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@RumikoOhara That one's in like five months.
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I beg to differ.
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Zygote Equality.


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Sorry for quasi-ghosting, but this seems kinda... dead.
@Rhiven Knight Oh by all means lurk and read.
@Rhiven Knight Thanks for the interest. Sorry it didn't work out.
@Tangletail Yes. But, we currently have eight players, and I have to hear from two. I'd rather keep the setting/campaign specific information to confirmed players. If either of the two who haven't gotten to me in a while don't end up joining, then their spot will open up. Otherwise, I'm not sure I can handle like, ten players.
@Tangletail Well, we currently have 8 players, as stated, so I'd need to do some deliberation. Technically not- I have a very select race document for this, almost all of which have been customized.
I'm not familiar with Warhammer, and we already have a Monk class.
Sitting at the front of a trundling bus on that cold, rainy day, a girl in a dark blue jacket, hood raised, glanced nervously about. As the airbreaks hissed, the slight figure lurched forward, standing meekly. Slowly a hand cloaked in a think black glove produced a collection of Yen pinched between two fingers, and gave it to the driver as she disembarked.
The drizzling rain soon began to sink over the girl as she walked up the hill towards the school at the summit. As her shaded eyes met with the rather large group of students that had collected at the front door, she felt a lump catch in her throat. There were so many of them. I thought I was getting here early. Her posture immediately tensed- not that it was that different from her usual implosive slouch, but the energy was different, and her movements were more stiff. However, as if by some stroke of luck, a smiling man appeared, and began to coax the students inside. The girl let out an almost visible sigh of relief. She wouldn't have to deal with everyone at once. At least not yet.
Her sigh took her sloped posture even lower, and she began running towards the gates. As much as she didn't want to deal with a crowd right now- or ever- she certainly didn't want to be late. To that end, she tilted even farther forward and began pushing herself towards the door. Her gait was somewhat awkward, but that was mostly because of her trying to mentally balance the amount of water that was falling on her belongings, versus what would have been getting in her eyes and hair if she stood up straight.
Skirting as quietly as she could behind the group, the girl slinked into the school. Upon getting this much closer, the man with the short hair and the big smiled looked somewhat familiar. He must have been one of the teachers who presided over the entrance exams. Her stomach turned a bit as her mind flashed back to the physical evaluation. She had been sure she'd not be admitted after that performance, and yet here she was. The girl didn't notice the lingering blush of pure mortification that came with the memory as she slipped into the Assembly Hall.
Her breaths were slow and deep- but seemed bordering hyperventilation, "It's okay. It's just Assembly. You've done this dozens of times..." she quietly murmured to herself.
Almost as if by some automated process, she placed her things outside the door to the hall, and moved silently inside, and sat in a folding chair near the back of the room. Incidentally, she was in the exact middle chair in the left most column, sitting in the absolute back row.

Edited my CS to add a hex color value in the miscellaneous section. (Sorry about the double post.)
@ShwiggityShwah Thank you very much. I just didn't want to accidentally assume something then have it look like my character doesn't know anything about the school.
Thanks Shwig, I was just about to ask. The visible link expired though.
Now, I have one more question, and I apologize if it was already answered, but is Jogikuraku a dormitory academy, or will they be living at home and commuting every day?
Also: Is this a typical Japanese school in that the students are expected to clean the school after-hours?
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