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W E L C O M E to the nuthouse.. only joking.. or am I?

Just because it takes me far too long to type everything I want up here on my phone I will try to keep this short and super sweet k?

I am a 30+ female who hasn't written in a long time[7+ years] due to mental health reasons and yes I did create this account 2 years ago hoping i would be able to muster up something but couldn't bring myself to do it. I am pretty confident in my abilities to resume writing in an appropriate manner of casual-high casual length with the care of spellings and such but I'm not the grammar/spelling police so we all make mistakes so just aslong as I can understand and read it then there's no issues!

Likes: 18+ content, modern, romance, drama, angst, drug/alcohol abuse, dom x sub, age gaps, forbidden 🚫, gangs/mafia/Street life, omegaverse.
Dislikes: Too much Gore.

No pairings or plot ideas to put here just yet but feel free to DM me we can totally talk more OH by the way I also love OOC chat and general chit chat and 100% back and forth on talking about ideas and such for moving the story along.

I also have discord if anyone would like to discuss over that then DM me for my name or send me yours and I'll add you :)

Thanks for reading and I hope to hear from you soon !
@Dark CloudI'm sorry! We have great taste in naming our titles though:>
The only way is up right?

It's been forever since I have written especially here this is a new acc though sorry.. ;)

I hope to get myself back into the jam!


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