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21 Feb 2017 9:08
Current Game halfway done: but on pause
13 Sep 2016 22:34
Programming a Wasteland/Fallout 1&2 style game. Going so and so.


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Can just drag his dead body back for resurrection. As long as it hasn't been shattered :3
@JollanIt'd be easier for me if you had specific questions lol. And yes, you can post as much as you want between my updates as long as there's no double posts.

I should be updating on the morrow, anyway.

Mmm seeing as we're getting closer to the point of our characters talking. Can you tell me anything about the rogue guilds? Or is it pretty much free for writing?

You didn't need to cross out all of that paragraph :x.

I actually do ;-;

I just miss a lot of things.

Anyways adjusted.
Have you traded the ax for the dice yet?
<Snipped quote by Tangletail>

*imagines Othiosiya accidentally being called a halfling*

I sentence you to life by not-hanging!

Jackal would need some really bad dementia for that...

Sorry Fetzen, the thief was talking to Jollan's character. I've been screwing up everyone's races in this RP for some reason. I hadn't had a chance to fix it

The only character I hadn't screwed up, I think, was Lin... whom I've been referring to as a Half-n-Half. Though I swear to god at some point I might end up just making her even shorter by calling her a halfling.
I'll post tomorrow. If not feel free to hang me.

I'll get the noose ready for you.
@JollanMy races are all over the place in this RP....

But the story part is fine :P. His main goal is to tease him. And start the chummy process early.

He may be a thief. And he may be a rogue. But he's not the Stereotypical anti-social D&D rogue that a lot of players make.
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