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@RumikoOhara That one's in like five months.
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I beg to differ.
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Zygote Equality.


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Sorry to bring anyone's progress to a screeching halt, but I've forgotten to mention something pretty important. No one's character backstory was a red flag in this regard, so I just didn't mention it, but the RP was/is meant to take plack in the late 90's/early 2000's, to make the implications of the Digital World a little more manageable. It also removes some stakes to have that kind of technology fully usable, but saying "it exists but won't help" is a bit too hand-wavey for me, especially since I didn't end up working out what should work when.
No, you were fine. It's nice irony.
@ALonelyParrot Na, just nice parallels and mystery book and Aric reading an allegory story, finding it boring, when he's a boring boy. (Though I do personally find raw allegory to be... uncreative. And heavy handed conceptually.)
@cunfuzzler That explains why it has the Batman Beyond feel.
@ALonelyParrot I see what you did there. Also, that library reminds me of:
And now the William Tell Overture is stuck in my head...
[@ALonleyParrot] I've been wondering the same thing. It has a very Batman Beyond/Of The Future vibe.
@pyroman@Loony@ALonelyParrot@Rai@Tenma Tendo@cunfuzzler
So, what do you guys think about Armor Digivolution?
Totally went over my head.
@pyroman Momentai. Nothing wrong with keeping it simple. Thanks for being timely and accepting with the edits. I give my portion of approval. (Although the black variations of Digimon are more often than not a Virus variant. Not a big deal- MegaGargomon retains the green coloration but is pretty much the same including attacks if you feel like it.)
@ALonelyParrot Good thought. Eastern Time.
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