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Hiya! I'm WindingWay, just a tiny little rp bunny in search of some good writing to nibble on. I write advanced/multi-paragraph and enjoy rich, descriptive (but not droning) prose that tickles the imagination but also paints a clear and interesting picture. I'm here to tell stories, write a little naughtiness and RP as pretty much anything but a normal everyday person.

Female, 21+, Fantasy/Sci-Fi/Superheroes/and so on. If we're writing and I go quiet, just give me a nudge, I can be forgetful and easily distracted >.<

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Is it possible to see a short list of the characters you already have? Even just something like "Danno, rough and tumble gunslinger with a heart of gold; FlakJacker, pint-sized alien hacker with a dirty mouth; Cadence Zinestra, exquisite infiltrator and close-quarters specialist" just so one might identify a character niche that feels exciting?

Very interested though!
Hiya! I'm WindingWay and I like to write! Maybe even with you!

I am a 30ish, PST time-zone, Advanced/Advanced+ RPer with a decade and change of experience with an appetite for character driven RP, preferably with a little romance and a little smut (where it makes sense) thrown in. I can offer strong, detailed, hopefully engaging third-party past-tense omniscient posts. I think part of the fun is trying to mold the writing style and cadence and expression to the character I'm writing. I'm happy to double or multi, I'm happy to world-build, I'm honestly just happy to write with a like(ish)-minded partner who can offer most of the same things back.

But don't be intimidated, there's obviously room for variance, we can meet in the middle! =) Except on the third-person past-tense bit, that's like... that's not negotiable; I just find 1st Person tooo personal and present tense just feels off. I digress!

I prefer to play female but I'm open to all sorts of pairings/partners (male, female, non-binary, trans, futa, and so on).

At current I'm not rich on story concepts, I'll admit. So those are tbd? But I'm a big big fan of playing anything that isn't just a normal old person. That can be as mild as a dwarf or an elf or a whatever to superhumans with powers, senses, additional limbs, and so on all the way down to the deep end with things like gnolls, aliens, monsters, and that. I really like character driven RP that's at least as much about exploring the characters experiences of story as it is the plot/story itself.

So if you're looking for a friendly, articulate, descriptive (but not like... Tolkien-too-far descriptive) sometimes-saucy (like 70/30 plot/smut split?) writer to writer to write with, I might be your gal!

I'm currently really into Superhero stories. But I'm open minded. Drop me a PM and let's see if there's a spark!

Thanks ^-^

I'm WindingWay. I'm new here but this seems like a pretty great place to find some RP. I'm an experienced writer/roleplayer over a whole bunch of different formats over the years. I tend to play fiction oriented content so anything in the sci-fi, fantasy, supernatural and super-heroes genre is neat. I'm open in theory to fandom play but it isn't my favourite and I'm not a huge sleuth on fandoms so probably prefer OC content.

I enjoy slice of life style play a lot but there can definitely be plot and adventure too as long as we get to explore the characters and their experiences together. I enjoy romance and smut but it's important to me that it feels like there's an experience there on an emotional level (even if that experience is suspect or dubious) and not just a thinly veiled excuse to summon the beast with two backs. What a weird expression for sex, right?

Anyhow I'll start hopping through the wanted adds, maybe post one myself. Thanks for reading and I hope to write great things with some of ya at some point.
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