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Avi - "Swordtember" Sketch by @BeckyCloonan

LA area roleplayer and writer. Currently going to school for a degree in English, I'm usually here to practice the more creative elements of my writing since schoolwork can be so dull.

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What’s up everyone! Looking to try out some ideas I’ve had some notes on and keep the tools sharp. I’m a sucker for action and romance so you’ll see familiar elements throughout each of my settings/plots. If you think you have something I’d like, let me know! I love working with someone to come up with something that gets us both proper enthused. I’m looking for high casual to advanced level RP-ing, but I’m definitely a quality-over-quantity person. I’m not really austere about post rate either, as real life can get busy for me too.
Don’t feel pressured to match what I write, just help me keep the story moving and have fun and don’t hesitate to shoot around ideas with me in the PMs. It’s always super satisfying designing a sequence with someone and then playing it out. As far as smut and adult themes go, I definitely anticipate these RPs to have some degree of sex and violence but we can talk about ratios and how explicit that gets, not a big deal. Check out the plots below and PM me with any questions or interest! Thanks so much for checking them out.

These are just some pairings I have light ideas for, everything open to adjustments. As you can see I’m really into the idea of unlikely or forbidden romances. PM me with any questions or if you're down to build something together.

Pirate x Mage
– A high ranking mage is forced to recruit a notorious pirate to help in the infiltration and capture of a large port city.
Prince x General
– To the north of the Kingdom of Aldusar lies Bragano, a nation that calmly tamed its craggy mountains and harsh valleys while maintaining a mutually beneficial peace with their neighbors to the south. Without warning, The Naultier Family took the throne, court, and quickly steered the country towards war. For the first time in history, Bragano took up arms against Aldusaro. With fervor, Braganian armies coursed into Aldusarian lands on multiple fronts in a sudden invasion. Caught off guard, Aldusar scrambled to both prepare itself for defense and assess their unexpected foe.
The city of Welk stands between what appears to be the main Braganian army and the Kingsroad, a route that would lead them straight to the capital. Tasked with Welk’s defense is your character, a known and respected general of Aldusaro. Her force will be supplemented by Prince Dreo, third son of King Ghilard Casval, and his small force of elite troops. The two will have to work together to defend Welk and turn the tide. How this general conducts war and in which manner is up to you. She can be anything from a mage, a seasoned soldier, to an advisor turned general in her kingdom’s time of need.

- At a Johto PokéCenter, a popular and rising Pokémon trainer and a trainer-turned-doctor spark an unexpected romance. When a huge tournament is held in Goldenrod, the two enter and poise themselves to meet each other in the final. I have a good idea of how I'd want this to end!

That's it for now. Thanks again for looking!
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