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@RumikoOhara That one's in like five months.
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I beg to differ.
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Zygote Equality.


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<Snipped quote by Altered Tundra>
Despite linking to the wiki where that info is readily available?

Got'cha. Will do it when I get home.

In some cases that works, but when there are like eight Techniques listed for Seadramon, it's suitable to know which one(s) were picked.
It's been a while since I've seen that particular scene.
@Altered Tundra I thought it only worked because Angemon was exactly as strong as Devimon.
@Altered Tundra Well, there he basically had to self-detonate to kill Devimon.
@Altered Tundra If I remember correctly, Mega knocked them down to In-Training even when they were fighting the Dark Masters. (Hence the scene where Koromon says "I sliced you like an onion".) It seems anything above Champion shows significant backlash in Adventure.
@Altered Tundra Well, let's not put it past Aztec to Alpha Strike himself down to In-Training every once in a while. But yeah, gotcha, communication error, fixed now.
Less is more.

That is a sentiment I can appreciate.
From what I can see, though minimal in the details, Diego's sheet is fairly all accounted for, but there are a few things both Hero and myself would like to be fixed/adjusted.

The first of these things would be the formatting. This is for my own OCD rather than it being an official thing, but if you would please use the provided formatting(colored sections such as name and age) with the gray color tags remained. In addition to that, you are also missing the textual header. I would ask that you add that as well. We would also like for you to seperate the digimon partner in a seperate hider as well as give us the picture of your rookie form. You may use my sheet for Conrad as a guide.

When you fix those, we will be square.

I can be a bit minimalist, yeah. That or I sort of overdo it. I tend to like to let my IC work do the talking and leave room for character development stuff if I don't have any seeds in mind already.

Oh, I didn't notice that about the colors. I thought the entire thing was formatted grey in the example. Okay- I can understand how it all being one color may or may not make it harder to read like that. Okay, nested hider is go. I guess I never looked at the full length of everything to see that it was a bit unwieldly. Oh, when I read the "please link Digimon images instead of embedding them", I thought that applied for, like, everything. (Or that having Diego an Dodomon in one image would suffice)

So now I did all the stuff. Hopefully it's all in order.

@Altered Tundra Livin' Like Larry! This is going to be interesting.
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