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When the kobold entered the house, his gaze trailed along the room and observed the family they had just saved. They looked much better than he had initially expected. And he was also expecting the children to be crying. To his delight, they weren't. That would make the next few hours much easier. His eyes did not miss the woman's hand reaching for a weapon only to pause. The kobold smiled to that. And offered a small shrug.

"Vaal..." The kobold began with a rolling drawl. And like when the group first met... the name sounded like it was missing a significant part of it. His tone took up a glint of humor. "... will be fine. Just take care with the spear. I'd rather my allure not be damaged if I am to have an unexpected end."

His gaze then shifted over the family as introductions were made. He had expected the children to shy away from him. Kobolds aren't known for having a good reputation. And if he remembered correctly... human... kits(?)... were often told stories of various monsters and creatures. He was quite sure these kids would be told tales of kobolds to keep them from running out at night. Doubly so when the kids were attacked by kobolds... and nearly watched their father be murdered by his kin.

Yet... here he was. Taken aback when he saw the young boy give him a shy wave... and a smile. The kobold's expression went blank. Another crack in his facade had been made today. And he honestly did not know what to think of this child.

Vaal akwardly returned the wave. He turned about and said nothing as he approached Cassandra... who appeared to be staring out of the window. He glanced out himself, and looked up. His eyes met the dragon with understanding. And... a hint of envy for the flying beast.
"Ah... that. Put it out of your mind for now, darling. The most important step you can make right now... is simply the next step."
@Vertigo Well, it's also possible that Caw was stunned into silence by this remark - after all, it was rather accurate. If you'd still be available to roll dice for Caw when needed, that'd be great, but I understand if you can't post during the time you're gone. (where are you going? I'm curious what kind of journey will take 20 days XD).

@Tangletail The 'grabbing the horse's reins' is appreciated, but unfortunately, I've already been going over some stuff with Eleven in PMs - since Seb might respond, and so forth. Please remove that part from your post. 😅

No problem! Fixed. He's now going to go check on Cassandra.

Also when is our new fellow jumping in?
There were still many things in this world that could surprise Vaal it seems. And this was one of them. Several kobolds from different tribes. Different clans. None of them he recognized. But the difference was enough. That dragon was grand… the kobold would begrudgenly admit. But he was young… and it did not quite appear that the dragon understood the meaning of showmanship. There was little possibility that blue would have multiple tribes serving him so far from a desert.

The second… was the Kenku. Vaal’s gaze turned lazily, to the Kenku when he began to speak. His mind had already begin to ready its self to put together sequences of broken phrases and voices to discern a meaning.

What he was not prepared for in his state of mental vulnerability were the words I am sorry. The kobold’s head jerked in surprise. His eyes widening for a moment to the surprising gentleness of the words. His mind pulled away from working out the meaning, to working out how on earth could the Kenku have…

Then his gaze followed the hand. And his eyes settled back on that grisly display of corpses. Finally the kobold let out a croak of an “Ah.”

He cleared his throat. And tried again. “Ah… that.” His tone distant as he regarded each of the corpses once more. He shook his head slowly.

“I appreciate the… concern. But it is misplaced. They are soldiers of the battlefield. They died doing their tasks. They have made their decision." He hissed in that slurring way of his.

He turned to face the Kenku. One harm hugging that staff close to his body. The other crossed over its brother. A finger tapped lightly against that wooden pole. The kobold considering something. Then seeing that there would be little harm in going further.

“Know my words for truth… they are not kin of mine. We are in fact… far… far detached. I do not have a home with them, if I did mayhaps no more. I am already an oddity. And this act makes me a traitor.“ The kobold glanced to the direction two survivors had fled. Vaal shrugged then turned to go check on Cassandra and the family they had just saved.

“I would be marked as an outcast across the sword coast. Or captured to be... well... tormented." The kobold laughed to the last part with a true mirth. Somehow finding what ever was to come to himself as some great joke. By that gleam in his eye... He probably saw it as they could do nothing else to him now. "Still... nothing to regret."

The kobold looked over his shoulders. “And you? You… are young… but have the wisdom of a scholar’s son.” The kobold looked to Sebastian with a raised brow. “...I would say he’s your adopted father… but… he seems the sort to raise a knight.” And now... Oddly a thought of the kobolds own mother came into mind. What would she think... If she saw what her son had became? That... Would be a level of shame he would rather not endure. Was she still even alive?
I wouldn't really say he hid it. He openly displayed something. :P Just a matter of well it can be interpreted.


You pick up a sense of loss. Though not for the kobolds. Hes fond of them, as hes gentle enough with the bodies but hes incredibly emotionally detatched from them. Its likely to do with the way hes looking at himself.

You could conclude he had been strongly reminded of his fragility. After seeing a group of kobolds that outnumbered the party get destroyed.
Speaking of... If anyone wants an insight into the Kobolds head... Feel free to try it.
I gots a three.
Just as quickly as the battle had begun, it had come to an end. Mostly.

Vaal’s stance had visibly when the battle began to come to a close. Even as Kobolds fell he gave the doorway a gentle rap with his quarterstaff to get the attention of the swift family, and gave them a wave to come on out. He allowed his eyes to drift along the children with a ponderous glaze before he turned away to join the group. He was still quite baffled about the blue dragon’s desire for the children.

Finally, there was only one opposing Kobold left. Vaal’s eyes settled on him… and he gave the other an impassive shrug. He spoke out in draconic now, and gestured for the lone survivor to make his leave. ~Perhaps… you should have just accepted my command. It is improper… to make a point with violence. I suggest you follow this one. Go. Live.~ He drawled. The accent he held, still quite apparent even in this language.

He’d stay put, keeping his gaze on the Kobold as the little creature ran for its life. And then… Vaal’s mind began to wonder once again. This time it wasn’t over the plans of the Blue. No… his eyes instead turned to settle on the corpses that laid at the party’s feet.

The proud blue kobold’s eyes began to glaze over with a distant look. For a moment, that proud shell of his cracked. Exposing some very mixed, very human emotions. Mourning. Apprehension. And Resignation. Even as he raised a claw to look over his hand. He shook his head. Rolled that claw over. Studied it. Shook his head again as the next claw came up. Eventually he crouched down, and began to search their bodies. Not for loot. But for markings. Markings of their tribes. Or perhaps their dragons.

"Huh... that one there..." he pointed to the one that had its head smashed in. His grim humor coming up to rescue him from his own thoughts. "... was quite unlucky. She is would have been seen as attractive by kobold standards. Would have been seen as... desirable. A shame."

It wasn't humorous. But it was honesty in the form of a distraction. And it was enough to pull the Kobold's own mind from dreariness. "It seems that my kin desire the human... hatchlings." The last part was said with a hint of a question. He had been searching for a proper word. "... the adults however... have been cosigned to death. I do not have the reasons."
Alright then time to see what the enemy Kobold does

Well, is caw gonna make an attempt to shoot the little guy as he flees on his post?
Nah, Vaal is going yo stand aside even if it flees in his way. Maybe throw up a wall behind it to stop persuits.
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