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Current Busy with life stuff! Should be around tomorrow, pending work.
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nothing like looking through old rps to make you miss it all again. </3
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Just popping in to let everyone know I'm not dead. ...that is all.
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Sorry to all of those that I flaked on. If I had an excuse, I already forgot what it was.


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Hi, I'm Rose. I RP and stuff.

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@Crusader Lord

Looks fantastic! Not sure what his beef is with the Australian white ibis but I'm excited to learn, lol. Consider him accepted.
Hello! just checking in! I see your CS, @Crusader Lord, I just can't spend any time this morning looking at it. Drowning in work. As soon as I have a free moment, I'll read it over!

Also, just to update, I'm hoping we can have this up and running by this weekend so please, please get your CSs into me completed as soon as you can if you haven't already. If we need any filled in roles, a knight or noble, I'm happy to fill in as needed.
@Expendable I think you posted to the wrong tab, but understandable! Wishing you the best!

I've sent them a PM to see how they feel! I'm keeping some of the plot elements to myself so that you, as characters, have to figure it out yourself ICly. I think it's a bit more fun that way. That is to say, I don't mind PMs that ask about certain things. Can this happen? Is this going to happen? Because I think that might mess with my character arc, etc etc.

Honestly I'm considering it! I've got a few big baddies planned out roughly, but I'd need to dig a bit more into the Underground to create anything for them. But considering it was initially Animal's brain-child, I'm going to go to them for any people, names, big bads, etc.
@HylianRose Upon rereading the 0th post regarding the agenda of the Underground and Esme’s sheet, I have to point out that if this group knows anything at all about the Imperial Japanese House that even Himari has a massive potential target on her forehead for the same reasons. Her dad makes the sun rise, after all. I’m sure nefarious goons would be just as interested in testing her magical spark as ol’ mumsy was.

That's a great point! I imagine at some point the Underground would have a great desire to test on many of the students of the school. We'll have to figure that out when we get there!


To touch on the discussion going on between Savant and Izurich, Any Knight/Noble without a pair that wants one can be paired up manually via GM intervention should you so choose! I appreciate you two talking through it amicably.
2. Tagging @Animal because this idea was inspired by Esme's CS. Reading Esme's childhood history and the Underground organization gave me an idea that due to her unique spellcasting power, Millie is in their watch list of potential abductees. Her social position and HRE's terrifying might may have put her in the backburner as they'd rather go after 'safer' options such as a low-class orphan (e.g: Esme). However, now that they know The Iron Princess will be attending a private school in an isolated remote region for the foreseeable future, they may try to make their move, especially if they can use someone else as a scapegoat, it can be Illa, or Alfi, or even the headmaster or one of the teachers.

Oh, I could have SO much fun with this later on.

Edit: Let me know what you guys decide and I'll weave it in for sure.
This looks like fun and cozy. I've been thinking about a character for this RP, but looking at the OOC section so far, it seems there will be a lot of things to know first before I jump in.

How many confirmed players so far if you don't mind me asking? And does this RP have a railed plotline, final goal, things the players have to achieve together, or just a slice-of-life RP?

Hello and welcome! Yes, so I think so far we have about 8 players with tentative interest and 4 that already have characters submitted and accepted and the rest are likely actively working on sheets.

So, it does but it also doesn't. It has plot lines that I'll be teasing and the wider world will be doing stuff regardless of what happens at the academy. I think we've turned into a slice of life but with political shenanigans. So, while I do have a rough idea of what sorts of plot hooks I'm going to be throwing at you, it's up to you, the players, to decide if you WANT to partake and/or HOW you want to interact with it. They will happen regardless of that outcome. So.. yes. There will be things you can achieve together. But I'll be formulating things based on the actions and decisions of the characters themselves.

For example, let's say that Random NPC A loses their backpack and are VERY eager to get it back. They put up help wanted posters around the school. A character COULD pick up one of those posters and decide to seek out this NPC to see how they can help. And through doing so, maybe unlock a large plot involving backpack thieves.. idk. But if they don't, the backpack thieves continue their ways and get worse and things escalate. If the characters still do nothing about it, perhaps eventually the school itself catches them and kicks them out and the plot ends. It would have ended sooner had the characters done something, but it still progressed regardless of their intervention or not.

Now, I don't necessarily have an over-arching plot or goal in mind. I think the idea is just to see them all to graduation where they then take their place in the world. So, unless we find new things to do with this world, end-game is graduation after 4 years.

EDIT: To everyone!!! if you have an idea for something like this, even if it's something sneaky YOUR character is doing, please send those to me! I'd love to have characters involved in some of these smaller plot hooks and things. Maybe your character gets up late at night to raid the kitchen for food and everyone thinks it's a raccoon so they start to investigate. Maybe your character has been meeting in secret with one of the professors for lessons, but a rumor spreads that you're dating and you seek help from your friends, etc etc.

edit 2: if you see me constantly correcting, this keyboard at work is ASS. And the u key is sticky. ):<
For documentation: Knight CS Approval

Porting Max over to the character tab now.

Also, noted on the NPCs, Boss! And yes, you should have your own Noble / Knight GMPCs. 😏

I have added them, in my own hooligan ways. ~

Nothing super detailed like you guys have done, but hopefully I've included the barebones to help others understand roughly what the idea is there. Stupidly in love star-crossed lovers. hah..
So, excluding completed chars (accepted or not), what we publicly know to be in the works:
- @Crowvette's Noble
- @Fading Memory's Noble
- @Crusader Lord's Noble
- @Expendable's Noble
- @Kero's Knight
- @The Savant's Knight

Did I miss anyone?

Incredibly helpful and very appreciated.

In an effort to save time, could everyone that is currently waiting on me to approve a completed CS please PM me a copy of their CS? If you've already PMed me, just send me a bump message on the PM so I can see it. I have a bit of time today at work to really dig in and read through them.

Also, yes, it does seem like we'll need to double up!

Also also, I've done a mistake of looking at pinterest and have.. an idea of my own Knight/Noble NPC pairing... and I need them to exist... lmao. I'll see if I even do anything with that. It could be fun either way.

I also wanted to take this time to say that I will be running a few NPCs but they may or may not have character sheets. You are welcome to pilot these npcs as necessary as well or even create your own for the sake of world building and making things feel more real and fleshed out. If you have questions about an NPC (How would Mr. Parrish react to finding a student in a compromising situtation?, etc), feel free to ask me.
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