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Baby, In-Training, and Rookie. Some name-changes though, but it didn't scan in cause it was light. Togarimon might be changed to Caravamon (shrews gather and transverse their young in groups called caravans), Gastomon is renamed to Blarimon, after the Blarina brevicauda ( northern short tailed shrew). Shrewmon is still Shrewmon, but his attack name changed to Kickbox Beatdown instead of Box Down.

The longer the youths stood in the forest clearing, the more apparent it would become that this was far from a normal place. The sky looked like a mat painting with tiny black flecks stuck in it, stretching to the horizon. Those heading towards the trees could notice a few odd things. Firstly, what appeared to be a plastic molding was set around the base of each tree, and on further inspection, the angles of the branches all seemed identical, as if all the trees were the same, just rotated slightly.
Another strange feature, though hidden in the underbrush, were oversized, loose cables lying on the ground, capped with colorful ends, making them look like giant AV cables that came from nowhere nearby. Something that those entering the woods, and moving away from the voices of the others, would notice soon enough was the strange silence. Despite being a deep forest, there was neither the sound of birds, nor running water, nor the rustling of creatures in the leaves, or even the buzzing of insects.
Well, I started by considering mixing Langstrom with someone, but couldn't think of anyone to mix them with. I was also thinking of Laura Kinney, Jane Foster, Silk, Bluebird, Cass Caine, and Jess Cruz as options, but I don't know how well I could pull them off, and certain combinations lead to catastrophic meltdowns.
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She didn't quite know what she was expecting, but it probably wasn't this. Biance was practically swarmed by the majority of the group. Well, it'd be more apt to say that she was being addressed by a few more people at once than she had wanted. No matter, she would deal. She rolled her eyes and extended her hand in a dismissive manner, choosing now to address each individual one at a time.
The boy in glasses was the first to be addressed, "Listen sweetie," she began, her voice dripping with a false saccharin tone, "First off; what I do with my head is my business. I doubt you have enough money to change my mind. More importantly- I have... no idea what you're talking about space cadet. But thanks for the weather report, captain obvious," she continued, her tone gathering more sarcasm as she went.
Biance then turned to the blonde girl who seemed to be speaking English. She gave a bemused smile with half-lidded eyes, and reached out with her hand, curling her index finger and bringing it just below the other girl's chin.
"You don't get out much, do you?" Biance more stated than asked, "Do yourself a favor and hang back- let me handle things, okay?"
Her final remark would have sounded kind, were it not smeared with a coating of derision. She passed her eyes over the scene once more, and promptly did a double-take in shock. This was probably the weirdest thing yet. One of the other girls, just... standing there in stark silence, looked eerily similar to Biance herself. Their eyes were almost the exact same color, as was her hair, which was styled in a way that she could easily pull off. But what was most chilling was the difference in posture. It was like looking in a warped, frosted mirror. Despite being almost the same age, she looked drained to an extent that made her look almost dead of old age, completely devoid of vitality. It almost froze Biance's heart solid in fear.
She was snapped out of her stupor when she noticed the girl with the fashionable red jacket walking away. Her instincts kicked in as she lashed out verbally.
"Fine, get yourself lost- more lost. Less work for me to do," she called out, waving in half-hearted salutation, before taking a quarter turn away from the crowd, and letting out an exasperated sigh with her hand in her face.
I'm interested, but I'm having trouble coming up with ideas. Or at least, choosing which one to go with.
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@Loony That's my bad, sorry. Writing wise, no problems. It hits a little close to home but I can deal.
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@Loony Said user has been active on guild for a grand total of one day, and hasn't done anything on guild or tried to contact us for weeks. Glad to have you back on board.
Bearers acquired.

Landing zone: located.

Begin delivery.

The pastel blue sky shimmered over a strange and different world. A golden ring shone as its toothed gate opened, and eight bodies fell, quite literally, into adventure. The gate then vanished in a shimmering sparkle, leaving not a trace of its existence, leaving eight very confused individuals to ponder what had just become of them...

She was falling. They were falling. And screaming, too, There was plenty of that. Inwardly, a part of Haruka was surprisingly calm about that. She supposed it gave her time to digest her situation.

What the hell happened? I was escorting Little Miss Red Light to the office, then that weird hole opened up and… There wasn’t much more to it than that. Sudden drop, and here they were, falling through a kaleidoscope of lights.

Certainly the strangest day on the job she’d had so far.

The rational segment of her brain noticed that they seemed to be falling toward a destination- a darker spot in the distance that was only getting larger as they accelerated toward it. She really hoped she wasn’t going as fast as she felt she was- it would be a really shitty way to die, especially without getting an explanation as to why.

The darker spot grew closer, and she could almost see things on the other side.

Time to find out how screwed I am, I guess. She closed her eyes, not wanting to see her probable death approaching as she passed through the other side of this kaleidoscopic nightmare, then gasped as she suddenly lurched to a stop in midair, limbs clumsily battering against the girl next to her as they stopped. Haruka opened her eyes, just in time for whatever force had stopped her to release them from its grip, causing them both to fall the last couple of feet onto the ground.

Ow. Fuck. Ow. Haruka touched her nose gingerly (not broken, thankfully) as she stumbled shakily to her feet, taking in her surroundings. Some kind of woods, it looked like. And she wasn’t alone, aside from Stripper Girl. At least half a dozen people were in the same clearing, one of whom was in a chair, for some reason. Haruka blinked, looked around, took her goggles off, then blinked again.

Okay… haven’t gone insane, I don’t think. Haven’t gone weirdly blind. Don’t think Kinky Boots over here had time to drug me with anything, and I’m pretty sure I’d have noticed if she had, so…

...Exactly what the fuck is going on here??

A pale hand clenched against the… grass? Something didn’t feel right. Slowly, her dark purple eyes opened. Pushing off the ground, she took to her feet; her boots pressing into the loamy ground, forming a rather solid grip. Wait a second- this wasn’t the manicured ground of, well, anywhere in Tokyo. Her almond shaped eyes flicked around- a forest? Rather shrewdly, her hands began inspecting various parts of her body- the crooks of her elbows, the back of her neck, behind her knees, her thighs and calves… no visible marks or pin pricks, and she’d barely had anything to eat or drink- let alone something she had taken her eyes off of; and she felt fine otherwise, which is weird, because she was sure she had fallen.
Alright, wasn’t drugged at least...” she muttered to herself, now seeing how illogical it was- first the bright ring and the feeling of falling, then being outside some forest; “Okay Biance, time to wake up,” she half chided, tapping her curled knuckles against her own head.
It was then she noticed bodies around her, alive, yeah, but in the same condition as her- Okay. As much as Biance wanted this to be a dream, she had the sneaking suspicion that it wasn’t, especially with there being others here; and as weird as it was, this made sense. Sort of. At least events seemed to be following sequence.

”Okay… on the count of three… I will wake up from this nightmare… one. Two…”

Instead of actually saying three, Haruka slapped herself. Hard.

”Ow. Fuck. Okay, I’m awake now, right— SHIT.” She was still here. The nightmare was still happening. And now her face hurt. Which meant…

”Oh. Fuck. This isn’t a dream.” Haruka sank to her knees as she pondered this development. She was wide awake. Which meant that hole in the world was real. This place was real. These yahoos she found herself in a clearing with? 100% real. And that? That was a problem. It meant she had no fucking clue what was going on.

Seems so, trigger,” Biance answered, strutting towards Haruka. Her response was met with a glare from the diminutive security guard.

”Don’t call me ‘trigger.’ Unless you’d like to hear some of the nicknames I have for you,” said Haruka as she stood, brushing her knees off, ”Speaking of, you got a name I can call you? Other than ‘Gypsy’ or something?”

For a moment, Biance simply looked over the other, as if assessing her. She took a crossing step in front of the shorter individual, then turned to face her again. Taking in a breath, the dark haired girl shook her head, then proceeded to adjust a few hidden ties in her hair, shifting it from a side ponytail.
Ya’ know what,” she mused as her fingers nimbly worked, “-you’re pretty. You’d look a lot better if you weren’t mad all the time.
Finishing her remark, Biance now had her hair sculpted into a bob, with a long thin braid at the back of her head holding it all together. Her visage then shifted from a distant look to a closed eyes smirk at some inner humor.
I don’t mind nicknames, but I don’t give without there being anything to get. I give my name, you give yours first.

Haruka was still dumbstruck at the girl’s candid comment. Pretty? Eventually, the shock died away, and up came the hackles once again. She huffed, clearly not amused.

”Going through the roundabout, huh? Cute.” She turned away, glaring at the ground. A minute passed before she spoke again.

”Haruka. Just Haruka for now.” She looked back up, disdain etched on her features. ”Satisfied? Alright, spill, Moulin Rouge. I’m running out of musicals to call you.”
The taller girl nodded, “Biance,” she answered, then pointing her thumb behind herself and Haruka, “Who are these kids?

Haruka shrugged. ”Beats the fuck outta me. But we’re all here for whatever reason, so… may as well see if any of them know what it is that brought us here.” Without waiting for a response, Haruka turned away from the taller girl, raising her voice as she directed her attention and voice at the rest of their little motley crew.

”Hey! Random other people! Anyone get the license plate number of that truck that hit us? Looked like a fucking glowing hole in the ground?

...As was becoming increasingly apparent, subtlety was not Haruka’s strong suit.
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