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Current The World Record 72 Hour, 100% No Sin, 100% Redemption Destruction of Death and Sin Speedrun- Jesus Christ, circa 33 AD.
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@RumikoOhara That one's in like five months.
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I beg to differ.


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@Guardj That's okay. I understand. Hope you find something that works better for you soon.
@Lunamaria Hawke@VizRiel@Guardj How you guys doing?
Still looking for characters.
Still looking for players.
I'm here for this.
Still taking players!
[b]Consumption Rate:[/b]
[u]General Combat:[/u]
Hey! Thanks for the submission! It's looking alright so far, except for two things, and maybe I should have had a better example beforehand, so I apologize. First, I don't see your actionable terms. Second, your basic combat is a bit mismatched. The moves should be High Quick, High Fierce, Low Quick, Low Fierce, Power High, and Power Low, or, to put it another way, light, medium, and heavy attacks from both the upper and lower body.
EDIT: Also, we might need to see more of a personality, maybe clearer goals, for the character. Also, I may have been unclear, but the followers section is primarily meant to keep track of how many you have, and upon double checking, it seems Rakkaus is significantly larger than most other DinoBeasts. Perhaps I should have made an example first, but I felt pressed for time.
@Lunamaria Hawke
EDIT 2: Also, basically everything but his quick attack description sounds more like specials.
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