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Hi I'm Gh0st, the people pleaser. I try to be a funny person, but who knows if I succeed. Maybe you know? Either way, here's some more about me
•I'm a minor, but idc if your an adult as long as you keep it appropriate (ik how to protect myself on here dw)
•I am apart of fandoms such as
○ percy jackson, grishaverse, the owl house, and more
•I am a big fan of fantasy and hope to one day get into dnd
•I have had past rping experiences (though those got sour) and concider my self a pretty ok roleplayer
•I am apart of lgbtqia
I hope you enjoyed these random facts about me, and I'd love to make more freinds if you want to pm me ♡♡

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Hi, is this a pjo rp? If so I'd like to join, preferably with an oc of yours an an oc of mine, but to cannon characters is ok with me too
Hello! Do you like fantasy and romance? Well maybe this rp will fit your tastes. As you can tell, this will be set in a elven high-school, although non-elf characters are welcome (we can come up with an exchange program story). Characters must be 14-17 though. NOTHING NSFW. You must be accepting of lgbtqia+, although your character does not have to be apart of it.
I think that's everything, will answer more questions.
-Gh0st, signing off ♡
This is the first oc I have made for this site, Wycis Aewynn (why-sis ae-win) they are an agender, 16 year old elf (they/them). Obviously, they are for fantasy rps that include elfs as a species.
Personality can vary, but they are a cinnamon roll. Period. They want to be freinds with everyone, but they aren't good at talking to people, often getting their words mixed up, but if you get to know them, they are a adorable freind (or more)
I would love to join some rps with them, and while I will be making more ocs for this site, pls dm me if you (or your group) would like to rp with Wycis ♡
In Hii 7 days ago Forum: Introduce Yourself
Hi! I'm Gh0st, you can call me that, ghost, or maybe if we become freinds, something more personal?
•I'm pretty new to rping, although I do have some experience. I've always like making stories and being creative, so roleplay was a pretty logical path as I've grown
•I prefer fantasy rps, but I'm not against other genres. I don't do more than 10 lines normally, nor less than two. I'm looking for faced paced rps with lore and action (lore>action), and I don't care about how many people
•in my non-existent free time I enjoy taekwondo, reading, sleeping, ice cream, and making jokes. I try to be outgoing and friendly, but it doesn't always work.
I hope we can be freinds ♡
-gh0st, signing off
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