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In the end, we reached the mirage
And it became our reality
The scary desert
Became the ocean with our blood, sweat and tears
But why is there this fear
In between the happiness?
Because we know too well that this place is really a desert
BTS - Sea

23 year old unemployed waste of space.

Hi, I'm Emily. I RP and stuff.

-coughs- Figured I should put more here.

I'm Emily. People around here call me Rose, Roze, and HR. I'm currently hunting for a job after graduating college with a middle grades education degree. Yay. I've been dating the same guy for about 8, going on 9 years now, first and last. I play trumpet though I'm no longer in band due to graduating. If I could be in band, I would. I work at a boy scout camp over the summer for the BSA. This year I was the Handicraft directer, so I basically just told people what to do and didn't teach. Go me.

I'm generally pretty chill and amiable with everyone. I live by the principle that if I don't like you, I won't talk to you. Rather than say something I'd regret, I'd rather just not say anything. It would take a lot of BS to bother me, but I generally don't like childishness. My sense of humor is pretty flexible but doesn't include things like most of what's on Cartoon Network these days and most of the Hangover movies. My sense of humor most closely relates to Bob's Burgers. Which I miss dearly now that they've taken it off of Netflix.

As a GM, I'm pretty chill as well. I only take action against RPers after I've been given plenty of reason to do so. I generally let my RPers do as they please and let them run parts of the story. I do, however, make limitations and try to make sure everything will run smoothly. After 2 or 3 years of doing it, I'd like to say I've gotten a feel for it. (Lol, no I haven't.)

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May have changed Elizabeth's color... woops. OH well.

Elizabeth smiled. "That makes a lot of sense." she replied, chuckling. [color=orchid]"I think I'll sit this one out, though. I need some coffee and time to just sit for a bit."[color] She explained, placing the last blown up float into the water. "I'll sit on the sideline and be the ref." She added, laughing.

"Would you get me a coffee?" She asked one of the maids who quickly went off to make her some.
I'm still interested in keeping this going, in case you guys were worried. I'm just busy with other things and trying to get better at the same time. So, don't go thinking it's dead when it might not be just yet. That, will depend on you guys more than me, honestly. I can't write a group RP all by myself, you know. ;)

Anyway, I'm around as usual, just being lazy and pathetic and trying to get over this ear infection which keeps me dizzy and off my computer these days.
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Unnamed BTS Fic - Chapter 3 - Apparently, I Attacked Yoongi?

"Okay. Yeah, I'm lying. But I won't tell anyone. I just want to go home now... I've messed things up enough as is..." I explained, sighing. I felt my heart sink down into my stomach as I spoke. I'd have to miss the concert and I'd have left a weird impression on my boys and now I wouldn't be able to look at Suga without thinking about him looking at my embarrassing underwear. Great.

"You can't go home now. Hoseok, go get the manager. We need to get this sorted..." Nam Joon replied, looking frustrated as well. "This is why I told you to hush..." He added, shaking his head. Hoseok gave him an awkward smile and proceeded to walk out of the practice room.

"I really didn't mean to over hear. I wasn't staying in there to eavesdrop, I promise." I explained, looking over at Nam Joon.

"That doesn't really matter anymore. Why you were there is irrelevant. We need to know you won't go repeating what you heard." He explained. I nodded my head, understanding him despite my fear. He had every right to do this.

"Shouldn't you be preparing for the concert?" I asked, looking at him.

"Yes and no. Most of the members are sleeping right now." He explained again, looking over at me. "What happened?" He asked, showing what I thought might have been concern on his face... I could have been mistaken, though.

"My jeans ripped..." I told him, biting the inside of my cheek.

Nam Joon snorted.

...Nam Joon snorted at me! My head whipped up to look at him, watching as he did his best to compose himself. "So, you ran into the men's room to..."

"To see if I could fix it, of course! Are you making fun of me right now?!" I asked, incredulous.

"N-No..." He mumbled through chuckles. "But how did you break the toilet dispenser?"

"I'm not going to tell you if you're just going to make fun of me."

"Alright." He finished, chuckling. At least he respected me a bit... Just as I was about to say something else, the door slammed open causing the both of us to jump and Jimin and Taehyung came running in.

"Is this her?" Jimin asked, a grin on his face. Nam Joon raised a brow but nodded at him.

"She's cute." Taehyung spoke, staring at me, making me feel even more vulnerable. Jimin hit him on the arm.

"Shut up. So, Joonie, what happened?" Jimin asked, looking at his leader expectantly.

"She over heard us talking about Jungkook and Yoongi. Didn't Hoseok tell you?" He asked, looking at them, his brows furrowed.

"He just told us some fan was in trouble, so of course we ran over to see her." Taehyung explained, grinning at me. Yep, just talk about me like I'm not even here guys, real professional. Jimin chuckled and walked over to me. Nam Joon stepped in, however, blocking us and shook his head at Jimin. "Wait, is she wearing Yoongi's shirt?" Taehyung asked, poking his head around the two other boys to look at me.

"OH! OH! DID SHE ATTACK YOONGI?! OH.. Oh my god. She has balls." Jimin shouted, looking genuinely shocked. Taehyung, looked from Jimin to me, a confused look on his face.

"I didn't attack him!" I shouted, frustrated at this whole thing. "He left it in the bathroom and I needed it to cover up the tear in my jeans." I explained, my cheeks growing red.

"Oh..." Jimin replied, his own cheeks growing red now. Just as they stood there, another person walked in, presumably the manager, Hoseok right behind him.

"What's going on here?" He asked, his brows furrowed.

"This is the girl." Hoseok spoke, pointing at me for the manager, as if I weren't the only girl in the room.

"What should we do?" Nam Joon asked, completely serious.

"I guess I'll have to create a contract for her to sign." He replied, sighing.

I would have replied that I wouldn't say anything, but I probably wouldn't have trusted me if I were them either. They had some pretty crazy fans. But just then, a sudden wave of emotions came over me and tears threatened my composure. I was in another state, an unknown place, and here the people I looked up to were all treating me like a criminal.

"S-She's crying!" I heard Taehyung call out. Great, now they knew. After a few minutes of crying and awkward staring, I finally composed myself. "S-Sorry..." I muttered, feeling very small right now.

"We should make her work for us." Jimin snorted, joking around.

"Really?" Taehyung asked, completely serious.

"Of course not!" Jimin responded, shaking his head.

"It's not a terrible idea though. I mean, maybe she could help?"

"Help what? Keep Yoongi calmed down?"

"No, just... help keep Kookie in check. Maybe she can.."

"What would the use of that be?" Nam Joon responded, raising a brow at them. Once again, I felt like a freaking wall flower.

"That's not a terrible idea." The manager inputted, looking at them all. They all turned and responded with a resounding, "What?!"

"Think about it. You guys aren't always willing to talk to use managers, so maybe just by having a fan around to help you would prompt you to talk more freely with her, especially if she's sworn to secrecy. Might give you guys a chance to be honest with someone outside of the band. She also doesn't seem to be too terrible in the intelligence department." He explained, looking from guy to guy.

"Can I just..." I started.

"No." Yoongi replied from the doorway, looking blank faced and bored. "I refuse." He told them all, walking in with the swagger he was known for.

"I'm for it!" Jimin shouted, running over to sit next to me, nearly knocking me over. What the hell...?

"Me too!" Taehyung replied in turn, raising his hand with a cute look. Did I even have a choice in this? I had a classroom to get back to...

"I'm not against it..." Nam Joon replied meekly, glancing between me and Yoongi. Yoongi glared for a moment before probably deciding resisting was too much work and left with a frustrated groan.

"I'll go make the paper work." The manager replied, walking off behind Yoongi.

"Wait, I don't-" I started but he was already gone.

"Welcome to the family, noona!" Jimin called out to me, his arm still over my shoulder.

"You don't even know my name yet. Do I even have a say in this? I have a job already." I spoke, feeling a little too out of my comfort zone.

"Then just quit." Taehyung replied with a poker face. I let out a frustrated groan as the boys all crowded around me. "So, what's your name, noona?" Taehyung asked me, his eyes wide with curiosity.

"R-Rose..." I replied, my voice shaky from nerves. Jesus Christ, this was too much.

"Rose?" Nam Joon replied from out of no where, a pensive look on his face.

"What a beautiful name!" Jimin shouted, hugging me again. Okay, so Jimin was a hugger...

"I wanna hug her too!" Taehyung called out, pushing Jimin out of the way. Oh dear lord...

After about an hour of weird questions, I found myself sitting in some office with just the manager in front of me, holding out a piece of paper. The boys were all at the fan meet before the concert. I began to wonder if they'd found Kookie yet.

"Just sign here." The manager told me, pointing to the bottom of the page.

"Wait, what am I even agreeing to?" I asked, looking up at him.

"Ah... That you won't speak of anything you hear while with us. That you promise to work for the company as the boy's personal manager, a meaningless title, really. And that you won't fall for any of the boys. Dating won't be allowed." He explained. I seriously felt like I'd just stepped into some weird drama.

"I'm not dreaming, am I?" I asked, watching him with concern on my face which he seemed to see.

"You'll be fine, Ms. Woods. I promise, this is not a dream. I'm hoping that you can become someone our boys can speak to freely. You only need be around them and work for them." He explained to me, smiling.

...Going against ever warning signal in my brain, I watched, almost as if out of my own body, as my hand reached for the pen and signed. Welp, there's goes my life as a teacher for a while...
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Unnamed BTS Fic - Chapter 2 - This Wasn't How I Envisioned It

"I just... I didn't..." I stuttered, feeling my heart squirm as I started right at Yoongi. He had a black hat over his blue hair, a t-shirt and plaid button up over top of it. I was too flustered to even get a good look at what pants he was wearing, I was too worried about the giant ass hole in my jeans that he was currently taking glances at.

Whipping myself around, I stared back at him, probably with the most awkward expression of my life on my face. "I think at this point, it's... pretty clear what happened to me." I explained, swallowing.

"Mmm..." Yoongi replied, shaking his head as he walked away. I closed my eyes and let myself sink down to the floor in a heap. What the hell was that? I didn't expect my first encounter with BTS to play out that way. That would be my luck, though. Coincidentally meet Suga, show him my ass and make an ass of myself.

Yep. That was class. Well, at least I have a story to tell the kids one day. 'Hey kids. Your mom met one of her celebrity crushes.' 'Wow, really?!' 'Yep. And in a men's bathroom to boot.' 'Wait, what?' 'Yep. Showed him my ass too.' 'Mooooom!'

Yeah, that would go well. After a few moments of picking up my broken pride, I decided to find a stall to sit in for a moment, while I devised a plan. Sitting out here on the floor wouldn't do much for me if another guy, BTS or not, comes in here. I lowered the seat cover and had a seat in the stall, my head in my hands.

And while I was wallowing in self pity, someone was coming into the bathroom. "Did Yoongi forget his shirt here?" I heard another familiar voice call out. N-Nam Joon? I swallowed hard as I sat there, watching feet slip past me.

"Probably got hot and took it off. But still, he should at least think of the stylists who would have to go searching for it." I heard Hoseok reply. Did... Yoongi leave his shirt... for me? I sat for a moment, thinking. Nah. He wouldn't do that. There's no way. It's probably exactly what Hobi said. "What are we going to do about Jungkook though? I know Yoongi went too far, but we can't have the concert without him. The fan meeting starts in about an hour. What if he doesn't come back? The fans can't find out that we were fighting over some girl."

Wait, what?

"Hush... He'll come back. Even he can't do that to the fans. What if someone is listening? This can't get leaked..." Nam Joon responded with a sigh.

Oh shit... If they find me here... It's not like I would say anything... I mean, they have their own lives, they can do what they wa-CRASH.

How the everlasting hell...

I stared, blinking down at the toilet paper dispenser laying on the ground. Now, I know for certainly that I would not be considered fat, but just because I was gripping at the thing, it decided to fall? This was some weird ass fate, right here.

"Who's there?" Hoseok asked and I could see his feet in front of my stall. At least I remembered to lock i-BANG. My eyes went wide. I forgot to lock it and now Nam Joon was staring at my white ass, sitting on the toilet, the toiler paper dispenser on the ground, a few pieces of it scattered about the stall.

They both stared at me for a moment before Nam Joon opened his mouth to speak. Before any words could come out, however, I stood up with a speed I didn't know I had. "I'm sorry. I need that." I told them, grabbing Yoongi's shirt and pushing my way through them. As I ran, I wrapped Yoongi's shirt around my waist, hoping against hopes that this was all some weird noodle induced dream.

I turned to check if they were behind me as I ran, only to be greeted by both Hoseok and Nam Joon's figures right behind me. Shit... Maybe if I run towards the other fans they will stop...

Just as I turned to head that way, however, Hoseok cut me off and Nam Joon tackled me to the ground. Feeling like a rather blessed prisoner, I was pulled away by these two into one of their practice rooms. Once inside, they sat me down near the mirror, and Nam Joon put his hands on his hips.

"What did you hear?" Nam Joon asked, staring down at me.

"N-Nothing! I didn't hear anything..." I lied, a look of terror on my eyes.

"She's lying." Hoseok spoke, also staring at me. This was not how I envisioned meeting my babies...
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Unnamed BTS Fic - Chapter One - A Tear In My Plans

To feel like a small school girl again was not something I'd envisioned for myself... ever, really. I should be an adult, doing adult things, like my job. But alas, here I am, waiting in line for some stupid kpop concert. Okay, it wasn't stupid... It was my babies.

I turned to look at the nearby poster, smiling faintly at BTS. It had been a long time since I'd fallen so deeply for a group and I don't think I'd really ever been this deep into one before now. I'd watched a lot of their stuff, fallen in love with their personalities, their voices, their moves, everything.

"Long line, huh?" A girl spoke from behind me. I turned to see a high school student with a disinterested older brother behind her. Yep, I definitely didn't belong here. I felt like the old lady in the korean dramas going crazy over the young boy bands.

"No kidding. I was expecting it, though. I mean, the Army doesn't play around." I responded, chuckling, watching for the brother's reaction. He was looking at his phone, probably wishing to be anywhere but here. I smiled for a moment, thinking of his reaction if the boys did a cypher today.

Sighing after about another half hour of waiting, I crouched down, intending to sit down on the ground while I waited only to be greeted by the sound of fabric ripping. My eyes went wide as I remained there, my ass nearly touching the ground with a wide rip in the butt of my jeans. Great, just what I needed.

Maybe I just wasn't meant for this. Sighing again, I turned to look at the girl behind me. "Mind holding my spot for me?" I asked. She raised her brow at me, but otherwise nodded her head. With my hands clutching my ass like some weird freak, I ran for the nearest bathroom. Concerned when I couldn't find one for a while, I felt sweet relief was over me as I saw the signs for one.

I ran in without thinking. Well, without thinking about anything except for how everyone could see my red polka dot underwear... I ran over to the sinks and turned to have a look at my ass. "Shit..." I mutter, another sigh escaping my lips. Straightening, I walk closer to the wink and lay my head down. "I didn't even bring a jacket to cover this up. Jesus..." I know had a debate going on in my head. Stay and support the boys or save my sanity and go home. I'd paid quite a bit for this ticket and really wanted to see my boys in concert. What if they played a cypher? Or if Hobi played Mama? I let out a frustrated groan.

"Excuse me..." I jumped as a familiar voice rang through the bathroom and my eyes went wide as I looked up to see who it was. It was through the mirror and he had a white mask over his mouth, but I could tell with just the eyes who it was. "You realize this is the men's bathroom, right?" He continued, staring at me and glancing at my underwear.
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Alright. I'm starting this up mainly so I can link people to my work if they want to read it. Not meant to be perfection, not meant to be really original or GOOD, tbh. It's meant to be trash, so you don't need to say it. I will. MY WRITING IS TRASH. :D

With that out of the way. I'm going to be organizing these based on Fic and chapter. so ye.


Unnamed BTS Fic - Chapter One - A Tear In My Plans

Elizabeth smiled as others seemed to arrive. It was getting to be quite the crowd and Elizabeth, surprisingly, wished to slip away and return to her garden for a moment, just to get away. But that would be very rude to the guests that had just arrived. Silently, she continued to blow up one of the floats, feeling very much like a wall flower.

She smiled as Anna called for her and waved. "I'm over here, Anna." She called out, her voice small but warm. As she waited for Anna to come over to them, or not, she returned to Jocelyn.

"So, do you not like swimming?" Elizabeth asked, looking at Jocelyn.

Lance hadn't honestly been expecting to see such a sight and as he opened his eyes, he spotted none other than Damar's junk in his line of sight. He blinked for a moment, and then made a face as if to say, "Hmm... I approve," his lips lowering into a humorous frown. He pulled the earphones out of his ears and smiled up at Damar's face. "How nice to see you." He spoke, motioning at Damar's crotch with his eyes. When they returned, they were staring daggers into Damar's eyes.

"And who's a stick in the mud?" He asked, raising a brow at Damar. "You're just mad because I look so much more sophisticated than you." He chuckled, leaning up, so that his face was very close to Damar's, within reach of each other's breath. With a smirk on his face, he reached down and lifted up his shirt, pulling it over his head and throwing it to the side. Still close to Damar's face, he smirked as he spoke, "If you'd move I'll go join in. Otherwise, I'll stay here with my book. It was just getting good after all." At that, he made another glance downwards and then back up Damar.


Eva had finally decided on an outfit that suited her and made her way down to the pool, only to discover a lot more people than had been there before, one of them she had missed very dearly. "My LOVE!" She shouted, running towards Mildred, and nearly tackling her to the ground. "I missed you!" She shouted, wrapping her arms around her friend.

Eva, in her time getting ready, had decided the best course of action would be to leave the least amount of places to grab onto and had gone for a tight fitting crop top and booty short combo. Her hair was still down but as soon as the game started, she was planning on putting it up into a bun. She would never admit it, but she was extremely competitive.
@ineffable I'll have to think on that because those two powers are pretty major to her personality. But I think as long as I can keep using water as a medium to heal, I could deal with not having control over water. Would she have a chance to grow into her skills and eventually gain that ability or is this something she will never be able to obtain?

*Have Courage and Be Kind*

{ N A M E }: Lily Brightendale
{ G E N D E R }: Female
{ A G E }: 327
{ A P P E A R A N C E }: Lily appears much as a young girl should, if she were one, anyway. Despite her age, however, Lily acts every bit her appearance. She is highly curious and highly naive, much like the 15 year old body she wears. At 4'8", she's not the tallest around and her small frame doesn't help her case. Her fist packs a pretty mean wallop, though. If you mess with her friends, that is. Her hair is short and peach colored, framing her delicate face. Her wings are a light blue color, despite her soul appearing almost pinkish. She prefers plain clothing and has no fashion sense at all (she's not really out to impress anyone, after all). Her hair is kept combed, though only because detangling it is an annoying process.

( T R I A D ) : Virtue
( T Y P E within Triad ): Water/Healing Element
( M A J O R P O W E R ): Dominion over Water - Lily can control water, move and bend it to her will, even using it to heal others. She does have to put quite a bit of power into this, however, and often as a side effect, the wounds she heals appear on her in return.
( M I N O R P O W E R ): Shine Bright Like a Diamond - Lily can... glow? She gets rather embarrassed by it but it does have it's uses. She can glow a faint blue nearly everywhere on her body. It's hard to control currently.

* P E R S O N A L I T Y * : Sweet to a fault, Lily considers any and all her friend and is willing to do anything to save literally anyone. She thinks the best of all, and puts them all above herself. She is naive and doesn't understand a lot of things, but when it comes to her friends being put into danger, she will stop by no means to save them. She is considerate and kind but often forgets to take care of herself in the process. She plays the victim card a lot, but tends to accept her role as victim, rather that than hurting anyone.
* F A M I L Y / R E L A T I O N S H I P S *: Currently unknown to her.
* R O O M M A T E *: (leave empty until assigned)
* H I S T O R Y *: Lily Brightendale doesn't have much history. She was bullied in heaven, often being made fun of for her low level powers, but it never tarnished her good nature. She still often protected them despite the mean things they'd say about her. She has no memories of her former life, but has known since becoming an angel, that she has an affinity with water. She's not particularly sure why but the Nanny in Heaven told her that the Academy would help her figure all of that out, so she's willing to try.

What Lily doesn't know is that she was born to aristocratic parents in London long ago. When she was 21, she was set to wed another noble,
but never made it to his home in Sussex. On her journey, she decided to take a detour, to which her drivers protested. A fight broke out and the carriage crashed into the river, where, caught in the weight of her dress, Lily drowned. Because of this death, Lily has been given an affinity with water though even when she discovers this, she will wonder why all the same.

L I K E S:

D I S L I K E S:

F E A R:
Being Unloved or Alone

Lily's ultimate goal is to uncover the secrets of her past and help anyone and everyone she can while doing so.

Additional Pictures of Lily, once used in other RPs

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