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Current Slowly life is starting to make sense again. Some days are better, others worse . . . Thank you to my patient post partners. You are amazing and I am ever greatful!


"Thats the spirit-one part brave,three parts fool."
Christopher Paolini, Eragon

“Loyalty never put blood back in a man's veins.”
Carol Berg, Flesh and Spirit

“Politics is ugly. Never doubt what small men will do for great power.”
Paolo Bacigalupi, The Windup Girl

Ballad of Serenity
I am not a princess

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@TheDookieNut I know, it's been a long time. Sorry 'bout that. Hope the post is to your liking ^^
A slight smile played on her lips while she listened to Rhoynar. Then he suddenly stopped and for a brief moment Illinfer wanted to lean in a little closer to make sure she caught the words spoken next. The mood had changed so drastically that she felt her heart sink, her stomach clenching. She should remain calm and all would be well? The northern woman quickly bit her lip and looked out to the ocean, stifling a chuckle. Those were the words of the same man who a night before had almost killed a man who happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. No, she wasn’t like that. Emotional sometimes, yes, but who could blame her.

Illinfer turned back towards Rhoynar, smiling gently. „I am sure, with your guidance, we won’t run into too much trouble.“ She paused for a moment, regarding his features. Something was bothering him. She could tell by the slicht furrow in his brows. Not daring to ask she closed her eyes and leant back against the railing. Her head tilted backward, exposing her pale neck with the bruises of the past nights fight. The wind caught her raven hair and made it dance in the sunlight. It was peaceful here and she would be damned if she didn’t enjoy it!

The day passed swiftly, the winds were with them and the sun had shone down mercilessly. Evening approached as Illinfer sat down on deck, rubbing her lips with the paste she had been given. Never would she have imagined feeling so dry and thirsty aboard a ship surrounded by nothing but water. Dinner would be ready soon. From what she gathered it would consist of bread and fish jerky. The latter she didn’t favour too much, but she knew she needed to eat to keep her strength. After all, they were just at the beginning of their journey.

She looked up as she heard Rhoynars voice. Had he settled where they were going to sleep? The captain had said something of the deck, which wasn’t a very comfortable place to sleep. Rhoynar had volunteered to clear things up and get them hammocks under deck.

Sorry it's taken me this long again. >.<
Hope it's to your liking
The fruit was taken from her hand, replaced by the steady wind surrounding them. Illinfers grip on the railing tightened further, her nails biting into the wood as the ship moved in the waves. To distract herself from the moving horizon she settled her eyes on Rhoynars hands, watched as he peeled the fruit and listened to his story. A smile appeared on her face, soon replaced by the empty gaze of memory. It sounded so familiar, a boy tricking his parents into thinking something had happened when it was nothing more than a prank. She took the fruit from his hand, looking at the vibrant colour. The juice of the Rakt Phal stained her lips as she ate, giving her features a different look.

"Tell me more about yourself, Illinfer. You've spent your journey learning about myself. I know very little about you." A little surprised she took a step back, feeling the railing in her side. „That isn‘t true. You know the most important things about me. That I am in the fire guild and that I am a widow. Things not everybody knows . . . My life was moved. I lost my mother when I was still very young. I have a brother, but only Ardebit knows where he is now. He‘s always been one to wander.“ Her gaze drifted out towards the open water. She bit her lip. He had revealed a secret, the fear for his family. Was it now her turn to repay that trust? Would she dare tell him what was waiting for her upon her return? Her thoughts played in her features, the inner talk about the fine line between responsibility, loyalty and trust.

With her back turned towards the happenings upon the vessel she didn‘t see the man approach. „There is one thing I might . . . „ The foreign words made her jolt and spin around, hand upon the hilt of her sword. She quickly loosened up and smiled at the new arrival, likewise extending her hand in greeting. Had Rhoynar heard her? She didn‘t know if she could muster the courage to speak about her home later on, unprompted.
The captain and Rhoynar exchanged a flow of words she didn‘t understand before changing back to the traders tongue. The northern woman answered the questions towards her politely but without giving away any real information. When she could finally retreat from the discussion politely she did, turning her attention to the ocean. She got pulled into the view of the water rushing by.

At some point she felt someone leaning against the railing next to her. She looked up to find Rhoynar and smiled shyly, her lips still red from the fruit he had given her. „I had no idea the ocean was so huge!“ Illinfer had relaxed a little, her mind distracted from the moving floor and engaged with fairy tales, legends and the journey ahead. „Have you been to the Second East often? How is it? Tell me.“
@TheDookieNut You worry too much! It's a wonderful post. I'll get round to answering soon ;)
@TheDookieNut No worries! That's what we do, we wait on eachother. It's simply our thing :D
@TheDookieNutPost is up. Sorry to have kept you waiting. Hope you are well!

Illinfer followed Rhoynar out into the courtyard. They moved through the market of Astipor and Illinfer couldn‘t help but look around and catch glimpses of exotic fruits, spices and clothing. "Wait here." She heard the knight say and looked up to him. He vanished in the crowd. This gave the northern woman some time to take in her surroundings. The air was rich with foreign scents. Spices from beyond the sea filled her nostrils making her think of the gardens and arms around her . . . Shaking her head to get rid of the memory she turned just in time to see Rhoynar reappear. She was handed a small orange ball . . . and looked at it puzzled as to what she was supposed to do with it. There was little time to worry about it though. The ship would be leaving soon and they had to get to the port.

Ships came into sight and soon after the sea breeze hit her like a gust of wind. She could taste the salt in the air, smell the heavy scent of seaweed and fish. Seagulls called above them, darting down close to the waves just to return to the high skies. Fascinated the northern woman barely noticed her companion board the ship. As she realised it she hurried to his side. The fruit still in her hand she looked at the ship, over the battered but sturdy wood, wind beaten sails. Never before had she set foot upon a vessel a huge as this one. Pushing back her black hair she looked up the mast. Then the ground beneath her moved and she gripped the railing in a panic. Astipor was slowly drifting away as they picked up speed. Mesmerised she hadn‘t noticed the bustle aboard. Men ran around, opening sails, releasing the toes and pulling on ropes Illinfer could only guess the use of.

Her knuckles went white she was gripping the wood so hard, the bright fruit in her other hand, braced against her chest. She had not been prepared for the slight sway of waves. Leaning her hip against the railing she hoped to get a little more hold. Finally her eyes met Rhoynars. The northern warrior blushed slightly, averting her eyes to gaze upon the water rushing by. She held out the fruit to him. „Will you show me how to eat it?“ She didn‘t meet his gaze, too embarrassed about not feeling safe aboard the vessel. The wind played with her raven strands, making them dance across her cheeks. Steel blue eyes were lowered to deep waters of similar colour.
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