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11 mos ago
@RumikoOhara That one's in like five months.
1 yr ago
I beg to differ.
1 yr ago
Zygote Equality.
1 yr ago
It is invariable that what is reaped will be the same in kind as what was sown.
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@ReusableSword I got ya. Mind letting me know what your concept is?
We had a bit of a PM conversation about it, we decided that since Nimmie is a terrible liar, Tori would've found out at some point.

Good point. I sensed some co-ordination in the post(s), but it's good to hear.
@chukklehed It's not bad.
@ReusableSword Thanks for the notice. I am indeed willing to look at a few more characters and accept them if they're interesting.
Thanks for deciding to say something, and for lurking as well. Or, rather, for lurking and deciding to join the RP.
@Lemons@Turboshitter <3
Such much catharsis. (Didn't know that Tori knew Nimmie was a robit, but it makes sense.)
@Raijinslayer No problem, I totally get that.
@Lemons Glad someone's having fun.
@Elle Santiago I'm glad. : )
@Raijinslayer Oh, my bad. Missed sequence there.
Okay- fixed it. Maroon told Silme where to work, but he was a bit short about it.
@Shadow Daedalus I like it. He's accepted. Drop him in the Character tab and then make your first post at your leisure. Welcome aboard.
Brief edit to Tori has been made, as she deserved a better theme that wasn't so damn generic.

Also, I just realized Tori is going to take one look at Silme and say "my gauntlets are better."

I approve of both of this.
@Elle Santiago Thanks. Although you can use them if the circumstances permit.
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