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Current The World Record 72 Hour, 100% No Sin, 100% Redemption Destruction of Death and Sin Speedrun- Jesus Christ, circa 33 AD.
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@RumikoOhara That one's in like five months.
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I beg to differ.


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@Casterlyrock Welcome back! It seems we joined guild at around the same time.
Which means you were here when the shadows fell.
As the Groundramon began to vanish in a blaze of light, Yaksamon began to approach slowly. Twigs and moss crunched under their feet with each step. Boken still in hand, the masked eyes looked over the scene. Before they could act, however, the strands of blue code began to tear from the Hybrid's body, leaving Ai to settle on the ground as the data crumpled into their pocket, Medieval Dukemon looming behind them as before.
"Ey, new kids," they declared, passing a glance over the spirits and contracted present, "We should get going before things get hairy, yeah? We probably don't have long. Listen, I know a guy. He can catch you up on how this stuff works. Because I sure as hell aren't going to do it."
'Now is that completely necessary A-' the spirit began.
"Do not, say my name. I handle the people-talking, and you handle the monsters, yeah?" they folded their arms across their chest, "Not like I introduce you while you're talking," Ai grumbled.
You're good.
Normally, Ai wouldn't have put much stock in rumors. People tended to leap to conclusions, particularly in the dark. From their experience, this went doubly so for those with lower intelligence. It was basically the basis on which their daily life continued to function. However, even without Medieval Gallantmon having detected a digital rift, the existence of Digimon in their world themselves did cast the slightest shadow of doubt. Not wanting to waste time in investigating, they dropped a handful of yen on a rental bike, and began making their way to the bird sanctuary.
Medieval Gallantmon was keeping quiet. With either the meeting of a potentially injured Digimon or a possible threat, perhaps both, on the horizon, he felt it best not to incite any perceived sleight on either side that would fester during their encounter. After all, it wasn't like he could just leave and handle the issue himself. And even if he could, stealth wasn't his strong suit, even in the Digital World.
Pedaling slowed as Ai began to hit the stone path. They paused beneath the gate, and unslung the bike from beneath them. The cool hush that would be expected was immediately broken by a crash in the distance. The telltale sound and sight of falling trees followed.

"F-k," Ai exclaimed under their breath.

'Come now, it might not be so bad,' came the reply from their mental cohabiter, 'Stay observant. There might be another injured Digimon like me, or...'

"Train with teeth, got it," came their barely voiced reply, as they headed into the clearing.

Then came the screams. Figures in the distance, other Digimon, it seemed, were being thrashed about. Smote by the massive claws of-

"Shit, is that a dragon?" they incredulously blurted.

'A Ground Dragon, as a matter of fact; Groundramon, Virus Attribute, Ultimate Level, Perfect Class, a member of the Dragon's Roar Family. It is said to boast both great offensive and defensive abilities. However, it seems to be less than quick witted, and has poor eyesight, from what I've heard. If we're able to find some allies, we might be able to eek out an advantage.'

Not wasting a moment, Ai produced a device, gripping it firmly in their palm. It was their D-tector, the contract they had made between them given physical form. As the red and purple device was drawn back, a blue ring of what appeared to be scan lines formed around Ai's hand. With focus, they drew the top of the D-tector across the ring, which erupted into orange sparks. With the sparks flashing, their arm raised to the sky, as the bands of light flowed from the D-tector, and surrounded them in an iridescent orb.
"Execute Spirit Evolution!"

The shadow of Medieval Gallantmon drifted into the orb, becoming a staticy mist that filled the confines of the light. Rigid sheets of data began to collect the mist, as Ai's body floated mid air, arms outstretched, ankles crossed. As their forms integrated, a layer of woven scales snapped over Ai's skin, yanking their body into position. From Medieval Dukemon's presence, a white helmet with horns sprouting from the brow appeared. Each hand was encased with wooden gauntlets, affixed to which were shield like planks. Tattered hakama aligned with their body, before their chest was strapped with belts and lashed with vines. Falling from their suspended position, Ai now took a new form, with fluttering red hair, ghostly blue skin, and feet tipped in white claws. Two wooden swords were grasped from the air as this new form landed, before twitching and convulsing as if pulled by too many strings.


Gauntleted hands gripped the aged bokuto tightly, drawing them into an 'X' shape. Inhaling a sharp breath, Yaksamon suddenly surged into action, dragging sword against sword. The Demon Man scanned the area, noting the positions and directions of the other humanoid Digimon taking part in the battle.

"Ittoryodan!" hopping not to accidentally hit the rapid but, at least from this angle, unseen combatant, the recently spirit evolved Ai loosed a shockwave from the connected blades.
As strong as two strikes at once, the pressure wave hurtled through the air, aimed to catch the beast at its flank, where it was less likely to be able to evade in time. Unless those modified wings on its back could still allow it to fly.
Between the dying sounds and echoes of passing transit, a figure clad in purple strolled down the street. Suddenly, they stopped, as what would otherwise be described as a shrieking sound was felt by the individual.
... digital rift came the muffled voice in Ai's head as they shot a glance to the window of a nearby storfront.

As their eyes were cast to the glass, the image of the speaker was reflected there, stooping low to fit in the reflection, "What was that?" Ai muttered under their breath.

A slight sigh echoed within the helmet, It feels like there's been a Digital Rift. Which probably means a harmless one like me, or, well...

"A train with teeth, right," Ai replied, leaning their head back and casting a glance into the window as their pace quickened, "Pity, just finished my top coat. So should we-"

Probably best to save our energy. We can't be like that for very long, it seems.

"Guess you're right, yeah?" Ai replied under her breath with a sigh, "So where're we heading?"

The phantasm pointed an armored finger in the reflection, which caused Ai to look out towards the edge of the city.
"Looks like the bird sanctuary, yeah?"
@Digizel @Sanki88 If you two are willing to continue, I'd be happy to keep going. I just also have easier contact with the others.
Hey all, sorry for the delays, but is everyone still in for this?

If new entries are still being taken, waves.
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