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@RumikoOhara That one's in like five months.
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I beg to differ.
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Zygote Equality.
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It is invariable that what is reaped will be the same in kind as what was sown.
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Thank you all for staying.
@Nikki Moonlight That's fine, I totally get it.
Thanks for posting @Nikki Moonlight
The SASF agent was rather helpful, albeit begrudgingly, in the evacuation of Lilith and Itatchi. She did, however, ask that they board the airship for questioning, as they were witnesses.

A few minutes after submerging, Itou's communicator would begin to chime. An incoming message from ARCHON appeared, the voice of the dispatch agent coming into his ear piece.
"Gensai, do you read?" there was a moment before a reply was confirmed, "I've got some intell' you may be interested in. You were at the shore, right? Well, turns out Sumeragi didn't make a tribute, and the local Yakuza wannabe's didn't take too kindly to it. I'm guessing you engaged, so be advised."
Haruka rolled his eyes, giving a patronizing glance to Mokoto as he passed.
"Well, it looks like this one has some sense after all," the boy muttered as he strolled by, the vaporous form of Bakumon close behind.
There was a stark disinterest in his posture, as he crossed the room, barely seeming to pay any attention to the Digimon following him, nor the somewhat irrational seeming instances of Ms. Chase.

15:01 22 October

Haruka's eyes flickered over the glowing screen, gathering minute changes in various meters and compiling them in his head. The match shouldn't be dragging on this long. More importantly, he had no way to damage the other player's Valdurmon general with his own Gaiomon. The technique meter in the bottom center of the screen had been frozen since very near the beginning of the fight, and the Valdurmon's passive ability, Purge Shine, stopped any direct attacks from connecting. Haruka's teeth gritted in frustration, his fingers hovering over the keys tentatively as he pushed that attack with his Goburimon. However, without any support from high stage Digimon, the grunts would be overwhelmed.

@Double Yeh? Oh, yeah, work's been a bit busy.
@Ryuji Sakamoto You're a cool guy.
@Ryougu He's had a very busy recently, apparently.
A glint in the sky against the setting sun flared beyond the haze of the drop craft's jet engines. As the Nevermore shrieked, and the jet engines roared, the clicking, scraping of a long bodied, many legged Grimm went unheard. With the avian Grimm disoriented by the impact of Bolt Dust, the golden blaze of the Huntsman Faunus was free to slam into the creature's back. A moment later, and the shimmer of light from above became a careening fire. The burning shield of the Semblance Meteor seared the dark, twisted flesh of the Grimm. The falling strikes caused a large chunk of the creature to fall beneath Slater, leaving a seam of red behind, while Raye's attack left the beast burning.
The Nevermore's burning corpse began to lilt and drop to the north side of the rooftop, its wing beginning to smash the building's facade as, should he desire, Slater would easily be able to ride the disengaged chunk of the daemon to the rooftop with a splatter and relative safety.
All the commotion, however, had been exactly what the stalking monster had needed. A blunt, bulbous head with stretching sword-like mandibles reared up from atop the wall, snapping at the girl in white with a sickening gurgled hiss. It hadn't be able to reach, so now its spindly legs began to one by one grasp at the wall, dragging its segmented, coiling body farther up the building, heedless of the forming ball of Dust before it, nor the gathering presence of Hunters at the rooftop.

There was, however, a sickening collective grunt and snarl, as the sounds of combat and the fall of the Nevermore rang from the spire of Vasim. Now knowing there stood opposition, the Grimm in the streets began circling back, licking their chops as they stalked closer, seeking the Hunters that had come to the village's rescue.

Within the office of the Emergency Broadcast Center, two messages appeared, though slightly delayed, thanks to the distance of Vasim from the ICTT. A receptionist in the dimly lit office lifted an ear piece, transcribing the information that was given in the messages from a Huntsman and a Huntress who had arrived in Vasim. With a few deft strokes of the holo-screen, the mission in the decimated village was updated, adding "Search and Rescue" to the parameters, as well as a potential connected "Bounty" mission, adding a note about potential sabotage. The updated message was then uploaded to the Emergency System, and, by way of the ICTT, transmitted to every Hunter's Scroll in the general area, making the update known, with high urgency.
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