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@RumikoOhara That one's in like five months.
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I beg to differ.
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Zygote Equality.


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@LemonsSo, can I steal use your other character idea as an NPC?
Tori has a friend. *clap clap*
@Lemons She's more than welcome! I'll even allow you to double up if you're super attached to Saffron who looks like Nimmy by the way..

I was thinkin' of going for a pretty defensive Semblance. Which, brings me to ask a question - would a section of armor (from Pauldron, to vambrace, to greave - so, the whole arm) be able to go in the "weapon" slot? Of course it will likely be able to transform as most weapons do, but just wanted to ask to make sure.

And another question - is this going to be sandbox, or do you have a plot/plan laid out?

Okay. I mean, if they fight with it, then yes.
There's plot.

I was tossing around the idea of a ranger character. Primarily fights at range with a bow and dust filled arrows. Has a Semblance that allows him to summon avatars of animals, he has hunted in the past, to assist him.

That's a bit to similar to the Schnee Semblance, if I'm honest.
Anyone have character concepts? Just so we are on a similar page and don't end up with like, seven tanks or something.
Hello! Welcome to the guild! I'm also one who has done Pathfinder and D&D, though not for terribly long- only like three years or so for Pathfinder. Hopefully you find something fun to join!
Guys, if you're gonna make out, do it in private.
Haha, jk.
The sudden (in her eyes) praise of her Quirk caused the short girl to blush. Realizing that they might not all have been able to be as forthcoming as they needed to be during the demonstrations, with such a large crowd, Koumori came up with an idea. However, she still had to deal with the emotionally loaded front portion of the muscular girl's response.
"I-I was a p-priority ch-choice, keekee?" the nervous girl began, "Y-yes, I think Azukina-kun w-would round out a t-team very w-well."

However, she did not have time to continue her train of thought.
POP! Kiko's ill-conceived stray shot rang out in the field.
"KEEEEEE!" Koumori shouted in surprise and pain.
Her ears were ringing. Blood rushed through them. She grabbed Akeno's wrist and began to run. Should the more muscular girl not resist, Koumori would drag her along, seeking shelter, wanting to keep the other girl safe. Should Kudo Akeno resist, however, Koumori's hand would slip from her wrist without realizing it.

Either way, she would spring towards anything large enough to hide the two of them and put space between them and further fire. All without being able to hear again quite yet. Her ears were on fire as she gripped the edge of the box near where Guodo-sensei stood. She had missed most of the instructions. She didn't even realize exactly where she had gone.

A red ribbon now in her hand, the girl looked up, the ring of tinnitus still buzzing in her head, to see a familiar head of two-toned hair, "A-Azu... Azukina-kun?" the bat mutant muttered, not entirely able to hear.

The petite lass looked dazed as she shook her head, as her hearing returned at an agonizingly slow pace. Koumori began clearing her throat, reflexively as it were, as though trying to help her regain her full range of senses. Even her visual acuity was effected, as she was frequently reliant on sound-cues for visual information, due to her echolocation.

After about five or ten minutes, Koumori was up to One-Hundred Percent again. Upon regrouping with Akeno and Azukina, she bowed her head in apology.
"S-sorry... d-did I m-miss anything? A-anyway, keekee, I th-think we sh-should take s-some time to b-become m-more intimately f-familiar with eachother's Q-Quirks," she offered, heedless to any subtext that may or may not have- after all, this was just three girls on a team for a rescue-op and nothing else, "I c-can do echolocation, a-and my ears are really sensitive, keekee, b-but my eyes a-aren't so good... a-and I can climb a-any surface that i-isn't t-too s-smooth, b-but I c-can't hang upside down o-or anything, keekee," explained the short girl, wiggling her ears to punctuate her mention of her echolocation.

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