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@RumikoOhara That one's in like five months.
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I beg to differ.
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Zygote Equality.


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Okay, no prob. Appreciate the notice, but you've been semi-present. I'd just like to know if Elle and the others are still interested.
True. Hopefully people gather back soon enough.
Also, haven't heard from you either in a while @Shadow Daedalus.
"Atlas, huh?" the Huntress in blue remarked, now standing behind the gathering group in the entrance way, "Honestly you give me more of a Shade vibe. Straight to business with you, I like it."
She then passed her bright eyes over the group that had assembled. Scrappy, to say the least. Except for the blue haired girl- hopefully she was at least a good shot, or had a worthwhile semblance up her sleeve. The woman idly adjusted the climbing claw strapped to her right hand before settling her weight on her back leg, her long sleeves seeming to eternally drape over her arms and cover her wrists, regardless of their position.
"Looks like you could use my services. When are we leaving?"

Maroon gestured to the blue haired young woman, "You're good. Just put your fasteners in your bag. You work on your time when it's on your dime. And you," he gestured to the impatient Faunus boy, at which point, he gave an exasperated sigh, "Don't get yourself killed. You're going to need this. I've never been able to wrap my head around all that high tech stuff. I may be a weaponsmith, but I'm primarily a metalworker. This thing, whatever it is," the burly man held up the weapon, offering it back to its owner, "Would do much better on the field then behind my desk. Maybe if you can sus out exactly where the problem starts, then I can do something for you, but for now, it'd take me about a week of taking it apart and putting it back together to figure out how it works. And it doesn't look like you have that kind of time, or a way of getting that much Lien without it. We have a deal kid?"
The smith offered his hand out towards Silme, ready to strike a deal.
@Lemons Thank.

@Elle Santiago@HueMan@Polaris North You guys still in for this?
@Raijinslayer Good post.
Although, Maroon is a metal worker, not an electrician; and he doesn't what exactly is wrong with Silme's weapon.
Also: good idea rageboy, except you're on an island, and the job isn't.
@Raijinslayer I bet Tori could take him.

@Raijinslayer At first glance, I read that as Rageboi vs Swolbae.
@Lemons Edge, Swollbae, I think?
@Raijinslayer You're welcome. Can't have everything solved in episode one, can we?
@chukklehed I just wanted to know if it was an image or text. Plus the way the rest of the post was, I trusted Lemons on that one.
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