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Take your mental health seriously. It’s truly terrifying to learn how ill you are, despite how much you’ve convinced yourself otherwise.


Currently working through recovery, it's hard and there are times I want to end it all.
But if I'm not online or not posting, then understand I need time.

My mental health comes before everything else on this site.

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Hopefully they're just busy and haven't had chance to post.

Maybe bump the thread anyway?

The room poured full of the remaining trainee's left Mo Chou uncomfortably counting each head as they shambled through the doors, some enthusiastic and others appearing as concerned as she was. Whilst the elder of the two Chinese students believed she had the full requirements to achieve relative success within the fickle music industry, there still lingered the constant reminder of those who held far more talent than her. It remained her biggest concern and the main reason she spent extra hours practising in the dormitory kitchens. She'd been practising for years, to fail now would have been nothing short of embarrassing. Her gaze shifted as the doorway finally closed, watching the final attendee's take their seats; there were at least a few faces she was glad not to see.

"Just go with what you're confident with. Forget what everyone else thinks," Cheng Lei offered with a vague attempt at a strong smile. They both knew there was little getting between his sister's ears when she focused on a performance - more specifically, an evaluation. "You've got this." There was a reassuring hand on her shoulder although it didn't stop the perpetual anxiety from bubbling within her gut.

"It doesn't matter if it's Korean or not- they only care about marketable you are; just do your best." The sentence preceeded a short glare from the smaller framed Wang sibling. "You know what I mean-"

"I'm light years behind some of the others here. My dancing is terrible and my Korean is worse." She'd be eternally grateful for their ability to communicate alone in their own tongue. Revealing her insecurities to the rest of the trainee collection terrified her. Not a single one needed to know of her inability to match the high paced dances many of the others were capable of capturing after only a few attempts. What mattered more, however, was that none of them new of her struggling fate. Although, in comparison to her brother, Mo Chou wasn't struggling at all.

They paused for a moment as the intercom buzzed and the first of the collection was requested to perform. Yuruzu gathered himself onto the higher platform, and before too long began to perform as was expected. His dances were fluid and mesmerizing to watch. Each movement without an element of stiffness, as if he had no form. It hurt to watch. Mo Chou glanced across to her brother, who seemed so comfortably sat watching the performance.

In all honesty, the idiot had all but resigned himself to the fate of not making it through the trainee process. In fact, he'd developed a three-step plan to get himself the career he truly desired- after he'd turned eighteen, obviously. There would have been few television stations willing to cast an underage host. So, much unlike his sister, he watched Yuruzu's performance as less of a competitor and more of a colleague. How anyone could deny he was talented was something unbelievable.

The supportive train of thought was painfully ended as his sister's nails stabbed into his arms when her own name was called. Mo Chou's face phased between two forms almost instantly. The initial shock and terror evaporated into a wide, professional smile as two white pumps made their way across the basement and towards the designated space. Despite the look on her face, her mind was reeling. The decision to play it safe or to risk her reputation stood before her as she adjusted the equipment and laid her cream jacket on the nearest chair.

"Those moves were amazing." Cheng Lei muttered, leaning forwards to congratulate the performer on his display. "If you get a bad review, then they're blind." Whilst happy to continue the conversation, the slow fade of music echoed from the speakers following the familiar sound of his sister's vocal cords. He dropped back into his seat and offered her two thumbs - although whether she could see was a different story.

Mo Chou had taken the uncomfortable decision to take a risk with her evaluation. The main focus of her present vocal training as to project, and ensure her voice was stronger than it presently was. Any voice could fill a room with the assistance of a microphone but the raw power that many artists held was a standard she had yet to achieve. It was an attempt at proving her growth as a trainee and artist that she chose to perform in Korean, taking Taeyeon's "I" as her evaluation song for that performance.

Whilst the track wasn't originally a song to be danced to, with the assistance of the choreographer and their dance teacher, she'd been taught a small routine to perform between the two breaks in lyrics. It was neither a high powered routine like Yuruzu's or the traditional cutesy dances she performed. Instead, a ballet routine - only minus the pointed feet and terribly uncomfortable shoes.

Had someone been counting her flaws, the total would have been more than six. Whilst none existed within her vocals themselves, her Korean was far from perfect and her feet feel somewhat offbeat as the performance continued. As usual, however, the familiar swell of the music brought the best in her tone, giving her ample time to produce each of the higher notes within the song itself.

Certainly not her best performance, however, like the crackling of the track came to a close, Mo Chou allowed her eyes to settle back onto the ground after having been so intently focused on the Great Beyond - situated just above the room's head. With a deep bow, she scurried off stage, scooping her coat as she did. The intercom sounded once again, calling the younger of the two onto the stage. They barely had time for a passing smile between Mo Chou's arrival and her brother's departure. Still, however, they tried.

Cheng Lei jogged his way across the room lightly and took up the dedicated spot within the basement. As with each before him, he added just the microphone and let out a muffled cough. With his own vocal performances being his weakest aspect, it had been the sole decision of his primary vocal teacher to keep the upcoming evaluation based entirely around that weakness and advertise how much progress he'd made in his short time with the company.

Whilst the original track was laden with falsetto and a vocal range he would never achieve, the requirements aside from this were minimal. He was grateful and would be for years to come. With a carefully planned performance, Cheng Lei avoided each falsetto requirement with a far lower and individually crafted alternative - giving the whole song a far more calm feeling. It may have not been the comedic performance he would have preferred, he wouldn't deny it went reasonably well considering the circumstances.

"Next, Blissany Monette."

The words echoed throughout the room as the final of the two siblings finally returned to his seat.

@ilovepapa Sounds solid to me!

Also, I'll be about as of tomorrow, still out of it mostly due to the flu
Will get a post up tomorrow
@ilovepapa Was thinking pretty modern, unless anyone prefers old character builds like old Torb or whatever
Fab! I’m gonna head off to bed as it’s 3am and supposed to be up at a reasonable time tomorrow

But I’ll add all the extra stuff in tomorrow after work :)

@Fabricant451@Superboy@Hey Im Jordan@McHaggis@Superboy@ilovepapa

The concept is pretty simple;

  • Whether coach, team member, or manager - we're all part of a somewhat rookie team within the overall Overwatch League.
  • Basically open-divison.
  • After a the initial season went incredibly well, the group have taken it upon themselves to buy/rent a home together, as most teams do.
  • There will be intense schedules and more salt than a salt mine.
  • But mostly, gaming related fun.

Honestly, it's been a while since I was GM of a group RP but will be looking for others to take forwards the plotline instead of being fed it.


Main Tank
Off Tank
Secondary Support

As for character sheets - get creative!

BN Tag


Anything you think is relevent

I'm working on writing a full description and starting plot so will update this slot in a little while.

On another note, I have a fair number of ideas up my sleeve in terms of side plots and U-Bends to throw into the mix. Best to always play those cards closer to your chest then anything.

Will update soon
Sweet will hit up an IC thread in the next day or so
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