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Current nothing like looking through old rps to make you miss it all again. </3
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Just popping in to let everyone know I'm not dead. ...that is all.
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Sorry to all of those that I flaked on. If I had an excuse, I already forgot what it was.
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Still alive, but staff week at camp is the worst. Tired af.
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Sorry to those I've been planning RPs with. Not feeling well today. I go to camp tomorrow so my replies will likely slow down. Not disappearing on you, though. :)


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Plots finally added. Ahem... warning that I am a very slow responder. May take a few days.. or so.. before I reply to you. Lol. If you have ideas for something, feel free to let me know! I can muse both genders.
Efran Von Carmen

Admittedly, he wasn't super impressed so far, but considering that they were still in an empty room waiting for their asshole instructor, he had to give it to them. At least they didn't storm out like he'd wanted to when his instructor had done this to him. He rose after a moment and turned on the intercom.

"Hello newbies. Sorry for being so late, I hope you can forgive me." He started with a chuckle. "Admittedly, this was done to me when I first arrived and I wanted to see what my instructor at the time was thinking. I'm not sure I even get it though, myself." He explained, laughing again.

"I know you all have been waiting rather patiently to get started with the nitty and gritty of everything, but I'm going to have to ask for some more of your patience, okay? I'm not going to send a bunch of strangers out to fight the lost without giving you all the chance to get to know one another. So, today. I'd like each of you to pair off and go complete the task I've laid out for you." He explained more before cutting off the intercom and stepping outside through the side door.

He entered with a clipboard, scratching the back of his head with his free hand. "Let's see here..." He started, looking at his list. "Ash and Leyfinn, I need you two to head out and find a herb for me. It should be fairly easy to find but be mindful that you might come across some small lost. Be on the lookout. The herb I need is called Cermila. It's used in medicine to help fight off infection. Our healers are low in supply. Return with as much as you can find."

"Isa, Finn, and Corban; I need you three to report to the Ministry of Care in Korstone. They're looking for workers to help them rebuild homes for the tribes out in the outskirts of Barallia. There's a small chance you might run in to some lost, so be prepared. Report to Lafre. She'll help you all get started." He explained, setting his clipboard down by his side now. "Should you have any questions, I'll be right here. But otherwise, you should be off."

To be filled in later ~

If you're here, you probably either checked out my 1x1 plot call which means your interested in checking out my garden of characters to choose from. Some are very old and here mainly because I can't let them go. Some might still be a work in progress as I come up with ideas. I just wanted a place to store some character and story ideas that doesn't have the clutter of things from like 5 years ago. Below is an index where you can click to be taken down to the character you'd like to know about. Characters listed on the Index will have a short facts sheet attached to them as well as a link to their full sheet.

Isabelline Carter

Fashionably late, as always, Isa arrived just on the trail of Finn, a spring in her step. She'd been excited about this for days, constantly badgering Efran about it on her phone. He wouldn't give her any details though. So much for having the inside scoop. She thought to herself. She blinked as she walked in behind Finn, surprised at the empty room.

"Shouldn't there be... I don't know... stuff in here?" She asked, looking around. Her eyes went wide at the sight of two familiar boys. She'd seen them on the ship, but hasn't spoken to them. They knew a side of her that she no longer was and even she hesitated to speak to them because they knew some of her story. But, now she supposed that she didn't have a choice anymore.

"Anyway.. Hey! I'm Isa! And you all are?" She started, looking at the group. Maybe if she pretended not to remember them...
Starters are up! Feel free to get started.

Order will be;

Ash McShame hehe

If it's your turn and you can't post, just let us know in the discord and we'll skip you for the moment. Just let everyone know when you think you can post again and we'll put you back in the order.

If you were to ask him what Echo meant to their world, Efran would have a hard time coming up with a definitive answer. To some, they might be considered a nuisance. To some, they were heros, protectors. And to some, they don't even really exist. For Efran though, Echo had always been home. He grew up in it, thrived within it's walls. Well... most of the time.

"Efran, are you quite ready yet?" He heard his father call from outside of his room. It was a rare time that he was home and not on the Echo ship. 23... you'd think he'd let me go by now. He let out a soft sigh and got up from his bed. He made one long pass over his childhood bedroom before walking out to greet his family.

"Son, it's a big day, why are you so slow?" His father called from the living room when he heard Efran finally exit his room. Their home in Kharan was... extravagant to say the least. His father always prided himself on his family's craftmanship. He'd heard the stories a million times over about how his father's father's father's father built the place and they just kept expanding over the years until it became this wonderful and ornate castle built under the ground of their home.

That was all well and good, but Efran didn't care much for the life of the wealthy. He'd spent his formative years out in the wilderness, the mountains and down to the woods of Barallia on occasion. He had longed to see the world, explore it's every nook and cranny and by all accounts, he was able to. His father was a well known Hunter for Echo who had scouted him well before Efran was born. The young Efran had spent any time not spent out in the wilderness with his friends on the ship, running around, meeting people, learning new things.

He even went on a few assignments with his dad once he was deemed old enough. He was a masterful Hunter by the time he was 18 and went on his first mission to rescue a nearby Barallian town where he'd met Isa. Since then, he had been visiting her at the Orphanage from time to time to bring her new toys, check on her. He felt... responsible. Almost like a great and heavy guilt for not being enough to save her family.

"Yeah, yeah. They won't leave without me." He started back, stretching as he walked to the kitchen. "...Right?" He heard his mother chuckle at him.

"Oh, my sweet boy. No, they won't leave without you, but best not to keep them waiting!" She told him, walking over to hug him and then place a plate of eggs in his hand. "Eat, my love." She told him. He groaned and sat down at the table to eat, eager to get on the ship and get started with his new crew. No one had told him anything about them, so he was eager to meet them...

Somewhere in Tarcanis

"UGH! Why won't it listen to me???" A young woman screeched, whipping around to face the man behind her. He was tall and hooded, brilliant white eyes glowed from under it.

"Because you are not powerful enough yet." He replied, his tone conveying his utter distaste for this girl. She was small for her age and utterly immature to match.

"I'm going to blast it out of the water!" She screamed, her bright blue hair almost appearing flame-like as it bounced around atop her head. She lifted a large bomb wrapped in white parchment. The hooded man lifted a pale finger and placed it over the bomb, stopping her.

"It will do you no good dead. Just..." He sighed, "Focus. You've done it before, right?"

"With a category one!" She barked, whipping around to look at him again, scowling. "I'm going to tell Daddy that you're basically useless as an instructor!" She told him, already starting to storm off.

"You'll do absolutely no such thing." He replied calmly, his hand reaching out to grab her. The young woman felt a wave of calm wash over her at his touch and then a chill ran up her spine.

"I'll... do no such thing..." She replied, almost robotically, her eyes going wide.

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@viktorseier Check the discord you joined! I'm going to make a few changes to let you stay, at least in there, to do some 1x1s and such with others. I explained it there! ♡
Alright! With everyone's characters completed, we'll get started either tonight or tomorrow. Depending on when I can whip together a beginning post.
@Theyra Sounds good!

@viktorseier You're still welcome to join the discord as a guest/inactive player if you'd like to chill and potentially wait for a spot to open up. It's up to you!
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