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Izumo Hatsue

This was it; It was finally on. The very beginning of her journey in a new world of heroes, one vastly different from anything she had experienced before in the musical industry. It was all kinds of exciting for her and, because she could hardly contain herself and the enthusiasm towards everything related to it, Izu ran at the very forefront of students, although gradually the masses would thin out as they ran into a multitude of directions at different speeds. However, being one of the first people to leave the starting area had its negatives as well. After all when it came to the exercise it was both "First comes first serves" but also a huge risk to rush blindly into the hurdles and dangers that would be thrown at the potential students to test their abilities for the hero course.

As for the aspiring idol-turned-hero, Izu would soon come to face with the first opposition of many; Mechanical canines. Why exactly robot dogs were thrown at her was beyond the girl to figure out. Besides, there was no time to think about such details in the moment anyways.

The blue-haired girl stood opposite of the mechanically growling canine, its sensors fixed upon her frame as she took a defensive stance.
"E-eeek! Robot... dogs..." She said out loud as she mustered her first foe. It managed to stop her dead in her tracks and the both scared and disgusted facial expression of hers made it easy to see just how excited she was that it were canines she was up against, especially after she was already frightened by one earlier today. Spoiler: She was not happy at all to see robo-dogs.
Izu began thinking. "What do I do... what do I do.... hmm... against dogs... and robots?"
But her thinking took too long. The mechanical being lunged at her, a heavy and hostile machinery pouncing at her lik that was really not a pleasant sight, and the idol only managed to escape at the last possible moment by essentially combat-rolling to the side. Now being crouched down after the roll with one knee on the floor, Izu quickly grabbed her backpack from her shoulders and opened it while the canine recovered from the missed attack. "Come on... come on... faster! This should work..."
She opened the bag, grabbed a pen together with a piece of paper and then quickly proceeded to scribble the words "Dog Whistle" onto it. Afterwards she began imagining a very loud beeping noise, one that would make her bones shiver and give her goosebumps if heard by herself. After only a short moment, she held the paper up in full view of the canine and then suddenly, an incredibly loud noise would be played. A noise of such high frequency that it was unable to be heard by humans, luckily. That's right... she played the sound of a Dog Whistle at incredibly high volume!

~Dramatic zoom-in, camera freeze~

Izumo Hatsue - Quirk: Onomatopoeia

By writing down the describtion of a sound while simultaneously thinking about it, Izumo can create any sound which she wants to as long as she herself sufficiently both knows what it sounds like in great detail and can imagine said noise clearly. She can adjust the frequency, pitch and volume of it, allowing her to create sounds which she cannot even hear by shifting the pitch of a sound she is familiar with!
Furthermore, her quirk allows her to visualize any noise that she hears into floating text, visible for anyone, describing the heard sound.

This bean @liferusher and I would be interested in joining! In case you need two more :)

Jason Akizuki

Izumo Hatsue

Now Hatsue felt just a little awkward admittedly. Even if the girl had reassured her that it was no problem that she had thought of her as a young child, it was still a somewhat embarrassing mistake, one which she wanted to just walk off. With a somewhat clumsy smile while also scratching the back of her head awkwardly, Izu replied back to the girl in front of her shortly before they were set into motion.
"Oh, uh... I am terribly sorry for making the mistake then! I am glad to hear that you are here on your own merits. And about me... well, I like to think that I can handle being both."
Before anything else could be said though, the platform and gigantic elevator that they were on began moving and shortly afte the countdown already started as they approached the surface. The very sudden start of the whole exam left both Jason and Izu surprised. So much so that they both stared at each other for a few seconds before both look at Kat in front of them. Once they were done being baffled, Jason was the first to talk.
"You better pass this exam Izu!" And without a warning, Jason suddenly began ranning into a random direction, likely together with other students in his close proximity. Izu smiled with a look of determination on her face and shouted back.
"Speak for yourself!"
Before turning towards her newly met co-competitor Kat.-
"And you better pass it too, alright? Or else I'll be disappointed! I am counting on you." The cutesy popstar gave her an adorable peace sign combined with a motivating smile before turning into the opposite direction of Jason and just running herself without any aim in particular.

Ruby Mamoru

Truth be told, Ruby had similar feelings about the situation as Dulga did. Although she was not nearly as annoyed or "done with this shit" as Dulga might have been, the presence of such a large amount of people was nonetheless unpleasant. Esepcially considering how loud they were, given that her hearing was quite a bit more sensitive than that of most of the other's, all the shouting got her anxious to leave.
But then again... how was it that she didn't notice the presence of the ghostly lady? After all, having sharpened her senses so vastly during her life and them being enhanced on top of that one would expect that she'd be able to notice any other presence that invaded their close proximity like that.

But all of that did not matter that much anymore. The catgirl didn't exactly need to train at the moment, but it was a chance for her. A chance for her to escape this rather overwhelming situation at hand and a chance to spend some time with Dulga to whom she had barely ever really spoken to except maybe during class a handful of times. Therefore it was also in Ruby's interest to accompany the other girl.
Not really sure whether she should say something or not, Ruby lifted herself off the couch and looked back at the group.
After a short moment of contemplation Ruby decided to give an awkward "See you later!" which was still nonetheless refreshing considering it came from a quiet person. And with that, Ruby followed Dulga, catching up with her once she had left the dorms.
"So uh, I assume you do a lot of muscle-focused training?" She said as they were walking together.


Kiyoko's more than enthusiastic greeting gathered a whole plethora of different reactions. Every single one of them was entertaining as it could get for the ghost. Whether it was the clearly annoyed reactions from some of them, the frightened reaction from a certain blue-haired boy, the calm reaction from a person who didn't expect to be thrown a second later, or the scared to death reaction from one particular girl. Whatever it was, it was a feast of emotions and impressions, each saying more about their respective characters than any spoken word ever could in the same amount of time. It was the reason for which she had done it in the first place, being so extra about her first meeting with her beloved freshmen. She was anxious to meet them ever since she had heard of everything about this year's class as they proved to be both a very interesting and promising bunch.

One reaction in particular however caught her eye the most. That of Dulga when she so effortlessly brushed Kiyoko's classmate and friend
Shihone aside. Kiyoko stared at her friend, then at Dulga and then at her friend again, blinking a few times before she suddenly bursted out in laughter as it echoed through the room loudly. "PFFFFFFFHAHAHAHAHAHA! You got... hahahaha.... You got ignored so haarrrdddddd ohhh my gooood... The look on your face... I... hahaha I can't.... ohhhhhh hahahahahaa!!" She said while pointing at her friend from mid-air. Yes, all the while Kiyoko was still floating. But that would quickly change as suddenly... a literal f-ing boy came flying towards her. It was the same person who had beforehand so calmly asked who she was, he seemed the most reasonable or neutral of the people in the room and now he got thrown by his classmate as a sacrifice to the demonic ghost entity. Kiyoko blinked a few times after she had wiped away the tears from laughing as Roy flew right through her as if she was nothing.
Shortly after, Kiyoko suddenly grabbed her own chest and began screaming as if she was in pain.
"N...No....! It c...can't be... how did you... know my weakness?!! Gaa..GARGGH.... My...My precious soul... It has been... Torn.... to pieces!!" All while she was shouting that she was still grabbing her chest, her face distorted from pain as Kiyoko slowly sank into the floor, only to disappear completely in it eventually.

A few seconds after that her head suddenly popped out of the telephone which Kenichi was holding with a wide smile on her face.
"Just kidding~" Afterwards, Kiyoko's whole body came out of the telephone as she flew back into the middle of the room. "Kiyoko Uchino, NOT an actual ghost, sorry to disappoint~. Class 3-A! A pleasure to meet you all~ We've heard soooooo many things about you from the teachs, couldn't wait to meet you ourselves! Isn't that right Yaya?" Kiyoko looked at her friend to whom she just lovingly gave a cute nickname, knowing that she'd most likely detest it which is why the ghost grinned innocently while doing so.

@Heartfillia @pkken @Silver Carrot @Zeroth @Aerandir @Norschtalen

Jason Akizuki

Izumo Hatsue

With a sigh of relief, Izumo put the pen down after the time was up. Truth be told, she was mostly done already a few minutes earlier but as it was common for the girl she made sure to double-check every answer she could within the given timeframe to make sure that she'd get as many points as possible by spotting mistakes that she had made. All in all, she was rather content with her answers to the questions. The idol had studied and was just generally gifted with a natural affinity for studying, allowing her to gain the required knowledge rather quickly compared to others.

Jason on the other hand... barely managed to finish the test before the time was up. He wasn't stupid or anything, but the guy certainly had to study more than Izumo had for the test, and even then he struggled quite a bit. Overall he was happy with what he had written but it were some very tense circa two hours that he just went through. The imposing physical exam seemed all the more welcome after his brain got worked so hard during the written entrance exam.

After the short introduction for the physical exam, both of the students met up again in the waiting hall where everyone could prepare for the imposing threat ahead.
"Maaaan! That written test was such a breeze, wasn't it?" Izu said as soon as she saw Jason.
"Yeah! I am glad they made it so easy, now we only need to pass the physical." He lied as a reply. There was no way that Jason could admit to his best friend that he struggled on the test, it was a certain image of himself that he wanted to keep up. Naturally, being friends with such a succesful and popular superstar like Izu sometimes made Jason feel insignificant. Which is why he wanted to be on-par if not better than his idol friend in the other categories of life, like education. It didn't feel good to lie, but in his eyes it was necessary for his image.
"Speaaaking of which..." Izu playfully boxed Jason into his sides, not intending to hurt him at all.
"You are so lucky! We are fighting robots... and helping robots... that is like; Best case scenario for you with your quirk!"
He awkwardly scratched the back of his head before replying, unable to surpress a smile.
"Yeah, you're right. Guess I got off easy this time, huh? Make sure you don't fall behind Izu!"
"Pffffff! I would never~"

In that moment, Hatsue noticed Katsumi staring at her. Normally she wouldn't notice someone just staring at her from a distance, however this case was special. Considering the circumstances under which they had gathered there, Katsumi seemed just a bit too young. There's no way they'd let a child participate in a hero's entrance exam for a school, right? Then surely she had to be older than she appeared. But what if she had managed to slip in and was now too scared/shy to ask for help? The idol couldn't let it stand.

With a gentle and reassuring smile, Izu waved towards Katsumi and then approached her, expecting Jason to follow which he promptly did.
"Hi there!" She initiated cheerfully but also a bit carefully. "What are you doing here?"

Jason Akizuki

Izumo Hatsue

Finally, something had happened. The pair was getting tired of waiting around in a place with so many other people; It sure got a bit corwded after a while. Luckily for Izumo, the people were way too focused to bother her since this entrance exam really meant a lot to these aspiring heroes who all hoped to enroll into the academy. The tests were not gonna be easy, everyone knew that, so the right mental state was key in passing the exam!
The pro hero known as Houdini made his appearance and all the eyes were immediately on him. Of course Jason and Izumo would turn their heads too, interrupting their conversation as he made his entrance to announce the signing in process for the exam. The line was forming and already there were plenty of people in it, growing every second... this really was gonna be a long wait.

Before Izu could realize it, Jason grabbed her by her wrist and pulled her with him to enter the line quickly so that they would not have to wait too long in the end. The girl stumbled a bit but managed to keep her balance and quickly followed Jason as they both entered the line!
"One line for all potential students? Seriously..." Izu said with a soft sigh.
"It shouldn't take too long hopefully. At least you got more time to get your mind at ease." Jason replied. The girl nodded in confirmation to what he had just said and they'd proceed to wait in line patiently. There was the option to maybe abuse Izu's status as an idol to skip ahead in the line, but neither of them ever really gave that a thought. THey were soon-to-be hero-trainees after all and that was the exact opposite of what was expected of them. Instead, Jason spent his time playing around with his rather unique-looking, futuristic smart-watch wrapped around his wrist while Izumo looked through a notebook which she had brought with her, reading what was written inside. Sometimes she'd even take a pen out of her back and ride new additional things inside or scrap old things that she had noted in there. Whatever it was that she was putting in there, it seemed to cost her a great amount of focus. So much so that she was almost pushed over as the line moved on! Luckily her best friend Jason managed to balance her out in time and moved forward, apologizing on her behalf to the people behind them in the line. Maybe she was a little clumsy...

Jason Akizuki

Izumo Hatsue

Both of them had barely noticed how they had approached the same person who so awkwardly caused the scene that lead to the fans swarming them in the first place. However, once they had noticed the shy guy, both Izumo and Jason stopped in their tracks as the unknown boy seemed to take on a rather defensive and agressive posture. While they couldn't really expect what was about to happen, Izumo decided that she felt really bad for what had happened because of her popularity, so she wanted to apologize to him as awkward as he was. The girl reached out a hand toward him and was about to say something when-
"Hey there! Sorry about what ha-"
Then he started transforming and barking. Izumo was frightened by the sudden and drastic change of tone. So much so that she let out a small squeeling noise and pulled her arm back! "E-Ehh!"

Naturally, as it was common with Jason, he immediately stepped forward and in front of Izumo, raising his arms protectively. They had encountered so many crazy fans already together that Jason was used to having to protect Izu. Not that she couldn't fight for herself but he felt obligated to care for his year-long best friend. With an intense expression, one that was showing that he was not willing to back down at all, Jason stared at the much more intimidating than before Marius, before he decided to run away, making sure they understood that he wanted to be left alone.

Once he was gone, both Jason and Izu let out a sigh of relief which was followed by a few seconds of silence. This encounter was enough to get both of their hearts racing, Marius surely made an impression on them. "T-That was something..."
Izumo eventually said to break the silence.
"It sure was." Jason added. Only a moment later he suddenly gave Izu a smug grin. "I have seen a lot of somethings and boy let me tell you, this sure was one of them."
Izu replied by looking him dead in the eyes with a neutral expression. "Quite meme-ing, we have to find the"
Though once Izu had turned around she couldn't help but smile. Even in these situations, Jason always knew how to cheer her up.
"Whatever you say Ma'am."

Afterwards, both went on their search to the starting point of the exercise. They didn't follow the tracks left behind by Marius since his warning was quite clear and another confrontation would be less than favorable, he had made that much clear. Luckily for them, the rest of the search was relatively uneventful It took them about 15 more minutes until they had arrived at a larger plaza where dozens of students were already waiting. They both agreed that this must be the place... now to wait until the exercise begins. Until it would start, both just idled and chatted about the upcoming task ahead and their different strategies. They rehearsed some fighting techniques of one another and helped each other out in analyzing weaknesses and the like. One could say that both got really invested into this whole hero ideal, and Jason really seemed to brighten up in this conversation.

Jason Akizuki

Izumo Hatsue

While Izumo had to keep up her cheerful persona when facing the public, since she had to keep up the role and impression of an idol wherever she went, Jason did not have such a burden. He was able to stay wary of the situation and had no need to show a certain face to the public at all, since his face was barely known after all. He was seen with Izumo here and there naturally, but he had no cult following like Izumo did. But even he knew what kind of weird and, occasionally, dangerous people existed in this world that other famous people had to deal with before, which usally did not end too well, so he knew that it was better to be save than sorry and kept up his intimidating expression. Luckily for the both of them and unluckily for the anxiety-riddled canine boy, it seemed to be working. A bit too well in fact since he was not even able to get a single word out when they were facing him.
Izumo on the other hand waited patiently for the guy to answer, or rather, do anything at all. Keeping up her warm smile she'd make sure to keep eye-contact, not knowing just how much worse that made it for poor Marius. Though even for her this situation slowly became quite awkward and the people around them who were noticing it were really not helping either. What made it worse was that the crowd around them was full of teenagers, people who were naturally Izumo's main audience so she was just praying that none of them followed the kind of scene she caters to. "This is drawing too much attention!" she thought to herself. Even Jason realized the amount of people that were gathering, luckily it were only roughly about 8-10 people.

Eventually, the worst case scenario occured.

Someone screamed out the name of Izumo. "Are you alri-" she said just a moment before she was interrupted by the shouting. Immediately the same roughly 8-10 people gathered around her and Jason quickly and simply pushed the unknown canine boy away from them in a cruel fashion. Obsessed fans were the worst. Jason instantly positioned himself in front of Izumo to block off anyone who tried to get too close to her with a stern expression whereas the idol herself raised her arms up and tried to calm everyone down.
"E-Everyone please! I will gladly sign whatever you want to, but I am here in my free-time so I would highly appreciate it if you could give me my privacy?"
And so, Jason began directing traffic. Both had already forgotten about poor Marius...

It took them a while but eventually everyone was satisfied as they had received an autograph and a picture with the idol herself! Naturally, on each picture she did a cute pose like a peace-sign for example with a wide and cheerful smile to fit with her idol-persona. Since these fans were all aspiring heroes, they understood that they needed to respect her privacy and personal space which is why they were satisfied after an autograph. "Everyone!" Izumo shouted out to the group of people who were now standing gathered in front of her with Jason next to her. "Thank you so much for all your support! It is thanks to you that I am able to keep going despite all the hardships in my way. Fans like you are the reason why I exist! So please..." Izumo closed her eyes, widened her smile and put her right hand on her hip with her elbow extended outwards and then proceeded to push out that hip a little for a more idol-esque and pretty pose. Her left arm wandered into the air and showed a thumbs up above her head with the arm fully extended.
"Do your best in the exam for me!"
The way she talked directly to the chance with her cute voice, combined with that cute/sexy posed cause the crowd to roar out with a loud cheer.
"Yes Izumo!!! Thank you!!
The idol gave them all a wave and then proceeded to step away from them together with Jason.

Eventually both were around the next corner and away from the preying eyes of her fans. Finally she dropped her smile and sighed out.
"Why does this always happen..."
Jason sighed out in relief too. "You have too many fans Izumo. But..." he mustered her and gave her a cheeky smile.
"Don't pretend like you don't like the attention."
Izu in turn replied by sticking out her tongue teasingly and playfully with a soft smile. "Duh!" and then, both laughed it off happily.

While they attempted to escape the fans' eyes, they did not even notice where they went precisely. For better or for worse they ended up next to a familiar face without even noticing it...
Right next to them was that dog-boy from earlier! They did not even notice him as they were laughing and talking, so mayhaps he still had a chance to escape them before they noticed him? Despite the fact that they were standing practically next to him, they were too focused on the fans initially to really notice him, but that would soon change.

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