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8 hrs ago
Current Being unable to sleep due to constant intrusive thoughts is living hell. Wanting to follow through but knowing everything will just get worse is comparable - I just want to be free
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9 days ago
Take your mental health seriously. It’s truly terrifying to learn how ill you are, despite how much you’ve convinced yourself otherwise.



Depressed | In Recovery | Self Critical | Imperfect | SONE

If I'm not online, I'm either busy or too ill to post. Just be patient

Feel free to check up on me if I don’t respond for a while

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Ill get round to posting a character tomorrow
Just as a heads up - I wont be on daily so I'll take a lesser part
Hecking bump
@OliveYou I'd be down for a group RP - I just might not be able to post everyday at the moment

I'd be up for a kpop group roleplay if you're both up for it. Or two oneXones

I'm slowly getting back into posting again so it would have to be slow going at first
still looking
Still looking
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