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I beg to differ.
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Welcome to Guild! I also have social anxiety. It's not that bad, but my social skills tank, so I know the feel.
Kongero Nui

1,300 AE, Two Days Until Red Star Festival, Late Afternoon

The thrum of mechanicals running down and around the great concourse around the City Center droned on as the sun began its slow journey towards night. Atop the tower of stone, to which all looked for leadership, a single figure emerged. Unnoticed by the Matoran below, the one in dull red armor reached out, grasping what seemed to be a tube like device, and lifting it toward the mask he wore.

"Greetings to all- friends, brothers, sisters," a stately voice came from various points across the city, in homes through small radio boxes, and out into the streets from electronic horns of sound, "This is Turaga Kalu of Ta-Congro, Leader of the Great Exodus. I would like to begin by reminding you all that the Red Star Festival is only two days away," Kalu paused, allowing those hearing him to react, "Preparations have already begun, and it is with great excitement that I bring you the official location of viewing place for this year," another pause, and the sound of shifting as the Turaga drew a sealed note from his person and opened it, "The place in our Great City with the honor of hosting the ceremonial viewing of the Red Star is- Fe Congro!"
Ko-Congro, Same Day

Within a chilled office in a large storage facility, full of various crates being loaded and unloaded, stacked and unstacked by Ko-Matoran, a small radio crackled out this message amidst the static, causing great distress to the room's singular occupant.
"Valmai," the figure spat, the bile in his voice palpable, "The Festival was supposed to be in Ko-Congro this year."
An aged fist slammed against a round desk, scattering small cog like widgets and notations on stone and paper alike scattering. The same hand placed itself ponderingly upon a ridged, vent like side of the white mask he wore, while the other gripped a silvery staff whose bottom arced and curved, ending almost like a hammer, but showing evidence of the inner curve being used to pry objects open.
"And who decided Kalu could run his hands through Vo-Congro anyway?" he fumed.
The imposing Turaga Talur stood, shoulders haunched forward, letting out a huff of disgust.
Minor update to the original post, listing the element names with the Matoran abilities and color schemes.
Welcome back!
2/3 slots left.
@Duthguy Still up for this?
Still seeking players.
@Jove It's fine. I'm accepting the character anyway.
@Jove No, yeah. I just meant like, who they are as a person. It's not that it isn't there, it just doesn't appear as fleshed out. That's not baring you from entry, but I am letting you know it's on my mind.
Sorry about that guys.
Anyway, still looking for more players.
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