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Looking for one more RP!
Thank you!
Thank you! I'm curiously exploring already.
Hi there!

Thanks for checking out my interest check!

About myself:
I've been roleplaying for many years (mainly on forums and Discord) and would say I'm a high casual to advanced writer. I normally write 2+ paragraphs, enjoy detailed posts, just like I enjoy world-building and character development.

I'd like to find partners for MxM roleplays that contain mature themes, so please be 18 or older.

At the moment I don't have any particular fandom cravings, but I'm always open to fantasy plots (my favorite!) and also to SoL or historical settings. Post-apoc could be fun too.

A few examples when it comes to pairings I'd be interested in:
Prince x Knight/Bodyguard
Prince x King/other Prince
Celebrity x Bodyguard
Vampire x Human
Student x Teacher
Boss x Employee
Good Boy x Bad Boy
Criminal x Cop

The bold ones are the roles I'd like to play.

Of course I can provide a writing sample if you are interested.

My apologies for this interest check being not very long. This is a WIP, and I'll certainly add more over the next days/weeks.

If you are interested in brainstorming a plot with me, then please reach out in private messages.
Thank you!

I'm SilverShades (or Silver) and I'm from Europe. Although being new to this site, I'm not new to roleplaying. Looking forward to my time with you here.
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