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@RumikoOhara That one's in like five months.
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I beg to differ.
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Zygote Equality.


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@soren Yeah, it was just a rough sketch.
@soren So, what do you think of Scott's costume design.
That is the suck. You have my sincerest sympathies @Loony. I can't even imagine. (About the family part. Not the computerless part.)
Should’ve posted the link in the Spider-Men RP or mentioned them here. Got to let people know where to look if you want them looking.

Name: Scott Yi
Age: 21
Appearance: A strong chin leads an olive-toned face with a strong nose and high cheek bones. Scott keeps his hair very short, and tends to wear casual clothes most of the time. His shoulders are broad, accentuating his muscular build. With a relatively long torso, he achieves a height of 6'2".
Background: Having been a varsity wrestler, and now attending ESU with an athletic scholarship, Scott is a respectful, positive, and friendly guy. As a result, he's typically well liked, as he isn't as dumb as the typical athlete is expected to be. In fact, he's typically able to maintain high B grades, though he's usually encouraged to study by his family, so he usually gets medium-A's. A usually well-rounded individual, he enjoys his active position in his social life. However, he's not as sexually active as one might expect him to be.
His parents, while supportive, are distant, and relatively strict. They want only the best for their son, but expect him to be able to be capable enough to get it. His father manages a department store in Manhattan, and his mother worked as an agent in the medical field for several years.

Hero name: Strand

Super Strength: 0
Speed and Agility: 0
Spider Sense: 100
Durability: 0
Accelerated Healing: 0
Mutation: None
I'm here dude. Don't know where the others are. Maybe tighten up the first post?
In Spider-Men 22 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
@soren Ideas for what? And sure.
In Spider-Men 23 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
@soren That was me. There are better ways to handle things than random comas, I think.
In Spider-Men 25 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Okay cool. Is Burning still here?
In Spider-Men 25 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
I'm still in.
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