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Current I honestly never noticed Yen Sid was just Disney backwards until this video. I feel so dumb, right now
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Say what you will about One Punch Man's second season and/or Genos' weirdly CG arms: that intro song's not half bad
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That's some bad business with Notre Dame. Hope everything turns out as well as it can, all things considered
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Seriously debating whether or not to buy a PSVR. On one hand, I'll probably love it. On the other hand, I may never come out. On yet another hand, I don't know if I have enough room for a VR setup
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I'd say that's the last time I stay up until five in the morning, but it probably won't be


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Bump! Also, edited the first post to add another fandom!
Hey, there! Been a while since I've last written one of these and I thought the time was finally due for it. I'd first like to say that, for various reasons that I wish I had been in more control over, I've been rather inactive on this site and I know it's caused several promising RP's to fail before they even began For that, I'd like to apologize to those I've lost contact with and would encourage you all to send me a PM if you'd like to try again. I promise that I'll do better by you all.

Anyway, onto the nitty gritty. To be quite frank, I don't know what I want, which is why I tagged this rather heavily, hopefully to generate some ideas in myself and any potential partners. I prefer original stories, but I wont' shy away from fandoms, so long as we're all using OC's. I'm also male and prefer to play male, but I'm more than willing to play female as a secondary character. As such, I love a little romance in my stories. As a casual writer, I'm most comfortable writing up to two paragraphs, or three, max, depending on responses and how heavily creativity hits me upside the head. I'm also not one to shy away from more mature themes, especially if they fit in with the story we're creating. Oh, and another big selling point is if my partners are willing to chat in OOC. The best stories I've ever written have been with people I've come to be friends with!

Now, because I did say that I'm up for fandom ideas, here are some that I'm into. Asterisks for what I'm craving at the moment:


Rising of the Shield Hero*



Full Metal Alchemist

My Hero Academia*

And several others that don't seem to be coming to mind, but I will update them as I think of them. And if anyone has any original ideas, I will definitely be more than happy to hear those out. Looking forward to your PM's!
Just gonna go ahead and throw my interest in here. I'll get to work on my CS, but may not be able to get it finished until sometime Wednesday, which is my next day off, if that's alright

The moment he saw Jean lose his smile, Zac kicked himself inwardly. Everyone here had just gone through hell and he's cracking a joke? Open mouth, insert foot, he thought to himself. He listened to his NCO as he talked about how recently he had been promoted and about how everyone had already been through so much, the latter Zac already had guessed from the haunted looks in most of the veteran's eyes. "I'm sorry, Jean. I didn't mean to make light o' the situation. I just tend to make bad jokes when I'm nervous," Zac said with a quiet chuckle. "But, I promise, I have no illusions about this war. I know I'm probably gonna have to do things I'd rather not do. Hell, I probably wouldn't even be here if not for my brother."

He slipped his arm back through the strap of his rifle as his mind briefly wandered to thoughts of his brother and the stubborn, almost childish belief he had to be alive that led Zac to enlisting. In hindsight, it was the stupidest decision of his life. It would have been one thing if he had evidence that his brother wasn't dead, but to act so impulsively on a belief, knowing he more than likely wouldn't find Colin? Having always acted before thinking, even he knew this took the cake.

He shook his head, then met Jean's eyes. "But, I'm here, now, so I'm gonna do my job." He adjusted his rifle on his shoulder and continued, "And that means keeping an eye on you lot. I'll watch your backs so you can all do your jobs without worry. I know I won't be able to protect everyone, but I'll do my damnedest to try."

Zac slowly scanned the carriage, somewhat surprised by the amount of activity. For a regiment that had just lost so many people, things were surprisingly lively. Of course, there were still people with that haunted look in their eyes, almost as if they were still living in those moments on Hill 58. On top of that, upon second observation, much of the activity did seem to come from the newer arrivals, those who hadn't yet been scarred by battle. That really must have been a bad fight, he thought as he searched for an available seat. The rumors might hit a bit closer to home than I thought...

He had been about to move onto another carriage when he heard his name. Turning around, he found himself looking at a young man who looked about his age. He had the kind of build Zac wouldn't immediately think of when thinking about a soldier, but he was aware that looks could be deceiving. Even if a rabbit may not look intimidating, it still has some nasty claws, after all. There had to be something to him to have earned the rank of 'corporal.'

Zac smiled back and shook the offered hand, grateful for the friendly face, and said, trying for a joke, "Yes, sir, that would be great. I'd love to meet the people I'll be spending the worst months of my life with." He chuckled and dropped his hand, noticing how the corporal kept glancing at his rifle in interest. Hearing his questions, Zac added, "You could say that. Born and raised in Delfzijl, just outside o' Verviers. And I appreciate it, but I'm nothing too special. The scope does most o' the work, if I'm honest."

He slipped his rifle off of his shoulder and held it out to Jean, saying, "If you'd like, you can take a look at it, since you seem curious. It's not too much different from a standard Longfield, besides the scope. From what I understand, they just pluck the more accurate guns off o' the assembly line and slap a sight on it."


Come on, calm down, Zac told himself as he took a deep breath. He could feel his heart beating at a mile a minute in his chest from some odd combination of excitement, nervousness, and utter dread. He thought he was ready. He thought he'd be able to handle whatever came his way. But, ever since hearing about the Hill 58, then finding out he had been assigned to the 15th Atlantic Rifles, the regiment that had lost 700 men and women during that battle, he hadn't been able to get his nerves completely under control. He'd be fine for awhile, until he thought about the stories he had heard, then he'd end up leaning against a wall, trying to calm down like he was now. You're not even on the train, but you're acting like you're in the middle of active combat! Just think about it like hunting with your da back home...No, no, don't think that. That's bad. Just take deep breaths and you'll be fine. Breathing deeply, he leaned back against the station wall, his rifle next to him, as he thought about how he ended up waiting to go into war.

It all started with that letter, telling his family that Colin had gone missing and was presumed dead. Then the arguments between himself and his parents, how he just couldn't accept that Colin was dead, that he just had to go to war just to try to find him. His parents eventually relented just before his 18th birthday when he pulled the I'll-be-eighteen-soon card. Knowing Zac would have enlisted after his birthday, they had decided it was best to let him go rather than risk him resenting them. A few months of training and here he was, getting ready to go into battle.

He glanced over to a pair of young men, about his age, as they talked about sending the enemy running and found himself wishing he shared in that confidence instead of trying to get his heart to settle down. It was then that he remembered something his father had told him before he left: Your calm heart is your greatest strength. Be the anchor your allies will need when shit hits the fan. Zac took another deep breath and felt his heart settle. Don't think about it as killing the enemy, another voice says, this time his sharpshooting instructor. Think about it this way: from your position, whether it be high up or well behind the frontline, you're more likely to see threats before any of your comrades do. For example, an enemy force attempting to flank your allies. Being able to see and react to those threats before any of your allies will allow you to save more lives than if you were fighting next to them.

I can do this.

He looked down at his rifle. Instead of seeing it as a harbinger of what was to come, as something to be afraid of, he began to see it as a tool to save the lives of those he would come to care for. Instead of being purely a sword to kill the enemy with, it would be a shield to protect his friends with.

I can do this.

Zac reached down and picked up the rifle. It felt heavy. But, if it meant he could keep people alive and stay alive long enough to find his brother, he'd gladly carry that weight as long and as far as he possibly can. Hopefully until the end of the war, that is.

I will do this.

Shouldering his rifle, Zac looked ahead. His heart was calm. His mind was no longer racing with worst-case scenarios. Carrying his greatest weapon, he finds himself smiling easily, just like he used to at home. "Right, then," he said as he began walking toward the train. "Let's get this show on the road."
Same here. I haven't been as active as I used to be over the last couple of years. Only reason I could come back is because I finally bought a laptop, haha
Hey, long time, no see!

Zacary "Zac" Ward


18, January 9th 1896EC


Verviers, Delfzijl, United Kingdom of Edinburgh

Usually with an easy grin on his face, Zac tends to exude a calm, friendly air about him. He normally wears his fatigues with the jacket open, exposing the white t-shirt beneath. He usually has a light stubble on his jaw and always wears a necklace with a pendant shaped like a celtic knot, a gift given to him by his father before he left for war. He speaks with the lilting accent endemic to people from the Delfzijl isle.


Zacary Ward is the kind of person that always seems happy and rarely lets things get to him. He does what he can to help others and will always be there to back up his friends, whether back to back, by their side, or from behind the scope of his rifle. There are few things he values more in his life than the lives of his friends and family.



Basic Marksman gear (i.e. Scoped SM-Longfield rifle, canteen, etc.)

Calm Heart: While normally gregarious and unable to sit still for too long, while in the field, Zac is capable of exhibiting long periods of patience, waiting for the perfect shot.

Child of Nature: Having been born and raised in the woodlands outside of Verviers, Delfzijl, where he hunted with his father and played with his siblings, Zac had practically become part of nature. Not only is he more comfortable out in the wild, but he can also tell when something isn't right by listening to the sounds of nature.

Adaptable: Things rarely go according to plan and Zac understands this. As such, he makes it a point to be able to roll with the punches and think fluidly, letting him overcome challenges and obstacles, no matter what surprises may lay in wait.

Zac was born as the second child to Sean, a carpenter and hunter, and Elain Ward, a seamstress. While they weren't outrageously rich, they made enough to afford a comfortable living out in the woods, where it would be easier for Sean to gather the materials he would need for his craft, though not too far from town, making it a simple matter to buy other goods they might have needed.

The Ward children, meanwhile, were as close as could be. Zac and Elain looked up to their older brother, Colin, who in turn adored his younger siblings. The three were inseparable, at least until the three of them had started school. However, even as life progressed and they started playing together less and less, the three Ward children were as close as could be. Then, the war started.

When the war started in 1911, Colin, having just turned 17, convinced his parents to let him enlist when he turned 18, wanting to do his part in protecting his family and country. Soon after, he was sent to the frontline, keeping contact with his parents and siblings through his letters. Until, that is, the letters stopped coming. Several weeks later, they received one more letter, but not from Colin. Inside was a letter informing them that Colin had gone missing after a particularly grueling battle and, having had no word from him, he was presumed dead.

The Wards were devastated...except for Zac. It was a feeling he had that he couldn't shake, but he just knew his brother couldn't be dead. So, like Colin before him, he tried to convince his parents to let him enlist, but was promptly denied, Sean and Elaine unwilling to let another of their children risk their life. However, he didn't give up and was able to get their blessing by the time he had turned 18. One tearful goodbye later, Zac was heading for the front line.

Sean Ward: Father (48)

Elaine Ward: Mother (46)

Aislin Ward: Sister (17)

Colin Ward: Brother (20 - MIA, presumed dead)

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