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17 days ago
Current I'm done with recovery
17 days ago
Recovery is fucking hard but I don't want to recover. I don't want to get better. Its easier when I'm sick. I was sad, but I'm sadder now.
17 days ago
I can't type this crap anywhere else - just let me for like one second
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9 mos ago
Take your mental health seriously. It’s truly terrifying to learn how ill you are, despite how much you’ve convinced yourself otherwise.


Fuck recovery

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Stupid question but the thought of jumping in is fiddling me with anxiety-

What's the best way to get stuck in with the persistent world stuff?
Deleted post
@OwO Good god
It’s beautiful! Permission to steal the template to use every day until I die?

If you’re willing to take on another of the first idea, definitely let me know.
I’m happy to work it so it’s a completely different story
Sorry it’s not amazing-

Let me know if you want me to change anything

I hope you’re okay anyway
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