however. As it is your character making the choice.

Either I can heal (cus we may still have trogs...) or use hideous laughter and hope I can clutch two saves with a dc 12. One with advantage.

Which would probably stop you guys from entering the same state of limbo Im in.

Issa mystery. Wooooooooh.

Oh right... it can throw rocks. I guess I am in a pickle then. Healing myself is probably not worth it.

@Duthguy “safety” is a variable word here. No where is particularly safe if a cyclops really wants to try and smash you. But roll Athletics for how fat you can throw her, and hopefully it would be out of a cyclops’ reach.

What the hell is this things reach... we're 20ft away... right?

If you want to try and block the next attack onto Lilt, you got two options:

You could try and serve as a sort of half cover for her to increase her AC by 2, as well as grant the enemy disadvantage on their attack towards her. May or may not be worth against a cyclops considering their already immense attack bonus and Lilt’s Relatively low AC.

As your readied action you could make yourself the target, however the cyclops will have advantage on the attack since you’re purposely trying to get struck by him on Lily’s behalf.

Which ever two you feel like using really.


You’re attack of opportunity is a reaction done outside of your turn, so yes you can, though your attack of opportunity occurs first before the spell casting. Cyclops moves away > Attack of Opprotunity > Ano’s Turn.

@Duthguy Given Lilt is relatively small, you can pretty much grab her with one hand and chunk her to cover. You could also punt... but she only has one hp. Since she's small, something that'd be half cover for you, would basically be Three fourths or full cover for her. Forced Movement doesn't trigger Opportunities of Attacks. But again... I'm thinking she should be relatively out of range. <_< though it doesn't look like @Lucius Cypher is giving us that information. Given that, you can also throw her out of harm's reach. Since you're friendly, I'm not contesting it if that's what you're going to try. Not sure what action it takes though.

Lilt can also do relatively the same thing for others as long as she has a Bardic Inspiration die left. As any attack roll she makes can basically use it. She can plant her boot on someone's butt and push them, Or chunk a rock and do the same at range.
@Lucius Cypher In case it wasn't clear I'm holding my action, also what do I need to block the club and do I need to roll now or wait until the cyclops decides to attack Lilt?

Its 20ft away and behind full cover. So it can't see us, and we can't see him, unless hes peaking out. He should also be out of range... Unless he has a 20ft reach... Then what the absolute fuck. But... He shouldn't be able to attack without stepping out.

But, you are passively giving the kobold cover
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