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@King Cosmos We can retroactively ignore it if you'd like.
@King Cosmos I liked it. It was well written. Let's just say she's a rich kid and got a cellphone when not many people had one? I get that it's not going to come up, and I don't want you to scrap your entire post, or have to change a lot of it. However, from now on, please remember that this is supposed to be in the late 90's/early 2000's?
@Diabolical Welcome back to our rabbit hole. I'm an enjoyer of fantasy writing myself. Let's stay in touch, I may be starting something eventually.
@Todd Howard You're good. Don't worry. It was a fine post.
@Todd Howard'Salright. I just happened to already have that prepared. It's actually, as pyro can attest, the exact same intro from the previous incarnation.


...Connection verified. Begin search.

Search parameters: Compatibility with Crest virtues.


...Search complete. Compatible individuals located.

Begin transfer.

Episode 1: Different World

The wind swept hotly over the open summer sky, buffeting against the windows of a small, but decent hotel located around the Saitama district of Tokyo. A young woman with a petite yet curvy build in a tubetop- little more than a white sports bra, really- with a high cropped bomber jacket, rather short shorts, several belts, and tall boots rose from a crouch, stepping in behind a decorative tree, and up against a brick wall encircling the building. The duffle bag around her shoulder rustled as she crept towards the nearest window. Peering inside, she subtly passed each one, checking for items that were out of place. Finally finding a room that was empty, she pressed her hand against the lip of the window, and began pushing upwards.

A quiet cough behind her signaled that her efforts had, unfortunately, not gone unnoticed. She slowly released her grip on the window, turning to find a… little girl? Or boy? And not so little, either- just very short in stature, but with a bearing that radiated authority. The girl(?) was dressed in a sort of uniform- very official-looking, aside from the tinted goggles she was wearing over her eyes, and the black leather jacket draped around her shoulders. The tag on her shirt read, “Security.” She leveled an angry scowl at the intruder behind her tinted lenses.

“Y’know,” began the girl, in a surprisingly-deep contralto voice, “the front door is easier.” She gestured at the intruder to move away from the window. “Show’s over, kid. Come with me. You can explain why you’re skulking around here to the owner. Maybe they’ll be sympathetic, but I doubt that.”

With a shift of her heel, the dark haired girl leveled her gaze, though not directly at the shorter individual. Instead, she rolled her eyes, if only slightly, before stuffing her hands in her pockets and kicking her foot idly. “Can’t a girl get a shower? I mean, how could you make someone pay just for water. It’s a necessity, after all,” the purple haired girl responded, doing her best to stress her need and feign innocence.

The security guard was unmoved. If anything, the scowl deepened. “Can’t find a bathhouse for a few hundred yen? Pull the other one. Last chance, girl- come with me and you’ll probably be let off with a warning. Don’t test me on this.”

In response, the girl’s hands raised yet again, this time making eye contact with the security guard- almost. “Fine, whatever you say. Can’t blame a girl for trying, can you?” she then reached down and turned her pockets out, somewhat emphatically. “I’m broke,” she muttered, almost to herself.

“Does that look like my concern?” snapped the guard. “My concern is keeping intruders off the property. You're an intruder. So off. The sooner I get you to the office, the sooner I can go on break, and the sooner you can… I dunno, turn a trick? Can’t think of much else you’d be doing in that getup…”

In lieu of a verbal response, the would-be intruder simply gestured broadly with her arms, as if to say ‘after you’. There was no point pushing it any further, nor did she have anything to say- nothing that seemed like it would help her case at least. The security guard walked over to the intruder, grasping her firmly by the shoulder as she started to wheel her out from behind the hotel, but… something seemed… off. A strange weight in the air, like the gravity had increased. The guard shook her head.

“Whew. Must be hotter out here than I expected. At least that’s some silver lining for you, getting to go in—"

Her sentence was interrupted by a glowing ring suddenly etching itself into the ground around them.

“What--” exclaimed the guard.

--the shit??” the taller girl exclaimed incredulously, her downcast gaze able to catch the strange markings now opening up into a bright void that suddenly swallowed the girls up with nary a sound. The circle closed and faded away, the ground the two had stood on unmarked, as though neither of them had been present at all...

...Transfer successful



Begin transfer of remaining Bearers...
So, does anyone want to take Kindness? Otherwise, I have a character to offer
A soft electrical crackle brought a blue tint to the otherwise soothing yellow glow that seemed to emanate from everywhere. Blue branches of lightning reached out, tearing a gap in space, as a large and radiant, yet beastly figure appeared.
Welcome back brother Cherubimon,” a demure voice spoke from behind a panel, observing various monitors, “What news from the world below?
Beside this figure, with elegant golden wings and a hood of fur over its eyes, were a host of lean, clawed beings in armor with smokey wings. The shimmering Cherubimon floated closer to the panel, letting out a soft, low breath, before restoring his placid gaze.
The rebels grow more violent. I shall report to the Father,” Cherubimon’s melodious voice answered.
Giving a nod to the silent guardians, Cherubimon drifted forth into the golden aether, and towards a barrier which until then seemed not to be there.
Brother, your eyes,” offered the monitor.
Giving a thankful nod, and a gracious smile, Cherubimon brought his great ears over his eyes, and with a flash, his eyes and brow became bond with a cross of his golden inscribed rings which previously sat neatly at the base of his ears. Another crackle of lightning later, and he was gone.

When Cherubimon reappeared, he was met with a figure in radiant armor, backed with ten blazing wings. High above, the radiant sky itself seemed to shimmer, sending a rippling wave of light down along towards the horizon and into the vast golden lightscape below.Both the armored figure and Cherubimon were witness to an unspoken voice.
With this, a building sound began to roar from down below, shaking the very firmament around them in a fierce tremor. Both the armored figure and Cherubimon were compelled to join the call, until the silence returned. The blazing one turned to his brother, extending a hand of camaraderie. Cherubimon returned the gesture, before beginning his harmonious report.
The rebellion grows vicious my brother. Our defenses are holding, but an attack is inevitable. Moreover, I fear for those below. Such an assault brings heartbreaking suffering.
“Indeed. Something must be done,” the armored one answered in a soft voice.
There was then a moment of silence that seemed to last an eternity, before anyone spoke again.
“Contact our brothers on the outside. The Zenith Gate must be opened.”
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